LjLlinuxfan: can we help you?00:04
linuxfanoops, lol sorry this is an old xchat config, i used to have a #Ubuntu-ops on my other network, ill disable it now sorry guys00:05
LjLi've just added a little feature to partybot1 that whoever originally wrote the topic will like ;)00:05
LjLthey have an #Ubuntu-ops on another network?00:05
PriceChildthere's a few #ubuntu's00:05
PriceChildLjL: tell tell tell :P00:05
Seeker`right, its the 30th, is Ubuntu released yet?00:05
LjLi would figure, but i'd never have thought they'd all be so organized00:06
LjLSeeker`: try asking with other words (pricechild too)00:06
PriceChildLjL: that didn't work :(00:06
LjLPriceChild: sorry my bad, i don't have enough imagination00:06
PriceChildguess the wording then :P00:07
LjLPriceChild: ok, someone managed to trigger it anyway00:07
* PriceChild highfives LjL 00:07
PriceChildLjL: there's a dodgy "31" in ther eon my screen00:08
LjLPriceChild: yeah i changed a "," into "at" at the last minute, but the date() function didn't like that00:08
PriceChildthe penny drops00:11
LjLon their head00:12
LjLand it's kind of heavier than a penny00:12
LjLbut he's right, i should have done it earlier00:13
LjLby now it'd be saying 200900:13
* Seeker` hides 00:13
Seeker`pasting links other than to RC or 8.04 should be banned00:19
LjLand it is00:20
LjLwhat are they pasting?00:20
Seeker`nvm, my mistake00:22
Seeker`they should have a release at midnight one time00:22
Seeker`*really* surprise everyone00:22
Seeker`"is it out yet?" "yes"00:22
Myrttimidnight what timezone00:32
jribearliest possible00:33
LjL[01:34:22] <cob> so what's this stuff about 8.10 being final within a few hours?00:35
LjL[01:34:24] <PartyBot1> cob: Was scheduled for Oct, 31, 06:00, but now that you've asked, it's been delayed by 2 hours00:35
LjL[01:34:46] <cob> 06:00 GMT?00:35
Picii like it00:40
mneptokLjL: 20:41 < Socceroos> it seems LjL isn't around! we can all ask *that* question!!!00:46
mneptokyour name in vain ....00:46
LjLindeed, indeed00:46
LjLviolet highlight, sure way not to make me miss it00:46
PriceChildLjL: how about making it only respond a small amount of the time.00:47
LjL(although i've got the bot on highlight too of course)00:47
LjLPriceChild: ok00:47
PriceChildLjL: will make it less fun for them for a while :P00:47
LjLPriceChild: but delay it anyway?00:47
mneptokLjL: sorry about jamming that pencil in your eye.00:47
mneptokis it out yet?00:47
* mneptok runs00:47
PriceChildLjL: no idea, i'm just sure when new people arrive they will appreciate it the first time they see it00:47
LjLPriceChild: uhm wait, better idea, it'll only respond to people who didn't ask it before...00:48
PriceChildLjL: that's also good, but sounds more complicated :P00:48
LjLnah, it's an array00:48
LjL$Asked[]=$Nick; if(in_array($Nick, Asked)) {}00:49
mneptokLjL: if a person asks twice, have the bot PRIVMSG "the host $USERHOST has been added to the release tree blacklist"00:49
PriceChildand another array for not sending that twice :D00:49
LjLmneptok: gooooood idea00:50
LjLyeah it takes two arrays, so what00:51
mneptoki am nothing if not a complete bastard. ;)00:51
PriceChildLjL: and maybe change increments to something smaller? 8-)00:51
PriceChildLjL: while you're at it... ubottu needs to be rewritten00:51
* Myrtti chuckles00:52
Myrttiyou EVIL BASTARDS00:53
Seeker`LjL: And I believe there is an ubuntu release that needs releasing, while you're fiddling with stuff :P00:53
Mezlmao... and now - if I move too far from my PC - I get set away in IRC :D00:57
Seeker`Mez: why?00:59
ubottuSlart called the ops in #ubuntu (epcom)01:00
* Myrtti claps her hand to get the dust off them01:02
* mneptok claps his hands to get the Myrtti off them01:04
mneptokembraceable YOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!01:04
LjLanyway desktop i386 didn't pass the tests01:04
Myrttimneptok: I'm difficult to get off01:04
Seeker`I blame Gazz*k01:04
mneptokMyrtti: i'll try not to read tyhat with my American slang goggles on01:05
LjLi blame both GazzaK and Gary. and SpongeBob too01:05
Myrttimneptok: good01:06
mneptokMyrtti: you're still eminently embraceable01:06
Myrttilovable at least01:09
Myrttithat's what I was just told ^____^01:09
Myrttimethinks it's time for bed01:11
LjL[02:13:48] <PartyBot1> WARNING: PM from lokpest - huh?01:14
LjL[02:14:02] <PartyBot1> WARNING: PM from lokpest - Anna?01:14
LjLoh jesus :)01:14
LjL[02:16:59] --> spytrdr has joined this channel (i=ssk@host73.190-31-239.telecom.net.ar01:17
LjLhe also joined #debian, #fedora and #gentoo, all at the same time01:17
LjLhave it on highlight, probably because of "trdr"... or something.01:17
Flannelwhat's trdr?01:23
LjLsome troll i've had on highlight since 2006 or so i think01:25
Mez dmsuperman: Servers now added unaffiliated/dmsuperman to the distributed blacklist (the torrents are also locked)01:25
Mezmight be worth not showing that if there's a / :D01:25
LjLwell i can't look beneath cloaks01:25
LjLok, will say "your host" now01:26
MezLjL: just dont show that message if there's a / in their host01:26
PriceChildi'll put in a request to staff01:29
mneptokPriceChild: printi g a real hostmask to a public channel when a user has deliberately cloaked it may be in poor taste01:30
PriceChildmneptok: sorry I was being sarcastic.01:30
mneptokPriceChild: ohthankgawd01:31
MezPriceChild: oh, I thought you were just planning on making it do /notice user <host> has been blacklisted01:32
PriceChildmneptok: scared we may inadvertantly find out your lair?01:32
LjLPriceChild: you should see what google earth has become01:33
LjLi can see my frigging window and it's frigging open01:33
LjLand my car and the box of tissues in it01:33
PriceChildyou can just about make out the bench outside our back door01:33
PriceChildon ours01:33
LjLPriceChild: but have you tried the street view?01:34
PriceChildis that enabled in the uk now?01:34
mneptokPriceChild: say you were standing in front of the door to my home, and about to enter. who should have more fear in their heart, you, or me? ;)01:34
LjLPriceChild: if it is in italy...01:34
PriceChildLjL: there was lots of people against it in the uk, not sure what happenned with it01:34
LjLmneptok: i would fear out of sympathy for him01:34
mneptokLjL: exaaaaactly01:34
mneptokPriceChild: that is incredibly ironic cosidering the CCTV prevalence in the UK01:36
LjLwhile we were all away for summer, the bastards filled the city with cameras01:43
FlannelLjL: you're the star of your very own* TV show!01:43
Flannel(* it also belongs to everyone else, no you're not special)01:43
LjLmneptok: how the hell did you manage to trigger a falso positive now01:44
mneptoki have *no* idea01:44
mneptok21:43 < mneptok> dekkong: yeah. Adobe sure is stupid about that, eh?01:44
mneptok21:43 <@PartyBot1> mneptok: Was scheduled for Nov, 01, 06:00, but now that you've asked, it's been delayed by 2 hours01:44
LjLmneptok: i know. adobe sure IS stupid abOUT that01:45
ubottuIn ubottu, king_ said: today is Oct 30,what time does 8.10 final come out?01:45
FlannelDon't we have a factoid for that?01:47
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about isitout01:47
LjL!isitout is <reply> Ask in #ubuntu-release-party - we don't know here01:48
ubottuI'll remember that, LjL01:48
Flannelubottu: tell king_ about isitout01:48
* Flannel doesn't even have a witty response to that...01:50
Flannel18:50 < kakoonia> where's ubuntu!?!01:51
LjLyou just wait and they make it simpler for you01:51
FlannelLjL: Nicely put factoid, by the way.01:52
geniiHello all. Connection may be in and out tonight01:56
LjLhah i didn't notice the other hidden feature being already randomly triggered02:04
* Flannel did!02:10
geniiFlannel: When #ubuntu+1 goes after release, boy will it be busy02:44
Flannelgenii: I just don't think about it...02:44
Flannelgenii: although 1350 right now is nothing.02:45
Flannel-release-party mitigates some of that, but even then, theres only like 150 people in -r-p, so far we've had a pretty slow release.02:45
* Flannel puts on his "I survived 1700 people" pin.02:45
tritiumGood evening.02:46
FlannelHowdy tritium02:46
tritiumHi Flannel :)02:46
Flannelgenii: It's always an interesting estuary after release. old versions mixing with new versions.  All of us having to learn all the new support stuffs for the new versions.02:47
geniiFlannel: My main issue from Kubuntu point of view is the KDE3 vs KDE4 issues02:49
Flannelgenii: yeah, that's going to be .... fun....02:49
Flannelgenii: Luckily, you already have -kde4, so some people have been supporting 4 for a whie02:49
geniiI'm not sure if they will merge #kubuntu-kde4 soon yet or not. I wonder if riddell knows02:49
geniiFlannel: Yes, this is true, since they will be in the merged channel02:50
mneptokLjL: get yer hand outta the bot's ass!02:50
* mneptok saw that02:50
