liwslangasek, others: does the tracker have up to date info on what images are going to be rebuilt? in other words, if the tracker has an image that isn't fully tested, it's ok to start working on it (and to trust the tracker's md5sum)?00:00
slangasekliw: yes, it does00:01
Riddellliw: I can't do auto-resize00:01
liwin that case, unless someone is already doing it, I can take Kubuntu Desktop i386 OEM00:01
ArbyRiddell: I'm doing an entire disk test now. I can hit auto-resize straight after.00:03
liwArby, auto-resize of what?00:04
ArbyKubuntu i38600:04
liwI'm in the middle of doing kubuntu desktop amd64 auto-resize00:04
liwArby, that seems to be done00:04
Arbyoh ok. nevermind then00:04
liwArby, but it's 02:05 here, do check00:05
Arbyliw: nope. you're right :)00:06
ogasawaraliw: I'm just about finished with the kubuntu desktop i386 OEM00:06
ArbyI hadn't updated the tracker page for a while00:06
liwogasawara, in that case I'll abort (I get the feeling we're having an unusual number of collisions)00:06
* schwuk suspects a WIP page for the tracker will be a high priority for the next release :)00:07
henoschwuk: like http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/build/all/inprogress ?00:09
liwheno, that doesn't tell if someone's started a particular test case, which is what we're having trouble tracking right now :)00:10
schwukheno: what liw said00:10
henogot it. yep a 'I'm  starting this test' button would be great00:11
RiddellISO tracker feels slow00:11
liwis anyone doing Ubuntu Desktip i386 manual partitioning?00:11
davmor2cool feature be nice if a bot on irc picked it up too00:11
stgraberyeah, well I didn't do much code work on the tracker as it was supposed to be replaced soon but if we need to keep it, there will be some things to fix/improve/add00:11
davmor2Riddell: It's getting hammered :)00:12
stgraberI suspect we have a DB backup running at the moment :)00:12
davmor2heno, stgraber:^^^00:12
stgraber(the site tends to be slow everyday at the same time, might well be the time the DB is being saved)00:13
* davmor2 i386 m-a00:19
davmor2Guys this is my last test and I'm calling it quits too tired now00:20
* liw does Ubuntu Desktop i386 manual partitioning00:22
kirklandmathiaz: passed, http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/result/2178/5300:29
* liw aborts Ubuntu Desktop i386 manual partitioning since evand just finished it00:29
mathiazkirkland: awesome - thanks00:30
evandliw: the more tests the better :)00:30
kirklandmathiaz: np00:30
kirklandevand: we don't want to run out of uuid's in iso tracker, do we?  :-)00:31
liwI see only two tests missing in the tracker right now, and one of them wants vmware ESC00:32
schwuk_testmdz: pidgin in kvm works here00:32
Keybukschwuk: did you simulate a sound card?00:32
schwukKeybuk: no00:32
mathiazliw: right - I've found one member in the community to help with ESX00:33
mathiazliw: i386 has been tested.00:34
mathiazliw: amd64 not :/00:34
liwmy eyes keep wanting to close00:35
davmor2liw: they're not on their own00:36
liwI think I'll turn in now -- if I'm urgently needed, Canonical people have my phone number; otherwise, I'll wake up in a few hours and can help with testing then, if anything remains00:38
henosleep well liw :)00:38
* davmor2 wills the m-a test to install faster00:39
Keybukliw: good night00:47
davmor2that's it I'm off to bed now nn00:48
slangaseknight, liw01:01
slangasekxubuntu desktop up01:28
* heno syncs01:29
henoevand: can you do wubi testing of the xubuntu disks?01:36
henodavmor2 has gone to bed01:36
henoI'll do xubuntu 64 Live and auto-resize01:36
henoand then I'll wander off to bed as well01:37
evandheno: sure, I cannot do wubi though01:37
