lifelessso its simpler to explain to say that bind just sets the flag00:00
lifelessif someone else has pushed, after binding, do 'bzr update; bzr commit'00:00
lifelesswhich will merge, and commit, keeping your local commits as a merge to the new origin tip00:00
bob2vila: is vc-bzr still developed, or has dvc subsumed it?00:00
lifelessif you want to do a fast-forward push, just bzr push url00:01
w00t_fast forward?00:02
lifelessw00t_: oh, using a git term; just a normal push :)00:02
lamalexvila: bob2 do either of you actually use dvc?00:05
bob2lamalex: no00:06
lifelessok, going full screen hacking; I'll check back here from time to time - just don't expect fast turnaround on questions for a while ;)00:06
vilabob2, AFAIK dvc is still developed and vc is still developed, I *hope* vc-bzr is kept in think, I'd love to find the time to play a bit with some vc-bzr/pymacs/bzrlib approach... but don't jold your breath00:07
vilalamalex, I use dvc daily00:08
lamalexvila: is there a relevant section of your .emacs i could take a look at?00:08
vilasure, but what are you after more precisely ?00:09
bob2vila: evil but clever00:09
bob2have to incorporate ropemacs into that somehow00:09
vilaropemacs ?00:09
lamalexvila: i want to be able to just do C-c v c (or something) and have it commit, maybe another command to push, merge, diff, all from inside emacs00:10
bob2refactoring dealy, along the lines of bicycle repair man00:10
lifelessbob2: oh, can I orphan brm then?00:11
vilalamalex, I think the default binding is C-x V (not 'v')00:11
lamalexshouldn't a mode show up when I do M-x dvc-<TAB> though?00:11
lamalexI don't see anything00:11
bob2lifeless: dunno if it has any vim integration yet00:12
bob2lamalex: did you load it?00:12
vilalamalex, ha ! You're right... but you're wrong :-/00:12
lamalexgood old emacs00:12
vilalamalex, try dvc-status when in a file under bzr control and see00:12
lifelessbob2: there is ropevim00:12
lamalexthat opens a new buffer00:13
vilalamalex, or try dvc-diff00:13
lamalexso do I type a commit message in that?00:13
vilalamalex, no wait00:13
lamalexok yah now i see bzr status00:14
lamalexso i do -x  c00:14
lamalexsorry ;)00:14
vilatry dvc-diff first00:14
vilalamalex, sry. I prefer to drive you a bit around so you get a taste, but we'll get to commit fast enough00:15
w00t_lifeless: hmm. so i'll have to push each branch seperately?00:15
viladvc-diff is my prefered "mode" but when some files are not yet under bzr control they don't show up, you need to use dvc-status for that00:16
lamalexok so im in dvc-diff00:16
lamalex/now/ Do C-x V c?00:16
vilanow, dvc-diff buffers are indeed in a specialized diff-mode mode00:16
vilano :)00:16
vilajust 'c'00:16
lamalexok so c takes me too a buffer with a commit message00:17
lamalexhow do I accept that message00:17
vilashould open a dvc-edit-log-mode buffer when you add your00:17
vilaC-c C-c00:17
w00t_lifeless: heh, I'm now getting bzr: ERROR: These branches have diverged. Use the merge command to reconcile them.00:17
lifelessw00t_: yes, most pushes in bzr are single branch (branch is the basic user object folk work with)00:17
vilalamalex, and now you *must* refresh your dvc buffers :-/00:18
lifelessjelmer: if you're around, can you offer some hints here, I don't know enugh about bzr-svn's guts to predict what is best for w00t_00:18
w00t_(when trying to push to the empty svn repo)00:18
w00t_lifeless: ok, thanks, I do appreciate your help and patience00:18
lamalexah ha00:18
w00t_I'll wait around to see if jelmer has a few moments :)00:18
lamalexhmm how do i refresh the buffers?00:18
lifelessjelmer: he is trying to convert a full git repo to svn (preserving datestamps) by fast-export to bzr, then bzr-svn pushes to a new svn repo00:18
jelmerw00t_, lifeless: Hi00:19
w00t_hey there! :)00:19
jelmerw00t_, You can't push to the root of the repository, you probably want to push to /trunk00:19
jelmerw00t_, if you would like to push the merged revisions as well, use --merged00:19
w00t_jelmer: aha! a bit of a confusing error message :)00:19
w00t_hmm, merged revisions.. can you elaborate on that a bit for me?00:19
vilalamalex, all in all, there rough edges in dvc (lack of doc being one) but diff-mode is very useful as quick way to navigate into your current modifications and reverting/applying them at will (so be sure to look C-C C-c and C-c C-a in these buffers)00:20
jelmerw00t_, merged revisions are revisions which are not on the mainline00:21
jelmerw00t_, the revisions shown indented when running "bzr log"00:21
w00t_oh, I see00:21
w00t_revisions that occured on another branch00:21
lamalexvila: thanks for your help00:21
vilalamalex, you're welcome00:21
lamalexat the very least the diff and commit will be useful00:22
lamalexis there a way to push quickly?00:22
jelmerw00t_, Does that help?00:23
w00t_jelmer: hmm.00:27
w00t_jelmer: it went through a lengthy import process, and then:00:27
w00t_bzr: ERROR: Prefix missing for branches/merged; please create it before pushing.00:27
jelmerw00t_, please create the "branches" directory in the svn repository00:30
w00t_jelmer: hmm, that also imported, but didn't preserve committer name/timestamp -- i guess that is wishful thinking then00:30
