oobe i didnt write this script but was looking for somthing just like it00:00
oobeits for people who have tonnes of tveps and movies downloaded from internet who want accurate metadata00:00
oobeit can work with unorganised mess of videos but why bother00:00
oobeit will make screenshots but thats not really the purpose00:01
oobethere is someone who responded to my thread with a link to a script that only makes screenshots00:02
oobeyou could try and check that out00:02
oobeprobably less complicated00:02
captmodoes anyone here have any experience with the ati tv wonder ve?03:53
captmoi was able to get it to work in a standalone version of mythbuntu but when i installed the control centre on my ubuntu build it now will not put out any sound03:54
benzonOkay here we go just updated the kernal thing there was a flaw there but now i got another wird problem now i can se the channels but they freeze up07:23
Decepticonwhy wont mythbuntu come out?07:43
benzonDecepticon, what do you meen?07:44
benzonbecause they have to wait for the final ubuntu release07:46
benzonand then incorperate the mythtv platform and make sure its good, before they release a stabel 8.1007:46
Decepticonis there some deadline07:47
Decepticonor its just work at your own pace at mythbuntu07:48
Decepticonive been refreshing like every second07:48
benzonthat i dont know07:48
benzonbut i dont think they wil make the 8.10 release today but to be honest they can suprise i still need to fix a stupid audio problem sad enuf07:49
Decepticonthat sucks07:51
hadsUbuntu doesn't get released at 00:00:01 on release day.07:57
benzonprecise its not even released yet :)07:59
benzonIll try again then, my MSI K9AGM2-FIH - got a Realtek HD Audio Build in soundcard, the chip is Realtek ALC888 - cant get sound of it is there a known problem with this or is there a way to fix it08:03
oobewill svn fixes still be available for 8.04 when 8.10 comes out as 8.04 is LTS08:26
benzonsad that i cant get it to work add all have to go back to the sucky Vista MCE08:38
mrmowglianyone know the voodoo to get the hauppage remote control to work for a wintv hvr 1600?08:54
mrmowglior do I have to set it up from scratch?08:54
oobebenzon, this link says it works http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-hardware-18/no-sound-w-alsa-mcp61alc888-529206/ in later versions of alsa08:55
benzonjust updatet alsa08:55
oobebenzon, you could perhaps try compiling the newer alsa08:55
oobei think its worth a try08:56
benzonno change just alot of buffer overrun08:56
oobeoh you already compiled latest alsa?08:56
benzonye :(08:56
benzonstill just problems, and the HDMI out on my gfx aint found :(08:56
benzonXML Grapper dossent grap the danish stuff either, just a lot of problems08:56
oobeHDMI rarely works in xorg08:57
mrmowglii'm using HDMI right now08:57
oobeyou can use HDMI > DVI cable08:57
oobeyou just said you it aint found08:57
benzontrue but there is only vga out and HDMI out on the build in gfx card :(08:57
mrmowgliwhat graphics card are you using?08:58
benzonand the picture is crappy, and its normaly not that bad08:58
benzonbump ehm some ati card cant find the name right now ofc08:59
mrmowglilspci in a teminal08:59
benzonand using the restricted driver09:01
mrmowglihrmmm mine's working but my xorg.conf doesn't have anything special in it.  I only have that connected however so it was detected on boot09:01
mrmowgliyour trying to use both connections?09:01
benzonnope right now only the vga connection09:02
benzonsince i wanted to make the bacis configuring before hooking it up to the tv09:02
mrmowglitry just booting with only the HDMI connected09:02
oobethis thread has a noob with the same problem same card http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=550753&page=11 he has seemed to solve it by compiling alsa09:03
benzonand normaly i get a clear picture with my Hauppauge WinTV-PVR50009:03
ooberead it carefully you will figure it out09:03
benzonright now its just rly corny09:03
mrmowgliI have an older ATI, but when I tried getting it working with a dual head configuration it wouldn't take.  Just connecting HDMI worked fine09:04
mrmowglidid you run alsaconf?09:04
