heychhiyaz ;) i did it, i finally got ubuntu on this laptop00:04
heychwhat am i doing wrong for the installation manager to constantly insist i insert a disk with (20081028) in its title00:05
heychnow i cant install flash00:07
TheSheepheych: go to system->software sources and uncheck the cd00:07
heychkk TheSheep00:10
prontoSo I have a ISO of a dvd movie i backed up a while ago, whats the best way to burn to a DVD-R to play on any dvd player?00:24
the-ermI'm having a weird problem with my network applet not showing up for other user accounts until I log in with this account.00:31
the-ermAny ideas?00:31
the-ermIn other words no one can get on the net until I get on the net.00:31
the-ermIt's connecting wirelessly.00:31
heychhi, i think i installed compiz how do i run it?00:43
the-ermhave you tried something like compiz<tab> to see what comes up?00:44
the-ermI'm not sure because I don't run it.00:44
heychi typed compiz-fusion but just compiz on its own did something to my gfx just now00:45
the-ermdid it work?00:46
heychum kinda its seems stopped but not prompt00:46
heychi had a warning00:46
heychoh now it finished back to the prompt all windows have lost borders00:48
heychif i log of and back on u think it will be fixed?00:48
heychor maybe dis-allow xfce to manage the desktop00:50
the-ermheych: I don't know if you run gdm, then go to gnome ... it pretty much starts up but we run xfce here.00:54
heychok, thanks the-erm is just im a xubuntu noobee00:55
heychi give up01:03
heychbeen doin this since 3pm its now 1 am01:03
shaytani need to mount windows drivers to xubuntu... can anyone help me???01:12
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about smbmount01:12
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.  Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21209801:12
the-ermwhat kind of drivers?01:13
the-ermOr are you referring to drives?01:13
shaytanntfs drivers01:13
the-ermoh smb is the way to go then01:14
shaytanhow to install it in terminal?01:14
ubottuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE01:14
ubottuntfs-3g is a Linux driver which allows read/write access to NTFS partitions. Installation instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions01:14
shaytani can't seem to restore taskbar01:17
shaytani minimized firefox but can't maximize it... taskbar crashed01:18
shaytanhelp!!! my taskbar panel isn't restoring on xubuntu... how to restore it??? i restarded xubuntu but thit not apear01:27
charlie-tcaWould that be the top panel, bottom panel, or both panels?01:28
shaytanwhat happened01:28
shaytani just want to restore them is this a way?01:29
charlie-tcahit ctl-alt-F2, login, sudo xfce4panel start01:29
charlie-tcaThat will restore the panels, then alt+f7 to get the desktop again01:30
shaytani used ctr-alt-F2 nothing happened01:30
shaytanjust the screen flickered01:31
charlie-tcaIt never changed to the terminal screen?01:31
charlie-tcaThat´s a bigger problem I can´t help with01:31
charlie-tcatry all the f keys though01:31
shaytansudo: xfce4panel: command not found01:31
charlie-tcasudo xfce4panel start01:32
charlie-tcasorry, try xfce4-panel01:33
shaytanit's not working...01:33
shaytanthank you it worked01:33
charlie-tcawelcome. good luck now01:33
shaytani typed in terminal xfce4-panel but when i close the terminal the panel also crashes or disapears what is the problem?01:36
shaytani'm forced to keep the terminal opened01:37
charlie-tcaTry xfce4-panel stop01:37
charlie-tcathen xfce4-panel start01:37
shaytan** (xfce4-places-plugin:5571): CRITICAL **: xfce_panel_plugin_get_size: assertion `XFCE_IS_PANEL_PLUGIN (plugin)' failed01:39
shaytan** (xfce4-places-plugin:5571): CRITICAL **: xfce_panel_plugin_get_orientation: assertion `XFCE_IS_PANEL_PLUGIN (plugin)' failed01:39
TheSheepshaytan: say, do you have any free space on your disk?01:39
shaytani have01:40
TheSheepstrange things happen with panel when it runs out of disk space01:41
TheSheepshaytan: press alt+f2 and type xfce4-panel there01:41
shaytanTheSheep it worked now but after restart how can i be sure it wont repeat?01:42
TheSheepshaytan: delete your saved sessions in .cache/sessions01:43
TheSheepshaytan: and when you log in next time, make sure you select 'xfce' as the session01:44
shaytanTheSheep ok thanks01:44
killerbyteplease can somebody tell me can you mount a partition using the gui in xubuntu?02:00
shaytan666how do i mount a ntfs driver with samba???02:04
Necrosangotta get some dro02:04
Necrosanthat's how02:04
Necrosanyou know what i mean02:05
ValroadieAnyone know a way to look at firewall or network settings to unblock a programs access02:24
Valroadiewhat is the GUI called for the netfilter firewall?02:30
spowneyhow would i change the shortcut alt + F8 (to hide/minimize a window) to a shortcut of my choice, or what would be the command to assign to a shortcut to minimize a window02:35
killerbyteplease can somebody tell me can you set xubuntu to mount file systems on internal hard drives automatically?03:08
IdeAlEssHello, I was wanting to upgrade my 8.04 to 8.10 but the update manager doesn't give the option to upgrade versions.  I did go thought and upgrade several individual files though.  How do I do a full upgrade?03:15
IdeAlEssthanks, wasn't sure if that was true for xubutu as well.  The Xubutu page should really be changed then as it says it will prompt you.03:22
IdeAlEssthanks, worked great, updating now!03:28
DCPomyep most of the times i just refer to the ubuntu stuff because it's more often updated03:31
hardcorehowdy yall04:04
hardcorei've noticed myspace pages are resource hogs04:04
hardcoreany way to fix that?04:05
Grey_LokiNot that i've ever seen - they're just badly designed04:05
hardcoreare there better alternatives?04:06
Grey_LokiAt least, every MySpace page i've ever visited has lagged, whether it's on my linux machine, my mac laptop, or my XP desktop04:06
Grey_LokiTo MySpace?04:06
Grey_LokiA lot of people seem to like Facebook, if you can stand their policies on storing your personal information04:06
hardcorei guess the philosophy of myspace and xfce don't exactly go hand in hand04:07
hardcorei'd rather not get too personal, no04:07
hardcorelater yall04:08
ballWhat's the icon for the Places menu?  A couple of drawers?04:43
dcolishball, I think so04:44
ballOh good, it's easy enough to add a program to the menu bar, complete with its own icon.04:49
ballI just replaced Firefox with SeaMonkey04:51
ballhello Halow04:53
dcolishball, yeah its all about the launchers... i find that locating the icons for the app can be tricky sometimes04:54
HalowHello. I was wondering if I'm missing something to get Bluetooth working in Xubuntu. I'm normally an Ubuntu user, and wanted to know if I needed something else to work on pairing/unpairing while in Xubuntu.04:56
HalowSeems Bluez only really likes Gnome?04:56
dcolishHalow, i'm not very familiar with bluetooth setup, but the wiki seems to suggest that it is the same as regular ubuntu04:59
ballIs "Bluez" a piece of software?04:59
dcolishball, yes, its a bluetooth utilities driver05:00
HalowWhen I'm in Ubuntu, I get the little Bluetooth icon. It's about bubble says Bluetooth Applet (bluez.org). Most of the things it depends on are bluez*.05:00
HalowUnder Xubuntu I don't see that icon in the notifican area (or equivalent thereof).05:00
dcolishHalow, try running lsmod | grep blue to see if you have the kernel mods installed for bluetooth05:01
dcolishit could be that you need to add that applet to your panel05:01
dcolishHalow, I'm not sure if this page is relevant anymore, but it looks helpful https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup05:03
ballHow much is a Bluetooth dongle these days?05:04
dcolishball, should be really cheap, like $10 bucks05:04
HalowI spent $29.99 +tx/s&h for a a really tiny one.05:04
balldcolish: Can bluetooth headsets for mobile phones work with a PC?05:05
dcolishball, you should be able to pair any bluetooth product, headsets being just one05:05
HalowI was about to say... currently in Ubuntu now, and using one on Skype.05:05
ballWait, Skype is available for Linux?05:06
ballHmm... perhaps I should try that.05:06
HalowHehe, yeah.05:06
HalowIt's a pain in the rear to get working with my headset... but I can manage it.05:06
dcolishHalow, what was so hard about it?05:06
ballI'm cold.05:07
HalowI seem to have to restart Skype and run "sudo /etc/init.d/bluetooth restart" often to get it not to error at me.05:07
ballbrb, QSY to front room05:07
HalowUsually after one successful call I have to unpair/repair, quit skype, restart bluetooth, restart skype.05:08
HalowI have a toddler, so not being tethered to the computer is fairly important.05:08
HalowOkay, brb for me too, then. Going to try that command in Xubuntu.05:10
HalowHm... output is exactly the same: bluetooth              61924  11 rfcomm,sco,bnep,l2cap,btusb05:13
dcolishwell thats a start, did you try sudo hidd --search yet?05:15
ballI seem to have two home folders05:16
Halowhidd: command not found05:17
Halowhcitool scan works, though.05:17
dcolishball, i dont think thats possible?05:17
ballCorrection, I seem to have two home folder icons on my desktop05:17
dcolishHalow, read the man page for that. you should be able to connect with that tool. also double check that you dont have to add a bluetooth applet or something05:19
ballIf I hover over them, one says 'Desktop configuration file' and the other says 'Folder'05:19
ball...not sure which to delete05:19
dcolishon the command line goto ~/Desktop05:20
ballI'm there05:21
ball...now what?05:21
dcolishdo an ls in that folder and see what is actually on your desktop. anything with a .desktop ending is a desktop launcher file05:21
ballokay, I have one file there ending in .desktop05:22
dcolishand it is named?05:22
dcolishis that your home folder too?05:23
Halowdcolish: I couldn't use that guide to connect, as it wanted a "hidd" command to do so. Also, when I check Applications>System>Services, bluetooth is checked.05:23
balldcolish: I don't know ...probably.05:24
dcolishHalow, right, but if you run man hcitool you can see how to use that tool. also please check to see if there is an applet for it by right clicking on the panel and searching the add dialog05:25
ballWill cows fall from the sky if I delete that?05:25
dcolishball, probably not05:26
ballhello perforate05:26
perforateno problems today just hangin' out looking for tips05:26
ballShould Xfce have a trashcan / recycle bin somewhere?05:27
perforatestarting to get the hang of xubuntu, also just turned a chemistry major onto it05:28
Halowdcolish: Nothing in add to panel about bluetooth (though there is one for Trash).05:28
perforateI just formatted her dell and put xubuntu onto it05:28
ballhello silverdulcet05:29
dcolishHalow, ok, um is there anything under xfce menu -> settings manager?05:29
silverdulcetball: hello05:29
HalowNot that I can see immediately. Let me look further.05:29
ballOh wierd, I have a "no entry" sign bottom right on my screen.  If I hover over it I see 'failed to connect to trash'05:29
Odd-rationaleball: hmm... try "sudo /etc/init.d/hal restart" and/or "sudo /etc/init.d/fam restart"05:30
Odd-rationaleball: otherwise, see if a logout, or reboot solves it...05:31
ballhello Ahmuck05:34
ballOdd-rationale: I may try that.05:34
Ahmuckhi ball05:35
