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uvirtbotNew bug: #295398 in samba (main) "The name of domain in samba is incorrect" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/29539801:21
greenmanhey, what vm is installed with the "Virtual Machine host" option during install?01:46
greenmanok cool, i just wanted to check before checking that option01:51
greenmanhey, is there a tutorial anywhere about giving ubuntu server a gui02:14
wsaso I'm looking at this (incomplete) howto: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Router04:11
wsawhat file is shown in the 'The Firewall Script' section?  (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Router#The%20Firewall%20Script)04:11
paulim needing some help, i tryed to upgrade to latest ubuntu server build, and the installion failed, ever since, my file system has become read only, iv been needing to remount the hdd each time the box restarts to get it working again, anyone help me fix this?04:58
nxvlzul: ping!04:59
nxvlzul: i've just see a perivuan flute band at the airport!!! i took a picture for you, i will upload it after heading the hotel05:00
Lifesfanyone can help me with proftpd / gadmin-proftpd?05:08
paulLifesf: proftp probably yea05:08
Lifesfwell,... i ask here also because i install the server version of ubutnu then the desktop over it05:08
Lifesfi used to be able to use proftpd with gui; i think it was in gutsy, but ever since moving up,... all the gproftpd have crashed when trying to open05:09
Lifesfalthough; i did that because only desktop it wouldn't work either05:13
mib_j1hc8pb8alguien me puede ayudar con ubuntu 8.10, no tengo internet05:50
LifesfHi; i have come earlier because gadmin-proftpd crashes when trying to start it; but then again.... Apache doesn't seem to be working on my pc either05:56
Lifesfcould these problems be related?05:57
mib_j1hc8pb8somebody knows of some video that explains to you like doing it? in order to have an IP ADRESS static in my Ubuntu 8.1006:16
NineTeen67CometSorry if this quesion doesn't fit this room but: I've got some network issues between my copper side and my wireless side. They can't ssh each other, but they can ssh w/in their respective path (wireless to wireless and copper to copper) .. they are all part of the 192.168.0.* network, and here is my picture/current layout: http://www.openlug.com/?p=3908:44
NineTeen67CometIs there a #networking room? I don't know how to search with in IRC08:44
jahorhello, does anybody know about some tool (like lintian for packages) to check policies on servers ? i mean somethink like 'apache must have server tokens only', 'resolv.conf must have 2 working nameserver lines', 'all filesystems must have coresponding line in nagios nrpe config' etc etc ?09:33
Richard_When i shutdown the laptop i can see the orange bar of the splash going down, but it won't finnish, it goes to 80-90% and then the pc goes to a blank state(black) with a blinkin' cursor on top left, so i have to press the power button myself to shut it down, could i have damaged any file of the system or left temporary files(as the splash doesnt go to 0% unloading) by pressing the button?10:43
Richard_What can cause this? any proccess still running?10:43
hikenbootcan anyone tell me if automake autotools-dev m4 autoconf2.13 autobook autoconf-archive gnu-standards autoconf-doc libtool  are available on the ubuntu server 8.1  cd so i can use it as an apt source since i have a vm that has no networking capability11:35
Deepsbuild-essential usually is11:43
Deepsdunno if that covers all that you need11:43
Deepseasiest way to be sure is to try11:43
BaversjoHello! Is there any way to make the pam_limits PAM module write a message to the user that tries to login if the login was unsuccessful instead of writing it to the log?11:49
BaversjoAs it it now, the user only gets disconnected11:50
hikenbootanyone know the command for adding intrepid cdrom as an apt source in apt/sources.list13:24
andriijasIm running ubuntu-server on a sony vaio laptop, i have installed powernowd to enable speedstep because i only run irssi and a small webserver on this machine. sensors say that the temperature is +43C  but the fan speed is always maximal. i cant find anyway to lower the fanspeed?13:39
KingOfDosandriijas: apt-get install cpufreqd cpufrequtils14:27
andriijasKingOfDos: cpufreq doesnt change the fan speed of a laptop?14:28
KingOfDosafter that's running. check out cpufreq-info and see what "steps" you've got available. and on what step it's running currently.14:28
andriijasi already got speed step working, its a laptop and it doesnt have a cpu fan. theres just a laptop fan14:29
KingOfDosandriijas: i'll "guess" that the fan speed is related to the cpu temperature. so if you can lower the temp then you can lower the fan ;)14:29
