ActionParsnipchull: howdy00:00
kabotageActionParsnip: dist-upgrade is now workin. il try autoremove after the upgrade.00:01
fleetcommandgood evening00:01
ActionParsnipkabotage: cool00:01
t1tyslt tlm00:01
kabotageActionParsnip: yea. thanks for your help :)00:01
|TJ|ActionParsnip: if i use sudo apt-get remote kde4-core will it restore my kde 3.x desktop00:01
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ActionParsnipkabotage: np bro00:01
chullActionParsnip, he's restarting the box several times to get the sound working.00:01
ActionParsnip|TJ|: not sure, did kde3 get removed when you upgraded00:02
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ActionParsnip|TJ|: yuo could always compile kde3.500:02
|TJ|ActionParsnip:  not sure is there away to find00:02
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t1tyil y a quelqu'un de francais?00:02
QuaxErosmais...tu voulais dire qua00:03
t1tyrien papoter :D00:03
ActionParsnip|TJ|: dpkg -l | less00:03
ActionParsnip!fr | t1ty00:04
ubottut1ty: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr00:04
QuaxErosTu te carrement jeter!!00:05
chullActionParsnip, he did the upgrade from 8.4 to 8.10 and the sound problem remained00:05
ActionParsnipchull: who?00:05
chullActionParsnip, my husband00:06
afeijowhat can I use to monitor cpu temp?00:06
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ActionParsnipchalcedny: run lspci | grep -i audio00:06
ActionParsnipchalcedny: you will see what sound card you have00:06
chalcednyActionParsnip, ok00:06
ActionParsnipchalcedny: you can then websearch from that00:06
kabotageActionParsnip: it came back. E: Unmet dependencies. Try using -f. i wanna fix it but im really tired & sleepy so i gtg. ttyl.00:11
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ActionParsnippeace out kabotage00:12
kubuntuuserI nned help, I cant conect to wiffi00:19
kubuntuuserany idea?00:19
ActionParsnipkubuntuuser: run lspci and you'll see your adapter00:20
kubuntuusermy adapter is atheros00:20
kubuntuuserive changed knetworkmanager to wicd00:21
ActionParsnipkubuntuuser: which atheros?00:21
kubuntuuserAtheros Communications Inc C54RU00:23
R_RiosI've installed Amarok RC on Intrepid00:23
R_RiosBut it isn't running00:23
R_RiosWhen I run it on the terminal, I get this:00:23
R_RiosFAILURE (KCmdLineArgs):00:24
R_RiosApplication requests for isSet("multipleinstances") but the "multipleinstances"option00:24
R_Rioshas never been specified via addCmdLineOptions( ... )00:24
R_RiosASSERT: "0" in file /build/buildd/kde4libs-4.1.3/kdecore/kernel/kcmdlineargs.cpp, line 149900:24
R_RiosWhat is happening00:24
ActionParsnipkubuntuuser: http://rt2x00.serialmonkey.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=502500:24
innovate2000anyone use intrepid and winbind?00:28
ActionParsnipinnovate2000: i use intrepid00:28
ActionParsnipinnovate2000: not winbind00:28
innovate2000ActionParsnip: saw you in #ubuntu - do you have suggestions as to which channel I should use to get help? I've been struggling with this for several days00:29
ActionParsnip!info winbind00:30
ubottuwinbind (source: samba): service to resolve user and group information from Windows NT servers. In component main, is optional. Version 2:3.2.3-1ubuntu3 (intrepid), package size 2905 kB, installed size 8320 kB00:30
ActionParsnipinnovate2000: no idea man, try channels that deal with linux / windows crossovers like #samba00:31
innovate2000thanks all - I am familiar with winbind - have successfully replaced 8 windows servers with (k)ubuntu 8.04 servers - but now am trying with (k)ubuntu 8.10 and am getting failures when I try "net ads join" (which went without a hitch in 8.04 - but fails for 8.10)00:32
R_RiosIS there anyone here using amarok RC?00:32
innovate2000Actionparsnip: thanks00:32
blablaHello @ All00:33
ActionParsnipR_Rios: rc?00:33
R_RiosAmarok 2 RC 100:33
ActionParsnipR_Rios: i'm on 1.400:34
ActionParsnipR_Rios: how did yu get it00:35
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Sleepyzsxhey all where can I Getg help with ubuntu 8.1000:37
ActionParsnipSleepyzsx: here00:39
Sleepyzsxah ok ty, Im having troublr getting my atheros wifi card ive searched around but cant seem to find any answers that will worke00:40
ActionParsnipSleepyzsx: lspci will show you what you have, you can websearch from there00:46
phoenixzHi there, Im trying to install openoffice3 with KDE integration on my kubuntu machine, but all it does is crash during start up.. Anybody here with the same problem?00:52
afeijoI installed ktemparature, but it isnt working.  What else can I use?01:00
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szrhawaiihow do i turn of the kdesktop from drawing01:03
szrhawaiiinstead of killing it01:03
szrhawaiianyone know how or where i should go so i can learn to make a bootsplash or usplash01:05
ubottuTo select the usplash artwork you want, use "sudo update-alternatives --config usplash-artwork.so && sudo update-initramfs -u" - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USplashCustomizationHowto for adding your custom artwork01:09
livingdaylightkubuntu people!01:31
livingdaylightis there a wubi installer for kubuntu?01:31
DragnslcrI think you have to have a Kubuntu CD01:32
DragnslcrOr maybe just the image01:32
DragnslcrI can't remember exactly how I did it01:32
livingdaylighti want a .exe installer01:33
kubuntuuserlivingdaylight: sry¿?01:35
livingdaylightkubuntuuser: sry?01:36
DragnslcrI'm pretty sure Wubi asks you for an .iso image or a CD01:36
kubuntuuser:S try softonic -> wubi01:36
livingdaylightseems the only way is to install ubuntu with wubi installer and then install the kubuntu desktop01:38
szrhawaii# compiz-fusion01:44
Out_Coldwhat's a plasma desktop??01:58
colton_Hi. If I need to unzip a .tgz file, what can I use?01:59
snyderiosyou can use Ark02:00
Out_Coldsorry... what is a plasma dashboard??02:02
lovrekinda new desktop i would say...02:02
Out_Coldi dunno.. when i select it from the task bar, it goes grey... then if i click anything i seem to exit out of it02:04
Out_Coldi've learned on gnome.. and am trying to broaden my scope with kde and a few other managers.. i keep wanting to lose the kde but keep hearing good things about it02:06
XFireKubuntu is really a joke.02:09
tuanphamany body use black berry 8700 here ?02:16
tuanphami have got a problem with usb cable02:16
tuanphami can not chage my phone battery02:17
tuanphamany solution then ?02:17
tuanpham      hello02:19
tuanphamanybody home ?02:19
snyderiostuanpham: what's your problem?02:25
tuanphami reslove my seft02:29
tuanphamthank :)02:29
tuanphambut one more question then02:29
tuanphamdoes kubuntu 8.10 have drive for my black berry phone ?02:30
tuanphamseries 870002:30
epimethI've missed this channel...02:31
epimethanybody know why the heck my screen is flickering?02:32
epimethand is anybody else experiencing the same problem?02:32
epimethI have a feeling it *might* be because of the 915 resolution?02:32
epimeththe package doesn't seem to exist anymore02:33
kevin__anyone figure out the Aim installs yet?02:33
snyderiostuanpham: i don't know, maybe google can help you?02:34
tuanpham:) thank i am searching02:34
tuanphamdoes anyone know the spell checker for 8.10 ?02:35
tuanphamwhen i use skype IM02:36
tuanphami have no spell checker then02:36
Muskythought id check in and stay awhile02:38
Muskymaybe i can learn something02:38
draikI'm using ARK to unrar a file. There is an avi within the various rar files (.rar .r00 .r01 ... .r37). I open .rar and extract. Nothing is extracted. What am I doing wrong?02:38
snyderiossplitted .rar files can't unpacked with Ark02:41
tuanphamdraik: did you check to the all file check box ?02:41
epimethdraik: you can combine the rar parts into one02:41
snyderiosyou can use 'unrar' or 'unrar-free'02:41
draiktuanpham: It's only one file02:41
draikepimeth: How so?02:42
epimethdraik: try cat file.rar file.r00 file.r01 file.r02 .... file.r37 > new_file_name.rar02:42
draiksnyderios: Ok. I could have sworn I've done it in the past, but who knows. Thanks for the tip.02:42
epimethand then open new_file_name.rar in ark02:42
epimethit should work then02:42
Out_Coldanyone know how to turn off the mouse touch pad taps?02:50
epimethOut_Cold: If you find out, let me know :-)02:51
Out_Coldi can find it no problem in gnome....02:51
Out_Coldyea.. it's fairly straight forward... but i've been trying to familiarize myself in the KDE02:52
epimethtry that?02:52
draikepimeth: I tried and it did not work. The file is not being extracted.02:53
draikYes. The avi file I'm trying to extract02:54
epimethI thought you were the other guy02:54
Out_Coldyea.. got me too02:54
draikThought so, too.02:54
epimethdraik: have you tried unrar?02:54
draikHow do I use unrar?02:54
epimethinstall the unrar program02:55
tuanphamapt get02:55
epimethand to use it, follow the instructions in "man unrar"02:55
draikI'm sorry, I should ask, What's the syntax?02:55
tuanphamdid you try 7zip ?02:55
epimethsudo apt-get install unrar02:55
draikI have in installed.02:55
epimethnow "man unrar"02:56
epimethand follow the instructions :-)02:56
epimethis there not going to be a katapult for kde4?02:58
epimethor do I just have to wait02:58
epimethI love katapult :-(02:58
draikI was missing the "e" WHOOPSIE!02:58
Out_Coldwhat is katapult?03:00
kevin__anyone know a good IM that I can send txt msg's with?03:01
epimethkatapult is only the best piece of software ever03:01
Out_Coldthat explains it all epimeth03:01
epimethin kde3, you hit "alt+space" and start typing in the program you want03:01
epimethit autocompletes and shows the icon03:01
Out_Coldok.. that sounds cool03:02
epimethpretty much the same as "alt+f2" in kde403:02
epimethbuuuuuuuuut.  I like the way katapult looks much more03:02
DragnslcrI think katapult got retired by the regular run dialog03:02
epimethand I prefer alt+space over alt+f203:02
DragnslcrHeh, you can probably change the keyboard shortcut03:02
Out_Coldthat would just be to easy though lol03:03
Out_Coldand it wouldn't be as cool03:03
epimethDragnslcr: how would you say I can change the shortcut?03:04
epimethand this screen flickering business is driving me nuts!03:04
tuanphamhow about spellchecker ?03:06
epimethwhy is xorg.conf empty?03:06
epimethtuanpham: dunno dude03:06
epimethwhere the heck is everyone????03:08
Dragnslcrepimeth- System Settings -> Keyboard -> Keyboard Shortcuts03:09
Out_Coldepimeth, prolly the wrong xorg.conf file lol03:10
epimethOut_Cold: /etc/X11/xorg.conf03:11
epimetheverywhere it says that thats it03:11
epimethbut mine is empty...03:11
epimethDragnslcr: I don't see it there....03:11
DragnslcrIt's in the Run Command component03:12
Out_Coldthat's no good.... you sure you have permissions to view it?03:12
epimethkdesudo kate :-)03:13
Out_Coldweird.. mine is there... maybe you erased it... in which case... uh oh03:14
epimethI didn't do anything!03:14
epimethI'll reconfigure... that should bring it back03:14
epimethnope... still empty!!!03:16
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epimethhmmm... it says here that with the new changes to xorg I can run with an empty xorg.conf03:19
epimethso now I don't know how to add configurations03:19
epimethI need to know what video drivers I'm using03:20
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soontakepimeth: maybe u can try this command: displayconfig03:35
newbie_ubuntuHI, how do I change a hard-drive name?03:35
epimethsoontak: command not found03:36
epimethnewbie_ubuntu: hard drives dont have names03:36
epimethnewbie_ubuntu: could you be more specific?03:36
epimethnewbie_ubuntu: you want to change its mount point? (where it is located in the filesystem)03:37
newbie_ubuntufor example: i mount /dev/sdb4 to /media/games, but when I open dolphin, I see its name is DATA03:37
newbie_ubuntuso I want to change DATA to Games, is it possible?03:38
epimethyou see /media/DATA ?03:38
newbie_ubuntuyes(DATA in dolphin)03:39
epimethnewbie_ubuntu: open a konsole and type "cd /media"03:40
epimethand then "ls"03:40
epimethwhat do you see?03:40
newbie_ubuntucdrom  cdrom0  floppy  floppy0  Games  Multimedia  win03:41
epimethnow "cd Games"03:41
epimethand ls03:41
epimethis that your drive?03:41
epimethalso, is this a windows mount?03:42
newbie_ubuntubut why in dolphin: games=> DATA03:42
epimethnewbie_ubuntu: exactly what I'm wondering.  are you sure you're seeing DATA in /media???03:42
epimethbecause that doesn't seem right03:42
newbie_ubuntubut just in dolphin03:43
newbie_ubuntuin windows, its label is Games03:43
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epimethnewbie_ubuntu: thats really strange... I don't know much about dolphin03:44
epimethstick around... someone else might be able to help you03:44
newbie_ubuntuok, thanks anyway03:44
newbie_ubuntuI'll try to find out03:45
epimethsoontak: you still here?  I don't have displayconfig03:45
zennon_guerrai need help me03:46
zennon_guerrai need hel03:46
zennon_guerrafirst, my english is terrible03:47
zennon_guerrabut i will try03:47
zennon_guerrai am new with linux03:47
epimethzennon_guerra: just ask03:48
zennon_guerraand i want to know how to use compiz03:48
soontakepimeth: yeah, which kubuntu version are you using? have u try to reboot into recovery mode and select on 'Fix X server' ?03:48
zennon_guerraand kde 4,103:49
epimethsoontak: ibex.  recovery mode isn't just a root shell?03:49
zennon_guerraso, i do everything but nothing happen03:49
soontakepimeth: in kubuntu 8.04, there are options for u to choose03:50
soontakepimeth: fix X or root shell.... and .... cant remember all03:51
birnissonhi, are there kde 4.2 beta packages for intrepid?03:51
soontakepimeth: if u r using 7.10, maybe u can try this command on root: dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg03:53
epimethsoontak: I tried that... it did literally nothing :-)03:54
epimethsoontak: but again, I'm using 8.1003:54
soontakepimeth: no idea then...03:57
soontakepimeth: boot into recovery mode then, maybe some surprise for u?04:00
bdizzleso I am going to be wiping one of the partitions of my desktop hard drive to install 8.10 soon.04:01
bdizzleany recommendations on which files (other than the home folder) to back up?04:01
Jabrroa_BBLthe whole thing04:02
Jabrroa_BBLand pick out whats you need later04:02
bdizzlethat's kinda what I am doing04:02
bdizzlejust copy paste onto another hard drive04:02
Jabrroa_BBLthats a good idea cuz if you forget something04:03
Jabrroa_BBLnot good lol04:03
=== Jabrroa_BBL is now known as jabrroa
jabrroayea thats the way i do it and it has always come in handy later04:03
=== fournos is now known as adonis8
jabrroacuz you dont always remember everything :)04:04
=== adonis8 is now known as fournos
jabrroai dont recommend kubuntu though lol04:05
jabrroabig on system resources. not that i have trouble with 3 nvidia 9800 GTX's with 1 gb video ram each in SLI mode. with 32 GB of corsair dominator ram and a AMD phenom 9850 black edition quad core04:07
jabrroa:) this baby flys'04:08
bdizzleits sad, I built my system a long time ago and I've forgotten what I put in it04:08
