gourdcaptainHow do I manually set the resolution to a specific value? The xfce configuration tools (if I'm using the NV driver) only let me go up to 800x600 with a 54hz refresh rate, when I want (and my monitor could do with the NVIDIA drivers prior to 8.10) 1024x768 at 70Hz?00:00
favrogourdcaptain: in terminal type   xrandr   to see options then   xrandr -s 1024x768   if it is available00:01
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zerothisi used dpkg to force gnome-swallowed-applet to install without the whole gnome-behemoth to use it in xfce. is there a way to force no warning for this 'broken' package?00:02
gourdcaptainfavro: Is that possible to do if the Xfce config tool doesn't list it as a possible resolution with that driver, and will it stay that way after a reboot?00:02
favroyes yes00:03
gourdcaptainI can't get xrandr to set my resolution to 1024x768, its not listed as a mode. How do I add it?00:18
favrogourdcaptain: the driver doesn't seem to support it if it isn't listed00:19
gourdcaptainWow. The NV driver is crap.00:19
favrojust old prob00:20
gourdcaptainVESA supports higher resolutions. So time to try noveau, I guess.00:20
gourdcaptainfavro: By which you mean?00:20
favroit might not be able to work with newer cards maybe00:20
gourdcaptainfavro: I have a machine with a Geforce 4 MX. That's about the opposite of new.00:21
favroheh - it was a guess - I don't use nvidia00:22
gourdcaptainSo I get to try the reverse-engineered drivers. Fun. Hopefully the upgraded NVIDIA proprietary drivers get thrown in the repo soon.00:25
nikolaI wish ATI drivers were thrown in Repo soon too =-(00:26
nikolamusually open source driver for older cards work much better then new proprietary drivers00:26
nikolamnikola, care to join #ubuntu-rs?00:27
nikolaOh,yes.Lol,i forgot00:27
gourdcaptainfavro: Anyway, thanks for the help.00:28
gourdcaptainOkay, this is crap. I install the noveau drivers (which supposedly support my driver) and end up having to boot into recovery to restore xorg.conf after they cause "strangeness" according to the terminal that flashed every 3 seconds.00:44
GreedyBAnyone know if you can have two different menus.. one on a panel and one that for right clicking the desktop?00:49
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favrogourdcaptain: it's been mentioned that the kernel is the issue with nvidia in intrepid - but that is just heresay - try the vesa driver it should do 1024x76800:49
gourdcaptainfavro: Yeah. I'm using VESA. I just can't play videos at framerates in the double digits with it.00:50
favroyeh I feel your pain :)00:50
* gourdcaptain is currently wishing he hadn't upgraded.00:52
houdinigourdcaptain: could be worse.  I had a hard drive fail during my upgrade!00:52
houdini(not Ubuntu's fault, but still)00:52
gourdcaptainhoudini: Ouch. I know that one - it's what got me into linux in the first place. (Lack of XP restore methods)00:53
chickengirlanyone around?01:28
jaakkomesort of01:29
chickengirlI need to do a reinstall because I borked my video, and I might as well install Ibex, so I'm wondering how well the servers are holding up with the new release?01:31
jaakkometry to start a download and see how it goes :>01:31
favrowatch out if you use nvidia01:32
chickengirlwhat's the problem with nvidia? >.<01:32
favrolots of complaints about it not working01:33
jaakkomeI thought the nvidia problem was only with KDE?01:33
chickengirlI was wanting to upgrade because right now it's not working in Hardy :p01:33
favroheresay is it is kernel related01:34
chickengirlI've installed and reinstalled the nvidia driver six ways til Sunday and it's just not working01:34
favrogot an older kernel lying around?01:34
chickengirlone or two01:35
favroI'd try booting into the oldest and having a go in that01:35
chickengirlalright, thanks :)01:35
moontigerhi :)01:35
favrothank me after it works chickengirl :)01:36
favrohi moontiger01:36
moontigeri am currently running xubuntu 8.04 and finally have it set up just as i want it to be ... i tried the live xubuntu 8.10 cd and i really dont like the theme that it uses as default ... is there a way to get the same theme as 8.04?01:36
moontigerthnx :)01:36
favroyou could try copying the theme to usb and installing in  ~/.themes after the upgrade - it might even be at xfce-look01:38
ubottuFind your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy01:38
moontigerfavro ... it sounds stupid but the menu ">" pointer thingies *really* dont look good imho01:39
favronothing silly about that - you have to look at it so it should "fit" you01:39
moontigerso i was wondering if they can be changed ... it seems that if i use the theme and window manager thingy i like i get the ugly ">" things01:40
moontigerif i change the theme i can lose them but then i lose the theme i like01:40
favromaybe the theme you like is missing some parts or is for nautilus or sumthin'01:41
moontigerits just a standard xubuntu theme / window manager thing in 8.0401:42
moontigerthats why i was a bit surprised it didnt work in 8.1001:42
moontigeroh well i'll play arounda bit more on the live cd and see if i can find anything out ... thnx anyways01:43
ballI broke my panel01:47
ballAm I right in thinking I'm supposed to have an Applications menu?01:47
favroshould yes01:48
ballI think there was another menu, but I don't know what it was.01:48
favroplaces maybe?01:48
ballYes, that rings a bell01:49
ballIs there something I can type at the command line that will restore my panel?01:49
ubottuTo reset the panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »01:49
favrothat's for gnome01:49
ChickenGirlI booted a previous kernel and ran envy-ng, and I have a longer list of resolutions to choose from now, but the highest is still 640x48001:50
favrodoes   xrandr   in a terminal show more options ChickenGirl ?01:51
ChickenGirlsame list01:51
charlie-tcaball: try typing : xfce4-panel restart01:51
favroChickenGirl: it didn't set the driver up then...01:52
ballNeither of those works for me01:52
ballIs the menu defined in a text file somewhere?01:53
ChickenGirlhow do I get the driver set up?01:54
favro/usr/share/menu i think ball01:54
favroChickenGirl: did you need sudo for envyng?01:55
ballfavro: that's a directory01:55
ChickenGirlI ran it from my system menu, but it asked for my password before running01:55
favroball: and what's in there - not using xfce atm01:56
ballfavro: many things01:56
favroChickenGirl: did it add nvidia to /etc/modules?01:56
ball77 things01:56
favroChickenGirl: in terminal type   lsmod   and look for nvidia or nv01:58
ChickenGirlnvidia               8115088  3401:58
favroChickenGirl: I don't know why it won't work then sorry...02:00
ballWell, I broke that then.02:01
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto02:01
ballI notice the panel I'm seeing looks more like Gnome than Xfce02:01
favroChickenGirl: seen that site?02:01
favroball: does xfce4-panel show in top?02:01
ChickenGirlI'm looking through it right now02:03
ChickenGirlwhat's really weird is that all my compiz effects seem to be working it's just the resolution that's jacked up02:07
ChickenGirlI'm trying adding the resolutions in xorg.conf manually02:08
ChickenGirlI'm going to restart x and see if it helped at all02:09
ceafuSo what is the contact (address book) app for Xubuntu supposed to be? Thunderbird address book ?02:10
ChickenGirlholy mother of god it actually worked that time02:11
ChickenGirlI have my 1280 resolution back XD02:11
ChickenGirlnow I need to see if my 3D accel is working02:12
ChickenGirl(le sigh...) no 3D accel.02:13
ChickenGirland compiz doesn't seem to be working either02:14
ChickenGirlcassie@cygnet:~$ compiz --replace02:14
ChickenGirlChecking for Xgl: not present.02:14
ChickenGirlNo whitelisted driver found02:14
ballfavro: it shows in ps -ax02:15
favroball: then it wasn't gnome-panel...02:15
ballfavro: oh good.  Does that help us fix it?02:16
favroChickenGirl: do you have extensions in xorg.conf?02:16
favroball: nope - you said it looked like gnome-panel02:16
ChickenGirlfavro, no02:17
favroChickenGirl: on "DRI"02:17
favroSection "Extensions"02:17
favro       Option "Composite" "Enable"02:17
favro       Option "RENDER" "Enable"02:17
favroChickenGirl: Seection "DRI" that first line is02:18
favroChickenGirl: Section "DRI" that first line is02:18
ChickenGirlfavro can you say that again, I was trying to get compiz to work and I angered it >.< had to restart X02:20
favroball: I can't find anything on reset the panel to default02:20
favroChickenGirl: Section "DRI"02:20
favro  Mode 066602:20
favroSection "Extensions"02:21
favro       Option "Composite" "Enable"02:21
favro        Option "RENDER" "Enable"02:21
favroadd to xorg.conf02:21
favronp :)02:21
tdizzle86Favro, can you tell me what you are doing, I just joined the room02:21
tdizzle86and it looks like it has something to do with why I joined the room02:22
favrotrying to get nvidia drivers and compiz happn'n02:22
tdizzle86Oh ok close, I'm having trouble with the intel driver and 3d video games02:22
tdizzle86Know anything about that?02:23
ChickenGirlalright, gonna see if it works now...02:23
favrothe section dri bit is important for that02:23
favroluck ChickenGirl02:23
tdizzle86So, I should add the DRI section that you messaged to chickengirl?02:24
favroyep - but I don't know if the intel driver needs the render and composite bits02:25
tdizzle86Ok, I will try it out.  Thanks for the help02:26
ballAh good, someone in #xfce knew how to fix it02:29
ChickenGirlI added those sections and when I logged out it was back in low graphics mode02:30
favroball: what was the fix please?02:36
ballfavro: rm -rf .config/xfce4/panel02:37
ballIs there some way to serve up the whole desktop to a remote Xserver?02:38
tdizzle86Hey ball what do you need to do02:39
tdizzle86Set up something like VNC?02:39
balltdizzle86: VNC would be one option, but from the little experience I've had of Ubuntu so far, it only seems to work once a user has logged in.02:39
ball...not only that, but if the machine I'm sitting at has X11, that would seem to be a logical choice for the protocol02:40
ball(rather than VNC02:40
ubottuVNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX02:45
favroand there is ssh -X if the box isn't logged into02:45
ballfavro: yes, I can use ssh -XCl foo hogwash to launch individual Xclients, but that doesn't give me the desktop02:47
favroball: afaik you need vnc then02:49
ballfavro: but I can't VNC into a host until someone has logged in at the console02:49
favroball: the vnc over ssh option then? - it lets you login to the box afaik02:50
ballfavro: I don't think that's a combination that works.02:51
ballI'll try it now though, to be sure.02:51
tdizzle86Hey favro, can you tell me about ssh -X02:52
favrofrom man ssh -  -X      Enables X11 forwarding.  This can also be specified on a per-host basis in a config‐02:54
