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* persia rings the alert bell12:02
StevenKDid I make it? :-P12:03
ograno, you missed12:03
* ogra proposes we move todays meeting to #ubuntu-release-party12:03
persiaIt's just a little noisy, no?12:03
StevenKOh yeah. That'll go *real* well12:04
ogramakes it more exciting :)12:04
* persia doesn't want exciting12:04
ograc'mon, its release day12:04
ograsome excitement is allowed12:04
StevenKogra: No excitement for you12:05
ograwhere is lool ?12:05
persiaExcitement is dangerous.  Elevated heart rate.  You could suffer a mishap.12:05
davidmStevenK, ogra can one of you take the meeting please12:05
ograexcitement in happyness is healthy :)12:06
ograok, lets go then12:06
persiaIt's #12:06
MootBotMeeting started at 07:06. The chair is ogra.12:06
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]12:06
ogra#topic Action Items from Oct 23rd, 200812:07
ogradoesnt like me :/12:07
StevenKogra: [topic]12:07
persiaIt's [] for topic12:07
ogra[Action Items from Oct 23rd, 2008]12:07
StevenKIt's a nice and consistent bot12:07
StevenKogra: "[topic] Action Items from Oct 23rd, 2008"12:08
ograif you know how to handle it, yes :P12:08
ogra[topic] Action Items from Oct 23rd, 200812:08
MootBotNew Topic:  Action Items from Oct 23rd, 200812:08
ograpersia to write an errata and milestone bug #28785712:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 287857 in kourou "Ubiquity prompting for step 5 in --automatic mode on Ubuntu MID RC image" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28785712:08
StevenKThat has been sorted12:08
ograi guess thats all done since days12:08
persiaThat actually got fixed, rather than needing errate.12:08
ograand lots more ogt fixed as well last minute :)12:09
* persia thanks StevenK for the fast work on kourou12:09
ograi think we've done pretty damn well for all the stepstones we had in the way12:09
davmor2Just for ogra: WOOHOO!12:09
ogranext item: davidm to add a redirect page in wiki so folks reading announcement email get agenda (complete)12:10
ograsays complete ... i'm inclined to belive that12:10
StevenKTes it12:10
StevenKEr, Test12:10
davidmIt''s complete I tested it last week12:10
ograwell, nothing else on the agenda apart from status reports it seems ...12:12
ogra[topic] status of intrepid tasks: installer, images etc. (davidm)12:12
MootBotNew Topic:  status of intrepid tasks: installer, images etc. (davidm)12:12
ograis amit here ?12:12
StevenKI'm hoping that is all done.12:12
ograhmm, doesnt look like12:12
StevenKIf not12:12
davidmI don't see him12:12
ograStevenK, any intresting status items you want to tell us abut ? :)12:13
StevenKI've been testing images. So no12:13
ograyeah, i think that goes for all of us ... plus renaming stress12:13
ograanything else ?12:14
* ogra takes that as a no :)12:14
ograpersia, ? anything else beyond testing12:15
ogratell us :)12:15
persiaI want to talk about the process for people to join the mobile team.12:15
ograhow is the status of that team atm ? is it handled like edubuntu or kubuntu teams ?12:15
persiaI think it ought be : someone who has been contributing to the mobile images for a bit adds themselves to the agenda, and we quiz them, and if a majority of us approve, they get to join.12:15
persiaAnyone else have any thoughts?12:16
ograi.e. do you gain membership joining it ?12:16
persiaCurrently, the process is completely opaque, and involves bribing lool12:16
StevenKOr David12:16
persiaNo.  You gain commit to some of the bzr repos.12:16
* persia didn't think David accepted bribes12:16
ograhe does, depends on the HW you send him ;)12:16
StevenKOr the foodstuffs12:17
persiaAnyway, I'm all for a process based less on graft.12:17
davidma documented process is something I am for myself12:17
ograwell, i think since we aim to be part of the distro team it should rather work like any other of the subteams12:17
davidmogra, how do they work?12:17
ograbut that would need somehing like a council etc12:18
ograyou gain ubuntu membership with being allowed into the team12:18
persiaThat's only Kubuntu.12:18
ograwhich is one of the steps needed to gain upload rights12:18
StevenKAnd Xubuntu?12:18
ograedubuntu as well12:18
persiaEdubuntu, but not Xubuntu (last I checked)12:19
ogranot sure about xubuntu, it once was12:19
* persia looks again12:19