benzonill try and do a recompile like oobe asked for and linked to :)09:05
benzonbut still dossent change the qual of the video09:05
mrmowglibenzon: sometimes the quality is affected by the physical connectors, have you reseated everything and kept the cables away from power cords etc?09:06
benzonyep its as fare as it can get from power cords so on09:06
benzoneven got a signal amplifier just 1 meter or so from the computer09:09
mrmowgliand everything is properly grounded?09:09
benzonyep in vista the image is rly good thats the wird part09:10
mrmowgliwhat's wrong with your image?09:10
mrmowglijittery with lots of aliasing?09:11
benzonjust rly rly ehm grained09:14
benzonye like you sai09:14
mrmowgliwell that could just be the mythbuntu playback09:15
mrmowglithe capture is probably working just fine09:15
mrmowgliI'm running a huappauge 1600 and the playback isn't so nice, but if you open one of the captures with VLC and set the deinterlace to blend it looks fine09:16
mrmowgliI believe it's just the deinterlacinf filter that makes it look so bad09:16
mrmowgliNot sure where you set that in the Mythbuntu settings but I think you can change them09:17
benzonill make a try09:19
mrmowgliDoes anyone have a huappauge with a working remote control?09:37
benzongot the realtake linux driver packet lets se how that works out :D09:42
Seeker`is it possible to get the "watch recordings" menu to give you three menus, one to select category, the other to select the program, and the third to select the episode of that program09:43
mrmowgliSeeker`: I don't know if it can do that but there are filters09:43
mrmowglim button on that screen09:44
Seeker`I know you can set it to ask you which category to browse when you enter the "watch recordings" option, but I want it to actually be part of the main screen09:44
mrmowglino idea09:44
benzonbrb reboot time09:45
benzondamn just made a lot of errors and screwed up some usb things and it says something with fuse cant start09:55
benzonit says the right codec tho but cant select it in the sound manager thingy jawww09:56
mrmowglihave you run aslaconf?09:58
mrmowglior if you run dmesg, it should tell you what's going on10:01
mythhello all, I need some help getting the front end to detect the backend16:14
mythI launch the frontend and I get a No UPnP found16:15
mythwhen I go through the config I get a cannot connect to database error16:15
mythI check and the backend and mysql are running16:15
r3zWould their be a direct upgrade path from the RC to the released build of 8.10?18:29
tgm4883_laptopr3z, yes18:30
tgm4883_laptopapt-get upgrade18:30
r3zI have been using mythdora and a yum upgrade is not recommended.18:30
r3zI wanted to see if this was the case with mythbuntu.18:30
tgm4883_laptopr3z, well we don't recommend a yum upgrade either ;)18:31
* r3z peers at tgm4883_laptop 18:31
Decepticonwhen will they release 8.10 mythbuntu18:37
tgm4883_laptopDecepticon, when it's ready18:39
Decepticonit will be ready when it will be ready kind of deal18:40
tgm4883_laptopwe are just waiting on mirrors to sync up18:41
r3zSo its ready just not deliverable yet?18:43
Wickedhello all. is mythtbuntu 8.10 out?21:12
Wickedim dling kubuntu 8.10 now and am wondering if ill be able to install mythbuntu-control-center...im hoping to have my pvr up by 9pm est tonight so i can start recording my shows.21:13
MythbuntuGuest99When is going to be released mythbuntu 8.10?21:14
superm1today or tomorrow21:19
superm1depends on when all the mirrors get it synched21:19
balzis it safe to upgrade from hardy to intrepid?21:20
superm1read the release notes first to make sure none of the cases affect you (say nvidia 96 or 71) and then you can determine21:20
superm1for most people it should be21:21
balzsuperm1:  okay thanks.  where might i find the release notes?21:22
Wickedso the new mythtbuntu should be out in the next 24 hours?21:23
superm1yeah Wicked21:23
superm1http://mythbuntu.org/8.10/release_notes, there is a link to the mainline ubuntu release notes too21:24
Wickedi wish 8.10 dropped on tues or wed21:24
superm1no corner cases are identified specific to mythbuntu yet, so that's why it's emptyish right now21:24