jdong22:51 < shingalated> get a life u fucking frog hopping jungle book02:51
FlannelLjL: nice.02:51
jdongdo we know this guy?02:51
Flanneljdong: not in -r-p02:52
Flannelhe's in ubuntuforums02:52
geniiSounds like an asshole02:52
jdonghe's using random -ing words02:52
jdonghalf of them being vulgar.02:52
Flannelubottu: tell shingalated about coc02:52
jdongI'm just amused. this is more fun than doing homework02:52
elky_workheh, releases. seems to be being pummelled.02:56
elky_workerr, releases.u.c.02:56
* Flannel just wants to know when its released so I can fire up my torrents!02:56
FlannelLast time they ditched me02:56
tritiumelky_work: surely it's not out yet, is it?02:57
Flanneltritium: is it out/?1?!?!???02:57
elky_worki dunno02:57
elky_workim at work02:57
tritiumFlannel: heh, not that I know of.02:58
tritiumBut I know very little ;)02:59
geniiNow I need to know when in my local timezone it works so I can start the seeding also03:02
geniiI may need more coffee tonight ...03:02
tritiumTim Horton's!03:02
geniitritium: Damn straight!03:03
elky_workjust hint, it'll probably be sometime *after* the UK wakes up.03:04
geniiI'm not in #ubuntu-release-party ... do they have some running countdown or so in there?03:05
elky_workjust a*03:05
elky_workdamn eeepv03:05
elky_workgenii, doubt it. more likely a million geeks going 'are we there yet?'03:05
mneptokgenii: the countdown timer is actually Steve Langasek's mood ring ;)03:15
geniiAh, the release manager03:16
tritium#ubuntu-release-party is a zoo.03:21
tritiumnalioth: we have no cows at our zoo.03:23
elky_workno, just buffalo03:23
Flannelbuffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo.03:24
tritiumAnd wildebeest03:24
geniiI'm tempted now to visit the cow zoo03:24
tritiumgenii: would you bring me back a ribeye or New York strip if you go?03:25
geniitritium: Sure :)03:26
evandLjL: Can you please fix the topic in #ubuntu-release-party to not say that the RC is the final release.03:27
Flannelevand: You can.03:28
geniitritium: Only elk steaks, unfortunately03:29
tritiumUh-oh ;)03:30
geniielkbuntu: Apologies on the mutilation-and-run  :)03:30
tritiumgenii: the drive-by butcher03:32
evandthanks Flannel 03:32
geniitritium: I thought it might be worth a laugh and I'm not extremely busy 03:32
tritiumgenii: :)03:33
* genii slaps a bandaid on elkbuntu03:33
geniiHehe nice touch, "PartyBot" kudos to whoever is responsible for it03:37
elky_workevand, the topic in the party channel is open to any cloaked ubuntu member to change. we tend to assume that the members will behave in the channel at release time ;)03:37
elky_workgenii, dont encourage non-official bots. i cannot tell who that one belongs to...03:38
evandelky_work: ah, noted thanks03:39
* genii sips his coffee and watches the zoo03:39
elky_workif someone could investigate... it03:39
elky_work'd be nice03:39
tritiumIt's got an /ubutu/bot hostmask03:40
Flannelmneptok: deftly played03:40
elky_worktritium, it wasnt showing up with /wii, and /ns info was dubious. thanks'03:41
mneptokFlannel: hrm?03:41
mneptokFlannel: "April?"03:41
* mneptok beams brightly03:41
tritiumelky_work: really?  /wii showed it for me03:41
* genii takes notes03:42
Flannelelky_work: believe its el jay el03:43
geniiWeird. I wonder what that IP/blacklist it talks about are03:44
Flannelgenii: just fun03:45
geniiIANA says some possibly forged IP in Brazil, apparently....03:47
elky_workFlannel, neither /wii or /whois are working for me currently. dunno why03:53
elky_worknow i do. it has a number after it, which i could not see as i am not in -r-p as this nick03:54
Flannelelky_work: bot rename was to keep floodbots from freaking out03:56
elky_workFlannel, my telepathy skills are a bit rusty and all ;)03:57
Flannelelky_work: It's in your scrollback ;)03:57
elky_workFlannel, bip doesnt scroll back that much for me. i'm not at my laptop. it is 7 suburb east from me.03:58
elky_worki'm on my eeepc with mobile broadband. excessive scrollback would kill me.03:58
elky_workand i'm actually supposed to be working.03:59
Flannelelky_work: Ah, well, there's your problem.  your other-half is in -monitor, and would know that it's in there too.03:59
tritiumelky_work: which model?  How do you like it?03:59
elky_worktritium, 701. its easier than lugging around a full lappy04:03
tritiumNice.  :)04:03
geniiFlannel: You cruel so n so ;)04:04
Flannelgenii: How so?04:05
genii<some-name-here>: When is 8.10 due?                  .... <Flannel> : /j #ubuntu-release-party04:06
Flannelgenii: nonsense, !isitout is what they get04:06
geniiI can see now why it's filling up in there04:07
tritiumI'm off to bed, folks.  Party on, Wayne.04:08
FlannelParty on, tritium04:08
FlannelPretto: How can we help you?04:13
PrettoFlannel, people are saying  that are not  able to access www.ubuntu.com04:13
FlannelPretto: Thats because its down due to heavy load04:14
naliothPretto: i'm sure the servers are taking a beating04:14
geniiI wonder if ubuntu sets download records. Like what mozilla was trying for04:15
Flannelgenii: Hopefully the majority of downloads are torrents04:15
Prettonalioth, but just from Brazil? people from outside Brazil told me that everything is ok04:15
Flannelfreetown: How can we help you?04:15
geniiFlannel: Yes04:15
freetownhmm....i thought this channel was something else. sorry.04:16
Prettotalking about torrent, one guy on #ubuntu-br is donating  200gb to seed Ibex  for download04:17
Flannelthoreauputic: Whether they ask in -r-p isn't really important.  No "business" is going on in that channel, just silliness.  Telling them to ask is better than telling them to go somewhere and sit.04:29
thoreauputicFlannel: yeah I guess so04:29
thoreauputicFlannel: no big deal :)04:29
geniiPretto: Need bandwidth more than space04:32
Prettogenii, that's about bandwidth04:32
elky_workremind me to rally the linode peeps when i get home04:33
geniiPretto: Find out then what kind of pipe he claims he has that does 200Gb/s04:34
Prettogenii, he is away now... he is a freenode staff04:35
geniiSounds suspiciously convenient :)04:36
LIRC73why do i keep getting redirected here?04:43
FlannelLIRC73: Lets take a look04:46
LIRC73how come i cant join #Ubuntu?04:46
FlannelLIRC73: Calm down04:47
FlannelOr, ignore me.04:47
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
* genii takes bets on LIRC73's next appearance04:49
bazhangwow. u-r-p is rough04:49
elky_workbazhang, imagine that in #ubuntu.04:54
elky_workyou may need counselling afterwards though04:54
bazhangelky_work, haha04:55
bazhangreminds me of ##politics04:56
FlannelWell, I enjoy the rickroll evand, but the fact that you claim its out is bad.05:02
evandok, I'll change it to just say 8.10!05:03
Flannelevand: much better05:04
wgrant#u-r-p is getting bad already.05:18
elky_workwgrant, its going to be a fairly trolly release. theres not much visually different, which always brings out the trolls05:21
wgrantOh yes.05:21
wgrantWe've seen a fair bit of that already.05:21
wgrantAm I to presume the bad spelling in the topic is deliberate and dangerous?05:23
jdongwgrant: click it.05:24
jdongwgrant: you know you want to.05:24
* jdong wonders what his punishment will be05:24
* wgrant is not quite that stupid.05:24
jdongwgrant: you'll find it funny05:24
Flannelwgrant: its +105:25
* genii gets rick-rolled05:27
genii%*&%#@# !!!05:28
wgrantAs I suspected.05:28
Flannelwgrant: well, you know... the Ibex is never going to give you up, never going to let you down.05:28
wgrantBut it has more issues than Edgy!05:28
thoreauputicwgrant: is that possible?05:40
wgrantthoreauputic: #u-r-p says so, so it must be.05:40
wgrantBut I think Edgy wins over everything. Except perhaps WinME.05:41
geniiThat guy asking someone to query why he's banned in #remote-exploit is in #kubuntu now doing same crap. Just gave warning now05:45
geniibot is telling me I need to be op to kick him05:47
geniiApparently /msg chanserv op #kubuntu genii  no-go05:48
geniiSomeone boot him please05:48
FlannelWait, why is ubot3 in -r-p?05:48
wgrantThat's actually not too far from the truth...05:48
ubottuThe operation succeeded.05:49
geniiAm required @login this channel only?05:49
Flannelgenii: just to edit factoids05:50
Flannelor rather, to be recognized by ubottu05:50
Flannelgenii: are you identified?05:50
naliothWant to see if someone is identified to services at a glance?  http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#spoofing Flannel 05:50
Flannelnalioth: I know I can /wii them05:50
geniiFlannel: Yes, I'm identified05:50
Flannelgenii: Youre on access list for #k.  That's odd.05:51
geniiFlannel: is correct syntax?      /msg chanserv op #kubuntu genii                 ?05:52
genii(this is the first time I needed to use it)05:52
Flannelgenii: no genii at the end, just op #kubuntu05:53
Flannel(/msg chanserv + that, of course)05:53
