CircsJake_: What specifically is giving you trouble, just making it run?00:00
Sylphidpr0fane, are you keeping all of ubuntu on one partition?00:00
pr0faneright now i have swap and root partition00:00
ScreamingMonkiessoundless: http://www.ubuntux.org/shockwave-player-ubuntu-linux you will also need windows firefox and probably windows flash00:00
pipegeekI can't get the intrepid livecd to boot in kvm00:00
pr0faneNow im going to make home, root and swap00:01
pr0fanehome partition should be as big as I want?00:01
seivanCCould someone with experience please help me install Ubuntu on a mac (mac mini to be precise), I get the flashing ? after install and I got / as ext3, and swap, removed efi bootloader and use grub instead. C'mon there gotta be someone here who got linux running on a mac00:01
Sylphidpr0fane, what are you wanting to do with your linux install00:01
Sylphidpr0fane, home is where the bulk of your personal data should be stored so ideally should be the biggest00:01
soundlessScreamingMonkies:  Would windows firefox and windows flash be in synaptic manager also? Thanks for link.00:02
pr0faneand what is the minimal size for root?00:02
Jake_i dont knwo how to install it in terminal i cant i find anything on the internet00:02
CircsJake_: If you are just trying to make it work you're going to need a few things first. I.E. Ruby packages00:02
wolihow do I make a folder to need a password to be opened?00:02
lusiowhy my etc/rc.local don't run after boot?00:02
Sylphidpr0fane, depends on the software you install00:02
Jake_i have no clue how to install it srry i am new to linux00:02
pr0faneubuntu 8.1000:02
CircsJake_: No worries00:02
ScreamingMonkiessoundless: No, you will need to get them from their normal locations and install like under windows00:02
Sylphidpr0fane, with or without gui00:02
Jake_wow thnx00:02
gian__i'm new in linux......someone can help me'?00:03
pr0fanegui is all the graphical stuff?00:03
rwwlusio: Did you put the commands you want to run before the exit 0 line? Did you set the execute bit like it said?00:03
Sylphidpr0fane, yes00:03
rww!ask | gian__00:03
victamowerI'm running Ubuntu 8.04, this morning my control key had stopped working in X11/GNOME - it works in another VT00:03
ubottugian__: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)00:03
helppmegui = graphical user interface00:03
pr0faneyes, with gui00:03
victamowerhow do I reconfigure or troubleshoot this problem??00:03
eitreachWhat is the channel for the release tomorrow?00:03
ScreamingMonkiesvictamower: try checking the keyboard settings in gnome00:03
lusiorww: chmod 755, owner root, there is exit 0 at the end00:04
rwweitreach: #ubuntu-release-party for comments or #ubuntu+1 for help with intrepid problems00:04
victamowerScreamingMonkies: I've tried changing my keyboard type and changing it back00:04
bloopletechIs there a way to install versions of PHP other than the latest in the package system? i need to install php 5.1.6 to support an older app, but I'd like to avoud compiling PHP from source if at all possible00:04
victamowerScreamingMonkies: but no dice00:04
Sylphidpr0fane, 5G is the minimum i would recommend for a GUI install with a separate home partition you could go smaller if you know exactly what you are installing00:04
gian__i installed nmap and i can laucnh it with terminal and i can utilise it with terminal...but....where is the icon if i want the graphical interface?00:04
Dorobo18jpGood morning all !!!  can some one snd me a link to the ubuntu ebook00:04
eitreachrww: Thanks.00:04
victamowerokay, I turned off Desktop Effects and my Control key now works00:04
soundlessScreamingMonkies:  I also needed adobe acrobat reader so I downloaded it.  After 20 min. of downloading,message said it couldn't open.  I have no idea where that file is now, there is no file called downloads that I can find.  Will I run into same problem with windows firefox?00:04
pr0faneso 5GB root partition + home partition?00:05
gian__i installed nmap and i can laucnh it with terminal and i can utilise it with terminal...but....where is the icon if i want the graphical interface?00:05
helppmewhy would my giFTcurs download every song as corrupted ?00:05
rwwgian__: install zenmap (sudo apt-get install zenmap) from the universe repository00:05
Sylphidpr0fane, correct .... although larger allows for you to play with more at once00:05
victamowerI turned Desktop Effects back on and my Control key is broken again00:05
lusiorww: chmod 755, owner root, there is exit 0 at the end00:05
pr0faneok , thx00:05
rwwgian__: that's a GUI frontend to nmap. The nmap package itself doesn't include a GUI, if i remember correctly00:05
Sylphidpr0fane, but 5G should be plenty to start with.... you can always enlarge it later00:06
Puritygain term is in apps>accesorys00:06
ScreamingMonkiessoundless: There should be a repositry for acroread, if you just need to read normal pdfs the default software should work fine00:06
redrebelis there a command to peek at the mail queue??00:06
redrebeli'm using sendmail00:06
Sylphidpr0fane, using gparted00:06
Puritythen just type nmap00:06
bloopletechredrebel: mailq?00:06
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pr0fanewhat means gparted?00:06
victamowerI turned off Desktop Effects, removed .compiz, turned them back on and my control is _still_ broken00:06
gian__ok ok..but...every time i install something i can launch it in terminal but i never found the icon.. sometimes in APPLICATIONS there is...but..sometimes...where are icon (as 666windows )?00:06
victamowerwhat gives00:06
gian__ok ok..but...every time i install something i can launch it in terminal but i never found the icon.. sometimes in APPLICATIONS there is...but..sometimes...where are icon (as 666windows )?00:07
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bloopletechsudo apt-get install php5=5.1.6 fails as version not found :(00:07
victamowerwhy is Desktop Effects breaking my Control key??00:07
soundlessScreamingMonkies: True, I have been able to read PDF's with default software.00:07
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)00:07
redrebelmailq works00:07
Puritythey dont show up unless u make a shortcut00:07
Sylphidpr0fane, gparted will let you edit the size of the partitions without destroying data (though you should always back up important data first)00:07
Purityor launcher00:07
redrebelwhat about a command to see what emails have been sent and received?00:07
gian__ok ok..but...every time i install something i can launch it in terminal but i never found the icon.. sometimes in APPLICATIONS there is...but..sometimes...where are icon (as 666windows )?00:07
pr0faneok, thanks for the advice00:08
rwwgian__: most packages with GUI frontends will put an icon in the Gnome/KDE main menu. Is there another specific package whose GUI you're having trouble finding?00:08
Sylphidredrebel, look in /var/log/mail.log00:08
rww!repeat | gian__00:08
ubottugian__: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience00:08
Puritymake your own right click on the app then goto create launcher00:08
Bumpheadgian__:  usr/share/pixmaps00:08
bloopletechredrebel: it depends a bit; outgoing mails will usualy appear in mailq, for incoming messages you will possibly need to find the directory holding incoming mail and then run the mail command pointing to that directory (not sure abot that()00:09
bkovacsWhat time will Ubuntu 8.10 be available00:09
bpgoldsbI'm trying to run a setup of Ubuntu Server 8.10.  For some reason, when I enable ip_forwarding and setup the appropriate IPTables rules, packets still don't get nat'd.  I'm doing the same thing I do on 10+ other boxes.  Anyone have any ideas?  Maybe new software installed by default?00:09
helppmeis encrypting my filesystem a hard process and is there any risk that it will damage my files?00:09
scribehas anyone used VMware on Hardy?00:09
redrebeli can look at the maillog00:09
ScreamingMonkiessoundless: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu if you do want the official acrobat reader its in there00:09
victamowerwhy is Desktop Effects breaking my Control key?00:09
redrebelbut i thought it would be nice to have programs that will generate a summary00:09
ScreamingMonkiespersonally I prefer the one that ships with Ubuntu00:09
Purityty i didnt know that :D00:09
DweditHow do I force the max resolution to be 1024x768?00:10
bloopletechredrebel: it's quite possible that they exist, I just don't know of them00:10
Sylphidbpgoldsb, did you set up nat?00:10
Bumpheadare the launchpad repos valuable for up-to-date apps?00:10
Dorobo18jpAnyone have the download link for the ubuntu ebook linux guide?00:10
bpgoldsbSylphid: Yes, tried both -j MASQUERADE and using SNAT00:10
Ange1How do I make my internal Ip static?00:11
bpgoldsbeth0 is the external interface, eth1 is the internal.  I see packets come in on eth1, but never leave eth0.00:11
victamowerwhy is Desktop Effects breaking my Control key?00:11
scientusi need a good command line partitioner00:12
XimalHello , I'm having trouble again accessing my MySql server through my login and password or even using root as the login name... How can I reset my mysql settings or do a reinstall so I can be sure of the password ?00:12
ScreamingMonkiesscientus: cfdisk (text interface) or fdisk (commandline)00:13
bloopletechare only the latest versions of packages available in the main repos? Do I have to find 3rd party pacakges for older versions?00:13
BlooBay1ximal:  your system PW or your SQL login?00:13
scientuscfdisk couldnt really understand my dick00:13
scientusand i dont like fdisk00:13
ryan___I installed gftp via tar, but know where the heck is the program?00:13
bloopletechXimal: sudo apt-get remove mysql ?00:13
Ximalthe ... hmm00:13
scientushow can i resize a ext3 with fdisk?00:13
Ximali'll try it i guess and see if that works bloop00:13
bloopletechThen sudo apt-get install mysql ?00:13
bloopletechXimal: note that that will remove mysql00:14
helppmehow dangerous is encrypting my file-systems?00:14
djhashryan___: just type anywhere in terminal gftp..00:14
phpstarhellow everyone00:14
Ximalthat doesn't work friend00:14
ryan___djhash: I did that and it did not work00:14
djhashdid it tell you command not found?00:15
bloopletechXimal: hmm. 1 sec00:15
gian__i don't fnd icons... people doesn't help..it's not a community... mister Linus T. shouldn't be happy for that.. bye .00:15
Ximalyeah even as sudo00:15
Sylphidbpgoldsb, what does iptables -t nat -L show00:15
djhashryan___: did it tell you command not found?00:15
bloopletechXimal: try sudo apt-get remove mysql-client mysql-client-5.0 mysql-common mysql-server mysql-server-5.000:16
bloopletechassuming you're running mysql 500:16
ryan___djhash: yes00:16
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Sylphidbpgoldsb, add a verbose in there if you would...... iptables -t nat -L -v00:16
djhashryan___: why dont u just do "apt-get install gftp" ?00:16
musictotoAnge1: go to System > Administration > Network00:17
Sylphidbpgoldsb,  should have something like .......   4476K  420M MASQUERADE  all  --  any    eth0    anywhere             anywhere00:17
phpstarhow can i create virtual users for SSH00:17
musictotoAnge1: choose eth0 > Properties > Use Static IP00:17
bpgoldsbSylphid: I can't copy / paste from the box atm, but yes, it's like that.00:18
chsty_g4by any chance, does anyone know when 8.10 will get fixed nvidia drivers?  or is this an ongoing issue?00:18
Slartphpstar: I'm not sure if you can.. you can create regular users though... and configure them so they can't logon locally00:18
ASrockHey, I just installed ubuntu 8.10 and the themes i normally use dont work right with it...on gnomelook.org what would be the proper section to look at for themes for ubuntu 8.10?00:18
jribchsty_g4: #ubuntu+1 for help with intrepid00:18
Sylphidbpgoldsb, any drop rules in your firewall?00:18
chsty_g4thanks, jrib00:18
phpstari m already having local users00:18
ryan___djhash: I am an idiot and must have mistyped the apt-get on my initial try.  That worked perfect.00:18
bpgoldsbSylphid: No rules in filter/mangle, only the 1 rule in nat00:18
musictotoAnge1: type your subnet mask (, desired ip, and gateway ip00:18
bpgoldsbSylphid: Default policy is accept00:19
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Ximalsudo apt-get remove mysql-client mysql-client-5.0 mysql-common mysql-server mysql-server-5.0 ; worked00:19
djhashryan___: i was wondering earlier why you needed to compile gftp..  anyways.. you'll find it now under Applications -> Internet00:19
bloopletechXimal: then try running the same command, but with install instead of remove00:20
Ximali went through synaptic manager to reinstall bloop..00:20
bloopletechoh, ok00:20
bloopletechthat's fine00:20
pingviller25seems I'm blind sometimes, is there a support chat channel for the Eclipse programming environment on this irc server? (or any other for that reason)00:20
SilentKI need help getting my wireless card to work in ubuntu 8.04.100:21
Sylphidbpgoldsb, cat /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward returns 1 correct?00:21
SilentK BCM4318 (Rev 02)   ?   no (ndiswrapper)   No   No   No   Works on and off with both Ndiswrapper and Fwcutter methods. The majority of the difficulty is just getting the connection. Ndiswrapper method has been working the best.00:21
bpgoldsbSylphid: Yes.00:21
J_ManSilentK - I've been having pretty good luck with the b43 driver00:21
bpgoldsbSylphid: I noticed some new rules regarding rp_filter, but I disabled them to test.00:21
J_ManSilentK - just hit System->Administration->Hardware drivers00:22
Dorobo18jpis there a link to the ubuntu guide or a linux e book i can download for referrence so i dont bother to many people with questions in here :)00:22
J_Manand have it enable the broadcom driver - it'll pull in the firmware for you, and it should "just work"00:22
bloopletechDorobo18jp: the man pages and wiki.ubuntu.com?00:22
Sylphidbpgoldsb, are your internal ip's in the same subnet as eth1?00:22
SilentKbroadcom b43 wirless driver..00:22
SlartDorobo18jp: the ubuntu forums are a good source of info00:22
J_ManSilentK - yep, that's the one00:22
bloopletechDorobo18jp: or http://www.google.com.au/search?q=ubuntu+ebook&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a00:23
J_ManI use that on my own laptop with the 4318 chipset00:23
SilentKBut its not showing any networks..00:23
Dorobo18jpthanks all00:23
Wickedwhen will the new release drop? will it drop at midnight(around 4 hours)00:23
SilentKUp on the network thing.. No wifis00:23
bpgoldsbSylphid: Yes, and machines can ping eachother00:23
J_Manhmmm, mine always worked well00:23
J_Manon my 4318 (gateway laptop)00:23
sidneyhello guys i just reinstalled 7.10 and have no sound00:23
Ta1Can I use initrd.gz of gusty to install hardy?00:23
J_Manon your wireless router, are you limiting to wireless-g only?00:23
SilentKI dont know00:24
J_Manthe b43 driver will only operate at 802.11b speeds, so if you lock your wireless router down to G-only, it won't see it00:24
cobhey guys, having trouble with the ati xorg driver in 8.10, can't get any acceleration it seems...every boot it asks if I want to use low graphics mode or reconfigure/check logs/etc00:24
cobalso having to restart networking after every resume from suspend00:24
SilentKmode b and g00:25
SilentKchannel auto00:25
Sylphidbpgoldsb, sounds like it should be working00:25
djhash!ubuntu+1  | cob00:25
ubottucob: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - Introduction and new features: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/810rc - Use #ubuntu+1 for support, NOT #ubuntu - Discuss and party in #ubuntu-release-party (type also « /topic »)00:25
igors_anybody has an older version of skype?00:25
cobI know what intrepid ibex is00:25
Ximalis there a way to force the change of my password for the MySql server I'm running ?00:25
FlickedMagpiehello everybody :P00:25
cobI upgraded from hardy...00:25
djhashcob: then ask your question there.. not here00:26
FlickedMagpiei will upgrade tomorrow00:26
bpgoldsbSylphid: I 100% agree.  Like I said, I've set this up 50+ times in the past on Ubuntu/Redhat/Debian/etc.  It seems like something else has changed in Intrepid that is causing the issues.00:26
musictotocob: questions or issues should be discussed at #ubuntu+100:26
Ta1When can I download the new ubuntu?00:26
cobnm I see the other channel there now00:26
djhashcob: regardless of upgrade or fresh install  its still intrepid ibex..00:26
bpgoldsbSylphid: Both machines are basically clean Intrepid installs with 1-2 extra packages installed (Tftp, dhcp-server)00:26
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bpgoldsbSylphid: I'm doing it all under VMWare, so I'm setting up another VM with Hardy to make sure it doesn't happen in a basic install of Hardy as well.00:27
Sylphidbpgoldsb, eth0 and eth1 are both up correct?00:27
jennifer_hi, i'm using gdb under emacs and i want to highlight where i am during a step by step debugging, how i can o this??00:28
cobdjhash: I know.00:28
bpgoldsbSylphid: Yes.  eth0 is, eth1 is  The machine can ping both nets fine.00:28
BlueLagunaHow do I start an additional X server?00:28
bpgoldsbSylphid: Also, the client ( is not getting ICMP 'no route to destination' messages00:28
bpgoldsbSylphid: It's like the router ( is filtering the packets before it gets to iptables.00:29
Sylphidbpgoldsb,  what shows up on the client in route -n00:29
bpgoldsb10.10.128.0/24 via eth0, via
SilentKso can anyone help me with my wifi?00:29
bloopletechWhat's the best way to install dapper packages in hardy?00:29
bpgoldsbThe packets definately GET to the router's interface, they may not get to the kernel00:30
rambo298i am using joomla 1.0; anyone know if i install the latest full release 1.5.7 will it retain my 1.0 installation configurations?00:30
bpgoldsbSylphid: The packets definately GET to the router's interface, they may not get to the kernel.  I can see them arrive on eth1 via tcpdump.00:30
XshoppyXIs it possible to have apt-get use an ssh tunnel00:30
K_DallasHi guys! I am trying to install ffmpeg but it says it needs libavdevice52 but it cannot be installed and if I try to install it it asks for libdc1394-22 and when I search in synaptic, there is only libdc1394-13 out there! Am I missing a repository or there is some other explanations? Thanks00:30
XshoppyXDependencies should be resolved if you use synaptic00:31
ASrockis there any way to edit the appearance of my workspace switcher?00:31
Sylphidbpgoldsb, can you ping the external ip on your router from the client and if not are the icmp packets at least making it to the router00:31
K_DallasXshoppyX, but it is synaptic which says it cannot install those libraries00:31
phpstarno one has any idea about creating virtual users in SSH server ??00:31
rambo298K_Dallas: select all the sources for repos in synaptic and try again00:32
XshoppyXoh well then try apt-get00:32
XshoppyXand make sure your sources are correct00:32
K_Dallasrambo298, thanks. will do it right away00:32
bpgoldsbSylphid: No, I cannot ping the external IP.  Yes, the packets are arriving on the internal interface.00:32
rambo298any joomla gurus here?00:32
bloopletechrambo298: why not try a joomla specific irc channel?00:32
stove_pipeis there an intrepid irc release party00:33
Sylphidbpgoldsb, have you restarted networking after turning on ip forwarding?00:33
bpgoldsbSylphid: Rebooted multiple times, yes00:33
PriceChildstove_pipe: /topic00:33
K_Dallasstove_pipe, i think it is ubuntu+100:33
bloopletechstove_pipe: #ubuntu-release-party00:33
PriceChildK_Dallas: /topic00:33
K_DallasPriceChild, what should I look for in the topic?00:34
bloopletechK_Dallas: Intrepid support in #ubuntu+1 - Discussion in #ubuntu-release-party - It's out when it's out, and now it's not00:34
K_Dallaswell that is what i said!00:34
rambo298bloopletech: ok ty00:34
PriceChildK_Dallas: the end ;)00:35
K_Dallasyou guys are sometimes too encrypted ;)00:35
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luxtuxdoes anyone has an idea about the release time of the intrepid final release?00:36
afallenhopehey anyone know a linux based Shoutcast streaming CLIENT not the server.00:36
Sylphidbpgoldsb, looking... at a loss atm00:36
afallenhopeI've tried icecast and darkice00:36
Mikeal^afallenhope: xmms use to work00:37
Mikeal^oh you mean casting...00:37
afallenhopeas in I want to stream my music TO a server00:37
angrylogic/win/win 200:37
sidneycan i upgrade directly to 8.10 without building a disk00:38
kaitwospirityeah, you can00:38
kaitwospirityou can do so right now if you want00:38
afallenhopeI get: DarkIce: LameLibEncoder.cpp:75: lame lib opening underlying sink error [0]00:39
afallenhopewhen I run it.00:39
igors_mey skype breaks my internet connection, any tip? or anyone has an older version of skype?00:39
Sylphidbpgoldsb, you said your router is running dhcpd correct?00:39
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
luxtuxthey don't develop a lot on skype for linux right?00:40
bpgoldsbSylphid: Actually no, the internal machine is running dhcp00:40
sidneykaitwospirit how do i do it00:40
redrebelusing cron, how do i execute something every say 5 hours?00:40
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jribredrebel: see 'man 5 crontab'.  You can do */5 for the hour00:41
bpgoldsbSylphid: I'm wondering if it's some kind of vmware bug.  I set up the same router with Debian Etch just now and the same problem happens.00:41
kaitwospiritsidney: press alt-F2 then type "update-manager -d" (without the quotation marks) into what comes up00:42
redrebel* */5 * * * /home/redrebel/script.pl00:42
redrebellike this?00:42
Sylphidbpgoldsb, perhaps ... is the client on the same physical box as the router?00:42
jribredrebel: that would run it every minute of every 5th hour00:42
marceloinstalar programas via terminal00:43
redrebel0 */5 * * * /a00:43
jribredrebel: aye00:43
bpgoldsbSylphid: The router has eth0 connecting to the host, and eth1 on a private net.  the client has eth0 on the private net.  Both machines are virtual machines.00:43
redrebelcrontab is confusing00:43
lucaxhow do i reinstall compiz??00:43
sidneywonder why didnt it install this morning when i updated00:44
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dr_willislucax,  why do you want to? why did you uninstall it?  fire up package mnager and  search/install.00:44
sidneyok i will try it00:44
bpgoldsbSylphid: I have this same setup working on a Ubuntu Host / Debian clients / vmware server 1.  This setup is a windows host / ubuntu clients / vmware server 200:44
Sylphidbpgoldsb, are the macs of eth0 on the 2 virtual machines different from each other?00:44
easotokrhi everyone00:44
StevenxHow do I connect to another network with xchat?00:45
scientushow do i make my computer gmt?00:45
redrebel0 */5 * * * /home/redrebel/script.pl    <-- this will run every 5 hours, right?00:45
easotokrsome space for newbie questions?00:45
bpgoldsbSylphid: yes *:28 and *:7f respectively00:45
kaitwospirittechnically the new version isn't out until tomorrow, sidney00:45
JakeMonwhat's the standard smtp service to use with ubuntu?00:45
kaitwospiritif you just wait a bit it'll update without you having to do the command00:45
dekkongjihaa ubuntu 8.10 is here to stay :P00:45
sidneyok because it says upgrade to 7.10 is available00:46
redrebelwhat does this do?   00 0 * * * script.py00:46
dr_willis!cron | redrebel00:46
ubotturedrebel: cron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto  -  There is also a decent Howto at http://www.tech-geeks.org/contrib/mdrone/cron&crontab-howto.htm00:46
easotokrsomeone had problems missing some icons in desktop and applications??????00:46
easotokrhi leachim600:46
angrylogicredrebel: that will attempt to run script.py at midnight00:47
dekkongeasotokr: after upgrading?00:47
easotokrafter install some packages for web admin00:47
bloopletechI'm trying to get old PHP running, so I added the dapper apt sources to my sources.list, and then ran sudo apt-get install php5=5.1.2-1ubuntu3.12 (which is the version listed at packages.ubuntu.com) but it fails saying version not found00:48
dekkonganyone here what has updated to 8.10?00:48
BlaiddQuestion.  Where can I find info on how to compile the mceusb2 module from source.  I've tried to use make, but it won't finish and I don't know how to use dkms00:48
bpgoldsbSylphid: I'm giving up for the night, thanks for the help though00:48
dr_williseasotokr,  where/how did you install web admin? its not in the repos any more.00:48
scientuswhy does ubuntu suck and break my internet with a bad driver detection00:48
easotokrI donwloaded tools00:48
scientusnot only does my card not work but even wheni connect from another my browser completely does not work00:49
dr_williseasotokr,  webmin should of not affexcted the users desktop/icons/settings at all...00:49
gamesianoi have upgraded to intrepid and now when i click in any option in sites menus it opens Rithmbox!!!!00:49
easotokrwell more specifically, joomla, mysql, postgresql, php, python00:49
bloopletechgamesiano: #ubuntu+100:49
bloopletecham I using the wrong version string?00:49
angrylogicbloopletech: You might need to specify the release you want to apt-get from using the -t flag to apt-get00:50
gamesianowhat? bloopletech00:50
* EDbuntu has been a 24hour long ubuntu user and im loving it00:50
EDbuntucant wait til tomorrows release lol00:50
angrylogicbloopletech: something like apt-get -t dapper install your_package_from_dapper00:50
EDbuntuwhats the best torrent client for ubuntu?00:50
gamesianoi dont understand00:50
bloopletechgamesiano: sorry, 2 different topics. Intrepid questions should go to #ubuntu+`00:50
bloopletech* #ubuntu+100:50
dr_willisEDbuntu,  depends on what you like.00:50
bloopletechangrylogic: thanks00:50
gamesiano1 is i ?00:51
EDbuntudr willis: i wat one like utorrent for winblowz, one that will let me throttle b/w by the hour00:51
bloopletechgamesiano: 100:51
=== maco_ is now known as maco
djhash#ubuntu+1   <--- plus one00:51
dr_willisEDbuntu,  most of them can do that.  at least the more advanced ones.. theres some very basic ones out also.  I tend to use ktorrent.00:51
afallenhopeAre there any clients for broadcasting to shoutcast servers (gui?)00:51
gamesianook, thanks djhash00:51
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about icecast00:51
EDbuntuk dr willis i will try thank you!00:51
SlartEDbuntu: no need for name calling... there's azureus, deluge amongst others.. I hear you can run utorrent using wine too00:52
musictotoEDbuntu: http://blog.shevin.info/2007/06/all-ubuntu-torrent-clients-overview.html00:52
djhashdr_willis: #icecase00:52
Hoover_4000someone please help i deleted the panel that is at the bottom by default and i dont know how to put it back00:52
DrXhow do you fix root can cd to /mount/mntpoint but not /mount/mntpoint/dir1/dir2 ?00:52
djhashdr_willis: sorry:: #ice_cast00:52
djhashdr_willis: i mean: #icecast00:52
SlartHoover_4000: right click on the top panel, select "new panel"00:52
djhashgeez.. my briain is fused00:52
scientuscan someone get me a fix for my RTL8168c/8111c, just because those without networking cant complain the developers think that they cann ignore a problem00:52
musictotoEDbuntu: it's not all the clients, though he says it is :)00:52
Hoover_4000ya i already did that00:52
scientusit was broken in hardy and is still broken in intrepid00:53
dr_willisHoover_4000,  http://linuxfud.wordpress.com/2007/02/14/how-to-reset-ubuntugnome-settings-to-defaults-without-re-installing/00:53
dsotmwhats the deal with debian/rules and how do i edit them00:53
Hoover_4000but the problem is when i minimize an application it disapears00:53
SlartHoover_4000: Hoover_4000 then you have to add some stuff to that new panel00:53
scientusi cant browser the internet even with another eth card some =one pls find a fix for me00:53
dr_willisdsotm,  rules?  be more specific...  that may help.00:53
SlartHoover_4000: right click on the new panel, select Add00:53
dsotmdr_willis: i need to edit the rules for gallery2 - the smarty libs are referenced incorrectly in intrepid00:53
SlartHoover_4000: then find the applet called "Window list"00:54
bpgoldsbSylphid: Haha, I figured it out.  Ubuntu switched eth0/eth1 between install and first boot.00:54
scientushow can i paste without http working?00:54
bpgoldsbSylphid: So all my rules were backwards.00:54
scientussomeone pls help00:54
Hoover_4000Slart: then what00:54
SlartHoover_4000: add that one.. then you can add the trash can, desktop switcher and whatever you had there before00:54
SlartHoover_4000: and you should be back to normal00:54
Sylphidbpgoldsb, ahh..... that would do it00:54
Sylphidbpgoldsb, glad you figured it out00:55
Hoover_4000Slart: thanks thats all i needed00:55
angrylogicdsotm: the debian/rules file contains the commands used to build a debian package;  what are you trying to do with the rules file?00:55
SlartHoover_4000: you're welcome.. don't forget the change the size of that window list if it's too small00:55
bloopletechscientus: privmsg it to that person?00:55
ASrockis there a gnome channel?00:55
bpgoldsbSylphid: So am I, though it makes me want to punch a wall ;)00:55
scientusbut nobody has been helping00:55
ZoohouseThere used to be a panel applet that used to set up a temporary FTP server. Where is it? I can't find it.00:55
dsotmangrylogic: oh, thats a horse of a different color.  i need to change the reference to the smarty libs in gallery200:55
dr_willisscientus,  use the pastebinit command00:56
ZoohouseI need to have a temp FTP server to transfer something...00:56
scientusthere is a working driver but ubuntu likes to think it knows what it is oing00:56
angrylogicdsotm: are you talking about a dependency of the debian package?00:56
Hoover_4000Slart: thanks00:56
dsotmangrylogic: yea, libraries it needs00:56
musictotospam ?...00:57
musictotothen we're going to need an operator00:58
Slarthe's gone already00:58
agitdd99anybody knows when intrepid will be ready?00:59
epcomcom vai00:59
angrylogicdsotm: then you'll want to modify the control file for that package and rebuild it.  the control file will have a Depends: line with a list of packages and sometimes versions that it depends on.00:59
musictoto!intrepid > agitdd9900:59
ubottuagitdd99, please see my private message00:59
ubottuIntrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - Introduction and new features: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/810rc - Use #ubuntu+1 for support, NOT #ubuntu - Discuss and party in #ubuntu-release-party (type also « /topic »)00:59
agitdd99i couldn't find any download link yet00:59
epcomvoçe e gostosa00:59
epcomcomo va00:59
wigrenHi all. I know the new release of Ubuntu will fix this, but I'm going to stick with 8.04 on my work computer. I'm wondering if anybody ever found a fix for the screen brightness issue where it resets it to the lowest value every time you reboot.01:00
pavelk1hi guys01:00
DrBanzaiOk, now I have samba setup, but when I try to access the share from my windoze box, I get User not found, my smb.conf http://pastebin.com/d18c6dae101:00
agitdd99you know it's already october 30th01:00
FloodBot1epcom: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:00
Slart!ops | epcom01:00
ubottuepcom: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!01:00
smil3yagitdd99>  not GMT01:00
epcomjghdilgYO9ÇYEDN9 ALOIUYWAjklhgtawçpsz01:00
agitdd99smil3y>what time?01:01
musictotothanks ops01:01
Myrttino probs01:01
dekkongHello does anyone know @ what time the new final ubuntu release will be released?01:01
ZoohouseAnyone know of a FTP tool for setting up a temp ftp server?01:01
pavelk1i need a help from ubuntu genius01:01
Myrttitwo hours later than planned01:01
Slartdekkong: noone here knows afaik..01:01
jowastIs it possible to use google chrome with 8.1001:01
LjL!intrepid > dekkong    (dekkong, see the private message from ubotu )01:01
ubottudekkong, please see my private message01:01
scientusanyone there01:02
smil3yagitdd99>  when its ready on thursday.......... GMT   goto #ubuntu+1 for intrepid info01:02
Myrttino, it's an illusion01:02
mneptokscientus: nope!01:02
bigmack83has anyone in here successfully tethered their blackberry for phone as modem use with thier ubuntu box?01:02
Slartjowast: I didn't think chrome was available for linux.. or?01:02
scientuslol, soetime my connection break but it doesnt time out01:02
scientusi need a ping channel01:02
Hoover_4000jowast: its not possible01:02
musictotoHoover_4000: maybe with wine, it is ?01:03
epcomfala em portugues01:03
jowastif I use wine, will I have performance issues?01:03
epcomd c01:03
Eisbarsomeones back01:03
Hoover_4000musictoto: but it might run really slow if possible01:03
musictotoHoover_4000: true01:03
jowastguess I will have to wait01:04
musictotothanks op, again ;)01:04
angrylogicjowast: I believe the crossweavers team got it running on their version of wine.01:04
Blowfeldhi all! how to play chess p2p?!?!01:04
jowastI will check it out01:04
SlartBlowfeld: download a chess game.. there are several in the repos01:04
comptonhow long would you guess it will take for the CDs to be sent out after new version?01:04
Marthy___Blowfeld:  ???01:04
SlartBlowfeld: I think eboard is pretty good01:04
musictotocompton: usually takes 6 weeks tops01:05
comptonmusictoto, cool thanks01:05
angrylogicjowist: make that codeweavers :)01:05
ericjungcan anyone recommend a torrent client for Ubuntu that's more in-depth than Transmission?01:06
=== NiaGhost is now known as Niamor
DrBanzaiWhen using my Windoze pc to access my music directory on my samba server, I get User name not found.  I can browse to the server fine, but as soon as I try to open the actual music folder, I get the error.  My smb.conf is here: http://pastebin.com/d18c6dae1  Any ideas?01:07
musictotoericjung: http://blog.shevin.info/2007/06/all-ubuntu-torrent-clients-overview.html01:07
Socceroosericjung: Azureus01:07
bloopletechwould anybode be able to take a look at this? http://pastie.org/303683 I'm trying to get php 5.1 running on hardy01:07
ericjungAzureus is for video01:07
agitdd99is there anyone experienced static IP setup didn't work out in the late release of intrepid?01:07
Myrtti!intrepid > agitdd9901:07
ubottuagitdd99, please see my private message01:07
Slartericjung: you can also run utorrent using wine01:08
BlowfeldSlart thx eboard looks great01:08
ubottuIntrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - Introduction and new features: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/810rc - Use #ubuntu+1 for support, NOT #ubuntu - Discuss and party in #ubuntu-release-party (type also « /topic »)01:08
ubottuIt's ok, I can't stay mad at you. Those darned ewoks on the other hand...01:08
SlartBlowfeld: you're welcome01:08
Hoover_4000ericjung: its for videos but through torrents01:08
Tyrath_is the application menu binded to a key? if so what is it?01:08
ericjungHoover_4000: yeah but i use torrent for more than video01:08
w3rd_does vi or nano store a file extension?01:08
=== Eisbar is now known as Jesus
w3rd_or something that specifies the file type besides the filename?01:09
dr_willisw3rd_,  the idea of a file extension - isent really used by linux..   its just part of the filename01:09
SlartHoover_4000, ericjung: Azureus has some weird mode they call Vuze for online video.. but there's still a classic setting01:09
Tyrath_w3rd_: why don't you just vi filename.<extension> ?01:09
Hoover_4000ericjung: ya but its really slow if it comes to torrents01:09
comptonVuze is  quite cool01:09
usser  Tyrath_ its alt+F101:09
GodfatherofEir1Any advice on running programs under wine, because so far I havent managed to get anything other than installers to run.01:09
bobbob1016I know this isn't a programming channel, but I thought since it was g++ on ubuntu, I could ask here since it seems to be g++, since I get http://pastebin.ca/1240169 even with nothing in int main apart from return 0;01:09
Tyrath_usser: thanks and is it in the lists of binds, so as I can rebind it?01:10
