LjjjLnow that's efficiency, k-lined before i even could join here00:26
LjjjLnalioth: rose28ans, did "hello"s on join... did on my own join at least. might have been k-lined by that friendly robotic staffer, perhaps.00:30
naliothLjjjL: do we know you?00:31
LjjjLnalioth: you certainly know me less than i know myself00:32
LjjjLso no00:32
* Myrtti contemplates sleeping00:39
LjjjLMyrtti: i'd rather suggest a coffee00:39
LjjjLdon't we know that "malv" nickname who just joined -ot? i mean in a bad way00:43
elkbuntuLjjjL, gunna cloak up or what? :P00:50
LjjjLelkbuntu: i'll do it just because you asked in a direct way00:51
=== jrib is now known as Guest64524
=== Guest64524 is now known as jrib
ubottuIn ubottu, linoj said: is there any way to get in if all i know is the root password, or at least how to see what account names are on the box?01:11
=== _jason is now known as jrib
Flannelubottu: tell WPPWAH about away03:50
bazhang* [KyPoHja] (n=chatzill@12-202-128-42.client.mchsi.com): New Now Know How04:21
bazhangspamming via PM04:21
bazhang[holymoo] (n=biteme@S01060016b6b53675.vf.shawcable.net): holy moo this ident OK?05:07
naliothbazhang: actions speak louder than words05:08
jdongjdong's 2nd law of IRC: A person whose nick contains 'moo' has a higher risk of being trouble for the ops :)05:09
bazhangnalioth, thought he was banned with that; not sure why it was removed05:09
ubottuThe operation succeeded.05:10
bazhang@bansearch holymoo05:10
ubottuMatch: *!*@S01060016b6b53675.vf.shawcable.net by jussi01 in #kubuntu-kde4 on Aug 21 2008 07:16:44 (ID: 3764)05:10
bazhangam wondering that since that channel no longer exists if he will be banned from #kubuntu; seem to recall he idled in here many many times (holymoo)05:14
jdong01:32 -!- OltreIrc`1517 06:34
jdong          [n=F_ysCRiP@host202-29-dynamic.1-87-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has 06:34
jdong          joined #ubuntu-devel06:34
jdong01:32 < OltreIrc`1517> .:::] Ci40 @ Tutti [:::. »BuTT3rF|y 06:34
jdong                       sCr|pT«»rEvOLuTiOnZ»v3.1.5«06:34
jdong01:32 < OltreIrc`1517> !list06:34
jdongis that some kind of bot?06:34
FlannelOr an IRC script thing06:53
jdongthe ASCII art banner thing looked odd enough07:09
jdongsilly underground digital age culture :)07:09
nickrudwhat's the first law of irc?07:09
jdongnickrud: the worst stuff always goes in the wrong channel?07:10
nickrudoh, that's a corollary of the first rule of life ;(07:10
jdongyeah, and not too distant relative of the first rule of internal memos07:10
ubottuarmy12bc called the ops in #ubuntu ()07:15
bazhangholymoo was removed from #ubuntu; now in #kubuntu07:32
bazhangholymoo> sezitas: what problem are you having specifically? i've gotten banned by retards in #ubuntu again so can't follow up there if you are checking in both07:33
bazhangwhoever has rights in #kubuntu should look at courtjesterg07:50
bazhangwould be nice for a second opinion on this07:59
bazhangbanning holymoo in #ubuntu means he will continue in #kubuntu08:01
elkbuntubazhang, if he's spreading bullpoo, he can go moo elsewhere.08:14
bazhangelkbuntu, thanks; no one with rights in #kubuntu was around--didnt want him to start ranting there about the retards in #ubuntu again08:15
bazhangCorwin (n=kvirc@pool-98-119-20-141.lsanca.fios.verizon.net) has joined #ubuntu so a ban on that would be what syntax (already left)08:20
bazhangholymoo has been banned from #ubuntu ; eyes on him in #kubuntu08:21
holymoobazhang: touchy aren't we?08:22
bazhangholymoo, how may we help you08:23
holymooi could go on and on if you like08:23
holymoowhy the frown little guy?08:23
holymooc'mon share08:23
holymoowe all wanna hear it08:23
holymoopenis too short?08:24
holymooego too small?08:24
bazhangyou were asked to abide by the code of conduct and remain ontopic holymoo 08:24