jelmerw00t_, it can, but you have to set an extra option00:30
w00t_..oh.. what do I do after creating that directory? just try push again?00:31
lifelesspoolie: btw, for the tree logic, I'm allowing mutable nodes internally for now, to get it up and running.00:31
jelmerw00t_, yep00:31
jelmerw00t_, (newer versions of bzr-svn will do that for you)00:31
jelmerw00t_: to keep properties, set "override-svn-revprops = svn:date;svn:author"00:31
w00t_where do I set that? I imagine there is some kind of either repo or user-level config00:32
jelmeryeah, ~/.bazaar/subversion.conf00:32
w00t_i shall try experiment with this some more tomorrow00:34
w00t_it looks promising :-)00:34
jelmercool :-)00:36
w00t_for now, bed for me00:36
w00t_thanks for your help lifeless and jelmer :-)00:36
poolielifeless: hey, want to catch up sometime?01:38
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jelmerlifeless, Could it be that PQM doesn't support ftp:// either atm ?02:04
lifelessjelmer: absolutely; different machine, firewalled02:21
jelmerlifeless: Ah, ok. I'll just fall back to http for now - thanks02:23
lifelesspoolie: so what I was trying to say was - there is create_by_apply_delta already, but it and apply_delta have (I think) usefully different behaviours. Changing stuff where it makes sense to use create_by_apply_delta - +1. Avoiding having apply_delta - more trouble than it's worth I think.02:25
adeelis it possible to add/update a file to a bzr repo, without checking out the entire tree?03:36
lifelessspiv: care to join #gnome-bzr on gimpnet03:37
lifelessadeel: using the bzrlib api, yes, but not using the regular commands03:38
adeellifeless, can you clarify how that'd work?03:39
lifelessadeel: you'd create a MemoryTree object from the branch tip, make your changes, and commit the MemoryTree03:40
adeelmy situation is this...i work on multiple projects but not all at once , and carrying around the full repo for each project isn't viable at this moment, so i was wondering if it was possible to add/update files without a fulll checkout03:40
adeellifeless, is that procedure documented anywhere?03:41
lifelessadeel: yes, in the bzrlib programming documentation03:42
adeellifeless, one last question, does bzr support overlays?03:42
lifelessadeel: but I don't think its what you need; you want something like views, which is proposed but not finished03:42
lifelessI don't know precisely what you mean by overlays; I'm guessing you don't mean the 1980's programming model for loading libraries on CP/M and DOS03:43
adeelheh, no...i meant overlays in the svn sense03:43
lifelessI don't know what they are03:43
adeelor multiple working copies at the same time03:43
lifelessuhm, clearly we support that, or people couldn't ever work on more than one project03:44
lifelessor do you mean co-located ina single directory?03:44
adeelyes, in a single dir03:44
lifelessyou can nest working copies03:45
lifelessbut you can't colocate multiple working copies at a single dir03:45
adeelgood to know, i can work around that03:45
adeelthanks for the help03:46
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AfCWhat is "CHK"?06:20
lifelesscontent hash key06:21
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robstais there a(n easy) way to run bzr from the ppa with bzr-svn?09:08
robstait says "bzr-svn: Depends: bzr (< 1.8~) but 1.9-1~bazaar1~intrepid1 is to be installed"09:09
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siretartrobsta: yes. mkdir ~/.bazaar/plugins ; bzr get lp:bzr-svn/0.4 ~/.bazaar/plugins/svn09:59
robstaoh, thanks, guess i'll wait for the deb, then09:59
siretartOTOH, it would be nice if the ~bzr PPA would have updated packages for bzrtools and bzr-svn, though.10:00
w00t_jelmer: hmm, it seems the setting to preserve committer/timestamp didn't seem to take effect, or is it supposed to be in some subsection of subversion.conf10:00
w00t_jelmer: hmm, I really don't know what I've done wrong10:52
w00t_jelmer: I set override-svn-revprops like you mentioned, I tried changing it to comma seperated like your FAQ mentions, I tried moving it to bazaar.conf like the FAQ mentions, I enabled the revprop hook and made it executable.. nothing seems to not mangle time/author info :(10:59
g0nzal0hullo everyone11:38
g0nzal0I've just updated my Ubuntu to Intrepid11:38
g0nzal0I have PPA repositories configured11:39
g0nzal0and corrected them accordingly11:39
g0nzal0which updated bzr to 1.911:39
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g0nzal0now I get11:40
g0nzal0bzr: ERROR: Version mismatch11:40
g0nzal0when I issue "bzr status"11:40
poolieg0nzal0: any other information?11:41
g0nzal0or "bzr diff somefolder/somefile"11:41
g0nzal0poolie: such as? I'm totally lost here :(11:41
poolieis that the only error message it prints?11:42
pooliehow about if you try "less ~/.bzr.log"11:42
g0nzal0well, a warning about bzr-svn is also printed11:43
pooliei think this means bzr-svn is out of date in the ppa11:43
g0nzal0$ bzr diff surveygen/views.py11:43
g0nzal0bzr-svn is not up to date with installed bzr version 1.9.11:43
g0nzal0There should be a newer version of bzr-svn available.11:43
