centaur5A preseed file that I used with Hardy doesn't point an Intrepid install the right mirror and it still stops for a user when it's not supposed to. Did something change?05:35
CIA-2finish-install: cjwatson * r825 ubuntu/ (29 files in 3 dirs): merge from Debian 2.2216:46
CIA-2finish-install: cjwatson * r826 ubuntu/finish-install.d/90console: more -8 handling16:47
CIA-2finish-install: cjwatson * r827 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 2.22ubuntu116:49
CIA-2netcfg: cjwatson * r633 ubuntu/ (31 files in 3 dirs): merge from Debian 1.4616:56
CIA-2netcfg: cjwatson * r634 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 1.46ubuntu117:05
CIA-2yaboot-installer: cjwatson * r264 ubuntu/ (34 files in 3 dirs): merge from Debian 1.1.1417:43
CIA-2yaboot-installer: cjwatson * r265 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 1.1.14ubuntu117:45
CIA-2usb-creator: evand * r60 usb-creator/scripts/install.py: Add missing block size parameter to dd.17:54
CIA-2usb-creator: evand * r61 usb-creator/ (bin/usb-creator debian/changelog): Add -t option to write a trace file.18:25
CIA-2usb-creator: evand * r62 usb-creator/ (Makefile debian/changelog po/POTFILES.in setup.cfg):19:15
CIA-2usb-creator: * Don't include all .py files in the tree for translation.19:15
CIA-2usb-creator: * Don't update the pot file on every build.19:15
CIA-2usb-creator: evand * r63 usb-creator/ (debian/changelog scripts/install.py usbcreator/backend.py): Write more information to the log (subprocesses, stderr, etc).20:41

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