ograbut that might have changed when they started building from universe12:19
ograthough i think it makes sense and gives extra benefit12:19
persiaAnyway, I don't think we're big enough to need to fuss about "Members", "Developers", etc.12:19
persiaThe server team seems like a better model : they just accept people who contribute stuff.12:20
ograok, i'm overruled then :)12:20
StevenKWe aren't voting :-P12:20
persiaYeah.  Xubuntu doesn't have any mapping to Ubuntu Membership or uploads currently.12:21
davidmtrue, I'm simply expressing agreement, with an idea not voting on it as yet, I'm way too tired to vote on anything12:21
loolHi folks, sorry I was at lunch thinking meeting is at 2pm12:21
lool(I moved to UTC+1)12:21
ograme too :)12:21
ogralool, any opinion on team membership processes ?12:21
loolI think it should be clear that we ultimately decide to accept someone12:22
loolperhaps naming explicitely who may nominate new members12:22
ograpersia, proposed to just base on contributions12:22
loolAnd that this is discussed at least in a meeting where we can ask questions to the candidate12:22
lool(similar to core-dev with TB)12:22
ograand on people subscribing to the agenda being asked in the meeting12:22
loolapart of that, I'm fine12:22
persiaI thought self-nominated would be good.  We can pick on them if they don't contribute enough.12:22
Burgundaviaogra: is the mobile team interested in granting membership?12:23
ograBurgundavia, well, doesnt look like ...12:23
Burgundaviaif so, basically you need to come to the CC for that12:23
persiaBurgundavia, I don't think we have enough interested people yet to start that dicussion.12:23
StevenKI don't think we want to grant ubuntu membership12:23
ograwh not ?12:23
Burgundaviaalthough I don;t see any specific reason why you couldn't and it would probably make sense12:23
ograif someone is only intrested in mobile12:23
ograhe likely wont want to go to the CC12:24
ograor the LOCO group, or whoever approves members nowadays12:24
persiaI think it makes sense once we have enough popularity for our flavours.  Right now, we're still small.12:24
ograin the end its just an extra you get12:24
ograad membership defines by contributing and agreeing to the CoC12:25
StevenKI agree with persia12:25
Burgundaviahaving a contributors team that has a low barrier to entry and a stepping stone to membership is a good idea, imho12:25
ograits just an additional goodie and people dont need to go to any additional entity to gain membership12:26
persiaBurgundavia, I'd agree with that : I just don't think our team is big enough to do that yet.12:26
ograit might attract more peope though12:26
CaPriCoRN^80i am here :)12:27
ograif you want your membership easily ... contribute to mobile :)12:27
* StevenK gets distracted by #u-r-p12:27
ograi said we should hold the meeting there :)12:27
ograso you dont have to switch12:27
StevenKOh yeah, with another 450 people12:27
persiaogra, Can we have two separate conversations?  One about having a transparent method to have people join, and a second if we want to be able to grant membership?12:28
CaPriCoRN^80ogra: contribute to mobile ? can u define that12:28
ograpersia, indeed we can12:28
StevenKWe'd have 200 volunteers for the new membership process12:28
ograCaPriCoRN^80, fix bugs, help testing, make artwork, write docs ....12:28
ograwrite code ...12:28
ograanything that improves the work done by the mobile team12:29
ograStevenK, just announce the meeting there, they are all bored and waiting :)12:29
* lool needs to add something to the agenda12:29
CaPriCoRN^80ogra: i am not very good in writing code . i just read on ubuntu site and thought to work with ubuntu people12:29
persiaSo, anyone have any changes they want, or shall I just declare what I've proposed on the wiki?12:29
CaPriCoRN^80about me . i have experience in network administration12:30
ograpersia, i think the process as you defined it is fine12:30
CaPriCoRN^80ogra: i want to join ubuntu people . thats my interest12:30
ograbut i would really see added membership as a benefit ... which we should probably discuss by mail12:30
persiaogra, Or just separately.12:31
ograright, lets move that to the end of the meeting then12:31
ograso ++ from me on persias proposal12:31
persialool, StevenK ?12:31
lool+1 with above caveats12:31
persialool, I agree with the discussion part.  How do you think nomination should be limited?12:32
