goukiIt gave me VERSION: command not found00:00
goukiI should just ignore that, since the file is being created?00:01
RainCTgouki: ah, replace that with the version of the package00:01
RainCTgouki: or declare a VERSION variable00:01
goukiOK, thank you, RainCT.00:01
goukidh_installman debian/file.1 doesn't give any output. Any way I can confirm things worked out?00:10
RainCTgouki: is the manpage called file.1?00:10
goukiRainCT, actually, banihstypos.1 is the name of the file generated by pod2man.00:11
RainCTgouki: then write that name (and it should be .6)00:11
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goukiRainCT, ohh, got it. I changed on --section=6 when convertin to man but had the output file still with .1. Changed now.00:13
murdokI have created a postrm file so that the file that I want is removed after removing the package, however that file is still shown when I do 'dpkg -L package'. Any idea of why is it?00:23
RainCTmurdok: why do you want to remove the file?00:23
murdokit's a conf file under /etc/sysctl.d00:23
murdokthat is only needed by that package (dosemu and wine for example)00:24
RainCTmurdok: ah, right. if there's some other package that does the same you could check how they do it there00:24
murdokwine doesn't remove it unless you purge the package00:25
azeemisn't that how it should be?00:25
murdoki want it to be removed without need of --purge00:26
murdoksome people consider it a security risk00:27
murdokit's bug 21639800:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 216398 in dosemu "default mmap_min_addr breaks dosemu" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21639800:28
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persiaRainCT, If you're running REVU days on Fridays, please add it to the topic when Friday starts UTC+14 and remove it when Friday ends UTC-13:30 (unless you find more timezones)00:41
RainCTpersia: okay, will do00:42
nhandlerRainCT: Could you also consider sending out a reminder email (similar to what they do for the hug days)? That way, all of the MOTUs will be reminded about the hug day00:46
RainCTnhandler: Yep. I didn't do it last time because I had already mentioned in the discussion about cleaning up REVU /and I didn't remember until REVU Day  had already started :P), but will do for the next ones00:47
nhandlerThanks a lot RainCT. I forgot about the REVU day until early evening (local time). As a result, I couldn't review as many packages as I would have liked00:48
RainCTnhandler: well, you can also REVU packages when it isn't REVU Day :)00:49
RainCTgood night00:50
murdoknight RainCT00:51
goukinhandler, I'm working on the package now. I added Perl because of the reference to manual pages on the PackagingGuide: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/SupplementaryFiles#Man%20Pages00:52
goukiAs for the comments, I'll post the output when I remove the header.00:52
goukinhandler, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6941300:54
goukiThat's what happens when I remove the comments (header) from debian/rules. If I don't, the package source files are built correctly. :S00:54
persiagouki, Please paste the result of having removed them.  I suspect you've removed some required blank lines.00:56
goukipersia, that's what I wanted to ask. blank lines matter in debian/rules?00:57
persiagouki, Yep.  debian/rules is a makefile.  See http://www.gnu.org/software/make/manual/00:58
goukiCan I output the content of vimdiff between the two files?00:59
persiaYou probably just want to use diff for that.01:00
persiaAnyway, the diff probably isn't useful to people other than you.  Anyone looking for a parse error probably wants to see the result file.01:01
goukidiff, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6941501:02
goukiOhh, OK.01:02
goukiSo what can I paste so you guys can help me troubleshoot this?01:02
goukiFound it!! :S01:02
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goukipersia, I believe it's OK now (lintian clean and builds on pbuilder): http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=banihstypos01:10
goukiIf anyone could take a look at it, I'd really appreciate it.01:10
jmarsdenWhat does it really mean when a PPA upload fails and the email says "Rejected: Cannot build any of the architectures requested: any" ?01:56
* gouki would like to know too02:06
jmarsdengouki: Looks like PPAs do not support Jaunty yet.02:10
goukiOhh, could be that indeed. Thanks for the heads up, jmarsden.02:11
jmarsdenSure, but I can't take the credit -- Hobsee just helped me out on #launchpad :-)02:12
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goukiThanks Hobbsee :P02:22
nhandlerCould someone help me get loadlin to build? Here is the error portion of the pbuilder build log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/69444/. And here is pgadjust.c: http://paste.ubuntu.com/69445/.02:25
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jmarsdennhandler: loadlin builds for me here under Intrepid... I can do:   d=`date +%s` && mkdir /tmp/$d && cd /tmp/$d && apt-get source loadlin && cd loadlin-1.6c.really1.6c && debuild -us -uc && ls -ltr ..03:56
jmarsdennhandler: Looks like it builds fine to me... are you compiling a changed/newer version than this?03:56
ethana2Ok, the guy who was helping me a few days back doesn't seem to have been online...04:02
ethana2..I'm going to upload my pgp key to launchpad..04:02
ethana2then get this stellarium package ready..04:02
ethana2..and then pbuild it04:02
ethana2I may need some help, I may need an upload sponsorship04:03
jmarsdenethana2: Go for it :-)  I'm not a MOTU, but I'm here, I'll help you out if I can...04:04
ethana2It may take a bit, I deleted all the files I made earlier know that I kind of know what I'm doing..04:04
ethana2to clean things up and whatnot04:04
ethana2I'll mainly need to be reminded of various commands04:04
jmarsdenethana2: Usually better to mv your working directory out of the way, instead of deleting your work... but OK04:05
ethana2Well I had made a complicated mess out of things with my incompetence04:05
jmarsdenethana2: BTW you can use the history command to see what commands you already used... might help.  Combind with grep that can be a good way to remind yourself of comamnds...04:06
goukiethana2, yeah, if I can help I'd also be happy to.04:06
ethana2oh hey, gouki04:08
ethana2heh, Soyuz software.  I am amused04:11
ethana2Ok, I'm getting very confused by the pgp key upload process04:15
goukiethana2, have you generated them (key pair) on your local machine?04:15
goukiHave you uploaded it to a key server? MIT and/or Ubuntu PKS?04:17
