danbh_intrepidSylphid: Im using nvidia, so maybe thats why00:00
danbh_intrepidbut the graphics seem like basic qt or something, so its weird00:00
danbh_intrepidanyway, Im off00:00
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ajmitchso should I leave that rc bugs tracker defaulting to intrepid for a few weeks yet?02:45
slangasekseems advisable; nobody's going to be proactively merging specific fixes for jaunty for about that long02:46
slangasekas opposed to "mass-import everything"02:46
ajmitchI'll have to fix it up so that it displays the per-release info02:46
ScottKintrepid-proposed is a valid upload target right now.02:47
ScottKNo reason to stop fixing major bugs.02:47
ajmitchthe comments are currently per-bug, that may need to be changed to include the release affected as well02:48
ajmitchI imagine it could still have useful data for hardy that isn't being shown at the moment02:49
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Awsoonnare there any blockers for tomarrow? Is the release still a go for the 31st?03:54
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danbh_intrepidAwsoonn: sorry mate, the release has been delayed by two days do to Mark Shuttleworth being held up in an airport by a snowstorm.  Then, the release was delayed yet another day because penguins began to gather, further blocking the runways.04:13
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dholbachgood morning06:45
wgrantHappy release day, dholbach.06:46
dholbachhi wgrant :)06:46
iulianHeya dholbach, wgrant.06:50
dholbachhi iulian06:50
geserHi dholbach, wgrant, iulian06:52
dholbachhi geser06:52
wgrantHey iulian, geser.06:53
iulianHello geser.06:55
highvolt1geurgh @ http://preview.ubunut.com/8.1007:20
highvolt1geI *hate* it when that happens07:20
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ajmitchwgrant: I'm going to change the rcbugs stuff to also store a release field for the bug comments, so that it can have separate comments for hardy, intrepid, jaunty08:00
ajmitchany thoughts on that?08:01
verwilsthi guys08:01
wgrantajmitch: Excellent idea.08:01
* ajmitch has it working per-distro on this side, just not on the display side08:01
wgrantGiven that I hope we'll be SRUing lots.08:01
verwilstTKIP isnt available for intrepid to connect to secured wireless networks08:01
ajmitchand it's still useful for hardy SRUs08:01
wgrantHmm... UI-wise...08:01
verwilstknown issue?08:01
wgrantverwilst: This isn't a support channel.08:01
verwilstoh sorry08:01
verwilstwrong channel :)08:01
wgrantajmitch: Perhaps we should have a separate page for each release?08:02
ajmitchUI-wise, I'm not sure how to either avoid duplicating entering comments08:02
ajmitchthat was the plan08:02
verwilstwhat is the next-version channel again plz?08:02
ajmitchthough it'd be nice to be able to copy a comment from jaunty to intrepid, it may not be needed08:02
ajmitchyou already saw that it has missing-fixes-rc.intrepid.txt, I just need to re-run it for other versions08:03
* ajmitch thinks a simple ALTER TABLE should be all that's needed once a release field is in08:05
wgrantUnless you set the default to Intrepid, but that sounds wrong.08:06
ajmitchI was undecided what to do with a blank string08:07
ajmitchwhether to show it on all releases, or just the latest08:07
wgrantDisallow it.08:07
ajmitchprobably simpler that way, and fill in the release for any new comments08:08
* ajmitch tries to resist asking 'are we there yet?!?' in release-party08:09
txwikingerHappy Ibex Day!08:10
ajmitchok, just need to do the UI part now08:29
ajmitchmostly url mangling, I think08:29
wgrantajmitch: Excellent. Easy enough, particularly now the template is extracted.08:40
ajmitchyes, thanks for that08:40
wgrantAlthough the template needs refactoring from my hackish copy+paste just before release.08:40
ajmitchfixing up a "My First Django Project"08:40
wgrantI recall my first Django attempts were utterly awful.08:40
ajmitchwhich wasn't really meant to go live, but that's how they start08:40
wgrantYou can never write useful things thinking they'll not be used.08:41
ajmitchquite true08:41
wgrantParticularly when they're as useful as rcbugs.08:41
ajmitchnow to sort out the urls, I'd like http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/bugs/rcbugs/ to point to the latest release, and http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/bugs/rcbugs/intrepid/ to point to a specific release08:41
ajmitchwhile keeping all the addcomment, remove, etc in place08:42
* ajmitch tinkers08:42
wgrantThat sounds good.08:42
wgrantaddcomment will need some extra magic, but remove should be fine.08:42
wgrantExcept that remove's and demote's templates should mention the release.08:43
ajmitchjust looking at that now08:43
ajmitchand some way of navigating between releases08:43
wgrantThat's easy enough.08:43