silverdulcetI have a strange nfs problem. When mounting an nfs share on my xubuntu box, when mounted is owned by hplip and group mysql, I am unable to write to it. On my ubuntu box mounted nfs shares are owned by haldaemon group netdev. Any idea why?05:35
dcolishsilverdulcet, check the mount point ownership05:36
ballbrb, rebooting05:36
silverdulcetdcolish: its owned by my username, under my home directory...05:36
dcolishsilverdulcet, you can always try a chown05:37
silverdulcetI've sort of worked around it. I added my username to the mysql group and I'm able to write to the share. Just wondered why the permissions change to hplip/mysql instead of haldaemon/netdev05:37
silverdulcetdcolish: doesn't work, permission denied.05:38
dcolishyou need to do that as sudo05:38
silverdulcetdcolish: I did that as well. Before the nfs share is mounted its owned by me, after it changes to hplip/mysql.05:39
dcolishhow are you mounting the nfs share?05:39
silverdulcetdcolish: its in my fstab, host:/path/to/share /home/username/mountpoint nfs noauto, users,hard,intr05:41
silverdulcetthen just mount /mountpoint05:41
silverdulcetdcolish: the exact same fstab entry works perfectly on my ubuntu install.05:43
Halowdcolish, Nothing in there that I saw relates to bluetooth, although I did notice that PulseAudio isn't working on this side. Hm...05:44
ballrebooting didn't help05:44
Odd-rationaleball: do you have a ~/.local/share/Trash/ directory?05:44
Odd-rationaleball: and are you running thunar?05:45
ballThunar is running.05:45
ballyes, I have a ~/.local/share/Trash05:46
Odd-rationalehmm... what version of xubuntu?05:47
Odd-rationaleball: ?05:47
ballI don't know, let me check.05:48
Odd-rationaleball: `uname -a`05:49
Odd-rationalewhoops wrong one..05:49
Odd-rationale`lsb_release -a`05:49
ballUbuntu 8.04.1 (with xubuntu-desktop added)05:50
ball...and configured to be the new default.05:50
Odd-rationaleball: can you access the trash from thunar?05:50
Odd-rationaleball: try removing the one in the panel and adding it again...05:51
ballOdd-rationale: the new one exhibits the same problem.05:53
Odd-rationalehmm. i really dunno then... the next thing i would try is delete the ~/.cache and ~/.config directories... but i'm not sure you want to go that far...05:54
balltrying that.05:55
Odd-rationalethen log out once your done... don't save the session.05:56
ballTrying that now05:56
silverdulcetOdd-rationale: do you happen to have any nfs shares mounted, can you tell me whether they are owned by haldaemon/netdev or hplip/mysql.05:59
Odd-rationalesilverdulcet: hmm... well tbh, i had a similar issue with sshfs...05:59
Odd-rationalesilverdulcet: can you browse the mount point from the command line?06:00
silverdulcetOdd-rationale: thats funny, sshfs mounts are owned by hplip/mysql but doesn't deny me write permissions as nfs does.06:00
Odd-rationaleweird.... i don't have much experience with nfs...06:01
silverdulcetI was just looking for what the standard ownership of nfs mounted shares should be.06:01
silverdulcetOdd-rationale: what do you mean browse from the commandline?06:02
Odd-rationalesilverdulcet: cd /mountpoint; ls06:02
Odd-rationaletouch file06:02
silverdulcetOdd-rationale: oh yeah, reading the share is no problem, it just doesn't give me write permissions unless I'm part of the mysql group. On ubuntu its there aren't these permission problems.06:03
silverdulcetOdd-rationale: what exact problems did you have with sshfs?06:04
Odd-rationalesilverdulcet: i could read/write from the command line, but could not open the mount point in thunar...06:05
silverdulcetOdd-rationale: that might happen if you just added yourself to the fuse group, then relogged in, within your terminal window but not your entire X session.06:06
Odd-rationaleoh, i see... well i don't use thunar any more so...06:07
Odd-rationaleanyways, i'm heading to bed. night all!06:18
ballGoodnight Odd-rationale06:18
burimwhy does the update manager keeps offering my to upgrade software i didnt even install ? totem player for example...07:20
gabkdllyburim: totem is installed as a default in xubuntu07:55
gabkdllyyou can safely remove it if you wish07:56
burimthe only thing related to totem that i have installed according the the synaptic package manager is the libtotem-plparser12 package, and if i remove it it tells me i must remove a bunch of other programs, rythmbox, gnomegames etc.08:07
burimcan i permanently ignore certain updates ? i dont wanna install totem nor remove the depended programs08:08
owen1how to enable the right alt key from the terminal?08:14
SuperMario1776I would like to install xubuntu 8.10 on to a 2000 iBook (FireWire) using "xubuntu-8.10-alternate-powerpc.iso". I have to do a USB install because dozens of attempts using burned CD's have failed. I was able to install Debian using a USB drive, but for that I was able to find a very small business card iso that could fit on to the 239 MB partition that "Copying the files — the easy way" at https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/inst08:33
SuperMario1776The reason the boot partition ends up being only 239 MB is because that is the size of the img file in boot.img.gz. I can't do the same process with xubuntu because xubuntu-8.10-alternate-powerpc.iso is 627 MB in size. I have tried doing "Copying the files — the flexible way" but I have not been able to get it to work, so I would prefer to use "the easy way". Can the size of the img file be expanded so that the resulting 08:33
SuperMario1776Knock, knock. Is there anybody home?08:35
Jabone_well you can use the netinstall method if you have decent internet connection08:42
SuperMario1776debian netinstalls were too big, and I haven't seen any xubuntu net installs, just desktop and alternate08:44
SuperMario1776the reason i want to try xubuntu is because debian doesn't seem to like my iBook's video card and I can't get any GUI. I've heard of others getting ubuntu on to iBooks so I'd like to try it.08:48
SuperMario1776currently I have four apple made, laptop shaped paperweights08:52
Jabone_there is netinstall image that lets you select which distro you are installing08:58
Jabone_I've installed xubuntu that way08:58
SuperMario1776oh? where can I get it?08:59
Jabone_i think its the netboot thing09:00
Jabone_if you want 64 bit09:02
SuperMario1776hmm, no ppc support from hardy, but I'm not surprised because I'd heard ubuntu support for macs is on the way out, but I did find gusty, and it's deffinately small enough09:04
SuperMario1776thanks for suggesting it09:05
Jabone_yeah you are rigth there seems to be no netinstall images for powerpc09:05
=== Snyper is now known as Snyper`
Snyper`im having hell trying to install xubuntu on an old abit BP6 board that has a HPT366 controller on it, it was all working fine till i upgraded to 8.10 and after afew issues i ended up having to format10:04
Snyper`now i cant get it working... i pop my 8.04 livecd in and the install seems togo just great and then i reboot and it cant find the root device10:05
Snyper`ive searched and searched and tried everything ive read on the forums..10:06
Snyper`also what i find weird is that this copy of xubuntu i made in july boot just fine.. ive download and burn 8.04 alt, home, server, 8.10 alt, home, server and none of them will boot10:08
Snyper`they all lockup right after detecting the HDD and cdrom10:09
Snyper`also might add that everything works just fine after i install it on the HPT366.. then unconnect the drive and put the drive on ide110:11
kriogood morning10:24
Snyper`installed it again letting it do the partitions and no luck either10:24
Snyper`morning krio10:24
krioi have  a 7.04 kubuntu version on my old computer10:25
krioa pentium 3 933 whit a256 mb of memory10:25
kriothe question is a good idea change it for xubuntu 8.10?10:26
Snyper`i personally had issues with 8.1010:26
Snyper`id wait afew weeks / month before moving to it10:27
Snyper`if you want xubuntu you can get it by doing apt-get install xubuntu-desktop10:28
Snyper`i think thats the right package10:28
Snyper`but xfce4 does run alittle smoother than kde on old systems10:29
kriobut xface4 it is easy to menage like kde 3.5?10:30
Snyper`the way xubuntu is setup yes10:30
Snyper`you can use both though if you like10:31
krioon a 7.04 version??10:32
kriolet me say what10:33
kriosorry for my english10:33
krioi mean say me how10:34
Snyper`they are just desktops on top of ubuntu10:35
Snyper`so if you want xubuntu just install the xubuntu-desktop10:36
kriousing synaptic?10:36
kriook, but how can i change it?10:37
kriobetter.. how can i choose the different desktop?10:38
Snyper`just switch the session10:43
Snyper`at the login screen10:44
kriook i'll try later10:44
krioand see you10:48
frank_xubuntuI've got a problem with sound in Xubuntu10:51
frank_xubuntu<- first time xubuntu user10:51
frank_xubuntudrivers weren't loaded automatically for my soundcard, so I had to add the module to /etc/modules10:52
frank_xubuntubut now I only get sound if I run the app in question with sudo!10:52
frank_xubuntu(tried Opera webbrowser, aumix, alsamix, etc)10:52
frank_xubuntuall work fine with sudo, all don't work without10:52
frank_xubuntudo I need to add my Xfce user to some 'audio' users group before I get access to the soundcard?10:53
wolfie2xhello anybody here?11:00
frank_xubuntuI am11:03
TheSheepfrank_xubuntu: yes, but the first user should be automatically in the audio group11:03
frank_xubuntuTheSheep: that's odd, as I currently don't get sound with the first (and only) user11:04
frank_xubuntuTheSheep: unless I use sudo11:04
frank_xubuntucan I view the group's I'm in with 'groups' in a terminal?11:05
TheSheepfrank_xubuntu: what does 'ls -ald /dev/dsp' show?11:05
TheSheepfrank_xubuntu: with 'id'11:05
frank_xubuntuit shows a file owned by root in group audio11:06
TheSheepfrank_xubuntu: can you copy-paste the line?11:06
frank_xubuntuseems like I'm not in group 'audio'11:06
frank_xubuntufrank@nostalgia-linux:~$ ls -ald /dev/dsp11:07
frank_xubuntucrw-rw---- 1 root audio 14, 3 2008-11-09 11:40 /dev/dsp11:07
TheSheepthen just add yourself to that group11:07
TheSheepmaybe it didn't add you to audio because there wasn't any soundcard :/11:07
frank_xubuntuthere was, but for some reason xubuntu didn't load the module11:07
frank_xubuntuit's a SB16 even.. most popular soundcard ever?11:08
TheSheepso it thought there wasn't11:08
TheSheepisn't it like... from Precambr or Carbon or some time then?11:09
frank_xubuntudo I need to reboot before I can access the soundcard?11:10
frank_xubuntuI just added myself to the 'audio' group11:10
frank_xubuntubut it't not working yet11:10
TheSheepno, just log out and log in back11:10
frank_xubuntuTheSheep: but everyone tells me that linux runs better than Windows on old hardware.. so I decided to give it a go?11:10
frank_xubuntuhence I chose for a lightweight distro11:11
TheSheepfrank_xubuntu: it certainly has more drivers for old hardware than vista11:11
TheSheepbetter doesn't mean perfect11:11
frank_xubuntuah but who needs vista when it runs XP great11:11
frank_xubuntuwas just wondering if xubuntu would run better on it11:11
frank_xubuntuand if I could get AIGLX to work on the matrox G400 on that box11:11
TheSheepthe up side is that it usually doesn't break once you set it up11:11