ethana2that's what I'm trying to figure out how to do04:17
goukiYou can do that by using this web-interface: http://pgp.mit.edu/04:17
ethana2So...  MIT is like..04:18
ethana2some kind of centralized key repository?04:18
goukiTo make it easier, you can use Applications - Accessories - Password and Encryption Keys and export your public key. Then copy-paste it into MIT PKS.04:18
ethana2the all want ascii-armored something or other, i don't know what they're talking about04:18
goukiYes, MIT has a 'database' for keys.04:18
goukiIt's a very known PKS (Public Key Server).04:19
ethana2..and Canonical can make use of them?04:19
wgrantgpg --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --send-key yourkeyidhere04:19
goukiUbuntu itself has one.04:19
ethana2ah, wgrant, that was the approach i was trying to figure out04:19
ethana2I'll just do that04:19
goukiYes ... After putting it on MIT the keys will replicate to other PKSs04:19
ethana2ok, sent04:20
ethana2how do i know whether it's a success?04:20
goukiSearch for your name on it.04:21
goukiethana2, http://keyserver.ubuntu.com:1137104:22
ethana2So I guess it's good now..04:22
goukiWell, it's there: http://keyserver.ubuntu.com:11371/pks/lookup?op=get&search=0xC5C149B0A666B91304:23
goukiThat's your public key block04:23
goukiThat's what people use when they want to encrypt something and send it your way04:23
goukiDo the instructions on LP make more sense now?04:24
ethana2...they're still confusing04:24
ethana2I think people use this stuff for a lot more than I'm out to do04:24
goukiCan/Should be used for email, for example (besides the digital signatures used on packages).04:24
ethana2I wish Ubuntu was more heavily integrated with launchpad..04:24
ethana2I'd like to be able to enter my launchpad account info during the install process and have it pull my gconf and apt list from canonical servers..04:25
ethana2install my usual packages and settings, maybe a few files04:25
ethana2ok, well, now that that's evidently done04:26
ethana2time to prepare this package04:26
ethana2stellarium (0.10.0) jaunty; urgency=low04:30
ethana2  * New upstream version http://stellarium.org/features_in_0.10.0.php04:30
ethana2 -- Ethan Anderson <ethana2@gmail.com>  Sat, 08 Nov 2008 22:27:19 -060004:30
ethana2Is that valid?04:30
* ethana2 changes 'version' to 'release'04:31
jmarsdenLooks sane to me.  Not sure it really needs the URL in the changelog.  Does your updated package build cleanly and lintian finds no issues?04:32
goukiethana2, file a bug on Launchpad. Similar to an ITP from Debian.04:35
ethana2I haven't built the package this time yet04:35
ethana2gouki: I will, Debian already has a bug filed for this04:36
goukiethana2, you may find this useful too: http://goukihq.org/misc/bookmarks/insipid.cgi?tag=motu04:36
ethana2...I'll also have a package ready04:36
goukiExample of bugs: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.tag=needs-packaging04:36
ethana2Actually, here's some things I wonder about04:37
ethana2Stellarium links against like three libs it doesn't use04:37
ethana2Should I unlink them, or not worry about it?04:37
ethana2Also, can I assume that the default makefile shipped with the source tarball has all the right flags?04:38
goukiWhat do you mean with links against?04:38
jmarsdenethana2: What does the previous package do?04:38
ethana2Like, will it make for binaries that are performant enough?04:38
ethana2jmsarden: what do you mean?04:38
jmarsdenethana2: You are upgrading a previous Ubuntu package for stellarium, right??04:38
ethana2gouki: the compiler says (this thing is linked with libraries whose symbols it doesn't use at all)04:38
goukiethana2, don't assume. Try and install on a VM (for example) and see if it works. This way you'll also be able to find about needed dependencies (from make configure and make output).04:38
ethana2jmarsden: that is correct04:39
ethana2gouki: i know it works, i've installed it04:39
ethana2gouki: what i don't know is if it gives gcc the parameters for highly optimized binaries04:39
jmarsdenethana2: So did the packager of that earlier version do special things wrt those libraries, or not?  Same regarding performance...04:39
ethana2Hmm..  not sue04:39
jmarsdenethana2: I'd suggest getting it working first, then checking performance/removing unnneeded libs etc..04:39
ethana2Well yeah, I've gotten it working04:40
ethana2...so once I build it next time I'll hunt down the unneeded linked libs and take 'em out..04:40
jmarsdenethana2: OK, so package it and upload a working package to your PPA, so others can see and test that package...04:40
ethana2will do04:40
ethana2I don't have a PPA yet, but I'll figure that out also04:40
goukiethana2, or to REVU.04:40
jmarsdengouki: No, REVU is for new packages not updates to existing ones... AFAIK anyway.04:40
goukijmarsden, ohh, OK!04:41
ScottKjmarsden: That's correct.04:41
goukiethana2, PPA still doesn't build packages for Jaunty, so you'd have to wait, I BELIEVE-04:41
ethana2so, REVU then04:42
ethana2but the intrepid version should work fine on jaunty04:42
jmarsdengouki: True, except that you can just create one with jaunty replaced by intrepid in the changelog and it works fine...04:42
goukijmarsden, indeed!! :)04:42
ethana2oh, did i..04:42
ethana2ohhhh, whoops..  i'll change that now04:42
ethana2stellarium (0.10.0) intrepid; urgency=low04:42
goukiYou need to change that version number.04:43
jmarsdenethana2: I'd suggest you test locally with it set for jaunty, and use a jaunty pbuilder.  Then when you know all is well, change that word and make the version 0.10.0~ethana2 and then upload that one to your PPA04:43
goukiIf it was a new package in ubuntu, it would be 0.10.0-0ubuntu1. Since this is an update to an existing package, I don't know how.04:43
ethana2It didn't have 'ubuntu's in the versions, I don't know why not04:44
goukiethana2, I've been taking some notes, that you may find useful: http://goukihq.org/misc/motu/notes/04:44
ethana2ah, thank you04:44
ethana2stellarium (0.10.0~ethana2) jaunty; urgency=low04:46
jmarsdenethana2: Because stellarium was packaged for Debian.  In fact, you might want to just ask C├ędric Delfosse if he plans to package 0.10.0 for Debian soon, rather than diverge things bewteen Debian and Ubuntu packages of stellarium?04:47
ethana2perhaps, but I was also wanting to get a bit of packaging experience04:48
ScottKEven better offer him help.04:48
ethana2ah, that sounds good04:48
ScottKethana2: If you want to get some experience there are currently 82 open bugs in Ubuntu tagged 'bitesize'.  Have a look at some of those and try to tackle one.04:50
ethana2Well what I'm always running into04:51
