batcoder-7they make this Xfce so much better00:00
knomebatcoder-7, shouldn't have any effect.00:00
batcoder-7ah ok00:00
batcoder-7do i need java installed or does it include it itself ?00:00
knomeuhh.. don't know00:02
batcoder-7whats the best linux best ftp client ?00:10
Bumpheadpersonally, i use filezilla. even though it's made for windows00:11
batcoder-7is it made in c++ or javascript ?00:12
Bumpheadc, i'd imagine00:12
Bumpheadbut it's cross-platform. windows, linux, mac os x, etc00:13
frenzy42i'm having a problem enabling wi-fi on a compaq presario v400000:14
frenzy42can someone help?00:14
Bumpheadenabling it, or connecting to an access point?00:15
frenzy42enabling it00:16
frenzy42when i do iwconfig it says the radio is off00:17
batcoder-7anyone here use ftp clients ?00:20
knomeit's a plugin for firefox00:21
batcoder-7how is that any different then filezilla ?00:22
knomei don't know filezilla.00:23
batcoder-7i need an edit feature that will allow me to open up an editor and then save in the editor and automatically upload00:23
knomethen you might want to look at ftpfs00:23
batcoder-7by far the most popular ftp using the mozilla framework00:23
knomeyes, i know that, but haven't used00:23
powertool08I don't have a panel, clicking on panel manager opens nothing, I have xfce-panel installed. Does anyone know why its not running?00:27
knomepowertool08, alt+f2 > xfce4-panel00:28
powertool08knome: alt-f2 doesn't open a run dialog, but I ran it from the terminal and it shows up, thanks, any ideas on the alt+f2 issue?00:29
knomepowertool08, have you customized the kb settings?00:29
powertool08knome: no00:30
knomepowertool08, can you try to run xfrun4 in terminal?00:30
powertool08knome: that works00:31
knomepowertool08, ok, then go to settings manager > keyboard and tab shortcuts00:31
knomein the shortcut list, is alt+f2 linked to xfrun4?00:32
powertool08knome: I don't have a keyboard and tab shortcut, only desktop, panel (doesn't open another screen), preferred aps, sessions/startup, splash scree, window manager, window manager tweaks, and workspaces/margins00:33
BBWonderHello room00:34
knomepowertool08, oh, which version are you running?00:34
knomehello BBWonder00:34
BBWonderhey :)00:34
powertool08knome: 4 something xfce-about isn't found00:35
knomepowertool08, of xubuntu?00:35
ubottuTo find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »00:35
BBWonderHey I am having trouble getting xfce to start (I am probably visitor nr. 1.000.000) - actually my xubuntu 8.10 boots in CLI only. Now, I am reading all about nvidia and ati drivers trouble, but I've got a via chipset on my notebook. Anyone have any idea how to fix this?00:36
BBWonderI am pretty n00b on hardware and drivers so bear with me00:37
powertool08knome: oh ubuntu version... I'm using arch00:37
knomepowertool08, then you should ask #arch or sth. the conf tool and confs are different, afaik00:38
knomeBBWonder, which via chipset?00:38
powertool08knome: ok, thanks00:38
BBWonderVIA KM40000:40
BBWonderI have an acer aspire 1350 (from 2003 I believe)00:40
BBWonderoh wait that's the motherboard I think *blush*00:42
BBWonderdo you know whether I use nvidia or ati drivers at all?00:43
BBWonder'cause I don't have a clue :P00:43
knomesounds weird that you can't get to graphical mode at all00:43
knomethe gc seems to be ati mobility radeon 920000:44
knomeBBWonder, did you install with the normal cd?00:45
BBWonderhere's the thing- I had Ubuntu 8.04 running like a charm. It was an upgrade from 7.x - Then I wanted a clean install, I reformatted my hd partition and tried to install Ubuntu 8.04 from an *official disk,* which always failed when trying to get into the GUI part of install. Same now with Xubuntu 8.10 RC, which I ended up installing using the alternate install disk.00:46
knomeok, so what does 'startx' say when running from the cli?00:48
BBWonderthe screen starts to flash00:48
BBWonderand it ends with ... what was it... an error message about not being able to recognise screens?00:48
BBWonderafter which it falls back to CLI00:49
