persialudovicc, I'd recommend starting by looking at some of the existing packages as examples, and after working with them for a bit, packaging new stuff.00:23
persiaRather than being completely undirectly, it's probably specifically best to look for reported bugs in the Java programs, and try to patch them.  While doing so, you'll become familiar with the peculiarities of Java packaging bit by bit, rather than needing to learn it all at once before you can accomplish the first package.00:25
ludovicctx persia01:15
persialudovicc, Also, when preparing patches and the like, if you've questions that aren't Java-specific, you might find that #ubuntu-motu has more people there, and might be able to answer.  For Java-specific questions, here may be better, although it depends on who is around.01:17
LynxAbahello everybody! i have a problem with packages, i have the med.java file that compile without problems, but when i try to execute it console show this error wich first line is:02:38
LynxAbaException in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: med (wrong name: HL7/med)02:38
LynxAbainside the code i have this line "package HL7;" and when i erase it, the program runs well02:39
LynxAbahow can i solve this? i just wan to know how, i know that if there's no solution i just delete that line and everything will be ok02:40
LynxAbabtw, the .java and the .class are both inside a folder called HL7, so i think that's not the problem02:41

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