bdizzleI know it has 2 GB of mem, it does have a video card on it but it wasn't working on 8.04 so I temporarily took it out. Gigabyte single core (its what was available at the time)04:09
jabrroaits not really worth it lol two years later its crap anyways04:09
epimethI have a crappy old lappy that barely runs XP, but kubuntu is just fine....04:09
jabrroayea kubuntu is just to much like windows for me lol04:10
jabrroai switched to debian04:10
epimethdebian was nice, but I find kubuntu easier to deal with04:10
epimethbetter community, easier initial settings04:11
jmichaelxjabrroa: that is strange, because i use both debian and k/ubuntu, and for the life of me, you must be seeing a greater difference betweenthem than i am...04:11
jabrroayea well lol04:11
* DaSkreech hugs epimeth04:11
jabrroamaybe i just have to much graphical settings lol04:12
* epimeth wags his tail04:12
jabrroai liked ubuntu better even04:12
bdizzleokay, my kubuntu harddrive is 10 GB of data04:12
Out_Coldepimeth, i used that link for the shmconfig and that shut off my touch pad typing..04:13
bdizzlethis is going to take all night, which I don't really have. Any suggestions on which folders to copy04:13
jmichaelxthe main thing in debian testing's favor for me right now, is having an up-to-date system that is still running KDE304:13
* jmichaelx hugs KDE304:13
epimethOut_Cold: good :-)04:13
bdizzleKDE3 is nice04:13
* epimeth misses kde304:13
Out_Coldnow i just gotta start liking KDE before i throw it out04:13
DaSkreechbdizzle: what are you trying to do?04:14
DaSkreechepimeth: install it04:14
epimethbut I've been phasing myself into kde4 since they announced that ibex was going to be just 4, so i'm pretty used to it04:14
jabrroai use backtrack3 and open suse occasionally04:14
bdizzleback up the hard drive so that in caes I need to go back to 8.04, I can copy back the user files and such04:14
epimethDaSkreech: does it come with all the new stuff?  Network manager and the like?04:14
jmichaelxepimeth: i like KDE4, and it is definitely _going_ to be nice, but right now it just isn't mature enough to be considered a stable desktop04:15
DaSkreechbdizzle: Ah You need a /home partition04:15
bdizzleright now its saying about 30 minutes remaining04:15
jabrroano definatly not lol04:15
bdizzleon my desktop, yeah, I do04:15
bdizzlehow large should I consider making it?04:15
epimethDaSkreech: btw, you wouldn't happen to know how to check which graphics driver I'm using?  my xorg.conf is empty04:15
DaSkreechepimeth: No I've given up on Xorg04:15
epimethDaSkreech: lol... what are you using? :-)04:16
DaSkreechY :)04:16
jmichaelxepimeth: i have been wondering the same thing... i just can't adjust to these changes!04:16
bdizzleor actually, I guess the better question is on a 100 GB dedicated space, how much should I allocate the root vs home partitions?04:16
DaSkreechroot 2004:16
bdizzleand how do I set up the /home partition vs just install everything04:17
epimethI've adjusted except for lack of katapult... and I can't figure out how to map alt+space to alt+f204:17
DaSkreechbdizzle: custom partition on install04:17
DaSkreechepimeth: That should be partly fixed in 4.204:17
DaSkreechWith quicksand04:17
ubottuHi! Welcome to #kubuntu!04:17
Out_Coldbdizzle, your root partition can be around 10-15 gb and be more than fine04:17
DaSkreech my / is 7 GB and I've never filled it04:18
Out_Coldyea.. i use 804:18
jabrroai have a 50gb04:18
jabrroabut i have 5TB of space...04:18
bdizzleso 20 GB on root, the other 80 GB for home04:18
jabrroai will NEVER run out lol04:18
DaSkreechjabrroa: you can install all of main and universe in that and still have space04:18
bdizzleI've got about 280 GB combined or so04:18
jabrroai know :) and i got the sata's for free :)04:19
Out_Coldyou'll never need more than 10 Gb04:19
bdizzlejabrroa: don't say that, Bill Gates will find a way to make the minimum install for windows 2015 to be 1 TB04:19
epimethahaha... I've heard *that* before04:19
jabrroai do ALOT of downloading though04:19
DaSkreechOut_Cold: No You'll never need more than 640k04:19
jabrroai dont use windows :):):):):)04:19
Out_Coldok well he shouldn't ever need more than 1004:19
bdizzleheh, lucky you.04:20
bdizzleI still have to dual boot whenever I come across something wine won't run04:20
jabrroamy uncle works for WD04:20
jabrroause virtual boox04:20
epimethbdizzle: why not install virtualbox?  it works great04:20
jabrroai win04:20
jabrroai said it first04:20
epimethalso, why didn't you download crossover? it was free for a day!04:20
epimethI *know* I came in here and let everyone know04:21
* DaSkreech gives jabrroa a box ... virtually04:21
jabrroai did but not on free day04:21
DaSkreechYou won!!04:21
bdizzleepimeth: I did04:21
bdizzlebut only on my laptop, haven't had a chance to install on desktop04:21
jabrroado it :)04:21
bdizzleI need to figure out how to transfer about 10 GB of research data files to my desktop without a cable04:22
epimethbdizzle: 3 dvds?04:22
jabrroateamviewer and 50 years lol04:22
DaSkreechpop out the hard drive?04:22
bdizzleI've got a 2 GB jump drive, but I was hoping to do it all in once04:22
bdizzlenea, not going that route04:22
bdizzleI can't afford to lose either computer thanks04:23
jabrroapull out the HDD04:27
jabrroaplug it into the other one04:27
jabrroadump files04:27
jabrroaplug it back in to other one04:27
bdizzleone is a desktop, the other a laptop, doesn't work that way that I am aware of04:29
epimethbuy a case for the laptop hd.... 10 bucks on ebay04:31
epimeththats what i did....04:31
Daisuke_Idoprobably not.  you can set up nfs shares04:31
Daisuke_Idojust copy over the local network04:32
epimethDaisuke_Ido: "no cables"04:32
Daisuke_Idocarrier pigeon04:33
Daisuke_Idoor do it over the local wireless network :D04:33
jabrroahaha carrier pigeon..... :P04:36
jabrroateamviewer and a whole 4 years to wait :)04:36
frozty_samorning all. is there any known bug of firefox becoming incredibly shitty after an update or something since roundabout last friday?04:39
jabrroahow would one obtain compiz fusion for KDE4?04:41
epimethjabrroa: its integrated04:42
bdizzle... I thought it came with compiz fusion04:42
epimethK -> settings -> desktop -> desktop effects04:42
jabrroawell how would i apply a theme i have in emerald?04:42
Relycok hehe  sry thnx05:20
Relyci cant set up a network with another ubuntu machine it says permission denied in the main user on a non protected file05:23
bdizzleokay, this is a bit strange05:36
bdizzleso for some reason, when trying to install 8.10 from the live CD, it claims I have no partitions ... or hard drives for that matter05:40
Out_Coldthe hard drive needs to be mounted05:42
bdizzlewouldn't it do that though when it loads the live CD?05:42
rjune_Out_Cold: while technically that might be correct. it's also useless05:42
Out_Coldshould have done it...05:42
rjune_bdizzle: boot the live cd, then open a terminal05:42
Out_Coldwell it gives him a direction.05:42
rjune_run 'dmesg | less'05:42
Out_Coldi'm a noob too05:42
rjune_look for sda as that should be your hard drive05:42
rjune_I'm guessing for whatever reason your sata controller isn't being detected05:43
rjune_is it RAID?05:43
bdizzlek, hold on just a second05:43
bdizzleno, IDE05:43
bdizzleboth physical drives are05:43
rjune_might be hda then. I don't remember05:43
DeepthoughtHow can I get all disks (including the NTFS ones) to be accessible from the start, instead of having to give a password each time on first access ?05:43
rjune_still you should see it listed as detected05:43
bdizzlesome of them are hda, some are sda05:43
Out_Coldhda is IDE05:43
bdizzleugh, not sure anyore05:43
bdizzleDeepthought: not sure, I did it a long time ago and its kinda messed up my system since05:44
rjune_bdizzle: look for da, "/da"05:44
bdizzlehold on05:44
bdizzlerestarting computer with 8.10 disk in it05:44
Deepthoughtbdizzle: what´s messed up yer system ?05:45
bdizzleum ... me, making a lot of changes I wasn't quite sure what I was doing of patching things together05:45
Deepthoughtbdizzle: in KDE3 there was a tab for disk-automount in systemsettings, now on 4 there´s no such thing05:46
bdizzleah, okay05:46
bdizzlewell, the structure has got to be the same, which means there has to be some way to set it via CLI05:46
bdizzlewhich is why with the latest Grub 25 error, I said screw it and decided just to back everything up. Now that I've got it working to boot and such, I'm just going to wipe and start over05:46
rjune_except that it's not finding your hard drive05:47
rjune_or rather, doesn't seem to be05:47
bdizzleokay, I have it loaded off the live CD05:49
frozty_sadoes anyone know of a bug in which firefox became incredibly shitty after an update or something since roundabout last friday?05:49
frozty_sathe problem I'm having is that firefox is incredibly slow to respond on both my laptop and my PC05:49
bdizzlewhat am I running?05:49
bdizzleokay, this is going to be crazy with all the partitions, but it will at least help in future upgrades05:54
bdizzlehow do I take an existing 100 GB partition of Kubuntu 8.04 and split it so that I have a 15 GB partition for root and an 85 GB partition for home?05:55
Out_Coldbdizzle, do a custom partition and make sure you format your sections to ext3 and mount the 15 GB partition as / and the 85GB as /home05:57
bdizzlethat's what I needed05:57
bdizzle15000 MB = 15 GB, right?05:57
Out_Coldclose enough05:58
Out_Coldi think you can even do 15 GB05:58
bdizzleand that will be large enough for root, no matter how many programs I do?05:58
bdizzleno, it wants partition size in MB still05:58
bdizzleshould I go for 20 GB for future just to be safe?05:58
bdizzleor is 15 GB already too much?05:59
Out_Coldyou can always mount more space after05:59
Out_Coldi have never used more than 10 myself05:59
Out_Coldexcept on my server..05:59
Out_Coldbut i just mounted another hard drive to accommodate05:59
bdizzlelol, okay06:00
bdizzlealright, so I have 15 GB as root, and about 94 GB as home, fun06:00
bdizzleext3 is still the safest, right?06:01
bdizzlefor general use06:01
Out_Coldwhat i have done with mine is set aside an extra few GB for a transfer partition... has worked well for safe guarding files06:01
Out_Coldit's safer than the others06:01
bdizzleyeah, I've already got another HD on here with 80 GB total (half of that used for windows XP), with two other partitions on this HD with another 200 GB or so06:02
bdizzlegah, pretty soon they are going to have to make these liveCDs a two CD set06:02
Out_Coldyea.. i use LVMs on my server and have about 8-9 partitions on there06:02
bdizzleits crazy06:03
bdizzleI'm glad I discovered partitions though, its easier to sort through files and back stuff up06:03
Out_Coldit'll pay when you tarball your data and learn to cat or ssh it to a backup..06:04
bdizzleif only I could figure that out06:05
bdizzleor at least how to set up my own ssh06:05
Out_Coldnot too difficult. ssh only needs openssh installed..06:05
Out_Cold* openssh_server maybe06:05
Out_Coldsearch for it in the package manager06:06
Out_Coldthen you open port 22 in your firewall06:06
Out_Coldi learned it all in gnome.. not sure the exact programs for KDE06:06
Out_Coldfirestarter was the app i used for the firewall GUI06:08
bdizzleokay, so since 8.04 uses KDE3 and 8.10 uses KDE4, can I still copy over my old home folder and get it to load things back up?06:08
bdizzleyeah, I've used firestarter before. Nice program. Click  it and forget it06:08
Out_Coldthat i dunno about06:08
scribblesbdizzle: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHHowto06:09
bdizzlemy apologizes for believing that #kde might kow06:13
PsiKloPxhey, suppose one downloaded and installed the latest Kubuntu version, then wanted switch to Ubuntu.  Is this a pain or even possible?06:13
Out_Coldone way you'll find out bdizzle is trying it out06:14
Out_ColdPsiKloPx, it's easy06:14
Out_Coldyou just need to install the default gnome packages... can't remember them all exactly atm06:15
bdizzlePsiKloPx: sudo apt-get install gnome-desktop, I believe06:15
PsiKloPxbdizzie:then I would have the option to switch at start-up?06:16
Out_Coldyea it's in the choose session06:17
Out_Coldcan load several managers and environments06:17
Out_Coldbut be weary cuz each of the desktop environments load each of their own sets of apps to use06:18
PsiKloPxgnome-desktop isn't correct.06:18
PsiKloPxjust tried gnome, that worked.06:19
PsiKloPxor it appears to be working at any rate.06:19
Out_Coldmight need more though06:19
Out_Coldactually gnome should work..06:20
Out_Coldalthough that wasn't a default install on my ubuntu install06:20
bdizzleI didn't really like GNOME to be honest. No offense to anyone, but it just seemed too clunky to me06:23
bdizzleyes, it got the job done, no questions asked about that06:23
bdizzlebut it just didn't have the grace and elegance that KDE seems to have06:24
andyman1i had a quick grub question, if i remember correctly, i can make grub instantly auto-boot to the default partition, without showing anything, but also be able to hit ESC to abort that and choose manually, i need to boot default after 0 seconds, and enable hide boot menu06:25
PsiKloPxwell, I'm a noob when it comes to linux.  I want to be able to play around with each and see which I like.06:25
Out_Coldyea.. well i can say the same type of things about kde.... lack of tidyness.. weird menu layouts lol06:25
andyman1trying out the kde grub editor in kubuntu,06:25
Out_Coldall preferences06:26
noaXesshow can i search for installed package only in konsole?06:26
bdizzlepoint taken06:27
Pyles17How do I "reset" kubuntu? Trying to fix my wireless, I changed a lot of things, and don't remember what they all were06:32
bdizzlereinstall it?06:33
Pyles17any shorter way?06:33
andyman1my bad-idea guess is delete all the hidden kde files in your home directory, and kde will rebuild those will defaults when you relogin. note i said bad-idea, as it really is probably a bad idea06:35
andyman1i remember some programs working that way, dunno if it applies to kde as well06:35
=== mumin is now known as woodefec
andyman1again, probably a very bad idea =p06:35
andyman1no takers on my grub question?06:36
noaXessPyles17: why reset? no wireless adapter?06:36
woodefecis that normal - the KDE theme in kubuntu 8.10 isn't held by the system, it always gets back to Oxygen06:36
woodefecand my user hasn't been in the group users06:37
woodefecand third thing: i don't know where's the Firefox menu position in kmenu06:37
bdizzlecrap, I just remembered I need something because I'm connecting to the school network06:37
bdizzleI think it is Java (Sun's version of it) and Firefox06:37
bdizzleit won't accept Konqueror for some resaon06:37
woodefecandyman1: what the grub question?06:38
woodefecis someone having the kubuntu issues i mentioned?06:38
woodefecoh, one more, i start firefox and get just nothing06:38
