uvirtbotNew bug: #290945 in samba (main) "shares disappeared after upgrade to intrepid" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/29094501:56
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gawinHi there, I have a question about using fdisk and fstab in my Ubuntu Server 8.0408:13
gawinevery time I reboot my server the two HD's get mixed up... so /dev/sda becomes /dev/sdb and b becomes a08:14
gawinunfortunately the switching is quite random...08:15
gawinWhat could cause this problem?08:15
nijabagawin: I do not know what could cause it, but I believe you can fix that by specifying uuid in your fstab08:16
gawinhow can I retrieve the uuid?08:16
nijabagawin: vol_id -u /dev/sdXX should work08:18
gawinthx, (server is rebooting now, so I'll try that in a moment)08:18
gawingreat it seems to work just fine, thx Nijaba ;-)08:29
nijabagawin: np, my pleasure08:29
gawin(I do have to reboot a few more times of course, but so far so good, fingers crossed)08:29
* nijaba crossing fingers for you as well, but pretty confident uuids won't jump too much08:30
gawinyeah, would be rather inconvenient if uuid start reinventing themselves :-)08:31
Dediany way to forcecheck reiserfs and autofix everything on boot? (touch /forcefsck will not fix it afaik) ?08:34
ganesubuntu server didnt have gdm why?09:01
arahello, there is a small bug (localization stuff) in the page http://start.ubuntu.com/8.10/09:07
arawhere should I report it?09:07
ganesi installed ubuntu server 8.04 but it is going only to command mode .. is it correct or not09:15
arareported at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-website/+bug/29084709:15
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 290847 in ubuntu-website "Error in Swedish http://start.ubuntu.com/8.10/" [Undecided,Confirmed]09:15
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nijabaganes: yep, no X server by design, see http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition/features/security09:37
ganesnijaba,why they have not added the gdm like redhat .. this link i already gone through09:47
ganesnijaba, is there any specific reson..09:47
nijabaganes: that's unwise in terms of security and you still have the choice to install what interface you like09:48
ganesnijaba, while installing it is not asking any kind of gdm or kdm desktop..09:49
ogranijaba, you should probably make the first sentence there: "By design, Ubuntu Server Edition does not include an X server or any graphical desktop applications."09:49
nijabaganes: no and that's on purpose09:49
ganesnijaba, im not getting09:50
ogramight be that people dont know what an X server is :)09:50
ganesnijaba, server cd has that package or not09:50
hadsAs it's not installed on a server by defualt I don't imagine the packages are on the CD09:50
ganesnijaba, server cd has the gdm package or not .. otherwise we need to install it manually from repo..09:51
nijabahads: correct09:51
ograganes, no graphical apps at all09:51
nijabaganes: right, you'll need to get it from repos09:51
hadsOR just not install it :)09:51
ganesnijaba, my question is redhat is giving why not from ubuntu09:52
ganesogra, if gdm is there it will be easy to configure09:52
ograganes, its wasting resources09:52
nijabaganes: beacause we deliberately chose not to be another RedHat?09:52
ograadding more attacink points for security issues ...09:53
Koonganes: because we are better than RedHat ?09:53
ograif you want a GUI driven server i'd honestly go with the desktop CD and install the server apps you want09:54
ganesis the ubuntu server installed any major institutes or any concern ..whats the feedback from them09:54
ganesKoon, i want to install this on my server09:54
* hads has trouble deciphering09:55
ograganes, how about that  ? http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/10/13/wikimedia_goes_ubuntu/09:55
Koonganes: we have pretty big installs - and the bigger the happier they are with us leaving out X09:56
ograhads, he wants to see customer feedback09:56
ganesogra, ya09:56
maswanon the server, you want remote (serial/serial over lan) console, not gdm09:57
maswanat least for any bigger install09:57
* maswan manages a few dozen racks09:57
ganesmy self compiled the kernel which you are using by just putting your config file .. but it is asking lot of queries09:57
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ganesogra, i just copied your config file & gave make oldconfig .. after it is asking questions09:58
ograganes, there is #ubuntu-kernel for kernel questions :)09:58
ganesogra, i will be back after testing this server09:59
