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tycheFor anyone who might be interested, http://fridge.ubuntu.com/events is now a plain, white page with nothing on it.  Hopefully the Events Calendar will re-appear sometime next week so I can further update the recurring events.14:54
tycheIf not, then please "turn your dial" to the UWN, where we'll try to keep you informed of the coming week's events (WE HAVE OUR WAYS.  Hee hee)14:55
Tumietyche: ok :)15:03
tycheMorning, Tumie15:03
TumieXD,, it is 16:03 here XD15:03
Tumiebut for you:  morning tyche :p15:03
tycheIt's always morning, somewhere.  In my case, I think it's my second Sunday for this week, as I was up at 2:30 MTS (9:30 UTC)15:04
Tumietyche: good evening19:02
johnc4510-laptopTumie: tyche is out right now19:14
johnc4510-laptophe'll be back later19:14
Tumiejohnc4510-laptop: ok, :P19:15
johnc4510-laptopTumie: anything i can help with?19:15
Tumiejohnc4510-laptop: just wanted to say good evening.. :P19:15
johnc4510-laptopha k19:15
Tumiejohnc4510-laptop: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Current19:16
Tumiejohnc4510-laptop: it didn't go to 115, but to 114, i fixed it..19:17
Tumiejohnc4510-laptop: you forgot to change it.. :P19:17
johnc4510-laptopthere are about a 100 things to update when i release19:17
johnc4510-laptopthx for the fix19:17
Tumiemake a todo list :)19:18
Tumiei'm using a lot of todo lists.. i don't forgot anything :)19:18
johnc4510-laptopyeah, we have one19:18
johnc4510-laptopguess i just missed it19:18
Tumieok, it's oke :p19:19
Tumiedon't forget it this week :)19:19
Tumieboredandblogging: ubuntu podcast #11.. at 1:30.. at the left side.. just above the table, i can see an animal!!! :P19:22
Tumiejohnc4510-laptop: do you know some rss feeds to get news ?19:33
johnc4510-laptopyeah, give me your email address and i'll send you links tomorrow19:34
Tumieyou know the spambot protection ? XD19:34
tycheTumie: That's a cat.  and it wanders around the yard, and finally ends up down by boredandblogging.19:39
Tumietyche: oke :P19:40
tycheNick and Josh comment about it near the end of the podcast19:41
Tumietyche: i don't watched the whole podcast XD19:43
Tumieat the moment, don't have time for it,, :P19:44
tycheunderstood.  Just letting you know.19:46
Tumietyche: now i have time :)20:12
Tumieboredandblogging: can you say something else then "yes" in the podcast ? the other guy does the presentation, and you just confirm almost everything.. add a little more discussion in the podcast :)20:20
johnc4510-laptoppopey: lol20:24
Tumie11:20.. somebody is walking with 2 dogs in the garden, ubuntupodcast #1120:28
boredandblogginglol, I'm just a yes-man21:46
tycheAren't we an agreeable bunch.21:47
boredandblogginghmm, honestly didn't think it was that bad21:47
boredandbloggingmaybe I should listen to it again21:47
tycheWell, you do have a tendency to be walked all over by Josh21:48
boredandblogginglol, yeah, that I know21:48
johnc4510-laptopin boredandblogging's own words: "It's all good"21:50
johnc4510-laptophe use to tell me that a lot as he was making my work look better     thx21:57
johnc4510-laptopboredandblogging: i moved that IBM lotus article on symphony done to ION from ITB22:00
boredandbloggingyeah, thats fine22:00
boredandbloggingjohnc4510-laptop: i gotta run, but email me if you need anything22:00
johnc4510-laptopNew UWN issue is out: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue11623:13

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