w3rd_well, this is the issue, im on a hosted vps that i dont have root access to and it appears that for some reason that when i try to create a file that is going to be used for apache it wont let me store an empty file with just a name01:10
musictoto!wine > GodfatherofEir101:10
ubottuGodfatherofEir1, please see my private message01:10
Hoover_4000Slart, ericjung: well they changed the name from azerus to vuze01:10
w3rd_is there a way to just store a file with a name and exclude any content01:10
usserTyrath_, yea its there01:10
Tyrath_usser: thanks01:10
jribbobbob1016: pastebin your source code and the actual commands you ran in your terminal01:10
ericjungHoover_4000: vuze on Windows sucks01:10
Kaxspwhere can i donwload it?01:10
bloopletechw3rd: touch <name of file> in terminal01:10
Tyrath_w3rd_: I thought that would do it?01:10
w3rd_me to..01:10
jribKaxsp: download what?01:11
Tyrath_w3rd_: you've logged into the server yes?01:11
w3rd_oh i forgot about touch01:11
Slartericjung: just disable vuze.. the classic mode is still the same torrent client as before01:11
w3rd_just a moment01:11
Tyrath_w3rd_: username and pass?01:11
musictotoGodfatherofEir1: you're welcome01:11
Tyrath_w3rd_: bc in my opinion if you've logged in you should have root access01:11
w3rd_im logged in to the server Tyrath01:11
w3rd_no just shell access01:11
w3rd_its a shared server01:11
Hoover_4000ericjung: when i try to mention the word windows on here people start hating on me but all i can say utorrent is the best way in windows wish they make it for linux01:11
jgoguenHoover_4000: runs perfectly under Wine01:12
Tyrath_w3rd_: maybe you need root privs to write? i'm not sure01:12
w3rd_they have setup user groups pretty heavy and eliminated root use to all users other that admins01:12
karl5765765what time is 8.10 coming out at?01:12
comptonw3rd_, touch filename01:12
gleesondis there a way to send all my audio through my onboard spdif port01:12
w3rd_compton it wont let me write the file with touch01:12
w3rd_i think that i need root01:12
musictoto!intrepid > karl576576501:12
ubottukarl5765765, please see my private message01:12
ericjungHoover_4000: what i mean is that if vuze sucks for windows it probably sucks for ubuntu, too01:12
w3rd_touch digest01:12
w3rd_touch: cannot touch `digest': No such file or directory01:12
usserkarl5765765, should be out already, any moment now01:12
Tyrath_w3rd_: google vi?01:12
Tyrath_or :help01:12
bobbob1016jrib, http://pastebin.ca/124017601:12
MetalHeadDeadwhats a good program to scan for viruses that you know youve come in contact with, but dont want to spread it to windows users?01:12
Tyrath_or man vi01:12
bloopletechw3rd_: you might now have permissions to write to that directory01:12
ThedjatclubrockDo you know if I could take the Ubuntu LiveCD, replace the default GNOME backgroud?01:13
w3rd_well i think id better just submit a ticket to my webhost01:13
SlartMetalHeadDead: clamav comes with some kind of scanner gui01:13
usserMetalHeadDead, clamav01:13
Tyrath_best of luck01:13
w3rd_bloopletech: what do you mean, this happens in all directories01:13
unopw3rd_, what filesystem is the volume ?01:13
w3rd_i have tried multiple01:13
SlartMetalHeadDead: there are some commercial av-apps available too01:13
Hoover_4000ericjung: it takes like 10 minutes to download something utorrent does in 1-2 minutes01:13
w3rd_er... gimmie a sec unop01:13
MetalHeadDeadok thanks01:13
angrylogicw3rd_: try /bin/touch <somefile>;  your shell might have a built-in named touch or you might have it aliased to something else01:13
bloopletechw3rd_: even in you're home directory?01:13
w3rd_probably in home01:13
comptoncan I edit files on the livecd iso before burning it?01:13
musictotoThedjatclubrock: be more specific. what do you want to change using the live CD ?01:14
DrBanzaiWhen using my Windoze pc to access my music directory on my samba server, I get User name not found.  I can browse to the server fine, but as soon as I try to open the actual music folder, I get the error.  My smb.conf is here: http://pastebin.com/d18c6dae1  Any ideas?01:14
w3rd_but i wouldnt feel comfortable storing a psswd file for htdigest in the home dir?01:14
comptonDrBanzai, try #samba01:14
Thedjatclubrockmusictoto: I'd like to modify the default background for new users, and distribute it on a LiveCD01:14
XshoppyXNo one knows what the final release will even be01:14
ThedjatclubrockAnd maybe some other GNOME hacks01:14
micahfhey guys, any idea why my DVD burner is showing up as a CD-ROM drive?01:15
micahfit's really frustrating01:15
easotokrhi every one again..... I getting: Error loading theme icon $1 for stock: Icon $1 not present in theme BUT the file exists.. please help!!!01:15
bloopletechw3rd_: in general shared hosts don't let you change files in /etc etc, only your hime dir and stuff you should be able to write to.01:15
w3rd_uname doesnt mention the site config unop, ill have to check the hosts site details01:15
XshoppyXbecause it can read cds?01:15
jribbobbob1016: have you installed build-essential?01:15
w3rd_bloopletech: im in /misc01:15
musictotoThedjatclubrock: can't help you with that, sure someone else here can.01:15
micahfXshoppyX, :) yes but it's not recognizing blank discs01:15
bobbob1016jrib, I've done compiling before, I will make sure.01:15
unopw3rd_, no, i mean filesystem as in EXTx, FAT, NTFS, etc01:15
unopw3rd_,  examining the output of the mount command should tell you01:15
bobbob1016jrib, I did "sudo apt-get install build-essential" I had it installed already.01:16
bloopletechw3rd_: you probably dont have permissions on that directory01:16
philippe_Hello. Is it know exactly to which hours Intrepid Ibex final will be out? If it is at 00:00 East time I will wait to install it ;)01:16
Dorobo18jpis there an evolution chanenel? for help or can i ask here01:16
jribbobbob1016: have you installed anything to /usr/local/?01:16
Tyrathjust wanted to ask one last thing. is there a way so that when you open up apps in terminal it displays the app name in the header?01:16
Slartphilippe_: nope.. no exact time yet01:16
bobbob1016jrib, Not explicitly.01:17
jribbobbob1016: what does that mean?01:17
SlartTyrath: check the preferences.. there's supposed to be some kind of dynamic title thing.. I never got it to work though01:17
micahfwhen I do hdparm it says "ATAPI CD-ROM, with removable media"01:17
bobbob1016jrib, I didn't install anything there, something might have been installed there, but I didn't tell anything to be installed there.01:17
w3rd_blookpletech: im going to attempt to specify another directory and see what happens...01:18
spx2is there anything ... some kind of framework that indexes all documents on a directory and provides searching capabilities through a web front-end ?01:18
jribbobbob1016: do you have anything in /usr/local/?01:18
bobbob1016jrib, bin  etc  games  include  lib  man  sbin  share  src01:18
Slartspx2: there is an indexer installed by default.. don't know if it comes with a webgui though..01:18
w3rd_how do you store something just to bash01:18
w3rd_the reason i cant store it is cause i was using /01:18
w3rd_and im sure they dont let you save files to the / dir01:18
TyrathSlart: can't find anything :(01:19
jribbobbob1016: what is in bin01:19
Slartspx2: you might want to look at "beagle" too01:19
SilentKThis is too damn hard.01:19
SilentKI need my wireless card to work.01:19
SlartTyrath: it's in Edit, "Current profile" ..01:19
Dorobo18jpis there a way to set up an animated email notification for my desktop in ubuntu ?01:20
Tyrathoh another thing with key binds. I've binded the windows key to applications but as a result all my binds with windows key don't work... is there any way around this other than changing the key configs?01:20
kopargi cant get firefox in spanish! how do i do that?01:20
micahfthis is so annoying!01:20
SlartTyrath: but as I said.. I've never been able to make it work sensibly01:20
unopw3rd_, you probably want this instead.  ~/filename01:20
w3rd_oh yah.01:20
bobbob1016jrib, http://pastebin.ca/1240183  I actually did put 3 things in there, senicon (both of them), and waterping.  They tell compiz's water effect to do a water ping on gnotify.01:20
unopw3rd_, ~filename  would interpret filename as a user's name - you need the slash to make ~ represent your own home directory01:20
TyrathSlart: yeh mines already set on replace initial title :(01:21
SlartTyrath: yea.. so is mine.. it's never replaced anything so far01:21
TyrathSlart: lol. even on intrepid :/01:21
musictotokoparg: http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/all.html01:21
hal14450I need advice in regards to setting up a lan repository for an installfest this weekend anyone have any links?01:22
LjL!info apt-cacher hal1445001:23
ubottuhal14450 is not a valid distribution ['intrepid', 'medibuntu', 'kubuntu-members-kde4', 'hardy-backports', 'intrepid-backports', 'gutsy', 'gutsy-backports', 'hardy', 'feisty-backports', 'dapper', 'feisty']01:23
jribbobbob1016: readlink -f $(which g++)01:23
LjL!info apt-cacher | hal1445001:23
ubottuhal14450: apt-cacher (source: apt-cacher): Caching proxy for Debian package and source files. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.5.5 (hardy), package size 65 kB, installed size 276 kB01:23
angrylogichal14450: you can also look at apt-mirror and debmirror01:23
jribbobbob1016: I get lines 6-11 of your error when I try to compile with gcc instead of g++01:23
bobbob1016jrib, readlink -f $(which g++)01:24
koparghow do i install firefox 3 in spanish ??01:24
hal14450thanks guys i'll have a look at those but i should qualify the statement by saying i'll have the repos for 8.04 on dvd01:24
bobbob1016jrib, Sorry, forgot about g++, I saw gcc.01:24
jribkoparg: usa os repositorios com o programa synaptic01:25
Flannelhal14450: Then you can get those packages from your media.01:25
musikgoathal14450: thats where you'd collect the cache server to host on the lan01:25
kopargjrib: ive use it, ive installed firefox3 but mozilla es is for firefox 201:25
jimmioHello all01:25
bobbob1016jrib, It compiled fine with g++01:25
jribkoparg: hrmm, is your ubuntu language set to spanish (when you login)?01:25
jribbobbob1016: k01:26
bobbob1016jrib, One more thing, how do I run the compiled code, ./a.out right?01:26
Caoanyone ever used ubuntu studio? if so whats ur opinion of it01:26
hal14450so basically i just setup the server with all the packages and then add the repo in /etc/apt/sources.list eh?01:26
jribbobbob1016: sure.  Or pass -o NAME to g++ so that you can run ./NAME01:26
^Oink^I have a package that's being held back after both apt-get upgrade AND after apt-get dist-upgrade. what is going on? the package is kab01:26
jimmioI'm having strange issues with my CA0106 Creative SoundBlaster Audigy SE's input... it's distorted badly until I run jack and Ardour, then it's crystal clear... any ideas?01:26
Flannel^Oink^: pastebin the output of apt-cache policy kab01:27
^Oink^ok 1 sec01:27
ptx0nenolod, what01:27
jribkoparg: you might want to try #ubuntu-es, they know better about the language settings I'm sure01:28
^Oink^Flannel, No need, it's one line: "E: Invalid operation police"01:28
Flanneloverkordbaever: policy01:28
Flanneler, ^Oink^01:28
bingungajahas ubuntu 8.10 release by today 30 oct ?01:29
jribbingungaja: check the topic01:29
^Oink^Flannel, I don't understand you01:29
bingungajaok sorry01:29
JakeMonhow do i search for a package i have installed?01:30
Flannel^Oink^: apt-cache policy kab, not apt-cache police kab01:30
FlannelJakeMon: What are you looking to search for/by/etc?01:30
=== media is now known as mediaX
^Oink^Flannel, Okay I see now. "W: Unable to locate package kab"01:30
JakeMonFlannel: i want to make sure i have removed all exim related packages01:31
Flannel^Oink^: What's the package name then?  You said kab, obviously that's not it.  Whatever it is, pastebin the output of apt-cache policy [package]01:31
FlannelJakeMon: `dpkg -l | grep exim` would work01:31
JakeMonFlannel: thanks01:31
JakeMonFlannel: what does "rc" mean to the left of the package?01:32
^Oink^Flannel, Oh okay, duh, I feel really dumb now, i have a goofy font on my terminal. it's k3b and i am pastebinning the output now.01:32
jimmioAnyone here have some knowledge of getting distortion on CA0106 sound card input? and then it randomly disappearing when I start Jack and Ardour?01:32
FlannelJakeMon: if you dpkg -l | less, theres a little header that explains both columns.  But that'd be removed, but the config is still around (you removed the package, but you didn't purge it, so the config is still there)01:33
^Oink^Flannel, http://pastebin.com/m17fc5bf401:33
JakeMonFlannel: could apt-get purge the package?01:34
FlannelJakeMon: Yeah, or "Complete Removal" in synaptic01:34
mistformgood evening, #Ubuntu01:34
seivanI have been up all night trying to get ubuntu on my mac mini, using both amd 64 and regular 32 bit, both hardy en interprid, both ubuntu and xubuntu, and still get the flashing ?01:34
tecnicodpc /join #linuxjournal01:34
^Oink^JakeMon, rc means release candidate01:35
mistformcould I get some help from someone? I want to create something to check my CPU/Mobo temps every so many minutes and output to a file01:35
Flannel^Oink^: Alright, so, you have the hardy version available, and you're not upgrading to the hardy-backports version for some reason.  So, what you do now is sudo apt-get install k3b, it'll give you a reason why its being held back (depends on X, but X is not going to be installed), then you sudo apt-get install X (X depends on Y, but Y is not going to be installed), sudo apt-get install Y, .... etc, until you get to a 'real' error message, which wil01:35
musictotoseivan: are you setting it up into a virtual machine, or using bootcamp ?01:35
amt2i was trying to map a network drive by following the instructions in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently. However, the drive didnt map correctly, and now my other local hard drive is also not getting mounted. any help would be appreciated01:36
mistformright now I'm using lm-sensors for temps, but I don't know how to make anything myself01:36
EDbuntuwhats the best way to run xp and ubuntu at the same time so i can toggle between the two? is it parallels?01:36
^Oink^Flannel, "error message, which wi" you cut off there01:36
FrogzooEDbuntu: windows on vmware, with shared network drive01:36
musictotoEDbuntu: you can do that by virtualization: Parallels/VMware/Virtualbox/QEMU01:37
Flannel^Oink^: (depends on X, but X is not going to be installed), then you sudo apt-get install X (X depends on Y, but Y is not going to be installed), sudo apt-get install Y, .... etc, until you get to a 'real' error message, which will say (it depends on version A, but we've only got version B, etc)01:37
seivanmusictoto: bootcamp sorta01:37
musictotoEDbuntu: Virtualbox and QEMU both being open source and free software01:37
seivanmusictoto: I just boot the cd, install, 6) Reboot and remember: every time you want to run Ubuntu Linux, you’ll have to keep the alt key pressed during boot and choose “Windows” (Yes, really) from the boot menu that opens.01:37
seivanand nothing pops up for me musictoto01:37
ShpookWill XBMC run in Xubuntu? Or is it native to Gnome?01:38
king_when can i update to 8.10 from sources01:38
Dorobo18jpanyone have any ideas on how to get an animated email notification for my desktop ?01:38
musictotoseivan: i'm not following you, tell me everything you did, slow01:39
^Oink^!intrepid king_01:39
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about intrepid king_01:39
Flannel!intrepid | king_01:39
ubottuking_: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - Introduction and new features: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/810rc - Use #ubuntu+1 for support, NOT #ubuntu - Discuss and party in #ubuntu-release-party (type also « /topic »)01:39
CaneToaddoes anyone have any clues about how to escape an X grab that locks up the entire desktop [without a network connection] ?01:39
seivanmusictoto: Alright, I installed (litteraly tried all versions) ubuntu  using entire mac mini disk (80 gig)  79 as / (being bootable) and 1 gb as swap. NO osx, no bootcamp. it installs flawless (both alternative and live cd works to install with) I reboot, hold down alt.. nothing shows up, HELP ME SOMEONE01:40
zigzagsis there anything in ubuntu that will display allmy system info at once? like video card, processor name/speed, memory types/amounts? something similar to dxdiag01:40
jribCaneToad: can you get to a tty?01:40
chuckles_theSHEDAnyone?  -- using Ubuntu Hardy, I made the mistake of disconnecting/disabling my wireless connection - can't figure out how to enable again.01:40
seivanalexlea: when I boot with the OS X cd and check disk manager.. it says guid partition table, should it be like that?01:41
CaneToadjrib, the keyboard and mouse during an X grab become entirely unresponsive, can't do anything except for power down and reboot... bad because it happens if you put a breakpoint in a popup menu callback01:41
amt2i was trying to map a network drive by following the instructions in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently. However, the drive didnt map correctly, and now my other local hard drive is also not getting mounted. any help would be appreciated01:42
^Oink^zigzags, lspci will give you most of it01:42
FlannelCaneToad: Tried REISUB?01:42
mistformcould I get some help from someone? I want to create something to check my CPU/Mobo temps every so many minutes and output to a file01:42
CaneToadFlannel, I'll go google REISUB, thanks01:42
Flannel!sysrq | CaneToad01:42
ubottuCaneToad: In an emergency, you may be able to shutdown cleanly and reboot by holding down Alt+PrintScreen and typing, in succession, R, E, I, S, U and B. For an explanation, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key01:42
musictotoseivan: so you can't start ubuntu, nor start something else ?01:42
FlannelCaneToad: It'll just verify the level of "frozen"ness01:43
seivanmusictoto: exactly, I just got ubuntu though I dont want OS X01:43
seivanmusictoto: it doesnt find it, no offence man, but do you got experienec with installing on a mac?01:43
^Oink^Flannel, I have never heard of that before in my life. Does that work with every distribution?01:43
CaneToadFlannel, all that needs happen is that the application holding the X grab needs to be killed, does REISUB help with that?01:44
musictotoseivan: i'm a exp. mac user01:44
^Oink^Flannel, I run a datacenter that is very valuable info. Does it work in every linux distro?01:44
micahfanyone have ideas why my blank DVDs don't show up for nautilus or dvdrtools ?01:44
Flannel^Oink^: It should, yes.01:44
musictotoseivan: you used the live CD to install, or the alternate install01:44
micahfit's bugging the heck out of me01:44
seivanmusictoto: I GOT both.. 100 different versions of them01:44
Fezzler1I want to connect my Brother printer to Ubuntu over the network.  The printer is installed via USB to my Vista PC.  Do I use cupswrapper or lpr driver?01:44
zigzagshow do I use grep?01:45
zigzagswith lspci01:45
musictotoseivan: none of them working... i understand01:45
FlannelCaneToad: Ah, well, that's likely not the issue.  Can you ctrl-alt-f1 out of it?01:45
zigzagsi just need the syntax01:45
seivanmusictoto: they work installing01:45
seivanmusictoto: but nothing more.. they dont boot, just flashing -> ? that is questin mark01:45
CaneToadFlannel, no, those keys are unresponsive during an X grab01:45
seivanmusictoto: When I boot OS X disc, and check disc utility, all I can see is swap on 1 gig, and 79 free space sorta...01:45
musictotoseivan: yeah.01:46
musictotoseivan: never happened to me before01:46
Fezzler1Flannel> Hey. I was going to reparition my hard drives with gparted but folks warned of data loss.  Risky?01:46
musictotoseivan: i had 2 flawless ubuntu installs (8.04) on macs using the live CD...01:46
seivanI am out of CD01:46
seivanmusictoto: how did you do?01:46
musictotoseivan: just by running it... i never encountered your problem01:47
FlannelFezzler1: er, oh, doing the shrink/expand thing?  Every sort of disk operation carries some risk of data loss.  But assuming you perform the erase/expand on the correct partitions (instead of erasing the partitions you're using), your risk is minimal.01:47
jribFezzler1: it's not risky if you have backups, which you should have for any data you care about anyway01:47
Andril1 day to go :)01:47
FlannelAndril: #ubuntu-release-party, not here, thanks.01:48
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mistformcan anyone help me with lm-sensors?01:48
chuckles_theSHEDAnyone?  -- using Hardy, I disconnected/disabled my wireless through network selector  - can't figure out how to enable again.01:48
rwwmistform: possibly, but we won't know until you state the problem ;-)01:48
amt2did anyone get a chance to read my question?01:49
mistformrww, I'm trying to make lm-sensors output temp1 and temp2 to a file01:49
kakooniawhere's ubuntu!?!01:50
rwwmistform: what's the output of the "sensors" command? if it includes the information you want, can you copy it to http://paste.ubuntu.com/ please?01:51
kakooniasomeone knows when ubuntu ibex arrives?01:51
LjL!isitout | kakoonia01:51
ubottukakoonia: Ask in #ubuntu-release-party - we don't know here01:51
Dorobo18jpanyone know if there is an evolution email help room ?01:51
mistformkakoonia, supposed to be released the 30th of October01:51
lazukars_I just installed gtk and know Gnome fails.  ahhhh.  How do I fix?01:52
Winkiemistform: are you trying to make these files be 'live', or just output them when you run a command?01:52
Blowfeldwhen is 8.10 online?!01:52
Flannel!isitout | Blowfeld01:52
ubottuBlowfeld: Ask in #ubuntu-release-party - we don't know here01:52
jriblazukars_: what you said makes no sense really.  What exactly did you do?01:52
hal14450LjL, angrylogic , Flannel and musikgoat thank you for the tips we'll see how it plays out this weekend ;-)01:52
mistformWinkie, I was first going to output when I ran the command. next I'd like to create a daemon to output the temps every 5 min to a log file01:52
lazukars_jrib: downloaded gtk inorder or gftp to work01:53
ubottuAsk in #ubuntu-release-party - we don't know here01:53
jriblazukars_: **exactly**.  Did you compile gtk?01:53
Winkiemistform: it should be very trivial to use a script to output the details, can i ask what you are using this for? there may be a better way01:53
=== PEAKTOP is now known as PEAKTOP^My3a
SilentKCan anyone help me with my wireless card now?01:54
mistformWinkie, well I keep getting random system freezes. if I had a log of temperatures I could see if it was overheating01:54
lazukars_no.  I do not even know what gtk is.  I just downloaded it b/c gftp needs it.  Stupid on my part.01:54
Dorobo18jpanyone know where i can get a animated desktop email notification ?01:54
mistformI pretty sure its not a PSU problem anymore01:54
jriblazukars_: what did you do after you downloaded gtk?01:54
lazukars_jrib: nothing01:54
mistformDorobo18jp, look for evolution mail plugins01:54
Winkiemistform: i see, complete freezes or application freezes?01:54
lazukars_jrib: just rebooted.01:54
mistformWinkie, entire system freeze. only hardboot will recover01:54
Winkiemistform: have you run memtest?01:55
jriblazukars_: so that's probably not related as downloading a file is not going to cause gnome to fail.  Did you do anything else?01:55
mistformWinkie, yes.01:55
KrispyI would like to know What time will ubuntu 8.10 Sortier officiale and what time zone if you like01:55
mistformWinkie, it's usually when my CPU is under load for more than 10 minutes.01:55
jrib!isitout | Krispy01:55
ubottuKrispy: Ask in #ubuntu-release-party - we don't know here01:55
lazukars_jrib: got this error: Symbol lookup error /user/lib/libgtk_x11- undefined symbol: g_hash ble_ref01:55
Krispyok merci01:55
nkei0herro, say I open a program in the terminal...  How do i continue doing stuff in that terminal without closing that program i opened?01:55
mistformWinkie, playing movies, flash, or just too many firefox pages will crash it01:55
Winkiemistform: well it sounds like you've done some basic checking, can you paste the output of the `sensors' command somewhere please?01:56
lazukars_jrib: I did nothing else01:56
jribnkei0: ctrl-z and then 'bg'01:56
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)01:56
nkei0jrib: what exactly does that do?01:56
Winkienkei0: it puts the process in the 'background'01:56
Winkieit will still be connected to your terminal, so you will get output from it01:56
nkei0sweet, thanks01:56
Winkiea better way is to use gnu screen01:56
comptonpauses the task01:56
=== Socceroos is now known as Socceroos_away
comptonthen puts it in the background01:56
rwwlol, i asked for the output of "sensors" 5 minutes ago ;-)01:56
Winkienkei0: apt-get install screen01:56
Winkierww: i saw ;)01:56
jriblazukars_: ok, then how exactly is gnome failing?01:56
Winkierww: i was thinking maybe there was a better /proc way01:57
nkei0i'm retarded and still don't really have any clue what I'm doing in ubuntu01:57
mistformWinkie, http://paste.ubuntu.com/64414/01:57
Winkieare the ### lines the ones you want?01:57
mistformI just need temps01:57
lazukars_jrib: it says "FAIL" nest to the words Gnome on startup.01:57
mistformI already tested my voltage rails01:57
killuxhey is intrepid going to be released at like 12 on the dot?01:57
Winkiemistform: my bash is not amazing, one minute01:57
lazukars_jrib: plus Gnome does not start.01:58
jriblazukars_: create a new user01:58
lazukars_jrib: ok01:58
scientushow do i copy a partition from one drive to another?01:58
mistformWinkie, mine is worse than yours. I know some C++ which only comes in handy with structure. doesn't help at all with syntax :S01:58
Krispyeach time you ask, it's delayed two hours01:58
FlannelKrispy: not here.01:58
Winkiemistform: well you should learn regular expressions, egrep will get this easily, i'm just not sure of exactly the best way to do things in bash01:59
Winkiei write Perl :p01:59
rww!isitout | killux01:59
ubottukillux: Ask in #ubuntu-release-party - we don't know here01:59
WebGuesthow many hours?02:00
rwwhow about this: sensors | grep "Temp:"  > /var/log/templog02:00
LjL!isitout | WebGuest02:01
ubottuWebGuest: Ask in #ubuntu-release-party - we don't know here02:01
rwwand make a file /var/log/templog, and throw that command in crontab02:01
Beta-guyhow long until Unbuntu 8.10 is released?02:01
MetalHeadDeadone day!02:01
Beta-guy24 hours?02:01
Winkiemistform: if only i could remember how to replace newlines :)02:01
chucklesAnyone help?  -- I disconnected/disabled my wireless through network selector  - can't figure out how to enable again.02:01
lazukars_jrib: what is creating a new user going to do?02:01
WebGuestwell who literally releases it? someone in europe? cali?02:01
nkei0So, where is the folderset for gimp located by default?  Whenever I search I find it in usr/share/gimp, but it runs 2.6 and that shows usr/share/gimp/2.002:02
rwwWinkie, mistform: (resending 'cause i forgot to prepend your names) how about this: sensors | grep "Temp:"  > /var/log/templog; and make a file /var/log/templog, and throw that command in crontab02:02
jriblazukars_: if the new user logs in fine, you know it's a user config issue.  If the new user also fails, you know it's not a user config issue02:02
Flannel!isitout | WebGuest02:02
ubottuWebGuest: Ask in #ubuntu-release-party - we don't know here02:02
FlannelBeta-guy, you too.02:02
WebGuesthaha sorry02:02
mistformrww, thank you very much. I was just learning some more "piping" variables :)02:03
Unknown23179im having trouble with my resolution, i need to set my video card or something?02:03
GoD^spytemanhas anyone experienced high cpu usage problems with the recent kernel update to 2.6.22-15 (gutsy)? i'm getting 100% cpu whenever i run an opengl fullscreen game although i haven't changed fglrx drivers before. now tried several versions of fglrx, both original from repositories and from ATI website but they all give me the same 100% cpu usage02:03
mistformrww, from what I googled and read, that should work :)02:03
rwwmistform: do you know how02:03
decherdt_tried that AltSyRq REISB and /home/scott became owned by ftp, group scott, ..chown -R seems to have worked, gotta remeber that U, or something02:03
alekaI have been using an external USB storage device as my backup on my Ubuntu box for a while...for some reason though, I can't seem to be able to mount it... this a what I am getting in dmesg when connecting the device: [517227.646754] usb 4-6: new high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 32 > Any ideas?02:04
rwwmistform: (hit return by accident) to put stuff in the root crontab, or shall i find instructions?02:04
Winkierww: i have been wrestling with bash because i am rusty, the best solution i would imagine is while true; do sensors|egrep "(M/B|CPU) Temp" |awk '{print $3}' >> temps.txt; sleep 1; done02:04
Winkiebut i can't remember how to remove newlines :(02:04
Winkiealso you probably want to up the sleep to 300 (5 minutes)02:05
=== Charitwo is now known as kirby
rwwWinkie: rather than mess with while and sleep, you could just put it in crontab. Your egrep does the same as my grep, and I don't know what the awk part does :)02:05
alekato add to my question above, the device enclosure is intact and gets mounted properly on a Mac02:05
GoD^spytemanhas anyone experienced problems with 100% cpu usage with recently updated kernel and fglrx (any version)? in opengl applications/games?02:05
Winkierww: yeah you could crontab it, but it works as a simple 'daemon' this way, your way is also valid, and awk seperates the actual temperatures02:06
CardiacKidanyone willing to field some rookie questions about remote access to a ubuntu machine?02:06
WinkieCardiacKid: just ask your questions :)02:06
amt2i was trying to map a network drive by following the instructions in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently. However, the drive didnt map correctly, and now my other local hard drive is also not getting mounted. any help would be appreciated02:06
=== smg_soul is now known as PANGERAN_KESOREA
joshuxtoday 8.10  ?02:06
Winkieamt2: by 'not getting mounted' do you mean it's not mounted on boot, or a specific command fails?02:06
rww!isitout | joshux02:06
ubottujoshux: Ask in #ubuntu-release-party - we don't know here02:06
seivanis swap logical or primary02:07
realsifohello. could youguys help me how to connect my se k750i for gprs modem in ubuntu?02:07
Winkieseivan: it doesn't matter02:07
=== Chari2 is now known as Charitwo
* lolzter fucks you.02:07
seivanWinkie: you sure02:07
XpistosOkay, so my ubuntu server has available updates, how to run the updates from the command line when I am SSHed in02:07
joshuxcan't wait lol02:07
Winkieseivan: logical or primary are partition types on the disk, swap is what the partition is used for02:07
Entropy51423Hello, I am using the vncserver tool via command line, and the process appears but it appears that it does not start the desktop appropriately02:07
Winkieseivan: i'm pretty sure i have machines with both02:07
joshuxit says it'll be out on 10/3002:07
WinkieEntropy51423: there should be a log in ~/.vnc/ somewhere I think02:08
mistformrww, is there any way to append the time to the log?02:08
joshuxit's 10/30 here02:08
WinkieThu Oct 30 02:09:04 GMT 200802:08
amt2Winkie: I mean that if I click on the drive under Places, I get 'Cannot mount volume', so it's as if I have no access to the drive02:08
CardiacKidI'm about 1 week into learning Ubuntu and I want to go headless on a file server I have setup. Do I need to install a VNC viewer on each machine I want to remote in with?or can I configure the box to accept remote access through an IP?02:08
Winkieamt2: hmm, that's an interest problem, i was expecting an issue with your fstab, but i don't think that would affect normal drives02:09
rww!cn | panmeng02:09
ubottupanmeng: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk02:09
WinkieCardiacKid: by 'accept remote access through an IP' why would that mean you didn't need to use a vnc viewer?02:09
amt2Winkie, I just modified /etc/fstab as it says on the link, by adding a single line. I tried removing it but still ntohing02:10
Winkieamt2: you're sure that you left it as it was? have you rebooted since?02:10
spwntare the wine download servers down?02:10
musictotoCardiacKid: you'll always have to use a vnc viewer program02:11
OhmuAll, gparted reports my HDD partitions as: sda1 (ext3,35GB with an old unused ubuntu), unallocated (2GB), sda2 (extended, contains 2 swaps: sda5, sda6 totalling 6 gigs), sda3 (20GB - my current Ubuntu).  I want to shift my ubuntu from sda3 to sda1.  How can I do that?  gparted isn't allowing any moves.  do I have to unmount them first?02:11
scuniziCardiacKid, if you have a gui installed you could set up xdmcp for access.. that's under the sessions button on the login screen or.. ssh into it for text access or combine that with vnc for desktop secure.02:11
rwwCardiacKid: Are you talking about configuring the box so that you can VNC in using a web browser applet?02:11
CardiacKidwould the "Remote Desktop" terminal in windows be considered a VNC viewer?02:11
=== TS69TS is now known as to1
WinkieCardiacKid: there is an RDP server, but it is not particularly well supported if I remember correctly02:11
amt2Winkie, yes I rebooted02:11
rwwCardiacKid: 'cause I remember doing that in Debian a few years ago, but forget how I did it :/02:11
scuniziCardiacKid, you can always run vnc on windows02:11
Hoover_4000anyone know how to install .run packages, i have already tried to allow execution and run in terminal but it doesnt work?02:11
to1how do i go about downloading beryl?02:11
amt2Winkie, unless I made a stupid mistake, then yes, I just added the line, then deleted it. I can show you the file if that's helpful02:11
scuniziHoover_4000, sudo ./<package.run>02:12
musictotoCardiacKid: no... the Remote Desktop on windows is no vnc program02:12
Winkieamt2: it would be useful, it could also be one of many problems, have you checked your logs for any errors / do you know the physical device details?02:12
rww!compiz | to102:12
ubottuto1: Compiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion02:12
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)02:12
Hoover_4000scunizi: what do you mean02:12
scientushow do i test what speed my connection is to the internet via command line?02:12
scientusi eman lan02:12
to1thanks ubottu02:12
Winkiescientus: ethtool / mii-tool02:12
rwwto1: beryl is called compiz/compiz fusion now :)02:12
CardiacKidso if I wanted remote access to the ubuntu box, I couldn't use Remote Desktop?02:12
OhmuCan I just copy the files over sda3->sda1, then fiddle /boot/grub/menu.lst ?02:12
musictotoCardiacKid: on windows you might want to use http://www.realvnc.com/ (free client download) or an open source client02:13
scuniziHoover_4000, in a terminal change directories to where the .run file is located and type .. sudo ./<filename.run>02:13
ldapqnscientus you just wanna find if its a 100 mbps link or 10 mbps link, or do you want to find the actual download/upload rate?02:13
amt2Winkie, no I haven't. You would need to guide me through since I'm really no expert.02:13
scuniziHoover_4000, without the <>'s02:13
nuryfv /join #ubuntu-es02:13
CardiacKidIs there a way to do it without having to install anything on the machine remoting in?02:13
Winkieamt2: no problem, put your /etc/fstab on a paste site, make sure you remove any samba passwords02:14
scientusboth i guess,02:14
PassionFRUI7EHello.  I did sudo lshw -C netowork and my atheros driver is "UNCLAIMED".  I installed one of theirs using Windows Wireless Drivers and it didnt seem to do much.  Now what?02:14
Hoover_4000scunizi: well am not that of a smart person in linux and ave no idea what you are talking about02:14
scientusbut yeah 10/100/1000 was what i was asking about02:14
