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CyD_Devourer: basically run adept, get your system up to date, then it will offer to dist-upgrade for you00:00
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DevourerCyD_, I have updated everything and nothing else happens.00:02
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ToHellWithGAthere is some kind of bug in the way kde interoperability works in regular old gnome ubuntu00:02
ToHellWithGAit is impossible to configure mouse behavior with the systemsettings application00:03
CyD_hmm, !dist-upgrade00:03
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes00:03
ToHellWithGAkcontrol used to be able to configure mouse/keyboard/etc. from within gnome for use in kde applications00:03
ToHellWithGAis systemsettings the wrong way to go about mouse configuration?00:03
CyD_ToHellWithGA: it works ok from within kde here, but i can't comment on doing it from gnome00:05
ToHellWithGAsystemsettings is really bare in gnome00:05
ToHellWithGAsomething about i18n, something about sound, and two other things that are neither mouse nor keyboard00:06
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starenkaCyD_: heh i just need copy the whole system to bigger hdd and adjust partition sizes (notebook).. will it work out of the box, or there will be problems w/ grup & fstab etc?00:07
giuseppe_hi, does anyone know how to find wifi key?00:07
starenka(my cdrom is broken... so i cant boot the live cd...)00:07
jwaldo"SMB and NFS servers are not installed on this machine, to enable this module the servers must be installed". Sigh. Why must file sharing NEVER work for me?00:09
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KDeskI have read about file systems for flash memories, which is a good one that I can use?00:11
CyD_starenka: don't quote me, but the hd should end up having the same device name (sda etc) so .. but you'll have to install grub into the mbr on the new drive00:12
CyD_starenka: such as grub-install etc etc, should be easy instructions to find00:12
CyD_jwaldo: apt-get install samba00:12
legodudewhat does it mean when du and df don't agree?00:13
jwaldoCyD- does Samba work for sharing with Leopard, too?00:13
CyD_jwaldo: yes, leopard will recognize smb (windows) shares, which samba is00:13
legodudedu in root says 14gb used00:14
jwaldoawesome, thanks00:14
legodudeand df says 46gb used :(00:14
CyD_KDesk: i have no probs using vfat, ntfs, ext3 on flash drives00:15
CyD_KDesk: however i don't know if there are specific ones that would be best00:15
KDeskCyD_: Yes, I have read that there a specific ones for  flash memoryies, like this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JFFS200:16
johannes_hi how can I check what version of kde im using?00:16
KDeskjohannes_: In dolphin for example, help, about.00:17
KDeskjohannes_: or in konqueror, or look in apt or adept for kdebase an look at the version00:17
johannes_ah ok thx00:17
johannes_i heard there would be a version 4.1.3 but apt-get wont show me one?00:18
redguard_关于开驱动后openoffice,fcitx和networkmanage菜单显示为────,哪位知道怎样解决,显卡nvidia geforce2 mx mx 40000:19
DevourerCyD_, it's not working.00:19
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KDeskjohannes_: I have read also, I tihnk in -update repo should be, but it isn't. Maybe it will be in a few fays or maybe not.00:21
DaSkreechjohannes_: read the kubuntu.org site00:21
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes00:22
KDeskDaSkreech: ah, backport...00:22
johannes_ah I see backports00:22
KDeskI thought it would be in -update, I think it was so planet00:23
DevourerCyD_, it's giving me this "ImportError: No module named apt"00:23
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ActionParsnipyo yo yo00:24
* DaSkreech likes top better00:24
DevourerIs there a certain version of Python I need to run the Dist-upgrade tool.00:25
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ActionParsnipDevourer: no just run sudo apt-get dist-upgrade00:26
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DevourerActionParsnip, "0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded."00:27
DaSkreechDevourer: What are you trying ?00:27
ActionParsnipDevourer: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade00:27
DevourerActionParsnip, same result.00:28
DaSkreechDevourer: What are you trying to accomplish ?00:28
DevourerDaSkreech, upgrade from 8.04 to 8.10.00:28
ActionParsnip!upgrade | Devourer00:28
DaSkreech!upgrade | Devourer have a read00:28
ubottuDevourer: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes00:28
ubottuDevourer have a read: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes00:28
ActionParsnipDevourer: you need a different command00:28
DevourerI've already read that twice.00:28
DevourerCyD_, has also given it to me.00:28
DaSkreechDevourer: easiest way I have found is to do the server upgrade00:29
Devourerbut I'm not a server. :o00:29
DaSkreechThat seems to work the nicest out of all methods00:29
DaSkreechDevourer: The packages don't care00:29
DaSkreechThey just need to be told to upgrade00:29
DevourerSo it won't mess anything up?00:29
DaSkreechLInux rocks :)00:29
DevourerOh. Ok. =]00:29
ActionParsnipDevourer: read this00:29
ActionParsnipDevourer: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IntrepidUpgrades00:29
DevourerActionParsnip, I already have. :'(00:30
ActionParsnipDevourer: theres a section that reads: Network Upgrade for Ubuntu Servers (Recommended)00:30
DevourerYeah. :)00:30
ActionParsnipDevourer: theres 3 commands to run which will upgrade you00:30
* ActionParsnip puts away his spoon00:30
DevourerI hope this works...00:31
jwaldohmmmm, Samba is installed and working, but still no luck00:31
DevourerOr else I'm just gonna move over to GNOME.00:31
ActionParsnipDevourer: whatever suits you best00:31
ActionParsnipjwaldo: can we see your /etc/samba/smb.conf please00:31
DevourerHaha, yeah. Lol.00:32
ActionParsnipjwaldo: use pastebin00:32
ActionParsnipDevourer: so did you read that bit I pointed you to?00:32
ActionParsnipDevourer: and is it working?00:33
DevourerActionParsnip, I'm on the editing part.00:33
DevourerIt looks like it should work.00:33
ActionParsnipDevourer: so you didnt read it then did you?00:34
DevourerI did.00:34
DevourerI'm on step 3.00:34
ActionParsnipthen why didnt you see that bit?00:34
ActionParsnipDevourer: you said you'd read the post and the solution wasnt there, yet the thing you are currently following is on that same post00:35
DevourerActionParsnip, Well... Mr. specific. I thought the server upgrade applied to server installations not desktop installations, so therefore I believed that did not apply to me and THEREFORE the solution was not there.00:36
ActionParsnipthe server and desktop systems are pretty much the same, just slightly different kernel nd some packages but its all updated using the same method00:37
jwaldoActionParsnip- noob question, but pastebin?00:37
ActionParsnip!paste | jwaldo00:37
ubottujwaldo: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)00:37
ActionParsnipjwaldo: paste text in there, hit paste, then give us the address bar contents00:37
ActionParsnipjwaldo: so we can view the file00:38
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DevourerActionParsnip, it's working now though. :o I think this is the easiest method of them all...00:38
wesleyis there a real way to check if you contact on msn has blocked you00:38
DevourerprometheusUnboun, so annoying with the name changes.00:38
ActionParsnipDevourer: indeed00:38
ActionParsnipwesley: theres a thing online, its sneaky00:38
ulfkhi all, i made a upgrade to 8.10 so far all is working, even the new kde version00:39
ActionParsnipwesley: http://www.blockstatus.com/msn/stchecker00:39
wesleywhere? becaudse i want to check if i am blocked00:39
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wesleydoes it really work?00:39
DevourerTest it to find out I guess.00:40
jwaldoAlso, it lists my Mac, but I get an error when I try to connect00:40
ActionParsnipjwaldo: ok, thats a very stock smb.conf00:40
jwaldoshould be, I haven't changed anything at all00:40
ActionParsnipwesley: yeah, it basically fakes being a user and checks status, you may be blocked but randomly generated names arent which is how the thing works00:40
wesleyIt works00:40
ActionParsnipwesley: told you00:41
ActionParsnipjwaldo: then put some data in that file and resart the samba service, folders will appear00:41
ActionParsnipjwaldo: http://pastebin.com/f612b413100:41
wesleyActionParship its the first one that worls00:42
ActionParsnipjwaldo: here's mine, look at the bottom lines. Its really that simple to share stuff00:42
CyD_jwaldo: ActionParsnip, haven't seen the whole combo but filesharing usually configures fine through the gui as well00:44
CyD_right click folder, properties, sharing00:45
CyD_in kde at any rate00:45
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ActionParsnipCyD_: if you look at my file, its so simple, plus you can look cool by sshing in, adding a share then restarting samba00:45
CyD_ActionParsnip: :)00:46
ActionParsnipCyD_: ive always used the conf files, gui is way too slow for me00:46
jwaldoI can see the other computer in my workgroup, but when I try to connect I get a "could not connect to host" error00:47
ActionParsnipjwaldo: did you sudo smbpasswd <your username>00:49
jwaldoOn which computer?00:50
ActionParsnipjwaldo: the linux one running samba00:50
wesleyActionParship now i know for sure that my girlfriend blocked me, and that sucks00:50
jwaldoThis must be what it was like for me as a new Windows user too many, many years ago. =|00:50
ActionParsnipjwaldo: you'll learn00:51
jwaldoin Terminal, I assume00:51
wesleyIf there was a program that could confrotate her would be nice00:51
ActionParsnipjwaldo: always in terminal00:51
ActionParsnipjwaldo: i dont use gui much whih is good in irc as its a text based chat00:52
zer0owatch www.zeithgeistmovie.com and join thevenusproject.com00:53
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jwaldo"sudo: smbpassword: command not found"00:53
CyD_is that smbpasswd?00:54
zer0owrong link... www.zeitgeistmovie.com :D00:54
ActionParsnipjwaldo: sudo smbpasswd <username>00:55
ActionParsnipjwaldo: thats the username and password you use to access your samba shares00:56
jwaldoI already set those through the GUI00:56
ActionParsnipjwaldo: well yu just set it now in the terminal way00:59
ActionParsnipjwaldo: try now, add some shares to the smb.conf file (you'll need kdesudo kate /etc/samba/smb.conf)01:00
ActionParsnipjwaldo: then run: sudo /etc/init.d/samba restart01:00
ActionParsnipjwaldo: check my smb.conf out: http://pastebin.com/f612b413101:01
ActionParsnipjwaldo: and look at the bottom 20 lines or so, those are my 2 shares i have on my fileserver01:02
jwaldoActionParsnip- The [CDROM] and [Downloads] sections?01:03
ActionParsnipjwaldo: yep01:03
ActionParsnipjwaldo: its THAT simple01:04
jwaldoI assume the bracketed names are files/locations and the stuff under them sets the sharing permissions?01:04
ActionParsnipjwaldo: if you copy my text into yours then modify as required01:04
ActionParsnipjwaldo: yeah the bracketted name is the name of the share01:05
bdoghow do I move widgets in kde 401:06
ActionParsnipbdog: drag them01:07
jwaldohmmm, Kate won't let me save the changes01:07
bdogthey're not movin!01:07
ActionParsnipjwaldo: did you open it with kdesudo kate /etc/samba/smb.conf01:07
bdoglike the app launcher01:07
ActionParsnipbdog: you may need to click the lock button on the widget so it becomes unlocked01:08
jwaldosaved. Now what?01:09
ActionParsnipjwaldo: the file is owned by root so you need kdesudo kate to run kate as root01:09
ActionParsnipjwaldo: sudo /etc/init.d/samba restart01:09
ActionParsnipjwaldo: the file is reread and the new config is now applied01:10
bdogok i had to go to panel settings01:11
jwaldohmmm, same error01:11
ActionParsnipjwaldo: hmm01:12
jwaldo"could not connect to host for smb://spiffy-macbook/"01:12
ActionParsnipjwaldo: what about if you give the full name, like: //<server name>/<share name>01:12
ActionParsnipjwaldo: can you ping the system by name?01:12
jwaldoHow would I do that?01:13
ActionParsnipjwaldo: ping spiffy-macbook01:14
jwaldo"ping: unknown host spiffy-macbook"01:15
ActionParsnipjwaldo: thats your problem01:15
ActionParsnipjwaldo: you cant resolve the name to an IP01:15
ActionParsnipjwaldo: bad dns01:16
ActionParsnipjwaldo: you could put the system on static ip and have an entry in /etc/hosts01:16
ActionParsnipjwaldo: or find out why its not resolving01:16
jwaldomight be something in the Mac settings01:16
zir-rtIf I am conected with a wifi and cable network, how can I specify through which conexion the internet should be accessed?01:16
ActionParsnipjwaldo: silly question, is spiffy-macbook turned on? Is it the correct computername?01:17
ActionParsnipzir-rt: pull one of the interfaces down01:17
jwaldoIt's on and the name is right01:17
ActionParsnipjwaldo: go find out its ip address01:18
ActionParsnipjwaldo: and double check the host name01:18
zir-rtActionParsnip: could you tell me how? Is that to disconect one?01:18
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wesleyActionParsnip how good does that msn status checker work01:19
ActionParsnipwesley: not sure Ive not had any use of it but i know how it works01:19
ActionParsnipzir-rt: sudo ifdown <interface name (eg eth0)>01:19
jwaldoWhere should In enter its IP address? And where would I find the host name?01:19
ActionParsnipjwaldo: if its a mac i have no idea01:20
wesleyCan it be tha msn user under Linux are automatic offline ?01:20
ActionParsnipwesley: they can appear offline with the client01:20
wesleyamsn says that she removed me from her contact list01:21
zir-rtActionParsnip: thanks. But with the interface down, if I want to access through the other I have to restore from the down (up?) and down the other?01:21
ActionParsnipzir-rt: if you are connected with both it will force traffic through the up interface01:21
jwaldoIs the host name the same as computer name?01:21
ActionParsnipzir-rt: you can always sudo ifup <if name>01:22
ActionParsnipjwaldo: yes01:22
zir-rtActionParsnip: thanks!01:22
jwaldoah, then yes, it's correct01:22
ActionParsnipjwaldo: ok, well if you can use the ip instead01:22
ActionParsnipsmb:// for example01:23
ActionParsnipuse the ip of spiffy-macbook01:23
wesleyhow can amsn know if a person removed you from there contactlist01:23
ActionParsnipwesley: not sure, does it tell you?01:24
wesleyyeah it does tell me that, and i believe that can be right01:26
pontwesley: You would have to have an understanding of the protocal, But you would assume it could tell you because the MSN server tells it, The MSN server may tell it because perhaps it does some peer to peer notification when you are online although that seems abit strange, perhaps thats what it does..01:26
wesleyif a person is offline you would´nt get there screen name01:28
ActionParsnipwesley: it just asks the msn server if they are online as some randomly generated account name, the server sees the user is not blocking this random account so it responds with the situation01:29
jwaldoActionParsnip- no luck with the IP address, but the other computer HAS disappeared from the worgroup list01:30
ActionParsnipjwaldo: i think your smaba server has issues. id reboot it01:30
jwaldoThat'd be this computer, right?01:30
Bearcathey folks. I'm running sourcemage linux (yea, i know but we're all together in linux right and i feel like i've exhausted my options) and kde 4.1.3. For some reason when i run kde4 non-phonon apps the sound is blocked. Now i'm not aware of how phonon could actually grip the soundcard. It's just an api and others tell me they don't have this problem. I have a m-audio delta 1010lt card. Any ideas at all?01:31
Bearcatthis is messing up my mythtv and i have to do a demo on mythtv in a few weeks.01:31
ActionParsnipjwaldo: yeah, the samba server pc is not in your routers dns list so i'd reboot it01:31
jwaldobrb, then01:31
ActionParsnipBearcat: maybe you should swich sound server01:32
ActionParsnipBearcat: try ALSA01:32
BearcatActionParsnip: alsa is not a sound server. It's a kernel level api and driver system.01:33
BearcatActionParsnip: and it's a problem when i run kde401:33
Bearcatfor a brief period last night i considered swithing to Gnome to get past this problem01:34
lakis1982do u know how can i uninstall openoffice 3 ???01:34
ActionParsnipBearcat: then ditch it for gnome01:34
Bearcatto be clear, it's not phonon apps that are blocking the sound server as i can run multiple phonon apps and get sound from them all. It's phonon itself01:35
ActionParsniplakis1982: dpkg -l | grep -i office01:35
ActionParsniplakis1982: then sudo apt-get --purge remove <whatever>01:36
lakis1982on whatever what should i type ?01:36
jwaldoIt sees the MB again, but still has the host problem01:36
BearcatActionParsnip: well, that would solve the problem, but it's not the solution i'm looking for. That's kind of like buying a new car when your alternator goes bad.01:36
lakis1982actionpars ??  what does the first command is for ?01:37
lakis1982whats its purpose?01:37
jwaldoIt doesn't seem to be the router, so it myst be the Mac01:38
ActionParsniplakis1982: you are querying your system for office apps, you can then find the package name and uninstall it with apt-get01:38
ActionParsnipBearcat: hardly, its still ubuntu linux. just a different desktop01:39
ActionParsnipjwaldo: well you arent resolving the name to an IP so if you can find out its ip address you can circumvent dns01:39
lakis1982it turned many results in terminal with this command01:40
lakis1982how can i uninstall them all?01:40
BearcatActionParsnip: well right, but i'm comfortable in kde for a number of reasons. Besides, i know others have this working so it must either be a configuration issue or my card itself01:40
jwaldoWhat's the linux terminal command for finding the IP address?01:40
ActionParsnipBearcat: true, i cant think of anything to suggest really, sorry. You may have to use it if the time starts pressing. just to get you through your demo01:41
ActionParsnipjwaldo: ifconfig01:41
BearcatActionParsnip: thanks. They wanted to see KDE too, but if worst comes to worst i might be able to stop phonon or just load up somthing like E17 that looks good.01:42
emmaIf any one has not yet installed firefox, but is thinking of doing so, I suggest you use: sudo aptitude -R install firefox01:42
emmaThat will avoid installing recommended packages by default so hopefully you don't get all the gnome libs.01:42
jwaldoActionParsnip- Works in the Mac terminal, too. Now, where do I put the Mac's IP address?01:43
emmaYou can see what WOULD happen by using the simulate command: sudo aptitude -s install firefox01:43
Bearcatthanks for the support ActionParsnip01:43
BearcatActionParsnip: awesome nic by the way. You should have your own  action figure01:44
lakis1982how can i uninstall them all?01:45
ActionParsnipBearcat: its a harry hill joke01:46
ActionParsniplakis1982: you could awk and grap like crazy, id just type them or copy paste01:47
ActionParsnipjwaldo: in your file browser type: smb://<ip address>/<share name>01:47
courtjestergWHATS UP NEWBIEE01:47
ActionParsnipBearcat: try a little later, someone may be able to help01:47
BearcatActionParsnip: i shall. thanks01:47
courtjestergjust installed kubuntu01:47
ActionParsnipcourtjesterg: nice01:48
courtjesterganybody know how i get that invisble desktop back on the desktop lol01:48
ActionParsnipinvisible desktop?01:48
BearcatActionParsnip: i think he means the file browser plamoid01:49
Bearcatwhat ever it's called01:49
courtjestergi restart the computer and then it was gone! Yeah when you first start up the system on the desktop it has a window thats invisable and you can add stuff inthere01:49
courtjestergit said desktop onit01:49
jwaldoHooray, it worked! If I can remember which password I need to enter for authentication >_>01:49
courtjestergchecked my widgets nah01:49
ActionParsnipjwaldo: your DNS isnt working01:49
Bearcatcourtjesterg: add the "Folder view" to your desktop, set that to show the Desktop folder and then enlarge it to fill the desktop space.01:50
ActionParsnipcourtjesterg: right click dsktop -> add widget -> folder view01:50
ActionParsnipwidgets are evil01:50
courtjestergok thaks new to this irc chat too used it long ago welcome to a new era a free era of development01:50
* Bearcat wishes kde4 had a good chat program. He's stuck using gaim01:51
ActionParsnipBearcat: pidgin is awesome01:51
Bearcat*shrugs* i don't care for it as much01:51
DragnslcrKopete works fine for me01:52
BearcatDragnslcr: for irc? Really? What version?01:52
wesleyBearcat Kopete >01:52
DragnslcrI stopped following Pidgin development after the magically-expanding-textarea episode01:52
wesleyFor IRC i use Konversation01:53
DragnslcrBearcat- sorry, thought you meant IM01:53
DragnslcrKonversation is good enough for me01:53
ActionParsnipi use a whole host of protocols so having a seperate app for irc doesnt make any sense to me01:53
DragnslcrWish it had event-based scripting, but I'm dealing with it01:53
jwaldoActionParsnip- something on my computer not working. Hardly a new experience =|01:53
BearcatDragnslcr: no probs. I've been using emacs to do irc. If that not geeky i donno what is!01:54
jwaldomust eat, brb01:55
=== jwaldo is now known as jwaldo|away
courtjestergno i beleive it said workspace but again no widget01:56
ActionParsnipthats all i got then dude. i dont use gui stuff hardly so im no use01:57
ActionParsnipyou could try a litttle later01:57
ActionParsnipor ask in #kde01:57
lakis1982_To continue, hit ok and we will try to recover. If you close the application now, we will not do anything and you may try to resolve the problem manually.01:58
lakis1982_(If you suspect this is a bug in Adept, please also provide the following exception description in the report).01:58
lakis1982_The error was:01:58
lakis1982_APT Error. Context:01:58
lakis1982_    Running dpkg,01:58
lakis1982_    [ /usr/bin/dpkg, --status-fd, 3, --configure, openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us, plasmoid-weather ],01:58
lakis1982_    Sup-process returned error code 1,01:58
lakis1982_    Error processing openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us : subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 127.01:58
lakis1982_this is what it writes whenever i try to install something on package manager01:58
courtjestergodd this chat room is for the os i am using and nobody knows or remebers when they first started on there desktop?01:58
ActionParsniplakis1982_: sudo apt-get -f install; sudo apt-get update02:01
ActionParsnipcourtjesterg: how do you mean first started on their desktop?02:01
lakis1982_do i have to write these commands everytime ?02:01
ActionParsniplakis1982_: just this once02:03
lakis1982_let me try install something with package manager and see what it writes02:03
ActionParsniplakis1982_: can you install with apt-get02:03
lakis1982_do you any package that constains many codecs plugins for audio video ?02:03
lakis1982_install what?02:04
lakis1982_with appt-get02:04
ActionParsniplakis1982_: whatever you want to install02:05
ActionParsniplakis1982_: what are you wanting to install?02:07
lakis1982_it gets me the same error everytime02:07
lakis1982_nothing specifically .. i just want to see what goes wrong and everytieme i install something in package manager i get error02:08
Linux_Galore_anyone know why intrepid would boot up and everything looks fine but i cant get web access, router is fine I have a laptop plugged in02:09
Linux_Galore_it was working fine lasy night02:09
Linux_Galore_all the system tools are showing its connecting but i cant ping or anything02:10
Linux_Galore_in hosts.conf why is the "order hosts,bind" line there, should i disable this02:11
Linux_Galore_I dont have bind setup02:11
ActionParsnipLinux_Galore_: do you have an ip address assigned from dhcp?02:11
ActionParsnipLinux_Galore_: ifconfig02:11
Linux_Galore_ActionParsnip: yes it has an ip02:12
ActionParsnipLinux_Galore_: can you give use a pastebin of your ifconfig output as well as /etc/network/interfaces file (feel free to remove any security in the file)02:12
Linux_Galore_ActionParsnip: I have no network connection02:13
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Linux_Galore_see if i can ssh into my laptop02:14
ActionParsnipLinux_Galore_: can you ping your routers IP?02:14
mister-teacan you send suggestions to be included in the sound card troubleshooting guide? If so, how?02:14
ActionParsnipLinux_Galore_: can you ping www.bmezine.com02:15
ActionParsnipLinux_Galore_: can you ping
Linux_Galore_ActionParsnip: I can ssh from the desktop (with no web access) to my laptop02:15
ActionParsnipLinux_Galore_: what about pings to the ip and name i gave?02:16
Linux_Galore_hold on let me copy the ifconfig output over first02:17
jwaldoHmmmm, one thing I miss about Windows- problems had a habit of just going away after a while :P02:20
Linux_Galore_yes i can ping an ip but not do a lookup02:21
ActionParsnipLinux_Galore_: then dns is failing02:21
Linux_Galore_ActionParsnip: I think its that extra line in hosts.conf02:21
Linux_Galore_ActionParsnip: my laptop doesnt have it02:21
ActionParsnipLinux_Galore_: add one of these IPs to /etc/resolv.conf02:22
ActionParsnipLinux_Galore_: http://theos.in/windows-xp/free-fast-public-dns-server-list/02:22
ActionParsnipLinux_Galore_: those are public DNS servers02:22
ActionParsnipLinux_Galore_: that can sort stuff out, only add one or two02:23
Linux_Galore_ActionParsnip: resolve.conf has the opendns IP same as this laptop02:24
ActionParsnipLinux_Galore_: well if you can connect via ip but not name then dns is failing02:24
Linux_Galore_ActionParsnip: now its working, and no I havent edited anything02:25
Linux_Galore_ActionParsnip: slow assed dhcpd02:25
ActionParsnipLinux_Galore_: maybe its just a dns burp02:26
jwaldohmm, when I try to directly access my laptop's shared folder, it asks for username and password. Whose username and password do I use?02:26
Linux_Galore_ActionParsnip: I noticed the bind line disapapeared from /etc/host.conf by itself02:26
ActionParsnipjwaldo: the one you set with sudo smbpasswd02:26
ActionParsnipLinux_Galore_: strange02:27
Linux_Galore_ActionParsnip: yeah, computers dont do thing by themselves unless there is a conflict02:27