g0nzal0bzr: ERROR: Version mismatch11:43
poolieand does it just stop there?11:43
Kinnisonjelmer: What's the state of bzr-git these days?11:43
g0nzal0poolie: whoa ~/.bzr.log has a Traceback!!!! :)11:44
g0nzal0poolie: http://dpaste.com/89976/11:45
g0nzal0poolie: removing bzr-svn (I didn't really used it much, will reinstall it if needed) did the trick, thanks!11:51
poolieit should be updated soon11:58
Spoobwhen i try to push the newst version that error message comes: Permission denied (publickey).12:05
Spoobbzr: ERROR: Connection closed: please check connectivity and permissions (and try -Dhpss if further diagnosis is required)12:05
Spoobwhats the problem?12:05
Odd_BlokeSpoob: Are you trying to push to Launchpad without having set up a public key on Launchpad?12:05
SpoobOdd_Bloke: i already set my ssh key in launchpad12:06
Odd_BlokeSpoob: Well, apparently not. ;)12:06
Odd_BlokeCan you use ssh to Launchpad?12:07
EarthLion_hey how can i push a specific file from revno x?12:07
EarthLion_i don't want to revert12:07
EarthLion_i just want to get in into a serparate folder12:07
SpoobOdd_Bloke: how can i try it?12:07
Odd_BlokeSpoob: 'ssh bazaar.launchpad.net', maybe.12:08
SpoobPermission denied (publickey). :S12:08
Spoobhow can i register the to bzr?12:08
Odd_BlokeEarthLion_: 'bzr cat -r<REVSPEC> <FILE>' will show you the contents of <FILE> at the given revision.12:08
Odd_BlokeSpoob: You haven't set your public key up properly, it would seem.12:09
SpoobOdd_Bloke: i already did it, im sure, https://launchpad.net/~spoob12:09
EarthLion_Odd_Bloke: thank you so much :)12:10
Odd_BlokeEarthLion_: No worries.12:10
Odd_BlokeSpoob: Well, your SSH client isn't using the key, I guess.12:11
Spoobhow can i set bzr up to my ssh key?12:11
Odd_BlokeSpoob: You don't need to set bzr to use your SSH key, you need to set up your SSH client to use your SSH key.12:11
Odd_BlokeThen bzr should work fine.12:12
Odd_BlokeSpoob: Try 'ssh bazaar.launchpad.net -vv', that'll give you more output.12:12
awilkinsDon't you need the username so it knows which authorized_keys to check?12:16
Odd_BlokeHmm, yeah, but I'm guessing there'll be a message about not even finding a public key.12:17
Odd_BlokeSpoob: Try 'ssh <username>@bazaar.launchpad.net'.12:17
SpoobOdd_Bloke: yeah now it works, really thank12:18
Odd_BlokeSpoob: And you're able to push properly?12:29
Spoobyeas, but now i cant my files here https://code.launchpad.net/~spoob/+junk/main :P12:29
Odd_BlokeSpoob: Have you added the files and committed your changes?12:30
Spoobbut i do it again now12:31
Spoobah now it works thanks!12:33
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jelmerw00t_, hi13:28
w00t_jelmer: morning! :)13:29
jelmerKinnison, it can import from local git repositories, though it's a bit slow13:29
* Kinnison prods someone to keep doing the svn mirror for now13:35
jelmerw00t_, if you use the latest revision from the 0.4 branch, there's a separate command-line option13:58
w00t_jelmer: i'm using ubuntu's packages.. :(14:02
Steven1i'm running intrepid, is there a way to enable nautilus integration?14:19
Steven1chevdor: how? i've not been able to find anything useful, and the readme file of bzr says it was packaged without nautilus integration14:21
chevdorSteven1, i don't remember, but it works here on my pc so I probably found a solution... I just followed the docs, can't tell u more14:22
chevdorSteven1, but it is not fully usable yet i'd say, it's on its way :)14:23
Steven1chevdor: thanks, i was just curious :P i think i'll wait a little, command line works well :)14:24
chevdorSteven1, it is moving fast though, check out in a few weeks14:26
Steven1ok, thanks, is there any chance to see loggerhead packaged?14:27
jelmerSteven1, there's a package in Debian experimental that will hopefully make it into jaunty14:35
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* rocky has given up on relying for bzr-connected pkgs in ubuntu ... always out of date14:53
jelmerw00t_, what did you set in subversion.conf exactly?14:57
w00t_jelmer: one moment14:58
w00t_I tried both:14:58
w00t_override-svn-revprops = svn:date, svn:author14:58
w00t_and: override-svn-revprops = svn:date;svn:author14:58
w00t_in subversion.conf as well as bazaar.conf (your FAQ said to use that, at least..)14:59
jelmerw00t_, in the section for the repository you're pushing to?15:00
w00t_jelmer: ah. no, does it need to be?15:00
jelmerw00t_, yeah15:00
w00t_jelmer: how can I get a section created before I push, then? it seems to only create one after I've started the push15:00
w00t_(also, is the comma or the semicolon version correct?)15:00
jelmerw00t_, The section name is the repository UUID (svn info <path-to-repository>)15:01
w00t_hmm and how may I retrieve the uuid?15:01
jelmerw00t_, it's printed by "svn info <path-to-repository>"15:03
w00t_jelmer: okay, I shall give it a go. which should I use, comma or semicolon?15:04
rockyso is bzr-hg essentially dead?15:04
jelmerrocky, yeah15:04
jelmerw00t_, Not sure, actually; I *think* it's semicolon15:04
rockythat's too bad, i wanted to mirror a hg branch in bzr to make it easier to work on15:05