frank_xubuntushould it? :)11:12
TheSheepthe down side is that setting it up is sometimes hard, and it may break on upgrade11:12
frank_xubuntuok be right back.. trying a log-off / log-on cycle11:13
frank_xubuntunow it's working11:15
frank_xubuntuanyway, I install a linux distro once in a while to see the state of desktop linux11:16
frank_xubuntu(once every 1 or 2 years)11:17
frank_xubuntuso this time it was Xubuntu's turn11:17
knomefrank_xubuntu, how did you end up testing xubuntu?11:17
frank_xubuntuwell my spare hw isn't really up to the bloatware that most distro's are these days11:18
frank_xubuntuthey can compete with these windows installs from OEMs that load them up with all kind of crappy addware, shareware, etc11:18
frank_xubuntuthat fill up all your ram and slow it down to a crawl11:19
frank_xubuntuat least Xubuntu is nice and light-weight11:19
frank_xubuntuw00t, even adobe's craptastic flash is working in xubuntu11:21
frank_xubuntuok next step is to get AIGLX working on my G40011:22
frank_xubuntuso I can try compositing11:23
frank_xubuntuand enabling my mouse thumb buttons11:26
frank_xubuntuwhy don't those work by default? weird...11:27
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frank_xubuntuok vidcard driver and mouse thumb buttons is for another time.11:41
frank_xubuntuthanks for the help!11:41
viddhello tony_12:32
tony_any ideas on Flash video on a G3 imac running Dapper?12:42
jim_phi guys12:42
jim_pdoes anyone know how can i make my tiny little xfce icons. on the desktop and in the folders, a bit bigger? where is that setting?12:43
viddtony_, what exactly are you asking?12:45
viddjim_p, sorry...i dont have an answer12:46
tony_I have an imac with Dapper installed. I can not get gnash to install. Are there any other ways I can view Flash sites?12:47
tony_Like youtube.12:47
viddtony_, first....get a supported version of ubuntu....12:47
viddsecond, install the flash-nonfree (multiverse) instead of Gnash12:48
viddupgrading to newer version may get Gnash to work for you...since there have been great improvements in the last 2 years12:49
viddtony_, actually...dapper may still have support left.... but i'd upgrade anyway12:49
tony_Anything past Dapper wont install on these old imacs,12:50
viddonce the desktop support cycle runs out, you will have to upgrade to Hardy12:50
viddtony_, why not?12:50
tony_When I try to compile from source (gnash) it has dependencies that I cannt get.12:51
viddtony_, dont use gnash12:51
vidduse the flash player from adobe12:51
viddsudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree12:52
tony_When I try to install Fiesty or Intrepid etc the install goes through (using the alternate cd ...live doesnt work)12:52
tony_and boots up then shuts off.12:52
viddtony_, what part of "UPGRADE" are you missing?12:52
tony_that flash is for X86 not ppc12:52
viddupdate-manager -d12:52
viddtony_, that flash is for linux...not arch-specific12:53
Snyper`id wait on 8.1012:54
Snyper`or install on another partition12:55
viddthe plug-in should work for ppc, i386, and 64-bit12:55
tony_but is processor specific.12:55
tony_Adobe does not port for ppc processor for Linux12:56
tony_I wish it was that easy.12:56
viddso you tried it already and it failed?12:56
tony_The part of UPGRADE that I'm missing is that anything past Dapper doesnt work on this old imac.12:57
viddtony_, did you upgrade or install the newer versions?12:57
tony_Yes I tried to install Adobe plugin and it told me that I did not have an X85 processor.12:58
viddthen install gnash though apt-get12:58
viddits in the repos12:58
tony_Both with thr cd and I tried through Update manager.12:58
tony_Thanks for the info.\12:59
viddSnyper`, if he cant get hardy to install, how is he going to get intrepid?12:59
Snyper`didnt read that far13:00
Snyper`but since its more active in here13:00
Snyper`stuck trying to get my system back working..13:00
viddwhat's wrong?13:01
Snyper`was running 8.04 just fine untill i put 8.10 on it and then ended up having to format13:01
Snyper`now it will not fully boot up13:01
viddwhy did you have to format13:01
Snyper`i have an onboard HPT366 controller and it will install just fine from the livecd13:02
Snyper`but after reboot it gets stuck13:02
Snyper`vidd long story13:02
viddim here till 5:30 EST13:02
Snyper`another weird thing is the livecd of 8.04 i made in july boots up just fine13:03
viddSnyper`, that comment meant "tell me why you had to format"13:04
Snyper`i made a copy of 8.04 and 8.10 (desktop,server,alt) few days ago and none will work13:04
Snyper`my boot partition was too small13:05
Snyper`and 8.10 pissed me off so i formated13:05
=== TeXnicer_ is now known as TeXnicer|prob
viddso you have your hd all partitioned the way you want?13:05
Snyper`gparted also screwed the drive up13:05
Snyper`but either way thats not the problem now13:05
Snyper`its now partitioned how i want it.. :/13:06
=== TeXnicer|prob is now known as ghost
viddok...take the old 8.04 (not the 8.04.1) DISK AND DO A BASIC INSTALL13:06
viddsorry bout the caps13:07
Snyper`vidd ive installed 8.0413:07
=== ghost is now known as TeXnicer|mobile
Snyper`i reboot13:07
viddso the system is currently up?13:07
Snyper`get into grub.. remove quiet and slash13:07
Snyper`to see whats going on13:07
Snyper`and it gets stuck cause it cant find root13:08
viddSnyper`, have you fsck the hard drive?13:08
Snyper`i can use the livecd to chroot into the install and all works welll after mounting everything13:08
Snyper`its not the install13:08
Snyper`its something todo with my ht366 controller13:08
viddi dont even know what that is13:09
Snyper`board is a BP6 that has onboard HPT36613:09
viddis that the mother board?13:09
Snyper`BP6 yes13:09
viddwell...if the MOBO is fried, replace it13:10
Snyper`its basicly and highpoint UDMA66 IDE card on board13:10
Snyper`vidd your listen13:10
Snyper`vidd listen13:10
Snyper`install goes just fine like normal13:11
Snyper`there is somthing todo with the kernal not seeing the drive13:11
vidddoes grub load?13:12
Snyper`and if i use the CD to Try XUBUNTU before installing13:12
Snyper`yes grub is fine13:12
Snyper`and if i use the CD to Try XUBUNTU before installing13:12
viddok...did you add a new drive? like a usb drive?13:12
Snyper`i can use that to mount the drives13:12
Snyper`then chroot into the install13:12
Snyper`and use the pc as normal13:12
Snyper`this is a IDE drive13:13
viddif grub loads, then the bios is finding the drive....13:13
viddwhat is the error message you get?13:13
Snyper`well yea13:13
Snyper`kernal see the drive just fine too as i said13:14
Snyper`let me start it up from the livecd and ill paste were it dies13:14
Casava` how I can add a screen and other applications on autostart on Xubuntu13:14
Casava`pls i really need help13:15
Casava` how I can add a screen and other applications on autostart on Xubuntu13:15
viddCasava`, if your not going to read your answer, then dont ask13:15
viddyou were told to add it to crontab13:16
viddyou can also open the autostart applications in settings manager and set it up there13:17
Casava`hey do you know how to make "aliases" for long commands13:17
viddCasava`, yeah....ad it to the /etc/alias file13:17
viddCasava`, let me get you a tut13:18
Casava`how does it work with crontab?13:18
Casava`vidd how does it work with crontab?13:18
Casava`i really need  help13:19
viddhow should i know? Snyper` told you to do it that way13:19
viddbut check this out: http://www.linux.org/lessons/13:19
Casava`Snyper` how does it work with crontab?13:19
viddCasava`, READ THE TUTORIAL i posted13:20
viddits got step-by-step instructions for both questions you asked13:20
Casava`vidd : Xubuntu13:22
viddCasava`, every linux out there13:22
viddCasava`, for autostarting apps in xubuntu: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&client=firefox-a&rls=com.ubuntu%3Aen-US%3Aunofficial&hs=v8U&q=autostart+applications+xubuntu&btnG=Search13:24
viddits amazing what google can do13:25
viddsetting up aliases in *buntu http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-784937.html13:27
* vidd will be back in 1013:28
Snyper`vidd im waiting on xubuntu to install13:28
viddSnyper`, im just going down for a smoke13:28
viddill be back13:29
ron_olinux has 30% market share of Eee PCs..13:31
viddron_o, thats a shame...it used to have 100%13:38
Casava`how would you autostart things with xfce by using cron? I dont get it by reading that site13:40
viddCasava`, cron is a cli app for auto-starting apps13:41
knomeCasava`, see "Autostarted apps" from the Xfce Settings Manager (Applications -> Settings -> ...)13:41
Casava`you can automate everything in screen.. read man screen and see the commands you want to execute and put 'm in a script13:42
knomescreen doesn't run automatically if you reboot your computer13:42
knomeCasava`, you'd be better off with the GUI editor13:43
viddCasava`, what exactly are you trying to do?13:46
Casava`vidd i was just curious how you want to autostart i.e. xterm with crontab, when xfce starts13:47
viddCasava`, cron is not for starting apps when xfce starts....13:48
viddyou want "autostarted applications" for that...as knome said 6 minutes ago13:49
Casava`I want to start a screen session (but not attach to it) and in there start 1 window for irssi, 1 window for rtorrent13:49
viddcron is for starting applications at start-up, and at specific times...like auto-backups, and syncronization with other servers, etc13:50
viddCasava`, well...happy hunting.....remember....google is your friend =]13:50
Casava` I know -m -d is to go13:51
Casava` or -d -m13:51
* vidd has never used screen....13:51
* vidd would rather have torrentflux do the torrents13:52
knomevidd, transmission is fine and easy13:52
hhh2hhh2> i need help for setup flash 9 ,it crashes browsers also with libflashsupport-pulse13:52
hhh2<hhh2> i have 9,0,48,0 flash version and the version 10 is worse..13:52
hhh2<hhh2> with pulseaudio13:52
viddand why would you want irssi running if your not going to be connected to it?13:52
Casava` vidd would rather have torrentflux do the torrents       why?13:53
viddKnightlust, you really have no clue13:53
viddknome, ^^^13:53
knomevidd, :P13:53
Casava` vidd would rather have torrentflux do the torrents       why?13:53
viddCasava`, because it is a server....i can log into it from anywhere13:54
viddCasava`, you keep repeating yourself and i will put you on auto-ignore13:54
Casava`same here13:55
Casava`sorry sir13:55
viddand my other question to you was....why do you wish to have irssi running if your not actually looking at it?13:55
viddis the intent to have some kind of bot running?13:56
Snyper`still wating on this install but yea i know it has todo with the htp366 controller as i did install and use the system on the ata33 ide's13:56
viddSnyper`, so you made a hardware change?13:57
Snyper`no that was just to narrow it down13:57
Snyper`as i said before the system was working fine till i formated it13:57
viddSnyper`, let me rephrase....you made a hardware change and the issue went away?13:57
Snyper`its just not loading the hpt366 right13:57
Snyper`maybe i should start over.. im having an issues booting from the hpt366 controller that is onboard the mobo..13:58
Snyper`the livecd install onto it just fine13:59
Casava`Thank you sir..13:59
Snyper`i reboot and it drops to busybox cause it gives up looking for the root device13:59