nijabaogra: suggestion added to the security page, thanks10:17
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wo0f_hi guys13:14
wo0f_i need to setup a nx server13:14
wo0f_does anyone know of a good tutorial that actually works?13:15
wo0f_(also, will, freenx be in the 8.10 repo?)13:15
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Ergo^is it safe to upgrade the 8.04 server to 8.10 ?14:26
slangasekErgo^: please read the release notes and decide for yourself14:27
slangasekit's "safe", but it may not be the right decision for all server users14:27
Ergo^i was asking out of "something breaks" situation, im the sole "user" of the machine14:27
Ergo^so i run apt-get dist-upgrade ? thats all ?14:28
* Ergo^ starts reading docs14:29
slangasekhttp://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading documents the recommended upgrade path14:29
Ergo^thank you14:30
ciapsadmHow do I know that the user name of the database:14:31
ciapsadmAccess denied for user 'ciapsadm'@'localhost' (using password: YES)14:31
Ergo^updating, hope all goes well :]14:35
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uvirtbotNew bug: #288616 in tomcat6 (main) "Tomcat 6 fails to start during install" [Low,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28861615:42
* nijaba loves new invalid bugs :)15:43
Koonand I like old, just-invalidated things to appear as "New bug"15:44
Koonuvirtbot needs the 100.000km revision.15:44
uvirtbotKoon: Error: "needs" is not a valid command.15:44
Koonyeah yeah, right15:44
Koonyou can run but you cannot hide.15:44
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uvirtbotNew bug: #291161 in bind9 (main) "nslookup: parse of /etc/resolv.conf failed" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/29116116:52
brewmasteranyone have any recommendations for shared hosting based in the US tri-state area?  the internet is so saturated with hosting companies...17:35
ciapsadmHow do I know that the user name of the database:17:41
ShawnRI am trying to install ubuntu server 8.10 and when trying to format a software RAID 1, it goes right to 33% and stops.  I noticed that new in 8.10 are some software RAID enhancements (it installed fine when I put on debian etch a month ago)17:52
J-_"Error: Configuration file missing and /var/www/wp-content directory (/var/www/wp-content) is not writable by the Web server." What should I do? Can I make it writable by the server and keep it secure at the same time so others can't write to it too?18:10
yann2soren > my best guess about the bug is that the format virt install uses is very close to qcow2, but not *exactly* the same18:14
yann2in other words, sometimes it will work, sometimes it wont... converting to qcow2 is a good thing to do18:15
yann2I downgraded my KVM host to kvm-62 and all the tools with it, and will start putting some windows vms on prod :)18:15
HellMindwhere is the netinstall ?18:44
HellMindWhere can I get the smallest installer18:52
Wavesonicshola. hey isn't 8.10 server suppose to be able to do software RAID? I can't find the others in the server install19:04
Wavesonicsothers = option19:04
HellMindCan I convert the regular ubuntu into a server one?19:28
tonyyarussoHellMind: sure.  It's just a matter of installing server packages, and optionally, removing X and friends.19:28
HellMindthen chaging the repertories of apt will do the trick?19:29
tonyyarussoYou use the same repositories.19:30
WavesonicsIf I format my system with ext4, can Ubuntu install and run from it?19:31
Wavesonicsjust point ubuntu at it during the install, not ask it to install19:32
tonyyarussoI don't think ext4 is supported yet, no.19:32
tonyyarussoYou mightbe able to do it, but I don't know anyone who would recommend it or be able to tell you how.19:32
Wavesonicsbut I'll be able to upgrade form ext3 to ext4 at a later point?19:34
Wavesonicsmkfs in 8.10 supports it *shrug*19:34
tonyyarussoPerhaps it is then.  Haven't really looked into it myself.19:35
Wavesonicswell il give it a try and let u all know19:35
Deepsyou may end up wiping your filesystem if you mkfs.ext4 on it19:35
greenflylast I heard ext4 was still experimental19:36
WavesonicsLinus promoted it from devext4 to just ext419:36
Wavesonicsand Fedora has been using it for a while now19:36
* greenfly shrugs it's your data19:36
Wavesonicsya idk19:36
Wavesonicsit's a clean drive ATM19:37
Deepswikipedia suggests that ext4 is officially stable as of october 21st19:37
greenflymy recommendation is to stick with a more stable file system unless you have an express need for some feature in ext419:37