rockyjelmer: don't suppose you have a pattern (or know of one written up on the web) for managing a bzr branch for a piece of software that uses a foreign non-supported vcs ? (essentially no vcs i guess)15:06
jelmerrocky, no, sorry :-/15:06
hnorocky: If there is no VCS then import their releases, and do your work on a separate branch merging from the vendor branch.15:13
rockyhno: right, i guess the hard part is determining what changed between vendor releases and applying just that into my separate branch15:14
rockyoh wait15:14
rockyhno: mind elaborating on the import-into-vendor-branch part?15:14
hnorocky: bzr does that for you.. just import as-is into the vendor branch..15:14
jelmerw00t_, any luck?15:14
rockyhno: so import the first release as a vendor branch... and then when another release comes out extract it on top of the old vendor branch and do a add/commit ?15:15
hnorocky: Yes.15:15
hnoand do your own work on a separate branch, using bzr merge to bring changes over from the vendor branch.15:16
rockyawesome thanks15:16
rockythat's the sort of pattern i was looking for15:16
hnorocky: this pattern works with any VCS supporting merges...15:17
rockyhno: sure, i've just never had to do anything like this before ;)15:17
w00t_jelmer: kind of caught up in an emergency.. sorry15:19
rockyjelmer: another bzr-svn issue...  http://cluebin.appspot.com/pasted/300215:24
rockyjelmer: btw, when i do a branch like that, does it download all the rev info for the entire remote svn repo ?15:27
rockyi hope not, because that svn repo is HUGE and hosts many many projects15:27
jelmeryes, it downloads the metadata for all revisions (not the contents)15:28
rockythat repo has 75k revisions :(15:28
jelmerit's a one-time operation though15:28
jelmerand it's quite fast (looks like it's only a couple of minutes here)15:29
rockyah cool15:30
rockyjelmer: btw if you do fix that bug i just pasted and it's a simple fix i'd like to apply it against my working bzr-svn15:31
jelmerrocky, can't reproduce that here15:52
jelmerrocky, can you remove the svn cache and try again ? Are you running the 0.4 branch?15:53
jelmerrocky, did you use earlier versions of bzr-svn with this repository?15:55
rockyjelmer: i'm using 0.4.15 release tarball ... and i don't believe i've ever used this with the repo, but i can remove my svn cache16:06
rockyjelmer: but if you look at my paste you can see it is initializing the svn cache for that repo16:06
rockyso that makes it seem like it's "from scratch"16:06
jelmerhmm, right16:06
jelmerare you out of disk space perhaps?16:06
rocky2gb free16:08
rockynot enough?16:08
jelmeryeah, that should be plenty16:09
jelmercan you try again, just in case?16:09
jelmerwould be really weird if it did work, but it does work here16:09
rockyi'm trying again16:09
rockyi deleted the specific cache dir16:10
rockyrunning a lot faster than i expected actually.. already through 14k revs16:10
rocky(last time i ran it under emacs eshell which meant i wasn't getting status info)16:10
rockyjelmer: when you ran it, did you run it against python2.5 or python2.6 ?16:11
rockyit just blew up again16:11
rockyi'm using 2.6 which probably comes with a diff sqlite3 version which could be the difference16:11
jelmercan you try with 2.5 perhaps?16:11
rockyhrm, would have to rebuild my environment16:13
rockyjelmer: it's a lot further along now with py2.516:20
jelmerif it does turn out to be python2.6, please file a bug16:21
jelmerI'll be back in a couple of hours16:21
w00t_jelmer: does this look correct, then? (emergency over ;-)) [33d11fd1-86b3-441f-987f-5b8a439e6865]16:35
w00t_locations = file://localhost/var/git/public/crazyshit/a-s16:35
w00t_override-svn-revprops = svn:date, svn:author16:35
w00t_(excuse language, that really is the dirname, should have thought first)16:35
jelmerw00t_, yeah, that looks ok16:36
w00t_right, I shall give it a go then16:36
jelmeralternatively, you can just set it to "True"16:37
jelmerinstead of "svn:date, svn:author"16:37
w00t_hmm, that sets all properties I assume16:37
w00t_bzr: ERROR: Unable to set revision property svn:author.16:37
w00t_I guess that means my hook is wrong16:38
* w00t_ investigates16:38
jelmeryeah, that would indeed suggest the hook is wrong16:38
w00t_jelmer: yeah, that messed up the metadata on the first commit - but worked on the rest, so I guess we're on to a winner now! :)16:41
jelmercool :-)16:41
w00t_jelmer: if I might make a suggestion -- would it not make sense to default this setting to on?16:41
jelmerThe first one would've been incorrect because it adjusts the properties after you push the commit16:41
jelmer(and after the first commit you got that warning)16:41
w00t_I understand why it messed that up, I shall do another import to fix it16:42
jelmerYou can also just adjust the first revision manually16:42
w00t_(*sigh*, this has to be like the 99th time I've recreated this repo now :-))16:42
w00t_oh. I didn't know that..16:42
jelmer(svn propset --revprop -r<rev> <name> <value>)16:42
w00t_now I guess I need to read up on bazaar so I can use it properly :-)16:43
jelmerw00t_, There are very few actual SVN repositories out there that allow changing the svn:date and svn:author, that's why it's not enabled by default16:43