andriijasthe computer should lower the fan speed automaticly yeah14:29
andriijasthe cpu is already running on the lowest step wich is good enough14:29
andriijasstill the fan keeps running at max :(14:30
KingOfDosdoes that happen when you run windows on it? or is it some general hardware problem?14:33
andriijasnope in windows both the fan and cpu is controlled14:33
KingOfDosI had seen a couple of laptops witch always used to full fan speed, even when they can change it based on temperature, this was both on windows as on linux.14:34
andriijashmm alright14:36
KingOfDoswhat kind of settings did you use at the daemon?14:36
KingOfDosand are u using powernowd or cpufreqd?14:36
andriijaswhich daemon? powernowd?14:36
andriijasi googled and found this http://www.linux.it/~malattia/wiki/index.php/Sony-laptop#Fan_speed_control14:36
andriijasbut i dont have any /sys/devices/platform/sony-laptop/fanspeed14:37
andriijasKingOfDos: is cpufreqd better than powernowd? i found out there is something called cpudyn aswell14:40
KingOfDosdon't know. on my workstation is powernowd running, on my laptop i'd installed cpufreqd at this moment to check something14:41
KingOfDosyou can try to install it (it will automatilly replace powernowd), if it doesn't work right/nice, then install powernowd again ;)14:42
KingOfDoswhat type of AC_SCHEME are you using with powernowd?14:42
KingOfDosI'll see that there is some "acoustic" scheme for powernowd. That will be nice i'll guess ;)14:45
KingOfDoslower temperature (when idle) is lower fanspeed, at least for the most laptops ;)14:46
maxstirnerhello, i'm having problems with the default ubuntu server mail setup14:47
maxstirneri tried adding a new user using adduser, and I successfully sent mail to it; I cannot set up the account in thunderbird on my local system however..14:48
maxstirnercould anyone point me to some documentation for this?14:49
andriijasKingOfDos: i dont know, i just apt get installed powernowd so i guess it runs on default conf14:50
KingOfDosandriijas: in that case: when your laptop is at AC power it will be running at performance mode.14:51
andriijasKingOfDos: are you sure? because cat /proc/cpuinfo says model name: Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor 1.73GHz14:52
andriijascpu MHz: 798.00014:52
KingOfDoshm. indeed14:53
andriijasand if i understand that right the cpu is running at 789 mhz instead of 1.73GHz14:54
andriijasdo i need to make any more config to tell it to tell it to not run in performance mode?14:54
KingOfDosi don't think so. but i'm not that good with powermanagement, so i can be wrong ;)14:55
KingOfDosi'm managing servers and i'll put them to performance mode. my 3 year old HP laptop is still running about 3 hour on battery14:57
KingOfDosmy ex-girlfriend's laptop was always running to fast, like the powersave options where broken (on a windows based system). that's a vacuum-cleaner if you want to sleep ;)14:58
KingOfDosbut, somehow. now i'd installed cpufreqd on my laptop. it's not using 36 watt, but 26 watt.14:59
KingOfDosand it's running at 1300MHz instead of the lowest step of +/- 800MHz15:00
KingOfDosSo i'll guess that if I change my cpufreqd setup a bit, that i can force it to run slower (change the "scaling up" time, somehow?). so even configure it to run longer. but anyhow ;)15:02
andriijasim soon considering breaking the damn fan..15:05
KingOfDosandriijas: try to read this -> http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-238566.html15:05
KingOfDosor simular topics, based on your vaio type.15:05
KingOfDosbreaking something is never good, there is always some way to fix it (so far i can tell)15:07
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PizarroCan anyone help me please?16:11
PizarroI can establish a VPN connection from a XP machine to a Ubuntu server (pptp), however I can't do the same fomr an Ubuntu desktop machine16:12
PizarroThis will force me to log into XP to access my office which is a silly thing, use an XP machine to access an Ubuntu one!16:13
hikenbootanyone know what tools i am supposed to install to get iscsitarget to build i am getting messag.c:130 error storage size of cred isn't known16:54
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zulnxvl: lol17:23
rgottenhow do i know if i have 64 or32 bit for upgrade17:57
Ahmuckpull the hard drive and check the bits17:58
rgotteni am trying to upgrade to the latest ubuntu, isisnt this related to motherboard more than tho har drive?18:02
Ahmuckrgotten: it's processor18:03
Ahmuckdo you have a sepearte /home partition and /storage partition now?18:04
rgottenAhmuck: so how do i know if i have 32 or 64?18:04
Ahmuckcurrently or downloaded?18:08
Ahmucktowards the bottom18:08