ScottKI'm not sure I agree all of them actually are bitesize, but it's a good place to look.04:51
ethana2is apps where I can only get source code04:51
ethana2and I'm sick of not knowing how on earth to install them cleanly04:51
ethana2evidently checkinstall is the Wrong Way to do it04:51
ScottKGenerally yes.04:51
ethana2That's kind of what I'm going after at this point04:51
ScottKOK.  Well learning about packaging and the right way to do it via working on fixing bugs is one way to get there.04:52
ScottKThe problem with packaging new stuff is you really need to know about all aspects of packaging to do it well.04:52
goukiIf anyone could give this another review I would appreciate it. http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=banihstypos04:54
* ethana2 has contacted cedric04:55
ethana2Ok, I've got the source in what I think is buildable shape..04:58
* ethana2 looks at gouki's notes04:59
ethana2....not seeing it04:59
ethana2  205  debuild -sa -S05:00
ethana2that's handy05:00
ethana2.....one more privacy concern05:00
goukinxvl, waiting for your comments about http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=banihstypos05:03
nxvlgouki: nice quote!05:03
goukiThat quote is everywhere now! LOL05:03
nxvlgouki: yeah, i'm at the airport right now i will check it in the plane05:03
ethana2ohhh, it /does/ need commas05:04
nxvlemgent: hi!05:11
ScottKemgent: You know your post to planet is going to be controversial, right?05:12
nxvlScottK: i was thinking on the same05:12
ethana2E: stellarium_0.10.0_source.changes: bad-distribution-in-changes-file jaunty05:12
nxvlit will start a lot of problems05:12
ScottKethana2: You can ignore that05:12
ethana2ScottK: thanks05:12
ScottKethana2: Lintian hasn't been updated to know about jaunty yet.05:13
ethana2what planet post are we talking about?05:13
ethana2ScottK: ah05:13
nxvlethana2: that's normal, you are using the intrepid version of lintian, which doesn't know about jaunty still05:13
nelleryyea that's probably not something that should be on planet...05:13
ScottKnxvl: Actually the Jaunty version doesn't either.05:13
nxvlyay for dev-tools05:13
ScottKWell last I heard the change in the Lintian VCS repo, just not uploaded yet.05:14
ScottKI did backport lintian 2.0 to hardy/intrepid though for people that want it.05:14
* jdong removes planet.u.c from his RSS feeds05:14
* nxvl HUGS ScottK for that05:15
emgentScottK: ?05:15
emgentit`s a stupid-funny joke :)05:15
ScottKAlso debootstrap, devscripts (for dch), and pbuilder05:15
nxvlemgent: some poeple will complain about your post saying "anal sex"05:15
* jdong thinks the nature of the content is inappropriate for the planet05:16
nxvlemgent: that's how community works05:16
ScottKemgent: It is, but there are also places in the world where people could get in real trouble just for reading such a thing.05:16
nxvlemgent: see, there is the first complain ^^05:16
nxvlor underage people reading planet05:16
emgentokkay for skip it, i will obscure it.05:16
nxvllike the (SOME_US) LoCo having problem with the police because a mom got scared05:17
jdongfor me this is the last straw in a series of bad-taste, off-topic, illegal, and/or unsafe content posted to the planet. and I am personally through with it05:17
ethana2I also think it's inappropriate05:17
ScottKemgent: I appreciate you doing that.05:17
ethana2I don't personally object too much, but I think it falls in that category05:17
ScottKjdong: He's agreed to deal with it when asked.  I think that's reasonable.05:17
nxvli ROLF reading it05:17
jdongScottK: yeah, for this instance it is reasonable.05:18
ethana2If he needs a replacement I can say something about lawyers and antiviruses05:18
jdongI don't think it'll stop the "here you can torrent the latest iSight firmware blob stolen from OS X" links though.05:18
ethana2jdong: that sounds helpful05:18
* ScottK didn't see that one.05:18
ethana2you paid for it if you have one05:18
ethana2Is it the only way to use mac webcams that you've bought?05:19
jdongethana2: no, you can... grab it from your OS X DVD or OS X partition05:19
nxvlwell, ilegal software copies are the worst enemy of free software05:19
ScottKHere's one that's funny, but totally inappropriate for planet: http://xkcd.com/463/05:19
ethana2same thing though...05:19
emgentdone, anyway i dont have nothing against anal sex with people with the same gender.. it was only funny quote :)05:19
jdongethana2: how is that the same thing at all?05:19
ethana2same data05:19
nxvlbecause people doesn't care about how much they need to pay for their software so they just don't look for alternatives05:19
nxvlxkcd is awesome05:20
* nxvl buyed a hoody05:20
jdongemgent: thanks for doing so -- I know there's a lot of readers of Planet who are pretty young and probably shouldn't be seeing content like that05:20
jdongI really appreciate it05:20
ethana2jdong: I don't want to be penalized for wiping my OSX install and snapping the DVD in half05:20
NCommanderwow, wait05:20
NCommanderanal sex?05:20
ethana2If I own the hardware, I have a right to do what it takes to use it under what OS I will05:20
NCommanderwhat happened to family safe?05:20
ethana2NCommander, don't worry it's being resolved05:21
jdongethana2: so that suddenly makes it okay to illegally distribute and obtain the firmware?05:21
ethana2ubuntu should handle it for the user05:21
ethana2like broadcom05:21
jdongethana2: agreed, that would be ideal05:21
ethana2....but I don't think Apple can be expected to be reasonable05:21
ethana2so you do what you must05:21
jdongethana2: but an acceptable workaround in the meantime is *NOT* for posting mediafire links to the firmware05:21
jdongthat is illegal and it's unfortunate to see the community's blogosphere condoning such activity05:22
nxvlgouki: i just got one lintian warning: binary without manpage which IIRC you are already solving, right?05:22
ethana2jdong: illegal and wrong seem like they cannot be the same thing here05:22
goukinxvl, it is solved, I believe.05:22
ethana2unless you ripped an iSight /out/ of a mac and slapped it into something else05:23
goukiI created the man page for it, just not sure it's being correctly installed.05:23
jdongethana2: it doesn't matter whether or not you *OWN* an iSight, it is not legal to distribute its firmware. period.05:23
nxvlalso i'm finding something quite odd, there is nothing inside *bin/*05:23
ethana2jdong: if you live in sweden?05:23
ethana2oh wait, copyright, not patent05:23
nxvlScottK: is that ok for a binary to go to /usr/games instead of any bin/ ?05:23
jdongethana2: software licensing doesn't apply in Sweden?05:23