w00t_jelmer: oh. good point!16:43
rockyjelmer: turned out to be specific to py2.6 ... i'll setup a bug report here when i get a chacne16:44
jelmerrocky, thanks16:44
w00t_elmer: (though a param to svn-push would perhaps work too?16:44
jelmerw00t_, there is a parameter to svn-push in the 0.4 branch :-)16:44
w00t_jelmer: oh! fantastic16:45
w00t_now I'll just have to wait until ubuntu picks it up... :-P16:45
jelmerjaunty should have it..16:45
w00t_good, because I'll probably be running it when it hits alpha16:46
PeakerI'm looking at https://zooko.com/badmerge/concrete-good-semantics.html -- and it makes a convincing argument that a 3-way merge loses interesting information17:56
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abentleyPeaker: Bazaar supports more types of merging than just 3-way.18:32
Peakerabentley: what advantage does 3-way have over looking at all the intermediate revisions?18:33
abentleyPeaker: It's faster and easier to understand.18:33
Peakercorrectness over performance? :-)18:34
PeakerI don't know if it is easier to understand, if a newbie is facing a conflict that would not be there if the merger looked at all available information, its probably harder for the newbie to understand18:35
abentleyPeaker: It is.  We have experience with peoples' reaction to weave merge conflicts, and they can't tell what's going on.18:36
abentleyWith 3-way, you can look at the different versions and see why it's doing what it's doing.18:37
abentleyWhen there are N versions, that's essentially impossible.18:37
Peakerabentley: I see18:38
abentleyPeaker: Also, Zooko is not presenting a case that causes conflicts.  Situations where 3-way produces conflicts but weave merge would not are rare, except for criss-cross merge.18:38
Peakerabentley: zooko says its worse, you get no conflict, but a wrong merge silently18:40
Peakerabentley: square was renamed and a new square function was written, and the merge takes the new square to be the old..18:41
abentleyYou were talking about "a newbie facing a conflict".18:41
Peakeroops, my bad ;)18:41
PeakerI guess its a newbie getting a wrong merge18:41
abentleyPeaker: Yes.  No merge will ever be perfect.  The best defence is a test suite.18:42
Peakerabentley: does weave introduce confusing conflicts that 3-way doesn't?  If not, what was confusing about its merges?18:42
abentleyPeaker: I don't think it produces them more often, but when it does, they may be more confusing.18:45
abentleyBecause they are caused by information that you can't see.18:46
Peakeryou could see the whole 2 diff paths side-by-side, rather than 2 big patches side-by-side?18:48
abentleyPeaker: I don't understand the question.18:48
Peakerabentley: you said its based on information you cannot see, why not show it?18:49
Peakerthe information is all the intermediate revisions, right?18:49
abentleyPeaker: The information is the graph of revision history and the annotation of the lines, and the resulting status of the lines.18:50
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gauthiermHas anyone here used bzr-svn?20:00
jelmeryep :-)20:00
ymlI am trying to port some of the modif done in a bzr repo to a git repo. I try to use something like bzr export <git_folder> <bzr_branch>20:01
gauthiermI exported an svn repository and made several hundred changes in bzr. I now have svn commit access. Is it possible to replay my bzr commits as svn commits?20:01
mDuffgauthierm, being able to push to svn repositories is one of bzr-svn's big bullet points, though I haven't used it personally.20:02
ymlbzr is telling me that : bzr: ERROR: [Errno 17] File exists: '<git_folder>/'20:02
mDuffyml, you're not trying to keep history, just move a snapshot? export to a new directory, rsync from that into the git folder.20:03
ymlmDuff: ok that will do I was looking for a --overwright option20:04
ymlmDuff: but what you propose seems to be a workable solution20:05
jelmergauthierm, if the history is linear (no merge commits) you should be able to just use "bzr push"20:05
ymlmDuff: Do you know the option on top of your head to overwrite with rsync20:12
mDuffyml, rsync -ra source_dir/. dest_dir/. should do that by default.20:13
ymlI try rsync <exported_branch> <my_git_folder>20:13
mDuffyml, the /. is there for a reason.20:13
mDuffyml, same with the -ra20:14
ymlmDuff thank you for your kind assitance20:14
gauthiermjelmer: Yep, its linear. Do I just point to hte svn repo in the bzr push command?20:14
jelmergauthierm, yes20:15
gauthiermjelmer: bzr says the braches have diverged and I should merge. The merge command says my .bzr repository is not compatible with the svn repository.20:18
gauthiermIt's worth mentioning that I did a clean export of the code (no svn info) before starting my work in bzr.20:18
jelmergauthierm, ah, so the original branch wasn't created using bzr-svn ?20:18
gauthiermjelmer: nope. I used svn export and then bzr init.20:18
mDuff...oh; that's not good.20:19
jelmergauthierm: In that case, it's not so easy to push your changes into svn20:19
gauthiermhmm.. is it impossible or just more difficult?20:19