holymoojust retarded?08:24
bazhangand you failed to do so.08:24
holymooblah blah blah08:24
holymooi did not08:24
holymooand you know it08:24
holymoobut you did catch on to the insult08:24
holymoothat was very good08:24
bazhangyou are now banned in #ubuntu08:24
holymoolol 08:24
holymoocongratulations sherlock08:25
holymoohow much abuse did you suffer as a child?08:25
holymoolets explore08:25
holymooi mean there are quite a few assholes in here08:25
holymoobut you are particularly touchy08:25
holymoolets explore that tiny little mind of yours08:25
bazhangholymoo, you would be best served to stop now.08:25
holymoohow many years of psychoanlysis have you gone through?08:26
holymooor what?08:26
holymooyou are going to ban me from here too?08:26
holymooI FUCKING DARE YOU.08:26
holymoogo on i'm waiting.08:26
holymoowhats the indecision?08:27
holymooahhh iseee08:27
holymoothe retard understands if he gives me what i want i win08:27
holymoofucking idiot, you lost in the channel08:27
holymooyou loose here too.08:27
elkbuntunalioth, PriceChild how much longer are we going to be skirting around him?08:29
bazhangwow sorry to be disconnected like that08:49
bazhangguessing holymoo did not leave of his own volition08:49
ubottuThe operation succeeded.08:49
elkbuntuhe did actually08:52
elkbuntuafter daring you to ban him, then when you didnt respond, leaving assuming he was in the right.08:52
bazhangthanks elkbuntu ; actually was not leaving but disconnected08:53
elkbuntuno, s/leaving/he left/08:54
bazhanghehe I mean I was disconnected :)08:54
Flannelbazhang: Only after complementing you on how not-uptight you were in here.09:04
bazhangFlannel, that is hard to believe :)09:05
bazhangthough now I understand why he was banned in #kubuntu-kde4 for so long09:05
Flannelbazhang: Nah, he was *attempting* to say you lose, but instead mentioned how loose you were.09:05
bazhangwith him and Negroid (spammer), that was some vitriol in a short span of time09:06
bazhangFlannel, aha, that is funny09:06
ikoniachatcoppa is a troll, 10:02
bazhangseems like it10:02
elkbuntuthat was a rather quick rejoin for an innocent10:07
ikoniaI'm watching10:08
ikoniahey hey10:10
El_gato_xDikonia, please10:10
elkbuntuEl_gato_xD, we cannot help with #ubuntu-es issues.10:11
El_gato_xDcan you permite me in ubuntu10:11
El_gato_xDno #ubuntu-es10:11
El_gato_xDikonia: sorry for the other day10:12
ikoniaI don't know you10:12
El_gato_xDI am virus10:12
ikoniaooh yes10:12
ikoniayou will not be unbanned10:12
ikoniayou said sorry last time and kept going10:12
ikoniayou where given multiple chances and you kept going10:12
ikoniayou will not be unbanned at this time10:13
El_gato_xDbut becose I was testing a channel10:13
El_gato_xDbut now I pass10:13
Myrttisays who?10:13
El_gato_xDsorry for my english10:13
ikoniaI asked you to "stop testing"10:13
El_gato_xDnow I never testing10:13
ikoniaEl_gato_xD: you should have stopped when asked, 10:13
ikoniaand you where rude and offensive10:13
El_gato_xDikonia: ok, permite me, and if I said the minimal stupid, you ban me for a life10:14
Myrttiare we going somewhere with this discussion?10:14
ikoniaMyrtti: for me no 10:14
MyrttiI thought so too10:14
El_gato_xDikonia: you are not bad person10:15
MyrttiEl_gato_xD: is there anything else? your question has been answered for now. ikonia, what you recon, when is a proper time for this case to be reopened?10:15
ikoniaMyrtti: no10:16
ikoniaMyrtti: I would say at least a month10:16
El_gato_xDikonia: a month banned?10:16
FlannelEl_gato_xD: At least10:16
bazhangat least10:16
Myrttiwas there something else?10:16
Myrttiand no, whining, begging and threatening will not make this discussion go any further10:17
Myrttinor bargainmaking10:17
El_gato_xDfor december?10:17
El_gato_xDor for 2009?10:18