BBWondernow I got Ubuntu 8.04 running so my notebook *can* handle the gui00:49
knomewhy didn't you just upgrade? ;)00:50
knomeanyway, i think i'm out of ideas00:50
knomehaven't really had to fiddle with gc drivers00:50
BBWonderthe crazy thought of installing (X)ubuntu 7.x and upgrading from there crossed my mind00:50
BBWonderbut there has to be some crazy install parameter or workaround00:51
knomepossibly yes.00:51
BBWonderanyway thanks for helping me and other people out in your spare time :p00:51
knomeyeah... it's only 3am00:51
BBWonder2am here00:51
knomeif you hang out, i think somebody will be able to help00:52
knomeyou could also ask #ubuntu, because this is not xubuntu-specific00:52
knomeusually there is more people00:52
BBWonderoh, and another little nag, why isn't "vga=771" somehow integrated into the install of alternate xubuntu 8.10 rc? I thought to be rid of this since ubuntu 5.1 :P00:53
knomeuh, way too hard question for me :)00:53
BBWonderok going to nag about my driver trouble in #ubuntu00:53
BBWonderI'm sticking around to see what other people are complaining about :P00:54
knomei will sleep now so i could get some work done tomorrow. good night everybody00:58
BBWondernight knome00:58
BBWonderreleased now!00:58
BBWonderit says on the site00:59
BBWonderok gonna restart and try to upgrade :p00:59
knomeit's not released yet, tbh00:59
knomethat is just automatic script00:59
BBWonderoh that's bad!01:00
knomesure ;)01:00
knomenow ->01:00
Bumpheadwill i be able to use the update manager tomorrow to upgrade to 8.10, or will i need to install from an iso?01:43
Odd-rationaleBumphead: yes, you can ues the update manager to upgrade...01:54
lexvegasdoes anyone know if 8.10 supports broadcom wireless cards?02:00
newnickOK, so this is the first time i've gotten this IRC thing to work, so sweet for me04:23
gaurdroit failed in the past?04:23
newnickwell i Just didn't know what the hell i was doing, hurray for the noob!04:23
gaurdrowell it's working now,  welcome to the wonderful world of irc.  just don't feed the trolls they tend to bite.04:25
newnickso i really don't know what is the appioate way to go about doing this, but i've been trying in the forum for weeks to get support on one particualr issue with no real luck. when I go APPLICATIONS/QUIT/SHUTDOWN my system goes to a flash screen with the mouse logo and a bar menu, but it never finishes shutting down and I end up always having to  do a hard shut down04:25
charlie-tcanewnick: logo and menu? or just a bar04:29
TechlariHello, I'm kinda new to ubuntu, on live cd now, tried to install on hard drives but I get Err5, I checked if the cd was error free and it was, tried on both harddrives, it stops loading at 24%.04:47
raevoldoes anyone have a .desktop file frmo /usr/share/applications for sfce-settings?05:34
raevolfrom* xfce-settings* woop05:35
raevoli manually installed xfce and didn't get one, could someone donate theirs to me?05:37
raevolnvm got it05:52
=== TaffinFoxcroft is now known as taneth111
=== taneth111 is now known as TaffinFoxcroft
TaffinFoxcroftanyone got some beginners advice for setting up xubuntu 8.04 and windows xp in dual boot (on seperate HDDs)?07:11
MaxFramestoday it's 8.10 day but I still can't see it available in update manager (gui version)08:14
MaxFramesis it true that I can install it with "sudo update-manager -d" ?08:14
MaxFramesor will this install a release candidate?08:15
xxploitprobably will install the rc08:16
MaxFramesok, better to wait then08:16
* MaxFrames is impatient :P08:17
batcoder-7when is the new xubuntu coming out ? today right ?09:06
=== auskadi is now known as aussieman
batcoder-7is it out yet TheSheep?09:07
vinnlIn a few hours :)09:07
batcoder-7how will i update?09:07
TheSheepthere will probably be some delay compared to ubuntu too09:07
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes09:07
batcoder-7will i need to burn it to a cd ?09:09
batcoder-7or can i just change my sources.list i forget ehat ubuntu calls it and upgrade that way ?09:09
vinnlbatcoder-7, you can just follow the instructions above09:10
batcoder-7yes i just read that09:10