mDuffgauthierm, well, you can write a script that reapplies as patches one-at-a-time; with a bit of elbow grease, nothing's *impossible*20:20
gauthiermIs there any example of doing that sort of thing online?20:20
* mDuff would probably make a new branch, created *with* bzr-svn, and transfer patches onto that; safer than trying to apply straight to the real svn repo.20:20
mDuffgauthierm, does your branch include renames, move operations, or the like?20:23
gauthiermmDuff: Yep. Quite a few.20:23
mDuff...hrm; that makes things trickier.20:24
gauthiermTrickier in the get-patch, apply-patch sense?20:26
mDuffgauthierm, hmm -- looks like the fastimport stream format is name rather than arbitrary-ID based; you *might* be able to use the bzr-fastimport toolchain to move revisions between the branches, but YMMV, some-assembly-required.20:31
gauthiermSo if I did this correctly from the start, how would it work?20:33
mDuffgauthierm, if you'd used bzr-svn to check out from the svn repo in the first place, and there hadn't been changes made to the repo in the meantime? You'd run "bzr push svn://whatever" and it'd Just Work.20:34
mDuff...at least, that's my understanding.20:34
jelmeryeah, that's right20:34
adeelanyone mind helping me think through a repo layout?21:13
hnoadeel: can try21:15
adeelhno, thanks...i'm pretty much trying to setup a central repo for personal & project files over windows/mac/linux on 3 different machines21:16
adeelin svn, i would have used the svn:external feature, which would let me create multiple repo profiles that i could check out for a semi-custom tree21:17
adeelwhere svn:externals has this functionality: http://svnbook.red-bean.com/en/1.0/ch07s03.html21:17
adeeli recall reading about a 'meta-repo' for bzr, but can't seem to find any meaningful documentation on it21:18
hnoadeel: Do you really really want a split repository where some parts is hosted here and some parts there?21:18
adeelhno, well all my project files should be separate from my personal ones...because i'll need my project files on the 3 different os's, but i don't need the . files in windows but i do in mac/linux, nor do i need the Library folder in linux/windows but i do in Mac21:19
adeelhno, i was hoping not to have multiple repo's, but 1 common repo between them all, and each is in it's own top level dir21:20
Peng_What's the difference between bzr+http and http? Why are they different?21:20
hnoPeng_: bzr+http is the bzr smart http server, with bzr extensions. http is plain http file serving.21:21
adeelhno, i was thinking of using as the layout....http://doc.bazaar-vcs.org/bzr.dev/en/user-guide/index.html#choosing-a-shared-repository-layout21:22
Peng_hno: I know that. I mean that "http"'s smart server auto-detection behaves differently from bzr+http.21:22
Peng_BTW, "bzr branches" is *really* inefficient over a smart server, heheh.21:22
Peng_Haha, it made like 500 requests.21:25
Peng_To scan a fairly small directory tree.21:25
Peng_...Seriously, there were like 5 branches there.21:26
adeelhno, any thoughts on the layout?21:29
LarstiQPeng_: I assume it's trying to to a vfs tree walk?21:29
Peng_LarstiQ: Probably.21:30
Peng_s/Probably/I guess/21:30
Peng_Why does walking...64 directories take 500 requests though?21:30
Peng_(And why do I have 64 directories there anyway?)21:30
LarstiQI don't know the answer to that, but I do know 'branches' is horribly inefficient over http (or other transports without a reliable listdir)21:31
Peng_Does bzr+http should have a reliable listdir?21:32
adeelapparently not21:32
hnoadeel: Never needed to do anything like that.21:32
=== mw|food is now known as mw
LarstiQPeng_: no21:33
Peng_Wait...is the mailing list at lists.canonical.com or lists.ubuntu.com?21:33
LarstiQPeng_: bzr+http is supposed to not use vfs methods when it can. But I doubt there is a `Repository.branches` verb.21:33
adeelhno, well from the bzr doc's, it says i can get similar functionality with nested trees, so i might give that a shot...but right now i'm still 1 step behind that...i'm still not sure how to setup the repo right...do i init-repo with or without trees?21:34
LarstiQPeng_: I'd guess canonical, but both hosts have resolved to the same thing in the past iirc21:34
* LarstiQ needs to start learning section numbers by haert21:34
Peng_They're different hosts ATM.21:35
hnoadeel: Without generally if it's a shared repository accessed remotely..21:35
adeelhno, and what does that result in practice? the --without-trees option just adds the blank dir without any of the subdirs to a repo?21:37
hnoadeel: Yes, only the .bzr control files.21:37
hnoadeel: actual content only stored within bzr.21:37
adeeland the benefit of that is?21:38
abentleyjml: Quick talk?21:38
LarstiQadeel: not storing things you're not using.21:39
abentleyjml: yah21:39
adeelLarstiQ, i'm still unclear on that....i can understand using that when checking out a repo, but why would i do that when creating a repo, unless i was trying to nest branches or something?21:40
hnoadeel: With a shared repository you have the checkout in your working directories, not the repository. In a non-shared repository the repository and working directory is the same.21:41