andyman1i want grub to insta-auto-boot the default partition, with no prompts or obvious hints grub is there, i'd also like to hit a button to abort that, and manually choose06:38
woodefeconly from time to time it starts06:39
andyman1i think hide grub menu, and boot default in 0 sec is what i want, but wanted to confirm before i accidentally get stuck that way06:39
Pyles17noaXess: I have the intel 3945 card, which is problematic anyways. It only connected sometimes. so in trying to fix it I tried a bunch of people's advice, changed a bunch of things, and now it doesn't even connect sometimes06:39
woodefecandyman1: kgrubeditor06:39
noaXessPyles17: have you tried wicd?06:40
andyman1i've got the grub editor, just wanted to confirm those are the changes i need to do that properly06:40
noaXessPyles17: what tool you use for connecting to a wlan?06:40
Pyles17noaXess: the one that comes installed with it?06:40
Pyles17with kubuntu*06:41
woodefecwell, youshould increasethe decision time to 3 from what i understood06:41
woodefecoh, andyman1,  u  better be careful, leaving the time to 0 might prevent you from going runlevel 3 or failsafe stuff or memtest06:42
andyman1ah ok06:43
woodefecare you guys having this stuff: kde4 and qt settings go back to Oxygen theme, even if Ichoose another06:43
bdizzlealright, why does Kubuntu 8.10 take 30 seconds to log off?06:43
andyman1my goal here is *boot* "oh that's just windows, nothing to see here" *boot + keypress* "i can choose my boot option"06:43
woodefeci don't quote understand, andyman106:44
woodefec*quote = quite06:44
woodefecsorry, now i understand06:44
andyman1i want to turn on the computer, and have it appear to boot straight to windows, as if windows is the only thing there (to the untrained eye), and then have a way to abort that and choose linux when i want06:45
andyman1aka "these aren't the droids you're looking for"06:45
woodefecwell, check internet  for advanced grub instructions and be careful. Always have a Knoppix Live or equivalent06:45
noaXessPyles17: try wicd http://wicd.sourceforge.net/06:45
bdizzlewicd is nice06:46
bdizzlevery clean interface, easy to set up06:46
noaXessbdizzle: jep ;)06:46
Pyles17noaXess: k, but i'm not sure if that will do it. the main problem is that it can't find the driver for the card most of the time. and then sometimes it finds it06:47
noaXessPyles17: aha.. ok..thats another information.. hm...06:47
noaXessPyles17: just a simple google search: http://www.google.ch/search?hl=de&q=ubuntu+intel+3945&btnG=Google-Suche&meta=06:48
noaXessPyles17: https://wiki.edubuntu.org/IntrepidReleaseNotes/de#Probleme%20bei%20Intel%203945/4965%20im%20Zusammenhang%20mit%20eingeschaltetem%20Killswitch06:49
binMonkeyhi.  i just bought a linksys router,  my dsl modem, 192,168.0.1, plugs into it.  should i change the address on the dsl to match the router?06:49
noaXessgerman sorry..06:49
Pyles17noaXess: are you swiss, or do you just like to do your google searches in german?06:50
noaXessPyles17: sorry.. jep sqitzerland ;)06:50
Pyles17noaXess: it's all good06:50
noaXess.. switzerland ^06:50
noaXessPyles17: jsuta  info for your card.. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HardwareSupportComponentsWirelessNetworkCardsIntel06:52
noaXessPyles17: what driver des the wlan card uses?06:53
Pyles17iwlwifi 394506:55
Pyles17but i think i blacklisted that trying to use ipw3945 to see if that would work06:56
bdizzlemeh, the one part of upgrading to a new OS is trying to copy over all your old files and getting back your old programs06:56
bdizzlea computer can only copy stuff so quickly before it just hates you06:56
bdizzleis there an icon for a "Home" folder of type?07:00
bdizzlelast time I used the icon for kfm_home07:01
bdizzleor one for trash for that matter?07:02
Pyles17noaXess: i actually didn't blacklist iwlwifi 394507:02
noaXessPyles17: do you had this problem also on the fresh install of kubuntu? what abou booting from the kubuntu live cd and test the wlan? i should be loaded and usable from the live cd..07:04
Pyles17tried that, it didn't work07:04
noaXessPyles17: have you any usb wlan stick to test?07:05
Pyles17I've pretty much come to the conclusion that the intel 3945 cards are not compatible with linux07:05
Pyles17noaXess: i forgot about that, just a minute07:05
noaXessPyles17: it should.. but it can also be damaged..07:05
noaXesshardware problem.. or does it worked in any other way?07:06
Pyles17noaXess: windows xp works perfectly07:07
noaXessPyles17: ok.. than it's a driver problem..07:07
Pyles17noaXess: yeah, i know. and a belkin sticks works right away07:08
noaXessPyles17: thats a good information ;)07:09
noaXesshm.. just wait in this channel.. and ask again later.. you will find a solution.. i had it also with a intel wlan and fixed it..07:09
Pyles17yeah. eventually07:09
noaXessPyles17: bye the way.. latest kernel installed?07:10
Pyles17noaXess: Well, i have 8.10, but i don't know if that means anything. I'm brand new to Linux07:10
noaXessPyles17: just install all the updates and the system should be up to date..07:12
noaXessPyles17: run konsole and input this command to se the kernel version: uname -a07:12
Pyles172.6.27-7-generic #1 SMP Tue Nov 4 19:33:20 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux07:13
mythhello everyone07:13
noaXessPyles17: yhould be the latest available..07:17
noaXessnow.. have a meeting.. nice day all.. bye07:17
Pyles17noaXess: bye07:17
gl_I just updated openoffce 3.0.4 and it stopped working. Does anybody have the same problem?07:17
bdizzleoh joy, first problem already07:19
bdizzletried to enable desktop effects, I now have a black screen with a movable white cursor07:19
bdizzleugh, fried the system already07:21
bdizzlesad part is that it was undergoing an update, and I'm afraid to ask what software it decided to hose07:21
eagles0513875woot im good07:34
bdizzlewho broke Adept in 8.10?07:39
eagles0513875u did07:40
eagles0513875im having no issues07:40
eagles0513875i have a vm with 8.10 but then again i did take the ubuntu server version and add kde to it07:40
bdizzlefor some reasoning the right panel that shows the names of programs and such keeps garbling up, as if the graphics aren't rendering properly07:41
eagles0513875i have no idea bdizzle07:44
bdizzlealso, how do I turn down the sensitivity on my mouse. It seems to be skipping over and doing double and triple of what I ask it to07:46
=== ubuntu is now known as kabotage
bdizzleI hate my mouse07:59
bdizzleit won't cooperate on anything I do07:59
mankeletorso i hate my touchpad xD08:00
bdizzlehow do I move around things on the new kicker or whatever that new panel along the bottom of KDE4 is called08:01
mankeletorim still trying to config the screen here :P08:02
kabotagehow do i fix this? everytime i login it wont let me log in and all i see is the login page and it justs repeat. im on a liveCD btw.08:03
bdizzlethis is perhaps the most frustrating KDE version I've seen yet08:03
mankeletorKDE come back! plz!!08:05
kabotageummmm. anyone?08:06
bdizzlehow do I re-arrange widgets on the kicker panel in KDE4?08:06
mankeletorright click on kicker and then select configuration panel08:15
mankeletorfor re-arrange the icons on KDE408:15
eagles05what package do i need to install for a really stripped down version of kde08:30
eagles0513875what package do i need to install for a really stripped down version of kde08:31
bdizzlexubuntu I think you mean08:32
eagles0513875bdizzle ???08:32
bdizzlexubuntu, its not kde anymore though08:33
eagles0513875i want a stripped down pkg of kde08:33
eagles0513875not xubuntu08:33
eagles0513875bdizzle all u install is kde-core08:35
bdizzleoh, okay08:36
bdizzlegrr, how do I get w32codecs from CLI? It keeps claiming that the package is not available, but is referred to by another package08:36
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org08:36
eagles0513875bdizzle run apt-cache search w32codecs08:37
eagles0513875and u need that repository enabled as well see link above08:37
faileasbdizzle: got medibuntu installed?08:37
faileaser.. too slow ;p08:38
bdizzleit claims it has no installation candidate08:39
eagles0513875what codecs u need outa there anyway08:39
bdizzlejust libdvdcss208:40
eagles0513875there is no open source alternative08:41
ubottuUbuntu 7.04 installs multimedia codecs automatically. For older versions of Ubuntu, or if you can't use the automatic installer, see https://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - For multimedia applications, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MultimediaApplications08:41
bdizzlek, hold on, I need to figureo ut why medibuntu isn't registering08:41
bdizzleI think I got it, I was just missing the keyring08:44
spidlahi there, has anyone ubuntu package of kbfx compiled for kde4 ?08:57
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bdizzlehere is a crazy question09:31
Daisuke_Idono, the universe will not implode if you take the do not remove tag off of your pillow09:31
zoggywhere do you add a directory plasmoid in intrepid please09:31
bdizzleunder Login Manager, is it possible to have the Greeting field as "Good morning _____ " if it is before 12:00 PM and "Good afternoon ____ " if it is between 12:00 PM - 4:59 PM and "Good evening ____" if it is between 5 PM and midnight?09:32
Daisuke_Idothat's a good question, i don't think i've ever attempted that09:32
Daisuke_Idomostly since this machine never logs out09:32
bdizzleoh, you know what would be good. A computerized voice to say that greeting to you09:35
zoggysorry how do i add a directory plasmoid?09:35
=== vipava is now known as TinCeeK
livingdaylighti iz in kubuntu 4.1 !09:39
=== Guest46968 is now known as rael
=== rael is now known as Guest87307
bdizzlemight help for that directory plasmoid09:40
markus_Guten Tag. wer kann mir mit folgendem problem weiterhelfen bitte: ubuntu 8.04 loading grub, please wait error 2. besten dank09:40
zoggythanks so much bdizzle!09:40
zoggyi'll check it out09:41
zoggyi'm feeling pretty stupid in the new kde09:41
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bdizzlezoggy: I just installed it a few hours ago and have already swore at it a few times09:42
livingdaylightkubuntu doesn't have an Intrepid Ibex on Destop :[09:43
zoggybdizzle: haha!! it's going to be amazing once it's all smoothed out, but right now my productivity is rock-bottom. i really miss the quick browser and kate external tools. also the show desktop concept is making me want to hurt myself09:43
bdizzleyeah, the desktop is annoying09:43
bdizzleI through firefox back on there to make me feel better, and what is up with kate? they butchered it. That command line at the bottom of it was useful09:44
zoggybdizzle: i'm busy downloading the firefox-qt - keen to see whether that integrates better09:46
bdizzlehey zoggy, silly question09:47
bdizzlehow much do you know about the login manager?09:47
zoggybdizzle: i'm still getting the hang of the new kate. it's got some great stuff09:47
zoggybdizzle: a little. not too much. why?09:47
livingdaylighthey kubuntu looks nice but its very blue and i would like to see an Ibex on my desktop. iz possible?09:48
bdizzleI'm trying to change around the Greeting09:49
bdizzleit'd be nice to at least have my computer say good morning to me through a sound byte, or good afternoon / evening depending on the time09:49
afd____hi! using latest ubuntu on a laptop (kde 4.1), I want to set the cpu speed policy (I don't want it to go up on load, it starts the fans and heats the laptop). How do I achieve this? Pretty please...09:51
livingdaylightbdizzle: its the least you can expect from your computer, i agree09:51
zoggycan login manager play sound bytes? i wasn't aware of that. perhaps the sound byte could be after login manager09:51
bdizzleI don't know if I can, I was wondering if anyone knew if it was possible09:51
zoggyafd____: right-click on the battery icon in the system tray09:51
afd____zoggy: thanks. I've put it on powersave, it locked my screen when I did that... now let's see what effect it has...09:53
bdizzleokay, this is going to sound crazy, but its about the closest example I can think of09:53
zoggybdizzle: i'm really not sure hey. maybe that's you should ask it's developers as a start... i'd like to see the kwalletmanager integrated with login-manager, so you type your password once09:54
bdizzleremember in the movie Independence Day with Will Smith, when they are up flying around the crashed ship up to the mothership. David opens his laptop and it says "Good morning David"09:54
bdizzleI'd be interesting to see something like that before the desktop opens09:54
zoggybdizzle: i do remember that09:55
bdizzleI know its crazy, but hell, why not09:56
bdizzleactually, shouldn't linux have voice recognition and such by now?09:58
TinCeeKis there anyone bored like me .?10:00
=== vnlev is now known as newbie_ubuntu
newbie_ubuntuhelp me: I've downloaded a theme (rpm file) from kubuntu-art, how can I install it?10:06
bdizzleuse alien to convert to a .deb file? maybe?10:07
newbie_ubuntuah, I figured it out10:10
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livingdaylightis Konqueror better in some way than Firefox?10:18
OxDeadC0dejust as a file browser, for web surfing I say firefox10:18
livingdaylightlike in what case would i prefer firing up Konqueror than firefox?10:18
livingdaylighti thought Dolphin was for browsing files10:18
livingdaylightwhen i click on the 'K' button it shows Konqueror as the  default browser that is why i wondered10:19
OxDeadC0deit is but konqueror is a lot more mature than dolphin for it, dolphin is new10:20
* gnomefreak loves dolphin 10:21
livingdaylightgnomefreak: i using kubuntu for first time10:27
livingdaylightits vrey diffrent to ubuntu10:27
=== ziad is now known as ziad_
=== ziad_ is now known as ziad__
livingdaylightis there a guide for kubuntu 4.1?10:28
livingdaylightziad__: ca va?10:28
ziad__ca va bien10:28
gnomefreaklivingdaylight: yeah the GUI is a bit differeant but KDE has QT versions of just about all Ubuntu packages and some are stricktly for kubuntu10:29
livingdaylightgnomefreak: yea, it s particularly re-orienting myslef to kde gui that i'm talking about10:31
v6lurcan i get nvidia-glx-177 version 177.78 from anywhere? intrepid repos seem to have only 177.80 now10:33
v6lurthe new version has "corruption" bug again :/10:33
v6lur(running hardy, with nvidia drivers from intrepid)10:34
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larsivihi - X doesn't start with the correct resolution (1680x1080 since I have external screen attached) but when I go to System Settings->Screen, it autoadjusts to correct size10:42
larsivithis suggests that X/KDE knows the correct resolution, it just doesn't apply it when it should10:42
OveerHello ?10:42
livingdaylighti'm having sound issues with skype... is this a well known problem with a well known solution?10:50
livingdaylightwhen i make test call i hear voice but don't get playback on my recorded voice10:50
livingdaylighttried options10:50
livingdaylightall other options are worse10:51