PassionFRUI7EMy ethernet works, thats how I'm on here now.02:14
Winkiescientus: install either 'ethtool' or 'mii-tool'02:14
Winkieeither will tell you02:14
DigitalFiz8.10 gonna be availible via update manager at midnight?02:14
scuniziHoover_4000, you want to run/install a program ending in .run right?02:14
amt2Winkie, here is the file: http://pastebin.ca/124021702:14
rww!isitout | DigitalFiz02:14
ubottuDigitalFiz: Ask in #ubuntu-release-party - we don't know here02:14
Hoover_4000scunizi: yes02:15
PassionFRUI7EAny smart guys want to help me?  I just got my video card working and I am LOVING linux =P02:15
Hoover_4000scunizi: according to ubuntu all i have to do is allow execution and then run it in terminal02:15
Winkieamt2: nothing wrong with that that i can see, i'm not sure if it will write to /var/log/messages but you should check that out02:15
WinkiePassionFRUI7E: ask any questions you have02:16
Hoover_4000scunizi: i have tried it but it doesnt seem to work02:16
scuniziHoover_4000, ok.. go to Applications/Accessories/Terminal and  a new window will open .. kinda like a dos box.  Where is the file located ? on the desktop?02:16
PassionFRUI7EI did sudo lshw -C netowork and my atheros driver is "UNCLAIMED". I installed one of theirs using Windows Wireless Drivers and it didnt seem to do much. Now what?02:16
Leppersim running intrepid and im trying to configure a vpn connection via network connections but i  cant add a vpn02:16
ludditeits release day - but no download availiable - any news there?02:16
Hoover_4000scunizi: i know that what next02:16
amt2Winkie, I don't have a messages directory in /var/log02:16
Winkieamt2: it should be a file02:16
scuniziHoover_4000, change to the directory with the file..02:16
CardiacKidthe issue is I don't want to have to install something on every machine I remote in with. My other machines will change frequently.02:17
WinkiePassionFRUI7E: i'm afraid i don't use wireless, so i wouldn't be able to help you02:17
PassionFRUI7EWinkie:  Thanks for trying.02:17
galensI'm having trouble switching ISOs to install a program. I started by using GMOUNT since I couldn't get daemon tools to work. It mounts okay, but it will NOT let me switch ISO during installation when prompted for a second cd, like daemon tools does. So I figured I could kill the program and do it that way. No, that didn't work, I ended up being forced to kill the setup.exe which ended the whole installation. I then tried mkdire fakecd, then02:17
amt2Winkie, would you like to see the log?02:17
Hoover_4000scunizi: thats the problem i dont know how to change directory, its on my desktop02:17
WinkieCardiacKid: it's probable that java applet VNC clients exist, in which case you could run a HTTP server on the machine02:17
* Crashbit pa la cama!02:17
Winkieamt2: if you like, it should be relatively obvious if there are specific errors in there02:17
scuniziHoover_4000, ok.. type ... cd /home/<username>/Desktop or as  a short cut type ... ~/Desktop02:18
firelovezOh how i missed Ubuntu no more windows on this laptop.02:18
scuniziHoover_4000, what's the program?02:18
amt2Winkie, http://pastebin.ca/124022102:18
PassionFRUI7EI did sudo lshw -C netowork and my atheros driver is "UNCLAIMED". I installed one of theirs using Windows Wireless Drivers and it didnt seem to do much.  Anybody here able to autodetect wifi?02:18
CardiacKidhmm. maybe biting off more than I can chew with that method. Is there a prefered VNC viewer for vista/XP?02:18
Hoover_4000scunizi: its the hp printer thing02:18
scuniziHoover_4000, driver?02:19
errpastwhat should i use to burn my video movies to DVD, so i can play on dvd player02:19
luddite8.10 release - When?02:19
scuniziHoover_4000, k.. you in the right directory now?02:19
Flannel!isitout | luddite02:19
ubottuluddite: Ask in #ubuntu-release-party - we don't know here02:19
Hoover_4000scunizi: its a program available via hp for those using linuz02:19
Winkieamt2: yeah nothing obvious in there, is this an external drive?02:20
scientushow do i add a new user to smb?02:20
ludditeFlannel - thanks02:20
juacoscientus: man smbpasswd02:20
rwwHoover_4000: hpijs or something? That's in the repositories; you don't need to install it manually.02:20
amt2Winkie, no, internal02:21
scunizirww, glad you knew that02:21
amt2Winkie, the laptop has 2 drives by default02:21
vekin4anyone have luck with the compal jhl90 webcam?02:21
Winkieamt2: hmm, i didn't see the second internal drive in that file, that's not entirely a good thing02:21
fireloveznoobie here looking for some help, in need of some good resportories anyone?02:21
Winkieamt2: show me the output of `ls /dev/sd*'02:21
rwwscunizi: try sudo apt-get install hpijs. Heck, it may be installed aready; I think it's in the default Ubuntu install.02:21
scunizifirelovez, what are you looking for.02:21
Flannelfirelovez: the default ones are good.  You may not need any more.02:21
firelovezlots of toys :-)02:22
scunizirww.. that's for Hoover_4000 not me..02:22
galensI'm having trouble switching ISOs to install a program. I started by using GMOUNT since I couldn't get daemon tools to work. It mounts okay, but it will NOT let me switch ISO during installation when prompted for a second cd, like daemon tools does. So I figured I could kill the program and do it that way. No, that didn't work, I ended up being forced to kill the setup.exe which ended the whole installation. I then tried mkdir fakecd, th02:22
KillerOrcapastebin url/02:22
rwwsorry, Hoover_4000, see what I just wrote to scunizi (sorry scunizi!)02:22
firelovezim on the cr of 8.1002:22
amt2Winkie, /dev/sda  /dev/sda1  /dev/sda2  /dev/sdb  /dev/sdb1  /dev/sdb2  /dev/sdb502:22
* rww has a headache02:22
Winkieamt2: ah yes i see it now, i am apparently blind :)02:22
rwwfirelovez: 8.10 support discussion in #ubuntu+1 please, not here02:22
Winkieamt2: there's no obvious reason it shouldn't work, please try mounting it, and then running 'dmesg' and looking for errors at the end of that02:22
KillerOrcapastebin url?02:23
amazon10x love u02:23
firelovezin need of a good irc client unless this pidgin is the way now02:23
Winkiei really have no idea where gnome would store the specific mount errors i'm afraid02:23
Winkiefirelovez: irssi ;)02:23
Flannelfirelovez: xchat02:23
rww!irc | firelovez02:23
ubottufirelovez: A list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines02:23
scunizifirelovez, pidgin isn't a good irc client.. you have choices.. see above02:23
firelovezthank you sooo much02:23
musictotofirelovez: if you're a frequent Firefox user, you can install the ChatZilla plugin... works fine02:23
peepsalotfirelovez, xchat for gui, weechat for console IMO02:24
paul_muaddibHas anyone here noticed ext3 corruption with the RC?02:24
Flannelpaul_muaddib: #ubuntu+1 for Intrepid support, thanks02:24
firelovezk ima try x chat if i can remember that was my choice a few years ago02:24
KillerOrcagot an apt0upgrade question but forgot the pastebin url02:24
gumartiplease, is there any chat room about BIND9 especificaly?02:24
firelovezthanks all02:24
scunizifirelovez, sudo apt-get install xchat02:24
rww!pastebin | KillerOrca02:24
ubottuKillerOrca: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)02:24
KillerOrcarww: thx02:25
amt2Winkie, this is the only line with the word 'error': [  118.171397] npviewer.bin[6505]: segfault at 0 rip f6eb0cac rsp ff940e48 error 402:25
Winkieamt2: i'm afraid i don't really know where to look for errors, you could try mounting it manually, but if you're in the appropriate group you should be able to mount it, it's worked before on the same user etc i assume?02:26
jordancasonHello has any one here set up postfix on ubuntu server02:26
KillerOrcaok, so I run sudo apt-get update and I get this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/64426/02:26
amt2Winkie, to mount it I'm just clicking on it under 'Places'. Is that how I should be doing it?02:27
Winkieamt2: i'm afraid i'm terrible at helping with ubuntu, as i understand it that should work, but I am a debian person so I mount everything manually :(02:27
amt2Winkie, yes, before i just did that and get the FIle Browser and was asble toe xplore the drive02:27
rww!postfix | jordancason02:27
ubottujordancason: postfix is the default !MTA and !MDA on Ubuntu. For help, read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Postfix and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PostfixBasicSetupHowto - See also !MailServer02:27
rwwif you're having specific problems, go ahead and detail them :)02:27
musictotojordancason: see also #ubuntu-server02:27
galensI'm having trouble switching ISOs to install a program. I started by using GMOUNT since I couldn't get daemon tools to work. It mounts okay, but it will NOT let me switch ISO during installation when prompted for a second cd, like daemon tools does. So I figured I could kill the program and do it that way. No, that didn't work, I ended up being forced to kill the setup.exe which ended the whole installation. I then tried mkdir fakecd, th02:28
amt2Winkie, could it be that maybe I should boot into Windows, then restart, then back to Ubuntu? Sometimes I've gotten errors in the past where if Windows doesn't shut down correclty, then it's not able to mount it02:28
P-HellKillerOrca: you have to get the GPG public key first: http://www.webmin.com/deb.html02:28
Winkieamt2: ah, is it an ntfs drive?02:29
KillerOrcaP-Hell: never had to before, don't see why now02:29
amt2Winkie, no idea but probably02:29
FezzlerMy Ubuntu PC keeps asking me to restart?  Why?02:29
Winkiein that case yes, if you don't shut down properly in windows the drive will be marked as dirty02:29
WinkieFezzler: probably because you have installed an updated kernel02:29
amt2Winkie, ok... let me go to windows and try to do it...02:30
FezzlerI recently installed network printer (Cups)02:30
P-HellKillerOrca: well try with the key, you've got nothing to lose :P02:30
amt2Winkie, Although... when that's the case, I think it displays a different message than just 'unable to mount drive'02:30
FezzlerWinkie: So do I do a full shitdown?02:30
KillerOrcaP-Hell: do I need to install anything to use his key?02:30
WinkieFezzler: a normal reboot is fine02:30
FezzlerWinkie: Shutdown02:30
Winkieamt2: potentially, it's always worth trying it anyway02:31
FezzlerWinkie: That's what I'm saying.  Even after restart, it comes back and says restart02:31
P-HellKillerOrca: no02:31
WinkieFezzler: that's interesting, the reboot icon at the upper right or a specific message?02:31
FezzlerWinkie: Upper right blue arrows02:32
WinkieFezzler: that's an interesting problem, i assume you've applied all the latest updates?02:32
P-HellKillerOrca: it's all supposed to be installed already02:32
FezzlerWinkie: yup02:33
KillerOrcaP-Hell: seems to have worked now, thanks, no idea why it decided to be all fickle02:33
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)02:33
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unique_connect #ubuntu+102:34
rwwunique_: try /join #ubuntu+102:35
Winkieunique_: try /j #ubuntu+102:35
unique_lol ty02:35
KillerOrcai'd like to run a program at startup but I'm not sure how to since it has no GUI frontend02:36
FlannelKillerOrca: At startup, or login?02:37
KillerOrcaFlannel: I have it set to autologin so startup02:37
FlannelKillerOrca: What are you trying to start?02:37
=== brock is now known as DrSeptapus
KillerOrcaFlannel: the ushare program for streaming to a 36002:38
brmassais 8.10 available? no? and now? and now? .... i need it!02:38
tbr281what else can i use beside k3b to burn a video cd from .bin files?02:38
Flannel!isitout | brmassa02:38
ubottubrmassa: Ask in #ubuntu-release-party - we don't know here02:38
FlannelKillerOrca: Is that a server sort of thing?02:38
kiyikohow many hours till 8.10?02:38
Flannel!isitout | kiyiko02:38
ubottukiyiko: Ask in #ubuntu-release-party - we don't know here02:38
amt2Winkie, it's working now :)02:39
nuevonuevoi cant log out ubuntu when i click on quit it freezes!02:39
human_ i have a little problem02:39
KillerOrcaFlannel: no, can be put on desktop, just commandline based is all02:39
rwwhuman_: what is it :)?02:39
FlannelKillerOrca: Alright, then you want it to start when you log in it sounds like.02:39
Flannel!sessions | KillerOrca02:39
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about sessions02:39
ubottuTo add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot02:39
Winkieamt2: excellent, make sure you shut down windows properly :)02:39
mynousvsftpd or proftpd which one is better/easier to setup?02:39
KillerOrcaFlannel: I'll look at that, thanks02:40
Flannelmynous: What are you using them for?02:40
mynoustransfering files from a remote server and possibly having a few others with access to do the same02:40
FreshUbuntuNoobHey there, does anyone know how to actually add the text "times" in OpenOffice Math, rather than it being converted to the cross product symbol02:40
human_my girlfriend modifying some compiz settings, and when i m opening a new vindow, it's behind the actual vindow.02:40
=== P is now known as Shawnc
human_clear? my eanglish is poor02:40
Flannelmynous: sftp is much easier to set up.  So if its a small group of people (instead of a public ftp or whatnot) then that's the easiest way.  just install openssh-server, and you're done.  (and make users for them)02:41
Flannelmynous: Note, this allows people to log in to regular shells on their account in addition to transferring files, etc.02:41
mxweasI have broadcom's wl driver installed for my wifi card but ifconfig and iwconfig show it as eth1. Is there anyway to make it show as a wifi network? I want to use airodump on it and airodump is complaining it cannot access the wireless card because its an ethernet adapter02:41
ShawncHey, does anyone know the package to fix this problem?: "error while loading shared libraries: libstdc++-libc6.2-2.so.3: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"02:41
WinkieFreshUbuntuNoob: format the cell, set as text i believe02:42
nuevonuevocan someone explain why i cannot logout gnome???02:42
WinkieShawnc: when do you get this problem?02:42
Shawncim trying to get VNC to work :P02:42
amt2Winkie, if I am now trying to map a network drive using: sudo mount -t smbfs //smb.seas.upenn.edu/username /media/eniac, then I get ask for a password, I enter it, and then it's just hanging in there...02:42
FreshUbuntuNoobWinkie, ? Don't get you. I am talking about the OpenOffice Formula02:42
FezzlerFlannel: Q re gparted02:42
mynousFlannel: i have openssh-server running and im able to connect/download/upload on port 22, however i seem to be getting some conflict between rtorrent uploading on the server when i download via sftp02:42
WinkieFreshUbuntuNoob: oh sorry, wasn't paying attention :)02:42
FreshUbuntuNoobWinkie, ? Don't get you. I am talking about the OpenOffice Formula utility that allows you to insert equations02:42
WinkieFreshUbuntuNoob: yes i wasn't paying attention, i'm not sure, let me check02:42
ShawncWinkie: im trying to get VNC to work.02:42
FreshUbuntuNoobWinkie, No problem. Thanks :)02:43
CanadianLinuxWith Intrepid Will FGLRX 3d Work????02:43
Beta-guywhat potential problem would I run into if I get the 64 bite version instead of the 32 bit version?02:43
Flannelmynous: That's odd.  I can't see why that would happen, torrents usually use 6000+ level ports and stuff.02:43
Winkieamt2: i assume you can resolve smb.seas.upenn.edu, and you may need to use -o username=yourusernameontheremoteserver02:43
CanadianLinuxWith Intrepid Will FGLRX 3d Work????02:43
FlannelBeta-guy: proprietary stuff will be a little bit of a headache02:43
FlannelCanadianLinux: #ubuntu+1 for Intrepid support02:43
rwwCanadianLinux: 1) you should be asking stuff like this in #ubuntu+1, 2) don't repeat yourself that often, 3) yes, i'm running it right now on Intrepid02:43
amt2Winkie, how can I check if I resolve smb.seas.upenn.edu?02:43
mynousFlannel: i dont know why either, but on a 10Mb connection even if i limiti the ftp tarnsfer to 300KB the uploads drop to almost a dead stop02:44
mxweasI have broadcom's wl driver installed for my wifi card but ifconfig and iwconfig show it as eth1. Is there anyway to make it show as a wifi network? I want to use airodump on it and airodump is complaining it cannot access the wireless card because its an ethernet adapter02:44
FezzlerFlannel: You said to use gparted I needed to boot from LiveCD.  You me a gparted LiveCD not Ubuntu right?02:44
billybigriggerhi all i have a quick question, how is vmware for gaming? ie can i play red alert 3 on my xp guest?02:44
Winkieamt2: ping smb.seas.upenn.edu? i think it uses dns lookup rather than netbios, can't be sure02:44
FlannelFezzler: Any CD that has gparted on it.  Whether its the Gparted one, or the Ubuntu one.02:44
w3rd_dude who is the best webhost?02:44
mxweasbillybigrigger: things like directx and stuff don't work02:44
rww!offtopic | w3rd_02:44
ubottuw3rd_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!02:44
billybigriggermxweas: ok thanks02:44
mxweasa lot of gfx things go wrong with vmware02:44
amt2Winkie, yea the ping looks good02:44
mxweasI have broadcom's wl driver installed for my wifi card but ifconfig and iwconfig show it as eth1. Is there anyway to make it show as a wifi network? I want to use airodump on it and airodump is complaining it cannot access the wireless card because its an ethernet adapter02:45
Skry^billybigrigger, try with wine or cedega02:45
FezzlerFlannel: But I can't do it from a running PC02:45
Winkieamt2: /username is the share right? you're not trying to put your username there?02:45
FlannelFezzler: Well, the PC is running, just off of the CD not from the harddrive02:46
Jonakmex@find Hoy es un buen dia02:47
mxweasAnyone here good with wireless stuff02:47
l43a24wireless stuff02:47
l43a24regarding what :P02:47
ptx0o hai l43a2402:47
ptx0<= removed02:47
diginuxwhat time does the new ubuntu come out?02:47
diginuxlike what timezone?02:48
ptx0all over the place of course, di02:48
Flannel!isitout | diginux02:48
ubottudiginux: Ask in #ubuntu-release-party - we don't know here02:48
ptx0it can't be released in only in one tz02:48
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azozالسلام عليكم02:48
l43a24go ask in the windows channel02:48
amt2Winkie, I put my username instead of 'username'02:48
diginuxcome one dudes, just give me a straight answer02:48
egosintrickthe alpha has been out for awhile..02:48
Beta-guyFlannel: what kind of proprietary software you mean like precompile binaries?02:48
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Flannel!sa | azoz02:48
amt2Winkie, what do you mean by the 'share'?02:48
ubottuazoz: For the Saudi Arabia team : /join #ubuntu-sa : للانظمام الى قناة الفريق السعودي - For Arabic language support, please : /join #ubuntu-arabic : للحصول على الدعم باللغة العربية02:48
diginuxi want to celebrate02:48
Winkieamt2: but is that the name of the share, or is that just the username you're trying to log on with? if it's the latter you need to use -o username= i think02:48
rwwdiginux: we don't know. Go ask #ubuntu-release-party02:48
Ohmuto shift my ubuntu to another partition, can I just copy the files and fudge menu.lst?  I think I also need to make this new partition the 'primary' one -- do I ?  how?02:48
diginuxahh ok02:49
Winkieamt2: smb shares have names, also brb02:49
diginuxthanks rww02:49
chocohoofhi all!02:49
* l43a24 slaps ptx0 around a bit with a large trout02:49
FlannelBeta-guy: flash is the biggest one, since theres no 64bit version02:49
Beta-guyah... ok 32 bit it is...02:50
chocohoofi have a problem can anyone help me?02:50
scuniziOhmu, you mean the entire installation? or just /home02:50
Flannel!anyone | chocohoof02:50
ubottuchocohoof: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?02:50
rwwBeta-guy: you can run flash in 64bit, though, it just goes through the 32bit emulation layer.02:50
Skry^Beta-guy, flash works in 64 bit02:50
Ohmuscunizi, the whole kaboodle02:50
rwwBeta-guy: should work out of the box with sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree (which has some extra dependencies in 64bit)02:50
mxweasl43a24: I have installed the wl driver from broadcom and it shows my wifi card as eth1 instead of a wifi card...02:51
scuniziOhmu, I'd use partimage so you don't miss anything and then just put the image on the new partition.. after that you will probably have to reinstall grub02:51
chocohoofokay, so.. i installed 8.10 RC, and a windows XP02:51
Skry^Beta-guy, and precompiled binaries should also work if you have ia32-libs installed02:51
mxweasI want to use airodump to dump wifi packets but I cannot as it thinks I am trying to use an ethernet adapter...02:51
scuniziOhmu, why are you moving it?02:51
rww!intrepid | chocohoof02:51
ubottuchocohoof: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - Introduction and new features: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/810rc - Use #ubuntu+1 for support, NOT #ubuntu - Discuss and party in #ubuntu-release-party (type also « /topic »)02:51
Ohmuscunizi, current one is too small.02:52
human_ok.  again. when i'm opening a vindow , or runing a program. the fresh vindow or program opening behind the active vindow. (compiz on, emerald on)02:52
chocohoofand i don't know how can i boot to the two different OS02:52
scuniziOhmu, why not just make it largerr?02:52
FreshUbuntuNoobmxweas, Why don't you ask at #aircrack-ng-dev ?02:52
Beta-guyok thanks for the updates02:52
mxweasFreshUbuntuNoob: its a ubuntu problem02:52
chocohoofsry i'm a noob02:52
mxweasI cannot connect to wifi networks because of it02:52
FreshUbuntuNoobmxweas, Are you using ndiswrapper?02:52
mxweasat least the gui fails02:52
mxweasI am using the wl driver from broadcom02:53
FloodBot1mxweas: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:53
Shawncwine crashed02:53
mxweasI do not want to use the ndiswrapper02:53
scuniziOhmu, also if you /home is not in a different partition that's much easier to do.. that's where most of your data lives anywhy02:53
Flannel!separatehome | Ohmu02:53
ubottuOhmu: Your home folder is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home folder to a separate partition, please see: http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome02:53
rwwShawnc: It's such a good Windows copycat!02:53
FreshUbuntuNoobmxweas, b43-fwcutter?02:54
Ohmuhow do you guys know what to type into ubottu?02:54
Shawnci know02:54
mxweastried that it didn't show my wifi card in iwconfig02:54
Shawnccan't run alota stuff02:54
Shawncnd i relize u were being sarcastic lol02:54
tritium!enter | Shawnc02:54
mxweasI am using a driver from broadcom's site02:54
ubottuShawnc: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!02:54
mxweasit's called wl, thats all I know02:54
billybigriggerhow do i change the defualt .torrent app?02:54
mxweasI downloaded it from broadcom and compiled it then took the ko file and added it to my modules, etc.02:54
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billybigriggersays i dont have the associated helper program, but i have deluge installed i think i removed transmission and now it won't pick up on deluge02:55
DeathWolfhello all, I'm following https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto?highlight=%28hda%29 but I'm stuck because /proc/asound/cards says no sound card, even after installing alsa and rebooting02:55
DeathWolfno mention of snd* in dmesg either02:55
DeathWolfas for lsmod, it shows many modules loaded02:55
chocohoofhow can i boot to different OS?02:55
DeathWolfsnd                    81864  9 snd_hda_intel,snd_pcm_oss,snd_mixer_oss,snd_pcm,snd_hwdep,snd_seq_oss,snd_seq,snd_timer,snd_seq_device02:55
rww!grub | chocohoof02:56
ubottuchocohoof: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto02:56
rjonesxwhen I start up / login, the desktop background loads but nothing else does and I get an error message that is removed off screen and impossible to move so that I can read it - none of the gnome panels open and I cant right click... however, if when logging in I choose Options > Change Session > GNOME, it works fine - any ideas? Also, it always fails no matter what I choose if the laptop isnt plugged in...02:56
mxweasFreshUbuntuNoob: any ideas?02:56
FreshUbuntuNoobmxweas, Hold on, googling for that problem02:56
billybigriggerhow do i change the program associated with torrents?02:57
mxweasI've been googling all day with no avail.02:57
j1mcbillybigrigger: right-click on a torrent file, select properties, and then select "Open With."  choose the program that you want to use.02:57
j1mcthat should do it02:57
rjonesxis there a default key shortcut to open a terminal?02:57
scunizialt f202:58
DShepherdrjonesx, not by default02:58
rjonesxhmm, so how can I troubleshoot a start up problem - are errors logged somewhere that after restarting in a manner that it would work I could see what went wrong the last reboot?02:59
geniirjonesx: Usually /var/log/messages is useful02:59
wkdsDoes anyone know how to fix a "IsCallerPrivileged() failed" error when I plug in external usb media?02:59
FreshUbuntuNoobmxweas, Sorry, I have no clue03:00
DeathWolfalso lspci -v shows:03:00
DeathWolf        Kernel modules: snd-hda-intel03:00
FreshUbuntuNoobrjonesx, /var/log ? Look for the specific application03:01
DeathWolfthis is making no sense03:01
mxweas_FreshUbuntuNoob: Find anything?03:01
mxweas_I lost my internet so I wasn't sure if you said something while I was disconnected.03:01
amt2Winkie, are you back?03:01
FreshUbuntuNoobmxweas_, Nope, Sorry couldn't03:01
mxweas_damn, thanks anyway03:01
Winkieamt2: i'm around, a little busy but i'll try and help out :)03:01
=== caplink811-log is now known as caplink811_log
amt2Winkie, I tried sudo mount -t smbfs //smb.seas.upenn.edu/ -o username=myusername /media/eniac'03:02
amt2and it still hagns03:02
Winkieamt2: it's probably a resolving issue, ping smb.seas.upenn.edu, then replace the name with the IP address03:02
Winkie158.130.70.192 as i see it03:03
rjonesxon another note - my laptop is considering a Bluetooth USB Adapter as an HID device rather than HCI - any idea why this would happen and or how to fix it?03:03
rjonesxbeen working on this problem for nearly a month now...03:03
Mark_JonesCan anyone tell me if the Ubuntu RC on the website, thats not the final release right? Cause I tried it and its buggy.03:03
duanedesignfinal comes out tom03:04
|Zippo|anybody knows a IRC channel chatting about Windows Mobile?03:04
jeeves_Mosshow do I team network cards?03:04
Winkiejeeves_Moss: 'team'?03:05
Skry^is ffmpeg avi support broken or is it just ubuntus build?03:05
amt2Winkie, tried 'sudo mount -t smbfs // -o username=agustinm /media/eniac' and same03:05
jeeves_Mosswinferno, on windows, you can team network cards together onto one IP to increase the bandwidth03:05
l43a24u mean bridge ?03:05
duanedesignthe only bug I have had so far with ibex is when listening to mp3s in rhythmbox03:06
geniiNo, bonding03:06
jeeves_Mosssorry, wong term.03:06
Mark_Joneshope to god that brasero and k3b have working and reliable verify now.03:06
geniijeeves_Moss: Look into ifenslave package03:06
chocohoofum okay i restored my grub, but i don't understand in the documentation how can i choose the os i'd like to boot in?03:06
jeeves_Mossgenii, is it a pain in the butt to get working?03:07
geniijeeves_Moss: Not too horrible03:07
Winkieamt2: I don't know what to advise you from here really, it's not my specialty03:07
jeeves_Mossgenii, ok, thanks.  this box is used as a media server for the household, so it needs to have every advantage.03:07
geniijeeves_Moss: There's an old (for 6.10) but good tutorial here: http://www.howtoforge.com/network_bonding_ubuntu_6.1003:08
human_ok.  again. when i'm opening a vindow , or runing a program. the fresh vindow or program opening behind the active vindow. (compiz on, emerald on)03:08
siduxman.  just did a fresh install of 8.10--and no mouse or keyboard at login screen!03:08
jeeves_Mossgenii, thanks.  that's even better03:08
chocohoofi have the same problem!!03:08
amt2Winkie, ok, thanks for all your help!03:08
|Zippo|genii: is it possible with wireless and wired ones?03:09
seivanBtw, if I got a mac mini, is there some way I can fix the video output, it looks ok, just the resolution. I got it hooked to a tv and It could do higher resolution with OS X but not with Xubuntu... it just says not supported. I take it it is using some form of lower drivers. IS there a solution to this?03:09
siduxchocohoof: you mean no keyboard or mouse?03:09
jeeves_Mossgenii, eventually, I'll upgrade to gigabit03:09
duanedesignbrasero and k3b? been experiencing bugs03:09
genii|Zippo|: Yes. Any network interfaces you happen to have03:09
siduxchocohoof: wow.  and it took over an hour to install....!03:09
qp when I uninstalled google toolbar in firefox, I found that search box is also dispear !  how let it  display again?03:09
|Zippo|genii: cool03:09
siduxchocohoof: you find a solution yet?03:09
|Zippo|i'll try this03:09
siduxchocohoof: you've asked in here already?03:09
=== woody86_ is now known as woody86
chocohoofno i found a solution to my other problem:D03:10
jadamsI'm running intrepid.  Every ten minutes, my monitor dims.  This is not what it's set to do in power management03:10
rwwjadams: Intrepid support in #ubuntu+1, not here03:10
jadamssorry, thought it got released03:11
FreshUbuntuNoobhuman_, Have you solved your focus problem?03:11
siduxanyone have a solution to the no-mouse-or-keyboard problem on Ibex?03:11
DaSkreechDShepherd: Seems quiet :)03:11
Flannelsidux: #ubuntu+1 for Intrepid support, thanks03:11
FreshUbuntuNoobsidux, try #ubuntu+1 for Ibex03:11
rwwqp: View -> Toolbars -> Customize..., and drag from there03:11
binarymutantis anyone getting seg faults with brasero?03:12
chocohoof#ubuntu+1, when first running at the login screen no keyboard nor mouse03:12
chocohoofany idea?03:12
human_FreshUbuntuNoob  no the problem is active now03:13
Mark_JonesI know one thing if Ubuntu isnt working properly Ill probably drop it and go to Debian Etch stable.03:13
FreshUbuntuNoobhuman_, Take a look at the Focus and Raising Settings tab under the General Options in Advanced Desktop Effect Settings03:13
michal__yo how do i get to the all about south park channel so i can watch the new episode???03:13
human_ok i'm trying03:13
genii!ot | michal__03:13
ubottumichal__: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!03:13
FreshUbuntuNoobhuman_, I don't know your setting, but my focus stealing prevention is at low03:14
seivanBtw, if I got a mac mini, is there some way I can fix the video output, it looks ok, just the resolution. I got it hooked to a tv and It could do higher resolution with OS X but not with Xubuntu... it just says not supported. I take it it is using some form of lower drivers. IS there a solution to this?03:14
chrislxAnyone using 8.10 on an acer aspire one?03:14
eriscodoes anyone else have problems with the ubuntu repos right now? I am getting loads of 404's03:14
FreshUbuntuNoobchrislx, #ubuntu+1 for intrepid support03:14
geniiseivan: There is a mac specific ubuntu channel   #ubuntu-powerpc     they may know more about it than in this channel03:15
FreshUbuntuNooberisco, Depends on the mirror you have chosen. Wait for a while, and then retry.03:15
human_FreshUbuntuNoob thank you very much! i'm searching this feature 2 days :)03:16
SupremeNerdUbuntu is an ancient African word which has a dual meaning namely "I can't configure Debian" and "Slackware is too hard for me"03:16
Ascorbic_AcidI installed Ubuntu as an application inside windows. Is it possible to add more GB's to my Ubuntu folder? THank you03:16
* DaSkreech hands genii apple flavoured coffee03:16
FreshUbuntuNoobhuman_, Did you solve it?03:16
ArrPirateI reinstalled windows and now my grub menu is broken03:17
geniiDaSkreech: I'm not sure how I feel about fruit in my coffee. But thanks03:17
human_FreshUbuntuNoob yes03:17
eriscoso is intrepid released at midnight or midday or what?03:17
FreshUbuntuNoobhuman_, No problem. Sorry couldn't help you any sooner03:17
rwwerisco: We don't know. Go ask #ubuntu-release-party03:17
ArrPiratethe grub menu thinks my linux partition is at hd0,3 but it's at hd0,1 and my windows partition is at hd0,3 but it thinks it's at hd0,103:18
FreshUbuntuNoobAscorbic_Acid, There is no direct way. However, there is an application written by the community that does allow you to perform that action03:18
rwwGun_Smoke: ;-)03:18
mordib80anyone here install 8.10 and do the nvidia driver only to have the fonts get HUGE after restarting computer??03:18
ArrPiratehow can I fix that?03:18
Flannelmordib80: #ubuntu+1 for Intrepid support, thanks03:18
human_no problem you are Good03:18
mordib80got ya03:18
Ascorbic_AcidFreshUbuntuNoob: How is this possible... please can you tell me03:18
DaSkreechFlannel: I want Jackalope help :)03:18
FlannelDaSkreech: #ubuntu+1 in about a month03:19
FreshUbuntuNoobTake a look at the WUBI FAQ at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide#How%20do%20I%20resize%20the%20virtual%20disks?, and more specifically, LVPM at http://lubi.sourceforge.net/lvpm.html03:19
CelsoLeiteWhen there will be a link to download the Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex?03:19
Appl3Korkhey is there a command to make ubuntu passwordless?03:19
Flannel!isitout | CelsoLeite03:19
ubottuCelsoLeite: Ask in #ubuntu-release-party - we don't know here03:19
DaSkreechFlannel: How about Kranky Kangaroo? :)03:19
FlannelAppl3Kork: You can make it automatically log in.03:19
Appl3KorkI don't have gdm on so I was lookin for the command03:19
FlannelDaSkreech: Please keep this channel on topic03:19
Appl3Korkya how do I do that?03:19
Ascorbic_AcidFreshUbuntuNoob: Thanks03:19
FlannelAppl3Kork: Go to login screen setup03:20
FreshUbuntuNoobAscorbic_Acid, No problem :). Glad to help03:20
pavelk1Whats best typing program for Linux?03:20
Appl3Korkbut I don't have the gdm enabled, so it just looks like it would be DOS03:20
DaSkreechpavelk1: To learn how to type?03:20
Appl3Korkso is there a command?03:20
FlannelAppl3Kork: That's the terminal.  Why do you want it to log in automatically?03:20
=== rww is now known as rww_
Appl3KorkI just want it to login to the computer, cause I'm using this machine as a server03:20
CelsoLeiteFlannel, ubottu thks!03:21
ubottuAsk in #ubuntu-release-party - we don't know here03:21
Appl3Korkcause it always asks for username/pass so I can't connect through ssh03:21
FlannelAppl3Kork: Why do you want to log in to a server?03:21
FreshUbuntuNoobDaSkreech, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=55433303:21
=== Paddy_EIRE_ is now known as Paddy_EIRE
Appl3Korkno this machine is beecoming a server03:21
Appl3Korkjust installed linux03:21
FlannelAppl3Kork: You can set up key baesd authentication to log in via ssh without passwords.03:21
Appl3Korkbut everytime I turn on, it asks for user/pass03:21
FlannelAppl3Kork: But again, what do you hope to gain from having a server with a tty that automatically logs in?03:21
=== rww_ is now known as rww
PassionFRUI7EHuge Problem:  I installed some 160+ updates, and now my screen goes black then white after login.03:22
Gun_Smokegerrr.... trying to remember what file list shows the current release I have it was cat /some/thing03:22
Appl3KorkI just want to get the SSH solved so I can disconnect the keyboard/monitor/mouse and just have under desk03:22
PassionFRUI7EThe ly reason I can type is because I selected the failsafe gnome terminal.on03:22
PassionFRUI7EDoes this have to do with 8.10?03:22
FlannelPassionFRUI7E: #ubuntu+1 for Intrepid support, thanks03:23
PassionFRUI7EI never upgraded...03:23
PassionFRUI7EI'm on 8.0403:23
FlannelAppl3Kork: Sure, log in, then sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install openssh-server03:23
Appl3Korkok so once I've turned it on and typed in user/pass I can connect to it through Putty03:23
aidan_Appl3Kork: set up a keychain on your desktop and use that public key on your server, thus when you try to ssh the server the authentication is against your ssh keys instead of a password dialog03:23