Snyper`it does boot the kernal image though so i know it does SEE the drive14:00
Casava`thank you for help14:00
viddSnyper`, what exactly does this piece of hardware do?14:00
Snyper`its a ATA controller14:00
viddah! so there we have it14:00
vidddo you have an IDE drive as well?14:01
viddok....on your install, putt the /boot directory on the IDE drive, and you should be golden....just make the opartition big enough14:02
Snyper`drive is a ide drive14:02
viddyour issue is that the system is looking for the root partition BEFORE loading the sata controler14:03
Snyper`its not an sata drive14:03
viddok...its for "etra drives" right?14:03
viddso you can have more then 4?14:04
Snyper`only 114:04
knomecan i make a Minimal USB stick?14:04
viddthe controler...is it so that your system can have more then 4 ide devices?14:04
Snyper`yes basicly14:04
viddknome, sure you can14:04
Snyper`but mostly so that you can use udma6614:05
knomevidd, how will that work?14:05
Snyper`or ATA66 i should say14:05
knomevidd, i doubt the minimal image has usb-creator?14:05
Snyper`if this helps...14:06
Snyper`"The motherboard also featured the two extra HDD ports on Highpoint Tech. HPT366 Ultra DMA/66 adapter fitted on the mainboard itself."14:06
viddSnyper`, so what you need to do is put your /boot directory on a "real" IDE drive, so that your system will be able to launch the controler14:06
Snyper`vidd it boots fine and sees the HDD fine14:06
Snyper`it just gets stuck after loading a kernal module14:07
Snyper`install is at 90% and after that ill give you a boot log14:07
viddSnyper`, if it was booting fine, your system would be up14:07
Snyper`but what im saying it sees /boot just fine14:08
viddso its not booting fine14:08
Snyper`as it does load the kernal14:08
viddthe kernel is launching the updated controler and during the "hic-up" your system crashes14:09
Snyper`seems like it14:09
viddso if you get the base off that drive, the new controler drivers can load properly, and your system wont crash14:09
viddknome, is this what your looking for? http://www.pendrivelinux.com/2008/11/06/usb-xubuntu-810-install-via-the-usb-creator/14:11
knomevidd, not really. i want to have the *minimal cd* on an usb stick14:12
knomeah oh14:12
knomeyou can select the iso14:12
viddso it IS what you were looking for?14:12
viddthat will be 136.50...plus tax =]14:13
viddheh euro14:14
viddthe USD isnt what it used to be!14:15
knomelol ok14:15
knomeyou can send the invoice to open@mynick.fi14:15
PookAirWanted to know how to install another language on xubuntu.?14:16
viddPookAir, you want the installer in a different language, or set your already installed system to use a different language?14:18
PookAiri installed it on english i want to add another language.14:19
viddPookAir, im looking....please be patient14:20
Snyper`cause i didnt want to take the time on redoing my partitions.. i just clicked the use the whole disk14:22
Snyper`and it booted fine14:22
* vidd is shocked beyond belief!14:22
Snyper`sarcasm ?14:23
knomevidd, one more further question...14:23
Snyper`well there is no way in hell im using the disk like that14:23
viddknome, yes?14:23
viddSnyper`, =]14:23
knomevidd, (this is a stupid one:) can the usb-creator install into one partition, and not the complete disk?14:24
viddSnyper`, make the partitions larger then needed14:24
Snyper`makes no sense to me why i cant have custom partitions14:24
viddknome, ive never tried14:24
knomevidd, k14:24
viddknome, i found the guide just after you asked your question =]14:25
viddknome, you know how to change the system language?14:25
knomewill try with a surplus usb disk14:25
viddknome, PookAir wants to know and i cant find a guide14:25
knomevidd, a sec14:25
knomePookAir, System -> Langugage Support14:26
knomeyou can select which lanugages to install and which is the default lang14:26
* vidd feels stupid now =\14:26
Snyper`./boot 300mb (ext3 primary), swap 2gb (logical), /opt 15gb (ext3 logical), / 10gb (ext3 logical), /home 5gb (ext3 logical), /data ~80gb (ext3 logical)14:27
PookAirknome, then i just install... and how do i change the writing language14:27
Snyper`is how i had it14:27
Snyper`before this i only had a 50mb boot which screwed me14:27
viddSnyper`, double the boot....14:27
knomePookAir, i suppose you have to look at Settings Manager/Keyboard for the layout :) the default is to use x configuration, which is kind of safe...14:28
Snyper`600mb boot will help how14:28
knomePookAir, just look at the "Layouts" tab14:28
viddSnyper`, but i dont understand why you dont just have /, /home, and /data14:28
knomevidd, is ext3 ok for the usb-creator? or should it be fat?14:29
Snyper`so that i can wipe / with out messing with /boot14:29
PookAirknome, thanks alot14:29
knomePookAir, you're welcome14:29
viddknome, id do fat for universal read14:29
viddknome, better safe then sorry =]14:30
knomevidd, k14:30
viddSnyper`, why would you want to wipe /?14:30
Snyper`new os, just cause14:31
Snyper`either way there should be no reason i cant have 20 partitions14:32
viddSnyper`, if your installing a new os, your going to want /boot to change too....but what ever floats your boat =]14:32
Snyper`im just saying its how i had it before14:33
viddSnyper`, im just conserned that the issue was that during an upgrade, the partition order got renamed14:33
viddso that during boot, the system was looking for / wher /data was...or something similar14:34
Snyper`right now its working with a 120gb /14:34
viddso go ahead and re-do it with your custom partitions....14:34
Snyper`well i tried everything far as doing root=/dev/hdaX14:34
viddif the issue happens again, you will want to check the partition tabl;es14:35
viddbut if your partitions got re-identified , then root/=hdaX....root=/dev/hdaY14:36
viddthis is why i had asked if you had added a drive14:36
knomevidd, usb-creator can't use the mini.iso...14:36
viddknome, that is so wrong!14:36
viddknome, what happened?14:37
knomevidd, Message "This is not a desktop install CD and thus cannot be used by this application."14:37
knomei suppose i have to file a bug14:38
bn43hi I have a user with a P4 and 256 ram14:38
viddthe guide is to make a live cd out of a usb drive...with persistant data14:38
viddbn43, ok14:38
bn43I've been told the xubuntu will run fast on this!14:38
knomevidd, what about this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick (Manual Approach) ?14:38
viddbn43, compared to ubuntu with gnome, or KDE...it will14:39
knomebn43, that little ram is always kind of slow.14:39
bn43he is a winxp and office2007 user but just uses he lappy for internet, reading email and opening documents14:39
bn43yeah I need it to be super fast in order to 'sell' the idea14:39
viddbn43, consider installing cli-only and then sudo apt-get install lxde14:39
viddits a little lighter then xfce desktop14:40
bn43never heard of it - website?14:40
bn43so I install off the alternate cd right?14:40
viddits in the repos too14:40
bn43ah - cool! thanks14:41
bn43I'm thinking of running openoffice 3 as he does receive lots of office documents - excel, word and powerpoint14:42
bn43firefox for browser and thunderbird with outlook skin for mail client14:42
bn43any alternate suggestions?14:42
viddbn43, abiword for documents, gnumetric for spreadsheets,14:44
viddwill he be editing power points?14:44
bn43abiword and gnumetric interpret as good as openoffice?14:45
viddppthtml to convert PPT files to be read by web browser14:45
viddas well as can be expected....14:46
viddthey may not be perfect...but i would spend the extra coin to double (or more) the ram14:47
vidd256 ram is slow no matter what OS your running14:47
viddand firefox, thunderbird, and OOo are heavyweights14:48
bn43but this is an opportunity for me to introduce him to linux14:48
bn43what alternatives for browser and mail?14:48
viddI have suggestions for web browser alternatives...but the plug-ins are not handled as well as FF14:48
viddso i would defer that discussion to others with more experience14:49
* vidd uses webmail whenever possible14:49
bn43um he does like watchin vids of youtube and bbc14:49
viddand NBC and FOX have windows-only media players14:50
bn43well I'll try a couple things14:51
bn43won't hurt14:51
bn43thanks for the suggestions14:52
viddknome, is that guide helping any?14:53
Snyper`partitioned.... installing... let see how this does15:13
viddSnyper`, i wish you luck15:14
Snyper`lease we now know its a labling issue15:14
Snyper`thought the whole UUID deal was to fix that kind of stuff15:15
vidddont feel too bad....my wubi install failed the upgrade test15:17
Newkas did mine..15:17
viddi have to select the original kernel to get it to boot15:17
Snyper`27 wouldnt work on my system15:17
viddwubi or period?15:18
Snyper`didnt have enough space to get back the old kernal which is why i had to format after gparted didnt resize my drive right15:18
viddand this is why i suggest you double your /boot drive =]15:19
Snyper`have never used wubi15:19
Snyper`boot is now 300mb15:19
Snyper`which is more than enough15:19
vidd....for now....15:20
Snyper`50 only held 2 kernals but you could not modify one15:20
Snyper`for me that is15:20
Snyper`yea for now :/15:21
viddNewk, what type of system?15:22
viddhello Ben_Cs15:24
Ben_CsI went back to hardy. Intrepid has too much bugs, especially with fusesmb15:24
vinnlBen_Cs, have you reported them? ;-)15:24
Ben_Csyes, and they were reported before me aswell15:25
Ben_Csoh, gotta go. bbl15:25
vinnlGood :)15:25
Newki was on ubuntu 8.04 using wubi, tryed to upgrade ...nvidia decided to not support me .... so i decided jus get all my important stuff and start again wit Xubunt15:41
viddNewk, i think my issue is that there are special "switches" that need setting for ther kernel to boot correctly, and they didnt translate in the kernel upgrade15:42
NewkWel, would you believe it i now hav three options at boot, and once they are both the same one called ubuntu one called xubuntu wen i get into grub i can choose between the two,,, bu xubuntu is jus so much quicker...15:43
Newkplus my windows wobble:D15:44
viddNewk, hehe15:44
cllaudyuNwek what r u saying?15:44
viddyou have 2 options for linux cuzz windows cant tell they are two versions of the same thing (windows is stupid)....15:45
cllaudyuyou can install thre operating systems?15:45
Newki hav a triple-boot using wubi15:45
viddeach choice gives you 2 choices in grub because linux is NOT stupid15:45
cllaudyuxubuntu isn't allready in xfce session on ubuntu15:46
cllaudyuwhy should you need it separatly?15:47
viddcllaudyu, no...he installed two instances of wubi in windows15:47
Newktechnically ill let it go in a while i jus hav some stuff on it i havent copyied across yet..15:47
Newksori :D mayb that wasnt clear15:48
viddbut linux sees the other wubi install, so grub offers it as a choice15:48
cllaudyubut that cann't be uninstall in windows??15:48
viddyes...it can be uninstalled in windows15:48
Newkwel see this is the wierd thing ok??? rite the ubuntu install boots up with none othere than a xubuntu boot screen15:49
viddthe ability for linux to see linux1, linux2, and windows cannot be controlled from windows =]15:49
cllaudyuwubi pops-up to uninstall it the first fing windows is runnig15:49
viddNewk, that is because grub was not updated after the second wubi install15:49