ethana2jdong: I corrected my 'thinko'05:24
goukinxvl, I was told, by a lintian warning, that it should go to bin/ :S05:24
nxvloh yes, /usr/games is in the path05:24
ScottKIf it's a game, it has to go there.05:24
nxvlis ok05:24
goukinxvl, about the man page, well, the page is there, and I added what I believe is the correct way of installing it to debian/rules.05:24
ethana2I didn't know Apple could prevent other OS'es from running on their hardware, it's like a game console or something05:24
ethana2that's unfortunate05:24
ethana2...although most people using ubuntu on a mac will probably be dual booting05:25
nxvlgouki: also i will change "Initial release" for "Initial Packaging"05:25
* ethana2 gets back to his .dsc stuff05:25
nxvlor something like that05:25
nxvlor packaged for ubuntu05:25
goukiYou will change it?05:26
ethana2W: stellarium source: changelog-should-mention-nmu05:26
ethana2W: stellarium source: source-nmu-has-incorrect-version-number 0.10.005:26
nxvli use to use "Initial packaging for $(Debian/Ubuntu)"05:26
jdongethana2: FWIW this problem will soon be moot -- the new iSights in latest-gen Apple hardware persistently remember their last-loaded firmware05:26
nxvlgouki: no i won't touch it05:26
jdongethana2: i.e. you just have to boot into OS X once and the firmware sticks05:26
ethana2jdong: ah05:26
goukinxvl, oh OK. I'll change it then.05:26
nxvlgouki: also you can get rid of the firsts lines on rules05:27
goukinxvl, I'm more worried about the manual page ... :S Can you check rules to see if that is the correct way of installing?05:27
ethana2Those are the errors and warnings lintian gives me at this point05:27
nxvlgouki: the comment saying "This file is originaly, blah blah blah"05:27
nxvli think i have and old version05:27
goukinxvl, that's not in there anymore:05:27
nxvlyes i have05:28
goukihehe. yeah, yo do :)05:28
emgentuhm my @ubuntu.com mail alias seems broken..05:28
emgentsomeone can confirm it too ?05:28
goukiI receive an email a couple of minutes ago ...05:28
nxvlmine is working05:28
nxvlbut i'm a Canonical guy so it doesn't applies05:28
goukiIs it possible to delete a file from an upload? I accidentally included a non-needed file. In REVU, I mean.05:29
emgentScottK: your alias work ?05:29
nxvlgouki: just upload it again05:29
ScottKemgent: You mean Ubuntu mail address?05:29
goukinxvl, is there a way to download everything from an upload? I don't have the files on my HDD.05:30
ScottKemgent: No idea.  I don't use it.05:30
nxvli need to catch my flight in a bit05:30
nxvli hate airports05:30
ScottKgouki: Copy the link to the .dsc file and then dget -x path-to-file.dsc05:31
goukiScottK, thank you.05:31
nxvllast cigar before my flight05:32
goukinxvl, you can smoke on that airport?05:32
goukiWhere are you?05:32
nxvlat the smokers bar05:32
nxvlin the peruvian airport05:33
goukiScottK, that didn't download the folder. Any work around?05:33
goukinxvl, sweet. Here in Portugal you can't smoke inside any building.05:33
nxvli always pay the expesive cokes for having a cigar before my flights05:33
nxvlyeah, here too05:33
nxvlactually in any part of the world05:33
nxvlbut there are always smoke bars or stuff with the right infrastructure05:34
nxvlthe funniest i've ever seen was in the Barahas airport in madrid05:34
ScottKgouki: If you got the .dsc, .diff.gz, and orig.tar.gz then dpkg-source -x filename.dsc05:34
nxvlthose are funny05:34
nxvlgouki: you can use dget -x for it to unpack everything automagically05:34
nxvli've it on my rc file05:34
goukiIndeed! :S I forgot about that (read it on PackagingGuide).05:35
goukiThank you.05:35
nxvlthat's the magical line05:35
nxvlinside ~/.devscripts05:36
goukiSo you recommend removing *Initial release (LP: #) and replace it with *Initial Ubuntu package (LP: #) ?05:36
nxvlInitial packaging for ubuntu05:37
nxvlbut yes05:37
nxvlthat's the idea05:37
nxvlk i will check that in Boston05:37
nxvlmy flight is already boarding05:37
goukinxvl, lucky you!! :)05:37
goukiHave a good flight!05:37
nxvlread you later!05:37
ethana2...anyone care to help me knock out these lintian errors?   http://pastebin.com/d5fde89fa05:38
goukiethana2, use paste.ubuntu.com - It's easier on the eyes :)05:39
goukiThe first one can be ignored, as a more recent version of lintian is jaunty-aware.05:40
goukiDo you have the package somewhere?05:40
ethana2What do you mean?05:40
ethana2source tarball?05:41
goukiCan we browse the files somewhere?05:41
ethana2I don't quite get you....05:41
ethana2the files are very easy to locate on stellarium.org05:41
ethana2..and I did an apt-get source for the current ubuntu version05:41
ethana2and copied the /debian/ stuff over05:41
ethana2..and then started modifying it05:42
goukiThat's what I believe is required. The debian/ files.05:42
goukiIt would be good if it could go to REVU. Didn't know only new packages could go there.05:42
goukiMaybe ScottK or persia have a workaround.05:42
ethana2Well it's not up to par yet05:43
ethana2until nothing throws any errors05:43
ethana2from lintian to pbuilder05:43
ScottKgouki: Generally it's for new packages, but if someone wants to review it and you've got no where else to put it, REVU is fine.  Just leave a comment saying people doing new package reviews should ignore it.05:44
goukiethana2, there! :) Thank you ScottK.05:44
goukiIs there any other places to upload packages, besides PPA and REVU?05:44
goukiCould be useful to have a unofficial place for this kind of thing.05:45
ScottKI generally just put them on my web site.  Copy .dsc, .diff.gz, and .orig.tar.gz to a folder on the web server and give people a link to the .dsc.05:45
ethana2I'd rather not bother uploading until lintian is good with it, if possible05:46
ethana2more changes to coordinate05:46
goukiWould something like I mentioned have any interest to users? I would be happy to try and come up with something.05:46
ethana2gouki: sure05:46
ethana2collaborative packaging05:46
goukiWhat do you think ScottK?05:47
goukiethana2, stellarium is pretty fun :)05:48
ScottKI think occasional use of REVU is fine for such things.  I've never felt the need myself as I just copy/paste to my web site.05:48
ethana2Did the errors I pasted require someone else to have direct access to the files?05:49
goukiethana2, no. For me, at least, I would have a better idea of what the errors mean, by looking at the actual files.05:49
ethana2I can point you to them05:50
goukiFor experienced people, I don't believe it's crucial :)05:50
ethana2and   apt-get source stellarium05:50
ethana2I can make a .tgz of my modified /debian and give it to you via irc file transfer05:50