boobsbrhardy is not recognising my firewire external hard drive even though the firewire adapter is listed on lspci (00:0d.0 FireWire (IEEE 1394)), could someone help me please?03:23
aidan_there should be a guide for it already03:23
Appl3KorkI already installed SSH03:23
chocohoofhad you found a solution to the keyboard/mice problem?03:23
PassionFRUI7EHas anybody heard of this problem?03:24
FreshUbuntuNoobchocohoof, #ubuntu+1 is the channel for intrepid support. Thank you03:24
Appl3KorkThe computer With ubuntu on it... When I turn it on I have to type in the user/pass or I can't connect through SSH03:24
FlannelAppl3Kork: Logging in locally has no affect on logging in remotely.03:24
Gun_Smokenm.. it was cat /etc/debian_version03:24
FlannelAppl3Kork: that's entirely incorrect.  You've got some other problem going on.03:24
Appl3Korkwell suck03:24
amt2i'm trying to mount a network drive using https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently, but I get a 'error 2 opening credential file ~/.smbcredentials' when i try to mount03:25
chocohoofokok thx03:25
PassionFRUI7EI can't login.   I get a black screen then white.  I can't see anything..I did CTR+SHIFT+T to open terminal and it runs.  My screen is just like layered over.  Also when I do CTR+ALT+BACKSPACE my desktop flickers.03:25
starcannonPassionFRUI7E cat /etc/lsb-release is the command your after to discover your distro03:25
PassionFRUI7EI know the terminal runs because I can get the resize curser03:25
aidan_Appl3Kork: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/serverguide/C/openssh-server.html <-- passwordless server login guide here03:25
PassionFRUI7ERun that after sudo?03:25
Appl3Korkk I'll try that03:26
starcannonnah don't need sudo for that command03:26
starcannonit just spits out your release info03:26
PassionFRUI7EUbuntu 8.04.103:26
PassionFRUI7EOf course, lol nm that.03:26
duanedesignkeyboard mouse problem try http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=5964696#post596469603:27
PassionFRUI7EI just got bombed with 160 system updates for no seeming reason.03:27
starcannonPassionFRUI7E sounds like vid card issues, what vid card you got in that thing?03:27
PassionFRUI7ESo I installed them, reset, and boom.03:27
PassionFRUI7EI just installed my ati catalyst drivers today.  radeon hd320003:27
PassionFRUI7EI just had everything but networking working and now this...03:28
boobsbrhardy is not recognising my firewire external hard drive even though the firewire adapter is listed on lspci (00:0d.0 FireWire (IEEE 1394)), could someone help me please?03:28
DeathWolfsigh, alsa not working is really a good way to go to insanity... The card is there, all mixers appear and are raised to the max03:28
DeathWolfyet no sound ever comes out03:28
NetEchoif I share a printer off a Windows XP machine how do I use it from Ubuntu?03:28
starcannonI'd almost bet money your vid driver is your bad egg, theres a nice help file here:https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI03:28
PassionFRUI7EI just got it working?  Should I reinstall?03:29
tritiumNetEcho: if it's shared, it should be auto-detected.03:29
NetEchohow do I tell if it found it then?03:29
PassionFRUI7EThe catalyst control center is running normally.03:29
t-dubDoes anyone happen to know if there are any tricks to convinced a mergedFB dual display setup to go above 2040x768 on an ATI card?03:29
duanedesignThe 71 and 96 series of proprietary nVidia drivers, as provided by the nvidia-glx-legacy and nvidia-glx packages in Ubuntu 8.04, are not compatible with the X.Org included in Ubuntu 8.10. Users with the nVidia TNT, TNT2, TNT Ultra, GeForce, GeForce2, GeForce3, and GeForce4 chipsets are affected and will be transitioned on upgrade to the free nv driver instead. This driver does not support 3D acceleration.03:29
PassionFRUI7EAnd I'm running ubuntu in 1400x900 right now.03:29
NetEchotritium how do I find out if it found it?03:30
tritiumNetEcho: System -> Adminisration -> Printing03:30
PassionFRUI7EI'm pretty sure it's fine.  But the failsafe gnome says something about startup scripts.  So are these my problem?03:30
DaskreecHWho was asking about typing programs ?03:30
DaskreecHTry Tuxtype03:30
NetEchotritium nope doesn't see it03:30
tritiumNetEcho: on the "Server Settings" tab, make sure "Show printers shared by other systems" is checked03:31
starcannonduandesign I just manually install with binary from nvidia.com03:31
NetEchoit is03:31
starcannon3d and no issues tat way03:31
OhmuAll, I'd like to keep track of all my linux adventures (eg mounting HDD, making wifi access point, etc etc) on some blog type thing.  So it can help others, and remind me.  what's a good choice?03:31
woliif i connect two computers with an ethernet cable, would that enable me to transfer files between both?03:31
PassionFRUI7EBuy a webserver.03:31
PassionFRUI7Egodaddy.com I heard is incredible and feature-rich.03:31
starcannonOhmu if you need a free one igoogle has a nice set up03:31
geniiwoli: Yes. Get a crossover cable and put static IP on both boxes03:31
amt2i'm trying to mount a network drive using https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently, but it just hangs after i do 'sudo mount -a'03:31
t-dubOhmu: Blogger or typepad maybe?03:32
starcannon+1 to Blogger03:32
Ohmuok thx03:32
PassionFRUI7ESo anybody have experience with a black screen then white screen after logon?  I'm running the same machine right now but in failsafe gnome.03:32
Appl3Korkfor some reason when I'm creating a smb.conf I can't fit all the text from this link?: http://rubbervir.us/projects/ubuntu_media_server/smb.txt03:32
Shawncshawnc@Shawncs-laptop:~$ sudo apt-get purge tightvncserver03:32
ShawncE: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11 Resource temporarily unavailable)03:32
ShawncE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?03:32
Shawnchow come it does that ^?03:32
PassionFRUI7EIs there any way to revert to before I installed these...160 updates?03:33
starcannonShawnc is Synaptic Package Manager open?03:33
starcannonupdate manager ?03:33
t-dubPassionFRUI7E: Yes.  My issue was related to running compiz and the wrong ATI driver03:33
NetEchotritium its not showing up03:33
Shawncthats it03:33
Shawncinstalling something in terminal03:33
tritiumNetEcho: you're running hardy?03:34
starcannonlol i've done it before to03:34
NetEchotritium yea03:34
starcannonhave a beer and try again ;)03:34
geniiShawnc: Close everything else using the package system like synaptic or adept or the update manager03:34
tritiumNetEcho: sounds like a windows-side error, imho03:34
Shawnclol starcannon03:34
Appl3Korkanyone know what it's not letting me paste all the code from that link?03:34
NetEchotritium quite possibly, that machine is running XP home which has been known to have networking issues03:34
mattgyver83Ive been running ubuntu with gnome for a while now, but on my laptop its just too slow.  I have played with xfce before, by switching to that will i notice any significant changes, or compatibility issues?03:34
FreshUbuntuNoobAppl3Kork, CTRL + SHIFT + V for paste into gnome-terminal03:35
Appl3Korkk I'll try that03:35
dunnen_mattgyver83, not really03:35
tritiumNetEcho: I'm not sure how to advise you on that.  My wife shares the printer connected to her Mac, and it "just works" for me.03:35
Appl3Korkit only pastes like the last part of the code03:35
dunnen_mattgyver83, you will notice a speed up if your computer is slow03:36
FreshUbuntuNoobAppl3Kork, Which site is this?03:36
=== jacob_ is now known as Guest78297
NetEchotritium that would be because Apple knows how to properly network computers, same with linux03:36
Appl3Korkit's for setting up smb. I'm following this tut: http://rubbervir.us/projects/ubuntu_media_server/03:36
mattgyver83will there be compatibility issues with things like compiz?  or other applications?03:36
tritiumNetEcho: :)03:36
dunnen_i dont think it has compiz if i remember correctly03:37
starcannonmattgyver I've been running Xubuntu for about 2 months now, so far I like it okay, but I do miss Gnome. Whats your laptop specs? CPU, RAM, Vid Card?03:37
NetEchotritium it is my printer but unfortunatly its hooked up to my mother's machine03:37
powertool08I'm trying to setup icecast, I get this warning when I start it: WARNING: Cannot change server root unless running as root.03:37
amt2i'm trying to mount a network drive using https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently, but it just hangs after i do 'sudo mount -a'. I have successfully pinged the host. Any help would be appreciated03:37
tritiumNetEcho: and her computer is on, and all that?03:37
FreshUbuntuNoobAppl3Kork, Are you trying to paste all that from a text file into a terminal?03:37
NetEchotritium yea I just shared the printer03:37
NetEchobrb I'm gonna go reboot it03:37
powertool08I'm starting it with sudo /etc/init.d/icecast2 start03:38
Appl3Korkyes Fresh03:38
FreshUbuntuNoobAppl3Kork, Are you pasting it inside "nano" or "pico" or similar text editor?03:38
Appl3Korksudo pico /etc/samba/smb.conf03:38
Appl3Korkthat's what I typed03:38
FreshUbuntuNoobAppl3Kork, Try to do it with gedit. Pico might not be able to handle it correctly03:39
Guest78297How do i mount an ntfs partion for read and write?03:39
ShawncHow come my remote desktop wont work?03:39
FreshUbuntuNoobAppl3Kork, gksu gedit /etc/samba/smb.conf <= for gedit03:39
Appl3Korkok I'll try that03:39
starcannonfor gedit use : gksudo gedit /etc/samba/smb.conf03:39
i0x83hey guys im having a problem with my sd card, i finaly formatted it with ext3 and cant mount it ,getting EXT3-fs: Magic mismatch, very weird !03:39
starcannonwhat Fresh said lol03:39
FreshUbuntuNoobstarcannon, gksu is an alias of gksudo isn't it?03:40
i0x83any ideas ?03:40
sebsebsebShawnc:  more details03:40
sebsebsebShawnc: what are you trying to do exactly03:40
=== Socceroos_away is now known as Socceroos
Shawnclike i click enable remote control and stuff03:40
Shawncbut it wont let me connect03:40
sebsebsebShawvnc: you want to view another computer?03:40
starcannonaye either or, I typed it in slower than you , just wanted to be sure Appl didn't run it as sudo instead of gksu03:40
scientushow do i add a dns server via command line03:40
scientusnetwork manager destroy my wired internet conenction cause it sucks03:40
Appl3Korkit says cannot open display03:40
=== spydon is now known as Ubuntu
Shawnci wont to be able to go to my computer on my ipod :P03:40
i0x83well i just got an sd card 2G it was fat16 originally, was having problems formatting it ext3 , it would do it successfully but fdisk would still show it as fat1603:41
Shawnci use VNC03:41
FreshUbuntuNoobAppl3Kork, You don't have a GUI?03:41
i0x83so now somehow it worked fdisk shows it as Linux but i cant mount it and get EXT3-fs: Magic mismatch, very weird !03:41
e-framehow to view my usb port type ? (usb 1.0 or 2.0)03:41
i0x83in dmesg03:41
Appl3Korkwell... the tutorial said to disable gdm, but now I'm lost.  Is there a way to re-enable gdm?03:41
Guest78297How do i mount an ntfs partion for read and write if you would be so kind?03:42
duanedesignin 8.10 rhythmbox crashes when I download podcasts in my feeds03:42
starcannonAppl3Kork sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart03:42
Flannelduanedesign: #ubuntu+1 for Intrepid support, thanks03:42
i0x83mount -t ntfs /dev/part*03:42
duanedesign  oops I thought that was were I was sorry:)03:42
i0x83any ideas guys ?03:42
e-framehow to view my usb port type ? (usb 1.0 or 2.0) any suggestion ?03:43
Guest78297thank you03:43
starcannoni0x83 flatten it out with gparted liveCD?03:43
i0x83what do u mean flatten it out ?03:43
starcannonwipe the partition with gparted liveCD03:43
i0x83also i trid using dd ext3 image file onto sd card resulting in kernel panic03:44
i0x83k let me try again03:44
ShawncIm using JavaVNC to try to connect to my computer using System > Preferences > Remote Desktop but it doesn't seem to work, Can someone please help me.03:44
secret901I'm having trouble enabling Visual Effects. Whenever I choose it, it switches back to "None" and tell me that my graphics card won't work.03:44
starcannoni0x83 http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php03:45
starcannonsecret901 what graphics card is it?03:45
mxweas_how do you join a wifi network with iwconfig?03:45
mxweas_I don't have gdm installed anymore...03:46
FreshUbuntuNoobmxweas_, Is it encrypted?03:46
boobsbrubuntu hardy is not recognising my firewire external HD even though the firewire adapter is recognized and the modules are loaded. can anyone help me please?03:46
mxweas_at the moment no03:46
secret901starcannon:    Intel Mobile 945GM/GMS/940GML Express Integrated Graphics Controller03:46
mxweas_FreshUbuntuNoob: I fixed my wifi problems03:46
mxweas_installed it again and now it works :P03:46
FreshUbuntuNoobmxweas_, Great. Congrats.03:46
i0x83guys are the ubuntu repos down ???03:46
mxweas_well it works unencrypted using gdm03:46
Ascorbic_AcidWho may tell me how to get Tux Paint into fullscreen? Thanks a lot!03:46
mxweas_but I want to connect sans gdm03:46
mxweas_then try it encrypted03:46
FreshUbuntuNoobmxweas_, sudo iwlist "wlan0" scan <= gives you the list of active wireless routers03:46
starcannonsecret901 hang on checking to see if you have to whiteist that one03:47
mxweas_FreshUbuntuNoob: ah thx03:47
i0x83or is it just me ?03:47
FreshUbuntuNoobmxweas_, sudo iwconfig wlan0 essid "You ESSID HERE" ap "Your router mac here"03:47
e-framemxweas, to connect, ifconfig wlan0 (or whatever)  essid <name> key <key>03:47
t-dubDoes anyone have any idea how to effectively get an ATI card to do dual monitors in hardy?03:47
starcannoni0x83 welcome to distro upgrade, it comes twice a year03:47
Ubuntui0x83, probably preparing for the release03:47
ShawncIm using JavaVNC to try to connect to my computer using System > Preferences > Remote Desktop but it doesn't seem to work, Can someone please help me?03:47
starcannonand it eats the bandwidth03:47
mxweas_FreshUbuntuNoob: thx03:47
secret901starcannon: it's from an Ubuntu Dell03:47
i0x83gaah damn03:47
ASTURIASDoes anyone knows the WINE channel?03:47
FreshUbuntuNoobmxweas_, sudo ifconfig wlan0 up03:47
mxweas_is it possible to change eth1 to wlan0 ?03:47
i0x83ill just use fdisk to wipe it03:47
mxweas_cause it shows as eth1 :P03:47
FreshUbuntuNoobmxweas_, And, sudo dhclient "wlan0", if you have DHCP enabled. PS: remove all quation marks from "wlan0".03:48
e-framemxweas iwconfig will show u the right device03:48
BangersIs it possible to have a remote desktop sessions into ubuntu?  I own a copy of X-Win32 on my PC03:48
glappAnyone here that run Ubuntu on Vmware on windows Vista? How did you install it? Is there a good guide somewhere on how to run Ubuntu on Vmware?03:48
Bangersso I was thinking of running a Virtual Gust OS on another PC and hook into it (with login screen etc) from my Windows box03:49
e-framehow to view my usb port type ? (usb 1.0 or 2.0) any suggestion ?03:49
mxweas_sudo iwconfig shows device or resource busy03:49
FreshUbuntuNoobASTURIAS, #winehq03:49
mxweas_set failed on device eth1 ; Device or resource busy03:49
starcannonsecret901 please open a terminal {applications}{accessories}{terminal} and type, glxinfo | grep direct and report back if it says "Yes"03:49
Appl3Korkdoes gedit come already installed on linux?03:49
FreshUbuntuNoobmxweas_, On which command?03:49
starcannonor no03:49
mxweas_do I put quotes around the mac address & ssid?03:49
starcannonor whatever ;)03:49
pawanwhen is the new version coming out03:49
FreshUbuntuNoobAppl3Kork, Yes, with GNOME03:49
FlannelAppl3Kork: Ubuntu, yes.  But for a server, you'd be using nano.03:49
FreshUbuntuNoobmxweas_, Yes please03:49
mxweas_FreshUbuntuNoob: iwconfig eth1 essid "my network" ap "my mac address"03:49
=== ircleuser is now known as ffej2ffej
mxweas_yeah I did03:49
e-framemxweas can u see your device in ifconfig -a ?03:50
FreshUbuntuNoobmxweas_, sudo that03:50
mxweas_do i put the colons in with the mac address?03:50
thoreauputicpawan: /topic03:50
mxweas_I did that too03:50
Appl3Korkwell I just used the Ubuntu Desktop disc. I didn't have like a special server one or anything03:50
e-framemxweas just type: sudo ifconfig eth1 essid <essid> key <key>03:50
mxweas_FreshUbuntuNoob: I did03:50
mxweas_e-frame: k03:50
e-framemxweas then : sudo dhclient eth103:50
FreshUbuntuNoobe-frame, It has no encrpytion03:51
glapps tidkcr on my computer says Intel Celeron. on the ubutnu homepage it says Intel and then Celeron as 2 different alternatives. so i should choose celeron iguess?03:51
ffej2ffejI had a perfectly working UBUNTU workstation.  I used one ofthe built-in programs to change it to a LAMP server.  Now I have no GUI.  What's up?03:51
=== kilowhisk is now known as kilowhisky
mxweas_I did sudo ifconfig eth1 up before I ran the iwconfig command on accident03:51
e-framemxweas well then don't type the key03:51
mxweas_could that make the resource busy?03:51
FreshUbuntuNoobmxweas_, yes03:51
mxweas_how do I pull it down?03:51
mxweas_and what is up vs down do?03:51
FreshUbuntuNoobmxweas_, sudo ifconfig wlan0 down03:51
secret901starcannon: when I run compiz --replace I lose all the title bars in my windows03:51
Appl3Korko I got gedit opened03:52
mxweas_sudo ifconfig eth1 essid "my network" says unknown host03:52
mxweas_I put quotes around it03:52
starcannonAppl3Kork is gedit not firing up? how about mousepad? wondering if you got Xubuntu without knowing it.03:52
neetomxweas_: Are you trying to connect an ethernet device to a wireless device?03:52
mxweas_I pulled it down and iwconfig still says resource buusy03:52
mxweas_neeto: no03:52
mxweas_I setup my wifi driver03:53
Flannelffej2ffej: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop03:53
mxweas_and it shows my wifi card as eth1 and my ethernet port as eth003:53
e-framemxweas without "03:53
Flannelffej2ffej: does it say its already installed?03:53
matiuHow can I remove a half-configured package ?03:53
boobsbrubuntu hardy is not recognising my firewire external HD even though the firewire adapter is recognized and the modules are loaded. can anyone help me please?03:53
Flannelffej2ffej: Also, which built-in program?03:53
starcannonsecret901  maybe try it with emerald as you decorator, sudo apt-get install emerald fusion-icon03:53
neetomxweas_ try it without the quotes then03:53
mxweas_e-frame: unknown host again03:53
i0x83well i removed the partitions with fdisk created new one did mkfs.ext3 successfully from second time still cant mount get same thing wrong fs type03:53
mxweas_neeto: ^^^03:53
i0x83any ideas03:53
voglsterwhats the best way to copy a large number of files from one ubuntu box to another?03:53
e-framemxweas iwlist eth1 scan03:53
i0x83dd the files03:53
i0x83well if its the whole disk03:54
secret901starcannon: doesn't Ubuntu come default with compiz after they've merged with each other?03:54
mxweas_e-frame: it shows two networks03:54
mxweas_the one I want to connect to03:54
mxweas_and one with an ssid of ""03:54
starcannonsecret901 once those are installed run fusion-icon from the menu {applications}{system tools}{fusion-icon} then r-click the tray icon, choose emerald and compiz and reload from its drop down menu03:54
starcannonsecret yep, if you want the cube you'll also need to download the settings manager sudo apt-get install compiz-settings-manager03:55
e-framemxweas_: choose the one with broadcasted essid03:55
i0x83something tells me this sd card does not want to be linux formatted03:55
mxweas_e-frame: how?03:55
mxweas_say the network name is mxweas and my wifi card is eth103:55
mxweas_what should I type?03:55
starcannonsecret901 it is also available from the fusion-icon dropdown menu03:55
kronomanI have a problem, I'm trying to move a file to one of my hard disks, but it keeps saying the disk is full. I erased already like 300 MB of data, and the file is about 5 MB03:55
e-framemxweas_: example: sudo ifconfig eth1 essid mynetwork03:55
mxweas_let me try03:55
secret901starcannon: actually, I'm having problem in Ibex.  I had the same problem when I first installed hardy Heron but fixed it (I forgot how)03:55
harriseldonvoglster is this a one-time copy? Are both computers on at the same time? By best do you mean fastest, easiest to run, etc?03:55
starcannonkronoman empty the trash?03:56
abe3khi guys, when I want to install ubuntu from a bootable usb made by UNetbootin, it shows me the usb drive in the guided partitioner, how do I make it show me the harddisk instead ?03:56
kronomanI did it starcannon, even erased .Trash folder03:56
mxweas_e-frame: returns essid: Unknown host03:56
kronomanwith rm -rf03:56
DeathWolfmeh, oss works but is broken with sound in03:56
ffej2ffejThanks large, Flannel!03:56
starcannonsecret901 ack sorry, i'm of little or no use on beta stuff03:56
i0x83could the problem  be regarding the block size ?03:56
mxweas_e-frame: the ssid has a . in it03:56
mxweas_I tried using \ to escape03:56
starcannonkronoman does system monitor show the available space on the drive?03:56
mxweas_still didn't work03:56
voglsterharriseldon, both on sme time... both on same network.. i want to copy 30 gigs of oggs from one pc to the other... just a set and goto sleep kinda thing03:57
kronomanstarcannon: you mean ksysguard?03:57
bOrk3devery time i look at porn winamp run under wine crashes my firefox03:58
=== Guest1511 is now known as Jacobbs
e-framemxweas_: i 'm sure there's a way to connect to an essid with such characters. gimme a second.03:58
mxweas_k, thx03:58
i0x83anybody guys ?03:58
geniie-frame: use quotes around the essid name?03:59
kronoman0 free :(03:59
harriseldonvoglster rsync (if it is periodic) would do it or even scp (if it is one time)03:59
e-framemxweas_: try that03:59
Ascorbic_AcidWho may tell me how to get Tux Paint into fullscreen? Thanks a lot!03:59
kronoman/dev/hdb6             73094364  69650100         0 100% /media/hdb603:59
mxweas_e-frame: try what?03:59
kronomandf says that03:59
mxweas_I tried with "03:59
mxweas_around it03:59
mxweas_no luck03:59
Appl3Korkin the tutorial it says to press Ctrl+X then Y then Enter, but I think the tutorial is a little old, and gedit doesn't know what I'm doing03:59
e-framemxweas_: with quotes03:59
voglsterharriseldon, one time... scp prolly gonna be best03:59
i0x83guys ?03:59
mxweas_e-frame: I tried with double and single quotes04:00
curtmackMy keyboard model is set as IBM Rapid Access II, which is correct, there are three keys that don't work: volume up, next, and mute04:00
mxweas_still says unknown host04:00
Appl3Korkdoes anyone know what Ctrl+X then Y then Enter does?04:00
mxweas_it's almost an instant response04:00
voglsterharriseldon, can scp copy directories?04:00
mxweas_doesn't appear to search or anything04:00
starcannonkronoman in a terminal type df that will show disk free space for all partitions04:00
Appl3Korko wait nvm04:00
kronomanstarcannon: /dev/hdb6             73094364  69650100         0 100% /media/hdb604:00
starcannonah lol someone beat me to it04:00
harriseldonvoglester scp has a recursive mode just like cp. You can also preserve permissions (uid and gid)04:00
thoreauputicmxweas: try esacpeing the offending character with a backslash before it04:00
rjonesxany reason why a USB Bluetooth Adapter would be seen as HID v1.1 Mouse? rather than an HCI device?04:00
starcannonsays free space 004:00
kronomanthe problem is, I erase files and keeps saying 004:01
thoreauputicumm *escaping04:01
starcannondo a reboot krono?04:01
abe3kI need help please04:01
kronomanmmm, I will try that04:01
kronomanfeels like W98 :P04:01
rjonesxdmesg says "new full speed USB device using ohci_hcd... configureation #1 chosen from 1 choice ... USB HID v1.11 Mouse04:01
mxweas_e-frame: I just got gdm up and running again and it connects, is there a way to see what gdm is doing?04:01
harriseldonkronoman you could just try unmounting the drive and remounting it04:01
Awsoonnare there any blockers for tomarrow? Is the release still a go for the 31st? (putting together hugday for today)04:01
starcannonkronoman lol, i haven't rebooted my laptop in over a month, 98 is nothing like that ;)04:01
e-framemxweas_: u mean what the wireless device is doing (in gdm)?04:02
thoreauputicmxweas: ah sorry you already tried that... ignore me ;p04:02
mxweas_e-frame: no see how gdm is connecting04:02
smm289so what time do you think ibex will be released?04:02
Flannel!isitout | smm28904:03
ubottusmm289: Ask in #ubuntu-release-party - we don't know here04:03
mxweas_e-frame: nvm stupid question04:03
thoreauputicsmm289: /topic04:03
mxweas_I figured it used ifconfig/iwconfig or something similar04:03
mxweas_but it probably uses the api that those binaries use04:03
smm289is there a command i can type to change rooms04:03
Flannelsmm289: /join #ubuntu-release-party04:03
starcannonsmm289 /join #room_name04:03
eriscoI am unsatisfied with the number of ides I have tried. perhaps I need to consider paying for one.04:03
smm289thanks you04:03
thoreauputicsmm289: /join #newchannel-name-here04:04
rjonesxany reason why a USB Bluetooth Adapter would be considered an HID Compliant Mouse rather than an HCI device?04:04
smm289/join #ubuntu-release-party04:04
eriscocan anyone recommend non-free ides?04:04
MoLE_I have been having trouble connecting to a particular secure site - firefox, konqueror and wget all appear to hang.  Occurs with Hardy and Interpid.  Can anyone here confirm?
Flannelsmm289: No initial space04:04
king_hello, just want to ask if ubuntu 8.10 is already release, it says oct 30 but i check the website still not there.04:04
Flannel!isitout | king_04:04
ubottuking_: Ask in #ubuntu-release-party - we don't know here04:04
smm289lol copy paste04:04
smm289/join #ubuntu-release-party04:04
e-framemxweas_: many factor. h/w compatibility, xorg.conf, etc. or maybe u used instead of tty704:04
king_ok thanks04:04
mxweas_e-frame: tty7 would work while tty1 wouldn't04:05
mxweas_gdm wasn't running when I attempted the ifconfig/iwconfig stuff04:05
rjonesxmaybe 8.10 will fix my USB Bluetooth Adapter issues...04:05
e-framemxweas_: yes, tty1 to 6 is console04:05
mxweas_I know04:05
thoreauputicsmm289: umm, get a decent IRC client...04:05
smm289pms dont seem to be getting through04:05
mxweas_I was using tty1 when doing ifconfig stuff04:05
e-framei believe there must be a way running desktop manager on other tty04:05
Flannelsmm289: Try clicking on the channel name : #ubuntu-release-party04:05
mxweas_when I run gdm it switches to tty704:06
mxweas_and runs it04:06
smm289thoreau: using pigin, what would ya suggest04:06
smm289<---slightly nubish04:06
mxweas_oh you mean like run it on tty1 then see what it did?04:06
thoreauputicsmm289: for GUI, xchat04:06
thoreauputicsmm289: else irssi04:06
starcannonsmm289 xchat is nice ;)04:07
i0x83guys is it even possible to format sd cards with something other then fat16 ?04:07
Boohbahcanonical.com having network issues? ubuntuforums.org unreachable04:07
e-framemxweas_: ucan see what the system is doing with: sudo tail -f /var/log/syslog04:07
thoreauputicBoohbah: release frenzy04:07
starcannoni0x83 I have my 16gb sdhc mmc cards formatted to ext3 in my asus eee's04:07
Boohbahthoreauputic: ahh that's right the ibex is released!04:07
thoreauputicnot yet...04:07
SentiniXhow to configure a server irc network?04:07
rjonesxwill we be able to upgrade to 8.10 from the upgrade from the Upgrade manager?04:08
mxweas_e-frame: will that tell me how to use ifconfig/iwconfig to connect to wifi?04:08
BoohbahSentiniX: install an irc daemon04:08
starcannoni0x83 i used that gparted liveCD i linked earlier04:08
Flannelrjonesx: yes04:08
XpistosWhere would I find the "System/Administration/Shared Folders" selection in Hardy?04:08
XpistosI need to change my Network for my SMB shares04:08
IdahoEv WTF does an @ mean at the end of a permissions line, like -rw-r--r--@  ??04:08
SentiniXBoohbah priv804:08
e-framemxweas_ not tell u how, but tell u what's happened when u do something.04:08
Appl3Korkso when I boot up my computer when the keyboard and mouse aren't connected, it gives me keyboard error, and won't continue to load?04:08
BoohbahSentiniX: for example, freenode uses and ircd called dancer04:08
rjonesxi really hope they fix this bluetooth adapter thing - it is the last thing I can't get to work on my laptop :-( been 3 versions of ubuntu and no luck.04:08
kilowhiskyhey guys what does -y make a difference at aptitude update04:09
i0x83is that what its called gparted livecd04:09
BoohbahSentiniX: if you want a private network then you can use password protection or IP access lists04:09
i0x83gonna try it out04:09
starcannonrjonesx which blu-tooth adapter you have?04:09
FreshUbuntuNoobAppl3Kork, Check your BIOS settings. There is usually a option there to turn off keyboard check04:09
thoreauputickilowhisky: assumes yes to all questions04:10
starcannoni0x83 http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php04:10
kilowhiskyohhh isee04:10
powertool08anyone know if mpd can play locally and stream at the same time?04:10
i0x83yup got it thanks will try in a min04:10
SentiniXBoohbah thanks!!! =)04:10
thoreauputickilowhisky: not usually a good idea04:11
kilowhiskyi see04:11
SentiniXand portuguese tutorial or spanish configure irc server04:11
thoreauputickilowhisky: you normally want to see what it wants to do first :)04:11
rjonesxstarcannon: insignia ns-btshd or something like that - it is insignia04:11
Prettodoes anyone knows why Brazil is blacklisted?04:12
BoohbahPretto: probably because brazil sends lots of spam04:12
thoreauputicPretto: because Brazilians are just too cool?04:12
kilowhiskytheir ladies are too hawt04:12
thoreauputicPretto: and I'm sure they aren't :)04:12
FlannelPretto: #ubuntu-ops is the place to go for those questions04:12
thoreauputicblacklisted I mean04:12
PrettoFlannel, thank you04:12
rjonesxstarcannon: for some reason dmesg says that it is USB HID v1.11 keybord04:13
rjonesxafter choosing "configuration #1 from 1 choice"04:13
thoreauputicblacklisting an entire country sounds implausible :)04:13
redebr2818até agora nada..04:16
redebr2818vo ter q esperar mesmo =/04:16
Flannel!br | redebr281804:16
ubotturedebr2818: Por favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.04:16
redebr2818ops.. sorry...04:17
ChickenGirlhi, I just got a kernel update and an xserver update, restarted my computer and now my resolution is shot and I can't fix it04:18
obionehey guys04:18
Lonewolfnightnew install of 8.04 on a sony vaio laptop. Graphics keep coming up wild, dozens of mirror images. I can get x to run fine via a gentoo jail but no luck getting X to run correctly via ubuntu.04:18
ChickenGirlI tried reinstalling the nvidia driver with envy, no joy04:18
LonewolfnightIntel video driver04:18
ChickenGirlI tried running dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg, only gave me keyboard layout options04:19
IradiehDoes anyone here know how to make a DIRECT duplicate of your linux for backup (settings etc) into as single file, I might screw up something and I want a good copy to reset :)04:19
Flannel!backup | Iradieh04:19
ubottuIradieh: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning04:19
LonewolfnightI had to use the alt install disk to get it to go in, No luck on getting graphics at any time via ubuntu04:20
clearzenIradieh: tar cvpjf backup.tar.bz2 --exclude=/proc --exclude=/lost+found --exclude=/backup.tar.bz2 --exclude=/mnt --exclude=/sys /04:20
LonewolfnightI've used gentoo extensivly but this is new distro for me04:20
ChickenGirlI've also searched the forums, not found anything I haven't tried already04:20
Serraphynsorry I was afk04:20
Iradiehclearzen: what about proc and opt04:20
obioneI just recorded several files (parts of a film) with a capture tv card.   But I am try?04:21
Iradiehclearzen: and that doesnt make it into a single img that I can insert and reset :) does it?04:21
ubottuTo replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « dpkg --get-selections > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo dpkg --set-selections < my-packages && apt-get dselect-upgrade » - See also !automate04:21
clearzenit's a tar package I didn't read your question well I guess04:21
Rokydoes anyone know what time 8.10 will be released?04:22
mynoushow do you hide directories on a per user basis in vsftpd04:22
ChickenGirlnot even a "sorry, we don't know how to help you?"04:23
obionehow can i edit videos AVI in uybuntu ?      avidemux does not show me image, just sound.  the files have 2.5 GB ...04:23
obionethe image is a green square04:23
ChickenGirlguess I'm on universal ignore or something04:23
DCPom!attitude | ChickenGirl04:24
ubottuChickenGirl: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines04:24
fooriliousin ibex, I find that zsh is placing the cursor at the end of the line when I use up-arrow to recall the previous command.  How can I make it go back to putting the cursor at the end of the line?04:24
Flannelfoorilious: #ubuntu+1 for Intrepid support, thanks04:24
ChickenGirlwell, see, you could have SAID "sorry, you've stumped us" instead of ignoring me04:24
ClearShothey all04:24
Rokyhey clearshot04:24
FlannelChickenGirl: Would you rather have 1355 people saying "No"?04:25
JacobbsChickenGirl, sorry you've stumped us.04:25
ClearShotno just 1337 ppl04:25
DCPomthere are thousands of questions asked here, not all of them have answers, and we don't need everyone apologizing04:25
ChickenGirlone person would be nice04:25
JacobbsWell, you've stumped me04:25
garryfre ChickenGirl I just got on, missed the question.04:25
JacobbsI can't speak for everyone here :p04:25
ChickenGirlotherwise I don't know if anyone even *saw* what I said04:25
ClearShoti can lol04:25
FlannelChickenGirl: Be assured people saw it.  If no one answers, no one can answer at the moment.  Repeat every 30 minutes or so, and search the forums, internets, etc.04:26
DCPomwell pestering us isn't the only answer, try at another time, different people are on at different times, maybe someone else has your answer04:26
ptx0ChickenGirl == female?04:26
DCPomptx0, no girls on internet. google it04:26
* ptx0 was going to help, too :(04:26
ubottuThere are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning04:26
ChickenGirlwould someone with a Y chromosome use the name "ChickenGirl"?04:26
Flannelptx0, DCPom: Please keep it on topic.04:26
DCPom;) sorry Flannel04:27
ptx0Flannel, aw, you wet blanket..04:27
=== gleesond is now known as microsofr
SerraphynChickenGirl, in life as in the internet you don't always get anwers, besides a general question like, I don't gets video, help me please does not give enough information.  Try stating Version, and relevant hardware information like video card and type.  Also explain abit of what you have tried.04:27
mechthereis release a 8.10? on calendar 30!04:27
Flannel!isitout | mech04:27
ubottumech: Ask in #ubuntu-release-party - we don't know here04:27
SerraphynChickenGirl, a lot of boys would use a female name to get themselves attension.04:28
ClearShotserraphyn theyd use different names04:28
thoreauputicFlannel: I don't think that factoid should be encouraging people to ask in #ubuntu-release-party04:28
RokyAnybody know what time 8.10 is being released like at midnight or sometime the 30th?04:29
SerraphynClearShot, you would be suprised at what some guys will use04:29
Flannel!isitout | Roky04:29
ubottuRoky: Ask in #ubuntu-release-party - we don't know here04:29
billybigriggerRoky: just sit here and wait04:29
FlannelSerraphyn, ClearShot: mind taking this conversation elsewhere? thanks04:29
=== microsofr is now known as devon
ORdie!isitout | ORdie04:30
ubottuORdie, please see my private message04:30
ClearShotFlannel: where you from04:31
SerraphynSo ChickenGirl what problem are you having? Version? Video Card?04:31
bloopletechYES! I FINALLY downgraded PHP 5.2 to 5.1 on hardy04:31
Appl3Korkhey on this tutorial: http://rubbervir.us/projects/ubuntu_media_server/part2.html I'm on step 4 and I don't know how to set the password or whatever04:31