livingdaylightdo i need to kill pulseaudio?10:51
larsivilivingdaylight: hmm, it is a config problem .. let me see if I remember how I fixed it10:53
delicowafor how long does the synaptic package information stay recent before needing to update it10:53
larsivilivingdaylight: yes, open a terminal and run alsamixer10:53
larsivilivingdaylight: navigate almost to the right, where it probably says analog (input), and press up arrow to change it to digital10:54
larsiviand exit and voila10:54
livingdaylightlarsivi: hrmm... i have Master PCM Cd Mic Mic Boos IEC958 IEC958 D and IEC958 P which one on the right10:56
larsivilivingdaylight: ah, sorry, the one that is "Digital input source"10:56
livingdaylightlarsivi: mic was right down, so maybe that was the problem10:56
larsivilivingdaylight: at least I know it is a typical problem (and was to me) that the digital source was set to analog10:57
livingdaylightziad__: ca va?10:58
livingdaylightlarsivi: where do you see "Digital input source" ?10:58
larsivilivingdaylight: in the upper left corner, behind Item:10:58
DisturbedHi all11:02
delicowaman you look really disturbed <DISTURBED>11:04
Disturbedbut you?11:05
mtuxhi, I was lost my eth0 controller!11:10
mtuxi mean when i ask for sudo dhclient eth011:11
mtuxit get me: eth0: ERROR while getting interface flags: No such device11:11
=== _neversfelde is now known as neversfelde
mtuxhow can i reconfigure network controllers?11:11
mtuxin Output of ifconfig, there isn't any eth0, too.11:12
=== Disturbed is now known as N1ck007
SlimeyPetemtux: does networkmanager not work for you?11:13
mtuxSlimeyPete: no! it doesn't work11:13
SlimeyPetemtux: well the old-fashioned way of configuring network interfaces was to edit /etc/network/interfaces11:16
mtuxSlimeyPete: so, there isn't any other way?11:17
SlimeyPetemtux: just those two ways, really.11:17
SlimeyPetedid this happen after an upgrade, or something? Maybe you have a driver problem of some kind11:17
mtuxSlimeyPete: oh, yes!11:17
mtuxSlimeyPete: after i upgrade to 8.1011:18
mtuxSlimeyPete: i got some problems on my wireless connection11:18
mtuxSlimeyPete: someone told me to remove interfaces file11:18
mtuxSlimeyPete: and after all, i restore it!11:18
QuaxErosmtux editing /etc/networks/interfaces is very simple for standard config... i'll give you a link11:18
mtuxSlimeyPete: but my eth0 get lost :(11:19
mtuxQuaxEros: thanks11:19
SlimeyPetenetworkmanager can conflict with the interfaces file, which is probably why they told you to remove it11:19
QuaxErosmtux  chapter ethernet should do. https://help.ubuntu.com/8.10/serverguide/C/network-configuration.html11:21
mtuxQuaxEros: thanks, i will try11:22
QuaxErosmtux copy interfaces to something like interfaces.ori(ginal) or something before you edit to be able to restore (always handy)!11:23
mtuxQuaxEros: of course ;)11:23
QuaxErosmtux for wifi entry should be wlan011:23
zoggyquick question: in a lot of screenshots, i see a folder view on people's plasma bars, but cannot find how to do that. is that the folder view? i've tried adding the folder view to my plasma bar, but it doesn't respond to clicking. i'm basically looking for the plasma equivalent to the quickbrowswer. any any ideas please? thanks11:24
QuaxErosmtux for your dns-server (often router address) edit /etc/resolv.conf11:25
mtuxQuaxEros: after editing interfaces file, i have to reboot system?11:27
mtuxQuaxEros: or any service?11:27
QuaxErosmtux That's basicly all the steps you have to take. make sure you add "auto" to the first line for interface to come up automaticly to11:27
mtuxok, ty11:28
QuaxErosmtux do: ifdown eth0 (wlan0)  then: ifup eth0  or reboot to check if it comes up automaticly11:29
QuaxErosmtux do: sudo ifdown --- sudo ifup11:30
mtuxQuaxEros: http://paste.gnudownload.org/show/295811:31
mtuxQuaxEros: :-/11:31
mtuxQuaxEros: ifdown: interface eth0 not configured11:31
QuaxErosmtux so it is not up ...continue sudo ifup eth011:33
mtuxQuaxEros: ifup give this result: http://paste.gnudownload.org/show/2958 :-/11:34
ichatquestion -   i seam to fail in finding more details about the  kubuntu   BT problem,  is it fixed yet?11:35
QuaxErosmtux ok OS does not see the card. is not configuration of options.11:35
mtuxQuaxEros: so, what can i do now? :-/11:36
bcs_Q. My kubuntu desktop is refreshing periodically. Prewiously I had the Ubuntu/Gnome desktop, and there was no such problem... I use 8.10 and have a Display controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 915GM/GMS/910GML Express Graphics Controller11:36
QuaxErosmtux Look on ubuntu forums for installation of the card. Forums did help me a lot! Quite a newbie myself...11:37
mtuxQuaxEros: ok11:37
mtuxQuaxEros: thanks11:37
QuaxErosmtux ....what card you have? i'll research a bit.11:37
mtuxQuaxEros: :-/ i doesn't no exactlly, i has an Inspiron 6400 Dell laptop11:38
MMinervaQualcuno parla Italiao?11:38
QuaxErosmtux on site Dell type your servicetag (of laptop). In drivers list will be one or two possibilities.11:40
ichatmtux, -   lspci  should be able to tel you???11:40
mtuxichat: i was check it, there isn't any related record on its output11:41
QuaxErosmtux If it is pci device...yes. but if OS doesn't see it will not be in list....but try...can't harm to get to know linux and your system :-)11:42
ichatdo  you know any about your chipset?11:44
mtuxichat: no11:45
QuaxErosmtux did you edit the interfaces file? You should always edit these files in sudo mode!!! From console-window type "sudo kate" otherwise your file will not overwrite the original one11:45
mtuxQuaxEros: yes, i was edit it!11:46
ichathmmmz its supposed to have the intel  gma950 ...   or an aditionall  ati or nvidia   upgrade11:47
=== root is now known as Guest67092
QuaxErosmtux type: "eth0: ERROR while getting interface flags: No such device" in searchbar of your browser. I got a lot of answers. These simple error messages are very good for searching on internet!11:50
mtuxQuaxEros: oh! thanks11:50
mtuxQuaxEros: i forgot this way :)11:50
QuaxErosmtux :-)11:51
mtuxoh, i think it's "BCM4401-B0 100Base-TX" and i was wrong on lspci output :-/12:01
mtuxit is output of "lshw -C network" http://paste.gnudownload.org/show/296712:02
mtuxichat: hey, i'm wrong about my ethernet card!12:06
mtuxichat: it's: "03:00.0 Ethernet controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4401-B0 100Base-TX (rev 02)"12:06
mtuxdoes anyone know what is the kernel module for this card? ^12:07
robin0800mtux: think you might need ndiswrapper for this card12:09
mtuxrobin0800: so, this is a wireless card? :D12:09
robin0800mtux: suspect there are only windows drivers google is your friend12:11
mtuxrobin0800: no, i think it's my ethernet card!12:11
mtuxrobin0800: as google says ;)12:11
robin0800mtux: does google find linux drivers ?12:12
=== schiste_ is now known as schiste
mtuxrobin0800: when i searched for this name, all of result pages talk about an ethernet card! of it12:13
robin0800mtux: earthnet still needs drivers12:14
mtuxrobin0800: of course12:14
mtuxrobin0800: but it's driver is in kernel :-/ i think12:14
robin0800mtux: and for linux you need a linux driver12:15
mtuxrobin0800: yes12:15
robin0800mtux: not sure broadcom is supported12:15
mtuxrobin0800: http://mdek.net/contents/e1505/12:16
mtuxrobin0800: and on other distros i tested, it works ;)12:17
mtuxI think it's kernel backport modules fault: https://bugs.staging.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-backports-modules-2.6.27/+bug/28745012:18
robin0800mtux2: IF Its the b44 driver read this http://groups.google.com/group/linux.debian.laptop/browse_thread/thread/06a49a38fbe6e7a612:22
mtux2robin0800: ok12:23
mtux2robin0800: i removed kernel backport modules pkg and after reboot, it's know the card :)12:28
snikkerhow can i remoce "phonon-backend-xine" without delete all related packages?12:40
snikkerwhen i try to remove "phonon-backend-xine" it want remove also "kubuntu-destop"12:42
=== _neversfelde is now known as neversfelde
snikkerno one?12:43
stdinsnikker: kubuntu-desktop is just a meta-package, it doesn't actually contain any files12:45
snikkerstdin: so i can remove it without any problem?12:45
snikkerstdin: ok, thanks12:46
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about KLocalePrivate12:47
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kgreet12:49
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kdmgreet12:49
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about nuthn12:50
chfwiggumhello all!12:59
chfwiggumis there a solution out there to this prob already?  kdmgreet(3174) KLocalePrivate::initEncoding: Cannot resolve system encoding, defaulting to ISO 8859-1.   tia13:00
giu_i need a driver, for 9200 radeon13:27
giu_but the drivers from the amd-page dont work13:27
giu_he says xserver not found13:27
kilessanhmm. am using nvidia myself... fglrx knowledge just a 'bit' rusty13:28
fleetcommandgood afternoon :)13:29
kilessanhi :)13:29
giu_hows the name for the fglrx channel?13:29
bentob0xwhy is the console displaying some colors in bold?13:29
bentob0xlike white for instance13:30
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto13:31
kilessangiu_: the drivers on the amd page are insanely old... 2006 i read there13:31
giu_i need old ones for my13:32
sierranI have a problem ... Big problem13:32
giu_because, for my card there are no new ones13:32
giu_i have a readeon 920013:32
sierranWhere i can reaport BUG ?13:33
sierrancritical bug ..13:33
giu_kilessan: hows the name for the driver channel?13:33
giu_on this server13:33
fleetcommandsierran: in what component?13:34
sierranNvidia drivers dont work on gforce 9600..13:34
giu_kilessan:  how the name for the driver channels?13:34
sierranAnd some orther13:34
sierranDriver's from ubuntu don't work and from nvidia too13:35
kilessangiu_: no idea, sorry. but for me it looks like binary drivers for 9200 are very old, so will only work with old x servers... newer card or open source drivers are your options, i am afraid13:35
sierranglxinfo say's direct rendering : Yes..13:35
kilessan...and the open source drivers do not support 3d and other fancy things13:36
giu_kilessan how the channel on this server?13:36
fleetcommandfor me, it also seems that pre-9500 cards need the RadeonDriver13:37
fleetcommandinstead of fglrx13:37
giu_!ati channel13:37
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ati channel13:37
kilessanme neither, sorry13:37
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto13:37
ubottuHi! I'm #kubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots13:37
fleetcommandit states: If you have an ATI Radeon 9500 or newer [..], then you can use the restricted fglrx drivers13:37
giu_i have 920013:37
fleetcommandalso that "If you are using an ATI Radeon card that is older than above, you need the open source drivers: RadeonDriver (NOT fglrx). "13:37
giu_how i get radeon?13:38
fleetcommandjust follow the link here? :)13:38
fleetcommandi hope this helps13:38
ubottuGirls exist on the internet. See http://www.escapistmagazine.com/print/17/27 | http://www.xkcd.com/322/ | For more interesting reading: http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/Encourage-Women-Linux-HOWTO/13:38
fleetcommandi was excepted "I know nothing about girls" :(13:39
sierransomebody wanna help me ?13:39
kilessanI don't think I can... nvidia drivers are a real bitch sometimes13:39
sierranAll versions dsen't work13:40
sierrandon't work13:41
giu_fleetcommand: there is not explained how to13:41
kilessanmy hardy also has nvidia problems... sometimes it does not init the graphics card. never found out why. like i said, nvidia drivers are problematic13:42
fleetcommandgiu_: i guess the radeon driver is included, isn't it?13:43
fleetcommandi'm pretty sure it's included with x since i was able to use my x without enabling fglrx13:44
giu_there is written, how to remove fglrx and config the x.org13:44
giu_how can i test it?13:44
fleetcommandso i think that removing fglrx and reinstalling those mesa libs should do the job13:44
giu_you mean the driver is already installed?13:44
giu_the opensource one?13:45
fleetcommandi guess so, since most ppl has install nothing to get it work13:45
fleetcommandbtw, what distribution are you using?13:45
giu_kubuntu 8.1013:45
giu_i installed it yesterday13:45
giu_fleetcommand:  my xorg is empty13:47
fleetcommandyou have no /etc/X11/xorg.conf ?13:48
emmaIntrepid has gone to a new X I think, and it is not configured the same anymore.13:48
giu_fleetcommand: http://paste.ubuntu.com/77105/13:48
emmaBut I don't know how to configure it really. It has become more obscure.13:48
emmaDoes anyone else find that to be the case?13:49
=== sebastian_ is now known as sebastian^
=== root is now known as Guest22523
=== nathanael is now known as natschil
natschilI installed kde-nightly, but now, for some reason it uses the kde-trunk oxygen widgets instead of the "normal" oxygen ones14:21
natschilcan anyone tell me from where I can get the "normal widgets", as i can't really find them on svn14:22
Bauldrickthe latest kernel is 27.7??14:30
Farmerohay, is there a way to disable the horizontal autoscrolling in dolphin's treeview?14:30
Farmerit's quite annoying14:30
=== tsapkov is now known as tsa
KiDFlaShneed help to configure my xorg.conf, can someone help me?14:48
BluesKajwhich graphics card , KiDFlaSh ?14:48
RaynHey folks, I just upgraded to ubuntu 8.10 (with KDE 4.1) and I've found KDE to be extremely unstable. Where should I look for crash logs? It takes down the entire X server when it crashes.14:48
KiDFlaShradeon 920014:48
BluesKaj!ATI | KiDFlaSh14:49
ubottuKiDFlaSh: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto14:49
KiDFlaShno drivers14:49
KiDFlaShx.org.conf config14:49
BluesKajKiDFlaSh, hang on lemme check something14:51
BluesKajKiDFlaSh, did you see an option to install and enable the "restricted drivers" ?14:55
BluesKajKiDFlaSh, anyway here's a tutorial that might workfor you.  http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Intrepid_Installation_Guide14:57
KiDFlaShwhy my xorg.conf is so short???15:04
KiDFlaShBluesKaj:  http://rafb.net/p/KdbUIt35.html15:04
BluesKajKiDFlaSh, that's cuz X has more generic HAL dependencies than previous releases , ...read above that site should help you15:05
=== trajkovski is now known as moi
KiDFlaShkaj there is no help15:09
KiDFlaShin the link15:09
KiDFlaShthe only thing i want15:09
KiDFlaShis to change the, resolution15:09
KiDFlaShbecause "system settings" freez if i click display settings15:10
glazHi, I am trying to create a connection in kvpnc and I get this error:15:13
glazdebug: [pppd] MPPE required, but MS-CHAP[v2] auth not performed.15:13
BluesKajKiDFlaSh, maybe my xorg.conf will help. My card is ax200g elcheapo and it works with DRI and 3D and my monitors native reolution 1680x1050. http://www.pastebin.ca/126764115:16
KiDFlaShkaj the new xorg sucks15:17
KiDFlaShno glxinfo15:17
KiDFlaShBluesKaj: and how can i choose the resolustion?15:20