ajmitcheasy to put in, harder to look good08:44
ajmitchas you can tell from my initial table layout, I don't do visual design :)08:45
wgrantI'm pretty awful at it too, but I made it look a bit better and asked some friends for hints.08:45
ajmitchit was appreciated08:46
wgrantAs was your much greater work in getting it going in the first place.08:47
ajmitchit was something interesting to do at the time, I think it came out of a MOTU meeting quite awhile ago08:48
ajmitchhm, trolls in release-party spreading misinformation08:49
StevenKLike they have all afternoon?08:52
ajmitchof course08:52
ajmitchthis one was doing a fake announcement that servers had been compromised08:52
ajmitchnothing imaginative, really08:53
wgrantajmitch: It inevitably gets worse. And quicker.09:12
ajmitchoh I expect that09:12
ajmitchespecially as ZOMG its teh 31st! hits09:12
wgrantIt is then that the power of ubuntu/member/* becomes useful.09:13
ajmitchso what if it's the 31st in UTC+13...09:13
wgrantThen it must be out!09:13
ajmitchthere's even a few people alive in #ubuntu-nz tonight09:13
ajmitchusually it's only alive during work hours :)09:14
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sebnersistpoty|work: morning =)09:56
sistpoty|workhi sebner09:56
ajmitchhi sistpoty|work09:57
sistpoty|workhi ajmitch09:57
ajmitchhow's it going? I haven't seen you round much for awhile :)09:57
sistpoty|workajmitch: quite good, how about you?09:58
ajmitchgood also09:58
ajmitchthe usual with work :)09:58
quadrisproverification done for bug 28214610:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 282146 in havp "chown: cannot access `/var/run/havp': No such file or directory " [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28214610:43
Laneywelcome mgdm!11:25
mgdm'lo :)11:26
Laneymethinks cdimage.u.c is being hammered11:34
panglosshi =)11:57
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=== sistpoty|work changed the topic of #ubuntu-motu to: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU | Want to get involved with the MOTUs? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Contributing | Intrepid: RELEASED. | See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates | Next MOTU meeting: Fri, October 31st 04:00 UTC
sistpoty|workhm... anyone got a clue when/if intrepid-proposed will open up?14:17
sistpoty|work(or is it already open?)14:17
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slangaseksistpoty|work: already open14:22
sistpoty|workslangasek: oh, cool, thanks14:23
=== sistpoty|work changed the topic of #ubuntu-motu to: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU | Want to get involved with the MOTUs? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Contributing | Intrepid: RELEASED. | Good time to work on fixing intrepid bugs via SRUs, See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates | Next MOTU meeting: Fri, October 31st 04:00 UTC
bddebianHeya gang14:33
sistpoty|workhi bddebian14:33
bddebianHi sistpoty|work14:33
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huatsnxvl:  ping16:33
nxvlhuats: pong16:35
LaneySo, anyone want to review a package for Jaunty? ;)16:37
nxvl_huats: i have problem with my conection i didn't get anything after the ping16:39
huatsnxvl pv16:39
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* sistpoty|work heads home... cya17:33
jdongsuperm1: WHOOOOOOOO got it paired!18:03
jdongsuperm1: had to unpair it from OS X first, then pair it with Ubuntu18:03
jdongsuperm1: oddly even then there was a 50-50 between "pairing failed" and "enter PIN xxxx"18:03
superm1jdong, "unpair"?18:03
superm1i didnt know a function like that even existed18:03
jdongsuperm1: tell OS X to forget the keyboard18:03
jdongi.e. bluetooth app, remove remove remove.18:04
superm1jdong, ah18:04
superm1jdong, told you i was crazy, but these keyboards were worse than me~18:04
jdongsuperm1: I have a feeling OS X touches the EFI or NVRAM in some way that Ubuntu doesn't know how18:04
jdongsuperm1: I don't think it's normal for BT keyboards to work at the EFI level18:04
superm1to set the hid proxy with them before it boots?18:04
jdongyeah I'm pretty sure it does18:05
superm1Dell added functionality like that in the last year too18:05
jdongresetting the PRAM requires reassociating both the keyboard and mouse on next OS X  boot.18:05
jdongthat's probably something I should've tested too!18:05
jdongbut at any rate I'm just glad to get this working18:05
superm1Broadcom chips have support for it18:05
jdongno more while true; sleep 20; hidd --connect .... :D18:05
superm1oh gosh what a hack18:05
jdongsuperm1: how else do you get hidd to reocnnect to lost devices :-/18:06
jdongI felt so dirty for that hack18:06
superm1one month from now i'm going to go on the forums with a blowtorch, and if i see people on intrepid using hidd still, i'm not going to be happy18:06
