buntoowshredder12--> RTL8111/8168B   look for this file or close to it00:00
polyyea I do like apt-get :D00:00
jribeitreach: jrib with a b if you want my highlight :)  See: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pulseaudio/+bug/19273500:00
Rhorsekeystr0k, only for Winduhs ver: 'when in Rome...'00:00
NekroJakubOh LAWL I experienced that in Windows, so I'm surprised you said it pwns so much00:00
NekroJakubBut now I see, free in Linux00:00
eitreachjrib: Pardon. :)00:00
shredder12buntoow: when i ran locate RTL81 it showed nothing..00:00
buntoowshredder12--> do not do that, i told you which dir to look at.. filenames normally are lowercase00:01
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designermanhow can I install ubuntu of an old live cd?00:01
MiescoIs there any good video editing software?00:01
keystr0kHas anyone had problems with Wireless on Ibex since the latest sting upgrades?00:01
keystr0kMy SSH connections freeze up for 10-20 seconds, every 10-20 seconds...00:01
Rhorseactually 29.99 for Xchat isn't too bad, only like one month's subscribtion to Norton AV!00:02
ReilithionWhy does X load modules that I don't have specified in /etc/X11/xorg.conf ?00:02
buntoowdesignerman--> same steps, you boot from it00:02
NekroJakubdesignerman: Old or new, you should be able to boot up using it and follow the installation process00:02
keystr0kRhorse, Windows... man o man. I just saw their latest commercial... I'm a PC... Really poor marketing campaign.00:02
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shredder12buntoow: i think you mean /lib/modules/`uname -r`/kernel/net00:02
scotlfsAnyone know how to configure a SB X-Fi ?00:02
bobbiemn8user, i still cant get on my game! id there anything else i can do?00:02
buntoowkeystr0k--> your network is okay?00:02
buntoowshredder12--> yes, look there00:03
NekroJakubkeystr0k: Yeah, like PC = Windows... I hate that they imply that00:03
krugerhi all00:03
shredder12buntoow: there is no directory of such name or anywhere near that name here..00:03
buntoowbobbiem--> you loaded the flash and similar plugins like i had?00:03
shredder12buntoow: that directory only has subdirectories00:03
krugeri have a quiestion , a frend of mine wonts to install ubuntu on EasyNote MX61 series , a packard bell , sombody tryed and its working ?00:04
buntoowshredder12--> in the old one?00:04
shredder12and no file..00:04
buntoowshredder12--> well yah i has subdirs, but the name kind of clue you in00:04
palomerdid anyone translate my small text?00:04
bobbiembuntoow, i dont understand00:04
palomerI can't scroll back00:04
palomerwhere are the logs:O00:04
shredder12buntoow: no the directories are same for both of them..00:05
designermanNekroJakub: I've booted into a live cd... I don't know how to install it from this enviroment though00:05
buntoowbobbiem--> i could not remember if you were the one have the missing plugins00:05
designermanI don't have an installation option in boot, just live mode00:05
buntoowshredder12--> exactly the same?00:05
NekroJakubWhat I miss from KDE is a built-in wallpaper and theme downloader...00:05
shredder12buntoow: yes,,i listed both of their contents and they are exactly same..00:05
NekroJakubdesignerman: Don't you have any documentation on the Live CD? There's got to be something...00:05
keystr0kNekroJakub, I agree with that... It's really awful. My boss owns all Apple stuff... breaks all of the time, and he STILL swears by Mac... Can't understand why I bought a Thinkpad. They seem a HELL of a lot more reliable.00:06
buntoowshredder12--> and you dont seen anywhere the rtl??00:06
designermanNekroJakub: yeh been looking but can't turn up anything00:06
designermanNekroJakub: this is warty version00:06
bobbiembuntoow, yes i am trying to play my games on pogo and it said i needed java, i got some help, thought everything was good, then i get applet game death00:06
buntoowshredder12--> for example in mine, i use tulip, but the subdir is decnet..00:07
NekroJakubdesignerman: Okay, I don't even KNOW that version, so I don't think I can help you...00:07
shredder12buntoow: ok..then let me check that way..00:07
buntoowbobbiem--> i have pasted for you the plugins i had, so see if you can have similar to mine00:07
designermanNekroJakub: it's oldschool man00:07
shredder12buntoow: well let me tell you that both of these directories have quite a bit of size difference..old one is only 6.1 Mb and the new one is 8.3 Mb00:08
linux02how can i find out what video card my computer has in ubuntu?00:08
billybigriggerlinux02, try lspci00:08
fosco__linux02: lspci | grep -i vga00:08
NekroJakubdesignerman: I can imagine, but still, OLD I don't like very much... >_<00:08
buntoowshredder12--> also look here  /lib/modules/`uname -r`/kernel/drivers/net/00:08
designermanNekroJakub: ahh well just a bit of saturday night fun00:09
HiltonHey all. I'm setting up a young-child-proof account on my Ubuntu install, but it needs to have no password. I've done some searches with Google, but none of the options presented worked (perhaps because they were from 2005). How can I set a blank password on an account?00:09
bobbiembuntoow, where do i find the plugins you pasted?00:09
krugeri have a quiestion , a frend of mine wonts to install ubuntu on EasyNote MX61 series , a packard bell , sombody tryed and its working ?00:09
madguyI'm having problems with refresh in text mode, using gforce...00:09
krugeri have a quiestion , a frend of mine wonts to install ubuntu on EasyNote MX61 series , a packard bell , sombody tryed and its working ?00:09
krugeri have a quiestion , a frend of mine wonts to install ubuntu on EasyNote MX61 series , a packard bell , sombody tryed and its working ?00:09
buntoowbobbiem--> you were not paying attention yesterday00:09
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution00:09
buntoow!repeat | kruger00:09
ubottukruger: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience00:09
kev_Why cant you change the uslash to something custom for 8.10?00:10
hubarDoes anyone get monolight working?'00:10
KDeskI have read about file systems for flash memories, which is a good one that I can use?00:10
sergiu!x > sergiu00:10
ubottusergiu, please see my private message00:10
ReilithionXorg starts fine and I can use my computer more or less normally the first time I boot up.  If I log out, however, Xorg stops working.  I checked the log files and under the VESA module, it says "(EE) No devices detected."00:10
shredder12buntoow: i have a file name r8168 in the old one i.e. the one i am currently using..00:10
fosco__kev_: yes you can, try with startupmanager00:10
NekroJakubCompiz-Fusion works wonderful on Ubuntu! This was a right choice. Now I just need to back up some Windows data and risk making a new partition...00:10
sergiu!x > LeNsTR00:10
shredder12buntoow: and there is no such file in the  new one..00:11
kev_I have and the screen is messed up during boot with all kinds of colors..00:11
shredder12buntoow: i am talking about the same directories..00:11
kev_i have a few .so i've tried00:11
buntoowshredder12--> there yah go, now see if you can copy it over and see if it works00:11
linux02do you know if compiz-fusion works with ATI Technologies Inc M9+ 5C61 [Radeon Mobility 9200 (AGP)] (rev 01)??00:11
KDeskhow can I say to apt to install a package from a repo, and not from other repo?00:11
shredder12let me try..00:11
krugerubottu , thnx for the help ;)00:11
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:11
buntoowKDesk--> they should all be the same versions eh?00:11
md22do you guys use windows for anything ?00:11
PizarroHi everyone00:12
kev_i uninstalled uslash and installed spashy00:12
kev_and it still doesnt work00:12
canthonyis there a way to save as docx in OO3 or open office 2.400:12
buntoowmd22 to look outside00:12
kev_ima try usplash again00:12
clayghow do i get the little volume icon on thebotto right to adjust volume?00:12
NekroJakubbuntoow: Pwnd him.00:12
buntoow!return | kev_00:12
ubottukev_: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!00:12
KDeskbuntoow: no, I will install  wine from the ubunut repo, and not from the official repo.00:12
PizarroI installed Ubuntu Desktop 64bits Intrepid, but I can't make a basic VPN connection to work with networkmanager and pptp, can anyone give me a hand?00:12
shredder12buntoow: well i will have to restart and check it .. cya in a few min..00:12
bobbiembuntoow, if i remembered i would do it!00:12
buntoowKDesk--> okay, try it00:12
canthonyPizarro, there is a bug in the pptp VPN for network manager00:13
canthonyPizarro, you need to add the PPA for the netowrkmanager team00:13
Pizarrocanthony, what? are you serious?00:13
linux02fosco__: do you know if compiz-fusion works with ATI Technologies Inc M9+ 5C61 [Radeon Mobility 9200 (AGP)] (rev 01)??00:13
clayghow do you adjust sound volume in ubuntu?00:13
buntoowbobbiem--> well, you have to wait, yesterday you seemed to ignore what we try to recommend to you00:13
canthonyPizarro, are you using pptp00:13
Pizarrocanthony, How can I do that? I am pretty noob00:13
metaAnyone have vpn problem with Ubuntu 8.10. Until i install this version i can't connect to my job (Windows PPTP connection) Thank You!00:13
Pizarrocanthony, yes I am00:13
NekroJakubOkay people, I'm a gamer but I'm in love with Linux. How can I make my games work on Linux? I heard of Wine, I heard of a Virtual Machine, but the first is not very compatible, and the second I hear uses only a set amount of RAM...00:13
fosco__linux02: not sure, just install compiz and execute compiz --replace in a terminal00:13
KDeskbuntoow: I should try what?00:13
fosco__if this fails execute metacity --replace00:14
buntoowmeta--> see canthony message00:14
canthonyPizarro, does it keep complaining that there are no "secrets"00:14
Pizarrometa, I am having the same issue00:14
buntoowKDesk--> loading from ubuntu and not from wine repository?00:14
Pizarrocanthony, I overame that, now I am at the point of "VPN connection FAILED" message00:14
buntoowKDesk-->i mis-read, load it from whichever, they ought to be the same eh?00:14
clayghow do you adjust sound volume in ubuntu?00:15
NekroJakubHover over the speaker icon and scroll with the mouse, clayg00:15
claygNekroJakub, i do not have that icon, i thnk i took it off previously00:15
claygNekroJakub, how do i get it back?00:15
canthonymeta and Pizarro, go to System -> Administration ->Software Sources, then go to 3-rd party software, add this : deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/network-manager/ubuntu intrepid main00:16
NekroJakubclayg: Try right clicking the panel and then add00:16
Pizarrocanthony, ok,00:16
BowtrikIf only my computer could make scrambled eggs now.00:16
goat|lappybut can it blend?00:16
KDeskbuntoow: I know I can remove the wine repo from source.list, but I think there should be a way to tell apt to download the package from a specific repo, do you know if that exists?00:16
CoJaBo-EeeQRZ: Thanks, looks like that is exactly what I'm looking for. Know of any good tutorials for using it, or setting up RAID 5?00:17
Pizarrocanthony, done and updated00:17
NekroJakubclayg: Sound control is there00:17
claygNekroJakub,are you certain?00:17
claygNekroJakub, i see it00:17
NekroJakubYes, right click the upper panel, click add to panel00:17
canthonymeta and Pizarro, go to System -> Administration ->Update Manager00:17
claygNekroJakub, thanks man that was kiling me00:18
buntoowKDesk--> i guess you can try to modify that sources.list and put the repo url you are interested in, but you may get redirected anyways..try it00:18
QRZCoJaBo-Eee: I've got some scripts that make my life easier.  They monitor my raid and send me e-mail if any anomalies come up.00:18
NekroJakubNekroJakub: I'm thankful that I could help, so np.00:18
NekroJakubWait wtf00:18
bobbiembuntoow, i found what you pasted. now what do i do with it?00:18
NekroJakubclayg: np xD00:18
vitamin-carrotgood afternoon00:18
Pizarrocanthony, done00:18
metai have 5 update i do it right now :)00:18
buntoowbobbiem--> try and install same plugins00:18
NekroJakubOkay people, I'm a gamer but I'm in love with Linux. How can I make my games work on Linux? I heard of Wine, I heard of a Virtual Machine, but the first is not very compatible, and the second I hear uses only a set amount of RAM...00:18
canthonyPizarro, do you see packages for network manager00:19
m3ld0nubuntu the best!!00:19
canthonyPizarro, or did you already update00:19
QRZCoJaBo-Eee: If you want them, send me an e-mail: rob at pectol dot com00:19
vitamin-carrotNekroJakub: what kind of games you into?00:19
Pizarrocanthony, I am afraid I already did this, since no new package from the updater00:19
skylarSis there a convenient way to "reboot" the video?00:19
metai need to restart im back in 2min00:19
canthonyPizarro, you may need to click "check", im not sure i do everything from the terminal00:19
ReilithionWhy would gdm or Xorg behave differently after I log out than they did the first time the computer booted up?00:20
furenkuhello! my keyboard settings keep being erased every time I restart my computer. I try to set "latin american" as default; but everytime I start, the keys follow the "USA" layout00:20
Pizarrocanthony, yes I clicked on "check" but I am already updated00:20
NekroJakubvitamin-carrot: I play lots of them! DMC4, DoW, Warcraft III sometimes, some Savage 2 (but that has a Linux client), Spider-Man games...00:20
fosco__skylarS: restart the X server00:20
NekroJakubThat's my problem... :/00:20
HiltonHey all. I'm setting up a young-child-proof account on my Ubuntu install, but it needs to have no password. I've done some searches with Google, but none of the options presented worked. How can I set a blank password on an account?00:20
vitamin-carrotNekroJakub: you might want to take another look at wine ... and their app list at winehq00:21
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TimRhere is my link to the forum http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=974860    i need to figure how I can get my 56k to work for fax only00:21
vitamin-carrotNekroJakub: there are a number of how to's on the winehg website and also try linux-gamers.net00:21
NekroJakubvitamin-carrot: You really think so? I fear compatibility issues would literally kill me, so I'm dual-booting I think... Well, I'm on Wubi right now 'cause I'm scared to partition00:21
vitamin-carrotNekroJakub: i dual boot as well00:22
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats00:22
RhorseHilton, have you tried kidbuntu?00:22
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kidbuntu00:22
vitamin-carrotNekroJakub: you could look into linux based games that are similar to what you already play00:22
canthonyPizarro, hmm the software in that third party source should override the ones on your machine.  check your software sources to make sure its there00:22
H|V_3ala2guys need help00:22
bobbiembuntoow, what do i have to do to install them?00:22
NekroJakubvitamin-carrot: A sad truth, ain't it? Games are only written for Windows...00:22
canthonyPizarro, i actually just did this today so i can get into my work VPN00:23
H|V_3ala2I have problem installing ubuntu on my desktop that has 2 graphic cards00:23
vitamin-carrotNekroJakub: try looking here http://gaming.gwos.org/doku.php00:23
Pizarrocanthony, but what I try to tell you is that I already did the step of adding those new respositeries00:23
prontoSo I have a ISO of a dvd movie i backed up , whats the best way to burn to a DVD-R to play on any dvd player?00:23
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vitamin-carrotthe usual ID engine games and some from epic work nativly on ubuntu00:23
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RhorseSri, Hilton kidbuntu is still in idea stage! 8 |00:23
mmcjifor postfix communication do I just need to have port 25 and port 110 forwarded to my server?00:24
buntoowbobbiem--> try this link http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/flash#installing00:24
Pizarrohowever even no new packages, the system is asking me to reboot00:24
canthonyPizarro, ahh i see you already did that before i said anything?00:24
vitamin-carrotNekroJakub: I found that ut2004 has better framerates on ubuntu than on windows00:24
ActionParsnipyo yo yo00:24
Mixed_--_wut up00:24
balazsbela_hello all00:24
H|V_3ala2som1 help00:24
balazsbela_what's the command to remove all kde4 packages00:24
ActionParsnipH|V_3ala2: ask away00:24
Mixed_--_!ot | Mixed_--_00:24
ubottuMixed_--_, please see my private message00:24
Pizarrocanthony, yes, I followed the posts on the launchpad without success00:25
ActionParsnipbalazsbela_: dpkg -l | grep kde400:25
H|V_3ala2I have a prblim installin ubuntu 8.10 on my desktop that has 2 graphic cards00:25
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ReilithionHilton: Go to Computer ->system configuration -> login screen setup -> general tab.  There should be an option there for automatic login.  Could that help?00:25
TimRcan anybody help me to get my 56k modem to work00:25
canthonyPizarro, ahh im not sure then, it sounds more like you should just double check all your info for your VPN connection00:25
ActionParsnipbalazsbela_: i dont know how you'd go about scripting a remove coomand for that but those are the kde4 apps00:25
H|V_3ala2screen doesn't apear right after booting screen00:26
Pizarrocanthony, Ok, I am going to re-boot again and I let you know00:26
balazsbela_yeah but it would be better to check their version00:26
balazsbela_I know there was a command that did that00:26
balazsbela_but too complex to remember it00:26
canthonyPizarro, im peacin out to a hockey game but god luck00:26
LWATCDRI just installed a new video card an ATI 3870. Ubuntu installed the right driver but now it will not see my monitor.00:26
sparrforcedeth is assigning my NIC a random MAC because (i believe, per other mailing list threads) the MAC is stored backwards.  How can I force it to use a particular MAC instead of a random MAC in this case?00:26
LWATCDRI am stuck with 640x48000:26
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ActionParsnipbalazsbela_: the version number is displayed in the output of my command too00:27
LWATCDRAnbody know how I can get Ubuntu to find the monitor without editing xorg?00:27
canthonyon a final note does anyone know if its possible to save as docx in OO300:27
billybigriggerLWATCDR, sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg i believe00:27
metacanthony, i have the same problem00:27
ActionParsnipH|V_3ala2: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-58773.html00:28
vitamin-carrotHey i have a question00:29
etoDcan someone help me with the probelm that the installer says it cannot mount one of my partitions?00:29
vitamin-carrotis there such a thing as an ubuntu certified engineer?00:29
Mixed_--_how do I make it so my login manager displays the nick and all you have to do is type the password as in the kde login manaer?00:29
BowtrikVitamin-carrot is that a joke? XD00:29
vitamin-carrotBowtrik: Nope00:30
vitamin-carrotBowtrik: Novell has them00:30
vitamin-carrotBowtrik: MS ha shtem00:30
vitamin-carrotBowtrik: why not Ubuntu00:30
vitamin-carrotBowtrik: ???00:30
TimRyou could get linux00:30
BowtrikVitamin-carrot: I know what you mean. But I don't know the answer! XD00:30
vitamin-carrotBowtrik: sigh00:30
ReilithionHilton: I'm not even sure I put that right.  In any case, I think there's a way to allow a /blank/ password, but you would have to be certain not to allow remote logins.00:30
vitamin-carrotTimR: linux certigied?00:30
TimRyes vitamin00:31
BowtrikTimr: No wai.00:31
vitamin-carrotTimR: now im interested00:31
Pizarrometa, did you solve the issue?00:31
TimRhell cisco have them also00:31
zzlanyone try ubuntu 8.10 on a sony vaio vgn-nr110e?00:32
ActionParsnipvitamin-carrot: you can be LPA certified00:32
ReilithionMedium annoyance - After I log out, the graphical interface goes away.  Xorg logs show the VESA module failing to detect a display.  Help?00:32
TimRim about ready to give up on ubuntu with no support for 56k modems00:32
vitamin-carrotActionParsnip: LPA?00:32
Bogaurd_I was transferring data with dd and i got an i/o error. is it possible to resume from the point of failure? i know how many bytes were transferred - can I do it by using skip= and seek=?00:32
vitamin-carrotActionParsnip: Define00:32
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zzlTimR: what are you talking about? there's ehternet, just plug it in your port00:33
TimRim trying to setup a fax server00:33
ActionParsnipvitamin-carrot: LPA == linux professional Admin, it teaches you fundamental linux which can be used across all distros00:33
mintsoupI have just installed 8.10 on my desktop, and got it connected to my home LAN network, but I cannot resolve hostnames for computers within the LAN.  There was no problem with this in previous versions of ubuntu if I recall correctly... did the configuration change?00:33
ardchoilleActionParsnip: you mean LPI?00:33
r00tintheb0xwhois rose28ans00:33
=== usser__ is now known as usser
ardchoilleActionParsnip: http://www.lpi.org/00:34
BowtrikHow does I change my name color?00:34
Flare183!language | r00tintheb0x00:34
ubottur00tintheb0x: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.00:34
zzlr00tintheb0x: she's fucking advertising00:34
ussermintsoup, are your other machines windows?00:34
ussermintsoup, there was no problem theres just a little tweaking u have to do00:34
r00tintheb0xlol zzl00:34
vitamin-carrotActionParsnip: this topic interests me and i wish to subscribe to your weekly magazine00:34
mintsoupyes, but the computer I'm trying to connect to is an ubuntu server00:34
BowtrikAlso, anyone wanna IM me and run me through setting up MySQL on Amarok?00:34
BowtrikSays it is faster.00:35
ussermintsoup, for that you have to have a dns server setup on your lan00:35
metaPizarro, No00:35
TimRso does anybody know a good 56k modem that will work with Ubuntu 8.04 with out any problems00:35
ActionParsnipvitamin-carrot: magazine? I dont have a magazine00:35
zzli dont know00:35
=== appserver__ is now known as app_server
alinahi. I have a Chicony Keyboard and after installing xserver-xgl my keyboard layout is misconfigured. The Superkey dont works.00:35
TimRbecause Im about ready go back to windows00:35
vitamin-carrotActionParsnip: lol sorry i was being an idiot00:35
BowtrikTimR: I would think you could find that on Google really easily with a search. Compatibility list or something.00:36
zzlTimR: why?00:36
TimRi did that and no luck00:36
mintsoupusser: what does that entail?  .. i have ssh clients installed on all my windows machines and I can ssh into the server from them just fine.. why can't i ssh to my server from this computer?00:36
zzljust plug ethernet cable to your port00:36
TimRzzl i have that right now00:36
ussermintsoup, aha i see.00:36
TimRi am trying to make a fax server00:36
BowtrikSomeone help TimR out! He's going to leave us! XD00:36
TimRyou cant fax over on ethernet port00:36
zzlI know no knowledge of such things00:37
ussermintsoup, in that case wins does name resolution00:37
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about mom00:37
ussermintsoup, you need a winbind package installed on linux client for it to be able to use wins00:37
ussermintsoup, ie sudo apt-get install winbind00:37
alinahi. I have a Chicony Keyboard and after installing xserver-xgl my keyboard layout is misconfigured. The Superkey dont works.00:37
ajhtiredwolf Hey what is the correct way to add the comand to remove and or add a module in rc.local? I know you would do rmmod *module* but you have to put the location of the module not just the name right?00:37
zzlany BIG changes in ubuntu 8.10?00:37
mintsoupok i'll check that out thanks00:37
ussermintsoup, then u have to edit /etc/nsswitch.conf00:37
BowtrikTimR: I wish I could help also, but I am an Ubuntu noobie myself.00:37
ubottuIf you have been banned it is probably because you have not gone along with what is acceptable !behaviour. If you're not sure what acceptable !behaviour is please see !Etiquette and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines - If you think the ban was a mistake, please join #ubuntu-ops00:38
TimRi have been on this thing for 12+ hours00:38
* Pizza has ubuntu 8.1000:38
Pizzaand it rox00:38
TimRand no luick00:38
IndyGunFreakzzl: seems the backports now have the new atheros driver, so they work well w/o madwifi now.. thats the only real thing i've noticed(other than updated programs, etc..)00:38
=== pyRunner is now known as prometheusUnboun
zzlpizza: is there any BIG changes?00:38
ussermintsoup, so that it reads something like that http://pastebin.com/f21a2ac0100:38
alinahi. I have a Chicony Keyboard and after installing xserver-xgl my keyboard layout is misconfigured. The Superkey dont works.00:38
zzlindygunfreak: may i PM you?00:38
BowtrikPizza: I'm happy you are enjoying the new OS. XD00:38
IndyGunFreakzzl: i guess...00:38
Pizzamy drivers work in LIVE CD now00:38
izzy200198cant boot live cd00:38
ed__NEED HElP PLEASE...... i have installed age of conan using wine and the guys in winehq told me to enable composite... i am using ubuntu 8.10 with nvidia driver installed.. please advise..00:38
Pizzabut i installed it00:39
ussermintsoup, you need to basically add wins after files in those two lines00:39
mintsoupusser: ok lemme do that real fast and see if it makes a difference00:39
BowtrikAnyone think they can help me configure MySQL for Amarok?00:39
=== prometheusUnboun is now known as pyRunner
platiusTimR; http://tldp.org/HOWTO/Modem-HOWTO-2.html   have you read this?00:40
the-ermhey can a moderator please band rose28ans they are spamming00:40
eirik_i have a mouse issue in Intrepid. hard to describe. when hovering the cursor over program elements such as buttons or any other manipulable element, the cursor tends to stick on the edge of an element, and if i attempt to move the cursor to where i need to click, it will do a jump of maybe 20 pixels. i'm trying to google for info but haven't found anything on this specific issue yet. a friend of mine has the same problem00:40
zzl!ban rose28ans00:41
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ban rose28ans00:41
mintsoupusser: is there a service i should restart after making the change to nsswitch.conf?00:41
ussermintsoup, sudo /etc/init.d/winbind restart && sudo dhclient00:41
ussermintsoup, dhclient if u use dhcp00:41
linux02can anyone help with compiz on ubuntu 8.04?00:42
vitamin-carrotanother question00:42
linux02im running ATI Technologies Inc M9+ 5C61 [Radeon Mobility 9200 (AGP)] (rev 01)00:42
kenoiseirik_: can you please click on my tourism site, plz :]00:42
vitamin-carrotis i possible to lock down internet usage from apps running in wine?00:42
linux02it cant find anything that would help on net00:42
Pizarrovpn issue solved00:42
the-ermwow ... everything is broken today.00:43
TimRalright I guess I will be switching it windows server 200300:43
ActionParsnipthe-erm: always is00:43
mintsoupusser, thanks that did it!00:43
Pizzalinux02: download ati drivers from ati site00:43
Pizzarun them as root00:43
ussermintsoup, no problem00:43
the-ermSo much for figuring out why my internet connection will work on one account, and not others.00:43
linux02i'll give it a try thanks00:43
Pizzalol 1428 users00:43
Pizzai never been to server with that many people00:43
BowtrikPizza: Yeah there's a lot of people.00:44
ardchoillePizza: that many users here is typical after a new release00:44
BowtrikPizza: Haven't really had much luck in getting any of my own answers. XD00:44
* Pizza has a friend named google00:45
dulakthere was 1600+ in here the week before intrepid was released00:45
dulakit went down after release00:45
scotlfsHi, does anyone know how to configure a SoundBlaster X-Fi? I can only find vague references on the internet00:45
Pizzai use google first00:45
goat|lappydulak: thats common00:45
the-ermYa but google doesn't always work when you're dealing with a problem with common words.00:45
goat|lappydulak: same happened with hardy00:45
the-ermOr it takes a paragraph to explain the problem.00:45
vanbergeso does anyone remember how to turn syntax highlighting on in vi on 8.10 ?  i edited /etc/vim/vimrc to uncomment syntax on.  but that doesnt work00:46
the-ermvanberge: is there a vim?00:46
codyzappis there anything that plays sound from wmv files on ubuntu?00:47
lordofthepigsHello, How can I access the advanced Compiz configuration in intrepid?00:47
BowtrikPizza: Google can be so confusing, with a billion results for each question00:47
the-ermI've seen vi and vim mentioned so many times together.00:47
goat|lappythe-erm: yes, vim is the gnu version of vi00:47
vanbergethe-erm, i would suppose so... when i type vim it runs00:47
nosevanberge: sudo apt-get emacs00:47
grokenwhat is a socket link in terms of file permissions?00:47
vanbergenose - psh.  neg.00:47
BowtrikPizza: At least here, there will only be 1400 results at the most. :D00:47
dulakvim is vi improved, vi + a lot of extra stuff00:47
zzlI can't wait to try out Ubuntu 8.10~~~~~~00:48
Bowtrikzzl: What are you waiting for?00:48
egofluxsome of the songs i sync to the ipod with amarok wont play...they're just skipped..any ideas why?00:48
Bowtrikzzl: Still downloading?00:48
goat|lappyegoflux: are they purchased songs?00:48
goat|lappyegoflux: what filetype?00:48
zzlfor shipIT to send my cd. :)00:48
egofluxand some00:49
Bowtrikzzl: I couldn't wait. I downloaded and burned my own.00:49
vanbergethe-erm, i guess not00:49
goat|lappyegoflux: most purchased songs are drm protecte00:49
vitamin-carrotcould you use firestarter to determin what applications access the net and which dont?00:49
zzlyou are lucky bowtrik00:49
ussergroken, what do u mean?00:49
vanbergethe-erm, i was using vimtiny with a ln to vim00:49
Bowtrikzzl: Do they send you a CD in a neat, pretty package?00:49
zzlnot really00:49
zzljust a paper case00:50
Bowtrikzzl: Ah00:50
Cann0noh shit. wtf am i doing in ubuntu...00:50
zzlsometimes with some neat stickers00:50
=== chris4585-2 is now known as chris4585
Bowtrikzzl: I might get it for the stickers. XD00:50
zzlhi faggot00:50
vitamin-carroti smell a ban coming on00:50
Cann0nIMAFAGGOT: how old are you?00:50
FloodBot3IMAFAGGOT: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:50
=== Jguy2 is now known as Jguy
Cann0nonly 13 year old boys do that shit00:50
egofluxgoat|lappy: ok, but songs from the same album will randomly work or not00:50
cmdbbqi am looking for a better audio editing program than audacity and i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions; when I say better, i just mean better suited to my purposes; i just want to cut sections of audio out of longer mp3's00:51
powertool08can somebody help me with a UUID automount problem? after restart my internal and external drives show up as UUID and won't mount with error feature only available with HAL00:51
zzlfucking Cap locks00:51
scotlfsDoes anyone know how to configure a SB X-Fi card?00:51
zzlturn that sh!t off00:51
blip-i got "fix ? no" on all points in the ext3 fsck, what does that mean ? is there anything i can do now to recover my data ?00:51
BowtrikMan I want more scrambled eggs.00:52
blip-i did fsck -n /dev/sda800:52
egofluxgoat|lappy: hmmm00:52
egofluxjust realized it's the whole album...00:52
goat|lappyegoflux: yeah, i cant think of any other reasons why amarok would skip those songs :-)00:53
zer0owatch www.zeithgeistmovie.com and join thevenusproject.com00:53
bastonesHi all. I'm not sure what version of the Belkin F5D7050 I have so I can't check the version  (if there is a way to find out please let me know). Is my BELKIN F5D7050 natively supported by Ubuntu 8.10?00:53
the-ermperhaps the whole dir is missing.00:53
egofluxgoat|lappy: it doesn't skip them...they sync...the ipod skips them when i try to play them00:53
=== myrmidons is now known as pyRunner
zzl>HI IM A FAGGOT00:53
goat|lappyegoflux: ahh,  that i wouldn't know how to upport00:54
blip-is it all over ?  my ext3 partition is lost ?    is there something better than fsck that can repair the problems ?00:54
PeskyJwhen logged in as users other than the main user, why don't I get a "always use this application to open this file type" check box in the "open with" dialogue?00:54
grokenusser: when i run ls -la, i get this as the perms: srw-r--r--00:54
blip-it's my /home if that matters00:54
zer0owrong link... www.zeitgeistmovie.com :D00:54
bastonesHi all. I'm not sure what version of the Belkin F5D7050 I have so I can't check the version  (if there is a way to find out please let me know). Is my BELKIN F5D7050 natively supported by Ubuntu 8.10?00:55
bamball2ls -lrt00:56
lordofthepigsHello, How can I access the advanced Compiz configuration in intrepid?00:56
zzlbastones:belkin sucks. I have the exact same router00:57
ActionParsnipbastones: its not the make or model thats important00:57
zzlit's cheap looking00:57
ActionParsnipbastones: its whats under the hood00:57
bastonesso should I just see if it works and if not use ndiswrapper?00:57
ActionParsnipbastones: oh, if its a router it will adhere to the ISO standards so will be compatible00:57
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like Freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit00:57
cmdbbqlordofthepigs: install the compiz settings manager00:58
goat|lappylordofthepigs: apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager00:58
vitamin-carrotlolz netsplit00:58
ActionParsnipbastones: if you run lsusb00:58
bastonesits an adapter, so I'm unsure if its natively supported by Ubuntu00:58
PixelSmackwow, someone offended the masses ;-)00:58
ActionParsnipbastones: you will see what it is and can websearch from there00:58
jvargasi have problems installing a tv card00:58
bastonesok cool00:58
jvargaspinneacle. could someone guide me?00:59
ActionParsnipbastones: doesnt matter what it says on the plastic casing of any adapter00:59
jvargasi already loaded bttv module but it doesnt find any channel00:59
bastonesok so shall I try to see if it'll connect first of all see if its supported and if not run that command?00:59
lordofthepigsthanks cmdbbq goat|lappy01:00
goat|lappy!hi | shaytan01:00
ubottushaytan: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!01:00
shaytan!hi | goat|lappy01:01
ubottugoat|lappy: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!01:01
ActionParsnipbastones: yeah, if all else fails you can ndiswrapper01:01
cmdbbqanyone here do audio editing?01:01
shaytani have a problem with my taskbars they crashed???01:01
shaytanhow to restore?01:01
bastonesactionparsnp - will I have to download the NDISwrapper because I'm getting Ubuntu from Wubi?01:01
angeloHi Guys - Just loaded up Ubuntu  v8.10    I have a windows share I need to access but cant seem to work it out on Ubunto using windows network commands  \\server\sharename   ANy ideas ?01:02
cmdbbqi am looking for something like audacity, or perhaps more basic, with pulseaudio support01:02
the-ermcmdbbq: I have in the past, but audacity isn't that good at it, simple things like dragging a track is a pain.01:02
ActionParsnipangelo: smb://servername/sharename in your file browser01:02
cmdbbqthe-erm: yeah :) i am having many problems with audacity01:03
shaytani want to mi ssisisisisisisisisisiisissislag lag lag01:03
jinis there a tool with a gui to display an overview of the disc usage of my system?01:03
shaytani want to make this work piece of shit01:03
angeloActionParsnip, WIll try01:03
Sajuta!language | shaytan01:04
ubottushaytan: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.01:04
slurpeewhat is a nice linux alternatives to m$'s visual studios for c++ ?01:04
=== yell0w_ is now known as yell0w
cmdbbqjin yes under Application>Disk Usage Analyzer01:04
ActionParsnipslurpee: eclipse01:04
=== jrib is now known as Guest64524
shaytanhow to mount windows ntfs drivers in xubuntu??? is there a channel for xubuntu??01:04
angeloActionParsnip,  Tried but I get the error    Could not find "/home/angelo/smb:/gx280/linux01:04
nintendork32slurpee i would go with geany or eclipse01:05
Sajutashaytan: Yes, there is. #xubuntu.01:05
jincmdbbq, I don't have that. what is the program called?01:05
linojhey, i'm messing around with some old pc's i had hanging around, one has ubuntu loaded, i dont remember the user names but i'm pretty sure what my root passwd is01:05
bamball2i can read ur chinese01:05
PeskyJhow can I grant other users than the main user, permission to add and remove programs? (Add/Remove in the apps menu)?01:05
linojbut how do it log in as root? it says i cant from the Username prompt01:05
nintendork32slurpee: i use geany01:05
shaytanbut how to mount drivers from xubuntu?01:05
=== ballzee is now known as Sinister
zzl!language |shaytan01:05
ubottushaytan: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.01:05
ActionParsnipangelo: you put that in terminal didnt you?01:05
shaytan!language | zzl01:05
ubottuzzl: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.01:05
nintendork32slurpee: for an insta;; i believe you use "sudo apt-get install geany"01:05
aLeSDhi all01:05
slurpeeshaytan, sudo aptitude install samba sambaclient smbfs    mount -t smb //192.168.1.*/windowdir /mnt/linuxdir01:05
ActionParsnipPeskyJ: add them to the admin group01:05
the-ermcmdbbq: jokosher might work, I think it uses gstreamer for it's backend.01:06
=== Sinister is now known as Guest36150
angeloActionParsnip,   No sorry into nautilus - try aain01:06
ActionParsnipangelo: d'oh ;)01:06
Sajuta!chinese | jmks01:06
ubottujmks: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk01:06
the-ermthen again it might be a little more advanced than you need.01:06
slurpeeshaytan,  that should get in you in the right direction?01:06
shaytanslurpee what is that command for?01:06
slurpeethat would mount a directory on a windows xp machine on a linux box01:06
jmksthank you01:06
shaytanslurpee: that will mount my drivers?01:06
ActionParsnipslurpee: you missed the ; between the commands01:06
jmksi want to learn english01:07
=== lipsin_ is now known as lipsin
slurpeei menat for them to be 2 differnt types sorry01:07
shaytanslurpee: hope that works01:07
PeskyJActionParsnip: can they do anything then?01:07
angeloActionParsnip, tried  smb://gx280/linux01:07