Wavesonicsbut a ext3 drive can be upgrade to ext4 with out formating it right?19:37
greenflydunno, ext2->ext3 was19:37
DeepsA preliminary development snapshot of ext4 was included in version 2.6.19 of the Linux kernel. On Oct 11, 2008, the patches[4] that mark ext4 as stable code were merged in the Linux 2.6.28 source code repositories, marking the end of the development phase and recommending its adoption.19:37
Wavesonicsit's for a file server, so the extends in ext4 would be nice for my large files19:37
Wavesonicsah cool19:38
Wavesonicsthanks Deeps19:38
greenflywhether someone decided to call it stable or not I'd still be leery of something like that for important data until it makes the rounds a bit longer19:38
greenflybut that's just me19:38
Wavesonicsi hear ya greenfly19:38
greenflyif you have lots of large files XFS might be the best choice19:38
Deepsand yeah, it's possible you can just mount -t ext4 on an ext3 fs19:38
Deepsand then have the new features available to you19:38
tonyyarussoAnyone know what the rationale was for choosing Bacula over Amanda?19:38
greenflycooler name?19:39
greenflyhalloween release?19:39
WavesonicsDeeps, just that just mount it, or does it actually modify the FS to be ext4?19:39
Deepswell, you can take an ext2 filesystem and mount it as ext3 to take advantage of journalling19:40
Deepsand thus it 'becomes' ext319:40
* Deeps shrugs19:40
Wavesonicsi guess my question is, does it physicaly modify the FS so it actually *is* ext4 there after19:41
greenflyI thought you had to use mkfs on an ext2 partition to add journaling19:41
Wavesonicsi got another question for yall :)19:47
Wavesonicsi just followed this tutorial with the live desktop CD ( http://www.howtoforge.com/install-ubuntu-with-software-raid-10 ) to set up my drive partitions for RAID 1019:47
Wavesonicsbut the last bit of the tutorial is for Ubuntu Desktop19:47
Wavesonicsand I want to do Ubuntu Server19:48
Wavesonicsso how can I have the server install read my RAID10 array and install to it19:48
Wavesonicsthe minimum size for my boot partition is 31 GB!19:57
slicslaki don't think that some lamp related apps were installed right.  if I use tasksel to deselect LAMP and then select LAMP will my /etc configs remain the same?20:00
slicslaknah, didn't touch them. pefrect20:15
tonyyarussoI'd like to have some sort of versioning to keep track of changes to files in /etc and allow for rollback.  What are some of the options for accomplishing this?20:40
ajmitchtonyyarusso: simplest one I know of is the etckeeper package20:42
tonyyarussoajmitch: hrm, seems reasonable.20:45
tonyyarussoajmitch: is it possible with that to say things like "restore $file to $day&time", or do you have to look up a version number manually20:47
jimcooncatajmitch: is etckeeper available for hardy?20:47
ajmitchtonyyarusso: I have no idea :)20:48
ajmitchjimcooncat: looks to be in hardy universe20:49
jimcooncattonyyarusso: must be a way to do that with bash or perl20:49
jimcooncatthanks ajmitch20:49
jimcooncatit looks interesting. I'm trying to find a way to push configs out to other servers -- maybe make a metapackage with a postint that writes a custom config file?20:50
ajmitchlook at puppet20:51
ajmitchagain, I haven't used it, but have heard it's very useful20:51
jimcooncatajmitch: I've looked at it but can't grok it; I guess I'll install it and play20:51
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loolHey; I wonder whether ubuntu-vm-builder --in-place should be creating any file in /tmp?  With verbose I see: 2008-10-30 21:58:24,859 INFO     Creating disk image: /tmp/vmbuilder6rA6Qe/disk0.img21:00
loolSo it would seem like --in-place is ignored?!21:00
ograwell, the .img is in a place :)21:01
uvirtbotNew bug: #291265 in nagios-plugins (universe) "Buffer overflow in check_ntp_peer - Nagios can't check time servers in Intrepid" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/29126521:01
loolHmm there's little difference between vmbuilder and ubuntu-vm-builder21:04
lool--help output are quite similar, but not identical and the contents of the wrapper as well21:04
loolBut there's no man page for ubuntu-vm-builder21:04
ograhow does it pass lintian then ?21:12
loologra: It passes lintian?21:14
ograno idea, i thought its in main21:14
ograit should pass lintian :)21:14
loolIn my experience, lots of stuff in main is far from passing lintian :-(21:15
loologra: Do we have an ubuntu wide lintian instance?21:15
ograi check my packages from time to time21:16
ograand i'd expect others to do that too21:16
ograbut indeed i might assume to much :)21:16