elkbuntuare you trying to upgrade it to a year ban?10:18
Myrttiatleast until December 9th, 200910:18
Myrttiif I understood correctly10:18
El_gato_xDI go to install tor10:18
El_gato_xDother ip10:18
ikoniaok bye10:19
elkbuntuand i go to inform freenode that you're going to ban-evade. oh right, christel and other staffers are already here.10:19
bazhangas in ban-evading?10:19
ikoniahe's never getting back in 10:19
ikoniajust for the record10:19
elkbuntunalioth, please shut down tor. please?10:19
ikoniahe was inviting people to a channel called #virus then he had a bot waiting in #virus to spam/flood/attack them as they entered10:19
elkbuntuoh yuck10:19
Myrttiisn't tor already banned in #ubuntu10:20
elkbuntuMyrtti, yes.10:20
ubottuMany Ubuntu IRC channels prohibit access from !proxies such as TOR due to a high level of abuse. You can however obtain a hostmask cloak: see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#cloaks10:20
elkbuntunot from here though.10:20
Myrttinot from -ot either10:21
ikoniahe was reported to freenode (nal) about the bot thing10:21
elkbuntutomaw, still awake?10:22
tomawIt's 10:23 AM, so yes.10:23
tomawI'll keep an eye on -es for as long as I am around10:23
elkbuntucan you just scan over the above exchange, it's about our spanish friend from #freenode -- he possibly was not so innocent10:23
elkbuntucan you like ban tor forever, kthxbai :P10:24
Myrttithere's some odd bans on -ot10:26
bazhang* zer0o (n=wtf@85-18-66-16.ip.fastwebnet.it) has joined #kubuntu  this ident OK?10:29
ikoniacould be his name10:29
ikonia"walter thomas froo"10:29
elkbuntuwtf as a string is only relevent when someone knows what it stands for. i dont have any issue with it, generally.10:36
elkbuntubut, i know Myrtti hates it.10:36
Myrttino, I have huge issues with rtfm and jfgi10:37
Myrttiwtf has to have a context to be understood10:37
Myrttiin an ident it doesn't have context10:38
Myrtti(and if you people knew how much I really curse in real life, you'd be shocked)10:38
elkbuntuMyrtti, i wouldnt be. anyone who has met me knows i have a sailor's vocab.10:40
Myrtticursing in IRC on the other hand grinds my teeth10:41
MyrttiI don't know when this change was introduced to my brain10:41
elkbuntui cannot stand cursing in text either, hon.10:41
bazhangI get my cursing done in Taipei traffic10:41
bazhangall the taxi drivers...10:41
MyrttiI should reinstall my systems and I really CBA...10:43
Tm_TCBA ?10:43
Myrttican't/couldn't be arsed10:43
Tm_Twhy reinstall?10:44
MyrttiI've got a fresh new hard drive for my laptop (one reinstall), LaTeX on my home server is borked beyond repair (reinstall) and I'm fairly sure my desktop wouldn't update painlessly10:45
MyrttiI want to start using apt-p2p10:45
Myrttithe article in dpotd was nice10:46
Myrttibah, need to reboot10:48
jussi01Morning Alll!10:48
jussi01@now london10:49
ubottuCurrent time in Europe/London: November 09 2008, 10:49:20 - Next meeting: LoCo Council in 1 day10:49
MyrttiOH SHUT UP10:49
* jussi01 is now in Manchester10:50
* jussi01 huggles Myrtti10:50
elkbuntuso when are you coming to sydney :P10:56
elkbuntui'm going to need to know with enough time to organise around work10:57
Tm_TScorpions - Coming Home10:58
jussi01elkbuntu: not certain yet - Ill arrive in melbourne on thursday10:58
* elkbuntu huggles Myrtti11:50
Myrttiyou know what's the best part11:51
MyrttiThey didn't have wifi in Lugradio Live, so I didn't use my laptop, so I didn't need to recharge it, so I didn't need that adapter.11:51
* elkbuntu huggles Myrtti again.11:52
* Myrtti grumbles loudly11:53
Tm_Tjussi01: like to make one favour for me?11:56
PriceChildelkbuntu: skirting around who? holymoo?11:58
elkbuntuPriceChild, yeah.11:59
PriceChildelkbuntu: I've never heard of him in my life :/11:59
PriceChildelkbuntu: does he use another nick?11:59