stgraberSorry not to be able to help, I have done all the tests I could do with the .iso currently on my laptop. Doing another one would take >2 hours to download :(01:38
pedro_ill take xubuntu i368 if no one else is doing it01:38
evandnevermind, we have people for wubi on xubuntu01:38
henoevand: ok, cool01:39
ogasawaraI can help with xubuntu desktop i386 too, syncing image right now01:39
ogasawarapedro_: I can start with the manual partitioning test if you're not already doing it01:42
pedro_ogasawara: ok, I'll go for the auto-resize then01:43
schwuki386 rsynced - I'll take OEM01:46
* cking - brain not functioning - bailing out01:49
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bdmurrayhmm, still ubuntu dvds?03:44
Mulderthey're built03:44
bdmurrayright they still need testing though correct?03:45
Riddellhttp://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/build/ubuntu/all says so03:45
Mulderyou volunteering?03:45
bdmurrayI don't think I can download it soon enough03:48
ogasawaraI've downloaded and am almost finished burning03:49
Riddellbdmurray: rsync should be quick enough?03:49
bdmurrayogasawara: sweet03:49
ogasawaraso I can get the i386 tests03:49
bdmurrayRiddell: I don't have any dvd images to sync to03:49
Mulderi hope you have a fast pipe heh03:50
bdmurrayogasawara: is anybody looking at the amd64 ones?03:51
slangasekkubuntu dvds just finished03:51
ogasawarabdmurray: not that I know of03:52
slangasekso are also posted to the tracker03:52
ogasawaraslangasek: cool, I'll start syncing03:52
sbeattieI'm starting on the ubuntu amd64 oem one03:52
slangasekand that's the last of the images; now they just need tested03:52
Muldersomeone's started i386 testing of dvds it seems03:59
bdmurrayI'm gonna try Xubuntu Wubi for completeness sake!04:16
Muldernice :)04:17
Mulderi dont get the whole wubi business. but i suppose it pitches to a market that does not include me04:18
* cjwatson is starting on kubuntu dvd amd6404:19
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aramorning all07:26
thekorngood morning ara07:27
aramorning thekorn07:30
aramorning mvo!07:54
mvohey ara, good morning07:55
mvoI see the test matrix looks good, great work!07:55
mvoanything that needs attention that I should test now?07:56
aramvo: you can concentrate on those with less attention (less number of reports)08:00
aramvo: I am doing now xubuntu OEM08:00
aradoes anyone know the LP project to submit a wishlist bug to the ISO testing tracker?08:13
thekornara, not sure, but maybe ubuntu-qa-website08:16
arathekorn: thanks08:18
davmor2GOOD MORNING ALL08:22
mvohey davmor2!08:24
aramorning davmor208:24
aradavmor2: caps locking today?08:24
davmor2No just waking myself up shouting :)08:25
davmor2and being happy it's release day08:25
arathere is a small bug on the server side of the start page of ubuntu (localization stuff), where should I report it?08:28
davmor2ara: sorry on the start page?08:30
davmor2before boot?08:31
liwgood morning08:32
davmor2ara:  if it's pre-boot then it's a d-i bug #ubuntu-installer08:32
arawell, it is on the server side. I meant the firefox start page08:32
aramorning liw08:32
davmor2ara: right sorry in that case it's a bug with apache and needs to goto #ubutnu-server08:33
davmor2ara: what is the issue anyway08:33
aradavmor2: it is just that UTF-8 international characters are not shown properly08:33
davmor2ara: sounds like apache is either missing the langpack or doesn't have a plugin for it.  I'd ask on #u-server first they'll have more idea and be the ones to fix it08:35
davmor2kirkland: you still about?08:35
liwnot much remaining, I see08:36
aradavmor2: ok. will do08:36
liwanyone doing Kubuntu DVD amd64 OEM ?08:36
davmor2liw: I'm just doing the xubuntu wubi08:36
liwrsync finished, so I'll take the oem test08:49