geniiOK. I'll test now05:53
geniiWorks now05:54
geniiI'll change the command alias05:55
geniiInteresting. How is it in bantracker it shows my failed attempt to op myself?06:06
genii(in the log details)06:08
Flannelgenii: which ban?06:09
Flanneloh the @login stuff?06:10
geniiFlannel: Riddell banned the fellow which was going on about his #remote-exploit ban (in #ubuntu then in #kubuntu)   06:11
geniiFlannel: "theUnBanned"06:11
Flannelgenii: right, I saw it. You're referring to your !login/@login?06:11
geniiFlannel: No. I'm referring to line in log of: 2008-10-30T05:46:45 <genii> /msg chanserv op #kubuntu genii06:12
FlannelOh, added a space? ;)06:12
geniiFlannel: I had my name at the end which was the bad syntax. But I'm curious that chanserv messages get into the log06:13
Flannelgenii: Nah, thats not a chanserv message06:13
Flannelyou did something like this (with a space in front of the /)06:13
Flannel /msg chanserv op #foobar06:14
geniiFlannel: Should it not have been a PM from me to chanserv?06:14
Flannelso the message was sent to the channel accidentally06:14
geniiHah, OK06:14
geniiMy curiosity is satisfied then06:15
geniiFlannel: Thanks for the explanation06:15
wgrantWho is puppeting the no-longer-FloodBot?06:23
Flannelwgrant: no one06:24
wgrantIt just randomly shouts ITS OUT!!! at opportune times?06:26
Flannelwgrant: mhmmm.  And then immediately rescinds its statement.  And also reminds people who say its out that it's not.06:26
Flannelwgrant: It also did an "RSS" feed earlier that said it was delayed indefinately.06:26
wgrantFlannel: I know, but I wondered if it did that automagically or if the spontaneous statements were human.06:27
Flannelwgrant: Believe theyre automagical.  PartyBot is omniscient and everything.06:27
geniiAll hail PartyBot!06:29
wgrantIt is being delayed nice and quickly.06:37
* wgrant lurves PartyBot107:06
Flannelb0rked doesn't get back in.07:07
Flanneler, bOrk3d07:07
* wgrant agrees fully.07:09
geniiFlannel: I guess whatever my 6.06 boxes are running is latest, I have upgrade/reboot on a cronjob every 7 days07:11
Flannelgenii: lsb_release -a shows .2 ;)07:11
elkbuntunote the visitor to -proxy-users07:14
Flannelelkbuntu: Not in there, whoissit?07:14
elkbuntu<afdadsfadsf> !TOR-GPG07:15
elkbuntu* afdadsfadsf (i=Administ@gateway/tor/x-cf15bf815aaeb592) has joined #ubuntu-proxy-users07:15
elkbuntuif ever there is a time to be worried about shell and proxy users, it;s now07:16
wgrantFlannel: I hope you realisee that that fake RSS item isn't too far from the truth...07:20
Flannelwgrant: Those are random, not me.07:20
wgrantI thought you owned it.07:20
Flannelell jay ell is running it, and set up said random announcement things.07:21
geniihehe perscitus is letting the bot get to him07:22
geniiFlannel: ether_c did the evil not-to-be-done thing again07:23
FlannelWhat the hell is wrong with people07:23
geniiEverything, apparently07:23
* wgrant needs ot set up an alias.07:23
geniiI wonder if anyone's keeping tabs on how many got rick-rolled so far07:25
GaryLjL: :'(  I get all the blame08:15
elkbuntuonly because it's so funny08:19
* wgrant fuels the fire.08:20
geniiGeez. 4:23am locally.08:24
wgrantgenii: sleep!08:24
geniiwgrant: I'm stubborn :)08:24
wgrantFrom what I hear, I might be in for a very late night tonight.08:24
geniiAnd overcaffeinated08:24
jussi01wgrant: where are you located again?08:41
wgrantjussi01: Sarcasm?08:41
jussi01wgrant: no, why?08:41
wgrantOh, I just thought you might be commenting on the fact that I mentioned it twice in 5 minutes.08:42
wgrantMelbourne, AU08:42
jussi01wgrant: hehe, wasnt really looking. 08:42
jussi01wgrant: anyway, care for a beer/coffee/milkshake in a couple of weeks?08:42
wgrantjussi01: As long as I don't have to fly to .fi!08:43
jussi01Ill be in Melbourne/Geelong area for a few weeks soonish08:43
wgrantAha. Sounds good.08:43
wgrantA little odd that I'll be meeting other significant Ubuntu people three times in the rest of this year when I've not met any others before...08:45
wgrantYou're coming soon, then I'm going to UDS, then Nafallo is coming in the rest of December.08:46
jussi01wgrant: Im likely to be there middle of the month08:47
wgrantjussi01: Middle of which month?08:47
wgrantMyrtti: Hmmm?08:47
* jussi01 huggles Myrtti08:47
jussi01wgrant: novemeber, until start of december08:47
wgrantjussi01: Aha, excellent.08:47
jussi01~14th nov - ~ 6th dec08:47
ubot3jussi01: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:47
wgrantAre you going to UDS, or is the departure date a nice coincidence?08:48
jussi01sadly no...08:48
wgrantI depart earlyish on the 7th.08:49
=== genii-2 is now known as genii
wgrantjussi01: I'm only 17, so somewhat too young for a beer, but other stuff sounds good!08:51
jussi01wgrant: yeah, I thought that was the case :)08:52
* jussi01 buys wgrant an illegal beer :P08:52
* genii sips08:56
elkbuntudoes vic not partake in the 'one standard drink under adult supervision' thing?08:59
elkbuntuor is that phased out now?08:59
wgrantUnder parental supervision it's fine.08:59
jussi01elkbuntu: Ive never seen that...08:59
elkbuntuwgrant, who is to say jussi01 isnt your dad.08:59
wgrantI think.08:59
elkbuntujussi01, it's not really known, and many restaurants refuse outright.09:00
jussi01elkbuntu: err... the fact if I shave I look about 2 years older than him?09:00
wgrantLots of licensed venues do refuse to let minors drink even under adult supervision, I believe.09:01
geniiWell, entropy wins. LAters09:01
wgrantBut I can't say I've tried.09:01
jussi01wgrant: we can just buy a slab and drink it in the park :P09:02
elkbuntuyou can take the aussie out of australia...09:02
wgrant#u-r-p has slowed down a bit now.09:03
Myrttijussi01: you look older than wgrant if you shave? how old is wgrant? 15?09:05
elkbuntuwgrant, the eye of the storm.09:05
Myrttiit's not reassuring09:05
Myrttiwgrant: 13?09:05
wgrantMyrtti: 17, but close enough...09:05
elkbuntuMyrtti, you're the only one here who knows what jussi looks like09:05
MyrttiFirst time I saw him, he was wearing Ubuntu Studio hoodie and a bit bagging jeans, and when he walked, I thought in my head "well, he certainly walks relaxed, I wonder if that's something Australian..."09:07
wgrant... I see.09:07
Myrttiso saying jussi01 looks two years older than anyone in liaison of needing "an older, trustworthy, guarding person"...09:07
MyrttiNOT ASSURING!09:07
thoreauputicMyrtti: Australians are world champion lamp-post leaners - don't know about relaxed walks09:09
wgrantAHHH! Another Australian. Run.09:09
* thoreauputic pulls out the Vegemite jar and threatens everyone with a sandwich09:10
* wgrant lurves Vegemite.09:10
* wgrant doesn't lurve the lag.09:10
Myrttithoreauputic: here in Finland we have special kind of shovels for you then09:10
jussi01any UK-ites here?09:11
Myrttithe handle stick is replaced with chain09:11
PriceChildjussi01: depends09:13
* thoreauputic is trying to work out why suddenly xchat is beeping on every keystroke09:14
wgrantsudo rmmod pcspkr!09:14
thoreauputicwgrant: no happening in irssi or anywhere else...09:14
jussi01PriceChild: can you link me/tell me the price of taking a train/bus from manchester to heathrow?09:15
PriceChildjussi01: http://www.thetrainline.com09:15
PriceChildjussi01: http://www.nationalexpress.com/coach/index.cfm09:16
PriceChild'depends' :P09:16
jussi01PriceChild: many thanks :D09:16
PriceChildbut i would go by train09:16
PriceChildnot my fault if you don't get a seat though 8-)09:16
jussi01bleh, maybe I should just fly...09:17
PriceChildjussi01: think of the planet!09:17
PriceChildlots of canonical types poping in09:18
MyrttiI was going to lart jussi01 for considering domestic flights. Then I remembered he has lived in Oulu. Carry on.09:19
PriceChildit'll be a lot lot cheaper to just go by train09:19
PriceChildprobably even cheaper for coach, but that'll take much longer09:19
jussi01hrm, 36£09:20
jussi01I should just thumb a lift :P09:20
jussi01PriceChild: nah... bit far to be honest...09:21
ubottuDJones called the ops in #ubuntu (lo2)09:22
wgrantchristel: I hear that you k-lined kahrytan some time ago, and that I should report to you that he's using tor, under a different nick, in #ubuntu-release-party, saying that he's avoiding nalioth.09:44
* Hobbsee waves09:44
ikoniahello Hobbsee 09:45
Hobbseeikonia: ready for release?09:45
ikoniaI am now09:45
ikoniayou seem in fine form09:46
ikoniawgrant: he was on the last few days being quiet - I gave him a nal a nudge on it too09:46
christelwgrant: well, id need a nick :P09:47
Hobbseeikonia: yeah - started an assignment today, and finished it.09:47
wgrantchristel: Erk, sorry, perscitus. PriceChild seems to be looking at it.09:47
Hobbseemay well make sense to op the developers in #u-r-p, too, btw.09:49
Hobbsee+ clueful people09:49
wgrantHobbsee: ubuntu/member/* is oppable.09:50