vinnlOh, there's no information on 8.10 yet :(09:11
vinnlEhm, just see xubuntu.org/get#upgrade09:11
MaxFrameser... "sudo update-manager -d" ? :)09:11
batcoder-7i see09:12
vinnlMaxFrames, no, not when it's released09:13
vinnlYou can just use Applications->System->Update Manager09:13
vinnlThe "-d" says to upgrade to a development release09:13
MaxFramesI thought it meant "distro" :)09:13
MaxFramesOK, got it09:13
vinnlThe Update Manager will notify you when a new release is available09:13
MaxFramesso far, I only had trouble upgrading from dapper drake, subsequent upgrades went flawlessly with update manager09:14
batcoder-7i see09:15
batcoder-7cool stuff09:15
batcoder-7i really do like xubuntu09:16
batcoder-7i never liked gnome or kde09:16
MaxFramesi like gnome but must use xfce due to poor system resources :D09:26
iMaxhmm, anyone tried using nvidia driver 71.x or 96.x on 2.6.27?10:26
iMaxboth install fail, either by using the supplied kernel modules (fails in dhe DKMS compile step), nor the nvidia supplied drivers from the web site work10:27
Tesssai liove in UK can anyone tell me when version 8.10 can be downloaded10:29
Tesssaor live even10:29
cody-somervilleTesssa, #ubuntu-release-party :)10:29
Tesssathank you10:30
Tesssathinking about trying xubuntu 8.10 would like some information if possible how it performs10:48
Tesssa that is when i can download 8.1010:48
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batcoder-7is it released yet ?11:33
cody-somervilleNot yet! :)11:36
returnCodeIs released yet? ... this is the question of the day :-)11:51
returnCodesee #ubuntu-release-party11:58
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ernestohello, may i ask will xubuntu go out today13:43
ernestoor maybe in afew more days?13:43
=== ramses-sv is now known as worellana
Owe1is ll available for download yet? i cant find it.13:47
TheSheepnot yet13:48
TheSheepit will be released today13:48
ernestokk, thx for info :P13:48
Cheardgood morning!14:08
charlie-tcaGood morning ChanServ14:09
charlie-tcaGood morning Cheard14:09
charlie-tcaItś not out yet.14:09
Cheardwell, i'm downloading it14:10
Cheardanyone try the apt-p2p that upgrades packages in the repos. with bittorrent ?14:11
matt427when the new xubuntu out14:11
Cheardright now14:12
ciapsadmHow can I find out the name of the database14:12
matt427cheers is that offical release14:12
TheSheepciapsadm: the database?14:12
Cheardmatt427, indeed14:12
TheSheepciapsadm: which database?14:13
Odd-rationalecody-somerville: Hurray! Congrats on another successful release!!!14:13
Cheardi've been looking forward to this for quite some time. thanks to all the devs!14:13
charlie-tcaGreat job, cody-somerville14:14
TheSheepciapsadm: I'm sure there are millions of mysql databases all with different names14:14
TheSheepciapsadm: you have to be more specific14:14
ciapsadmI installed myqsl14:15
ciapsadmAnd do not know that name14:15
Odd-rationaleChange the topic!! :D14:16
=== cody-somerville changed the topic of #xubuntu to: Official Xubuntu Support Channel | Xubuntu 8.10 is out! Download, Share it, Seed it! | Get Support: http://www.ubuntu.com/support | IRC info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRCResourcePage | Pastes to http://paste.ubuntu.com | Need help and no one around? Get in on the mailing list action at http://lists.ubuntu.com/xubuntu-users
TheSheepciapsadm: I don't understand what name you mean14:17
TheSheepciapsadm: and there is no such thing as myqsl, you must mean mysql14:17
ciapsadmI give erroarea this: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)14:19
ciapsadmAnd I do not know what to do14:19
TheSheepciapsadm: try starting it14:20
TheSheepciapsadm: in system->services14:21
ciapsadmHow do I know that the user name of the database:14:28
ciapsadmAccess denied for user 'ciapsadm'@'localhost' (using password: YES)14:28
cody-somervilleciapsadm, please see #ubuntu-server for support with mysql14:29
Chearddude, there are WAY too many people in #ubuntu14:34
benthemeekis there a way to do an expert installation of xubuntu that will let me choose packages?14:35
