davidm_hmm seems to work00:55
ograwhy shouldnt it ? :)00:56
davidmogra, I was testing a CD image01:33
davidmso that was kde in kvm 01:34
ograwell, umpc is good for release01:34
StevenKHmmm. My -mid install is behaving wierd02:09
ograhow ? 02:10
StevenK"client 1 rejected from local host"02:11
ograxorg ? 02:11
ograi didnt have that02:11
stgraberdid you break your .Xauthority or /etc/hosts ?02:12
stgraber(I had similar issues when NM went crazy and rewrote my hosts file)02:12
ograit doesnt do that anymore though02:12
StevenKLet me boot it again02:14
ograwas that in the livefs ? 02:14
StevenKNo, the installed system02:14
StevenK/etc/hosts looks fine02:18
StevenKI didn't touch .Xauthority02:18
ograstill the error ? 02:18
ograwhats the falout of that error ? do you get the desktop ?02:20
StevenKJust the X cursor02:20
ograit defintely worked for me 02:24
StevenKOn an installed system?02:24
ograas well as for loic02:24
StevenKI'm happy to put it down to me doing something dumb and trying again02:25
davidmStevenK, let me  know your results when you retest02:39
StevenKdavidm: Shall do. Finding lunch first.02:40
davidmStevenK, status?04:22
StevenKdavidm: Watching the install04:25
StevenKdavidm: Reproducable on second install. :-(04:34
davidmStevenK, what is different for you?04:36
StevenKdavidm: I'm not sure -- I went through the install like usual04:36
davidmI'm confused why you have issues and lool and ogra did not04:36
StevenKAs am I04:37
davidmTry and debug and keep me posted04:37
StevenKdavidm: Right. Setting tune2fs -m 0 /dev/sda1 and rebooting helped.04:46
StevenKdavidm: Which is just a fault of the device I'm installing on having so little drive space.04:47
davidmdf -h04:50
StevenKdavidm: Before the tune2fs, available was 004:51
davidmAh, tht could be the problem then04:51
StevenKRight. So, setting the reserved percentage to 0% gave 70 odd MB free and after a reboot, X worked04:52
davidmdid we have a howto to convert the USB image to a iso image?04:58
StevenKI'm not sure that we can do that.04:59
davidmAh, OK.  Seems like it should be possible but maybe not tonight05:00
StevenKIt's probably doable, we just don't provide tools or a howto05:01
pururuis release date for ubuntu-mobile same as ubuntu ?05:48
pururu... and wtf is ubuntu-umpc lol05:49
Burgundaviapururu: a version of ubuntu mobiile for things like eee05:55
pururuwow cool, is it optimized for SSD by default? (like disabling logging to ssd and such)05:57
pururuand mounting ext2 with noatime05:58
pururualso midbrowser shoulbe replaced with firefox05:58
pururummm... and how netbook remix mix into these distros? lol06:00
Burgundavianetbook remix is a canonical thingy, not an ubuntu one06:14
Burgundaviasome technologies are crossing over06:14
ograhey crevette 11:29
persiahey crevette 11:29
ograhappy release day !11:29
ograpersia, to you too 11:29
crevettehello ogra & persia11:29
crevetteis it allowed to push fixes or not ? because I have a bug in gnome-user-share due to a bug in obex-data-server11:29
* ogra sees #ubuntu-release-party slowly moving over the 400 ppl mark11:29
crevetteI laready reported the bug upstream few days ago and it was fixes11:30
ogracrevette, it will need an SRU bug 11:30
persiacrevette, The issue with not being able to send from the phone to the PC?11:30
crevettepersia, not this one, but a minor one11:30
persiacrevette, Which bug?11:30
crevetteno notification on file reception11:30
crevetteI didn't had time to opena bug in LP I was doing it right now11:30
crevetteblame me11:31
* crevette would lie to be an OSS company unemploye :)11:31
crevettepersia, moving obex-data-server to 0.4.1 solved my problems in file recption 11:32
crevetteit is extrem but efficient in my case11:32
persiaYeah.  My thought was to do that for Jaunty.  For the new small issue, do you think it's worth fixing in intrepid?11:33