favro             uration file.02:54
favrotdizzle86: I don't use it I use vnc02:55
ballokay, vncserver gave me bare X11, but I was able to launch xfce4-session, which looks pretty close to the desktop02:56
ballHmm... machine's running two desktops now, but that will work for at home.02:56
ballI may need x2vnc for supporting remote users02:56
ballThis is my cue to head off to the comfy chair02:57
favroball: in the .vnc folder on the server will be xforward file - in that you can set the desktop - mine uses fluxbox but you can use any that is installed02:57
tdizzle86Yeah I use VNC too.02:57
tdizzle86well x11vnc02:58
favroxstartup I should have said...02:58
ballBack shortly (I hope)02:58
tdizzle86Any way to get x11vnc to run, without anyone being logged in?03:00
GreedyBAnyone know how to customize the right click menu on the desktop?03:01
favroit stores the config in a users home folder so doubtful03:02
favrotdizzle86: ^03:02
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ballvnc sort of works.03:22
ballI would prefer to be able to launch xfce4-session as a remote Xclient though03:23
mrwislrwhen i do a search in synaptic it only shows installed programs..... i checked the filters but everything is checked for search03:23
tdizzle86Oh yeah Favro: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNC#x11vnc-before-login03:23
tdizzle86^ this has a section about using x11vnc while pc is at login screen03:24
tdizzle86I'm getting ready to test it out03:24
mrwislrwhen i do a search in synaptic it only shows installed programs..... i checked the filters but everything is checked for search03:28
tdizzle86mrwislr: Let me see if I can help you03:30
tdizzle86On the lower left of the synaptic window, what is selected? Where it says sections, status, origin, etc03:31
mrwislrtdizzle86: ok one sec03:34
mrwislrtdizzle86: sections is selected03:35
favroI wonder if it is limited to the cd?03:37
favropreferences - repositories from the top menu03:39
favrosettings - repositories - sorry03:40
mrwislrwhen i do a search in synaptic it only shows installed programs..... i checked the filters but everything is checked for search04:03
favro!repos | mrwislr04:07
ubottumrwislr: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories04:07
Petri-xhello everyone! after I installed xubuntu 8.10 I can no longer start skype. all that happens is that the skype process starts eating up all my ram until I kill it via the terminal, but no window is shown04:16
Petri-xis there anybody who has the same problem or know a solutions? I have tried to search on the forums but I couldn't find anything.04:17
favrostart it from terminal and see what errors there are04:20
Petri-xok, I will try that04:21
g0bl1nhi, I installed 8.10 and my screen blanks when splash should appear. I have a siliconmotion. My xorg.conf has almost no info. The logs report missing Screens04:22
favroctrl+c to kill it in terminal04:22
favroPetri-x: ^04:23
Petri-xfavro, I started it in the terminal and the same thing happens, nothing, that is :-) if I run top I can see that skype is using 90% cpu and 130 MB memory, but still no errors or any window shown04:24
favroit shows no errors at all when started from terminal?04:25
Petri-xyes, no errors04:25
favroPetri-x: how are you starting it in terminal - the command?04:26
Petri-xI have tried to reinstall it and remove it completely with synaptic. I just typed "skype" in the terminal and hit enter, is there some debug command or somthing?04:26
favrog0bl1n: try   sud dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg   as a check04:27
g0bl1nfavro, tried that. didnt solve04:27
favrog0bl1n: k04:27
g0bl1nmy xorg.conf is very weird. Almost empty04:27
g0bl1nno Screens section04:28
g0bl1nI get a "no Screens found" in xorg.0.log04:28
favroPetri-x: I don't use it - try   man skype   and look for a debug or verbose option04:28
favrog0bl1n: tried google for your card and ubuntu?04:29
Petri-xfavro, there is no manual for skype it says.04:30
g0bl1nyes :)04:30
favro!skype | Petri-x04:30
ubottuPetri-x: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto04:30
Petri-xubottu, thanks. I will read that page, and see if it can help to solve my problem04:32
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:32
Petri-xhehe, ok04:32
Petri-xfavro, now I have tried what was written on the installation page, but all I get is that I have the latest version installed. I found in the skype forums that installing something called "static skype" might help. it's a .tar.bz2 file, but it doesn't say how to install it. how do I do that? thank you for helping me out!04:47
favroPetri-x: in terminal change to the dir the tar file is in04:48
favrocd /path04:48
favrothen tar -xjvf skypefilename.tar04:49
favroand look for a readme file04:49
Petri-xok, thanks!04:49
Petri-xfavro, thanks a million! now it works!04:56
favrowell done Petri-x :)04:56
Petri-xfavro, for the record, the solution was to downlaod the static skype .tar.bz2 install file, untar it, and then follow the suggetion in the readme. I wonder shy the normal installtion with apt-get or using a .deb-file is broken in 8.10...04:58
favroPetri-x: the ubuntu one might have been built with bad options - I've had to recompile stuff 'cause of that05:00
Petri-xfavro, ok, but now my solution will be searchable since this chat log is posted on the xubuntu web page? I would like to help other people so that if anybody else have the same problem, they can find the solution easily. I have another problem. for a while I used a vista laptop and run pidgin on that because this laptop was broken. after fixing this laptop I started pidgin again. a lot of windows started poping up saying "this contact ex05:05
Petri-xists on the local list but not on the server list. do you want to add this user to the server list?" and I of course clicked yes. the problem is that even though I did that a lot of contacts are gone.05:05
favroI've never used pidgi...05:06
favroor pidgin05:06
Petri-xfavro, ok, do you use any IM client?05:06
favronope - just xchat05:07
Petri-xfavro, ok. I will try and ask in the pidgin forums, thanks again for helping me!05:07
favronp :)05:07
jaakkomeIs there a way to change what rolling the mouse wheel on the title area of a window does?05:48
jaakkomeCurrently it shades / unshades the window, but I'd like it to move the window to next / previous workspace05:49
gaurdrowhat does {u} or {a} mean after a package name?07:10
LancelotWhat is KNetAttatch?07:11
favro!info KNetAttatch07:11
ubottuPackage knetattatch does not exist in intrepid07:11
Lanceloti have it in my files, but i don't know what it does...07:12
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Renegade15good day/evening08:29
favrohello Renegade1508:29
Renegade15this computer (my father's) is running 7.10, and I'd like to upgrade to 8.10, but the update manager is only offering 8.04 - is there any way I can update directly or do I have to take the step in between?08:30
Renegade15(yes, I have updated my package lists and all...stays at 8.04 offered)08:31
Renegade15maybe something like manually adding the 8.10 repositories...something like that?08:32
favroyou can only upgrade one at a time - I wouldrecommend using 8.04 atm as 8.10 is still very new08:33
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes08:33
favropersonally I prefer a fresh install08:34
Renegade15oh well...then I'll take 8.04 for now. Thanks for the help :)08:34
owen1how to install firefox plugin (xpi) from the terminal? i tried: firefox -install-global-extension ImageViewer.xpi  but it didn't work.08:39
favrodoes   man firefox   give a clue?08:40
_sebastian1hi all08:56
favrohello _sebastian108:58
_sebastian1I'm having some install troubles08:59
favrohappens to the best of us _sebastian1  - where is it giving issues?09:00
_sebastian1I have two old Dell notebooks here and on the one with more RAM and a faster CPU the startup process hands when "starting GNOME desktop manager"09:01
_sebastian1at first I thought it may be the live CD - so I downloaded the alternate09:01
favroon the live cd or after install?09:01
_sebastian1the installation went without problems09:01
_sebastian1but then the first start the same thing09:01
favrosounds like an X issue - X is what makes the graphics09:02
_sebastian1I even tried with the same boot options as on gutsy b 4 "vga=792 dma nofirewire"09:02
favrowhat's the vid card?09:02
_sebastian1vid card ... well how can I find out when there is no oS on the computer ...09:03
favrowhen it can't start gnome - which is ubuntu not xubuntu - you can hit ctrl+alt+F2  and login to use the virtual terminal - then type   lspci | grep VGA   to find out09:05
TheSheepfavro: the 'starting gnome' message is in xubuntu too, because it's gdm. of course the message is wrong :)09:07
favrothnx TheSheep09:07
_sebastian1the thing is that after it did not work on the better equiped NB I put the live CD in the old Dell one with less ram09:08
_sebastian1yea the message is from XUbuntu09:08
_sebastian1I think it is a intel chip but I am not sure09:08
_sebastian1with gutsy the vid chip was not recognised 100% so I had to pass vga=792 at oot09:09
favro_sebastian1: there's been a few issues with X on intrepid - in the virtual terminal you could try   sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg - it "might" let you get some graphics working09:10
_sebastian1I thought in the same direction - so I booted the recovery option and was hoping to get into a shell but I got into a menu where I chose fixX - same thing09:13
favrothere is an option in recovery to use a shell/terminal - try that _sebastian109:14
_sebastian1favro: OK I will - thanks so far09:14
favrowrite the command down maybe09:15
favrosudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg09:15
_sebastian1same thought here :-)09:16
_sebastian1the option is called 'drop to root shell prompt'09:19
favrothnx - been a while since I needed it :)09:20
favrotouch wood09:20
Ad0what's the easiest way to add something that needs root access in startup without making a big init.d script?09:20
_sebastian1the command does nothing except a message saying that: xserver-xorg postinstal warning overwriting possible customisex xorg.conf file09:21
_sebastian1somethin along that line09:21
favroit will have set the xorg.conf to a default so you "may" have a better chance of graphics09:22
favronow do   sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart09:22
* favro has fingers crossed09:23
Ad0lircd: WARNING: can't get exclusive access to events comming from `/dev/input/by-path/pci-0000:01:05.0--event-ir' interface09:25
Ad0that didn't happen in 8.0409:26
favrolooks ugly...09:26
Ad0https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lirc/+bug/164627 *09:26
favroAd0: k09:26
_sebastian1yipee X is up .... BUT keybord does not work? will reboot and check again09:27