cody-somervillewell, sorta14:36
cody-somervillejust install the server14:36
cody-somervilleand then install what ever you want on to;14:36
benthemeekdoes the server come with a gui?14:36
benthemeekstupid qustion14:36
benthemeekbut a few versions ago i did feisty server with added gui and it didnt behave well14:37
TheSheepno, the server doesn't have gui14:38
FauLihi, amd64 is for intel 64 bit also?14:41
FauLity :)14:41
TheSheepyes, as long as it's not Intel Itanium14:41
FauLithanks, can you also tell me what is the difference between the desktop and alternate version?14:42
ubottuThe Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the alternate checkbox on the Ubuntu download page - See also !minimal - Torrent at http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.04.1/ubuntu-8.04.1-alternate-i386.iso.torrent14:43
FauLithank you :D14:43
benthemeekthat has some info about installing fromt he alternate14:44
FauLithanks :D i gonna give a try to xubuntu, but i'm prepared to fail hard :)14:48
bytor4232FauLi, 8.10 just landed as well, if you wanted to give that a choke.14:51
FauLiim dling atm :)14:53
benthemeek3 hrs and 34 min remaining :(14:53
benthemeekon my 8.10 alternate xubuntu14:53
benthemeeki shoudl really use bt14:53
benthemeekbut im behidn too many firewalls herer at work14:54
mloh :(14:54
mlusing bt 30 mins or so14:54
worellanabenthemeek, that is why I use jigdo14:55
mlburning almost done on ubuntu :)14:57
worellanaI like the new web Xubuntu15:01
* benthemeek looking up jigdo15:01
ubottuTorrent clients: Transmission (GTK and terminal-based), Deluge-Torrent, Freeloader, BitStormLite, BitTornado-GUI (GTK), KTorrent (KDE), QTorrent (Qt), Azureus (Java), TorrentFlux (web-based), bittornado, rTorrent, cTorrent, bittorrent, aria2 (terminal-based) - FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/FAQ.html - See also !P2P15:01
ubottuIntrepid can be torrented from http://hr.releases.ubuntu.com/8.10/ubuntu-8.10-desktop-i386.iso.torrent or http://se.releases.ubuntu.com/8.10/ubuntu-8.10-server-amd64.iso.torrent depending on your architecture. Torrents for other Ubuntu flavours can be found at: http://it.releases.ubuntu.com/ (CD) or http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases (DVD).15:02
tomaustinubottu: is there any torrents for 8.10 for ppc?15:03
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:03
The-Kerneltomaustin nope15:03
tomaustinwhat about install older ver and upgrade?15:04
tomaustinwould that work15:04
The-Kernelthey killed that a few releases back i believe15:04
=== The-Kernel is now known as the-place-holder
djohngoCan anyone recommend a featherweight audio player?15:07
djohngoI've only got 256 megs of ram on this box.  I can't be giving up 16 of them just to listen to internet radio.15:07
TheSheepdjohngo: audacious15:07
TheSheepdjohngo: you could also try to use mpd with some client for it -- then you only need the client when you change the song15:08
djohngoTheSheep: Thanks.15:09
fschmittIs 8.10 released? All mirror links in the frontpage just give errors.15:40
benthemeekstill propigating i think15:41
benthemeeki found a workign link but its takign forevere15:41
MimiHello, I was told to ask here: I cant find any xubuntu torrents, (810) is it no longer supported by canonical?16:01
djohngoAm I right in guessing that Xubuntu doesn't use pulseaudio?16:32
vinnldjohngo, yep16:33
nikolamAlso xubuntu does not turn on compiz by default :)16:37
vinnlIt doesn't even install it16:41
nikolama that is even mor enice :)16:44
djohngoYou said it!16:45
djohngoAlsa is confusing enough.16:45
Ben_Csi don't understand: is xubuntu 8.10 out or no?17:09
TheSheepit is17:09
Ben_CsTheSheep: so ALL the servers are down?17:11
TheSheeptee hee17:11
Ben_CsTheSheep: actually i was thinking if to upgrade 8.04.1 right now or wait for the version that'll have BIG changes, like xfce 4.6?17:11
TheSheepuse torrent17:11
TheSheepI don't know, this version has some changes too17:12
TheSheepmostly in xorg17:12
Ben_CsTheSheep: can't find torrent for XUBUNTU 8.1017:12