cllaudyuam i wrong?15:49
Newkawri, thanks wel i dnt mind really .... its jus all quite interesting as it all happened pretty much by accident15:50
viddNewk, if you run the grub-update program, it would find xubuntu as well15:50
viddwelll....break time for me...be back in 10-15 minutes15:51
Newkah yeah ... well like as it is it finds both... so im sorted tbh15:51
cllaudyuweird thing15:51
cllaudyuNewk don't you hav problems with memory?15:52
Newkem nopes....15:52
Snyper`im stumped now16:04
Snyper`say partition layout ive tried ~20 times with no luck now work16:05
viddmaybe a kernel upgrade fixed the issue?16:05
Snyper`never upgraded16:06
viddor your system is correctly identifying which partition is where16:06
Snyper`my only guess is it was the partitioner screwing up16:06
viddwell....when you install, doesnt the installer get the latest version of the kernel?16:07
viddmeh...maybe the electromagnet in the wall behind your tower stopped working =]16:08
Snyper`actually im sure its cause im here asking16:08
viddhehe...the "technicial avaiable" issue?16:09
Snyper`typical when you finally break down and ask for help it will start working just to piss you off even more16:09
* TheSheep confirms the phenomenon16:09
* vidd sees it every day @ work16:09
vinnlHow recognisable16:09
viddat least it wasnt the ID-10-T error =]16:11
* TheSheep remembers the 'Dolt' button16:20
viddnever heard of that16:20
TheSheepvidd: some apps had a 'Do It' button, but with a very crappy font ;)16:27
TheSheepvidd: it was a confirmation dialog16:27
TheSheep'Are you sure you want to delete this file, Dolt?'16:28
TheSheepalas I'm offtopic again :(16:28
viddmaking sport of windows should never be considered offtopic16:29
viddlook at bug#116:29
TheSheepvidd: it was actually Atari ST16:29
viddthat would explain why i never saw it16:29
Newki no its xubuntu irc blah blah blah bu anyone hav a working thunderbird with hotmail?16:35
vinnlIsn't Thunderbird Xubuntu's default email client? ;-)16:35
vinnlNewk, but no, I don't think that's possible16:35
vinnlUnless you've done that in the past with other clients16:35
vinnlThe problem would be that Hotmail doesn't do POP, IMAP or whatever16:35
odlahow does xubuntu enable the hibernate and suspend functions at the xfce logout prompt?16:36
Newki had it working with an extension bu suddenly im gettin negative vibes all of a sudden:D16:36
odlais it a patch16:36
viddNewk, no M$ changed their back-end so that it will never work with anything but OE (not even windows mail will work with it)16:36
vinnlodla, yep16:36
vinnlodla, there's a new one for Xfce 4.6 so other distros can enjoy it as well16:36
vinnlGotta go now, bye16:37
odlavinnl: great thanks16:37
viddmewwhat extension?16:37
viddNewk, what extension?16:37
Newkwebmail extension for a guy16:38
viddhello slow-motion16:38
slow-motionhi vidd16:38
viddNewk, where can one get this extension?16:38
Newkwebmail thunderbird extension16:39
Newkem.. google thunderbird hotmail16:39
slow-motionxubuntu 8.10 looks nice16:40
viddslow-motion, lxde on 8.10 looks better =]16:41
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes16:41
Newki think xubuntu 8.10 looks class, especially wit some massive icons and a nice big panel16:43
Snyper`i really really liked 8.1016:43
Snyper`just didnt work well for me16:44
odlaone other question ... the multimedia keys patch ... has that been submitted for inclusion in 4.6?16:44
viddodla, that is a question for the -devel chanel16:45
odlavidd: ok16:45
slow-motionwhat is lxde vidd16:50
TheSheep!info lxde16:50
ubottulxde (source: lxde-common): Meta-package for the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment. In component universe, is optional. Version (intrepid), package size 2 kB, installed size 32 kB16:50
viddty TheSheep16:52
slow-motionvidd is it still xfce or something different?16:52
floatinghow can i check for new updates ?16:52
viddslow-motion, i prefer it over xfce because xfce is getting more and more bukly with all the unneeded apps16:53
viddslow-motion, it is built on top of openbox by default16:53
viddfloating, sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade16:54
viddNewk, im not finding any hotmail extentions for thunderbird....if you locate it, can you post me a link?16:55
floatingim going to do my first ever dist upgrade.. from 804 to 810, and im afraid that some of my settings will get overwritten, and i have forgot how to easily set them again16:57
floatingbeen tuning this os to work nicely16:57
viddfloating, if you are going to upgrade, then you want to run update-manager -d16:57
floatingis that a better option than that of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IntrepidUpgrades16:58
Newkno problem vid ... giv us a few mins:D16:58
* vidd hasnt looked at that page floating 16:58
floatingi would prefer the websites way, unless you have a good reason to not to16:59
floatingit has a gui tutorial for probably that same command16:59
floatingthrough software sources16:59
viddfloating, running "update-manager -d" from terminal cuts out steps 1-417:00
floatingok thx17:00
viddand puts you to the step 5 location17:00
viddfloating, whoops....puts you to step 6...compacting steps 1-5   =]17:01
viddfloating, it is still recommended that you get your hardy all up-to-date first...."sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" does that17:02
viddyou will find that cli will do all kinds of things faster then the GUI method(s)17:03
floatingfirst alarming thing17:12
floatingit ask me which combo to use switcing between latin and other system... there were options like left ctrl+ shift and so on, but no option for the カタカナひらがなbutton that i have on my japanese keyboard. i think it was referring to switching between those layouts17:13
Newkvidd: there u go17:23
viddNewk, im working on it...thanks17:23
Newkgood good... it doesnt work for me anyway... bu mayb my address is illergic or something17:24
viddNewk, it says the plug-in isnt compatable with FF 3.017:25
Newkvidd... its a plugin for thunderbird17:25
viddso how do i make thunderbird insstall the plugin instead of FF?17:26
viddnvmd...i think i got it17:27
viddheh...respect my athoriti!17:28
Newkget it ??17:28
stuff_happenscould someone please take a look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/jockey/+bug/291271 and see if there is anything else that can be tried? Also how do I get a developer to look at the bug? Thanks17:29
viddthunderbird is restarting17:29
viddstuff_happens, what does lspci say your wifi card is?17:31
stuff_happensfor some reason its not showing up on list, with  Hardy it was showing up as Broadcom 4311 Rev0217:33
viddhrm....looks like the reason i dont have the issue is because i ripped jockey out of my system17:34
viddhello again Ben_Cs17:35
stuff_happenshow can I manually install the STA driver that Ubuntu would otherwise install through Jockey?17:35
Ben_CsIf i didn't upgrade and stayed with xubuntu 8.04.1 LTS, what does it mean i keep getting updates? Do i get only security updates or i get updates of Apps/software?17:35
viddstuff_happens, from what i understand, sata drivers are built into the kernel....just like the b43 driver17:36
stuff_happensWhat I don't understand why Jockey can detect the Broadcom card according to the log I posted, but lspci can't see it.17:36
viddBen_Cs, you get security updates, and possibly some software version updates17:36
viddstuff_happens, dunno....could have something to do with the way jockey works17:37
Ben_Csvidd: but not updated software like in 8.10?17:38
* vidd had no driver issues b4 jockey, and none after it was surgically removed like the cancer it acted like17:38
viddBen_Cs, if the developers say"we need to add this to the backports" then you get the newer version....if they dont, you dont...just like any other release17:38
Ben_Csvidd: ok. xfce 4.4.3 is out. can i upgrade to it?17:39
Ben_Csi mean through repositories?17:39
viddBen_Cs, do you see it in synaptic?17:39
stuff_happens2008-11-06 12:56:24,189 DEBUG: Broadcom STA wireless driver availability undetermined, adding to pool , is the line that I am assuming it detects the card since I have errors for all the Broadcom wireless drivers in the log file.17:40
Ben_Csvidd: no but maybe there's a repo i can add there?17:40
viddBen_Cs, i dont see that version available in 8.10...so i doubt it17:40
Ben_Csi wont take the risc of installing the .run file. May be buggy17:41
viddBen_Cs, im sure there is a devel repo....17:41
viddBen_Cs, they are testing xfce4 version 4.6 in it17:41
Ben_Csi see17:41
viddstuff_happens, IDK what to tell you....i removed it because it added nothing but bloat to my system with no identifiable benifit17:43
viddwhile im sure there is some kind of worth-while benifit, i didnt see it17:44
viddand i got tired of the near-constant crash messages on boat17:44
floatingthis upgrade asks me if i want to replace some apache conf files17:48
floatinghow do i know if i should17:48
floatingor mysql17:48
Ben_CsBTW if someone here use fusesmb DON'T upgrade to 8.1017:48
floatingi think i have edited manually those files but not sure17:48
viddfloating, did you modify apache or mysql config files?17:48
viddfloating, there is a "show change" option....check to see what is different....17:49
floatingam i supposed to remember.. when installing those, the actual install required some manual configuration of some file17:49
viddbut it should be safe to "keep the old"17:49
floatingthe differences doesnt help much17:49
viddfloating, i was asking....AFTER you had it installed....did you go back and manually change the .conf files?17:50
floatingit was in the installation process, that i have to manually open the conf file and add few lines to it17:50
viddthen it is perfectly fine to get the new versions17:50
floatingas in someone wrote a tutorial on some website how to manually conf17:50
floatingbut it was part of the install for some reason17:51
floatingas in linux sometimes you manually have to do stuff17:51
viddyou may need to re-follow those instructions....or just keep your old conf files17:51
viddwhen in doubt, back them up17:51
floatingthere are just interesting new lines coming17:51
floatingsome lines that feel like significant but i diont know17:52
floatingi took back up and chose replace..,. will see17:53
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:53
slow-motion!info kubuntu-restricted-extra17:54
ubottuPackage kubuntu-restricted-extra does not exist in intrepid17:54
kikrhow can i make the task bar reappear?18:00
knomekikr_, task bar? you mean panel? alt+f2 -> xfce4-panel18:05
knomekikr_, if you mean *task bar*, "add new item" from the panels context menu18:06
viddNewk, i found the answwer to the hotmail issue you are having18:16
viddNewk, in the plugin settings, choose "WebDav"18:17
buzz_well.. kubuntu intrepid has made me ditch kde 4.x and try some other desktop-environments. from using xubuntu so far, i rather like it. fast and minimalist (but configurable)18:32
knomebuzz_, we're happy you having enjoyed xubuntu18:33
buzz_well. things dont feel half finished like on kde4 :)18:33
buzz_and stuff just works.18:33
buzz_harder to replace my kde apps though. i used to use kontact (kmail + korganiser mostly). i was thinking orage will do the job of korganiser enough for me, but what for mail ?18:34