Hobbseewgrant: that's true, but most of them won't know they can.09:50
elkbuntuHobbsee, having $number_of_developers in the flags list isnt going to make them any wiser09:52
Seeker`hows it going?09:52
elkbuntuwgrant, under what nick?09:53
wgrantelkbuntu: perscitus09:54
Hobbseeelkbuntu: i don't know about that - i've previously found it was quite effective09:54
PriceChildis the channel in a bad state atm? not sure its needed09:54
wgrantIt's not too bad now.09:54
wgrantIt was worse earlier, and will deteriorate eventually.09:54
* thoreauputic thinks the appearance of lots of ops in #u-r-p near release heightens the atmosphere (just a fun thing)09:59
Hobbseethoreauputic: yeah, that too10:00
Hobbseegives the perception of 'important people' being there enjoying it with them10:01
Hobbseeand seemsto make them a bit less unruly, as people (afaihs) listen to what they say, so cuts down on misinformation10:01
Seeker`or just voice the important people10:02
wgrantKeeping real people voiced might work.10:02
Seeker`makes a difference between "important people" and "people who want to kick us out"10:03
* Hobbsee shrugs10:03
PriceChildi'm off to work soon so ignore me, i most likely won't be here10:04
thoreauputicSeeker`: a bit of Fear and Apprehension doesn't hurt  :) Ubuntu doesn't mean "walk on eggshells and don't upset the punters"10:04
* thoreauputic is maybe a bit BOFHish :)10:05
elkbuntuonly maybe?10:09
elkbuntugetting soft in your old age?10:09
thoreauputicelkbuntu: Watch your step... 10:09
thoreauputicelkbuntu: I always was a softy really :)10:10
thoreauputicjust think there's a bit too much "Oh, that's not really 'ubuntu'" - #ubuntu in 2004-6 had some funny and tough ops who were not ashamed to be a bit sarcastic at times10:12
elkbuntuyeah. it was possible with a smaller non-mainstream group10:14
thoreauputicelkbuntu: Nostalgia ain't what it used to be...10:14
elkbuntuyou always were an ironic one10:15
thoreauputicelkbuntu: re: "amller no-mainstream group" ..."no, I think that's an error - people should learn the 'culture" otherwise we are producing a bunch of sponges instead of a set of clueful users10:16
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (flood)10:16
ikoniacan someoen get a grip in release-party10:17
ikoniait's a joke10:17
wgrantErm, a fake PartyBot2?10:18
wgrantikonia: What do you mean?10:18
ikoniafake party bot, morons just doing it's out it's out it's out to provoke the bot10:19
wgrantWarning time.10:19
wgrantIt's not at all bad now.10:19
ikoniait's a joke10:19
elkbuntuthoreauputic, i know plenty of clued users who dont get the culture10:20
thoreauputicikonia: this looks like normal release behaviour in u-r-p to me10:20
ikoniaI see no point in encouraging this behaviour / allowing it happen10:21
wgrantikonia: Have you attended many instances of the release in #u-r-p before?10:21
thoreauputicikonia: It's called harmless fun I believe10:21
thoreauputicikonia: relax10:21
ikoniawgrant: I've popped in and out10:21
thoreauputicelkbuntu: what I meant is that people should understand the "tough love" aspect of the culture10:22
thoreauputicelkbuntu: in other words, if we are always nice and polite a lot of people take advantage10:23
ikoniathoreauputic: thats a tough line to walk 10:23
ikoniathoreauputic: either side of it is disaster10:23
thoreauputicikonia: rubbish10:23
ikoniatoo soft and people take advantage as you said, too hard and people don't want to talk 10:23
ikoniaeither way can be a disaster for a community or project10:24
elkbuntuthoreauputic, the tough love culture lives with debian, as far as i'm concerned.10:24
* Hobbsee notes #u-r-p is not normal, and people go back to being sane.10:24
elkbuntuHobbsee, you mean 'saner'10:24
thoreauputicikonia: I learnt more in #debian than anywhere - and it didn't kill me to be larted when I was silly/getting it wrong10:25
ikoniaelkbuntu: there is room for a tougher stance, eg: how many chances do X ammount of people get on IRC (just an easy example)10:25
ikoniathoreauputic: and thats one of the positive aspects because of your personality/approach10:25
Hobbseeelkbuntu: well, comparatively sane10:25
elkbuntuikonia, we're forced to be kinder than we ought to. yes. but going completely tough-love is not what ubuntu does best10:25
thoreauputicikonia: I agree that people should not be kicked without adequate warnings etc, of course10:26
ikoniaelkbuntu and I agree on that, I wasn't suggesting tough love10:26
ikoniathoreauputic but there should be a line, yes10:26
thoreauputicelkbuntu: I'm not suggesting that extreme10:26
jussi01thoreauputic: thing is, the mainstream culture we have now is different to when you were cutting your teeth with debian. 10:26
elkbuntuthere is a line, and we're constantly tight-roping it10:26
thoreauputicjuliux: that's true too10:26
jussi01poor juliux10:26
ikoniajussi01 some wasy for the better, others a real loss10:27
thoreauputicumm jussi01 10:27
thoreauputicsorry juliux :)10:27
jussi01ikonia: true, but we cant just go back to the "good old days" now because it doesnt work like that in a more mainstream type culture, as we have here. 10:28
ikoniajussi01: not suggesting we should go back10:28
ikoniaits a testiment to how far the software has come that the community has changed10:28
elkbuntui think there's some general misdirection of reply here...10:28
* thoreauputic thinks it's amusing to be advocating "tougher" when his historical record as an op contains very few bans :)10:29
* jussi01 huggles thoreauputic10:30
thoreauputicI'm more about allowing slightly sardonic comment etc.10:30
thoreauputicwithout being called for being "rude"10:30
thoreauputicand yes, I'm aware of international cultural differences10:31
thoreauputicjut to fend that one off  before it surfaces :)10:31
elkbuntuthoreauputic, you were not usually the wielder of the banstick, just the bait.10:32
thoreauputicah, I suppose you mean I did the warning and others did the ban - often true10:33
* thoreauputic has been occupied with other projects lately10:34
thoreauputicelkbuntu: The user base has changed a lot - #ubuntu can be a frustrating place to be these days for an Old School type ;-)10:36
skenderbeuis the ubuntu released>?10:37
elkbuntuthoreauputic, i'm not as old school as you, and it frustrates me10:37
elkbuntuskenderbeu, no.10:37
elkbuntuskenderbeu, this isnt a place to ask either10:37
skenderbeuwhere can i ask?10:37
Myrttiskenderbeu: anything else we can help you with?10:37
Myrttiskenderbeu: erm. you can ask10:37
Myrttiyou don't get an answer though10:37
jussi01skenderbeu: #ubuntu-release-party10:38
jussi01!idle | skenderbeu10:39
ubottuskenderbeu: Please keep in mind that this channel is for operator/abuse questions only, and we ask you to part when you have no further business here, in order to keep track of users with pending inquiries.10:39
juliuxthoreauputic: never mind you are not the first person;)10:41
thoreauputicjuliux: :)10:41
thoreauputicelkbuntu: My INX project is about getting newer people excited with what can be done in CLI or with Bash, so in a way it's a continuation of my previous support efforts in #ubuntu etc.10:44
thoreauputici.e. bridging the gap for GUI Babes ;p10:44
elkbuntuthoreauputic, :)10:44
Myrttiskenderbeu: hello, I can see in your idle time that you're active10:45
Myrttiskenderbeu: do you have any other questions?10:45
Myrttiskenderbeu: if not, please leave the channel10:45
skenderbeuwhat do you mean? iam not active10:46
Myrttiyou are chatting on other channels10:46
Myrttior with other people10:46
thoreauputicskenderbeu: you are idling here - Myrtti is asking you politely not to do so10:47
skenderbeui don't understand10:47
ubottuPlease keep in mind that this channel is for operator/abuse questions only, and we ask you to part when you have no further business here, in order to keep track of users with pending inquiries.10:47
Myrttiskenderbeu: again, do you have any other questions?10:47
thoreauputicskenderbeu: it would be preferable if you left - it might upset you to be removed :)10:48
Myrttithat took a while10:48
elkbuntuexcited kids can be hard to communicate with10:48
MyrttiI still haven't recovered from the release party year ago10:48
wgrantAre .pool URLs immediately removable offences now?10:54
thoreauputicelkbuntu: brief pm OK ?10:58
elkbuntuthoreauputic, sure10:58
* Hobbsee gets otu the stick10:59
ikoniawhere ?10:59
ikoniayou'll ware it out11:00
Hobbseeit shouldn't be forever longer anyway11:01
ubot3In #ubuntu-release-party, Hobbsee said: !norelease is <reply> The release manager saw his shadow and went back into his burrow, so we'll have six more weeks of Intrepid11:05
Hobbseecan someone add that please?11:06
elkbuntuof or until?11:07
elkbuntuwell, we dont have intrepid yet, how could we have 6 more weeks of it?11:07