BluesKajthe KiDFlaSh , follow the instructions in this tutorial , it edits make your xorg.conf to make things work15:21
KiDFlaShthere is no options for opensource15:24
BarackuseHow do you change channels?15:32
stdin/join #channel_name15:32
Barackusethank you15:33
=== maska is now known as Maska
fyl0neverytime I reboot my 8.10 machine the plasmoid widgets are all on top of each other.15:42
fyl0nIs it possible to lock the widgets so that when rebooted it will stay on it;s original position?15:42
fyl0n(lock widgets is on)15:42
linux_buenas tardes15:53
KiVIrcесть русские?15:56
lasosДарова линуксоиды!16:05
lasosМля, хули я тут делаю?16:06
KiVIrcтебя надо спросить. тем более надо спросить что ты курил если с тобой твой собственный комп болтает16:06
fabrizio! list16:06
ubottuHi! I'm #kubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots16:06
moilasos: linuksoid lol16:07
=== marcial_ is now known as Rupert
KiVIrcвот-вот. а кто кулер забыл почистить? а на клаве кто ел?16:08
moigovori angliski lasos16:08
lasosНу до кулера пломбы не дают добраться, хотя на выходных полезу, а на клаве я не ем.16:08
KiVIrcне отнекивайся ))ъ16:08
KiVIrcнарод, помогите с play on linux ))16:11
lasosplay on linux, эт под Wine?16:12
KiVIrcну вроде да16:12
KiVIrcона совместима с ней16:12
lasosНа Kubuntu.ru вроде видел статью16:12
KiVIrcпросто поставил на нее Far Cry 2, а она не запускается, никакой реакции на нажатие кнопки запуска16:13
ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke16:17
TheMG1is it possible to extract the cd iso into a folder and install using wubi via that?16:19
ubuntoilTheMG1: why that ??16:23
TheMG1well i dont want to burn it to cd (i have none)16:24
ubuntoilTheMG1: what about a bootable usb drive16:24
TheMG1i dont have any spare usb's16:25
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in a lot of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall. Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate16:25
TheMG1and i dont think my bios can boot from a usb16:26
Rupertsome bady can help me16:28
TheMG1i think that assumes i am going to install it normally, i want to use wubi16:28
Rupertmy kubuntu 8.10 stay on login screen16:29
RupertcanT i in to my destop16:30
DarthOrthacaqui me parece que no habla nadie16:31
JontheEchidna!es | DarthOrthac16:32
ubottuDarthOrthac: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.16:32
thomas__was ist16:33
byteme_I have an external hard drive I am trying to force mount16:51
byteme_but  the command to mount isnt working for me16:51
byteme_sudo mount -t ntfs-3g/dev/sdh1/media/disk-o force16:52
byteme_what am doing wrong?16:52
=== vito_ is now known as premo
mr_clarkHi. Switched to Kubuntu from open OpenSUSE on the weekend. Last night I noticed my /home partition was full. I thought it was just because of some of the crap I had so I cleaned up about 15GB of stuff. This morning the partition was full again. I discovered that I had a ~/.xsessions-errors file which was 21GB in size.17:06
Wind67you can delete this no probleme17:06
mr_clarkAny idea why this file would be filling up like that? I'm not at the PC so I can't really look at the log at this point.17:06
mr_clarkWind67, But the file keeps growing.17:06
Wind67bonjour monsieur17:09
Wind67ici c'est pour les naglais17:09
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kubuntu.fr17:09
malharhakoops, hello17:09
DarkSmokehey guys17:22
DarkSmokei opened up #kubuntu-mt17:22
DarkSmokeis there a way to make people see it?17:22
DarkSmokei want to help any maltese people that join17:23
PiciDarkSmoke: Please join #ubuntu-irc to discuss this.17:24
DarkSmokeok i will17:25
bobesponjaare there gonna gave packages for kde 4.2 beta packages?17:26
bernd__Ich habe eine Frage zur Taskleiste17:29
ubottuDeutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de17:29
=== linuxmce is now known as [chubaka]
TheMGhow do i tell whether i have the 64 bit version, while inside kubuntu?17:37
jabrroago k>applications>utilitys>sysinfo17:39
TheMGi cant find system info17:40
=== _neversfelde is now known as neversfelde
jabrroaoh well install it from adept17:41
jabrroasearch "sysinfo"17:42
PiciTheMG: If   uname -m   says x86_64 then you're running the 64 bit version, no need to install anything.17:43
RoccoLordTheMG:  uname -m in a konsole17:43
TheMGyeah im 6417:43
TheMGwhich is INCREDIBLY annoying17:43
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP317:44
TheMGsince ive spent the last hour downloading the 32 bit version because i had the 64 bit where few programs worked17:44
eagles0513875TheMG i have no issues on 64bit17:44
TheMGhow do you get flash working17:44
OxDeadC0dehardinfo is a little nicer than sysinfo imo17:45
jabrroadownload the 64 bit version from adobe17:45
jabrroanever tried it i will right now :)17:46
TheMGi couldnt find one yesterday, and another program definately has no 64 bit version (i asked the developers)17:46
TheMGbut how come i have the 64 bit version when i specifically downloaded it to get the 32 bit one17:46
jabrroawhere would "hardinfo" be ? just installed it?17:47
TheMG"What type of computer do you i386 Standard personal computer (x86 architecture, PentiumTM, CeleronTM, AthlonTM, SempronTM)amd64 64bit AMD and Intel computers"17:47
TheMGon that, i selected the first17:48
OxDeadC0deI don't know, I launch it from the terminal via hardinfo17:48
TheMGso how can i have ended up with the 64 bit version17:48
jabrroaok :)17:48
jabrroavery nice app :)17:48
OxDeadC0dethe generated html pages with the benchmarks are the best part ^^17:49
jabrroawow very well layed out and in-depth17:49
jabrroahehe my computerrr is insane17:50
OxDeadC0deBetter than a celeron? No way :P17:50
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=== Guest11862 is now known as giuseppe_
jabrroai have 3 nvidia 9800 GTX pro 1gb each in SLI mode, 32 GB of corsair dominator ram, and a AMD 9850 quad core black edition :) all for gaming with 5 TB of HDD17:52
jabrroaAMD rocks17:52
OxDeadC0destop bragging :P U make me jealous17:53
jabrroadont be.... its cost  me way to much to run at 2700 watts17:53
jabrroaand it'll be nothing in two years anyways17:54
jabrroai seriously need a powerplant just for my coolong17:54
OxDeadC0deif you can afford that now though... how can you care much about the power bill...?17:54
jabrroadude its alot of money lol i run a nitrogen cooling system apart from my comp17:55
giuseppe_can you help me about automount?17:56
jabrroawow i like this program17:56
jabrroawhats automount?17:56
OxDeadC0deautomount what giuseppe_?17:56
jabrroai use gmountiso17:56
jabrroaif thats what it is your doing...17:56
=== gerrit is now known as Guest86675
giuseppe_I mean. when I inseert a usb pen drive it is mounted automatically but no for cd or dvd17:57
=== Guest86675 is now known as deViking
giuseppe_jabrroa: do you mean gnome-mount?17:58
OxDeadC0deso I just finished writing the entire gui for my mass access to mysql convertor, now I need to write a script to drop the tables in access then create odbc links to the new mysql tables, a script to backup the existing access db's, then a script to deploy the modified access db's on top of the original ones after the backups have been made... then my job is finally done! first paycheck in 5-6 years17:58
OxDeadC0deI know you all care right? :P17:58
giuseppe_jabrroa: any help?17:59
=== deViking is now known as gerrit_
=== gerrit_ is now known as deViking
giuseppe_OxDeadC0de: automount cdrom for example18:00
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about autofs18:00
OxDeadC0de!info autofs18:00
ubottuautofs (source: autofs): kernel-based automounter for Linux. In component main, is extra. Version 4.1.4+debian-2.1ubuntu2 (intrepid), package size 112 kB, installed size 508 kB18:00
giuseppe_OxDeadC0de: can you help me?18:01
OxDeadC0degiuseppe_ sudo nano /etc/auto.misc - make sure you have cd              -fstype=iso9660,ro,nosuid,nodev :/dev/cdrom18:02
giuseppe_OxDeadC0de: sorry can you explain it to me  better?  Sorry18:03
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP318:03
ubottusome help for recent Realtek chipsets can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Device/RealtekRTL8187b18:03
=== eric is now known as Guest37584
giuseppe_OxDeadC0de: can you tell me what I have to do?18:04
OxDeadC0deI already told you what to do, in a terminal open up the file with root privileges and make sure it contains the line that automounts your cd-rom drive18:06
giuseppe_OxDeadC0de: ok, I create the file and added "-fstype=iso9660,ro,nosuid,nodev :/dev/cdrom"18:08
OxDeadC0degiuseppe "cd              -fstype=iso9660,ro,nosuid,nodev :/dev/cdrom" in /etc/auto.misc18:08
giuseppe_OxDeadC0de: I try now or have I to restart the OS?18:09
pierre__does anyone has problems with firefox3, where tabs aren't themed correctly ?18:10
OxDeadC0degiuseppe worth a try, did /etc/auto.misc not exist before?18:12
OxDeadC0degiuseppe if it didn't you should make sure you have the autofs package installed.. should be installed by default18:12
Dragonathif I install a bunch of backports packages, is there a way to downgrade to the proven stable versions quickly (like disabling the backports repository)?18:16
deksince I installed KDE4 i can no longer do the @ with Alt Gr + Q (latin american keyboard) in many programs, any idea how to fix this?18:16
Dragonathdek: a solution might be to find your old xorg.conf file and look up what it says about your keyboard, then copy that bit to the new xorg.conf and restart the X server18:17
Dragonathdek: you can do the @ in some programs though?18:17
dekDragonath: yeah, thats the strange part, in some (few) programs it does work18:19
dekDragonath: I think its on the ones that natively use KDE418:19
Dragonathhmm then messing with xorg.conf probably won't work18:20
dekis there something I can configure about programs that are still using KDE3?18:21
Dragonathhave you tried changing settings in the system settings module (keyboard and etc)?18:21
Dragonathdek: then I don't know what's wrong.. I recently downgraded from kde4 myself, so I can't look in menus and search for something that might help18:22
dekDragonath: ok, thanks anyway18:23
=== pierre__ is now known as P__
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about virusscan18:27
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about anti-virus18:27
ubottuA/V software is available, however read this to understand why Linux does not have a virus problem: http://librenix.com/?inode=2118:27
ubottuUbuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).18:28
thomas____was ist18:30
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about at18:30
ubottuქართული ენაზე დახმარების მიღებისთვის გთხოვთ შემობრძანდით #ubuntu-ge / Kartuli enaze dakhmarebis mighebistvis gtkhovt shemobrdzandit #ubuntu-ge18:30
P__KDE seems to be very slow to display the different windows element, do you have any tip to speed it up ? enabling/disabling the desktop effects doesn't do much here18:31
ubottuDeutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de18:31
OxDeadC0deP__ Do you have an nvidia video card?18:31
P__OxDeadC0de, a Geforce 8700M GT18:31
OxDeadC0deKDE4 doesn't seem to work well with the repo's drivers, you will get better performance with the beta drivers from nvidia - that is for kwin, if you use compiz things should be alright18:32
P__OxDeadC0de, compiz ?18:32
P__i have the version 177, is that from the repo ?18:33
OxDeadC0deP__ compiz is a compositing window manager, it replaces kwin18:33
P__OxDeadC0de, any pro/cons ?18:34
OxDeadC0deP__ most likely, unless you went to nvidia.com, got the drivers, manually installed them18:34
P__make sense, i can try it18:34
OxDeadC0decompiz-fusion is mature, and fast on nvidia and .. everything.. kwin with compositing seems pretty new, I won't use it until 4.2 at least - if they fix the speed issues18:35
miliananyone else not being able to install librdf-dev & libsvn-dev together due to dependancy-problems?18:35
P__OxDeadC0de, ok I ll give it a go, thanks for the pointer18:36
OxDeadC0deand compiz-fusion has more plugins.. you get the desktop wall and cube, you can have different wallpapers on each virtual desktop.. Cons would be: scroll wheel on desktop rotates cube with that plugin enabled instead of scrolling the plasmoids18:36
OxDeadC0denot quite sure if it scrolls the plasmoids even with cube rotate off, havn't tried18:37
JasonCOhaving some issues with compiz -- specifically it seems to start the windows come up but no decorations on them and i cant seem to get a a windowdecorator to work (i use emerald)18:38
OxDeadC0dejasonco try installing fusion-icon and running it, switch the window decorator from there?18:38
JasonCOtired it - -no success18:38
P__where do you switch between kwin and compiz ?18:39
JasonCOfusion icon18:39
OxDeadC0deand what's the output from emerald --replace in the console ?18:39
JasonCOhumm - -hang on lemme try18:39
JasonCOso far nothing -- its just sitting there looking at me18:40
OxDeadC0deand you already selected a theme with the emerald theme selector right?18:40
JasonCOya -- i think so18:40
JasonCOlemme try that again18:40
JasonCOwhy is there no ok button on emerald?18:41
Barackuseis it true that compiz will not work on ubuntu in virtualbox?18:41
ErikSwaloha, i got a problem getting into kubuntu running from a live CD.. I get to a command line ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ and at that point i just can't seem to get it to start.. any ideas?18:42
OxDeadC0deoh open ccsm make sure window decorations are enabled18:42
OxDeadC0deit changes the decorations as soon as you click on one to live preview them basically18:42
JasonCOwindows decorations are enabled18:43
JasonCObut nothing changes18:43
cuzntdid you restart 1st?18:43
JasonCOrestart kubuntu?18:43
ErikSwhelp :)18:44
BarackuseI need an easy LAMP instalation for ubuntu 8.10  - anyone have a handy link?18:45
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about lamo18:46
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)18:46
=== root is now known as Guest65071
JasonCOany ideas on my troublesome compiz?18:50
JasonCOdo i need a reboot?18:50
falesomeone is working on the 4.2b1 packages?18:52
pulaskiHello, this could be the wrong place to ask this question but I can find nothing on the web.  I have efax running on my kubuntu 8.04 desktop and I seem to recall using the cli to create a fax cover page.  Can anyone here recall that command or suggest how else I could find it out.18:56
ErikSwI can't start kubuntu from a live CD, I get to a command line interface were startx does not work.. any ideas ?19:00
JasonCOok -- i tried a reboot - and no luck19:04
JasonCOcompiz will start but the decorator doesnt kick in19:04
OxDeadC0dejasonco and in the windows decorations plugin the Command is "emerald --replace" right?19:05
besitzerhey welche aus der nähe von ahlen hier unterwegs???19:05
JasonCOOxDeadC0de: where do i find that?19:05
OxDeadC0deand Decoration Windows is set to all?19:06
OxDeadC0dein ccsm19:06
OxDeadC0dein window decorations plugin config, last 3 should be "emerald --replace" then "all" and "all"19:06