balzsuperm1 i'm getting a "page not found" page21:27
Wickedyea connection reset21:28
superm1balz, oh that's interesting. wonder if that page is still locked down until release21:28
Wickednow it loaded.21:28
superm1there is some load on the server right now, so that's probably all it was21:28
balzsuperm1:  it's not a big deal anyway. i'll rpobably end up waiting a week or so21:28
balzyeah that makes sense too21:28
balzgot it21:29
KjetilKHas anybody gotten two remotes and an IRblaster working with lirc at the same time?21:30
KjetilKdoes it require running three lircd instances?21:30
superm1KjetilK, it should need 2-3 lirc instances21:31
superm1depending on the hardware you are using21:31
KjetilKsuperm1: I have an MS MCE USB thingie21:31
superm1KjetilK, you can do an ir blaster and remote on the same lirc instance21:32
superm1if both remotes use that same receiver you can do it all on the same lirc instance21:32
KjetilKand a iMon in the box that controls the volume knob21:32
KjetilKI allready run two lirc daemons, one for the iMon volume knob (an Antec Fusion v1 chassis), and one for the MCEUSB21:33
superm1then that's all you need21:33
KjetilKit works great, but I did quite a lot of hacking in the init.d that was in mythbuntu 7.10, now the system is a 8.0421:34
KjetilKsuperm1: OK, I tried running:21:34
KjetilKroot@tigger:/etc/lirc# irsend SET_TRANSMITTERS 121:35
KjetilKirsend: command failed: SET_TRANSMITTERS 121:35
KjetilKirsend: hardware does not support sending21:35
KjetilKthat's why I figured I might need another instance...21:35
KjetilKirsend LIST mceusb ""21:35
KjetilKlists the things I want21:35
KjetilKactually, I only need the power button, all I want to do is turn the TV on and off... :-)21:36
superm1mceusb or mceusb2?21:36
balzwait, you can caputre codes from other remotes and control appliances with the IR blaster?21:36
balzthe things you learn =)21:37
KjetilKsuperm1: the kernel module is lirc_mceusb221:37
KjetilKbalz: yup, most people use it to control a set-top-box21:38
balzKjetilK:  riiiigiht.... i knew that, it just never crossed my mind that I could roll all my remotes into one21:38
superm1KjetilK, i dont think you need to use SET_TRANSMITTERS21:38
superm1just transmit21:38
superm1mceusb2 only supports one transmitter anyway21:38
balzso wait. I have 1 remote for myth (MCEUSB), 1 remote to control the volume (i use a hifi stereo set for sound), and 1 remote to turn the tv on and off ... i could roll all of those into one?21:39
superm1well the mceusb2 remote you have actually can learn those buttons21:39
superm1for vol and power21:39
superm1and you wouldn't need an ir blaster21:39
superm1do you still have the manual for your mceusb2?21:40
KjetilKhmmm, so the "TV Power" button I have on my remote can be used to turn the TV on and off directly?21:40
superm1yes it can21:41
KjetilKcool, perhaps I don't need the irblaster either :-)21:41
superm1the only 3 buttons that are programmable are vol+/vol-/tv power21:41
superm1thanks hads21:41
KjetilKalso, it didn't seem to work:21:41
KjetilK# irsend SEND_ONCE mceusb Power21:41
KjetilKirsend: command failed: SEND_ONCE mceusb Power21:41
KjetilKirsend: hardware does not support sending21:41
superm1KjetilK, try specifying the device you are sending21:42
superm1irsend can be picky, especially when you've got a few lirc instances dangling around21:42
balzsuperm1:  i don't think i do.21:42
superm1balz, hads posted it above21:42
balzoh right!21:42
KjetilKsuperm1: OK, I'll try the MS manual first21:43
balzhow do i know if i have the MCEUSB remote or the MCEUSB2 remote?21:49
KjetilKwoooohoooo, it worked great!21:51
KjetilKthanks a lot, superm1!21:52
KjetilKand thanks to hads for posting the link to the manual!21:52
balzwin!  i have mceusb2!  thanks hads21:57
MythbuntuGuest94hello guys22:32
MythbuntuGuest94I have been trying the last few weeks to get LinuxMCE working with no luck as my hardware is to new.. but that is not why I am here22:33
MythbuntuGuest94So I am looking into mythbuntu as it is alot newer and will support all my hardware..22:33
MythbuntuGuest94the main question that I cant tget on google is, is there a way that I can get mythtv to contral my TV and Cable box22:34