goukiUse REVU, so others can have a look at it. I want to see in order to learn, as I'm not the best person to be fixing errors :)05:51
goukiI'm the one complaining about them :P05:51
* ethana2 doesn't know how to use REVU yet05:51
goukiethana2, easy. Install dput. Add your GPG keys to Launchpad.05:52
goukiThen configure dput, by using this note, for example: http://goukihq.org/misc/motu/notes/dput.txt05:52
goukiThen just dput revu file_ending_with_changes.changes05:53
ScottKActually revu should be in the dput.cf already.05:53
goukiScottK, ohh, didn't know that. Cool.05:53
goukiThen, just dput revu file.changes ethana205:54
* ethana2 reads05:54
* ScottK heads to bed.05:54
ScottKGood night everyone.05:54
ethana2good night, don't explode05:55
ethana2gouki: That .changes file doesn't look very helpful..05:56
ScottKOK.  One more http://xkcd.com/293/05:57
ethana2aaand I'm confused again05:57
ethana2dput revu stellarium_0.10.dsc06:01
ethana2Should I do that?06:01
* ethana2 scratches head06:01
RAOFAt least, I'm pretty sure that'll give you an error. dput works on .changes files.  Do you have one?06:01
ethana2does it use the changes file to grab other files?06:02
RAOFThe changes file has (a) links to all the files and (b) nice hashes of all the files.06:03
ethana2neighbors secure wifi in 3...  2....06:05
* ethana2 shakes fist at 34 MB file06:05
RAOFSo, my buildbox went up in smoke on Thursday, and that was my screen+irssi+general webspace+whatever box.  Anyone have any recommendations as to virtual server host thingies?06:05
goukiRAOF, thingies being providers of VPS?06:07
jmarsdenRAOF: I've used http://johncompanies.com/ for a few years, and like them...06:07
wgrantRAOF: Lots of Ubuntu people use Linode.06:07
goukiI'm quite happy with Slicehost.06:07
* RAOF looks up all of those.06:10
StevenKLinode rocks06:16
StevenKRAOF: ^06:17
RAOFStevenK: I have heard good things about it, yes.06:17
* wgrant would have a Linode too if it weren't for the whole 17 and no credit card thing.06:20
* ethana2 should stop assuming everyone else is older than him06:21
wgrantWe've got people younger than me.06:21
NCommanderwgrant, your only 17?06:21
wgrantNCommander: Yes...06:22
* jmarsden will continue to assume that most people on IRC are *younger* than him... :-)06:22
NCommanderjmarsden, how old are you?06:22
jmarsdenNCommander: late 40s06:22
jmarsdenI have a kid older than wgrant :-)06:23
wgrantI'm sure somebody here can beat that.06:23
ethana2I have a mom older than you06:23
ethana2..does that...   count?06:23
jmarsdenethana2: I dount it :-)  I'll not start on the "I used punched cards on a mainframe in college" stuff...06:24
ethana2my grandma used to do that also06:24
ethana2keypunch op06:25
ethana2I've driven between Omaha, NE and Anchorage, AK 3 times06:25
ethana2...and when I find all those pics I took, I should put them on flickr under the CC-BY-SA06:26
ethana2Well, fact of the matter is that Shuttleworth has us all beat06:26
* elkbuntu raises an eyebrow.06:27
* wgrant removes elkbuntu's eyebrows.06:27
* elkbuntu steals wgrant's tickets to UDS.06:28
elkbuntueyebrows kthxbai.06:28
wgrantelkbuntu: Damn. OK, you can have them back.06:29
* elkbuntu returns wgrant's tickets to UDS.06:29
elkbuntuA pleasure doing business, as always!06:29
wgrantOf course, of course.06:29
* NCommander looks forward to see who he will be roommating with06:33
* StevenK already knows who he is roomie-ing with06:37
ethana2oh hey, it uploaded to revu06:38
ethana2...how do i find it?06:38
ethana2RAOF: dput revu stellarium_0.10.0_source.changes    was successful.  How do I find where it put the files?06:42
RAOFIt should now appear on revu06:42
ethana2...what page should it appear on?06:45
ethana2http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/ doesn't show it, but I'm probably looking in the wrong spot06:45
RAOFYou've got a GPG key associated with on launchpad.net associated with the email address that you uploaded with?06:47
ethana2well, I didn't upload with an email address06:48
ethana2I just.. uploaded it06:48
ethana2When my machine tries to put addresses for me in things, it says ethan@home06:48
ethana2..which is my user on this machine06:48
RAOFBut you've got an email address in the changelog, and it'll have signed the packages with that key.06:48
ethana2and useless06:48
ethana2oh, yes06:48
ethana2i believe i got that right06:48
ethana2yes, it is correct06:49
RAOFI'm not sure, then.  REVU has been undergoing some changes, and it's been /some time/ since I last uploaded there :)06:50
ethana2gyarr, is there any 8.10 install on earth where the gnome core apps gnome-sound-recorder and cheese are functioning at all?06:53
ethana2I haven't seen one06:53
* ethana2 grabs lcpci from his mom's 1525n06:53
RAOFethana2: Mine, for example.06:57
ethana2Dell can't ship 8.10 until it's functional on their Ubuntu line of machines..06:58
ethana2I'm going to try to analyze the lspci I just grabbed......06:58
ethana2gahh, i needed lsusb, not lspci07:02
ethana2webcam is usb07:03
ethana2meh, both bugs confirmed on both the 1525n and the 1420n07:03
karoogaMorning. Anyone have links to packaging libraries?07:17
NCommanderkarooga, what library are you trying to package07:19
karoogaNCommander: it's called libastro. It's embedded in another app I'm trying to package.  ScottK suggested that I package them separately.07:20
NCommanderPackaging libraries is a PITA, not something I recommend doing  if you don't have prior packaging experience07:20
karoogaNCommander: PITA?07:21
karoogaah... :-)07:21
NCommanderpain in the a**07:21
karoogaNCommander: I'm here to learn and don't give up easily.07:22
jmarsdenkarooga: See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/School/LibraryPackaging07:23
karoogaNCommander: are you saying that I shouldn't bother de-embedding the lib?07:23
NCommanderno, I'm not saying that07:23
NCommanderI'm just saying be prepared for pain ;-)07:23
karoogajmarsden: thanks.07:27
jmarsdenkarooga: No problem.  I found it in the collection of bookmarks I made a few months ago when I was new here... (so I'm *still* new here, I suppose).  Generally, if a Google search doesn't turn up whan you need, for Ubuntu development info, searching wiki.ubuntu.com often works.07:29
karoogajmarsden: thanks.  Yeah, google wasn't particularly useful.  Will bear in mine the wiki.07:30
karoogajmarsden: what are you packaging?07:30
jmarsdenI just fixed a minor bug in koverartist, now looking around at other "easy" bugs on LP I can tackle...07:31
jmarsdenMaybe about to try LP #2890607:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 28906 in firehol "The rcS.d script for firehol starts before NFS and NIS" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/2890607:31