Hobbseeoh.  and that should read Hardy.11:07
Hobbseeclearly the RM is confused.11:08
ikoniaprinipal was funny, I hear bull murrays voice11:11
ikoniaprincipal even11:12
ubottuThe operation succeeded.11:13
Myrtti!norelease is <reply> The release manager saw his shadow and went back into his burrow, so we'll have six more weeks of Hardy.11:14
ubottuI'll remember that, Myrtti11:14
HobbseeMyrtti: except that ubot3 seems to be what's in #u-r-p11:14
Myrttiubot3: !norelease is <reply> The release manager saw his shadow and went back into his burrow, so we'll have six more weeks of Hardy.11:14
ubot3In #ubuntu-ops, Myrtti said: ubot3: !norelease is <reply> The release manager saw his shadow and went back into his burrow, so we'll have six more weeks of Hardy.11:14
Myrttioh well11:14
elkbuntuoh dear. -ot has become pppoe_dude's favourite dating helpline again11:29
wgrantOh, he's still around?11:29
Myrttisure he is11:29
wgrantI remember him doing that a long time ago.11:29
Hobbseeoh dear11:30
elkbuntuwgrant, some things never change.11:30
elkbuntuat least we dont have yipe preying on everything that could possibly resemble a female anymore.11:30
Garyooo back in the days11:31
Mezelkbuntu: I remember him. Apparentlymy nick is very feminine ...11:40
elkbuntuMez, it kind of is. especially considering i've known girls to go by it.11:41
Garydoesn't help that you look femine too /me hides11:42
* Myrtti goes to put on her SuSE shirt and burps11:42
* Gary hugs Mez 11:42
Mezelkbuntu: indeed, so do I - she's known as female MEz11:43
MezLol, there's actually 3 Mez's in my drinking buddies crowd.11:45
MezMe, Fake Mez, and Female Mez11:45
elkbuntuyou poms are weird. i've yet to meet a male mez11:49
ikoniaha ha11:50
* Myrtti rolls her eyes11:51
elkbuntuikonia, it's the true aussie way to refer to you people.11:51
Gary"you people"11:52
elkbuntuis kah ban-evading yet again?11:54
elkbuntui mean, his ident was kahrytan before, now it's perwhatever11:54
ikoniaelkbuntu: I think this is the line thoreauputic was talking about11:55
elkbuntuikonia, -party is made to go to hell. staff have taken over playing whack-a-mole with him.11:56
ikoniayeah I saw the k-line cross-hair hit and miss a few times11:56
ikoniaelkbuntu: I think the "made to get to hell" is the bit I miss out on, I just don't get that,11:57
elkbuntuikonia, they'd do it somewhere else, if they couldnt do it in -party. that somewhere else would be #ubuntu11:57
ikoniaI do see that point, 11:57
elkbuntuthe whole point of -party is to avoid having #ubuntu disrupted.11:58
elkbuntuthere was really no other point.11:58
elkbuntuthe party is the bait, not the purpose.11:58
thoreauputicthat seems to be working quite well actually11:59
wgrantIt does.11:59
ikoniaI think it best I part the channel soon as I don't get it or get any value12:00
ikoniawgrant: seems to be doing a nice job of "hosting"12:00
thoreauputicikonia: u-r-p is valueless from a content viewpoint, for sure :)12:01
wgrantIt is mildly amusing and depressing at times.12:02
thoreauputicikonia: it's kind of fun to watch the chan scroll madly when the real announcement happens though :)12:02
ikoniawgrant I like you as a compare then12:02
ikoniathoreauputic: I was watching to see if there was any geuine discussion about the release or what people thought........I was wrong12:02
wgrantfor a few minutes after the announcement it is just... insane.12:02
wgrantikonia: There never is.12:02
thoreauputicikonia: there never is...12:03
wgrantThat's not the purpose of the channel, and it never works like that.12:03
thoreauputicwgrant: snap :)12:03
Myrttithought of the moment: coffee + medication to the point my pee glows in the dark = happiness12:03
ikoniaI see that12:03
thoreauputicwgrant: well you beat me to it :)12:03
wgrantMyrtti: Um, riiight.12:03
Myrttipainkillers ♥ 12:03
elkbuntuMyrtti, taking vit b tabs?12:06
Myrttithose too12:06
elkbuntuthat's what's making your pee fluro12:06
Myrttiand c, and d, and a. and omega 3 and 6, and magnesium, and calcium.12:06
elkbuntui take multivit and glucosamine12:06
Myrttiwhat's troublesome is that even when I'm taking vit b... my lips just chapped.12:07
elkbuntuyou need liberal application of vit e12:07
Hobbseeelkbuntu: maybe it needs a minute silence, with announcements that saying tha tit's out, when it's not, are not on.12:15
Myrttitit's out <-- BAD TYPO12:16
elkbuntuyeah. lets see how far peter crying wolf can go12:16
Myrttihobbsee saying that to elkbuntu made my head go WOOOOOOOTTTTT?!?!?!?!!!!12:17
elkbuntuHobbsee, ok for me to clear the party ban list?12:31
Hobbseeelkbuntu: not sure. Probably.12:32
Hobbseedepends if htey'll start spreading misinformation and such again12:32
elkbuntuHobbsee, in which case they go again.12:32
Myrttiisitout! ISITOUTYET!?!12:36
Pici!isitout | Myrtti 12:36
ubottuMyrtti: Ask in #ubuntu-release-party - we don't know here12:36
Myrttioh. I was just thinking if your clearing the party ban list...12:37
MyrttiI don't care really12:37
PiciMyrtti: I know ;)12:37
MyrttiMOAR COFFEE12:49
GaryNO MILK :'(12:50
* Mez hands Myrtti the coffee beans he has in his cupboard but doesnt use12:50
Mez(chocolate coated)12:50
pleia2Myrtti: you get no cookies for tweeting blog entries that contain your tweets :(12:50
MezI think I inherited them from Rob...12:50
jribLjL: make partybot ignore ubot3 please :)12:51
Myrttipleia2: I've been planning to work on that, but work has gotten in the way12:51
* jrib waits for email12:54
* Mez sends jrib some spam12:55
Myrttipleia2: it sucks really badly. I'm having a friend over starting tomorrow for a week, and I haven't had a chance to do my laundry of last month nor to clean the place.12:56
PiciI don't think I own a month's worth of clothes.12:57
Myrttiah, but you don't work at home.12:57
MyrttiI can work buck nekkid in bed if I want to.12:57
MezMyrtti: hopefully, so can I soon *crosses fingers and pokes gregoire/fabien*12:58
pleia2Myrtti: meep :\12:58
* pleia2 looks at basket of laundry next to her desk12:59
pleia2should do that today12:59
* Mez ju8st did a wash12:59
Mezgot more than I remember12:59
Mezbut I generally have to do a wash every 2 days (cause work havent given me enough shirts!)12:59
* Mez gets home, wears a clean set of cloths for ~3 hours, then dumps it in wash and gets into uniform :)13:00
elkbuntuyou have a uniform? lol13:00
elkbuntui thought you were a codemonkey13:00
Mezyeah - I'm not working in IT atm, am working in the gaming industry while finishing my degree13:00
elkbuntuby 'the gaming industry' you mean at a games shop?13:01
Mezno, a casino13:01
PiciMez: hit me13:02
* Mez jumps into bed for an hour to play guitar hero13:02
MezPici: We're not allowed to hit our customers, would you like a card?13:02
Mez(my standard reply to ANYONE who says that to me)13:02
PiciMez: awww13:04
Hobbseea highlight on http:// would certainly be a decent idea, methinks.13:20
bazhangwhat is mode z?13:22
Picibazhang: Allows ops to see muted people13:22
bazhangah thanks Pici 13:23
Picibazhang: also, they don't get the 'cannot send to channel' message13:23
MyrttiMartiini is about to be kicked from -ot13:24
PiciAs he should13:24
PiciHes a troll13:24
MyrttiI'll take personal pride in handling it13:24
Myrttihe's also stalking me13:24
bazhangis that Martiini?13:24
PiciAre we dealing with urp bans at all today?13:24
Hobbseewell, no13:27
Myrttiyou ban13:27
Myrttiyou deal with them on Monday13:27
Myrttinext question13:27
Hobbseei presume they'll release before the entire list gets used up13:27
Hobbseewas planning to clear them in one swoop13:28
LjLit's worse than the last time or is just my on-join impression13:28
bazhangits worse13:29
Myrttihello nasser 13:29
Myrttihow can we help you today?13:29
bazhangnow #u is like u-r-p13:29
nasserhello 213:29
nasserCannot join #ubuntu-release-party (You are banned).13:29
nasserwho can remove the ban13:30
Myrttiwhat did you do!13:30
Hobbseeposted a link, and disobeyed the /topic.13:30
Myrttioh DEAR!13:30
nasserI port this link http://nl.releases.ubuntu.com/8.10/13:30
nasserport = post13:30
Myrttiit's not released yet!13:31
Myrtti(is it?)13:31
Myrttiit's not.13:31
HobbseeMyrtti: no, it's not, and some people can't be bothered to read and obey the topic, so aren't welcome in the channel.13:31
nasserstill banned13:32
Myrttinasser: so please13:33
nasserI want to join ;\13:33
Myrttinasser: tell me what you did wrong, and what have you done to assure us you will not repeat your error? or did you just assume that we'd remove the ban just like that?13:33
Myrttinot that we will...13:33
nasserI just posted link13:34
Myrttiyes? and didn't read the topic?13:34
nasseryes ...13:34
bazhangnasser, and you were posting in #ubuntu13:34
bazhangnasser, dont do that anymore13:34
nasserok ....13:34
MyrttiI guess it means that you're banned then13:34
nasserI will never do it again13:35
Hobbseewow, cracked 500.13:35
