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persiajcastro, Could you update the topic to point to a more general classroom schedule?01:06
persiapleia2, Do you know of a good URL to use for that?01:07
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pleia2yeah, wiki.ubuntu.com/Classroom01:07
pleia2I can snag the old topic, sec01:07
persiaThe Schedule there probably needs updating too :)  I'm guessing DeveloperWeek is in March?01:09
=== pleia2 changed the topic of #ubuntu-classroom to: Ubuntu Classroom || https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Classroom || https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/Ubuntu-classroom || See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOpenWeek for details on the most recent Ubuntu Open Week (Intrepid)
persiaJaunty MOTU School curriculum hasn't been established yet.01:09
pleia2yeah, updating the wiki page is on my todo list :(01:10
persiaWho's organising the user-training sessions for Jaunty?01:10
pleia2user-training sessions?01:10
persiaOr rather, for Intrepid, as user-training is typically based on current-stable :)01:10
pleia2the Classroom project itself unfortunately doesn't have anything planned01:11
pleia2right now this channel is primarily used for open week, developers week, and motu school01:11
pleia2trying to get user training courses up again, but I've been busy and we lost of a few key team members01:11
persiaDo you already have someone in charge of organising the curriculum?01:12
persiaRight.  Thanks for the status update :)01:13
PrivateVoidhey pleia2 how are you?01:26
pleia2PrivateVoid: doing pretty good :) you?01:26
* pleia2 just recently moved, still settling in01:26
PrivateVoidI am good... been a while since I have seen this room go 'red'01:26
pleia2well there was Ubuntu Open Week all last week ;)01:26
pleia2but yeah, otherwise it's been quiet01:26
PrivateVoidI think the Beginners team will be looking to 'add' some stuff here eventually01:27
pleia2yeah, I've been talking to Rocket2DMn some about that01:27
pleia2we had lunch a few weeks ago :)01:27
PrivateVoidCool... I do not think I am close enough to have lunch with you01:27
pleia2probably not01:27
pleia2he just moved into the area, I took it upon myself to introduce him to yummy local beer places01:27
* pleia2 near Philadelphia01:28
PrivateVoidI am in Rochester, NY area01:28
pleia2I lived there once :)01:28
pleia2my mother grew up just outside or Rochester, in Rome, I still have a lot of family there01:28
pleia2lived in Brockport for a while01:28
PrivateVoidRome is more towards Syracuse... where I grew up01:29
pleia2Scottsville?? I think is where I lived last01:29
PrivateVoidBrockport and Scottsville is near Rochester01:29
pleia2yeah, scottsville01:29
pleia2and spent a couple years in Seneca Falls (that's about halfway between Rochester and Syracuse)01:29
PrivateVoidI am going to try to get that group going... have them run the courses in our area and then have them come in to here... or that is the plan01:30
PrivateVoidyeah Seneca Falls is half-way01:30
pleia2having them come here would be good01:30
PrivateVoidand used to have a weapons depot there with lots of 'white deer'01:30
pleia2part of what Classroom tries to achieve is have one centralized place in ubuntu for all irc classes01:30
pleia2so when it's announced on fridge, UWN, etc - everyone knows were to come :)01:30
PrivateVoidI want them to practice in the BT classroom... to get comfortable with the method of instruction01:31
pleia2so MOTU School is here01:31
PrivateVoiddo you guys recommend using any other tools beyond IRC for classes?01:31
pleia2when Ubuntu Women does classes, we host them here01:31
PrivateVoidI need to get better at development...01:31
PrivateVoidI think the BT classes are in here...01:32
pleia2in the past we haven't had people use many other tools, but sometimes people have wiki pages w/ screenshots and such01:32
PrivateVoidanyone ever try google docs or pastebin?01:32
pleia2I think pastebin might have been used in the past, but the trouble with that is they go away - logs of sessions lacking key access to google docs or missing pastebins are sad01:32
pleia2and frustrating :)01:33
PrivateVoidyeah... I would just want to use it for 'programming' courses -- problems and answers type thing01:33
pleia2would be worth discussing I think01:33
pleia2I don't have any ideas off the top of my head, but I'm sure others would01:34
PrivateVoidI am knee deep in getting involved in the NY Loco right now and getting the Education group standing up01:34
PrivateVoidjust redid the NY Loco wiki front page - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NewYorkTeam01:34
pleia2nice :) I've been talking to ausimage some01:35
PrivateVoidyeah ausimage is a good guy... I met him recently for the first time...01:35
PrivateVoidthe scribs team is a great idea...01:35
PrivateVoidwas he talking about running classes?01:36
pleia2nah, I was talking to him about loco teams01:36
PrivateVoidwhat about?01:36
pleia2I'm on the US Mentors team, such as it is these days :)01:36
PrivateVoidwhat is that?01:36
pleia2mostly we're just a resource for US Teams who need help01:37
PrivateVoidI see...01:38
PrivateVoidwell I think we need help... a bit... to get us over the 'hump' to approval01:38
PrivateVoidbut I am hoping that my enthusiasm has re-energized ausimage and brian...01:39
* pleia2 nods01:39
PrivateVoidthey seemed to be excited about things after I talked to them01:39
pleia2well you're welcome to join #ubuntu-us at any time if you run into anything you're not sure how to handle01:39
pleia2lots of helpful people there with ideas01:39
PrivateVoidI am trying to use my past 'gaming' experiences to assist with this process... I played two MMORPGs and built two guilds01:40
pleia2nice :)01:40
PrivateVoidboth guilds ended up being some of the largest in the games01:40
PrivateVoidand the challenge of keeping people together in a LoCo appear to be similar in that in some cases face-to-face meetings will be near impossible or at best rare01:40
pleia2in pennsylvania we're all just very active on IRC01:42
pleia2our channel is rarely dead01:42
PrivateVoidthanks for the invite ti #ubuntu-us I will make sure to get it in place01:42
pleia2quite welcome :)01:42
PrivateVoidyeah... NYs channel was dead until recently01:42
PrivateVoidI need to get that place hopping01:42
PrivateVoidlike the BT teams or Arizona's01:42
* pleia2 nods01:43
pleia2I was in the beginners team channel for a while, I think I quit when I rebooted once.. oops01:43
pleia2I do want to strongly encourage using this channel rather than your own -classroom though :)01:44
PrivateVoidI also think, and told ausimage, that there are two main 'flow patterns' for a state LoCo01:44
pleia2don't worry too much about people practicing, most folks who give normal classes in the past really are just normal folks who know something they can share with others01:44
PrivateVoidupstream - helping to get NY Ubuntu users contributing to the global community01:44
PrivateVoiddownstream - advocating for the use of Ubuntu to our local communities01:45
* pleia2 nods01:45
PrivateVoidCool... then I will plan on having the classes here... is there a system for reserving the time?01:45
pleia2just drop a note to the mailing list01:46
pleia2I'll update the wiki and let you know if there are any conflicts (not a risk right now, it's been pretty quiet of late, as you know!)01:46
* pleia2 bumps updating of wiki in general to higher priority on todo list01:47
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