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PizarroHi everybody00:28
PizarroI just intalled the desktop 64 bits intrepid version, and I cant make the VPN connection to work with pptp00:28
Pizarrocan anyone help me with this bug?00:28
Hobbseeyou probably want #ubuntu00:43
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ElbrusLooks like bug 240860 is solved, although the original poster did not respond, should I mark it FIX RELEASED (althought I could not specify what fixed it)03:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 240860 in firefox "selected radiobuttons are grayed out, so you can not see what you just selected (on/off)" [Unknown,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24086003:26
Richard_When i shutdown the laptop i can see the orange bar of the splash going down, but it won't finnish, it goes to 80-90% and then the pc goes to a blank state(black) with a blinkin' cursor on top left, so i have to press the power button myself to shut it down, could i have damaged any file of the system or left temporary files(as the splash doesnt go to 0% unloading) by pressing the button?10:43
Richard_What can cause this? any proccess still running?10:43
xteejxHi guys how do I grab a full X logfrom apport without X actually working? I though apport-cli -f --package xorg would have worked?12:12
xteejxdont worry ubuntu-bug xorg worked :)12:17
xteejxHi guys, is someone willing and able to get a backtrace for me in gnome-sound-recorder for bug 295628 please. I reverted to Hardy after some other problems of my own and cannot grab it, I don't know how to chroot. Would appreciate it :)15:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 295628 in gnome-media "[intrepid] gnome-sound-recorder crashes while recording from capture source" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/29562815:26
arno_bxteejx: which commands did you use to get the crash?15:29
xteejx2Damn IRC15:58
xteejx2arno_b: I used gdb to grab a backtrace (or try)15:58
arno_bxteejx2: ok but which parameters did you use into gnome-sound-record?15:59
arno_bxteejx2: i can't get any crash :s15:59
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xteejxarno_b: Are you still here?17:10
xteejxGot distracted, in Intrepid to reproduce:17:10
arno_bxteejx: yep ;)17:10
xteejxJust open sound rec. click record, numbers count up really stupidly high, click stop recording.....prog. halts17:11
xteejxIts not in Hardy only intrepid17:11
xteejxI know there are duplicates but none have backtraces, I tried and failed lol17:11
arno_bxteejx: I have made a lot of test, but no crash happened: I tested every parameters of gstreamer for input, but nothing bad happened17:20
arno_bxteejx: it may depend of you configuration17:21
arno_bxteejx: and maybe it is because of virtualbox17:22
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xteejx2Hey guys question for anyone17:41
xteejx2How would I get to the top bar in GNOME? Specifically the applications bar without a mouse using kb shortcuts?17:41
xteejx2Or better yet how would I navigate Ubuntu without a mouse at all, is there a shortcut to start an accessibility feature for this??17:43
greg-gxteejx2: <alt>+<F1>17:46
xteejx2The above is to help with bug 29598317:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 295983 in xserver-xorg-input-mouse "[intrepid] Serial mouse not detected when using USB adapter" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/29598317:46
xteejx2brilliant thanks greg-g :)17:46
greg-gno problem17:47
angusthefuzzxteejx2: the serial mouse bug you mentioned its a dupe of #9068 as mentioned on the mouse debugging procedures wiki page18:29
xteejx2How the hell did I miss that!?18:36
xteejx2Need a coffee I think..sorry :)18:37
xteejx2The guys serial mouse is going thru a USB adapter though it wont be assigned to ttys0/1 will it?18:49
angusthefuzzxteejx2: It uses /ttyUSB0 and acts as a serial port (i think)18:52
angusthefuzzxteejx2: the driver module is usb-serial18:54
xteejx2ok i'm slightly over my head now, i have no idea how the hell i'm gonna explain that to the guy he's new to ubuntu i don't want to frighten the poor sod lol18:59
xteejx2i cant even explain that to myself, partly because i don't fully understand it to be honest19:00
xteejx2its the driver module bit i don't get, i understand the device ttyusb019:01
xteejx2angusthefuzz: How do I get him to enable that driver-module? apt-get or ?19:04
angusthefuzzxteejx2: modprobe usb-serial, although it probably should have been autodetected and loaded19:05
xteejx2angusthefuzz: Of course :) hehe19:10
xteejx2Is Ekiga part of the gnome applications?19:17
xteejx2Ermm I'll take that as a no :)19:27
xteejx2Hi guys, a problem with a USB printer : Do I ask the user for information on hal or the removabledevices section on the wiki, or both?20:59
xteejx2Don't worry I found DebuggingPrinter on the wiki - :)21:02
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unenoughi've disabled tap-to-click but my touchpad still clicks22:19
unenoughsynaptic on toshiba a21522:19

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