matt__In KDE4, is there a way to change the time to AM/PM?02:27
jtechidnamatt__: System Settings -> Regional and Language -> time tab02:28
Linux_Galore_ActionParsnip: wonder were it got the order hosts,bind  crap from in host.conf02:28
ActionParsnipmatt__: there doesnt appear to be an option for it in the widget's options02:29
Linux_Galore_ActionParsnip: I suspect its a timeout that forced dhcpd to try again02:29
matt__ActionParsnip: jtechidna Oh, thanks. Sorta driving me nuts. Other than that, KDE4.1* is solid ;)02:30
* mister-tea seems like he might wait awhile to upgrade to 8.10 with all the troubles I've seen02:30
ActionParsnipLinux_Galore_: if it happens again, you could restart networking to bup start02:30
ActionParsnipmister-tea: works 100% here. but all my hardware is 100% linux certified :D02:31
jwaldoOdd, the only folder it shows on my laptop apparently doesn't exist02:33
VicTheHunterHello, I can't get compiz Rotate Cube effect to work on KDE.  Would someone please help me for a moment?02:33
ubottuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness from KMenu -> System -> Desktop Effects - further help in #compiz-fusion02:34
cuznttry that vic02:35
ActionParsnipVicTheHunter: sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager02:35
VicTheHunterThanks. Is #compiz-fusion an irc channel?02:35
mister-teamatt__ the short answer is yes I have seen this question answered before but I'm still on 3.5 so I can't tell you how02:36
mister-teathere yoou go02:36
VicTheHunterI have installed compiz. Also, my screen automatically switches between desktops every time my mouse touches the edge of the screen. How do I disable the auto-screen-switch?02:36
matt__mister-tea: It's ok, someone told me.02:37
VicTheHunterIt's annoying, because I use my keyboard and mouse on my lap.  When the mouse rolls to the edge, the active window is gone.02:37
VicTheHunterlap -> that is, my lapdesk.02:37
mister-teaActionParsnip: thanks but I still have a problem with mediamanager and usb sticks is that cured in 8.10 if so I'm there02:39
=== Drachenblut is now known as Lord_Drachenblut
ActionParsnipmister-tea: mediamanager?02:40
mister-teayeah when I try to mount usb or digital camera I get mediamanager is not running error I've yet to cure it02:41
mister-teaI had it working on 3.5.9 but it came back since 3.5.1002:42
jwaldoApparently I was wrong about being able to connect directly to the laptop- tried the same process with a made-up IP address, same result02:42
ActionParsnipive not heard of that one mister-tea. I just use mount02:43
mister-teawell I've read alot about it recently and I still have a few things to try but the wife is pissy about not being able to upload her pictures02:44
mister-teahas something to do with kded02:44
ActionParsnipmister-tea: just mount it with mount and you get a score, ive never heard of mediamanager02:45
ActionParsnipalthough i do have it installed02:45
mister-teawell I can't seem to find it either but it prohibits me from any mounting manual or otherwise I got around it before by removing dolphin but as I said it's back02:46
mister-teaIf I could find it I would try removing it02:47
ActionParsnipmister-tea: could switch to gnome02:48
jwaldoActionParsnip- you know the terminal command for sending a limited number of pings?02:49
ActionParsnipjwaldo: ping www.aol.com -c 402:50
ActionParsnipman ping ;)02:50
jwaldomy laptop does respond when I ping the router-assigned IP address or the regular IP address02:51
zirodayI installed the package kubuntu-desktop which installed a whole bunch of kde stuff. Now I want to get rid of all the kde stuff I did removed kubuntu-desktop but it didn't autoremove all the kde stuff. How do I get rid of it all?02:52
ActionParsnipjwaldo: add your routers ip as a nameserver in /etc/resolv.conf02:52
ActionParsnip!puregnome | ziroday02:53
ubottuziroday: If you want to remove all !KDE packages and have a default !Ubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/puregnome »02:53
zirodayActionParsnip: thanks!02:53
=== EvilDaemon is now known as maxbaldwin
jwaldoActionParsnip- it's already there02:54
zirodayum thats removing a whole load of packages, including wine, liferea, ogmrip, etc...02:55
ActionParsnipjwaldo: then your router is having issues. id reboot it02:56
ActionParsnipziroday: then edit those out02:56
VicTheHunterHello, How do I disable all of the messages which say who enters or leaves this irc chat room?02:58
metbsddoes anyone use webcam and microphone to do web conference with other people here?02:58
mister-teaActionParsnip did you get any of that through the net split?02:59
ActionParsnipmister-tea: didnt see anything03:00
mister-teaI got kicked on the last one03:00
mister-teaI was down to 25 people in the room03:01
=== ryan is now known as jwaldo_
mister-teaActionParsnip do you know if I need mediamanger at all?03:02
ActionParsnipmister-tea: not sure, uninstall it and see what happens, you can always reinstall it03:03
=== miguel is now known as Guest54805
mister-teak I'll try it later when I"m back on that box03:05
jwaldo_I think I'll give up on making my LAN play nice together for today03:07
Pyles17I need help connecting my wireless internet in kubuntu 8.1003:10
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:10
Pyles17How do I connect wireless internet with an Intel 3945ABG card?03:12
bazhangPyles17, open a terminal and type ifconfig; how many entries are there03:13
Pyles172: eth0 and lo03:14
ActionParsnipPyles17: bazhang: http://kerneltrap.org/node/770403:14
bazhangActionParsnip, mine works :)03:14
mister-teahttp://ph.ubuntuforums.com/showthread.php?t=934392 discusses the problem03:14
ActionParsnipPyles17: laptop or desktop?03:14
Pyles17laptop. gateway/mpc tablet03:15
ActionParsnipPyles17: is the wifi switched on?03:16
Pyles17it works in windows xp03:17
jwaldo_Now when I try to connect to the laptop's IP address, I get a server timeout. Almost improvement-like03:19
ActionParsnipjwaldo_: is it the same ip as the system you are connecting to? maybe its dhcp lease expired and it has a new one03:20
jwaldo_It's the IP assigned by the router03:20
ActionParsnipjwaldo_: check its the right ip03:21
jwaldo_ActionParsnip- definitely the right IP03:23
Pyles17actionparsnip: the iwlwifi page says the released drivers won't work with kernels 2.6.24 and up. is that a problem?03:23
ActionParsnipPyles17: maybe, you can use ndiswrapper if you turn up blank03:24
ActionParsnipPyles17: which kernel are you running, use uname -a03:25
=== EvilDaemon is now known as maxbaldwin
Pyles17ActionParsnip: 2.6.2703:25
ActionParsnipPyles17: on intrepid03:26
Pyles17ActionParsnip: That's 8.10 right? I'm a Linux newb03:27
ActionParsnipyeah 8.10 = intrepid03:27
Pyles17ok. then yes03:27
ActionParsnipPyles17: lsb_release -a | grep -i code03:28
jwaldo_Okay, got the direct connection working. The laptop's firewall was blocking the connection03:30
ActionParsnipPyles17: what does lshw -C network show03:32
Pyles17*-network UNCLAIMED03:33
Pyles17       description: Network controller03:33
Pyles17       product: PRO/Wireless 3945ABG [Golan] Network Connection03:33
Pyles17       vendor: Intel Corporation03:33
Pyles17       physical id: 003:33
Pyles17       bus info: pci@0000:03:00.003:33
Pyles17       version: 0203:33
Pyles17       width: 32 bits03:34
Pyles17       clock: 33MHz03:34
Pyles17       capabilities: cap_list03:34
Pyles17       configuration: latency=003:34
ubottupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)03:34
Pyles17ActionParsnip: the other two are ethernet interfaces03:34
ActionParsnipok cool03:34
ActionParsnipyeah, unclaimed means no driver03:35
mister-teadriver s/b iwl394503:35
Pyles17so it would be this one? iwlwifi-3945-ucode-
ActionParsnipPyles17: looks good to me03:36
ActionParsnipPyles17: madwifi-tools may help03:37
_2i have a few UNCLAIMED on this box, don't we all ?03:38
ActionParsnip_2: nope, all installed :D03:38
Pyles17ActionParsnip: what do i do with a .tgz file?03:38
_2ActionParsnip really ?    sudo lshw | grep UNCLAIMED   is blank for you ?03:38
* mister-tea high fives _203:39
_2andy not if you are on windows !  :)03:39
ActionParsnip_2: scanning now03:40
mister-teano My ubuntu box downstairs03:40
ActionParsnip_2: http://pastebin.com/m544cae8b03:40
_2oh ok then   ^503:40
ActionParsnipPyles17: tar zxvf iwlwifi-3945-ucode-
ActionParsnip_2: is that all groovy?03:41
* mister-tea has loaded ubuntu back in his play box03:41
_2suits me.  i just asked...03:41
ActionParsnip_2 :D03:41
ActionParsnipPyles17: that extracts the data, then go into the folder it creates and read the readme's etc03:42
ActionParsnipPyles17: you may need to sudo apt-get install build-essential03:43
ubottukeyboard shortcuts can be set in K -> System Settings -> Keyboard & Mouse. Try also "Input Actions" in KControl. If your multimedia keys don't work with that, try the 'keytouch' package, explained at https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KDEMultimediaKeys - See !Keyboard for changing layouts03:43
courtjestergAM THE BOMB I AM THE BOMB03:44
courtjestergi am in heaven03:44
courtjesterglook at all this software03:44
_2lol courtjesterg03:44
courtjestergi will never have to search for a program again03:44
Pyles17ActionParsnip: I'll try that. right now it says: Cannot open: No such file or directory03:45
courtjesterghey whats up with this kmail i use gmail is it my enemy? How do i get a kmail03:45
courtjestergdo i already have a kmail?03:46
jwaldoActionParsnip: I've emerged victorious. Thanks a million =)03:46
ActionParsnipPyles17: you have to be in the same folder as the file03:46
ActionParsnipjwaldo: sweet03:46
ActionParsnipcourtjesterg: dpkg -l | grep -i kmail03:47
courtjesterg? what???03:47
courtjestergdo have a kmail or do i have to sign up for one?03:48
courtjestergor is it just the programs name03:48
jtechidnaKMail is just the program's name03:48
Pyles17courtjesterg: kmail is only a client. It basically brings your email to your computer, it's not actually a mail service03:48
=== ses59 is now known as ses59_
ActionParsnipcourtjesterg: its like outlook express03:50
courtjestergyeah i got it i know  its just like thunderbird and ect....03:50
courtjestergso how secure is this browser and this email client?03:50
ActionParsnipsecure in what way?03:50
jwaldoLooks like I'll be celebrating my victory by trying to get Amarok to play my iTunes files >_<03:51
courtjestergi mean is there still a high threat to virus or no cause this is written in a different code then windows03:51
ActionParsnipcourtjesterg: oh yeah its groovy as windows viri wont touch you03:51
Pyles17ActionParsnip: so if it's on my desktop, would it be?: tar zxvf home/michael/desktop/iwlwifi-3945-ucode-
ActionParsnipcourtjesterg: just run it as user and you'll be pretty much ok (linux virii do exist but are very limited and dont do much really due to the user model)03:52
ActionParsnipPyles17: desktop has a capital D03:52
ActionParsnipPyles17: linux is case sensitive03:52
Pyles17that would explain why it didn't work.03:52
ActionParsnipPyles17: you can tab complete stuff, saves bother03:53
Pyles17ActionParsnip: what?03:53
ActionParsnipPyles17: just like you tab complete my nick, you can tab complete commands, file names and folder names03:54
Pyles17ActionParsnip: sweet03:55
ActionParsnipkills your typing ability03:55
=== ubuntu is now known as ubuntu_
Pyles17ActionParsnip: I can see how it would03:55
courtjesterghey what about a firewall i see this guard dog firewall is it good? Should i use it? I do have McAfree and ghost surf dunno if they work for linux but they did for windows04:01
=== Roy_Muzz is now known as Roy_M
_2the firewall is iptables.  yse it's good,   firestarter, guarddog, ufw, and iptables are all ways of configuring iptables.04:02
=== jtechidna is now known as JontheEchidna
gordackis there anyway to use compiz fusion in kubuntu on vmware ?04:13
scopecreepon a related note, how do i use beryl, or what is a good replacement for kde?04:13
keisangihi there, is it possible to have dolphin show folder size on demand ? pretty much like it does for files, but for folder, and on demand only not automaticaly04:13
keisangieach time i want to display folder size i have to right click and show folder properties04:14
keisangithere's no other way ?04:14
gordackIm happy with KDE04:14
ubottuDolphin, or more properly D3lphin, is the new default file manager for Kubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon. If you would like to make Konqueror your default file manager again, go to Konqueror - Settings menu - Configure Konqueror - File Associations and change the association for inode/directory and inode/system_directory to Konqueror at the top rather than Dolphin.04:16
JontheEchidna^that doesn't really help in this situation...04:17
cuznt!beryl | scopecreep04:17
ubottuscopecreep: Beryl has been merged with Compiz to form Compiz-Fusion.  New Beryl installs are discouraged. See also !compiz04:17
JontheEchidnakeisangi: I assume that it doesn't calculate folder size since it is much more complicated/resource consuming04:18
JontheEchidnadepending on how many subfolders a folder has, the computer could be chugging away for quite a while determining the size of the folder and all of it's contents04:18
keisangiJontheEchidna: that's why i asked "on demand" :)04:19
JontheEchidnaright click -> properties :P04:20
* JontheEchidna kids04:20
keisangilike a toolbar button: "display selected folder sizes"04:20
keisangiJontheEchidna: :)04:20
keisangiis there a place where to submit feature requests ?04:21
JontheEchidnahttp://bugs.kde.org is your best bet04:21
keisangiok, i'll have a look, tnx04:22
JontheEchidnayou can get an automagically filled out report if you go to Help -> report bug in dolphin04:22
* JontheEchidna goes off to bed04:22
jwaldoAnyone remember how you change the highlighting/opening behavior of files?04:23
mr_clarkHI guys. Did the upgrade to 8.10. Now when I boot up I get "No greeter widget plugin loaded. Check the configuration." How can I fix this?04:29
linux__BRAZIL ajuda04:30
ubottuPor favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.04:30
Roeyhello, how do I swap devices?  i.e. I want /dev/video0 <-> /dev/video1...04:31
=== CyberSix is now known as Cyber6
=== Cyber6 is now known as CyberSix
Pyles17I'm trying to put the microcode for a driver in the /lib/firmware folder. cp /home/michael/iwlwifi-3945-ucode- /lib/firmware gives the output cp: cannot create regular file `/lib/firmware/iwlwifi-3945-1.ucode': Permission denied. trying to move the file to the /lib/firmware folder yields similar results. what do I do?04:34
_2!sudo | Pyles1704:35
ubottuPyles17: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome), or !kdesu (KDE)04:35
mister-tea_2 do you know anything about mediamanager?04:36
_2no.  sorry.04:36
kkathmanok this is getting bad... when I leave my computer on for a long time and it goes into screen saver mode, I come back in a while and its frozen with a really gooffy color pattern on the screen... any ideas??04:40
faydrisslike fuschia?04:41
=== faydriss is now known as cuznt
kkathmancuznt,  nope, its multicolored vertical patterns04:42
kkathmanfreezes the system completely04:42
kkathmanwhile I use the system there doesnt seem to be anything wrong04:42
kkathmanjust when its idle for a while04:43
_2sure it's frozen and not just display error?   test this next time.    ctrl+alt+f1  then alt+f704:43
kkathman-2 hmm ok... I tried ctl-alt-del  and nothing happened04:44
kkathmani'll try the f1 next time04:44
kkathmanI have a pretty standard intel video card04:44
Roeyhow do I swap devices?  i.e. I want /dev/video0 <-> /dev/video1...04:44
kkathmanhad no problems with Hardy04:44
zbyszekhi i have no dsound on kde4 why it might be so?04:45
kkathman_2 also when I start my firefox browser I get a sort of mixed up picture too but it quickly rights itself04:46
kkathmanI am not particularly aware of any video issues on Intel chips04:47
Kovertany one have an idea why tvtime launces and then crashes?04:50
_2just a guess,  could it be a bug ?04:52
Kovert_2: no Im the bug04:53
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots04:53
cuznttakes some garlic that'll kill any bug04:56
Koverthow do I load a driver on command line "bttv"04:57
_2?    bugs eat garlic too.   are you sure you aren't thinking of umpires ?04:57
_2Kovert   sudo modprobe <module_name>04:57
Kovert_2 thanks04:58
_2oh sorry.  that was vampires,  umpires eat baseballs.   how forgitful of me.04:58
Ahmucki just performed an "upgrade" from 8.04.1 to 8.10 via the upgrade option, and it tanked my system05:00
_2fourty two05:03
=== amit is now known as Guest83882
ipankhello all05:06
ipanki wanna ask something about kubuntu05:06
_2Q. what is the differance between a duck ?05:07
_2A. one leg is both the same.05:07
_2ask it.05:07
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:07
_2Q. what do linux users do?05:08
_2A. they install software.05:08
_2Q. what do ubuntu users do?05:09
_2A. they install software upgrades, then they install software....  AGAIN.05:09
_2Q. what do windows users do?05:10
_2A. point and click and lol05:10
_2but only if you'll tell them your  asl on aol05:11
_2dr_willis ?    or a sneek peek at a geek ?05:13
Ahmuckr u intetionally annoying?05:13
_2sorry,  forgot to disable that.  it shouldn't do that anymore.05:14
ipanki use kate to c programming05:19
ipankso why i cant compile it in konsole?05:20
_2!b-e | ipank05:20
ubottuipank: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)05:20
ipankthanks alot bro05:21
_2!thanks | ipank05:23
ubottuipank: You're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)05:23
courtjesterghello again05:28
courtjesterghey ok newbeee anyway so i guess disk mamagement and such like defrage your hard drive these programs i have to search for i've seen a program that canshow everything in your system like system devices and such05:29
courtjestergdo you all just sit int his room and not say anything ooout of 284 people05:31
_2pfft.  courtjesterg  impatient to a fault05:32
* dr_willis totally missed the whole discussion05:34
* dr_willis didenent even understand the question.05:34
Ahmucki used to be able to cd /media/cdrom to the mounted cd.  has that chaned in kubuntu 8.10 ?05:36
dr_willisI noticed mine is /media/cdrom1 now05:36
dr_willisor /media/cdrom005:36
dr_willis /media/cdrom is normally a link to one of those.. it maybe linked to the wrong one05:36
_2!tab | Ahmuck05:36
ubottuAhmuck: You can use <tab> for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.05:36
_2i.e.  cd /media/cd<tab>05:37
_2maybe two tabs ^05:38
Ahmuckoddly when virtual box guest additions gets mounted, and i navigate to /media/cdrom, nothing shows up.  it's as if it's mounted but it isn't05:38
dr_willisHmm.. I always mount that cdrom manually.  Not sure the automount stuff sees those changes05:39
dr_willisI got 8.10 in virtualbox right now.. lets see05:40
_2how did you mount it ?05:40
dr_willisSomthing else i do with virtualbox.. is i mount the guest addations cd.. then i copy the files over to /root/ or whever..  just in case i need to reinstall them easier.05:40
dr_willisbooting  virtualbox  :)05:41
_2Ahmuck you can use the command   "mount"  to see what is mounted where.     as well as   "df"05:41
dr_willis"Virtualbox -> Devices -> Install Guest addations' - DID auto mount that cd.. and it did popup  the filemanager window here. and asked to auto-run stuff. :)05:42
dr_willisNot that the Autorun Stuff EVER works..05:43
dr_willis it mounted to -->   /media/cdrom005:43
Ahmuckso your seeing files in /media/cdrom0 ?05:43
=== edwin is now known as Guest42760
dr_willisYes. the virtual cd is mounted there...05:44
dr_willisls -l /media   shows ------>05:44
dr_willislrwxrwxrwx 1 root root    6 2008-10-18 02:30 cdrom -> cdrom0/05:45
dr_willisdr-xr-xr-x 4 root root 2.0K 2008-10-23 14:52 cdrom0/05:45
dr_willisso /media/cdrom is the same as /media/cdrom0 on this VB insgtall it seems05:45
Ahmuckgot it.  have to open dolphin to get it to work05:46
dr_willisthat basicially automounted the cdrom drive for you05:47
dr_willis'mount /media/cdrom'  might of worked also05:47
dr_willisYou will want to learn how to manually mount the cd some day. :)05:47
_2mount device mountpoint05:48
=== Drachenblut is now known as Lord_Drachenblut
_2anyway to ls only files and not symlinks ?05:51
_2s/anyway/any way/05:51
dr_willischeck the ls man pages.. but as far as i know..   hardlinks are identical to the 'file' not sure of a way to  filter out softlinks05:52
dr_willisor grep/sed out the lines that begin with a  'l' in  the ls -l output. :)05:52
_2yeah a hardlink is the same file errr the "one leg is both the same" joke ^05:52
_2well find would work too and prolly easier,  just didn't know if ls could do it.05:53
Ahmuckk, dr_willis did you get a resize window after installing guest additions or is this now borked05:55
Ahmucknm, it worked here05:55
dr_willisa resize window after install ?05:55
Ahmuckkubuntu 8.10 is really slow booting up05:55
Ahmuckwhy is firefox tied to so many dependancies?05:58
_2ls's -L switch is about useless imo05:59
_2Ahmuck cause it sux ?06:00
_2just a guess06:01
Ahmuckkubuntu is really slow06:01
Ahmuckwith the same virtual machine memory06:02
CoJaBo-EeeMine is fast06:03
Ahmuckwhats ur memory size?06:04
CoJaBo-EeeKDE uses quite a bit of memory from what I've heard, upgrading to at least 1GB would probably help.06:07
_2oh my.    kde3 will run in 32m   you need more than 512 to run kde4 ???06:08
_2ps.  no swap  ^06:08
CoJaBo-EeeI don't think so, but it probably help if running many programs.06:08
CoJaBo-EeeI have 1GB and it is using about .5GB of swap with lots of things running (including Compiz).06:09
CoJaBo-EeeOr I thought it was, it isn't right now...06:10
CoJaBo-EeeNvm, System monitor is screwing up the values lol06:10
_2Memory Used/Total Percent: 45/502 MB (8%)06:11
_2and no swap.06:11
CoJaBo-EeeMy CPU is running at 1Mhz and 1,600 degrees C o_O06:12
* mr---t- is back06:13
dr_willisI find kde4 sluggish on my laptop with 4gb-ram. :(06:13
_2CoJaBo-Eee temp seems just a little high.    ;/06:13
CoJaBo-EeeJust a little? :P06:13
=== draik is now known as draik_
Ahmuckk, just added firefox, and it does not show up on the menu system06:15
Ahmuckis there a way to get the old menu system back?06:15
Ahmuckthis new one is making me grumpy06:15
_2weather forcast for three mile island,  hot (6000°) ; five day outlook,   three days!06:15
dr_willisTheres an old-style menu plasmid you can add to the panel.06:16
_2CoJaBo-Eee  just a little high...06:16
CoJaBo-EeeI think System Monitor has a bug, I think I'd notice my CPU being that hot :P06:16
CoJaBo-EeeTho it is an Atom, maybe its having a meltdown o_O06:17
_2when it dropped on the floor and started a fire there... yeah.06:17
* _2 pictures cpu burning like white phosporus, streight through the case... desk... floor...06:19
_2ooops, i think it kinda over heated just a little06:22
courtjestergi got a problem and was wondering if there was a work around can anyone see if they can help06:22
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:23
dr_willis'please state the nature of the linux emergancy'06:23
courtjestergi play this game called project vistor i download it fromt he interent it is made in wondows/dos so it is an exe file of which i can't install obvious. So what can i do i paid 6 months subscription for this and there is no source code on the site.06:24
dr_willisuse wine to run windows type games06:24
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help06:24
dr_willisIt may or may not work.06:24
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about winehq06:25
dr_willisCheck the wine app database for details on that specific game06:25
ubottuThe Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help06:25
_2yeah that   and the channel   #winehq06:25
Ahmuckcourtjesterg: cedega06:26
dr_willisshort wine tutorual.. download the exe to the desktop,   from command line  "wine /home/USERNAME/Desktop/Whateveritscalled.exe"06:26
courtjestergALSO when i did research on this os kubuntu i know it uses the desktop kde adn ubuntu uses gnome when i install all these adept or look at them i noticcccce some say for gnome are they compatable with kubuntu?06:26
Ahmuckwine is good for win98 type of programs.  simple things.  games u want cedega06:26
dr_williscourtjesterg,  i mixx and matchkde and gnome apps all the time.06:27
_2"wine $HOME/Desktop/*.exe06:27
dr_williswine can run  a great many games now a days.. I dont use cedega at all any more.06:27
Ahmuckdr_willis: really ?06:27
dr_willisAhmuck,  Yes.. wine can run Steam, and WoW. so its getting rather impressive06:28
dr_willisNot sure what advancements Cedega has done lately06:28
courtjestergalright let me check on this06:28
_2courtjesterg compatable ?    *buntu = *buntu = *buntu06:28
dr_willisIn fact you really dont hear much about Cedega much these days..   :)06:28
_2courtjesterg kubuntu is ubuntu-base + kubuntu-desktop06:29
courtjestergyeah thats the link for projectvistor06:29
courtjestergused to be called 10six back inthe day06:29
OltreIrc`1517.:::] Ci40 @ Tutti [:::. »BuTT3rF|y sCr|pT«»rEvOLuTiOnZ»v3.1.5«06:30
ubottuHi! I'm #kubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots06:30
courtjestergso kubuntu is built overtop ubuntu so it just adds on to the same format with kde06:30
OltreIrc`1517.:::] Ci40 @ Tutti [:::. »BuTT3rF|y sCr|pT«»rEvOLuTiOnZ»v3.1.5«06:30
cameriwiki.ubuntu-it.org is only in italian?06:31
_2cameri that's what -it is for06:31
dr_williscourtjesterg,  Kubuntu is ubuntu with kde, instead of gnome.. You can easially install gnome if you want06:32
cameriright... I thought it was something like: Do-it kind of thing, see what I mean?06:32
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)06:32
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr06:32
_2see what i mean.06:32
ubottuFor Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk06:33
ubottu#ubuntu-gr και #kubuntu-gr για Έλληνες χρηστές  /  #ubuntu-gr kai #kubuntu-gr gia Ellhnes xrhstes06:33
cameriok man i got the point06:33
_2wait one more.06:34
ubottuThe #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat06:34
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mr---t-show off06:35
_2oh.  ok.06:35
* cameri smashes _2's head against the desk06:36
isaacj87does anyone know how to get the nifty sysinfo like in OpenSUSE?06:44