StevenKI'd like to read the complete proposal before I vote12:32
ogralool, oh, so you are against self nomination ?12:32
* persia quickly drafts something in a pastebin12:33
loolpersia: Perhaps we need a core mobile team or a mobile team tech board; current suspects would be basically us :)12:33
loologra: Not against self nomination no12:33
loolI just want to restrict who decides of membership12:33
ograright, we'Re small enough to handle that easily and unbuerocratic atm12:33
persialool, We have mobile-core-dev.  Perhaps that would be the right group?12:33
loolie new members can not elect new members immediately12:34
CaPriCoRN^80ogra: please let me know if i can participate12:34
CaPriCoRN^80through some mean12:34
loolpersia: Something like that yes12:34
loologra: I fully agree12:34
persiaCaPriCoRN^80, You're entirely welcome to contribute.  Please do so.  For specifics, I suggest asking in #ubuntu-mobile after the meeting.12:34
ograpersia, do you have a url for the proposal ?12:36
MootBotLINK received:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/64588/12:36
loolI see we're still under the "status of intrepid tasks" [topic], but we've really been discussing adding new members12:36
ograStevenK, ^^^12:36
StevenKSounds good to me12:37
loolGood enough to start with I think12:37
ogralool, well, we're not done with status, i asked persia if he had something to add to the rather non existing report :)12:37
davidmIs work in the wiki enough to become a member?12:38
ograright, i think thats agreement so far12:38
persiahuh?  I don't have any status.  The release is happening.  I only wanted to talk about team membership.12:38
ogradavidm, i'D say yes, depending on the wiki work12:38
persiadavidm, Could be : depends on the work.  If it helps us enough, I'd say "yes".12:38
ograpersia, thats what i meant :)12:38
Burgundaviapersia: you should be explicitly clear that this is not Ubuntu membership, as it is currently ambiguous12:38
davidmogra, good, I think it''s important (given how much wiki work I've been doing of recent)12:38
ogradavidm, someone who constantly writes helpful howtos shoud definately get membership12:39
persiaBurgundavia, Good point.  I'll clean that up, as I specifically *don't* mean Ubuntu membership.12:39
ogra*team membership12:39
CaPriCoRN^80orga: i joined ubuntu-mobile and wrote my query over there . let see12:39
persiaBurgundavia, Does  http://paste.ubuntu.com/64589/ address your concern?12:39
Burgundaviayep, that works12:40
Burgundaviaalthough I would add a comment about how their mobile work can apply for future Ubuntu membership12:40
persiaThat makes sense.12:41
ograthats to be discussed at the end of the meeting12:41
persiaAnyway, any objections to me adding this to the Mobile Team wiki page, and later editing quibbles expressed as wiki edits?12:41
ograbut looks like we have general agreement on the process12:41
ografine with me ...12:41
persiaOK.  I'm done then.12:41
Burgundaviaone last piece about uploading; afaik, all members of MOTU must also be members, but they can apply simultaneously. Check with dholbach though12:42
ogralool, anything to add to the status beyond image testing bughunting, release preparation etc ?12:42
loolI have another topic to discuss at your convenience during this meeting12:43
loolWhich is new secretary12:43
StevenKI was wondering about that12:43
ograat the end then12:43
lool(I've added it to the end of the agenda some minutes ago)12:43
ogranothing from my side either beyond general release preparation ...12:44
StevenKAnd davidm is the same, I'm guessing12:44
ogradavidm, anything from your side for status beyond the general stuff ?12:44
davidmindeed, I'm in london working with the release team here, learning ALOT.12:44
* ogra hopes they pointed you to #ubuntu-release-party :)12:45
davidmSo I'm up to my ears in learning the process12:45
loolI'd like to note that I wont be around for most of November12:45
davidmI done12:45
loolpersia: Looks good12:46
davidmpersia, works12:46
ogra[topic] # New secretary for November (lool)12:46
MootBotNew Topic:  # New secretary for November (lool)12:46
ograany volunteers ?12:46
loolSo I've been aggregating the activity reports of people in the mobile team for september and october12:47
loolAnd would love someone to pick up November12:47