LjLnow though, i'm feeling real silly to keep saying it's not out13:36
LjLeven the swedish mirror has the final iso :P13:36
PiciLjL: But documentation is still being finalized, so its really not out yet13:37
Hobbseewell, you hope it does.13:37
Hobbseeit got respun yesterday, after being in the final place.13:37
Myrttihow to keep idiots in suspense... er I mean, Linuxists13:37
LjLdid the bot do the "delayed indefinitely" prank?13:37
LjL(should have, probability was once in two hours)13:38
HobbseeLjL: a bit.  i didn't have time for it13:38
Hobbseeoh, that.  right13:38
zomgzomgzomgzomgcan i get released back into #ubuntu-release-party13:39
zomgzomgzomgzomgim just to excited i guess13:39
* Myrtti blows a stun gun dart at zomgzomgzomgzomg 13:40
* Pici hmms13:41
PiciPeak for #ubuntu-release-party@freenode: 784 (Thu Oct 18 07:33:08 2007)13:41
ubottuHardy can be torrented from http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.04/ubuntu-8.04-desktop-i386.iso.torrent or http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.04/ubuntu-8.04-server-amd64.iso.torrent depending on your architecture. Torrents for other Ubuntu flavours can be found at: http://releases.ubuntu.com/ (CD) or http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases (DVD).13:41
LjL!no torrents is <reply> Intrepid can be torrented from http://hr.releases.ubuntu.com/8.10/ubuntu-8.10-desktop-i386.iso.torrent or http://se.releases.ubuntu.com/8.10/ubuntu-8.10-server-amd64.iso.torrent depending on your architecture. Torrents for other Ubuntu flavours can be found at: http://it.releases.ubuntu.com/ (CD) or http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases (DVD).13:42
ubottuI'll remember that LjL13:42
nasser#ubuntu-release-party I waaaaaant to join13:42
LjLif you know other factoids that need load balancing, please do13:42
LjLnasser: and i want a billion euros13:42
Myrttinasser: I want a handsome boyfriend with billion euros13:43
nasser;\ I want a ticket to join this party from here13:43
LjLMyrtti: i might eventually get the billion euros, but i'm sorry, the other part is a no-go13:43
ubottuThe operation succeeded.13:43
bazhangfloodbot just removed the ban on webmaster13:43
Picibazhang: Yeah, I saw.13:44
PiciIt was only a mute13:44
bazhangPici, okay13:44
LjLyou banned him by nickname...?13:44
Tm_Tbtw I might need help in #k13:44
Tm_Tgot crowded at times13:44
Tm_Tand I'm busy myself13:44
Tm_Tthank you sirs13:44
PiciTm_T: you have genii, he can handle it ;)13:45
geniiTm_T: Here as well but I'm logged in now and will do what I can13:45
Tm_Tdanke danke13:45
LjLubot3 now really should be editable...13:45
ubot3LjL: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:45
LjLthose factoids need changing for -party13:45
Myrttinasser: to cut the chase...13:46
Myrttiyou're not going to be allowed in atleast until...13:46
Myrttizomgzomgzomgzomg: so whazzup13:46
=== zomgzomgzomgzomg is now known as scientus
scientusnot much13:47
scientusyeah its downloading now13:47
scientusfast too13:47
* Pici looks at the topic13:47
Pici!idle | scientus 13:47
Myrttitoo late13:48
Picisilly bot13:48
Myrttiooh, you joined the channel13:48
scientuswell im still banned want to do anyrhing13:48
Myrttican you read the channel topic while you're at it?13:48
scientusto help me13:48
MyrttiI've got COOKIES13:48
MyrttiI DON'T NEED SOUP!13:49
LjLjussi01, stdin: i really think we'll need ubottu in -party... or something editable, anyway13:49
PiciHrm.  Ubottu is replying in pm..13:49
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ing13:49
Picioh well, at least it knows what it doesnt know13:49
jussi01ubottu: joun #ubuntu-release-party13:50
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:50
jussi01ubottu: join #ubuntu-release-party13:50
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:50
jussi01LjL: ^13:50
ikoniait doesn't want to go13:50
LjLjussi01: saw, thanks, hope it won't kill it13:50
ikoniai don't blame it13:50
jussi01LjL: me too.13:50
jussi01LjL: it was there last time, so should be ok13:50
Myrttishould we atleast part her from -offtopic?13:51
MyrttiI think it might be a nice precaution13:51
LjLnah, i'll take care of the -ot fellows13:54
* jussi01 giggles at the withdrawal symptoms in -ot14:01
jussi01someone give them ubot3 or ubot5`... they hurt too much...14:06
LjLpoor angels :(14:06
LjLi can't14:07
LjLi meant devils14:07
LjLubotwo might be in a usable state perhaps14:07
LjLbut i can't be arsed to start it14:07
jussi01I can give them failbot, but the factois are a bit old...14:07
jussi01is that ok?14:07
ubottuHvis du vil diskutere på Norsk, vennligst gå til #ubuntu-no. Takk!14:08
bazhangfailbot haha14:08
jussi01seriously, failbot could be foun for a while14:08
HobbseeLjL: he's about to announce something14:08
Picibah, LjL 14:10
LjLbah, Pici14:10
Hobbseeman oh man...14:10
Hobbseethis is worth watching14:10
PiciAre we forwarding +1 to #u or rp?14:10
Hobbseenot touching.  just watching.14:10
jussi01release party is crazy...14:10
HobbseePici: i'd leave it for a slight bit, as people celebrate there too that it's done14:11
Tm_Trelease done?14:11
HobbseeTm_T: #u-r-e suggests so..14:13
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (flood)14:13
LjLare we lagging *freenode* with the party? :o14:14
elkbuntu#ubuntu is 1613 already14:14
elkbuntuchristel, is everything ok?14:15
jussi01    wow, we are doing well14:15
christelelkbuntu: i believe so yes :)14:16
jussi01cant wait for a netsplit...14:16
Hobbseenight all14:17
Picijussi01: don't jinx it14:17
PiciHobbsee: Goodnight ;)14:17
jussi01nini Hobbsee14:17
bazhangnight Hobbsee 14:17
elkbuntuLjL, you may cease panic :)14:17
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates for an Ubuntu release stop. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases14:20
Mezwhat is the actual "It's officially out" trigger?14:21
Mezoh, the email ;)14:21
ubottuPartyBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)14:22
bazhangno more telling folks to go to #ubuntu+1 :)14:23
ikoniait's messed up my channel numbering in irrsi14:23
* ikonia fumes14:24
Mezhow is it ikonia?14:25
Mezjust /win move it14:25
ubottuIntrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - Introduction and new features: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/810rc - Use #ubuntu+1 for support, NOT #ubuntu - Discuss and party in #ubuntu-release-party (type also « /topic »)14:26
ikoniaMez: I'll tidy up, not to worry14:26
LjL!intrepid is <reply> Intrepid Ibex (Ubuntu 8.10) is OUT! #ubuntu for support, #ubuntu-release-party for discussion and partying14:26
ubottuBut intrepid already means something else!14:26
LjL!no intrepid is <reply> Intrepid Ibex (Ubuntu 8.10) is OUT! #ubuntu for support, #ubuntu-release-party for discussion and partying14:26
ubottuI'll remember that LjL14:26
PiciLjL: I *just* fixed them,14:26
Picino intrepid is <reply> Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) is the current release of Ubuntu.  Downloading: http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.10/ - Features: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/810 - Please use !torrents14:26
ubottuUbuntu 8.04-LTS (Hardy Heron) was the eighth release of Ubuntu. Downloading: http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.04 - See !lts for more details.14:27
LjLPici: it's a good idea to fix them publicly ;)14:27
LjLit's pretty, you know, likely that we'd be editing the same factoids14:28
Pici!no intrepid is <reply> Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) is the current release of Ubuntu.  Downloading: http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.10/ - Features: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/810 - Please use !torrents - Party in #ubuntu-release-party14:28
ubottuI'll remember that Pici14:28
PiciLjL: I literally did it 2 seconds before you did, and came here to !use it14:28
LjjjLmeh, xchat-gnome *is* stupid14:35
PiciThats what I hear14:36
LjjjLPici: i typed "/join #ubuntu-release-party" while it was busy (locked up) joining #ubuntu... and it missed the whole "/join" part14:36
Picijussi01, stdin: Can we get intrepid set as the default release for !info ?14:37
PiciThanks :)14:38
stdin@config plugins.Encyclopedia.searchorder14:38
stdin@config plugins.Encyclopedia.searchorder intrepid14:38
ubottuThe operation succeeded.14:38
jussi01@config supybot.plugins.PackageInfo.defaultRelease 14:38
jussi01@config supybot.plugins.PackageInfo.defaultRelease intrepid14:38
ubottuThe operation succeeded.14:38
stdinit doesn't really use PackageInfo, not directly anyway14:39
LjjjLhow about promoting the use of metalinks too14:43
LjjjLMyrtti: http://nl.releases.ubuntu.com/8.10/ubuntu-8.10-desktop-i386.metalink14:44
LjjjLsee www.metalinker.org14:44
LjjjL"aria2" is a package that can use them14:44
