TheBlasphemerOoooh, finally found out how to fix MythFrontend playback, basically I had to remove /dev/dri and it worked fine. Would anyone know a more elegant way to disable DRM/DRI ?00:01
lagayou can disable it in xorg.conf AFAIK00:02
TheBlasphemerlaga: I tried uncommenting the Load "dri" line, but that didn't get MythFrontend not to use it :/00:03
lagayou can tell it explicitly not to load stuff AFAIK00:04
TheBlasphemerHmmmz, lemme try that :P00:05
TheBlasphemer(I assume you're talking about the "Disable" keyword?)00:05
joboblircd says in the file: lircd(userspace) ready,  accepted new client on /dev/lircd, could not get file information for /dev/lirc0, default_init(): No such file or directory, caught signal00:06
jobobthen its dead00:07
lagajobob: i guess the driver is not ready00:08
TheBlasphemeroooh, Disable worked, thanks laga :)00:21
a1faanyone else use xbmc mythtv:// for video playback?00:30
a1faafter update to 8.10; my video keeps buffering and crap like thatg00:31
jobobhey guys...I think i figured out why lirc wont work.  I was on the lirc website and I am looking in /dev and i don't have /dev/lircd or lirc0 or any of those.  When I create them from the terminal, they go away at restart....what am i doing wrong02:05
jobobI get this error when I try to restart lirc   lircd: device and output must not be the same file: /dev/lircd   [failed]02:06
jobobwell I tried  >> sudo mknod /dev/lircd c 61 2 and I could then see it in /dev; but when I restart the machine, they are gone02:20
jobobmake that >>sudo mknod /dev/lircd c 61 002:23
jobobthen when I restart, I get lircd: refusing to connect to myself [enter] ircd: device and output must not be the same file: /dev/lircd   [failed]02:24
jobobI have in the mythbuntu control center I have these settings for the infrared:  Remote=custom; Driver=default; Modules=lirc_dev lirc_i2c; Configuration=lircd.conf.hauppauge; Device=/dev/lirc0....if I runls -l /dev/lirc*, I get04:25
jobobcrw-r--r-- 1 root root 61, 0 2008-11-08 22:07 /dev/lirc0   ; srw-rw-rw- 1 root root     0 2008-11-08 22:13 /dev/lircd04:25
jobobLirc will start but when I irw, lirc ?crashes?04:26
jobobI have a serial IR blaster thing with a Logitech 670 which is pretending to be a hauppauge pvr 15004:28
wolfspiritanyone get the sony bluetooth remote working in 8.10? I use the bremoted daemon to transfer button presses to lircd but irw isn't picking anything up.. just wondering what changed to cause this between 8.04 to 8.1005:57
foxbuntuwolfspirit, check that your lircd.conf is correct06:53
FisherPricehey, i wonder if anyone else has had the same problem as me. When I "Watch TV" it jitters, I only see a frame  second. It normally fixes itself up if i change tuners (i have a dual tuner card)07:01
johannes_Is there any none issues with recordig scheduler i 8.10?07:39
Seeker`it would seem that my myth installation isn't detecting duplicates in recordings properly11:13
Seeker`it seems to want to record copies of "the simpsons" on C4 and C4+111:16
Seeker`is there a disadvantage of using "subtitle then description" rather than "subtitle and description" for duplicate finding?11:24
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TheBlasphemerWhere should I report bugs regarding diskless server stuff in MythBuntu ?14:14
superm1TheBlasphemer, ^15:41
superm1TheBlasphemer, or point fingers at laga  :)16:22
TheBlasphemerlaga: reported both bugs I had with mythbuntu-diskless to launchpad of ubuntu16:22
TheBlasphemerWorkarounds also in there :)16:22
TheBlasphemer(Finally have a proper working intrepid diskless client)16:22
lagathanks :)16:23
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slundellI just did a fresh 8.10 install. It seems to boot up correctly but goes black when starting X. It responds to SSH but blocks when I log in. I cant change vt (ctrl+alt+FX). Any hint on how to get a terminal to debug this?17:11