=== Guest64524 is now known as jrib
angeloActionParsnip, but says comandnot found01:07
shaytansudo aptitude install samba sambaclient smbfs    mount -t smb //192.168.1.*/windowdir /mnt/linuxdir this is correct?01:07
Gnea!ntfs | shaytan01:07
ubottushaytan: To view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE01:07
slurpeesudo aptitude install samba sambaclient smbfs01:08
angeloActionParsnip, angelo@NX9010:~$ sudo smb://gx280/linux01:08
angelosudo: smb://gx280/linux: command not found01:08
goat|lappy!root > linoj01:08
ubottulinoj, please see my private message01:08
slurpeemount -t smb //192.168.1.*/windowdir /mnt/linuxdir01:08
cmdbbqjin it is called baobab and is part of gnome-utils01:08
jincmdbbq, found it :)01:08
angeloActionParsnip, the share is valid but cant seem to see it ?  Hmmmmm01:08
cmdbbqtry editing your menu by right clicking and selecting edit menu, it may just not be listed01:09
dulakangelo: to mount a share you'd do mount -t smbfs //servername/sharename /mount/point/here01:09
cmdbbqjin cool01:09
ActionParsnipangelo: no, you paste it in nautilus / konqueror / whatever and it will browse to the location01:09
shaytani have a probl with taskbar i can't find it it crashed???01:09
zzlI love the Ubuntu wallpapers01:09
kris_I'm getting ready to slap ubuntu on my macbookpro, how do I tell which generation macbookpro I have?01:09
Gneashaytan: you said you're using xubuntu, right?01:09
jonathonhow do i see what my comp specs are by the term?01:09
dulakangelo: you can troubleshoot name lookups with nmblookup01:09
jonathonanddoes anyone in here play with ssh?01:10
zzllspci jonathon01:10
zzli believe01:10
Gneashaytan: okay, you should ask in the #xubuntu channel then, we don't know much about that here01:10
angeloActionParsnip,  OK will try01:10
ActionParsnipJonathanD: loads, wassup01:10
slurpeeJonathanD only when I want to log into my servers01:10
shaytanGnea: ok01:10
=== Guest36150 is now known as Sinister
Optikal__where can I change which extensions are mapped to which programs?01:10
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about defaultapps01:11
=== Sinister is now known as Guest48138
goat|lappyjonathon: lspci   lsusb  are two places to see the hardware01:11
jonathongoat|lappy,  thanks01:11
ActionParsnipOptikal__: http://linux.about.com/od/ubuntu_doc/a/ubudg10t10.htm01:11
cmdbbqthe-erm: thanks, i am DLing now01:11
PeskyJhow do you change the default application for registered file types?01:11
ActionParsnipOptikal__: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-215529.html01:11
slurpeeyour can cat random stuff in /proc to find hardware01:11
jonathonslurpee may i pm you?01:11
MiescoDoes jabber support voip yet?01:12
zzlis touchscreen available in ubuntu 8.10?01:12
cmdbbqi believe it does Miesco01:12
slurpeeJonathanD, you already tried ;/01:12
ReilithionWhy would Xorg or gdm behave differently after first logout than it did upon first booting up?01:12
ReilithionIf nobody knows, how could I find out?01:12
zzlI am planning to buy a touchscreen computer01:12
GneaOptikal__: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1519101:12
SajutaPeskyJ: You can right click on a file of that type, go to the Open With tab, and check there. You can also change it there.01:12
Miescocmdbbq: What client?01:12
linojgoat|lappy: is there any way to get in if all i know is the root password, or at least how to see what account names are on the box?01:13
zzlsudo -s01:13
shaytani need those commands for samba again please01:13
umanHi. how do i know where my removable usb dvd burner is mounted?01:13
cmdbbqi don't know of any linux clients that support video chat for linux over jabbar, but hold on while i check something01:13
linoji dont have a cmd line :/01:13
vitamin-carrotthats reminds me i need to install samba01:13
goat|lappylinoj:  have you tried connecting to the box via ssh?01:13
Sajutauman: Use the mount command in your terminal.01:13
=== speener is now known as egoflux
linojno, but i could try01:14
PeskyJSajuta: I don't get that option (logged in not as the main user)01:14
angelodulak, This is the error I get..... wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on //gx280/linux,01:14
ActionParsniplinoj: if you nano /etc/passwd01:14
fosco__uman: removable devices are mounted under /media directory01:14
dulakangelo: you are using mount -t smbfs?01:14
goat|lappylinoj: so you have the machine and you don't know any of the usernames on that machine?01:14
ActionParsniplinoj: you will see user names01:14
hubarIs there anyway to create a ram file system in memory? i have 3g memory on this machine,and I wanna allocate 1G memory to some files. (like kernel)01:14
jonathonslurpee think you can help me? as i am learning ssh for the first time and only know a few commands.01:14
egofluxgoat|lappy, found the solution01:14
Gnea!samba | shaytan01:14
ubottushaytan: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.  Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21209801:14
angelodulak,  I used ....sudo mount -t smbfs //gx280/linux /mnt/win101:15
egofluxgoat|lappy, all i did was change the tag version to: none on itunes...01:15
goat|lappyegoflux: nice01:15
dulakangelo: and if you do nmblookup gx280 does it return an ip?01:15
ActionParsniphubar: http://seobm.blogspot.com/2007/11/howto-make-ramdisk-in-ubuntu.html01:15
=== Guest48138 is now known as Sinister
PeskyJSajuta: actually I don't get it even as the main user any more!! I had that before though!01:15
angelodulak, I'll check  brb01:15
=== Sinister is now known as Guest58925
egofluxgoat|lappy, do u have any idea how the id3 tag could prevent the song from playing on the ipod?01:16
SajutaPeskyJ: I'm not sure if being logged in as someone with "administrator" status would help. Oh... hm. =/01:16
cmdbbqMiesco you may try empathy, it is in the repos, I know i read somewhere they were working on video/audio chat for their latest release, but i don't know if it was finished/which protocols it has been applied to01:16
slurpeeshaytan, i gave you the correct info01:16
Miescocmdbbq: thanks01:16
slurpeedid you even try the commands?01:16
angelodulak, Seemed ok........querying gx280 on gx280<00>01:16
goat|lappyegoflux: no, sorry01:17
EvolutionXtincthas anyone had any problem w/ U8.04 using Gnome -- Problem is transferring files from a HDD to a USB external HDD for some reason the window disappears about 25min into the transfer01:17
angelodulak, Any otherr ideas01:17
egofluxEvolutionXtinct, lol...that used to happen to me on widnows01:17
dulakangelo: try by ip: mount -t smbfs // /mnt/win101:17
EvolutionXtincti don't know how to look for the process to keep tabs on the transfer window but its getting annoying I'm trying to transfer over 400GB's of data and the stupid thing disappears now the 3rd time01:17
hubarActionParsnip: Thanks a lot!!01:17
cmdbbqMiesco: for what it is worth, wikipedia claims jabber supports a/v chat, but is silent on empathy's implementation01:17
angelodulak, ok brb01:18
EvolutionXtinctwell here's the thing guys01:18
EvolutionXtinctthis is a brand new Seagate 1TB external01:18
macocmdbbq: i believe empathy can do jingle01:18
nickrudEvolutionXtinct, why not just use cp ?01:18
EvolutionXtincti didn't format it at all so its NTFS01:18
GneaEvolutionXtinct: nope01:18
Miescocmdbbq: Okay01:18
EvolutionXtinctnickrud cuz for some reason i like to see the status01:18
ActionParsniphubar: np man01:18
GneaEvolutionXtinct: what driver did you use to mount it with?01:18
EvolutionXtinctwhen i see a blank line in CLI it makes me go nutz01:18
PeskyJin "open with other application" I used to get apps that had registered that file type at the top (which makes sense as they are most relevant), then a separator, then other apps, now I just get other apps, and no "always use this app" option, what has happened?01:18
mcphailEvolutionXtinct: nautilus is prone to dying when transferring01:18
EvolutionXtinctis it?01:19
GneaEvolutionXtinct: should be fine then... must be something else... can you pastebin the output of your dmesg command please?01:19
mcphailEvolutionXtinct: i think it may be "fixed" in current release. Check the GNOME release notes01:19
nickrudEvolutionXtinct, you could use cp --verbose01:19
EvolutionXtinctcp --verbose !?!?!?! i didn't know cp had that option01:19
angelodulak, got the following error......wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on //,       missing codepage or helper program, or other error       (for several filesystems (e.g. nfs, cifs) you might       need a /sbin/mount.<type> helper program)01:19
EvolutionXtinctsorry guys i have to run for a bit but ya.... i'll try cp --verbose haha01:20
dulakangelo: what version of ubuntu is it?01:20
* EvolutionXtinct is still a *nix n00b01:20
GneaEvolutionXtinct: if all else fails, man cp or man <anycommand> to get a better idea of what options those commands have :)01:20
angelodulak, 8.1001:20
dulakangelo: it's acting like it doesn't have the /sbin/mount.smbfs file01:20
nickrudEvolutionXtinct, didn't know for sure if there was an option for that:  man cp  was my goto guy01:20
=== Guest58925 is now known as Sinister
mcphailEvolutionXtinct: learn to love rsync ;)01:20
LetsGo67How do I play Rock Band in Ubuntu?01:20
=== Sinister is now known as Guest34025
dulakangelo: mmmm my 8.10 doesn't have it either but I can mount samba shares01:21
angelodulak, so I need to unpack or mount a package for  /sbin/mount.smbfs file ?01:21
zzlanyone know any excellent website for HD ubuntu wallpapers???01:21
dulakangelo: hold on I'm verifying01:21
angelodulak, thanks01:21
dulakangelo: sudo apt-get install smbfs01:21
dulakangelo: then the mount will work01:22
angelodulak ok will try brb01:22
nickruddulak, gnome-look.org, or deviantart.com01:22
GneaLetsGo67: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=596347 & http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=73434201:22
Gneaslurpee, zzl: yeah, laugh it up - you can plug the controllers into usb ports and use them... not to play the game, but to do your own music01:23
zzlusing wine gnea? to install the game?01:24
zzli was laughing at that part01:24
Gneai have no idea :) probably not though01:24
LetsGo67Gnea: yeah, thanks.  I got PS3 stuff, it all works fine, but where do I get the games?01:25
umanHi there. im trying to burn an iso with imgburn under wine, but imgburn wont detect my usb dvd burner... how can i fix this? thanks01:25
angelodulak,  seemed to work as it brings me back to prompt - how can I show mounted drives - I dont remember the command01:25
sabineHi, how to add custom dictionaries to OpenOffice/Hunspell?01:25
=== Guest34025 is now known as Sinister
GneaLetsGo67: i would suggest google. we aren't a game outlet.01:25
IndyGunFreakuman: why in the world would you do that?.. why not use gnomebaker, k3b, etc, or any linux native app?01:25
=== Xpisto1 is now known as akskfhikdsfuh
ActionParsnipuman: why dont you use gnomebaker or another native cd burning app?01:25
robert__help with multiple monitors__  every time i plug one in, either nautilus or something else crashes01:25
ActionParsnip!burning | uman01:25
ubottuuman: CD/DVD Burning software: K3b (KDE), gnomebaker, brasero, serpentine, graveman, Nautilus-CD-Burner, GToaster, xcdroast (GNOME), wodim (terminal-based). Burning .iso files: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto01:25
=== akskfhikdsfuh is now known as Xpisto1
LetsGo67Gnea, I tried Google.01:26
=== Sinister is now known as Guest43692
kittHey, this isn't really Ubuntu related but I figured some people here would probably know anyhow.  I'm trying to change out my light switch from toggle to dimmer.  I've connected together the black/red + black/white wires so far but am not sure what to do with the remaining green + white wires.  Anyone who has taken any EE know the answer?01:26
juannicolasHi, I need some help. I accidentally deleted my squid init file from /etc/init.d/ and I don't know how to restore it back01:26
sabine'add to dictionary' doesn't stay after closing the document01:26
ActionParsnip!ot | kitt01:26
ubottukitt: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!01:26
GneaLetsGo67: i have no idea then - maybe #gaming ?01:26
angelodulak,  seemed to work as it brings me back to prompt - how can I show mounted drives - I dont remember the command.01:26
umanbecause i need to burn an xbox 360 game iso and it needs a line (layer?) break , and when i set the line break in k3b in the settings, it wont save the seettings...01:26
LetsGo67No one there, Gnea.  Unsigned won't work with Wine.01:26
Gneakitt: #eletronics, perhaps?01:27
angelodulak, installed smbfs, what next?01:27
GneaLetsGo67: maybe you need to modify your google search, it's really an offtopic question for this channel.01:27
shaytanhelp!!! my taskbar panel isn't restoring on xubuntu... how to restore it??? i restarded xubuntu but thit not apear01:27
Doctor_N1ckbaaraack obammers01:27
Gneashaytan: dude, i TOLD you:  ask in #xubuntu01:27
shaytani asked01:28
shaytanno one01:28
Gneathen be patient.01:28
Gnea!patient | shaytan01:28
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about patient01:28
ActionParsnipshaytan: you need to head nito #xubuntu01:28
Gnea!patience | shaytan01:28
ubottushaytan: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines01:28
ActionParsnipshaytan: or #xfce01:28
zzl!language | shaytan01:28
ubottushaytan: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.01:28
umanHi there. im trying to burn an iso with imgburn under wine, but imgburn wont detect my usb dvd burner... how can i fix this? thanks01:28
shaytanhow to be patience when my taskbar isn't working01:28
umanAnyone know how i can know where my usb dvd burner is mounted so i can burn some iso in command line? thanks01:28
step21why use wine to burn an iso?01:28
Gneazzl: no need for that.01:28
pepperjackshaytan, nohup xfce4-panel&  <-- in a terminal i believe01:28
Gneashaytan: go make a pizza or something01:28
cmdbbqthe-erm: ok, so jokosher appears to be everything i was looking for, but for the life of me i can't figure out how to export, how do i export to mp3 when i am done editing?01:28
lucaxis there any compiz-fusion 0.7.8 repositories for hardy?01:29
LetsGo67Gnea, no matter what I do, no matter what I search, same useless info over and over again.01:29
huhmzHello. Does kvm support usb devices in such a way that one could plugg in an iPhone and have it work in a windows guest?01:29
GneaLetsGo67: you could try asking in #ubuntu-offtopic01:29
shaytanGnea i'd like to fix my problem first01:30
nickrudLetsGo67, and if you're trying to run it under wine, try #winehq01:30
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LetsGo67Thanks guys.01:30
Gneashaytan: you don't seem to understand the order of operations...01:30
umani need to burn an iso with growisofs in the terminal like this: growisofs -use-the-force-luke=dao -use-the-force-luke=break:1913760 -dvd-compat -speed=2 -Z /dev/cdrom=IMAGE.000 but dont know what device i have to use. either sr1 or scd1 ..its a usb dvd burner, which has some association with sr1 and scd1. but dont know which name to use. thanks01:31
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robert__need to use multiple monitors for work laptop... i plug in external and system freezes/crashes  help!!01:31
lucaxcompiz-fusion 0.7.8 repositories?01:31
Gneashaytan: did you try #xfce yet?01:31
angelohow can I show mounted drives?01:31
Gneaangelo: mount01:31
umanangelo "mount" command01:31
angelook ty01:31
ardnewok, question, ubuntu just finished installing brand new, the module snd_hda_intel is being loaded, but I need to pass an option to load it that isn't being passed01:31
ardnewwhere do I add that option01:31
ardnewI would normally do01:32
step21uman: well but that has nothing to do with wine ... how many hard drives/optical drives do you have?01:32
ardnewmodprobe snd_hda_intel model=3stack01:32
xianhi, i compiled a kernel from kernel.org for x86_64, but somehow the resulting image is called "linux-xenu-".. why is that? why isn't it called "linux-image...."?01:32
mankashhow to give +x right for a file to a user01:32
ardnewbut model=3stack isn't being passed01:32
nickrudardnew, you'd add a file to /etc/modprobe.d with the right option in it01:32
Gneaardnew: /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base01:32
* nickrud never alters ubuntu provided config files if there's any other option, and *.d provides it nicely01:33
burkesbythebayCan anyone hep I have Mounted a ext3 partition in my fstab and it is displaying on the desktop.  However i cant write to it.  But if i got to /media/sda3 i can.  How can i write to the drive on the desktop01:33
ardnewGnea: thanks01:33
mankashhow to give +x right for a file to a user01:33
ussermankash, sudo chmod o+x filename01:33
nickrudmankash, just one user, or all users?01:33
mankash1 user01:34
lakis1982do u know how can i uninstall openoffice 3 ???01:34
Sajutaburkesbythebay: Did you give it rw or ro access in fstab?01:34
goat|lappymankash: is that user the owner of the file?01:34
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robert__lakis1982 go to 'applications' add or remove01:34
nickrudmankash, then you'd need to either write a wrapper script only that person can run, or learn access control lists ;)01:34
goat|lappymankash: then usser's suggestion is right01:34
pepperjackmankash, chmod +x file.txt.  the long answer is to do a ls -l and look in left column --- --- and --- is owner group other so the owner position can be 0-7 since its binary and you have three positions - - and -  so you can chmod 777 file.txt etc01:34
mankashi logged in with that user01:34
goat|lappysudo chmod +x filename01:35
SegFaultAXmankash: create a new group, put that user in it, then chown it to that users group, then chmod the group to g+x01:35
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`SOLAnyone have a minute to pastebin their /etc/X11/app-defaults/XTerm and /etc/X11/app-defaults/XTerm-colors ? I merged an .Xresources file I found online and now xterm is ugly as fuck. =/01:35
goat|lappymankash: as you can see, there are many methods :-)01:35
SweetandyDoes ubuntu require an i686 proc?01:35
=== xpisto1 is now known as xpisto
lakis1982its not listed there01:35
ussergoat|lappy, o is actually for other owner is u01:35
=== xpisto is now known as spdgodsih
nickrudSegFaultAX's is the simplest, but I hate groups01:36
pepperjackmankash, i think that was the most confusing post i have ever made in #ubuntu apologies :)01:36
=== Sinister is now known as Guest66942
robert__lakis try synaptic package manager01:36
=== spdgodsih is now known as asvbiaufbvaidfuv
DoYouKnowSweetandy, I thought that I read i386 somewhere - possibly in the title for the x86 burned cd01:36
SegFaultAXnickrud: why do you hate groups? they are simple and elegant01:36
mcphailWhy create a group? He only wants +x for the file owner...01:37
kkojibandhi, my ubuntu can't find ATI Radeon HD 3850 graphic device, how can i use this?01:37
goat|lappyusser: thanks01:37
adam7`SOL: can you just delete the two files and reinstall the package that provides them?01:37
nickrudSegFaultAX, I have to remember to recreate them if I do fresh installs for one. And make sure I give it the same group number. acl's live on the disk01:37
SegFaultAXmcphail: well i started typing my response before he said that bit. regardless, it will work in any case01:37
=== asvbiaufbvaidfuv is now known as xpisto1
`SOLadam7: I could, but I'm not sure what else it may affect.01:38
SegFaultAXnickrud: thats why SA's create standard group tables so they can duplicate access control01:38
=== xpisto1 is now known as threethirt1
nickrudhahah. too organized.01:38
SegFaultAXnickrud: or just create your own skeleton group file, either way thats part of system config that SAs do all the time01:39
nickrudSegFaultAX, I bet you even take notes ;p01:39
SegFaultAXnickrud: actually i just write config scripts to do it all for me, so i dont have to remember the stupid details01:40
MaT-dglately my intrepid slows down very hard because some app is eating my cpu at random times, how can I determine wich app is misbehaving?01:40
nickrudSegFaultAX, but the reason I pointed you out was it is a good method, and orders of magnitude easier than mine01:40
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=== Generic is now known as Ashex
SajutaMaT-dg: System>Administration>System Monitor should help.01:41
buntoowMaT-dg--> top01:41
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speedcoreis there any good tool to unrar files?01:41
SegFaultAXnickrud: i disagree, i found your response creative, if a bit convoluted ;D01:41
`SOLspeedcore: unrar ;)01:41
goat|lappyspeedcore: file-roller?01:41
lakis1982do u know how can i install the any package with many plugins for audio and video so that i can play most videos and audio ? any codec pack ?01:41
speedcoreis that in the repo?01:41
ActionParsnip!rar | speedcore01:41
ubottuspeedcore: rar is a non-free archive format created by Rarsoft. For instructions on accessing .rar files through the Archive Manager view https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression. There is a free (as in speech) unrar utility as well, see !info unrar-free01:41
chadeldridgeAnyone out there have an XPS M1710 or anyone know if its possible to monitor the fans / temp in this system.  lm-sensors does not seem to be capable but communicating with anything but the motherboard thermal.01:41
ardchoillespeedcore: apt-cache search --names-only unrar01:41
=== threethirt1 is now known as xpisto1
SegFaultAXnickrud: afterall, ACL is a bag of worms most home users never tackle01:42
=== root is now known as jason123
burkesbythebaySajuta not sure can you tell me how so so i can ckeck01:42
Sajutalakis1982: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=76668301:42
speedcorethanx alot all of you =)01:42
linojso its a real old machine, i cant remember how to log in, what do it do next? boot from cd's? i just want to see whats on the hard drive, otherwise dont care if i bash the system01:42
nickrudSegFaultAX, the reason I learned acl's was maintaining writability in shared folders: g+s and the acl made sure it was writeable by all in the group. Didn't have to worry about umasks that way. If you have a simpler solution I'm all ears01:42
goat|lappylinoj: yes, boot from cd, mount the /  and look at the username through /etc/passwd01:43
Sajutaburkesbythebay: Well, did you edit the fstab yourself to mount that device?01:43
pepperjacklinoj, if its linux and using grub just boot it up and hit e to edit grub entry then e again after selecting kernel line then add  init=/bin/sh to the end of kernel line and hit b to boot.  you can then reset the password on the box in root shell01:43
SegFaultAXnickrud: ldap01:44
SegFaultAXnickrud: haha01:44
chrziz Is there any application equivalent to OphCrack for linux systems?01:45
=== Guest30315 is now known as Sinister
pepperjackchrziz, isnt ophcrack a linux distro?01:45
ardchoillechrziz: What does that app do?01:45
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SegFaultAXrainbow tables for LM hashes01:46
JOptionPaintanyone from malaysia??01:46
SegFaultAXessentially cracks windows passwords based on pre generated hash tables01:46
xianhow do i tell update-initramfs to create an initrd-image for a custom kernel?01:46
chrzizpepperjack: yes indeed it is a distro, i was wondering if they had an equivalent for linux systems01:47
chrzizardchoille: Ophcrack cracks all the passwords for the users on a system, it runs of a live cd01:47
SegFaultAXchrziz: actually i dont think it is. there is a livecd with it installed and configured, but the distro itself is based on knoppix i believe01:47
JOptionPaintbut is it works on vista?01:47
ubottuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic01:48
SegFaultAX!offtopic | chrziz01:48
ubottuchrziz: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!01:48
ardchoillechrziz: if some one has physical access to the machine, they needn't bother with cracking passwords01:48
i_ate_godHey, isn't there a way in gnome to force all icons on the desktop to be the same size?01:49
chrzizardcoille: thanks01:49
taconehow to get the hostname of a computer on the local network ? (using the terminal)01:49
MunchkinguyIs the Totem BBC Plugin supposed to be doing anything right now?01:49
sbingnerok can somebody tell me how I configure what effects compiz uses?01:49
ardchoilletacone: hostname01:49
i_ate_godsbingner: you need another package for it01:50
sbingneri_ate_god, happen to know which?01:50
SegFaultAXardchoille: thats a pretty antequated way to look at things. you might be able to gain root access from grub, but if my home partition is encrypted your not going to mount it without my password01:50
i_ate_godsbingner: : hol don01:50
=== Guest34278 is now known as Sinister
taconeardchoille: i couldn't find how to use hostname to the get the hostname of another computer. can you help me ?01:50
i_ate_godsbingner: compizconfig-settings-manager01:50
angelo sudo mount -t smbfs // /mnt/win1  <-- nothing shows up in /mnt/win1  what do I need to do pls?01:50
i_ate_godsudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager01:50
i_ate_godit'll install a compiz configuration tool01:50
=== Sinister is now known as Guest93404
* sbingner nods01:51
i_ate_godthat you'll find under System -> preferences01:51
ActionParsnipangelo: i think its smbmount you need01:51
sbingneri_ate_god, yup thats it -- thanks01:51
angeloActionParsnip, what do you mean?01:51
CoJaBo-EeeAnyone know if Linux can recognize a 2-drive USB enclosure?01:51
angeloActionParsnip,  sudo smbmount -t smbfs // /mnt/win1   ?01:52
remuHey everyone, I was looking in System Monitor under the "Process" tab. There, all of the processes are listed as either do_poll or do_select under the "waiting channel" heading. Is this normal?01:52
ActionParsnipangelo: http://www.linux-noob.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=140401:52
angeloActionParsnip, no need to be rude01:52
mgolischCoJaBo-Eee: no idea,does it require special drivers in windows? then it will mostlikely not01:52
pepperjackCoJaBo-Eee, it should just work. i mean if you plug it in and do a dmesg | tail you should see each partition sdc sdc1 sdc2 sdd sdd1 sdd2 etc01:52
ActionParsnipangelo: I wasnt rude was I?01:52
pepperjackCoJaBo-Eee, id think01:52
SegFaultAXCoJaBo-Eee: does it happen to have a built in raid controller?01:53
angeloActionParsnip, you can help if you want01:53
=== jelmer_ is now known as Guest29580
shaytan666hey, how do i register my nickname?01:53
ardchoilleshaytan666: /msg nickserv help register01:53
ActionParsnipangelo: the page is pretty conclusive. give it a go :)01:53
angeloActionParsnip, that comnand u gave says: Mounting the DFS root for domain not implemented yet01:54
ActionParsnipangelo: how was I rude?01:54
egofluxgod this is taking for ever01:54
angeloActionParsnip,  sudo smbmount -t smbfs // /mnt/win1   <--- useless01:54
goat|lappyActionParsnip: it must have been the domain of your link :-D01:54
CoJaBo-EeeThe one I am looking at is a NSA2-S350U, unless I can find something cheaper. I don't think it requires special drivers, its just supposed to show up as 2 drives.01:55
ActionParsnipangelo: its jus a site, i dont pick the domain names. Its got information on it that can help you do what you need01:55
ActionParsnipangelo: i wouldnt care if it was called www.linuxsucks.com01:55
=== Guest93404 is now known as Sinister
angeloActionParsnip, yes, thanks, i will read it01:55
usserangelo, sudo mount -t cifs // /mnt/win1  ???01:55
angelousser,  sudo mount -t smbfs // /mnt/win1  <-- nothing shows up in /mnt/win1  what do I need to do pls?01:56
=== Sinister is now known as Guest57804
usserangelo, no error message?01:56
angelousser, no01:56
angelousser, but when I look in /mnt/win1 no files show01:57
usserangelo, are there any files on the remote share?01:57
angelousser, any ideas?01:57
angelousser, yes01:58
goat|lappyangelo: paste what shows in mount01:58
angelogoat|lappy, ok01:58
burkesbythebaySajuta:  This is the line in my fstab     /dev/sda3                                  /media/sda3    ext3        auto,defaults,rw             0  001:58
lakis1982_To continue, hit ok and we will try to recover. If you close the application now, we will not do anything and you may try to resolve the problem manually.01:58
lakis1982_(If you suspect this is a bug in Adept, please also provide the following exception description in the report).01:58
lakis1982_The error was:01:58
lakis1982_APT Error. Context:01:58
lakis1982_    Running dpkg,01:58
FloodBot1lakis1982_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:58
lakis1982_    [ /usr/bin/dpkg, --status-fd, 3, --configure, openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us, plasmoid-weather ],01:58
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)01:59
leohartxhow do i install pcsx2 and psx /01:59
Sajutaburkesbythebay: Okay. That looks good. Now, the shortcut on your desktop is to /media/sda3?01:59
usserangelo, sorry im not sure whats going on there02:00
angelogoat|lappy, http://paste.ubuntu.com/69433/02:00
angelousser, thats my mount02:00
burkesbythebayi have to go be back in an hour thanks02:01
WIGGMPkI am having a problem with file associates.. At first it was simple, things just not opening with file-roller, debian packages not opening with gdebi-gtk, but not my images (like .png, .jpg, etc) are opening with Firefox Browser, Sunbird, and GIMP instead of the default image preview thing.. How do I rectify this02:01
=== Guest57804 is now known as Sinister
HorizonXPhey, how do I bind my play/pause keys to use mpc to control mpd instead?02:02
angelogoat|lappy, any ideas?02:02
TetracommDoes anyone know of any software for Linux that can make headphones sound more like speakers?02:03
angelousser, did u see nmy mount paste?02:03
crdlbHorizonXP: if you run the sonata mpd client, it can automatically grab the gnome media keys (other clients might work too)02:04
chattterAtUbuntuhey, new monitor on system & ubuntu's driving monitor higher than monitor can read/take, so i cant see anything.02:05
chattterAtUbuntuis there an easy way i can get it to reprobe the monitor from command line, booting recovery mode?02:05
chattterAtUbuntuif not, then is there a config file i could edit to drop refresh rate?02:05
HorizonXPcrdlb: so i have to keep sonata running?02:05
goat|lappyangelo: i haven't been following your troubleshooting, but it seems that you have the network drive mounted,  whether you have privileges to access that ip /linux is another question02:05
angelogoat|lappy, so what u recommend I do?02:05
crdlbHorizonXP: there might also be an mpd client which just grabs the media keys, but if not, you would need to keep sonata running02:05
goat|lappywhat is the smb mount your trying to access, a linux system or windows?02:06
zabbadappHow to get a delay for the "Focus follow mouse"? Some apps can't handle it.02:06
shaytan666how do i mount a driver using samba?02:06
goat|lappyshaytan666: what are you trying to accomplish?02:07
=== Junee_moetz is now known as cuTe_ghUrL
shaytan666i want to open ntfs drivers02:07
=== Tetracomm is now known as kompulsa_dot_com
shaytan666to mount them02:07
goat|lappyshaytan666: i think you mean drives not drivers02:07
HorizonXPcrdlb: thing is, i like using ncmpcpp for my GUI if I need it. i just want the multimedia keys to quickly pause and play02:07
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about smbmount02:07
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.  Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21209802:08
HorizonXPcrdlb: might try to write something in python for myself...02:08
step21shaytan666: samba has nothing to do with mounting ntfs drives02:08
dulakshaytan666: you want to mount a windows network share, or an ntfs drive installed in your computer?02:08
crdlbHorizonXP: there's no harm in using both of course ...02:08
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like Freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit02:08
goat|lappyangelo: did we loose you?02:08
Optimus997Hello everyone02:09
crdlbHorizonXP: sonata is written in python, so you could try stripping out everything other than the media key grabbing if you're feeling adventurous02:09
Spreadsheeti /clear02:09
angelogoat|lappy, im here02:09
goat|lappyangelo: what is the smb mount your trying to access, a linux system or windows?02:09
HorizonXPcrdlb: I know. it's just that sonata is more than i need, and i'd like to have my memory footprint minimized. and yeah, that's an idea, thanks :)02:09
shaytan666what  is samba for?02:10
Spreadsheetwhy does pidgin on ubuntu put freenode servers as "ubuntu servers"?02:10
angelogoat|lappy, tryong to access my winXP folder02:10
Spreadsheeti see irc.ubuntu.com02:10
crdlbSpreadsheet: because it points to irc.ubuntu.com02:10
pangloss!samba | shaytan66602:10
ubottushaytan666: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.  Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21209802:10
Spreadsheetbut its really irc.freenode.net02:10
crdlbwhich is currently freenode, but might change at some point in the future02:10
Optimus997I am trying to compile a c++ project in ubuntu 6.06 LTS and i get this error http://paste.ubuntu.com/69438/02:10
Spreadsheeti see02:10
Optimus997can anyone help me out?02:10
Ramziim trying to ssh to a ubuntu 8.10 pc02:10
crdlbit's a pretty bad situation imho :/02:10
goat|lappyangelo: then i would suggest remounting with that username then02:10
angelogoat|lappy, what username?02:11
goat|lappyangelo:  sudo umount /mnt/win102:11
goat|lappyangelo: the username you login to your windows box with02:11
Optimus997can anyone help me out?02:12
vitamin-carrotanyone elses firefox not displaying images on google image search?02:12
killerbytehello everybody02:12
Sajuta!ask | Optimus99702:12
ubottuOptimus997: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:12
Optimus997I am trying to compile a c++ project in ubuntu 6.06 LTS and i get this error http://paste.ubuntu.com/69438/02:12
okidoki1i'm proud to say that i have no problem with ubuntu intrepid ibex02:12
killerbyteplease can somebody tell me can mount a partition using the gui in ubuntu?02:13
chattterAtUbuntuclick on "places" at the top of the screen02:14
killerbytechattterAtUbuntu, are you talking to me?02:14
okidoki1install storage device manager if you need a gui for mounting devices02:14
chattterAtUbuntuthe unmounted drive/partition should show as "Xgb media"02:14
ActionParsnipOptimus997: http://www.crystalballinc.com/ossmon/forum/msgs.oss?body=makefile&cmd=search&form%3Aid=form_search&search=Search02:14
selinuxiumany body here use KVM/qemu? wanted to know about 64bit clients on 64bit system?02:14
mgolischOptimus997: upgrade your autoconf version02:15
Optimus997mgolisch its already latest version02:16
=== bruenig_ is now known as bruenig
ardchoilleOptimus997: you on Ubuntu 6.06?02:16
mgolischOptimus997: what version is it?02:16
KarlsBergI have a Acer Aspire One, i dowload the madwifi-hal current version, make, make install, sudo modprobe ath_pci later add the ath_pci to te modules file, and reboot, and no.. i cannot see the interface fom iwconfig or ifconfig,02:16
Optimus997Yes i am using 6.0602:16
mgolischit has to be  Autoconf 2.59c atleast02:16
mgolischthats the first version that had those makros its complaining about not finding in your paste02:17
mgolischso your version is probably older02:17
Optimus997its 2.5902:17
chattterAtUbuntuubuntu's overdriving new monitor, so i cant see anything.02:17
chattterAtUbuntubooting in recovery mode, is there a command line command to get the sys to reprobe the monitor?02:17
chattterAtUbuntuif not, what/where config file can i manually edit refresh rate & resolution?02:17
killerbytechattterAtUbuntu, thank you02:17
chadeldridgeAnyone out there have an XPS M1710 or anyone know if its possible to monitor the fans / temp in this system.  lm-sensors does not seem to be capable but communicating with anything but the motherboard thermal.02:17
killerbyteokidoki1, i am looking for storage device manager now02:17
killerbyteokidoki1, thank you02:17
Optimus997how can i update it to 2.59c as whenever i type apt-get install autoconf it says its already in new version02:18
okidoki1KarlsBerg try this http://wireless.kernel.org/download/compat-wireless-2.6/compat-wireless-2008-11-08.tar.bz202:18
zxcfsdhi all02:18
okidoki1compile the code02:19
=== _jason is now known as jrib
okidoki1then make unload and make load02:19
KarlsBergokidoki1, you have one aspire one?=02:19
ardchoilleOptimus997: you would have to upgrade it manually, the package manager can't upgrade unless there is an update in the repos, and you're using 6.06 repos02:19
mgolischOptimus997: compile from source? search for backports or whatever02:19
KarlsBergand this packet is... ?02:19
goat|lappyangelo sudo mount -t smbfs -o username=<username on windows>,defaults,rw // /mnt/win102:19
* feng14 new02:20
ardchoillemgolisch: wouldn't compiling from source result in the same error?02:20
Optimus997Thanks everyone for help, I will try to update it now02:20
KarlsBergmm how i can the loaded module list in the kernel02:20
ardchoilleNergoth: Please that that elsewhere02:21
okidoki1karlsberg i think it includes drivers for all atheros devices02:21
z0d14kFirfox launches maximized bigger than the screen.  I can alt-tab to another app and right click to resize, but that doesn't work.  Nor does right-click to un-maxmimze.  Nor does alt-clicking and dragging to move so I can get to an edge and resize...  Any ideas?  I have killed it and restarted it, but that does nothing.02:21
KarlsBergokidoki1,  you have one aspire one?02:21
crdlbz0d14k: using compiz, right?02:22
goat|lappyangelo: did that give you anything different?02:22
okidoki1i have acer aspire 5570z02:22
w0ls0nHello all. Can someone here help me get my sound card working? it's an onboard and I have read the manual pages but nothing seems to be working02:22
cooljeff3000is there any way to connect multiple times to a single torrent?02:22
DavidCanariasHi all. Can anyone help me install a tar.bz file.02:23
step21cooljeff3000: every torrent uses "multiple connections"02:23