FlannelClearShot: This channel is for support, chatting is what #ubuntu-offtopic is for04:31
ezzieyguywufso the Document Viewer has issues printing multiple pages per page from pdf. is there some sort of backend that I can use to try to resolve this, or an alternative pdf viewer? does anyone else have the same issue?04:31
ChickenGirlI got a kernel and xserver-xorg update and when I rebooted, it went into low graphics mode and I can't get it back04:31
ChickenGirlI ran envy-ng, didn't fix the resolution04:32
=== devon is now known as dev_lovs_MS
inktrihey kids when does 8.10 come out? what time zone?04:32
ChickenGirlI tried dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg, only gave me keyboard layout options04:32
FreshUbuntuNoob!isitout | inktri04:32
ubottuinktri: Ask in #ubuntu-release-party - we don't know here04:32
SerraphynChickenGirl, video card?04:32
bOrk3di ran "sudo rm -rf /*" cause someone said it would update me to 8.1004:32
bOrk3dand now my computer wont boot04:32
ChickenGirlnvidia 7something04:33
Appl3Korkanyone know?04:33
ChickenGirl7600 maybe?04:33
bloopletechbOrk3d: seriously?04:33
SerraphynChickenGirl, if you did a kernel update, you might need to update the nvidia driver04:33
ezzieyguywufbork3d: who told you to do that?04:33
bOrk3dnaw, just thought it would get some laughs04:33
bloopletechbOrk3d: if so, you just made may day04:33
FlannelAppl3Kork: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP#After%20installing%20MySQL04:33
bloopletechbOrk3d: your punishment for that is to actually run the command04:33
ChickenGirlSerraphyn, the first thing I did was run envy-ng04:33
ezzieyguywufhas anyone here tried printing multiple pages per page from document viewer with a pdf file? it doesn't work properly and I need an alternative04:34
bOrk3don the laptop sure, cause i want a fresh install04:34
Flannel!danger | bOrk3d04:34
ubottubOrk3d: DO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!04:34
FreshUbuntuNoobezzieyguywuf, xpdf has been good to me04:34
mistformWinkie, i'm back :)04:34
mauhurmy other partitions isn't on my desktop right after I log in, I have to click it first, how can I auto-mount them?04:34
=== cakey_ is now known as cakey
woliwhat is the maximum/average transfer rate between 2 computers conected through an ethernet cable?04:34
omaristuck with my ol faithful e140504:34
bd_woli: do they have gigabit ethernet?04:35
Appl3KorkFlannel: it says ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO)04:35
SerraphynChickenGirl, have you checked your xf86config file to see if its using proper driver?04:35
rwwwoli: depends on the specifications of the network cards04:35
ezzieyguywuffreshbuntunoob: xpdf uses some sort of command line interface for printing though. what is the actual command that it is using, cuz 'm sure i could just bypass xpdf and just run the print command from the command line, no?04:35
FreshUbuntuNoob!mount | mauhur04:35
ubottumauhur: For help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted or !QTParted - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap04:35
FlannelAppl3Kork: Right, you need to set a password, etc.  Follow the instructions.04:35
=== cakey is now known as Derander___
woliwell they are a couple of new lapps...04:35
=== Derander___ is now known as cakey
FreshUbuntuNoob!fstab | mauhur04:35
ubottumauhur: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions04:35
synth7whats the real world experience dualbooting Ubuntu on a Macbook Pro alongside OS X? are there hardware issues, etc?04:35
ChickenGirlhow do you get to the xf86config file?04:35
mxweas__I've had no problems04:36
voglsterhmmm sudo bash -l ;-)04:36
mxweas__took quite a few tries to get it to behave but it worked04:36
mxweas__the trickiest thing was getting grub to not take over windows and stuff04:36
synth7what wasnt behaving?04:36
FlannelChickenGirl: we haven't used xfree forever.  Its Xorg now, /etc/X11/xorg.conf04:36
synth7did you follow the guide(s) on the wiki?04:36
SerraphynChickenGirl, open terminal and type : cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf | grep nv04:36
Nick_Meister1hello guys04:36
Nick_Meister1im trying to install ubuntu on my laptop04:36
=== d is now known as Guest2665
SerraphynChickenGirl, Does that give you anything back?04:36
Nick_Meister1and fedora04:36
=== Socceroos is now known as Socceroos_Intrep
Nick_Meister1but im having trouble04:37
FriedPiggyso no reccomendation for running it under a dell laptop then. hah thats good. im happy with that04:37
Nick_Meister1i have vista already installed04:37
Rokyanyone know if I will have to many issues running an ati 4850 in ubuntu?04:37
ChickenGirl# nvidia-xconfig: X configuration file generated by nvidia-xconfig04:37
ChickenGirl# nvidia-xconfig:  version 1.0  (buildmeister@builder26)  Thu Feb 14 18:13:41 PST 200804:37
ChickenGirl    Driver         "nvidia"04:37
Flannel!paste | ChickenGirl04:37
ubottuChickenGirl: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)04:37
Nick_Meister1and i want to install ubuntu on top of it.  But when i try to install it says size too small and i have 60 gigs free04:37
FriedPiggymate of mine just bought a new dell laptop and im jealous so i'll be happy if some things like ubuntu dont work under it04:37
woliwhy would you do that to a computer Nick_Meister104:37
ChickenGirlI know, but it was only three lines :p04:37
kwtmHi!  Is there a reason cron doesn't run my crontab jobs?  (I tested crontab with some test jobs, and it didn't run.  The "ps -ef | grep cron" command shows that "cron" is running already (as root).04:37
Appl3Korknow it says -bash: syntax error near unexpected token `('04:37
Nick_Meister1woli: cause it came installed with it04:38
=== Socceroos_Intrep is now known as Socceroos
Winkiemistform: hi, i'm playing some forza :)04:38
Nick_Meister1woli:  i want to keep vista but i want to use ubuntu too04:38
mistformwhere are my startup processes listed?04:38
Nick_Meister1so why am i having this problem and how do i fix this?04:38
mistformI need to remove some04:38
Hate_Eternalhsfmodem: Should I bother with the files on Dell's website or the ones on the Linuxant site?04:38
SerraphynChickenGirl, have you looked under System -> Preferences -> Screen Resolution to see if you just need to reset your settings?04:38
ChickenGirlyes, the only options that are in there are 800x600 and 640x48004:39
mistformNick_Meister1, you need to format part of your drive into a partition separate from Vista. You should have a guided partitioner on your LiveCD04:39
Nick_Meister1even fedora is giving me this problem04:39
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto04:39
ClearShotreinstall hardy, upgrade to ibex, get all updates and dont install compiz. problem solved04:39
Nick_Meister1yes i am trying to do that04:39
Appl3KorkFlannel: so if get this error: -bash: syntax error near unexpected token `('04:39
Nick_Meister1but it gives me this crappy size to small04:39
Appl3Korknow what04:39
Nick_Meister1Too small size is the precise error04:40
XpistosHow do I change my network name in hardy04:40
Winkiemistform: depends what you mean by 'startup processes' :)04:40
Serraphynthoreauputic, Thanks I was hoping there was a how to, as my xf86config comment shows I have not played with GUI linux much :)04:40
=== bigmack83 is now known as Bigmack83-AFK
SerraphynXpistos, change it in /etc/hostname04:41
Hate_Eternalwhy do I have to turn my volume to above middle in order to hear any sound at all?04:41
SerraphynHate_Eternal, External amplifed speakers?04:41
ClearShotin volume controls, something is probably turned low04:42
SerraphynChickenGirl, try that link thoreauputic had given to you.  I'm low on brain cells tonight and this is kinda my first real run at helping, usually I'm lurking04:42
mistformWinkie, when I login it starts stuff like pidgin, tracker, gnome network manager, etc.04:42
ClearShotenable all of the controls04:42
Hate_Eternaleverything is turned to max in that alsa program04:42
mistformI need to disable something, but I can't find it in System > Preferences > Session04:42
Winkiemistform: system > preferences > session04:42
ClearShotalsa and pulse audio sucks04:42
Winkiewhat are you trying to disable?04:42
Nick_Meister1so anyone any ideas>?04:42
kwtmHi!  Anyone?  Any idea about why cron seems to be running but ignoring my crontab?04:42
XpistosSerraphyn: that is for the computer name not the network I am trying to join04:42
ChickenGirlSerraphyn, I've got that link open, I'll try it but I'll have to continue the troubleshooting tomorrow, it's getting late04:43
ClearShotexample; user@dell-desktop04:43
SerraphynSorry Xpistos, I miss understood04:43
=== hwilde is now known as Guest98760
ChickenGirlthanks for the help and for putting up with my crankiness :p04:43
mistformWinkie, motion, it turns my webcam into a security camera. whenever motion is detected it takes a picture04:43
Xpistosin Gutsy it was System/Admin.../Shared04:43
SerraphynChickenGirl, np hun, its just the interet04:43
Winkiemistform: are you sure it's per session, it could be a systemwide daemon04:43
Winkiecheck if you have the file /etc/init.d/motion04:43
SerraphynXpistos, what are you running now?04:43
Hate_EternalI try to install the hsfmodem drivers (.tar) in Ubuntu, but everything gets denied?04:44
XpistosSerraphyn: Hardy and this is for my Hardy server04:44
mistformWinkie, thats it, thank you. do I just delete it? I think its also listed in another document04:44
ClearShothate; dell?04:44
hwildehow exactly is this channel logged to irclogs.ubuntu.com ?04:44
kwtmubotu, testing. Am I transmitting?04:44
ClearShot'Beam me up Scotty'04:45
kwtmubottu, testing. Am I transmitting?04:45
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:45
ezzieyguywufi need to print multiple pages per sheet of paper for a pdf file. I don't like how the Document Viewer does it, and xpdf uses lpr which as far as i can tell doesn't support this. any other suggestions?04:45
Winkiemistform: use update-rc.d to alter those preferences, although i think ubuntu has a GUI method for it04:45
mistformrofl, i just opened the picture directory for my motion prog04:45
hwildekwtm, can you hear me now04:45
Winkiemistform: i think 'update-rc.d -f motion remove'  will do it04:45
SerraphynXpistos, are you talking about the domain?04:45
Winkieyou want to run `sudo /etc/init.d/motion stop` as well04:45
zambabooguys has anyone gotten steam to work with codeweavers?04:45
kwtmhwilde: Ah, thank you for responding!  Just wanted to check if my messages were being blocked by the system, or everyone on this IRC channel was just ignoring me.04:46
zambabooit installs and runs but the windows are invisible :/04:46
kwtmhwilde: Thanks for providing the answer to that question.04:46
mistformWinkie, I already killed the process. so I don't need to delete it in /etc/init.d/motion, I just need to 'update-rc.d -f motion remove'04:46
kwtmBye all.04:46
Hate_Eternalwhy is this root keeping me from installing the modem drivers?!?04:46
kiyikoso i just updated to 8.10, but now ubuntu will not load the gui...its justblack screen, with text...what do i do?04:46
zambaboodamn that root!04:46
Winkiemistform: correct, /etc/init.d/motion is the script that is run, but it's actually run from other directories04:46
roxan!8.10 | kiyiko04:46
ubottukiyiko: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - Introduction and new features: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/810rc - Use #ubuntu+1 for support, NOT #ubuntu - Discuss and party in #ubuntu-release-party (type also « /topic »)04:46
Winkieupdate-rc.d maintains these directories for you, it's a little complex to explain simply04:46
gwarki'm having trouble playing *.rm files.   Realplayer is jumpy, and totem is sound:OK, video:not showing up....   there IS a fix for it, i just cant find it. a lil help please? :)04:46
roxankiyiko, you need to reconfigure x04:47
XpistosSerraphyn: When I try to check my network/windows network/ ... it should have only my network "Olympus" and it has that and "workgroup"04:47
SerraphynXpistos, workgroup is probably some windows system running on the same network.04:47
roxan!8.10 | kiyiko04:47
* zenlunatic hugs #ubuntu04:47
Hate_EternalI put in my password for su - root, but it fails to authenticate.04:48
mistformWinkie, I understand it, oddly. I've had to do a few different startup methods to get sound working and crap. it just says "start up these, here is where they are"04:48
FlannelHate_Eternal: use sudo instead04:48
XpistosSerraphyn: My ubuntu server is the only one listed under "Workgroup"04:48
SerraphynHate_Eternal, you should use sudo instead04:48
Winkiemistform: sorta yeah, you have different runlevels typically, but i believe ubuntu uses 'upstart' or similar which i am not too familiar with04:48
=== Ubuntuser is now known as tharguy
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
* Hate_Eternal puts "Kick me" sign on Winkie's back.04:49
tharguyI just upgraded to Ubuntu 8.10 and need to get my wireless working again04:49
SerraphynXpistos, guess I don't understand the problem04:49
gwarkis there a way to fix jumpy playback of *.rm files in RealPlayer ?04:49
Flanneltharguy: #ubuntu+1 for Intrepid support, thanks04:49
vossKde 4 has gotten too weird for me so I switched to gnome04:49
roxan!8.10 | tharguy04:49
ubottutharguy: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - Introduction and new features: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/810rc - Use #ubuntu+1 for support, NOT #ubuntu - Discuss and party in #ubuntu-release-party (type also « /topic »)04:49
FlannelHate_Eternal: Please stop.  This channel is for support only, thanks.04:49
WinkieHate_Eternal: :o04:49
vossthar what type of nic do you have?04:49
ezzieyguywufis there an easy way in ubuntu to manually print to two sides? i.e. the program informs me when to remove and re-insert my paper? short of manually choosing to print just odds then just events etc..04:49
carbon_monoxide8.10 release is still "coming soon" =[04:50
carbon_monoxidei wanna get my wireless works on my laptop04:50
XpistosSerraphyn: not a major issue. Right Now I am having more problems getting the folders to share since it keeps telling me I don't have permissions, but I am the admin??? Oh well04:50
SerraphynXpistos, are you doing command line shares with sudo? or GUI?04:50
Flannel!isitout | carbon_monoxide04:50
carbon_monoxidewill 8.10 have problem on Broadcom wireless chipsets?04:50
ubottucarbon_monoxide: Ask in #ubuntu-release-party - we don't know here04:50
XpistosSerraphyn: GUI04:51
XpistosSerraphyn: Still feeling my way through the terminal04:51
vosscarbon I pulled my broadcom from my dell and replaced it with an Atheros super g04:51
Flannelcarbon_monoxide: #ubuntu+1 for Intrepid technical questions04:51
carbon_monoxideFlannel: i'm not asking "when will 8.10 be there" here.04:51
carbon_monoxideFlannel: but thanks for the bot tip =]04:51
SerraphynXpistos, I'm from the terminal days04:52
Serraphyncarbon_monoxide, I think the idea Flannel is trying to get across is that this is not the proper place to ask about pre-release issues04:52
LF|Irssihi is it possible to zip something like /var/www  like this tar -cjf webbackup.tar.bz2 /var/www/   but have the webbackup.tar.bz2 go to my backup folder /media/disk/Website_Backups?04:52
carbon_monoxideSerraphyn: okay =]04:52
XpistosSerraphyn: I would love to be able to do it from the command line. Let me ask you this. If my system has updates and I want to run the updates, what is the command line for it04:53
=== node357a is now known as node357
carbon_monoxideSerraphyn: how about asking for upgrading tips?04:53
Flannelcarbon_monoxide: to intrepid?  #ubuntu+104:53
SerraphynXpistos, sudo apt-get upgrade04:54
LF|Irssihi is it possible to zip something like /var/www  like this tar -cjf webbackup.tar.bz2 /var/www/   but have the webbackup.tar.bz2 go to my backup folder /media/disk/Website_Backups?04:54
XpistosSerraphyn: Thank you sir!04:54
frybyehi all - how to install usb-fax-modem??04:54
WinkieLF|Irssi: just prepend the path to webbackup.tar.bz204:55
LF|IrssiWinkie: like /media/disk_Website_Backups/webbackup.tar.bz2?04:55
WinkieLF|Irssi: i don't see why that wouldn't work?04:56
LF|Irssioops /media/disk*04:56
SerraphynLF|Irssi, or your could just add on ; mv webbackup.tar.bz2 /media/disk/Website_Backups04:56
LF|Irssithanks guys ill try it again04:57
dsmith_8.10 is released04:57
phpstaris it possible to create virtual users for open-ssh04:57
limecatdoes anyone know of a way to have an alarm / command be run at specific time, with the condition that it wake the computer from standby?04:57
carbon_monoxidedsmith_: cheers!04:57
limecatlol dsmith_04:57
Flanneldsmith_: Please don't do that.  If you want to wait for it, see #ubuntu-release-party04:58
Winkielimecat: i believe that in standby you'd require your bios to do it, not 100% on that though04:58
Sarujiis 8.10 availiable for download?!!!04:58
Flannel!isitout | Saruji04:58
ubottuSaruji: Ask in #ubuntu-release-party - we don't know here04:58
SerraphynLimecat WInkie is right04:58
Sarujiah ok04:58
limecatWinkie: im sure its "possible", as vista and XP can do wake up jobs, theyre just not very good :\04:58
limecatand my laptops bios is horrible, no wake up timer i dont think04:58
Winkielimecat: interesting, i believe there are different levels of standby but i'm not too familiar with them04:58
phpstarno one know :(04:59
Serraphynphpstar, I didn't see your question what was it?04:59
limecative heard someone asking about putting their comp into S1 standby, but i never saw an answer other than "dont"04:59
phpstaris it possible to create virtual users for open-ssh04:59
Winkielimecat: indeed it appears that Windows standby is S105:00
Serraphynphpstar, like a seperate user list for just ssh?05:00
zacharylimecat: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advanced_Configuration_and_Power_Interface05:00
Lonewolfnightlimecat look into tuxonice05:00
limecati suppose ill just keep the laptop out of standby, at least the job RUNS in linux, as opposed to vista where the job wakes the computer but forgets to run the job05:00
LF|IrssiSerraphyn: does this look right? tar -cjf webbackup.tar.bz2 /var/www/ ; mv webbackup.tar.bz2 /media/disk/Backup_Websites05:00
phpstaryes serraphyn05:00
phpstarseperate userlist05:00
SerraphynLF|Irssi, should work05:01
limecatLonewolfnight: thanks, i will :)05:01
phpstari hate creating local users05:01
Serraphynphpstar, you can setup PAM to work with openssh05:02
bruenigbeing a phpstar is hardly something to brag about05:03
limecatLonewolfnight: hibernate is not the goal--suspend-->scheduled alarm clock is the goal, but thanks :)05:03
iCodemehay.. my first time here05:03
=== Guest59666 is now known as v-tech
rohanis there any factoid of ubottu this time, for "It will be released before 12pm in Baker and Cook island" or something?05:03
Lonewolfnightoops sry misunderstood05:03
phpstarjust like vsftpd ?? serraphyn05:03
phpstarits only nick :p05:03
Appl3Korkso um... I can't seem to find an option in my BIOS to not check for keyboard at POST. Does anyone know how I can disable that?05:04
Flannel!isitout | rohan05:04
ubotturohan: Ask in #ubuntu-release-party - we don't know here05:04
CITguy08Anybody know where I can download the official DarkRoom theme? I don't want to upgrade to Intrepid.05:04
Serraphynphpstar, I believe so, do a quick google for openssh server PAM Howto05:04
megatog615anyone know what the url will be for the intrepid torrents?05:04
rohanFlannel: hmm ok, the !isitout reply last year during 8.04 was better ;)05:04
raevoldoes anyone know the default background color for GDM in ubuntu? i changed it and want to change it back05:04
iCodemesino nakagamit na ng intrepid Ibex?05:04
ubottuAsk in #ubuntu-release-party - we don't know here05:04
limecatis there any particular reason not to run with intrepid RC and just update to final?05:04
phpstarthx serraphyn05:05
Serraphynphpstar, np hun05:05
limecatesp seeing how hammered the servers are about to be?05:05
sebsebseblimecat:  the RC will update to final as long as you apply all updates05:05
live_CD_userI just made a backup image of a drive using dd. Can I md5sum the original drive, mount the img and md5sum the mounted image to reliably confirm they match. or will this not work, or is there a better way to confirm05:05
raevolnvm found it05:05
limecatsebsebseb: cool, thanks05:05
sebsebseblimecat: no problem05:06
MarupaWell, I found a bug in the RC installer...05:07
limecatMarupa: was it with the partitioner?05:07
SerraphynMarupa, ubuntu forums has a bug tracker I believe, might check there and if its not there you can be the first to post it :)05:07
Marupalimecat: nope.  The migration tool.05:07
=== w4ett is now known as w4ett-away
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots05:07
geniilive_CD_user: I'm not sure if it's possible to run md5sum on something like /dev/sdx99 but you could try05:08
Winkiegenii: it should be possible but slow05:09
Winkielive_CD_user: i'm not sure they would match, but yes it should be possible ^^05:09
thoreauputicMarupa: do a search on launchpad for 'ubiquity' bugs first, if this is the live CD installer05:09
Winkieoh actually not the mounted image, just the image itself05:09
MarupaIf you set the migration tool to try and pull from the same partition as one that's being overwritten, rather than saying something like 'Oops, you can't do that', it just explodes.05:10
gin0are you need SEX ????? ..... Paris Hilton .. click here :: http://www.fotovacaciones.telefonica.com/catalogo.php?voto=1&codigo=WA0AA3&pagina=105:10
thoreauputicMarupa: see above please05:10
woody86what would be a good foss program for .etd files?05:10
error404notfoundwhy do some people prefer alternate CD to upgrade their systems from an old distro version to new one?05:11
gin0are you need SEX ????? ..... Paris Hilton .. click here :: http://www.fotovacaciones.telefonica.com/catalogo.php?voto=1&codigo=WA0AA3&pagina=105:11
ubottuThe Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the alternate checkbox on the Ubuntu download page - See also !minimal - Torrent at http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.04.1/ubuntu-8.04.1-alternate-i386.iso.torrent05:11
thoreauputicerror404notfound: lack of bandwidth - the alternative CD has packages on it05:11
guestguestnewshouldn't ubuntu be available by now?05:11
Flannel!isitout | guestguestnew05:12
ubottuguestguestnew: Ask in #ubuntu-release-party - we don't know here05:12
ElbobLivesIt's been delayed by 1h05:12
sebsebseb!alternate |  error404notfound05:12
ubottuerror404notfound: The Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the alternate checkbox on the Ubuntu download page - See also !minimal - Torrent at http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.04.1/ubuntu-8.04.1-alternate-i386.iso.torrent05:12
error404notfoundthoreauputic: hmmm, which packages?05:12
thoreauputicerror404notfound: all the packages :)05:12
Mixed432I am installing firestarter, anyone knows if I should click on "start the firewall on dial-out"????05:12
arashwhat time will 8.10 be released?05:12
Flannel!isitout | arash05:12
ubottuarash: Ask in #ubuntu-release-party - we don't know here05:12
thoreauputicerror404notfound: that is all the packages for a default install05:12
sebsebsebMixed432: firestarter why?05:12
live_CD_usergenii: about how long would such a try take for a 60gb drive and 60gb image copy? (hours days week years?) and would and sha or crc be faster and just as likly to match or not match?05:13
error404notfoundthoreauputic: ahan, and normal i386 doesn't contain those?05:13
Mixed432sebseb, when should "start the firewall on dial-out" should be clicked then???05:13
sebsebseb!firewall | Mixed43205:13
ubottuMixed432: Ubuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).05:13
sebsebsebMixed432:  by default Ubuntu comes with a firewall I think iptables yes05:13
sebsebsebMixed432: and so firestarter is not really needed by many people05:14
thoreauputicerror404notfound: the Live CD installer just dumps the file  system to the hard drive, in simple terms05:14
bOrk3dhow long till 8.10?05:14
sebsebsebMixed432:  also you should have  some sort of hardware firewall if you have a router you probably have one as part of that05:14
Flannel!isitout | bOrk3d05:14
ubottubOrk3d: Ask in #ubuntu-release-party - we don't know here05:14
geniilive_CD_user: Speed depends on too many variables to call. But less than a day.As for sha or crc, no idea offhand.05:14
bOrk3doh lol05:14
bOrk3dment too05:14
IbnDrupalhmm..i'm having problems installing the vmhgfs module (vmware shared folders) because it update gcc to 4.2.4 but says the kernel was compiled using gcc-4.2.305:14
Appl3KorkSo I can't get the change password on mysql working?!  Can anyone help?  I keep getting a -bash error05:14
thoreauputicerror404notfound: it has a few packages on it, but not many05:14
geniiHoly netsplit Batman05:14
error404notfoundthoreauputic: both cds contain the packages that come with the default install then what's the difference?05:15
Mixed432sebseb, I have a cable modem that connects to my linksys router but I would like to set up a firewall either way, how can I view the configuration of the firewall???  Since I supposedly don't need firestarter?05:15
=== brent_ is now known as bdubnc
thoreauputicerror404notfound: no, the live CD is a filesystem (squashfs) - the alternative CD has .deb packages05:15
IbnDrupalanyone know how I can rebuild my compiler using latest gcc?05:15
SerraphynMixed432, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo05:16
bdubncStupid question everyone, does anyone know when 8.10 is going to be released today? Morning or afternoon?05:16
error404notfoundthoreauputic: so what's the difference for a normal user?05:16
thoreauputicerror404notfound: the live CD has the complete image already compressed by squashfs, the alternative CD has actual deb packages05:16
Mixed432lbnDrupal, you should probably go to a developer chat room, this chat room is mainly for the OS itself05:16
danbh_intrepid!isitout | bdubnc05:17
ubottubdubnc: Ask in #ubuntu-release-party - we don't know here05:17
Mixed432Serraphyn, thanks!  so that's how a firewall is implemented in linux?  with iptables???05:17
thoreauputicerror404notfound: it's just a completely different way to install the system - in practical terms the result is the same05:17
bdubncubottu:  sorry, thank!05:17
SerraphynMixed432, yes05:17
sebsebsebIbnDrupal:  try #linux05:17
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about sorry, thank!05:17
sebsebsebMixed432:  yes that's a good idea learn about iptables05:18
thoreauputicerror404notfound: on low spec machines, the alternative CD is a better idea because it is less demanding on resources05:18
=== homerj is now known as Chris_Hansen
kc8pxyheya all05:18
Serraphyn99% of all problems are solved in Ubuntu Forums and Community Help :)05:18
=== Chris_Hansen is now known as homerj
Mixed432sebsebseb. that sounds very geeky but ill go read about it, thanks you and thank you Serraphyn05:19
sebsebsebSerraphyn:  and http://www.ubuntuguide.org :d05:19
kc8pxyhow do i set up a bridge with the ethernet card and a tap device in the bridge?05:19
glappAnyone here that run Ubuntu on Vmware on windows Vista? How did you install it? Is there a good guide somewhere on how to run Ubuntu on Vmware?05:19
Guest37584can any on help me configuring Atheros wifi for ubuntu 8.0405:19
glappAnyone here that run Ubuntu on Vmware on windows Vista? How did you install it? Is there a good guide somewhere on how to run Ubuntu on Vmware?05:19
sebsebsebMixed432:  by default all ports are blocked in Linux I think basically.   unlike WIndows.  I can't really explain this to you properly, but you can get by nicelly by just using your routers firewall05:19
sebsebsebMixed432: with Ubuntu05:20
kc8pxyglapp:  why vmware and not vobx?05:20
thoreauputic!repeat | glapp05:20
ubottuglapp: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience05:20
sebsebsebMixed432:  in WIndows I would recommend a software firewall as well05:20
sebsebsebMixed432: but Linux basically already has that built in iptables05:20
Mixed432sebsebseb, i dont use windows05:20
CjMasterHello, is there any program to create star-trek like beaming effects?05:20
sebsebsebMixed432:  yes  I was just using that as an example.  and if you read what I just put :D05:21
Lonewolfnightanyone have further thoughts on how I can overcome this problem discussed here on forums?05:21
sebsebsebCjMaster:  movie effects?  like 3D?05:21
bdubncI can understand if glapp if you are utilizing Vmware, really the best thing to try Ubuntu and Vmware is to download a virtual appliance from vmware's site.05:21
SerraphynCjmaster: thats audio production software, might search google for a linux package that will help do that05:21
kc8pxyCjMaster:  video, or still images?05:21
akioi want to know who recently bought a usb-wifi dongle that has a good driver support, i want a recent one....05:22
sebsebsebCjMaster | blender05:22
CjMasterNot 3d modles lol05:22
SerraphynCjMaster, sorry thought you were asking for sound effects05:22
sebsebseb2d stuff?05:22
kc8pxyCjMaster:  lives?  i know there are a few other editing projects.05:22
sebsebseb2d video?05:22
CjMasterno... like stuff you capture on a camera.05:22
CjMasteruh, yea I reckon so.05:22
CjMasterI don't think my camera captures 3d :P05:23
kc8pxyakio:  usb  wifi dongle?  why a dongle?05:23
sebsebsebyou want to play videos that have been recorded on your camera05:23
ArtVandalaeHey all, just wondering, are we going to be seeing a new default theme in Ibex? I haven't noticed anything05:23
WhiteDieselhow do set permissions for a shared mount?05:23
CjMasterNo, I want to edit them to add a transporter beam effect.05:23
sebsebsebArtVandalae:  nope it seems no major new theme for Ibex05:23
sebsebseb,but of course you can get your own theme05:23
akioso i can just shove a power cord and the dongle into a machine and bam! ad-hoc networking!05:23
CjMastercommon, don't tell me you've never watched star trek :P05:23
ArtVandalaeWhiteDiesel, are you mounting a samba/cifs share?05:23
WhiteDieselArtVandalae: cifs share05:24
sebsebsebCjMaster:  2D editing yes?05:24
sebsebsebCjMaster: and no I don't watch Star Trek05:24
CjMasterWell, yea i guess.05:24
sebsebsebok Synfig could be what your looking for05:24
akiokc8pxy: why would you say something unhelpful like that without info?05:24
SerraphynCjMaster: http://jahshaka.org/ <-- something like that?05:24
CjMasterWell its where a character stands on a transporter pad and the character gets all glittery and disapears :P05:25
KoN3533hello world!05:25
sebsebsebSynfig 2d video creation program05:25
ArtVandalaeWhiteDiesel, there are options that you can append to the mount command. e.g. -o umask=777, or uid=ArtVandalae,gid=ArtGroup05:25
wiatrohow to change chanel05:25
KoN3533When is 8.10 released? Tonight at midnight or 1 day from now?05:25
ArtVandalaewiatro, what IRC client are you using? Usually a /join #channel works just fine05:25
danbh_intrepid!isitout | KoN353305:25
ubottuKoN3533: Ask in #ubuntu-release-party - we don't know here05:25
kc8pxyakio:  because i was wondeing why someone would want a wifi dongle. i've come to hate dongles.05:25
sebsebsebkoN3533:  oh lol  at people like you.   final whatever. just get it now05:25
kc8pxyof any sort.05:25
sebsebsebkoN3533: you can upgrade Hardy right now to Intrepid Ibex stuff05:26
wiatrothanx ArtVandalae05:26
Serraphynor just do sudo apt-get dist-upgrade in a few days05:26
akiokc8pxy: i had a zd1211 that i gave away, it worked beautifully05:26
wiatroXChat for Gnome05:26
CjMasterOh guys I g2g... -.- Thanks for help!05:26
sebsebsebkoN3533:  but yes  the ISO's for Intrepid Ibex should be available later05:26
akiobut its a fossil05:26
KoN3533sebsebseb, great thanks05:26
FAJhi what filesystem is the most compatible between a windows and ubuntu computer?  I am going to format a usb drive, and want a filesystem that will work equally well on both, without the need for more setup05:26
WhiteDieselArtVandalae:  would the full command be -o unmask=777 <mounted folder name>05:27
akio!isitout | akio05:27
ubottuakio, please see my private message05:27
SerraphynFAJ. Fat3205:27
ArtVandalaeWhiteDiesel, yes, but not UNmask... Umask05:27
kc8pxy<shameless plug> you gave it away to yoru local freegeek, right??:) </shameless plug> :)05:27
FAJSerraphyn: ok thank you.05:27
sebsebsebFAJ:  Windows can  use the Linux Ext3 file system if you put a driver on for that.  Ubuntu  can read and write to Windows NTFS no problem.05:27
FAJsebsebseb: what would you suggest for the least amount of hassles?05:27
sebsebsebFAJ: which version of Windows?05:27
kc8pxysebsebseb:  feasible ext3 on windows, advisable??  not by me.05:28
FAJsebsebseb:  xp and vista :( unfortunately05:28
CameronFAJ: for least amount of hassels, don't use a computer at all05:28
SerraphynFAJ: Depends on version of windows but all can read Fat32 without modifications to either OS05:28
FAJSerraphyn: ok so fat32 would be the 'best'05:28
egosintrickMixed to actually answer your question- no you do not need to check that it05:28
ArtVandalaekc8pxy, yes, you can I've done it before, and I've transferred TBs of data, and it works just fine.05:28
SerraphynFAJ, IMO yes05:28
KoN3533sebsebseb, how do I auto-update to Ibex from hardy?05:28
sebsebsebkc8pxy: well in XP  the   driver for Ext3 works well the standard one   http://www.fs-driver.org ,but in Vista SP1 I had problems, but I found something else that seems to be similar that I haven't tried yet05:28
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes05:29
kc8pxyArtVandalae:  i've had troubles with bad shutdowns that borked my ext305:29
mrpocketsno one here is from WI05:29
WhiteDieselArtVandalae: bash: -o: command not found05:29
ArtVandalaekc8pxy, ah05:29
egosintrickI use firestarter just because it's cool to know where your hits are coming from05:29
sebsebsebFAJ:  what do you want to use Windows for and what do you want to use Ubuntu for?05:29
ArtVandalaeWhiteDiesel, you need: mount //server/share /mnt/share -o ...05:29
Mixed432 firestarter is a frontend for iptables, I think that's how Ill start :-)05:30
ArtVandalaeWhiteDiesel, sorry didn't fully understand your last comment05:30
FAJsebsebseb:  ubuntu is my main computer, but i have some security stuff on it that i share with windows users05:30
SerraphynMixed432, don't start with the GUI05:30
SerraphynMixed432, learn how the thing works first05:30
Chris_Wereany news what time 8.10 is coming out?05:30
kc8pxyArtVandalae:  IMHO, windows drivers are just made with  the "beat it agaist a steel door for an hour and it still works perfectly" mentality that most linux drivers are.05:30
jscinozis there a difference between apt-p2p and debtorrent?05:31
SerraphynChris_Were, read TOpic05:31
kc8pxys/just not/just/05:31
Mixed432Serraphyn, iptables is too geeky, I'm looking at the commands and dont even know what they do,05:31
Flannel!isitout | Chris_Were05:31
ubottuChris_Were: Ask in #ubuntu-release-party - we don't know here05:31
sebsebsebFAJ:  security stuff such as?05:32
SerraphynMixed432, if that link is to much to understand, I'd suggest you back track and learn about firewalls before going much further05:32
FAJsebsebseb:  well right now i am just having a hard time getting the usb to read....05:32
FAJsebsebseb:  it's always nice to have... you know?  just for when you need it05:32
[nix]-hackcan someone check this link for me so I know I'm not the only one that cant access it http://yp.shoutcast.com05:32
Serraphyn[nix]-hack, might ask in offtopic channel05:33
[nix]-hackSerraphyn, it has to do with ubuntu linux05:34
kc8pxyhow do i set up a bridge with the ethernet card and a tap device in the bridge? i need to test some networking inside a vbox, and a nat device is not cutting it.05:34
[nix]-hacki need someone running ubuntu to see if they can go to that link05:34
Serraphyn[nix]-hack, have you tried from another machine or OS?05:35