knomei suppose evolution is the default, iirc18:35
knomeok... evolution in ubuntu?18:35
knomei personally have to use thunderbird anyway18:35
buzz_thunderbird is quite ok actually. ive used that on a xp machine recently18:35
buzz_i might give evolution a try, although i feel it might be overkill for my needs18:37
buzz_any other notable calendar apps apart from orage ? (and the one with evolution)18:37
knomeif evolution is overkill, thunderbird is the end of the world ;)18:38
knomei suppose you should try orage18:39
buzz_well. when i ran evolution before it was slow, but then again the hardware was probably a pentium 3;-)18:39
TheSheepbuzz_: the pimlico apps are nice, if you like minimal18:39
buzz_TheSheep, will check thanks18:39
TheSheepit's called 'dates' I think18:39
knomei might like that as well18:40
knomethanks TheSheep18:40
martinushi, just a simple question. I18:40
knomeme too. :)18:40
buzz_and me18:40
martinusI've just installed latest xubuntu, and wondered how I get access to my win-network18:41
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.  Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21209818:41
martinussorry, hit the wrong button ;)18:41
martinusthanks :)18:41
knomemartinus, eeepc, i suppose? ;))18:41
TheSheepmartinus: also try pyneighbourhood and fusesmb18:41
martinusno, old hp/compaq18:41
knomeTheSheep, how does dates/tasks work together?18:42
buzz_btw kde had some protocol layer things for transparency so you can access ftp like a normal filesystem (and samba shares etc). does xfce do this (doesnt really matter too much since i autofs4 mount network shares)18:42
TheSheepknome: I think they are separate apps18:42
knomebuzz_, there's always fuse18:42
TheSheepbuzz_: no mad thunar will never do that, but you can get similar effects with fuse18:42
buzz_gnome had some filesystem layer stuff i think18:42
knomei prefer fuse over any other layering stuff ;)18:43
buzz_ive not tried gnome for about 6 years .. i went windowmaker to kde. so im out of touch with other environments18:43
timribuzz_: Slightly OT: I Have just switched from KDE as well, and as imageviewer I like GQView a lot18:43
buzz_yes. me too.18:44
knomed'oh! tasks seem to depend on evolution-data-server18:44
buzz_has the right level of functionality18:44
knomei don't like GQView, because it doesn't show the images "fitted" when starting, but in 1:118:45
timriknome: Yeah, but intrepid has a completely broken libsmbclient. If you want to use fusesmb or smbnetfs you have to downgrade libsmbclient to the Hardy version18:45
buzz_intrepid has a lot of broken stuff :/18:45
knometimri, i don't know about smb anyway - i only have linux machines18:45
buzz_but less so it seems when using gnome/xfce18:46
timriknome: Same here, but I prefer smb over nfs18:46
timribuzz_: Intrepid is pretty badly broken on my hardware too.18:46
buzz_at least the network-manager gui works on xfce/gnome. it is really broken on kde . well static ips dont work with it at all18:46
knomeintrepid is still so new.18:46
buzz_kubunt intrepid wasnt release ready imho, and should have been delayed18:47
knomei wonder if i can disable wired network in the new network-manager at all18:47
buzz_the release feedback page says it all18:47
knomeas for what i have understood, the devs did a big work to get it ready anyway18:48
knomeso can't blame them18:48
buzz_well. the kubuntu had noone to fix some of the bugs with knetworkmanager so that was a main problem18:48
buzz_it was reported long before release18:49
viddknome, i dont like that new nm at all....dont ou like wicd?18:49
knomevidd, i still prefer nm over wicd, as i said yesterday18:49
buzz_but the biggest problem imho are kde 4.1.x bugs for kubuntu. kde 4.1.x is not ready imho.18:49
knomeeven though this new version is way suckier than the previous one18:49
viddhrm...i must have missed that statement18:49
buzz_xubuntu seems much better ;-)18:49
knomeis there even any improvement comparing to the old one?18:50
knome(if being unbiased :P)18:50
lyk3nDoes anyone have a problem with getting text mode on boot up18:50
viddknome, i dispize this new nm18:50
viddhate squared to the 3rd power....18:51
viddhey...i cant spell...sue me!18:51
buzz_loathe ?18:52
viddhey....i spelled squared correctly18:52
knome"isn't that with one G?"18:52
buzz_ok.. spelling police be gone..18:52
viddlyk3n, i have all the answers to your boot up issue....18:53
lyk3nyou must be fun at a party18:53
lyk3neven better18:53
viddbut i dont know if your going to be able to read my instructions.....=]18:53
lyk3nI can manage18:53
knomei can try to translate18:53
viddok....what do you get as an error mesage?18:54
viddwhere does it fail?18:54
knomeat user? ;F18:54
lyk3nI was trying to install on an old pc 500mhz 256mb ram, I loaded it with the gui, then, I just say text mode fluxbox18:54
viddNewk, did you get that hotmail thing working???? did you even notice my reply????18:55
lyk3nsaw text mode,sorry18:55
viddlyk3n, alt cd, live cd or mini.....and 8.04 or 8.10?18:55
knomevidd, alert! too many question marks !!18:55
viddknome, i paid extra for them18:56
vidd(and what about those !!?18:56
lyk3nintrepid, the new and stable release, it was the first I saw18:56
knomevidd, dang, you got bullshitted18:56
knomevidd, 2<4 ;)18:56
vidd!language | knome18:56
ubottuknome: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.18:56
knomelol, just go to a farm and you find the same stuff18:57
viddlyk3n, so was it the alt cd or the live cd?18:57
viddknome, offtopic is over ------>18:57
lyk3nPC (Intel x86) desktop CD,Xubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) No it was the regular one18:57
lyk3nvidd: the live cd18:58
* knome moves offtopic to left of #xubuntu just to tease vidd18:58
viddlyk3n, you may want to use the alt cd or the mini cd18:58
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD18:58
lyk3nvidd, I guess the pc doesn't have enough juice for the live cd, but will it run after install18:58
viddlyk3n, i prefer the mini over the others because the hardware requirements are easier to handle on these old relics18:59
viddlyk3n, oh yes....easily18:59
lyk3nvidd: thanks, is there any command line I should know before I venture into this?18:59
viddi recommend that you start with the cli-only install, because it sounds to me that you want fluxbox instead of xfce (or am i mistaken?)19:00
viddlyk3n, all you need to know is sudo apt-get install [insert package name here]19:00
lyk3nvidd: it is a friend ancient and only computer. They don't know linux, so the easier the better.19:00
viddfor my wimpy system, i installed lxde instead of xubuntu, because (in my opinion) xubuntu is getting too hevy with useless apps19:01
lyk3nvidd, sounds good. Is it startx to get the gui working, or does it just work.19:01
lyk3nvidd: never heard of this. Can you sell me?19:02
viddlyk3n, if you "sudo apt-get install lxde" you just reboot and the gui is up19:02
viddlyk3n, sure i can sell you....maybe even get 3 shillings for ya19:03
lyk3nvidd: nice!19:03
knomeha ha19:03
knomevidd, offtopic is over there -------------->19:03
vidd(make fun of MY spelling will ya!)19:03
knomevidd, was your nick supposed to be "video" ?19:04
viddknome, no19:04
knomevidd, "wide" ?19:04
viddvidd=Virtual Industies development & Design19:04
knomewhat is an industy?19:05
martinushum.. how do I open a samba share in xub? In dolphin there is a network tab, or the adress-bar, but I can't seem to find anything similar. Do I have to install anything else to get it up and running?19:05
knomeis it something what is dusty?19:05
lyk3nthanks for the help. I'll be gone, but might jump back in to read the madness19:05
viddlyk3n, you have any issues, let me know19:06
viddand use the mini19:06
viddits only a 10MB file19:06
viddbtw knome did you ever get that mini install on usb to work?19:07
knomevidd, not yet at least19:07
knomei'll try to figure it out again soonish19:09
viddlemme know when it works19:10
lyk3nquick question. I just remembered that 8.04 on ubuntu is supposed to be supported for at least 5 years. Is the intrepid going to be supported for a long time or...19:10
viddlyk3n, 8.04 will be supported 3 years on the desktop (with a GUI) and 5 years on the server (CLI-only)19:11
vidd8.10 will be supported for 18 months19:11
viddand there is a new standard release (like 8.10) every 6 months, and a Long Term Support release (like 8.04) every 2 years19:12
lyk3nO, I didn't know that. So I should get the 8.04, or is this only on ubuntu and not the cousins like xubuntu19:12
lyk3nok, downloading... your a great help19:12
viddlyk3n, for a standard user (AKA not a buisness with hundreds or thousands of systems) id get the 8.1019:13
knomelyk3n, all the ubuntu releases including xubuntu19:13
lyk3nI thought so, but I wouldn't want to be wrong the hard way.19:13
viddthe LTS releases are more buisness oriented...becuase of the man-hours involded in upgrading every 6 months19:14
lyk3nvidd: I know but I could use all the help I can get. If they support it for a few years I'll be happy19:15
mib_6w4l7p i'd like  rolling release :P19:16
viddlyk3n, all that is needed to upgrade to the next version is clicking the "upgrade" button in update manager19:17
lyk3ndownloading both, I'll virtual test them. 8.04 vs. 8.10, the first to crash is the loser19:17
viddlyk3n, by that time 10.4 will be out19:17
lyk3nvidd: I've had friends that lost everything through that button, she scares me.19:17
lyk3nvidd: what happened to the 9's19:18
knomewow, that's a powerful button19:18
* knome goes clicking19:18
viddlyk3n, then let me recommend the use of manually set partitions....19:18
lyk3nvidd: I'll give it a shot, I like to wait a few months for the user to report the bugs and have them fixed.Plus, I need another hard drive for backups,just in case.19:20
lyk3nhave you heard of ubuntulite19:26
viddlyk3n, yes19:26
knomelyk3n, i suppose that's not actually an official ubuntu?19:27
lyk3nis it any good. I saw it on the lxde site19:27
viddbut since lxde is already in the repos.....why bother19:27
lyk3nok, just looking for lighter and stronger19:28
viddlyk3n, they are in trouble for using ubuntu marks and copyright without permission....so i stayed away from them19:28
lyk3nIs it true ubuntu is going to sell the media code now19:28
lyk3nno more free medibuntu19:29
viddlyk3n, they are in the process of changing thier name as a result....they web site has been down for a bit19:29
viddlyk3n, dunno...never heard that19:29
lyk3nok. I'll keep distance19:29
viddbesides medibuntu is a seperate entity...not a "true" *buntu19:29
viddor am I mistaken?19:30
viddlyk3n, there is nothing posted on medibuntu's web site....19:35
viddif canonical sells it, medibuntu will still make it available for free19:36
roliverhi, just a quick question, whenever I log in to xubuntu i have to enter the password for my keychain, is there any way to stop this happening so it is entered automatically?19:36
viddroliver, yes....19:36
roliveris there any way to ensure that my keychain password is entered automatically when i logon19:38
viddroliver, im looking for the how-to19:38
roliverohhh, ok, thankyou19:38
lyk3nubuntu will always be free, however, parts of it may become pay for. I found the article a few months ago, and I can't find it now.19:39