ardchoilleDavidCanarias: which app are you trying to isntall?02:23
crdlbcooljeff3000: what does that mean? you always connected to multiple peers02:23
step21so not sure what you are trying to say there02:23
w0ls0nDavidCanarias, just do tar zxvf tarball and then read the README or INSTALL file02:23
crdlbyou are*02:23
KarlsBergokidoki1,  in some guides say: disable the current ath driver in System  - hardware drivers in menu, but i open this dialog and dont see any in the list,02:23
panglossw0ls0n: dont you need a j in there cause its a bz2?02:23
KarlsBerghola DavidCanarias, im in tenerife :)02:24
DavidCanariasardchoille: Im trying to update mozilla and downloaded the new version in a tarball file.02:24
ardchoillew0ls0n: but he should look in the repos to see if it's there before manually installing02:24
z0d14kcrdlb: Yes, using compiz.02:24
ardchoilleDavidCanarias: ok, just wanted to make sure it wasn't in the repos first02:24
crdlbz0d14k: the cause of this is "Legacy fullscreen support" in the Workarounds plugin02:24
w0ls0nwell he can bunzip it then do tar zxvf02:24
z0d14kcrdlb: So, just disable that and things should be happy again?02:25
mcphailpangloss: modern tar doesn't need the "j" or "z" to be specified02:25
crdlbz0d14k: if you disable that misfeature, after closing firefox, it should not open fullscreen the next time you open it02:25
panglossmcphail: thanks for the update02:25
z0d14kcrdlb: Worked.  Thanks.02:25
G15is there anyone here that was able to run Age of Conan successfuly on ubuntu?02:26
okidoki1KarlsBerg i didnt disabled drivers but i saw an installed driver in the list02:26
KarlsBergokidoki1,  here no02:27
okidoki1after installing that program now there are two drivers02:27
Outlanderhi, I get sound of the drums on the login screen, but after logging in I get no sound. Totem locks up when playing mp3s and vlc appears to play mp3s but no sound happens...02:28
Outlanderany gotchas around sound and recent updates?02:28
mgolischOutlander: what output plugin is used in totem?02:29
ubottuInformation about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php02:29
=== Mr is now known as Guest71189
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about enemyterritory02:30
okidoki1and i must say that this program unloads all previev drivers then loads its drivers02:30
Guest71189Anybody know how I can go about getting drivers for an Creative Labs Audicy soundcard?02:30
adobongkangkongshould i switch to intrepid now?02:31
panglossadobongkangkong: are you happy with 8.04?02:31
sergiuif i use ubuntu, what Os i use? Linux, unix-like?02:32
goat|lappysergiu: yes, linux02:32
PizarroI configured a PPTP VPN server in an Ubuntu Server;I can access successfully to the VPN from any Microsoft Machines, however when I try to do the same from any Ubuntu machine, I always get "VPN connection FAILED" ???? How is this possible?02:32
emmajanesorry to ask, as I'm sure it's been asked before... but where can I find the md5sum for the 8.10 iso?02:32
mgolischPizarro: what do you use to establish the vpn connection?02:33
KarlsBergsergiu, linux yes, really linux is the kernel,  and ubuntu one SO that use linux as kernel, and later attach a lot of applications, as an gnome desktop, configurations scripts, and other apps developed by canonical02:33
PizarroIf the VPN server were under XP I would understand it, but the VPN server is under an Ubuntu machine!02:33
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about help?02:33
Pizarroand I am trying to connect from a Ubuntu machine too, anu ideas?02:33
euzaoKartagis, canonical dosn't develop anything02:33
goat|lappyemmajane: http://ftp.ucsb.edu/pub/mirrors/linux/ubuntu/intrepid/MD5SUMS02:34
emmajanegoat|lappy, thanks :)02:34
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ide02:34
Pizarromgolisch, networkmanaget02:34
Pizarromgolisch, network-manager02:34
mgolischPizarro: maybe its pptp plugin just sucks?02:34
Pizarromgolisch, aldo I tried with kvpv02:35
w0ls0nanyone here have an Asus K8U-X with sound working?02:35
KarlsBergmm how i can see the loaded module list in the kernel02:35
mgolischKarlsBerg: lsmod02:35
dexteris it advisable to use root account02:35
KarlsBergah yes!02:35
goat|lappydexter: no02:35
w0ls0ndexter, I do, sudo sucks IMO02:35
goat|lappy!root | dexter02:35
ubottudexter: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo02:35
Pizarromgolisch, I don't know, but at the other side (Ubnutu server) I have installed POPTOP (ppptd) which is actually working fine for the microsoft machines02:35
w0ls0ndexter, sudo passwd root02:35
ardchoille!root | dexter02:35
=== WPPWAH|offline is now known as WPPWAH
Pizarromgolisch, but whenever I try to establish the connection from any UBuntu machine I somehow it is not possible02:36
sergiu!paste > sergiu02:36
ubottusergiu, please see my private message02:36
DavidCanariasWOlsOn: Thks for this info. Do I type in the terminal   tar zxvf tarball    nothing more¿02:36
ardchoillew0ls0n: Please don't tell others how to assign a root password, it's unsafe and unsupported02:36
dextergoat|lappy; y is it not advisable to use root account...???02:36
w0ls0nardchoille, works fine for me02:36
ardchoille!worksforme | w0ls0n02:36
ubottuw0ls0n: Common Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/02:36
Pizarromgolisch, is there any other tool to establish pptp connections?02:36
goat|lappydexter: because with power comes responsibility02:37
w0ls0nI have been using root with FreeBSD for over 10 years02:37
w0ls0nplease tell me why it is NOT advisable to use root02:37
ardchoilledexter: I've been using Ubuntu since 2005 and have never needed to unlock the root account, sudo can do anything you need02:37
Outlandermgolisch: how do i tell, i think it's set to alsa or auto02:37
dulakw0ls0n: you never had an "oh crap" moment as root?02:37
ubottuWe don't support a root password so don't suggest one unless you are going to be here 24/7 to help someone who has problems as a result of having one, many thanks ;-)02:37
w0ls0nsudo = PITA02:37
Pizarromgolisch, this will be very funy..I will be forced to use a Microsfot machine to connect remotly to an Ubuntu one!02:37
dextergoat|lappy, ardchoille; so instead can i use a user account with administration rights??02:37
Outlandermgolisch: the output plugin in totem02:37
w0ls0nI have NEVER had a problme using root. Ever.02:38
goat|lappydexter: why?02:38
ardchoilledexter: yes, that is what sudo is for02:38
dulakw0ls0n: so you never rm -rf the wrong thing, in 10 years?02:38
=== njord is now known as kitche
Nergothhey guys, is word "simplier" correct and can be used (I don't know english perfectly)?02:38
w0ls0nonce but I had a backup02:38
Outlanderaudio output: stereo02:38
nkei0whats up everyone02:38
goat|lappydexter: just be a user, and be happy.  when you cant do something because you don't have the power, use sudo02:38
ardchoilleNergoth: simpler02:39
PizarroOK guys, any idea about my issue?02:39
goat|lappyNergoth: more simple02:39
goat|lappyNergoth: don't add er or est to anything with more than one syllabel02:39
nintendork32Nergoth more simple sounds grammatically correct02:39
dextergoat|lappy, ardchoille; not using sudo....wen we create a user account...we can set the priviledges to administer the sysetm......wont this be necessary though i need to experiment on my kernel02:39
Lisa1ubuntu is not regulating the brightness of my laptop display, what can I do?02:40
PeskyJin system monitor, sometimes one CPU goes to like 50% and the other at 0%, then if I go to processes, and sort by CPU usage, there's nothing there using more than 3%02:40
ardchoilledexter: everyone knows you have a root account and we can sit here all day trying to brute force it, we can't do that if the root account is locked02:40
nintendork32Nergoth most is like adding est to a more than one sylable word and more is lik er02:40
kompulsa_dot_comDoes anyone know when the Ubuntu shutdown bug (which prevents it from shutting down properly) will be fixed?02:40
Nergothhmm, but you talking about simple, I'm talking about simply :)02:40
okidoki1karlsberg did this work for you02:40
nkei0Anyone here really good with wireless radio problems?  I have an Acer Aspire 1680 laptop with the intel pro wireless card inside and it's using the ipw2200 driver.  It worked fine until it updated one day and now the "kill switch" doesn't light up or do anything anymore.02:40
nkei0So, I can't get my wireless radio to turn on.02:40
mgolischOutlander: i mean what did you select there? alsa,pulseaudio or what?02:40
usserPeskyJ, theres an option to show processes from all users, but may i suggest using command line utilities like top02:40
Outlanderi dont see those in a list anywhere in totem02:41
nkei0I've already tried editing the ipw2200 to show "options led power=1" and it didn't work.02:41
Outlandertabs in preferences are general, display, audio02:41
ussernkei0, are u using hardy or intrepid?02:41
Outlanderand audio only has output type with things like stereo, 5.1, ac3 passthru02:41
conathanI wonder if it uses the new rfkill linux subsystem...02:41
Outlanderso i think something borked02:41
=== werdnus is now known as werdna
rfxcaseyI need help with my xorg congige02:42
conathan(a new linux api I noticed in 2.6.28, for controlling wireless on/off)02:42
PeskyJusser: aha.. yes it looks like Xorg is the culprit :)02:42
Outlanderand i also dont think it's totem, but a more systemwide setting that has gone wrong02:42
mgolischOutlander: hm yeah, what does pgrep pulseaudio print on the terminal?02:42
conathannot sure if it's in 2.6.27 or not02:42
Outlanderah ok02:42
nkei0usser: It happened on hardy, but I upgraded to intrepid and it worked.  Then another day I did my daily update and it stopped working.02:42
rfxcaseyardchoille, are you here02:42
ardchoillerfxcasey: I am :)02:42
Outlanderive also removed and reinstalled pulseaudio packages02:43
PizarroI NEEED HELP02:43
rfxcaseyhey I have a problem with my x configuration do you think you could help?02:43
nkei0usser: note I tried the option led=1 thing before on hardy and it worked but it quit after a little while hence the upgrade02:43
PeskyJis it usual for Xorg to be using so much CPU?02:43
mgolischPizarro: check the syslog for more detailed error description02:43
timreichhartanybody using a fax server?02:43
goat|lappyPeskyJ: yes, xorg is a main component of your gui02:43
Outlanderpulseaudio 0.9.10 appears to be installed02:43
dextergoat|lappy, ardchoille;  i m talking about a non-root account, i.e. a user account...just open users and group... and see the properties of any user account(non-root), there is a tab...called priviledges....in one of the options u get administer the system......so if i have 2 work with the kernel part and learn system administration...can i do that without checking this option02:43
candivePizarro: just ask the question02:44
rfxcaseyardchoille, I am having a problem with my xorg config02:44
KarlsBergbut i dont think..02:44
KarlsBergi  follow 5 guides.. without result02:44
timreichhartanybody using a fax server?02:44
FloodBot1KarlsBerg: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:44
KarlsBergPizarro, what you want?02:44
PizarroA thing that I never understood is why the software in Linux don't show errors on th efly in windows or dialogs, everything is "hidden" in files and files...02:44
goat|lappydexter: you can do that without checking the option,  you can compile and modify the kernel with sudo, even when you are not in the administrator group02:44
rfxcaseyardchoille, I am actually on a different machine because it's so screwed up02:44
KarlsBergPizarro,  is a spanish name, are you spanish Pizarro ?02:45
PizarroKarlsBerg, yes I am02:45
timreichhartanybody using a fax server?02:45
dextergoat|lappy....so i can learn system administration in the same way02:45
rfxcaseyhis name could have been Italian02:45
nkei0Pizarro: Most installs or whatever have a details thingie you can click on or you can watch it on the system log which is accessible from the administration tab under the system dropdown02:45
Outlanderso is there any new version of pulseaudio that i can install to get around this or is there a known issue for some people02:45
ardchoillerfxcasey: What happened?02:45
goat|lappydexter: yes,  responsible system administration includes knowing when to use your privileges02:45
Outlanderit was working just sweet up until last night02:45
DELTA31i need some help02:45
Outlanderi believe i did some updates02:46
PizarroThe problem I have is very weird: I set up a VPN server under Ubuntu server (POPTOP) which is working pretty good. I can establish VPN connection to it from Microsoft machines, however I can't do the same thing from Ubuntu machines using the networlmanager-pptp02:46
dextergoat|lappy; thanq......any idea how to quickly learn the kernel programmin and other system programming02:46
nkei0Yeah, here is a question... Is there anyway to undo updates?02:46
KarlsBergPizarro, im gaditano xD02:46
KarlsBergpizarro sons02:46
ADREALhelp me pls02:46
rfxcaseyardchoille, Well when I used to use windows I overclocked my video card, so I tried to install coolbits of the nvida driver under linux02:46
Guest71189How can I write a simple script to automate the process in installing more than one package? -anybody?02:46
rfxcaseyardchoille, I had to add a line to my xorg config and all that was ok02:47
PizarroKarlsBerg, encantado pisha!02:47
r0x0rWhy the update servers are so slow ?02:47
DELTA31how can i open a run file with Administrative Privlages?02:47
goat|lappydexter: when i first wanted to learn about he kernel, i read up on this:  http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/linux/library/l-linux-kernel/?S_TACT=105AGX59&S_CMP=GR&ca=dgr-btw01LKernalAnatomy02:47
r0x0rI get 20 KB/s max02:47
conathanPizarro: I cant help with your problem, but I have heard that OpenVPN is a better solution for a VPN server (there is a readup on poptop as to why it may be worth avoiding)02:47
nkei0r0x0r: It's probably more you than them.  I get a little over 200kb/s02:47
rsvpeasy Q > after how long should a box be powered down?  (heat / component considerations)02:47
Outlandermgolisch: i found a fix on the forums which was02:47
rfxcaseybut when I reboot the machine it tells me I am no longer using the nvidia xserver config02:47
goat|lappydexter: but learning to modify it:  http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/ubuntu/how-to-customize-your-ubuntu-kernel/02:48
mgolischOutlander: great02:48
r0x0rI'm connected to a Canadian mirror02:48
Outlanderhow do i make the fix permanent without forcing reload on boot?02:48
r0x0rso it's probably because of that02:48
Outlanderactually it must happen during login? cos i hear the drums on the login screen02:48
KarlsBerg<Troll>Here everyone has problems with ubuntu, ubuntu is shit then</troll>02:48
Pizarroconathan, Using OpenVPN I have to crear certificates each time a new client will conenct...the people in my office use random machines in their trips, I can't stay everyday sendig certificates!02:48
DELTA31any body02:48
Outlanderafter i login it's stuffed...until i force-reload alsa02:48
rfxcaseyBefore I switched to hoary I used to be able to reconfigure my xserver by using  dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg02:49
ardchoillerfxcasey: see my PM02:49
r0x0rnkei0, how to change the archive server from Canada to USA ?02:49
w0ls0nDELTA31, NOBODY is going to help you without KNOWING what the problem IS02:49
ardchoilleKarlsBerg: Please take that elsewhere02:49
dextergoat|lappy; thanq......I am actually planning to learn the kernel programming......so that I can fix bugs and submit patches....and do a college project on kernel programming02:49
Outlandermgolisch: thanks for your help :)02:49
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.02:49
conathanPizarro: ah, fair enough02:50
nkei0r0x0r: lol, i'm not sure :( I'm still pretty new to this, just google it, I saw a pretty good guide for it the other day but I didn't need it so I didn't remember anything02:50
DELTA31sorry i already said it, i need help running a .run file with admin privlages02:50
r0x0rok thank you02:50
goat|lappydexter: this could be of use:  http://www.gelato.unsw.edu.au/~dsw/public-files/kernel-docs/kernel-api/02:50
KarlsBergardchoille,  hehehe02:50
conathanPizarro: I doubt this helps, but it uses the GRE protocol to connect from one PC to another.  I'm assuming it's probaby in ubuntu by default, but may be worth looking into02:50
nkei0r0x0r: I googled change repositories ubuntu linux intrepid to get it02:50
goat|lappydexter: that shows kernel calls, and such,  google is your friend02:50
srihello, I need some help debugging a problem with a wireless usb02:50
PiciDELTA31: sudo ./file.run02:51
conathanPizarro: (by protocol, I mean it's at the same level as tcp, ipx, icmp, e.t.c)02:51
sriit fails to turn on at boot, aI have to rmmod the ehci_hcd to make it work.02:51
jasuuswhy does rythmnbox take a long time to extract?  I know it does a wav to flac conversion, but it still seems to take forever02:51
srihow do I get ehci_hcd to recognize my wireless dongle?02:51
r0x0rnkei0, yes I have found a guide, 10x !02:51
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like Freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit02:52
sriapparently usb-storage doesn't work either.02:52
Pizarroconathan, but do you know what I did?: I established from the Ubuntu desktop machine a VPN connection to a MS machine (which worked) and then I opened a Desktop Remote conection to that MS machine, and from there a Opened a VPN connection to the UBnutu server machine, and Everything worked!!!!!02:52
sriit uses a zd1211rw driver apparently.02:52
dextergoat|lappy; i have been tired of searching on google....i never a proper guidance on how to start and were 2 start and how I can just pace up so that I can be ready for the programming in a short time02:52
KarlsBergFloodBot1, remember me to Bender02:53
sriwhen I first log in it says: hub 7-0:1.0: unable to enumerate USB device on port 502:53
avisi dont seem to see the create a usb startup disk option under administration in intrepid. is there a package that needs to be installed ?02:53
sricouldn't really find anything in google that would fix this problem.02:53
Pizarroconathan, but if I try to establish the VPN connection direclty from the Ubnutu desktop machine to the Ubunutu server it just turn out in: "VPN connection failed"...and this is freaking me out02:53
Pizarroconathan, so summirizing: if I have to control the Ubuntu server via VPN, I have to connect through a XP machine XD02:54
mgolischPizarro: configure it properly02:54
mordauntany ubuntu gurus in today?02:55
tacone!ask | mordaunt02:55
ubottumordaunt: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:55
Pizarromgolisch, I would like to know what is wrong with my configuration since the XP machines can perfectly conencte to the PPTP server...02:55
mgolischPizarro: using the same settings/parameters?02:55
Pizarromgolisch, indeed02:56
mordauntcan you check your dmesg and let me know what's going on between these 2 time intervals?02:56
mordaunt[    0.000000] Detected 3066.923 MHz processor.02:56
sriokay, looks like nobody is around who has seen this problem.. I'll come again at some other time and ask the question.02:56
mordaunt[   13.466176] Console: colour VGA+ 80x2502:56
mordaunt13 secs doing what exactly? o_O02:56
mgolischanyways, check syslog, networkmanager should log stuff there02:56
=== _Scolo is now known as Scolo
sriand when there is no netsplits :D02:56
DELTA31okay, i need help opening this file because when it opens in terminal it says aborted because of Admin privliagesVBoxLinuxAdditions-x86.run02:56
Pizarromgolisch, in fact I am using Intrepid in the desktop machine, and there is an Official bug with the network-manager02:56
Lisa1my brightness applets do not work, they do not effect the screen brightnes, what can I do?02:57
goat|lappymordaunt: that is the time since the kernel was loaded02:57
rfxcaseyI need help with my xorg configuration02:57
goat|lappymordaunt: in seconds02:57
Pizarromgolisch, but I cant connect from Hardy either02:57
DELTA31 okay, i need help opening this file because when it opens in terminal it says aborted because of Admin privliages VBoxLinuxAdditions-x86.run02:57
conathanPizarro: *sorry for the delay*, unfortunately, hard to diagnose.  All I know was all my fun getting winXP to connect to a VPN server at work through my router.02:57
mordauntgoat|lappy: yea.. but why is there a 13 sec gap.. between those two lines in dmesg.. and it seems all that happened was that the console was detected02:57
DELTA31 okay, i need help opening this file because when it opens in terminal it says aborted because of Admin privliages VBoxLinuxAdditions-x86.run? any body02:58
metbsddoes anyone use webcam and microphone to do web conference with other people here?02:59
Pizarroconathan, no problem...It was hard for me to set up the server but now works pretty good with any version of MS machines..unfortunatly I still need to figure out wtf is going on with the Ubunutu clients..02:59
SephirothI have a problem. A serious problem. I'm not getting ANY sound out of my soundcard under Heron, and I would like to have sound come out of it. I checked alsamixer and nothing is muted. It might also help if I mentioned my sound card is an old Audigy 1 soundcard.03:00
goat|lappydexter: how about this,  its the last of my delicious links on the kernel: http://www.linuxhq.com/lkprogram.html03:00
Pizarroconathan, but I don't understand the reason since the protocol is still the same for both platforms, so if it is working for MS platform, it shoul be for Ubuntu too03:00
rfxcaseycan someone please help me straighten out my x config03:00
goat|lappydexter: other than that, i wish you luck03:00
SephirothAnother thing I'd like to note is it worked fine in older versions of Ubuntu. :S03:00
mjb2287does anybody know how i can get my palm treo 680 to sync with ubuntu?03:01
ardchoille!nvidia | rfxcasey  Have you seen this page yet?03:01
ubotturfxcasey  Have you seen this page yet?: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto03:01
mgolischPizarro: there are so many parameters and settings, how exactly do you know that ou realy use the same settings in networkmanagers vpn thing?03:01
Josesordohello, help pls03:01
avisis there a certain setting in gnome-volume-control that needs to be enabled to set output to digital optical out ?03:01
DELTA31 okay, i need help opening this file because when it opens in terminal it says aborted because of Admin privliages VBoxLinuxAdditions-x86.run03:01
Pizarromgolisch, I copied them one by one03:01
Pizarromgolisch, but anyway, tomorrow I am going to go over this again03:02
Pizarromgolisch, I may find something wronmg03:02
mgolischDELTA31: use sudo03:02
DELTA31did no luck03:02
Pizarromgolisch, but still wondering that the protocol is the same!03:02
JosesordoI got a problem with videos or screen saver..they look like with inteference or blinking03:02
onthefence928grr why is firefox auto-maximizing itself?03:02
=== caplink811-log is now known as caplink811_log
DELTA31mgolisch didnt work03:03
mgolischDELTA31: chmod a+x blah.run; sudo ./blah.run03:03
Pizarrook, guys, gone to bed!!!03:03
DELTA31mgolisch ill try03:03
rsvpok, how long should I leave my machine powered on, optimally?03:03
JosesordoHow to fix the blink videos or screen saver??..maybe the 3D accelerator work wrongly?03:03
ardchoillersvp: Some of us don't power off unless there's a kernel update03:04
rfxcaseyubottu, it's not the driver that worked fine. I was trying to install coolbits to overclock my card. I added one line and after saving I get a blank screen03:04
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:04
Lisa1how can I get to the settings of my graphics card?03:04
rfxcaseyubottu, added one line to my xorg config03:04
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:04
leohartxhow do i make an image iso from my cd/dvd ?03:04
Cibernautaany program for limit broadband?03:04
bazhangk9copy leohartx03:05
mgolischor dd03:05
rsvpardchoille, so what about heating the components excessively over time?  how do you monitor this sort of situation?03:05
onthefence928rsvp: thermometer03:06
ardchoillersvp: I use gkrelm to montiro the machine, other than that you don't have to worry about much in Linux03:06
robert__Lisa1 what type of video card do you have03:06
leohartxbazhang: how ? is there any software can do that ?03:06
bazhangleohartx, k9copy is the software that does that03:06
mgolischk9copy is the software i supose03:06
Lisa1robert_: it is an integrated intel video card03:07
bazhang!info k9copy03:07
ubottuk9copy (source: k9copy): DVD backup tool for KDE. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 2.0.2-0ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 1349 kB, installed size 3024 kB03:07
mgolischor just use dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/somewhere/some.iso03:07
onthefence928ardchoille, rsvp: there's also a gnome-taskbar applet that does it too, it says i'm at 65c now :(03:07
avisanyone experience block artifacts using ATI catalyst driver, say if you play a dvd, you move that window, and where the window once was there is a kind of ghosted artifacts of the movie ?03:07
goat|lappyonthefence928: thats warm,  laptop or desktop?03:07
ardchoilleonthefence928: true03:07
leohartxbazhang: how do i install k9copy ?03:07
rsvpyou hear about google monitoring each box across their farm, what utilities do they use for that?03:07
onthefence928goat|lappy: laptop, and i have no idea how to cool it down03:08
cepherGday guys and gals, I got a bit of a problem installing Ubuntu, anyone have a minute?03:08
leohartxbazhang: is k9 copy base on KDE ?03:08
csilkrsvp, Custom made03:08
bazhangsudo apt-get install k9copy leohartx03:08
jan_aus1hi are intrepid questions allowed in here?03:08
ardchoilleleohartx: yes03:08
onthefence928!ask > cepher03:08
ubottucepher, please see my private message03:08
csilkjan_aus1, yes03:08
cuTe_ghUrLi have03:08
rsvpheard it's all coded in py03:08
bazhangleohartx, it will need some kde libs03:08
goat|lappyonthefence928: yeah, laptops are hard to keep cool, i've got a fan-pad below mine to keep it closer to 50C03:08
killerbyteplease can somebody tell me can you set ubuntu to mount file systems on internal hard drives automatically?03:08
scotlfshey, does anyone know how to configure a soundblaster X-Fi ?03:08
jan_aus1is anyone familiar with getting lvm2 on raid to boot with intrepid?03:09
csilkrsvp, C++, java, Python mainly03:09
onthefence928goat|lappy: what temperature should is tart worrying about actual damage?03:09
mgolischkillerbyte: yeah, put them into your fstab03:09
DoitleHas anyone here ever worked with bootable Ubuntu on a flash drive?03:09
goat|lappyonthefence928: there isn't a specific temp, sustained temps above 70C on your proc will lessen its life tho03:09
Josesordowhen I put a video or screen saver or another video application. they show blinking why?03:09
bazhang!usb | Doitle03:09
ubottuDoitle: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent03:09
okidoki1killerbyte did you install storage device manager03:10
bazhangJosesordo, with or without compiz03:10
Josesordowith compiz03:10
Josesordoand without compiz happen too03:10
killerbyteokidoki1, yes03:10
onthefence928goat|lappy: yeah over 70 is common for me :(03:10
leohartxbazang: is there any other software base on Gnome ?03:10
bazhangJosesordo, disable it with fusion-icon03:10
rsvpwhat brings the temperature up?   cpu at what% usage?03:10
mghhi to all03:10
Josesordodisable compiz?03:10
cepherRight. When I boot from the live CD (was version 7.10 now d/l 8.10) I select boot live cd/install ubuntu, it then says something about the kernal has been loaded. Then there is nothing, just a black screen. No loading bar of sorts, nothing. Are there paramaters I must change, or..?03:10
bazhangJosesordo, yes03:10
goat|lappyonthefence928: if you have fiddled with the guts of your laptop, you could consider replacing your fan/heatsink03:11
Doitleno no I know bazhang, I was asking if anyone had done it with much success. We've managed to get it working through a few different tutorial approaches but they all seem to have some rather odd problems.03:11
onthefence928does anybody know a good dock like say avant, that works without compiz?03:11
killerbyteokidoki1, it works a bit funny and does not allow me to mount all file systems03:11
robert__Lisa1 if you're just trying to adjust screen resolution then in term type sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg03:11
bazhangDoitle, using hardy or ibex03:11
Josesordobut without compiz still videos or 3D screensave show blinking03:11
DoitleAlso I meant installing it ONTO the USB drive not from a USB drive03:11
ardchoilleonthefence928: simdock and cairo-dock both work without compiz03:11
jan_aus1my /boot partition got trashed in an intrepid install, i am chrooted into my system, how can i reinstall/resetup the /boot stuffs?03:11
rsvpthe bizarre thing is that my desktop has no fan?  weird, no ;)03:11
onthefence928goat|lappy: i haven't, and you think i can find a cheap upgarde for a toshiba qosmio g35?03:11
goat|lappyrsvp: no thats just passive cooling03:11
bazhangDoitle, there is a new utility in ibex to do that03:11
goat|lappyonthefence928: idk, sorry03:11
KlinkMeisterhow do i enable openGL support in ibex?03:11
Lisa1robert_: I don't think ubuntu is makeing use of my graphics card (3d stuff is not enabled) and furthermore I am trying to adjust brightness, the applet won't work03:12
JosesordoHow to install Atheros wirelless driver??03:12
goat|lappyrsvp: obviously it doesn't work to the degree of active cooling (a fan), but its a way to save money03:12
onthefence928ardchoille: i'm trying out simdock now, it seems...buggy, and doesn't let me easily add launcher via drag and drop03:12
ardchoilleonthefence928: I didn't like either one of them03:12
leohartxbazang: is there any other software base on Gnome ? and btw, how do i test opengl on my graphic card ?03:12
robert__Lisa1 do you know what intel card you have?03:13
mgolischleohartx: glxgears?03:13
killerbytemgolisch, is it possible to do it using gui at all?03:13
onthefence928ardchoille: and cairo has really bad non-compiz visuals,. the background is all black and square03:13
okidoki1killerbyte, only one click to a device (sdax) and selecting yes on the dialog is enough, if there is an other problem, i dont know03:13
onthefence928ardchoille: but it look fine with compiz,03:13
mgolischkillerbyte: no idea, why would you want to? i mean its internal disks, thats something you setup one time03:13
Lisa1robert_: 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 0c)03:13
jan_aus1can i just apt-get to reinstall my kernel?03:14
leohartxmgolisch: what do you mean ?03:14
rsvpmy hard drive only makes metallic noises at start-up, so I thinking not shutting down will solve this problem ;)03:14
zirodayjan_aus1: why do you need to reinstall your kernel?03:14
mgolischleohartx: glxgears uses opengl, you can use that to see if you opengl works03:14
jan_aus1ziroday: my /boot got trashed03:15
goat|lappyrsvp: yes, your right, not shutting down will solve the problem of the drive making noise at startup :-D03:15
zirodayjan_aus1: then I doubt reinstalling the kernel will fix it.03:15
kavikwow that's a lot of people.03:15
killerbytemgolisch, i will probably change internal disks from time to time03:15
w0ls0nhello all. I have a K8U-X motherboard. I have gone through the manual and cannot seem to get it to work. Can someone give me a hand?03:15
w0ls0nthe sound that is03:15
leohartxmgolisch: uhm, how do i ?03:15
w0ls0nI cannot get sound to work03:15
FloridaBSDLisa1: Grab your self a Evga Geforce  8400 gs 47.99 with tax in shipping any where i n the states.03:15
jan_aus1ziroday: any suggestions?03:15
rsvpcan any software predict a hard drive crash?03:16
zirodayjan_aus1: only a reinstall comes to mind :)03:16
Lisa1FloridaBSD: laptop03:16
FloridaBSDWoops mybad las03:16
kavikhey everyone of #ubuntu03:16
mgolischrsvp: smart maybe03:16
kaviki have a question03:16
zirodayrsvp: take a look at smartclt03:16
jan_aus1ziroday: thats definately overkill... i simply need to reinstall kernel and initram images... i just don't know what packages provide these03:16
burkesbythebaycan anybody help i have mounted a ext3 partition which is displaying on the desktop but i cant write anything to it.  But when I go to /media/sda3 i can.03:16
zirodayrsvp: sorry I mean smartctl03:16
kavikis it OK to SELL ubuntu for $10 at a store?03:16
w0ls0njesus, I won't tell you how I read that03:16
Lisa1kavik: no03:17
bazhangkavik, that is offtopic here03:17
killerbytemgolisch, also it is a task that turns away new users so it should really be possible to do it with the gui03:17
kavikbazhang, well where do i go for that?03:17
kavikbazhang i thought it was on topic, this is ubuntu afterall..03:17
bazhang#ubuntu-offtopic kavik03:17
rsvpI read google has predictive programs which tell them when to swap out their drives.03:17
zirodayjan_aus1: they all begin with linux-images03:17
FloridaBSDLisa1: Of course it is I have seen  websites selling it for around 15 bucks03:17
rsvpbut nothing on code.google.com ;) I mean open-sourced...03:18
jan_aus1ziroday: linux-images-generic?03:18
zirodayrsvp: I gave you a name of the program, smartctl03:18
mgolischjan_aus1: yeah03:18
zirodayjan_aus1: that looks fine03:18
Lisa1FloridaBSD: no I mean I am on a laptop03:18
kingsofleonhi awesome people03:18
jan_aus1can x86 and amd64 kernels coexist in the same /boot ?03:18
goat|lappyjan_aus1: yes03:18
w0ls0nhello all. I have a K8U-X motherboard. I have gone through the manual and cannot seem to get sound to work. Can someone give me a hand?03:19
jan_aus1goat|lappy: different filenames?03:19
goat|lappyjan_aus1: but only one can be running03:19
goat|lappyjan_aus1: you can put anything you want in /boot  its just a directory03:19
robert__Lisa1  run sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-intel   then restart and see if everything is detected03:19
BullterdEvening All03:19
FloridaBSDThe funny thing is that Sun microsystems  allows you to download Solaris and Open solaris b ass well as charding 65 USD for a solaris medis kit.03:20
nkei0omfg, i despise wireles in ubuntu...  It worked perfectly then I did the whole daily update thing... And it doesn't work anymore :(03:20
rfxcaseyhow do I install nvidia drivers using the command line03:20
zirodayrfxcasey: what card do you have?03:20
robert__nkei0 what distro are you on03:20
BullterdIn ubuntu server, I have multiple network interfaces. Each interface is on its own internet connection. is there anyway I can do a command in any CLI ftp client to specify which interface to use ?03:20
rfxcaseyziroday, 680003:20
nkei0robert__: I had the same problem on hardy though03:20
kingsofleonrfxcasey which version of ubuntu are you using?03:20
Lisa1robert_: thanks ill try03:20
rfxcaseyKingOfDos, 8.0403:21
zirodayrfxcasey: sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-17703:21
mjb2287does anybody know how i can get my palm treo 680 to sync with ubuntu?03:21
Lisa1robert_: it already is the newest version :(03:21
robert__ahh i just did ibex this morning after a year of no ubuntu now wireless and every other device is working great03:21
onthefence928ardchoille: in case you care, you'll be happy to know i just got avant working without compiz03:21
zirodayrfxcasey: oh right for 8.04 its sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-new03:21
kingsofleonalso dont you need to install some other stuff? nvidia-glx-config nvidia-glx-settings if my memory serves me correctly03:21
nkei0robert__: Yeah, just make sure you backup your system before doing any updates.03:21
ardchoilleonthefence928: how did you accomplish that? I'd like to know03:21
Mythrilwhich repository is for backports from jaunty to intrepid?03:22
sergiuanyone know, how to use the    fingerprint to validate the certificate manually!03:22
jan_aus1does the kernel-image package provide initramfs?03:22
ardchoilleonthefence928: PM?03:22
zirodaykingsofleon: that comes with the package...or they are not necessary03:22
w0ls0nany problmes with intrepid?03:22
rsvpok , guys, in summary I'm going to look into gkrelm and smartctl --- THANKS very much! -- have a great weekend.03:22
sergiusvn co03:22
robert__that's scary... it's work laptop  do you know of any tools to image drive03:22
rfxcaseyziroday, it keeps telling me failed to fetch03:22
killerbytemgolisch, its a very basic capability to just browse internal disk file systems and should really not require manual editing of configuration files i think03:22
bazhangw0ls0n, read the notes03:22
onthefence928ardchoille: shoot me one03:22
ubottuUbuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) release notes can be found here: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/81003:22
zirodayrfxcasey: are you connected to the internet?03:22
FloridaBSDBullterd: do and ifconfig this should show you all of you interfaces installed in the machine both live and dormant als use a netstat -i03:22
robert__w0ls0n  intrepid's been great for me so far03:22
rfxcaseyziroday, yea03:22
robert__on dell precision m230003:23
killerbytemgolisch, what do you think?03:23
nkei0w0ls0n: not any that i didn't have in hardy...  ACPI still doesn't jive with my ati mobility 9700 and my wireless worked great for about 2 weeks until a random update turned my killswitch to a paperweight03:23
FloridaBSDBullterd: do and ifconfig this should show you all of you interfaces installed in the machine both live and dormant als use a netstat -i will aslo list all of the interfaces in you machine.03:23
zirodayrfxcasey: try changing repo's then. Can you pastebin the exact error message03:23
w0ls0nwell I hope it doesn't screw up vmware03:23
DamienGrayIs there a way to upgrade to intrepid without losing my files, but also without ubuntu sucking afterwords?03:23
rfxcaseyziroday, ok one second03:23
w0ls0nit's been a little buggy. I think I am going to convert my vmware box to an EXSi vmware box instead03:23
rfxcaseyziroday, I'm rebooting just in cause\03:23
zirodayDamienGray: depends on what you call "sucking"03:24