favro_sebastian1: is there an entry for the keyboard in /etc/X11/xorg.conf?09:28
TheSheepfavro: 8.10 igonres that entry in xorg.conf09:33
TheSheepfavro: it reads  /etc/default/console-setup instead09:33
favroTheSheep: ok - and if it doesn't work what is the approach?09:34
TheSheepfavro: panic :)09:35
TheSheepAd0: /etc/rc.local09:36
Ad0yeah just add it there?09:38
Ad0the file doesn't exist though09:38
Ad0thanks TheSheep09:38
TheSheepit should exists and have an explanation inside09:38
TheSheepnote that it's run as root09:38
Ad0you're right09:39
_sebastian1well I did a restart and then I ended up with a blank screen09:41
_sebastian1I added vga=792 to the boot option - still no X09:41
favro_sebastian1: you had it then it went?09:42
favro<_sebastian1> yipee X is up .... BUT keybord does not work? will reboot and check again09:42
_sebastian1OK X is up again and keyboard not working - what can I do??09:49
favro_sebastian1: using the mouse you "should" be able to browse to /etc/default/console-setup - what's in there?09:50
_sebastian1well mouse and touchpad don't work either09:52
favrothe direction taken with X is wrong ...09:53
_sebastian1when I have a look on the console09:53
_sebastian1is is loading 105 keyb with us layout09:53
favroand yet the keyboard doesn't work?09:53
favroTheSheep: you busy?09:54
_sebastian1well I can switch to ctr+alt+F1 to the root console and back to F6 but in X nothing works09:54
favroit is F7 to get back to X09:55
_sebastian1yes I meant that09:55
favrok :)09:55
favroso it is purely an X config that is borked09:56
TheSheep_sebastian1: anything special about that keyboard? usb or ps/2?09:56
_sebastian1not that I can think of - a notebook kb, so not all keys09:56
TheSheepthe release notes for 8.10 say:09:58
TheSheepThe keyboard settings now come from /etc/default/console-setup; to change them please use sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup. After that, HAL and X need to be restarted (e.g., by rebooting your system).09:58
TheSheep_sebastian1: is it a toshiba?09:58
TheSheep_sebastian1: do you use an xmodmap file?09:59
favrotime for me to get around to reading some release notes...09:59
TheSheepfavro: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/81009:59
favrothnx :)09:59
favro_sebastian1: speak up please :)10:00
favrosorry for troubling you TheSheep ...10:02
_sebastian1no plain install no modifications so far10:03
favro_sebastian1: is it a toshiba lappy?10:03
TheSheepfavro: that's what I'm here for :)10:04
TheSheep_sebastian1: I wonder whether 'lsusb' lists the keyboard10:04
_sebastian1no a Dell latitude V700, quite old P3, 384 ram10:04
_sebastian1no USB keyb - only hub and mouse10:06
TheSheepI found this10:06
_sebastian1I cant see anything in the release notes what could affect this notebook10:07
TheSheephttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=522513 <-- another one10:13
_sebastian1well I can't even log into X10:15
_sebastian1where could I find these slow keys settings?10:16
TheSheep_sebastian1: I think that guy used kubuntu10:16
TheSheep_sebastian1: btw, if it doesn't even work at login screen, then it's something basic enough to also ask on #ubuntu10:17
TheSheep_sebastian1: maybe they will know10:17
_sebastian1yes thats how I read it10:17
_sebastian1OK I will check there as well10:17
TheSheep_sebastian1: you could also check the logs in /var/log/Xorg.0.log10:18
Ad0xubuntu is very fast and light, but I have no idea how to use my remote with it10:24
Ad0I can make the remote control work but I have to use the remote to launch 2 apps10:25
TheSheepAd0: you can't just bind them to keys in keyboard settings?10:26
TheSheepAd0: or are the remote events not received as keypresses?10:26
* TheSheep <-- layman10:27
_sebastian1I will check the log file10:28
Ad0TheSheep: well10:30
Ad0gdm claims my remote10:30
Ad0so I can't use it for anything else unless I tell hal to ignore it10:30
Ad0then lirc works etc10:30
Ad0what I am looking for is an alternative to irexec10:30
TheSheepAd0: that's over my head10:31
Ad0hehe ok10:31
favroAd0: there might be something about the\at in the mythbuntus forums or similar10:32
_sebastian1OK I am giving up - will get hardy and try with that10:35
_sebastian1favro, TheSheep: thanks a lot for your help10:35
favrosorry it gave so much trouble _sebastian110:36
_sebastian1well it is not your fault - and I have no idea what I can do more, goes a bit beyond my knowledge...10:37
_sebastian1I was hoping for a quick and painless upgrade... :-\10:37
favroa quick and easy upgrade seems to be a 50/50 thing...10:38
Ad0yeah favro10:44
Ad0well I made hal ignore my remote so I can use lirc on it10:44
Ad0which is fine now!10:44
Ad0what I do need is a linux app that works like irexec but has a nice UI10:44
Ad0there should be a nice UI that is like a dashboard or something10:44
Ad0you know, like frontrow10:45
favroAd0: I've never seen one - but haven't been looking10:45
Ad0thanks :)10:48
favronp :)10:50
sklivvzi have a problem when running a kde session under xubuntu11:47
sklivvzgconfd does not get started and all my gtk apps look like carp11:48
favrocarps are ugly but why use a kde session?11:49
sklivvzwell... i just want to try it out11:50
sklivvzin any case, even if I start gconfd with "sudo gconftool-2 --spawn"11:51
favroyou need a qt-gtk engine for gtk under kde11:51
sklivvzthe package "gtk-qt-engine" would do right?11:54
favrothat's the one :)11:56
sklivvzthanks a million favro11:57
favronp :)11:57
tom____any ideas why i have rendering errors like these? : http://xs233.xs.to/xs233/08440/2008-11-02-124147_1024x768_scrot109.png13:07
molokhi *13:14
molokI just installed xubuntu on my mom's machine, the only minor issue I have is that networkmanager asks to unlock the keyring at startup13:15
molokit looks like this is a common issue, but I didn't find any good solution13:16
sklivvzmolok, it also happens on /my/ computer13:21
molokit also sucks13:21
molokI mean, it's annoying, considering I have set up autologin to avoid passwords to type13:22
sklivvzwell nm-applet is problematic in any case... i have to restart it from time to time because it hangs my wifi connection13:22
coquinhohab ein problem mit meinem system nachdem ich laut wiki von kubuntu auf xubuntu wechseln wollte gibt mir Grub Fehler 17 aus....hilfe?14:16
ubottuDeutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de14:18
viddi think he was speaking german =\14:18
viddno problem14:18
coquinhoi thought i was in a german channel14:18
viddif you know english, i might be able to help14:19
coquinhoanyway my problem is i tried to change from kubuntu to xubuntu now my system is not booting anymore grub is giving an error 1714:19
viddlet me look up that error14:20
viddyou have an external hdd?14:21
viddcoquinho, you have a USB hard drive?14:22
coquinhovidd: right now i have one but havent before....i am online through kanotix and tried to save my data to an external hdd....14:22
viddyes.... coquinho unplug that USB drive and reboot14:23
viddif this fixes your issue, set your system bios to ignore usb hard drives, or set them to boot later than internall hard drive14:23
coquinhovidd: doesnt fix the issue14:27
viddhave you made any other changes? added any hard ware?14:28
vidderror 17 is 95% caused by grub looking at the wrong partition for the boot order14:28
coquinhovidd: ok maybe i can change that manually in the menu.lst?14:29
viddcan you pastebin your menu.list and your fstab14:29
coquinhoin this channel?14:29
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)14:30
coquinhomenu.lst: http://paste.ubuntu.com/66248/plain/14:31
coquinhofsatb: http://paste.ubuntu.com/66249/plain/14:33
coquinhobut its the kanotix fstab i think?14:33
GreedyBAnyone here know how to edit the right click menu?? not the one thats associated with the menu editor14:33
viddcoquinho, from what i see, your grub is looking for your linux boot stuff on hd0,014:39
viddand i see that you have 2 physical hard drives....14:39
coquinhoi have an usb harddrive on actually but that wasnt when installing the system14:40
coquinhowhich means?14:41
viddcoquinho, right....and i believe that is what is causing the issue....14:41
coquinhook but its not boot when i have it disconnected as well14:42
coquinhotried that before14:42
viddyour grub is looking on hd0,0 for the boot stuff14:42
coquinhoif there is only one on its got to be the one14:42
viddi beleive your boot stuff is on hd0,114:42
viddor hd1,014:42
coquinhook that is only for physical harddrives or for partitions as well?14:43
viddso....let edit menu.lst and chnage hd0,0 to hd0,114:43
viddfirst number is hard drive, second number is partition14:43
viddif you get Error 17: Cannot mount selected partition this tells us we are on the right track14:44
viddcoquinho, any luck?14:51
whileimhere Morning. I am using XUbuntu 7.10 and would like to get the newest GIMP and Inkscape without having to upgrade my whole system. The reason I do not want to upgrade is simple: The wiresless stops working when I upgrade or install a new fresh version above 7.10. Is there a way to get the new versions of these programs? I have tried building from source but run into a ton of dependency issues.15:16
TheSheepwhileimhere: try getdeb.net15:18
whileimhereokay thank you.15:19
viddwhileimhere, are you using a broadcom card?15:19
whileimhereUh how can I tell?15:22
whileimhereI am not sure really.15:23
whileimhereits a wireless card on my laptop15:23
whileimherewhats the terminal command to look at what chipset it is?15:23
viddwhileimhere, lspci will tell you15:23
whileimhereRaLink RT2500 802.11g Cardbus/mini-PCI (rev-01)15:25
viddhrm...that should work without issue on later versions15:27
GreedyBAnyone here know how to edit the right click menu?? not the one thats associated with the menu editor15:28
vidddid you install it with ndiswrapper?15:28
viddGreedyB, what exactly you want to do with the right-click menu?15:28
whileimherevidd: No I just did the upgrades from 7.10 and tried to also install fresh via CD but any way I do it 7.10 has a good connect speed and neve drops the other versions all have those issues.15:28
viddwhileimhere, ok....15:29
GreedyBvidd: I'm trying to figure out what controls that whole function so I can edit it15:29
viddGreedyB, i will ask again....what kind of editing do you want to do?15:30
viddso i can tell if it is in xorg, or in the WM, or in the DM15:30
viddall 3 control what is in the right click menu15:30
viddalso, right-click on desktop?15:30
GreedyBvidd: ahh I'm sorry I use xfce at work but its not Xubuntu like home and I'm trying to do the same thing as my Xubuntu install15:31
viddright-click on item?15:31
whileimhereIs there really that big of a difference in GIMP 2.4 and 2.6 , anyone know?15:31
GreedyBvidd: correct the menu thats like desktop settings or new folder etc15:31