MyrttiI've kicked him from here gazillion times11:59
elkbuntuPriceChild, the guy who loved having 'fuckyou' as the ident. aka holycow, aka lots of other stuff.11:59
PriceChildahh holycow12:00
elkbuntuthe serial pest who does nothing but bait ops wherever he goes.12:00
PriceChildhas he been an issue in other channels?12:02
Tm_Tindeed he has12:02
Tm_Twhops, I had short fuse in #k12:03
PriceChildTm_T: which?12:03
elkbuntualthough, #kubuntu* is counted as 'ubuntu namespace', unfortunately12:03
Tm_T1402.47 -!- shreedhar [n=shreedha@] has left #kubuntu [requested by Tm_T: "no, that is NOT fun"]12:03
elkbuntuTm_T, that nick is familiar for the wrong reasons.12:04
Tm_Tindeed, I believe so12:04
Tm_Tlike to have his latest comments?12:04
Tm_T1319.57 -!- shreedhar [n=shreedha@] has joined #kubuntu12:05
Tm_T1319.58 -!- shreedhar is "Shreedhar Manek"12:05
Tm_T1336.50 < shreedhar> Wanna **** with me12:05
Tm_T1337.32 < shreedhar> What12:05
Tm_T1339.04 < shreedhar> Wanna **** with me12:05
Tm_T1343.51 < shreedhar> **** Off12:05
Tm_T1345.19 < shreedhar> See your girlfriend nude12:05
Tm_T1400.41 < shreedhar> By F***ing your sister12:05
Tm_T1400.53  * Dr_Willis wonders when the ops will Kick shreedhar12:05
Tm_T1401.51 < shreedhar> When Dr. Willis F***s his mother12:05
elkbunturiiiight. usual level of intelligence then, i see.12:05
elkbuntuthere is no fuse short enough for that crap, imho.12:06
Tm_Telkbuntu: I agree, but I did remove him before I realised this magnitude12:07
ikoniaTm_T: know user14:07
ikoniaTm_T: check fcuk in BT14:07
ikonia@ntlogin fcuk14:07
ikonia@bansearch fcuk14:07
ubottuMatch: *!*@ by ikonia in #ubuntu on Nov 06 2008 11:57:32 (ID: 6504)14:08
ikoniasame guy14:08
LjLi've added a feature to the italian floodbots on request14:11
LjLsee if you want it on ours too14:11
LjLwhen someone joins with a "Guest" nickname or changes nick to "Guest"something, the bot privmsgs them and asks to please change nickname, explaining that the nickname they've choosen was taken and they can use "/nick blah" to change it14:12
ikoniainteresting idea14:12
LjLwhen they do change it, it says "ok, now you're advised to register your chosen nick on freenode, here are the instructions -"14:12
ikoniaLjL: spanish translation please14:21
ikoniaLos gatos no hablan, y menos cuando no estan en casa.14:21
LjLikonia: cats don't speak, even less so when they aren't home14:21
LjLwhatever that's supposed to mean14:21
ikoniahow odd14:22
ikoniaeyes on ubuntu - a user (the one who just sent me that in pm) is claiming he's ban evading using tor in #ubuntu14:22
ikoniaas tor is banned I doubt it, but eyeballs open14:22
LjLif it's a proverb i can't understand what it's trying to say14:23
ikoniaI have no idea14:23
LjLikonia: join -proxy-users then14:23
ikoniahe's not in there14:25
ikoniahe claims he's already in #ubuntu (he's not)14:25
LjLikonia: he might be. not *all* tor exit nodes are detected by freenode.14:25
ikoniaI don't think he is14:25
ikoniahe doesn't know anything thats been said in there14:25
ikoniaHmmm he's using the nick spider48014 and El_gato_xD14:28
ikoniajust a heads up14:28
ikoniasparrow-jack1 in #ubuntu ?14:39
* LjL points and laughs at ikonia15:50
bazhangwhy is mahen2 not kicked from -ot16:04
bazhangah he is gone now16:06
Myrttistupid Elisa16:58
bazhangafter all those repeats he just quits17:09
bazhangwhoa 520,000 users?17:12
PriceChildbazhang: where?/17:12
bazhangwhat is the population of Finland?17:12
bazhangPriceChild, Elisa isp in .fi17:12
Myrttibazhang: a little over 5 500 00017:13
Myrttiatleast my mobile works17:13
bazhangthat is like 10%?17:13
* Myrtti grumbles and nods17:13
bazhangholy cow17:13
Myrttinote: that's how many clients were disconnected17:14
bazhangoh right17:15
bazhangso many more actual users17:15
Myrttilatest statistics tell 83% of the population uses Internet17:18