TheSheephmm... doesn't work :/17:12
TheSheepBen_Cs: try http://it.releases.ubuntu.com/8.10/17:13
Ben_CsTheSheep: the torrent you gave me is downloading17:14
Siegfriedis the update manager supposed to tell me to upgrade?17:21
nikolamdcolish, Where is upgrade-manager?17:24
dcolishtry which upgrade-manager17:26
dcolishjust run it in terminal17:26
nikolamdcolish, sudo: upgrade-manager: command not found17:28
charlie-tcado not need sudo, in terminal type17:28
charlie-tcaupdate-manager -d17:28
Siegfriedupdate-manager -d should be in the topic :P17:30
nikolamwell update-manager does not gives option to upgrade yet. Maybe with -d, right.17:30
Siegfriedyep with -d it works, great17:31
nikolamBUT if people upgrade to 8.10 ther dvd drives won`t be able to open, then17:31
TheSheepnikolam: ?17:33
TheSheepnikolam: my dvd drive opens just fine17:33
nikolamso it is solved?17:33
TheSheepnikolam: what is solved?17:33
nikolamjust a sec17:34
nikolamTheSheep, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/28331617:37
nikolamohh, fix is released17:37
dcolishsorry i had upgrade-manager confused. confirmed that i ran update-manager -d17:41
nikolamdcolish, thank you for an update ;)17:43
dcolishnikolam: looks like its been correctly anyway earlier17:44
nikolami found an command "do-release-upgrade" that maybe does just that ;)17:44
dcolishit looks like that calls UpdateManager and apt python classes17:48
dcolishyou'll still need to pass it -d17:49
nikolamit seems that it is not goot thing to do -d at the moment.17:51
dcolishaccording to who?17:51
dcolishor what?17:51
dcolishon do-release-upgrade, -d pulls in the development code17:52
nikolamMaybe 8.10 is not in regular update manager for a good reason17:52
=== sparda is now known as jNoxx
nikolamserver congestion.. few packages needing to be fixed, i don`t know17:52
dcolishyeah that -d does the same thing in both do-release-upgrade and update-manger17:52
dcolishits going to pull in the latest devel-release17:53
johanzebinhi all, the download links on xubuntu.org are all down?17:53
johanzebini mean wts?!17:53
nikolamthat is interesting for someone who wants to go from Interpid to Jaunty17:53
nikolamjohanzebin, use torrent17:54
dcolishpossibly, I'd be cautious about what the diffs on packages are17:54
nikolamjohanzebin, http://torrent.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/releases/intrepid/release/desktop/17:55
dcolishif there has not be proper testing on the devel tree, then you could end up in dpkg hell17:55
johanzebinnikolam, ah thx17:55
johanzebinseems i ignored the clearly visible note ;) sry17:56
dcolishnikolam: have you fully upgraded?17:58
nikolamno. I plan to do that on VM this evening and to install of 8.10 on other partition after restart.17:58
nikolamdcolish, i zou want to test something, i could go to 8.1017:59
dcolishplaying it safe, good call. I've had issues before, but I work with someone who was able to upgrade without issue if that means anything18:00
dcolishI'm thinking of wingin' it later on todya18:00
Nece228congrats on xubuntu 8.1018:04
Nece228gdm looks awesome and modern18:04
Odd-rationaleNece228: are you on it?18:05
Nece228no, just seen screenshots18:05
Odd-rationaleoh ok... i'm trying to get the iso... the torrent is slow... not a lot of seeders...18:06
Nece228everyone downloads now18:06
Nece228so servers aer busy18:06
Nece228my internet is very slow18:06
charlie-tcadcolish, nikolam : why not take a look at the upgrade procedures and do the upgrade that way?18:06
Nece228i would love if xubuntu would have shipit18:07
Nece228by the way does xubuntu 8.10 ships with xfce 4.4.3?18:07
Odd-rationaleit is the latest stable version...18:08
dcolishcharlie-tca: thats probably going to work fine and accomplish the same thing. I prefer cli tools18:08
nikolamNece228, you can stay with 8.04 ;) Also you can look for your nearest Loco for someone to give you a copy18:08
Nece228i dont have xubuntu 8.0418:09
Nece228i have gutsy18:09
Nece228but i have idea18:10
Nece228my friend has got fast internet18:10
Nece228so i download xubuntu via it18:10
vinnlNece228, still Xfce