rgotteni want o know what i have 32 or 64 to download the appropiate version18:09
rgotteni also need to know the following, i have my ubuntu server and i have windows clients conected to the server thru samba. my server has an e-sata conecection, i have a folder on the server that is acces by windows computers were a store a lot of word documents. Can i conect an external harddrive to the e-sata conecter and do backups so if the server goes down i can connect the hard drive to one of the windwos computer and read the in18:09
Ahmuckdata.  windows will read fat32 partitions, writing the data in 32bit mode in fat32 seems like that would cover you.  the best idea is to test18:10
Ahmuckwill windows read a ext3 partition on your external esata drive, that i don't know18:11
KingOfDosIs there a way to see "what" controller is what /dev/videoXX ?18:39
KingOfDosI've got 5x composite in, 2x radio in, 3x TV in, 2x composite out.18:40
JaxxMaxx__I'm having some difficulty working with  /etc/init.d   scripts.   Are they supposed to work in tandem with  /etc/rcX.d   scripts,   or is it one VS the other?   Using Ubuntu Server 8.04 LTS here...19:24
Deeps/etc/init.d/ holds the scripts19:26
Deeps/etc/rcX.d/ contains symlinks to the scripts depending on whether they should be started or stopped as you enter that particular runlevel19:27
Deepsor at least, /should/, unless you've done something different19:28
JaxxMaxx__I'm having an issue where one of the startup scripts,  or whatever component,  isn't creating the  .pid  file for one of my daemons,   and therefore the init.d  scripts cannot stop or restart that service.    Is there any way to find out which part of the startup script is failing to create the file?    what process actually makes the .pid  files anyway?19:46
ScottKJaxxMaxx__: Usually it's the init script.  You can generally find them in /etc/init.d19:56
JaxxMaxx__yeah, I've located it there, but I'm unsure what part of it is supposed to write out the .pid file20:01
ScottKIs this from an Ubuntu package?20:04
JaxxMaxx__it's  freeradius,  I have the init.d  script on paste.ubuntu, http://paste.ubuntu.com/69708/20:06
JaxxMaxx__I'm not sure if Ubuntu has the latest freeradius release.   I did  install outside the package manager, at least once20:06
ScottKLine 53 is what should do it.  Looking at it, it looks right.20:07
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Spirits-SightIs there any one here willing to help setup a Ubuntu server for a non-profit organization20:48
Spirits-Sightin the USA20:48
Deepsgiven the legal rammifications of doing anything for anyone in the USA...20:48
Spirits-SightDeeps: is that a joke :-) I know people in USA are should we say not so nice any more it seems20:50
Spirits-SightDeeps: you in the USA20:50
Deepsno, i'm not brave enough to live in the land of the brave, heh20:51
Spirits-SightLOL I like that LOL, I am not happy living here many times and for sure with the past president LOL20:51
Spirits-SightOk, so the question still stands is there any one here from the USA that would be willing to help setup a server system for a non-profit org, the server would need asterisk also20:52
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thenewguyyay irc for the win22:59
ShpookSo, I'd like to be able to access my home LAN server from anywhere on the web, and through the server, and computers that are connected. Where would I start? I'm assuming it wouldn't be too difficult.23:01
Deepsdepends on how you want to be able to access your server23:02
Deepssimplest way would be to open tcp/22 to the server and just use ssh23:03
Deepsalso happens to be one of the more secure ways23:03
ShpookI was hoping to access through http, and be able to assign a domain name to it.23:03
ShpookMainly to make it easier on my wife and daughter.23:04
ShpookI mean, security is an issue of course, but I don't need Fort Knox.23:04
Deepswell, you probably want to look at23:04
Deeps!ebox | Shpook23:05
ubottuShpook: ebox is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/eBox23:05
Deepsand if you're using intrepid, this is probably relevant to your interests: https://launchpad.net/bugs/29399323:05
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 293993 in ebox "ebox will not install in 8.10 server - dependency problem (dup-of: 255368)" [Undecided,New]23:05
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 255368 in ebox "ebox: Depends: libapache-authcookie-perl but it is not installable " [Undecided,Confirmed]23:05
ShpookThat would be a problem then.23:07
Deepsi believe workarounds are described in the bug reports23:08
ShpookYeah I just found one that says it works.23:09
ShpookCool, I appreciate it, I'll look into it now and get started. :D23:09
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