sebsebsebFAJ:  whatever  file system the USB stick is using by default should be fine05:35
thoreauputic[nix]-hack: try classic.gclassic.shoutcast.com05:35
soreau[nix]-hack: Works here05:35
thoreauputic[nix]-hack: the url you gave is an alias for classic.gclassic.shoutcast.com05:35
^Oink^kc8pxy, so you want to set up an ethernet tap and sniff it in promiscuous mode?05:36
thoreauputic[nix]-hack: or try
bdubnckc8pxy:  This is the site I followed to setup a tap device for virtualbox - http://spinczyk.net/blog/2008/03/05/setting-up-a-bridged-network-for-virtualbox-on-ubuntu-linux/05:36
bdubnckc8pxy:  by the way, kb8tis here, lol05:36
sebsebsebKoN3533:   httpL//www.ubuntuguide.org05:37
volandgreeting you all05:37
OsamaKWhen will Ubuntu 8.10 available for download?05:37
ubottuAsk in #ubuntu-release-party - we don't know here05:37
SerraphynOMG can people on read the channel TOPIC nowdays?05:38
=== ziroday` is now known as ziroday
dftnot only do you have to spoon feed ppl these days you have to read to them too05:38
StupendoussteveOsamaK: You can download the RC, and upgrade when it comes out05:38
thoreauputicSerraphyn: they haven;t ever, if you ask me :)05:38
^Oink^kc8pxy, here's something else about that for use with Snort http://www.snort.org/archive-2-1524.html05:38
^Oink^kc8pxy, BTW, are you in Kansas City?05:38
^Oink^kc8pxy, here as well http://www.sun.com/bigadmin/content/submitted/passive_ethernet_tap.html05:38
FloodBot2^Oink^: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:38
OsamaKStupendoussteve: I do have the rc.05:38
^Oink^wtf, 3 lines in a minute is a flood?05:39
theUnBannedwould someone be so kind and ask in #remote-exploit why im banned ?05:39
^Oink^theUnBanned, Want to be banned here next?05:39
FlanneltheUnBanned: /msg chanserv access #remote-exploit list, ask them yourself05:39
guestguestnewthe secret link to 8.10 http://tinyurl.com/2lrx4605:40
=== Beta-guy_ is now known as Beta-guy
pwnedulongtimetheUnBanned: They said cuz you suck05:40
^Oink^theUnBanned, Actually I'm banned in there and I've never joined the channel. Obviously they have some silly bans in place and you aren't getting in there nor is anyone else05:40
Stupendoussteveguestguestnew: Dude my favorite Rick Astley song, thanks for that :)05:41
SerraphynOfftopic issues can be taken to the offtopic channel05:41
StupendoussteveMaybe I should install the flash plugin05:41
^Oink^Serraphyn, interestingly, discussing offtopic issues is in itself offtopic.05:41
lildonkeywhat i have to do for change ubuntu version?05:41
ziroday!upgrade | lildonkey05:42
ubottulildonkey: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes05:42
^Oink^!upgrade | lildonkey05:42
lildonkeyjust upgrade05:42
Jane_Anyone here run into problems with their USB microphone on Ubuntu?05:42
^Oink^!apt-get | lildonkey05:42
ubottulildonkey: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome) or !Adept (KDE)05:42
lildonkeysudo apt-get upgrade05:42
iCodeMejoin #ubuntu-ph05:42
^Oink^lildonkey, sudo apt-get dist-upgrade05:42
Serraphynsudo apt-get dist-upgrade05:42
SerraphynDamn you Oink05:42
^Oink^Serraphyn, Please take all damn you's to the offtopic channel KTHX BAI05:43
Jane_Cause I plug in my microphone, it can record on Audacity, but I cant hear what I'm saying into the microphone through my headphone. How do you get the microphone playback working?05:43
WalSorry can you speak louder please?05:44
GThunGteHi, I have a simple question but I can't figure it out properly..how do I disable this "launching (application name)" taskbar entry when I launch something?05:44
lildonkeywhat is update size?05:44
Beta-guywhen 8.10 is released will it support the PS3?05:44
Jane_I bought a USB microphone and it sucks cause I cant get it to work with Skype05:44
^Oink^lildonkey, it will tell you how big it is before you begin and prompt you to continue.05:44
^Oink^lildonkey,  it varies from person to person05:45
SerraphynBeta-guy, read topic please05:45
SerraphynJane_, saddly it helps to do some research on hardware before you purchase. I bought a lexmark printer bfore i realized it wouldn't work with linux05:46
^Oink^Serraphyn, Why is that sad? You should always plan your hardware with regard to your software for any operating system05:47
thoreauputicSerraphyn: his question is more specific - I think the answer is yes if the current release has a ps3 version05:47
^Oink^and Lexmrk sucks don't buy their stuff they use proprietary drivers05:47
thoreauputicBeta-guy: you might want to look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PlayStation_305:47
^Oink^HP is usually pretty good about that though05:47
GThunGteHi, I have a simple question but I can't figure it out properly..how do I disable this "launching (application name)" taskbar entry when I launch something?05:47
thoreauputicBeta-guy: note that the architecture is not *officially* supported05:48
mrpocketshow hard is it to remoet desktop to a Windows box?05:48
Jane_Good ol ubuntu . . .05:48
thoreauputicmrpockets: trivially easy if the win box has it enabled05:48
Serraphyn^Oink^, I'd prefer you not refer or speak to me. and thoreauputic his question was referring to 8.10 and as stated its not out yet and should be discussed elsewhere05:49
thoreauputicSerraphyn: *cough* since I had an ananswer for him, I gave him a URL05:50
PHr0Z3N_W4t3Rhey can someone help me05:50
Cameronis there any way to make the compiz static window switcher show on all screens.. its really annoying that is shows on the screen with the focused window, rather than the one with the mouse05:50
MTecknologyanybody know anything about ubottu? I'm trying to use some of its plugins like the encyclopedia in my own bot. I tried setting the encyclopedia prefixChar to ! and the Encyclopedia prefixChar to @,  the bot ignores what the ! means. I'm trying to make the bot commands use @ and factoids use !05:50
Serraphynthoreauputic, You can, I just prefer to follow channel rules and admin wishes05:50
thoreauputicSerraphyn: that's what "Ubuntu" is supposed to mean, yes?05:50
PHr0Z3N_W4t3RCan anyone help me with running .exe files? My friend told me it can be done, does anyone know how?05:51
thoreauputicSerraphyn: I'm an op and I thought his question was reasonable05:51
thoreauputicSerraphyn: no biggy...05:51
mrpocketsthoreauputic, it does05:51
volandPHr0Z3N_W4t3R, use wine package05:51
PHr0Z3N_W4t3Rok thanks,05:51
aandaluzwhat ist the best dock for you guys ?05:51
nite_johnboyIf I download the RC version of Intrepid will their be that much difference between this and the Final release ? ?05:51
aandaluzcairo ?05:51
aandaluzawn ?05:51
MTecknologyaandaluz: stalonetray05:52
Serraphynthoreauputic, and thats your call as an admin do that, I just stay within the rules and help as I can within the confines of that05:52
thoreauputicmrpockets: Internet - Terminal Server Client I think05:52
=== Cueball_ is now known as Cueball
thoreauputicSerraphyn: :) I wasn't complaining05:52
thoreauputicmrpockets: ah sorry there's also Remote Desktop05:53
volandtry to google wine ubuntu05:53
volandyou will get loads of links05:53
mrpocketsnah, this works perfectly.05:53
mrpocketsisnt that what the RDP in terminal server does?05:53
Serraphynthoreauputic, I know, just felt the overwhelming need to explain myself to much...05:53
MTecknology!caps > PHr0Z3N_W4t3R05:54
ubottuPHr0Z3N_W4t3R, please see my private message05:54
thoreauputicmrpockets: yes, that's right05:54
MTecknologySo, nobody here knows about ubottu's plugins?05:54
FlannelMTecknology: Not in this channel.05:54
thoreauputicmrpockets: I wasn't sure if "Remote Desktop"  was an alternative - I only use Linux here05:54
MTecknologyFlannel: where?05:54
FlannelMTecknology: -offtopic05:55
volandPHr0Z3N_W4t3R, here it is a link to ubuntuforums: http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=31305:55
PHr0Z3N_W4t3ROk thanks05:55
PHr0Z3N_W4t3RDoes anyone know if ubuntu supports .ttf font files?05:56
PHr0Z3N_W4t3RDoes anyone know if ubuntu supports .ttf font files?05:56
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu!05:56
thoreauputicPHr0Z3N_W4t3R: yes it does05:56
ubottuFont installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". No fonts in MPlayer? see !MPlayer05:56
=== d is now known as Guest72201
volandPHr0Z3N_W4t3R, нуы05:57
volandPHr0Z3N_W4t3R, sorry, yes05:57
PHr0Z3N_W4t3RThanks again everyone, im terribly new to Ubuntu05:57
PHr0Z3N_W4t3Rk well im out, ttyl.05:57
volandPHr0Z3N_W4t3R, feel free to learn05:58
LuYuis torrent.ubuntu.com an official site?05:58
kevipapoanyone on?05:59
kevipapoi need some help with my wifi chip05:59
LuYuand why is it that the official site only links to CD -- not DVD -- images?05:59
kevipapoI use a PowerBook G405:59
kevipapoand just upgraded to 8.04 LTS today05:59
freetownLuYu, unless ubuntu.com's dns has been hacked...i'd say torrent.ubuntu.com is official05:59
IbnDrupalmy vmware machine is not working because of an upgrade to gcc 4.2.4, does anyone know how i can downgrade to gcc 4.2.305:59
kevipapoi had the wifi working fine on 7.1005:59
LuYuthats good enough for me06:00
kevipapocan anyone help?06:00
kevipapoive been trying numerous methods of setting it up06:00
LuYustill, i wish there was a "download a dvd on bittorrent" link or something similar on the website06:00
IbnDrupalkevipapo, wifi is a pain....i got mine working after a lot of hardwork...06:00
LuYuwhat net card do you have?06:00
gandalfcomeany idea what time ubuntu 8.10 is out?06:01
outbackwifiits an airport express prolly06:01
kevipapobroadcom 430606:01
kevipapoi can get info if you need it06:01
=== jjdiamond is now known as WhiteDiesel
yhuangkevipapo there should be a tut in the ubuntu forums on how to fix it for 8.0406:02
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about b4306:02
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WifiDocs/Driver/Broadcom43xx06:02
r3c0nhow can i obtain the ubuntu 8.04 with all the latest updates?06:02
LuYukevipapo: ive never used broadcom netcards -- only bluetooth06:02
yhuangbecause i followed it and it worked06:02
thoreauputickevipapo: you just need to install the firmware06:02
thoreauputickevipapo: that page ubottu gave will tell you06:03
kevipapoi tried installing the firmware using the bcm43xx-fwcutter thing06:03
LuYuthere are DVD torrents on there06:03
kevipapoi rebooted, but it still didn't work06:03
ay^are we now officially 8.10?06:03
SaadSaeedHello, tried following http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=624644 to install wine, but nothing happens past step 1, Help.06:03
mrpockets8.10 is out now right?06:04
kevipapoIn System > Administration > Hardware Drivers06:04
kevipapoi dont have the box checked for the chipset06:04
thoreauputickevipapo: did you install the package for getting the firmware?06:04
voxay^: look at topic06:04
outbackwifimrpockets: everytime someone asks, the release time goes forward by 2 hrs06:04
voxmrpockets: look at the topic06:04
kevipapoand when i tried checking it, it doesnt06:04
kevipapothoreauputic: yes, the bcm43xx-fwcutter package06:05
kevipapoit didnt fix it06:05
thoreauputickevipapo: did it complain, or did it install ?06:05
kevipapoit didn't complain06:05
thoreauputickevipapo: I have an iBook G4 and it worked perfectly...06:05
kevipapogave info about the firmware and the extraction files06:06
r3c0nis there a way to download an iso with the latest updates?06:06
kevipapo*extracted files06:06
kevipapowould you like output of the install?06:06
thoreauputickevipapo: hold on a sec, I might have another alternative for you06:06
r3c0nit would save me tremendous time on dl'ing updates06:06
kevipapook, thanks :)06:06
BoltClockhi, when i do a dist-upgrade once intrepid's out, new packages for my software also get installed automatically too right?06:06
Flannelr3c0n: iso for what?  8.04?06:06
r3c0nyes Flannel, sorry for not elaborating06:06
gumaraWhat time 8.10 is out06:06
Flannelr3c0n: 8.04.2 will be out in a few months, and that'll have updated packages.06:06
Flannel!isitout | gumara06:07
ubottugumara: Ask in #ubuntu-release-party - we don't know here06:07
Flannelr3c0n: every 6 months (offset by 3 months) there will be a point release.06:07
r3c0nFlannel: so if id ubuntu off the main page now, i get 8.04.1?06:07
glappI have an image of Ubuntu, an ISO, how do i install that in vmware?06:07
glappshouldi unzip it? or jus clicka nd drag?06:07
thoreauputickevipapo: http://debian.cafuego.net/dists/hardy-cafuego/broadcom/06:07
Flannelr3c0n: correct.06:07
kevipapothanks, ill give that a look06:08
Deflataratselect the iso file as the cdrom06:08
thoreauputickevipapo: he has hardy debs of firmware there06:08
r3c0nok good because fedora has something called spin-offs i thought ubuntu might be doing that06:08
r3c0ni like this better06:08
kevipapoawesome, thanks :)06:08
r3c0nthanks for the help06:08
kevipapoand i install the package listed there to get it to work?06:08
Flannelr3c0n: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/146 has more information06:08
thoreauputickevipapo: yes, or enable his repo06:08
r3c0nthanks, time to goto work06:09
thoreauputickevipapo: I just looked for the relevant .deb when I did it last06:09
r3c0nlater all06:09
kevipapolater r3c0n06:09
kevipapothoreauputic: it would be the bcm43xx-firmware package?06:09
falloresometimes the "shell" (file explorer or the taskbar or the shutdown function etc) of ubuntu just freezes up and stops working. it happens decently often, but i have no idea what's causing it. does anyone have any idea on what to do?06:09
=== Raynes is now known as RaynesASL33P
thoreauputickevipapo: b43 is better and more recnet06:10
kevipapobut is it compatible?06:10
guestguestnewsecret link to ubuntu 8.10 http://tinyurl.com/2lrx4606:10
glapphow do i install an ISO on vmware? i cant find any info about this.06:10
thoreauputickevipapo: in hardy you want b43, not bcm43xx06:10
thoreauputickevipapo: I also hae a 4306 and b43 works well06:11
kevipapoim giving it a shot06:11
kevipapodid you use this method?06:11
yhuangthat was a cheap link06:11
yhuangnobody click it!06:11
thoreauputickevipapo: I used to use cafuego's stuff, but last time I used the cutter06:11
thoreauputickevipapo: but cafuego's stuff is fine06:12
kevipapocool, guess i found the right guy :)06:12
kevipapowill this take a reboot?06:12
thoreauputiccafuego is a good guy :)06:12
kevipapolooks like you pointed me in the right direction!06:12
thoreauputickevipapo: I would just "sudo modprobe b43" I think06:12
kevipapothe hardware drivers application says that b43 is in use LD06:12
kevipapogreat help man :)06:13
thoreauputickevipapo: :D06:13
glapphow do i install an ISO on vmware? i cant find any info about this.06:13
kevipapoim gonna do a restart06:13
kevipapoill report back, hopefully without the wire :)06:13
Deflataratglapp: go to cdrom tab in the vm config and select the iso file06:14
thoreauputicglapp: http://www.easyvmx.com/ to make a vmx to install to06:14
* billybigrigger waits for ibex..06:15
Flannel!isitout | bimberi06:15
ubottubimberi: Ask in #ubuntu-release-party - we don't know here06:15
Flanneler, billybigrigger06:15
pan_ubuntu 8.10 is out today?06:15
yhuangthe countdown image is dead06:15
billybigriggerya i know i know06:15
billybigriggerall i said was im waiting06:15
Flannel!isitout | pan_, yhuang06:15
ubottupan_, yhuang: Ask in #ubuntu-release-party - we don't know here06:15
Flannelbillybigrigger: keep it out of this channel, this channel is for support only06:15
yhuangam i muted?06:16
rohancan i use usb-creator in ubuntu intrepid to make a usb stick by running the ISO in a virtual machine, and making a physical usb stick?06:16
billybigriggeryhuang: no06:16
rohanthat way i can avoid burning a cd completely06:16
diogofsrDoes someone succefully used PVM in Ubuntu? I just get crashes when I try to add hosts.06:16
glappDeflatarat: where is vm config? i only have vmware player not workstation06:16
thoreauputicglapp: go to easyvmx and make yourself a vmx06:17
kevipapothoreaupedic: it worked :D06:17
thoreauputicglapp: http://www.easyvmx.com/06:17
thoreauputickevipapo: great :)06:17
kevipapoyou're a lifesaver06:17
kevipaponow, back to my original plan: making the user interface friendlier06:18
thoreauputickevipapo: the new b43 is way better than the old bcm43xx06:18
kevin083does anyone know if a linksys wusb54gsc will work out of the box in 8.10?06:18
thoreauputickevipapo: and you're welcome :)06:18
Flannelkevin083: #ubuntu+1 for intrepid support, thanks06:18
outbackwifikevipapo: just for my enlightenment how come you got a powerbook without an airport express ?06:18
kevipapooutbackwifi: no, it came with an airport express06:19
kevipapothe chipset they use is broadcom06:19
thoreauputicoutbackwifi: Broadcom 430 6 *is* an Airport Express06:19
kevipapoout of all the hardware on the generated list, the wifi is the only thing that doesnt come up with Apple in the name06:20
outbackwifithoreauputic: ah thanks for the info!06:20
Bearcatwow. This place is busy06:20
thoreauputicoutbackwifi: np :)06:20
* outbackwifi didnt know apple could mess up big time like that06:20
kevipapothey were very 1st party back then06:20
kevipapoBearcat: well, when a big release is coming out the next day...06:20
error404notfoundI added a user with useradd without "-m" how can I create his home directory now? not via mkdir.. some proper method06:21
kinnazmkdir is the right method06:21
kinnazyou mkdir the directory, and then chown it to the user it should belong to06:21
prince_jammyserror404notfound: you can create it via mkdir, and add it to the entry in /etc/passwd06:21
annoyedwho wants to do their good deed for the day? beginner hoping to fight root for permission to move my 'wine' folder back where it belongs06:21
falloremy top and bottom panels are frozen up. i clicked the shutdown button and everything just kinda... broke. i'm running ubuntu 8.04 and this happens far too often nowadays. can anyone help me figure this out?06:21
=== Beta-guy_ is now known as Beta-guy
kevipapoannoyed: are you logged in as an administrator account?06:22
Bearcathey folks, I'm working on someone's linux PC and i want to get it back to them tomorrow.  They have dial up and so don't do their updates so they gave it to me. I hooked it up to my DSL and let it run over night. It errored out. Now there is now network connectivity and i really dont' feel like spending time fsking with it. My quesition is, if i insert kubuntu disc and do an "install" will that mess everything (format) or just do an update?06:22
annoyedlogged in with the only account06:23
pan_in update-manager i get a bunch of kde updates how make it not show up?06:23
kevipapoit should be admin06:23
kevipapoannoyed: are you moving through the file browser?06:23
FlannelBearcat: Youre trying to upgrade to a newer version? or what?06:23
annoyedya.. graphical06:23
outbackwifiBearcat: mess everyting06:23
BearcatFlannel: yes, upgrade to a newer version. I have an alternate disc too, but that updates via a connection.06:24
kevipapoannoyed: that may be the issue, since the file browser may not have the same administrator level as you06:24
kevipapoyou say you want to move it someplace....are you experienced with the terminal06:24
FlannelBearcat: What version is currently on it, and what are you trying to upgrade to?  And yes, alternate CD is how you upgrade.06:24
annoyedwas tryn to put new dll files into 'wine'... when i moved 'wine' away from the /usr/lib folder06:24
annoyednow it's stuck under root, and it wont let me move it back06:25
glappthoreauputic: http://www.easyvmx.com/new-easyvmx.shtml , should i upload the iso there or i should never specify it ?06:25
kevipaposo you want to move it back to /usr/lib?06:25
annoyedterminal.. i'm familiar with copy & paste magic06:25
BearcatFlannel: i'm not entirely sure what version it's on. (i'm not new to linux but i am to ubuntu)06:25
kevipapogood, copy and paste will do fine06:25
FlannelBearcat: lsb_release -a06:25
kevipapoopen a new terminal session06:25
thoreauputicglapp: no no - you use the wizard to create a hard drive image and config, then install your iso to that06:25
BearcatFlannel: actually kubuntu in this case. Thanks for the help so far.06:26
paul68Need your advice is it better to wait till the dist upgrade is ready in the update manager or can I just run it instantly?06:26
FlannelBearcat: right, flavor doesn't matter, just version.06:26
Rokyanyone know which catalyst is most recently reported stable for ati 4800 series?06:26
kevipapoannoyed: execute the following: sudo mv /path/to/wine/folder /usr/lib06:26
RokyLast I heard it was 8.606:26
thoreauputicglapp: I suggest using the simplest wizard if you haven't done this before06:26
=== Narfi is now known as Mergul
thoreauputicglapp: and just follow the instructions - it's very simple and it gives you a zip file to download etc.06:27
* Bearcat boots up this pc again06:27
Roky:-[ anybody? heh06:28
thoreauputic!patience | Roky06:28
ubottuRoky: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines06:28
thoreauputicRoky: 2 minutes is not long :)06:29
Rokyhehe yeah sorry I shoulda waited more06:29
annoyedthat worked : P THANKS!!!06:29
glappthoreauputic: and how do install ym iso to that? im very noobish...06:29
annoyedanyone here know about 911/666 jed1 engl-ish?06:30
outbackwifiglapp: whats a ym iso06:30
BearcatFlannel: ubuntu 7.10 gutsy06:30
glappir doesnt even let me decide the guest os06:30
kevipapoannoyed: anytime06:30
kevipapoalways use terminal if admin in other apps doesnt work06:31
thoreauputicglapp: well, you will need to look at the config for your vmplayer - I use mainly VBox and Qemu here but it is fairly simple and uses the GUi - I think you just use the GUI to point it at your iso06:31
FlannelBearcat: Alright.  You can upgrade that to Hardy no problem.  And yeah, just pop in the alternate CD and then follow: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HardyUpgrades#Upgrading%20Using%20the%20Alternate%20CD/DVD06:31
paul68outbackwifi: hi what is better waiting till the 8.10 is ready in the update manager or can I just do a dist upgrade?06:31
BearcatFlannel: does that require a net connection?06:31
FlannelBearcat: It'll claim it needs to download a lot, but it only actually has to download what isn't on the CD, so the bulk will be "downloaded" almost immediately from the CD06:31
omagdon7I'm trying to set up a dual monitor in 8.10 but have run in to some issues, anyone feel qualified to help me figure it out?06:31
thoreauputicglapp: the guest os is defined by what you chose in easyvmx06:31
outbackwifipaul68: i would wait for a month before considering changing06:31
BearcatFlannel: ah, good06:31
falloremy top and bottom panels are frozen up. i clicked the shutdown button and everything just kinda... broke. i'm running ubuntu 8.04 and this happens far too often nowadays. can anyone help me figure this out?06:32
paul68outbackwifi: ok thanks06:32
outbackwififallore: ctl+alt+backspace to restart X server  and then troubleshoot06:32
Rokywhy would you wait a month? lol06:32
BearcatFlannel: wow..things are in such a state on this machine that command-not-found is crashing ^o.0^06:32
RokyIt takes 20 minutes to reinstall06:32
falloreoutbackwifi: by troubleshoot do you mean try and figure it out myself or come back here? because i have no idea what to do on my own lol06:32
Rokyif you have bugs and such re dl in a few days, 25 minutes, nice perfect ubuntu again06:33
outbackwififallore: i mean you need to give us error messages and the like06:33
dannybuntuhello can i ask about ssh? if i ssh somewhere could the other computer also access my files?06:33
annoyedanyone know 29/36 engl-ish? learnin to fly/jack/jive/play ball/jed1...06:33
falloreoutbackwifi: there are no error messages, it just freezes..06:33
falloreoutbackwifi: lemme restart x, brb06:33
Flannelannoyed: Does that have something to do with Ubuntu?06:33
rediLJL fuck you and your mama mother fucker son of a bitch06:33
glappi have nzipped and i have a folder mini: with 4 diskfiles and one machien config06:34
Bearcatcrap brb06:34
glappand then?06:34
thoreauputicdannybuntu: not unless you have sshd installed and tell it to06:34
annoyedsymbology is important in apps that millions see06:34
paul68dannybuntu: only if the other pc makes a ssh connection to your computer06:34
=== omagdon7 is now known as toddallen
dannybuntuthanks :)06:34
dannybuntuthat is cool06:34
Daxxanyone play regnum?06:34
ubottuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?06:35
Flannelannoyed: Alright, it's not directly support related, so do you mind taking it to #ubuntu-offtopic? thanks06:35
dannybuntuthoreauputic: so i have to isntall openssh-server to enable ssh access to my pc06:35
annoyedsorry.. figured there might be some elites on here who'd im me06:36
thoreauputicdannybuntu: yes, it's not magic :) You need the server06:36
ChrisBookwoodAny clue to when the release is? (in hours)06:36
toddallenI am trying to set up a dual monitor system in 8.10.  My issue is that the monitors are different sizes/resolutions and I cannot figure out how to set the monitors up as individual heads rather than as one "bid desktop".06:36
thoreauputicdannybuntu: but only if you need remote access to your box from elsewhere via ssh06:36
dannybuntuthoreauputic: thanks ssh looks cool :) somebody asked me ssh in their computer06:36
paul68!ssh | dannybuntu06:36
ubottudannybuntu: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHHowto for usage. Putty is a nice SSH client for Windows; it can be found at http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/06:36
outbackwifi!sitout | ChrisBookwood06:36
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about sitout06:36
toddallenAnyone have any idea if this is possible?06:36
Flannel!isitout | ChrisBookwood06:36
ubottuChrisBookwood: Ask in #ubuntu-release-party - we don't know here06:36
outbackwifiah the myterious 'i'06:37
dannybuntuthanks ^_^06:37
error404notfoundon every install I get: http://pastebin.com/m7be19a11 how to get rid of it?06:37
dannybuntu!beer | ubottu06:37
ubottuubottu: Beer is always appreciated.06:37
thoreauputicdannybuntu: you don't need openssh-server unless you need other IP addresses to access your box06:37
falloreoutbackwifi: i restarted X but it didn't load. it loaded a grey box in the top left which i'm guessing was xchat being loaded and never moved on from there. i had to restart.06:37
sanadohey everybody, I had finally gotten everything working just eas I wanted it (With the exception of brightness adjustment when I updated not even thinking that I probably didn't need to06:38
thoreauputicdannybuntu: the client is for outgoing connections and is installed by default06:38
sanadoAnd my audio stopped working06:38
dannybuntuthoreauputic: i see - so if i leave my pc on and know the ip address - i can ssh to it from another location06:38
toddallenjoin #ubuntu+106:38
PhanHow to play *.rmvb vidieo?06:39
thoreauputicdannybuntu: yes06:39
sanadoIt used to have abunch of mixer options, not it only has one for playback and one for recording06:39
dannybuntuthoreauputic: thats very very interesting :)06:39
outbackwififallore: can you pastebin your /var/log/Xorg.0.log ?06:39
dannybuntuthoreauputic: im gonna try it ^_^06:39
thoreauputicdannybuntu: you might want to use iptables or a front end firewall thing to restrict access to certain IP addresses though06:39
paul68dannybuntu: if your isp is changing his ip on regular bases it might come in handy to create a free dns account at dyndns.org06:39
glappthoreauputic: the easyvmx stuff doesnt work06:40
glappi odnt get how to connect the iso and the vmx06:40
thoreauputicglapp: yes it does -what isn't working is your understanding of the process :)06:40
falloreoutbackwifi: http://pastebin.com/m3bb6e0c706:40
dannybuntupaul68: yes i have dynamic ip. ^_^06:40
dannybuntuhi fallore: finished with the paper?06:40
thoreauputicglapp: I've used easyvmx quite a few times with success06:40
sanadoMy wireless broke too but I managed to fix it, but I'm still stuck with a system that doesn't play sound at all. My sound card is a Realtek HD audio card and y laptop is a toshiba Satellite A215-S480706:40
falloredannybuntu: haha yes! i finished at like 830 in the morning and went to class. i'm going to the offtopic channel, tty there06:41
paul68dannybuntu: then the easiest way is to take a free dns account and open a port on your router and you are free to go06:41
thoreauputicglapp: before aying something "doesn't work", consider the possibility that you have made a mistake :)06:41
lockeso, i'm trying to play a .ogm video in totem and it is running horribly slow, like 1 frame every 3 seconds, i have an ati card and it's using the restricted drivers that come in 8.04, compiz works great but even after disabling it the video is unwatchable\06:41
outbackwififallore: are you on 8.04?06:41
falloreyes, outbackwifi06:42
error404notfoundanyone to comment on: http://pastebin.com/m7be19a1106:42
lockeany suggestions?  glxinfo gives direct rendering: no06:42
Decepticonwhy hasnt 8.10 been released yet06:42
dannybuntupaul68: ok wow... suddenly i am overwhelmed by info.. i think i will start with sudo apt-get install openssh-server06:42
thoreauputicerror404notfound: install a language pack for your language06:42
rskiDecepticon: because it's not ready Is my guess.06:42
rskiDecepticon: i dont think it's because someone forgot.06:42
error404notfoundthoreauputic: how? and which one for en-us?06:43
ChrisBookwoodrski: lol:D06:43
Decepticonisnt there a release schedule....06:43
glappgot it now06:43
Decepticonfor oct 3006:43
rskithere is06:43
rskiand it's not late yet Decepticon06:43
paul68dannybuntu: your welcome06:43
rskidepending on where you live in the world06:43
Decepticonso its not oct 30 yet on west coast usa06:43
Decepticonin 15 minutes it will be06:44
fallore:D i'm excited06:44
Flannel!isitout | Decepticon06:44
ubottuDecepticon: Ask in #ubuntu-release-party - we don't know here06:44
ChrisBookwoodDecepticon: oct 30 is one of those days with 24 hours in it, so there stil some time to lean on, for the release manager06:44
paul68it's early here :-) as I'm in europe but no update here yet06:44
paul68I can wait06:44
Decepticonah ok... i guess i was considering 0ct 30 as a deadline, that before it, it will be released06:45
thoreauputicerror404notfound: do you have language-pack-en installed? Look in Synaptic package manager06:45
xTheGoat121xEvening all06:45
error404notfoundthoreauputic: using ssh, doing dpkg -l | grep language-pack-en06:45
sanadoAny help on my audio not working? It used to work, but after today's update it stopped for a few reasons06:45
thoreauputicerror404notfound: ah, is this a server install ?06:46
error404notfoundthoreauputic: yup... jeos06:46
=== Cueball is now known as Cueball|Away
outbackwififallore: i dont see any issues with your xorg06:46
kiyikohow would i copy files from my desktop to another harddrive?06:46
kiyikothrought terminal*06:47
outbackwififallore: can you pastebin dmesg06:47
thoreauputicerror404notfound: you probably have a very minimal install then - does jeos even install ubuntu-standard?06:47
Deflataratkiyiko: use scp06:47
fallorehow do i access it, outbackwifi ?06:47
error404notfoundthoreauputic: didn't checked, okay, I installed language-pack-en, now working fine... thanks...06:47
paul68kiyiko using  cp if the drive is on the same location or use scp if the drive is on another machine06:47
thoreauputicerror404notfound: np06:47
kiyikoit is on the same machine, but i do not know the path of the other harddrive06:48
lixujiaAny one can tell me what the "libnm-glib" is?06:48
outbackwififallore: /var/log/messages or dmesg06:48
thoreauputicerror404notfound: you might want to see if ubuntu-standard is installed too (i'm not really familiar with jeos )06:48
error404notfoundthoreauputic: hmmm, okay, I will check that06:48
paul68!cp |kiyiko06:49
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about cp06:49
error404notfoundthoreauputic: nope, not installed...06:49
falloreoutbackwifi: http://pastebin.com/m3ed3b57f06:49
emonkeylixujia, apt-cache show libnm-glib006:49
kiyikois there some way i can get a list of the drives, on my computer?06:49
thoreauputicerror404notfound: it's a metapackage - apt-cache depends ubuntu-standard to see what it installs06:50
Deflataratkiyiko: get the path of the drives, use mount06:50
Deflataratkiyiko: or use df if the size of the drives can give u clues to which one it is06:50
thoreauputicerror404notfound: there's also ubuntu-minimal but ubuntu-standard pulls that in anyway06:50
paul68kiyiko: df -h should do the trick06:51
emonkeylixujia, A library that applications can use to query connection status via NetworkManager.06:51
WhiteDiesel3 days trying to figure out how to share a folder FROM my windows machine06:51
lixujiaemonkey, Thank you! But the problem is where to download it's source code?06:52
Buissi am missing the gtk.h file. how can i fix this?which package should i install?06:52
outbackwififallore: this seems to cause issues --> compiz.real[6344]: segfault at 02ec00e7 eip 08055a80 esp bff97250 error 406:52
WhiteDieselbut i still can't rename the shared folder.  crap!06:52
falloreany idea what i should do, outbackwifi?06:52
outbackwififallore: disable compiz if you are not into eyecandy06:52
thoreauputickiyiko: sudo fdisk -l06:52
luluhello from tahiti everybody06:52
outbackwifi!hi | lulu06:53
ubottululu: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!06:53
lixujiaemonkey, I am compiling tinymail on other system, and that system dosen't have this package.06:53
kc8pxy^Oink^:  no. i want to set up a tap and offer it to my vbox as a host interface networking06:53
fallorei'll try that outbackwifi. hopefully it'll work again magically in 8.10 :D06:53
lulujust english langage06:54
paul68!hi |msqt06:54
ubottumsqt: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!06:54
emonkeylixujia, in the repositories are always the sources too, but you can use this website to download it: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=libnm-glib0&searchon=names&suite=all&section=all06:54
WhiteDieselcan i rename a shared windows machine folder?06:54
falloreoutbackwifi: would going to appearance > visual effects and selecting "none" turn off compiz?06:54
paul68WhiteDiesel: sure06:54
craig_What time is 8.10 released?06:55
paul68!isitout| craig__06:55
luluno french here ???06:55
ubottucraig__: Ask in #ubuntu-release-party - we don't know here06:55
WhiteDieselpaul68:  won't let me06:55
outbackwifi!fr| lulu06:55
ubottululu: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr06:55
luluyes from tahiti island06:55
WhiteDieselpaul68:  the desktop shared folder has that option hreyed out  and if i try via /home/desktop it's not there06:56
sanadoAny help on my audio not working? It used to work, but after the recent update it stopped for some reason. Im on a Toshiba satellite a215 running a realtek hd audio sound card06:56
WhiteDieseloops ^greyed06:56
paul68WhiteDiesel: ok do you have the rights to change them?06:56
outbackwifisanado: fire up terminal; type alsamixer, push all sliders to max06:56
WhiteDieselpaul68:  if i do places > shared i get cannot rename folder resource in use06:57
Deflatarathmm, bonsoir in tahiti06:57
WhiteDieselpaul68: yes06:57
lixujiaemonkey, Thank you very much! I'll try to find it.06:57
luluand you from ??06:57
DeflataratTexas =]06:57
WhiteDieselpaul68:  i suppose i could just make another folder and mount it there06:57
paul68WhiteDiesel: to get this straight you have a windows share that you want to rename right?06:57
msqtfrom japan06:58
WhiteDieselpaul68: yes06:58
emonkeylixujia, just click on the version you should have and then there will be some links on the right side where you should be able to download the sources too06:58
kc8pxyWhiteDiesel:  my policy is to manually do stuff, when it fumbles doing it automagically :)06:58
paul68WhiteDiesel: you have to go into windows rename it there and mount it afterwards06:58
ka0x_ubuntu 8.10?06:58
outbackwifipaul68: cant he just rename the mountpoint?06:59