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.03:24
mgolischkillerbyte: its internal disks, not removeable or something, for that i would agree with you, but you usualy dont change internal disks all day so its a one time task to set that up03:24
DamienGrayziroday: Well...stuff messing up, permissions on files changing, etc.03:24
zirodayDamienGray: that shouldn't happen, but still may03:24
pangloss!hi | Mettlesome03:24
ubottuMettlesome: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!03:24
DamienGrayziroday: Is it worth upgrading now, or should I wait for a few more updates to intrepid?03:25
rfxcaseyziroday, ok it's going03:25
zirodayDamienGray: if are really worried the best idea to is to backup your files and do a fresh install.03:25
zirodayDamienGray: and you can upgrade whenever you want, no time is going to be the best03:25
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rfxcaseyziroday, what is the difference between nvidia-glx-177 and new03:25
zirodayrfxcasey: you are using 8.04 correct?03:26
rfxcaseyziroday, correct03:26
smalleyeswhy does every little click i do in gtkpod take up 100% CPU make gtkpod unresponsive for 10 seconds???03:26
kingsofleonrfx - i think new will include all the necssary stuff you need whereas 177 is only part of what you need03:26
smalleyesusing gtkpod
kingsofleonif that makes sense03:26
roffeThis is so annoying.. I have the infamous atheros wireless card that caused a lot of issues in the last versions of ubuntu..And now that I've installed 8.10 it still doesn't work03:26
Lisa1please how can I get to my graphic cards properties, and how can I see all my installed hardware?03:26
zirodayrfxcasey: then you don't have nvidia-glx-177, it was just a rename between hardy to intrepid03:26
w0ls0nis there a way I can get ubuntu auth with windows 2003 server?03:26
zirodayroffe: which card?03:27
rfxcaseyziroday, roger that03:27
=== Jguy2 is now known as Jguy
goat|lappyLisa1: the second question is answered by using lspci03:27
kingsofleonlisa: sudo ap-get install hardinfo03:27
panglossLisa1: $lspci03:27
roffeziroday: ar500703:27
MunchkinguyDoes Ubuntu 8.10 load XGL by default?03:27
mgolischw0ls0n: likewise or do it manualy using samba/winbind/kerberos03:27
zirodayLisa1: whats wrong with your graphics card?03:27
zirodayroffe: one sec03:27
zirodayroffe: have you read the release notes?03:27
rfxcaseyziroday, I want to overclock my card using coolbit as it worked great in windows but trying to install the linux version messed up my xorg03:27
roffeziroday: unfortunately not03:27
Lisa1ziroday: I have no 3D working, so I figured it doesn't work :( furthermore I can't dim my laptop screen03:28
ziroday!notes | roffe you need the part about atheros cards, it tells you how there03:28
ubotturoffe you need the part about atheros cards, it tells you how there: Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) release notes can be found here: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/81003:28
zirodayrfxcasey: overclocking is really, really not recommended here. Anyway you should use the nvclock app in the repos03:28
FloridaBSDLisa1: : What chipset  are you running on?03:28
zirodayLisa1: okay, what graphics card do you have (if you know?)03:29
roffeThanks a lot ziroday! I'll check it out03:29
rfxcaseyziroday, ok it installed now what do I do to get a gui back03:29
Optimus997can anyone help me install package manually?03:29
zirodayrfxcasey: erm restart03:29
zirodayOptimus997: what do you mean by manually?03:29
Lisa1ziroday: FloridaBSD: 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 0c)03:29
rfxcaseyziroday, so will it autodetect or something03:29
zirodayroffe: that will hopefully get your card working03:29
Skry^Munchkinguy, XGL is kinda dead. So no.03:29
dextergoat|lappy;i lost ur previous reply...could u repeat....i was just away.....03:29
=== FloridaBSD is now known as pfexec
zirodayrfxcasey: should do03:29
zirodayLisa1: great, one sec03:29
killerbytemgolisch, without ever changing internal disks i think it is too important a task to expect new users to edit config files for03:30
mgolischtiem for sleep03:30
csilkStrange thing happened with my laptop, software dimmer always worked just fine. Recently I dropped and broke my laptop screen so I bought and fitted a replacement and now the software dimmer doesn't work properly. Pretty strange, no?03:30
rfxcaseyziroday, the graphics with ubuntu are really annoying to get working03:30
goat|lappyhow about this,  its the last of my delicious links on the kernel: http://www.linuxhq.com/lkprogram.html03:30
pangloss!dpkg | Optimus99703:30
ubottuOptimus997: dpkg is the Debian package maintenance system, which together with apt forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit.03:30
goat|lappydexter: ^^03:30
Optimus997ziroday: i wanna install autoconf 2.59c but ubuntu 6.06 has 2.59 and its not updating vis apt-get so i have to install it manually03:30
rfxcaseyziroday, I mean if you mess them up03:30
zirodayrfxcasey: erm no, you probably did something different :)03:30
panglossOptimus997: use dpkg03:30
rfxcaseyziroday, they were great on first install03:30
rfxcaseyziroday, so is it not suggested to use envy in hoary03:31
Optimus997is dpkg used like apt-get?03:31
zirodayrfxcasey: yep03:31
goat|lappydexter: ive got to go now though, so good luck with your education03:31
kingsofleonopti yes but it's much more complicated03:31
panglossOptimus997: $man dpkg03:31
rfxcaseyziroday, yeah it never worked right for me03:31
zirodayOptimus997: sorry, I don't know how to go about that. Have you checked in backports?03:31
roffeziroday: I will read it more properly, but the proprietary drivers claim the wireless is installed, yet I don't have the option in the networkmanager to choose any wireless03:31
=== pfexec is now known as FloridaBSD
rfxcaseyziroday, ok I rebooted but it takes me to a command line03:32
zirodayroffe: yeah thats known, the package it tells you to install has the newer ath5k dirver with better support for your card03:32
zirodayrfxcasey: bah, what does it say in /etc/X11/xorg.conf on the Driver line03:32
rebel_kidcan i make a /opt/subdirectory writable by a user other than root03:33
rfxcaseyziroday, what is the best way to view it from the command line03:33
rfxcaseyziroday, nano?03:33
zirodayLisa1: can you do compiz --replace at the command line and see what it says please03:33
roffeziroday: so, they should be activated eventhough I can't get access to wireless in the nwm?03:33
zirodayrfxcasey: yep, thats fine03:33
panglossrebel_kid: yes, use $chown03:33
zirodayroffe: sorry, I don't follow03:33
WebcamWonderGuys, is there a list from nVidia that tells which driver version supports which cards?03:33
rfxcaseyziroday, you will have to walk me through it as I am no good with nano03:33
w0ls0nvi rocks03:34
Lisa1ziroday: Warn: No 8 bit GLX pixmap format, disabling YV12 image format03:34
zirodayWebcamWonder: yep, you can see it at nvidia.com. If you tell us the card version I might know :)03:34
kingsofleonwebcam if you search for nvidia in synaptic package manager the descriptiosn should say03:34
zirodayrfxcasey: no worries03:34
killerbytemgolisch, i dont think new users should have to edit config files for important basic tasks03:34
panglossWebcamWonder: yes, i've seen it before, it might have been on nvidea's website03:34
zirodayLisa1: can you pastebin the entire output please03:34
ardchoilleok, I just enabled compositing in metacity (no nvidia drivers installed) and I got window drop shadows. How can I configure the effects now with metacity?03:34
rebel_kidpangloss, operation not permitted03:34
WebcamWonderziroday, Geforce Go, 6150 (crappy laptop card)03:34
roffeziroday: the proprietary drivers.. should they be activated? Because even if they are I don't get to see anything about wireless in the networkmanager03:34
Lisa1ziroday: I will flood the chat?03:35
w0ls0nit's been a little buggy. I think I am going to convert my vmware box to an EXSi vmware box instead03:35
sergiui am having problem with validating certificate with svn03:35
w0ls0nhello all. I have a K8U-X motherboard. I have gone through the manual and cannot seem to get sound to work. Can someone give me a hand?03:35
panglossrebel_kid: $sudo chown <username> /opt/direct03:35
zirodayroffe: you installed the linux-backports-modules-intrepid-generic correct?03:35
pangloss!paste | Lisa103:35
ubottuLisa1: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)03:35
ziroday!pastebin | Lisa1 put it here03:35
ubottuLisa1 put it here: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)03:35
zirodayWebcamWonder: gimme 30 secs03:35
WebcamWonderziroday, Awesome! thanks! would love if you actually gave me the URL to that page as well :p03:36
killerbytemgolisch, all basic tasks especially important tasks like browsing internal disk file systems should be very easy to do for new users i think03:36
zirodayWebcamWonder: sure03:36
rebel_kidpangloss, lol dur03:36
zirodayLisa1: looking03:36
rfxcaseyziroday, ok on the device line it says identifier "configured video device" then under that it says options "usefbdev" true03:36
panglossrebel_kid: =)03:36
roffeziroday: No I haven't done anything like that.. does it say about that in the link you gave?03:36
sergiuhi, can anyone look please on http://paste.ubuntu.com/69449/03:36
rebel_kidpangloss, -r to make it recursive?03:36
zirodayrfxcasey: there should be a line that says Driver "something"03:36
panglossrebel_kid: if there are things in the directory then yes, but its a capital R03:37
rebel_kidpangloss, thank you :)03:37
sergiuhaving problem with Error validating server certificate for ..03:37
zirodayroffe: this tells you how to get it working http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/810#Atheros%20ath5k%20wireless%20driver%20not%20enabled%20by%20default03:37
sergiucan anyone helpme03:37
zirodayLisa1: that appears to have started compiz just fine, whats the issue?03:37
MunchkinguySkry^: Because my battery life is much shorter after an upgrade to 8.10, and I'm wondering if it has anything to do with 3D acceleration. I disabled the effects, but I assume it's still using the same driver.03:37
rfxcaseyziroday, no nothing03:37
ramgardenhas anyone tried setting up an ubuntu pc with dial up modem using netzero isp for their parents?03:37
zirodayrfxcasey: you are looking in the Section "Device" area correct?03:37
Lisa1ziroday: I have no 3D support and I also can not adjust brightnes03:37
zirodayLisa1: hmm well it appears you do have 3d support otherwise compiz shouldn't run03:38
rfxcaseyziroday, yes the section device only says exactly what it typed to you03:38
zirodayrfxcasey: okay, add the line Drivers "nvidia"03:38
zirodayrfxcasey: then close and type in the terminal startx03:38
WebcamWonderziroday, Found it!03:38
zirodayWebcamWonder: great, sorry got sidetracked03:39
WebcamWonderziroday, pangloss, Thank you03:39
roffeziroday: Sure it mentions it, but I'm not very savvy on Ubuntu.. how do install such a package? It claims to be on the cd03:39
Lisa1ziroday: this is what chess says: unalbe to enable 3D mode, No Python OpenGL support, No Python GTKGLExt support, but more importantly I need to turn down the brightness before I go blind!03:39
actionfigureanyone use mac4lin theme? :) having issues making the panel look like leopard03:39
zirodayroffe: can you hook your laptop up to an ethernet cable briefly?03:39
Skry^Munchkinguy, now that you mentioned, i noticed that pulseaudio eats about 19-15% cpu on my acer aspire one if i'm watching movie or so.03:39
tylhi how to i download x64 packages? is it the same as 32 bit ones?03:39
roffeziroday: I'm on it now03:39
Skry^Munchkinguy, sorry, 19 to 25%.03:40
zirodayLisa1: for the brightness I can't help you. Sorry03:40
rfxcaseyziroday, how exactly should I type it03:40
zirodayroffe: open a terminal and type in sudo apt-get install linux-backports-modules-intrepid-generic03:40
WebcamWonderOk, so is there a difference between the 177, and 173 drivers?03:40
MunchkinguySkry^: I guess I'll stick with ALSA then.03:40
AlfalfazCould someone help me, my screen goes dark when I watch movies. I have power management settings off. I can still hear sound and SSH to it, but the problem persist through restarting X as well. Only thing that helps is reboot. Please help me, it is driving me nuts03:40
tylanyone here use 64 bit ubuntu?03:41
zirodayrfxcasey: as Drivers "nvidia", with spaces between Drivers and "nvidia" to keep it in line03:41
Person12345hi all, my Ubuntu Hardy just crashed out of the blue, and when I tried to reboot using ctrl+alt+backspace, it said "I/O Error - missing buffer on device sda1", and then when I tried to reboot completely from bios is told me that it couldn't find menu.lst - I'm booted up in XP now. Any help, please?03:41
rfxcaseyziroday, are use sure it's Drivers and not Driver03:41
WebcamWondertyl, Yes I do03:41
Skry^Munchkinguy, yeah. but as for 3d, intrepid is using compiz by default.03:41
Lisa1ziroday: the 3D? and can you tell me how I can change setings of my graphics card?03:41
zirodayrfxcasey: woops, drivers sorry03:41
rfxcaseyziroday, the other things say driver not drivers03:41
roffethanks a lot ziroday! I tried doing the same, but I forgot to write "install" :)03:41
tylWebcamWonder:  how do i install 64 bit packages?03:41
AlfalfazCould someone help me, my screen goes dark when I watch movies. I have power management settings off. I can still hear sound and SSH to it, but the problem persist through restarting X as well. Only thing that helps is reboot. Please help me, it is driving me nuts. I got Xubuntu 32 bit on intel gma945 and C2D 1.8 ghz with 4 gb  ram. Using intreprid03:41
zirodayrfxcasey: I mean driver03:41
IchigoMorinoHow do you pipe the output of ALSA to a mic device?03:42
rfxcaseyziroday, ok then03:42
rfxcaseyziroday, how do I save this03:42
tylis it exactly the same as 32 bit pakages?03:42
WebcamWondertyl, Your repositories would be different. So you install it just like regular installation. sudo aptitude install <package_name>03:42
tyloh i see03:42
zirodayWebcamWonder: if you look http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx?lang=en-us your card doesn't appear03:42
WebcamWondertyl, Scratch that. Repos are same, just there are different builds03:42
tylhow do i know if i have installed the x64 version03:42
WIGGMPkCan someone please take a screenshot, save it, open the properties and check what it opens with? Or just tell me if you already know? My file associations are f'ed up bad and Im not sure how to fix them03:42
killerbyteplease can somebody tell me can you use the gui in ubuntu to set up file systems on internal hard drives to automount?03:43
tylWebcamWonder:  wait in that case are the packages called different names?03:43
rfxcaseyziroday, now I got no video signal to my monitor03:43
WebcamWonderziroday, That is weird. On one of their changelogs, they say that my card's support is added03:43
zirodayWIGGMPk: the default gnome screenshot app takes .png files03:43
Skry^Munchkinguy, actually i'm not sure afterall if it's on by default :P check system > preferences > appearance > visual effects. if its something else than none, then it is.03:43
WIGGMPkziroday: i know that, but what is .png file associate with?03:43
panglossAlfalfaz: you have to restore grub03:43
WebcamWondertyl, No. The package names are same. However, your OS will automatically fetch the correct package based on your distrubution03:43
zirodayWebcamWonder: you sure its a GeforceGo?03:43
andrewfree_I have emerald themer and a theme installed in it, how to i use it, because i cant figure it out?03:43
BullterdDoes anyone know a FTP client for ubuntu server that would let me "bind" it to a certain interface ?03:43
zirodayWIGGMPk: eye of gnome (eog)03:43
WIGGMPkziroday: what command opens up the image previewer or whatever the default app is03:43
tylahh i see thx03:44
Alfalfazpangloss: what?03:44
WebcamWonderziroday, Yup. Re-read it once again just to be sure03:44
pangloss!grub | Alfalfaz03:44
ubottuAlfalfaz: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto03:44
tylWebcamWonder: but how do i tell if a package is the 64 bit version?03:44
WIGGMPkziroday: thanks, you wouldnt happen to know how my file associates got screwed and how to fix them?03:44
killerbytei have tried pysdm storage device manager03:44
WebcamWonderziroday, I already have the drivers installed through Envy. But they are too buggy03:44
zirodayWIGGMPk: nope03:44
andrewfree_I have emerald themer and a theme installed in it, how to i use it, because i cant figure it out?03:44
WebcamWondertyl, It usually has things appended to the name. E.g. x386 is 32 bit03:44
panglossAlfalfaz: your master boot record is borked. follow the RestoreGrub link03:44
Led_HedI just installed 8.10 desktop (64bit). When I apt-get install mdadm it wants to install citadel-server along with it.  Why would a RAID tool need a Groupware Server?03:45
WebcamWondertyl, Arghhh... i386... sorry03:45
zirodayrfxcasey: erm try doing auto monitor adjust on your screen03:45
rfxcaseyziroday,  says fatal error no screens found03:45
tylWebcamWonder: how do i call up the name and what is the 64 bit name?03:45
zirodayrfxcasey: okay, above that anything?03:45
sergiuanyone know any widget for ubuntu to show the weather ?)03:45
WebcamWondertyl, Are you trying to install from the repositories?03:45
zirodaysergiu: there is something called screenlets which does that03:45
dextertyl; suppose u dont have reqd package for x64...and it available only for 32 bit....still u can forcibly install it...nd it works fyn03:45
scotlfsok I got most of my things working now, thanx everyone for their help as provided...Here is a fun one, what do I need to make the videos on NBC.com playable...i.e. Heroes episodes for example03:46
rfxcaseyziroday, failed to load module vesa module does not exist adn it says no drivers availible03:46
tylWebcamWonder: well some of the repositories that i maybe getting are not inside the official repos03:46
hot_wheelzanyone here running a Huawei E960 Wireless Gateway?03:46
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andrewfree_I have emerald themer and a theme installed in it, how to i use it, because i cant figure it out?03:46
zirodayrfxcasey: but you said Driver "nvidia". Do you know how to pastebin your xorg.conf from the command line?03:46
Skry^Led_Hed, it's dependency for something else. i have mdadm installed, no citadel-server anywhere03:46
Alfalfazpangloss: I havent said I have lost windows03:46
panglossscotlfs: have you installed mozilla flash-plugin?03:46
=== Greg is now known as Gregoryn
WebcamWondertyl, If they have the 64bit build, it would be present as the same package name. It is the job of apt-get to figure out the correct build for your pc. Normally there are about 5 different builds for 1 single package03:47
tyldexter: i know that but i am trying to make sure all the packages are 64 bit on my server03:47
scotlfspang: yes03:47
dextertyl; u can install those softwares which are not in ur repos by adding the APT line03:47
Led_HedSkry^, Its a clean install,  why would Desktop want Citadel03:47
panglossAlfalfaz: I know, but your MBR is messed up if it cant find menu.lst03:47
scotlfspangloss: yes I have03:47
tylok thx i'll go and test out stuff now03:48
dextertyl;;; ur repos will contain automatically 64 bit.....unless u forcibly install 32-bit versions03:48
roffeziroday: Painless installation. Works perfect! Thanks a lot.03:48
Alfalfazpangloss: ?  I think you are reffering to someone else03:48
zirodayroffe: wonderful!03:48
Person12345Alfalfaz: pangloss: I'm also missing grub/menu.lst on boot, ubuntu hardy 32bit xp dual boot03:48
AlfalfazMy screen goes dark when I watch movies. I have power management settings off. I can still hear sound and SSH to it, but the problem persist through restarting X as well. Only thing that helps is reboot. I got Xubuntu 32 bit on intel gma945 and C2D 1.8 ghz with 4 gb  ram. Using intreprid.03:49
andrewfree_can anyone help me?03:49
scotlfspangloss: the funny thing is, I can view the 2 minute previews, but the full episodes of ANY show on NBC won't play03:49
Alfalfazpangloss: thats my issue03:49
panglossAlfalfaz: whoops! lol03:49
andrewfree_this is a very basic question03:49
zirodayrfxcasey: install the package pastebinit and then do less /etc/X11/xorg,conf | pastebinit03:49
MunchkinguySkry^: Thanks for the tip03:49
pangloss!grub | Person1234503:49
ubottuPerson12345: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto03:49
Skry^Led_Hed, dunno. but sounds kinda weird. I have 64-bit 8.10 too and i've had no problems installing mdadm.03:49
WebcamWonder!anyone | andrewfree_03:49
ubottuandrewfree_: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?03:49
billybigriggerhow come when i hit the ¨´¨ key and preśś a býtton it uŕńś'out like this???03:49
rfxcaseyziroday, I have no gui and I am pretty new at this03:49
hot_wheelzi guees not03:49
billybigriggerhow do i change my keyboard layout im in canada not russia03:49
zirodayrfxcasey: no worries. Type in sudo apt-get install pastebinit03:50
Led_HedSkry^, I had a similar problem apt-get remove OpenOffice.org   it wanted to remove Gnome-Panel03:50
zirodayrfxcasey: when thats done do less /etc/X11/xorg.conf | pastebinit03:50
zirodayrfxcasey: and give us the link it outputs :)03:50
andrewfree_I need to use a theme in emerald theme manager, but i dont know how to apply it, because i cant get it to show up.03:50
WebcamWonderbillybigrigger, System -> Preferences -> Keyboard ?03:50
mintsoupif an x11 app crashes is there any place on the filesystem where the crash might be documented03:50
smalleyesi have an audio cd in my disc drive. how do i convert into mp3?03:50
WebcamWonderandrewfree_, Did you install the theme from emerald?03:51
billybigriggerWebcamWonder, ya i have it set on generic 105 key03:51
smalleyesis there a program installed by default to convert audio cd into mp3?03:51
billybigriggerWebcamWonder, and i have standard us keyboard layout selected03:51
andrewfree_No from gnome-look and opened and imported it into emerald03:51
rfxcaseyziroday, ok its installing03:51
zirodayrfxcasey: great03:51
WebcamWonderandrewfree_, And it still doesn't show up in emerald's list after import?03:51
WebcamWonderbillybigrigger, Hold on03:52
billybigriggerWebcamWonder, its ok03:52
zirodayWebcamWonder: which card did you have again?03:52
billybigriggerWebcamWonder, i had the wrong usa layout03:52
andrewfree_WebcamWonder: It does show up in the list, but it will not work03:52
Person12345hello all, ubuntu hardy 32bit missing grub/menu.lst out of the blue, did not just reinstall windows, ubuntu just crashed out of the blue. Any help please?03:52
WebcamWonderziroday, GeForce go 615003:52
rfxcaseyziroday,  ok I typed what you said now what I am at a funny screen03:52
zirodayrfxcasey: eh?03:52
scotlfsDoes anyone know what special something must be configured to get full episode videos to play from nbc.com? I know that's a strange question, but full episodes won't load....the 2 minutes shorts work fine, they seem to load up in a normal applet, but the full episodes use a different web interface, and I am not sure what i need to do to get them to load03:52
panglossPerson12345: restore your grub03:52
zirodayWebcamWonder: the nvidia-glx-177 package should do it03:53
Person12345pangloss: is there a way to do that without overwriting my windows boot03:53
WebcamWonderandrewfree_, Have you actually tried starting emerald? Or are you still on the default Human theme?03:53
rfxcaseyziroday, how does this pastebinit work03:53
Led_HedSkry^, its a known bug.   Bug #280414:03:53
WebcamWonderziroday, That is weird. I have 173 installed03:53
andrewfree_WebcamWonder: Better question, how do i start it?03:53
WebcamWonderandrewfree_, ALT + F2 => emerald --replace03:53
zirodayrfxcasey: it simple. type in the command less /etc/X11/xorg.conf | pastebinit and it will output a hyperlink03:54
rfxcaseyziroday, it says (end) -next: pastebinit03:54
step21scotlfs: make sure you're in the US for a start?03:54
zirodayWebcamWonder: that should be fine as well, I honestly have no idea what the difference is03:54
panglossPerson12345: did you read the howto I sent you??? its ok to overwrite the windows bootloader and use grub03:54
zirodayrfxcasey: erm you are in a terminal correct?03:54
panglossPerson12345: youre not overwriting windows.....03:54
rfxcaseyziroday, yea03:55
WebcamWonderziroday, Looking around in launchpad. I see I am affected by a lot of bugs related to Window decorations and various glitches. I just wandered if I am not on the wrong drivers or anything03:55
WebcamWonderandrewfree_, Did it work?03:55
w0ls0nnope, shouting didn't work03:55
ce_qiutoi jua03:55
zirodayrfxcasey: okay, and you typed in less /etc/X11/xorg.conf | pastebinit exactly. Note | is shift \ under the backspace key on most keyboards03:55
step21scotlfs: also make sure you're using the latest flashplayer. not sure if this actually works on linux, just used it on os x and windows03:55
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Lisa1please help I can not alter backlight settings in ubuntu, I tried xbacklight, spicctrl, and brightness under powermanagement also doesn't work, please help my eyes are starting to hurt03:55
Skry^Led_Hed, hmh, strange that i have not noticed that.03:56
rfxcaseyziroday, on I forgot the |03:56
zirodayWebcamWonder: well you can always try the -177 drivers and see if they improve it any03:56
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WebcamWonderziroday, hmm. On hardy, after removal of Envy should I force instal the nvidia-glx-new-177?03:56
Person12345pangloss: I did not get a howto from you, but I've found one, thanks for the help.03:56
Led_HedSkry^, maybe it only effects specific scenarios. Who knows.03:56
pangloss!grub > Person1234503:56
ubottuPerson12345, please see my private message03:56
rfxcaseyziroday, ok http://pastebin.com/f70e0f7fc03:57
dd_deargodao ao aoooo03:57
pangloss!hi | ce_qiut03:57
ubottuce_qiut: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!03:57
Skry^Led_Hed, might be. well, i guess that one will be fixed pretty soon as it's packaging bug.03:57
Person12345pangloss, got it, thanks muchly!03:57
esacif anybody has ever used OneNote, I want the screen clipping functionality in linux. I just want to hit a shortcut key (Super+S for example), select an area of screen, and then it would save it as a screenshot. any ideas what can do that ?03:57
chvnxHey guys, I'm having trouble installing the game AssaultCube.  I've followed all instructions that Google provided but nothing is working.  Anyone have a tutorial that actually works?03:57
andrewfree_WebcamWonder: Working with one keyboard and mouse =D i said unable to locate theme engin in the module_path: "aurora"03:58
andrewfree_it said*03:58
zirodayrfxcasey: try putting Driver "nvidia" under the Identifier option03:58
rfxcaseyziroday, any ideas03:59
pangloss!hi | beddamatrix03:59
ubottubeddamatrix: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!03:59
beddamatrixplease the italian chat03:59
rww!it | beddamatrix03:59
ubottubeddamatrix: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)03:59
WebcamWonderandrewfree_, Atleast you now know howto "activate" emerald :)04:00
compu73rg33kIs RSA an encription cipher? Or is it an algorithm? if so what's the difference? can anyone refer me to a channel when I'm told I'm being off topic? :P04:00
WebcamWonderandrewfree_, Those are mostly based on whether your version of emerald supports these nifty themes or not04:00
WebcamWonderandrewfree_, engines*04:00
panglosscompu73rg33k: /join RSA04:00
panglosscompu73rg33k: /join #rsa04:01
rwwcompu73rg33k: cipher means encryption/decryption alcorithm04:01
rwwalgorithm **04:01
rfxcaseyziroday, I typed startx and got a blank screen04:01
zirodayrfxcasey: no login area?04:01
zirodayrfxcasey: no errors?04:01
rfxcaseyziroday, I am rebooting04:01
rfxcaseyziroday, no video signal to monitor or I guess out of range04:02
BrainyWhat's the easiest way to tell if a live cd I have is the 64 bit or 32 bit version?04:02
compu73rg33kthanks rww  and pangloss04:02
DanaGOh hey, what benefit does 64-bit give over 32-bit?04:02
izzy200198i need help with this one. i installed 8.10 as a dualboot on xp machine. when install completed and the machine rebooted there was no grub menu and just went into xp04:02
compu73rg33kno one in #rsa :(04:02
compu73rg33k#encryption is invite-only too for some odd reason04:03
DanaGFor a system with just exactly 4 gigs of RAM.04:03
rfxcaseyziroday,  how can I generate a proper xorg.conf04:03
rww!grub | izzy20019804:03
ubottuizzy200198: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto04:03
izzy200198no windows installed first. ubuntu installed second. never saw a grub menu04:04
rfxcaseyziroday, reboot i can hear the sound but no screen04:04
rwwizzy200198: follow the steps anyway. they should still work04:04
rfxcaseyziroday,  I am restarting in recovery mode04:04
izzy200198but how can i do that if i cant boot into ubuntu04:04
izzy200198i cant use terminal04:04
rwwizzy200198: "1. Boot the Desktop/Live CD.04:05
izzy200198ah ok04:05
rfxcaseyI really need help getting my video working04:05
scotlfsSo does anyone know how to get NBC episodes to play ?04:06
BrainyWhat's the easiest way to tell if a live cd I have is the 64 bit or 32 bit version?04:06
rfxcaseyit was working fine till I save my xorg conf now the xorg conf is practically empty and I have no signal to the monitor04:06
WebcamWonderBrainy, Is it burned? Is it ISO? Are you booted into the LiveCD?04:07
rwwBrainy: boot it up and do "uname -a" from a terminal. If it's 64-bit, "x86_64" will be near the end of the output04:07
rwwBrainy: there's probably an easier way, but I don't have a live CD handy to check04:07
Skry^rfxcasey, nvidia?04:07
gavagaiI have a core 2 duo.  should i stick with the 32 bit ubuntu or 64 bit?04:08
Grey_Lokigavagai, depends how much RAM you have04:08
DanaGgood question.  What benefit does 64-bit give, anyway?04:08
w0ls0n64 bit would prob be faster04:08
DanaGI'll be using 4 gigs.04:08
rwwgavagai: you could use either (core 2 supports 64-bit). it depends on whether you need the benefits of 64-bit or not ;-)04:08
DanaGWhat _are_ those benefits?04:09
KyPoHja64 bit is for prositutes04:09
rwwDanaG: if you're just doing normal desktop work, not much. I use 64-bit because I do distributed computing and have an SSSE3-optimized client for it =/04:09
Skry^gavagai, i'd go with 64-bit, as you have 64-bit cpu and your gonna upgrade to 8 gigs anyways ;)04:10
gavagaii have 2 gig ram04:10
BrainyThanks :D04:10
KyPoHjai have 504:10
rwwgavagai: stick with 32-bit, then04:10
KyPoHjai have 6"04:10
skyjumperis root-on-LVM broken for anyone else in the latest intrepid kernel?04:10
davelbartonOK, I have a foolish newbie question: what is jaunty?  Is it something to which I should upgrade?04:10
Halow!jaunty | davelbarton04:11
ubottudavelbarton: Jaunty Jackalope is the codename for Ubuntu 9.04, due April 2009 - UDS December 8th-12th in Mountain View, CA, USA04:11
gavagairww, is that the only reason to go 64 bit?  all i do is office stuff and play counter strike really04:11
rwwdavelbarton: it's the next version of Ubuntu, and is in the early stages of development. No, you shouldn't upgrade to it.04:11
KyPoHjacan i install vista on ubuntu 8.10?04:11
pw-toxicmy emerald doesnt start by default. so i have to type emerald --replace into my console... how can i do this automatically?04:11
davelbartonThank you, Halow.04:11
davelbartonAndn thank you, rww.  Got it.04:11
KyPoHjacan i install itunes and saphari04:11
rwwgavagai: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/64-bit#32_vs_64_bit04:11
KyPoHjacan i watch pr0n04:12
WebcamWonderpw-toxic, Are you using compiz?04:12
w0ls0nKyPoHja, URL kplsthnx04:12
pw-toxicWebcamWonder: yes04:12
davelbartonThanks again, everyone.  Good night.04:12
WebcamWonderpw-toxic, In the Advanced Desktop Effect Settings, goto the Window Decoration plugin, in the window decorator you would have gtk-decorator04:12
WebcamWonderpw-toxic, change that to => emerald --replace04:13
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help04:13
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about jerk04:13
mindframe-under the new network management utility, what does "system setting" signify?04:13
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about vagina04:13
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about money04:13
WebcamWonder!language | KyPoHja04:13
ubottuKyPoHja: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.04:13
ubottuSome things are inappropriate for #ubuntu. Controversial topics, which often turn into flame wars: war, race, religion, politics, gender, sexuality, drugs, questionably legal activities, suicide are not for here. Microsoft software in ##windows (Please note Freenode Policy)04:13
rww!fishing | KyPoHja04:13
ubottuKyPoHja: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".04:13
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about obama04:14
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about iosama04:14
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about io04:14
ubottuTo install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository04:14
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about dmraid04:14
rww!fishing > KyPoHja04:14
ubottuKyPoHja, please see my private message04:14
ubotturaid is Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID wto and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto04:14
FloodBot2ubottu: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:14
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:14
the_newbiedoes anyone here knows if there is any simulation software for electrical engineering?04:15
ubottuLinux is the kernel (core) of the Ubuntu operating system. Many operating systems use Linux as kernel. For more information on Linux in general, visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux04:15
hanasakiwhat is the difference between nvidia 6 and the 6150 and are both supported ?  with acceleration?04:15
Brainy!fishing >Brainy04:15
ubottuBrainy, please see my private message04:15
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto04:15
ubottuPlease investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".04:15
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about fichinh04:15
WebcamWonderthe_newbie, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuScience <= this should list most of them04:15
rwwmindframe-: looks like it makes the setting system-wide, rather than just for your user04:15
MurielGodoiHi all, my notebook is not recognizing my HP TV tuner pcmcia card. Not is listed at lspcmcia, Any suggestions?04:15
hardcoremyspace is a memory hog, is there any way around that?04:15
mindframe-oh ok04:15
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about start04:15
the_newbieWebcamWonder, thanks ;)04:16
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal04:16
mindframe-thanks rww04:16
rwwKyPoHja: Stop abusing the bot, please.04:16
hanasakithanks KyPoHja however i am curious which is a better chipset?04:16
WebcamWonderthe_newbie, Glad to help! :)04:16
ubottugnome is a project that provides two things: The GNOME desktop environment, an intuitive and attractive desktop for end-users, users, and the GNOME development platform, an extensive framework for building applications that integrate into the rest of the desktop.04:16
ubottuKDE (http://kde.org) is the !desktop environment used natively in !Kubuntu. To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop », or see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE . See http://kubuntu.org for more information. For more information on KDE 4, see !kde404:16
FloodBot2KyPoHja: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:16
hardcorethank you04:16
rsvpdidn't know this:  screen will FREEZE when the hard drive is reallocating bad sectors << esp prior to drive crash!04:17
KurtKrautDoes anyone know a SIP client that is not crashy ? ekiga/twinkle/linphone are so buggy that I can't even connect to my SIP server.04:17
ZuwerJust curious, is there any web server thing I can get for Ubuntu, I have only used Ubuntu for about a day now04:17
ubottuDNS is an acronym for Domain Name System, and is an internet system used to translate names into IP Address.04:17
rww!info apache | Zuwer04:18
ubottuzuwer: Package apache does not exist in intrepid04:18
Pnux!change dns04:18
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about change dns04:18
rww!info apache2 | Zuwer04:18
ubottuzuwer: apache2 (source: apache2): Apache HTTP Server metapackage. In component main, is optional. Version 2.2.9-7ubuntu3 (intrepid), package size 43 kB, installed size 100 kB04:18
pw-toxicWebcamWonder: do you mean the entry "command" where /usr/bin/compiz-decorator normally is entered?04:18
WebcamWonderpw-toxic, Yes. You can just replace that with "emerald" (without quotes). No need for the --replace I told you earlier04:18
ohdamnallnicsanyway to see what my onboard video (not in use) and soundcard are?04:18
rwwZuwer: try the apache2 package. It's a very popular webserver04:18
pw-toxicWebcamWonder: do i have to restart x then?04:19
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about rsa04:19
Zuwerk ty04:19
WIGGMPkCan anyone help me? My file associations are borked. png images open with "Firefox" "Sunbird Calendar" instead of Eye of Gnome. Debian packages have NO association, compressed files no longer associate with file-roller. Something is happening and running "update-mime-database ~/.local/share/mime" does not help04:19
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about child04:19
rwwohdamnallnics: Enter lspci into a terminal. It might have the info you need.04:19
bazhangKyPoHja, stop04:19
WebcamWonderpw-toxic, Nope. You can do a emerald --replace for now. And on next Gdm start, compiz will call emerald rather than the regular Window decorator04:19
KyPoHjaWIGGMPk: there are properties for each files, you can select app04:20
pw-toxicWebcamWonder: ok then ill try this be restarting my x-server04:20
droopsta915where are my temp internet files stored04:20