Mezme chuckles It's quite interesting watching my server seed the torrents ;)14:44
* Myrtti nods with a grin14:45
Myrtti8/1 means better quality voip :->14:45
LjjjLHobbsee elkbuntu popey, do you also have the metalinks on your sites? (aside from the fact that many xx.releases.ubuntu.com sites work fine)14:46
LjjjLi'm saturating my bandwidth using the metalink ;)14:46
LjjjLelkbuntu: see above14:46
LjjjLprograms that can use metalinks (namely, aria2) can download from multiple mirrors concurrently14:47
PiciMyrtti: Do you mean thats 8mbit down and 1mbit up?14:47
LjjjLload balancing for the mirrors, and fast speed for the downloader14:47
MyrttiPici: I had 2/1 before.14:47
MyrttiPici: yeah.14:47
MyrttiI was the bottleneck before14:47
Myrttiie. couldn't receive as fast14:47
elkbuntuLjL, i'd rather not operate an actual mirror14:47
PiciMyrtti: I'm surprised.  I thought Finland had generally faster internet access than here.14:48
LjjjLelkbuntu, you don't need to operate anything, a .metalink file is just a small bit of information like a .torrent file14:48
LjjjLit just basicaly lists the mirrors available14:48
LjjjL(should also list torrents IIRC)14:48
geniiTm_T jussi01 and other #kubuntu -ers apologies on being MIA  work is a bit crazy right now14:49
Tm_Tgenii: np14:49
jussi01genii: alls good, we all have busy days/weeks14:49
LjjjLwifi, grrrrr14:49
geniiShould I go /away when extended periods or not bother?14:50
LjjjLit's generally a good idea to14:50
LjjjLbut not because you're an op, just because it's a good idea14:51
popeypeople go /away for *days* or _shudder_ *weeks* from irc!?14:51
geniiLjjjL: OK. I usually detest doing it.14:51
geniiGah weeks14:51
popeymy client /aways when i disconnect14:52
LjjjLgenii: err if you detest it, then don't do it, but why?14:52
MyrttiI've got three different awayscripts :-D14:53
LjjjLby the way, how do you suggest seeding the torrents with a CLI program and a NAT'd connection?14:53
Myrttinext question.14:53
geniiLjjjL: Holdover from telnet days I suppose is where the fear and loathing may come from14:54
elkbuntuLjjjL, rtorrent in screen14:54
* Pici uses irssi and screen_away14:54
elkbuntuPici, for torrenting?14:55
thoreauputicLjjjL: +1 for rtorrent in  screen14:55
Mezhttp://tools.bitfolk.com/cacti/graphs/graph_649_5.png <-- *chuckles*14:55
PiciWhat am I looking at>?14:55
elkbuntuPici, the blue line to the right14:56
popey+1 rtorrent in screen14:56
MezPici: my bandwidth spiking as I started seeding 8.1014:56
Mez(notice the blue line go UP)14:56
elkbuntuMez, you didnt see my rc seeding graph14:57
popeyMez: http://tools.bitfolk.com/cacti/graph_376.html <- my vps on that host14:57
elkbuntuMez, elkbuntu.net/transfer14:57
popeyMez: http://tools.bitfolk.com/cacti/graph_392.html14:58
Mezpopey: was about to say ;)14:58
Mezpopey: you seeding too ?14:58
Mezwhat you using as the torrent program?14:58
popeyin a screen14:58
* Mez nods14:59
Mezsame here14:59
Mezwatch me geta massive bandwidth bill14:59
Meznice graph elkbuntu ;)14:59
popeyi have 240G/month allocation14:59
LjjjLshould i use any particular options with rtorrent due to being on NAT - and for seeding?15:00
elkbuntuMez, i have to start one for release now15:00
LjjjLi have the image downloaded already, i just need to seed it15:00
Mezpopey: what plan is that? 15:00
* Mez logs into panel to check his15:00
popeyMez: dunno, i have had free upgrades over time15:00
popeyloyal customer15:00
Mezpopey: lucky you15:00
popeyLjjjL: should just work15:00
* Mez just has 3 VPSs (2 I pay for )(15:01
elkbuntudoesnt seem like it's going to work...15:01
LjjjLpopey: in the man it mentions a couple of options specific for seeding15:01
popeyooo, i have another vps - should seed on that too15:01
elkbuntupopey, yah15:01
Mezpopey: It's a shame rtorrent doesnt do ipv615:01
Mezpopey: I only have an 80G/month allowance :(15:02
jdongChain OUTPUT (policy ACCEPT 7069K packets, 9464M bytes)15:08
jdongI have seeded 10G since this morning on one of my three seeders15:08
Myrttioh dear *sniffles*15:10
Myrtti8/1 means I can watch the unpacked iptv with vlc :')15:11
elkbuntuMez, calendar month?15:12
Mezjdong: what are you seeding ?15:12
Mezelkbuntu: er - yeah... 15:13
jdongMez: intrepid i386 and amd6415:13
Mezthough I think it might be 4 weeks...15:13
elkbuntuMez, and how much left to last the next 24hrs?15:13
elkbuntu(ok, maybe a little longer than 24)15:13
MyrttiFNBC is showing Jacques Cousteau!!!!111115:14
Mezelkbuntu: it's from the billing period - so I think it might be the 7th15:14
Mezoh, no, this server is the 1st of the month ;)15:14
elkbuntuand how much bw is left15:14
Mezone sec, just checking15:16
Mezelkbuntu: here ya go http://files.sourceguru.net/bw.jpg15:17
* Mez loves "capture screen to server"15:18
Myrttioooh, they're showing Little Mosque in the Prairie today!15:21
Myrttioops. I guess I should be downloading Ubuntu Intrepid and seeding it with my glorious 8/1, neh?15:21
thoreauputicLjjjL: In the ~/.rtorrentrc define your ports (obviously forward them) - I use high ports in the 50-60000 range here 15:21
MyrttiMez: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Little_Mosque_on_the_Prairie15:22
thoreauputicLjjjL: you can also turn on dht in rtorrent now15:22
jdongMez: distributed hash tables15:22
jdongmesh networked trackerless peer location15:22
* Mez is off for a bit15:22
thoreauputicdistributed hash table15:22
jdonggood for when the tracker dies15:22
jdongor if you want to be really mean to your neighborhood routers :)15:23
thoreauputicjdong: heh it certainly adds a lot of connections - little domestic routers can have problems with it15:23
thoreauputiclimited nat tables I think?15:24
jdongwell it's almost a certain death sentence over the course of a day to most home NAT routers :)15:24
jdongbut at times it is also pretty bandwidth-intensive in UDP and causes good routers to start discarding UDP too15:24
thoreauputicjdong: seems ok here with my little cheapie15:24
jdongneighbors on Skype may not be happy with you15:24
jdonggood to hear15:25
jdongthe problem with DHT and UDP is that it's nearly impossible to rate-limit the # of connections15:25
Myrttiok, need... to... shut... down... the... program... with... pwetty... whales... NAO15:25
thoreauputicjdong: if I leave a torrent running for long enough it clags up though :)15:26
thoreauputicdays usually15:26
ubottuOdd-rationale called the ops in #ubuntu-release-party (kick PartyBot1)15:31
LjLcheck  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Download  for accuracy15:34
thoreauputicjdong: affecting the neighbours would only apply on cable I assume - adsl2+ here15:34
thoreauputicre:udpand skype etc.15:34
PriceChildThings going ok?16:01
stdinrelativity peaceful16:02
Picijussi01, stdin: #ubuntu's !info is still using hardy16:04
Myrttiit shouldn't be16:04
stdin@channel #ubuntu plugins.Encyclopedia.searchorder16:04
jussi01!info waon16:04
ubottuwaon (source: waon): A Wave-to-Notes transcriber. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.8-0ubuntu2 (intrepid), package size 84 kB, installed size 240 kB16:04
stdin@channel #ubuntu plugins.Encyclopedia.searchorder intrepid16:04
ubottuThe operation succeeded.16:04
PriceChildsomething must be wrong16:05
stdinsomeone overrode the value for #ubuntu16:05
Myrttiwhat's the theoretical maximum of my dl if I've got 8/1 Mb/s?16:08
Myrttimaths, I suck in it16:09
Myrttiaw socks. is it that late already16:10
Pici1MB/s iirc16:10
Myrttipeak rate of downloading the torrents is 730KiB/s currently16:11
stdindepends on how your ISP works, I had 4Mb/s but could only use 3Mb/s to download16:12
MyrttiMOAR BYTES!16:16
jussi01Myrtti: ~800kb/s16:32
jussi01it basically works out mbit speed x 100 = download speed in kb16:33
Piciuh.  8 bits in a byte.. divide by 816:35
Myrttiso, if I'm getting 750, it's ok?16:38
Myrtti1 day, 4 hours, 21 minutes \o/16:38
* Myrtti goes to clean the place up16:39
PiciUntil... firday?16:39
Picier, saturday16:39
Myrttiuntil it's 2300 :-P16:39
* Myrtti goes16:39
Myrttioh for GODS SAKE16:54
Myrttimy stalkers seem to be awake today16:54
jussi01putting ubottu back to -ot, as the load is significantly less than I though in -release-party17:24
jussi01ubottu: join #ubuntu-offtopic17:25
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:25
Myrttimmm kebab18:17
MezMyrtti: onna stick?18:18
Myrttidöner, whatever18:19
Mezah, I like those, but stereotypically for drunken people... so - kinda a bad reputation18:19
ubottupppoe_dude called the ops in #ubuntu ()18:26
ubottuTo make programs autostart with your KDE session, you can make a link to it in ~/.kde/Autostart. The package 'kcontrol-autostart' makes a kcontrol item for handling items in that directory. For a complete guide, see http://jucato.org/kde/kde-autostart.html19:05