Myrtti75% uses at home17:18
Myrttithat's 3.2 million17:19
MyrttiI'm so annoyed17:19
MyrttiElisa is most probably the largest ISP here17:19
Myrttione server goes down, the whole country gets disconnected.17:20
MyrttiI see now why the state bought Elisa shares from the Icelandic company before it went belly under17:21
Myrttiwell, anyway17:22
Myrttithe reason was national service securing17:22
ikoniaLjL: what have I done to warrent a laughing at18:13
naliothwhat's the command to build a deb from a .dsc file and source.gz ?18:13
ikonianalioth: isn't there a script for it18:14
naliothikonia: it's dpkg-[something] file.dsc18:14
naliothor i'm totally off course18:14
jdongnalioth: pbuilder build file.dsc18:15
jdongnalioth: or extract it with dpkg-source -x file.dsc18:15
jdongnalioth: cd into the directory and run "debuild" or "dpkg-buildpackage" with no arguments18:15
jdongyou're probably thinking of the latter command18:15
jdongsure thing :)18:19
naliothjdong: after running dpkg-build* where would the deb be?18:23
jdongnalioth: in the parent directory with the .dsc file18:23
nalioththanks again18:24
* nalioth grumbles about packages and dependencies18:27
naliothtrying to get apt-p2p on my system18:27
nalioth(and no, i don't want to upgrade to intrepid for it)18:28
Tm_Terr, what is this...18:37
Tm_T2037.14 < boogaa:#ubuntu> then when resterated linux will be booted and instaleld18:38
Tm_T2037.14 -!- Tm_T [i=tm_travo@ubuntu/member/kde.developer/jkekkonen] has left #ubuntu ["For Queen and Country!"]18:38
Tm_Tbug in irssi ?18:38
PriceChildTm_T: i don't get it?18:40
Tm_Twhen I parted from #ubuntu, I got those lines to my server window18:40
Tm_Tonly later one should have been there18:40
PriceChildclosing the window before parting the channel, just a timing issue?18:41
Tm_Tnever occured before though18:41
Flannelikonia: 1550, actually.19:26
FlannelNot that it matters, of course.19:40
ikoniagot to get my facts right19:42
LjLikonia: you were warned by floodbot19:54
ikoniaworth mocking20:01
ubottuThe Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the alternate link on the Ubuntu download page - See also !minimal - Torrent at http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.04.1/ubuntu-8.04.1-alternate-i386.iso.torrent20:10
jribanyone see the alternate cd on the http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download page?20:10
Flanneljrib: yeah, checkbox...20:11
Flannelwhere'd it go20:11
Flanneljrib: I guess you have the link on the right side20:11
FlannelThere *used* to be an actual link20:11
Flanneler, checkbox20:12
jribah yes20:12
Flannellike a week ago20:12
jribI was looking for the checkbox too20:12
mneptokjrib: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/downloadmirrors#alternate20:12
jrib!alternate =~ s/8.04.1/8.10/20:12
ubottuI'll remember that jrib20:12
Flannelthere was a checkbox, and I wsa pleasantly surprised, since it all worked without javascript20:12
jrib!alternate =~ s/8.04.1/8.10/20:13
Flanneljrib: I always just go straight to the mirrors (releases.ubuntu.com)20:15
LjLikonia: stop replying to him please20:57
ikoniaI'm "trying" to be official so he knows where he stands, I'm not communicating in pm with him20:57
Curtisikonia why did you kick me out?20:57
ikoniaCurtis: because you are persistantly offtopic20:58
ikoniahow is hacking ps2 and illegal games anything to do with ubuntu20:58
ikoniaas well you know20:58
Curtisi was asked to not speak about it then later when i am not talking in #ubuntu you kicked me out20:58
ikoniayes because you have had MANY warnings20:58
ikoniayou know the rules20:59
ikoniayet you flaunt them20:59
Curtisoh shut up seriously you are not my father20:59
ikoniaand now the disscussion end20:59
Curtisikonia, do you plan on having kids?20:59
LjLthat's not relevant to this discussion.21:00