JasonCOlemme check19:06
=== gerrit is now known as Guest46585
JasonCOok - it was set to kde4-window-decorator --replace19:07
OxDeadC0dewhat kind of video card do you have too ? (try setting to emerald --replace then disable and reenable window decorations)19:08
JasonCO00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82865G Integrated Graphics Controller(rev 02)19:10
NasjWho knows a place where i can test my firewall settings ?19:12
pulaskikubuntu has an office app called the HPLIP Fax Utility.  How can I tell it my usrobotics external modem is /dev/tty0?19:13
ErikSwpost your ip at hack this site ;)19:13
ErikSw:P hehe19:13
eagles0513875dwidmann got some questions for ya19:14
pulaskiNevermind, I don't own any HP peripherals.  I do run efax and I can send faxes with it.  I can print using my canon i550 printer.  But I would appreciate any help configuring a fax printer in cups using efax.19:19
thomas__wie geht19:20
OxDeadC0deJasonCO: if you do killall compiz-decorator does it affect anything?19:20
ubottu#ubuntu-gr και #kubuntu-gr για Έλληνες χρηστές  /  #ubuntu-gr kai #kubuntu-gr gia Ellhnes xrhstes19:20
JasonCOummm -- lemme try19:20
ubottuქართული ენაზე დახმარების მიღებისთვის გთხოვთ შემობრძანდით #ubuntu-ge / Kartuli enaze dakhmarebis mighebistvis gtkhovt shemobrdzandit #ubuntu-ge19:21
JasonCOno process killed19:21
ubottuDeutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de19:23
BarackuseI need an easy LAMP instalation for ubuntu 8.10  - anyone have a handy link?19:23
JasonCOOxDeadC0de: no process killed19:23
Barackuseubottu: Wha...?19:24
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about Wha...?19:24
OxDeadC0dejasonco and if you do "compiz --replace &" from the console does it help? :|19:24
JasonCOtheres the output19:25
TheMGive been trying to install some programs and it keeps giving me errors about something called kpkg19:26
TheMGit told me to run kpkg --configure -a19:27
TheMGand it said there were dependancy problems so it didnt configuer19:27
TheMGwhat does that mean?19:27
JasonCOOxDeadC0de: http://www.pastebin.ca/126782619:29
xenolhow can i install OO.o3 packages please? i added the repos did apt-get update several times, did apt-get upgrade and it doesnt display updates for OO.o 2.419:29
wodenIn Amarok, when I run the Script Manager nothing happens.  How do I run the Script Manager?19:29
BluesKajxenol, have you tried to install OO using adept ?19:34
=== erdal is now known as BERK-
xenolBluesKaj: it doesnt show in adept either19:35
BluesKajxenol, do you have the third party repos enabled in adept ?19:36
xenolBluesKaj: i think it's ticked, sec i check19:37
OxDeadC0deJasonCO: wget http://blogage.de/files/4359/download -O compiz-check; chmod +x compiz-check; ./compiz-check19:37
P__compiz is great19:37
P__much faster, i like it19:38
xenolBluesKaj: yes it is19:38
OxDeadC0deyeah I won't try kwin till 4.2 ^^19:38
P__OxDeadC0de, now i have the feeling i got a usable system19:39
wodenI turned off desktop effects...19:46
JasonCOOxDeadC0de: back -- sorry -- lemme try that19:50
wodenWhy is Amarok still based on KDE 3.x?19:51
JasonCOOxDeadC0de: it skipped 2 tests and said no rendering method in use19:51
ubuntoilHi, what do I ve to do for power manager not to start at start up ??19:52
JasonCOIntel Corporation 82865G Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)19:52
ubuntoilI use kpowersave instead...19:52
OxDeadC0deJasonCO: Try adding Option "AIGLX" "on" to the serverflags section in your /etc/X11/xorg.conf - if the serverflags section doesn't exist make it and add that, then restart xorg19:54
OxDeadC0deJasonCO: and make sure in the device section it has: driver "intel"19:54
JasonCOok -- lemme look at it19:54
=== root is now known as Guest56567
JasonCOtheres my xorg.conf19:56
OxDeadC0dejasonCO http://www.pastebin.ca/126785519:59
OxDeadC0dehey JasonCO: sorry it should be "intel" not Intel - change that before saving20:00
JasonCOok - no worries20:00
OxDeadC0delowercae i ^^20:00
wodenWhy is it that when I click on a link in Konversation it opens an "Open With..." dialog box instead of a new tab on Konqueror?20:01
OxDeadC0dewoden: I use: firefox '%u' in configure conversation/behavior/general20:02
wodenOxDeadC0de: I do not want to use firefox20:02
sevenseekerhowdy all, using Pidgin, I would like to set that as my preferred IM tool in KDE, is that possible?  (its not in the pull down for the preferences area of system settings)20:03
OxDeadC0dewoden then set it to konqueror20:03
wodenOxDeadC0de: Just curious as to why it is not already set that way?20:03
OxDeadC0dewoden: ask a dev or konqueror dev? :P20:03
wodenOxDeadC0de:  What is %u?20:04
OxDeadC0dewoden: fills in the url20:04
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=== serge_ is now known as XVampireX
JasonCOOxDeadC0de: rebooting -- brb20:05
noaXessmy keabord won't work.. don't know why, needed to logout and login again.. any idea?20:08
=== hugo is now known as arne_
edi_99Hi guys, how do I save something in Kate, but I have to do it in sudo mode?20:11
noaXessany idea which service control's keyboard input?... have tried kvkbd but won't work also20:12
JontheEchidnaedi_99: launch kate with kdesudo20:12
edi_99JontheEchidna: how do I do that?20:12
JontheEchidnafrom alt+f2 or konsole type, kdesudo kate20:12
edi_99JontheEchidna thanks20:12
Jason_COOxDeadC0de: im back -- still the same problem and still the same output from compiz-check - except it says intel driver is in use20:13
=== eric is now known as Guest41882
OxDeadC0deJason_CO What's the output from compiz-check?20:14
=== sevenseeker is now known as sevenseeker|away
Jason_COskipped 2 checks and no rendering method in use20:14
Jason_COone moment20:14
Jason_COOxDeadC0de: http://www.pastebin.ca/126787420:15
binarycortexfirst let me say i love wubi20:17
wodenThe Army poncho liner?20:17
Lupus-SLEHey people, I'm trying to run Quake Wars on my Kubuntu 8.10 setup and the game works fine, but I'm having an issue with the widescreen resolutions (16:10 in my case). When I select a non 4:3 resolution, the game doesn't fill the screen properly and gives me a letterbox effect. The only resolution this works for is my desktop resolution of 1440x900. Why does xorg hate me?20:17
wodenLOL.  Wubi is the Army poncho liner...20:18
Lupus-SLEI'm considering that I may need to add the resolutions I want to use to xorg.conf but I'm not certain and I'm no stranger to completely screwing that file up... yes/no/maybe?20:18
binarycortexahh lol20:18
wodenunfortunately, xorg.conf is history20:19
Jason_COOxDeadC0de: did you see my pastebin?20:19
Lupus-SLEwoden: I'm behind on the times man!20:19
fabriziosalve come va?20:19
binarycortexi only have an 8.04 cd so i installed using that, after the first update it asked if i wanted to upgrade to 8.10 but i didnt have time20:19
binarycortexit has not asked since then20:19
ubottuHi! I'm #kubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots20:19
binarycortexdo i need to manually point to the newer distro?20:19
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about widescreen20:20
Lupus-SLERight... well with no xorg.conf I don't know what to do ¬_¬20:20
jabrroa!not being gay20:21
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about not being gay20:21
LjL!botabuse | jabrroa, not very funny really20:21
ubottujabrroa, not very funny really: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".20:22
jabrroaoh shut up20:22
binarycortexanyone know how to initiate a distro upgrade?20:24
wodenapt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade20:24
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about xorg.cong20:25
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution20:25
Jason_COOxDeadC0de: back - no joy20:26
Jason_COOxDeadC0de: same result as the compiz-check showed20:27
wodenHow do I set the time out to be longer?  It's too short I guess because I keep getting timeout errors.20:27
binarycortexwoden: it says "0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded."20:29
binarycortexit appears that my list is specifically set for hardy20:29
metalMr holbrook20:30
wodenbinarycotex:  Then it is up-to-date....did you want something more than that?20:30
metalAnyone know how to make kubuntu work with a broadcam wireless card?20:30
wodenbinarycortex: ^20:31
claydohmetal: install the package b43-fwcutter if the hardware drivers manager does not work20:31
claydohmost broadcom need firmware20:31
binarycortexyes, i wanted 8.1020:32
edi_99Hi, what does this command do: sudo apt-get install linux-backports-modules-generic?20:32
edi_99and how it is connected with my sound?20:33
noaXesswhat service controls my keyboard? cause on time it stoppe working..20:34
noaXessi had to relogin to reactivate it..20:34
binarycortexwoden: do i need to do a global replace in my sources.list?20:35
claydohbinarycortex: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IntrepidUpgrades/Kubuntu20:35
Lupus-SLESo with this new xorg.conf thingy... how can I add modes?20:36
Lupus-SLEOooo... say 1280x800 ?20:36
wodenbinarycortex:  I am not sure what a global replace is.  But you should check to make sure that your /etc/apt/sources.list contains the correct information.20:37
wodenbinarycortex:  Here is my sources.list.20:38
woden#deb cdrom:[Ubuntu 8.10 _Intrepid Ibex_ - Release i386 (20081029.5)]/ intrepid main restricted20:38
woden# See http://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes for how to upgrade to20:38
woden# newer versions of the distribution.20:38
wodendeb http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ intrepid main restricted20:38
wodendeb-src http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ intrepid main restricted20:38
woden## Major bug fix updates produced after the final release of the20:38
woden## distribution.20:38
wodendeb http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ intrepid-updates main restricted20:38
wodendeb-src http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ intrepid-updates main restricted20:38
woden## N.B. software from this repository is ENTIRELY UNSUPPORTED by the Ubuntu20:38
woden## team. Also, please note that software in universe WILL NOT receive any20:38
woden## review or updates from the Ubuntu security team.20:38
wodendeb http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ intrepid universe20:38
wodendeb-src http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ intrepid universe20:38
wodendeb http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ intrepid-updates universe20:38
wodendeb-src http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ intrepid-updates universe20:38
woden## N.B. software from this repository is ENTIRELY UNSUPPORTED by the Ubuntu20:38
woden## team, and may not be under a free licence. Please satisfy yourself as to20:39
woden## your rights to use the software. Also, please note that software in20:39
woden## multiverse WILL NOT receive any review or updates from the Ubuntu20:39
woden## security team.20:39
wodendeb http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ intrepid multiverse20:39
wodendeb-src http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ intrepid multiverse20:39
wodendeb http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ intrepid-updates multiverse20:39
wodendeb-src http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ intrepid-updates multiverse20:39
woden## Uncomment the following two lines to add software from the 'backports'20:39
woden## repository.20:39
woden## N.B. software from this repository may not have been tested as20:39
woden## extensively as that contained in the main release, although it includes20:39
JontheEchidna!pastebin | woden20:39
ubottuwoden: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)20:39
woden## newer versions of some applications which may provide useful features.20:39
jabrroawtf are you doing20:39
woden## Also, please note that software in backports WILL NOT receive any review20:39
woden## or updates from the Ubuntu security team.20:39
woden# deb http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ intrepid-backports main restricted universe multiverse20:39
woden# deb-src http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ intrepid-backports main restricted universe multiverse20:39
woden## Uncomment the following two lines to add software from Canonical's20:39
woden## 'partner' repository. This software is not part of Ubuntu, but is20:39
woden## offered by Canonical and the respective vendors as a service to Ubuntu20:39
jabrroawtf are you doing20:39
woden## users.20:39
woden# deb http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu intrepid partner20:39
jabrroawtf are you doing20:39
jabrroawtf are you doing20:39
woden# deb-src http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu intrepid partner20:39
wodendeb http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu intrepid-security main restricted20:39
wodendeb-src http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu intrepid-security main restricted20:39
wodendeb http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu intrepid-security universe20:39
wodendeb-src http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu intrepid-security universe20:39
jabrroawtf are you doing20:39
wodendeb http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu intrepid-security multiverse20:40
wodendeb-src http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu intrepid-security multiverse20:40
wodendarn it20:40
wodenjabrroa:  I mis-clicked I am sorry.20:40
jabrroawtf are you doing20:40
wodenJontheEchidna:  I mis-clicked I am sorry.20:40
claydohbinarycortex: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IntrepidUpgrades/Kubuntu20:40
jabrroathats funny20:40
claydoheasiest way to upgrade20:40
wodenI'm surprised I didn't get auto-kicked20:40
JontheEchidnawoden: your irc client probably slowed it down so you wouldn't20:41
claydohbinarycortex: no files to edit20:41
wodenI meant to paste the URL to the pastebin but I pasted the content on accidnt.20:41
JontheEchidnaya, no biggie. Accidents happen20:41
JontheEchidnaI just blame klipper when that sort of thing happens to me ;-)20:42
jabrroai blame mexico20:42
jabrroaor canada20:43
jabrroaeither one :)20:43
wodenJon: I actually used to work with the original developer of Klipper.20:43
wodenJon:  He is the one who turned me on to linux.20:43
binarycortexclaydoh: beauty, thats exactly what i was looking for20:43
claydohbinarycortex:  :)20:43
wodenI haven't used KDE in about 7 years though.  I've been using GNOME the entire time.  I'm kind of in shock mode right now trying to figure out this KDE thing.20:44
e-liquidthis is my first day using kubuntu :P20:46
hexagownWelcome to the best world. (In the word) :D20:47
e-liquidyeh well windows start to piss me off20:47
serenityhi there20:48
serenityare there any plans for a ppa with kde4.2b1?20:48
JontheEchidnaplans yes, packages not yet20:49