Ahmucki run into a problem where i'm updating several virtual machines and it's downloading the same stuff over and over.  is there a way to create a repository locally for the virtual machines and save bandwidth?06:45
courtjestergHOW THE HELL IS ACHLLES AN ARTIFICAL LIFE SIMILATOR I AM TELLING YOU it looks like a random bunch of box flat models in a movie attacking your screen found int he science section06:45
Ahmuckcould you guys quit abusing the bot06:45
courtjesterghi bot where youa t06:51
courtjestergbot tell me what is myspace url?06:51
camericome on..06:51
chrisruls00I'm having a problem with KDE4 running some apps like konversation and k3b. The drop-down menus are all empty and sometimes text just dissappears on me!06:51
FisherPricehow is kde4 going?06:52
courtjesterggreat i just installed it06:52
FisherPriceis it stabilising?06:52
courtjestergso i have no clue06:52
courtjestergfirst time linux userr but have played with macs and such06:52
camerius, first timers, have much to learn06:52
courtjestergi got the os down already06:53
cameriim scared of installing stuff06:53
camericuz my installation might break06:53
cameribut anyways i install/uninstall stuff06:53
courtjestergits just something i just don't know about used one os used them all06:53
=== edwin is now known as Guest11540
courtjestergi installed to the harddrive and took my windows xp out06:53
courtjestergeven played with vita it was the same basically with a new splash design06:54
FisherPricefirst time linux users now, don't have as much to learn as first timers 5 years ago06:57
cameriyou are damn right06:57
courtjestergwhy do i see file managers for download when kubuntu already has one makes no sense to develope an add on06:57
camericourtjesterg, if u dont like the one that kubuntu install, you can try another06:58
FisherPricei remember recompiling redhat kde src rpm's to get mp3 support06:58
cameriif you do like it, then great06:58
camerii remember installing red hat, and downloading codecs06:58
cameriand i remember i managed to play mp3s :D06:58
camerithat was like, 4 yrs ago06:58
camerior something06:59
courtjestergyeah noticed my keyboard is missing functions lol  gotta see about that so is linux code written in c or c++ or is it something different i got a c++ book06:59
cameriHas anyone seen the t-shirt that says Got root?06:59
courtjestergjust need the compiler06:59
isaacj87FisherPrice: Definitely, KDE 4.2 is going to be a great release. KDE 4.1 is pretty soild for me07:00
courtjestergknows a little about functions and loops and rays07:00
FisherPricei hear that.. the next release is having kde4 standard. is it going to be 4.2?07:00
isaacj87FisherPrice: The next release of Kubuntu? 8.10 already has KDE 4.1 standard.07:01
camerikde 4.1 has given me problems, i had to re-install like 8 times...07:01
cameriand im not joking07:01
FisherPricei hope they work on it a bit more...07:01
cameriwell, this kubuntu 8.10..07:02
FisherPricefor stability07:02
isaacj87cameri: Strange, I don't have any problems with KDE 4.107:02
isaacj87I read an article that put it quite nicely...KDE 4.0 was alpha, KDE 4.1 is Beta, KDE 4.2 is RC, KDE 4.3/4.4/4.5 stable releases07:02
camerihmm, does anybody's screen flicker every 10 seconds?07:03
isaacj87cameri: yeah, simple fix....just turn off the RANDR service07:03
courtjestergi did in the browser07:03
camerii get a black flash about every 10 secs07:03
cameriisaacj87: sure... where is the Service Manager?07:03
camerifound it07:04
courtjestergrunning a geforce307:04
isaacj87cameri: http://blog.nixternal.com/2008.10.22/kubuntu-intrepid-dual-monitor-blinking/07:04
cameriisaacj87: man, thanks a lot, my screen stopped flickering :D07:04
FisherPricehow does the compositing in kde4 compare with compiz?07:04
isaacj87cameri: It's so annoying right? lol, I'm glad I found a fix07:04
dr_willisI tend to disabel them both FisherPrice  :)07:05
ptlanyone here uses Intel AGN 4965 with LEAP?07:05
courtjestergFisherPrice whats for the holidays =)07:05
isaacj87FisherPrice: Fairly well. Not nearly has complex as CF, but it can hold its own. Kwin in 4.2 is pretty nice as well...from what I've seen07:05
ptlwhy wlassistant is not on 8.10' repositories? :(07:05
cameriisaacj87: +1 karma for you07:05
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about wlassistant07:05
FisherPricei like the compositing.. i just like showing the youtube clips for CF to people at work and say "can windows do this?"07:06
PSiL0ahh the ati driver won't activate on my fresh install07:06
FisherPricebut i do find it usefull at times07:06
ptlI did not even try compiz fusion with KDE 4.1.307:06
FisherPriceespecially transparent windows07:07
PSiL0press the activate button at it just sits there....07:07
FisherPriceand zoom07:07
ptlI am too scared to try07:07
ptlit might blow up everything07:07
ptlcompiz fusion is sort of fragile, what if it conflicts with KDE 4.1 effects?07:07
isaacj87One thing I uninstalled on Kubuntu and replaced was that stupid guidance power manager applet. I replaced it with PowerDevil (in the repos) and it's so much nicer.07:07
PSiL0i guess my other successful install two days ago was one-off07:07
ptlreally, it scares me07:07
dr_willisI agree with the first part of tha tstatement  'compiz fusion is sort of fragile'07:08
ptlisaacj87: me too!07:08
cameriwell, i had to re-install 8 times thanks to enabling All Effects07:08
ptlisaacj87: but do you have an applet for it?07:08
dr_williscameri,  gee.. seems like it would of been faster to learn how to disable them :)07:08
isaacj87ptl: Not for PowerDevil07:08
ptlisaacj87: yeah, this is a problem, don't you think?07:08
isaacj87ptl: Kind of. I guess if you're in need of quick access to it. But you can always just use KRunner and change what setting you want.07:09
SilentDisthis answer escapes me.  I have this computer setup and running Kubuntu 8.10.  I have a laptop with Damn Small Linux on it (rather underpowered box).  I'd like to use the laptop as a 'thin client' and have it log into my main computer.  I can ssh in, and spawn x apps without issues (from laptop to desktop), but i'd like it to be easier.  Ideally, it would act as another client screen with it's own keyboard/mouse to this machine.  any suggestions?07:09
cameridr_willis, i thought the problem was something else07:10
dr_willisSilentDis,  you can use xdmcp and the X -query stuff to sort of do that.  (well thats how it used tobe done)07:11
isaacj87ptl: press alt+f2 and type power profile and you can easily switch. Just set up your profile nicely and it works out pretty well :)07:11
dr_willisbut it may be easier/better to just forward the single apps you use07:11
ptlisaacj87: humm, good tip07:11
SilentDisdr_willis: got a howto somewhere?  I know i did this before way back, i just can't remember any of it lol07:11
camerii installed qtcurve, yet i fail to see it in Styles07:11
dr_willisXDMCP guides07:11
dr_willisenable xdmcp on the GDM loginmanager,  and i forget how ya start X  on the client, DSL may be a bit tricky07:12
isaacj87ptl: I'm not going to lie though...I like PowerDevil cause it makes that nice little sound when I plug/unplug my laptop :P07:12
courtjestergnoticed download a disk manager doesn't work07:12
dr_willissorry PSiL0  i dont use ati.07:13
dr_williswelli got a laptop with ati..but it worked. :)07:13
courtjestergit sits in the task bar then closes out noting happens07:13
isaacj87PSiL0: you could try Envy07:13
PSiL0dr_willis:  Yeah, it worked well two days ago07:13
dr_willisthere have been some kerel updates.. could of messed somthing up07:14
dr_willistry booting an older kernel?07:14
PSiL0hmmm could be the case, but I'm using the same liveCD.. although, there could have been updates during the install07:14
dr_willisHmm.. Half that xdmcp guide isent needed for them i set it up last.. but that was on a ubuntu to ubuntu box..07:15
tacosarecoolI have a problem with flash 1007:15
tacosarecoolIt won't work right with my webcam07:15
dr_willisits amazinghow often the 2 words 'flash and problem' are used in the same sentance. :)07:15
tacosarecoolIt worked fine during the betas of flash 1007:15
kkathmanwhat's the appropriate site to file bug reports for kubuntu/ibex?07:16
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots07:16
kkathmanoops thanx I mean07:16
cameriso, how do I disable compiz, is it enough to have it uninstalled?07:17
dr_willisdont uninstall it.. :)07:17
dr_willisjust disable it.07:17
dr_willis!info fusion-icon07:17
ubottufusion-icon (source: fusion-icon): tray icon to launch and manage Compiz Fusion. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.1.0-1 (intrepid), package size 29 kB, installed size 264 kB07:17
dr_willisive used that tool befor to great success.. :) to enble/disable it.07:17
sezitashi! I just instaled kubuntu 8.04 and upgraded to 8.10 so to kde 4 and kde is extreamly slow I also have compiz and i have to start it manualy every time! I am thinking of going back to ubuntu or tu kubuntu 8.04 what do advice me to do07:18
cameribut, why not uninstall it?07:19
isaacj87cameri: because if it's not running, then all it's doing is taking up about 30 megs of space07:19
isaacj87cameri: what concerns you about keeping it installed?07:20
dr_willisUninstalling it - can cause otehr annoyingissues. :)07:20
dr_willisat leat in the past it has.07:20
tacosarecoolHow do I end a process07:20
cameridunno, it's the cause of all my nightmares atm07:20
tacosarecool!how to end a process07:20
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:20
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about process07:20
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about proccess07:20
camerieverytime i enable effects, my screen goes blank07:20
camerior black07:21
dr_willistacosarecool,  it may help to just go google :) instead of bot-fishing.. heh07:21
tacosarecool!task manager07:21
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about task manager07:21
isaacj87tacosarecool: You can do a "killall <processgoeshere>"07:21
isaacj87tacosarecool: in konsole07:21
dr_willistacosarecool,  several ways, kill, xkill,  killall, or other ways07:21
dr_willisxkill is fun!07:21
camerisudo reboot too!07:21
isaacj87tacosarecool: you can also just open up the system monitor, right click the process and kill it that way07:21
dr_willisYea - system monitor.. however ya get to that now...07:21
isaacj87dr_willis: lol07:22
dr_willisVista makes is so easy! --  alt-ctrl-delete.. :) how Logicalis that eh!07:22
isaacj87tacosarecool: applications->system->system monitor07:22
cameriwhat does ctrl alt backspace actually do?07:22
isaacj87cameri: restart X07:23
isaacj87cameri: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X_Window_System07:23
sezitaswhy is kde 4 slower than kde 3???07:24
PSiL0damn, i'll just try reinstalling it yet again..07:25
cameriisaacj87: thanks07:25
camerihmm, everytime i click an url it opens thunderbird...07:25
cameriinstead of FF07:25
PSiL0envy says that recommended driver is enabled, but it is the ubuntu driver, not fglrx07:25
isaacj87cameri: TBH, I don't understand that crap either lol07:25
sezitasdoes anyone know why kde 4 runs slower than kde3??? I'm really anoyed by this07:26
sezitasuh... nevermind... I'm switching back to ubuntu 8.0407:27
PSiL0same problem as this guy (http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=975739)07:28
sezitassooo what good did that do to me?07:29
isaacj87PSiL0: I would try asking in #ubuntu07:29
holymoosezitas: its not optimized yet07:30
PSiL0well, it is with a kubuntu livecd07:30
isaacj87PSiL0: Does envy not allow you to install the version it detected for your card/chipset?07:30
holymooor rather all the libraries07:30
holymookde3 had many years of elbow grease beyhind it07:30
holymooremember kde4 is a whole new framework, pretty well from scratch07:30
isaacj87PSiL0: I'm pretty sure you can activate the driver unless you install Kubuntu first.07:30
PSiL0isaac: Envy recommends the ubuntu driver, not fglrx...07:30
isaacj87PSiL0: Can't* damn I can't type today07:31
holymoodon't use envy tho07:31
sezitasholymoo: ok so the best option would be to go back to 8.04???07:31
PSiL0issac: I installed kubuntu two days ago and my ati card activated without a hitch07:31
holymooonce you do removing what you install will be hell07:31
isaacj87PSiL0: Yeah, because you installed Kubuntu. You're trying to activate the driver on the LiveCD. I don't think that works07:31
holymoosezitas: what problem are you having specifically? i've gotten banned by retards in #ubuntu again so can't follow up there if you are checking in both07:31
camerihmm im downloading intrepid-backports/main, that doesnt look good07:32
PSiL0isaac., I installed kubuntu and then I activated the card from the prompt after login07:32
sezitasi'm not in both ....07:32
PSiL0worked fine two days ago07:32
holymoosezitas: regardless ... what problem are you trying to solve?07:32
sezitasbut nevermind I;m gonna go back to ubuntu 8.0407:32
PSiL0now, I did the same thing after another fresh install, and the activation button just hangs07:32
sezitaseasier that way07:32
sezitasthanks anyway07:32
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metelliusother than the fact that gvim doesn't actually run at all with the new gtk-oxygen style stuff, once you disable that, has anyone noticed that gvim drawing performance has become annoyingly slow?07:44
metellius(I would turn off compositing now to check if it's because of that, but it crashes my xorg 50% of the times when I do that)07:45
=== cameri is now known as Cameri
ptlfound some useful dbus stuff07:46
courtjestergi need some irc chat rooms how do i do this?07:46
ptlqdbus org.kde.krunner /ScreenSaver Lock07:46
=== dverge is now known as DarkVerge
Camerithese widgets are so limited07:47
courtjestergi need a twenty something chat room07:47
courtjestergok ok any porn chat?07:49
bazhangcourtjesterg, no.07:49
bazhangnot on freenode07:49
courtjestergno midnight sex with strangerrs aww come on07:49
bazhangcourtjesterg, stop07:49
courtjestergfine fine but if you wantme to stop you got to spank me07:50
bazhang!coc | courtjesterg07:51
ubottucourtjesterg: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/07:51
courtjestergack  i'll play nice ;)07:51
ubottu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!07:53
Cameriim scared that, if i log off07:54
Camerii mean07:54
Camerii wnt be able to boot again07:54
tacosarecoolI must of denied access to the camera and then I said remember07:54
Cameribye y'all07:56
Cameriand thanks!07:56
arshadHI ALL08:03
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about 111108:03
bazhangarshad, no caps please08:03
dr_willisand it helps to ask an actual question08:03
arshadmy sound is tooo low08:04
arshadin ubu 8.0408:04
coreymon77turn it up?08:04
bazhangneed more detail08:04
arshadunable to locate n config sound card08:04
dr_willissounds like that would be NO sound.. not low sound.08:04
kkathmandouble click speaker icon and turn up the sliders maybe?08:05
arshadthere is sound,   am hearing songs.............  but compared to Win xp its very  low08:05
kkathmanor even click on the mixer and make sure the sliders are all up08:05
arshadthat is done08:05
kkathmani.e. PCM08:05
RurouniJonesClick on the speaker icon in the tray bottom right08:06
RurouniJonesthen when the main slider appears there is a "mixed" button underneath08:07
coreymon77goodnight all08:07
kkathmanthats what I just said :) heh08:07
RurouniJones"mixer" button rather08:07
RurouniJonesclick that and you will get another menu08:07
arshadits on top right08:07
RurouniJoneskkathman: I don't think he knows what the mixer menu is08:07
RurouniJonessince he questions PCM08:07
arshadn theres no mixer menu08:07
kkathmanits pretty obvious when you d/c the speaker :)08:07
kkathmanbut maybe not to some08:07
arshadi think i need to change frm default to my Sound card08:08
arshadwhere d i find it08:08
RurouniJonesYou have tow sound cards in your system?08:10
arshadwhere d i find the mixer menu08:10
kkathmanstill I wouldnt think that would cause "low" volume08:10
RurouniJonesMe neither, I am humouring08:10
RurouniJonesArshad, read what I said08:10
RurouniJonesclick ont eh speaker icon in the tray08:10
RurouniJonesthat should pop up a slider08:11
arshadcarry on rur08:11
creativehello, my kubuntu intrepid give black screen(i guess monitor turns off) while i starting to boot the cd, can any1 help me pls08:11
RurouniJonesunder the slider there should be a button marked "Mixer"08:11
RurouniJonesClick on "mixer"08:11
kkathmancreative  please explain08:11
arshadnope .......08:12
RurouniJonesOk, hit ALT+F208:12
RurouniJonesthen type in "kmix"08:12
arshadthats run in terminal08:12
RurouniJonesno it isn't08:12
RurouniJonesThat is run, not neccessarily in terminal08:12
creativekkathman, i downloaded the desktop cd, and if i try to install/boot desktop cd my screen turns off and i dont see anything08:12
RurouniJonesnow, alt+F2 then "kmix"08:13
RurouniJonesA window should popup with a whole bunch of sliders08:13
arshaderror ----   coulsd not open location08:13
kkathmancreative, ok, do you know what kind of video card you have in your system?08:13
arshaderror ----   could not open location08:13
creativebut i guess boot process are working,08:13
creativekkathman, radeon x160008:13
arshadBRB                       Ruroun08:14
arshadBRB                       Ruroun08:14
arshadBRB                       Ruroun08:14
arshadBRB                       Ruroun08:14
bazhangarshad, dont repeat08:14
kkathmanhmm, ok... so you burned the kubuntu CD, then put it in the CD and rebooted?08:14
creativekkathman, thats right08:14
kkathmancreative,  ok, and does anything come up at bootup?08:15
creativekkathman, yes, the boot options are visible08:16
arshadsorry Bazhang08:16
creativeeg. boot livecd, install, boot from hard disk etc.08:16
kkathmancreative,  ok, so you see the message that its going to boot grub and all that?08:16
creativekkathman, yes08:16
kkathmancreative,  do you see any "splash" at all ??08:16
creativeyes, the kubuntu splash for a while in low def.08:17
kkathmancreative,  ahh ok, does it switch to a text list of things booting up, or do you just see the splash and then it goes away?08:18
creativei see the splash then game over08:18
creativei dont see booting text08:19
kkathmancreative,  then the screen just disappears?08:19
kkathmancreative,  ok.. I think you want to get out of the splash as soon as you see it, then watch the boot messages...try to see where its dying...I imagine there is some difficulty that the install had in configuring your card08:20
kkathmancreative,  another thing you might try, is re-burning the CD just in case08:20
creativekkathman, yeah i thought that too08:21
creativekkathman, but i dont understand my card was completely supported in the previous version08:22
kkathmanI am not 100% sure on the first install through, but it usually takes the lowest common denominator for a video driver, so I might suspect the CD first...its an easy try to eliminate that08:22
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
creativekkathman, okay i try that, thanks08:23
kkathmancreative,  unfortunately, there is a new Xorg out, and older nVidia cards as well as some ATI's aren't supported with their drivers any more08:23
creativekkathman, but isnt there a mesa driver for cases like this ?08:24
kkathmanbut I dont think that should have stopped you, it should have defaulted to some basic driver08:24
kkathmancreative,  should be... i'e for nvidia it uses nv08:24
kkathmanim not sure on ATI08:24
creativetoo bad08:25
creativeokay ill re-burn the cd, thanks, bye08:26
busfahrer"Bluetooth is currently broken for Kubuntu Intrepid due to a last minute upgrade of the bluez stack. (Bug 280997)" <-- Can a bug like this only be fixed in a new release, or can it be fixed with a simple apt update like the ones I get in my tray every week? Also, is this bug in Ubuntu as well?08:27
RurouniJonesIt is an apt-get fix08:27
RurouniJonesI am not sure if it affects ubuntu08:27
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niall_hi all08:37
niall_anyone here a CCNA?08:38
niall_hi a;;08:38
ptljust became an ubuntero09:03
Assurbanipalhi guys... kmix and multimedia buttons don;t seem to work correctly on my lg lw25 pro. anyone with an idea?09:13
=== vito is now known as vito__
crescocould someone help me09:18
bazhangcresco, need a question09:18
crescoim having problems with my atheros wireless device, it dosent find any wireless networks09:19
crescobut on windows side it does find it09:19
bazhangcresco, which card09:19
bazhangcresco, does ifconfig show ath009:20
crescojust a sex09:20
crescono it dosent09:21
bazhangcresco, how many entries in ifconfig09:21
cresco2 eth0 and lo09:21
bazhangcresco, how did you install the drivers (if you did)09:22
crescoi didnt, it showed in the restricted hardware drivers that atheros wireless is ok09:22
bazhangcresco, the hardware drivers show enabled and in use? this is for hardy or ibex09:25
crescowhat u mean with hardy or ibex09:26
bazhangcresco, what version of ubuntu09:27
ubottuTo find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »09:27
crescokubuntu 8.1009:27
bazhangcresco, and hardware drivers show enabled and in use? try disabling then re-enabling the check box09:27
crescoit says that activated and currently in use09:28
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keymonedid anybody tried to install kubuntu 8.10 from dvd/cd?09:30
keymonei have a read error and i really doubt it's because of bad cd/dvd09:31
dr_willisMost of the time  - ive seen it IS because of a bad cd/dvd/burn09:32
dr_willisassuming the md5 sums match09:32
keymonei've burned 1 cd and 2 dvd's allready09:32
dr_willisI normally install from a USB pendrive now09:32
keymonesame thing on all of them09:32
dr_willisNow that ive discovered unetbootin  :) i havent used cd/dvd in the last 10 installs.. heh   http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/09:34
keymonehow do i install from flash drive?09:35
dr_willisunetbootin makes a 'bootable' flash drive. that works as the live cd does.09:36
dr_willisplug it in.. reboot..  boot fromusb drive.. install09:36
dr_willisand it seems to install a LOT faster for my systems09:36
keymonei doubt i can use unet - i have very tricky internet connection09:37
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent09:38
dr_willisunetbootin. just uses the iso file you allready have downloaded.. to gerneate the usb thumbdrive stuff..09:38
dr_willisNo internet needed other then to get the .iso09:38
keymonenice, thanks09:38
dr_willisi have not tested out the persistant feature of  8.10 yet.09:38
=== vito is now known as vito__
dr_willisi may test it right now.. :) BBL09:54
courtjestergi had to reinstall i screwed the os already lol ;)10:03
courtjestergi installed that wine next thing i know it looked like a desktop so restarted after the wine restart then it showed like a win 95 desktop again then a black screen or maybe it was one of those nivida adepts i installed10:04
courtjestergi couldn't do anything so had to reinstall10:05
courtjesterggoing to try to just install wine first and see what happens10:05
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CrellHi folks.  Does anyone have a recommendation between Cervisia tkcvs, and gvcs for cvs/svn guis?10:23
=== uncle|sam is now known as Uncle|Sam
kubuntu8can anyone tell me how to set the presentationmode of okular to fullscreen?10:38
kubuntu8hello bjorn10:38
bjorn_Can anyone tell me how I get my wireless activated?10:39
bjorn_How I identify my card etc.10:40
bazhangbjorn_, lspci in terminal if pci card; lsusb if usb card10:42
bjorn_lspci did it thanks, : Ralink RT250010:44
bazhangbjorn_, how many entries in ifconfig10:44
bazhangshould be a ra0 or rausb010:44
CrellHow do I enable a bluetooth device (eg, mouse)?  I don't see a BT control panel, and trying to run "kbluetooth" or "bluez" from the alt-f2 dialog doesn't seem to do anything.10:44
ubottuFor instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup10:44
bjorn_just eth0 and lo10:45
=== claudiu is now known as claudiu__
=== claudiu__ is now known as claus83
bjorn_I know that in gnome you should enable roaming, but can't find it in knetworkmanager10:50
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr11:25
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pdenapoHi, I'm using kde 3.5 on ubuntu hardy. It seems that after upgrading some packages, something changed, and all the files on my home directory are shown as icons on my desktop. I have many files there, so my desktip is now a completly mess. How may I disable this?11:32
lokaipdenapo: you didn't upgrade to kde4 did you?11:33
Dr_WillisHmm... files in /home/USER/Desktop have always shown up as icons for me..    I thought KDE4 did NOT show them by default..11:33
pdenapono, I didnt upgrade to kde 411:33
Dr_WillisOh wait he said HOME directory Not home/Desktop  - Hmm..11:34
Dr_Willisi would check to see if Desktop became a link to /home/username or somthing similer.11:34
pdenapoit fact my Desktop directory seems to have been deleted11:35
Dr_WillisThat may be an issue then...11:36
shreedharWanna **** with me11:36
shreedharWanna **** with me11:39
OxDeadC0deAnyone know how to delete modelines from active xorg sessions or from all via xorg.conf or something?11:39
Dr_WillisIf they are in the xorg.conf file you can just edit that file.11:40
Dr_WillisNot sure how to remove them from a 'running x session'11:40
Dr_Willisor if thats even possible11:40
OxDeadC0deI put them in there but xorg picks up extra modelines that my lcd doesn't really support, like 800x600@60 and @61hz, but it only properly does 59hz11:40
anubisIs the desktop switcher icon a widget? + where do i find it?11:41
emilsedghanubis: its called Pager, right click->add widgets11:41
OxDeadC0deso I set up modelines in there so it'd use 59 hz by default instead of 60hz which causes it to draw partially off screen, but I still get it trying to switch to 60hz once in a while while fullscreening wine apps11:41
anubisemilsedgh: thx mate11:41
OxDeadC0deit really sucks having to load xrandr systray icon or using xrandr from the terminal to get to a proper refresh rate so half my desktop isn't drawing off screen11:43
Dr_WillisYou using DVI or VGA connection?11:43
anubisemilsedgh: mate do u happen to know how to add extra coloms .. can only add extra rows... up to 2... thats it..11:43