jdongsuperm1: yeah, though this was a HUGE pain to set up18:07
jdongwhat has it been... roughly a week since we last talked? :)18:07
superm1jdong, well do the world a favor and make a blog post about it18:07
superm1or at least document it somewhere people will find it18:08
jdongsuperm1: yeah, will do18:08
jdongsuperm1: first I'm gonna try to use this keyboard with OS X again to make sure nothing died.18:08
jdongslightly ungood news: needed a new PIN to pair with OS X18:12
jdongnow trying Ubuntu again....18:12
jdongand we're good!18:15
jdongyay swsusp18:15
iulianHello and happy release day!18:37
directhex"merry releasemas"18:37
iulianHeh, right.18:38
iulianThat sounds better.18:38
nxvlslangasek: so we are at the point that we can only write SRU's and wait for jaunty to open?18:39
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jdongsuperm1: is it just me or did the intrepid-security kernel lose fn keys on the keyboard?18:39
sebnernxvl: yep. another 1-2 weeks until jaunty :(18:39
nxvlboring time18:40
sebnernxvl: yep, nothing to break ,.. ^ ^18:40
jdongsuperm1: it definitely seems like in BlueZ input mode I lose my fn keys18:46
superm1jdong, intrepid-security kernel? wha..18:46
jdong00:1F:5B:B1:C3:B7 jdong’s mouse [0000:0000] connected18:47
jdong00:1E:52:FC:A8:B4 jdong’s keyboard [0000:0000] connected18:47
superm1lets see the diff on it18:47
jdongcould that be the culprit?18:47
jdongwhen hidd connects, there are usb IDs in those fields18:47
jdongbut when BlueZ does it, those seem to all be zeroes18:47
jdongthe fn key doesn't do anything special anymore18:47
superm1okay one sec, there's something you need to check18:47
jdongi.e. no access to volume keys, pgup/pgdn18:47
superm1not that, unless youve change dit18:48
jdongnot that I can tell18:48
Laneynxvl: You can always do REVUing if you're bored.................. ;)18:49
superm1jdong, there is somewhere else that you query the vid/pid of bt devices18:49
superm1once you're in userspace18:50
superm1i wonder if yours is needing an extra quirk18:50
superm1that 0000:0000 in the log is not what userspace will see18:50
superm1i can't remember how I got it before.  hcitool info doesn't seem to be the trick18:52
nxvlLaney: and where do i upload them?18:52
Laneynxvl: Then you'll have something to upload as soon as Jaunty opens18:52
Laney(not that I want you to look at my package, oh no...)18:53
iulianOh and by the way. Can non-MOTUs review/comment on packges from REVU?18:54
LaneyOf course, they just can't ack18:54
iulianSure, cool.18:54
* iulian is going to review some packages tonight.18:55
* iulian -> supper.18:56
jdongsuperm1: bug 22750118:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 227501 in linux "id of apple aluminum wireless keyboard changed??" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22750118:59
jdongsuperm1: looks like 0x22{c,d,e} are all valid?18:59
superm1oh wonderful18:59
superm1jdong, okay well feeling like testing a patch then?19:00
superm1i'll point you where needs patching19:00
jdongI wonder if that explains it though19:00
superm1well if you can find your id somehow we can see19:00
superm1there are two bugs going on here; all the quirks from the hid system don't carry over19:00
superm1so i've got a single quirk for what i thought was the valid id, but if there are more my single quirk doesnt handle it19:01
jdongit seems like sys/class/input doesn't see the vendor ID either?/19:01
jdongis that normal19:01
superm1try adding your id to that once you find your pid/vid19:02
superm1or even better; track down the bug why the hid quirks don't apply here :)19:02
superm1jdong, /sys/class/bluetooth/hci0:46/input34/id gives me valid info for vendor and product19:05
superm1should be similar for you19:05
jdongsuperm1: 0000:000019:05
superm1jdong, well that's really really bzr19:06
jdongshould I dare to try a re-pair? :)19:06
jdongnothing a good old rm -rf /var/lib/bluetooth won't fix ;-)19:06
superm1did you steal a prototype or something?19:06
jdongsuperm1: hey! hidd shows em just fine!19:06
* directhex still thinks the ps3 bluetooth remote needs some magic19:07
superm1jdong, the other thing that needs to be figured out yet, input device names change every time the keyboard or mouse go in low power mode19:07
superm1currently my keyboard is this: [1705501.858886] input: Apple Wireless Keyboard as /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1d.2/usb3/3-1/3-1:1.0/hci0/acl001B63FC4288/input/input216419:08
Adri2000ScottK: I don't understand your comment in bug #28475519:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 284755 in wxwidgets2.8 "Filezilla and the New Human Theme" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28475519:10
jdongsuperm1: [ 1620.721147] input: jdong’s keyboard as /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1a.0/usb1/1-1/1-1.1/1-1.1:1.0/bluetooth/hci0/hci0:11/input1619:11