viddGreedyB, what WM is the work machine using?15:32
viddok...never mind15:32
viddwelcome back15:33
viddGreedyB, what WM is the work machine using?15:33
GreedyBthe xfwm415:33
viddno...that is the Dm (desktop manager)15:33
viddi want to know the window manager15:34
GreedyBvidd: 1 sec lol15:34
GreedyBvidd: wow I should know this lol15:35
GreedyBvidd: wouldnt it be xfce?15:36
viddGreedyB, no...that is the desktop manager....15:36
GreedyBso xfwm4 and xfce are the same thing?15:37
viddin xubuntu, you have xorg that makes x work....15:37
viddyou have GDM loaded on top of it....15:37
GreedyBvidd: 1 sec15:38
viddand then xfce4 on top of that15:38
viddGreedyB, pastebin me the output of : cd /etc/init.d/ && ls -al15:39
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)15:40
viddGreedyB, this will answer my question15:41
GreedyBvidd: http://pastebin.com/m1481025415:41
viddand is this the work machine or the xubuntu machine?15:42
GreedyBvidd: work15:42
viddi ask because i see it has slim desktop manager and Gnome Desktop manager installed15:43
Ad0scrollkeeper is broken15:43
viddi would be interested in knowing which is the default15:43
GreedyBvidd: I installed GDM initially and switched to slim15:44
viddslim does not support the same robust menus as gdm does15:44
GreedyBvidd: I see currently right click is the xfce menu which stinks.. so if I switch back to GDM I'd be able to edit the right click menu15:45
viddif you did "sudo /etc/init.d/slim stop && sudo /etc/init.dgdm start you might get the menus you want15:45
viddGreedyB, you might not even NEED to edit them15:45
GreedyBvidd: yeah I don't really need to edit them I just want them :)15:46
viddtry it....let me know15:46
GreedyBvidd: no right click menu15:49
GreedyBvidd: I thought GDM/SLIM were only login screens weird15:50
viddGreedyB, no15:50
viddGreedyB, you said that the work machine was not *buntu....what is it?15:51
GreedyBvidd: correct but its using xfce15:51
viddGreedyB, so what is it ?15:52
GreedyBvidd: arch15:52
viddI ask, because if it was *buntu, simply installing xubuntu-settings would fix this15:52
viddyou might try downloading the deb15:53
GreedyBvidd: gotcha i'll read up on xubuntu-default-settings15:53
viddlet me verify that is  the right name15:54
viddunder heading: Miscilanious graphical (universe)15:56
viddlooks like no dependancy issues15:56
GreedyBvidd: I'll just read up on what it does and see if I can replicate it15:59
GreedyBvidd: thank you15:59
cybernoutleshello there16:05
cybernoutlesi would like to auto start olge instead of totem, how do i set it up to do this?16:06
cybernoutlesfor dvd playback16:06
viddcybernoutles, you want to remove totem all together?16:08
cybernoutlesno , because it still usefull for firefox playback16:08
cybernoutlesits just to slow for dvd16:09
cybernoutleson this machine16:09
cybernoutlesso i need to autostart ogle for dvd playback16:09
viddcybernoutles, then right-click the file....16:09
viddchoose open with....16:09
viddplace the check on "set default (or something similar)16:09
cybernoutlesone moment testing16:12
cybernoutlesif it works16:12
cybernoutlesno , did not do it16:12
cybernoutlesi guess it has to do with something else, its when i put in an dvd, it promts totem to play it16:13
cybernoutlesand yes i can choose to play the vob files with ogle, like you told me16:13
cybernoutlesbut on auto start of the dvd it kicks in to totem16:14
viddcybernoutles, i removed totem completely on my system16:15
viddlet firefox prompt you to add back the stuff you need16:16
cybernoutlesits an option, but that loses the plugins in firefox as well16:16
viddbut i found that libxine1-ffmpg was all i needed16:16
* vidd is not a fan of gsteamer16:18
cybernoutlesyes i see16:19
viddxine is better in my opinion16:19
viddand on my light-wieght machines, the smaller footprint and resource requirement of xine are noticable16:20
cybernoutlesogle does run fine on this pentium 3 600 mhz with 265 ram16:21
cybernoutlesthats why i like to set it as default...:)16:21
cybernoutleswell i will just have to klick it away..16:26
viddhello slow-motion '16:35
slow-motionhi vidd16:35
viddslow-motion, saying "hi" is usually a prelude to asking for help....need a question answered?16:36
slow-motionnot really *g*16:36
slow-motionbut i have two latex editors to choose one16:37
slow-motionlyx and texmaker16:37
viddoutside my expertise =]16:37
* vidd doesnt even know what latex is used for....though he's heard of ppl talking about it16:38
slow-motionlyx is wysiwyg, but needs some things installed to get the full power. texmaker shows the source16:39
* vidd 's eyes glaze over....16:40
orkuni'm from turkey16:40
viddfor some reason, holding the left arrow key will not repeatedly move the cursor to the left....anyone else notice this?16:41
viddmarhaba orkun16:41
viddorkun, my turkish is VERY limited16:41
orkunhow are you16:41
viddeeim sin nacil16:42
orkunwhat is your name16:42
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about tk16:44
TheSheep!tr | orkun16:45
ubottuorkun: Turk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.16:45
TheSheephere :)16:45
orkunmy turkey boy16:46
orkunmy messenger16:46
viddorkun, this is a support chanel, not a social room16:47
dcolishcan someone ban orkun, thats really annoying16:49
vidddcolish, has he been here b4?16:52
dcolishno sure16:52
dcolishnot sure16:52
albihow can I set higher resolution on xfce?17:08
albiI have 1152x864, but I want 1280x102417:09
dcolishyou can setup your xorg, or try running grandr. grandr is a gui thing so it might be more comfortable for you. However you'll need to reset the resolution each time you boot. That can be done with xrandr scripts17:12
dcolishi think there is also a display manager under settings, hold17:12
dcolishyeah just go to settings manager and click on display. it's going to list all the supported resolutions17:13
viddwell...all the resolutions xorg has available17:13
albidisplay manager does not show 1280x102417:14
dcolishthere could be driver issues or xorg config problems preventing the higher resolutions from showing.17:14
dcolishwhat kind of video card do you have?17:14
albiit shows only smaller resolutions17:14
dcolishalso, do you know what the max resolution of your monitor is?17:15
albii have msi wind PC, some intel card17:15
albi00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82945G/GZ Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)17:15
dcolishyeah you're max res should be 1024x600 according to manufacture spec17:16
albii looked at xorg.conf but i is nearly empty17:16
albino I have PC, not netbook!17:16
dcolishoh, this one? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MSI_Wind_PC17:17
dcolishah found it, you have an Integrated Intel® GMA950 graphics core17:18
albisorry, Germany link, but shows pc: http://www.tomshardware.com/de/Wind-PC2713-Atom-MSI,news-241550.html17:20
viddnone of this matters....17:20
viddthe chipset is the Intel 82945G/GZ17:21
albihere is my xorg.conf:17:21
dcolishplease use pastebin17:21
albiit is only 10 lines17:22
albiSection "Device"17:22
albi        Identifier      "Configured Video Device"17:22
albiSection "Monitor"17:22
albi        Identifier      "Configured Monitor"17:22
albiSection "Screen"17:22
albi        Identifier      "Default Screen"17:22
viddin intrepid, xorg no longer sets video modes17:22
albi        Monitor         "Configured Monitor"17:22
albi        Device          "Configured Video Device"17:22
vidd!pastebin | albi17:23
ubottualbi: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)17:23
dcolishvidd: what is the process used instead?17:23
albii didn't know this will work at all17:23
albividd, how does it work then?17:24
viddim not entirely sure how it works....i just know that the monitor and resolutions are auto-detected at boot17:24
albiyes, but to small :(17:24
dcolishok, i suggest running grandr, it will at least give an idea of what video modes are available to the driver17:24
albii have 1280x1024 tft17:24
dcolishthe monitor is not always the final determinant of resolution17:24
viddalbi, you could have a 57"plasma widescreen monitor...but that dont maen your video card could put out the best rolution it vcan display17:26
albiwith kubuntu I was able to set 1280x102417:26
albiso it must be possible17:26
dcolishdid you install grandr?17:27
albidcolish, and vidd : I know17:27
viddi  didnt say it was not possible17:27
albiok I try grandr17:27
dcolishwe just need to know more about the video modes available, i suggested grandr because it is easily reversable17:28
albividd, ok17:31
albidcolish, grandr shows same resolutions as display manager17:31
albii need to add new resolution17:31
viddalbi, you had kde on this same machine, with the same monitor and had more resolutions available?17:32
albiyes I did boot kubuntu from cd and changed to 1280x102417:34
viddintrepid or hardy?17:34
viddand what do you have installed here?17:35
albixubuntu 8.1017:35
viddget the hardy version17:35
albii think it was same problem17:35
viddyou are comparing apples to oranges17:35
albion kde I have alot more resolutions to choose17:36
viddif you say kubuntu 8.04 shows all these options, then you should install xubuntu 8.04 to see if you can get those same resolutions....17:36
viddOR run the kubuntu 8.10 live cd and see if you still have those options17:37
viddalbi, on kde AND a different xorg, you had more options17:37
albiim not shure but I think I did check it and it was same problem17:37
dcolishso do you have the xserver-xorg-video-intel package installed?17:37
viddalbi, then install kubuntu17:38
viddfrom the disk that gave you all those options17:38
albividd, I want xfce17:38
viddwe cant troubleshoot without all the facts17:38
squid0hi there. is the xubuntu regular x86 cd download a livecd?17:39
viddif you do a full install with kubuntu and still have all those options....we can get xubuntu to load all those options17:39
dcolishyour xorg does not identify the intel card as your Device17:39
dcolishthats going be a problem17:39
dcolishtry this:: dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg17:40
dcolishas sudo17:40
dcolishthat will reconfigure your xorg for hihg resolution17:40
dcolishback up your old one frist17:40
owen9914is there any way of formatting a usb drive within xubuntu or do i need to download a programe to do it17:40
albii restart xorg17:41
dcolishowen9914: of course, in all linux its the same. http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/linux-disk-format/17:42
=== terminal_ is now known as terminal
albiok same resolution 1152x86417:43
dcolishis you xorg any different?17:44
albixorg.conf looks the same as before17:44
squid0if I boot with xubuntu desktop cd for x86, will I get a liveCD, and then an option on the desktop to install, similar to kde/gnome?17:44
squid0(ie. ubuntu/kubuntu)?17:44
dcolishalbi: looks like the auto config isn't working for you17:44