shreedhar**** Off11:43
OxDeadC0denope just my lcd in my laptop w/ nvidia drivers11:43
anubisi need 4 desktops:P11:44
emilsedghanubis: right click on pager->Configure Desktops11:44
anubisemilsedgh: mate i feel stupid lol i went into pager settings:P thx a million.11:44
Dr_WillisYou did try the nvidia-settings tool eh?11:44
emilsedghanubis: np dude :)11:44
shreedharSee your girlfriend nude11:45
OxDeadC0deyea I'm a power tweaker so anything I can use I have, but I'm missing something obviously :P11:45
OxDeadC0denot in the sense that I use drugs tho... in the sense that I'll open up source code and tweak it if I have to ;)11:46
Dr_WillisOxDeadC0de:  yes.. ive never heard of anyong having those kind of issues..i wonder if you are not  going about it the wrong way.11:46
OxDeadC0dedr_willis I dunno, but I'd guess (wild guess) the invertor or something is what actually gives the available modes to xorg when it asks what's available, and it gives it more than my lcd can actually support perhaps to support other lcd models and I got the cheap one? but I need to disable certain refresh rates at certain frequencies, make sure xorg never tries to use them but keeps the "right(tm)" ones11:49
OxDeadC0deI'll try google, should have done that first11:49
Dr_WillisThe whole X autoconfiguring itself - stuff - has caused issues  in many people :)11:50
OxDeadC0desince I already setup the modelines for the proper frequencies in xorg.conf, I disabled edid checking with the nvidia driver, maybe this will disable all the other resolutions all together and I can add anymore I want by hand11:55
waterpiehi all11:58
waterpiea) when i said "upgrade distro", was I notified that i would be forced into kde4, and I don't remember it?11:59
waterpieb) how can I go back to kde 3.5?11:59
Dr_Willis2) reinstall12:00
Dr_Willisb) reinstall12:00
shreedharBy F***ing your sister12:00
lokaiyeah waterpie: I had the same problem12:00
* Dr_Willis wonders when the ops will Kick shreedhar12:00
lokaiwaterpie: I had to reinstall from scratch12:01
shreedharWhen Dr. Willis F***s his mother12:01
waterpiewhen we say "reinstall", we mean reboot, boot with cd, and loose everything (that is not backed up)?12:02
Dr_WillisThats pretty much the definiton of reisntall to me.12:03
Dr_Willis:) windows users say 'reformat/reinstall'12:04
Dr_Willisor just learn to like kde4. and/or wait for kde3 to get in some PPA repos, or other unofficial repos.12:04
Dr_WillisUnofficial personal repos12:05
ubottuWith Launchpad's Personal Package Archives (PPA), you can build and publish binary Ubuntu packages for multiple architectures simply by uploading an Ubuntu source package to Launchpad. See https://help.launchpad.net/PPAQuickStart.12:05
waterpiewell, that is not quite a "solution", imnsho12:06
Dr_Willisso do whatever you want then.. those are your options.12:06
waterpieforcing kde4, without asking, is terrible.12:06
Tm_Twaterpie: it's not forcing12:07
Tm_Twaterpie: this information has been available since last spring12:07
Tm_Tand been mentioned countless times12:07
Dr_Willisit was summarized here the other day.. KDE3 is basicially  reaching its end of lifespan..12:07
waterpieTm_T, was i notified while upgrading that i will loose kde3 and will only have kde4?12:08
Tm_Twaterpie: I believe so, because before upgrading ofcourse you read release notes too?12:08
waterpiewell, sorry, but "widely available info" obviously didn't include me. imho, that info belongs to the do you really want to upgrade? window12:09
piquadratHi! I'm looking for a method to sync my Nokia 6110 Navigator (S60, 3rd) with Kontact. opensync-plugin-kdepim is not installable (bug #278747), so opensync isn't an option, apparently...12:09
Tm_Twaterpie: that window should have link to release notes atleast12:10
zbyszekhi can you help me? i have kde4 adn i can hear no sound12:10
Tm_T!sound | zbyszek12:10
ubottuzbyszek: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP312:10
Tm_Tbah, forget the arts part (:)12:11
zbyszekTm_T im using kde412:11
waterpieTm_T, sorry, no. There is a huge qualitative diff between a) "release notes", ie: we fixed this, we added that, and b) we will totally change your DE, with no going back12:11
zbyszekthere are no such an options in settings12:11
Tm_Twaterpie: it wasn't change for everyone12:11
waterpieTm_T, ok, whatever. From my point of view, I was unaware of it, and I have been hugely disappointed. I'll be looking towards other solutions from now on.12:12
waterpieThanks everyone for your help.12:12
Tm_Twaterpie: sorry to hear that12:13
Dr_WillisTHis is Linux - do what you want.12:13
* Dr_Willis recalls similer ranting when people went from 95 to Xp, to Vista, and OS9 to OS-X .. and.....12:14
Tm_Toh well12:14
Tm_Twhy upgrade if don't want new stuff, I wonder12:14
Dr_WillisI mean the BIG BIG BIG BIG feature of  Kubuntu 8.10 was the use of KDE412:14
Tm_Tyup and finally possibility to do that without wasting time with KDE3 too12:15
Tm_Tbecause there's only so much developers12:15
zeltakhi guys12:15
Dr_Willisand personally.. yes.. i am NOT using kde4 at this time. :P12:15
edulixhi, how can I configure KDE$ to switch between desktops with ctrl+tab?12:16
zeltakwell after pretty much giving up on suspending kubuntu via close lid option...cant find no way to do it in intrepid...does anyone know of a prog that suspends via timer?12:16
zeltakthats is automaticlly put the laptop to sleep after X minutes?12:17
edulixso, where was I...how can I configure KDE4 to switch between desktops with ctrl+tab?12:18
edulixhi afiestas12:18
courtjestergIs there any adept allications that can covert an exe file to dep file?12:19
courtjestergthere has to be one somewhere12:19
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help12:19
courtjestergyeah i know about wine i want to covert the files12:19
courtjestergnot run a shell of windows12:20
=== alberto is now known as Guest83191
courtjestergmy main board12:21
courtjestergrunning two athon xp 2100 chips mod them at the t3 or was it the t4 slit to be duel mp chips while still acting as xp xhips12:22
johannes__hi, is there some kind of program that scans my network and shows me all  other pcs integrated into kde 4.1.2? it works with ubuntu windows xp and mac os but when I use dolphin it says there is no local workgroup or a firewall is activated, but i never installed a firewall12:22
courtjestergi am wondering if both cpus are detected12:22
courtjestergso far haven't found a program that can show me they are both there downloaded device manger it shows mp 22000 chip thats it12:23
znhIm looking for a way to install Amarok 2.012:23
znhI can't compile it myself, too slow computer12:24
courtjestergIs there a site with compatible device drivers to see if i can download also what about my geforece 3 graphics card12:24
shreedhar_u contact me via remote desktop12:24
courtjestergcan you just use wine and actually download the drivers? hm12:24
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=== gui_ is now known as gui92
zbyszekcan you help  me? when im using in kde4 option to eject the cdrom, it goes out and in the same time, closes12:32
shreedhar_I can surely help U12:33
afiestasiep edulix12:33
aroth@zbyszek: I have the same problem on my PC.12:33
zbyszekby the szame second question how can i install kde3 in 8.10?12:33
zbyszekin kde4 i have no soud, no printer config, problem with dvd drive, problem with network manager12:34
shreedhar_What is your host ????????12:35
johannes__hi there seems to be a firewall installed on my kubuntu 8.10 install how can I configure it?12:39
OxDeadC0dedr_willis I followed your advice, used the nvidia tool, it made a new "screen" section with Option         "metamodes", so I disabled my modelines, used that with every entry modified to _60, it works now in compiz, ty, not kwin though it seems to have trouble fullscreening things, oh well12:39
shreedhar_Johannes, what is your host name ?12:39
johannes__host name?12:40
johannes__the user Im logged in as?12:40
johannes__how can i find out, what my hostnam is?12:41
johannes__is it my pcs name?12:41
shreedhar_Ok, what is your username on your PC ?12:41
shreedhar_OK wait a sec.12:42
shreedhar_did U get a query ?12:43
shreedhar_Are U using linux ?12:43
=== shreedhar_ is now known as shreedhar
johannes__yes, kubuntu 8.1012:44
shreedharWhat is your OS ?12:44
johannes__kubuntu 8.1012:44
johannes__does anyone know how to configure the preinstalled kubuntu 8.10 firewall?12:45
ubottuUbuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).12:46
johannes__honestly, someone, who doesnt know how to use irc would have a hard time to find out, why he cant connect to other pcs12:48
zbyszekhi can youhelp me with this?12:50
zbyszek /var/cache/apt/archives/kdebase-data_7%3a3.5.10-0ubuntu1~intrepid4_all.deb12:50
zbyszekE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)12:50
zbyszeki tried to install kde312:50
=== hanzz__ is now known as HanzZ
zbyszekfrom here12:50
zbyszekand after step "install kde3"12:50
OxDeadC0dejohannes_ maybe you should submit a feature request for a popup dialog when the system is just installed to let the admin know certain details like, about the firewall12:50
ubottuKDE 4.1.2 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. Packages can be found at  http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.1.2 - Support in #kubuntu-kde412:51
johannes__this is a really good idea, how can I do this?12:51
JontheEchidnazbyszek: those packages are totally unsupported12:51
ptl#kubuntu-kde4 forwards to here12:51
JontheEchidnaI'd talk to the repository's maintainer for support12:52
ptlsomeone should update this "!kde4" definition to use #kubuntu instead of #kubuntu-kde412:52
TallkenGuys I need to find out to which source package shall I fill a bug when the bug is in a file which belongs to "linux-libc-dev"... Can you help?12:53
ccoffeyDoes Kubuntu 8.10/kde4 have some sort of compiz effects on by default that I can disable. Just did a fresh install, and the screen randomly flickers at times12:54
OxDeadC0deccoffey: afaik it uses kwin by default which does some compositing, install (via sudo apt-get install) plasmoid-toggle-compositing , switch it off?12:55
cuzntdont think so12:55
Tallkenccoffey: yes; you can disable desktop effects in preferences; or disable compositing using ALT+SHIFT+F12 ; usually that crashes my desktop the first time I do that, so you've benn warned xD12:56
Ragolthanks for the forum post regarding kde3 in intrepid12:56
ccoffeyOxDeadC0de: Tallken: Ok Thanks guys12:57
RagolI just upgraded my work machine to intrepid and noticed, that kde4 is there *sigh*12:57
Tm_TRagol: what forumpost?12:57
Ragolneed to check this method at monday12:57
RagolTm_T: zbyszek posted it a 10 minutes ago12:58
Tm_TRagol: I don't follow forums, can you give exact url please?12:58
RagolTm_T: 14:50:28 < zbyszek> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=606552412:58
Tm_TI missed that one12:58
RagolI don't follow forums either12:59
Ragoljust have too much else to do to be able to follow every interesting forum :)12:59
Tm_Tok, that looks good13:02
ubottuOpenVPN is a vpn technology in Ubuntu, sudo apt-get install openvpn and then see http://openvpn.net/ and see the documentation "HOWTO" noting you have already installed it. ;-) It rocks!13:02
Tm_Tjust remember that all problems caused by 3rd party cannot be supported here so that goes on your own risk13:02
RagolTm_T: yep, that's true and I really understand that13:03
Tm_Tgood (:13:03
Ragolif something will break, I just install it again :)13:03
* Tm_T remembers the *tix mess13:03
ccoffeyWhile I'm asking silly questions. is there anyway to be able to change the behaviour of the icon in the very top left of a window (the one on the title bar). Almost every Desktop I've used allows you to close a window by double clicking it (kde3, cde, windows)? Any preferences for that?13:03
RagolTm_T: ?13:03
Tm_TRagol: you don't want to know13:03
Ragolokay :)13:04
RagolI do anything so I can use Linux in my work computer, even though my boss doesn't like that very much, he's so microsoft guy, and besides, can't understand how you can administrate windows network from a linux computer ;)13:04
Tm_Tkids... (;13:05
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michel_bbbonjour a tous13:09
lyhana8Hi, why do my only scim-panel look ugly ?13:21
=== ssj is now known as SSJ_GZ
ReaperHi, I am using Kubuntu 8.10. But I can't take advantage of any of KDE 4.1 Desktop Effects | 2.4 GHZ p4 Intel. 1 gb rams. My graphics card is an internal one,internal. 100 mb memory. |13:27
ReaperIs the graphics card the issue?13:27
White_Pelicanprobably, is it nvidia?13:28
ReaperWhite_Pelican: No, as I said, internal INTEL one.13:28
ReaperHeh...most likely I think that's it, but making sure...13:28
Reaperprobably I need a dual core system processor, with an atleast 256 nVidia? - White_Pelican13:29
* Aelwyn is away: Ausente por el momento13:29
White_Pelicanit's my understanding there are issues with old nvidia cards, so there might be with others13:29
ptlnvidia nooooooo13:30
ptluse ATI13:30
ptl:P Just trolling (but I prefer ATI anyway)13:30
ReaperBut as for the problems I am in atm, it's about my internal graphics card?13:30
White_PelicanI learned that the hard way ptl13:30
ReaperI mean I can't take advantage of any desktop effect...heh all will run slow.13:30
Reaperand lag13:30
White_Pelicansounds like the same issue with nvidia13:31
matt____I'm having troubles figuring out how to manage panels. I'd like to add one to the bottom of my screen, can't figure out how. Also, can I change the hidth of the panels?13:31
=== mits is now known as mitsarionas
dr_willisKDE4 is a bit lacking in panel options..  its slowy gaining features. :)13:31
matt____dr_willis: I've realized :) But are any of those possible?13:32
dr_willismatt____,  not a clue.. I dont use kde4 much - other then to play with it.13:32
dr_willisthe panel is some plasmoid so proberly can have a 2nd..13:32
ptlmatt____: possible yes, easy no. There is not a configuration dialog for that as far as I know.13:32
ReaperWhite_Pelican: uh? I see. Well this is the first time I use KDE, KDE 4.1 was a shock for me, having these MAC OS desktop features, dash boards, a slight vista style. It's probably the best Desktop I've ever worked on.13:32
matt____ptl: So would I have to edit a config file somewhere?13:32
anubisis there a way to autohide a pannel?13:33
dr_willisheh - i recally cant stand OS-X much. :()13:33
JontheEchidnaanubis: will be in KDE 4.213:33
ptlmatt____: not exactly a config file, but the plasmoid definition parameters... something more involved13:33
dr_willisI dosent work how 'i' work :)13:34
anubisJontheEchidna: what is it atm.. KDE.4.1 right?13:34
matt____ptl: Something along the lines of gconf editor for gnome?13:34
White_PelicanI'm not tro;;ing but I think the kubuntu team should never have included 4.1x in Intrepid13:34
mitsarionasdid anyone have any plasmoids break recently?13:34
anubiswhen is that comin out:P13:34
ReaperWhite_Pelican: so, KDE 4.1 is not very stable yet I can say? or I'm missing something...13:35
White_Pelican4.2 is due out at the end of January13:35
White_Pelicanno you have it right on the nose Reaper13:35
ReaperI see ;)13:35
* JontheEchidna finds 4.1 stable13:35
dr_williswe should just wait till KDE comes out!13:35
ReaperI just need to try it somewhere better.13:35
White_Pelicandr_willis, huh?13:36
* dr_willis waits for service pack 1 for KDE 413:36
* White_Pelican would like to try kde 4.1.3 but kubuntu says no because I choose to stick to hardy13:37
ptlmatt____: not exactly... something between a programming header and config files, not easy to explain, better wait to kde 4.2 to do that :)13:37
ptlWhite_Pelican: it was good for some, not so good for others, I think. To me, it was awesome.13:38
matt____ptl: What's the release schedule for that?13:38
ptlmatt____: January, I think, but I don't know the release schedule for Kubuntu. It will surely be in Kubuntu 9.04, though.13:38
matt____ptl: Ok. But won't we be able to apt-get upgrade for it?13:39
mitsarionasptl: are all your plasmoids functioning properly after your 4.1.3 upgrade?13:39
matt____Has anyone tried amarok beta?13:39
ptlmatt____: sure you will13:39
matt____ptl: cool.13:39
White_Pelicanptl, since I have an old nvidia card, (it's considered legacy), using kde 4 requires me to throw software to hardware by having to buy a new video card13:39
ptlmitsarionas: I don't use that many plasmoids, and the only one I use outside the panel is QuickAccess.13:40
ptlmitsarionas: but yet, they work perfectly. Shouldn't they?13:40
ptlWhite_Pelican: not KDE4's fault, blame nvidia for that, I know the story13:40
mitsarionasptl: dunno... notes and show desktop broke for me13:40
White_PelicanI know, ptl13:40
White_Pelicanbut it makes me SOL13:41
mitsarionasjust right after the 4.1.3 upgrade (i think)13:41
ptlI never use notes, I prefer notecase anyway (I don't use kbasket because where I work I need to export branches to people who use windows)13:41
ptllet me try show desktop13:41
ptlit's on my panel13:41
ptlOn the other hand13:42
mitsarionasso  it wasn't this upgrade...13:42
ptlI don't have that default plasmoid which shows the desktop on the screen13:42
ptlI don't even notice when it disappear13:42
ptlone day it was there. The other, it wasn't.13:42
ptlbut it's weird anyway13:42
ptlThat's why I added QuickAccess.13:43
mitsarionasquickaccess broken too here :(13:43
ptlreally? What happens when you run it?13:44
mitsarionasuh, nevermind, it's working :)13:45
martijnwhich tool are you using for translating kde in intrepid ibex?13:45
courtjestergQuestion due i actually have my video graphics working this i am wondering tryed playing a movie in dragon player but comes up no media loaded also saw the nvida x.org binary download should i download this?13:45
martijni ask because kbabel does not seem to be in the repository anymore13:46
mitsarionasit's just that it appeared as a black circle, like the broken plasmoids13:46
mitsarionas(which are black and only have "remove unknown applet" on their context menu13:47
courtjestergQuestion due i actually have my video graphics working this i am wondering tryed playing a movie in dragon player but comes up no media loaded also saw the nvida x.org binary download should i download this?13:47
courtjestergor is it default13:47
courtjestergsoftware not hardware graphics13:47
courtjesterganyone? yeah can people actually read this? =)13:48
anubisI hate people with red names.. doesn't alow me to scan through the chat log to find if anyone spoke to me:P13:48
ptlcourtjesterg: it's probably a thing with codecs, try to add the medibuntu repository... follow some guides on the internet for that13:49
mitsarionashas anyone noticed weird behavior when right clicking links on firefox?13:56
Ash-FoxHello, I've been following different howtos on openvpn.net, specifically, http://openvpn.net/static.html and http://openvpn.net/howto.html#redirect - I've followed the directions stated, but for some reason, the default gateway on the client won't set to the IP address of the server on the VPN.13:56
Ash-FoxThese are the configs I'm using http://pastebin.com/d7b1d3362 - Can anyone advise me?13:56
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lakis1982can someone help me?? everytime i try to install something on package manager i get error: ... what should i do ???13:57
lakis1982APT Error. Context:13:57
lakis1982    Running dpkg,13:57
lakis1982    [ /usr/bin/dpkg, --status-fd, 3, --configure, openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us ],13:57
lakis1982    Sup-process returned error code 1,13:57
lakis1982    Error processing openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us : subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 127.13:58
xieni hao13:58
metelliusni hao ku ai!13:59
desulakis1982: there seems to be some problem with the package openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us.... it hasn't been installed correctly... and there's something preventing it from installing correctly...13:59
lakis1982and what can i do now ?13:59
desulakis1982: you can remove it by doing sudo apt-get remove openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us13:59
desuthough i'd suggest trying to find out what's preventing it from installing instead....13:59
placsinhello all, anyone here knows how to remove programs from autostart in kubuntu 8.10?? I need to remove KnetworkManager14:00
lakis1982i tried this but it gives the same rror14:00
desulakis1982: paste the entire output on rafb.net/paste14:00
desuthe entire output of `sudo apt-get remove openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us', that is...14:01
Dragnslcrplacsin- System Settings -> Advanced -> Autostart14:01
lakis1982i psted it14:02
lakis1982so ?14:02
lakis1982i pasted it14:02
desupost the link here...14:02
desuthe link to the paste, that is...14:02
placsinhey, how I can stop KnetworkManager to loading every time I'm logging on??(Network configured manually through /etc/network/interfaces)14:04
placsin*from loading14:04
mitsarionasptl: here? could you pastebin me a list of your installed packages?14:05
matt____How could I go about installing the amarok beta?14:05
mitsarionasi think there are some repos listed on kubuntu.org14:05
matt____mitsarionas: me?14:06
matt____mitsarionas: Looking.14:06
matt____mitsarionas: Wouldn't know where they are would you?14:06
desulakis1982: hmm... it seems that a script required by the post-remove and post-install scripts of the package is missing....14:07
emmaplacsin: not sure but out of curiosity when you go to system settings > advanced > autostart is it listed in there?14:07
lakis1982and how can i find it ?14:07
mitsarionasmatt____: http://www.kubuntu.org/amarok2-beta214:08
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help14:08
matt____mitsarionas: What about beta3?14:08
placsinemma: no, there is only script called "gtk-qt-engine.rc.sh"14:08
matt____mitsarionas:  http://www.kubuntu.org/news14:08
emmaplacsin: yeah mine too. I thought maybe it would be in there.14:09
desulakis1982: try doing a reinstall of the package that provides update-openoffice-dicts14:09
mitsarionasyeah, just saw... no repo there though... hopefully they updated the packages on the repo listed on the beta2 news page14:09
mitsarionasor they're gonna do it soon14:09
matt____mitsarionas: I believe...if you check backports and unsupported, it'll updated automatically.14:10
hans_solohi there! i´m a kubuntu and linux noob and i accidently removed my network manager. i downloaded the knetworkmanager on my windows-pc and transferred it via usb-stick to my kubuntu-laptop. but how can i install it?#14:10
lakis1982and how can i reiinstall this package14:10
lakis1982im newbie14:10
killerbytehello everybody14:11
placsinhm... its idea... I will just remove the packet xD14:11
mitsarionasmatt____: amarok 2 beta? i don't think it's on the official repos, not even backports...14:11
matt____mitsarionas: Could be completely wrong and mislead, but that's how I took something I've read here.14:12
fawzihello everyone14:12
fawzii've got  a big problem14:12
matt____mitsarionas: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/amarok-2-beta-3 There we go.14:13
killerbyteplease can somebody tell me can you use the gui in kde to set internal disk file systems to automount?14:13
fawzican every one help me please14:13
killerbytefawzi, whats ur problem?14:14
desulakis1982: try this: `sudo mv /var/lib/dpkg/info/openoffice.org-hyphenation.postrm /var/lib/dpkg/info/openoffice.org-hyphenation.postrm.tmp' and then `sudo apt-get install dictionaries-common'14:14
hans_soloanyone read my problem and is willing to help?14:14
desulakis1982: after that is finished, do `sudo /var/lib/dpkg/info/openoffice.org-hyphenation.postrm.tmp'14:14
emmaplacsin: There's something in /etc/xdg/autostart/ that looks relevant14:14
dr_willishans_solo,  assuming you got the package you need..  just double click in it..14:14
mitsarionasmatt____: did they just change this page? i could swear i i looked 5' ago this page and it didn't have the ppa link14:15
dr_willishans_solo,  or 'sudo dpkg -i whatever.deb'14:15
reggyhi does any one knows how to install update bluez to seen in adept14:15
killerbytehans_solo, what format is package you have?14:15
matt____mitsarionas: I don't know. ;)14:15
ubottuFor instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup14:15
developerNewbiecan someone help me find out whats wrong with my audio. I used to have sound on my kubuntu 8.10 but not there is no sound and kmix is not starting when I log in like it used to.14:15
matt____mitsarionas: I would have had to have seen it 5'14:15
dr_willisHmm.. thats not it..14:15
hans_soloits a .gz file14:15
mitsarionasmatt____: anyway, cool :D14:15
dr_willistheres some sort of bug/breakage in bluetooth and kde4. the bot has some factoid on th topic14:15
dr_willishans_solo,  what exactly did you download then?14:16
lakis1982mv: cannot stat `/var/lib/dpkg/info/openoffice.org-hyphenation.postrm': No such file or directory14:16
lakis1982desu that it gives me in command14:16
matt____mitsarionas: I supposed it is amarok-kde4 isn't it?14:16
dr_willishans_solo,  if its a ubuntu package.. it sould be .deb not .tar.gz14:16
matt____mitsarionas: Installs alongside stable I should think.14:16
killerbyteplease can somebody tell me can you use the gui in kde to set internal disk file systems to automount?14:16
mitsarionasmatt____: yeah that's it14:17
desulakis1982: err, i mean `sudo mv /var/lib/dpkg/info/openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us.postrm /var/lib/dpkg/info/openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us.postrm.tmp' and then `sudo apt-get install dictionaries-common'14:17
placsinbye all here, emma thx for help )14:17
dr_williskillerbyte,  i normally just edit the fstab.. its not hard to learn.  There is some gui tool.. but i dont rember where/what its called.14:17
dr_williskillerbyte,  what format of filesystem?14:17
matt____mitsarionas: Looks neat, any word on stability?14:17
killerbytedr_willis, just fat32 and ext314:18
lakis1982something did14:18
lakis1982wanna paste it ?14:18
lakis1982plese check it14:18
reggyi already try to install bluez util in kubuntu 8.10 using apt-get but always fail14:18
mitsarionasmatt___i've only tried it just a little, no problems thus far14:18