crevettefile recption seems to not work for some people, I would like if it affect only nokia user11:35
crevetteMine is nokia, and I seen another nokia user11:35
ograwho has nokia phones anyway :)11:36
crevetteyeah, just some foolish people11:36
persiaTeam meeting in 10 minutes11:50
ograreally ? 11:51
ogrado we really hold one on release day ? 11:51
persiaShould be short :)11:53
ograright ... 11:54
crevettepersia, not being able to receive files is not a small issue for me 12:26
persiacrevette, heh.  Makes sense.  Did you open the bug?12:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 289487 in obex-data-server "Unable to received files" [Undecided,New] 12:27
persiacrevette, Does it need the full upgrade, or can a patch be extracted?12:29
Burgundaviathe latest ubuntu-umpc image hangs in QEMU when it hits the desktop12:29
crevettepersia, that what I would like to know too, I try to extract a diff between our snapshot and the current version, but I'm unable do that12:30
crevetteI"m using the web interface cause I'm using windows now12:30
persiacrevette, Aha!  ping me when you have a chance to look at it in better circumstances, and I'll help try to get the patch into intrepid.12:30
crevetteperhaps the easiest thing is too find the root cause of the problem, and see if a fix is applicable on top of our snapshot12:31
crevettebecause moving to 0.4.1 will bring us on unknow road :)12:32
crevetteI think fedora is using 0.4.12:32
crevettepersia, as said before, my available time is tiny, I'm on lucnh break now, that's why I have some time now 12:33
crevettetonight I won't have time to look to this12:33
persiacrevette, Understood.  A few days either way isn't critical, as we're hard-frozen for release anyway.12:35
CaPriCoRN^80hi 12:35
crevettebut I don't think this is possible to change version during a stable release12:35
CaPriCoRN^80i like to join ubuntu team to work with them through some mean . I have network experience like LAN/WAN , router , switches and configuration of different servers on linux and solaris 12:36
Burgundaviacrevette: getting a new version would require a SRU and I don;t see one being granted for a whole new version12:37
persiacrevette, It's possible, but finding the specific change we want is easier to get approved.12:37
crevetteyeah I understand12:37
persiaNone of the people here can approve any patch, so it's best to minimise it before we submit it.12:37
loolCaPriCoRN^80: Which image did you try out so far?12:59
persiaCaPriCoRN^80, As you raised this during the Mobile meeting, did you want to work on stuff for the MID and UMPC flavours, or just help out more generally?13:00
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CaPriCoRN^80 lool: image ?13:22
CaPriCoRN^80sorry i didnt know about the meeting13:22
CaPriCoRN^80sorry for disturbing 13:22
CaPriCoRN^80persia: i dont know about MID and UMPC 13:23
persiaCaPriCoRN^80, OK.  What sort of thing do you want to do?13:24
CaPriCoRN^80persia: well i am not sure what type of work is available13:29
CaPriCoRN^80little confused on that 13:29
CaPriCoRN^80but i am not a good developer 13:30
CaPriCoRN^80so perhaps i can cut that thing 13:30
persiaCaPriCoRN^80, Maybe you could help track down bugs?13:31
CaPriCoRN^80persia: that will be good13:31
CaPriCoRN^80persia: i have to do this along with my studies 13:31
persiaCaPriCoRN^80, I'm going to suggest you join #ubuntu-bugs, and read the contents of the /topic.  That's a great way to get started.13:32
CaPriCoRN^80persia: ok13:32
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ian_brasil@all: congrats on the release!15:55
p0rkyесть кто из русскоязычных?15:57
ian_brasilp0rky:no, its english here15:59
loolamitk: Would it make sense to switch initrd to squashfs?17:25
loolIt would mean building the module in the kernel, but I don't think it's a big deal17:25