albisquid0, yes17:44
squid0albi: ok, thanks. there's an install icon on the desktop?17:44
albidcolish, yes, can I do some manual setup?17:44
dcolishalbi: yup, lets check for the intel drivers: do lspci | grep intel17:45
dcolishif nothing shows up try, lspci | grep vieo17:46
dcolishsorry thats lsmod17:46
dcolishnot lspci17:46
dcolishyou should see the video card listed there, maybe with other devices17:47
albiI have lots of intel in lspci17:47
dcolishright thats why I corrected myself, use lsmod instead17:48
owen9914sorry im new to linux so you type mkfs.vfat (device name) to format the drive with fat file system.17:48
owen9914is that right?17:48
dcolishowen9914: correct, i think there are flags for 16bit or 32bit17:48
albi00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82945G/GZ Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)17:48
albiICH7 Family17:48
dcolishthats the pci dump, where is the lsmod | grep intel?17:49
albiowen9914, or use qtparted17:49
dcolishparted is not as powerful as mkfs.* or fdisk17:50
albilsmod | grep -i intel17:50
albisnd_hda_intel         381360  217:50
albisnd_pcm                83332  2 snd_hda_intel,snd_pcm_oss17:50
albisnd                    63268  13 snd_hda_intel,snd_pcm_oss,snd_mixer_oss,snd_pcm,snd_seq_oss,snd_rawmidi,snd_seq,snd_timer,snd_seq_device17:50
albisnd_page_alloc         16264  2 snd_hda_intel,snd_pcm17:50
albiintel_agp              34116  117:50
albiagpgart                42184  3 drm,intel_agp17:50
dcolishalbi: you need to stop doing multi line pastes17:50
viddsomebody kick albi for pasteing in channel!!17:50
dcolish!pastebin | albi17:50
ubottualbi: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)17:50
owen9914thanks dcolish, albi for the help.17:51
dcolishowen9914: no prob, did it work out for ya?17:51
owen9914yeah it did.17:51
dcolishok you need to make sure that the driver is being used in the xorg conf file. here are two links. http://intellinuxgraphics.org/install.html, http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/Xorg_RandR_1.2#xorg.conf17:58
dcolishyou will not need to rebuild the drivers, but there is helpful information on how to setup your xorg on the intellinuxgraphics site17:59
dcolishthe other site will help you configure for xrandr. The most important thing is that you're not telling xorg about the intel device in your config18:00
evilbugi did a  fresh install of xubuntu intrepid and i have the ati/amd graphics driver in the Hardware Drivers list, but when i click Activate nothing happens.18:06
evilbugnevermind. it installed now, the 12th time i've clicked it.18:09
viddwow...the "auto-detect keyboard" finally works correctly18:12
viddtoo bad it takes forever to auto-select!18:12
alejandrohow do I install other window manager in xubuntu 8.10 I hate the looking of xfce18:13
dcolishwhat are you looking for?18:14
viddalejandro, what window manager do you want?18:14
CarlFKsudo apt-get build-dep gqcam =  big spew of stuff like /var/lib/scrollkeeper/C/scrollkeeper_extended_cl.xml:2178: parser error : Extra content at the end of the document     <sect categorycode="GNOMEPreferences">18:14
viddCarlFK, ??18:15
CarlFKbut it worked ok on a gnome box, and also a u-server box (so no WM at all)18:15
alejandroI think that one that's more simpler maybe in appearance18:15
CarlFKeverything in my ssh buffer: http://dpaste.com/88322/18:15
alejandroI am used to fluxbox18:15
dcolishCarlFK: we have no clue what you're looking for18:15
viddalejandro, so why not install flubuntu?18:15
dcolishalejandro: fluxbox is available via apt18:15
CarlFKdcolish: heh - I am looking or a clue :) - trying to figure out what happened18:16
viddCarlFK, so are we....18:17
viddwhat did you want to happen, and what were your actual results?18:17
CarlFKguessing it is a bug in something, but the same apt-get on the same box, and 2 others worked fine18:17
dcolish2 other builds?18:17
CarlFKvidd: want: no errors.  actual: lots of errors http://dpaste.com/88322/18:18
viddso you are trying to apt-get install gqcam?18:18
viddwhat are you trying to do?18:18
dcolishCarlFK: try to find <tocsec"> in your scrollkeeper_extened_cl.xml file18:18
dcolishits got a syntax  error18:18
dcolishif you have a good xml editor you'll see it more easily. but a / in vim should work too18:19
dcolishi guess i dont really understand why you're trying to build a deb of that package18:19
CarlFKdcolish: to enable debug symbols18:20
dcolishCarlFK: check the stack dump then. you're debug info is in the first line18:20
CarlFKwhat got me here was trying to track down a memory leak in the v4l2 api example... that journey lead me to http://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1059718:21
dcolishso you're not able to repro?18:21
CarlFKI figured maybe adding a gdb bt would help...18:21
CarlFKI was able to repot it18:21
CarlFKer, able to repo http://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1059718:22
dcolishyeah a bt always helps, did you attempt to enable core dumps via ulimit -c unlimited18:22
CarlFKnope - hang on a sec.  back to <tocsec">To Add Files to an Archive18:23
dcolishyeah the " in the xml is going to def mess up the parse18:23
CarlFKfound that in  /var/lib/scrollkeeper/C/scrollkeeper_extended_cl.xml - is that worth reporting?18:23
=== avihayb_ is now known as avihayb
CarlFKagainst what package?18:23
dcolishbut make sure thats the complete fix.18:23
dcolishlook for what package owns that file18:24
dcolishi'm pretty sure there is a cli method, but i usually google it18:25
CarlFK"    You have searched for files named scrollkeeper_extended_cl.xml in suite intrepid, all sections, and all architectures.    Sorry, your search gave no results   "18:26
dcolishdpkg --search <path to file>18:26
CarlFKdpkg: *scrollkeeper_extended_cl.xml* not found.18:27
dcolishyou put in the --search right?18:27
dcolishand the full path18:27
CarlFKjuser@dhcp57:~/vga2usb/v4l.org/examples/gqcam$ dpkg --search  scrollkeeper_extended_cl.xml18:27
CarlFKoh, not full path...18:27
CarlFKdpkg: /var/lib/scrollkeeper/C/scrollkeeper_extended_cl.xml not found.18:28
dcolishok try dlocate -s, its pretty much the same idea18:29
dcolishdid you use a deb to install?18:29
CarlFKinstall what?  probably - I did a clean install of xubuntu, and then a few apt-gets - no make/install stuff18:30
CarlFK$ dlocate -s /var/lib/scrollkeeper/C/scrollkeeper_extended_cl.xml "Package /var/lib/scrollkeeper/C/scrollkeeper_extended_cl.xml does not exist."18:31
dcolishsorry, dlocate -S, capital S18:32
CarlFKgah: /usr/bin/locate.findutils: `/var/lib/dlocate/dlocatedb': No such file or directory18:33
dcolishlooks like the db file was not created yet18:33
CarlFKI did just install dlocate to do this - guessing that is what glknots is doing?18:34
viddwhat's he actually trying to do?18:34
CarlFKer, I bet that's the screen saver ..18:34
dcolishone last thing we can try, apt-file search <file_name>...18:35
dcolishvidd: i'm not totally sure18:35
CarlFKvidd: currently trying to report a bug.  which I found when trying to add to another bug report, which I found trying to figure out where to report a 3rd and 4th bug18:35
CarlFKhttp://www.linuxtv.org/downloads/video4linux/API/V4L2_API/v4l2spec/capture.c has a memory leak.  not sure where to report...18:37
vidd(well....not really...but ok)18:39
CarlFKheh - ka boom: sudo apt-get install apt-file = same xml error :)18:39
CarlFKbut it did seem to install, so forging ahead18:40
CarlFK apt-file search scrollkeeper_extended_cl.xml (and with the /var/.. path) didn't return anything18:42
CarlFKI am going to ignore this one for now18:43
viddwb GreedyB18:45
CarlFKthere is a chance it is a hardware issue with the box.  memtest for 24 hours: passed.  maxtor HD checker for a few hours: passed.  but every so often I see HD error stuff in dmesg18:45
TheSheepCarlFK: what error exactly?18:46
CarlFKTheSheep: this best sums it up: $ grep tocsec\" /var/lib/scrollkeeper/C/scrollkeeper_extended_cl.xml18:47
CarlFK<tocsec">To Add Files to an Archive18:47
CarlFKthe quote is an error18:47
TheSheepCarlFK: I meant the hdd error18:47
GreedyBvidd: hey man.. I finnaly gave up lol its way too involved lol18:48
viddGreedyB, what was it you wanted b4?18:48
CarlFK[ 7383.686239]          res 51/84:00:cf:9d:94/00:00:00:00:00/e0 Emask 0x10 (ATA bus error)18:48
GreedyBvidd: I was trying to get the right click thing working18:48
viddwhy not ask in a archlinux chat room?18:49
CarlFKTheSheep: http://dpaste.com/88325/18:49
GreedyBvidd: cause arch doesnt have a default for that type of thing and I use Xubuntu at home18:50
GreedyBvidd: its all good18:50
TheSheepCarlFK: no idea18:52
viddGreedyB have you checked out the archwiki?18:52
CarlFKanyone know the valgrind args for just showing there is a memory leak in as few lines as possible19:00
viddCarlFK, how do you know there is a memory leak if you dont know how to show it?19:04
CarlFKvidd: I can show it in many lines.  trying to make a small summary19:04
CarlFKI think I can just pluck this line: ==17153== malloc/free: in use at exit: 2,457,632 bytes in 5 blocks.19:05
viddCarlFK, get the proof with the many lines....and copy/paste into your bug report19:05
viddyou will never get yelled at for too much data19:05
viddif everyone had to beat their head against the wall like this just to report a bug, then there would be no bug reports ever made19:06
CarlFKcept I don't know where to post, so I am sending emails with "where do I post this?"19:06
viddwhat app has the leak?19:07
CarlFKhttp://www.linuxtv.org/downloads/video4linux/API/V4L2_API/  " Also a complete  video capture example, source is capture.c."19:07
CarlFKthe official spec :/19:07
viddso report it there19:08
viddwhat app did you download?19:08
viddok...so report it against capture.c19:09
CarlFKwho's on first?19:09
CarlFKwhere?  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/ ?19:09
viddits a video4linux issue, not ubuntu issue19:10
viddif you apt-get installed something, THEN you would post a bug on launchpad19:11
CarlFKI am having no problem finding places not to report it :)19:11
CarlFKbest I have found so far is http://bugzilla.kernel.org19:11
CarlFKbut that seems odd19:11
CarlFKthe plan was to find somewhere to post it, then email the author with a link19:12
CarlFKseemed more polite/effective than just sending all the details to the author19:13
=== wormsxulla_ is now known as wormsxulla
viddCarlFK, so what exactly are you trying to do? web cam? tv tuner card?19:16
CarlFKthe very top of this is a vga capture device19:16
viddi understand that19:16
viddwhich KIND of video capture device?19:17
CarlFKnot video... vga19:17
CarlFKsee item 1 of http://chipy.org/V4l2forPyCon19:17
viddso which side is having the leak? input or output?19:19
viddim assuming you are trying display video output from one system inside a window from another19:20