novato_brhow to install RMVB on the ubuntu 8.10?04:20
hardcoreis there a way to make myspace pages load faster?04:20
ohdamnallnicshardcore, no, not really,04:21
WIGGMPkKyPoHja: i know, but when opening properties and selecting the "Open With" tab on lets say a debian package. it does not show gdebi-gtk or gdebi... for compressed files it does not show the option for file-roller.. I have to manually add the command.. which with the fear of sounding lazy, is not something I want to do with every type of file. I shouldnt have to04:21
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about rmvb04:21
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal04:21
KyPoHja    Hoću, braćo, to sam i došao.04:22
KyPoHja    Ja sam mnoga zažega kanđela04:22
KyPoHja    na oltaru crkve pravoslavne,04:22
KyPoHja    pa sam slijep doša među vama04:22
FloodBot2KyPoHja: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:22
KyPoHja    da podžežem, koliko uzmogu,04:22
KyPoHja    i vaš oganj sveti na oltaru,04:22
bazhangKyPoHja, english04:22
w0ls0nog dude shut up04:22
pw-toxicWebcamWonder: works ;) thx04:22
rww!spam | KyPoHja04:22
ubottuKyPoHja: Unsure how you should behave on this channel? See (in a private message with the bot, /msg ubottu <keyword>): !AskTheBot, !CoC, !Guidelines, !Offtopic, !Language, !Attitude, !Repeat, !Enter, !Paste, !Caps, !NickSpam, !PM, !English - And most importantly, use common sense...04:22
WebcamWonderpw-toxic, No problem. Glad to help :)04:22
pw-toxicWebcamWonder: <3 noButton template ;)04:23
aukso i upgraded from 8.04 to 8.10 just now04:23
hitman1985hi guys, what could be the reason that ubuntu just halts (non responsive) after restart (happens only when i start pidgin) random times04:23
hitman1985im still runing 8.04:)04:23
rsvpSMART hard drive failure prediction is only about 30%  reliable per wikipedia04:23
WIGGMPkKyPoHja: any other thoughts?04:24
aukand it *completely* f*ked up my graphics config04:24
bazhangauk, no cursing here04:24
auksorry i thought starring it was enough04:24
BrucevdkIf anybody has extensive experience with setting up permissions on locally shared folders between multiple users, e.g. using traditional UGO permissions or POSIX ACLs could one take a look at the following thread: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=975488 The problem is that when copying files into the shared folder, the permissions of those files are preserved (denying other people access in certain cases).04:25
Doitle2Is there perhaps a way to remote desktop into an ubuntu install from Windows?04:25
rww!vnc | Doitle204:25
ubottuDoitle2: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX04:25
rwwDoitle2: install a VNC server on the ubuntu install, then use a vnc client on the windows computer04:26
aukanyway...any suggestions? i can get the resolution right for my user account, but it won't last past a reboot04:26
hitman1985Nov  8 20:09:56 hitme-linux1 dhcdbd: message_handler: message handler not found under /com/redhat/dhcp/eth0 for sub-path eth0.dbus.get.nis_domain04:26
Doitle2ah alright thanks I'll look into that04:26
w0ls0nthats a damn waste of a rollercoaster04:26
KyPoHjaought down a throne and made all Hell to quake!04:27
KyPoHjaYet Milosh fell, most marvellous of knights,04:27
KyPoHjaA victim fell unto the world's great Scourge.04:27
KyPoHjaIn proud repose the puissant Leader lies:04:27
FloodBot2KyPoHja: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:27
andrewfree_WebcamWonder: Hey sorry i was helping someone out with their comp,  but i still have that emerald problem, and i left before i could see what you had to say about it.04:27
WebcamWonderBrucevdk, I am just a noob. But the man page of "cp" allows you to specify which attributes not to copy. It says you can specify permissions04:27
BrucevdkWebcamWonder: uh huh, I don't control the end user (only the server) :-)04:27
WebcamWonderandrewfree_, No problem. You might want to try some other theme and see if it gives you the same problem04:27
KurtKrautI don't want to sound disrespectful but... can anyone really use Ekiga ? It is so buggy that it is barely usable.04:28
AlfalfazCould someone help me, my screen goes dark when I watch movies. I have power management settings off. I can still hear sound and SSH to it, but the problem persist through restarting X as well. Only thing that helps is reboot. Please help me, it is driving me nuts. I got Xubuntu 32 bit on intel gma945 and C2D 1.8 ghz with 4 gb  ram. Using intreprid.04:29
Halow!hi will04:29
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about hi will04:29
Alfalfazit happends with 64bit as well04:29
BrucevdkAlfalfaz: what player?04:29
BrucevdkAlfalfaz: oh wait, it goes completely dark? Like off?04:30
AlfalfazBrucevdk: xmbc04:30
will__I'm having trouble setting up a lamp server on ubuntu desktop edition. Anybody have any help?04:30
AlfalfazBrucevdk: not off, screen is still ON, but its dark04:30
BrucevdkAlfalfaz: but it's system-wide? Not application specific?04:30
rwwwill__: what's the problem you're having? Perhaps someone else has seen the same thing and can help :)04:30
AlfalfazBrucevdk: dunno04:30
BrucevdkAlfalfaz: can you CTRL + ALT + F1?04:30
Alfalfazgonna try04:31
AlfalfazBrucevdk: yes04:31
Alfalfazthat worked04:31
andrewfree_WebcamWonder: Same thing, i load the theme then go into terminal and do emerald --replace and get the same error04:31
Alfalfazbut I cant restary X04:31
=== CyberSix is now known as Cyber6
BrucevdkAlfalfaz: how do you mean "you can't"?04:31
AlfalfazBrucevdk: I can do it, but it wont show anything04:31
step21or do ctrl + alt + backspace ???04:31
AlfalfazI Did.04:31
Alfalfazstill dark04:31
will__I've setup the server properly. It works with localhost and, but does not work externally from the network i'm on. I have also forwarded the ports 80 and 433 to the server computer.04:31
Alfalfazbut ctrl alt f1 shows something04:31
=== Cyber6 is now known as CyberSix
WebcamWonderandrewfree_, It can't find the aurora engine?04:32
andrewfree_WebcamWonder: Correct04:32
BrucevdkAlfalfaz: interesting, what exactly is this XMBC? Is it on top of your existing distro/window environment etc.?04:32
WebcamWonderandrewfree_, Hold up04:32
step21will__: probably some kinda firewall active? also why do you use desktop edition for a server?04:32
AlfalfazBrucevdk: xbox media center04:32
BrucevdkAlfalfaz: but is GNOME still running?04:33
andrewfree_WebcamWonder: (emerald:7478): gtk-WARNING **: Unable to locate theme engin in the module_path: "aurora".04:33
AlfalfazBrucevdk: Xfce04:33
andrewfree_just to give you the full error04:33
AlfalfazBrucevdk: yes04:33
WebcamWonderandrewfree_, Oh yes. I think you need to install the aurora engine. Hold on04:33
BrucevdkAlfalfaz: in case of GNOME one thing I'd try was to login to the TTY on F1, then do sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart04:33
andrewfree_Its it in yum? WebcamWonder04:33
andrewfree_Do i even have yum?04:34
andrewfree_XD let me check04:34
WebcamWonderandrewfree_, YOu would have apt in Ubuntu. Hold on let me check04:34
AlfalfazBrucevdk: I did that, still dark04:34
Alfalfaznow tty dissapeared.. Its the same thing as doiung ctrl alt backspace04:34
will__setp21: i did try to use the server edition but when i installed the package ubuntu-desktop so i could use GNOME it worked but the display drivers would not install correctly.04:34
ShoopufDoes Visual Studio work in Ubuntu?04:34
BrucevdkAlfalfaz: tty disapeared?04:34
MyyogaHey im having some big issues with running Nexuiz at my native resolution (1280*1024). It jumps back and forth between my desktop and fullscreen mode, and I cant do anything. I cant even get into the game long enough to change the settings to something that I know works(1024*768). Is there main system folder(bin, etc ... ) in the filesystem that I would be able to find the configuration settings and then manually change the running re04:35
AlfalfazBrucevdk: as in screen went dark again after restarting GDM04:35
BrucevdkAlfalfaz: but the tty is still available right?04:35
ShoopufI want to switch to Ubuntu completely but one of my classes requires Visual Studio (Visual Basic)... So not sure if I should completely uninstall Windows yet.04:35
AlfalfazBrucevdk: after doing ctrl alt f1.. yes04:35
spowneyhey, can anyone tell me how to access network computer shares via the terminal?04:35
MurielGodoiBrucevdk: Is there a way to load just 2 tty instead 6 as defalt?04:35
BrucevdkMurielGodoi: yes, but I don't know from the top of my head how04:35
BrucevdkAlfalfaz: what video card/drivers you using?04:35
Alfalfazintel gma94504:36
AlfalfazCould someone help me, my screen goes dark when I watch movies. I have power management settings off. I can still hear sound and SSH to it, but the problem persist through restarting X as well. Only thing that helps is reboot. Please help me, it is driving me nuts. I got Xubuntu 32 bit on intel gma945 and C2D 1.8 ghz with 4 gb  ram. Using intreprid.04:36
rwwMyyoga: it's probably in your home folder. Open it up in the file manager and press Ctrl-h to show hidden files and folders. There's probably something like .nexuiz in there.04:36
BrucevdkAlfalfaz: ah yes :)04:36
WebcamWonderandrewfree_, Ok. Apparently. Google search says that it isn't in repos04:36
Myyogarww: thank you I will try that04:36
BrucevdkAlfalfaz: does this only happen with XMBC?04:36
AlfalfazBrucevdk: I hve also tried typing xset s noblank s 0 0 -dpms off04:36
AlfalfazBrucevdk: yes04:37
BrucevdkAlfalfaz: so you can play something with say VLC for example and it doesn't happen? It also doesn't happen automatically only when you play movies using XMBC?04:37
EulaliaWhen I open Firefox and Chatzilla, if I try do anything else, ma laptop completely freezes (sometimes the caps and scroll lock buttons flash). I just installed ubuntu today, and it's frozen quite a few times. Anyone know why? :\04:37
AlfalfazBrucevdk: Hard to tell really :(04:37
AlfalfazBrucevdk: I am gonna try that later04:37
andrewfree_WebcamWonder: I know i just checked and no find04:37
WebcamWonderandrewfree_, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=896322 <= giving out a deb. I don't know if it will work or not04:38
n8tuserMurielGodoi-> you can remove entries in /etc/event.d/tty3-604:38
BrucevdkAlfalfaz: I'm pretty much out of ideas for the time being :)04:38
MurielGodoin8tuser: w00t! thanks04:38
andrewfree_WebcamWonder: I dont know how to open a deb04:38
=== basso_ is now known as basso
BrucevdkAlfalfaz: come to think of it it might be a resolution problem04:39
WebcamWonderandrewfree_, Download to desktop. Double click, and the dpkg installer will come up automatically04:39
xjkxi closed my rhythbox(or something like that) and now i have no sound on flash :s i killed every process with "audio*" but still no result04:39
BrucevdkAlfalfaz: try $ xrandr -s 004:39
andrewfree_WebcamWonder: Mmk thanks ill go try that04:39
BrucevdkAlfalfaz: actually: $ DISPLAY=":0" xrandr -s 004:39
WebcamWonderandrewfree_, Here is anther thread. http://ge.ubuntuforums.com/showthread.php?t=83058704:40
xjkxwhats stopping me from listen to the youtube video man :s04:40
AlfalfazBrucevdk: nothing :) happend04:40
Myyogarww: Thank You that worked Perfectly. Do all of the programs that are installed on your operating system have configuration data stored as hidden files in your home folder?04:41
BrucevdkAlfalfaz: how about $ DISPLAY=":0" xrandr -s 1? :-)04:42
AlfalfazBrucevdk: my tv telling me "mode not supported now"04:42
=== shiro_ is now known as Ikkakujyu
rwwMyyoga: lots of them, yes. You can use that ctrl-h shortcut and look through :)04:42
BrucevdkAlfalfaz: how about just $ DISPLAY=":0" xrandr04:42
ShoopufAnyone gotten Visual Studio to run in a VM or WINE in Ubuntu? I need to use it for my class, but don't want to dual boot04:43
=== me is now known as wos
rww!appdb | Shoopuf04:43
ubottuShoopuf: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help04:43
WebcamWonderShoopuf, There is a high probability it won't work04:43
AlfalfazBrucevdk: Screen 0: minimum 320 x 200, current 1360 x 768, maximum 1680 x 168004:43
AlfalfazVGA disconnected (normal left inverted right x axis y axis)04:43
ville__Hello anyone in here that uses gpsdrive?04:43
BrucevdkAlfalfaz: take a look at man xrandr, see if there's anything in there that might help04:43
andrewfree_WebcamWonder: Tried first one, installed it, then ran the command emerald --replace and hit return... nothing after that, but no error either04:44
AlfalfazBrucevdk: nah :/ gonna reinstall04:44
Rave1_  v04:44
brak014does anyone here have ubuntu on a dell inspiron 6000 with an ATI video card?04:44
e\ectro_is there anyway to do a chroot install of ubuntu onto a different partition without having to take the system down and boot off the cd-rom?04:44
BrucevdkAlfalfaz: heh :)04:44
xjkxsound doesnt work after closig rhythmbox04:44
AlfalfazBrucevdk: thanks for your help, if you find a solution mail me at seihe333@student.liu.se04:44
xjkxhow do i restore04:44
BrucevdkAlfalfaz: sure thing, good luck04:45
AlfalfazIm gonna reinstall (running irssi on the machine)04:45
Alfalfazso cya04:45
WebcamWonderandrewfree_, In the emerald theme manager, when you edit the theme, does the aurora show up undert the list of engines?04:45
FloodBot2Alfalfaz: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:45
Roeyhow do I swap devices?  i.e. I want /dev/video0 <-> /dev/video1...04:45
xjkxalsaconf command not found04:46
ville__Hello anyone in here that uses gpsdrive?04:46
BrucevdkRoey: if nobody answers you, you might want to look into udev04:46
ShoopufThank you04:46
xjkxsound isnt working04:46
Brucevdkville__: somebody might, but it's best if you just state your question04:46
robert__i'm looking for a way to image, clone, or entirely backup ubuntu 8.104:47
RoeyBrucevdk:  ok, thanks04:47
rww!backup | robert__04:47
bazhang!backup | robert__04:47
ubotturobert__: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning04:47
brak014so my problem is this: when i have windows running and my computer is hooked up to a TV via s-video and i run a video the TV automatically goes full screen but my main monitor shows the player in a window and i can minimize it and the tv stays full screen, i tried this with ubuntu but it doesnt work what do i need to configure in order to have what happens on windows happen with ubuntu04:47
andrewfree_WebcamWonder: Nope, but if i change it to something else "reloading..." comes up under where i ran the emerald --replace command04:47
hellhound_is there any program that will allow me to save a web search, remove duplicate domains, and research once a day and email me or somehow advise me when there is a new site that meets my search criteria?04:47
=== error404notfoun1 is now known as error404notfound
WebcamWonderandrewfree_, And if you select any other theme in Emerald, does it work?04:47
xjkxhow to configure sound04:47
storm-zenI'd like to know the same thing, xjkx...04:48
andrewfree_If i just select it does that apply it>04:48
Brucevdkhellhound_: you could relatively easily write one yourself04:48
WebcamWonderandrewfree_, Yes04:48
robert__thanks ubottu04:48
rsvpthere's an outsource program I heard about in New Delhi...04:48
xjkxstorm-zen: noone knows :s04:48
hellhound_Brucee, how?04:48
esacif anybody has ever used OneNote, I want the screen clipping functionality in linux. I just want to hit a shortcut key (Super+S for example), select an area of screen, and then it would save it as a screenshot. any ideas what can do that ?04:49
storm-zenthat appears to be the case, xjkx.  How long have you been trying to figure it out.  Sound on Linux is a mess, right now...04:49
hellhound_Brucevdk, how?04:49
storm-zen*figure it out?04:49
Brucevdkhellhound_: Python + Google Search API04:49
rsvpesac, I would first try google Notebook widget in your browser04:49
woscould someone tell me how to execute this command: deb     http://mirror.noreply.org/pub/tor <DISTRIBUTION> main04:49
hellhound_Brucevdk, what is python?04:50
ville__Ok I Installed gpsdrive but when I try to run it I get this error http://paste.ubuntu.com/69493/04:50
rsvpa very smart snake04:50
Brucevdkhellhound_: it's a programming language :-) I might take back what I said about "relatively easy"04:50
bazhangrsvp, please chat in #ubuntu-offtopic04:50
woscould someone tell me how to execute this command: deb     http://mirror.noreply.org/pub/tor <DISTRIBUTION> main04:50
rsvpI forget to add the smilely04:50
Brucevdkhellhound_: it's relatively easy to hire someone to write you that program though04:50
hellhound_Brucevdk, LOL ok,but you do not know of a program that already exists right?04:51
rwwwos: open System > Admininstration > Software Sources. Click the "Third-Party Software" tab. Click Add.... Copy that line into the prompt that comes up, changing <DISTRIBUTION> to whatever your distribution is (if you're not sure, ask and I'll show you how to find it).04:51
Brucevdkhellhound_: not without Googling no04:51
hellhound_Brucevdk, thank you :)04:51
Brucevdkhellhound_: actually I do04:51
Brucevdkhellhound_: there's Google Alerts04:52
Cycomhey, did the latest nvidia drivers cure that issue with the tearing along window borders?04:52
EulaliaI just installed ubuntu today, and when I open Firefox and chatzilla, and try to do anything (ANYTHING) else, it freezes mu laptop.04:52
mintsoupis nonfree-flash-plugin known to be really crashy in 8.10?04:52
storm-zenesac: Are you running gnome?04:52
EulaliaI don't assume that's supposed to happen?04:52
Doonzevening all04:52
andrewfree_WebcamWonder: Nope, none of the engines work04:52
Brucevdkhellhound_: tell me if that works for you04:52
DoonzOk have a few questions04:52
Doonzok just one04:52
DoonzHow do i move  one software raid array from one system onto another04:53
WebcamWonderandrewfree_, That is odd. So what do you have as your window decorations right now?04:53
rwwmintsoup: it's very variable in quality. Works fine for some people, doesn't work at all for others04:53
xjkxstorm-zen: not that long04:53
andrewfree_apearance then like some osx looking one i found04:53
rwwmintsoup: It's non-free, closed-source software, so we can't improve it much :(04:53
hellhound_Brucevdk, trying it now.04:54
storm-zenesac: Anyway, gnome has a screen capture applet.04:54
mintsouprww: do you think that hand-installing the package from adobe would be a worthwhile thing to do, or should i just try to use gnash or whatever that free version is..04:54
xjkxits a simple question i guess, but at this time people are sleeping or something04:54
LifesfHi; would anyone here happen to know why gproftpd (gadmin-proftpd) crashes automatically after opening?04:54
andrewfree_WebcamWonder: Just a theme using the default window decorator04:54
paulim needing some help, i tryed to upgrade to latest ubuntu server build, and the installion failed, ever since, my file system has become read only, iv been needing to remount the hdd each time the box restarts to get it working again, anyone help me fix this?04:54
WebcamWonderandrewfree_, hmm. Looking at my list. All my themes are vrunner based.04:55
storm-zenxjkx: No, it's not really a simple question.04:55
andrewfree_I have that engine04:55
WebcamWonderandrewfree_, Is there any particular you are looking at?04:55
WebcamWonderandrewfree_, theme*04:55
xjkxstorm-zen: why not :P04:55
Burns7634Any idea on fixes for the joystick issue plaguing 64bit versions of 8.10?04:55
woshow do you spell the latest release of ubuntu04:56
chivafightersomeone speaks Spanish?04:56
WebcamWonderwos, Yes04:56
arooni# Download and install the MySQL Connector/J -- for connecting to a MySQL database server from Java. .... is that libmsql-java ? (on ubuntu hardy)04:56
storm-zenxjkx: It can be, depending on seemingly random factors, but sound is a strange, sticky issue for some... for one thing, there are multiple mixer settings that sometimes come into play.04:56
stormhellboa noite04:56
rww!es | chivafighter04:56
ubottuchivafighter: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.04:56
mintsoupdoes anyone know of a way to get video playback to work well when running compiz on newer ati cards04:57
storm-zenesac: If you feel like just trying something, you can start here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Gutsy_Intel_HD_Audio_Controller04:57
andrewfreemmk i kept having to switch keyboards WebcamWonder now im on linux04:57
WebcamWonderandrewfree, Ok. So is there a specific theme you are looking at?04:57
rwwmintsoup: you could try gnash, but it's kinda a mess. I'd go with flashplugin-nonfree as a first option, and possibly Adobe as a second option (though I haven't installed from Adobe's package before)04:58
chivafighterthank you very much rww04:58
andrewfreeWebcamWonder, nope, just one that looks nice04:58
ubottuFor help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted or !QTParted - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap04:58
quittthow do I make my partitions mount automatically?04:58
andrewfreeI changed my theme in appearance preferences to the default04:58
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP304:58
andrewfreequittt, write a script using the command mount04:58
andrewfreeand set it to run on boot04:58
mintsoupquittt: edit /etc/fstab04:59
WebcamWonderandrewfree. emerald has never done that to me. It crashes with me a lot, but never done that04:59
WebcamWonder!fstab | quittt04:59
ubottuquittt: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions04:59
DoonzHow do i move  one software raid array from one system onto another05:00
mintsoupdoonz, did you try google05:00
LifesfHi; would anyone here happen to know why gproftpd (gadmin-proftpd) crashes automatically after opening?05:00
Lifesf I have not been able to use it at all; I think the last time i was able to use it was when i was running, i believe it was gutsy05:00
EulaliaI just installed ubuntu today, and when I open Firefox and chatzilla, and try to do anything (ANYTHING) else, it freezes mu laptop. :|05:01
Doonzim on dialup atm05:01
Doonzweb isnt my friend05:01
WebcamWonderandrewfree, Just to make sure. Are you on compiz?05:01
mintsoupDoonz, use elinks ;p05:01
andrewfree0.o WebcamWonder not sure05:01
lucaxmmm i have some problems with wallpaper-tray... does it use any acron thing?05:02
tarelerulzI have mess up 3 dvdr trying to burn the Ubuntu 8.10 iso . One just burnt the file and it would not boot.  I don't think getting a new dvd iso burning program would work .  How would I fix the dvd burn  drive itself.05:02
Doonzwas hoping someone could just point me to a post in the forum05:02
andrewfreeMy graphics card sucks and cant even use effects with compiz05:02
brueniglucax: no idea but I would guess not as that would be a silly design05:02
arooniand also if i've done the package installation libmsyql-java (j connector for mysql)... how would i adjust classpath to be set appropriately?    "shell> export set CLASSPATH=/path/mysql-connector-java-[ver]-bin.jar:$CLASSPATH"05:03
lucaxbruenig, i have it running, but doesnt change the wallpaper in the time i set05:03
WebcamWonderandrewfree, I don't know if you can use emerald without compiz or not.05:03
andrewfree_how do i use compiz05:04
andrewfree_it should be installed defualt05:04
EulaliaI just installed ubuntu today, and when I open Firefox and chatzilla, and try to do anything (ANYTHING) else, it freezes mu laptop. :| Anyone know why?05:04
tarelerulzI have had 3 differnet dvd burning  program fail .  I try to burn the Ubuntu iso to a dvdr .  What can I do ?05:05
WebcamWonderandrewfree_, Ok apparently, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=50254005:05
bamballEulalia: is the harddisk led when it freezes?05:05
brueniglucax: read the source figure out what's up05:06
Eulaliabamball: Excuse my ignorance, but what's that mean?05:06
lucaxbruenig, im just a regular user :)05:06
russianphysicisthi all, I'm trying to reinstall Grub but I keep on getting Error 15: file not fount. I'm not sure where to find my /boot, despite the numerous howtos on the forums. I'm on the LiveCD for 8.04 right now05:06
Brucevdkarooni: you still having problems?05:06
bamballEulalia: sorry i meant was the harddisk LED remained lit when ur computer froze?05:07
arooniBrucee, havnet tried compling yet;  so not sure ;p05:07
brueniglucax: it's all very logical, you will pick it up05:07
Eulaliabamball, yeah, it does. The mouse freezes, and nothing happens.05:07
chilli0hello all05:07
chilli0Help Eulalia Now05:08
chilli0or els05:08
bamballEulaia: i had a similar issue, there was something wrong with my harddisk controller05:08
andrewfreeWebcamWonder, just reinstalled compiz fusion05:08
lucaxbruenig, haha yeah right05:08
bamballall i did was (a) update BIOS, (b) updated firefox05:09
Kumquatswhen using nm-connection-editor, I have an entry named "ifupdown (wlan0)" that I can't delete or edit, how do I fix this?05:09
Eulaliabamball: How do I updates BIOS?05:09
WebcamWonderandrewfree, Ok. If you try to activate it, does it work?05:09
andrewfreehow do i do that XD05:09
seaofteahey pidgen ain't bad05:09
bamballEulalia : do u have a Nvidia chipset?05:09
* andrewfree takes out terminal 05:10
bamballsome nvidia chipset are known to be problematic05:10
Eulaliabamball, I'm not sure. How do I check?05:10
Lifesfgproftpd segmentation fault problem!!! Help!05:10
bamballEulalia: try sudo lshw | less05:11
AJ_Z0New 8.10 install and trying to establish wireless connection. Card (Intel Wireless WiFi Link 5100) seems to be working and driver iwlagn is attached. I have a wlan0 interface. The Gnome Network Manager (which I had to install) doesn't seem to offer any way to connect to a wireless network, just an entry "[-] Wireless Connection / Roaming Mode enabled"05:11
Veninhow to install net::pcap?05:11
WebcamWonderandrewfree, Sorry, i missed your post. Goto appearence, effects and turn on the effects05:11
seaofteaI accidentally removed the standard gnome network monitor applet from the top bar and am wondering how to get it back.  The one in the "add to panel" dialog box isn't the same one.05:11
Eulaliabamball, I can't use my linux atm (it won't work with my wireless card :\ ) But what should I look for after I type sudo lshw | less ?05:12
Sweetandy8.10 comes with build-essential preinstalled! I love Canonical and the developers around the world!!05:12
andrewfreeWebcamWonder, Desktop effects cant be enabled05:12
WebcamWonderseaoftea, nm-applet? I haven't used it quite some time now. But I think that is the name of the applet05:12
seaofteaSweetandy: Mine didn't come with build-essential preinstalled05:12
russianphysicisthi all, I'm trying to reinstall Grub but I keep on getting Error 15: file not fount. I'm not sure where to find my /boot, despite the numerous howtos on the forums. I'm on the LiveCD for 8.04 right now05:13
WebcamWonderandrewfree, Sorry. That means your graphics card isn't probably supported05:13
andrewfreethought so05:13
n8tuserseaoftea-> on system--preferences--main menu  look for the menu entry for it05:13
andrewfreeXD there was a box of em, and i grabbed the biggest one cuz i had to hurry up05:13
andrewfreeshould of got an nvidia one05:13
Sweetandyseaoftea: The LiveCD, anyway.05:13
seaofteaahhh, lol.  I was making it harder than it had to be05:13
WebcamWonderandrewfree, If you like some nice ones. There are some nice GTK2.0+ themes on gnome-look.05:13
dr_willisDesktop effects are overrated. :)05:13
seaofteaAll you do is drag it, I'm an idiot05:14
WebcamWonderandrewfree, dr_willis, So true. I personally disabled them after 2 weeks, thinking why I should waste 1 second seeing my window minimize05:14
seaofteathanx n8tuser05:14
seaofteaIDK about U, but I love the desktop effects05:15
seaofteaBetter than mac and vista05:15
dr_willisWebcamWonder,  or watch the 'wiggly windows' maxamize effect.. get stuck. and stay wiggling for 10+min. :)05:15
leohartxhow do i install psx and pcsx 2 ?05:15
lucaxanyother app for changin wallpapers but wallpaper-tray?05:15
mintsoupdr_willis wiggly windows is one of the effects that is totally pointless and i always turn it off05:15
dr_willisI can think of 2 features of compiz i like. the mazamize, and the preview in panel features05:15
WebcamWonderdr_willis, Seriously. Wobbly Windows is the worst plugin to be ever created in terms of regular day productivity :p05:15
sambagirleverytime i do something it says host not recognized or something like that. i thought the computer name was the hostname?05:15
andrewfreeWebcamWonder, Yea pretty cool05:15
andrewfreeill wait for the cool stuff thou like wobbly windows when i get a new mobo and card05:16
mintsoupthere are several compiz plugins though which I feel do improve the useability of gnome05:16
n8tuserrussianphysicist-> open an xterm while on liveCD and get into root mode and type grub05:16
dr_willisWobly windows made my wife Nausaus. :)05:16
Kumquatsmy wife hates wobbly windows with a passion05:16
seaoftea"Road Warrior" on spike tv05:16
andrewfreenehalem here i come =D  thanks for the help WebcamWonder05:16
J-a-k-eHi all, aside from getting a logitech squeezebox or something like that. Can anyone tell me if the sound quality in ubuntu compares to that of windows xp?05:16
seaofteawatch it noa!05:16
WebcamWonderdr_willis, Haha. No problem. Glad to help :)05:16
n8tusersambagirl-> look at your entries in /etc/hosts05:16
andrewfreeIm out!!!05:16
WebcamWonderdr_willis, That is a nice idea. Maybe I should turn that on, so I can get the PC to myself as well :p05:17
xorlimJackWinter: I like the sound quality of Ubuntu.05:17
andrewfreeoff to solve css problems05:17
mintsoupJ-a-k-e why wouldn't it?..05:17
WebcamWonderandrewfree, Bye!05:17
sambagirlit says unable  to resolve host jaguar05:17
seaofteaAnyone know anything about wireless internet security?05:17
dr_willisWebcamWonder,  then i showed her the zoom.. so shes on it 2x as much now.05:17
sambagirlthat is the hostname why is it not able to see itself?05:17
andrewfreexorlim, thats your auido card not the OS05:17
xorlimandrewfree: yes.05:17
WebcamWonderdr_willis, TBH. I use the zoom instead of the flash fullscreen. Flash fullscreen actually drops FPS05:17
sambagirlwouldnt it be localhost?05:17
dr_willisseaoftea,  care to ask the channel a bit more percise question? :)05:17
n8tusersambagirl-> are you trying to resolve a remote host?05:18
dr_willisWebcamWonder,  yep. exact use - she uses it for05:18
n8tusersambagirl-> look at your entries in /etc/hosts05:18
sambagirlno i am testing something in vmware using hardy and it just doesnt seem to be working properly for some reason.05:18
n8tuser!who | sambagirl05:18
ubottusambagirl: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)05:18
mncvnMay I ask some question???05:19
mintsoupmncvn yes but don't ask if you can ask05:19
n8tuser!ask | mncvn05:19
ubottumncvn: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:19
tmpprob hey im having some problems lolanychance of a bit help please  chmod 770 tmp/  is the command chmod: cannot access `tmp/': No such file or directory is the output and im in the :/var/www/htdocs/ossec-wui/tmp$ directory  please bear in mind this is my first install of ossec <<like thsi ?05:19
seaofteaYeah, I was just wondering how safe it is for me to have no encryption over my wireless network.  I instead us mac address filters.  I know that someone could easily spoof their mac address, but how like is that really?  Also is there a way for them to scan for my mac address?05:20
russianphysicisthi all, I'm trying to reinstall Grub but I keep on getting Error 15: file not fount. I'm not sure where to find my /boot, despite the numerous howtos on the forums. I'm on the LiveCD for 8.04 right now05:20
mncvnI install xvnkb for key stroke management.05:20
n8tuserrussianphysicist-> open an xterm while on liveCD and get into root mode and type grub05:20
mncvnbut i don't know how to disable autorun of this program05:20
WebcamWonderseaoftea, Encryption encrypts all your data as well. If you don't have any encrpytion, any sniffer could snif entire network packets.05:20
mncvnWhere I must check???05:20
WebcamWonderseaoftea, And using the sniffing, extracting mac address is relatively painless. Just like spoofing your own mac address05:21
russianphysicistn8tuser: I've done that, and when I type "find /boot/grub/stage1" it returns error 15 file not found again (same for find /grub/stage1)05:21
mintsoupmncvn: is there an entry for it in /etc/rc2.d?05:21
J-a-k-emintsoup: Maybe it's just my sound card because I've got a rather decent sound setup. Speakers and amp connected to my sound card and everything sounds great in windows xp. I tested in running oss4 it sounded ok but the difference was somewhat like going back to onboard sound05:21
Lifesfgadmin-tools help required; it crashes upon startup05:21
tmpprobmay i be next please05:22
n8tuserrussianphysicist-> which hd and partition is your /boot/grub/stage1 installed at?05:22
seaofteathe problem is I have so many devices, and some of them only accept certain encryption like wep, which is pointless because wep can be crack just as easy as having no encryption05:22
cilkayHello. I have a script that I use for backing up a remote server to my local machine. It uses rsync over ssh and works fine if I invoke it from a shell. If I attempt to invoke the backup script via cron by putting a script in /etc/cron.d/, it never executes. Any ideas?05:22
russianphysicistn8tuser: that's the thing - I initially installed ubuntu from inside XP, so my only partition is /dev/sda1, and I don't know how to get at /boot05:22
cilkayI've restarted cron.05:22
Brucevdktmpprob: it's /tmp05:22
Veninhow do i find NetPacket for ubuntu? i cant find it in repos05:23
WebcamWonderseaoftea, The point is. Even for WEP. Someone has to spend 10 minutes cracking it. Open is, just open05:23
tmpprobty bruce05:23
n8tuserrussianphysicist-> installed ubuntu inside XP ?  how? or are you referring to wubi?05:23
tmpprobwhat tmp folder bruce?05:24
n8tuserVenin-> do a   apt-cache search  netpacket   assuming thats the name of the package05:24
Brucevdktmpprob: what are you trying to do?05:24
seaofteaI should probably encrypt, though I literally don't have anything to hide.  And when ever I send anything like credit card numbers I only go through 128 bit ssl.05:24
=== sonho_ is now known as sonho
tmpprobtmpprob: chmod 770 tmp/  is the command chmod: cannot access `tmp/': No such file or directory is the output and im in the :/var/www/htdocs/ossec-wui/tmp$ directory05:24
tmpprobis what i tried first sorryr spam05:25
tmpprobwhat im trying to do is05:25
Veninn8tuser: tried that.. cant find it05:25
tmpprob6- Fix the permissions for the tmp directory and restart Apache (for the new permissions to work)05:25
n8tuserVenin-> then maybe it does not exist or has a different name05:25
russianphysicistn8tuser: no, I am not referring to wubi - I was in XP, and insterted the Ubuntu disk and installed it. from within XP. There is a c:/ubuntu which contains all the system files, but since they're in a different file system, windows can't see them, but since I created that while in XP, no partition editor sees it as a separate partition, so my only bootable partition is /dev/sda1, which is hpfs/ntfs05:25
Veninn8tuser: exactly..05:25
Brucevdktmpprob: that's because you're inside tmp05:26
cilkayseaoftea: What if someone uses your network to attack other networks or to send spam?05:26
n8tuserrussianphysicist-> am not sure how you were even able to run the installation from within XP, lest you were using wubi05:26
tmpprobah i see05:26
Brucevdktmpprob: try ../tmp05:26
panglosstmpprob: go up one directory and do it again05:26
seaofteaor do other illegal activities05:26
seaofteanot good05:27
n8tuserVenin-> google for an equivalent name or functionality05:27
Veninim trying.. but cant find05:27
n8tuser!return | seaoftea05:27
mncvnsorry, my network's such.05:27
ubottuseaoftea: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!05:27
russianphysicistn8tuser: neither am I, but I know for a fact that what I was using then is not wubi, but a bona fide Ubuntu install disk05:27
storm-zenanyone know how to run alsa-config?05:28
russianphysicistn8tuser: it's the same disk I'm booting off now05:28
seaofteayeah, ok I'm definately going to encrypt05:28
n8tuserrussianphysicist-> you meant you booted off a liveCD or the alternatecd ?05:28
dulakseaoftea: I use wep on my wireless, then openvpn on my clients so everything is really encrypted on wireless, even if they break the wep key they won't break openvpn05:28
storm-zensorry.. alsa-info.. not config.05:28
n8tuserrussianphysicist-> then if that is the same cd, then it is liveCD as you said earlier you are in livecd05:28
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP305:28
russianphysicistn8tuser: yes, I am in livecd, like I said above05:29
nachi_hey guys. ive brought a dedicated server with webmin control panel, now i need to move my domains, but first i need to setup the nameservers or somthing... anyone can explain me what i should do ? godaddy dont allow me to redirect the dns servers of the domain to ip address...05:29
seaofteaThanks 2 everbody for answering mine and everyone elses questions.  With out you guys we'd all be left in the dark.05:29
n8tuserrussianphysicist-> so go ahead and re-install the ubuntu05:30
DallasGI need to remotely enable the standard Remote Desktop Connection via ssh -- anyone have any information on that?05:30
cilkayseaoftea, dulak By the time you add the overhead of WEP, OpenVPN, the general suckiness of wireless, you'll have a blazing 14.4 dial-up connection :)05:30
lianimatorvlc player occasionally freezes the video and only sound is playing. I have to rewind a bit and it'll refresh. anyone have this problem?05:30
dulakcilkay: I push 3M/sec across wireless with openvpn and wep05:30
Optimus997is it possible to use autoconf 2.61 or higher for Ubuntu 6.06?05:30
seaoftea3 megabits?05:31
J-a-k-eI suppose what I'm really asking is does Ubuntu compare to windowsxp when it comes to high quality audio. Talking bookshelf speakers and amp connected to soundcard and active sub also connected to soundcard05:31
russianphysicistn8tuser: I'm not particularly keen on losing all the files/settins/programs I've got set up, I was hoping there'd be a way to do it without reinstalling the whole thing05:31