LjLalso, if you wanted ikonia to shut up about the reasons he kicked you, then you shouldn't have asked in the first place.21:00
LjLplease tone down immediately.21:00
Curtisi just want to know if he is going to ever want kids that all21:00
ikoniaCurtis: is there anything more related to the ban I can help you with or explain for you21:01
Curtisyes there is21:01
ikoniaLjL: danke21:03
Myrttiwhat on earth is that about21:03
Myrttithat's like... absurd21:03
ikoniahe's a know troll21:03
ikoniaMyrtti: what's absurd ?21:03
LjLikonia: i have this vague suspicion the "yes there is" would refer to his ability to evade the ban, so let's see how long it takes before he's in ##unavailable21:04
Myrtti[23:00] < Curtis> i just want to know if he is going to ever want kids that all21:04
Myrtti^ HUH21:04
ikoniaLjL: I disagree, based on past ubunt behaviour - it's normally time to do log faking21:04
ikoniahence why I refuse to talk to him in a pm 21:05
LjLMyrtti: probably related to <Curtis> oh shut up seriously you are not my father21:05
ikoniahe's probably busy typing21:05
MyrttiLjL: well, yes, but still doesn't make sense21:05
ikoniaalthough if you check Ban tracker you'll find he does have other IPS for when he's ban evading21:05
LjLMyrtti: of course it doesn't make sense, what were you expecting21:05
ikoniaLjL: you are quick ! I'll give you that21:06
ikoniajust refreshed BT 21:06
MyrttiLjL: considering my current mood, I'd expect the universe to make more sense... no wait, that's just wrong, I mean.21:06
LjLMyrtti: ok21:07
ikoniaMyrtti: cheer up21:07
Myrttijust realised I am feeling so absurdely out of my mind that I'm not really surprised21:07
LjL@mark #ubuntu-ops Curtis21:07
ubottuThe operation succeeded.21:07
Myrttiikonia: oh, I am, very much so cheered up21:07
ikoniaahhh the windows staff have arrived21:07
ikoniahello HentaiXP 21:07
Myrtti"I'm having a bad feeling about this"21:08
Myrttisaid Leia21:08
ikoniaMyrtti: I thought that was han21:08
ikoniaHentaiXP: what's up21:08
Myrttiwas it?21:08
Myrttioh, it's been years.21:08
ikoniaMyrtti: yes21:08
HentaiXPhmm he didn't come?21:08
LjLHentaiXP: and went away already21:08
Myrttithe special edition is so horrible to watch I've not refreshed my memory in years21:08
LjL(no, he actually went away on his own feet, for now)21:08
LjLsaid "brb" though21:09
HentaiXPikonia: came to see if curits was here21:11
ikoniawell, been and gone21:11
jussi01Hello all!21:44
ikoniajussi01: all set !21:45
jussi01heya ikonia21:45
jussi01ikonia: Im still looking at options - I may drive down, depends how nice my boss is. 21:46
ikoniathats fine21:46
ikoniajust let me know21:46
HentaiXPI'll take my leave back to windows21:47
ikoniaHentaiXP: laters21:47
jussi01sure, Ill give you a call sometime tomorrow afternoon. 21:47
ikoniajussi01: do you have any special food/drink requirments ?21:48
jussi01ikonia: err... no. Im not alergic or vegetarian or anything :D21:48
ikoniajust checking21:48
jussi01@bansearch freqk21:59
ubottuMatch: *!*@modemcable021.130-37-24.mc.videotron.ca!#ubuntu-ops by jrib in #ubuntu on Oct 01 2008 13:38:00 (ID: 5060)21:59
jrib!register > Spirits-Sight22:17
FlannelDo we have a stance on ubuntu tweak specifically?22:23
jussi01Flannel: what?22:24
FlannelHas anyone taken a look at it?22:24
* jrib looks22:25
LjLFlannel: vaguely looks like it could even be something useful22:28
LjLwhether or not we should yell against it would mostly depend how badly it does stuff22:28
LjLi'll give it an install22:29
jribat first glance, just looks like a frontend to apt and gconf22:29
FlannelLjL: but also until we have a chance to evaluate, we shouln't condone it22:29
jribdownloads gedit tar.gz for some reason :/22:30
FlannelParts of the code seem oddly familiar (automatix), but... that doesn't mean too much22:31