CarlFKcapture.c does not display - it just reads and discards19:21
viddso your just pumping output directly to a second monitor?19:21
CarlFKno.  record video to a file19:22
viddthen why are you using item 1 on http://chipy.org/V4l2forPyCon in the first place?19:22
viddi really dont understand what your trying to do19:23
CarlFKbecaues that is what converts the vga signal into a stream of bytes I can save19:24
viddyou would most likely be better off getting an answer to your "where should i post this" question in the video4linux chat room19:25
CarlFKdone that.19:25
CarlFKI am here tying to report a bug I got with apt-get...19:25
viddif they cant answer it....what would make you think a support room that has nothing to do with that project would know?19:25
viddwhat is the issue you got with apt-get?19:26
CarlFKI never figured that out.  wrote it off to bad hardware19:26
CarlFKbest I got is19:27
viddwhat did you type and what was the output?19:27
CarlFKsudo apt-get --assume-yes --force-yes build-dep gqcam; output: http://dpaste.com/88322/19:27
viddapt-get wont fail from bad hardware19:27
* dcolish just completed ibex update, xorg broke but easy to fix19:29
viddCarlFK, so did you actually install the app?19:29
CarlFKvidd: I think so.  I haven't actually gotten to building - trying to find the env var to enable debug symbols19:31
viddCarlFK, you may want to apt-get remove --purge gqcam && sudo apt-get install gqcam19:31
viddthis way, if it fails to install, there will be useful data to post a bug on launchpad against that app19:32
viddapt-get remove --purge removes the file and purges configuration data19:32
viddtime for my smoke break...be back in like 10 minutes19:33
CarlFKhere is an example of what I am trying to do: http://dev.personnelware.com/carl/temp/Oct30/a/old/test3.mpg19:33
viddhello burim119:47
burim1i messed up, tried to get compiz tow work but in the process i ruined something else, the window decorator doesnt work anymore19:47
burim1can anyone help please?19:49
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about wait19:49
ubottuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines19:49
ubottuAvoid your questions being followed by a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !patience19:50
knomeburim1,  ^19:50
burim1i realize "answers are not always available" wasnt demanding anything, just asking...19:50
burim1sorry about that, i wont repeat19:50
knomei'm sure somebody will help you if you can wait19:51
viddburim1, unfortunantly, i dont know anything about compiz, so i dont know how it would mess up your settings for your normal desktop19:52
albiok I found solution for xconf problem19:52
viddalbi, re-hi to you too19:53
albii did start kubuntu 7.10 and copy xorg.conf19:53
burim1im afraid it was my fault and not compiz's i didnt know how to get it to work so i just typed "compiz" in the terminal and then everything went wrong19:53
viddburim1, does hitting [ctrl]+[alt]+[bckspc] (restarting your desktop) fix your issue?19:54
burim1no i tried restarting19:55
viddalbi, with kubuntu7.10 installed, did you apt-get install xubuntu-desktop and restart?19:55
viddor are you just using the live cd?19:55
viddburim1, then im out of suggestions =[19:56
albividd, http://paste.ubuntu.com/66400/plain/19:56
albiI did copy xorg.xonf to my xubuntu 8.10 works now19:56
albii have lots of resolutions, I switch to 1280x1024 and be happy :)19:57
viddalbi, sweet....19:57
vidddid you restart and make sure it still worked?19:57
albividd, no install of 7.10, just boot cd and save config19:58
albiyes I work on it at he moment19:58
viddalbi, restart machine and make sure that you dont lose those settings19:58
albii did copy xorg.conf and reboot19:58
dcolishalbi: fyi, all you really needed was the device and screen section to fix the resolutions. it would be good to take a few minutes and really understand the fix19:58
albidcolish,  Ok I try old conf and add device and screen and reboot20:00
dcolishwell hold on a second.20:00
dcolishalbi: you dont have to go back and fix that one20:00
albidcolish, will I need monitor too?20:00
albibut I want to know if it wrks20:00
dcolishoh ok, well experiment away20:01
dcolishgrab the monitor, device, and screen sections20:01
dcolishand make you refer to them correctly in your server layout section20:01
dcolishalso if the bus id for your pci device is wrong it will never work20:02
dcolishso double check it with lspci, should be the same20:02
dcolishback this xorg up to20:03
albiback and works fine20:06
viddalbi awesome....file a bug20:06
albithanks for help!!!20:06
viddalbi, PLEASE file a bug20:07
albiit looks like 7.10 was much better in auto detecting20:07
vidd8.04 was the same way....20:07
viddbut file a bug so (hopefully) JJ will not be this bad20:08
albii had problems with my acer aspire one too, and 7.10 worked better than 8.0420:08
albinever did file a bug, where will I have to do this?20:08
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots20:08
albiok thanks20:08
viddif ppl dont file bug reports, these things will stay forever20:09
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about bug120:09
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about 120:09
vidd!bug 120:10
ubottuFor discussion on Microsoft Windows, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents20:10
viddbah! they changed it20:10
owen9914albi:you said you had a bug on your aspire 1. if you dont mind what was it?20:17
viddowen9914, he had a display issue....20:20
viddnot all available resolutions were showing20:20
owen9914oh ok. was wondering cause i was planning on installing xubuntu on own aspire 120:22
dcolishowen9914: I wouldn't let a resolution issue discourage you20:25
dcolishit seems that display issues are common and generally easy to fix20:25
Klownerall the apt repos should have 8.10 out on them by now shouldn't they? My updater tool isn't showing any upgrade available, 'tis odd20:27
owen9914ok thanks dcolish.20:28
owen9914ill be installing tonight  so ill message back if i have any problems.20:29
dcolishsounds good20:31
PopeJo|xubutestKlowner, zou might have to activate it in your synaptic, settings. preferences20:31
PopeJo|xubutestthere you can choose if only long term support, or all updates should be applied20:32
robert__how do i remove the desktop icons trash, home, and filesystem?20:40
Odd-rationalerobert__: right-click desktop --> desktop menu20:41
Odd-rationalethere is an option to disable desktop icons...20:41
robert__Odd-rationale, i don't see that option20:41
Odd-rationalerobert__: i believe it is in the second tab...20:41
Odd-rationale(i don't have xfce up right now... or i would tell you exactly...)20:42
robert__Odd-rationale, oh it worked thanks, except for trash. is there a way to remove trash?20:42
robert__oh i see it20:42
Odd-rationalenp :)20:42
robert__Odd-rationale, thanks man, its all good now20:43
robert__for a little bit i felt my linux freedom was threatened haha20:43
Klownerah, that was it20:45
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matt42are they any desktop effects for xubuntu 8.1021:20
TheSheepmatt42: xubuntu doesn't do desktop effects, except for transparency and shadows21:22
matt42kk cheers21:22
TheSheepmatt42: you can install compiz to have the effects from ubuntu21:22
matt42will they work on a ati9250 or FX550021:23
TheSheepmatt42: no idea, you have to ask the compiz guys21:25
TheSheep!compiz | matt4221:25
ubottumatt42: Compiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion21:25
matt42kk cheers21:25
frenzy42is anyone else having problems with the upgrade popping up?21:36
frenzy42i have the alternate install on three computers and neither of them show that an upgrade is avaliable21:36
frenzy42i'm running 8.0421:36
robert__in xubuntu can memory devices such as usb connected sd/sd-micro cards be recognized right away?21:36
frenzy42robert_ yes21:37
frenzy42but you have to go to /media/(thedevice)21:37
frenzy42it usally does not pop-up on the desktop21:37
ggreerso what's the standard way for browsing samba shares with xubuntu? I don't see "network" under places and googling gives me lots of stuff from 200621:38
robert__frenzy42, where do i find that in the menus?21:38
TheSheepggreer: you can use pyneighbourhood or fusesmb21:38
frenzy42places-file sytem21:38
frenzy42then /media/thedevice21:39
frenzy42usally named disk21:39
ggreerTheSheep: oh, so the guides from 2006 are still correct21:39
robert__oh ok, thanks21:39
frenzy42is anyone have problems with the update manager not showing that the new version is avaliable21:40
viddfrenzy42, that is because hardy is long term support21:40
viddyou need to open terminal and typ update-manager -d21:40
viddfrenzy42, i asked the same thing the other day!21:41
robert__i thought about installing compiz and awn, but decided that would defeat the purpose of using xubuntu21:42
robert__i saw a cool video yesterday on youtube showing that xubuntu on 256mb ram out performs vista on 4G ram21:47
=== Basia is now known as DebDeb
viddrobert__, as cool as those thing are....you have to look at the applications running as well....21:48
DebDebwhich version of Xubuntu should I get? 8.04.1 or 8.10? I know 8.10 is the newest, but 8.04.1 has LTS. What do people recommend?21:48
robert__here's the link i saw the video onhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXK5CNRk3NE21:48
viddfor example, opening up word is much more intensive then opening up mousepad21:49
robert__i always go newest for the improvements and just put up with the bugs and wait them out21:49
viddDebDeb, it all depends on what your looking for21:49
robert__wrong link21:49
viddrobert__, im not really interested21:50
DebDebvidd, whatevers best. I do some basic programming, emulation of various machines (such as calc.) etc. I like SPEED and privacy21:50
robert__http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0JO7pkhPnLE here's the right one21:50
viddyoutube is not very freindly to my system21:50
viddDebDeb, then either one is fine21:50
DebDebvidd, yes, privacy and security are important....whats the difference?21:50
viddDebDeb, for the most part....the kernel21:51
DebDebvidd, hmmm...If i wanted to do some IT work, install a LAMP server - what would be betteR?21:51
DebDebI also run R a lot...21:51
jim30Having problem with intrepid final after upgrading from 8.04.  Very slow to boot compared to 8.04 LTS.  Any idea why? Thought it was supposed to be faster boot than 8.04. Almost 2 minutes to boot compared to 30 seconds before upgrade.21:51
DebDebvidd, an open source statistical environment21:52
Odd-rationaleDebDeb: 8.10 has the encrypted ~/Private directory... if you want privacy...21:52
DebDebOdd-rationale, hey hey hey. that sounds nice!21:52
robert__i'm sure updates will speed it up21:52
DebDebvidd, what are the different things they are used for? will 8.10 be have LTS?21:52