liw"This file doesn't have a md5" -- hrmph, these would be nice to get rid of at some point in the future08:49
davmor2ara: you got intrepid on your machine right?08:51
aradavmor2: yep08:51
liwhi, heno08:52
davmor2can you do a quick test then please.  Goto totem and select the bbc plugin and see if it says can not connect to server or something along those lines08:52
davmor2heno:  morning08:52
aradavmor2: ok, let me try08:54
aramorning heno08:54
aradavmor2: confirmed08:55
davmor2ara: thanks08:55
aradavmor2: np08:56
davmor2if anyone wants to see something funky go to totem select the youtube plugin and type in canon select the top video and watch the kids finger move08:58
davmor2fingers even08:58
davmor2xubuntu wubi complete09:02
arain case you missed the post someone did on the planet, I recommend this site: http://www.ubuntukungfu.org/. Full of nice tips.09:09
ara(now the bot will mark this comment as SPAM...)09:10
davmor2schwuk: Morning09:14
aramonirng schwuk09:15
aramonirng, nice, nice word09:16
davmor2ara: is that spanish for morning?09:18
aradavmor2: quit that language courses now :-)09:19
slangaseknah, that's "morñana"09:32
davmor2slangasek: I thought that was the name Monica in friends chose when her identity was stolen09:34
* slangasek looks at davmor2 blankly09:35
davmor2slangasek: You've never seen Friends09:36
slangaseklet's suppose I said "yes"09:36
liwI don't want to alarm anyone but we're all going to be out of work soon, since all tests are done, except the one vmware ESX one09:40
schwukliw: that just means we can join in the fun in #ubuntu-release-party09:41
liwslangasek, ^09:42
schwuk...and wonder why they thought green was a good choice for the ltd Ibex t-shirt...09:42
slangasekliw: hurray!09:42
mvodavmor2: when you have a bit of time again I would like to do some debugging session for #29063809:52
davmor2schwuk: that's not green, that's GREEN!!!!!!!!10:03
davmor2mvo: sure10:04
liw(t5e ftw)10:08
arado you guys have a list of post-release tasks? things like "cleaning my inbox" "give a try to that cool application someone talked about in his/her blog"...10:12
arastuff like that10:12
liwliw@dorfl$ wc -l GTD/someday.mdwn10:13
liw2499 GTD/someday.mdwn10:13
araliw: hehehehe10:14
mvoara: if you have not played with the new "Private" folder yet, now is a good time :) I discovered it some days ago and its pretty cool10:18
aramvo: really nice to save the keys10:20
mvoor when the border policer in some countries wants to search your laptop10:21
mvocountries even10:21
liwI must admit that I prefer to use full disk encryption on my laptop, and I don't store anything sensitive on servers, except e-mail, and that's not suitable for Private10:22
mvoI like that I can have some stuff (development) unencrypted and fast(er) while other is encrypted10:22
mvoI could get it with full encryption and a /scratch parition too I guess10:23
schwukmvo: It is a very nice feature - set mine up a few days ago.10:23
Mulderthe modular nature of encryptedprivatedirectory is a good compromise10:31
Muldermakes distupgrading easier10:31
Mulderamongst other things10:31
* ara -> lunch 12:44
diafygiis there a place to note bugs for the free-space partition option on iso.qa.ubuntu.com?13:38
diafygiall I can find are OEM, auto-resize, entire disk, and manual partitioning13:39
schwukdiafygi: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/28966313:42
ubot5`Launchpad bug 289663 in ubiquity "[Intrepid] Live CD Install - incorrect image for free space partition" [Undecided,Incomplete]13:42
HobbseeFor those who did late testing, please consider updating your isos, and seeding if you can - would be nice to get some more people seeding, so it's all faster.13:43
schwukdiafygi: There's not a test case that I can see13:43