loolI run lintian on every build; I don't always fix stuff which I didn't break21:17
tonyyarussoMy package has somehow ended up broken due to changes in its dependencies when the package itself is identical.  That's a bit annoying.21:21
ajmitchlool: only documentation I can see on it is in the server guide & the wiki21:26
ShawnRi've checked the MD5 of the iso, even burned at like 12x and on 3 diff drives, the CD does not pass the CD check, what gives?21:36
dekkongHello everyone21:44
dekkong I have a friend that wants an good linux server distribution, he wants to run a dc++ hub, teamspeak server, good firewall what would your recommend?21:45
hadsYou're in the ubuntu-server channel :)21:45
dekkonghads: talking to me? :)21:45
dekkonghads: yeah i know I just need som opinions :)21:46
ShawnRi think most opinions in here, would point to ubuntu server21:47
dekkongShawnR: yes i'm downloading it atm21:47
ograwell, indeed you will get great reputation for rh enterprise server or SLES here :P21:47
ShawnRburning an ISO at 8x makes me wonder how we ever got through the late 90s21:50
spiekeycould anyone please help me with this dep problem please? http://pastebin.com/m53e18cf921:50
spiekeyi seem to run around in a circle21:50
dekkongok .. but this is how it goes ... a friend of mine wanted a linux server so he could use it as a "firewall" and that he could host dc++ server, teamspeak server21:51
ShawnRi didn't know DC++ was still going21:51
hadsAll Linux distributions use iptables so the firewall part is moot21:51
ShawnRi ran a TS server on a 500mhz celeron running Win 2k Pro.... any of those services you ask for, pretty much will run on any box21:52
ShawnRso it kinda depends on what you wanna play with21:52
spiekeyi keep geeting; W: GPG error: http://de.archive.ubuntu.com gutsy-updates Release: The following signatures were invalid: BADSIG 40976EAF437D05B5 Ubuntu Archive Automatic Signing Key <ftpmaster@ubuntu.com>22:08
spiekeyany idea how to fix this?22:08
PaulrfAnyone know a fix for the Intel GV910GL video issue with the 8.10 upgrade?22:48
sorenWhat issue might that be?22:49
PaulrfVideo was working fine - all generic linux drivers...22:52
PaulrfInstalled 8.10 and now video is corrupt...22:52
andolspiekey: Usually that's just temporay, as the mirror updates. Still, I guess you could test what happen if you use another mirror?22:52
PaulrfFrom on another channel, issue seems to be typical with intel drivers22:53
sorenPaulrf: When you say "video is corrupt"... What do you mean, exactly?22:55
PaulrfLogin prompt is at very top of display, but X starts.22:56
PaulrfAfter you log in, display is in 3 vertical sections, about 1/3rd each.22:57
sorenHow is this related to ubuntu server?22:57
PaulrfPerhaps it isn't, other than the fact that I'm running ubuntu server22:57
Paulrfis there a better channel?22:57
soren#ubuntu sounds like a good place.22:58
soren" For general (not server specific) support visit #ubuntu "  <---- from /TOPIC22:58
PaulrfOkay.. I was trying to avoid them - the scroll is so fast, they didn't even see my message22:58
sorenContrary to popular belief, that doesn't magically make things on topic in other channels..22:58
ajmitchbeer does...23:01
ajmitchat least that seems to be the rule on the NZNOG mailing list :)23:02
sorenHrm... Yes, that might be true :)23:03
zulsoren: you missed yesterday when someone on #ubuntu-server asked how to be unbanned from the #mandrake channels23:29
_Desphi all23:35
_DespI just upgrade to Ibex and I got that error:23:35
_Despapache2: Syntax error on line 185 of /etc/apache2/apache2.conf: Syntax error on line 1 of /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/perl.load: Cannot load /usr/lib/apache2/modules/mod_perl.so into server23:35
_Despapache2 looking for libperl.so.5.8 and Ibex upgraded this libperl to libperl.so.5.1023:36
_Despany ideas please ?23:36
_Despis it a bug ?23:38
_Desp130 users just idle here huh23:40
andol_Desp: Well, if I were to guess...23:40
andol_Desp: It's an upgrade an not a clean install? Perhaps some old, not entirely compatible, configuration which remains. Tried purging and reinstalling mod_perl?23:41
andol_Desp: Anyhow, I just installed mod_perl2 on my intrepid computer, and apache didn't seem to have any trouble loading it.23:44
tonyyarussoHas anyone used Untangle, and if so how does it compare to Ubuntu with eBox (or something else)?  Someone I work with is planning to use Untangle for ease of administration, but I haven't messed with it or the other server pseudo-GUIs before.23:54

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