Nece228man xfce 4.4.3 was released yesterday18:11
Nece228developers forgot to see xfce updates18:12
vinnlNo, it just can't be tested that way18:12
vinnlOne day isn't enough to make sure it works fine18:12
nikolamNece228, You would need Both 8.04.1 AND 8.10 disks to upgrade from Gutsy18:13
Nece228well now im using ubuntu hardy18:14
Nece228since i bought new computer i dont need xubuntu18:15
Nece228but still gnome needs optimisations18:16
Nece228so i think maybe i should switch to xfce18:16
Nece228for very good performance18:16
dcolishwhy wouldn't you need xubuntu?18:16
nikolamNece228, I switched from Xubuntu 32-bit so Xubuntu 64-bit after hardware upgrade18:16
nikolamAnd I am one Very happy puppy. Everything is faster and lighter with Xubuntu18:17
dcolishnikolam: any particular reason for going with 64 bit?18:17
nikolamYou cen use 8Gigs of ram. Instantly ;)18:19
nikolamdcolish, And 64-bit is a bit faster18:19
nikolamand 64-bit is the future, etc18:19
dcolishand 64 bit barely works with flash18:19
nikolamNope. 64-bit works Fine with flash18:20
dcolishI only haev 2gb of ram anyway18:20
dcolishif you use nsplugin18:20
nikolamI am using 64-bit since 6.10.18:20
nikolami also have 2 gigs18:20
nikolamBut I am ready for next weeks +4Gigs ;)18:20
nikolamFirefox 3 works just fine with flash18:21
nikolamAnd thats because i choosed 64-bit ;)18:21
dcolishwell i'm pretty sure its running as a 32 bit application in a 64bit env, adobe has not released 64 that i know of18:21
nikolamAlso, Xfce is damn fine18:21
nikolamdcolish, Yes, and that is ok, i like it better that way18:22
nikolamIf some flash bug stops browser in 2-bit it stops it all18:22
nikolamOn 64-bit i just kill npviewer.bin and continue to work ;)18:22
nikolamwithout clowsing browser18:22
vinnlHmm, I guess some Diggers could help spreading the word here as well, sorry if you consider this spam: http://digg.com/linux_unix/Xubuntu_8_10_released18:22
dcolishvinnl: sorry not a digger18:23
nikolamis digg private owned company or the comunity_18:23
vinnlPrivate, I guess18:24
dcolishnikolam: http://www.jamesward.com/wordpress/2008/05/16/where-is-64-bit-linux-support-for-flash-player/18:25
dcolishthere is an update too, sounds like they're close to releasing a flash 64bit18:26
nikolamMany closed souce thing are going 32-bit only..18:26
dcolishoff the top of my head, i can't think of anything besides flash that was closed that i cared about18:27
nikolambut never mind, 64-bit is safe bet now.18:27
nikolamskype, but it works. Second life, but it works18:28
nikolami run both happily on 64bit18:28
dcolishyeah, i dont run either of those... flash was my bit 64bit dissapointment. I've had it running in 64 bit before, but it was not as good as native 32bit18:29
nikolamdcolish, flash is closed-source anyway18:31
nikolamso i don`t care about it so much anyway18:31
nikolami even use noscript extension18:31
nikolamcoz flash pages tend to misuse cpu time18:31
nikolamon any platform18:31
dcolishha you can say that again18:32
dcolishmy cpu doubles when i run any flash vid or music18:32
nikolamwith noscript, I only see those commercials that are pictur-only or animated gifs. Not a flash.18:33
Nece228dcolish: ise opera18:33
Nece228dcolish: use opera18:33
nikolamso flash is just stupid.18:33
nikolamOpera is closed source.18:33
dcolishNece228: firebug is in firefox18:33
Nece228dcolish: in opera there isnt that problem18:33
Nece228dcolish: ive tried myself18:34
nikolamFirefox is ok. I use Seamonkey, personally18:34
Nece228but its free18:34
Nece228and its available in reposities18:34
nikolamSeamonkey have integrate mail client from which Thunderbird is derived18:34
dcolishi use mutt18:34
nikolamNece228, And is unsupported18:34
nikolamSeamonkey has smaller tabs so i can open 5-6 windows with up to 20+ tabs in them18:35
nikolam+mail +editor +..18:35
dcolishwhat do you all use for network conn management?18:36
dcolishi like wicd18:36
nikolamWhat is wicd?18:38
dcolisha replacement for network manager18:38
dcolishi prefer to have as little gnome code as possible on my desktop18:38