Zeelot3khey guys, I'm using 64bit 8.10 ubuntu right now and I know I have kubuntu 8.03 32bit on another partition, how can I add this to grub? duno if the 32/64 bit difference is an issue with the kernel or whatever but I'm lost20:49
Zeelot3kI mean I have kubuntu 8.10 32bit20:50
Zeelot3kon a different partition but I don't know how to addit to grub20:50
hexagownThe 64-bit version itsen't the best chose, becous its not manny programms compitable with it20:50
hexagownah, well nvm :D20:50
Zeelot3kthats why I want to dual boot into kubuntu 32bit20:50
serenityJontheEchidna: sounds fine, thanks20:51
JontheEchidnaThanksgiving seems to be slowing progress :P20:52
serenityJontheEchidna: but that's tomorrow20:53
JontheEchidnayeah, but people travel20:53
Zeelot3kcan anyone give me advice? is it possible to dual boot 32bit and 64bit ubuntu/kubuntus?20:53
ubottuWubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php for troubleshooting. Please file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug.20:57
zbyszek_hi can you tell me why i cannot access keyboard settings in kde4?21:01
zbyszek_only the cursor changed after i clicked it21:01
zbyszek_can i open keyboard shortcut configuration in other way?21:02
XVampireXhey people, KDE 4.2 beta is out :D21:12
XVampireXany chance we could get it some time soon?21:12
wodenXVampireX: You can get it21:13
XVampireXno, I'm not going to compile it21:13
=== thunderstruck is now known as gnomefreak
harolddongare you talking about the beta?21:14
XVampireXharolddong: yeah21:15
loganWHDanyone know how to get 8.10 to print to pdf?21:15
XVampireXprint to pdf...21:16
XVampireXsounds weird21:16
loganWHDit does?21:16
claydohwith thanksgiving upon us in the US and other people away it may take a bit  extra to get the 4.2 beta out the door21:16
claydohcompared to normal21:16
=== woden is now known as sigp239
JontheEchidnaPlus we're doing an extra round of internal review work on the packages since the jump from 4.1.x -> 4.2 beta isn't small21:17
OxDeadC0deJason_CO if you're still here, try this: http://www.pastebin.ca/126793521:17
[GuS]guys... Hi! Beta1 will be not in PPA ?21:17
XVampireXclaydoh: Canonical and Ubuntu are not american companies/products/whatever21:17
JontheEchidnaXVampireX: with volunteers from around the world21:19
faleclaydoh: I guess tomorrow 4.2 will be packaged ;)21:19
etfbQuick dumb question: I'm writing software that sends HTTP GET and POST requests.  I want a utility that will monitor the traffic and let me see it, headers and all.  Any suggestions?21:19
XVampireXJontheEchidna: Well Sherlock, figure that out21:19
OxDeadC0deI have a PDF printer installed from the printer manager tool (settings/printing) cups/pdf make and model generic PDF file generator21:19
XVampireXAFAIK, PDF is a file format21:20
claydohXVampireX: the main dev, for example is on holiday21:20
OxDeadC0deetfb wireshark is decent21:20
Neremoris there a way to find out my pc architecture?21:20
Neremori386 or i686?21:20
etfbOxDeadC0de: Thanks - I'll look it up.21:21
XVampireXI saw that the new systray fixes the silly icon problems21:21
Neremorif i try uname -i i only get the error "unknown"21:21
XVampireXor maybe not21:21
claydohXVampireX: and others are preparing for thanksgiving, so it may not be relaeased as quickly as usual21:21
loganWHDXVampireX:  yes of course and you can print to it21:21
XVampireXprint TO it?21:21
XVampireXhow's that possible?21:21
XVampireXMaybe you can print it....21:22
XVampireXbut I don't know what printing to it means21:22
JontheEchidnaa virtual printer than converts it to pdf21:22
etfbNeremor: kinfocenter is the KDE UI program for the job, perhaps.21:22
Neremorok thanks21:22
Neremorfound out i had to use uname -a21:22
Neremorit says i68621:22
Neremorwhat bit type is it?21:22
Neremor32 or 64?21:23
XVampireXNeremor: If it doesn't say x86_64 then it's 3221:23
hexagownThe 64-bit version itsen't the best chose, becous its not manny programms compitable with it21:23
XVampireX64bit is good enough21:23
falehexagown: you have problems only on the close source programs ;)21:23
gl_has anybody had any problems with an openoffice 3 update yesterday?21:23
loganWHDsheez talk about symantics21:23
loganWHDwhat a putz21:23
falegl_: nope21:24
Neremorbecause i wasn't sure for months right now and used the 32 bit apps of all software right now21:24
gl_fale: hi so, are you running 3.0.4?21:24
hexagownI'v really never understand why they diden't put an OpenOffice version in the new Kubuntu (8.10)21:24
hexagownThats really wierd21:24
Neremorjust to make sure i got it right: that means i have to use the package "i386"?21:24
falegl_: 3.0.0-421:25
gl_fale: ah, yes, are you?21:25
gl_in kubuntu 8.10?21:25
falehexagown: I guess for a space reason ;)21:26
falegl_: yep21:26
hexagownYe guess so...21:26
gl_Hm... I had the previous version running, but stopped after the update...21:26
falehexagown: the problem is that 700mb are not a lot...21:26
gl_running from the console would complain Qt, about painting an object21:27
falegl_: I dunno... to me it works well21:27
gl_OK thanks21:27
sigp239I'm using Ubuntu but I removed GNOME and installed KDE21:27
falegl_: yw21:27
pm2Hello - I'm experiencing very slow performance on my laptop, which I suspect is due to harddrive performance.  I looked at the output of hdparm, and it shows that DMA is not enabled.  When I try to enable it, it says "HDIO_SET_DMA failed: Operation not permitted" -- any thoughts on how to fix this?  I'm using Kernel 2.6.24 on Kubuntu21:28
falepm2: are you tring as normal user, or as root?21:29
pm2fale, root21:29
pm2using sudo21:29
hexagownAre you speaking about that CDs only are 700mb? Becous I think it wont... Well it will be abit more expensive, but a DVD dont cost taht mutch, and if you got an "good" DVD its "overriteable" So if you download Kubuntu you can yust overwrite when you want to do it.21:29
hexagownAnd when you allready got Kubuntu 8.04 you yust download some kind of update, and that has no space limit.21:29
falehexagown: I guess in a few releases kubuntu will be dvd only... in any case, right now, there is a DVD version ;)21:30
Tophi have just installed Kubuntu 8.10,,, i can't find the Storage Media,,, can you please help?21:30
faleToph: you mean the external HD?21:30
hexagownAh okay, well im pritty new with all teh Linux stuffs, so I dont know all about there things, yust try to sort out my won mind right now ^^21:31
Tophfale: i don't see any of my drives, as i used to under Storage media on the earlier versions21:31
faleToph: you will find theme in Dolphin, in the left bar21:32
TophDolphin doesn't show the storage media21:32
ghrockshi everyone, im having problems starting kdenlive, ir apparently starts but the it closes itself21:32
faleghrocks: it returns an error?21:32
sigmais it possible for me to send my amarok audio stream to my headphones and the audio stream from my videos to the pc speakers? (i have the headphones plugged into front audio ports and the speakers plugged into the ports at the back of the motherboard - main ports)?21:33
Tophfale: ,, i only have Home,Network,Root,Trash, Volume.21:33
OxDeadC0desigma - with pulseaudio it might be possible with some complex setup21:33
OxDeadC0desigma - might not even be all that complex anymore21:33
faleToph: Volume ;)21:33
ghrocksit sayas kdenlive crashing...kcrash cannot reach kdeinit launching directly21:33
faleghrocks: I guess is a packaging bug21:34
ghrockssoi gues i should uninstall it and reinstall it right???21:34
sigmaOxDeadC0de: won't that stuff up phonon though? if not how do i install it?21:34
falesigma: how many audio cards has your pc?21:34
Tophfale: Volume basically gives me Root plus a couple other directories21:34
sigmafale: one onboard hd nvidia21:35
falesigma: than I guess only one stream as output21:37
sigmafale: but can't pulse split it?21:37
falesigma: maybe21:37
ghrocksi received the folloewing error while reinstalling kdenlive the application adept crashed and caused the signal 11 (sigsegv)21:37
sigmafale: in kmix I have 2 "front" sliders, one for the headphones and one for the pc speakers so def looks like its two independent streams21:38
ghrocksany idea??21:38
falesigma: than surely you can ;)21:39
Tophfale: ok,, i think i'm figuring it out, but how do i find the size and unused portions of my HD,, i have 2 internal HDDS21:39
harolddongdoes anybody know I can't change icons of folders on my fat32 drives?  Also the drives themselves dont show a drive icon but a folder icon instead which also can't be changed.  the permissions seems to be fine I can read and write to the drive I just can't change icons.21:39
OxDeadC0desigma I have no idea what phonon will and won't do, but sudo apt-get install pulseaudio pulseaudio-utils paprefs paman pavucontrol pavumeter padevchooser paman (If you use vlc vlc-plugin-pulse)21:39
faleToph: with the right click ;)21:40
epimethhi guys...21:40
epimethI've got a wireless problem21:40
=== jens is now known as Guest84300
Tophfale:  ok,, thanks21:41
faleToph: yw21:41
epimethiwlist scanning shows my the network I want to connect to.... however, going to network manager and selecting21:41
epimeth"new connection" does not21:41
ghrockslol, fale i know u r really busy, but ehmm do u have any idea regarding that error message about the error message im receiving after trying to reinstall kdenlive???21:42
faleghrocks: nope, you should signal it on launchpad21:42
=== Guest84300 is now known as gsa10132
epimethin fact, iwconfig scanning gives me lots of networks that "new connection" doesn't, "new connection" gives me a ton of ones that iwconfig doesn't!21:43
jabrroawhats up?meth21:48
demon_does ubuntu and kbuntu have the same kernel21:49
OxDeadC0deis it just me or is elisa stripped down a bit in ubuntu?21:49
jabrroayes it does21:50
Lupus-SLEHey people, I'm trying to run Quake Wars on my Kubuntu 8.10 setup and the game works fine, but I'm having an issue with the widescreen resolutions (16:10 in my case). When I select a non 4:3 resolution, the game doesn't fill the screen properly and gives me a letterbox effect. The only resolution this works for is my desktop resolution of 1440x900. Why does xorg hate me?21:52
Lupus-SLEI'm considering that I may need to add the resolutions I want to use to xorg.conf but I'm not certain and I'm no stranger to completely screwing that file up... yes/no/maybe? Also the fact xorg.conf isn't what it used to be now doesn't help... :(21:52
epimethjabrroa: you with me?21:53
epimethLupus-SLE: I'm having issues with xorg myself... in my case xorg.conf isn't just "not what it used to be".  its just plain empty!21:54
Lupus-SLEepimeth: We gotta stick together man!21:55
Lupus-SLEI WILL get quake wars in 1280x800! I simply must!21:55
epimethif you do find anything about it, let me know, eh?21:56
epimethalthough... my lappy is at 1280x80021:56
epimethare you sure that its not the *game* that doesn't support 1280x800?21:57
epimethit might not be an xorg issue21:57
demon_what kernel does Kubuntu 8.10 use? .2721:57
JontheEchidnademon_: .2721:58
Lupus-SLEepimeth: No it's definatly an xorg issue21:59
Lupus-SLEepimeth: Well...21:59
Lupus-SLEepimeth: It's not a game issue21:59
Lupus-SLEI don't think splash damage did THAT bad a coding job.21:59
DrLurvewhy does kubuntu not allow me permissions to create or modify content in the /root/ folder? o_O21:59
Lupus-SLEDrLurve: Because you're not root are you?22:00
Lupus-SLEepimeth: My theory is that my game is trying to set resolutions which xorg doesn't think it can support, and is thus snapping it to the nearest resolution22:02
Lupus-SLEI think I get a fullscreen 1440x900 resolution with a 1280x800 resolution box in the middle with my game in22:03
DrLurveLupus-SLE: k now I'm confused.22:03
Lupus-SLEMe: Can I have 1280x800 please? Xorg: We don't serve 1280x800, though 1440x900 is SIMILAR, would you like that instead? Me: Oh go on then. ETQW: Even with the screen resolution of 1440x900, I'm setting it to 1280x800 because you asked me to, so it will appear like it was in a window.22:05
Lupus-SLEFollowed by this | Me: RRAAAAGGGEEEEEE!!!!!22:05
epimethsorry buuuudy22:07
epimethdemon: check out rname22:07
epimethDrLurve: you aren't root22:08
epimethDrLurve: and you shouldn't create things in /22:08
Lupus-SLEOr /root/ for that matter22:08
epimethDrLurve: but if you absolutely need it, sudo22:08
Lupus-SLEDrLurve: What do you need to do that requires access to /root/ ?22:08
sigp239GNOME > KDE22:09
epimethyea, if by ">" you mean "is more bad"22:09
harolddonggnome is for grandmas22:10
=== ubuntu is now known as Zeelot
Zeelotok im on the live cd22:19
epimethso anybody a network manager pro?22:20
* dr_willis wonders what dident work.22:20
DragnslcrObviously the caps lock key22:21
Lupus-SLEI've added my additional resolutions to xorg.conf and it never did a damn thing!22:21
epimethLupus-SLE: yea, the new automatic driver locator thingy is a pain in the butt22:23
Lupus-SLEI don't have a driver issue22:23
epimethDragnslcr: you wouldn't happen to be a network manager wiz/22:23
dr_willisYou are not using a KVM switch are you? Using a DVI LCD monitor? ANalog CRT? ANalog LCD?22:23
epimethI know, I'm just saying that it loads stuff so I don't know what / when you can override22:23
Lupus-SLEI have a "it won't use the resolution for my game that I want it to" problem22:23
Dragnslcrepimeth- don't think so, sorry22:24
dr_willisSo the desktop is the proper res then? its jUst a single game thatw wrong? What game?22:24
epimethdr_willis: iwlist shows me a bunch of wireless networks that "new connection" in network manager doesn't!  same going the other way.  I need to connect to a iwlist connection... how do I get network manager to display those networks as well???22:25
Lupus-SLEdr_willis: Not a single game... it's Enemy Territory Quake Wars22:25
Lupus-SLEIt seems to know what resolution I want, for instance I want the game to run in 1280x80022:26
Lupus-SLEMy desktop doesn't support that resolution22:26
Lupus-SLEAt least xorg doesn't think so22:26
Lupus-SLESo it makes the display 1440x900 and sticks it in a little 1280x800 screen so there's a black border all the way around22:27
Lupus-SLEit works if I set it to 1440x900 but I'm wanting a lower res for a higher frame rate22:27
BluesKajLupus-SLE, first of all what graphics card ?22:28
ghrockshi everyone, im still having issues with kdenlive, now i have an error that says could not find drkonqi executable, any idea of what may be???22:28
Lupus-SLEBluesKaj: ATI Radeon x1950XT22:29
jabrroai have 3 nvidia 9800 pro GTX 1gb's in sli mode :) wors nice22:29
jabrroatwo moniters22:30
Lupus-SLEjabrroa: How good for you22:30
BluesKajLupus-SLE, ok , if you haven't checked this out it may help your problem   http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Intrepid_Installation_Guide22:30
jabrroayes i know :)22:31
jabrroaalthough at first it was a hassle22:31
Lupus-SLEBluesKaj: What do you expect me to do with this?22:32
Lupus-SLEBluesKaj: I'm not trying to install the fglrx driver, I have that, it works fine.22:32