loolHowever I think it could help performance from USB key and hard disk; not sure about ssd17:25
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smp4488when will the next image be released?18:45
ograin 6 months18:46
ian_brasilha ha18:46
smp4488no i heard the new kernel was released today18:46
* ogra still had no chance to check the ubuntu-umpc final url18:47
ograthere is no way to get to cdimage.ubuntu.com18:47
ian_brasilnor me...but that is not suprising18:52
ograwell, i'D like to know its where it belongs :)18:59
tonyyarussoHi, could someone explain the process that was used in preparing the MID img?  I'd like to make bootable USB keys of other architectures and versions.19:02
ogratonyyarusso, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileTeam/Mobile/HowTo/ImageCreation19:09
persiatonyyarusso, You may also be interested in the usb-creator utility, for flavours that come on CD19:41
ograwell, that wont get him MID :)19:41
tonyyarussoThat actually looks fairly promising.19:43
looltonyyarusso: What arch(es) are you interested in?19:50
tonyyarussolool: i386 and amd64 primarily.  (I know, I'm boring)19:51
tonyyarussoBasically just wanting to make live and/or install CDs in USB stick format19:51
looltonyyarusso: I'm not sure building an i386 image is a good idea19:52
looltonyyarusso: Oh you just want to use an ISO on an USB stick?19:52
looltonyyarusso: There's a tool for that in intrepid19:52
looltonyyarusso: usb-creator19:52
tonyyarussoYeah, I'm thinking I'll try that.19:53
amitklool: squashfs for intrepid or jaunty?20:19
loolamitk: jaunty!!20:19
loolamitk: I was thinking that it was kind of sad to use the ancient cramfs for initrd20:20
loolWhen squashfs is theoritically superior20:20
amitklool: we already have squashfs as a module, so building it in shouldn't be a problem20:21
loolamitk: Hmm I wonder whether the kernel knows mounting initrd when they are squashfs?20:22
ogralool, i doubt that20:39
ograand i'D expect more overhead 20:39
loologra: How so?20:39
ograno idea, would need tests, just a guess 20:40
loolWell it's faster than cramfs in benchmarks I've seen20:40
loolSee squashfs inclusion in this week's lwn20:40
ograhaha, fedore moves the X server20:41
ograi havent had time this week to look at lwn yet20:42
loolYeah, and I'm afraid it makes sense20:42
ograsure it does20:44
ograwell, i'm a big squashfs fan, we use squashfs images in ltsp because of this ;) i wouldnt object having update-initramfs using a -squash switch :)20:46
ograbut i assume ram and CPU requirements might be higher than cramfs20:46
ograbooting the current -generic kernel requires about 48M (including initramfs)20:46
loologra: The initrd is thrown away, so I'm not worried about ram20:47
ograwell, wearing my ltsp hat i am :)20:48
looland concerning cpu, I'd expect it to be a net win in the end in terms of boot speed as we have CPU at this stage usually20:48
loologra: We're only speaking of initrd here20:48
loolI wouldn't expect ram usage to be anywhere high during initrd20:48
ograwith early compcache in initrd i am able to boot a 32M client20:48
ograwithout it i need at least 48M20:49
ograthe kerne alone takes about 10M before even loading initrd into ram20:49
ograor even more, its a while ago that i looked20:50
ografor mobile i fully agree its a good thing20:50
ograsince we will rarely see 32M devices :)20:50
=== ogra changed the topic of #ubuntu-mobile to: Ubuntu Mobile | FAQ: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileTeam/FAQ | UMPC img http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/intrepid/release/ubuntu-8.10-umpc-i386.img | MID img http://releases.ubuntu.com/intrepid/ubuntu-8.10-mid-lpia.img
ogra.oO( fixed the image links to the proper release files )21:32
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