adeeli never knew RCS's could be so confusing....svn seems trivial compared to bzr at this point21:42
adeelhno, can you clarify the 'you have the checkout in your working directories, no the repository' for me? i think i'm interpreting it wrong21:43
LarstiQadeel: well, in the case of a repository on a remote server you don't do any actual work on, it's purpose is publishing/archiving branches.21:43
LarstiQadeel: you will never edit files or merge things there. So you don't need a working tree.21:44
adeelLarstiQ, yeah, i get that21:44
adeelahhh, ok; so where does bzr store the files on the repo then?21:44
hnoadeel: It stores them in the bzr repository. Located in the .bzr folder in the directory you specified to init-repo21:45
Peng_Oh, I bet I understand why. "bzr+http" uses the smart server for VFS operations, while "http"...doesn't.21:45
Peng_That probably makes http more efficint.21:45
hnoPeng_: Do "http" ever use the smart server?21:46
Peng_hno: Yes.21:47
Peng_hno: "http" has automatically probed for .bzr/smart since 1.4rc1.21:48
LarstiQadeel: the files are stored as history, just like svn would.21:49
adeelLarstiQ, so is there a preferred layout for a shared repo in bzr? i was thinking of doing multiple TLD21:49
adeelLarstiQ, true, but svn also stores the files/revision history in either a bdb or flat file structure, i'm not sure how bzr stores it...seems like flat files21:49
LarstiQadeel: personally, I have one repository per project, and a reasonably flat namespace within21:49
adeelLarstiQ, does that add a lot of overhead?21:50
Peng_adeel: No.21:50
LarstiQadeel: nope21:50
adeelthe only reason i ask, is that i expect to have multiple common files in some of the projects & personal files21:50
adeeland instead of having duplicate files everywhere, just have the common file projects be branches21:51
haasegI must be doing something wrong  - I can't get any of the team context menu options to be active up in bzr-eclipse21:52
LarstiQadeel: that could make sense, yes.21:52
adeelLarstiQ, i'm still having trouble wrapping my head around what bzr calls branches and whatnot...even though i've read the user guide/intro materials a few dozen times21:53
haaseganyone using bzr-eclipse?21:57
hnoPeng_: Right. I get your original question now.21:57
LarstiQadeel: branches are the major units you work with with bazaar.22:00
adeelLarstiQ, yeah, i've figured that much out...i guess a lot will get cleared up when i actually start doing work with it22:02
LarstiQadeel: I sure hope so :)22:02
adeelotherwise i'll just be back here bugging everyone =cp22:03
LarstiQadeel: one branch versions a set of files/directories together as a logical unit.22:03
LarstiQadeel: that's ok :)22:03
adeelLarstiQ, so each branch has it's own revision numbers, correct?22:03
LarstiQadeel: correct22:04
adeelok, so it seems like i'm going to do the nested style repo....22:05
adeelwith a nested repo, i can still do --local commits if i choose to, correct?22:05
haasegSo...  what I guess I don't understand with all the branches - what is the trunk?22:06
adeelhaaseg, it depends on what style of a repo you have22:06
adeelyou don't necessarily have to have an explicit trunk it seems22:07
adeelhaaseg, http://doc.bazaar-vcs.org/bzr.dev/en/user-guide/index.html#choosing-a-shared-repository-layout might clarify a few things22:07
haasegthx adeel22:10
mfonisoWhen trying to commit changes using the command 'bzr commit -m "comment" filename', I get the following error -  bzr: ERROR: Cannot lock LockDir(http://bazaar.launchpad.net/%7Estefanlsd/%2Bjunk/source-switcher/.bzr/branch/lock): Transport operation not possible: http does not support mkdir()22:14
mfonisocan anyone please tell me what I'm doing wrong?22:15
w00t_is there a way to rename a branch?22:18
lifeless'mv foo bar'22:20
lifelessmfoniso: you've checked out a branch over http; launchpad doesn't run an http write-demon, so you can't commit to it there22:21
w00t_lifeless: really that easy? hah, awesome22:21
lifelessmfoniso: also, unless you are stefanlsd, you're trying to commit to someone else's branch22:21
lifelessmfoniso: you can: convert your checkout to a branch (bzr reconfigure --branch), or you can 'bzr switch' to a writable url (but as I'm guessing its not your branch you'd need to make a branch first, doing the reconfigure is probably best)22:22
lifelessmDuff: btw22:26
lifelessmDuff: are you still doing that huge repo project?22:27
mDufflifeless, no -- that was my former employer; I bailed out of there around January or so.22:27
lifelessok. I was going to mention that the 1.9 format would be a significant upgrade22:27
lifelessgood basic data types for the win22:27
PeanutHeadHey everyone, hopefully you guys can help me, I'm new on Bazaar, I already created my branch, commit my changes, and i'm trying to creat a patch to send by email, but the command send -o fix.patch is not working22:38
PeanutHeadthe error msg that pops up is: bzr: ERROR: No submit branch known or specified22:39
PeanutHeadI have no idea what is wrong since I'm inside my brach directory22:40
mDuffPeanutHead, provide as an extra parameter the branch which you want to submit changes relative to22:41