dcolishthats why i use xubuntu18:38
FauLihi, does anyone know something about installing a wlan in a dell notebook?18:52
FauLii tried just adding a wireless network, but it didnt work at all :D18:52
nikolamFauLi, try to figure out what wlan card is there in that computer. try to use lspci19:08
nikolamthe you can search for soultion/driver19:08
FauLias far as i know, its a dell 1505 draft-n card19:11
FauLii read something about ndiswrapper, but it looks very complicated to me19:11
oncl0ud9hey guys I updated xubuntu to 8.1019:37
oncl0ud9but I lost my network manager applett19:37
zoredacheI haven't switch myself... have you tried running nm-applet to see if it starts?19:39
oncl0ud9errors out19:40
viddthe hardy update manager isnt telling me the upgrade is available19:48
charlie-tcaIt won´t according to the release notes. since Hardy is LTS, they didn´t put it in.19:54
viddso gksu update-manage -d?19:55
charlie-tcaIt even took about two days deciding how to word the sentence. No need for dksu19:55
DaveDixonIIAnyone have a direct link to the iso?20:09
viddDaveDixonII, what do you mean?20:10
DaveDixonIIA direct link...... to download.... the iso... for xUbuntu20:11
zoredacheyou will probably have better luck if you download via bittorrent20:11
viddwow...massive lag-time20:13
viddDaveDixonII, you want the mini-iso?20:14
viddone disk to install all varients20:15
DaveDixonIIBobbo. Thank you very much for the link. Fast download. :)20:16
bobboDaveDixonII: no problem :)20:17
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Zerothiscan a dd made image be used, somehow, in virtualbox?21:39
favroZerothis: there is #vbox - they'll know21:48
aLeSD_hi all21:52
aLeSD_in what an LVM partition could help me ?21:52
ubottuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RaidConfigurationHowto and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO21:52
znhis there a brightness applet for xfce?22:01
ubottuHi! Welcome to #xubuntu!22:01
aduranHi, I am new to linux, I recently started my computer from a usb drive22:01
aduranat some point I turned the machine off and now many files are locked22:01
aduranhow can I unlock them?22:01
aduranthanks for any suggestions22:01
znhdid you try to unmount manually, like from a Livecd? Or check it with fsck.ext322:02
zoredachefiles where?  What filesystem are the files on?22:02
aduranits a usb drive22:02
aduranI wanted to install wine in order to install ie (I am a firefox user, only I need to access some activex pages)22:03
jalsi just went to upgrade to 8.10 and it told me there was no driver for my graphics card??22:03
znhis there a brightness applet for xfce?22:03
znhlike the one in Gnome?22:04
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience22:04
aduranalso, does anybody know how to recover a damaged boot sector in windows from linux?22:05
jalsis this info accurate, or will it be ok once i install?22:15
TRDhello everyone22:23
TRDi will download xubuntu 8.10 ibex22:23
TRDthis version support via/s3g graphics cards ?22:24
favrojals: was it the livecd that gave you that warning?22:24
jalsi tried to upgrade using update manager22:24
jalsthe driver works fine currently in 8.0422:24
TRDin 8.04 the driver not work22:25
favrodoes xorg.conf have more in it then configured device?22:25
favrojals: ^22:25
TRDi have a screen 1224*800 the xubuntu support this22:26
TRDwhen i use vias3g22:26
favrothe file /etc/X11/xorg.conf is where the vid card is set up - is it basic or is there a driver listed?22:26
favrojals: ^22:26
jalsoh there's a driver22:26
favrojals: I would make a backup of that file in case 8.10 has issues22:27
jalsi think i'll just stick with 8.0422:27
jalsi can't imagine intrepid will fix any of my issues22:28
favroI would for a while22:28
jalssuspend has never worked for me22:29
jalsor hibernate22:29
favroall I know about that is the swap partition should be larger than your ram size22:29
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Odd-rationalesome of 8.10's software choices surprised me..22:35
Odd-rationalelike i wasn't expectin to see gpicview from lxde...22:36