dr_williskillerbyte,    shouldent be too hard to  figure out the proper fstab entry.  these are both internal hard drives correct?14:19
mitsarionasuh, could someone who upgraded to kde 4.1.3 pastebin me his installed packages?14:19
reggyCould not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11 Resource temporarily unavailable)14:19
DeviantPeerHi all. I'm trying Kubuntu 8.10 on an old computer with a old ATI AIW (7200) but the screen colors are all scrambled. Anyone has any idea how to solve this?14:20
developerNewbiecan someone help me find out whats wrong with my audio. I used to have sound on my kubuntu 8.10 but not there is no sound and kmix is not starting when I log in like it used to.14:21
developerNewbieany commands I can try to see whats wrong?14:21
desulakis1982: if you need openoffice.org-hyphentaion-us-en, you can reinstall it by doing 'sudo apt-get install openoffice.org-hyphentaion-en-us'... however, it should not prevent any other packages from being installed now...14:21
killerbytedr_willis, yes file systems on internal hdd partitions14:22
desudeveloperNewbie: did you modify anything related to the sound card?14:22
lakis1982should i try install something with package manager and see if everything installs ok ?14:22
desulakis1982: you already did... dictionaries-common is what you installed...14:22
lakis1982a ha ok14:22
emmamitsarionas: I'm in kubuntu 4.1.2. I did not know there was a 4.1.3 in kubuntu.14:22
arshadHi all14:22
desudeveloperNewbie: try running `alsamixer'14:23
lakis1982and now ,, how can i install openoffice 3 ... or if i install it it will give me errors again ?14:23
mitsarionasemma: it's on backports i think14:23
arshada small hitch in installing KDE over Ubu i.e Gnome14:23
killerbytedr_willis, ok thank you14:23
desulakis1982: there's a howto on installing oo.o 3  somewhere on the internet, iirc... try googling...14:23
emmaWon't they  update to 4.1.3 with the updates/14:23
arshadcan nayone sove this14:23
developerNewbiedesu, alsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such file or directory14:23
arshadcan nayone solve this14:23
mitsarionasdunno... maybe sometime later14:24
lakis1982thank you very much14:24
desudeveloperNewbie: try checking if the sound card is plugged in properly?14:24
lakis1982can i ask something last14:24
developerNewbiedesu, its a laptop and It works in windows14:24
lakis1982how can isee what sound engine do i use on my system sound ... ?14:24
desudeveloperNewbie: then i have no idea...14:25
lakis1982and which engine should i use for best?14:25
arshadWARNING: The following packages cannot be authenticated!14:25
arshad  python-qt4-dbus libpoppler3 libpoppler-qt2 libsearchclient014:25
arshad  libstrigihtmlgui0 strigi-daemon14:25
arshadInstall these packages without verification [y/N]? n14:25
arshadE: Some packages could not be authenticated14:25
emmaarshad: you may want to use the !pastebin if you have many lines to paste.14:25
arshadthis is the pron in terminal14:25
dr_willisor trim down the error report lines. :)14:25
desudid someone say... pr0n?14:25
dr_willisor both!14:25
mitsarionascould anyone pastebin me the output of his dpkg -l|awk '{print $2}'    ?14:25
arshadsorry prob14:26
emmamitsarionas: or her.14:26
mitsarionas:) or her14:26
dr_willisi would do a  update, upgrade, then try to install them again  arshad14:26
desulakis1982: it shouldn't matter unless you're getting bad sound quality...14:26
arshadwith update mgr first??14:26
lakis1982that why i am asking14:27
lakis1982because it sounds a little weird14:27
arshadactually i had formatted my drive n removed ubuntu14:27
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arshadthan reinstalled14:27
lakis1982when i have the volume down i can hear a small noise coming out from my rear speakers or my 5.1 surround system14:27
arshadshould that b the prob,,,,,   what d i do14:27
emmamitsarionas: here you go -- http://club-ubuntu.pastebin.com/d4e1e509114:28
lakis1982that happens if i have in kmix the pcm option very loud14:28
desulakis1982: is that noise present even in windows?14:28
mitsarionasemma: thanx :)14:28
emmayou're welcome :)14:28
lakis1982not in windows14:28
emmaI have 4.1.2 though.14:28
desuif you have it very loud, of course you'll have some noise coming from the speakers... but it shouldn't happen on low volume14:28
lakis1982and how do i check my sound engine14:29
desulakis1982: what sound card are you using?14:29
lakis1982is it alsa , pulseaudio or something else?14:29
desuthe problem is not sound engine... i think it might be the drivers...14:29
lakis1982soundblaste 5.114:29
lakis1982creative 5.1 soundblaster live bulk14:30
dr_willisgnome uses pulse, kde uses just alsa by default i think14:30
emmaYes I don't think pulse is in kubuntu hardy. Not sure if it is in intrepid.14:31
emmaDefinitely not turned on if it is.14:31
desukde uses the phonon engine, iirc...14:32
dr_willisGotta love the creative names...14:32
reggykdebluetooth dont work ??? help14:32
dr_willisreggy,  yep. its a known issue it seems.14:32
keymonei tried to make bootable flash drive with unetbootin14:33
keymonebut it still requires internet connection14:33
keymonealthough i have full dvd iso downloaded14:33
ubottuFor instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup14:34
desuhmm.... anywhjere i can find out more about the bluetooth issue?14:34
dr_willisrequires for what exactly keymone ?14:34
reggyit's there another apps beside kdebluetooth that work in kubuntu 8.1014:34
dr_willisThe bot had some info/factoid on the kde bluetooth issue.. but i dont rember it called..14:34
dr_willissomthing got updated at the last moment and aprently broke somthing else. :(14:34
ujjalcan i know how to connect gtalk through  knverstion14:34
desureggy: it works percetly through gnome's bluetooth applet... you can install it via apt14:34
keymonedr_willis: requires to specify mirror and tries to install from internet14:35
desuujjal: select jabber as the protocl14:35
johnficcasome of the system tray icons look vary bad is there a fix for this ???14:35
desujohnficca: install a different icon set :P14:35
ujjalthanks desu let me try14:35
dr_williskeymone,  never noticed to be honest with ya..  It wouldent make much sence that it requires a network connection..   it would make sence it tries to get latest updates..14:36
johnficcadesu: there is no diferants when I change them14:36
courtjestergok i installed wine when i went to go click on the .exe file i came to a blank black screen then restarted notice now themusic at start up cuts out and the screen sometimes have a black glitch every so often14:37
keymonedr_willis: well it's in installation procedure.. there are few options - default, help, install, console install, expert install and expert console install14:37
desujohnficca: as in, the icons still remain the same or the icons change but quality remains same?14:37
johnficcayeah the quality is bad14:38
dr_williskeymone,  what was this on? I dont rember seeing those options.. alt-cd? desktop cd?14:38
courtjestergok i installed wine when i went to go click on the .exe file i came to a blank black screen then restarted notice now themusic at start up cuts out and the screen sometimes have a black glitch every so often14:38
mitsarionasemma: success!  i'd been missing kdeplasma-addons for some reason... thanx :)14:38
keymonedr_willis: in unetbootin i selected this iso: kubuntu-8.10-dvd-i386.iso and told it to write to usb flash drive14:38
courtjestergstill can't run the exe file with out coming to that black screen14:38
emmamitsarionas: oh that's great :)14:39
Kovertis there a place for xawtv help?14:39
dr_willisdvd? Hmm.. i never used the dvd only the desktop cd/alternative cd./.14:39
arshadDr_Wills can u PLzz reaeat the solution14:39
dr_willisTesting out the Usb-startupdisk feature of  8.10 now. :) it has persistant change feature. :)14:39
dr_willisarshad,  what was the question? i forget.14:39
arshadWARNING: The following packages cannot be authenticated!14:39
courtjestergok i installed wine when i went to go click on the .exe file i came to a blank black screen then restarted notice now themusic at start up cuts out and the screen sometimes have a black glitch every so often14:39
arshad  python-qt4-dbus libpoppler3 libpoppler-qt2 libsearchclient014:39
arshad  libstrigihtmlgui0 strigi-daemon14:39
arshadInstall these packages without verification [y/N]? n14:39
arshadE: Some packages could not be authenticated14:39
courtjestergstill can't run the exe file with out coming to that black screen14:40
dr_willisarshad,  sudo apt-get update, sudo apt-get upgrade..  and try again.. or  golly.. just hit Y instead of N. :)14:40
courtjestergthey should have a webpage where everyone can say these files must be loaded with different options with this os14:40
arshadwhat after    sudo apt-get update "..................."14:40
Kovertcourtjesterg: there is.....14:41
arshadwhat after    sudo apt-get update kubuntu-desktop14:41
arshadwhat after    sudo apt-get update "..................."14:41
arshadwhat after    sudo apt-get update kubuntu-desktop14:41
courtjestergwhat is sudo apt?14:41
Kaya_SaoukaIf I upgraded to kubuntu from ubuntu using apt-get install kde-desktop, is it possible to go back to just ubuntu by simply typing apt-get purge kde-desktop, or will it just corrupt everything?14:41
dr_willisapt-get basics...14:41
ubottuAPT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome) or !Adept (KDE)14:41
Kovertwhat are people using to watch tv on there computers software wise?14:42
dr_willisKovert,  i used to use MythTV :)14:42
Koverttvtime was a bust14:42
emmaKovert: I try to watch cspan when i can.14:42
desuKaya_Saouka: it should not touch anything else.... also, you can still go back by selecting gnome at the login screen :P14:42
* andy__ is away: Gone away for now14:42
Kovertdr_willis: used to?14:42
courtjestergi am using kubuntu14:42
* andy__ is back.14:42
dr_willisKovert,  i dont have cable any more.. so no need.14:42
Kovertdr_willis: did you like it?14:42
arshadhope i wont hav a prob with unauthenticated prog14:43
arshadroot@arshad-desktop:/home/arshad# sudo apt-get upgrade14:43
arshadReading package lists... Done14:43
arshadBuilding dependency tree14:43
arshadReading state information... Done14:43
arshadThe following packages have been kept back:14:43
Kaya_SaoukaDesu: I realise I can go back by using that, but it appears to have changed the connection manager to Knetworkmanager on Gnome aswell as KDE, so when I get rid of it, will it change back automatically, or will I need to download the standard manager for gnome again?14:43
arshad  poppler-utils14:43
arshadThe following packages will be upgraded:14:43
arshad  libqt4-core14:43
dr_willisKovert,  it does a very good job.. it can even record/zap comercials/convert to avi automatically :)14:44
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!14:44
arshad1 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 1 not upgraded.14:44
arshadNeed to get 7482B of archives.14:44
developerNewbieI am trying to use module-assistant but I get an error saying that I am not root. I didnt used to get this problem, how do I make myself root?14:44
arshadAfter this operation, 5779kB disk space will be freed.14:44
arshadDo you want to continue [Y/n]? y14:44
arshadWARNING: The following packages cannot be authenticated!14:44
dr_willisarshad,   some day you REALLY NEED TO LEARN to stop flooding...14:44
arshad  libqt4-core14:44
arshadInstall these packages without verification [y/N]? n14:44
arshadE: Some packages could not be authenticated14:44
arshadsorry for  along msg14:44
arshaddoes unauthenticated package does any harm to my sys14:44
bazhangarshad, paste.ubuntu.com14:44
arshadoh am sorry14:44
desuKaya_Saouka: it's still there... so you should not have to download it again...14:44
dr_willisproberly not.14:44
bazhangarshad, dont paste that here14:44
emmadeveloperNewbie: try su ?14:44
dr_willisit means your gpg or whatever key is proberly out of date.14:45
dr_willisor its some unofficial repo.14:45
lakis1982do u know superkaramba ??14:45
desuKaya_Saouka: however, i dont know how easy/difficult switching between the network management GUIs will be...14:45
dr_willisits just a warning...14:45
lakis1982i try to install it folowing everyinstruction and it cant install .....14:45
DreadKnighthello; anyone having expecience with sound recording from microphone in intrepid? like what settings and software i should make.. ?14:45
lakis1982is there an easiest way ?14:45
Kaya_Saoukadesu: I have everything backed up, so I guess I'll just try and see what happens..14:45
bazhanglakis1982, get it from repos14:45
dr_williswith kde4 isent superkaramba a little - unneeded. :)14:45
bazhang!info superkaramba14:46
ubottusuperkaramba (source: kdeutils): SuperKaramba theme support for the KDE 4 Plasma desktop. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.1.2-0ubuntu5 (intrepid), package size 382 kB, installed size 1292 kB14:46
developerNewbieemma, su: authentication failure14:46
cense5hello, i have a mouse problem, cannot klick two mousebuttons at same time... any idea14:46
bazhangdeveloperNewbie, dont use su14:46
Kovertmyth-tv going im .. still no katapult for 8.1?14:46
bazhangdeveloperNewbie, use sudo14:46
DreadKnightKovert: there will be something called quick-sand soon, much better :P14:46
DreadKnightKovert: will be based on krunner.14:47
estananyone had this problem with fixed width fonts in firefox after upgrading to intrepid; http://dose.se/fixed.png ?14:47
estannvidia issue?14:47
lakis1982it cant find it14:47
lakis1982do i need to add some repos?14:47
desucense5: if you're trying to click left and right mouse buttons together, it'lkl result in middle click14:47
bazhanglakis1982, what command did you use14:47
* DreadKnight ~ how can i record sound?14:47
* desu ~ use a sound recorder14:47
lakis1982tar zxvf superkaramba-0.39.tar.gz14:47
lakis1982cd superkaramba-0.3914:47
lakis1982sudo makeinstall14:47
bazhanglakis1982, no14:48
lakis1982this commands14:48
desulakis1982: sudo apt-get install superkaramba14:48
bazhanglakis1982, get from repos14:48
estanhm. changing to FreeMono in firefox helped. weird.14:48
bazhangsudo apt-get install superkaramba14:48
cense5@desu how can i turn this off14:48
courtjestergwhat the heck does packages have to do with my problem and the since that some adept need to be isntalled for specific user needs when we have no idea which ones they are for our purpose or need!14:48
developerNewbiehow can I log in as root?14:48
DreadKnightcense5: you twitter maniac! :D14:48
bazhangdeveloperNewbie, you dont want to14:48
bazhangdeveloperNewbie, that is a very bad idea14:49
Kovertthanks on the katapult replacement14:49
courtjestergi am getting a black screen when using wine with an .exe program i want to use14:49
DreadKnightKovert: np14:49
bazhangcourtjesterg, check the appdb if that will work14:49
ubottuThe Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help14:49
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about record14:49
DreadKnight!sound record14:49
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about sound record14:49
bazhangcourtjesterg, wine help in #winehq14:49
DreadKnight!audio recording14:49
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about audio recording14:49
KovertDreadKnight: audacity14:50
Kovertcheck my spelling14:50
bazhang!info audacity14:50
ubottuaudacity (source: audacity): A fast, cross-platform audio editor. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.3.5-2 (intrepid), package size 3155 kB, installed size 9188 kB14:50
DreadKnightKovert: i am trying it atm but can't seem to configure it the right way... any help? :P14:50
DreadKnightlike the input  /  output devices..14:50
estanhm. can i turn off the automatic generation of <a> links for a single URL?14:50
DreadKnighti am a big noob xD14:50
KovertDreadKnight: Dont understand your question14:50
cense5twitter maniac ? why ? :)14:50
arshadDr_Wills i hav  done  without authentication14:51
emmadeveloperNewbie: It is not advised that people go into root in a persistent way. But if you really feel that you need to do that you could try: sudo su14:51
DreadKnightcense5: you are using twitter like syntax for replying; start typing and use tab for autocompletion xD14:51
arshadKDE is loading14:51
estani have a svn co http://foo command in a <pre> that is don't want to be turned into a link.14:51
bazhangemma, that is very bad advice14:51
KovertDread not int eh repros14:51
BluesKajcan someone in north america post his/her sources.list for intrepid , mine is badly corrupted and needs editing . I'm unable to login to kubuntu due to the fact that kdm and kubuntu-desktop were removed by mistake.14:51
emmabazhang: how come?14:51
bazhangdeveloperNewbie, use sudo -i if you must14:51
estanoh damn. sorry wrong channel.14:52
DreadKnightKovert: well, edit/setting.. and what should i configure out input/output stuff? can't get it right..14:52
bazhangemma, dont need root for ubuntu; sudo -i for a root shell (limited time)14:52
Kaya_SaoukaTried to remove Kubuntu to go back to ubuntu, by using apt-get purge kubuntu-desktop, but it's had no effect, how do I remove it?14:52
KovertDreadKnight: never wondered about it seems to be based on alsa mixer14:52
bazhang!puregnome | Kaya_Saouka14:52
ubottuKaya_Saouka: If you want to remove all !KDE packages and have a default !Ubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/puregnome »14:52
DreadKnightKovert: yeah..14:53
emmabazhang: I'll make a note of that in case anyone else wants to do it.14:53
emmabazhang: I found a computer that someone left to be thrown away so I took it and I've been using it to explore other distros. I put slackware on it, so I found that you can become root in other ways.14:53
bazhangemma, that is slackware; many distros use su but ubuntu does not14:54
cense5thanks anyway14:54
bazhangie fedora, suse etc14:54
desubazhang: sudo is not distro specific :P14:55
desuit's just that htere's no entry by default in the sudoers file14:55
emmabazhang: What's the rationale in case people ask me?14:55
bazhangdesu, true, though with ubuntu it is the 'ubuntu way' :)14:55
ubottusudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome), or !kdesu (KDE)14:55
bazhangemma, ^^14:55
desubazhang: yep :)14:56
developerNewbiestill no sound is there anything else I can try?14:57
BluesKajdeveloperNewbie, have you setup kmix yet ...I don't know what you've tried cuz i just got here.14:59
zbyszekhi i have another seriuos problem15:00
zbyszeki tried to boot from alternate 8.0415:00
zbyszekand the installer asks me for a cdrom driver/.....15:00
Kovertdr_willis: gald YOU used mythtv :-)15:00
=== CyD__ is now known as CyD
Kovertnow I can go there and get it working15:01
developerNewbiekmix opens, the volumes are up on pcm and master, nothing is muted, soundcard used to work on linux and still works in windows.15:01
reggyhow to mount bluetooth device thanks15:03
DreadKnightdeveloperNewbie: kmix in intrepid seems to be fucking stupid....15:03
developerNewbieamarok: xine was unable to initialise any audio drivers15:03
DreadKnightsound recording used to work for me no headaches...15:03
=== kdab is now known as Saille
emmabazhang: on the !sudo link it says to not use sudo -i15:04
bazhangemma, right15:04
bazhangemma, I said only if you must15:04
ubottuWe don't support a root password so don't suggest one unless you are going to be here 24/7 to help someone who has problems as a result of having one, many thanks ;-)15:04
emmaSo pretty much the official ubuntu policy is always just use sudo15:04
a_c_mhumm.... anyone know why my webcam would work in cheese, but not in skype or Camorama ?15:06
emmabazhang: if you start a root shell using one of the ways that's not recommended and then, while in # you do su <user>  to become a non-root-user, has the root shell closed?15:06
bazhangemma, first exit the root shell15:07
bazhangemma, you need to very careful with even sudo -i15:07
bazhangor gksudo/kdesu nautilus/konqueror15:07
emmabazhang: yes I see what happened there. I can see your point.15:08
bazhangit can seriously bork your system15:08
emmabazhang: doing one of the non-recommended ways to gain a # prompt, you now have opened a root shell. Just switching back to your normal user with: su <normaluser> opens another shell but does not close the root shell.15:08
Koverthow do i get to the "services page" as oppsed to the services kde page?15:08
emmaMany people will not realise or remember to exit the shells they have created. I bet.15:08
bazhangemma, just dont enable the root account15:09
bazhangits much much safer that way15:09
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto15:10
emmaThere needs to be a better communication of the rationale for things like this or people who are full of the 'linux spirit' might feel like it's a bit 'do as I say not what you like'15:11
bazhangbut most newer users just want a system that works15:11
bazhangthe linux spirit folks most likely are older hands who know su15:11
emmaI will try to promote the ideas on the link in !sudo. I am trying to get more people to use ubuntu.15:12
Koverthow can i see a list of running services15:12
emmabazhang: I understand where you are coming from especially since you are coming at it from a support angle, largely to novice users. I have an interest in growing the ubuntu marketshare. That means not only making new users happy but hanging on to them as they learn about the rest of linux.15:14
tom_i did something stupid  (not the 1st time) I am running kubuntu 8.10 kde4 (of course) and i selected and confirmed in sys settings the menu setting for menu shadows etc   what config file does this reside in or how to return default desktop setting for kde4 back to default from command line15:15
KovertKovert: you can install burn to see whats running15:15
KovertKovert: uoi lasy dog bum not burn15:16
xiasyadim considering installing kubuntu inside windows, will that make it run slower than if i installed it regularly?15:17
=== xiasyad is now known as SyriX
bazhangSyriX, a bit yes15:17
SyriXahh okay15:17
bazhangits more of a demo15:17
bazhangthe dual boot install is nothing to worry about15:18
SyriXbut it will still have all the same features right?15:18
bazhangSyriX, likely, though a tad slower; not sure about compiz15:18
=== feng is now known as fw0127
emmabazhang: what about usb ports?15:18
bazhangemma, with wubi?15:19
SyriXah koay bazhang15:19
bazhangshould be fine15:19
bazhangSyriX, you might want to try virtualbox before you go for wubi15:19
=== sandstorm is now known as sandstorm_
bazhangSyriX, then if you like do the full dual boot install with windows15:19
Illusioneerpossibly stupid question, what is the library "kcm_konqhtml" part of?  i got it when looking at the plugins menu15:19
emmaI have had some people tell me that with virtual machines you may not have access to your USB ports.15:19
tom_now the thing is it boots fine   so how do you reset reset system settings back to default from the command line15:20
Kovertanyone know how to start mysql15:20
Roeywhat does it imply when gcc complains "ULONG_MAX undeclared"15:20
bazhangemma, that is the vbox-ose in the repos15:20
SyriXis it possible (with a regular install) to make windows able to read the kubuntu hdd?15:21
courtjestergnotice in the adept the hardware drivers after you open it up says no hardware drivers are installed is ti broke or am i running  my computer like a mircle15:21
mitsarionasSyriX: afaik you need an ext2 driver15:22
SyriXokay, is that easily done?15:22
Illusioneererror says "The shared library kcm_konqhtml was not found"15:22
mitsarionasSyriX: i think the page is www.fs-driver.org15:23
SyriXthanks :)15:23
mitsarionasyou just run the setup thing...15:23
mitsarionasand assign letters to partitions15:23
courtjestergi was told at wine to ask how do i config my video graphics been to display15:24
SyriXokay, gonna burn the cd now :)15:24
mitsarionashave fun :)15:24
courtjestergi got this error when i opened up x.org nivida adept:===You do not appear to be using the NVIDIA X driver. Please edit your X configuration file (just run `nvidia-xconfig` as root), and restart the X server.15:25
mitsarionascourtjesterg: if you're trying to install the nvidia drivers, envy-ng is an easy way to do so15:28
courtjestergok i'll search the adept and the net thanks15:29
courtjestergits not in the adept15:30
pucko-Anyone else having problem accessing usb cameras since kde 4.1.3 update? (it worked fine with 4.1.2)15:30
=== Uncle|Sam is now known as uncle|sam
mitsarionascourtjesterg: uh, sorry... it's envyng (without the -)15:31
mitsarionasthere's envyng-core and two guis, -gtk and -qt15:31
emmapucko-: how are you getting the kde4.1.3 update? I don't see any updates and I just did a fresh install of kubuntu intrepid.15:32
pucko-emma, I think I got it from the backports repository15:33
emmaHm. I wonder if I should add that to my sources.list15:33
pucko-not if you want to connect an usb camera :)15:33
anubis_Wts the command to see my connection details? commands ect..15:34
anubis_i mean ip ect15:34
bazhanganubis_, connections for what15:34
emmaanubis_: connection details? you mean like ifconfig?15:34
mitsarionaspucko-: just installed cheese, seems quite buggy, though last time i used it was on hardy15:35
anubis_yeah thats what i was15:35
anubis_thx  :D15:35
emmano problem15:35
courtjestergi look the gtk and qt up they talk about file sharing not video cards and such i believe it is my video card when i use wine and the go to instal with the .exe i come to a black screen? SInce i am using wine am i suppose to install the directx drivers and such which would lose all its purpose with not using windows really15:35
Ash-FoxHello, I've been following different howtos on openvpn.net, specifically, http://openvpn.net/static.html and http://openvpn.net/howto.html#redirect - I've followed the directions stated, but for some reason, the default gateway on the client won't set to the IP address of the server on the VPN.15:36
=== wangfg is now known as fw0127
Ash-FoxThese are the configs I'm using http://pastebin.com/d509e0c02 - Can anyone advise me?15:36
courtjestergfound on the interent15:37
RoeyAsh-Fox:  you sound like one of those artists on deviantart15:37
Ash-FoxRoey, uh, okay/15:37
HappySmileManHey probably gonna switch backto kubuntu today, is there a way to get the trunk builds of KDE4.2 installed? Or at least a way to use the Betas when they're ready?15:38
