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directhexfta, what is?18:14
ftadirecthex, http://bluegriffon.org/18:16
directhexwhat happened to "nvu"?18:17
sebnerfta: and kompozer? ^^18:18
ftaKompoZer is still alive, but it's based on mozilla 1.718:18
sebnerfta: still alive? I thought it was also dead18:18
ftawell, maybe18:19
ftaLatest stable version: 0.7.10 (2007-08-30)18:20
ftaok, dead too18:20
sebnerfta: so bluegriffon is a new try?18:23
ftayep, restart from scratch18:23
ftasame author though18:24
ftai was curious (once again) so i packaged it18:24
ftaanother xulapp :)18:24
directhexpfft. webkit port!18:25
ftasebner, it's in my ppa for intrepid and hardy if you want to give it a try18:25
ftajust remember it's not even v0.118:26
ftadamn, libqt4-dev depends on libqt4-webkit18:37
ftaand on tons of stuff :(18:39
fta[reed], qt is broken in trunk since the last cairo upgrade :(20:34
sebnerfta: I think kde/qt is generally broken :P21:17
ftasebner, where?21:17
sebnerfta: *generally* :P21:18
ftareally? i'm not using it at all so i don't know. here, i'm just trying to build two xul in one package, 1 gtk2, 1 qt21:19
ftai'm almost done but it fails inside moz cairo21:20
ftamozilla bug 46392421:20
ubottuMozilla bug 463924 in GFX: Thebes "cairo_qpainter broken since last cairo landed" [Normal,New] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=46392421:20
sebnerfta: you just didn't get the joke :P21:21

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