n8tuserrussianphysicist-> do a fdisk -l  and tell me the results05:31
cilkayJ-a-k-e: You know about the UbuntuStudio project?05:32
n8tuserrussianphysicist-> btw, this a new install today?05:32
dr_willisDallasG,   I sort of did that once on a remote box. by first installing vnc and running gnome inside that vnc session. then i enabled the desktop shareing and set it to always be on , and autologing in. Then once i  reset the box. it would auto login to that user and have remote desktop going.05:32
tmpprobbruse if i showed you some tutorial text could you help me it is alot easier then me a ubuntu newb trying to explain it05:32
Lifesfcould gproftpd problem have something to do with something i have read: Contents-amd64 ?05:32
Brucevdktmpprob: sure I've got a few minutes05:32
DallasGI tried adding vnc4server05:32
DallasGI connected, but it was just at command line05:32
DallasGWhat would I do after that?05:32
dr_willisDallasG,  I dont know the name of the control panel to enable it from the terminal.05:32
tmpprob # vi /etc/group    ..    From:        ossec:x:1002:    To (if your web server user is www):        ossec:x:1002:www  is what i done05:32
seaofteaDoes anyone know of any prog with all of the features of ksynaptics for gnome?  Gsynaptics is missing quite a few.05:33
tmpprob5- Add your web server user (apache, www or nobody) to the ossec group:05:33
centaur5A preseed file that I used with Hardy doesn't point an Intrepid install the right mirror and it still stops for a user when it's not supposed to. Did something change?05:33
dr_willisDallasG,   you must edit the .vnc/xstartup script to run the gnome-session , then quit/restart the vnc4server05:33
tmpprobthe above text05:33
DallasGokay, thanks :)05:33
russianphysicistn8tuser: no, not a new install, I've had it installed for months now, and I didn't do anything when ubuntu crashed, it just sort of stopped working completely randomly, all the programs just crashed and cpu went to 100%05:33
dulakseaoftea: 300k/sec or better usually with openvpn and wep05:33
tmpprob6- Fix the permissions for the tmp directory and restart Apache (for the new permissions to work)05:33
dr_willisDallasG,   vncserver is a bit 'tricky' in that it doese4nt install a totally useable setup05:33
Optimus997is it possible to use autoconf 2.61 or higher for Ubuntu 6.06?05:33
tmpprob # chmod 770 tmp/    # chgrp www tmp/    # apachectl restart05:33
Brucevdktmpprob: you'll probably want to link or pastebin to the instructions05:33
J-a-k-ecilkay: I've read a little bit about it but always assumed it's more for people who want to do audio recording and such. I'm mostly just looking to play music here05:33
tmpprobits a shiot install05:34
russianphysicistn8tuser: http://pastebin.com/m76111bf005:34
cilkaycentaur5: You're probably better off asking on #ubuntu-installer05:34
storm-zenis oss4 a better option for ubuntu intrepid?  I'm hitting all kinds of dead ends with alsa.05:34
tmpprobbut im having some problems05:34
centaur5cilkay: Thanks, I didn't know about that channel.05:34
n8tuserrussianphysicist-> i dont believe ubuntu got installed05:35
seaofteadulak:  thats not bad, but I can pull down 800-850kb/s if I'm near the router05:35
russianphysicistn8tuser: I've been booting into it since june...05:35
seaofteathats with no encryption05:35
scotlfsI want to install software for my webcam, there seem to be a lot of choices of packages, and I don't know which I need...I want to take still pictures, movies, and chat with skype for example....any recommendations?05:35
cilkaycentaur5: I had a bunch of preseed questions a few weeks ago and asked here, on the mailing list, and on the forum. The only place I ever got useful, if any, answers was on #ubuntu-installer05:35
n8tuserrussianphysicist-> on same hd? or a another one?05:35
pangloss!webcam | scotlfs05:35
ubottuscotlfs: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras05:35
russianphysicistn8tuser: on this hd, this computer, this setup, everything05:35
scotlfsubottu: thanx05:36
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)05:36
Brucevdktmpprob: ok well, the user for apache is 'www-data' not www, the command to restart Apache 2 is sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart05:36
centaur5cilkay: Are you preseeding Intrepid?05:36
dulakseaoftea: I can pull that anywhere in my house if I turn openvpn off05:36
scotlfslol, thanx pangloss05:36
cilkayJ-a-k-e: My Kubuntu system sounds great playing MP3, movies, and streaming radio. No complaints.05:36
n8tuserrussianphysicist-> it does not seem like it, you dont show other partitions that is linux compatible, per your paste05:36
cilkaycentaur5: No, and I probably won't since I'm only interested in LTS for now.05:36
grant931I get this message when trying to do this command:05:36
tmpprobok thanks bruce05:36
dulakseaoftea: I'm just saying with openvpn and wep, I get 300k/sec, which isn't horrible for a fully encrypted wireless link05:36
Optimus997is it possible to use autoconf 2.61 or higher for Ubuntu 6.06?05:36
grant931grant@monster:~$ sudo mount /dev/sda6 /home/grant/files && chown grant:users /home/grant/files05:36
Brucevdktmpprob: np05:36
grant931chown: changing ownership of `/home/grant/files': Operation not permitted05:37
seaofteathat really not bad05:37
centaur5cilkay: Alright, it's just odd I've been preseeding since Edgy and now it doesn't work.  :(05:37
panglossgrant931: use sudo05:37
=== Guest1511 is now known as Jacobbs
grant931it is a FAT32 FS, what is going on?05:37
dulakseaoftea: it would be a lot better if I moved openvpn off my linksys router and onto an actual computer05:37
grant931I did05:37
scotlfspangloss, I have a dynex (cheapo best buy brand), have any clue what it really is?05:37
grant931grant@monster:~$ sudo chown grant:users /home/grant/files05:37
grant931chown: changing ownership of `/home/grant/files': Operation not permitted05:37
dulakseaoftea: but my linksys router with the 16mhz cpu gives me 300k, which is fine for anything I care to encrypt05:37
cilkaycentaur5: some of the apps that we depend on haven't been ported to KDE 4 yet so we'll wait until they are before making the leap from Kubuntu Hardy.05:37
seaofteadulak:  yeah but who wants a big ol box for a router05:38
Kinkshow can I close an X display from the terminal?05:38
Kinksie. display 305:38
grant931so what is going on?05:38
dulakseaoftea: I have a linux workstation I could put openvpn on for this, but meh, 300k is fine for hitting a bank site or whatever I need to do with full encryption05:38
centaur5cilkay: Well thanks for the heads up. Good luck with KDE it seems to be a mess right now.05:38
panglossgrant931: can you try removing the :users part? thats the only thing that seems wierd05:38
cilkaycentaur5: Actually, what works is working very well. It's just missing some bits.05:38
J-a-k-ecilkay: what kind of setup do you have in the way of speakers and soundcard?05:38
spolvidCan someone help me? I just installed Ubuntu on a Mac Mini and it just sits at a blank screen with a flashing underline in the upper left corner.05:39
spolvidI can't type or anything.05:39
grant931same error05:39
cilkayJ-a-k-e: Onboard AC97 sound card. External Polk speakers - nothing fancy. I've run XP on the same machine and certainly didn't notice any change one way or the other.05:39
dulakseaoftea: openvpn can work on windows and mac too, I have it on my g/f mac and my roommate's windows lappy05:40
dulakseaoftea: it's quite nifty imo05:40
cilkaycentaur5: Can you pastebin the relevant bits from your preseed file? I'll compare to what I have to see if there's anything obvious.05:40
panglossgrant931: that really doesnt make sense.. who owns the /files? try the -v option maybe it will give you more info05:41
seaofteaI don't have an open router so I can't tinker, just your standard fair05:41
russianphysicistn8tuser: any more advice/ideas, or are you giving up?05:41
robert__problem with vmnet config files  i can't get networking going on any vmware appliances05:41
seaofteaat least it has decent QOS though05:42
dulakseaoftea: do you have a linux workstation?  You can endpoint openvpn into any linux and just nat the tunnel interface out through the wire05:42
LifesfUbuntu 8.10, server and desktop installed: lamp server installed; proftpd installed; I can open all of gadmin programs; all but ONE; gadmin-proftpd; it crashes when opening; any kind of help is very appreciated!05:42
centaur5cilkay: http://pastebin.com/d6d1ba8e05:43
n8tuserrussianphysicist-> if your fdisk -l does not show your partition, dont know what else we can do..05:43
J-a-k-ecilkay: Well that's odd, I've got mission bookshelf speakers and creative x-fi sound card. Sound in ubuntu compared to Xp is muddy, and flat05:43
seaofteadulak: I'm soley a laptop guy, though I do have a qnap ts101 NAS that runs busybox.  I might be able to go through that some how.05:43
hot_wheelzhi guys05:43
pangloss!hi | hot_wheelz05:43
ubottuhot_wheelz: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!05:43
centaur5cilkay: I do PXE installs with the alternate CD and it still stops me for the user also all the packages for the install are downloading every single time from the US mirror which is definitely not what I want.05:44
billybigriggerwhat is the default collation for a mysql db?05:44
seaofteaI'll have to look into it, though it wouldn't solve my wireless encryption problem05:44
ReilithionOn logout, GUI stops working.  I get the sense that gdm might be doing something funky, but am not sure.  How can I fix this?05:44
n8tuserbillybigrigger-> you can ask at #mysql05:44
russianphysicistn8tuser: alright thanks for your time, I'll keep looking!05:44
cilkayJ-a-k-e: With what input? It could be a codec issue. Have you tried playing a CD?05:44
hot_wheelzanyone know if the wifi on a LG XNOTE LE50 series laptop works ootb in 8.10?05:45
spolvidUbuntu won't boot. It just sits at a starting prompt....thingy.05:45
dulakseaoftea: busybox probably won't have the stuff you'd need for openvpn, you need openssl and zlib libs05:45
cilkaycentaur5: Interesting that your file is generated via kickstart configurator. That has never worked for me.05:45
n8tuserrussianphysicist-> okay, are you sure you have the correct hd ?05:46
cilkaycentaur5: I (painfully) modified the example file.05:46
pangloss!grub | spolvid05:46
ubottuspolvid: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto05:46
russianphysicistn8tuser: I've only got one internal hd :-)05:46
=== Homicidal is now known as Vienna
cilkaycentaur5: And that's not really a preseed file. That's a kickstart file.05:46
dr_willishot_wheelz,  ive never seen a wireless card work OOTB.. but ive only messed with like 5 different laptops..  There may be some out there..05:46
centaur5cilkay: Yeah, I used Kickstart ever since Edgy and have been doing PXE installs.05:46
n8tuserrussianphysicist-> what have you done before this ?05:46
centaur5cilkay: I thought Kickstart was just creating a preseed.  What's the difference?05:47
Kumquatsnetworkmanager is a support nightmare heh.05:47
seaofteayeah it has a custom kernal on it, with rtorrent, openssl, and some other nifty things so it would be probable as it'll run any optware packages05:47
juankSoy nuevo en esto,porfavor pueden ayudarme ainstalar beryl en mi xubuntu05:47
cilkaycentaur5: kickstart seems to be half-baked in K/Ubuntu. I'm also doing PXE installs but with a real preseed file. I point to an apt-cacher local cache. Saves a lot of bandwidth.05:47
juankalguien en español por favor05:48
IcemanV9!es > juank05:48
ubottujuank, please see my private message05:48
Vienna!es > Vienna05:48
ubottuVienna, please see my private message05:48
J-a-k-ecilkay: I'm running oss4. I tried amarok and various other music players to play mp3s.  Also tried a few movies, I'm assuming it's rubbish driver issue on creative's part. Would be interesting to hear if other sound cards such as m-audio or asus have this problem.05:48
centaur5cilkay: The only time I was able to point to apt-cacher was with Feisty. I really liked that though cause I didn't have to apt-get upgrade after the install.05:48
canthony!es > canthony05:48
ubottucanthony, please see my private message05:48
russianphysicistn8tuser: nothing, it was sitting, there, the only programs I had running were liferea, thunderbird, firefox, and foobar2k through wine, and when I got up to look something up on wikipedia Ubuntu had crashed completely05:48
juankicemanv9»»  puede porfavr ayudarme con mi problema en xubuntu05:48
swtis there some software like thurder ?05:49
centaur5cilkay: Would you mind letting me see the difference with your preseed file vs. kickstart?05:49
WIGGMPkWhich one of the following folders controls file associations for mime types ".gconf .gconfd .gnome .gnome2 .gnome2_private .local .metacity .nautilus" Your help is very appreciated.....05:49
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.05:49
dr_willisswt,  its very likely that most people in here have no idea what 'thurder' is05:49
robert__problem with vmnet config files  i can't get networking going on any vmware appliances05:49
cilkaycentaur5: The syntax of the file is different. preseed is the "native" Debian way. It's much more powerful, apparently, but it's more complex and its documentation is spotty. Kickstart is a "foreign" method adapted from Red Hat. It's very well-documented.05:49
n8tuserrussianphysicist-> and you have more than one partition?05:49
robert__this is all i get Could not open /dev/vmnet8: No such file or directory05:49
robert__Failed to connect virtual device Ethernet0.05:49
canthonycan i save to docx format in OO3 or OO2.405:49
cilkaycentaur5: I'll paste it.05:49
panglossjuank: /join #xubuntu05:49
juankahhhh muchas gracias icemanv905:49
hot_wheelzdoes anyone know what kinda card\chipset those things run?...my guess is probaly broadcom...all the documention I have seen on them is in Korean i think05:50
swtit is a very big source under windows ,like emule05:50
russianphysicistn8tuser: apparently not, although when in windows it doesn't see the 30gb which are not ntfs05:50
centaur5cilkay: I've also been trying to find an easy way to customize default theme and wallpaper but every package people have created only does it for live CDs. I wish there was an easier way to do OEM installs.05:50
dr_willisswt,  that means very little to me. sorry.05:51
seaofteawell I've gotta find some new wallpaper, thanks for teh help everybodies05:51
n8tuserrussianphysicist-> that does not seem right, what you pasted shows 78gb05:51
swtthank you also05:51
centaur5cilkay: Well, PXE is the ultra easy way when it doesn't change. On one of the new releases they changed the xinetd package they were using for PXE to work.05:51
cilkaycentaur5: It sounds like we should be collaborating. I too have a bunch of things on my wishlist. The way that I'm thinking of dealing with what you just said is to use KDE's kiosk tool and cfengine.05:51
swtwhich country are you in dr_willis05:52
russianphysicistn8tuser: right, because from inside ubuntu, it sees the entire hd, the ntfs part too, the entirety of which is 80gb05:52
russianphysicistn8tuser: but when in Windows, it returns the size of c:\ as being about 50gb05:52
vegombreihi .. i seem to have a problem replying to mail thru hotmail .. everytime i log in to hotmail it says i need to update mozilla .. and i download it and install and it still wont fix the problem that i cant reply to any message .. how do i fix this ?  its really important i get to access my mail and reply05:53
mluser-homeAnyone know what happened with pidgin after the last update?05:53
dr_willisswt,  USA.05:53
canthonyanyone know is i can save to docx format, not just read it05:53
n8tuserrussianphysicist-> run gparted from that livecd and see if shows same05:53
cilkaycentaur5: I think it'll be very difficult to preseed everything 100%. Besides, even if you get it right now, what happens when you need to make a few changes? You don't necessarily want to have to do preseed installations for a few trivial changes but you also don't want to do those changes manually across an entire network of machines either.05:53
jackbeslowHas anyone gotten the "create a usb startup disk" thing to work yet?05:53
russianphysicistn8tuser: it does.05:53
tritiumjackbeslow: yes05:53
jackbeslowEvery time I try it it dies on me, and then it tells me to look at the log...and the log does not show any errors05:53
dr_willisjackbeslow,  it worked for me also. i havent tested it a lot however.05:53
sambagirlok back05:53
panglossvegombrei: what version of firefox are you using?05:53
vegombreipangloss: 3.0305:54
cilkaycentaur5: For that reason, I've decided to get the machine to the point where KDE and most, if not all, of the apps are installed. One of those apps will be cfengine. I'll then deploy changes based on machine class via cfengine. Those changes will be kept under version control in Subversion.05:54
swtoh i like usa ,i am a chinese ,how about your life under the finacial crsis?05:54
panglossvegombrei: well you cant possibly upgrade any more than that....05:54
sambagirlwhen i itype in sudo bash it says sudo: unable to resolve host jaguar. i am not online at the moment. should hostname default to localhost or loopback address?05:54
jootmaxxist: you at the keys??05:54
n8tuserrussianphysicist-> reboot and rerun same commands see if you get same numbers05:55
panglossswt: if you want to chat, open up a private message05:55
maxxistjoot yeah.  any luck man?05:55
sambagirlnopw i am log'd in as root@jaguar but i dont understand this inability to resolve the host name.05:55
jackbeslowdoes anyone think they can figure out the problem by looking at my logs?05:55
centaur5cilkay: Well the only difference I have is when I install a machine for myself and somebody else.  Otherwise there are no changes but it sounds like you're doing something much more complex and cool.  :)05:55
russianphysicistn8tuser: alright, I'm going to try running a chkdsk from windows too - thanks for the help!05:55
canthonysambagirl, you have a bad hosts file, or your localhost name in your hosts file doesnt match your hostname05:55
chad1when in battery mode my laptops fans are not turning on at all .. serious overheating issues happening ... can anyone help ?05:55
cilkaycentaur5: Mine is for a school lab so ~ 50 machines at once.05:56
WebcamWondersambagirl, So, basically any sudo command, looks up your hostname?05:56
sambagirli suppose it must.l webcamwonder05:56
FloridaBSDswt: I am feeling preety good about my situation of course i am still figurativle under my Fathers roof seein as to the fact that he sends me the money and i pay the bills.05:56
jootmaxxist: No so I installed linux mint on the same computer and it flew inBUT it did report a corrupt section in the ubuntu made partion so that was odd05:56
pretendercan anyone tell me is the Brother MFC 260C detects properly in ubuntu 8.10.  Or can advise me of a tutorial for install05:56
WebcamWondersambagirl, Been there. Done that. When not on Internet, it is a pain. Regular sudo commands can take about 2 minutes to execute05:57
sambagirli probably need to do a native install and forget about vmware.05:57
hot_wheelzlooks like the chipset is from a company called qcom anyone know it?05:57
sambagirlahh ok05:57
sambagirlagain i am in a vertual machine too.05:57
pangloss!printer | pretender05:57
ubottupretender: Printing in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows05:57
canthonysambagirl, will say localhost, but many times another entry, will exist that should say your hostname NOT localhost05:57
WebcamWondersambagirl, I fixed it by adding my hostname to the /etc/hosts, and giving it the loopback ip address. I don't know about your setting05:57
maxxistjoot like a bad sector on the drive?  or something you can just format away?05:57
canthonysambagirl, if it doesnt match the hostname of the machine sudo fails05:58
scuwolfso many people on this server -_-!05:58
sambagirlahh yes i noticed that it didnt like me to use as loopback url05:58
dr_willisscuwolf,  and its a slow day05:58
sambagirlso that is why it uses 1.1?05:58
WebcamWondersambagirl, I think 127.xxx.xxx.xxx is all loopback05:58
jootmaxxist: Just format away but it is coming from the ibex install some how, Maybe it is a random bug05:59
centaur5cilkay: So if preseeding is more powerful maybe I'll be able to automate partitioning. Kickstart is limited in that area.05:59
jackbesloweverytime I try to make the usb startup disk it gets to 11% and dies on me05:59
canthonyWebcamWonder, yes that is true but i think there is some hackich reason the 1.1 address exists05:59
Lifesfstill no help concerning gproftpd!!!; i gave up a while back on this ever since this and other issues had occured; could i also quickly ask what is that command to check the ip addresses?05:59
sambagirlyes i was just told that just now05:59
maxxistjoot i still think it was your install disc somehow.  did you try to download the alternate disc and reinstall?05:59
cilkaycentaur5: You can certainly automate partitioning. You'll see when I paste my file, which I'm doing now.05:59
canthonysambagirl, WebcamWonder at any rate the true hostname must exist somewhere on
sambagirlso do you force it?05:59
ImBrianI was having troubles with Pulse Audio on 64 bit xubuntu, so I've removed it in favor of Alsa - how can I have X use this as opposed to Pulse (which it seems to continue to attempt to use).  Audio works in console, but if I'm in X, it errors out complaining of failed pulse audio output.06:00
centaur5cilkay: Kickstart allows partitioning but it's done their way which is double the RAM for swap which just isn't necessary nowadays.  :)06:00
sambagirlitsays unknown host when i type ping
canthonysambagirl, what is the output of `hostname` in a terminal06:00
backenfutteranyone know what the initial login password is for vmware-server 2.0 web access06:00
crazzhello all06:00
WebcamWondercanthony, sambagirl, Yup. Just wanted to let you know that I had a similar problem, and fixed it by adding my hostname "my-laptop" with to my /etc/hosts06:00
maxxistjoot which file system type did you use ext3?06:00
jootmaxxist: Yes I did fight after I talked with you but the same problem resulted so that is a consant on four cd's06:00
billybigriggerhow come mysql automatically creates my db's and tables with the collation of latin1_swedish_ci i have my language set to english and my charset MySQL charset:  UTF-8 Unicode (utf8)06:01
jootmaxxist: Yes ext306:01
sambagirlnow it asks if i want to ping broadcast with a -b06:01
canthonysambagirl, sorry is prefix notation for ip addresses, it just means 127.x.x.x06:01
sambagirlahh ok06:01
crazzanyone else having a problem with sound after doing the update in intrepid?06:01
jootmaxxist: and a linux swap06:01
cilkaycentaur5: You can specify whatever you want in kickstart too, at least on Red Hat systems. Anyway, here you go: http://pastebin.com/d482656ca06:01
robert__crazz yes but it's just lower volume than usual06:01
sambagirlso what do you put in there?06:02
maxxistjoot wow.  thats crazy.  i could suggest something even crazier.   download a copy of hardy.  format all the partitions.  and install hardy.  then when hardy is installed.  do a update-manager -d06:02
swtis there anyone want to talk?i am waiting>_<06:02
sambagirl127.0.1.1 jaguar06:02
sambagirlin hosts?06:02
maxxistjoot its a little extreme.06:02
jackbeslowcrazz, I certainly am, pulseaudio never worked for me, since intrepid ALSA does not work either and I am back to OSS06:02
crazzwell my issue is i updated after install a fresh intrepid on my compaq presario 2500 when i tried to restart the laptop it locked on shut down as the part where it says shutting down alsa06:02
panglossswt:  this is a support channel, not a leisure chat channel06:02
canthonysambagirl, you need to get the value of `hostname` in a terminal, and make sure that whatever it is exists in your /etc/hosts file under either or     you may need to use a live cd if you havent set a root password06:02
ImBrianis audio in 8.10 a common complaint?  I did a fresh install today and it's bunk06:03
crazzjackbeslow: how did you fix the no sound issue using oss06:03
centaur5cilkay: Wow, much larger file than mine.  :)06:03
jootmaxxist: That is how I usually do it but I got this windows computer and thought it would be an easy install :-))06:03
pangloss!offtopic | swt06:03
ubottuswt: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!06:03
FloridaBSDsambagirl: issue this command in a terminal window hostname06:03
robert__anyone ever tie wlan0 in with vmnet06:03
swtsorry i am new here,but i want to share some experiences06:03
cilkaycentaur5: I just modified the example file.06:04
jackbeslowI just used the sound preferences panel and switched everything to OSS and then specified it explicitly in all my apps that did not respect that configuration06:04
sambagirlwell it says localhost in host file06:04
sambagirlso iwas adding line jaguar06:04
canthonysambagirl, localhost is not your actual HOSTNAME though06:04
cilkaycentaur5: The only thing that doesn't work is the last bit where I attempt to upload my public key onto the freshly-installed system. Otherwise, it all works.06:04
crazzmy comp locks at the alsa shut down everytime06:04
maxxistjoot let me tell you man.  8.10 hasnt been all that nice to me either.  and I have been using ubuntu full time since warty.  and before that i was a redhat user for 6 years06:04
centaur5cilkay: Looks great though.  This way I can use apt-cacher which is what I wanted in the first place.  I don't know why my kickstart file was only able to do that with only Feisty.06:05
crazzi tried the oss but didn't work06:05
sambagirlno it is my loopback06:05
canthonysambagirl, is jaguar your hostanem>06:05
IcemanV9sambagirl: add "jaguar" after localhost as well06:05
Reves-Yosoy1hi guys06:05
jackbeslowoh how do we enable that private encrypted folder thing I have heard about?06:05
jimmacdonaldHi I am on a Dell Inspiron E1505, I have the live CD loaded and running and I am trying to make a thumb drive startup disk.. but the application is not recognizing the USB drive. any ideas?06:05
pangloss!hi | Reves-Yosoy106:05
ubottuReves-Yosoy1: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!06:05
Reves-Yosoy1I need help with some issues06:05
mintsoupmaxxist:aww 8.10 has been hella nice to me.. at least as far as wireless drivers go06:05
sambagirlso like localhost jaguar06:06
sambagirllike that?06:06
sambagirlor on anotherl ine?06:06
IcemanV9yep, sambagirl06:06
pangloss!anyone | Reves-Yosoy106:06
ubottuReves-Yosoy1: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?06:06
jackbeslowdoes not sound as useful as a truecrypt volume as it is decrypted on login but....06:06
pw-toxicwhere can i define which applications i want to start when i start ubuntu?06:06
crazzwould it hurt to remove the also drivers and if not how would i go about doing that?06:06
pw-toxicfor example pidgin and skype06:06
cilkaycentaur5: One tip with apt-cacher that will save you hours: put "path_map = ubuntu archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu" in /etc/apt-cacher/apt-cacher.conf Otherwise, it's pretty much standard apt-cacher.06:06
canthonyis it possible to save to the DOCX format and not just read it06:06
WebcamWonderpw-toxic, System -> Preferences -> Session, for user wide06:06
panglosspw-toxic: System >> Prefs >> session06:06
jootmaxxist: I am pretty used to ubuntu now so I will probably go back to Hardy it is a lts so it will last a bit yet06:06
Reves-Yosoy1first: How can I change the kernel from generic to the specific for my computer???06:06
rwwJackWinter: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory06:07
rwwjackbeslow: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory06:07
AJ_Z0New 8.10 install and trying to establish wireless connection. Card (Intel Wireless WiFi Link 5100) seems to be working and driver iwlagn is attached. I have a wlan0 interface. The Gnome Network Manager (which I had to install) doesn't seem to offer any way to connect to a wireless network, just an entry "[-] Wireless Connection / Roaming Mode enabled"06:07
eTiger13how do i change a users password?06:07
rwwJackWinter: sorry, wrong nick completion :/06:07
maxxistmintsoup  i havent used it for any wireless yet.  but the network manager has been a horror for me.  it kept on switching numbers and removing numbers from my manually entered static ip info.  on two seperate computers.06:07
centaur5cilkay: What is the purpose of that line?06:07
sambagirldone i noticed there is no save for pico06:07
AJ_Z0How do I make the connection?06:07
maxxistmintsoup must be pebkac06:07
jackbesloweTiger13, passwd06:07
rwweTiger13: passwd username06:07
panglosseTiger13: passwd -a06:07
cilkaycentaur5: I can do WOL (Wake On LAN) of a given machine and do a clean PXE installation. I can even do that from the comfort of my home.06:07
canthonyAJ_Z0, you should be using nm-applet for network changes06:07
chilli0whats the code to see what my resolution is?06:07
sambagirlwhat is another editor?06:08
sambagirlinstead of pico?06:08
WebcamWondersambagirl, nano06:08
sambagirland vi06:08
panglosssambagirl: gedit06:08
sambagirloh yes nano06:08
Guest4001Can anybody suggest any good programs to try out?06:08
cilkaycentaur5: It maps the longer URL to the shorter one. It's what I had to do in order to make it work on the clients.06:08
maxxistjoot imho ubuntu is still the best distro avail.06:08
canthonychilli0, xdpyinfo |grep pixels06:08
crazzjackbeslow: would it hurt to remove the alsa drivers and if not how would you do so?06:08
jootmaxxist: I agree :-)06:09
jackbeslowCrazz, there is a decent chance doing so would break some things06:09
sambagirli dont see a save option in nano06:09
Reves-Yosoy1How can I change the kernel from generic to the specific for my computer???06:09
sambagirlamiga has opus06:09
WebcamWondersambagirl, CTRL + X06:09
Odd-rationalesambagirl: ctrl+x06:09
robert__sambagirl what about kate06:09
cilkaycentaur5: One thing that I've had trouble with that I still don't have a good answer on is that Xorg doesn't auto-detect the very vanilla graphics chipsets and video cards we have on some machines. The resolution will be wacky and I'll have to run xfix or such.06:09
centaur5cilkay: Oh, you mean to get the clients to use the apt-cacher server instead of direct?06:09
Reves-Yosoy1please, some help here06:09
sambagirlnevermind ;)06:09
cilkaycentaur5: yes06:10
rwwsambagirl: It's called "Write Out" Ctrl+O, I think :)06:10
FloridaBSDsambagirl: ctr +x06:10
sambagirli forgot hte shift key06:10
sambagirlor ctrl06:10
cilkaycentaur5: That line goes on the *server* though.06:10
crazzjackbeslow: is there a way to roll the alsa drivers back to fresh install?06:10
eTiger13how do i disable shell access for a user? what shell do i use?06:10
centaur5cilkay: A few months ago I ran across a line to do a proxy in /etc/apt/apt.conf and have been doing that ever since.06:10
sambagirlnow i am log'd in as root and it tells me permision is denied!06:10
panglossReves-Yosoy1: if you have another kernel, GRUB should prompt you for which one you want to use on start up06:10
sambagirli did sudo bash and am root@jaguar06:10
rwweTiger13: set the shell to /bin/false06:10
cilkaycentaur5: If you look at line 41 in my preseed file, you06:11
centaur5cilkay: Right, unfortunately my apt.conf file had to go on all the clients so that line on the server will help me out.  :)06:11
WebcamWondersambagirl, Is this /etc/hosts?06:11
eTiger13rww:  i get a message saying that it doesnt exist06:11
Reves-Yosoy1pangloss, grub only marks the generic06:11
sambagirlyes /etc/hosts06:11
cilkaycentaur5: you'll see that it's quite simple.06:11
cilkaycentaur5: You don't have to do that with this scheme.06:11
centaur5cilkay: Awesome, that is really cool I'm glad you shared that with me.06:11
AJ_Z0canthony: If I run it from the command line, I get "...Could not acquire the NetworkManagerUserSettings service as it is already taken"06:11
ImBrianhas anyone gotten sound to work on an Intel chip?  From what I can google, it looks very bleak06:12
rwweTiger13: /usr/sbin/nologin, then06:12
pangloss!kernel | Reves-Yosoy106:12
ubottuReves-Yosoy1: The core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - See also: /msg ubottu stages06:12
cilkaycentaur5: Next steps for me: figure out how to get my public RSA key for ssh onto each client, figure out how to distribute changes via cfengine, figure out how to get clients to authenticate against OpenLDAP so that we don't need any local accounts.06:12
pangloss!hi | StarLight06:13
ubottuStarLight: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!06:13
AJ_Z0canthony: I enabled "Network Manager" in my Sessions Preferences06:13
pw-toxicWebcamWonder: thx06:13
StarLightdoes anyone know how to use dict/dictd with wordtrans?06:13
WebcamWonderpw-toxic, No problem! Glad to help once more:)06:13
gareth_I am having webcam and mic problems, can anyone help?06:13
centaur5cilkay: Can't you do a post install script that mounts a share and copies the file?06:13
IcemanV9sambagirl: try a new terminal and test there.06:13
pw-toxicWebcamWonder: how can i figure out my ip address of eth0? ;)06:13
cilkaycentaur5: I'm not always here but I am always connected to FreeNode so if you /query my nick, you can always find me.06:14
pw-toxicWebcamWonder: i dont want to read it... i want to use it in my terminal06:14
WebcamWonderpw-toxic, ifconfig06:14
pw-toxicWebcamWonder: i want to do synergy <myDynamicAdress>06:14
cilkaycentaur5: I don't know. Probably.06:14
ardchoilleWell, I got avant window manager running without nvidia drivers or compiz :)06:14
WebcamWonderpw-toxic, Ahh, I see what you mean. Hold on06:14
ardchoilleIt seems Metacity does compositing quite well on its own06:14
pw-toxicWebcamWonder: i dunno why our dhcp always give me a different ip ;/06:14
cilkaycentaur5: Ideally, that should be done in the preseed file. I'm sure it could be done there.06:15
gareth_Any help with webcam and mic help would be appreciated06:15
centaur5cilkay: I saw an example in my googling over the past week that somebody put a post install script on a local web server so any machine can simply wget it then it would execute and launch other commands.06:15
WebcamWondersambagirl, I think that file is locked down b/c it is in use :s. I don't know much about it. Others might be able to help06:15
=== adam is now known as Guest29967
Guest29967hey all, i want to setup a VPN server on my ubuntu, but i know there are many types of VPNs to setup, i want to try and make it as friendliest as possible for windows people, what type of VPN does windows natively use?06:15
ImBrianany tips for getting sound working?06:15
=== Guest29967 is now known as Kirsch
pangloss!sound | ImBrian06:15
Kirschok i was Guest29967 so tag me :-)06:15
ubottuImBrian: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP306:15
sambagirlbut there isnt a safemode for linux is there?06:15
cilkaycentaur5: I'd like to avoid that. I'd rather have only two ways of making changes on the clients. 1. The preseed file. 2. cfengine06:15
ImBrianpangloss, thank you06:16
cilkaycentaur5: I just need to bootstrap the machine to the point that cfengine can do the rest.06:16
panglosssambagirl: recovery mode is available06:16
IcemanV9sambagirl: yes, there is ... it's called Recovery mode06:16
sambagirlmaybe i will just delted this vm and rebuild it from scratch. it's all messed up nopw i think06:16
centaur5cilkay: So is your entire school on Ubuntu?06:16
cilkaycentaur5: I'm off. You now know how to reach me if you need me.06:16
WebcamWonderpw-toxic, ifconfig eth0 | grep 'inet addr:' | cut -d: -f2 | awk '{ print $1}' <= change eth0 with your interface name06:17
sambagirlok brb06:17
gareth_How can anyone get mic help here?06:17
centaur5cilkay: Okay, thank you very much for the info. If I run into a way to do your wishlist I'll pass the info.06:17
rww!ask | gareth_06:17
ubottugareth_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:17
cilkaycentaur5: Not yet. The installation is coming up this week and even then, it will be a mix of Kubuntu and Windows XP, and for the first time, OS X.06:17
pw-toxicWebcamWonder: wow ;)06:17
vegombreihi .. i seem to have a problem replying to mail thru hotmail .. everytime i log in to hotmail it says i need to update mozilla .. and i download it and install and it still wont fix the problem that i cant reply to any message .. how do i fix this ?  its really important i get to access my mail and reply06:17
WebcamWonderpw-toxic, Google. I didn't write that :)06:17
centaur5cilkay: Sorry to hear about OS X.  :)06:17
pw-toxicwell thats really cool :D06:18
pw-toxicwhat does grep do?06:18
cilkaycentaur5: Not me. It beats Windows by a mile.06:18
Guest4001Can anybody tell me how I would go about setting up my intranet ?06:18
dr_willisvegombrei,  last i checked hotmail there was some sort of 'ignore this warning/continue' button i could use.06:18
WebcamWonderpw-toxic, It is a program that uses regular expression (very power tool in text parsing) to search in the given text06:18
gareth_I have an internal mic and webcam, how can I get ubuntu to recognize them?06:18
mixed-_-anyone here has experience with synthesizers??06:18
rwwvegombrei: I've heard rumors that Microsoft broke Hotmail on Linux recently. Lemmie go look for information for youl.06:18
cilkaycentaur5: Anyway, I'm off. See you.06:18
centaur5cilkay: I have yet to find a decent way to auto install it.06:18
centaur5cilkay: later06:18
cilkaycentaur5: Apparently, it exists because I have a friend whose kids attend an all Apple school and they do push installs there.06:19
pangloss!ask | Guest400106:19
ubottuGuest4001: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:19
=== WPPWAH is now known as AwayNick
pw-toxicWebcamWonder: if i do this: synergys --address ifconfig eth0 | grep 'inet addr:' | cut -d: -f2 | awk '{ print $1}' ...   he tell me that "ifconfig" is not a valid adress :(06:19
pw-toxicWebcamWonder: how can i do a work around for this?06:19
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about synthesizer06:19