HappySmileManGoggling only finds stuff about Hardy15:38
Pliskinhello, does someone know why there isn't powerdevil when installing KDE4-neon ?15:39
emmaHappySmileMan: perhaps adding the backports line to your sources.list15:39
Tm_THappySmileMan: no betas released yet15:39
PliskinHappySmileMan : Project-Neon ?15:39
emmaseems like some people in here have been able to update to 4.1.315:39
HappySmileManI know not yet, but when Beta1 is released I'd like to try it, should be released soon15:40
HappySmileManBy the end of this month15:40
Pliskinkubuntu devs always package the betas :)15:41
emmaDo users of Kubuntu have access to newer software than users of Ubuntu?15:42
HappySmileManOk cool, time to abandon Mandriva and go back to Kubuntu, dunno why but I always hate the package managers on other distros15:42
Pliskinemma : no, you will have to add the ppa repo to have the beta I guess15:47
HappySmileManOh wait... There's no NVidia driver for my card yet for Intrepid... Maybe I'll wait15:48
courtjestergwith this Download of Envy which one am i suppose to download i use kubuntu but understand the relationship between ubuntu they have core gtk and qt i sun it off my harddrive15:49
zeltakdid you find anything regrading power-devil?15:50
Tm_T!envy | courtjesterg15:51
ubottucourtjesterg: envyng is an updated version of the *UNSUPPORTED* envy package. It is now part of the ubuntu universe repository (envyng-gtk OR envyng-qt) we suggest you use envyng if every other (official/supported) method fails! it can have various results from works, to fails!!!  if you want the very latest drivers from the manufacturer you use them at your own risk15:51
starenkaHi! anybody fancy help migrate my system from on hdd to another?15:52
starenkai just though it wou;d be easy as copying the data, but f.e as the second hdd is mounted and in /dev it starts copying those files too :)15:53
bazhang!cloning | starenka15:53
ubottustarenka: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « dpkg --get-selections > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo dpkg --set-selections < my-packages && apt-get dselect-upgrade » - See also !automate15:53
starenkabazhang: well, but it only replicates packages, how about settings (not speaking about /home which i have on other partition)15:55
starenkaohkay 'dd' should be my friend i guess16:06
bazhangyeah that is the best option16:07
Ash-FoxI keep rereading this, http://openvpn.net/howto.html#redirect - but, I cannot see what I have done wrong with my configs, http://pastebin.com/d509e0c02 connections just are not routing through the VPN by default - any ideas?16:07
ubottuWays to automate installation of Ubuntu on multiple machines are described at https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/installation-guide/i386/automatic-install.html - See also !cloning16:15
CyDstarenka: if you don't want it copying /dev, boot into a livecd so your filesystem isn't live16:18
starenkamy cdrom is broken ;)16:18
CyDin the livecd, you'd again have the option of using gparted to do partition moves starenka16:18
CyDoh .. :)16:18
starenkawell i think mounting / somewhere else as ro16:18
starenkaand then copy it with dd ?16:19
starenkawhat would you say?16:19
CyDstarenka: dunno, tricky16:20
starenkaoh i cant use dd tho, the partition is not the same size... rsync?16:20
CyDstarenka: another quick idea.. get a bootable flash drive16:21
CyDknoppix or such16:21
CyDstarenka: you could always dd the entire drive, then resize partitions later with gparted :)16:21
CyDthat'd be kinda nice cause you could dd the mbr16:21
starenkayep, but.... the new hdd is partitioned different way16:22
CyDjust 'dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb'16:22
CyDyea, spose.. way different, not just bigger partitions?16:22
CyDyou're sure making it difficult on yourself :)16:22
starenkawell see16:22
starenkagimme a sec16:22
starenkathe 1st one is the source one the 2nd one the target one16:24
starenkai got16:24
starenka"/ /home /swap /data"16:24
starenkabut the difference is in sizes and also primary / extended things as you see16:25
CyDwell, cp -a, omitting things like /dev, is going to be better than dd of course. probly as good as rsync,16:27
CyDthe super easiest way would of course be fresh install :)16:28
starenkai got shitloads of stuff configured different way16:28
CyDmoving the data like /home is easy16:28
CyDwell at least user configs will be safe in /home16:28
CyDi dunno it really depends of course16:29
starenkayep, but if i omit /dev16:29
starenkawill the system then work?16:29
CyDactually i'd try with just coping the whole /16:29
CyDif it doesn't work, you haven't lost anything but ~10 mins16:29
starenkabut how about other mounted things and symlinks?16:29
starenkait would copy those too, wouldnt it?16:30
starenkanot good then16:30
CyDyou'll have to modify your fstab on the new drive and run grub-install like we said yesterday16:30
CyDbut i can't think of any other roadblocks16:30
starenkai tried copying /16:30
CyDcp -a?16:30
CyDthat preserves permissions, symlinks etc16:31
starenkabut i canceled when in started to copy /dev/sda6 which is the new hdd partition :)))16:31
CyDoh heheh :)16:31
starenkawhen it ;)16:31
CyDyea again too bad you can't use livecd16:31
CyDthat is really the best way16:31
starenkain what way it would live cd help?16:31
starenka(i can manage to steal my gfriends' cdrom)16:32
CyDstarenka: well then you're not worrrying about copying /dev on a running filesystem and such16:32
CyDand running into taht prob of copying /dev/sda6 onto itself :)16:32
CyDbasically if i had a livecd i could pack up my /dev/sda1 and unpack it wherever whenever to have my system back16:32
starenkawell whats the difference... i need to mount those too on livecd, dont i?16:32
CyDyes, but you won't be copying the livecd filesystem16:33
starenkasilly me16:33
CyDyou'll be doing cp -a /media/sda2 /media/sdb216:33
CyDetc :)16:33
starenkaeasy one16:33
starenkawill go for it16:33
starenkathanx a bunch, mate16:34
CyDit's quite a job you've set out, you'll be better for it in the end16:34
CyDlearnin lots etc16:34
CyDyea np16:34
starenkaone other thing16:34
starenkawell, we will see... cya16:34
starenkaCyD: cp -a means copy archive... what archive means? preserving atributes ?16:35
ubuntu_nejaky slovak??..16:36
starenka!cz | ubuntu_:16:36
ubottuubuntu_:: České uživatele žádáme, aby mluvili v kanále #ubuntu anglicky. Česky je možno se domluvit v #ubuntu-cz. Děkujeme.16:36
starenkaubuntu_: kdyztak pis pm, pokud ti nevadi cestina16:37
starenka!sk | ubuntu_:16:37
ubottuubuntu_:: Žiadame slovenských používateľov aby v kanáli #ubuntu hovorili po anglicky. Slovensky a česky sa dohovoríte v #ubuntu-cz.16:37
carrerasganyone can tell me where kdeinit4 gets it's list of executables to launch?  Removed nm-applet long ago and it still trys to launch it.16:37
starenka!kde4 | carrerasg16:38
ubottucarrerasg: KDE 4.1.2 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. Packages can be found at  http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.1.2 - Support in #kubuntu-kde416:38
carrerasgthks starenka16:38
inaetyhow do i enable hardware acceleration in 8.10?16:39
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto16:39
kibanetwork is not working on the latest kernel version I have16:43
kiba2.6.7.4 I think16:43
kibaI have no idea why but older version works fine16:43
yagodoes anyone has a problem with Ubuntu 8.10, When do I try open a video file, the terminal blocks16:45
yagocan anyone help me?16:45
kibathat kernel I am using is fine16:45
kibabut later version is not fine16:46
moppedI need to install Windows to run some games, How can I create a partition within kubuntu?16:49
draikmopped: QTParted16:50
moppedok, ill give it a whirl16:51
ubuntu_need help16:51
kibacan anybody help me with my hardware issue16:51
kibaI have insprion 53016:51
draik!ask | ubuntu_16:51
ubottuubuntu_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)16:51
kibabut the latest kernel image for some reason doesn't like my network16:51
gaeluse GParted16:51
ubuntu_why i dont have games?16:51
draikubuntu_: What games?16:51
MarcoPauhello, I would like to set up alt-f1/2/3/4 keyboard shortcut to switch between desktops on kde4, as I used to have previously on kde3. can anybody help?16:52
ubuntu_the games that are in linux..16:52
draikMarcoPau: Go into your System Settings and choose Keyboard and Mouse. The 3rd tab on the side will help you out with your keyboard shortcuts16:52
emmaI think what happens is that ubuntu is set as the default host name for people's instalations, and so they just retype it for the user name, and then when they click on some irc client and it drops them into 'ubuntu server' it gives them the default nick ubuntu to start with, which is being used, so it goes to ubuntu_16:52
draikubuntu_: Did you install the package for the games?16:53
ubuntu_how can i do this:16:54
kibaubuntu_: what games do you want?16:54
draikubuntu_: sudo apt-get install kdegames16:54
MarcoPauthank you draik16:54
ubuntu_what is it?..16:54
draikMarcoPau: No problem. ;)16:54
kibaubuntu_: new to linux?16:55
MarcoPaudraik: just hacking around with kde4... need to get used it :)16:55
kibaso nobody with expertise on kernel images16:55
draikMarcoPau: I'm new to KDE4 as well.16:55
=== amit is now known as Guest78595
moppedOk, I'm trying out gparted, and I'm guessing I need to unmount before I partition16:58
moppedwouldnt unmounting my current HD have horrific effects? :P16:58
heret1c My external cd/dvd writer malfunctions with error "Buffer I/O error on device sr1, logical block 0". What may be the cause? Worked fine in 8.04.16:59
emmamopped: you should not be using gparted on a running system, use it from in a live CD16:59
=== ubuntu__ is now known as starenka
draikmopped: If you're not using the drive, you can unmount and do it. If you're on it, I would advise using a Live CD16:59
starenkaCyD: hullo, it's starenka from livCD ;)16:59
starenkaCyD: just one stupid question... i made "sudo cp -a /media/oldroot/ /media/newroot/" but it started to copy files to /media/newroot/oldroot... :))17:00
starenkaCyD: help, the old noob, pls :))17:00
=== amit is now known as Guest85943
heret1cBuffer I/O error on device sr1, logical block 017:02
HappySmileManstarenka: Yeah it'll do that since it's copying the folder oldroot, not just the contents17:02
kibaanybody can help with my kernel image issue?17:02
HappySmileManI think cp -a /media/oldroot/* /media/newroot would work17:02
starenkaHappySmileMan: so i do cp /smthng/*.* /somegre17:03
starenkaok same idea here :)) thanx17:03
starenkaHappySmileMan: thanx. works like a charm17:04
* heret1c waves his dvd i/o error in despair17:04
starenkaheret1c: you at least have a semifunctional.... i've just stolen my griend's one :))17:05
kibawhy nobody is willing to help me?17:05
kibaam I...obnixious?17:06
starenkayou stink17:06
heret1cstarenka: hah. it worked a charm in 8.04.17:06
draikkiba: heret1c: You'll get help when someone knows your answer.17:06
heret1cdraik: ymmv.17:07
heret1cdraik: provided someone happens to glance at the screen in the right time, yes. .)17:08
heret1cnasty character, that "peer".17:11
starenkaheret1c: "netslipt" too :))17:12
starenkaCyD: damn, mate the copying will take hours :(17:12
heret1cstarenka: censorship by entropy. 8)17:13
starenkaheret1c: hehe17:13
* heret1c waves his dvd i/o error in despair (again)17:14
draikheret1c: After doing a Google search with your error message... http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=72665617:15
emmaId like to have a serious opinion about the importance of how installing firefox installs gnome libs in kubuntu. Is that something that bothers any one else, should it not bother me?17:17
heret1cdrauck. did cjeck www before coming here, mind. .)17:18
Pliskinemma : it installs gnome libs in intrepid o_O ?17:19
HappySmileManemma: Bothers me too17:19
HappySmileManWell I haven't done it, since I'm on Mandriva right now, but iot WILL bother me17:19
HappySmileManYeah but that's never gotten in any way usable17:20
emmaPliskin: yes it does. If you install firefox, by default it will install the recommended packages, and among those are a ton of GNOME libs.17:20
Pliskinthen, the ubuntu MOTOs are definitely evil, or they don't know gnome is not the only existing DE17:20
Pliskinemma : oh, ok, but you can configure apt to install just the required packages I believe17:21
emmaPliskin: no let's not go that far. They are good and talented people, seriously don't disparage them, and it's not like every single one of them is in charge of firefox.17:21
Pliskinyeah, I was wrong17:21
heret1cdraik: so putting "all_generic_ide=1" in menu.list should fix it?17:21
emmaPliskin: hardly anyone is going to know about that. How can ubuntu think that the typical user has to use sudo but the same typical user is going to know how to use a man page to find an esoteric option in aptitude?17:21
draikheret1c: I do not know. That is what I found online. It's answer.17:22
Pliskinemma : they talk about it in the install page (or the release notes)17:22
Pliskinit's a linux recomandation17:22
Pliskinand ubuntu always respect linux conventions17:22
HappySmileManNo updates to firefox-qt source in over 2 months :(17:22
Pliskin(sorry for my english)17:22
emmaBut worse, when I did: sudo aptitude -R install firefox, it did install firefox seemingly without so many gnome libs, but it looks funny and then you get gtk errors about how a file is missing, and you get errors from libbonoboui17:23
=== villoni is now known as Copelia
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr17:23
emmaThere's nothing wrong with his English :)17:24
PliskinHappySmileMan : yeah, it was a joke, like it was for kecko 4 years ago17:24
emmaIs there any hope that we could get a version of Firefox for KDE 4 ?17:24
HappySmileManOh wauit17:24
HappySmileManLast change was "merge with mozilla-central"17:24
HappySmileManQt support is now available from mozilla-central17:24
HappySmileManAccording to some googling17:25
lovrehi all17:26
lovrei just installed kubuntu 8.10, and i dont have any sound. There is a sound at the login, but it is cut off and nothing is heard anymore. ...? what can i do?17:26
emmabazhang: the comments on the page you linked to are from 2006 and 200717:26
bazhangemma, is this a support issue?17:27
bazhangor more of a chat issue?17:27
emmabazhang: support issue. How do we get firefox to work in kubuntu without filling our kubuntu with GNOME cruft17:28
bazhangemma, ff works fine in kde17:28
emmabazhang: did you install it yourself?17:28
HappySmileManemma: Well apparently you can build FF from source with experimental QT support17:28
HappySmileManSAomeone could probably package the latest one, but it's probably still really unstable17:29
PliskinHappySmileMan : you mean XulRunner was ported or is it the same than before ?17:29
emmaDoes kubuntu need libbonoboui-2.so.0 ?17:30
HappySmileManNot sure, as far as I know it's the same as mozilla-qt that was built for testing earlier this year, but hopefully it's a bit more stable since then17:30
Pliskinno, it's a gtk dep17:30
emmabecause now every time i start Firefox there is an error message from that package17:30
Pliskinbut maybe firefox need it17:31
emmaI think maybe KDE should just make their own web browser that works better than FireFox.17:31
HappySmileManAnyway time to go install Kubuntu, bye17:31
=== sean is now known as Guest80812
HappySmileManemma: Konqueror?17:32
emmaHappySmileMan: doesn't seem to work as consistently well as firefox as a web browser.17:32
Guest80812anyone know how to setup a smb printer in kubuntu 8.10?17:32
HappySmileManYeha I agree, but then again, a web browser isn't their primary concern, they spent most of their time on the desktop and other apps17:32
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr17:33
lovrehi all17:33
Pliskinemma : with the webkit kpart, it will be better I guess17:34
lovrejust installed kubuntu 8.10, and i have no sound, except startup and shutdown sounds... what can i do?17:34
emmalovre: have you installed the codecs and kubuntu-restricted-extras ?17:35
heret1cemma> there is one.17:35
emmaheret1c: what's it called?17:35
lovreemma: i installed something, but not sure.. how do i do what you just said?17:36
=== Guest80812 is now known as psyco
emmalovre: at the prompt: sudo aptitude install kubuntu-restricted-extras17:37
heret1cemma> Firefox version 3.0.317:37
lovreemma: it wasnt installed. do i need to logout17:37
emmaheret1c: how do we get that on kubuntu, compile from source?17:38
emmalovre: no.17:38
lovreemma: still no sound17:38
emmalovre: wait for it to finish installing and then I will help you get the w32codecs you need to listen to some audio.17:38
lovreemma: i installed w32codecs...17:38
emmalovre: do you use a 32 bit or 64 bit .. hm.17:38
lovreemma: 3217:38
emmaSo you already got the w32codecs from medibuntu or some other source?17:39
emmalovre: what audio are you trying to hear? When you open amarok are you able to hear the welcome from Matthias Etrich?17:40
lovreemma: medibuntu i guess, followed this: http://www.dailygyan.com/2008/11/10-things-you-should-do-immediately.html17:40
lovreemma: i cant hear the welcome :(17:40
lovreemma: it seems to play but i dont hear17:40
ravhello. i've been trying intrepid out, and i can't get my webcam to work. it worked well under hardy, using gspca. i tried installing gspca using module-assistant, but i can't compile the module.17:40
emmalovre: but you did have the audio at startup and shut down?17:41
lovreemma: yes17:42
lovreemma: i will try to logout /login and see if anything changes, be right back17:43
emmathat was mighty quick17:44
lovreemma: still no sound17:45
ravdoes someone have bluetooth running under intrepid?17:47
PhilRodjust upgraded to intrepid, and firefox (actually all GTK apps I think) says: "Cannot mix incompatible Qt libraries. Aborted". Any ideas? Google doesn't turn up much17:47
ravPhilRod: a danger of upgrading. you probably have both qt3 and qt4 installed17:48
PhilRodrav: indeed I do. I was hoping they'd be put in different places so as not to get in each other's way17:48
lovreemma: i have solved it with help from: http://kubuntuforums.net/forums/index.php?topic=3097945.017:49
ravPhilRod: i'd try uninstalling firefox and reinstalling it from intrepid repositories17:49
lovreemma: thank you for your time :)17:49
PhilRodrav: thanks, I'll try that17:49
ravPhilRod: I have KDE 3 programs running under KDE4, but I did a fresh intrepid install, and then installed the KDE3 apps17:49
emmalovre: oh that's great.17:50
lovreemma: thx :D17:50
PhilRodrav: yeah, kde3 apps run fine (I'm using konversation right now) - I guess it's something with gtk-qt-engine that's causing the issue17:51
PhilRodrav: anyway, thanks for the hint17:52
anubisis there a way to save my widget settings?17:53
=== fede is now known as BrAndon22
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kde517:54
BrAndon22excuse me, i just downloaded kubuntu 8.10 with kde4. may anyone suggest me a working way to get rid of the crappy gtk interface and have a good one?17:55
HappySmileManThe installer for Kubuntu isn't doing anything17:56
HappySmileManIt gets to where I select keyboard layout and then does nothing at all, I've waited like 5 minutes17:57
BrAndon22i mean, being gtk-based, amule looks like a windown 95 application under kubuntu with kde 417:57
ravBrAndon22: System settings> Appeareance> GTK styles17:57
ravHappySmileMan: have you checked the CD for integrity?17:58
HappySmileManrav: Yes, says it's fine17:58
heret1cBrAndon22: use system settings > appearance > gtk-wozzit to set "use kde style".17:59
HappySmileManSeems to be using my external drive for some reason, I'll try disconnect that and install17:59
ravHappySmileMan: when i have trouble installing, i set the install options to safe graphics mode and acpi=off18:00
BrAndon22thnx rav n happystyleman.. just tried, but no result :(18:00
HappySmileManYou mean heret1c? I had problems of my own, heret1c was the one who suggested that :P18:01
ravHappySmileMan: F4 and F6 at the main screen18:01
HappySmileManYeha will try that now, disconnecting drive didn't help (not that I really expected it to18:02
ravBrAndon22: you probably have to restart all GTK applications18:02
jappdevI recently upgraded from 8.04 to 8.10, and I now need to change my KDE3/QT3 theme, how can I do this in KDE4?18:03
christian_hey guys18:03
ravjappdev: System Settings>Appearance18:03
christian_did an update to 8.10 and have a small problem now18:04
jappdevrav: that will not change the kde3/qt3 apps apperance, only kde4/qt418:04
ptlchristian_: lucky you, many have updated to 8.10 and have lots of them :)18:05
heret1cchristian_: welcome to the club. 8)18:05
christian_when i want to start a game in fullscreen with e.g 800x600 (defaultres 1280x1024) x server crashes18:05
lovredoes anyone know why when i click NewDeviceNotifier to eject cd, it opens the tray and immediatelly closes it. doesnt give me time to take cd out...?18:05
christian_same here also18:05
ravjappdev: hmm... that's an interesting question18:05
scopecreeplovre:  thats the new dexterity check built in18:05
jappdevi've read in other forums that you can launch the old config using 'kcmshell style' but that kcm module is not installed18:06
ravjappdev: i'd guess it'd have to be editing the config file18:06
lovrescopecreep: lol18:06
christian_btw, did updating work for you guys ? was buggy for me18:07
scopecreepi couldnt update from hardy to intrepid, but i just reinstalled cause my data is on a seperate partition18:08
jappdevrav: i don't mind poking around in vim at the config file, but i don't know where it is18:08
=== universidad is now known as Fachf
lovreKNetworkManager says that i am disconnected even tho i am connected, so firefox is starting up in offline mode. How do i fix this??18:10
scopecreeplovre: in firefox, file menu, work online18:12
scopecreepand i never got network manager to play nice with static ips18:13
johannes__this is awkward: using dolphin I can see my network printer and another pc (workgroup: workgroup) but my openfiler fileserver wont appear (though I can connect to it, when I type in its IP )18:14
lovrescopecreep: i know, but i cba to click on that everytime i start firefox.18:15
scopecreepthats odd indeed, im not sure.  backup your firefox profile and delete it maybe?18:15
NielsEhi, I´ve installed kubuntu-desktop, but now the knetworkmanager AND the networkmanager-applet are starting when I open kde, how can I solve this?18:17
thomas__hi ich heiss tom18:18
scopecreepso what part of network manager actually works as intended?18:18
EdulixI've got both gnash and flashplugin-nonfree, how I tell my system to use one or the other by default? dpkg-reconfigure or something like that?18:19
Winolzzhello guys . i would like to upgrade from my 8.04 to 8.10 . i already tried the  apt-get command, i have downloaded 239 MB of updates , but it looks like i'm still in 8.04 .18:20
thomas__was ist18:20
thomas__was ist18:21
NielsEscopecreep: everything works, but I have 2 network-manager applets, one from gnome, and one from kde18:22
thomas__warum verlassen18:22
lovrehow do i make kubuntu remember what applications were active on shutdown so it can run them on startup?18:22
=== alex_ is now known as NewbieUbuntu
NewbieUbuntui am really shit my kubuntu and i don't know how18:24
_ykramyou could put an entry in rc.local18:24
NewbieUbuntuso any sugestions are ok18:24
dylan_? i am french ^18:24
thomas__geht mein pc hat was ich musik ohr18:24
NewbieUbuntuthis is my problem when  i enter sudo samething the firs line is this18:24
NewbieUbuntusudo: unable to resolve host alex18:24
thomas__nur dusch18:25
NewbieUbuntui am using sony laptop and i need to apply one row to my sound config file18:25
NewbieUbuntuand when i write18:25
NewbieUbuntusudo kate /etc/modprobe.d/sound ->it show me empty  file18:25
NewbieUbuntucan someone tell me how to fix this , because i don't want to reinstall everything again18:26
thomas__was  ist los18:26
_ykramunable to resolve .. edit your /etc/hosts18:26
thomas__ich bin ein bischen laute musik18:27
NewbieUbuntui tryid with kate to open this file18:28
NewbieUbuntuit is empty18:28
thomas__dauna hat wiell wasser18:29
scribbleswhat do I do if my second hard drive isn't showing up in Dolphin? It was at one point and now its gone?18:29
thomas__ich 3 pc18:30
NillerzHello #kubuntu, I have an issue...18:31
_ykramsudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/sound .. alsaconf is not present so just make file yourself18:31
NillerzI tried out the k desktop environment and didn't like it  so I purged all k software18:31
christian_mhh..folderview plasmoid is missing in my 8.10 installation..did i miss something ?18:32
Nillerznow it still shows like, remnants of k stuff all over, for example this text should appear black to me but it's not, it's light grey18:32
NillerzThen there's the bar underneath the top bar on any window manager, should match GTK stuff or something but it's blue no matter what window manager I use18:32
NillerzThe theme I had on kde was blue before I uninstallde it18:32
NillerzIs there any way to fix this?18:32
NewbieUbuntu_ykram what i must enter in this file18:32
_ykramalias snd-card-0 snd-mydriver emu10k1 options snd-emu10k1 index=018:33
_ykramyou must know name of mydriver18:33
NewbieUbuntui have no idea18:35
=== _jimmy is now known as jimmy_birer
Nillerzany thoughts?18:38
NillerzI mean, kde is completely removed, not a single bit of k software is left.18:38
Nillerzso it has to have edited a universal file  that is used by all DMs18:39
lovreicons in my tray are kind of messed up, they dont show properly... did i understand there is problem with nvidia cards, can this be associated?18:40
dennistercan anyone help me change my greeter/login screen from gdm to kdm?18:41
dennisteri did try it a coupla weeks ago, and screwed itall up nicely18:42
_ykramanyone loaded kubuntu on aspire one18:42
Tm_T_ykram: I believe someone has18:42
_ykramjust wondering if it went smooth as i will be trying it tonight :-)18:43
Tm_Tthen ask it, don't ask to ask (;)18:43
dennistercan anyone help me change my greeter/login screen from gdm to kdm?18:44
NielsEhow can I accomplisch that nm-applet does not start when I log into kde?18:46