thoreauputicka0x_: *sigh* /topic06:59
rodolfo_hi there! when will Ubuntu 8.10 be available to DL from ubuntu.com?06:59
ka0x_ubuntu 8.10 ?06:59
outbackwifi!isitout| ka0x_ rodolfo06:59
ubottuka0x_ rodolfo: Ask in #ubuntu-release-party - we don't know here06:59
paul68outbackwifi: that is also an option06:59
ka0x_spanish irc ubuntu?06:59
Flannel!es | ka0x_07:00
ubottuka0x_: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.07:00
WhiteDieselpaul68:  let me explain better.  i finally figured how to mount a shared windows folder.  mounted it in a folder i created in /home/user07:00
pogztimzi recently plugged my 100GB storage device into a server through USB port. how can i view the contents of the mass storage, since i am on CLI? wat commands should i use?07:00
WhiteDieselpaul68:  but it won't let me rename that folder i created07:00
msqtDo you know "ttf-wqy-zenhei"?07:01
paul68WhiteDiesel: under linux or under windows?07:01
kc8pxyWhiteDiesel:  unmount, rename, remount :)07:01
WhiteDieselpaul68: linux07:01
outbackwifipogztimz: mount it after you find out what its device name is; cd to the mountpoint and viola view the contents07:01
Ta1Hello, I am trying to install Ubuntu 8.04 alternate from the hard disk because I have no removable media, I used grub4dos, It could start the setup, but the setup keeps asking me to insert the CDs and there is no option to select iso image. Can you help me?07:01
WhiteDieselkc8pxy: i know.  last resort07:01
paul68WhiteDiesel: see remark kc8pxy07:01
kc8pxyWhiteDiesel:  you can;t rename mountpoints while they are mounted.07:02
msqtThere is fear of the copyright infringement in it.07:02
WhiteDieselpaul68:  k.  i just figured there'd be a straight shot with a command07:02
Ta1Hello, I am trying to install Ubuntu 8.04 alternate from the hard disk because I have no removable media, I used grub4dos, It could start the setup, but the setup keeps asking me to insert the CDs and there is no option to select iso image. Can you help me?07:02
paul68WhiteDiesel: hey I'm still learning to don't worry07:02
WhiteDieselkc8pxy:  ok.  didn't know that.07:03
pogztimzoutbackwifi: how can i know the device name?07:03
thoreauputic!install | Ta107:03
ubottuTa1: Ubuntu can be installed in a lot of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall. Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate07:03
outbackwifipogztimz: last few lines of dmesg should tell you. hint.. it might start with sdb07:03
lixujiaemonkey, Maybe it's in the network-manager package, so I can't find a source code named libnm-glib.07:04
WhiteDieselnow i can play music from my windows machine on my ubuntu machine without having to use VNC.  WOOHOO!!!!!07:04
pogztimzoutbackwifi: i am a noob.. pls tell me step by step.. ty07:04
Deflataratwhy not just play music from ubuntu machine?07:04
outbackwifipogztimz: ok type dmesg in terminal07:04
paul68WhiteDiesel: also pay attention that the name of the drives are not changing after a dist upgrade07:04
emonkeylixujia, network-manager is afaik only a meta-package with a list of other packages which have to be installed ...07:04
WhiteDieseli feel like restarting and dancing a jig to the startup ubuntu music.07:05
paul68WhiteDiesel: then you need to adapt your smb conf again :-)07:05
thoreauputiclixujia: try libnm-glib007:05
kc8pxyWhiteDiesel:  hehe:)07:05
xitamis it possible to get a precompiled kernel on 8.10 without xen?07:05
pogztimzoutbackwifi: then?07:05
WhiteDieselpaul68:  what is smb config again?07:06
outbackwifipastebin the last few lines (assuming you just plugged in the drive)07:06
lixujiathoreauputic, Yes I'm finding it, but it's really difficult to find it's source code!07:06
paul68WhiteDiesel: the samba.config file where you defined your windows share07:06
emonkeylixujia, otherways you can download from the original site: http://ftp.gnome.org/pub/GNOME/sources/NetworkManager/0.6/07:06
pogztimzoutbackwifi: how can i pastebin.. i am on CLI....07:06
T-Onegood morning07:07
thoreauputiclixujia: do you have source code enabled in your /etc/apt/sources.list ?07:07
outbackwifi!pastebinit| pogztimz07:07
WhiteDieselpaul68:  cifs07:07
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about pastebinit07:07
outbackwifi!pastebin| pogztimz07:07
ubottupogztimz: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)07:07
paul68WhiteDiesel: cifs?07:07
lixujiathoreauputic, yes I have07:07
thoreauputiclixujia: to download sources just use apt-get source <packagename>07:08
WhiteDieselpaul68: smb meaning smaba?07:08
paul68WhiteDiesel: yes07:08
WhiteDieseloops samba07:08
WhiteDieselpaul68:  i'm not sure how samba and cifs work together07:09
thoreauputiclixujia: to find the package use apt-cache search <keywords>07:09
WhiteDieselpaul68:  but the mount is cifs not smb07:09
pogztimzoutbackwifi: i know how to post at pastebin.. but how can i copy  the "dmesg"? as i said earlier i am on ubuntu server so no GUI.. i am using COMMAND LINE INTERFACE..07:09
lixujiaI have tried it yet, but gpg: Can't check signature: public key not found was given07:09
pogztimzoutbackwifi: sori for the caps :P07:09
kc8pxypogztimz:  use gpm.   you have mouse functionality on CLI.07:10
thoreauputiclixujia: to find a particular file use apt-file (you would need to install that and update it) or dlocate (same but faster and only for packages already on your system)07:10
paul68WhiteDiesel: I don't know what cifs is however when you create a windows share you need samba to make that happen, then you have to add your samba conf file in order to go to your shared drive on your network from windows07:10
lixujiathoreauputic, Now I'm sure it in the package network-manager07:10
pogztimzoutbackwifi: kk.. wait a sec.07:11
lixujiaI'll go and try first!07:11
paul68WhiteDiesel: with all the permissions set to allow users to access modify or just read write acces07:11
thoreauputiclixujia: umm the gpg error is either because you haven't updated your sources or you are using a 3rd party repo etc.07:11
lixujiaThank you! thoreauputic07:11
Ta1Hello, I am trying to install Ubuntu 8.04 alternate from the hard disk because I have no removable media, I used grub4dos, It could start the setup, but the setup keeps asking me to insert the CDs and there is no option to select iso image. I tried the method here http://www.instantfundas.com/2007/08/install-any-linux-distro-directly-from.html and it could load the setup, but in the setup it asks me to insert CDs and there is no option to setup from hard disk or07:11
lixujiaThank you! emonkey!07:11
WhiteDieselpaul68:  hmmm07:11
thoreauputiclixujia: Or try sudo apt-key update07:12
Ta1Hello, I am trying to install Ubuntu 8.04 alternate from the hard disk because I have no removable media, I used grub4dos, It could start the setup, but the setup keeps asking me to insert the CDs and there is no option to select iso image. I tried the method here http://www.instantfundas.com/2007/08/install-any-linux-distro-directly-from.html and it could load the setup, but in the setup it asks me to insert CDs and there is no option to setup from hard disk or07:12
Flannel!repeat | Ta107:12
ubottuTa1: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience07:12
domino14why isnt the latest version of qt in the repos?07:12
domino14what's "backports"?07:12
Flannel!backports | domino1407:13
ubottudomino14: If new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging07:13
WhiteDieselpaul68:  not really following07:13
WhiteDieselpaul68:  just happy that the windows folder shows up on my ubuntu desktop and i can access it and copy files to my ubuntu folders.07:14
Ta1Hello, I am trying to install Ubuntu 8.04 alternate from the hard disk because I have no removable media, I used grub4dos, It could start the setup, but the setup keeps asking me to insert the CDs and there is no option to select iso image. I tried the method here http://www.instantfundas.com/2007/08/install-any-linux-distro-directly-from.html and it could load the setup, but in the setup it asks me to insert CDs and there is no option to setup from hard disk or07:14
WhiteDieselpaul68:  didn't use any smb commands to mount it07:14
paul68WhiteDiesel: this is the smb config that I have07:15
paul68WhiteDiesel: http://paste.ubuntu.com/64492/07:15
thoreauputicTa1: did you happen to red the URL that I triggered ubottu to give you?07:15
FlannelTa1: Please don't repeat so often.  30 minutes is a good timeframe07:15
Ta1Yes I did07:15
thoreauputic!install | Ta107:15
ubottuTa1: Ubuntu can be installed in a lot of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall. Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate07:15
FlynsarmyI'm not getting any sound in flash player 10 on firefox. ubuntu 8.04. ideas?07:15
paul68!samba | WhiteDiesel07:15
ubottuWhiteDiesel: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.  Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21209807:15
Ta1it all talks about the initiation of the setup07:15
domino14but when do packages go from backports to the regular repos?07:15
Ta1I have a problem with the setup itself07:16
thoreauputicdomas: they don't07:16
thoreauputicdomino14: they don't07:16
thoreauputicsorry domas07:16
WhiteDieselpaul68:  whats the command to get that config?07:17
thoreauputicdomino14: once a release is out, the packages are not update in normal repos except for security and bugfixes07:17
thoreauputicdomino14: hence backports in a separate repo07:17
Bogaurddoes ubuntu use something like iftab? I rebuilt my system with a new network card, which is now showing up as eth1 rather than eth0 - eth0 is not present. How can I reset it so that the card is detected as eth0?07:17
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)07:18
paul68WhiteDiesel: you have to install the samba server to get this07:19
* Bearcat loses his mind07:19
KartagisI'm on 2.6.24-21-generic. why does it exist in upgrades?07:19
WhiteDieselpaul68:  hmmm07:19
WhiteDieselpaul68:  so you're saying that when i reboot it won't be there?07:20
Ta1Can I add install from hard disk to the options in ubuntu 8.04 setup?07:20
thoreauputicBogaurd: /etc/iftab is replaced in Ubuntu now by /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules07:20
paul68WhiteDiesel: no I didn't say that07:20
r0achGuys, here's the situation. I had a Windows XP installation. But I installed Ubuntu in dual boot and for some strange reason, it didn't detect my Windows during install. So, Grub doesn't have Windows. I can't access Windows. What should I do ?07:21
WhiteDieselpaul68:  sorry it's late07:21
BearcatFlannel: when i run the cdromupgrade script it looks in the wrong dir. There is a mistake in the script it seems as it's looking for binary-all//hardy.tar.gz  Note the 2 slashes instead of one07:21
thoreauputicBogaurd: I thin making your own /etc/iftab would work though07:21
Bogaurdthoreauputic: tganks :)07:21
paul68WhiteDiesel: no problem read this07:21
WhiteDieselpaul68:  thanks for the info07:21
Blaenkwhat time will it be out? and what timezone?07:21
paul68!samba |whiteDiesel07:21
ubottuwhiteDiesel: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.  Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21209807:21
Bogaurdthoreauputic: is the format of the file you mentioned similar to iftab?07:21
Blaenkwhat time will 8.10 be out and what timezone?07:21
thoreauputicBogaurd: I just googled and found this for example: http://www.stuvel.eu/archive/26/ethernet-numbering-in-ubuntu07:21
Bogaurdthoreauputic: alright, thanks :)07:22
thoreauputicBogaurd: it should be fairly simple07:22
FlynsarmyAnyone know how to fix no sound in flash 10 issues on hardy?07:22
Peddyhow do I find out where my 'ffmpeg' file is located? I know it's in $path, but what's the command to find it?07:22
ubottublaenk: Ask in #ubuntu-release-party - we don't know here07:22
WhiteDieselgoodnight all.07:22
r0achWould appreciate a response you know.07:22
r0achGuys, here's the situation. I had a Windows XP installation. But I installed Ubuntu in dual boot and for some strange reason, it didn't detect my Windows during install. So, Grub doesn't have Windows. I can't access Windows. What should I do ?07:22
ubuntuPAGeekzanyone know the official release time for 8.10?07:22
rskiubuntuPAGeekz: not decided07:23
Ta1When I get kerneal panic, is it a problem with vmlinuz or initrd.gz?07:23
elvis123Hi again, I have 3 partitions sda1 (linux bootable 98.7MB), sda2 (swap 1GB), sda3 (raid 500GB) but for some silly reason grup does not want to install on sda1. Please help07:23
r0achPls Pls guys07:23
r0achHere's the situation. I had a Windows XP installation. But I installed Ubuntu in dual boot and for some strange reason, it didn't detect my Windows during install. So, Grub doesn't have Windows. I can't access Windows. What should I do ?07:24
paul68!patience |Roach07:24
ubottuRoach: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines07:24
Ta1When I get kernel panic, is it a problem with vmlinuz or initrd.gz?07:24
Ta1When I get kernel panic, is it a problem with vmlinuz or initrd.gz?07:25
thoreauputic!repeat | Ta107:25
ubottuTa1: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience07:25
thoreauputicTa1: stop it please07:25
paul68!patience |Ta107:25
ubottuTa1: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines07:25
bkovacsWah ttime will 8.10 final be released07:26
ubottuAsk in #ubuntu-release-party - we don't know here07:26
Ta1Aha I got it, I thought this is an official support07:26
Ta1How can I get official support?07:26
r0achStill waiting.....07:26
thoreauputicGENERAL ANNOUNCEMENT: People, *please* read the /topic. Thanks07:26
yurimxpxmananybody know if there'll be a (easy) way to keep KDE3 while upgrading the rest of the system to 8.10?07:27
Zendotyurimxpxman: you can lock the version in synaptic i think07:28
ubottuAsk in #ubuntu-release-party - we don't know here07:28
Ta1Hey people, please help me to get rid of Microsoft windows07:29
pogztimz<Ta1>: LOL07:29
|_ockek guys i need some help, i just installed my sblive 5.1 in my pci slot, and it shows up in lspci, but i need to get it to work in alsa, and preferably oss and pulse too but it doesnt show up, what can i do?07:29
yurimxpxmanTa1: http://www.ubuntu.com/07:29
yurimxpxmanTa1: funny thing is that the ubuntu joke won't work since you're already here :P07:30
Ta1I have a problem with ubuntu installation and no one understand my problem07:30
r0ach!lol | Ta107:30
ubottuTa1: Please don't use "LOL" and "OMG" and so forth on a regular basis. This is IRC, not IM, and using those lines on their own is not required, and it is rather annoying to the rest of the people in the channel; thanks.07:30
r0achSorry was testing out ubottu07:30
outbackwifi!ask | Ta107:30
ubottuTa1: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)07:30
balzif i want to limmit an ubuntu server's bandwidth consumption, is there a way to do this within ubuntu, or does this have to be done on the router level?07:30
thoreauputic!support | Ta107:31
ubottuTa1: The official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org07:31
pogztimzoutbackwifi: u still there? here is the link.. http://pastebin.ca/124037707:31
Ta1I am in the official support channel I think07:31
Ta1and even no one tries to read my questions07:31
Ta1When I get kernel panic, is it a problem with vmlinuz or initrd.gz?07:31
outbackwifiTa1: just go ahead and state your emergency07:32
thoreauputicTa1: you'll get better help if you ask better questions and observe IRC etiquette07:32
outbackwifiTa1: depends on what the kernel panicked on07:32
erbiif i am going to add a iwn driver to my kernel07:32
benzonOkay a minor question - on a mobo with a build in Realtek sound card, and there is no og what so ever sound comming, out get the annoying mobo bips07:32
erbiwhere do i place the iwn driver ?07:32
osubuckwill i be able to use nvidia drivers 96.xxx for ubuntu 8.10 when its released?07:32
Ta1It said it can't mount the root07:32
thoreauputicTa1: and if you don't stop being silly you will be removed07:32
outbackwifiTa1: it means that you havent specified the root device correctly07:32
Ta1I am sorry I had no intention to be silly07:33
thoreauputicTa1: OK07:33
outbackwifierbi: the compiled  module?07:33
=== Kwitschibo_ is now known as Kwitschibo
pogztimz outbackwifi: u still there? here is the link.. http://pastebin.ca/124037707:33
osubuckwill i be able to use nvidia drivers 96.xxx for ubuntu 8.10 when its released?07:33
Ta1Kernel panic - not syncing : VFS : unable to mount root fs on unknown - block (1,0)07:33
erbii have no idea07:34
Ta1This was when I started installation using vmlinuz and initrd.gz from http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/hardy/main/installer-i386/current/images/hd-media/07:34
erbii have to load the iwn driver into my kernel to get my wireless card working07:34
outbackwifierbi: sudo modprobe -v driver_name07:35
Ta1So the conclusin is that I got Kernel panic - not syncing : VFS : unable to mount root fs on unknown - block (1,0). This was when I started installation using vmlinuz and initrd.gz from http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/hardy/main/installer-i386/current/images/hd-media/07:35
outbackwifiTa1: what is your kernel line?07:35
outbackwifiTa1: block(1,0) means second hard disk; is that the case with you07:35
Ta1outbackwifi: What do u mean by Kernel line exactly?07:35
jim_pi am using checkinstall to make a .deb package of fatrat (a download manager) from source. how can i state the dependencies and the conflicts the package has?07:36
ubuntuPAGeekzdoes any one know of a fix for the broadcom bcm4306 chipset without usinf ndiswrapper07:36
Ta1I have no second drive07:36
kingi89osubuck: i think nvidia doesn't have those drivers for 8.10's X.org yet07:36
pogztimz outbackwifi: nvm i found it.. ty anyway..:)\07:36
Lokian!bcm43xx | ubuntuPAGeekz07:36
ubottuubuntuPAGeekz: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WifiDocs/Driver/Broadcom43xx07:36
jim_pubuntuPAGeekz: the b43 module perhaps?07:36
Ta1outbackwifi: I have no second hard drive07:36
Bearcatfolks, i face an interesting dilemma. I am trying to upgrade a 7.10 to the lastest avail. An overnight upgrade went sour and now i have no internet connectivity. So i am trying to run the cdromupgrade script to pull what i can off the disc in hopes that it will at least get enough of a system back to connect and then i can update from there. However the script seems to be borked (cont)07:36
thoreauputic!bcm43xx | ubuntuPAGeekz07:36
outbackwifipogztimz: what?07:36
thoreauputicah sorry Lokian :)07:36
Ohmusudo umount /mnt/MyHDD fails (dev is busy).  how to find who's using it? i've hardly anything open!07:37
Lokianno biggie! the more the merrier07:37
osubuckkingi89, ok thanks for your response, looks like i'll be waiting to install it then07:37
IndyGunFreakBearcat: did you try going from 7.10, to 8.10 and skipping 8.04?07:37
|_ockecan anyone point me to how i install emu10k1 on ubuntu 8.04?07:37
furankuhello, since I recently upgraded to ubuntu 8.10, some Fn keys on my laptop (volume up/down/mute, 9 on the numpad emulation) don't work anymore. Is that a known problem ?07:37
outbackwifiTa1: there should be a root (hd1,0) line, change it to root (hd0,0) and press b to boot07:37
jim_pOhmu: close every app you have there. it could be a seeding torrent up on the background07:38
Ta1where can I find this line?07:38
BearcatIndyGunFreak: well i was doing it via adept. (this is not my pc it is a clients and they only had dialup si o there were 800 packages to be upgraded)07:38
Ta1outbackwifi: Where can I find this line07:38
kingi89osubuck: they're working on it though: http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showpost.php?p=1820644&postcount=707:38
ubuntuPAGeekzyes the b43 it is07:38
jim_p|_ocke: please change your name. you want to install that module or put it to work??07:38
IndyGunFreakBearcat: so how did you try and upgrade?.. by changing the source list?.. and did you try to skip 8.04, and go right to 8.1007:39
osubuckgreat news then kingi89.. thanks for the update07:39
benzonTryed to figure this one out - cant get the sound to work on this machine its a Realtek HD build in soundcard, but with everything i do it will use the mobo speeker to bip true07:39
=== |_ocke is now known as locke
Ta1thoreauputic: How can I persuade the installation to install from hard disk instead of searching for the cds07:39
lockejim_p, apparently i need to install it i think07:39
Ta1thoreauputic: Do't give me links, I have tons of links here but with no hope07:39
outbackwifiTa1: when you boot and get the grub screen, press e to edit the kernel line07:40
lockejim_p, i had it working fine on the previous system, buti spilt ramen into the motherboard so i'm on a different machine now and i just put the sblive 5.1 card from it into this system07:40
jim_plocke: isnt it loaded with modrobe07:40
BearcatIndyGunFreak: if i run that script it tells me .dists/stable/main/dist-upgrade/binary-all//hardy.tar.gz not found. This is off the alternate cd. Note the double /  I think that may be a syntax error.07:40
lockejim_p, it isnt currently apparently07:40
thoreauputicTa1: Why are yo addressing a question directly? There are over 1000 other people here07:40
ubuntuPAGeekzi used fw cutter to extract the firmware and it built the driver for me but after one reboot it does not work anymore07:40
lockebut i need to figure out how to make it so07:40
LokianTa1 is a bit bossy07:40
lockei have only eve3r had to configure it once07:40
lockeso i dont remember how to do it07:40
Ta1thoreauputic: Because u asked me not to be silly07:40
IndyGunFreakBearcat: possible.... doesn't sound like it will be easy, thats why i hate upgrades.07:40
lockeand all my google searches arent helping much07:40
jim_plocke: can you       sudo modprobe emu10k107:40
lockei have the card recognized in lspci07:40
thoreauputic!guidelines | ta107:40
lockelemme see07:40
ubottuta1: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines07:40
thoreauputicTa1: lease read that07:41
lockejim_p, module not found07:41
Ohmujim_p, thx07:41
Ta1outbackwifi: I have no option in the grub to load from (hd1,0) I typed root (hd0,0) there07:41
Ta1thoreauputic: Ok07:41
ubuntuPAGeekzoutput = module emu10k1 not found07:42
ubuntakiasubuntu 8.10 what time release????????????07:42
BearcatIndyGunFreak: i updated the package list in adept. Then i hit full upgrade, then did the changes. When i got up in the morning i noted that it was stuck on something waiting for a responce on an incompatable update. So i hit next and it dumped me back to the adept main screen. I noticed that the button for dist upgrade was available so i hit that and it just dumped me out again.07:42
lockehow do i install the module :P07:42
lockeim lame07:42
Flannel!isitout | ubuntakias07:42
ubottuubuntakias: Ask in #ubuntu-release-party - we don't know here07:42
rskiubuntakias: unknown07:42
BearcatIndyGunFreak: i'm not new to linux, but i'm not a kubuntu user07:42
jim_plocke: try emu10k1-gp07:42
outbackwifiTa1: why dont you do a standard install with a Ubuntu CD? this way it will be easier on all of us07:43
lockecommand not found07:43
ubuntuPAGeekzyes sir thank you sooooo much07:43
lockeecho "emu10k1" | sudo tee -a /etc/modules shows it07:44
Ta1outbackwifi: I have no cd writer and I need a working openoffice and printer immediately otherwise I will fail in the exam07:44
=== Guest29525 is now known as Slash_Network
Ta1outbackwifi: I have no removable media right now07:44
outbackwifiTa1: do you have a USB stick?07:44
ubuntuPAGeekznow how about the intel 82855 gme it is also not being friendly07:44
Ta1outbackwifi: yes but the computer doesn't support booting from it07:44
outbackwifiTa1: is it that old?07:45
jim_plocke: lol            sudo modprobe emu10k1-gp                 thet command starting with echo just placed emu10k1 in your /etc/modules07:45
BearcatIndyGunFreak: so..should i just wait till the new disc is released and try that alternate to see if that path bug (apparently only to me) is fixed07:45
outbackwifiTa1: if its only openoffice, just install openoffice for windows and be done with your exam07:45
Ta1outbackwifi: Yes 7 years old :D, it's 256 mb ram and celeron 1.1 Ghz07:45
geniilocke: What does    lspci -nn     report for the vendor:device  code of your soundcard?07:46
IndyGunFreakBearcat: you could try that, but i wouldn't get real excited about it working07:46
locke02:04.0 Unknown class [ffff]: Creative Labs SB Live! EMU10k1 [1102:0002] (rev 06)07:46
strikooI am sorry to just barge in like this, but can anybody please tell me where to download 8.10 final?07:46
lockestrikoo, ubuntu.com?07:46
Flannel!isitout | strikoo07:46
ubottustrikoo: Ask in #ubuntu-release-party - we don't know here07:46
rskistrikoo: from ubuntu.com when it is released.07:46
lockei dont think 8.10 is out yet07:46
Ta1outbackwifi: Windows is corrupted and doesn't want to let me use the office and the printer, and I can't format otherwise I will lose important data07:46
meatlumpsDon't ask07:46
meatlumpsevery ask delays release by 2 hours :D07:46
thoreauputicTa1: so what are you using to be on IRC?07:47
BearcatIndyGunFreak: what i'm dealing with now is a "no route to host" which i hate :")  even trying to apply a route command gives me a 'no route to host' but i can do a ping local host just fine.07:47
geniilocke: I had module name incorrect. use name of:  snd-emu10k1        instead of only emu10k107:47
ubuntuPAGeekzDAMN THAT SUX07:47
Ta1thoreauputic: It's my first time here07:47
thoreauputicTa1: you can't use the machine you are already on?07:47
lockeoh lemme see07:47
jim_pstrikoo: ubuntu.com and pick a server other than the default one07:47
* outbackwifi gives up on Ta107:47
steltUbuntu used to literally make money (an official coin): http://pythonide.blogspot.com/2008/10/how-to-make-money-with-free-software.html07:47
thoreauputicTa1: to do yor work?07:47
lockemodprobe snd-emu10k1 returns nothing07:47
Ta1thoreauputic: I can , but windows can't run office or printer here07:48
jim_plocke: then it loads the module perfectly07:48
ubuntuPAGeekznow how about the intel 82855 gme it is also not being friendly07:48
thoreauputicTa1: so save to a floppy or something07:48
lockejim_p, why would it not be showing up in pref-sound?07:48
thoreauputicTa1: or borrow a usb or whatver07:48
Lokianthoreauputic +107:48
thoreauputicTa1: or email it to yourself07:48
Ta1thoreauputic: Can I use my memory card as USB?07:49
Ta1to boot ubuntu?07:49
thoreauputicTa1: why don't you just mail it as an attachment?07:49
Ta1I have no other computer available here07:49
thoreauputicTa1: you aren't listening07:49
Lokianpen and paper always works07:49
Ta1I listen07:49
thoreauputicTa1: you have Internet, you have office, you have email07:50
outbackwifiTa1: use google-docs if all else fails07:50
Ta1thoreauputic: I didn't finish my research yet, I have to format it and print it07:50
thoreauputicTa1: so save the file and email it to where you can use it07:50
thoreauputicTa1: ...07:50
Ta1thoreauputic: I have no other computer or somewhere where I can do this07:50
Ta1thoreauputic: I only have my own machine07:50
outbackwifiTa1: which machine are you on currently?07:51
thoreauputicTa1: does your teacher have email? Can you submit your work via email?07:51
Ta1outbackwifi:  It's windows xp07:51
jim_plocke: can you reboot or find me another way to make ubuntu see the card? alsaconf wihch is the tool for the job is removed from ubuntu !@#$% while all other distros have it!07:51
Ta1thoreauputic: They don't, they need papers only07:52
jim_pi am using checkinstall to make a .deb package of fatrat (a download manager) from source. how can i state the dependencies and the conflicts the package has?07:52
lockejim_p, it sees the card, lspci shows it clearly07:52
outbackwifiTa1: can you access google-docs? its an online office suite. type your work there and print it out with your windows printer07:52
Ta1outbackwifi: Does it support prinitng?07:52
lockeit was working great in 8.04 on the other box i was using prior to this, but i spilt ramen in it so i had to switch to this one07:52
outbackwifiTa1: docs.google.com yes i believe it does. Please try first before asking07:53
lockethen when i found out that i cant adjust the volume or anything on my onboard and it only uses left channel i decided to install the card and now i have no sound :(07:53
jim_plocke: i know. and the module is loaded but it does not work. can you tell alsa somehow to use it? i cant without alsaconf07:53
falloreWOOT irssi all configured to connect, identify, and join channels :D07:53
Ta1outbackwifi: Thank u man, may god bless u07:53
lockejim_p, thats my problem i dont know how to do it otherwise :P07:53
* outbackwifi heaves a big sigh of relief07:53
outbackwifiTa1: yw and atb07:53
* thoreauputic joins in outbackwifi 's big sigh07:54
Ohmuguys this is annoying .. my USB HDD flips between reporting as sdc1 and sdb1.  And I'm not even unplugging it!  what on earth is going on?07:54
Ta1thoreauputic: I am sorry for being annoying, I 'm just feeling it's very crowded here, it's my first time to use IRC07:54
jim_plocke: is it inside /etc/modules?07:54
thoreauputicTa1: OK - understood :)07:54
outbackwifiOhmu: dmesg should give you more info07:54
Ta1bye bye07:54
thoreauputicTa1: but do read the guidelines please :)07:54
lockeon the old box both onboard and this were working but i had to use alsaconf to make it use this card and i had it working fine, but in this one i cant get it to work at all, onboard works but it's worthless07:54
lockehow can i see whats in modules?07:55
lockels /etc/modules/ doesnt work07:55
jim_plocke: how did you use alsaconf? it does not even exist in ubuntu!07:55
unopjim_p, you could build alsa-utils to get alsaconf07:55
lockejim_p, in previous versions i mean07:55
lockelike 5.10-6.0407:55
jim_plocke: cat /etc/alsaconf07:55
lockeafter that i didnt have to use it07:55
jim_plocke: cat /etc/modules07:56
ubuntuPAGeekznow how about the intel 82855 gme it is also not being friendly(jim_p)07:56
lockeemu10k1 is in /etc/modules07:56
unopjim_p, as for stating depends/conflicts for a new package, you have to state them in the debian/control file07:56
jim_plocke: also add emu10k1-gp07:56
lockei just wanna watch dominion tank police :(07:56
lockebut now i dont have any sound07:56
lockejim_p, do i have to reboot or reload alsa or something after that? i added it07:57
jim_punop: and where is it on chackinstall?07:57
jim_plocke: yes07:57
lockereboot? or can i do something simpler?07:57
jim_pubuntulog: is this wireless?07:57
lockealsa reload?07:57
lockei reloaded alsa07:58
lockestill isnt in preferences->sound07:58
lockeanything else07:58
outbackwifilocke: what about alsamixer/07:58
benzonIll try again then, my MSI K9AGM2-FIH - got a Realtek HD Audio Build in soundcard, the chip is Realtek ALC888 - cant get sound of it is there a known problem with this or is there a way to fix it07:59
lockealsamixer: function snd_mixer_load failed: No such file or directory07:59
jim_pubuntuPAGeekz: is it wireless too?07:59
MothOnLovesFlamei cant upgrade to ubuntu 8.1008:01
benzonMothOnLovesFlame, maybe its because its yet to be released?08:01
MothOnLovesFlameits released in my timezone08:01
aayoolait has been released08:01
jim_pMothOnLovesFlame: maybe its because due to high load on the servers?08:01
lockeman.. this sucks i just wanna listen to some music :p08:02
aayoolaDoes anyone use nagios here08:02
ubuntuPAGeekzjim_p: no its an intigrated graphics adapter I'm accully in proccess of rewriting xorg.conf08:02
MothOnLovesFlamecan i upgrade by downloading the iso?08:02
usamahashimiI am behine proxy (using this irc from mibbit.com), I can not use adept, can anyone help me?08:02
aayoolaI need someone who uses Nagios08:03
jim_pubuntuPAGeekz: :| never heard of it. is it the output of           lspci | grep VGA          ?08:03
benzonwird accourding to the homepage, and the release channel its not yet out08:03
MothOnLovesFlamecan i upgrade by downloading the iso?08:04
aayoolaI need help with Nagios 3.0.208:04
=== aayoola is now known as murpheus
jim_pMothOnLovesFlame: you need the alternative iso and use it as a cdrom source in synaptic08:04
lockecat /proc/asound/modules doesnt show the emu10k108:05
furankuhello, since I recently upgraded to ubuntu 8.10, some Fn keys on my laptop (volume up/down/mute, 9 on the numpad emulation) don't work anymore. Is that a known problem ?08:05
jim_pfuranku: laptop model or brand?08:06
ubuntuPAGeekzJiom_p: output = 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corperation 82852/855GM Integrated Graphics Device (rev 02)08:06
MothOnLovesFlamehow do i use it as a cdrom source in synaptic?08:06
furankujim_p: ASUS F8Sn08:06
ogzyinstead of doing dpkg-reconfigure gnome-applets and choosing yes, any settings file that i can enable cpufreq scaling, there is gconf entry /apps/gnome-power-manager/ui/cpufreq_show if i enable it will it do the same thing with dpkg-reconfigure?08:06
jim_pMothOnLovesFlame: :( i dont know! can i tell you the command line way?08:06
jim_pfuranku: give me some time08:06
furankujim_p: cool, thanks08:07
rodrif "/server zeta30"08:07
gaintsuraIs there a way to change the desktop background on each workspace?08:07
jim_pMothOnLovesFlame: you place the cdrom in the drive and             sudo apt-cdrom add08:07
jim_pgaintsura: only if you use a compiz plugin i think. gnome cant do it by default08:07
thoreauputicgaintsura: I think the "devilspie' package can do that08:07
MothOnLovesFlamei have a virtual cdrom how do i add that?08:07
lockemeh i cant deal with this tonight i think im gonna go to bed08:07
gaintsurajim_p: which plugin?08:07
lockei'l be back tomorrow to try to figure it out08:08
lockenight guys thanks for your help anyways08:08
jim_pgaintsura: i dont know, i dont use compiz08:08
jim_plocke: goodnight08:08
KartagisI'm on 2.6.24-21-generic. why does it still exist in upgrades?08:08
thoreauputicKartagis: security update08:08
jim_pMothOnLovesFlame: virtualcdrom as in? are you on virtualbox or a program like daemon tools??08:08
gaintsuraKartagis: because there were new updates to it just a day or so ago08:08
lockei have some programming homework to do too, gotta implement a reliable data transfer protocol using an unreliable one (udp) but i cant think that hard right now, i'm just gonna start in the morning08:09
lockethank god i dont have to use windows at least08:09
lockei can use eclipse for that08:09
MothOnLovesFlamejim_p gmount-iso08:09
gaintsuralocke: uhgly is windows =P08:09
lockeit hast to be in java cause the framework is java, but at least i can use a real ide that works08:09
lockei tried netbeans when i was at school trying to do my homework but i hated it08:10
bennyhow do i boot 2 linux from 2 harddrive ?08:10
locketextpad is the best i used in windows and it provides no sort of help08:10
jim_pubuntuPAGeekz: is "intel" as a driver correct for xorg?08:10
lockeeclipse automatically resolves all classes and gives me autocompletion for all relevant functions and arguments08:10
lockemakes it so much easier08:10
tlifflocke: there's also eclipse for windows, you know? ;)08:10
saftarnI have a simple question, i removed the bottom panel(on the desktop) and put everything in the toppanel. but how do I add so every time i start an app an icon shows on the panel for the app?08:10
lockewindows is a joke of a development environment from what i've seen08:11
locketliff, yeah but it's not available at school08:11
tlifflocke: that's true08:11
jim_pMothOnLovesFlame: well you mount it on gmount-iso like a normal iso and then sudo apt-cdrom add08:11
mandel59ttf-wqy-zenhei,that is a chinese font, has the fear of the copyright infringement.08:11
lockeon my machine i can use whatever i want and using eclipse in linux i KNOW that it'll work in whatever my professor uses08:11
Dorobo18jpanyone know howi can have a small calender and syspen window on my desktop08:11
lockeluckily, my professor uses textpad running in winxp in vmware running on top of ubuntu lol08:11