jmarsdenAdvice needed: In a postinst script, is there a valid reason for doing:    update-rc.d firehol start 41 S . start 36 0 6 . > /dev/null   or am I looking at a typo/bug where the second "start" should really be "stop" ?07:35
Hobbseegouki: you're welcome :P08:56
HobbseeRAOF: belated agreement. Linode really rocks.08:59
RAOFYasumoto: I'm looking at your Miro merge; are you here?09:17
=== dfiloni is now known as devfil
RainCTIs stuff from task "minimal" always installed or can it be removed?   (ie, should it be in Depends?)11:32
geserRainCT: it's possible to remove ubuntu-minimal and packages it depends on11:35
RainCTgeser: OK, so the only packages which don't need to be depended upon are Essential ones?11:36
wgrantEssential and Build-Essential.11:36
NCommanderRainCT, can I release an update to ubuntu-dev-tools?11:47
NCommanderRainCT, I updated the buildd script to work on resocre again11:47
RainCTNCommander: sure11:47
StevenKNCommander: Can you pastebin the diff?11:50
NCommanderStevenK, for what, buildd?11:50
StevenKNCommander: Yes11:50
StevenKHobbsee: ^11:50
NCommanderStevenK, she already has it11:50
StevenKAh ha :-)11:50
NCommanderhow do you think I fixed it :-)?11:50
NCommanderStevenK, can't wait an hour for me to upload a package?11:51
NCommanderRainCT, any objection if I make the tools jaunty aware?11:51
RainCTNCommander: why would I? :)11:51
Hobbseeit works nicely for me :)11:52
NCommanderRainCT, committed11:54
* NCommander wishes he could rescore :-(11:56
* RainCT whiches that NCommander won't be able to rescore *g*11:57
NCommanderRainCT, why not ;.;?11:58
RainCTNCommander: because you'd give your own uploads the highest priority :P11:59
NCommanderI won't11:59
NCommanderMy uploads already have that11:59
NCommanderlinux-ports takes priority when uploaded ;-)11:59
NCommanderRainCT, uploaded to the archive12:00
RainCTuhm.. what face is ";.;" supposed to be? :P12:00
NCommandercrying anime style12:00
NCommanderStevenK, its uploaded. If you want it for Intrepid, I'll do a backport (although it would need a single source level modification)12:01
StevenKIt was only curious as to the changes12:01
NCommanderlet me get the diff12:01
NCommanderThe name of the variables in the forum changed12:01
NCommanderit really was a oneline change12:02
NCommanderStevenK, http://pastebin.ca/124946012:03
sebnerDktrKranz: \o/12:10
DktrKranzhappy debian day sebner12:10
sebnerDktrKranz: you too12:11
NCommanderhey DktrKranz12:12
DktrKranzmorning NCommander12:12
NCommanderDktrKranz, know any good intrepid/hardy bugs that need work?12:12
DktrKranzthere are many, but I've none handy12:13
NCommanderDktrKranz, oh, can you verify a bug for me?12:17
NCommanderDktrKranz, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/intrepid/+source/mtd-utils/+bug/29442812:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 294428 in mtd-utils "mtd-utils build fail" [Undecided,Fix committed]12:18
DktrKranzah, right. I fought with VMware yesterday, and I lost... but I can test it12:18
* NCommander confirmed in a chroot which I think it good enough but since your SRU ...12:18
DktrKranzdoes it require X to be tested?12:18
* NCommander can get X to work ina chroot just fine ...12:19
* DktrKranz has a virtualization instrument provided by University of Bologna, simply great12:20
NCommanderDktrKranz, I verified the proposed package :-)12:30
DktrKranzmark it in the bug report12:31
NCommandernow what?12:32
DktrKranzI'll do it too12:32
DktrKranzso we can tag it accordingly12:32
DktrKranzNCommander, any ideas on http://hattory.no-ip.info/jaunty/result/collectd_4.4.2-2ubuntu1/collectd_4.4.2-2ubuntu1.buildlog ?12:33
NCommanderDktrKranz, add libupsclient1-dev as a build-dep12:33
DktrKranzalready there12:34
NCommanderwhat does ls -lah /usr/lib/libupsclient.so say on the subject?12:35
* DktrKranz tries12:35
DktrKranzlrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 21 Nov  9 12:36 /usr/lib/libupsclient.so -> libupsclient.so.1.0.012:36
DktrKranzls: cannot access /usr/lib/libupsclient.so.1.0.0: No such file or directory12:37
DktrKranzwhat the heck...12:37
NCommanderBroken package12:38
NCommanderFile a bug against libupsclient12:38
NCommanderWell, make sure the package is fully installed12:39
NCommanderAre you sure libupsclient1 is installed?12:39
DktrKranzroot@utumno:/# dpkg -L libupsclient112:40
DktrKranzwhy is library there?12:41
NCommanderThat's a legit packaging bug12:43
* DktrKranz checks if Debian is affected too12:44
NCommanderWe have an Ubuntu diff12:44
DktrKranzdebian is affected too12:46
* NCommander sighs12:46
* NCommander files an RC bug12:46
lidbhello, I have set "Email notifications", but I still do not get a email when someone comments my uploads12:46
lidbwhat should I do?12:46
DktrKranzNCommander, stop. look at debian 49159112:48
ubottuDebian bug 491591 in libupsclient1 "libupsclient1: move libupsclient.so.1 from /usr/lib to /lib" [Normal,Closed] http://bugs.debian.org/49159112:48
lidband the merge account always failed with MOD_PYTHON ERROR12:48
NCommanderDktrKranz, bug sent to Debian12:50
NCommandertoo late12:50
NCommandernut (2.2.2-8ubuntu1) jaunty; urgency=low12:51
NCommanderWhoever did the merge then did it wrong12:51
* NCommander checks Debian12:52
lidbhello, my "Preferred email address" is empty, what should I do?12:55
NCommanderDktrKranz, checking the Debian packaging, still a bug12:57
devfilNCommander, DktrKranz: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=49159112:58
ubottuDebian bug 491591 in libupsclient1 "libupsclient1: move libupsclient.so.1 from /usr/lib to /lib" [Normal,Closed]12:58
* NCommander amends and retitles his bug12:58
RainCTlidb: on REVU?12:59
RainCTok I see12:59
NCommanderdevfil, I think /lib though might be a policy violation13:00
devfilI think the same thing13:01
lidbRainCT, yes13:02
azeemwell, nut is in /bin13:02
NCommanderFHS says its library should go into /lib13:02
NCommander(in that case)13:02
* NCommander actually went and looked it up :-)13:02
lidbRainCT, my account is "lidaobing" on revu13:03
RainCTlidb: "merge accounts" should work now13:03
RainCTah wait13:03
* NCommander tests his fix13:03
RainCTlidb: now merge whould really work :P13:05
RainCTlidb: and it should assign you the e-mail address which you merge (I need to change this some day so that it fetches the e-mail from LP)13:06
lidbRainCT, sounds works, thanks13:08
iulianDktrKranz: Hey, do you work on piuparts merge? Can I take it?13:28
=== RainCT_ is now known as RainCT
DktrKranzNCommander, there are two roads: move symlink to /lib too and adjust rdependencies (collectd) or leave it for compatibility purposes13:33