WebcamWonderpw-toxic, try putting the entire command I sent you between like this, synergys --address `ifconfig ...`06:20
IcemanV9!lamp | Guest400106:20
ubottuGuest4001: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)06:20
ImBrianegh...this change to pulse audio is a huge bummer.  Guess I'll format again and hope for the best06:21
LifesfWOOHOO someone that knows a bit on the linux server apps!06:21
pw-toxicWebcamWonder:  works ;)06:21
LifesfRuns towards ubottu; panting: I need help.... gadmin-proftpd06:21
WebcamWonderpw-toxic, Awesome!06:21
cmdbbqi am making a compilation cd and i want to normalize the volume for all the tracks so i don't have to keep reaching for the volume knob; how can i do this either with brasero or through another program06:21
ridercan you see me ?06:21
FloridaBSDIMHO, open solaris far surpasses Most Linux distributions06:22
ubottugnome is a project that provides two things: The GNOME desktop environment, an intuitive and attractive desktop for end-users, users, and the GNOME development platform, an extensive framework for building applications that integrate into the rest of the desktop.06:22
WebcamWondercmdbbq, I use the program named "mp3gain"06:22
IcemanV9Lifesf: ubottu is a bot with lots of info for ubuntu06:22
panglossFloridaBSD: not for desktop use06:22
riderwhy no one anser me ?06:22
LifesfI thought the name seemed structured06:22
gareth_In my audio settings I only ever have two options to adjust, pdc and main, how do I add internal mic?06:22
pangloss!hi | rider06:22
ubotturider: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!06:22
cmdbbqno one could see you rider06:22
dr_willisrider,  you want 1344 people to all say "yes" to you?06:22
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about proftpd06:23
pw-toxicWebcamWonder: and how can i execute this command when booting? ;)06:23
WebcamWonderpw-toxic, Put it in your sessions06:23
LifesfIcemanV9: i've been looking and looking; googling; yahoo, etc... i've managed to land on one page where someone seemed to have the same problem as me,... but i still cannot figure out squat06:24
FloridaBSDpangloss: Atualy i hapen to be useing open solaris as my prinary Desktop Operating system for about three weeks now and have to adimnetly disagree with you on that one.06:24
EruditeHermithi, I have a gspca webcam that used to work in hardy, but now the image is not appearing properly in cheese. Can anyone help?06:24
Roastedwhat's happenin06:24
Roastedhow;s everybody doin06:24
gareth_Still no answer to my mic question?06:25
RoastedHas anybody ever ran into an instance where on an Ubuntu machine, your USB ports stop working randomly after a certain amount of time?06:25
rileywhat we spos to be talking about06:25
OltreIrc`1517.:::] Ci40 @ Tutti [:::. »BuTT3rF|y sCr|pT«»rEvOLuTiOnZ»v3.1.5«06:25
FloridaBSDgareth_: pm me  i might be able to help with your isue?06:25
IcemanV9Lifesf: i never done proftpd ... hopefully, someone can help ya with it.06:26
LifesfHas anyone have an application crash automatically every single time you try and open it?06:26
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots06:26
pangloss!offtopic | riley06:26
ubotturiley: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!06:26
LifesfIcemanV9: I hope so :P so far no one but maybe06:26
NewNewI'm fairly new, I would like to "lock" a folder on my USB harddrive so that no1 can access the data on it but me.06:26
=== irocha is now known as uberNoob
IcemanV9Lifesf: state the problem again.06:27
OltreIrc`1517.:::] Ci40 @ Tutti [:::. »BuTT3rF|y sCr|pT«»rEvOLuTiOnZ»v3.1.5«06:27
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots06:27
ardchoilleOltreIrc`1517: Please take that elsewhere06:27
LifesfUbuntu 8.10; gadmin-tools installed; all run, except one; when i open gadmin-proftpd it crashes automatically06:27
RoastedNobody has ever experienced USB ports not working right in Ubuntu?06:28
hubarDoes anyone know that thunderbird has a "killfile" feature? (Or in plugins)06:28
cmdbbqWebcamWonder: thanks, mp3gain seems to be exactly what i was looking for06:28
OltreIrc`1517.:::] Ci40 @ Tutti [:::. »BuTT3rF|y sCr|pT«»rEvOLuTiOnZ»v3.1.5«06:28
pangloss!spam OltreIrc`151706:28
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:28
pangloss!spam | OltreIrc`151706:29
ubottuOltreIrc`1517: Unsure how you should behave on this channel? See (in a private message with the bot, /msg ubottu <keyword>): !AskTheBot, !CoC, !Guidelines, !Offtopic, !Language, !Attitude, !Repeat, !Enter, !Paste, !Caps, !NickSpam, !PM, !English - And most importantly, use common sense...06:29
NewNewI used Folder Lock before but now i need a linux tool or method to keep people from accessing the data in a folder on my USB harddrive06:29
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots06:29
ardchoille!ops OltreIrc`151706:29
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:29
WebcamWondercmdbbq, No problem. Look at the man page. There are a few ways of using it. If you just say mp3gain, it scans the file and adjusts on the ID3 tag. There are ways of forcing it to re-encode the file. Man page will help you further06:29
IcemanV9Lifesf: did you check launchpad for a bug on gadmin-proftpd? usually a solution is there06:29
pw-toxicWebcamWonder: my synergy server doenst get startet ;(06:29
silverdulcetNFS related question, my mount point is owned by me, when mounted it is owned by haldaemon, group: netdev. Is this standard? I have another box that when mounted, the nfs mount point is owned by hplip group:mysql. I cannot write to it unless I add my user to the mysql group.06:30
WebcamWonderpw-toxic, Did you put the entire command in your sessions?06:30
pw-toxicWebcamWonder: yes06:30
pw-toxicWebcamWonder: and i copied it back to a console and used it and the command itself works06:30
WebcamWonderpw-toxic, That is odd. Commands in session don't execute :s... Hold on06:30
WebcamWonderpw-toxic, Did you make sure there is a check beside it to Enable it?06:31
phoenixzHow can I see what application is listening on what port?06:31
pw-toxicWebcamWonder: yes06:31
zcat[1]Gah! Morons. Guy wants ubuntu to connect to his windows machine and share internet, somehow he decided he needs to set up tunneling on windows and use pppoe on ubuntu to do it. FFS!06:31
pw-toxicsynergys --address `ifconfig eth0 | grep 'inet addr:' | cut -d: -f2 | awk '{ print $1}'` --config /home/pw-toxic/.synergy.conf06:32
panglossphoenixz: netstat -a06:32
pw-toxicthis is the whole command06:32
phoenixzpangloss: thanks!06:32
LifesfIcemanV9: well,... i've landed on one page from them before but didn't really know about launchpad... checking now and landed on one thing that seems to be the same problem as I; but i'm not sure i'm understanding the right way to go concerning the user's replies06:32
WebcamWonderpw-toxic, ps -A | grep synergys <= can you pastebin this output?06:32
phoenixzpangloss: doesn't show the apps.. :S06:32
Wickedanyone here familier with truecrypt?06:32
zcat[1]Tried to explain to him that it's just "one checkbox" in windows and he doesn't need to change anything else at all.. NOTHING on ubuntu because it will get the details from windows....06:33
zcat[1]but no, he's using Linux now so everything must be a million times harder...06:33
vegombreiwell ?06:33
panglossphoenixz: it does on the right06:33
vegombreianybody have a fix for hotmail not working in firefox linux ?06:34
phoenixzpangloss: for some ports yeah, but not for 8080 unfortunately06:34
pw-toxicps -A | grep synergys06:34
pw-toxicbut i just started the server manualla06:34
NewNewvegombrei: you have the ubuntu-restricted-extras ?06:34
zcat[1]vegombrei: change the browser ident..06:34
pw-toxici did ps -C synergys and the output was empty06:34
dr_willisvegombrei,  it works here.  Hotmail likes to  post some messages like that. Last time I could check some checkboxc on the hotmail page that said let me in anyway, or use some user-agent tool to let firefox appear as a different browser06:35
zcat[1]vegombrei: hotmail are intentionally 'breaking' things if they see linux in the browser string, that is all06:35
panglossphoenixz: try netstat -p06:35
dr_willisvegombrei,  like zcat[1]  said.. its HOTMAIL breaking things. Not a ubuntu/firefox issue at all.06:35
WebcamWonderpw-toxic, Oh ok. I actually didn't know about the -C. I always grepped it :)06:35
timreichhartdoes anybody know what would be best 56k modem for a fax server running ubuntu 8.0406:35
zcat[1]It's all over the blogsphere today06:35
pangloss!hi army12bc06:36
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about hi army12bc06:36
pangloss!hi | army12bc06:36
ubottuarmy12bc: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!06:36
WebcamWonderpw-toxic, I am not quite sure. Maybe it is b/c by the time that command is executed, your DHCP hasn't given you an IP as yet?06:36
zcat[1]msft hate linux. That's news?06:36
timreichhartdoes anybody know what would be best 56k modem for a fax server running ubuntu 8.0406:36
gluonmanWhy would I get the error "Are you trying to play an encrypted DVD without libdvdcss?" when I try to play certain DVDs in movie player when I already have libdvdcss installed? Does it just mean the disc is bad?06:36
WebcamWonderzcat[1], It has been known for quite some time now06:36
army12bcgotta love ubottu06:37
dr_willistimreichhart,  in the past - ive had thebest luck with 'real' external Serial modems.. but thats been 7+ years ago.06:37
pw-toxicWebcamWonder: well i just relogged.. no reboot06:37
dr_willistimreichhart,  even finding such things these days.. can be a challange.06:37
timreichhartwell see i got a old P3 motherboard06:37
zcat[1]gluonman: they're adding more 'copy protection' to DVDs now... some just won't work. VLC can play most06:37
WebcamWonderpw-toxic, Ok. I have hit a try spell of ideas. Sorry, I have no clue06:38
AJ_Z0What's most annoying is that after changing a bazillion things with no success, then next time the system boots, it just works! Now I have no idea how I made it work06:38
Josesordohello, help pls06:38
zcat[1]easiest answer give up buying DVDs and download DRM-free files from bitorrent06:38
army12bccould be irq problem06:38
pw-toxicWebcamWonder: can you tell me how i can add this command in the bashrc into an alias? ;L)06:38
pangloss!anyone | Josesordo06:38
ubottuJosesordo: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?06:38
gluonmanzcat[1], so it's just that Ubuntu hasn't developed an efficient means of decrypting those certain DVDs yet?06:38
Josesordoneed resolve little problems here06:38
pw-toxicWebcamWonder: there are ' in the command...06:38
army12bcmodem have trouble with audio irq reset06:38
Josesordofirst, need install Atheros wireless driver..How?06:38
scunizizcat[1], if you already have an account you can still access it.. I just tried to access mine and no problem.. just look for the link at the bottom of the compatibility message to continue "anyway".06:39
pangloss!wireless | Josesordo06:39
ubottuJosesordo: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs06:39
dr_willisvegombrei,  l Notice on the hotmail page where it says to upgrade  This Link ---------> If you don't want to upgrade right now you can still continue to Windows Live Hotmail,   <Click There>06:39
zcat[1]gluonman: hard to say, but yeah, probably.06:39
WebcamWonderpw-toxic, Most likely escape it using the backslash. \' <= that should escape it. If I understand you correctly06:39
IndyGunFreakJosesordo: which wireless driver?06:39
timreichhartso dr willis your saying is better to use serial on ubuntu server for fax06:39
Josesordoty!, lets see06:39
pw-toxicWebcamWonder: yes it would but it didnt work.. i used " instead  and it works06:39
zcat[1]scunizi: I haven't had a hotmail account for ages.. used to have kissmyhairya55@hotmail.com, not sure if it still works06:39
WebcamWonderpw-toxic, Glad to you know are way ahead than me :)06:39
pw-toxicWebcamWonder: now synergy-start starts my synergy server ;)06:40
dr_willistimreichhart,  I found that real serial modems  - worked muchbetter.. since in most cases they were not win-modems06:40
WebcamWonder!offtopic | zcat[1]06:40
ubottuzcat[1]: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!06:40
WebcamWonderpw-toxic, Awesome!06:40
dr_willistimreichhart,  finding a linux compatiable modem - can often be the issue.06:40
pw-toxicWebcamWonder: do you konw some programs that add more information to my gnome taskbars? .. cpu   ram etc.. ?06:40
pw-toxicWebcamWonder: some hardware information06:40
army12bcis solaris the same as ubuntu?06:40
pw-toxicarmy12bc: no ;)06:41
panglossarmy12bc: no06:41
army12bclooks the same06:41
panglossarmy12bc: both unix variants06:41
dr_willisarmy12bc,  Gnome/kde look the same... they run under BSD also.. :)06:41
WebcamWonderpw-toxic, right click on the panel, you can get many otpions to add. I have the dictionary, CPU Frequency Scaling monitors for my both cores, and 5 sensor readings :)06:41
dr_willisarmy12bc,  Looks mean very little.06:41
nachi_hey. i did a mx record, a record and zone record for a domain, but once i try to move the domain to the server at go daddy i get "name server is not registered" ... do i need to wait or i did somthing in the config bad?06:41
zcat[1]Hmmm, I need to go through my big box of 'unsupported' modems and see if any of them have support since Intrepid came out06:41
IndyGunFreakdr_willis: lol, are you neurotic?... Gnome/KDE have little in common06:41
WebcamWonderpw-toxic, You need to install "lm-sensors" (I forget, I am not sure) to get the abiulity to add sensors06:41
dr_willisIndyGunFreak,  On solaris they look the same as if they were on Linux - is what i ment.06:42
IndyGunFreakic.. sorry..06:42
vegombreidr_willis: but when you try to reply to a msg it wont let you .. have u successfully replied to email thru hotmail ?06:42
pw-toxicWebcamWonder: haha the "eyes" are funny ;)06:42
pangloss!kde | army12bc06:42
ubottuarmy12bc: KDE (http://kde.org) is the !desktop environment used natively in !Kubuntu. To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop », or see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE . See http://kubuntu.org for more information. For more information on KDE 4, see !kde406:42
jootzcat[1]: Did your 8.10 install ok??06:42
WebcamWonderpw-toxic, I know. There was this fish as well.06:43
heret1cthe kbd on my ltop stopped working - heeelp+++06:43
army12bcso the difference is not in the desktop but in the kernel or file system?06:43
vegombreizcat[1]: can you help me get my browser to work fine with hotmail ? how do i break the browser string like u said earlier ?06:43
zcat[1]joot: eventually.. burned three coasters, it seems the drive in mandela is busted. Put the iso on a different machine and it was all ok06:43
panglossarmy12bc: yes06:43
heret1cusing kvkbd...06:44
zcat[1]vegombrei: in the address bar type "about:config" (without the quotes)06:44
WebcamWonderpw-toxic, Ok, I am leaving. Anything else?06:44
timreichhartwould this work?   http://www.trendnet.com/products/proddetail.asp?prod=110_TFM-560X&cat=5106:44
jootzcat[1]: Hmmmn I ended up with mint06:44
army12bci got a lot to learn about this stuff.  i have been using windoze since 3.11 and in my classes they all use it but i want to learn linux server and unix environments06:44
IndyGunFreakjoot: does mint have its Intrepid version out yet?06:44
zcat[1]vegombrei: say you'll be careful...06:45
panglossarmy12bc: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unix06:45
hubarDoes anyone know that thunderbird has a "killfile" feature? (Or in plugins)06:45
army12bctanks again06:46
jootIndygunfreak: not as far as I know but there is an unstable that I did not feel like challenging after my 8.10 failed four times06:46
dr_willisvegombrei,    the editing dialogs/boxs on hotmail do seem to be broken. at least on one browser of my 4 machines..  that is weird.06:46
zcat[1]vegombrei: and search for 'useragent' -- not sure what you need to change, probably change 'ubuntu' to 'windows XP' or something06:46
IndyGunFreakjoot: wow, 4x?  I installed 8.10 on 2 PC's, 1 Laptop, and 1 eee.. None had a problem except the laptop, which for some reason I got a grub error(easily fixed).. other than that, all went very wel.06:47
pw-toxicWebcamWonder: no i'm leaving too06:47
pw-toxicWebcamWonder: 7:47 here.. time to go to bed06:47
zcat[1]joot: no more workshops until next year I think, but ou know my number. We've moved btw.. not in Oxford St any more06:47
shiki9interesting stuff : http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/gates.html06:47
osbert!kde4 | osbert06:47
ubottuosbert, please see my private message06:47
heret1cthe kbd on my ltop stopped working - heeelp!!!06:47
jootzcat[1]: ok06:48
WebcamWonderpw-toxic, :). I am glad you go to bed that early :). Bye06:49
army12bcgates = genious businessman = crap software06:49
pangloss!hi xuyan06:50
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about hi xuyan06:50
pangloss!hi | xuyan06:50
ubottuxuyan: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!06:50
xuyanthank you06:50
IndyGunFreakarmy12bc: it wasn't that bad in the beginning, Win 95, while it had a fwe problems, was fantaastic..06:50
IndyGunFreak98 was OK..06:50
army12bci know06:50
IndyGunFreakMe was a mess06:51
jootdr_willis zcat[1] vegombrie: I just checked my hotmail  in firefox (after many months) and it seems to work plenty of spam there06:51
IndyGunFreakXP was good, and vista is a mss06:51
tony__how I upgrade?  sudo apt-get -r update?06:51
army12bci like vista better than me and xp06:51
ziroday!upgrade | tony__06:51
tony__army12bc, me too06:51
ubottutony__: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes06:51
dr_willisjoot,  when trying to make a new/send/reply email. im seeing anissue where its not letting me actually edit/make the email message body.06:51
IndyGunFreakarmy12bc: i'd prefer the dentist over Win Me06:51
zirodayarmy12bc: IndyGunFreak: windows in #ubuntu-offtopic please06:51
hubarvista always does weird sh*t to my files.06:51
tony__IndyGunFreak, prove it :)06:51
IndyGunFreaktony__: lol..06:51
JosesordoHow to install driver for my webcam (notebook, ASUS F3ka)??06:52
army12bchow do u do the long slash to do the bots06:52
tony__dentists are monsters from hell :)06:52
dr_willisjoot,   trying the other  html/rtf/plaintext options.. but it seems  Hotmail dont like some firefoxs again06:52
IndyGunFreakziroday: i'm well aware of whats offtopic here06:52
pangloss!webcam | Josesordo06:52
ubottuJosesordo: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras06:52
zirodayarmy12bc: what do you mean?06:52
ziroday!cn | xuyan06:52
jootdr_willis: Hah I did not try that :-)06:52
ubottuxuyan: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk06:52
tony__xuyan, I agree lol06:52
army12bclike up there !webcam then a long slash06:52
army12bcthen his name06:52
IndyGunFreakarmy12bc: i believe most PC's, its shift, and then it will be under backspace06:53
panglossarmy12bc: its called a pipe06:53
IndyGunFreakits usually above \06:53
army12bco i c06:53
army12bc!hi | army12bc06:53
ubottuarmy12bc, please see my private message06:53
dr_willisjoot,  heh..now it worked on one browser.. :) go figure...06:53
army12bclike that06:53
IndyGunFreakpretty much06:53
mini-adminhello, can someone give me some help on upgrading from Hardy to Intrepid with an encrypted filesystem?  I'm having difficulty with initramfs06:54
jootdr_willis: the might of mega sys Hey what06:54
vegombreizcat[1]: SAYS A LONG LIST OF STUFF IN ABOUT:CONFIG .... i cant understand it06:54
heret1cthe keyboard on my laptop stopped working - heeelp!!!06:54
zcat[1]vegombrei: where it says 'filter' up near the top, type 'useragent' in there and you'll get only the useragent settings06:55
army12bcreinstall driver heret1c06:55
zcat[1]vegombrei: not actually sure what to change it to though06:55
heret1carmy- how?06:56
SuperQarmy12bc: that only works on windows ;-)06:56
paul68Is there somewhere a advanced tutorial or howto for iptables which includes mac filtering an port redirecting and limited access from certain ips06:56
zirodayzcat[1]: couldn't he use the user agent switcher as well?06:56
army12bcpaul68 yes there is06:56
zcat[1]ziroday: yeah, or that06:56
army12bci forget where tho06:56
Mo0oSaHI accidentally picked wrong geographic location during install, is there anyway to fix that without doing a clean install?06:57
ardchoille!iptables | paul6806:57
ubottupaul68: Ubuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).06:57
heret1cusing kvkbd to type. slow.06:57
ivangarciahow can I use SCIM/SKIM on KUBUNTU intrepid ?06:58
* army12bc slaps ubottu around a bit with a large trout06:58
mhoy06sudo apt-get install opera didn't work how do I change my repositories so that it will?06:58
dd3i'm trying to use aptoncd to create a cd with packages that i want to distribute. i created on such cd and when i inserted it into a system with a fresh install of ubuntu 8.10 the autorun said "Error autorunning software" and under it "cannot find the autorun program". is there a better way to do this?06:58
ivangarciathere is no tutorials about it, I've heard is integrated already, but where ?06:58
storm-zenMo0oSaH: It looks like you can add your own location in Clock Preferences, if you know your Timezone, latitude and longitude...06:58
paul68ardchoille: that covers only the basics06:58
dr_williszcat[1],  theres some firefox user agent extensions that may be helpfull.. Testing some other firefox's and this issue is only happening to me under ubuntu's - not sure if its a useragent issue at all.06:58
ardchoillepaul68: :(06:58
Mo0oSaHstorm-zen: I did that, but for everything it uses that location... such as for chosing the server to download updates from..  I changed the things that I know but Its annoying to see canada for everything when i live in Texas06:59
dr_williszcat[1],  may be easier to just go grab Opera. :)06:59
blankthemuffinWhere abouts does Ubuntu hide its trash folder?06:59
storm-zenMo0oSaH: Where, in TX?  Austin, here.07:00
ubottuopera is an advanced and free (only as in price) web browser.  Install it via Applications->Add/Remove..., making sure that "Show commercial applications" (dapper only) is checked. For more info on opera please see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OperaBrowser07:00
zirodayblankthemuffin: ~/.local/Trash07:00
ubottugpg is the GNU Privacy Guard.  See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GnuPrivacyGuardHowto and class #8 on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ClassroomTranscripts07:00
blankthemuffinah thanks ziroday07:00
zirodayblankthemuffin: woops ardchoille is correct07:01
Mo0oSaHstorm-zen: me too... what a small world07:01
blankthemuffinYeah I found it. ;P07:01
IcemanV9~/.Trash (on dapper)07:01
Mo0oSaHstorm-zen: I go to UT, live around west campus area.07:01
zirodayMo0oSaH: storm-zen: you can meet a whole bunch more texans in #ubuntu-us-tx07:02
storm-zenI'll look with you for a bit, and see if I can figure something out.  Awesome.  I'm in the wells branch area.  I'll have to check that out, then.07:02
dr_williszcat[1],  even under Opera - the hotmail reply page/dialog box's are miss-sized...   :) isent MS great!07:02
army12bc!test | mo0oSaH07:02
ubottumo0oSaH: sigh... again? I'm busy here, I already told you it failed.07:02
blankthemuffinA question, if I just go in there and rm -rf everything in the files and info directory will that break anything. The reason I'm doing this is because it's failing to remove some items.07:02
ardchoillegotta love the bot07:03
Mo0oSaHarmy12bc: ?07:03
admin_masu3701hello there07:03
admin_masu3701what application can i use to play movies07:03
army12bclooking at chanel bots07:03
* aaaaaaaaaarggg Does anyone know how to disable "Work Offline" in Firefox?07:03
jootblankthemuffin: did you try  apt-get autoremove?07:04
* aaaaaaaaaarggg This work offline thingy in firefox is freaking annoying07:04
blankthemuffinjoot, this is the trash folder not apt...07:04
zirodayaaaaaaaaaarggg: unclick it?07:04
jootblankthemuffin: my bad07:04
zcat[1]blankthemuffin: that's what I generally do..07:04
zirodayadmin_masu3701: totem comes by default in ubuntu, but make sure you have the codecs installe07:05
army12bc!botabuse | army12bc07:05
ubottuarmy12bc, please see my private message07:05
slopeam installing ubuntu 8.10 on a machine that has vista.  the ubuntu installatation will be on the second physical drive (sdb), while vista is on the first (sda).  The bios is set to use sdb as the first boot device, so I can use GRUB to choose os on boot.  I want Grub on the sdb drive to preserve the vista loader on sda.  Question: What do I choose in the advanced options for the boot loader: sda, sda1, sdb, sdb1?   thanks for any help07:05
zcat[1]blankthemuffin: the other thing you can do is chmod/chown -R everything, then you can delete it via the GUI again07:05
ziroday!pm | aaaaaaaaaarggg07:05
ubottuaaaaaaaaaarggg: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can also benefit AND help you. Please don't PM a user in the channel without asking first, some find it rude.07:05
zirodayaaaaaaaaaarggg: and no, not that I am aware of07:05
* aaaaaaaaaarggg sorry folks... 1st time here07:06
blankthemuffinzcat[1], sweet thanks. All gone. :D07:06
army12bcwhy is he purple?07:06
sbingnerslope, just install grub to sda07:06
zirodayarmy12bc: that is set by your IRC client07:06
jootarmy12bc: it a comment07:06
army12bcwhat is action? that is why he purple07:07
army12bchow u do that?07:07
IndyGunFreakslope: i've never had luck putting grub anywhere but on the masterdisk.. no matter what the boot order07:07
* dr_willis is not purple07:07
zirodayarmy12bc: by doing /me something07:07
* army12bc test07:07
* dr_willis is using the /me command :)07:07
army12bclol ag07:07
army12bcbtw irc commands and ubuntu its a wonder u all even know anything else than script?07:08
slopeI prefer not to install grub to sda, so If I remove this physical drive I can still boot w/ the vista loader.  I can do this by installing each OS with the drive removed during install, then editing menu.list, but I have both in and figure it should be possible.  If I choose sda and remove the sdb drive (ubuntu) will I still be able to run vista?07:08
zcat[1]IndyGunFreak: If you put grub somewhere else, you still need an MBR that knows where to find grub, eg configure an additional entry in NTLDR for it07:08
sbingnerslope, put your /boot on sda also then07:08
mini-adminhello, can someone give me some help on upgrading from Hardy to Intrepid with an encrypted filesystem?  I'm having difficulty with initramfs07:08
IndyGunFreakzcat[1]: right... l.ike i aid, i've never personally had luck w/ it.. not saying it can't be done07:09
dingupenguinwhen i open up firefox it takes up the whole screen and cant see anythign elese not even bars on the top and bottom07:09
dingupenguinhow can i make that go away07:09
dr_willisdingupenguin,  try hitting F11 ?07:09
army12bczcat: coulda used that info yesterday with solaris install u have no idea how long it took me to get it right07:09
zcat[1]IndyGunFreak: haven't done it myself for a long time either.. apparntly it's recomended with vista... I've never used Vista and will probably avoid it for a while yet07:09
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about appropriate07:10
ziroday!botabuse | army12bc07:10
ubottuarmy12bc: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".07:10
slopethanks for the help everyone, trying sda and will pull sdb after install to see if it works for that condition,..not too worried about mucking up vista, but asking never hurts.  thx all.07:10
streenzdingupenguin: if F11 doesnt fix it you can try alt-F7 to move the window and see if you can move it so that the bar is visible07:10
dr_willisIve had Grub on Just the 2nd hd.. i just had to hit F9 on the bios/post tests to get to a 'boot what hard drive' dialog for this pc. :) handy07:10
ubottuYum! Err, I mean, APT!07:10
dan_thank you07:10
dan_f11 was indeed it07:10
zcat[1]... he looked hungry..07:10
ubottuTo switch your keyboard layout on GNOME: System -> Preferences -> Keyboard (GNOME) - KDE: K -> System Settings -> Regional & Language -> Keyboard Layout (KDE) - Xfce: see https://help.ubuntu.com/6.10/xubuntu/desktopguide/C/switch-keyboard-layout.html - See also !Shortcuts07:11
dr_willisdan_,  thats not a bug - its a Feature! :)07:11
sbingnerslope, it'll only work for booting vista w/o sdb if you have your /boot partition on sda also07:11
dan_i dont remember hitting f11 tho XD07:12
heret1c!keyboard laptop07:12
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about keyboard laptop07:12
ubottuLaptop support information can be found on http://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportMachinesLaptops - http://www.linux-laptop.net/ - http://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaptopTestingTeam - http://tuxmobil.org07:12
dan_i know something about them07:12
slopeunderstood sbinger, thx07:12
dan_they have keys07:12
dan_and they go clickidy clack07:12
zcat[1]Hmmmmm.. I should go play with interpid MID ...07:12
army12bcwhat's this for07:14
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!07:15
dan_and how do i install a splash screen on ubuntu07:15
nickrudarmy12bc, a quick way to attract unwelcome attention07:15
army12bcah lol07:15
nixternalarmy12bc: please don't use that unless needed07:15
dan_what does it do?07:16
army12bclooking at bot list and can't figure out most of this stuff07:16
army12bclike he siad unwanted attention07:16
zirodaydan_: it calls the channels operators, but should only be used in emergencies07:16
osbertyou guys are so polite and patient07:16
slopeprob the wrong forum, but anyone know if the problem between RandR and nvidia is being worked on?  am anxious to see compiz on tripple head as good as it does on twinview rigs.07:16
dan_can i get a link to installing a splash screen plz07:16
ubottuTo change the Gnome splash screen, use !gnome-splashscreen-manager or change the GConf key /apps/gnome-session/options/splash_image using !gconf-editor.07:16
jootyou guys will get yourselves thrown off the channel07:16
ubottuTo select the usplash artwork you want, use "sudo update-alternatives --config usplash-artwork.so && sudo update-initramfs -u" - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USplashCustomizationHowto for adding your custom artwork07:16
elkbuntuarmy12bc, misuse of that factoid usually end up in you being removed. since it pings every op it's usually the case you irritate people.07:17
IndyGunFreakosbert: what is your problem?07:17
tritiumarmy12bc: indeed07:17
jim_pis what repo (universe/multiverse/restricted) does b43-fwcutter rest in?07:17
dr_willis!info b43-fwcutter07:17
ubottub43-fwcutter (source: b43-fwcutter): Utility for extracting Broadcom 43xx firmware. In component main, is optional. Version 1:011-4ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 15 kB, installed size 100 kB07:17
dr_willisjim_p,  looks like its in MAIN07:18
zirodayjim_p: main07:18
zirodaydr_willis: bah, you beat me :(07:18
cojones_hey all, i was trying to add ATI restricted drivers and did something I can't seem to fix07:18
=== _ is now known as Guest9703
cojones_i was using envyng07:18
jim_pdr_willis, ziroday : well its not in my friend's synaptic and i was wondering why. thanks anyway07:19
cojones_anyone know how to get a system back to a vanilla install state without reinstalling?07:19
osbertIndyGunFreak: uh ... nothing?  just praising everybody's patience and niceness.  sometimes people will boot really quickly.07:19
dr_williscojones_,  once you strt using envyng. youmay need to stay with using envyng. and you may need to rerun it every time theres a kernel update07:19
shiki9can videos be played with compiz enabled on an ati card without flickering07:19
IndyGunFreakosbert: oh ok, i took your remark as being satire.07:19
dr_willisshiki9,  they work on my low end laptop.. so yes.. it can work..07:19
cojones_dr_willis: any way to undo it?07:19
ziroday!envyng | cojones_07:19
ubottucojones_: envyng is an updated version of the *UNSUPPORTED* envy package. It is now part of the ubuntu universe repository (envyng-gtk OR envyng-qt) we suggest you use envyng if every other (official/supported) method fails! it can have various results from works, to fails!!!  if you want the very latest drivers from the manufacturer you use them at your own risk07:19
dr_williscojones_,  no idea07:19
zirodaycojones_: did you remove the drivers using envy?07:20
cojones_ziroday: yes, and manually also thru synaptic manager07:20
t7th_SenseSomebody help me. I have win xp and ubuntu at the same HD. Now win xp crashes. Is it save for me to format C: and reinstall win xp?07:20
cojones_my system is working with compiz now... there are just some strange side effects07:20
zirodayjim_p: note that b43-fwcutter was only introduced in intrepid, no package will exist in versions before that07:20
IndyGunFreakenvy, automatix, easyubuntu, etc,...  Why God... Why07:20
crdlbshiki9: it works perfectly with the radeon driver, not so much with fglrx07:20
cojones_side effects: cannot shutdown without hanging07:21
jim_pziroday: well he IS in intrepid!07:21
=== songexe is now known as a5song
cojones_also sound is muted after bootup, this could be due to the shutdown problem07:21
jim_pziroday: i will ask him to apt-get update07:21
zirodayjim_p: ah well that was just my idea, perhaps he didn't apt-get update properly07:21
osbertt7th_Sense: yes, but when you reinstall XP it will mess up grub or whatever your boot loader is so you should save a boot disk that will let you boot back in later.07:21
dingupenguinil be honnest that seems like alot of work for a screen i never see07:22
osbertt7th_Sense: and don't reformat the whole thing, just any partitions that XP is using (probably the 1st one)07:22
holymoooh you WILL want to see that screen when you have multios setup07:23
holymoorest assured07:23
cojones_anyone have any idea how to remove fglrx from a system and go back to using the open source drivers exclusively?07:23
shirishhi all, how can I know what is there in my environment, I know there is a variable called $PATH but no idea how to manipulate it.07:23
ardchoilleshirish: echo $PATH07:24
cojones_i tried my way but that broke my system hehe.. i had to chroot in from a livecd to reinstall the fglrx packages07:24
holymoosudo apt-get remove --purge fglrx?07:24
IndyGunFreakgrub is generally really easy to reinstall from a live CD07:24
ardchoilleshirish: But I highly recommend you not edit that variable07:24
holymoosearch for the fglrx package first to get the right name07:24
shirishardchoille: thanx, did it.07:24
cojones_holymoo: any idea where I could get a vanilla version of xorg.conf?07:24
shirishardchoille: I was trying the same, the only error was echo $ PATH07:24
cojones_i'd like to have that in place first before I wipe fglrx ;)07:24
shirishnotice the space.07:24
* shirish out07:25
ardchoilleshirish: Ah :)07:25
holymoocojones_: xorg is vanilla as far as i know07:25
t7th_Senseosbert: mine is grub. You mean if I dont make emergency disk then my pc won't restart anymore?07:25
holymoocojones_: your only bet is x.org and compile your self if you have masochistic tendencies07:25
cojones_holymoo: what i mean is remove any trace of fglrx being referenced in the startup07:25
crdlbcojones_: you don't really even need an xog.conf anymore07:26
holymoocojones_: that should do it07:26
crdlbcojones_: but you can reset it with sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg07:26
cojones_crdlb, where does X determine which gfx to use now?07:26
IndyGunFreakt7th_Sense: no, if you reinstall windows, it will overwrite the master boot record, and as a result, Grub... Windows *should* boot w/o issue, ut if you dual boot, you'll have to reinstall grub to get back to Linux07:26
holymooapt-get remove --purge even07:26
crdlbcojones_: but make sure you remove xorg-driver-fglrx and reboot07:26
crdlbcojones_: it guesses07:26
jootcan't cojones do a dpgk reconfigure?07:27
IndyGunFreakjoot: maybe, but he used envy... which leaves him envious of people who've not used it.07:27
dan_soo what is this compiz and bburl stuff07:27
t7th_SenseOw I understand. Thank you IndyGunFreak07:27
holymoodpkg-reconfigure is now officially useless07:28
holymoothe brilliant ubuntu devs chopped its cojones off07:28
ardchoilleholymoo: yea, it was nice in Dapper07:28
holymooit does dill now07:28
holymooi'm still fuming07:28
jootIndygunfreak: is that one of those magic install packages ?07:28
IndyGunFreak!grub | t7th_Sense read through the  "Lost Grub" part.. it will explain it better07:28
cojones_holymoo, hehe nice07:28
ubottut7th_Sense read through the  "Lost Grub" part.. it will explain it better: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto07:28
IndyGunFreakjoot: lol.. supposed tobe07:28
bazhangholymoo, chat in #ubuntu-offtopic07:28
holymoobazhang: bite me07:28
jootIndygunfreak: ic :-))07:28
t7th_Sensethank you ubottu07:29
IndyGunFreak!thanks | t7th_Sense07:29
ubottut7th_Sense: You're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)07:29
cojones_alright rebooting07:30
cojones_hopefully this'll all work out07:30
IndyGunFreakt7th_Sense: and just to be clear, if your'e goin to reinstlal windows, and you intend to still dual boot, you need to pay special care to the fact that Windows does not overwrite your Linux partition.07:34
IndyGunFreakotherwise, not having grub will be low on your list of problems.. :)07:34
MacongaI was told that Xubuntu 8.10 will not have to be restarted when the Linux was updated. Is this true or not?07:36
sambagirlto install compiz would it be apt-get compiz install07:36
sambagirlthe command?07:36
urkkiWhat's the best/easiest video editing program?07:36
Macongathe linux kernal *07:36
jootIndyGunFreak: doesn't windows overwrite linux by default? the reason for installing linux second on a dual boot?07:36
ubottuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion07:36
GneaMaconga: any kernel upgrade requires a reboot, period.07:36
zirodayMaconga: you need to restart after a kernel update07:36
sambagirlalso will it run in vmware?07:36
Macongaokay. thanks of the information07:36
cojones_hmm.. system still not back to normal... compiz is working ok but video playback is funny..07:37