diafygiWhere can I find the torrent? I'm trying to download the current-live cdimage, but it's having connection issues13:44
ubot5`Hardy can be torrented from http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.04/ubuntu-8.04-desktop-i386.iso.torrent or http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.04/ubuntu-8.04-server-amd64.iso.torrent depending on your architecture. Torrents for other Ubuntu flavours can be found at: http://releases.ubuntu.com/ (CD) or http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases (DVD).13:45
Hobbseebut please don't hit that unless you have to (and modify the URL), there are already enough leechers on there as it is.13:45
diafygiSo there are no torrents for testing builds?13:46
Bit_Breakerhello all.13:51
Hobbseediafygi: no...13:51
schwukHobbsee: seeding desktop i386 and amd6413:52
Hobbseeschwuk: yay, thanks!13:52
diafygithat's ok, I managed to get through to the current-live iso build, downloading now13:52
Bit_BreakerI kno you are busy with the recent release, but i was wondering if i could help make test images for Vbox13:53
Bit_Breakersince we already have images for vmware would this be necessary13:54
Hobbseedon't you just mount the .iso in vbox?13:55
Bit_Breakeri was sure if u could13:55
schwukBit_Breaker: most of our testing is done in kvm or on real hardware13:56
HobbseeBit_Breaker: you can13:57
davmor2Bit_Breaker: You just link to the iso image an it installs from that as normal13:57
Bit_Breakerschwuk: how would i go about setting up KVM13:57
davmor2similar fashion to virtualbox13:59
Bit_Breakerdavmor: Ok i was confused  i was thinking about KVM switches14:00
schwukBit_Breaker: heh - that used to get me as well14:00
Bit_Breakeri found it > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kernel-based_Virtual_Machine14:01
schwukBit_Breaker: `sudo apt-get install kvm`; check it works with your hardware: `kvm-ok`; prepare an image with `qemu-img create`; fire it up with `kvm <path-to-image> -cdrom <path-to-iso>`.14:02
Bit_Breakerschwuk: ok is there a wiki14:09
davmor2Congratulations everyone :) It's been announced it's out14:11
Bit_BreakerWhoo hoo14:12
arawww.ubuntu.com is still saying "coming soon" :)14:13
araI guess is because of the cache14:14
davmor2ara: (14:09:04) slangasek: good morning, everyone!  I'm pleased to announce that our menagerie of Ubuntu releases has a new member today14:14
davmor2(14:09:29) slangasek: the Ibex you've all been waiting for has capered its way over the gate - Ubuntu 8.10 is now out14:14
diafygiyay, grab a torrent and start seeding! http://releases.ubuntu.com/intrepid/14:17
* C_Kode thinks Bit_Breaker stinks14:17
Bit_BreakerC_Kode: Hey man!!14:17
* C_Kode smiles14:18
* schwuk has seeded 3 cd's worth so far14:24
stgraber3.6G uploaded so far14:27
schwukstgraber: 2.7GB in 40-ish minutes.14:35
stgraberI'm uploading at 3.5MB/s at the moment14:36
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pimpyhi there17:09
pimpyi was on 8.10 RC17:09
pimpythen no updates available since today17:09
pimpyso this is the same version as final release ???? thanks17:09
pimpypimpy@pimpytux:~$ lsb_release -a17:10
pimpyNo LSB modules are available.17:10
pimpyDistributor ID:Ubuntu17:10
pimpyDescription:Ubuntu 8.1017:10
pimpycan someone assist me ? thanks guys17:13
pimpyso rc is final ?17:17
pimpywhat a deception17:17
charlie-tcaNo, rc is not final, pimpy17:18
charlie-tcarc with all the updates through today is final17:18
pimpyprivate room thanks17:19
bdmurraystgraber: are bugs reported on the tracker getting tagged iso-testing?17:24
stgraberbdmurray: they should yes17:53
bdmurraystgraber: bug 290928 is listed there and not tagged17:54
bdmurraythat one is recent but there are some earlier ones too17:55
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