DktrKranziulian, I see it has been uploaded again, so check in PTS if versions match, but please go ahead13:36
slytheringeser: are you planning to merge/sync freeguide (You are the last uploader)? Or should I start working on it?13:37
iulianDktrKranz: Yes, 0.33 was uploaded yesterday to Sid. We have 0.31 in Jaunty.13:43
DktrKranziulian, good. it's all yours ;)13:54
iulianDktrKranz: It's done. u-u-s is already subscribed to the bug report.13:54
iulianThanks :)13:54
DktrKranzI processed a bit yesterday, but I'd like to focus on RC bugs today13:55
slytherinIs there a definitive list of RC bugs? I would like to work on java apps/libs.13:56
DktrKranzslytherin, I look at http://bts.turmzimmer.net/details.php?bydist=both&sortby=bugnr&new=7&refresh=1800, but anybody please correct me if it's the wrong one13:58
azeemyou can ask in #debian-release I guess14:01
=== santiago-ve is now known as Guest66702
=== Guest66702 is now known as santiago-ve
geserslytherin: feel free to do the merge as I'm currently to busy doing merges myself (you can also work on other merges from me)14:18
slytheringeser: ok14:18
ScottKNCommander: Would you please do a backport for ubuntu-dev-tools to hardy/intrepid now that it's been updated to know about Jaunty.14:27
james_wmorning all14:38
RainCThi james_w14:39
james_whey RainCT14:40
* sebner winks james_w 14:41
iulianHello james_w14:41
james_wwho's up for tackling some Debian RC bugs today?14:41
RainCTimpressive response :P15:10
james_wheh :-)15:15
james_wLaney: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=504528 isn't fixed :-)15:16
ubottuDebian bug 504528 in libghc6-configfile-dev "libghc6-configfile-dev: Fails to configure: MissingH-1.0.1 doesn't" [Serious,Open]15:16
DktrKranzRainCT, that's why we fixed them all ;)15:18
iuliandevfil: Hey, about the mapnik merge. libagg-dev was added twice in the Build-Depends field, that's the reason why I removed it.15:37
devfiliulian: then explain it in the changelog15:37
iuliandevfil: I don't understand the second sentence. In the end, the homepage field is also an Ubuntu change.15:38
iuliandevfil: But I can remove it, since it increases the delta between Debian and Ubuntu.15:38
devfiliulian: it was already in the Ubuntu package?15:39
iuliandevfil: No, I added it, but isn't it an Ubuntu change as well?15:39
devfiliulian: yes, but you need to add it as new change15:40
devfil* Merge from debian, remaining ubuntu change:15:40
devfil   - old ubuntu change15:40
devfil* New ubuntu change15:40
devfilthis is usually what we do during a merge15:40
iulianAh-ha, didn't know that, thanks. Will attach a new debdiff in a moment.15:41
iuliandevfil: Done, see http://launchpadlibrarian.net/19513117/mapnik_debdiff16:05
* Laney eyes NCommander 16:28
Laneytake it you didn't see my u-d-t branch16:28
=== bureflux is now known as afflux
iulianI'm looking for someone to upload this patch http://paste.ubuntu.com/69228/plain/ for me.16:57
* RainCT grumbles about the Wikipedia survey asking what you nacionality is but not including Catalan in the list.. If I wasn't German also I couldn't participate :P17:09
sebnerRainCT: Catalan = Spain :P :P :P17:14
* RainCT hits sebner with a big, stinking fish17:16
* sebner hides17:16
=== chuck_ is now known as zul
* jdong thinks prevu needs a test suite....18:20
jdongnow to go about doing that...18:20
nellerysiretart: I updated my keepassx bzr branch for a new upstream release18:43
slytherinThe file that is supposed to contain information about patching system is README.source right?19:05
slytherinand what should be the file called if it talks about repackaged source by deleting jar files etc.19:09
ScottKslytherin: If you're repackaging the source, that's supposed to be described in debian/copyright.19:14
slytherinScottK: There is a package where I messed up with file names and Debian developer messed up even more. Instead of having a README.source I added README.Debian. There was already a README.Debian-source which talked about removal of jar files and the Debian developer renamed it to README.source.19:16
slytherinI am hoping that this gets noticed and package gets rejected with right reason.19:17
slytherinRejected form Debian queue I mean.19:17
ScottKREADME.source is about patch systems.19:17
slytherinScottK: Right. But the Debian package has now a README.source that talks about removal and a README.Debian that talks about patch system. So it is wrong order.19:18
ScottKAgreed.  I doubt it'll get rejected out of New for that though.  It could.19:19
ScottKJust file a bug after it gets out.19:19
ScottKREADME.source is in debian-policy 3.8, so it's not optional.19:19
slytherinI had already files a bug about absence of README.source but the Debian developer didn't read my comments fully. I will add another comment on the bug.19:20
dmoernerit's in 4.1419:21
dmoerneroh you mean version not section number19:21
JDahlI am trying to debug a python extension module, and I keep getting this error "ImportError: foo.so: undefined symbol: Py_InitModule4", and from searching on google this looks to be a known problem with python-dbg in Ubuntu.  Has any of you encountered a similar problem?19:31
JDahlI know this is not the Ubuntu support channel,  but I thought you guys probably know more about than the ordinary support channel19:32
ScottKJDahl: What version of Ubuntu are you running?19:35
ScottKJDahl: Would you please pastebin the full traceback?19:36
slytherinAre any archive admins around for a manual sync?19:36
POXJDahl: you tried to import a module for which you don't have -dbg package isntalled, you're welcome, next time ask on #debian-python ;P19:36
ScottKPOX: ;-)19:37
sebnerScottK: so many questions ;D19:37
ScottKslytherin: Unlikely on a weekend.  Just file a sync request.19:38
slytherinScottK: I have. It is acked. I was checking if anybody is available.19:38
ScottKsebner: Next question is remind me what I sponsored of yours so I can check.19:38
JDahlPOX, you're right...19:38
ScottKslytherin: OK.  Patience then I guess.19:38
sebnerScottK: and if I can't remember (I have a bad brain :\) Besides I have to answer your 2nd question first =)19:39
slytherinyes, I need lots of it. Got to go to bed. :-)19:39
sebnerScottK: but from quick thinking I can't really remember even 1 sponsorship19:40
ScottKAnd yet you cc'ed me on your application as a sponsor?19:41
sebnerScottK: no, I CC'ed you because you once told be that you want to comment ;) Besides, you are the only person that asks this questions I think so this is maybe good as well19:41