viddroliver, http://ge.ubuntuforums.com/showthread.php?t=89330919:39
roliverthankyou very much19:40
viddroliver, personally, i got rid of nm manager and installed wicd....gets rid of that too19:40
viddwicd has to be downloaded as a deb....its not in the repo's (as of yet) http://wicd.sourceforge.net/19:42
lyk3n"ubuntu will always be free, however, parts of it may become pay for. I found the article a few months ago, and I can't find it now."19:42
roliverright ok, i'll bear that in mind, thanks for your help and advice.19:42
lyk3n canonical is planning to sell proprietary codecs for ubuntu users since19:43
lyk3n> these are important for the user experience etc..19:43
hhh2i have installed pulse audio and is all ok but i can' hear system events sounds19:55
hhh2for example login sounds19:55
viddhhh2, have you set a login sound?19:55
hhh2in login windows preferences > accessibility , i clic to play but no sound19:55
viddwhich sound is it?19:56
hhh2a .wav19:56
hhh2installed previously19:56
viddcan you play that wave file thru totem?19:56
hhh2also in paplay19:56
hhh2and aplay -Dpulse /usr/share/sounds/19911__LS__beep.wav19:57
hhh2paplay is pulse audio player19:57
viddhave yo made sure all your settings in the volume app were maxed out?19:57
=== firsm is now known as fahi
viddhhh2, is ubuntu-sounds installed?20:00
hhh2i ha xubuntu20:00
viddso....then "no"?20:01
viddtry installing it20:01
hhh2ok but20:01
viddall it does is make the sound events work20:02
viddit has no dependencies20:02
hhh2but is not ubuntu20:04
viddbut of course its x-ubuntu20:04
viddsince there is no xubuntu-sounds, you have to use ubuntu-sounds20:05
viddthere is no kubuntu-sounds package either20:06
viddok...is it installed?20:06
hhh2doesn't work20:07
viddsounds working now?20:07
viddok...you can uninstall it (no harm done)20:08
viddim out of ideas /=20:09
hhh2"as i know xfce dont supports event sound." from a forum20:09
viddthats strange...because i have no issues with event sounds on my xubuntu system (with ubuntu-sounds installed)20:10
hhh2do u have pulse installed?20:11
hhh2i must login and then pulse loads20:11
Ben_Csguys what do you think of LXDE?20:20
* vidd likes it20:20
Ben_Csvidd: me too. just saw ubuntulite a.k.a u-lite => very nice distro. lxde's configs are as visible as xfce's20:23
viddBen_Cs, have you tried it?20:23
* vidd justed installed lxde from the ubuntu repos20:24
viddwhat WM do they use?20:24
Ben_Csvidd: yeh, on virtualbox. the use openbox20:25
viddnot gdm?20:25
* vidd will have to try that20:26
viddpost me a link to thier site?20:26
Ben_Csvidd: don't like to have several Desktop Environments on one ubuntu. it makes specific programs of one to be visible on the other. makes a mess20:26
viddme either...just hate using gdm if i dont have to20:27
viddBen_Cs, ill have to check them out20:31
Newkwat is this ubuntulite .... i am interested:D20:40
Ben_CsNewk: a nice very lightweight ubuntu based distro20:41
floatingi upgraded 8.04 to 8.10, and xfce is bugging i think20:48
floatingif i mouseclick in an app, the panels gets unresponsive20:48
floatingi cannot switch to another app with alt-tab or choose from panel20:48
floatinguntil i right-click20:49
floatingthen they respond again, until i again make leftmouse click20:49
viddfloating, you still have the old kernel installed?20:49
floatingi dont know20:49
viddfloating, hit [esc] during boot....20:50
viddgrub should show you all kernels available20:50
floatingyou mean the grub menu ?20:50
viddIf you have an older version, boot with that one....20:50
viddthis will tell you if its the kernel or the xfce20:51
floatingi have a win xp entry, so the grub menu opens up every time20:51
floatingwhat is the number of old and new kernel20:51
floatingill boot in a moment20:51
viddsmaller numbers are older then the larger numbers20:51
floatingokay ->20:52
Ben_Csfloating: i has several bugs with 8.10 so i switched back to 8.04.120:55
floatingthere was only ubuntu 8.04 linux kernel 2.6.xxx20:56
floatingand same number recovery mode20:56
floatingwhy not 8.1020:56
floatingis it normal to not have 8.04 text changed to 8.10 in the grub menu ?21:01
floatingand when there is only 1 kernel entries, shall i assume this is an xfce problem ?21:01
viddwell...if it did not install the new kernel during the update....id say THAT was your issue21:02
torosfloating: have you changed the grub manually?21:03
viddif you upgrade from 8.04 to 8.10, you will definantly get a newer kernel....21:03
* vidd is VERY interested in knowing which kernel was listed in grub21:04
floatingtoros, i have changed grub manually before, but not during or after the 804 ->810 upgrade21:04
toroswhen you change the grub manually, and you don't do it the right way, then I think the upgrade won't add the new kernels21:05
floatingdo i have to re-boot to watch the kernel number, or i can verify it without a reboot21:05
viddfloating, did you remove any files with --purge after the upgrade was complete?21:05
floatingi used the gui to upgrade21:05
floatingthere was an option to remove unneeded files or some21:06
viddthen your issue is most likely related to this failed upgrade21:06
floatingi removed over hundreds21:06
viddtell use which lernel is loaded21:06
floatingill go check google for the command, hold on21:07
torosso there is the part from "## ## End Default Options ##" to "### END DEBIAN AUTOMAGIC KERNELS LIST"... when you modify this part, then the upgrade won't update the menu.lst21:07
torosbut you can do this later with the command "sudo update-grub"21:07
torosthis wil add every avaible kernels to the grub21:07
* vidd would recomend doing so and re-booting to see if the issue clears itself21:08
floatingville@hi:~$ uname -r21:08
viddespecially if you enabled encryption in the upgrade21:09
viddthats the old kernel21:09
floatingill try21:09
floatingbut what if the grub update messes things up21:09
floatingbecause before the default grub didnt detect things correctly21:09
viddyour system is ALREADY borked21:09
floatingi needed live cd's and what not21:09
torosfloating: then backup your menu.lst21:10
torossudo cp /boot/grub/menu.lst /boot/grub/menu.lst.backup21:10
torosand in worst case, you can recover it with a Live CD21:10
floatingbooting ->21:11
floatingfail. same old 8.04 with old kernel entries only21:15
floatingeventhough when i ran sudo update-grub ,it found the new and the old kernel21:16
toroshmmm, thats weird...21:17
floatingtheres the update-grub and my menu.lst21:19
hhh2pulse audio is really disgusting now i have uninstalled it and my xubuntu event sounds are back to normal21:20
jimbohi guys, I have a hp zv5000 with xubuntu hardy. sound isnt going through headphones when i plug them in. any ideas?21:21
floatingtoros: as you see there is no entry added about new kernel, only perhaps some new commented text21:22
Newkjimbo:headphones never worked wit hardy for me... if u turn down21:23
Newkthe main sound and listen on headphones it should be ok21:23
jimboNewk:  also having trouble with sound buttons working21:23
floatingcan i add the kernel there manually ?21:24
TheSheepjimbo: try different sliders, I had headphones on a surround slider once21:24
jimboNewk: when i plug the headphones in as well it doesnt reroute to them it still plays by onboard speakers21:25
Newkjimbo:if u turn down the main speakers does sound come thru headphones21:26
jimboNewk:  my keys to change volume are borked so i cant adjust that either21:27
Newkjimbo: is this a new install of xubuntu?21:27
torosfloating: yes, you can... but I still don't know, what could be the problem... :)21:28
torosIt looks like everything is Ok21:28
floatingim asking in #kernel but so far no answers21:28
jimboNewk:  its pretty new. those things have never worked correctly soim trying to iron these issues out21:28
floatingi wonder if i should register to a ubuntu forum and ask there, or do some manual install ? at least i couldn do it, since there is some long number/letter sequence written, which i dont know anything about21:29
floatinghow can i downgrade to 8.04 ?21:33
Newkjimbo: new enuf that u cud start again wit 8.1021:34
homebrewcideraccording to system>hardware drivers, my nvidia drivers are activated but not "in use". How do I get them in use please?21:34
floatingtoros: actually during the xubuntu 810 upgrade, it asked me 5 to 10 times if i want to keep the local menu.lst21:38
floatingthe default option was to keep the local menu.lst, and i chose it21:38
torosfloating: yes, I think that was the problem... but sudo update-grub should fix the problem21:40
torosor maybe you can try reinstall the kernel with synaptic21:40
floatingbut isnt manually updating grub to just load it better option ?21:41
floatinghmm i try reinstall it ~)21:42
torosfloating: yes, you can update the grub manually, but when you get upgdates later, then again it won't add it to the grub21:42
floatingah ok21:42
floatinga lot of matches searchin kernel with synaptic21:44
floatingeven those that says that 2721:44
floatinglinux-kernel-headers 27 ?21:44
torossearch for the string 2.6.2721:45
torosand mark the package linux-image-2.6.27-7-generic for reinstall21:46
torosand maybe it will update the grub also21:46
toroslet's hope for the best :)21:46
viddfloating, toros i think this is the same issue i had with my home server....21:47
viddwhen I get home, i will have to look into it21:47
torosvidd: okay, thanks21:47
viddtoros, if it is...its not good news....21:48
viddim fixing to back up the data and wipe the drive21:48
torosvidd: what was there the problem?21:48
viddyeah....upgrad died twice21:48
viddand trying to reinstall the 2.6.27-7 kernel wanted lilo installed21:49
viddand if that dont mean serious disaster, nothing does21:50
floatinginstalling that did not add the entry in the grub either21:53
viddfloating, this would indicate your grub is borked21:54
viddfloating, try this:21:55
viddsudo apt-get remove --purge  linux-image-2.6.27-7-generic  linux-image-2.6.27-7 && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade21:56
jimboI am trying to view pictures, how do i change my default viewer from gimp to something else21:57
viddthis will remove the normal and the -generic kernel images, along with config files (hopefully fixing grub) and then automatically updating to the new kernel21:57
viddjimbo, do you have something installed to view pics?21:58
Newkjimbo: settings-> preferred applications21:58
Newkhold on that21:58
Newkdo it21:58
jimboyes ristretto21:58
floatingi tried to remove entries to that 8.04 and do grub update but it didnt add 8.04 either21:59
floatingbuut.. maybe i try this suggestion ^^21:59
viddjimbo, right click on the desired image, choose "open with another application" (or something similar) place the check in the box "always use this application (again...or something similar" and click the desired app21:59
viddfloating, manually editing grub is a BAD thing22:00
floatingvidd: is that a one command btw ? there are 2 spaces in a row22:00
viddyes....one command22:01
floatingsudo apt-get remove --purge  linux-image-2.6.27-7-generic   linux-image-2.6.27-7 && sudo apt-get update && sudo  apt-get dist-upgrade22:01
floatingsudo apt-get remove --purge linux-image-2.6.27-7-generic linux-image-2.6.27-7 && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade22:01