lockeor suse08:11
lockehe uses suse and ubuntu and just runs windows in a VM because most students run windows08:12
jim_pfuranku: does it appear in lspci or lsusb?08:12
lockehe actually hates windows and runs every windows app inside of linux08:12
lockei have a real good academic relationship with my professor08:12
ubuntuPAGeekzjim_p: X would not let me reconfigure. the system has the driver but the resolution wil not go past 600x800 I've been working on this damned thing since sunday non-stop. kinda pisses me off all my other systems are flawless under ubuntu08:12
furankujim_p: do you mean the keyboard device ?08:13
fredbearsaftarn: right click on panel then add to panel the window list app08:13
lockewhen i decided to get back into college this semester and i went to talk to him about the classes i was thinking about taking we ended up talking for like 3 hours about all sorts of stuff, much of it involving linux and the fact that the university uses microsoft for almost all of its servers and critical systgems08:13
lockehe thinks they're retarded, as do i08:14
jim_pubuntuPAGeekz: forget dpkg-reconfigure .... it is useless with the stupidity of the xorg devs. can you exit to command line and try           X -configure ? i will tell you the rest if it works08:14
lockeand he refuses to run any microsoft product natively on any of his machines, as do i08:14
ubuntakiashow can i install "poker.bin" file?08:14
jim_pfuranku: yes08:14
lockeand he runs all of his lectures using either powerpoint running in VM under linux or just straight in OO.o under linux08:14
bennyhow to i boot 2 linux from 2 harddrive ?08:15
ubuntuPAGeekzjim_p: can I Alt-F2 or do I need a hard bash screen08:15
ubuntuPAGeekzjim_p:sorry ctrl-alt-f208:15
lockemost of the students have no idea and they all run windows, and he is far more open about his opinions and feelings on the matter with me because he knows how i feel about it08:15
jim_pubuntuPAGeekz: you need to stop X from running08:15
Dorobo18jpanyone know how i can add calender window and a terminal window onto my desktop ?08:15
outbackwifibenny: you cant do it at the same time :)08:15
jim_pubuntuPAGeekz: sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop08:15
furankujim_p: nothing keyboard related in lspci, and nothing at all in lsusb08:16
lockeso in a lot of lectures he'll be talking about something and if it involves linux at all or anything advanced in general he always picks me out to give my opinions or answers on it to the rest of the class08:16
jim_pfuranku: somewhere i can see the specifications of it then?08:16
saftarnI deleted the bttom panel and added that stuff to the top panel instead. But how do I make it so when I start an app an icon appears on the panel? There isn't a clear option to do this.08:16
lockeso i end up talking like 15 mins out of every 1hr 15min lecture that i go to :P08:16
bennyoutbackwifi:no i try repair like 3 time still didnt work08:16
outbackwifisaftarn: you need to add the window list to the panel08:16
thoreauputiclocke: I think #ubuntu-offtopic is ---> that way :)08:16
ubuntakiashow can i install "poker.bin" file? ??08:16
furankujim_p: I'm searching on the web08:16
lockeyeah yeah i'm going to bed08:16
jim_psaftarn: you mean you want it to show the open windows?08:16
fredbearsaftarn: if you right click on the panel and select add to panel, then select the windows list app08:17
saftarnoutbackwifi, thanks08:17
outbackwifisaftarn: yw08:17
thoreauputicubuntakias: what does the file do? Is it a program?08:17
ubuntakiasis a game..08:17
ubuntuPAGeekzjim_p: its just sitting there staring at me08:17
ubuntakiasbut is .bin and it doesnt do anything...08:17
JewingGumWhy 8.10 is still not out :(08:17
lockewell crap i guess i gotta stay up for another half hour or so.. my best friend got in a fight with his roommate so he's coming to stay with me.. suck..  i'm gonna take off night guys08:18
JewingGumWhat is the name of that ubuntu party channel???08:18
jim_pfuranku: Keyboard         19mm full size 88 Key with MS Windows function keys          is what asus says08:18
genii!isitout | JewingGum08:18
ubottuJewingGum: Ask in #ubuntu-release-party - we don't know here08:18
thoreauputicubuntakias: try  opening a terminal and running  ' bash poker.bin '08:18
jim_pubuntakias: from a terminal        sudo sh poker.bin08:18
afanc1ihfor GTK... configure: error: Package requirements (gtk+-2.0 >= 2.6.0) were not met:No package 'gtk+-2.0' found08:18
afanc1Hi, what is the problem08:18
furankujim_p: oh, if that's all you need, then yes08:18
thoreauputicjim_p: the sudo may not be a good idea unless it's an installer, and sh is Dash so bash may be safer08:19
furankujim_p: mine is a german keyboard, but I'm using the standard UK layout, if that matters08:19
jim_pubuntuPAGeekz: blank screen at all?   can you reisub? damn that vesa bug08:19
benzonOption "VideoOverlay" "on" where to add this setting in xorg.conf08:20
jim_pfuranku: well, you need a module to make the Fn keys work. what is that module?08:20
angryusermy openser server does not retransmit OK or BYE ;( i am using loose_route and sending directly to route(1) #dispatcher, any ideas ?08:20
TheDeepFriedBootHi, is there an actual release time for the new 8.10 today or will it be whenever they feel like posting it?08:21
=== TheDreamer is now known as Youri
ubottuAsk in #ubuntu-release-party - we don't know here08:21
TheDeepFriedBootok, ty08:21
ubuntuPAGeekzjim_p: got to bash it reconfigured on its own can not get all of the out put due to being a commandline08:21
jim_pafanc1: sudo apt-get install libgtk2.0-dev08:21
saftarnHow do I enable mouse-scrolling?08:22
massmcHow come 8.10 got delayed? is it fine to download the candidate? is it the same?08:22
rskimassmc: 8.10 is not delayed.08:22
rskimassmc: is it not the same.08:22
thoreauputicmassmc: not delayed, yes and no08:22
massmcahh ok, I thought it was suppose to be released yesterday08:23
ubottuAsk in #ubuntu-release-party - we don't know here08:23
paul68massmsc realese date 30/10/200808:23
furankujim_p: seems to be asus_laptop08:23
massmcahh i'm a day ahead 10+ GMT lol, my mistake.. thank you08:24
jim_pfuranku: is tit loaded?08:24
furankujim_p: yes08:24
jim_pfuranku: lsmod | grep asus08:24
kantordo you guys think that hardy heron is stable enough to be used as a critical data handler server ?08:25
furankujim_p: asus_laptop            24440  008:25
furankujim_p: led_class              12164  2 iwlcore,asus_laptop08:25
jim_pkantor: no. use debian stable for critical situations like you say08:25
drumstyk1could someone recommend a program or command to reencode a full length avi movie to optimize it for viewing on a 320 x 320 phone screen?08:25
jim_pdrumstyk1: avidemux08:26
drumstyk1thanks jim_p!08:26
Dorobo18jpanyone know how i can get desklets onto my system and display them on my desktp08:27
* stimpie is still waiting for 8.1008:27
* thoreauputic runs screaming at the mention of desklets08:27
stimpiedrumstyk1, ffmpeg08:27
drumstyk1Dorobo18jp: i know i am not answering your exact Q but have you checked out screenlets?08:27
Dorobo18jpno have not yet08:28
paul68!beer |thoreayputic08:28
ubottuthoreayputic: Beer is always appreciated.08:28
* ether_c is 10 minutes away from giving up on the release and going to sleep08:28
jim_pfuranku: can you set keyboard shortcuts with these keys in System >Preferences >Keyboard shortcuts ?08:28
drumstyk1stimpie: would you recommend that over avidemux for a linux noob?08:28
kantorjim_p, where can I see hardy's bug status ? is there a webpage ?08:28
jim_pkantor: dunno08:29
massmcether_c, I'm going to bed now, can you burn me a copy and bring it to my house first thing in the morning.. thx08:29
ubottucoffee is a caffeinated beverage made by filtering hot water through ground up roasted beans of the coffee plant. Flavouring to taste such as milk or cream, sugar or sweetener are often added afterwards. Not to be confused with !java08:29
* genii decides to have some08:29
furankujim_p: no, I can't no reaction. That's only the case with volume up/down/mute and 9, all other Fn keys work08:29
thoreauputickantor: probably bugs,ubuntu.com which is actually launchpad08:29
furankujim_p: oh, and the wireless switch doesn't have any effect either08:29
kantorok, thanks thoreauputic08:30
stimpiedrumstyk1, avidemux is a 'editing application' ffmpeg a simple commandline application. If you know the commands you need its very simple08:30
jim_pfuranku: the wireless on key? what wireless are you on? did you install something recently?08:30
stimpiedrumstyk1, google 'ffmpeg avi to 3gp'08:30
dyffrynsup kids08:30
thoreauputickantor: I typoed that - try http://bugs.ubuntu.com08:31
zambai need a tool for editing raw ts streams.. what can be used?08:31
drumstyk1i will check that out now, stimpie, thanks a lot08:31
jim_popera 9.62 is out08:31
furankujim_p: yes, the wireless on key. Unfortunately I can't remember exactly after what update it started to happen08:31
SwilkyHi guys, is there a known problem with ssh at all for uploading to a ssh server VERY slow speeds... but when downloading speed is fine? LAN environment full-duplex gigabit upload i get 300~500kbs and download i get 20MB a sec08:31
nachi_hey , when im trying to setup on ubuntu 8 ftp server its writes me once i try to connect : FileZilla Server version .... i think its installed there instad of vsftpd that i installed now, how can i remove it?08:31
dyffryni'm liking 8.10, works better on release day than 8.04 was08:31
=== drnk-e is now known as DRNK-E
notdkwSwilky: From winscp or something? using scp / sftp ?08:32
Swilkyyes on my windows machine08:32
bennycan someone tell me how to boot linux from 2 harddrive08:33
chronosxhow to unbind something done with mount --bind folderSrc folderDst ?08:33
Swilkyand im not sure what the built in app in ubuntu is08:33
notdkwSwilky: when you download via a secure connection, the encryption is handled by the server, upload via a secure connection, the encryption is handled by the client. Windows has massive issues with this, quite a few threads in winscp's forums about it, to this day, no fix.08:33
Swilkywhat about the ubuntu client?08:33
notdkwSwilky: linux to linux your speeds will be fine.08:34
Swilkythe same thing is happing in linux tho08:34
notdkwSwilky: sorry, nfi then... :)08:34
Swilkykk cheers for the info tho ... big help08:35
thoreauputicSwilky: just a guess - run ethtool and see if you are actually getting full duplex at both ends08:35
Swilkyyeah done08:35
Swilkyfull duplex08:35
thoreauputicSwilky: ah OK - no idea then :(08:36
KNROAnyone knows at what time (GMT) is 8.10 going to be released?08:36
dyffrynis there a release party room this time?08:36
blizzkidlo all. Does anyone know a tool to draw flowcharts from perl code? (it has to work in Ubuntu offcourse)08:36
ubottuAsk in #ubuntu-release-party - we don't know here08:36
drumstyk1stimpie: would you happen to know if you need to specify a resolution in the conversion command for ffmpeg? i am looking at a few guides on google and none mention it but i suppose i could go dig through the man pages08:36
InphoarAnyone know what time its' coming?08:37
jim_pfuradid anyone try to update opera today?08:37
jim_panyone try to update opera today?08:37
Jorkdoes anybody know what time today intrepid will be avaible?08:38
saftarn_Im tyring to svae to /usr/local/bin/ but i have no permission. how do ic reate file in the command line?08:38
* outbackwifi have never tried opera; forget about today :)08:38
Gnuboiis there any keylogger for08:38
* thoreauputic wonders if all new joins should be redirected to #ubuntu-release-party (just kidding)08:39
aayoola<saftarn_> Im tyring to svae to /usr/local/bin/ but i have no permission. how do ic reate file in the command line?08:39
aayoolatouch filename08:39
sidewalkhas 8.10 been released yet?08:40
thoreauputicaayoola: needs sudo in /usr/local/08:40
InphoarAh, to #ubuntu-release-party then. Didn't know.08:40
Intey@ sidewalk: nope08:40
kholerabbitwosidewalk: no.. see #ubuntu-realease-party chatroom08:41
thoreauputicGENERAL RE_ANNOUNCEMENT: Please read the TOPIC08:41
ubottuAsk in #ubuntu-release-party - we don't know here08:41
Inteywell...define "released"08:41
scientusi cant find anything on PXE boot server in ubuntu08:41
scientushow do i ser one up08:41
scientuseither modern ubuntu or debian walthroughs should work08:41
polatovWhen official release 8.10?08:41
Bearcatok i am at a loss here08:42
zloyhi all08:42
kiyikoi am having an issue installing ubuntu: in the part, were you set up the partitions, there is nothing listed.08:42
thoreauputicpolatov: /topic08:42
gynterkhello, is it possible to downgrade firefox 3.0.3 to firefox 2 series?08:42
Intey@ polatov ^^^we dont know...08:42
gynterkubuntu hardy08:42
zloymy congratulations08:42
polatovzloy, задай этот вопрос )))08:42
Bearcatif i run an install using the alternate CD will it upgrade what i have or erase everything?08:42
zloypolatov: какой?08:42
zloywhen release 8.10 is expected?08:43
gynterkalready found ff-2 from repos08:43
diginuxso.. i will never use xlock during a major update again ;)08:43
Jorkwhen release 8.10 is expected?08:43
Inteyto all those asking for the release, "we dont know"08:43
JohnyNRelease of Interpid is today, isn't it?08:43
zloysorry, for man good english08:44
Inteysure it is08:44
zloyJohnyN: yeah, it us08:44
prince_jammysi'm pretty surprised by the extreme enthuasiasm and anticipation over the intrepid release. i think ubuntu has driven you guys nuts.08:44
bennyi dont know how to boot 2 ubuntu form 2 drive /?08:44
Jorkprince soure it is08:44
Inteyjust "when exactly" depends on some ppl @ some release party it seems08:44
Jorkshure ?08:44
zloyUbuntu trust us!08:44
saftarn_How can I add mouse-scrolling?08:44
Jorkto die for ubuntuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu08:44
zloyJork: (:08:45
ubuntuPAGeekzany idea where i can get an ubuntu flag to fly outside my house?08:45
ubuntuPAGeekzive been dieing to find one08:45
prince_jammysyeah, definitely nuts.08:45
JohnyNAnd.. when it will available from ubuntu.com ? There is still only Hardy. I don't know what time it is now, in America. So, when it will be available for download?08:45
nagimkaWhen official release 8.10?08:45
Dorobo18jphow can i find the path to my evolution email inbox?08:45
ubuntuPAGeekz:jim_p so blank screen now what08:46
polatovдавай nagimka ))))08:46
Jorktoday should bi a national holiday08:46
Jorkday of ubuntu08:46
nagimkaменя подстааавилиииии08:47
JohnyNJork: yeah, good idea :-)08:47
zloyUbuntu or die08:47
Inteybluebuntu ))08:47
Gnuboiis there any keylogger for ubuntu08:47
rskiGnuboi: it's called bash history08:47
rskiand it's on by default08:47
jim_pubuntuPAGeekz: did you reisub?08:47
JorkGnuboi what kond of keylogger do you hawe in mind?08:47
Gnuboinot for bash08:47
Gnuboiall the window recorder08:48
polatovwe want new ubuntu08:48
Gnuboipidgin firefox08:48
outbackwifi!ru | nagimka08:48
ubottunagimka: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke08:48
polatovwhat we must to do for it08:48
outbackwifi!isitout | polatov08:48
ubottupolatov: Ask in #ubuntu-release-party - we don't know here08:48
Jorkparticipate in open source08:48
zloyUbuntu or die!08:48
polatovrussian guys want new ubuntu08:49
mib_4xuhnrWill Kubuntu 8.10 be released at the same time as Ubuntu 8.10 (or a few days later?)    -   And does Kubuntu use KDE 4.0 or 4.1 ?08:49
polatovrussian-speak guys want new ubuntu08:49
outbackwifi!isitout | mib_4xuhnr08:49
ubottumib_4xuhnr: Ask in #ubuntu-release-party - we don't know here08:49
outbackwifi!ru | polatov08:49
ubottupolatov: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke08:49
ubuntuPAGeekzjim_p: bear with me I think I may have got it08:49
zloynativity of Ubuntu08:49
=== genii-2 is now known as genii
elvis123if i created a /boot partition (/dev/sda1) which bootloader should I install as both lilo and grub fails?08:50
outbackwifielvis123: why do they fail?08:50
zloyelvis123: you should install GRUB08:50
troubledelvis123: is /boot < 1024 cylinder?08:50
kiyikoi am trying to install ubuntu, via live session, booted from flash drive...but the partition setup shows no drives.08:51
outbackwifikiyiko: what is the system config esp hard drives08:51
kiyikooutbackwifi, what does that mean?08:51
troubledelvis123: sorry, missed the sda1 so I would assume it starts at the begining of the drive08:51
sidewalkhas 8.10 been released yet?08:52
ubottuAsk in #ubuntu-release-party - we don't know here08:52
outbackwifikiyiko: what is the configuration of your system; also we would like to know if you have any non standard hard disks08:52
nagimkait been released08:52
nagimkayesterday yet08:52
troubledelvis123: did you get any particular error?08:52
paul68nagimka not in europe08:53
troubledelvis123: also, what fails? installing grub/lilo, or booting with it?08:53
elvis123installing it08:53
zloyhow can i upgrade from 8.04 to 8.10 in terminal?08:53
zloywhat  command?08:54
outbackwifielvis123: at the grub prompt if you say root (0,0) what does it say?08:54
kiyikooutbackwifi, um.... i have 2 ide harddrives, one 40gig -fat32   and a 120, split into 60g -ext3 and 40g-ntfs08:54
XRolandois it out?? :D08:54
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes08:54
ubottuAsk in #ubuntu-release-party - we don't know here08:54
sebdahzloy: should be sudo apt-get dist-upgrade08:54
XRolandohaha, thanks :)08:54
Slartubottu sleeping?08:54
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about sleeping?08:54
zloysebdah: thank you08:54
outbackwifiubottu ubuntu08:55
ubottuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com08:55
polatovAceler, спроси насчет релиза08:55
troubledSlart: slatibartfast?08:55
outbackwifikiyiko: and these dont show up at all?08:55
nagimkaа когда же релиз то будет, товарисчи? я тут жду-жду понимаете ли, а его все нету08:55
Slarttroubled: yes.. I admit.. one blast of non-creativity on a dark day 15 years ago.. guilty as charged08:55
zloyguys, wellcome to #ubuntu-ru08:55
outbackwifi!ru | nagimka polatov08:55
ubottunagimka polatov: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke08:55
troubledSlart: :) bit of a hellraiser myself08:56
polatovnagimka, )))08:56
kiyikooutbackwifi, nothing shows up. would booting from flash drive, instead of standard cd, affect the partition manager, while installing?08:56
elvis123how do i get to a grub prompt08:56
outbackwifikiyiko: no08:56
outbackwifielvis123: type grub08:56
troubledelvis123: try grub yet?08:56
saftarn_How do I get mouse-scrolling?08:56
zloysaftarn_: for what?08:57
elvis123not found08:57
zloysaftarn_: what mouse?08:57
saftarn_what mouse? the computer-mouse08:57
zloypolatov: go home08:57
aguitelis intrepid at the servers ?08:57
troubledelvis123: apt-get install grub?08:57
saftarn_when i move the wheel i like windows to move08:57
saftarn_or to scroll upor down to be correct08:58
troubledelvis123: should be a simple: grub-install /dev/sda08:58
bingungajacan i change my mouse point ? how ?08:58
outbackwifielvis123: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=22435108:58
kiyikooutbackwifi, have we any idea? i dont know what could be the matter08:59
mrevellHello, when's it out?08:59
elvis123apt-get not found08:59
Slart!isitout | mrevell08:59
ubottumrevell: Ask in #ubuntu-release-party - we don't know here08:59
thumpermrevell: right that does it! I'm killing a kitten08:59
outbackwifielvis123: what os are you on?08:59
ganesanyone tell me how to get the output of grub prompt to any file08:59
* mrevell apologies for bating08:59
mwhudsonwhat's bating?08:59
sebdahI don't get any scrollback in gnome-terminal when using screen. But when I use rxvt with the same .screenrc I get scrollback. Any suggestions?09:00
elvis123ubuntu 8.04 server09:00
troubledelvis123: are you root09:00
mrevellmwhudson: I dunno but I'm really good at it. A master, if you will09:00
nagimkaComrads release is COME!!!!!!!!!!!09:00
polatov Comrads release is COME!!!!09:00
devsoulpolatov, when ?09:00
zloydevsoul: тщц09:00
crdlbsebdah: eh? you don't want scrollback via the terminal when using screen. enter copy mode with Ctrl+A [, then you can use the arrow keys and pg up/down09:01
bingungajacan i change my mouse point ? how ?09:01
nagimkait's COME!!!!09:01
devsoulzloy,  from where u r ?09:01
troublednagimka: ?09:01
zloydevsoul: USA09:01
sebdahcrdlb: Yeah :) that was a good one. I usually use the terminals scrollback09:01
sebdahcrdlb: thanks!09:01
elvis123if i do grub-install /dev/sda i get Wrong number of args09:02
elvis123how would i know if i am root?09:02
tliffelvis123: enter "whoami"09:02
HolyGoatelvis123: whoami09:02
sebdahelvis123: whoami09:02
Crusterhi all09:02
sebdahCruster: hi09:02
babohow do i connect to a wireless network ?09:02
Kaxspdownloading links?09:02
elvis123no found09:02
baboi'm using gnome09:02
HolyGoatwhoami not found..?09:03
troubledelvis123: what about: /usr/bin/whoami09:03
sebdahelvis123: open a terminal (Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal) and then type "whoami"09:03
Crusterwill ubuntu 8.10 final have many changes from yesterday's daily-build?09:03
elvis123hold a sec... this is a new installation. booted from cd...09:04
speakmanso, at what time is 8.10 released? :)09:04
rskispeakman: no one knows09:04
ubottuAsk in #ubuntu-release-party - we don't know here09:04
outbackwifibingungaja: go here and download --> http://www.gnome-look.org/index.php?xcontentmode=36&PHPSESSID=3ba72b560d26654fe8f9ecf80e67995d09:04
speakmanoh, jumping...:)09:04
troubledelvis123: have you even installed yet?09:05
outbackwifispeakman: everytime someone asks, they push the release forward by 2 hours; its already at 03 Nov 223009:05
nachi_how to i run a command on ubuntu starts ?09:05
troublednachi_: debian uses /etc/rc.local, if that helps09:05
elvis123installed the base systems09:05
CrusterI've been waiting so many time to install ubuntu on my laptop.............can't stand vista.....09:06
speakmanoh great! if people just keep asking, we might have a 9.04 pretty soon! :D09:06
elvis123but i cant install either grub or lilo09:06
kloswhats the shortcut for executing a command?09:06
nachi_i want to run this command: inadyn --background --username amir09:06
paul68outbackwifi: you wish09:06
nachi_so i do a newfile?09:06
HolyGoatklos: alt+f209:06
=== auskadi is now known as aussieman
kloshm doenst work09:06
troublednachi_: do you have an /etc/rc.local file?09:06
HolyGoatklos: What do you use?09:07
Asarais it safer to apt-get upgrade or to do a clean install from CD wenn Ibex (8.10) is released?09:07
troublednachi_: not entirely sure if ubuntu mirrors debian in that area09:07
paul68outbackwifi: that's how you get to the answer I wait a month before installing the new distro :)09:07
babocan i turn my dyndns A record redirection into something more permanent ? Can i get it to update the ip address when my ip address changes ?09:07
troubledbabo: inadyn works for me09:07
outbackwifipaul68: almost close; but more for stability09:07
paul68outbackwifi: I got your drift09:08
outbackwifibabo: yes, you need to install the client09:08
klosHolyGoat, what do you mena09:08
klosmy window manager jsut dies so i want to restart emerald09:08
troubledbabo: although, the inadyn that I have in debian etch doesnt seem to work with the 4 hr timeout zones, only the 60 second one. not sure about ubuntu's version09:08
klosill use nohup and the terminal;09:08
elvis123shall i just skip the install bootloader?09:08
troubledelvis123: not if you want to boot :)09:08
outbackwifielvis123: you could if you didnt want to boot at all :)09:09
troubledelvis123: whats the error when the installer tries to install it?09:09
outbackwifielvis123: select mbr09:09
Asaraanyone got any advice on which method to use to upgrade to 8.10, cd or apt-get/09:09
HolyGoatklos: oh, I thought you meant you were inside e.g. gnome09:09
Inteyasaras question +109:09
selinuxiumhi all, I am trying to get an ICON 255 3g USB modem working on Intrepid... Is this the right channel? or is it +1?09:10
klosHolyGoat, yes i was, dunno soemthing wrong with my system, nevermind :)09:10
elvis123hold a sec09:10
DJonesselinuxium: Still +1 at the minute09:10
selinuxiumHI DJones :) over to next channel :)09:10
troubledAsara: in debian, apt-get has been good to me. as is aptitude </$.02>09:10
troubledbigbug: hello09:11
Asaratroubled: thanks, i'll try that then, probably will back up my home folder first09:11
paul68!fr bigbug intey09:11
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about fr bigbug intey09:11
troubledAsara: its unlikely that you would loose your home folders09:11
paul68!fr |bigbug intey09:11
ubottubigbug intey: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr09:11
Asaratroubled: oh, k. how long does it take using apt-get/aptitude?09:12
lo2Do you speak Polish??09:12
troubledAsara: generally it really comes down to your bandwidth to download everything09:12
Inteylol sry paul im german ;)09:12
troubledAsara: usually looking at a few hundred mb for dist-upgrade's in debian os's09:12
elvis123when i try and install grub i get red screen installation step failed no error msg09:12
Asaratroubled: ah, nice...i'm sitting on a university internet line, so i'll probably choose the closest mirror to me and i'll be fine09:13
troubledAsara: probably :) expect to spent a good 20min installing after download though, give or take09:13
elvis123on lilo i have 2 target options: /dev/sda or other choice09:14
Asaratroubled: that's actually not much, i was expecting worse09:14
troubledelvis123: /dev/sda for your sda mbr09:14
=== Tcl is now known as Noob
troubledAsara: really depends what you have installed. if you dont have X installed and just had a fileserver, the whole thing would be done in 5min probably09:15
lo2Where are you from??09:15
=== Noob is now known as Dude
mistformi just plugged my CDrom back into my IDE port09:15
* outbackwifi men are from mars and women are from venus09:15
mistformhow do I get it to work again? lol09:15
troubledAsara: soon as you add gnome or kde, OOo and all your bin/sbin updates, your looking at a few hundred packages and 500mb+ download09:15
elvis123on selecting /dev/sda software RAID array i get: running /sbin/lilo failed with error code 109:15
=== Dude is now known as Ady
lo2That rights09:16
=== Ady is now known as noNick
Asaratroubled: yeah, got a pretty standard install here, gnome and a few extra packages. thanks for the help btw09:16
pookeyhi all - does anyone know how I get dpkg to give me a list of thigns I've installed, excluding dependencies that might have been pulled in for them?09:16
=== noNick is now known as MeanMachine
troubledelvis123: using raid? might want to setup to use /dev/sda1 then and mark it bootable in fdisk09:16
zloyUbuntu or die!09:17
nachi_i got a router and i want to get into apache behind the router, how can i config it? the internal ip address of the machine is
troubledzloy: debian!09:17
elvis123it is like that09:17
zloytroubled: Ubuntu!09:17
lo2Are they speaking Polish??09:17
troubledzloy: respect your elders!09:17
zloytroubled: you're untrue!09:18
MeanMachinehello : How i can connect from my home PC to my shell box(linux) (I am new)09:18
elvis123troubled: /dev/sda1 is marked as bootable09:18
troubledelvis123: did it like sda1 better?09:18
zloyMeanMachine: ssh09:18
olistikhi there09:18
nagimkaits COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!09:18
troubledwth are you guys so jumpy about tonight?09:18
zloyUBUNTU or die!09:18
olistikwhen the intrepid ibex will be public? :)09:18
nmh_j2grawzloy: die09:18
rskitroubled: landmines!!!!!!!!!!!09:18
rskiolistik: no one knows09:18
ganesanyone tell me how to get the output of grub prompt to any file09:18
lo2Party...? When...? Where...?09:19
zloynmh_j2graw: windows?09:19
elvis123troubled i get the same error09:19
MeanMachinecan u be more exactly ?09:19
troubledrski: I gather that the next release is coming out soon?09:19
elvis123running /sbin/lilo failed with error code 109:19
rskisometime today09:19
=== Cruster__ is now known as Cruster_
troubledelvis123: try grub on it perhaps?09:19
troublednot really up on lilo these days09:19
elvis123grub also fails09:20
elvis123tried that already09:20
troubledwith sda1 though?09:20
elvis123or what i know09:20
Buntu765Hey Matt you out there man09:20
MeanMachinehow do i run ssh ?09:20
matiasshello people09:20
zloyelvis123: what you problem, follower?09:20
lo2Where thats party?09:20
saftarncan i change the coor layout of ubuntu? the brown/orange/grey is nice but i want to try something else09:21
troubledMeanMachine: server or cclient?09:21
matiasstell me when i can ask you a question - technical one09:21
DJones!ask > matiass09:21
ubottumatiass, please see my private message09:21
lo2Where that s party???09:22
Buntu765:jim_p having a problem with my webcam it wants to stay on when i boot and wont turn off and dosent let me use it in programs?09:22
NeaaiA newbie question. In a laptop installation, I plug the external monitor but it won't show anything, it's as if unplugged. What am I missing to activate it ?09:22
saftarncan i change the coor layout of ubuntu? the brown/orange/grey is nice but i want to try something else09:22
lo2preety boobvs09:22
elvis123troubled: when i try and install grub like this: grub-install /dev/sda or with sda1 i get wrong number of args mapdevfs <path>09:22
MeanMachinetroubled ..i wanna connect my shellbox from my pc..before i wsed winscp ..now i am useless ( new to ubunto)09:22
DJones!ops | lo209:22
ubottulo2: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!09:22
jim_pBuntu765: prevent the module fot loading09:23
troubledelvis123: try google for that error + ubuntu09:23
matiassMy question is , i bought a new machine and when i tried yesterday to install INTREPID BETA , after i boot from disc and go to Install i have an error like a hardware one...09:23
nmh_j2grawNeaai: <unhelp> http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/Xorg_RandR_1.209:23
matiassINT BUG 6 ------ and lot of adresses09:23
troubledMeanMachine: ssh hostname.of.the.machine.here.com09:23
Neaainmh_j2graw: I will look at that right away09:24
nmh_j2grawsaftarn: <unhelp> http://art.gnome.org/09:24
MeanMachinecan i use the IP ?09:24
Buntu765:jim_p how do i do that can u walk me through it please09:24
nmh_j2grawNeaai: it is just a starting point, but hopefully you can track from it09:24
troubledMeanMachine: by default it will use the user name you are logged in with though. use "ssh user@ip.address.here" to override it09:24
jim_pBuntu765: what its the cameras module?? lsusb09:24
=== lipsin_ is now known as lipsin
=== ziroday` is now known as ziroday
Buntu765im a newbie where do i find that out?09:25
DJ_is there any LAN chat application09:25
mordofif my user is the only user on my server that can log in, is it still a bad idea to give full permissions to everyone on my /www folder (777 basically)?09:25
troubledDJ_: irc? ;)09:25
nmh_j2grawmordof: yes, imho and why would you want to?09:26
mordofnmh_j2graw: because i'm struggling trying to get permissions set up right. i'm not that good with this09:26
Buntu765:jim_p where do i look for that?09:26
jim_pBuntu765: pastebin me your lsusb09:27
qp@ nmh_j2graw:   google IPMsg09:27
nmh_j2grawmordof: what are you tyring to do (duh, setup a website/webserver), but really, are you using static html? how are you editing?09:27
Buntu765:jim_p where do i find lsub and ill do it09:27
troubledelvis123: curious, what fs type are you using for /boot?09:27
nmh_j2grawqp: ?09:28
jim_pBuntu765: open up a terminal and type lsusb09:28
qp@DJ_  google IPMsg09:28
qp@nmh_j2graw  %_%.09:28
mordofnmh_j2graw: i was using ssh + WinSCP (my main comp is XP).. so i made /www chown server:www-data (server is the server username >.> lol) every time i create a new file, i have to ssh in and chown/chmod the folder again or apache can't read it09:28
MeanMachinei cant connect on port 22...how i change to another port ?or is default 22?09:28
nmh_j2grawqp: haha09:28
xHemlockDo you guys find that Kubuntu isn't as stable as Ubuntu?09:28
troubledMeanMachine: 22 is the default09:29
shesekxHemlock, I find that KDE isn't stable as Gnome09:29
MeanMachinei cant changeee it?09:29
mordofnmh_j2graw: it's a pain, i don't know how to set it up so that it'd just work without me doing that.. and now, i'm using svn+ssh, and i want to make svn update my website with the latest revision.. that's gonna make things even more complicated09:29
troubledMeanMachine: do you know your server is listening on a diff port?09:29
Buntu765:jim_p Bus 005 Device 003: ID 13b1:0020 Linksys WUSB54GC 802.11g Adapter [ralink rt73]09:29
Buntu765Bus 005 Device 002: ID 04fc:0561 Sunplus Technology Co., Ltd Flexcam 10009:29
Buntu765Bus 005 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub09:29
Buntu765Bus 004 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub09:29
Buntu765Bus 003 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub09:29
FloodBot3Buntu765: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:29
Buntu765Bus 002 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub09:29
DJ_is there any LAN chat application ?09:29
nmh_j2grawmordof: what file permissions do the files end up with before you fix them? (sounds like you could fix it via umask, or world readable)09:29
troubledMeanMachine: sure, add -p <port>09:29
xHemlockI don't agree that KDE isn09:29
nmh_j2grawDJ_: yes, you are using it, congratulations09:29
=== ubuntu_ is now known as missile07
nmh_j2grawmordof: svn sounds hard, lets go shopping09:30
DJ_how can i use it to chat with windows user over local LAN09:30
troubledDJ_: you mean like winpopup.exe?09:30
xHemlockI don't agree that KDE isn't stable. KDE is stable in OpenSUSE09:30
mordofnmh_j2graw: rwxrws  permissions09:30
mordofnmh_j2graw: shopping?09:30
mordofnmh_j2graw: rwxrws  server:server   WinSCP uploads them as09:30
troubledDJ_: apt-cache show linpopup09:30
nmh_j2grawmordof: do you want the server to check out the files for your site?09:31
mordofnmh_j2graw: not sure what you mean09:31
nmh_j2grawmordof: (shopping was a joke)  apache won't serve stuff that is not world readable (anyone can read), iirc.09:32
troubledDJ_: although, you can just send messages using smbclient -M, iirc09:32
mordofnmh_j2graw: apache will serve stuff that the apache user has read permissions to09:32
scientusthere should be a memory wipe option on the boot menu, or at least the memory test program09:32
mordofnmh_j2graw: it can be only r under www-data:www-data and apache could serve it09:32
kinnazscientus there are things like that on bootable cds09:32
mistformcan I get some help? I can't seem to get my DVD rom to show up09:32
nmh_j2grawmordof: http://www.tech-faq.com/umask.shtml09:32
Buntu765:jim_p did u get that09:32
kinnazscientus memory test that is, memory is wiped with every poweroff09:32
jeppeanyone with a tip om a good web tool to create xhtml/php?09:32
DJ_troubled:suposse at ip 192,.168.0.3 i want to send a message.how can i do that09:32
troubledkinnaz: most grub installs let you add a memtest86 option09:32
kinnaztroubled by hand then, havent seen option of that kind with any setup09:33
scientuskinnaz, does it actually write zeros to the memory?09:33
mordofnmh_j2graw: i've been told about this before from what i remember, but i didn't manage to get it working right09:33
mattfletcherThe countdown on the Ubuntu homepage is broken - seems someone forgot to add an image for "0 days to go"09:33
JonnyAnyone know of an app that can read WMA tags? I found that extract and mplayer didn't get all fields (while amarok sees them)09:33
jim_pBuntu765: yes09:33
kinnazscientus no power means nothing in memory doesnt it ?09:33
troubledDJ_: been a while since I tried it, but I think the syntax is like: smbclient -M <ip/hostname> "Message"09:33
Buntu765:jim_p so what is the next step?09:34
Neaainmh_j2graw: I checked that page of the external monitor acrtivation. It seems the "xrandr" supports Intel and Radeon cards/drivers but I have Nvidia and it won't do anything for me.09:34
jim_pBuntu765: searching for the module