superm1yeah yours is already jumping.  wait a week or two (provided your macbook suspends stably and you dont shutdown), you'll get to the hundreds quick19:12
jdongsuperm1: *cringe* blacklist 0000:000019:23
jdonglook away!19:23
superm1oh gosh19:24
superm1you and your hacks19:24
superm1dont want to find the root cause, so put bandages on it19:24
jdongsuperm1: I want my fn keys first, then I'll see why session->input and session->hid are both unset19:25
\shdamn, this "put mc on the cd" thread is really annoying19:40
Laneyjdong: Have you installed on a macbook?19:42
jdongLaney: macbook and iMac19:42
Laneyjdong: Awesome, I'm just doing it now. Is there any problem with creating a swap partition? The wiki page is making me nervous about doing so19:42
jdongLaney: no problems at all19:43
jdongsuperm1: what does the blue (i) thing mean in bluetooth-applet19:46
superm1jdong, depends on your theme if it's a blue (i), but it means trusted device19:46
superm1that bluez won't ask you if it can use the device19:46
Laneyexcuse that19:47
jdongsuperm1: does "did" in /var/lib/bt store the device ID?19:47
superm1does did?19:49
superm1oh did the file19:49
jdongyeah seems like it19:49
superm1yeah it does19:49
jdongcomes back as 00:1F:5B:B1:C3:B7 FFFF 0000 0000 000019:49
jdongsuperm1: which fields are supposed to be the device IDs?19:49
jdong(another ugly hack coming)19:49
superm100:1B:63:FA:CD:5A 0002 05AC 022C 013619:49
superm1second and third19:50
jdongholy crap that worked.19:51
jdong00:1E:52:FC:A8:B4 FFFF 05AC 022C 000019:52
* jdong whistles innocently19:52
jdongprobably not the right way to set device ID ;-)19:52
LaneyAnyone know how to list all packages Changed-By a particular person?19:58
DktrKranzLaney, {python,perl,whathever} regex?20:03
ScottKAdri2000: IIRC DktrKranz said that upload was good.  I may remember wrong.20:35
sevenseekerstart-stop-daemon is yielding 'Exec format error' when I run it, however I can run the executable manually with the same arguments.  Verbose is not revealing anything more.  Where should I start looking for trouble?20:36
Adri2000ScottK: ok20:58
directhexwoo @ commercial games running fine in compiz21:05
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lagajono: hey, we're gonna do an install party at my school next week. are there any special resources? the wiki doesn't list anything useful when i search for "install party", so i'm wondering if there is a special term21:25
jonolacqui, what do you mean by "special resources"?21:25
lagajono: i'm just looking for ideas.21:25
lagaand maybe checklists. stuff like backups etc.21:26
jonoI recommend asking for help in #ubuntu-locoteams21:26
lagaah, thanks.21:26
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goukiGuys ... My mentor told me to check merges.ubuntu.com and "find some merges to work on, submit a bug along with a patch'.23:37
goukiI was wondering if someone could explain what exactly is merges.ubuntu.com.23:37
azeemwhen was that?23:37
azeemI don't think intrepid+1 is open for merging yet23:37
Hobbseemany months ago, hopefully23:37
Hobbseeazeem: i'm damn sure it sin't...23:37
goukiNo, it was actually ~5 hours ago.23:37
nhandlergouki: Well, the jaunty repos won't open for about a week23:38
nhandlerYou can't really do merges until then23:38
Hobbseegouki: who was your sponsor?23:38
Hobbsees/was/is/ ; s/sponsor/mentor/23:38
Hobbsee(might be good to educate them a little)23:38
goukiHobbsee, it was Nicolas (nxvl).23:38
Hobbseehmm, i thought he should know better.23:39
goukiSo ... I shouldn't worry about practice that part now. OK.23:39
nhandlerHobbsee: He probably wanted gouki to wait until the jaunty repos open23:39
Hobbseenhandler: possibly, but there's a toolchain, etc, to be built first too.23:39
goukiMy bad people!23:40
gouki<nxvl> we will need to wait for jaunty to open, which will be in 1 or 2 weeks23:40
goukiI just skipped that part. I'm sorry.23:40
nhandlerThat is ok gouki.23:40
Hobbseegouki: you'll see mails going around about jaunty being open for general uploads in a couple of weeks.23:40
goukiSo, until Jaunty is open there isn't anything to practice on?23:41
Hobbseegouki: after that...go for your life (well, ish)23:41
Hobbseegouki: well,you can probably do something like new packages, but they might not build with the new release, with all those new packages.23:41
Hobbseewell, updated packages23:41
Hobbseemost people take a bit of a holiday23:41
goukiYeah, deserved ones :)23:42
Hobbseei presume there's also ubuntu developer week stuff to do, too23:42
goukiI might have picked the wrong time to start too :)23:42
goukiBTW ... What exactly is merges.ubuntu.com?23:42
copprogouki: it says exactly what it is on the site23:42

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