viddtwo spaces, one space, 30 spaces.....cli reads it all the same22:01
floatingoh ok :)22:01
jimbothanks vidd22:04
viddfloating, im half-tempted to tell you to --purge and reinstall grub....but that is very risky to an already flacky system22:05
floatingville@hi:/boot/grub$ sudo apt-get remove --purge linux-image-2.6.27-7-generic linux-image-2.6.27-7 && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade22:05
floatingReading package lists... Done22:05
viddheh...its risky to a stable system22:05
floatingBuilding dependency tree22:05
floatingReading state information... Done22:05
floatingE: Couldn't find package linux-image-2.6.27-722:05
floatingare you saying that i might have to reinstall the whole system ?22:05
viddfloating, that means that it is missing...and why your grub is not being updated correctly....22:05
knomeis there a way to disable wired network in the new network-manager? please no whining about wicd/nm22:06
viddknome, no there isnt (which is why it socks!)22:06
TheSheepknome: right-click and uncheck 'enable wireless'?22:06
knomeTheSheep, *wired* :)22:06
TheSheepor wired22:06
coldhakTheSheep, he said wired.22:06
Jabone_wired is the default and without wired you cannot enable wireless22:06
Jabone_at least with nm-applet I think22:07
vidd*in nm*22:07
TheSheepknome: pull the cable? ;)22:07
knomeTheSheep, :P22:07
viddwicd lests you do this mundane task22:07
floatingvidd, any idea how it can be missed ?22:07
knomei don't really need wireless usually, but as my isp has been jumping around today, i've had to use my neighbours wireless *cough*22:07
viddfloating, no, you should not have to....22:07
viddjust leave it out of the --purge command22:08
viddfloating, it was missed because your uprade failed in some way, shape or form22:08
viddfloating, sudo apt-get remove --purge  linux-image-2.6.27-7-generic && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade22:09
floatingok vidd run that command22:10
floatingafter a while, it pops up witha question22:10
floatingmenu.lst has been locally modified22:10
floatingdo u want to keep it or 5 other options22:10
floatinginstall package maintainer version22:11
floatingshow the differences22:11
floatingstart a new shell to examine22:11
viddget the mantainers version22:11
floatingdo a merge(experimental)22:11
floatinglast time i kept the local22:11
viddcuzz yours is screwed 6 ways to next sunday =]22:11
floatingok, something failed, but i failed to read since new text came in22:12
viddwas this on the install or the remove?22:12
floatingrmdir: failed to remove `/lib/modules/2.6.27-7-generic': Directory not empty22:13
floatinglater... but the install is now done22:13
floatingshould i try reboot ?22:13
viddfloating, that "rmdir...." is fine....22:14
vidddid it claim to have installed everything and asked you to reboot?22:14
floatingit didnt ask me to reboot22:15
floatingi saved the log in case http://pastebin.ca/124985022:15
owen1I want to connect external monitor to my laptop. how to send 'video out' command using the terminal?22:16
viddif the install completed....reboot, cross fingers, pray, etc22:16
viddfloating, any luck?22:18
floatingim on win xp now22:19
floatingerror 17 , cannot mount the selected partition22:19
viddfloating, did you install via wubi?22:19
floatingthe text in grub had changed to ubuntu 8.10 kernel 2.6.24 though22:19
floatingold kernel version but 8.10 instead of 8.0422:19
floatingwubi ?22:19
floatingi think not... donno what it is :I22:20
viddfloating, when you originally installed....did you put the live cd in while XP was open, enter a username and password and click install?22:20
floatingno, from reboot22:21
floatingor perhaps booted live cd and chose install to hard drive22:21
viddim thinking that your install is borked beyond my ability to repair22:21
viddand i have to go home now22:22
floatingi have edited the grub few times because there were some problems before22:22
viddfloating, this is about the time that I back up my data files format and re-install22:22
floatingfailed to write in the grub or something22:22
viddi will try to be back on in about an hour22:23
floatingthere was this grub> command line22:23
floatingoh ok. i might continue with this tomorrow.. its getting late here22:23
floatingthanks for the help so far22:23
floatingtoo bad, that i just cant do the reinstall... i dont have time to tweak this system to the point it is now22:24
jimboso i my HP zv5000 is freshly converted to xubuntu and my external volume controls do not currently work, any ideas22:25
floatingthis will leave me a worst possible feeling of linux distros functionality n reliability when it comes to distro upgrade22:27
knomefloating, upgrade is always kinky.22:29
knomethat's why we offer long term support releases22:29
floatingyeah, my only reason to go for 8.10 was even a bad one22:32
floatingi thought that i do the upgrade since it seemed so painless22:32
floatingjust before i go for installing vpn client22:32
floatingrather than after it.. but, guess im using win xp until i have much spare time again22:33
knomeyou know, that's *LEIF*22:33
RandyboYWhere do i find the option to alter the way the powerbutton works? If i want the button to do nothing or actually shut down...22:47
jimbohow do i add my music library to rhythmbox?22:47
SmithI can listen to mp3s in Listen but i am trying to use Grip for ripping them from CD.  When i try to rip, it tells me that the encoder is not valid... Any suggestions?22:57
knomeSmith, try to add /usr/bin/ in the beginning of the encoder path22:58
knomeSmith, eg. /usr/bin/lame22:58
Smithok will try22:58
vinnljimbo, I think Rhythmbox should speak for itself, it's probably in the menu or Edit->Preferences22:59
Smithi get "invalid encoder executable"23:00
knomeSmith, do you have lame installed?23:00
Smithi thought i did...23:00
knomeSmith, (or the encoder your trying to use)23:00
knomeSmith, can you double-check?23:00
Smithi am trying to use lame since my library is all mp323:00
Smithhow do i check that, sorry but im still new to all this....23:01
knomeSmith, sudo apt-get install lame23:01
knomeSmith, @terminal; what's the output?23:01
Smithits downloading it...23:02
mibanyone tell me why my thunar file icons still look like this: http://xs433.xs.to/xs433/08450/2008-11-09-225810_1024x768_scrot760.png23:02
mibi have xfce4-icon-theme installed23:02
Smithknome, after install do i need to restart Grip?23:02
knomeSmith, i'm not sure. you can try23:03
Smithsweet it works without restart.  Thanks!23:03
knomemib, Settings -> Settings Manager -> User Interface -> Tab "Icon Theme"23:03
knomemib, select a wanted icon theme there23:04
knomemib, tell me if it doesn't work23:04
knomeSmith, np. have fun ripping23:04
mib.gtkrc-2.0 already has:23:05
knomemib, can you check if settings manager gives the same info?23:05
mibknome: i dont have it installed (ubuntu minimal)23:05
knomea-ha ok...23:06
mibfolders have icons23:06
mibbut some files dont23:06
knomethe .name -ones or others also?23:06
knomemib, ^ ?23:08
mibactually, looking at it, it's just the ones without ".xxx" that dont23:08
mibis that to be expected?23:08
knomethat don't what?23:09
mibhave icons23:09
Smithi guess the speed of the encoding is determined by the overall speed of the machine... correct??23:10
knomeSmith, cpu23:10
Smithah that would make sense.  its an old dell but its running smooth but a little slow on the cpu side23:11
knomemib, have you logged out/in ?:P23:11
knomemib, i don't know if that needs a total X restart23:11
mib2nope, still the same :(23:13
knomemib2, so you did a complete X reboot?23:14
mib2knome: indeed23:14
knomecan you check if the files are at /usr/share/icons/Rodent ?23:14
mib2knome: yep, all there23:15
knomemib2, i have done this only once and it worked for me...23:16
mib2knome: yeh same, not sure why its happening23:18
knomemib2, i suppose you could go and ask #ubuntu23:18
SpiffyBalakhey guys...I have two problems23:24
SpiffyBalak1. File open/save dialogs load very slowly23:24
SpiffyBalakand 2. when I open up Thunar (just Thunar), my CPU gets eaten up by two ntfs-3g processes, but the heavy usage stops when I pkill gam_server23:25
knomeare you using ntfs filesystems?23:25
knomeSpiffyBalak, that might explain a lot23:25
SpiffyBalakit wasn't eating up my CPU in Hardy23:25
knomei suppose ntfs is not very fast in xubuntu anyway23:25
SpiffyBalakboth problems started with the upgrade23:26
SpiffyBalakbut how could I (if it's a good idea) stop gam_server from running on startup?23:26
TheSheepSpiffyBalak: gam_server monitos your files and tells Thunar when to reread a directory or regenerate a thumbnail23:29
SpiffyBalakyep, I have to refresh to get stuff like that23:30
TheSheepwhy do you want that?23:30
SpiffyBalakI don't23:30
SpiffyBalaknot at the cost to my cpu23:30
SpiffyBalakI'm thinking about installing python-gamin, because sometimes Python eats the CPU23:31
* TheSheep blinks23:31
TheSheepSpiffyBalak: I think you are confused23:31
SpiffyBalakI am23:32
SpiffyBalakhow would you stop gam_server from running at startup?23:32
TheSheepSpiffyBalak: python-gamin is a python library with bindings to gaM_server, if some application uses it, it will have it in the dependencies anyways23:32
TheSheepSpiffyBalak: you can edit your .config/xfce4-session23:33
SpiffyBalakthank you23:33
TheSheepthe defsults are in /etc/xdg/xfce4-session/23:34
TheSheepSpiffyBalak: no, wait, it's not there23:35
knomein settings manager, i have two sections whose labels start with "Button Label|". i didn't have this bug in 8.04 but now it's reappeared.23:35
TheSheepnot in /etc/xdg/xfce4/xinitrc either :/23:35
SpiffyBalakmaybe installing fam would help23:37
SpiffyBalakerr, it sounds like it's outdated23:38
SpiffyBalakwell, the file dialog seems to come from trying to load all the metadata23:39
SpiffyBalakok, I solved the 2nd problem, a bunch of failed thumbnails were deleted23:45
Jimbohello folks.23:45
Jimboinstalling ubuntu, my wifi card doesn't work. Same with Kubuntu. Had to use ndiswrapper. But with xubuntu, it worked out of the box. Any clues?23:45
Jimboalso does anybody know how to check the installed xubuntu version?23:47
knome!version | Jimbo23:49
ubottuJimbo: To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »23:49
Jimboknome, thanks. :) It's probably something new included in the intrepid.23:50
Jimboknome, also can't do sudo apt-get install irssi, it just says couldn't find the package.23:51
knomeJimbo, can you search for it in synaptic?23:53
Jimboknome, hmmm in synaptic package manager?23:54
Jimboknome, yeah in synaptic package manager, it can't find it.23:55
knomeJimbo, which repositories do you have enabled?23:55
knomeJimbo, it should be in main though23:55
Jimboknome, does it require turning on some special repositories. in Kubuntu it required that.23:55
knomeJimbo, i doubt that, but you can try23:55
Jimbochecking... the repositories.23:56
JimboUbuntu software has all checked. Third party has none checked. Checked Intrepid.23:57
Jimbolet's check again.23:57
Jimbothe intrepid release is impressive with the GUI clean color stuff.23:58
knomehardy was already quite nice.23:59
Jimboused ubuntu then moved to xubuntu but it never worked right. Ended up using ubuntu in hardy.23:59

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