* thorwil reads _MMA_s Stepping down from Ubuntu Studio mail13:46
thorwil_MMA_: the CAD job continuous?13:47
_MMA_Looks like it will be. I'll be designing on Autodesk's "Inventor".13:48
thorwilthat's a bit like solidworks, right?13:48
_MMA_I'm unsure. I've never used Solidworks.13:49
thorwilparametric solid modeling with parts in assemblies, buidling a tree13:50
_MMA_Ahh... Then yes.13:50
thorwilhad a love-hate relationship with that one. so incredibly powerful and clever, but some things that i thought should work didn't and it's a very windowsy application13:51
_MMA_Yeah. I'd love it to be a linux app. Some of the Autodesk stuff is. I think its mostly stuff they bought. This company lets me use linux where I can though. ie: I do some things that arent CAD. Like developing a manual. Im doing that all on Ubuntu.13:54
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