MythbuntuGuest94as I am trying to get all this remotes out of my room22:35
MythbuntuGuest94I got myself an usbird22:35
KjetilKMythbuntuGuest94: this should get you started: http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/Using_an_IR_Blaster_with_MythTV22:45
* KjetilK runs off to bed though :-)22:45
Seeker`how can I get it to list all unwatched recordings in the "watch list"23:08
Seeker`currently it will only display one episode from each series23:19
fastie82hi guys23:21
fastie82Can I get Mythbunto to control my cable box and tv?23:21
fastie82so that I only have one remote23:21
fastie82I did read something in the documentation about ir sending but there is not much info and google is not much better23:22
gregL_fastie82: Yes but you will have to use LIRC and a blaster or firewire to switch channels..23:23
hadsLIRC if you're in New Zealand. We don't have firewire STBs23:24
hadsThe MS MCE remote is good if you can find it and comes with a blaster.23:24
fastie82yes I get that I need to LIRC but there any steps on how to do this?23:24
fastie82I got my self a usbird from the local shop that they normaly us for mobile phones23:25
fastie82from what I read this would do the job23:25
gregL_Most any thing will work if you can find out how to implement it..23:26
gregL_Search the web is the best way..23:27
fastie82true, that is why I am here see if any of you guys can help me in the right direction?23:27
hadsBasically all you need is a script which does an `irsend SEND_ONCE $REMOTE_NAME $DIGIT`23:27
fastie82that is as far as I can make out yes but don't know much more than that23:29
gregL_What is the make and model of the device?23:29
fastie82the usbird or the sky box?23:30
gregL_I did a search using those two words and nothing,so i would guess noone use's it...23:32
fastie82ok I am so confused now.. I see you need to add the codes in to the lird.conf file.. but how does it know what device need to be control as both have 1 2 3 4 enc23:33
fastie82do I need to setup a key what I need to press with it or will it switch it.23:35
gregL_Did you check and see if it's loaded?23:35
fastie82I know when I was in the uk they sky+ remotes had the option to control you tv and when you want to control your tv you need to press the tv button and when you wanted to control the skybox you needed to press the sky button first does it work on the same prin?23:36
hadsAre you in New Zealand?23:37
fastie82yes I don;t have a problem with the usbird23:37
fastie82yes I am23:37
hadsWhat type of Sky box do you have?23:37
fastie82I just need to get my head around who to send command to the box23:37
fastie82well I have the new sky myskyhdi box23:38
hadsI don't know what type of box that is23:38
hadsPerhaps you should ask the mythtvnz mailing list23:39
fastie82Well what I can find out I think it is a pace box.. the same as the foxtel box in AUS23:39
hadsRC30 is common here23:41
fastie82o ok..23:41
Seeker`anyone able to tell me how to chage the watch list to show all recordings not yet watched instead of just 1 per series?23:41
fastie82thanks. so do I add it to my current conf file?23:41
hadsSeeker`: Don't believe you can23:42
fastie82and do I need to program a key on the remote for the device?23:42
fastie82cause how do I tell it I want to watch channel 07223:43
fastie82cause I thing if I just press 072 it will change my tv card and not the sky box23:43
hadsYou setup a channel change script in mythtv and then mythvbackend tells your STB to change channels23:43
fastie82where can I find sampel scrips.. sorry I am a bit thik...23:45
hadsPerhaps you should ask the mythtvnz mailing list23:45
fastie82ok I will send them a mail not..23:45
fastie82now even23:45
fastie82thanks for your help hads23:45
Seeker`hads: :(23:46
hadsfastie82: http://www.google.com/search?ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&sourceid=navclient&gfns=1&q=mythtv+channel+change+script23:46
fastie82sweet thanks again23:47
r3ztgm4883 mirrors updated yet?23:50
Seeker`hads: that makes the watch list much less useful than I thought it would be23:50

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