viddjim30, did you set up the encryption?21:52
Odd-rationaleDebDeb: no lts on 8.1021:52
DebDebOdd-rationale, so does that mean it will become obselete in a year or so?21:53
viddDebDeb, lts is long term support21:53
Odd-rationaleDebDeb: 18 months21:53
viddjim30, there is your slow-down21:53
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server.21:53
DebDebOdd-rationale, so 8.10 will become obselete quicker, why did they make two versions?21:53
jim30Why so much slower than 8.04 with encryption?21:53
Odd-rationaleDebDeb: well. you have to understand ubuntu's release schedule system...21:54
viddDebDeb, your LAMP server (if its going to be headless) would be best with 8.04.121:54
viddyour desktop would be better with the 8.1021:54
DebDebvidd, headless?21:54
Odd-rationaleDebDeb: as you know, ubuntu gets a new release every sixmonths.21:54
viddDebDeb, no graphics21:54
DebDebvidd, ugh. no graphics, =D21:54
DebDebOdd-rationale, didnt know that. continue please21:55
viddjim30, i dont know the under-workings21:55
Odd-rationaleDebDeb: for commercial companies, that is too fast to keep up updateing all there machines... so ubuntu implements what are known as LTS Long Term Support21:55
DebDebOdd-rationale, ah. thats not too fast for me and updating is not so difficult21:55
Odd-rationaleDebDeb: LTS release is every 2 years, and get support for 3 years. normal releases get release every 6 months and are supported for 18 monts...21:56
viddjim30, i just know that on my systems, if i use the encryption, they drag on boot, and if i dont, they fly21:56
DebDebOdd-rationale, ahh...so 8.10 is "better" but needs to be updated more frequently?21:56
Odd-rationalefor example, 6.06 was the first LTS. two years later we have 8.04 LTS. the Next Lts is scheduled for 10.0421:56
DebDebOdd-rationale, I did find that 8.04 Ubuntu was a little poorer than 7.10...21:57
jim30Thanks .21:57
Odd-rationaleDebDeb: 8.10 is new and will need to be updated to 9.04 in sixmonths...21:57
robert__i thought every new one has lts21:57
DebDebOdd-rationale, which one is more  likely to be more stable?21:57
Odd-rationaleDebDeb: i agree... imo, 8.10 seemed to fix those issues...21:57
viddi also dont activate networking until after i load the desktop....because the system wants to spend forever timing out on network interfaces that are not plugged in or have anything to connect to21:57
Odd-rationaleDebDeb: 8.10 ! :P21:57
DebDebOdd-rationale, 8.10 will be more stable? Great. I think that is what i will get.21:58
DebDebOdd-rationale, vidd. Thanks for the help. Im fetching Xubuntu now. Cheers!21:58
viddrobert__, no...just every 2 years21:59
robert__xubuntu is normally fast, i assume more than a gig of ram wouldn't be used without multiple/certain apps21:59
robert__oh ok21:59
robert__so 8.10 doesn't have LTS?21:59
viddrobert__, that is correct21:59
DebDebrobert__, lol. I covered this. It will be updated however...its not like no LTS means that you will be hanging21:59
robert__how long is the support for 8.10, just until 9.4?21:59
ubottuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases21:59
robert__thats what i was thinking22:00
Odd-rationalethx favro... should have known there was a factoid... :P22:00
DebDebSo, essentially. The X.10 releases are better for you if you can afford to update more frequently?22:00
viddrobert__, you will get updates on 8.10 for 18 months (until version 10.04)22:01
Odd-rationalebtw, just as a reminder, Ubuntu OpenWeek starts tomorrow. and will be held at #ubuntu-classroom22:01
ubottuUbuntu is hosting a series of introductory sessions for people who want to join the Ubuntu community, which all takes place in a week. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOpenWeek for schedules, logs, and instructions.22:01
robert__i just always get the latest release for the improvements and wait out the bugs22:01
Odd-rationaledon't miss out!22:01
knomehmm. i wonder whether i'm sharing the speak about xubuntu with cody or not22:02
viddDebDeb, the "every six months" releases...not just the .10's22:02
robert__i want to join22:02
gourdcaptainhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers-96/+bug/251107/comments/43 - How do I install these bugfix beta video drivers in Xubuntu 8.10?22:02
gourdcaptainThe ones.22:03
robert__are ubuntu and xubuntu comparily about the same in speed withouth the compiz effects, or is it more than just compiz that makes ubuntu noticeably less speedy?22:04
Odd-rationalerobert__: more than compiz... xfce is quite a bit lighter than gnome...22:05
gourdcaptainrobert__: XFCE (xubuntu'22:05
gourdcaptains window manager) uses less memory and resources than GNOME.22:05
robert__whats s?22:05
gourdcaptainrobert__: Accidentally cut that line in two.22:05
viddgourdcaptain, you download the .tar.gz, unpack it, and follow the instructions in the readme file22:06
robert__oh ok22:06
viddgourdcaptain, usually, you just copy the entire directory into the /lib/firmware folder, and remove the item from the blacklist22:06
gourdcaptainrobert__: Also, xubuntu comes with a different set of lighweight applications than normal ubuntu.22:07
gourdcaptainvidd: Remove it from the blacklist?22:07
viddyes...just as it tells you to in the instructions on the page you links22:07
gourdcaptainvidd: No, it just says to remove it from the blacklist. I have no idea how to do that.22:08
vidddid you download the tar.gz file?22:08
gourdcaptainvidd: Yes.22:09
vidddid you unpack it?22:09
gourdcaptainvidd: Yes.22:09
vidddid you read the README file?22:09
gourdcaptainvidd: I can't find a readme file inside.22:10
viddi havent finished dl'ing it myself....22:10
gourdcaptainvidd: Thanks for the help so far, though.22:10
viddthese usually have an instruction file inside the package telling the user how to install it22:11
viddand it looks like i will be going home before it finishes downloading22:12
gourdcaptainvidd: Theres a shell script inside for x86 systems. Should I run that?22:12
robert__i'm using totem-xine for dvds and epiphany for music, does xfce have similar lighter apps?22:12
viddgourdcaptain, dunno....what other files are in there?22:12
robert__is switching from firefox to epiphany a good idea?22:13
viddrobert__, if you want light, drop totem and epiphany and use gxine for both22:13
gourdcaptainvidd: Theres another shell script for x84-64, a makefile, and  a folder called "Debian.binary" with text files I can't identify,22:13
robert__i meant rhythmbox not epiphany, sorry22:13
viddrobert__, epiphany is lighter then firefox, but there are other choices as well22:13
robert__i know epiphany and firefox are equal on the acid test22:14
viddrobert__, then definantly kill off rythembox!22:14
robert__vidd, really?22:14
viddrobert__, yes....why have 2 different apps when one app can do all?22:14
robert__oh ok22:15
viddgxine is a fine xine-based multimedia player22:15
robert__i really like the video quality in xine, is gxine pretty similar?22:15
viddgxine is a nice overlay of the xine player22:15
Maximilian1stHi, how can I tell if there are wrongly two mices detected by the system? I use a notebook and it seems that my xfdesktop is crashing because it is waiting for some mouse input it can't receive for some reason. I use Ubuntu 8.04 with svn Xfce.22:16
knomewhat does "video quality in xine" really mean.. doesn't the quality depend on the video :P22:16
robert__yeah usually22:16
robert__i'm gonna try out gxine22:16
knomeMaximilian1st, have you thought of moving to 8.10 ?22:16
joerlend_hey all. I'm trying to install Xubuntu intrepid onto a laptop that had xubuntu hardy. Hardy installed without any problems, but intrepid halts while booting. I haven't tried running a live session though. Is this a known bug?22:16
viddknome, im thinking he means "not that crap gsteamer rendering software"22:17
Maximilian1stknome, not really no22:17
Maximilian1stwould you think that would solve the issue?22:17
knome"svn xfce" does sound a bit like something might actually go wrong at least :]22:17
Maximilian1stjoerlend_, this is probably too vague for anyone to tell what your problem is.22:18
viddMaximilian1st, your running a "prove" system with an "experimental" wm....22:18
joerlend_maxamillion, that the installer from the desktop cd doesn't work anymore?22:18
joerlend_Maximilian1st... that was for you.22:18
robert__joerlend_, did you do a disc integrity check? it'll tell you if there's errors on the disc22:18
joerlend_I did.22:18
Maximilian1stknome, I know, though I'm the only one to complain about that. Just, how can I tell what mouse is being discovered by the system, does anyone know?22:18
viddjoerlend_, if you have a working hardy install....why not just upgrade by running update-manager -d in terminal?22:19
joerlend_robert__, trying to boot into a live session now, but it takes quite some time. :)22:19
Maximilian1stjoerlend_, I thought it was for me. There is an alternate CD install, you could try that and see how far you go?22:19
joerlend_vidd, it might come to that.22:19
viddjoerlend_, how much ram ya got?22:19
ubottuEnabling extra mouse buttons: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ManyButtonsMouseHowto  - Enabling serial mouse: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SerialMouseHowto22:19
joerlend_vidd, it was a clean system, so I thought a clean install might be just as well, but if it doesn't work, then I'll obviously have to try something else.22:19
joerlend_vidd, 128MB.22:20
viddthe live cd will never come up....22:20
viddthe alt cd will have issues22:20
joerlend_vidd, the installer doesn't come up.22:20
robert__gxine takes a long time to install22:20
knomeMaximilian1st, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingMouseDetection <- does this help you?22:20
joerlend_the live session did come up with hardy, though it took a long time.22:20
viddeven the mini.iso will be extremely slow22:20
Maximilian1stknome, I have a look at it...22:21
robert__i use to use itunes, man did that suck22:21
viddjoerlend_, you only have 2/3 of the recomended ram for the alt cd installer22:21
joerlend_vidd, what? That's 64MB isn't it?22:22
joerlend_for the alternate install? But I'm not using the alternate install, I'm using the install from the desktop cd.22:22
viddthe live cd , which runs the entire OS in your ram, cant load22:22
robert__i use to use windows xp, the min ram was 12822:22
viddbecause it runs out of ram-space22:22
joerlend_vidd, hardy live works just fine with 128MB.22:22
robert__live cd does use more though for sure22:23
joerlend_vidd, why does 810 require so much more than 804?22:23
viddonce the OS is installed, it will be fine with that little ram22:23
joerlend_yes, but why does intrepid require so much more resources than hardy?22:23
viddi dont know....22:23
viddbut you dont have the minimum recommended ram for hardy's live cd either22:23
robert__maybe its because its new and will slim over a few updates? hope....22:23
