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arothHello everybody!12:31
arothI have a question: Is there a way to find out if a PC has been started by the power button or an wake on lan request?12:31
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kimushi, I need some help building a module14:52
kimuscompiled a rtl8187 module but it does not load on the kernel. I think the problem is a version missmatch14:52
kimusI tried linux-source package and build module source with make -c /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/build modules and does not load either14:54
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kimuscan anyone help me compiling a single module? I can compile the module but gives an error on insmod18:51
Shanix_kimus, what error ?19:34
Shanix_kimus, you should go to #ubuntu19:34
kimusShanix_: should go to #ubuntu ?!?!20:07
kimusisn't this the right channel to ask for help on kernel / module building?20:08
CarlFKkimus: /topic "kernel development "20:09
kimussorry, for me kernel development is module related20:10
CarlFKno problem.  20:12
kimuscouldn't anyone help? it's kernel related... please :-)20:32
kimus#ubuntu is full of people asking stuff20:33
alex_jonikimus: if you expect any help, then at least put the error in a pastebin somewhere20:33
kimuserrors i'm getting > "insmod: error inserting 'rtl8187.ko': -1 Unknown symbol in module", and dmesg gives more > "rtl8187: Unknown symbol20:34
kimusso I'm guessing that source != from current kernel20:34
kimusalex_joni: any hint?20:36
alex_jonikimus: if you expect any help, then at least put the _whole_ error in a pastebin somewhere, including parts from dmesg which are relevant20:37
kimushumm... paste wrong here :-)20:38
kimusI will put in a pastebin20:38
kimusalex_joni: http://paste.ubuntu.com/69742/20:42
alex_jonitry modprobe20:47
kimusmodprobe? how can I modprobe from the module I just compiled?20:49
johanbrPut it in the subdirectory of /lib/modules/ that goes with your kernel, run "sudo depmod -a" and then modprobe.20:52
kimushumm that worked20:54
kimusinsmod should work :-S20:54
johanbrinsmod does not take module dependencies into account20:56
kimusstupid error... ok thank you. i had to build this module because it lacks an device id20:57
alex_jonikimus: lsmod | grep for your module, look at the deps20:57
alex_jonithen you can load them by hand, and use insmod20:57
alex_jonibut modprobe is usually easier20:58
kimusoh... was only that? I had to modprobe for the deps before insmod ?20:58
CarlFKkimus: or load the deps 21:03
alex_jonikimus: either you use modprobe (and it pulls in the deps), or you install the modules by hand, then you can use insmod with the new module21:03
kimusi get it... next time :-)21:03
kimusyou should update wubuntu wiki, there's no info on building a single module21:04
alex_joniif it's a wiki page you read, then you can improve it yourself21:04
alex_jonithat's the whole point of the wiki, for people to give back to ubuntu (in a simple way)21:05
kimussure... I can put there how to build and the insmod error :-D21:05
alex_jonikimus: make sure the missing device id is fixed upstream or in a later kernel version21:06
kimusis fixed on upstream21:06
CarlFKalex_joni: as long as you are .. here... :)  Do you have an x64 that you don't mind panicing?  I was asked if a bug crashed it too, and am getting anoyed trying to setup a VM to try it https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/29495121:06
alex_joniCarlFK: you might mistaken me for a kernel dev :)21:07
alex_jonino x64 install atm, nly i386 hardy21:07
CarlFKback to qemu...21:08
alex_joniCarlFK: sorry :/21:08
CarlFKwana pannic your i386? :)21:08
* alex_joni should note he's not running -generic21:08
alex_jonibut yeah, if it helps..21:08
CarlFKI doubt there is anything to gain... so probably not much point 21:08
alex_joniI panic and oops it all the time, so it's used :P21:09
alex_joniall the time might be an exageration though :D21:09
kimusok thanx21:35

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