lagaslundell: boot into failsafe mode?17:45
johannes_What cud be wrong if the schedulerd recordings is not coming up in the Upcoming Recordings  page?17:57
slundelllaga: How do i do that?18:10
Seeker`johannes_: is it conflicting with something else?18:16
johannes_Seeker`, No, I only have two programs for recording18:21
johannes_can it be that I change the path to the recording directory?18:22
slundelllaga: I booted into recovery mode and found in /var/log/messages the kernel or some module segfaulted18:47
slundellI've chrooted into the MB install and upgraded the kernel. Hope it works!18:47
gentlehey I try to build the latest stable mythplugins on ubuntu 8.10 and get a conversion error in aacdecoder.cpp : http://pastebin.com/m1de1d96318:48
ZinnSorry I don't know about zin19:18
Zinnsee !about19:18
ZinnI am an IRC bot written in perl, but my code is not yet released.  I am named after Howard Zinn, you can learn more about him here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Howard_Zinn19:18
jobobhowdy all...anyone up to helping me troubleshoot lirc?19:20
joboblircd is starting...but when i use irw, it crashes19:22
jobobwell i fixed lircd...but I have no idea what I did to fix it.  ROFL20:59
coast3ranyone here manage to make the hdpvr work inside of mythbuntu 8.10 ?21:50
coast3rI have got the driver loading fine, I can get a ts from the device and even play it back fine, however trying to work with it inside of myth appears to be an unbelievably daunting task21:51
hadsI believe that's still being worked on.21:51
lagacoast3r: you need to be running trunk21:51
lagathe trunk builds are out of date right now21:51
coast3rlaga that was my next ? if I need to run trunk are there some docs on updating to trunk ?21:52
coast3rya I seen no releases for 8.1021:52
hadssvn co and build :)21:52
coast3rok thanks guys, I will go that route, although building myth from svn has always been more pain than it is worth21:54
hadsIt's not that hard21:54
coast3rwe shall see, I am going to try again now :P21:55
lagayou could try using the trunk packaging branch, but that requires some knowledge about debian packages21:58
coast3rchecking out sources now,22:00
coast3rtrunk packaging branch you say22:00
lagacoast3r: https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mythtv/mythtv/mythtv-trunk-02222:02
lagaplugins do not quite work yet22:02
lagayou need to copy debian/ into a checkout22:02
lagaalso get .bzr/22:02
coast3rI can live without plugins,22:02
lagait's a good idea to adjust SVN_REVISION in debian/rules and get a tarball using debian/rules get-orig-source22:03
coast3rwell then registered by laga, I suppose your not going to lead me astray :P22:04
coast3rcopy debian into a checkout of mythtv or just checkout debian ?22:06
lagacopy it22:07
lagaalso copy .bzr22:07
lagaso you can do a bzr pull later to get updates for the packaging branch22:07
lagalet me know if you make any fixes.22:07
lagaalso install devscripts and dch -v your_new_version_numver22:07
lagas/numver/number/ - see debian/changelog for inspiration :)22:07
coast3rbzr checkout --verbose lp:~ubuntu-mythtv/mythtv/mythtv-trunk-022/ the cp debian to mythtv co, ok so far so good :P22:16
coast3rlol never used bzr before22:16
coast3rok so a few deps required lame libfaac-dev libfaad-dev etc22:35
coast3rshould a standard ./configure ; make ; make install do it or should I be throwing in a bunch of config flags22:35
hadsapt-get build-dep should sort the deps for you.22:37
hadsIf you're doing a standard build from a svn co then you don't really need configure options. If you're doing packages then I wouldn't know.22:38
coast3rthanks hads, I am building source now, we shall see where I get so far so good22:39
coast3rI brought in debian as per laga's suggestion ^^22:40

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