siretartnellery: uh, you just upgraded the branch. that's not the way I usually work. Rather upgrade the upstream branch first, then merge it in19:45
ScottKsebner: OK.19:45
nellerysiretart: which is the upstream one?19:50
nellerythe trunk?19:50
siretartnellery: use bzr vis or log to identify the latest commit of the upstream branch19:53
siretartnellery: for that particular branch, it is the revid siretart@tauware.de-20081002072609-4dhynib9wtj8wxom19:54
nellerysiretart: I'm a bit lost.. sorry, I don't have very much experience working with bzr20:01
siretartnellery: in your branch, do the following: 'bzr push -rrevid:siretart@tauware.de-20081002072609-4dhynib9wtj8wxom ../upstream'20:01
siretartnellery: then go to ../upstream, and import the new upstream tarball20:02
siretartnellery: then go to the trunk branch, and merge the new updated upstream branch20:02
siretartthere is also a plugin called 'bzr-builddeb' that automates these steps with the command 'merge-upstream'20:02
nellerysiretart: how do I import the new upstream tarball?20:06
siretartnellery: I have this function in my zshrc: http://paste.ubuntu.com/69734/ (should also work with bash)20:08
siretart(to be run in '..', the upstream branch must be named 'upstream'20:09
=== ajmitch_ is now known as ajmitch
nellerysiretart: could this just be done by uploading the .diff.gz, or should the branch be used?20:18
ajmitchgood morning20:19
siretartnellery: sorry?20:20
nellerysiretart: rather than using a branch to upload the new upstream release, could we just do it normally with the .diff.gz20:21
siretartnellery: in theory, we could just avoid using bzr, right. I however really like bzr's 'merge' feature.20:22
nellerysiretart: that's a good point, but I'm terrible with bzr, so perhaps I should just leave this to you?20:23
bmmHi, I get a PPA rejection with: Cannot build any of the architectures requested: any. What am I doing wrong??20:40
goukibmm, you have 'jaunty' on the changelog?20:40
bmmgouki: metalink (0.3.4-0ubuntu1) jaunty; urgency=low20:41
goukiLaunchpad still doesn't support jaunty, bmm.20:41
bmmgouki: Aaah... thanks :D20:42
bmmgouki: but revu needs it, right? :)20:42
goukiNo problem. I had the same question yesterday.20:42
goukibmm, that I do not know.20:42
siretartnellery: new upstream version uploaded to debian. we can sync it tomorrow from experimental21:10
POXany Pylons fan around? (there are some packages to sync from unstable/experimental if someone has some free time)21:17
POXany Django/TurboGears fan around? (ready to be converted to Pylons ;)21:20
ScottKPOX: Sync from Unstable is automatic right now if there are no Ubuntu changes.21:27
POXyeah, but I uploaded some packages to experimental21:27
ScottKIn that case just file sync requests and I can ack them.21:28
ScottKJust be sure to specify from Experimental and the version/revision.21:28
POXthat's why I asked, I'm too lazy (aka busy) to test it in ubuntu chroot :)21:29
POX(and some people complained about old SQLAlchemy in Ubuntu on #sqlalchemy)21:30
* ajmitch wishes that it'd be feasible to autosync from experimental21:36
* sebner waves to geser 21:37
ajmitchexcept that small thing about it being a mix of real experimental stuff, and stuff meant for unstable21:37
ScottKajmitch: Requestsync now at least has a -d flag you can set to experimental.21:41
ScottKSo asking isn't so hard.21:41
ajmitchScottK: yeah, it does mean we need to be watchign experimental for new upstream versions21:41
ajmitchinstead of dealing with the inevitable post-release complaints21:43
sebnerScottK: my answer is already on the way (but needs aproval since I'm not subscribed). How many questions do you plan to ask me? but be warned I won't tell you what you want to hear, I tell what I really think ;)21:43
ScottKsebner: That's good that you say what you think.21:43
ScottKsebner: Why don't you subscribe while your app is pending.21:44
sebnerScottK: Well I first didn't realize that I'm not subscribed (because I was once) and I though when I'm MOTU I don't need subscription. I usually read that stuff on the web21:44
bmmHi. If anybody is out there and willing to comment, my upload can be found at: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=metalink Thanks! Any and all comments are welcome ;)21:56
=== geser_ is now known as geser
RainCTbmm: I've done a quick review :)22:05
bmmRainCT: just what I need :D I'm trying to get back into the game. Thanks!22:05
goukihttp://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=banihstypos if anyone has time :) Want to see if everything is alright before moving to other stuff.22:09
goukiAnyone has any idea why tss (terminal screensaver) was dropped for hardy and intrepid?22:22
ajmitchbecause it was removed from debian22:22
ubottuDebian bug 476313 in ftp.debian.org "RM: tss" [Unknown,Closed]22:23
goukiWow! Too bad :S22:24
jmarsdenIs there a "bzr for MOTUs" quickstart page somewhere?  The Wiki page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BzrContributorHowto assumes you already know bzr itself... looks like it might be time for me to get to grips with bzr.  I already know cvs and svn well.22:33
jmarsdenAnswering my own question: Looks like http://doc.bazaar-vcs.org/latest/en/mini-tutorial/ may be enough to get me started :-)22:36
goobsoftCan someone help me understand the following build error?22:37
goobsoftdpkg-genchanges: failure: cannot read files list file: No such file or directory22:37
azeemmake: Nothing to be done for `binary-arch'.22:39
StevenKgoobsoft: You don't do anything on amd64, since the binary-arch rule is empty22:39
azeemgoobsoft: it's a Arch: al package22:39
azeemor something22:39
goobsoftYes, the package is written in python.  I have "Architecture: any" in the control file.22:40
copproit's Arch: all22:41
copprogoobsoft: Architecture: any is for a package that will work on any architecture, but needs to be rebuilt for each. Architecture: all has a platform-independent .deb22:42
goobsoftAh, thanks22:43
swegnerI'm trying to build a package using pbuilder, and I'm getting unmet dependencies for packages that should clearly be available.  It's probably a problem with my configuration, although I can't track down exactly what.  Is there a pbuilder guru around that could help?23:18
swegnerNevermind, think I found it-- I update the COMPONENTS in my .pbuilderrc, and forgot to specify --override-config when running "pbuilder --update"23:26
Hobbseeswegner: that'd do it.23:39
radixwhat's the best way to find out what "dh --with" addons are available? I can't seem to find any index of them23:40
radixoh okay, I found the implementation files in the perl library.23:42

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