christian_lovre: i also had this buggy icons18:52
OxDeadC0dedennister: sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm18:52
lovrechristian_: how did you solve it18:52
OxDeadC0denielse: I personally uninstalled nm-applet for gnome18:52
christian_lovre: upgrade to kde 4.1.3 or disabling desktop effects18:53
lovrechristian_: ill try it, thank you18:53
lovrechristian_: how do i disable desktop effects ... :\18:53
christian_lovre: system-settings18:53
lovrechristian_: ok thank you18:54
dennisterOxDeadC0de: ty...will try18:54
christian_lovre: thelogout and login again18:54
mchi! I'm on 8.10 I followed the steps in the ubuntu wiki but my function keys are still not working18:55
mcany ideas?18:55
lovrechristian_: ok, brb18:55
lovrechristian_: it seems ok now, i hope it stays that way. Thank you :)18:57
christian_lovre: no prob :-)18:57
lovrewhy doesnt Knetworkmanager detect my wired connection? It says disconnected. So when i run firefox it is in offline mode... any ideas?19:00
thomas__ich war bei mama19:00
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thomas__ich bin aber nicht so lange da19:00
White_Pelicansorry thomas__ I don't speak German19:01
ubottuDeutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de19:01
NielsEOxDeadC0de: yeah, but I still want to use gnome also...19:01
OxDeadC0denielse: i use the kde version of the applet in gnome, works fine in both19:02
lovredoes dragon player support subtitles? and if yes, how do i add one to a movie?19:02
=== stefan__ is now known as blackflag
arshadHi all19:03
NielsEOxDeadC0de: but I dont think knetworkmanager has vpn support, I think I´m going to remove the knetworkmanager and use nm-applet in kde19:03
arshadafter installing Kubuntu ubuntu8.04 has gone slow19:03
arshadi had changed the settings of the processor settings option provided in the start19:04
arshadany suggestions or help Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz19:04
OxDeadC0denielse there's a kde version of the nm-applet called network-manager-kde , I use that, not knetworkmanager, it's a kde version of the frontend to network manager and it works in kde and gnome just the same as the gnome one19:05
mcchristian_: keytouch does not support the macbook keyboard19:06
NielsEyeah, just found out that its network-manager-kde :P, I did not know of it existance, so I assumed it was knetworkmanager I was running19:06
OxDeadC0denielse but I had a problem with the gnome version not rendering properly before, which is why I switched, but after upgrading to 4.1.3 I probably don't have that problem now19:06
mchi! I'm on 8.10 I followed the steps in the ubuntu wiki but my function keys are still not working. any ideas?19:06
lovrechristian_: are you still here19:06
NielsE4.1.3 is in the backport right?19:06
NielsEI think I´m going to try that one too, can you recommend it?19:07
OxDeadC0dewell, honestly, plasma crashed on me a couple times in 4.1.3 (automatically restarted itself but still annoying), and it didn't in 4.1.2, but some other little bugs are gone I guess19:07
trappistI put icons on my taskbar and kde4 doesn't save them - if I restart, they're all gone.  am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug?19:08
OxDeadC0desystray being one, it works - still has problems if you move it around or detach it from the panel tho19:08
OxDeadC0dehow did you restart trappist? did you logout properly?19:08
trappistOxDeadC0de: no, just rebooted from the command line, is that the problem?19:08
OxDeadC0deif you don't loggout properly things won't get the "shutdown" signal in the way they want to in order to save their settings19:09
lovrewhat nvidia driver is safe to install? 177.80?19:09
fouadi like go to frenche room19:09
OxDeadC0deI'm using 177.8019:09
lovreOxDeadC0de: any problems?19:09
fouadqui parle francai ici19:10
trappistOxDeadC0de: makes sense, thanks19:10
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr19:10
OxDeadC0delovre: not real ones, had one problem with needing to define metamodes in my xorg.conf so it uses the right refresh rate when fullscreening certain 800x600 programs19:10
lovre i have some bad stuff going on, my screen shows stuff that was previously shown, i guess pixels from card that are not overwritten yet..19:10
OxDeadC0delovre: but that's my lcd's fault I think19:11
christian_mc: you can create your own kybaord files with keytouch19:11
lovreOxDeadC0de: how do i upgrade to 177.80?19:11
starenkaanyone fancy help installing grub?19:11
OxDeadC0delovre: i used the restriced hardware manager to install19:11
trappistOxDeadC0de: logging out did the trick, thanks.  next, I'm using knetworkmanager to connect to my wireless.  works fine, but it doesn't automatically connect when I log in.  you know of a way to do that?19:12
bopfermanI am having a problem with a fresh install of Intrepid.  I login but when KDE is loading it stops on the harddrive icon and goes no further.  Any Ideas? Thanks!19:12
mcchristian_: how?19:12
OxDeadC0detrappist dunno, since I use network-manager-kde, which does log me onto wifi automatically19:12
trappistOxDeadC0de: I'll check that out, thanks19:12
busfahrerbopferman: It can stay on that icon for quite a while, did you wait long enough?19:12
bopfermanIt has been on that icon for 15 minutes now19:13
lovrewhere is restricted hardware manager?19:13
psycoAnyone know how to make the clock 12 hours instead of 24 hours?19:14
psycokubuntu 8.10***19:14
OxDeadC0delovre: open konsole type: jocket-kde19:14
xp-killerhow do i modif my smileys in kmess?19:14
OxDeadC0deer, lover: jockey-kde sry19:14
OxDeadC0deI seem to be having trouble typing..19:14
trappistOxDeadC0de: it's the same thing - or, knetworkmanager is the executable in the network-manager-kde package19:14
christian_mc: there is a utility callres keytouch-editor19:15
lovreOxDeadC0de: there is only version 173 and version 177 available here. I dont get any more choices19:15
OxDeadC0de177 is 177.80..19:15
OxDeadC0dethey don't maintain every version sry :/19:16
HappySmileManCan someone tell me how to install firefox without pulling in all the Gnome libs?19:16
OxDeadC0debut this way is a lot easier to install them and keep them working after kernel upgrades19:16
lovreOxDeadC0de: when i go to Leave, dialog appears but the background is not clear, it is full of parts of windows that i opened earlier. Can i fix this bug?19:16
=== ber__ is now known as berkes
xp-killerhow do i modif my smileys in kmess?19:16
mcchristian_: keytouch-editor refuses to start up, it says it has not found any input devices19:17
OxDeadC0delovre don't know I don't write video card drivers :/19:17
lovredoes dragon player support subtitles? i cant find a way to use them19:17
beta-guyhow do I manually request an IP address for eth0?19:17
mcah nevermind19:17
trappistOxDeadC0de: do you have your wireless device in /etc/network/interfaces?19:17
lovreOxDeadC0de: lol, ok, thank you very much for your time19:17
quentinCan anyone tell me how to change (permanently) $TERM and why it is set by default to linux when the most obvious value would be xterm?19:17
bopfermanI am not sure why my login stops at the harddrive icon19:17
HappySmileManlovre: Yes dragoin player support subtitles19:17
HappySmileManIt's in one of the menus, hold on can't remember which19:18
beta-guyU sed to have knetworkmanager but accedentally had it removed now I can't get on internet :(19:18
beta-guyUsed = I used19:18
HappySmileManlovre: Oh it's in settings menu19:18
bastonesHi. I'm downloading Kubuntu right now and I'm wondering if I use NDISWrapper (if I need to use it) the same way I'd do so for Ubuntu?19:18
HappySmileManbastones: Yes it should work the exact same19:18
OxDeadC0detrappist I just installed ndiswrapper, installed the win32 driver version of b43 (Have problems with b43 and performance), then started network manager, setup my connection - in the last screen up connection setup it has an "autoconnect" checkbox19:19
s0undt3chhello ppl, when using kde4 on kubuntu my metakeys stopped working(volume up/down, key shortcuts which include the WIN key...)19:19
s0undt3chhow can I get that to work?19:20
lovreHappySmileMan: Settings->Subtitles is disabled.. gray button, cannot click on it... ?19:20
bastonesI'm wondering if my Belkin F5D7050 will work natively on Kubuntu? I heard certain versions of the Belkin adapter work natively on Ubuntu/Kubuntu?19:20
christian_s0undt3ch: keytouch19:20
HappySmileManlovre: I dunno then, working for me right now, but I'm using an OGM file, maybe it's not fully supported for all media types yet?19:20
trappistOxDeadC0de: ah!  found the autoconnect checkbox, thanks19:20
s0undt3chchristian_: is that a command?19:21
christian_s0undt3ch: package19:21
lovreHappySmileMan: ok, ty19:21
s0undt3chchristian_: k19:21
johannes__hi where is the file I can write commands into that should be performed at boot up? and where can I tell my pc not to interpret a touch one the touchpad as a left klick?19:21
bopfermandoes anyone know why kde would freeze on the harddrive icon while login?19:21
mcchristian_: keytouch-editor does not work for me either19:21
s0undt3chchristian_: will that also solve my menu app shortcuts which include the windows meta key?19:22
bastonesI'm wondering if my Belkin F5D7050 will work natively on Kubuntu? I heard certain versions of the Belkin adapter work natively on Ubuntu/Kubuntu?19:22
mcit says i should press one of the fn keys, but when I do so it does not react19:22
mister-tea!wifi | bastones19:22
ubottubastones: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs19:22
s0undt3chchristian_: I had all this working when on kde419:22
bastonesI think my adapter is ver. 3 since the IC ID starts with 319:23
christian_mc: when you press one of you fn keys, do you have entries in you /var/log/messages file ?19:23
christian_so, tail -f /var/log/messages and the press a fn key19:23
acee12345im trying to install raop-play but it needs the package libfltk1.1c102 . i tried apt-get it said  libfltk1.1 replaced that package but when i try to install the .deb it keeps looking for libfltk1.1c102. any ideas?19:23
mister-teabastones check the link above and go to the supported hardware list19:23
bastoneswill do19:23
lovrehow do i edit file associations?19:24
christian_lovre: system-settings19:24
mcchristian_: no19:24
lovrechristian_: stupid me, ty19:24
bastonesmister-tea: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HardwareSupportComponentsWirelessNetworkCardsBelkin#USB it says here that some F5D7050 adapters work dependent on ver. I'm unsure how I can check what ver. adapter I have?19:26
christian_mc: start xev from a console and see if you get your keycod from it19:26
mcchristian_: yeah get it19:27
=== roozbeh_ is now known as roozbeh
gundam_rx78nt1Ok, I am tired of all the stupid changes done from one version to the next.  If something is not broken, don't fix it! I can't eject my ipod cleanly unless I sudo, what gives?  Anybody seen this problem before?19:27
=== martin__ is now known as Saftpackl
christian_mc: then try to ue those in keytouch-editor19:28
Saftpacklhi all19:28
mcchristian_: where in the editor?19:28
bastoneshttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/HardwareSupportComponentsWirelessNetworkCardsBelkin#USB it says here that some F5D7050 adapters work dependent on ver. I'm unsure how I can check what ver. adapter I have?19:28
gundam_rx78nt1when I try to eject the ipod, it unmounts it but doesn't cleanly eject it.  I get: eject: unable to open `/dev/sdd2'19:28
mcthe editor  halts at the step where I should press one of the fn keys19:28
mister-teabastones sudo lshw19:29
mister-teatype that on treminal19:29
bastoneswhile adapter is plugged in right?19:29
gundam_rx78nt1How do I cleanly eject an iPod?19:30
bastonesand it'll give me what?19:30
mister-teahardware info19:30
gundam_rx78nt1bastones, you can also do lsusb and look at the manufacturing device webpage and find out what version you have by the device id.19:31
christian_mc: when you try to use a already existing profile and configure that to your needs ?19:31
Saftpackli am looking for a way to attach icons to removable disks in kde4, so i can better see which one of them i click on. is there an option in systemsettings or anywhere else, where i can define those icons?19:33
gundam_rx78nt1How can I change a permission on a command that already has rwxr-xr-x to work with normal users?19:33
trappistin kde4 is there a way to have numlock enabled automatically when I start up?  I could do it in kde3 but can't find that setting now19:34
s0undt3choops, sorry CoJaBo19:35
johannes__i want to run a command at startup where can I write it down?19:35
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s0undt3chCoJaBo: you don't know by any chance on how to enable Win+F(an app shortcut) to work on kde4 right?19:36
Saftpackltrappist: yes, if you go to the system settings -> mouse & keyboard you can set it on19:36
s0undt3chCoJaBo: that shortcut is defined, but seems that the Win meta key is simply ignored19:36
CoJaBoKDE calls the Windows key "Super", IIRC.19:36
trappistSaftpackl: ah, thanks19:37
Saftpackltrappist: np19:37
s0undt3chCoJaBo: ok, fine by me, how to get Super to be recognied?19:37
s0undt3chworked on kde319:38
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=== are is now known as maxbaldwin
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CoJaBoI think its just a box to check, or press the key combo. Not in Linux right now, so I can't check..19:39
trappistSaftpackl: that only seems to have mouse stuff, and keyboard shortcuts, with nothing about numlock19:39
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Saftpackltrappist: hmm, have you updated to the latest version of kde4?19:39
courtjestergWheres courtney and brad now that i rem way back when it came to me19:40
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trappistSaftpackl: I've updated to the latest available packages, if that's what you mean - I haven't like gone to kde.org and built from source19:40
Saftpackltrappist: no, didnt mean that, i havent done that, either :)19:41
Saftpackltrappist: well, thats weird, i got a tab "keyboard" and there i can choose Numlock on19:41
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr19:42
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s0undt3chSaftpackl: you're on kde4?19:43
xp-killerhow do i modif my smileys in kmess?19:43
xp-killerhow do i modif my shortcut keyboard that display the smileys in kmess?19:44
s0undt3charrrrg, although shortcuts have been made I have to enable them on khotkeys19:44
Saftpackls0undt3ch: lol, yes :D19:44
s0undt3chSaftpackl: I haven't seen a num-lock option so far19:45
s0undt3chit's on, but it's led is off19:45
s0undt3chSaftpackl: how do you get to your num-lock option?19:45
Saftpackls0undt3ch: well, i got the german-language pack, but i dont think this would have any influence19:46
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s0undt3chsystem settings -> Keyboard & Mouse -> ?19:46
Saftpacklthen there are 3 tabs on the left19:46
Saftpacklthe upper one says keyboard19:46
xp-killerhow do i modif my shortcut keyboard that display the smileys in kmess?19:46
Saftpackls0undt3ch: do you have intrepid?19:47
s0undt3chSaftpackl: ok, I have 2, mouse and keyboard shortcuts19:47
s0undt3chSaftpackl: yes19:47
Saftpackls0undt3ch: me too...19:47
s0undt3chupgraded from hardy19:47
Saftpackls0undt3ch: me too :P19:47
s0undt3chI have compiz running if that matters19:49
Saftpackls0undt3ch: i dont have compiz, but i cant image it would matter.19:50
s0undt3chas long as keys don't clash there won't be any issues, at least with kde3 there wasn't19:51
Saftpackls0undt3ch: there seem to be 2 types of systemsettings in kde, 2 packages you can install, i got the "systemsettings", not the other one, maybe thats the difference19:51
Saftpackls0undt3ch: the 2. one is "kde-systemsettings"19:52
Saftpackla propos: is there a graphical package manager in kde4, like adept?19:53
s0undt3chSaftpackl: the seccond is not available anymore19:54
s0undt3chI have the first too19:54
Saftpackls0undt3ch: weird19:54
s0undt3chI could always delete my .kde dir, I'll try that latter19:55
emilsedghSaftpackl: adept is ported to kde419:56
Saftpacklemilsedgh: ah, thanks19:56
s0undt3chnow all I have to do is get the audio volume keys to work and the num-lock led too19:57
emilsedghactually better thab porter, its re-written for kde419:57
Saftpacklemilsedgh: nice20:00
Saftpackls0undt3ch: i got systemsettings 4:4.1.3-0ubuntu1~intrepid1 :D20:01
batisteI have on intrepid... Kde is crashing very often. I have recent nvidia card with nv driver. Does somebody has a similar exprience?20:01
Saftpacklbatiste: kde4?20:02
s0undt3chSaftpackl: mee too20:04
batiste...Just crashed...20:04
Saftpackls0undt3ch: waaaa 8)20:04
bopfermanAfter a clean install of intrepid 8.10 I cannot login.  It will freeze in various parts of the KDE loading screen.20:05
Saftpackls0undt3ch: install the german language pack ;-)20:05
batisteHow can I get some debug information on my crash?20:05
DaBonBonwhat's the way to use kde3 on intrepid 8.10?20:06
s0undt3chSaftpackl: then I wouldn't understand anything ;)20:06
s0undt3chEnglish all the way although my mother language is Portuguese20:06
Saftpackls0undt3ch: got no ideas anymore :P20:08
s0undt3chSaftpackl: got kdemultimedia installed?20:09
s0undt3chwill anyone kick that usuario?20:09
Saftpackls0undt3ch: nope20:10
courtjestergso peeps whats up with this shockwave not compate how the heck am i suppose to listen to some tunes myspace or the web? Java is installed20:11
batistekde 4.1 keep crashing randomly on my machine. What kind I do?20:12
courtjestergkiss your new os i am not reaceiving that maybe there is an update cause i've been up for 48 hrs working on getting this os right20:13
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s0undt3chSaftpackl: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/IntrepidIbex/Beta/Kubuntu#KMix%20support%20for%20keyboard%20multimedia%20keys <- nope it does not work :)20:17
HappySmileManSo does anyone know how to install firefox without all the Gnome libs?20:17
Saftpackls0undt3ch: so, does it matter to you, if the num light is on, or is it just important to be able to access the number-keys, that dont work, if you dont press the NUM key before?20:20
laurent_hi, i've got a annoying problem when playing video, there is a little slowdown every ~3 -4 seconds20:20
laurent_even vith dvd or divx, from the dvd or the harddisk20:21
Saftpackls0undt3ch: becouse my NUM key-light isnt on, either, but the number keys are working20:21
laurent_it's a laptop with intel x3100 core 2 duo20:21
s0undt3chSaftpackl: mine are working, but when I see that led off, I tend to turn it on ;)20:22
s0undt3chso, then the numkeys stop working :)20:22
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Saftpackls0undt3ch: hmm, i dont think the light works, but there really is an auto-on on startup :)20:23
pulaskiHello, I'm looking all over for a solution to a noatun problem to no avail.  When I start noatun on my hardy 8.04 I get "Connecting/starting aRts soundserver failed. Make sure that artsd is configured properly." Can anyone suggest a solution?20:25
RenzoreKAnyone else having serious flash skipping issues in Kubuntu Intrepid Ibex? I didnt have this prob until I upgraded from Hardy20:30
Rioting_pacifistvi is retarded! i just want to edit a file and simply add some text to a line but typing it just doesnt work?!20:31
HappySmileManPress escape, then i, then type20:31
Rioting_pacifistRenzoreK: is flash running nicer?20:32
RenzoreKRioting_pacifist: What do u mean nicer?20:32
Rioting_pacifisterm with a higher value of nice, eg more than 1 may be causing the problem under high load20:32
Rioting_pacifisterm i mean 020:33
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Illusioneerhey, i have noticed an error with Konqueror4, it says that the various KCM plugins are missing, but they're installed.  is anybody else seeing this?  I'm using 8.1020:38
tacosarecoolSome buttons are unresponsive20:38
Rioting_pacifistHappySmileMan: thanks i got added the text but ive ended up with loads of blank lines how do i get rid of them?20:39
tacosarecool!buttons responsive20:40
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:40
tacosarecool!buttons unresponsive20:40
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:40
DaBonBonanyone here using kde3 on kubuntu 8.10?20:41
tacosarecoolHow did you do that?20:41
chrisruls00I don't think you can do that.20:41
tacosarecoolif you find .kde then change it to .kde420:42
Rioting_pacifisttheres a 3rd party repo but it means you cant install any kde4 programs20:42
courtjestergOk help fuguired out win about time to fix that problem now problem the web site throws back a php file which i have to open normally in windows it goes bye bye when i click on it but now kate wants to open it aaand or other programs  HELP need to play my game before they fire me20:42
chrisruls00I am currently having problem with the right-click meny of certian applications, namely konversation and k3b. The text will not appear in menus. Anyone else having this problem.20:43
RenzoreKRioting_pacifist: The system is not under load, dont know why I would have to set its priority it has all system resources basically available20:43
DaBonBonRioting_pacifist: why can't i install any kde4 programs/20:44
DaBonBonRioting_pacifist: are you talking about the pearsoncomputing.net repository?20:44
courtjestergi had one problem in konversation it went away apparently for now glitch20:44
DaBonBonare there any ceveats i should know before using that repo?20:44
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto20:45
courtjestergnvidia i got the place for you hold on20:45
fiyawerxDoes the hardware drivers app work in kubuntu 8.10? whenever I click 'activate' it just sits there and doesn't do anything20:45
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tacosarecoolMe too20:46
courtjesterghere you go nvinda graphic drivers20:46
tacosarecoolWait till you try to use your webcam with flash20:46
Rioting_pacifistim fairly sure, last time i read about installing kde3 on 8.10 anyway, that there are so many conflicts between the 3rd party repo and kde4 pacakges youd need to use another 3rd party repo for it to work20:46
tacosarecoolIt will not work on some sites20:46
fiyawerxcourtjesterg: whats wrong with the nvidia drivers in the regular repos?20:46
fiyawerxis it a known bug with the hardware drivers application?20:47
Rioting_pacifistRenzoreK: i dont know on my computer i found that by default flash was niced to 3 or something and if i set it to 1 it was much more responive, there are also some problems with ati cards that i ran into20:47
RenzoreKRioting_pacifist: Ill try that real quick, I have nvidia (which sometimes seems even worse) the two major brand of cards and neither work well in Linux20:48
pulaskijoin #kde20:48
courtjestergthis works http://albertomilone.com/envyngfaq.html#A20:48
fiyawerxpulaski: who?20:48
courtjestergi need info on how to runa php file please20:49
Rioting_pacifistRenzoreK: well the problems seam to be with the binary drivers, but with nvidia i used to find if i added enough crap to xorg.conf it seamed to work fine (was 2/3 years ago tho)20:49
pulaskifiyawerx: That's me I forgot the slash. I'm looking for noatun info?20:50
RenzoreKRioting_pacifist: I cant complain because It works somewhat decent, not as bad as others, but for an 8600GT i was expecting it to run smoothly. At least it did before I made the move to linux lol20:50
chrisruls00Hello, I am having problem with the text and menu in some applications. These applications all use a KDE3.5 style, like konversation and k3b. I am assuming there is some 3.5 setting making this happen, where would I go to fix this?20:52
marek_hi i have a problem with alternate installation, it says it cannot find cdrom driver20:53
marek_what should i do?20:53
pulaskifiyawerx: I'm pulaski, I forgot the /.  I need some info ot artsd.  How do you get it? apt-get can't find the package named artsd....20:54
tacosarecoolmute iesomething20:55
tacosarecoolI had that problem I muted it and sound worked20:55
lakis1982does anyone use liquid weather as widget ???  i have a problem20:57
lakis1982i go to add widgets ..when i select to add liquid weather it says  : SuperKaramba cannot continue to run this theme.One or more of the required components of the Kross scripting architecture is not installed. Please consult this theme's documentation and install the necessary Kross components.20:59
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lovrei have a situation21:20
lovreinstalled windows, lost grub. Now i installed grub again, and now it doesnt show windows anymore in the list, so i cant boot it. What can i do?21:21
HappySmileManYou can add the option yourself in /boot/grub/menu.lst21:22
HappySmileManNot entirely sure if you'll need to change anything but mine is http://pastebin.com/m75cafdf721:23
HappySmileManJust add that to the end of /boot/grub/menu.lst21:23
HappySmileManroot line might need to be changed, depending on how it's partitioned21:23
lovreis this ok: http://pastebin.com/m246ea27d21:23
lovrewhat does "make active " do?21:25
lovreill try it now, be back in a bit, thank you21:25
lovrenot working21:29
lovreunsupported executable or something, error, cant load21:29
lovreanyone? help? lost windows from grub list after install21:32
bastonesHi. I've installed Ubuntu and rebooted, now its saying "root@localhost:~# - what do I do from here?21:38
bastonesHi. I've installed Kubuntu and rebooted, now its saying "root@localhost:~# - what do I do from here?21:40
bastonesHi. I've installed Kubuntu and rebooted, now its saying "root@localhost:~# - what do I do from here?21:41
vanhello someone could help me out, i was trying to format a NTFS disk plug into my Kubuntu21:42
vansomeone could help me out21:43
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)21:43
vani use mkfs.ext3 /dev/sdb1 but after everything finish, my fdisk still reconise it as a NTFS how come?21:43
crescohaving big probelms with ath0 device, can someone help21:45
bastonesHi. I've installed Kubuntu and rebooted, now its saying "root@localhost:~# - what do I do from here?21:45
vanhave you install the version Xwindows?21:46
ahmosbastones: try typing startx21:46
bastonesits asking for localhost login: ? :S21:47