PeanutHeadmDuff, my branch is at the folder src, so I would have to write the send command like this: command send -o fix.patch src22:42
mDuffPeanutHead, src is what you have that you want to submit, not where you started from, right?22:43
lifelessPeanutHead: 'send -o fix.patch BRANCH_YOU_MADE_YOUR_BRANCH_FROM'22:44
PeanutHeadsrc is the directory where I started my branch22:45
PeanutHeadlifeless, BRANCH_YOU_MADE_YOUR_BRANCH_FROM means branch nick??22:45
mDuffPeanutHead, it isn't the branch that the upstream people you're submitting your patch to have, though, right?22:45
mDuffPeanutHead, when you did your initial "bzr branch", you provided a remote URL to someone else's system, I'm assuming; that URL is probably what you want to use here.22:46
PeanutHeadno.. i didnt provide an URL22:47
PeanutHeadmDuff, I'm using it locally and then I'm supposed to send the changes22:47
lifelessPeanutHead: how did you get your local branch22:47
PeanutHeadlifeless, bzr init22:48
PeanutHeadlifeless, bzr add22:48
lifelessPeanutHead: and the person you want to send these changes to, they are already using bzr?22:49
PeanutHeadlifeless, bzr commit -m "msg"22:49
PeanutHeadlifeless, yeah he is using22:49
mDuffPeanutHead, ahh -- you should have made your branch by branching their remote branch, not by running a new "bzr init"22:49
lifelessPeanutHead: so, what you have done is start a branch new project in bzr, rather than work on his project; you need to do 'bzr branch HIS-BRANCH LOCAL-PATH'22:50
lifelessthen cd LOCAL-PATH22:50
lifelessmake your changes22:50
lifelessbzr commit -m 'MSG'22:50
lifelessand then 'bzr send'22:50
PeanutHeadlifeless, let me try22:52
mfonisolifeless:thanks for the suggestions... it turns out I have to upload my ssh keys to launchpad, but it won't accept the ones I have which were supposedly created using a vulnerable ssh suite. And I'm having problems upgrading to the fixed ssh suite. I'll just leave it for later. I'm going to sleep22:52
lifelessmfoniso: gnight22:53
PeanutHeadlifeless, it is asking for an email address.. should I simply add an email address?22:53
lifelessPeanutHead: of the person you want the changes sent to, yes22:53
PeanutHeadC:\Documents and Settings\David Nemer\workspace\Projektarbeit\src>bzr send ../src dmerge@gmail.com22:55
PeanutHeadbzr: ERROR: No mail-to address specified.22:55
PeanutHeadlifeless, still says that no email is specified22:55
lifelessPeanutHead: 'bzr send HIS-BRANCH'22:56
lifelessPeanutHead: no other parameters22:56
lifelessPeanutHead: no other options22:56
PeanutHeadlifeless, I guess it works now! thanks so much for your help23:01
PeanutHeadmDuff, thank you too man23:01
pooliehi lifeless23:12
poolienet is flakey23:12
lifelessthe hi poolie123:15
lifelesswas mailing jam23:15
lifelesspoolie1: if jam can run up skype that would be better voice quality23:18
Pieterigc: did you see the fastimport patches?23:35
* jml does a thing he hasn't done before23:38
poolie1lifeless: i was wondering about calling this new format 'mesh' to continue the theme23:43
jdongthat's a neat buzzword :)23:44
poolie1knit, weave, mesh23:44
poolie1i think it needs some short non-acronym name23:44
thumperis there a way to reconfigure a shared repo with trees to be a shared repo without trees?23:45
jml(or maybe no)23:45
jmlbut probably yes.23:45
thumperjml: thanks, but I really want a command to run23:45
jmlno, I can't see an option.23:45
abentleythumper: touch .bzr/repository/no-working-trees23:46
jmlthumper: if you are trying to switch over to a "shared repo without trees + lightweight checkout" layout, I wrote a plugin to do just that.23:46
thumperabentley: oh, nice integrated command then :)23:46
Odd_BlokeThat seems like something that should be 'reconfigure'able...23:46
abentleyOdd_Bloke: indeed.23:46
jmlthumper: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~jml/+junk/bzr-establish -- the code is pretty bad.23:47
thumperjml: I'm sure it is awesome23:48
Odd_Blokejml: Some of the docstrings are wrong. :)23:48
jmlOdd_Bloke: all part of the fun :)23:48
jmlthumper: your confidence overwhelms me :P23:49
Odd_BlokeAnyway, I should avoid getting sucked into that, as I have work tomorrow. D:23:49
mDuffbtw -- I've been working with git recently; one of the (few) things I like about its UI is the ease of working with branches. Have helpers been added to bzr while I wasn't paying attention (read: anywhere in the last few years) to offer similar terseness in addressing different branches within the current project's repo? "bzr switch" appears to do The Right Thing, for instance, but I don't see a way to do something similar with "bzr branch" w23:57
mDuffithout specifying a full path to the repo; likewise for ease of deleting old branches, checking branch status (ie. listing which are merged/unmerged)...23:57
poolie1only in a very limited way with switch23:58
poolie1there was a recent thread23:59
lifelessmDuff: there is a plugin that lists branches that can be deleted/merged23:59
lifelessjml: ^ was it yours?23:59
poolie1i think having easier access to branches would be good; otoh having branches simply at urls is good23:59
jmllifeless: yes.23:59

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