jussi01!no, autostart-#kubuntu is <reply>To make programs autostart with your KDE session, you can make a link to it in ~/.kde/Autostart. In KDE 3.X the package 'kcontrol-autostart' makes a kcontrol item for handling items in that directory. For a complete KDE 3.X guide, see http://jucato.org/kde/kde-autostart.html19:07
ubottuI'll remember that jussi0119:07
ubottuTo make programs autostart with your KDE session, you can make a link to it in ~/.kde/Autostart. In KDE 3.X the package 'kcontrol-autostart' makes a kcontrol item for handling items in that directory. For a complete KDE 3.X guide, see http://jucato.org/kde/kde-autostart.html19:07
lifestreamHello , not sure if this is the correct place, but how can I check if this username is available? It says registered, but is it possible to see the last time it was used? It's my name verywhere on the web, and I'd love to snatch it for IRC too :P19:22
pleia2lifestream: probably want to try #freenode19:24
pleia2this is for ubuntu channel help, we don't do freenode server stuff19:24
lifestreamThanks kindly  :)19:24
jussi01lifestream: anything else we can help you with?19:26
lifestreamOops, forgot to leave the channel x-D Sorries! *waves ^^19:26
Myrtti!search usb19:35
ubottuFound: label, palm, udev rules, usb19:35
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent19:35
jussi01we need to update that now usb-creator exists19:38
jussi01!inf usb-creator19:38
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about inf usb-creator19:38
jussi01!info usb-creator19:38
ubottuusb-creator (source: usb-creator): Ubuntu USB desktop image creator. In component main, is optional. Version 0.1.9 (intrepid), package size 20 kB, installed size 192 kB19:38
jussi01its brilliant!19:38
naliothcan we help you, nekostar?19:44
nekostarnalioth was getting heckled.. just going to idle here19:44
nekostari need to know who is really opped19:45
nekostari take it v here == ubuOP ?19:45
Myrttinot really19:45
nekostarMyrtti if it was really an issue i would of said 19:45
Myrtti/msg chanserv access <channel> list19:45
naliothnekostar: this is not a channel for idling19:45
Myrttiif I'm not terribly wrong19:45
nekostarnalioth i know that.19:45
nekostarMyrtti your right but not being ON the list at a certain level i dont think i can axx that19:46
naliothnekostar: you're thinking of the FLAGS command19:46
nekostarworx perfect thanx!19:46
ubottunot_jrib called the ops in #ubuntu (jescutie)19:52
Myrttiplease, tell me, how can a story about my accidental pasting stuff to a identica xmpp bot be TMI?20:01
FlannelMyrtti: That's way too personal of information to share with the internet, sheesh.20:09
FlannelDon't you have any sense of privacy?20:09
FlannelHave you no shame?20:09
* jussi01 chuckles20:09
Myrttiand for your information: THERE IS NO GENDER IN THE INTERHWEBS. There's only androgynic LEGO people!20:10
FlannelMyrtti: now now, I don't want to hear you talking about your lego nubs.20:13
jdongMyrtti: lego people have gender....20:30
* jdong pulls out the diagram20:30
ubottuFlare183 called the ops in #ubuntu (nekostar)20:42
Tm_TI need my sleep now20:42
Tm_TMyrtti: good night little sister, it's almost d-day20:43
Tm_Ttry get some sleep ->20:43
Flare183nekostar is not following the ubuntu irc rules20:44
Tm_TFlare183: use ! ops call please20:45
jussi01Flare183: Im watching the situation20:45
Tm_Tjussi01: thanks20:45
Flare183I already have20:45
Flare183No one did anything20:45
Tm_Tah, this one20:45
MyrttiTm_T: nini dear20:46
Tm_Tanyway, really, sleep kids ->20:47
jussi01Flare183: out of curiousity, in your opinion, what is he doing now that warrants a kick/ban?20:48
Flare183repeatly saying lol omg, etc. and abusing the bot20:48
Flare183Like everytime I would ask him to pls don't go offtopic, he would20:49
jussi01Flare183: ok, Im watching it, he has been ok for a bit so Ill handle it if and when it happens again20:50
Flare183ok thanks20:50
jussi01man #u is crazy...20:52
jussi01Ok, Im off for a bit, someone watch #u...21:02
wgrantWhy is PartyBot still saying it's not out?21:29
jussi01because LjL hasnt stopped it...21:29
jussi01and its evil...21:29
jussi01we cant mute it cause its opped... hrm...21:30
PriceChildIt can be removed.21:31
PriceChildi guess it can't be deopped?21:31
jussi01doesnt it reop itsself?21:31
wgrantIsn't it setting -e on mibbit people?21:31
wgrantWe can check...21:31
PriceChildoh yes it is21:32
jussi01yeah, thats what I thought21:32
PriceChildbut there's #ubuntu and -offtopic :/21:32
jussi01LjL: had some special setup happening21:32
jussi01anyway, I really ought to go to bed...21:33
jussi01nini all21:34
wgrantCan somebody abolish !xgl or something?22:02
wgrantXgl is dead.22:02
ubottuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion22:04
Myrtti!forget xgl22:04
ubottuI'll forget that, Myrtti22:04
Myrttisomething else?22:04
LjLwgrant: i "forgot" to stop it22:07
LjLanyway, it's not really doing anything on mibbit people, since they're very free to join -party to begin with22:07
LjLit's just stopping floods22:07
elkbuntuha. she's at it again, and forgetting the / <emma> query OzoneNerd22:12
PriceChildelkbuntu: where?22:13
PriceChildfun fun fun22:14
LjLwgrant: but seriously, maybe everyone else here knows how to fiddle with the new X and everything else too by heart, but myself i'm getting a bit out of touch with new ways of doing things, the fact that when someone complains about their screen not showing up right i cannot make them reconfigure xorg.conf is... strange22:24
wgrantLjL: You can make them reconfigure xorg.conf.22:24
wgrantYou just need to add 3 lines to it.22:24
wgrantBut that's only needed if you need to add new modes.22:25
wgrantAnd will be entirely unnecessary in Jaunty.22:25
wgrantInput devices need to now be configured elsewhere, but we're discussing a GUI for all of that at 22:26
wgrant*at UDS22:26
HobbseeLjL: I don't.22:36
jribwgrant: "add 3 lines to it"?  documentation?23:01
Madpilot1400+ in #u - I see the insanity is ongoing23:14
PriceChildwasn't there 1600 earlier?23:15
Madpilotno idea23:16
MadpilotI assume the release is officially out? (been AFK all day...)23:16
PriceChildI might be getting figures mixed up, tired.23:16
jdongChain OUTPUT (policy ACCEPT 107M packets, 153G bytes)23:17
Hobbseeyes, it is23:17
Hobbseejdong: as in, you've torrented 153gb worth?23:17
jdongon one of my systems23:17
Hobbsee70gb here :)23:18
Hobbseei think so :)23:18
jdonghopefully that keeps the torrents moving well23:18
jdongheard mostly good reports of torrent speeds23:18
Hobbseelooks like there are ltos of seeders on the i386 desktop23:19
Madpilotnot as many for i386 alt, tho. I always use the alt CD for upgrades, so much faster to torrent & burn a CD23:21
Hobbseei was surprised about that23:22
Hobbseenot many desktop amd64, either23:22
MadpilotOK, that's interesting... fewer seeders/peers on the alt BT, but I get *faster* downloads than off the desktop torrent. Odd.23:31
HobbseeMadpilot: i get a suspicion that the torrent program doesn't really cope so well with really large numbers of people23:32
Madpilotcould be23:33
Madpilot87seeds/19peers for desktop; 73 & 12 for alt... not a huge difference, but alt is coming in ~40% faster.23:33
* Madpilot wonders why Gnome went with Transmission as default BT, when Deluge is so much nicer...23:34
jdongMadpilot: deluge packaging is a bit scary, and upstream is as bit less consistent about releasing23:35
jdongMadpilot: oh yeah their early pre-0.5.x.x track record with rm -rf bugs doesn't help either :D23:35
MadpilotI think it's also a Mono app, so all the "Mono is MS poison" crowd would get excited about that too23:36
jdongDeluge is Python and C23:36
jdongthe C library isn't shared by much else23:36
jdongMonoTorrent (aka Monsoon) is Mono23:36
jdongI actually like that code base better23:36
jdongit's a much better API for torrents... should allow for some really neat bittorrent-powered apps23:37
Hobbseehow does one drop all bans in a channel?23:53
PriceChildHobbsee: /msg chanserv help clear bans23:53
PriceChildor the long way :)23:54
Hobbsee[10:54] [Notice] -ChanServ- You are not authorized to perform this operation.23:54
PriceChildyou probably need +r or something. Which channel?23:54
PriceChildah, +R23:54
christelHobbsee: or just /unban *23:55
Hobbseechristel: doesn't seem to wokr :)23:55
PriceChildsomeone showed me "/op *"s warning in irssi today which was amusing, but still didn't work with the extra flag (23:55
PriceChildWas that maybe your client trying to be clever Hobbsee? Try a random channel and use quote?23:56
Myrttiirssi goodness-23:57
PriceChildNight Myrtti.23:58
christelHobbsee: what PriceChild said, it should work, well, it works in irssi :x23:58
ubottuThe operation succeeded.23:58
* Myrtti huggles christel 23:58
* christel hugs Myrttibabe23:58
Seeker`how many bans did #u-r-p pick up ?23:59

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