LjLFlannel: you mean that you've looked at the code and there's actually snippets from automatix?22:33
LjLFlannel: at any rate, there's definitely no valid reason to recommend installing it just in order to get virtualbox installed. that's pure nonsense.22:33
LjLjrib: what?22:33
FlannelLjL: Well, I have no idea if theyre word for word, I could do a diff... but they are familiar to me, and the only other python code Ive looked at is (auto|ulta)matix and supybot.  And supybot doesn't deal with packages ;)22:34
jribLjL: there's a file that downloads a tar.gz of gedit if it's run directly.  It's probably left in there from debugging22:34
jribThirdSoft.py has about a dozen repos in there22:35
ikoniaFlannel: I advise against it personally22:36
FlannelYeah, I've definately seen this before (or at least, nontrivial parts of it)22:37
* Flannel fires up diff22:37
LjLjrib: well they look mostly like ad-hoc repos for single applications each22:37
ikoniaearliy versions caused real issues22:38
LjLstill, i'd say it's almost completely redundant22:38
ikoniathey seem to be better now, but I don't like the concept22:38
LjLit duplicates some GNOME options, add a couple (not even very many) switches for stuff available from gconf, acts as an APT front-end, and lets you enable that dozen 3rd party repos22:38
LjLdoesn't thrill me22:38
LjLthe cache cleaner is mildly interesting22:39
LjLat least they warn "it's a possible security risk" and to "be careful" when enabling third party repos22:41
Myrttinew fresh xubuntu22:55
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)22:59
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)22:59
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)23:04
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)23:04
LjLmethinks we'll get the third attempt shortly23:06
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)23:06
LjLindeed, indeed23:06
LjL!staff | exploits ongoing in #ubuntu and #gentoo23:06
ubottuexploits ongoing in #ubuntu and #gentoo: Hey nalioth, jenda, rob, SportChick, seanw, Dave2, Christel, tomaw, Gary, Vorian or PriceChild, I could  use a bit of your time :)23:06
LjLtake bets that [00:04:52] [Whois] Ljungmann is n=m8@millenniumfalcon.bergsoe.dtu.dk (m8) is next?23:07
tomawlooks unlikely23:08
naliothgah, i hate weekends23:10
tomawI like weekends23:11
naliothgah, i hate weekends ( too many kiddiez with free time and not allowed outside )23:17
Flannelnalioth: Why aren't they allowed outside?23:20
LjLhi quassel251, can we help?23:21
Myrttilooks like it's genii23:22
Myrttior stdin23:22
stdinI don't use quassel23:23
FlannelMyrtti: Is there any way to get Xubuntu to not have crazy huge font sizes?23:23
* Flannel tried Xubuntu, felt claustrophobic.23:23
MyrttiFlannel: crazy huge in where?23:23
LjLMyrtti: neither of whom are finnish to my knowledge :P23:24
MyrttiLjL: but that is jussi's server if I'm not totally mistaken23:24
Myrttior something very very nearby23:24
FlannelMyrtti: Um, fonts... text editor maybe?  I don't remember.  It was just... arbitrarily large font sizes for some things.  Felt like I was using 800x600 when I had a resolution of 1280x102423:24
naliothFlannel: don't get me started23:24
Flannelnalioth: Perhaps we ought to start a "Go outside and terrorize your neighborhood instead" campaign23:25
LjLMyrtti: you're right23:25
MyrttiFlannel: atleast in xfce4-terminal the font is ridiculously huge, you're right on that23:25
FlannelMyrtti: Mightve been mousepad too23:26
Flannelbut, I dont really remember.  It made my skin crawl so I stopped trying out Xubuntu23:26
Myrttiso it seems23:26
Myrttisure there is a way to make the fonts smaller.23:26
LjLnalioth: are you aware that ubot3 joined #ubuntu-offtopic (at least) ten minutes ago?23:31

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