Odd-rationale(especially in place of ristretto... :P022:36
Odd-rationalebut i like gpicview better than ristretto anyways..22:36
TheSheepOdd-rationale: gpicview is much older than lxde22:36
TheSheepOdd-rationale: try mirage one day22:37
Odd-rationaleyeah, i've tried mirage...22:37
TheSheepOdd-rationale: comix is my favorite, but it's python so slow and ram-hungry22:37
Odd-rationalepretty much similar to gpicview, mirage is22:37
TheSheepbut less windowsy22:37
Odd-rationalei chose to go with gpicview because straight gtk seemed faster than pygtk...22:38
TheSheepwasn't mirage written in C?22:38
Odd-rationalealso listen instead of rhythmbox was a surprise...22:38
Odd-rationalei'm quite sure mirage is python...22:38
TheSheepI didn't like rhythmbox, and listen is usable22:38
Odd-rationaleyeah, it seemed like a good choice...22:39
Odd-rationalei haven't played with it much...22:39
Odd-rationalei'm a console junkie... ncmpc22:39
TheSheepused quod libet before, but it's pretty complicated22:39
TheSheepI've given up on mpd when I couldn't make it work on my single-channel sound card in new computer22:40
TheSheepOdd-rationale: what's sad is that inkscape is still not included by default22:41
TheSheepit's a great piece of software22:41
Odd-rationalewas it ever included by default?22:41
TheSheepno idea22:42
Odd-rationaleit is not even in ubuntu by default...22:42
TheSheepyeah, it's sad22:42
TheSheepit can edit pdfs now, you know22:42
TheSheepand open .cdr files22:42
Odd-rationalewow. i didn't know inkscape could open pdf's22:42
TheSheepthey added it like half a year ago22:43
Odd-rationalealso the new xubuntu includes xchat, but ubuntu does not...22:43
TheSheepI have no opinions on gui irc clients, they are abominations anyways ;)22:44
TheSheepgftp would be nice22:45
Odd-rationalei would have been happier if they didn't include xchat...22:45
Odd-rationaleas i would remove it anyways...22:45
knomeftpfs > gftp22:45
knomessh > ftp22:45
TheSheepOdd-rationale: if it makes it easier for people to get here and get help, then why not?22:45
knomewrite a piece of software with only one text box (nick) and one dialog which after inputting nick connects to #xubuntu on freenode22:46
knomeand why not a few other channels22:46
Odd-rationaleTheSheep: well, xubuntu ALSO was pidgin... i know it is an awful irc client, but anyone can just apt-get xchat...22:46
TheSheepit still has pidgin?22:47
Odd-rationalehaving both seemed a little redundant, at least for defaults..22:47
Odd-rationaleTheSheep: yeah...22:47
TheSheepI can't remember, it's the first thing I remove :)22:47
Odd-rationaleTheSheep: even ubuntu is keeping pidgin over empathy...22:47
TheSheepand a resource hog22:47
TheSheepisn't empathy still in early beta?22:47
Odd-rationaleno. it is in gnome 2.24 final22:48
TheSheepI remember a lot of breakage last time I tried it22:48
TheSheepa year ago or so22:48
Odd-rationalethat's all the new apps i remember...22:49
Odd-rationalebut the new theme is a great improvement!22:49
TheSheepvlc has a new gui22:49
Odd-rationaleArtwork, that is22:49
Odd-rationaleyeah, vlc is now qt...22:50
Odd-rationalethat kind of sucked...22:50
Odd-rationaleso i switched to mplayer...22:50
TheSheepI eagerly wait for that gtk2 qt theme22:52
TheSheepqt4 is said to finally be capable of simulating at least most of gtk222:53
Odd-rationalethere was one small issue with gdm though, at least on the livecd...22:54
Odd-rationaleand that was that by default gdm uses the clearlooks theme... which is not on xubunut... so it fellback to the uge raleigh gtk theme...22:54
Odd-rationaleit is easy to fix though... just a small glitch..22:55
TheSheepgood first impression consists of 700 irrelevant details22:56
Odd-rationaleappearntly the artwork team leader is Jmakz ... i hardy see him online...22:59
TheSheepOdd-rationale: he's not the artwork team leader, he's the artwork team ;)23:00
TheSheepknome: calm down, notice the sarcasm mark23:01
TheSheepknome: did you talk with him?23:02
knomechanged a few words, yes23:03

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