dr_willissambagirl,  compiz in vmware - not very useable07:37
cojones_videos will play fine but if I move the window around, the video stays in the same place, it just gets cropped by the window moving07:37
cojones_anyone experience this?07:37
Gneasambagirl: it can, if you have a decent enough system to support it07:37
crdlbcojones_: but the video overlay moves once you finish moving the window?07:37
cojones_crdlb, yes07:37
crdlbcojones_: that's perfectly normal; it's Overlay XVideo07:38
dr_williscojones_,  so stop moving it! :)07:38
sambagirlwell dr_willis i would imagein it would be very sluggish but i was just willing to try it.07:38
crdlbthe video is being drawn with a hardware overlay, so it cannot be redirected for compiz07:38
cojones_crdlb, huh, i could swear that when using something like the ring switcher, the video would move around and play perfectly07:38
crdlbcojones_: if you switch to EXA, you could try "textured XVideo", but that's a bit experimental07:38
sambagirlwell i have a macbook and a thinkpad :)07:38
sambagirlboth are fast07:38
cojones_crdlb, EXA?07:39
sambagirlok after i do my apt-get update -f then i do apt-get install -f yes?07:39
cojones_crdlb, lemme look i tup07:39
sambagirlahh it install compiz-fuzioin plugins on this update i see07:39
pubbyany body help me how to configure mic phone on skype in ubuntu07:39
crdlbcojones_: an XRender AccelMethod; it's the successor to XAA, which is what you're using now07:40
cojones_crdlb, the video definitely worked before... now when i Alt-Tab thru open windows.. the video is just black in the app window unless it overlaps where it was playing on the desktop07:40
sambagirlwhat is this xpong-server that keeps blowing up ?07:40
cojones_crdlb, i'm positive it worked before07:40
crdlbcojones_: you must have done this (switching to EXA) before trying fglrx07:40
crdlbcojones_: it's very easy to do, just put Option "AccelMethod" "EXA" in Section "Device" of your xorg.conf07:41
ajopaulpubby: hv u tested it with sound recorder ?07:41
crdlbcojones_: by the way, you are on intrepid, right?07:42
crdlbEXA on radeon doesn't work well on hardy07:42
cojones_crdlb, yes07:42
cojones_alright i just added it, i'll reboot X and get back to ya ;)07:42
heret1cthe keyboard on my laptop stopped working. how do i make it work again? typing this with mouse, which is s-l-o-w.07:43
owen1how to enable the right alt key from the terminal?07:43
cojones_crdlb, unfortunately no luck :(07:44
cojones_i think it has something to do with my drivers07:44
cojones_even if i add the restricted drivers now thru System->Admin->Hardware Drivers and it says they're active... glxinfo still says vendor is SGI07:44
holymoocojones_: what problem are you trying to solve anyway?07:45
sambagirlif you do the apt-get update -f does that also do the install or do you have to also apt-get install -f too? i am trying to determine what is blowing up.07:45
sambagirlit looks like it is setting up the downloads it just completed07:45
cojones_holymoo, compiz isn't playing nicely with video playback.. i can't get my system back to its original state before I tried installing restricted drivers07:46
cojones_i got the restricted drivers working but THAT made video really choppy in fullscreen07:46
holymoocojones_: aha07:46
cojones_holymoo, but the games worked ;) horrible tradeoff hehe07:46
sambagirlis setting up actually configuring teh downloads?07:46
sambagirlis there any need to run apt-get install -f?07:47
holymoosambagirl: if something breaks and you want to force th einstall and ignore dependencies07:47
holymooit will attempt the install07:47
Conexiondoes anybody know of a hotkey that will turn your resolution sideways so I can use my laptop like a book? (similar to ctrl+alt+right in windows)07:47
holymoothe consequences are unpredictable but often not consequential07:47
holymoosambagirl: what are  you trying to resolve?07:47
CaptainMorganI'm trying to use Movie Player to watch a DVD... but it only plays the first track and never any more... repeat is set to off, and when I try to access the DVD menu, nothing opens or display07:48
crdlbcojones_: you don't want to use the restricted driver07:48
holymoocojones_: if you are trying to start from an original state i don't really have a suggestion unfortunately.  reinstalling just may be the only way to get that state back07:48
CaptainMorgananyone recommend a better DVD viewing tool?07:48
crdlbcojones_: and I wasn't done with setting up textured video07:48
holymoowe don't have automated bitmap image snapshots and the like that restore entire states of a system07:48
holymooCaptainMorgan: yeah vlc07:48
sambagirlwell i was trying to run a script to install and configure and get dependencies for 2 things. 1. campware and 2. jinzora but something is amiss.07:48
CaptainMorganholymoo, it's available on Linux ?07:49
CaptainMorganholymoo, cool! thought it was only Win07:49
holymooCaptainMorgan: np, in repos yes07:49
cojones_crdlb, what else should i add besides changing xorg?07:49
holymoosambagirl: aha.07:49
sambagirlbit encountered errors while processin spong-common spong-client spong-server spong-www07:49
holymoosambagirl: sounds like it tried to install something for which a library doesn't exist in repos07:49
UpChuck_Norrisspeaking of VLC, is there vlc > 0.8.6 in a some repo for 8.04?07:49
sambagirli see07:49
holymooand its asking you to do install -f to complete, yes?07:49
sambagirlit reurts a /usr/bin/dpkg error code (1)07:50
sambagirli know that is a lock with 0 bytes07:50
crdlbcojones_: you have to tell anything using XVideo to use the second adapter; for gstreamer, run gstreamer-properties and go to Video > Default Output > Device > Radeon Textured Video07:50
sambagirlso i go into that folder and delete that lock file and run it again i dunno. let me try the install thingy07:50
holymooif these things are just userland apps and nothing too with core frameworks like kde, gnome, x, linux, etc then complete it with -f yes07:50
DarkKnighthey my browser is hanging always......can help??07:50
holymooDarkKnight: error messages?07:50
holymooon what sites? let me guess, flash streaming sites?07:51
bastonesHi. I'm trying to install ubuntu with wubi, I restarted and I can see the Ubuntu background and cursor but there's nothing on the page, my desktop is 256MB memory hard drive 40GB which is probably really small so would this mean it'd take time to startup for first time? because the first time it started up I saw a 'Checking Installation' screen then funny green blue colours came on the screen and it seemed like the whol07:51
bastonese program restarted to where I am now?07:51
holymoobastones: no, the system specs are fine.  either some hardware is not supported or something failed during install07:51
cojones_crdlb, you sir are a genius07:51
holymoogo back to windows reinstall again07:51
sambagirl now i know what that spong business is, i wanted to see if it was an alternative with openview.07:52
sambagirlit was in the repository07:52
holymooglad to hear its working07:52
DarkKnightholymoo; no error mess8's....the browser page turns dark and i cant access the pages07:52
bastonesholymoo: I have used ubuntu on my desktop before with probably a previous ver. this year inJuly so I dont understand why it isnt working - I remember last time it took a long time for it to kickstart for first time but this is taking a really long time07:53
holymooDarkKnight: couple of options.  move your .mozilla or .firefox or whatever dir in ~/user dir it is and rename it to something else07:53
holymoorestart ff and see if that fixes anything07:53
holymooif that doesn't work, try reinstalling07:54
holymoobastones: new packages, new software, etc.07:54
holymoobastones: non LTS releases tend to be buggy so who knows07:54
holymooLTS releases are buggy as well but a little less so07:54
bastonesshall i try v8.04?07:55
holymooso its entirely possible that one will work and another wont say because drivers aren't installed07:55
DarkKnightholymoo... now wer do i find its directory??07:55
dulakhardy has been rock solid for me on multiple configurations07:55
holymoosure and then you can dist-upgrade and see how far you get.07:55
holymoobastones: if you are a noob, you won't really miss much from 8.1007:55
zirodayDarkKnight: you can also try starting firefox in safe omde07:55
army12bcwhat is region channel for pa?07:55
ziroday!noob | holymoo07:55
ubottuholymoo: Acronyms or statements like  noob, jfgi, stfu, or rtfm are not welcome in this channel. Period.07:55
zirodayarmy12bc: pa?07:55
holymooziroday: check your ops channel07:55
holymooyou will find out i don't really care07:55
Conexio1Does anybody know a hotkey that will turn your resolution sideways? (Like ctrl+alt right in Windows)07:56
sambagirlwhich file is it that you put the deb info into ?07:56
sambagirli forget07:56
bazhang!loco | army12bc07:56
ubottuarmy12bc: Information on Ubuntu Local Community Teams is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeams07:56
holymooDarkKnight: open up nautilus and on the left hand side look at your home dir07:56
holymooit will be named the same as your user name07:56
holymooclick on that07:56
bazhang!coc | holymoo07:56
ubottuholymoo: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/07:56
holymoothen press ctrl/h07:56
zirodayConexio1: I know how to do it from the command line07:56
holymoothat will show you all the . directories07:56
Conexio1how so? :)07:56
zirodayConexio1: and then you can create a shortcut key for it07:56
holymoorename the.mozilla to MOZILLA or something like that07:56
holymoothen restart ff and see if that works07:56
Conexio1That'll work!07:57
holymooif it works i'll help you restore your bookmarks07:57
holymoobazhang: you are so tiring. leave me be.07:57
zirodayConexio1: the command is called xrandr, you can see in System > Preferences > Screen Resolution07:57
bazhangholymoo, then stay on topic and abide by the code of conduct.07:57
DarkKnightholymoo...i have no idea abt nautilius07:58
holymooyou guys never learn, eh bazhang?07:58
holymooDarkKnight: oh just click on any folder on your desktop07:58
holymooit will openup nautilus for you07:58
nastas1 pc, 2 sound cards, anyone know how to set 2 music players to different card?07:58
moseahi guys07:58
holymooyou will see nautilus in the top of the window that opens up07:58
Conexio1ziroday: I've opened up "Monitor Resolution Settings" and I only see resolution, Refresh Rate, and Rotation07:58
zirodayConexio1: Rotation is what you want, you can change it there07:59
holymoonastas: i don't thin kthats possible, but i'd like to know if it trully is no or if it is possible as well07:59
holymoogood question07:59
Conexio1I tried that earlier and it crashed xD07:59
Conexio1had to force shut down07:59
moseaanyone here can guide me in reinstalling ubuntu 8.10 64 bit from ubuntu 8.04 32bit07:59
moseai want to do a fresh install07:59
zirodayConexio1: ah, well open up a command line and type in xrandr -o left07:59
holymoomosea: forget it.  install via cd from scratch07:59
Conexio1k :)08:00
moseai can do that08:00
nastasholymoo: i did it with amarok and audacious08:00
holymoonastas: really? sweet.  how?08:00
leohartxhow do i check opengl on my system /08:00
holymoorun glxgears08:00
zirodayleohartx: check it how?08:00
holymooif it runs you have ogl08:00
nastasholymoo: i just set the audacious to use the second card08:00
moseabut i want to know how i can reinstall on the same partition without disturbing other partitions08:01
holymoonastas: from audacious preferences?08:01
zirodaymosea: you can just overwrite the partition with 32bit ubuntu on08:01
holymoodoes amarok have same preferences?  time to check.  neato08:01
bazhangmosea, set a seperate home08:01
bazhang!home | mosea08:01
ubottumosea: Your home folder is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home folder to a separate partition, please see: http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome08:01
seaofteais there a dlna upnp media client for linux?08:01
ubottuTo stream media to other UPNP aware devices (such as the Xbox, PS3, or iRadio) you need a UPNP server. See !info mediatomb for information regarding the MediaTomb package08:02
slopeis there a read/write safe to mount ext3 partitions from win32 based OSs?08:02
zirodaybazhang: I believe he/she wants to do a fresh install08:02
leohartxziroday: oh, srry i mean check if my graphic card support opengl or not08:02
dr_willisseaoftea,  Hmm.. Ive seen where that geexbox media disrto can access upnp servers.. but ive not used it a lot fo that08:02
zirodayslope: yes there is a driver at fs-driver.org iirc08:02
nastasholymoo: yes. but the only problem is that audacious needs to restart my pc 2-3 times to start playing08:02
BowtrikSo what do I need to do to play DvDs?08:02
seaoftea!info mediatomb08:02
ubottumediatomb (source: mediatomb): UPnP MediaServer (main package). In component universe, is optional. Version 0.11.0-3ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 17 kB, installed size 96 kB08:02
bazhangziroday, thought he wanted to leave others undisturbed08:02
=== c is now known as sekrit
zirodayleohartx: holymoo had it right, run glxgears08:02
holymoonastas: aha sweet.  thx fo r heads up08:02
seaofteaI dont want a media server, I already have one.  I want a client08:03
dr_willisBowtrik,  i install the proper packages from the medibuntu repos08:03
zirodaybazhang: erm he said "mosea> i want to do a fresh install"08:03
Conexionblah, Ubuntu crashed again when I did that xD08:03
dr_willisseaoftea,  that geexbox media disrto can access upnp servers..  it uses mplayer, but im not sure what else08:03
slopety ziroday08:03
zirodayConexion: hmm, then it appears you graphics card drivers/card don't support changing rotation :)08:03
nastasholymoo: maybe is audacious bug.08:03
Bowtrikdr_willis, are you really a doctor? :)08:04
dr_willisBowtrik,  Im a Dr of Love. ;P08:04
BowtrikI knew it08:04
moseai have already 3 other partions where i can backup my data but want to do a fresh install on the same partition as the old ubuntu08:04
Conexionhah, alright. I'm using a Eee PC netbook. Just curious if it would work! thanks ziroday!08:04
zirodayConexion: which model?08:04
BowtrikI graduated Magna Cum Laude myself.08:04
leohartxziroday: what does it mean when display 3 gears spining ?08:04
cojones_how can i clear the hardware driver cache?08:04
nastasholymoo: i run a restorant with 2 floors and i need 2 play different kind of music on each floor08:04
zirodaymosea: then you can just overwrite your old partition08:05
zirodayleohartx: you have opengl running08:05
zirodayConexion: ah, I can do it just fine on my 701 so its odd it doesn't work on your 900A08:05
Conexionziroday: 900A08:05
holymoonastas: hey cool !08:05
ConexionIll see if anyone has a solution on the eee pc side08:05
zirodayConexion: you running compiz? and how exactly does it "crash"08:06
leohartxziroday: so i have both direct render and opengl on my system, but my graphic card have problem with compiz08:06
nastasholymoo: do you have any idea about audacious? i mean why adcious need to restart the pc to make it work?08:06
ConexionYup, running compiz, and it looks like it rotates sideways, but doesn't reverse the resolultion..08:06
Conexionthen I  cant click anything08:06
zirodayleohartx: what graphics card?08:06
zirodayConexion: reverse the resolution?08:07
leohartxziroday: intel intergrated X310008:07
holymoonastas: not even remotely.  never used it.  sorry dude.08:07
Conexionit turns the whole screen sideways, but doesnt make the width the height, and the height the width08:07
holymooi can tell you that your line of query will be first the ubuntu/debian packager, thenupstream to the devs them selves08:07
holymoothats the only way you will find out the question to something that esoteric08:07
ConexionSo the sides are 'cut off' and there is a bunch of black bellow it08:08
holymoowell more like malone issue tracker then upstream i guess08:08
nastasholymoo: ok. try it. itworks. maybe it happens just to me :)08:08
zirodayConexion: hmm, no idea about that. Sorry08:08
Conexionno problem ziroday :)08:08
NicEXEI want to setup a vpn between Ubuntu and my Windows installation (on VBox)... How to start?08:08
Conexionthanks anyway!08:08
creativehi, downloaded kubuntu intrepid, i started to boot from cd, monitor turned off, black screen08:08
leohartxziroday: when i use google earth, some 3d game, some special effect of compiz-fusion the screen getting crazy08:09
heret1cthe keyboard on my laptop stopped working. how do i make it work again? typing this with mouse, which is s-l-o-w.08:09
CorwinI just got  new laptop today and put kubuntu Ibex on it. I installed nfs-common. I put the same fstab entries from my Debian box but am unable to mount any nfs4 shares on my Solaris box08:09
BowtrikDr_willis, is this the code I would use for my Intrepid Ibex installation? "sudo wget http://www.medibuntu.org/sources.list.d/intrepid.list --output-document=/etc/apt/sources.list.d/medibuntu.list"08:09
creativecan anyone help me ?08:09
leohartxziroday: how do i solve that prob ?08:09
zirodayleohartx: perhaps your graphics card is just not powerful enough08:09
CorwinIs the nfs4 client broke on Ibex?08:10
storm-zenI'm trying to get java installed and working.  I'm getting "An error occurred while loading this applet."  I'm guessing there is a conflict between the open source java implementation and the sun implementation, which I need for this app.  How can I make the switch?08:10
bazhangleohartx, what card08:10
Frogzooleohartx: "glxinfo |grep direct" should return Yes08:11
nastasanyone knows why i have to restart 2-3 times my pc to make it work?08:11
leohartxbazhang: intel x310008:11
bazhangleohartx, that card is surely good enough for all of that08:11
leohartxFrogzoo: yes08:11
CorwinI guess I'll just install Debian, it's not worth having such a broke os just to get a nice installer. debootstrap isn't that bad really08:11
owen1how to enable the right alt key from the terminal?08:12
bazhangleohartx, you are using compiz while doing google earth?08:12
leohartxbazhang: yes, but only with common demand08:12
SP33D[x]i need help...i cant install my wireless card driver over ubuntu..copy the .inf file from window but the result is wrong driver install..why is that so0??08:12
leohartxbazhang: yes08:12
nastasanyone knows why i have to restart 2-3 times my pc to make iaudacious work work?08:12
seaofteaI wish they had a light version of xbmc08:12
bazhangleohartx, any reason not to disable compiz?08:12
leohartxbazhang: no, i mean i want to solve that, make them work together08:13
UpChuck_NorrisHas anyone here gone from 8.04 to 8.10 that was installed on a software RAID partition?08:13
army12bcthanx guys lata08:13
storm-zennvm.  got it myself.08:13
SP33D[x]i need help...i cant install my wireless card driver over ubuntu..copy the .inf file from window but the result is wrong driver install..anyone know about this???08:13
leohartxbazhang: i knew that disable compiz will work for google earth08:14
CorwinWhy is ubuntu so much worse than Debian? It doesn;t seem like it should be that much different08:14
holymooCorwin: rapid release cycles08:15
holymooits impossible to do proper testing in 6 month release cycles08:15
holymooits not for lack of trying08:15
CorwinBut Debain Unstable works amazingly well08:15
leohartxbazhang: btw, do you know how to install psx and pcsx2 ?08:15
holymooCorwin: sure, just wait08:15
CorwinIt's worked fine for the last 5 years08:15
holymoolets stop right there08:16
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!08:16
vyomanhow do I turn off the system messages like leaving room in Pigin?08:16
bazhangtake debian chat elsewhere please08:16
CorwinI have had a lot of issues with the release cycles though.08:16
bazhangto #debian for example08:16
storm-zenvyoman: I think there is a plugin that can do that for you.08:16
leohartxbazhang: can you answer me ?08:16
Corwinyou're right, it was a dumb ass think for me to try putting Ubuntu on my laptop.08:16
bazhangleohartx, from the repos or the tar.gz08:17
holymooCorwin: one ascertains a particular distro for its characteristics and lives with it08:17
holymooCorwin: ubuntu is inherently unstable, its closer to unstable/experimental08:17
holymooso make a choice, you either want that or don't08:17
leohartxbazhang: any other way ? and the upper question to :)08:17
bazhangholymoo, Corwin please chat in #ubuntu-offtopic08:17
CorwinI run Debain unstable08:17
holymoocool, settled.08:17
holymooi answered your ubuntu questions08:17
Corwinblow me bazhang, I'm leaving08:18
sambagirlok so port 111 is refused so it must be blocked here..08:18
mhoy06I ftp'd to my website using Places > Connect to server. Can I access it through bash now?08:18
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FloodBot2Negroid: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:18
sambagirlwhat ansshole thing to say you pig08:19
holymoobazhang: you get a lot of that eh?08:19
nixternalI apologize to those of you who had to witness that08:19
EnselicI use Ubuntu but borrow Konversation and Yakuake from Kubuntu. Yakuake steals input all the time from Konversation, I need to show and hide Yakuake for it to let go of the Keyboard input focus from Konversation. Does anyone have a workaround for this?08:19
seaofteahow come I see different packages in Aptitude than in Synaptics?08:19
holymoosambagirl: its a bot08:20
sambagirlit's not your fault it just a fool08:20
holymooseaoftea: you are sshd into a differnt machine for either?08:20
seaofteasame machine08:21
memehi i have few doubts ons etting up raid 0, raid 1 and 508:21
memedo i need to have same sized hdd ?08:21
vyomanafter all that, anyone in the mood to talk about Pigin system messages?08:21
storm-zenso, I guess that is one manifestation of the backlash of the new us president,then?  racist irc bots?08:21
seaofteasynaptic doesn't have all of the packages aptitude has08:22
seaofteawhich doesn't make any sense08:22
sambagirli get alot of spam on msm08:22
storm-zenvyoman: I answered your question.  It's a pidgin add on.08:22
diskinEnselic, in yakuake there is "keep open on focus change" option, is it enabled in your setup?08:22
sambagirlthat microsoft messenger even thru pidgin08:22
storm-zensambagirl: Then don't use msm. ;)08:22
sambagirlbut i hvae friend on there ;)08:22
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
storm-zenOh well; There is no accounting for taste.08:23
memeraid , anyone ? err08:23
sambagirlcan you install enemy territory via synapse?08:23
zirodaysambagirl: nope08:23
Enselicdiskin: nope08:23
diskinEnselic, no more ideas.. I use Yakuake also, but no Konvesation.. Did not notice any focus problems.08:25
Mo0oSaHMy "fixed size windows" in compiz doesn't work after upgrading to intrepid... did anyone else have this issue?08:25
Enselicdiskin: I only have focus problems with Konversation08:25
Enselicdiskin: i.e. Yakuake only steals input from Konversation, not other programs like Firefox08:25
=== francesco is now known as Guest88027
leohartxwhere does /dev folder mount (did not setup mount point for it when install ubuntu) ?08:26
kkathmanjust upgraded last night to Ibex from Hardy... but when I click on Places-Home Folder, its running Kaffeine and not bringing up the file folder dialog???  Any ideas on this?08:26
dvyjonesI don't have sound on my headphones. The system speaker works, and has it's own volume control slider (Master Mono), but even with turning every other slider up and unmuting, the headphones doesn't work... Any idea how to fix it?08:26
diskinEnselic, I have other KDE programs as well, like KDESvn, work fine.. BTW, did you try guake?08:26
zirodaykkathman: yep, one sec whilst I get you the fix08:26
kkathmanthanks ziroday08:26
Frogzooleohartx: it'a fs within kernel memory afaik08:26
Enselicdiskin: oh there is a GNOME version? didn't know that, I'll try right away08:26
zetheroowhat is the best program for recording your desktop?08:27
zirodaykkathman: http://ubuntulinuxtipstricks.blogspot.com/2008/10/intrepid-update-faq.html see point 1208:27
Enseliczetheroo: recordMyDesktop08:27
kkathmanthank you sir !08:27
diskinEnselic, yes. I just got too much tied to Yakuake before I seen guake :)08:27
dvyjones!best | zetheroo08:27
ubottuzetheroo: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.08:27
leohartxFrogzoo: how big is it ? mine only 1 GB, not enough for a DVD08:27
Frogzooleohartx: umm, I'm very wrong - it's a subdirectory of /08:28
Frogzooleohartx: /dev/ is not the place to be copying dvds08:28
=== izibi_ is now known as izibi
HorizonXPhey, i'm trying to figure out how to get my Logitech Cordless Access keyboard's F-keys to work. is there a way to see what scancodes are generated?08:29
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP308:29
peerlessdeepakHi it may be offtopic08:29
cojones_hehe this automation in intrepid is actually making things more difficult for me!! i'm installing restricted drivers and System->Admin->Hardware Drivers says they're being using but glxinfo reports otherwise08:29
peerlessdeepakbut i got to find this out08:30
peerlessdeepaki have a dsl modem + router08:30
FrogzooHorizonXP: showkey -s08:30
leohartxFrogzoo: well, where does DVD mount ?08:30
Frogzooleohartx: should mount typically on /dev/dvd08:30
peerlessdeepakThe modem was running linux and I was able to access its web based config utility till yesterday08:31
zirodayleohartx: you might also want to look in /dev/scd008:31
noooWhat's an easy way of showing how many threads a process currently has?08:31
peerlessdeepakI also had telnet access to it..But today i whenever i attempt to telnet the connection gets closed immdiately08:31
peerlessdeepakBut i am able to ping the modems IP08:31
HorizonXPFrogzoo thanks, gonna go to a console now to try it08:32
leohartxFrogzoo: but /dev capacity isnt enough08:32
Frogzooleohartx: the 'capacity' is on the dvd - you're only mounting, not copying08:32
jinhow do you install a i386 .deb file on a ubuntu amd4 OS?08:32
kkathmanziroday,  many thanx, that fixed the problem :)08:33
zirodayjin: which file?08:33
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about headphone08:33
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about headphones08:33
jinziroday, realbasic2008r4.2.deb08:33
zirodayjin: where did you get it from?08:33
dvyjonesI don't have sound on my headphones. The system speaker works, and has it's own volume control slider (Master Mono), but even with turning every other slider up and unmuting, the headphones doesn't work... Any idea how to fix it?08:34
jinziroday, http://www.realsoftware.com08:34
leohartxFrogzoo: ah, i get it. i misunderstood when i create an image iso with it :)08:34
HorizonXPfrogzoo: it didn't quite work. it didn't recognize the keys as being pressed08:34
Enselicdiskin: nice, I'll simply start using that one instead :)08:35
diskinEnselic, good luck!08:35
zirodayjin: you could run into some serious issues running that in a 64bit system08:35
jinziroday, why? what can I do?08:36
=== testing is now known as Guest65106
FrogzooHorizonXP: then you have a kernel issue08:36
Ohmuall, my Youtube vids are getting no sound.  Sliders on max.  System sliders on max too.  Any ideas?08:36
zirodayjin: you will need to install all the 32bit libraries that it depends on as well. However you are free to try it and if it doesn't work remove it08:36
FrogzooHorizonXP: ie. the kernel doesn't recognise the key presses - you'll need a new kernel/module08:36
peerlessdeepakWhen does a telnet client say "Connection closed by foreign host?"08:36
HorizonXPFrogzoo: so I have to recompile? or load a new module? how do I know which one?08:36
vyomanstorm-zen: thanks got it and I enabled the notify plugin as well :)08:36
jinziroday, I'm gonna use  --force-architecture to install it08:37
FrogzooHorizonXP: probably your keyboard's not supported - if you google you might find a hack, maybe08:37
zirodayjin: okau08:37
HorizonXPFrogzoo: unfortunately, nothing's really coming up on google for my keyboard08:39
=== urkki is now known as Finnish
slopei'm running a triple head w/ 1 8800 and 1 8500 for the 3rd mon.  In previous versions, installations worked great.  Am installing 8.10, and once I enable the restricted drivers, boot fails (error -32 on some lines talkling about usb).  alt=f1, login, startx gives "fatal server error: no screens found.  initial installation worked until new drivers.08:43
niallHi. Off topic question, but if anyone is a CCNA or has any Cisco under their belt; could you please answer some questions for me?08:44
nialli would HUGELY appreciate it08:44
OinsHi, i'd like to install ubuntu on my new Notebook. But before, i'd like to backup the installed Windows System. If i boot with a LiveCD and tar the files, would the NTFS rights etc. correctly been stored? What else could i do?08:44
niallOins, what version of Windows?08:45
OinsWindows XP Home08:45
niallOins, are you looking to dual boot or clean install?08:45
Oinsniall, dual boot, but before i like to depart the HDD, so i like to backup the windows.08:46
niallOins, my best recommendation would be to use an external HD to backup to, so even in case of sheer disaster, you're backed up.08:47
dvyjonesHmm... Alsamixer is using PulseAudio, how do I make it use ALSA?08:47
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots08:48
Oinsniall, but how should i create the backup?08:49
sd32help...I am getting no sound running live xubuntu 8.10 with a audigy sound card08:49
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats08:50
niallOins, the built in backup too pointed at your external drive should do the trick. It will create a .ZIP file with everything except emails.08:50
=== takinovah is now known as rofl
jim_pwhere are the gnome sessions startup programs/shortcuts located on the drive?08:51
niallOins, also look into a utility called EASY BSD, im not 100% sure it works on XP (i'm a vista user) but it makes dual booting a snap08:51
Oinsniall, hmm... do u mean the backup tool from windows or is there a tool at the ubuntu livecd?08:52
niallOins, to back up your windows partition, use the windows tool.08:52
niallOins, or Norton Ghost.08:52
Oinsniall, the reason for the backup is. i installed all patches etc. at the windows system. after 1day installing i like to backup the actual status from the system to save the time for reinstall08:53
niallOins, the windows backup tool will back everything except email client messages.08:53
passiveWhat is SnagIt alternative ?08:54
dr_willispassive,  dont assume we know what every program ever out does.. :) whats snagit?08:54
niallIs anyone a CCNA? I have a question if so08:54
passivedr_willis, screen capture software.. http://www.techsmith.com/screen-capture.asp08:55
Oinsniall, sry, never heard about it. where can i find it at the windows system?08:55
dr_willispassive,  theres screen capture apps for linux.. yes.. :)08:55
ubottuSome programs to capture your screen are recordmydesktop, Istanbul, Wink, Gvidcap, Xvidcap, vnc2swf, demorecorder.  Also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScreenCasts.08:55
=== ballzee is now known as Sinister
niallOins, it should be under system utilities08:55
passivedr_willis, I want one captures the active window only..08:55
Oinsniall, ok, i will check this...08:55
=== Sinister is now known as Guest22617
passiveubottu, Pics not a video08:56
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:56
niallOins, look into a bit more, i'm honestly a little drunk, so i may not be 100% right08:56
niallOins, but I've used the built in tool without problems for up to 1TB of data08:56
Oinsniall, cheers :D08:57
niallOins, cheers, hope I gave you good advice, thats what the community is all about!08:57
Oinsniall, but u don't mean the system recovery from WinXP!?08:58
jim_pdoes anyone know another program similar to grip?08:59
roflis there Xen dom0 support in Ubuntu 8.10 (intrepid ibex) ?08:59
niallOIns, I do not, there should be a back up tool listed under system tools.08:59
passivegot the alternative (Dia) thanks!08:59
dr_willisjim_p,  you just want to rip cd audio to mp3? lots of apps can do that.08:59
codeanehi, how do i change the workgroup in 8.10? do i need to edit smb.conf?09:00
dr_williscodeane,  thats how i did it.09:00
jim_pdr_willis: name another one that grip please. and not ffmpeg in command line09:00
Oinsniall, ok, i found "transfer files and configuration" (hope the translation is correct). is that the right one?09:00
niallOins, this article will be very helpfull for you. http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/using/setup/learnmore/bott_03july14.mspx09:00
dr_willisjim_p,   check the package manager for 'rip' or 'mp3' i guess. I perfer grip really. :) there used to be some way to get the file manager to show audio cd's as mp3 files you couldjust then copy to hd. it would rip/encode on the fly09:01
elTigreI'd like to open an application running with a different user09:02
jim_pdr_willis: nautilus on the fly encoding?09:02
elTigrelike su otheruser && firefox09:02
elTigrebut the apps can't open display09:02
dr_willisjim_p,  i forget if it was in nautilus or konqueror.. i saw some time back.. but i rarely if ever have audio cd's  in the pc's these days09:02
vyomani enabled the hide join/parting Pidgin plugin, why do I still get message like: passive left the room (quit: "Leaving").09:02
=== Frogzoo is now known as FAGGITZOO
elTigrehow can I change that?09:02
=== FAGGITZOO is now known as frogzoo
jim_pdr_willis: thanks09:02
niallOins, hope that helps09:02
dr_williselTigre,  I belive one can do that with the proper arguments to sudo.09:03
dr_willissu - dosent really work under ubuntulike it does on other disrtos09:03
FlannelelTigre: sudo -u username firefox09:03
dr_willisusage: sudo [-bEHPS] [-p prompt] [-u username|#uid] [VAR=value]09:03
niallHey all, is anyone a CCNA?09:04
Oinsniall, ah ok. i need to install ntbackup. thx !09:04
FinnishWith what program I can see my webcam?09:04
elTigreflannel: that's what I am doing09:04
dr_willisFinnish,  i like 'cheese'09:04
elTigreit doesn't work... firefox can't open that display09:05
elTigreeven when I specify the display name09:05
niallOins, no problem. Have a good nite. If you have any other questions my aim name is NiallGriff, and i'll be happy to help09:05
dr_willisone may need to use gksudo with the proper arguments09:05
Oinsniall, damn, there is no ntbackup installer at my windows recovery CD... hmm.09:05
niallOins, check microsoft.cm09:05
niallcom lol09:05
codeanehow do i restart samba, sudo /etc/init.d/samba restart doesn't work09:06
dr_williselTigre,  its possible the user might need to do xhost +localhost first.. that could be considerd a BIG security issue09:06
dr_williscodeane,  thats how i always restart it.09:06
dr_willis sudo /etc/init.d/samba restart09:06
codeanesudo: /etc/init.d/samba: command not found, i'm running 8.1009:07
zirodayvyoman: I would guess because the join/part plugin does it think those are /parts?09:07
dr_williscodeane,  if you never installed the actual samba package.. you dont have it. :)09:08
dr_williscodeane,  the config file is there by default09:08
codeaneok, so how do i change workgroup for ubuntu networking, or don't i need to?09:09
Oinsniall, i found it :D09:09
jinany one knows a program that can parse a php file and find all classes and its methodes and properties?09:09
dr_williscodeane,  i edit that config file.. i do have my box setup as a samba server.  you aprently do not haver the samba service set up yet. You could install samba if youw anted to09:10
niallOins, great. It's not that scary :) and you'll find yourself booting in to ubuntu so much more often.09:10
=== Guest22617 is now known as Sinister
niallOins, i'm an MCSA and I dont touch windows outside of work these days lol09:10
=== Sinister is now known as Guest69378
codeanedr_willis, thanks09:11
vyomanziroday: not sure I am used to Konversation, the plugins was the last place where i looked for enabling stuff like that ;)09:11
Oinsniall, :D thank you for your help! It's crazy but i get better windows help at the ubuntu channel then at the windows chan. the windows channel sux09:12
zirodayvyoman: hehe, you might get more  info in #pidgin but I don't think they support plugins there09:12
vyomanziroday: thanks will do, say what Gnome client do you use?09:12
niallOins, lol i agree, I'm better at windows than 'nix, I'm still a n00b here lol09:13
zirodayvyoman: xchat :)09:13
zirodayvyoman: which does what you want as a native option and it works :)09:13
Oinsniall, be glad to early... this version is only for vista... gdsasrasg09:13
codeaneis nautilus broken windows file share browsing in 8.10?09:14
FinnishWhere is fonts-folder?09:14
vyomanziroday: yep as in -> it just works ;)09:14
niallOins, let me find you a good 3rd party back up system, give me about 5 minutes and i'll shoot you a link09:14
=== zsuzsi is now known as Pipul
xcercawhat do you guys use as a java plugin for firefox ? i'm using an amd6409:15
=== Guest69378 is now known as Sinister
Oinsniall, but the windows webside told me that's for xp too... hate microsoft.09:15
niallOins, that MS article pointed you the wrong way....fuck give me a min'09:15
=== Sinister is now known as Guest5951
xcercawhat repo do i need to add to install the java plugin for mozilla ?09:16
niallOins, http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/using/setup/maintain/backupfiles.mspx09:16
niallxcera, should be in the default package manager09:17
dr_willisxcerca,  i normallyinstall the ubuntu-restricted-extras package.. i grabs that and other bits i normally want09:17
peerlessdeepakHi ubuttue09:17
peerlessdeepakHi ubuttu09:17
niallOins, i also tire of microsoft, but to give them a little credit, my dual monitors work way better under vista09:18
dr_willisniall,  i find they work better for me under linux.. :) but i guess it depends on whatyou are doing.09:18
dr_willisniall,  it does help when the video card makers pay you to 'certify' their drivers..09:19
xcercadr_willis , ok thanks09:19
nialldr_willis if you have some advice for me, i'd be very happy. Currently I can only use 3/4ths of my right monitor09:19
dr_willisniall,  what video card? Nvidia?09:19