ahmosenter your user name then password21:47
bastonesI have no user/password, I've only rebooted it from installation21:48
bastonesany ideas?21:49
GillesMMwhat is the simple method to have mail command on my kubuntu station ?21:50
ahmosi don't know how you installed it without username and password21:50
shivaguys how can i change style for kde3 applications? i cannot install kcontrol...21:52
c1sc0hi shiva21:54
shivahi.. so can anyone tell me how i can start kcmshell style for kde 3 apps? :)21:55
sergio_hola gente21:56
sergio_una pregunta21:57
ubottuPor favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.21:57
sergio_como puedo config kde 4 y edit efect desckto21:57
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)21:58
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.21:58
shivai think he speaks spanish21:58
mister-t :-)21:59
andylockran|lapthey.  Can someone give me some advice.21:59
andylockran|laptI've just switched to kubuntu (from ubuntu) so I could file some bug reports .etc.22:00
andylockran|laptafter listening to the latest ubuntu uk podcast it seemed you guys were having a hard time of it.22:00
andylockran|laptso just thought I'd introduce myself :)22:00
courtjesterghey every notice with amor in the adepts its suppose to give you hints but never does the boxs are empty i wouldn't mide try giving the little guys some artifical life22:00
courtjestergi also could of swear someone made a virus once with that little thing22:01
szrhawaiianyone know how to fix a internet connection when the log out screen says network cannot connect to dbus22:01
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tacosarecoolAre you on wireless or ethernet22:02
szrhawaiiits my friends comp22:02
szrhawaiiwe rebooted under a new os and the wireless button doesnt respond22:02
szrhawaiiit says its enabled in the bios22:02
szrhawaiibut then the software doesnt pick it up22:03
tacosarecoolI don't remember what I did maybe disable network manager then enable22:03
tacosarecoolBut on laptop I just installed ubuntu but plan on install kubuntu22:04
szrhawaiii kubuntu better than ubuntu22:04
szrhawaiikubuntu is easier i think and comes with better features22:05
szrhawaiiis anyone out there or do they just join in and look22:05
lakis1982can someone tell me any good rss reader for karamba ?22:06
szrhawaiiwhat os you running22:06
szrhawaiiare you on kubuntu ubuntu mythbuntu or xubunutu22:07
szrhawaiianyone home22:08
szrhawaii<lakis1982>try the sites that are givne for karamba22:09
szrhawaiilike kde-loo.org, gnome-look.org, xfce-look.org22:09
LimCorewhat to type in konsole (inside running X) to set resolution to 800x600 ?22:11
szrhawaiii would think thats what your write22:12
courtjestergdoes imap actually work with kmail takes so longer then pop3 in thunderbird22:13
szrhawaiiso does anyone know how to connect a wireless when it wont even come on even after i checked the bios reset the settings and also tried doing configuring the network on the software22:14
courtjestergi saw soemthing for wireless in the adept when i typed in usb22:14
szrhawaiidoes it fix a problem22:15
courtjestergbets me i haven't gotten to my usb drivers yet22:15
courtjestergthey don't work22:15
szrhawaiibecause it was working then i rebooted using ubuntu then the wireless didnt work anymore22:15
szrhawaiibut i upgraded to the kde version of ubuntu and now the graphic chip works but the wireless still wont come on when i press the button to come on22:16
szrhawaiithe light doesnt even show22:16
szrhawaiiyour usb doesnt work22:17
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szrhawaiicourt your usb doesnt work22:17
courtjestergnope they don't work22:17
szrhawaiihow did you manage that22:17
szrhawaiido you have a usb device that lights up when you plug it in22:18
szrhawaiithen you can tell if its a software or hardeware problem22:18
courtjestergleaveing s simple usb storage device in there there is power lights up its got music on it but sad see no notifications and don't know where it would be in the computere22:18
courtjestergi've been up more then 48 hrs switching over for the first time ti kubuntu22:19
courtjestergfinally got wine to work now working on getting this game to work22:19
courtjestergproject vistor22:19
szrhawaiithat wine system kind of sucks22:20
szrhawaiisometimes it conflicts with programs22:20
henrik__Hey everyone. Im having some problems with kubuntu 8.10 and vlc (and other fullscreen apps). When I watch a video in fullscreen mode, the screen flickers as my widgets updates.22:20
courtjestergwhen it usually sends me a file then i click on it in windows and it dissappears turns out its a php. file and now kate opens it up22:20
szrhawaiinot sure they fixed all the bugs out of it yet22:20
courtjestergaand the game won't go ack!22:20
henrik__Does anyone have this problem?22:20
szrhawaiihenrik you should just go back to the kubuntu 8.04.122:21
ytaggsHi, im new with kubuntu, have always used ubuntu and im a little lost22:21
szrhawaiithat works better than the new version22:21
courtjestergyeah when i pull the corner of a say browser and expand some times i got the envy graphic driver for nivivda installed22:21
szrhawaiicourt just take off the wine22:21
henrik__Bugger, I like the new versio ;)22:21
szrhawaiiand use a generic version22:21
courtjestergno wine is working fine22:21
szrhawaiithats good22:21
courtjestergi was able to install the exe file22:22
szrhawaiiive had problems with it before22:22
szrhawaiiafter it uploads22:22
ytaggscould anybody explain me how to keep things like the applet for power managment and for the ethernet for loading a startup???22:22
szrhawaiiytaggs what are you lost in22:22
tacosarecoolThere's a bunch of web pages that aren't displaying right in kde422:22
Shurik2k5hello guys. please recomend bittornet client for kubuntu 8.1022:23
szrhawaiigo to adept manager and download superkaramba for now till you learn more on pluging in stuf ytaggs22:23
courtjestergits jsut you go to the web site to lauch the site then click agree and opens to save another file or open either way its a php file that going down and wine doesn't have anything to do with php files so its a lancher of which i don't know what to do usually opens the game22:23
ytaggsok...i'll check tank u...kde seems to be odd22:23
szrhawaiishurik you should have something called ktorrent under internet settings22:23
mozzyktorrent works fine for me22:23
tacosarecoolTransmission or wine utorrent22:23
Shurik2k5transmition crash few time22:24
szrhawaiiktorrent works really good with ark22:24
szrhawaiicheck your settings22:24
Shurik2k5what about deluge?22:24
courtjestergyeah thsi imap for kamil doesn't work when trying to retrive your mail from gmail22:24
courtjestergits still trying22:24
ytaggsin gnome i always used deluge22:24
szrhawaiiytaggs yeah at first it does but once you play with it youll get the hang of it22:24
szrhawaiicheck out kde-look.org also22:24
szrhawaiithats a tricky one22:25
szrhawaiiwhich one do you have thunderbird22:26
Shurik2k5ok, thanks. And what about svn-client22:26
Shurik2k5gui svn-client -)22:26
szrhawaiinot sure on that one22:26
szrhawaiiif your new to kde i recommend you go to kde-look.org and check your adept manager if you need any programs22:28
ytaggsok could someone please help me i dont want knetwork manager to launch each time i enter kubuntu...i hate having unnecesary thins on the system tray22:28
szrhawaiigo to adept manager in system and type in knetwork then right click and remove then apply22:29
szrhawaiithen it should disappear out your life forever22:30
ytaggsahh ok thank i22:30
ytaggshehehe sorry im new to kde22:30
szrhawaiibut make sure you have a network device running or it wont work later22:30
szrhawaiiand you need it to use adept manager22:30
ytaggsi mean if i close it i still have internet22:31
szrhawaiido you have a network device on it already22:31
szrhawaiibesides that one22:31
ytaggsi dont know22:31
ytaggswhat do u mean?22:31
szrhawaiidid you do a full upgrade to kubuntu22:31
szrhawaiior just a partial22:32
ytaggsi formated and installed kubuntu22:32
szrhawaiidid you do a full partition22:32
ytaggsone swap one root and one home22:32
szrhawaiior half kubuntu half ubuntu22:32
ytaggsonly kubuntu22:32
szrhawaiiok then you need knetwork unless you download anothe network device22:32
szrhawaiiotherwise you wont get wireless22:33
ytaggsok, but i dont want it on the sistem tray22:33
szrhawaiior any other online thing also22:33
ytaggsi dont have wireless22:33
szrhawaiioh thats easy22:33
szrhawaiijust go to system tray and click system tray setting22:34
=== uncle|sam is now known as Uncle|Sam
szrhawaiithere should be a line and an arrow on the bottom22:34
szrhawaiiclick the arrow22:34
szrhawaiithen it should say remove system tray change settings or move22:35
tacosarecoolThere's some pages that aren't displaying right in kde422:35
tacosarecoolLike stickam22:35
ytaggsnow i want to have the system tray but i dont want knetwalk always there22:35
tacosarecoolIt's displaying the list weird22:35
tacosarecoolwhen your on home page22:35
ytaggsdo u understand??22:35
szrhawaiiyeah when you click change settings22:37
szrhawaiior configure settinsg22:37
ytaggsim using kde 4.122:37
szrhawaiithen click knetwork22:37
ytaggsso i dont see what u r sayng22:37
szrhawaiiohh ok22:37
alan_sup yall22:37
szrhawaiii dont like that version22:37
ytaggshahaha i think neither me22:38
ytaggswhats the best 3.5?22:38
szrhawaiikde 322:38
szrhawaiiis better right now22:38
alan_Its more stable?22:38
szrhawaiithey are still working the bugs on the 422:38
ytaggsyeah i think it is more stable22:38
szrhawaiiit is and its easier22:38
alan_Because i'm new and already had a few apps crash on me22:38
szrhawaiikde 4 is kind of confusing22:38
ytaggsand u r using hardy?22:38
ytaggswell yeah22:39
ytaggsits better22:39
ytaggsintrepid its still full uof bugs22:39
szrhawaiii thought kde 4 was ok if you like the mac feel to it22:39
szrhawaiibecause its like that22:39
szrhawaiibut i got restless of it and came back to kde 322:39
tacosarecoolKDE4 is nothing like mac it is more like vista22:39
ytaggsi dont think....dont know i really like gnome, just wanted to give a try to kde and because never really liked  kde 3 so i tried 422:40
szrhawaiiits got some of the same features as mac os x leopard22:40
ytaggsbut i think im coming back to gnome22:40
kkerwinHi. Trying to run aticonfig to setup my radeon 9800 mobility on kernel 2.6.27-7-generic. aticonfig segfaults, complaining in the syslog: segfault at c ip 080539fd sp bfce1560 error 6 in aticonfig[8048000+34000]22:40
szrhawaiiyeah everyone has their preferences22:40
szrhawaiieven xfce is kind of wierd to me22:41
szrhawaiii even tried myth with xfce also22:41
alan_Im kinda more used to Gnome,Just trying KDE out and see how it works and stuff.22:41
courtjestergi got a question just open my web browser says it uses kde 4.12 but there is a 4.13 on the site22:41
kkerwinOops. Make that Radeon 9600 mobility.22:41
szrhawaiidont worry about that court22:41
=== alan_ is now known as Alanz_
szrhawaiiytagg give yourself like a day to play with kde 4 before going back22:42
szrhawaiiyou never know22:42
Alanz_How fast are bugfixes available?22:43
szrhawaiii know sometimes i dont give other os a chance and then switch before figuring anything out much22:43
szrhawaiii even tried vista black edition for fun yesterday22:43
szrhawaiior windows black edition22:43
ytaggsszrhawaii //yeah u r right....anyway i have a question i closed knetworkmanager and im still here so i can uninstall it22:43
ytaggsof course i can22:44
ytaggsit just an applet22:44
szrhawaiiif you want to you can22:44
ytaggsi thougt it was a network manager22:44
szrhawaiiit is if you delete it from your package manager22:44
szrhawaiinot from your system try22:44
szrhawaiiyour package manager all systems have them22:45
ytaggsyeah i know22:45
tacosarecoolMy flash player is being weird because some sites let me set settings for flash22:46
tacosarecoolsome don't22:46
ytaggsim sayng that i thougt that knetwormanager was the kde network manager...but in fact its just an applet for the network manager22:46
szrhawaiiohh ok22:46
szrhawaiigot confused22:46
=== Andrijeski is now known as DRNK-E
blenderman345Hello I need help installing Kubuntu22:47
ytaggshi blenderman22:47
ytaggswhats your problem??22:47
tacosarecoolYou wanna reformat or what22:47
tacosarecoolguided install using whole disc22:47
blenderman345I'm partioning with the regular Ubutnu22:48
szrhawaiithats your best bet22:48
szrhawaiithe o that22:48
szrhawaiido that22:48
ytaggsubuntu or kubuntu??22:48
szrhawaiiit gives you the option when you reboot22:48
szrhawaiito o half and half or the full thing22:48
blenderman345I'm installing Kubuntu 50/50 with Ubuntu22:48
ytaggsok so whats the problem u r having??22:49
blenderman345And it's stuck at 50% for 10 min22:49
szrhawaiithen do that22:49
szrhawaiithen do a full one22:49
szrhawaiijust pick one22:49
ytaggs50% of partioning??22:49
blenderman345I can't exactly do that cuz I gotta lot of stuff on Ubuntu22:49
ytaggsuse the live cd22:49
szrhawaiithen get a external and save it22:49
szrhawaiior the c works22:49
blenderman345And Just doing Kubuntu to use Blender. And some other KDE specials. Live CD used22:50
ytaggsblender?? the 3d modeling software?22:50
szrhawaiiyou can use anything gnome has on kde22:50
ytaggsu can use it in ubuntu22:50
szrhawaiiyeah some you can on gnome22:51
blenderman345It no work on Ubuntu so I'm getting problems so blenderdevs said that I sould go Kubuntu for KDE22:51
ytaggsu can just install kde in ubuntu and log in a kde session22:51
blenderman345And I tried live cd and Kubuntu looks cooler. :)22:51
szrhawaiithen go with that22:51
szrhawaiiwhats the hold up22:51
szrhawaiicant make up your mind22:51
blenderman345The install is stuck!22:51
ytaggsok.. so your problem right now is??? didnt get it u r stuck at 50% of what??22:52
blenderman345At 50% of partitioning22:52
ytaggsok, so try again22:52
szrhawaiiturn it out a restart the whole process22:52
blenderman345Just a min22:52
ytaggsohh partitioning the disl where ubuntu is??22:52
blenderman345omigosh working now22:52
blenderman345srry bout that22:52
ytaggsit worked??22:53
blenderman345I don22:53
blenderman345't know22:53
ytaggsu sayd working22:53
blenderman345I have to go through User name and everything22:53
ytaggsso its cool22:53
blenderman345then I can see22:53
blenderman345but I'm staying connected here in case.22:53
Alanz_Does Konqueror comes whit Java and flash player installed?22:54
szrhawaiiits something22:54
ytaggsno u have to install it22:54
Alanz_How do i install/enable them?22:54
ytaggskubuntu restricted extras...22:54
ytaggsgo to synaptic22:54
ytaggsu r welcome22:54
szrhawaiipackage manager22:54
blenderman345Uh guys is there a way to keep Ubuntu or Kubuntu without a password?22:55
szrhawaiiytaggs so you know anything about wireless buttons not working or turning on22:55
szrhawaiinot really blender22:55
blenderman345It's the only annoying thing about all Ubuntu distros22:55
ytaggsnop...but u can do autologin22:55
blenderman345auto login?22:55
ytaggsbelieve me its better with a password22:55
blenderman345It's a family computer22:56
blenderman345and it's a desktop22:56
szrhawaiiit remembers your password so you dont have to do it again22:56
blenderman345How do I do auto login?22:56
ytaggsyeah u can do that so when u torn on the computer it automatically enter in the os without asking the password22:56
ytaggsin kubuntu??22:56
szrhawaiiif you want to you can go into the admin part and add users22:56
ytaggsor ubuntu?22:56
Alanz_Ok so i used Adept,and searched for Java,Theres a handful of them,Which one i choose?22:56
szrhawaiiso they dont have to worry22:56
szrhawaiilook for firefox or mozilla plugin22:57
szrhawaiiopps thats for konqueror huh22:57
ytaggsjust search for kubuntu restricted extras or restricted content22:57
blenderman345Actually, considering the odds, I've seen that one user is like 7x faster than 7 users22:57
RobertLaptopAnyone setup network manger to work with Verizon usb727?  I not finding anything on google but the hardware gets found so it looks like it is a mater of getting knetworkmanger to recognize it is there.22:57
courtjestergnah kmail is working fine with imap i never expanded the folder for gmail wow 3000 spams in that folder ;022:57
szrhawaiiyeah than do that22:57
blenderman345One user is much faster, it's like that on Ubuntu and my Mac22:57
courtjestergyou can download the java directly from adobe now i've been wondering about a shockwave program of sorts22:58
* andylockran|lapt is away: Gone away for now22:58
ytaggsblender u want to do autologin in kubu o ubunto?22:58
szrhawaiii use the password so no one can change admin stuff22:58
szrhawaiior root folders22:59
* andylockran|lapt is back.22:59
szrhawaiiditch konqueror and download the firefox22:59
blenderman345oh forget it. I'll just leave it. :( It's such a pain22:59
szrhawaiiit works better22:59
blenderman345Ok I gtg.22:59
courtjestergi don't like using firefox anymore23:00
szrhawaiiwhy is that23:00
courtjestergwasusing that in windows23:00
szrhawaiithats different than using it here23:00
szrhawaiiwindows sucks anyways23:00
ytaggsits really easy23:00
courtjestergis it i was using thunderbird too23:00
szrhawaiihe left ytaggs23:00
courtjestergi want to stick it out with the browser that it ccame with23:01
szrhawaii Ed Fella23:01
courtjestergstart developing this even more when i get settled down23:01
szrhawaiii like that browser for when im downloading stuff23:01
szrhawaiibut i wuse firefox for surfing  the internet23:01
courtjestergever tryed sea monkey?23:01
ytaggschrome rocks!23:02
szrhawaiiyeah didnt like it23:02
szrhawaiiany of you using comp fusion23:02
courtjestergyeah well i am going to be looking for a good compiler i understadn kate does show good and such i want to dev23:03
ytaggsim using compiz23:03
courtjestergmake some money over here for my sweet in little programs since i am job less23:03
ytaggsby the way it gives me a lot of problem in kde 4.123:03
szrhawaiicompiz or fusion23:03
szrhawaiiit does23:03
ytaggsu know...compiz-fusion23:03
courtjestergwhat i want to do is make a game23:03
ytaggswould u send us one for free?23:03
szrhawaiiuse kate23:04
szrhawaiiit works good23:04
szrhawaiishe should post it so we can download it23:04
courtjestergfree beta is free i don't like the idea of monthly subscriptions believes in the game community and if you buy a game you should play it for free23:05
courtjestergnow upgrades is another story23:05
holymoohey did you know in intrepid, if you just plug in a joystick, it controls the mouse?23:05
courtjestergor add-in to be purchased for time render of my sweet23:05
=== Ardarandir1 is now known as Ardarandir
szrhawaiiand tears huh23:06
courtjesterglike 10six or pv you pay a sub to splay mean why you can also pay for extra jitter packs and stuff to help you out the jitters i think is a good idea but a monthly sub is bad23:06
courtjesterghalflife i love and hl2 how they embraced the community23:06
ytaggsszrhawaii im leaving tjank u for ur help23:07
szrhawaiino prob23:09
szrhawaiihave a good one23:09
tacosarecoolFlash and kde4 don't work well together23:09
szrhawaiithey dont23:09
tacosarecoolLike some pages don't display right23:09
szrhawaiiwhat are you using to display them23:09
andylockran|laptcan anyone recommend a good kde twitter/identi.ca poster ?23:10
* HappySmileMan is building mozilla-qt23:10
tacosarecoolFlash player 1023:10
szrhawaiion kde23:10
tacosarecoolGet the adobe air beta23:10
tacosarecoolThen get twhirl23:10
szrhawaiiyou have wine23:10
tacosarecoolNo theres a adobe air beta for linux23:10
tacosarecoolWorks well23:10
andylockran|lapttacosarecool: is that straight off the adobe site?23:11
amigravehow can I use console8x16 in konsole 2.1 from kde 4.1.3 ? I activated bitmap fonts in fontconfig (can see the console8x16 in kcontrol) but I can select it in konsole23:11
tacosarecoolOr google23:11
tacosarecoolThen you will find the link23:11
szrhawaiilink it up23:11
andylockran|laptno way.. the twhirl website installs adobe air for me on linux.. using flash23:14
tacosarecoolYou must be on a windows version of flash then?23:16
andylockran|lapttacosarecool: flashplugin-nonfree I think23:16
tacosarecoolOr you can just use flash player 1023:16
tacosarecoolOn synaptic23:16
tacosarecoolYou can install manually23:17
tacosarecoolIf you want flock to have flash23:17
HappySmileManIs it not horribly insecure that flash is allowed to install programs?23:17
tacosarecoolIt's not23:17
tacosarecoolI think andy is lieing flash can't get abobe air on linux yet23:17
andylockran|laptnope.. it started23:17
andylockran|laptand failed :p23:17
tacosarecoolYou have to get air manually23:18
szrhawaiiyep its manual for me too23:18
HappySmileManNo it did offer to install it, but then it fails23:18
szrhawaiigotta get the bin file and place it23:18
HappySmileManMeaning it's probably allowe dinstall software on some platforms or something?23:18
tacosarecoolright click it23:18
szrhawaiimine downloaded23:18
tacosarecoolAnd then give it perm to execute23:18
szrhawaiithats easy23:19
=== fred__ is now known as Fred_NewIntrepid
Fred_NewIntrepidI did a fresh install on a old Toshiba Notebook I can't change screen resolution23:21
=== areed is now known as earthcreed
Fred_NewIntrepidThe notebook supports 1024x768 and it is at 800x60023:22
earthcreedCan anyone point me to a resource on identifying how to install Nvidia drivers?  Jockey isn't working for me, hangs after I click activate.23:23
andylockran|laptonce I've downloaded the .air file.. how do I install it ?23:23
szrhawaiianyone know wireless troubleshooting good in here23:24
tacosarecoolleft click23:24
Fred_NewIntrepidHow can I increase the resolution?23:24
tacosarecoolThat's all23:24
szrhawaiithrough terminal23:24
szrhawaiican i get a wireless troubleshooting person23:26
szrhawaiigood at troubleshooting wireless problems23:26
earthcreedWhat is your issue23:26
=== solid_li` is now known as solid_liq
szrhawaiitheres like ten million people in here and no one knows wireless23:26
holymoowhy not just ask you questio nand see who answers23:26
szrhawaiii try to turn the wireless on manually and it doesnt turn on anymore23:27
szrhawaiithe bios is good23:27
earthcreedIs it on when they computer is first turned on?23:27
szrhawaiithe software is there23:27
szrhawaiibut does not manually turn on anymore23:27
szrhawaiihappened after i rebooted a new os in23:28
szrhawaiiguess no one can help me on that23:28
lighti3ulbI need some help with xorg and my synaptics touchpad23:28
szrhawaiithats the toughest question i swear23:29
earthcreedIntrepid has an issue where network manager will not turn on a new wireless device that wasn't on and recognized when the computer was started.23:29
tacosarecoolThe laptop is the wireless toggled on23:29
RobertLaptopDoes anyone know what package I need to install so knetworkmanager can configuire a dailup connection?23:29
szrhawaiii try to turn it on but the light doesnt come on23:29
szrhawaiiearth how do you solve that problem23:29
szrhawaiithats kind of what happened23:29
earthcreedYou can't, (unless you wan't to mess with kernel level stuff).23:30
lighti3ulbXorg sees that I have a synaptics touchpad, but there is no synaptics section in my xorg23:30
szrhawaiido you know how23:30
earthcreedJust make sure the device is on when the laptop is turned on.23:30
lighti3ulbJust adding someone else's synaptics section didn't work23:30
szrhawaiii know how to get into it i just need command prompts23:30
szrhawaiiit wont even turn on23:30
szrhawaiii tried the bios i tried the software i tried rebooting and all the times same problem23:31
szrhawaiii even tried reloading the official product software23:32
szrhawaiiand that didnt even want to load23:32
szrhawaiiif i throw windows back on it boots me out23:32
szrhawaiican you solve this problem i go to reboot windows os and the computer boots me out before configuring23:33
szrhawaiiwhen it prompts to set the settings23:33
szrhawaiianyone know that problem23:34
szrhawaiiso earth you dont know what how i can configure the kernel so it works the right way23:34
szrhawaiior at least a way to start it all over again so everything works properly23:35
szrhawaiishould i delet all partitions then reboot to bios an see if i cant turn the wireless on there or should i try safe mode and see if it comes on in there and see if it will work23:36
szrhawaiithe toggle doesnt work so im not sure how to recreate that23:36
szrhawaiior restart it23:36
zir-rthi, how can I configure the mouse to one single click for gnome programs?23:41
a_farisGoooodddd morninggg guyzzz23:42
a_farisAnyone out there?23:43
ilhamzir-rt: what apps do you use23:43
ilhama_faris: good morning23:44
zir-rtilham: For ex. Firefox save dialogs, quot libet..23:44
ubottuHi! Welcome to #kubuntu!23:44
HappySmileManThe state of mozilla-qt seems pretty weird, all the QT code seems to be written but there's a few really obvious things not defined, like no-one added CAIRO_SURFACE_TYPE_QPAINTER to the enum in cairo.h23:44
HappySmileManSo It appears that all the hard stuff is done but it needs to be messed around with before it compiles23:45
szrhawaiianyone know how to turn on the toggle for a wireless when it the light doesnt work through the program files23:45
ilhamzir-rt: Sorry no idea23:47
a_fariserrr .. can someone help me with my display resolution pls?23:47
zir-rtilham: thanks anyway :)23:47
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about shoutcast23:49
artur_why can a C program, finishs in a message of 'segmentation fail' sometimes, and sometimes everything works with no problem? Could be a problem in the memory reserved to a process?23:53
tacosarecoolBut why aren't some pages displaying properly23:57
tacosarecoolIs it just kde4?23:57
scholzI have Kubuntu and Firefox 3.x but cannot get the Kodak plugin/extension to work23:57
scholzthe login just hangs... (with FireFox 2.x also)23:57
scholzany ideas?23:57
tacosarecoolWait till you get to stickam some stuff won't display right23:57
HappySmileManLatest firefox from source has Theory and Vorbis plugins bbuilt in... Does Firefox 3 have these or are they new to 3.1?23:58
tacosarecoolAny ideas I'll send you a pic23:59
* andylockran|lapt is away: Gone away for now23:59

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