joerlend_dammit. Perhaps I'll have to switch to Fedora then?22:23
joerlend_vidd, oh, but that booted just fine.22:24
robert__i've never used fedora22:24
vidd"well officer....i was able to do 80 miles an hour over the speed limit around that corner last time it rained without crashing!"22:24
robert__ubuntu distros are the only ones i've really liked, well, except kubuntu, i don't like kde22:25
joerlend_I guess I'll try with the alt install, and if that doesn't work, I'll just have to either upgrade through the net or switch to another distro. Can you recommend another distro for older hardware?22:25
robert__i'd recommend net upgrade, go have fun, come home, and enjoy22:25
viddjoerlend_, if hardy is already installed, just upgrade22:25
viddsave you hours of aggrevation22:26
joerlend_vidd, but will it work on only 128MB RAM, or has the OS been made so much heavier it can't be used anymore?22:26
knomejoerlend_, it will work.22:26
knomejoerlend_, i also suggest updating with update manager22:27
Maximilian1stknome, nope, did not help, but... brought me further in that I had a look at the mouse settings in Xfce and it does show two mices. So I had a look at my xorg.conf file (yes, I still have one) and for some obscure reason there are two mices listed in there, will try to delete one and reload X.22:27
viddjoerlend_, once its installed...it will work fine....22:27
robert__did the recommended minimum requirements change at all?22:27
viddTHE INSTALLER is what you are having issues with...and needs so much of your ram22:27
knomeMaximilian1st, ok :)22:27
robert__i know ubuntu 8.10 fits on a cd-r and 8.4 didn't22:27
joerlend_I'll try to upgrade then.22:27
robert__i'm gonna try out gxine22:27
joerlend_ah, I hate regressions.22:28
knomei'm gonna try sleeping22:28
knomegood night.22:28
viddjoerlend_, its not "regression"22:28
viddits progress22:28
viddand with that...im going home22:28
joerlend_well. Progress in the wrong direction is a regression, isn't it? :=22:29
robert__i tried to play a dvd in gxine and this is what it said No input plugin was found.22:30
robert__Maybe the file does not exist or cannot be accessed, or there is an error in the URL. what gives?22:30
robert__xine engine failed to start22:30
nyczanyone here who knows how to install xubuntu 8.10 with safe graphics mode?22:32
nyczwithout the alternate cd22:32
vinnlnycz, what do you mean by safe graphics mode?22:33
nyczwhen i installed kubuntu, there was an option on boot where i could choose safe graphic mode or something22:34
robert__gxine didn't work, it said xine failed to start22:34
vinnlnycz, IIRC Xubuntu and Kubuntu have about the same boot screen22:34
robert__i don't like kde22:35
nyczyup, but xubuntu doesnt have the failsafe graphics-option22:35
nyczand right now my screen cant handle the normal install22:35
vinnlnycz, it's still the same screen? It received an update with Xubuntu 8.10 if I'm right22:35
robert__i wonder why xfce doesn't have LTS?22:36
Maximilian1stHey vinnl, is it your translation I'm about to commit?22:36
vinnlMaximilian1st, might be :)22:36
vinnlrobert__, Xfce or Xubuntu?22:36
nyczim not sure, i haven't installed 8.0422:36
nyczbut is there any boot option or something?22:36
vinnlnycz, probably, but I wouldn't know off the top of my head. You could check the Kubuntu CD and see what they added22:37
robert__vinnl, xfce22:37
vinnlrobert__, probably a lack of manpower to maintain that many releases22:37
nyczvinnl: how do i check that?22:38
vinnlnycz, I believe you had to press Tab to edit a boot option now22:38
vinnlIt's mentioned on-screen anyway22:38
nyczok... hm22:39
robert__are the GStreamer plugins required for gxine?22:40
vinnlnycz, or you could open the .iso with Archive Manager and view the file isolinux/text.cfg22:40
vinnlrobert__, nope22:40
nyczvinnl: ok, will try22:40
robert__what do i need to install for gxine to work?22:41
robert__it failed when i tried to play a dvd22:41
nyczvinnl: by the way, i just remembered what happned when i tried to install regularly22:41
nyczvinnl: the screen says "Out of range"22:41
nyczvinnl: never happened to me before 8.10, and it was the same with kubuntu 8.1022:42
vinnlrobert__, no idea, perhaps there's a #gxine channel?22:42
vinnlnycz, sorry, never had that before, wouldn't know what to do :(22:42
nyczvinnl: ok :/22:43
vinnlnycz, though if it's the same in Kubuntu, you might try in #ubuntu or #kubuntu as well :)22:43
nyczvinnl: i read that they changed to a newer x.org22:43
nyczvinnl: though it might have something to do wiht that22:43
vinnlCould be, really wouldn't know :S22:43
nyczok :/22:43
joerlend__I'm beginning to think it might be a hardware problem. Suddenly I can't boot hardy anymore either. Grub error 15.. That means some file is missing, right?22:44
nyczbtw, the alternate xubuntu installation-cd, is that textmode only?22:44
joerlend__and it is a "real" installer.22:45
vinnljoerlend_, Google says so :P22:46
joerlend__nycz, yes, it uses packages and dpkg instead of simply copying the system, aiui.22:46
vinnl...which isn't per definition better, right?22:47
joerlend__I didn't say better or worse.22:47
nyczjoerlend__: doesn't tell me too much, im not that good at that kind of things :S22:47
joerlend__I think installing from a desktop cd is faster.22:47
joerlend__though, of course, you have to load a bigger system first.22:48
nyczvinnl: i think i found what i was looking for22:48
nyczvinnl: something called VESA modes22:49
joerlend__nycz, well.. The alternate installer will be more like installing from a repository, while the desktop installer will be more like copying from one folder to another, as I understand it.22:49
vinnlMaximilian1st, why btw? :)22:49
joerlend__might not be completely accurate.22:49
vinnlnycz, good :)22:49
nyczjoerlend__: aha ok22:49
Maximilian1stvinnl, Was just wondering, no special reason... zomar ;-p22:51
nyczhere goes... reboot22:52
joerlend__think this might be a hardware problem.. I installed xubuntu hardy on this old laptop for my uncle, then I disconnected it and put it away. Now, two weeks later, it won't boot, even though nobody has touched it since then.22:53
gourdcaptainHow do I get to a terminal without xorg running and my wireless connection still up?22:53
joerlend__oh. I said that already :>22:53
annaimkonkihello all... i need help. i am new to xfce... how do i mount drives?23:03
annaimkonkipartitions that is23:03
annaimkonkiin gnome they already appear in the places area...23:04
pyntixi tried putting vga=829 in the boot options for the xubuntu installation but still, my screen said out of range23:08
=== pyntix is now known as nycz
joerlend__dammit! Now the alternate cd checksums doesn't match. :(23:09
TetracommI just installed a program using make install and this is the error I get when I try to run it, help?: http://pastebin.com/d56a830e23:14
=== nycz is now known as nyciz
nycizhow do i change the refresh frequency of the screen for the xubuntu installation?23:17
Odd-rationalenyciz: you will need to edit your xorg.conf file.23:18
nycizwhich one, its during the installation?23:19
gaurdroTetracomm, you'll need to talk in a channel dedicated to that program or install the version from the repo (if it exists)23:19
Odd-rationalenyciz: oh, during install?23:19
nycizOdd-rationale: yup23:19
Odd-rationalenyciz: well, same solution... but i rather use the alternative cd... much easier imo... :D23:20
nycizmy screen says "135,1 kHz   15 Hz   Out of range"23:20
nycizyup, guess i'll have to d/l that...23:20
Tetracommgaurdro: There is no channel for that program, and there is no version in the repository.23:20
nycizdoh :/23:20
joerlend__Tetracomm, perhaps it's a color depth thing? If you're using 32bit color depth, try switching to 24bit instead.23:21
TetracommHow do I switch?23:22
joerlend__that's just a wild guess though..23:22
nycizuh, the alternate cd... is it more difficult to use than the regular? i've never installed with only textmode before o_O23:22
joerlend__Tetracomm, that I can't answer. I don't use xubuntu much myself. :)23:22
Odd-rationalenyciz: nope. pretty staight forward23:22
nycizwell, while we're at it, what's the real difference between the 64bit xubuntu and the 32bit?23:23
nycizi've got an amd athlon 64, should i pick the 64bit version or stick with the 32bit? would i notice any difference, good or bad?23:24
nycizguess ill stick with 32 then23:28
Dark_Fire|CellI was just wondering what the minimum system requirements are...23:34
nycizDark_Fire|Cell: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xubuntu#System_Requirements23:37
nyciznice timing23:37
Dark_Fire|CellTx :)23:38
joerlend__you need 128MB RAM to run the live session, 192MB to install from the live session, and 64MB RAM to install using the alternate installer. And you need 1.5GB Harddisk.23:38
Dark_Fire|CellHope it will run on my laptop. Only 128 mb ram.23:38
Dark_Fire|CellO, hmm23:38
joerlend__the information on wikipedia is wrong, obviously.23:39
Odd-rationaleDark_Fire|Cell: use the alternative disk to install, is my recommendation.23:39
nycizoh well, time to try the alternate cd23:39
joerlend__Dark_Fire|Cell, it will. You should even be able to run a live session, but not install from it.23:39
Dark_Fire|CellBut how will it run? Slow?23:40
joerlend__Dark_Fire|Cell, the live session will run slowly. The installed system will run nicely. :)23:40
Odd-rationaleDark_Fire|Cell: i'd recommend this over xubuntu for you: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/LowMemorySystems23:40
Odd-rationalefirefox on 128mb of ram will be very slow...23:41
Odd-rationalei setup a friend with a pentium III, 128 mb ram with ubuntu + lxde23:41
joerlend__my uncle uses xubuntu on this laptop, which has a 450MHz CPU and 128MB RAM. He sais Firefox runs nicely.23:42
Odd-rationalei replaced firefox with epiphany...23:42
Odd-rationaleboth use gecko, so pages will render exactly the same...23:43
Dark_Fire|CellMind is 700MHz23:43
joerlend__Dark_Fire|Cell, it should be fine. you'll probably get a big performance boost if you add some more ram though.23:44
joerlend__the iso file passes the md5sums check. I write it to a cd and run the self test. Sometimes it passes up to 35%, sometimes to 50%, and this time 70%... Is there no system to what files it checks first?23:49
Odd-rationaleburn it slower...23:50
joerlend__I'll  try that too, but still.. It should fail at the same time each time, shouldn't it?23:50
gaurdrojoerlend__ , nope little errors are caused by your burner any time you burn something,  they get bigger the faster you burn.  it random as to which one will hit the threshold of the drive's reader as being different.23:55
joerlend__heh. I can't actually burn slow enough.. these cd's are max 4x. Ubuntu won't let me burn slower than 4.7x.23:57

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