loolDoubly so as I'm not around much of November12:47
davidmI want just to say this has been very helpful and wanted to thank lool for his efforts in October.12:47
* lool blushes12:47
* ogra hugs lool for keeping up with him12:47
davidmI've been quite surprised just how much this has helped me during the last month.12:47
loolSo, any taker?12:48
* persia has a hankerning for January, and hopes someone else volunteers for November12:48
davidmso StevenK persia ogra will one of you step up and take November please?12:48
loolit gets you the benefit of knowing about activity before the end of the week!!12:48
* ogra takes it though usually hardly manages his own ARs12:49
davidmThank you ogra12:49
loologra: [agreed] ogra to be November's secretary12:49
ogra[action] ogra to be the november secretary (no lipstick involved)12:49
MootBotACTION received:  ogra to be the november secretary (no lipstick involved)12:49
loolShould I still take this week?12:49
loolIt started in Oct and ends in Nov :)12:49
StevenKIt isn't November until Saturday12:50
davidmSince persia volunteered for Jan that leaves StevenK with December12:50
ograas you like, there wont be much on the list anyway12:50
ograok, moving on then ...12:50
davidmSo unless there is disagreement are we  good until February?12:50
StevenKSounds like it12:51
ogra[topic] should ubuntu membership go with mobile team membership ?12:51
MootBotNew Topic:  should ubuntu membership go with mobile team membership ?12:51
davidmOK, thank you all12:51
persiaI say Not Yet.12:51
persiaWe currently have some team members who are not yet Ubuntu Members,12:51
StevenKAgreed, not yet12:51
ograi'D say yes :)12:51
persiaLet's wait until at least all of mobile-core-dev is Ubuntu Members, and then revisit.12:51
ograright, and they should become ubuntu members if they contribute12:52
* persia doesn't like non-members being responsible for Ubutu Membership12:52
ograoh, we have core members that arent ubuntu members ?12:52
ograhow does that work ?12:52
ograwell, i guess your contributions are enough to jusify membership already12:53
davidmpersia, how about if I abstain from any votes until I meet ubuntu membership?12:53
ograjust a matter of paperwork12:53
persiaSo, let's bring this up again after davidm has membership.12:53
davidmogra I'm not so sure from what I've been told.12:53
persiadavidm, I think you have a strong view of contributions to the Mobile Team, and would rather see your voice on applications to join the team.12:53
davidmpersia, OK, then we wait12:53
ograyou are caring for copyright automatin since a while ... i would count that as a big contribution for example12:53
ograand there is surely more12:54
ograwell, ok, lets wait then12:55
ograAOB ?12:55
davidmOK so are we done on this topic for now then?12:55
ograwe are12:55
StevenKogra: Then drive the meeting12:55
ograwell, thats why i said AOB :)12:55
ograbut seems there is nothing12:56
ograso going once ...12:56
ogratwice ...12:56
StevenKJust kidding12:56
loolcrap, was preparing the same joke12:56
* StevenK wins12:56
* ogra waits until StevenK is done with kidding ...12:56
persiaCongrats everyone on getting intrepid complete.12:56
loolbut I wait until after he #closes meeting12:56
ograadjourned, thanks all12:56
MootBotMeeting finished at 07:57.12:57
loologra: thanks for chairing12:57
davidmYes, that is a BIG accomplishment for the team.12:57
loolChairing?  Oh we manage every week12:57
ograso now everyone go to #ubuntu-release-party !12:57
loolIt's not that hard really12:57
ogralool, :P12:57
davidmrelease, mid will go up a tad late12:57
ograoh, why is that ?12:57
davidmit does not have a prestaged image12:58
davidmso we need to get it up there.12:58
ograit doesnt need one12:58
ograit stays on cdimage, no ?12:58
StevenKUMPC does12:58
loolNo umpc, does12:58
ogracdimage isnt mirrored12:58
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persiaAnyone about for the Java meeting?14:02
ograthey all got swallowed by #u-r-p :)14:08
persiaYeah, probably :)14:09
persiaWell, congrats on the intrepid effort : we'll try again next week.14:14
persiaKoon, ?14:17
* Koon has trouble with TZ.14:17
persiaMeeting was short.  Only agenda item was congrats on finishing intrepid.  Did you want to raise anything late?14:18
Koonno, nothing :)14:18
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