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about glib22:32
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about glib-2.022:32
Lupus-SLEBluesKaj: If my theory is correct and it is just snapping to the nearest resolution, then I just need it to support 1280x800... but I don't know how to ADD support for that resolution because xorg.conf is all different and from what I can see the documentation is practicly non-existant!22:33
epimethanybody know about network manager "new connection" wireless search showing different results than the ones listed in iwlist ?22:36
epimethbecause network manager isn't finding my network, but iwlist is22:36
epimethand at home, all I did was put in the ssid manually, and that worked.  at work I do the same  and it does try to connect to the network (and finds it), the network doesn't have dhcp.  so when I go and give it a manual configuration it *doesn't* find the network anymore!22:37
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about nickserv22:39
reagleBRKLN"Project Neon presents: KDE-Nightly" This isn't really nightly though, is it?22:41
reagleBRKLNi think those debs are from the summer?22:41
rocmeI have a problem with kopete since I updated to Kubuntu 8.10:22:42
jabrroahow would one register with nickserv22:42
rocmeif someone writes me a message, there is a msgbox which says that knotify crashed22:43
reagleBRKLNalso, anyone have a pointer to kde4.2b1 debs?22:43
ghrocksanyone know something about kdenlive?22:43
ghrocksim having a problem strting it, it crashes and says that couldn't find drkonqi22:44
epimethjabrroa: in the "status" window, type in /nickserv help22:44
rocmehere is a screenshot of the error msg:22:45
rocmethe message appears when so writes me a msg with icq, jabber, ...22:46
rocmewhat can I do to fix this?22:46
ahmoshi ,amarok only play mp3s when i open it as a root,so can anybody help me please?!22:46
jabrroagot it :) thank you22:46
gscknode has a terrible word wrap bug in 8.10 (version 0.99.01 kde 4.1.3). I tried to change to a older version of kde 4.1.2 in the hopes it would be solved, but the about states that it is still te same version22:48
rocmeahmos: what does amarok do as normal user?22:48
gscwhat to do, to get an older version of knode?22:48
alejandrobuenas noches, alguien sabe como instalar juegos de windows en kubuntu?22:48
=== pascalFR is now known as PascalFR
ahmosit says mp3 is not supported click to download22:49
rocmeand what happens if you click?22:49
alejandroalguien sabe como instalo juegos de windows en kubuntu?22:50
rocmerunning amarok as root, everything works correctly?22:51
rocmedid you try "another" normal user?22:53
epimeth!es | alejandro22:54
ubottualejandro: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.22:54
ahmosi have only one user22:54
ubottuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »22:54
rocmehm... try to backup your ~.kde/share/config/amarokrc and remove it...22:55
ahmostried but nothing22:55
rocmeinteresting ;(22:55
gsc@ ahmos: what does the command 'groups' say?22:56
ahmosahmos adm dialout cdrom floppy audio dip video plugdev fuse lpadmin admin22:56
Bendsanyone here a preseed matster? I'm haivng trouble with an 8.10 server preseed, can't find the "no automatic updates" option...22:56
ahmosrcome gsc any help22:59
edi_99Hi guys what's the easiest way to set up php?23:00
gsc@ ahmos: it must be a rights problem. I would go to synaptic, look at all the rights of the files and corresponding directories the package which contains the codec's provides23:00
ahmoscan i do that with adept23:01
epimethedi_99: tasksel install lamp23:01
epimeththis installs php, apache, mysql23:01
edi_99epimeth: I just put that into shell?23:02
ambro779how can I switch from the malfunctioning Qt4 GTK theme to the Ubuntu default ("Human") ?23:02
mazetashi all23:03
gsc@ahmos: ah yes Kubuntu. I guess you can.23:03
mazetasmay i ask about a webcam problem?23:03
epimethedi_99: yup.  that is, if you want all three :-)23:03
epimethedi_99: don't forget the sudo!23:04
epimeth!ask | mazetas23:04
ubottumazetas: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)23:04
edi_99epimeth: nothing really happens, is that OK? It's still for a sec and then drops into the new line23:05
epimethedi_99: really?23:05
mazetasi have a trust webcam. it was working with previous kernel in Ubuntu just, not in Kubuntu. now it doesn't work in neither. can the drivers have been removed?23:05
epimethedi_99: try sudo tasksel23:05
ahmosok thank you all23:05
edi_99epimeth: seems like tasksel works23:06
=== Ardarandir1 is now known as Ardarandir
SteBoHi! Will there be KDE 4.2 Beta1 packages für Kubuntu 8.10?23:06
SteBoOr are they already available even?23:06
edi_99epimeth: is it possible that the installation occurs without any notification?23:07
epimethedi_99: I *seriously* doubt it, but yes.  is "LAMP" selected in tasksel?23:07
JontheEchidnaSteBo: probably within a few days they will be ready23:09
SteBoJontheEchidna: So someone is working on them currently?23:10
edi_99epimeth: nah, the only thing that is marked [*] is a Print server23:10
epimethedi_99: so go ahead and select lamp :-)23:10
JontheEchidnaSteBo: have been for the past week or so, but progress has been slow because of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday and because the jump from 4.1.x to 4.2.x is somewhat large and needs to be properly tested23:10
Lupus-SLEWait... there's a kde 4.2 already?23:12
SteBoJontheEchidna: ok, thank you for this work. :-) Sure take your time and have fun in the holyday. :-)23:12
HappySmileManLupus-SLE: Just beta for it so far23:12
HappySmileManAnother 2 months I think before full release23:12
Lupus-SLEHappySmileMan: Pics?23:13
JontheEchidnaSteBo: be sure to thank apachelogger, ncommander, arby and vorian if you get the chance23:13
NCommanderJontheEchidna, we released it?23:13
BluesKajlupus ..I was away having dinner ..this is my xorg.conf file..my ati is an onboard and my scrn res is 1680x1050 with no probs, http://www.pastebin.ca/126764123:13
JontheEchidnaNCommander: nope23:13
HappySmileManNot using it right now, there's a few pics on kde.org and http://introducingkde.blogspot.com has recent builds reviewed23:14
HappySmileManSorry, http://introducingkde4.blogspot.com23:14
JontheEchidnaNCommander: kdeplasma-addons and kdenetwork still need to be done, and the rest needs final reviewing23:14
SteBoJontheEchidna: Sure, I will. So thank you for giving me something to look forward the next days. Bye! :-)23:14
JontheEchidnathen we backport to intrepid23:14
Lupus-SLEBluesKaj: You're not getting my problem. Let me explain it better. I have a 16:10 monitor that supports a maxiumum resolution of 1440x900. This works fine! On my desktop that's not an issue.23:15
NCommanderJontheEchidna, and i10n23:15
Lupus-SLEBluesKaj: But for some reason, xrandr doesn't think I can have any other 16:10 resolutions, and I'd like it to support 1280x80023:15
JontheEchidnaNCommander: we have a script that does that, and historically we have release before even if l10n isn't finished23:16
NCommanderI'm almost done with kdegraphics, but I'm stuck in a dialup wonderland23:16
Lupus-SLEBluesKaj: I believe that if I can set 1280x800, then I can play my game in fullscreen without any borders from it not being able to set the correct resolution23:16
JontheEchidnaI thought kdegraphics was already done?23:17
BluesKajOK Lupus-SLE , my res is stuck at my scrns native 168x1050 , so i see your prob. I'm not able to change mine either23:17
BluesKaj1680 x 105023:17
NCommanderJontheEchidna, still FTBFSing in main online23:17
jason_hey guys23:20
BluesKajLupus-SLE, do you have any options in /system settings/dispaly/size/drop down list ?23:21
Lupus-SLEI don't have a /size/ drop down list23:22
jason_have you installed your latest nividia drivers?23:22
Lupus-SLEYes I do!23:22
Lupus-SLEIt didn't see it there23:22
BluesKajno size orientation / size / dropdown?23:22
Lupus-SLEAnd they're the same sizes I get from xrandr23:22
Lupus-SLEAnd as far as I can see, all 4:3 except for mine23:23
Lupus-SLEor 16:923:23
gsc@ ahmos: which engine have you selected in amarok?23:23
Lupus-SLEI have 1280x72023:23
BluesKajLupus-SLE, what monitor ?23:25
=== ubuntu is now known as ubuntu_
Lupus-SLEBluesKaj: Samsung SyncMaster 931BW23:26
=== Timmy is now known as TimS
Ahmuckwow, kubuntu 8.10 is garbage from what i can see.  it's buggy.  i think i'm going to regress to 3.x23:26
Lupus-SLEAhmuck: What you got issues with?23:27
BluesKajheh Lupus-SLE ,I'm running a Syncmaster 2253LW, so the resolution chosen in system settings should work23:27
=== dYna is now known as basti
Ahmucki tried to change resolution and the copmuter locked up23:27
Lupus-SLEBluesKaj: They do, the problem is that the resolution I want ISN'T THERE!!!!23:28
Ahmuckartifacts when the menu system pulls down23:28
Lupus-SLEAhmuck: Hmm...23:28
Ahmuckhad to reboot and lost my launcher icon for some wierd reason23:28
Ahmuckall kind of things23:28
Ahmuckand i've only been using it for about 10 min23:28
Lupus-SLEAhmuck: Often it's a better idea to wait until the major bugs are found before upgrading23:28
BluesKajI just checked mine and the upgrades for different resolutions are now available , too bad yours isn't , Bummer ! :(23:28
Ahmuckya, i did a new install, but it's baaaad.23:28
Lupus-SLEBluesKaj: I have other resolutions available, they're just not the ones I want!!23:29
Lupus-SLEAhmuck: Sorry to hear that.23:29
* BluesKaj is happy not to be a gamer on linux23:29
Ahmuckit looks promising but kubuntu should have waited before using this as a release imho.  or at least called it the guinea pig release23:29
Lupus-SLEWell... it works for me23:29
Lupus-SLEAnd KDE 4.1 is a sexy beast23:30
Ahmuckwell, it's pretty, but it's also pretty bad23:30
Lupus-SLEI disagree23:30
Ahmuckanyhow, where does one do a hardware check and report now23:30
BluesKajAhmuck, right click on the desktop and choose add widgets, the kicker will be available there23:31
Lupus-SLEAhmuck: i'm still trying to get to grips with what they did to xorg.conf though23:31
AhmuckLupus-SLE: interestingly enough, they are going to regress xorg.conf in the next release23:31
jontecspeaking of xorg.conf my xrandr only shows the screens for my monitor, not the device and I need to add a higher resolution23:31
jontec(which requires the output name)23:32
Lupus-SLEAhmuck: I can see why23:32
Lupus-SLEAhmuck: They seem to of royally cocked it up.23:32
Lupus-SLEI CAN HAZ 1280X800 NAOW PLZ K THX?23:32
BluesKajtoo much dependency on the HAL in Intrepid ..it's caused alot of grief for ppl who like to edit xorg.conf to make things work for their setups23:32
Lupus-SLEOr for people WHO WANT 1280X800!!!23:33
jontecBluesKaj: si.23:33
=== ubuntu is now known as djsonik
Lupus-SLEIf they do this again they could just call it hal-9000 or have I missed that particular boat of irony?23:33
BluesKajhehe, no kidding23:34
AhmuckLupus-SLE: that's exactly the resolution i wanted23:35
Lupus-SLEAhmuck: I want it too!23:35
Lupus-SLEBut kubuntu won't give me it23:35
Ray2hi, im testing kubuntu 8.10 on a macbook of a friend of mine23:35
Lupus-SLE!why I should keep living23:35
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)23:35
Ray2its a livecd and id would like to enable the right mouse button23:36
Lupus-SLERay2: Get one with a right mouse button?23:36
Ahmuckis the resolution thingy a 8.10 thing?23:36
Ahmuckor a kubuntu thing23:36
BluesKajit's an 8.10 oversight23:37
ActionParsnipRay2: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=36484423:37
Lupus-SLEWell I've only thought of the solution to my problem of shite widescreen resolutions since I've been using 8.1023:38
BluesKajtrying to appeal too much to windows users , who need to be mollycoddled at every turn...big mistake IMO.23:38
Ray2ActionParsnip: thx23:38
noaXessis there any way to remove xfce and all dependencies if i installed xubuntu-desktop?23:38
tkstkaHi need help..23:38
BluesKaj!ask | tkstka23:39
ubottutkstka: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)23:39
Lupus-SLEBluesKaj: It's tried to give me a handjob... and it's wondering why I don't get any satisfaction out of having my arm rubbed :(23:39
ActionParsnip!purekde | noaXess23:39
ubottunoaXess: If you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureKDE »23:39
noaXesshey ActionParsnip thanks :) and how are the live?23:39
BluesKajbah, purists !23:40
ActionParsnipnoaXess: not bad dude, you alreet?23:40
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: best way to be :D23:40
noaXessActionParsnip: alreet? whats that?23:40
BluesKajif a gtk works ok , I'll use it23:40
KrispyKreme_anyone know how to get wifi for atheros 5007eg on intrepid ibex?23:40
KrispyKreme_ubuntu members don't want to help23:41
ActionParsnipnoaXess: alreet == alright23:41
noaXessyes all is good23:41
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: then thats entirely a user choice23:41
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs23:41
Ahmuckah, i was going to do a complete re-install, but i just rememberd i can sudo aptitude ubuntu23:41
tkstkaI'm quite new to linux expecially to Kubuntu.. So First task is to get my flashplayers work in my browser... hmm I have firefox installed and kubuntus own konqueror.. Now what do I type? sudo apt-get install ****?23:41
tkstkais there some own flashplayer for konqueror?23:42
noaXessActionParsnip:  i think.. i need a fresh install on my notebook.. ;).. have testing a lot in kde3 on 8.04 and no upgraded to 8.10, testing around. and tested also xubuntu.. and now a lot of not needed packages are on the system.23:42
ActionParsnipnoaXess: then run dpkg -l | less and remove whats not needed23:43
BluesKajtkstka, open adept and enable third party sources, the n lookmfor flashplugin-nonfree23:43
noaXessActionParsnip: lot of work ;)23:43
ActionParsnipnoaXess: id weigh it up against a clean install23:44
noaXessActionParsnip: i see that the instructions for PureKDE ist just for 8.04.. is it also for 8.10?23:44
KrispyKreme_BluesKaj: may I pm you?23:44
BluesKajKrispyKreme_, I'm not a wireles user so my knowledge is extremely limited in that area23:45
ActionParsnipnoaXess: same deal, the app names are the same, just newer versions23:45
KrispyKreme_BluesKaj: well, it says to And add to the bottom of the file the following lines:23:45
KrispyKreme_blacklist ath_hal23:45
KrispyKreme_blacklist ath_pci23:45
KrispyKreme_do you need the # before it or just copy and paste?23:45
noaXessActionParsnip: ok.. just test and see23:46
BluesKaj!ndiswrapper | KrispyKreme_23:46
ubottuKrispyKreme_: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs23:46
KrispyKreme_I did go to that... BluesKaj23:47
jontecokay, I found the device name in xrandr, it actually was "default", but creating a mode 1024x768 with refresh rate 60Hz and adding it to the device, I get the following message: "xrandr: Configure crtc 0 failed"23:47
BluesKajsorry KrispyKreme_ I thought that would be a more extensive tutorial23:47
KrispyKreme_how do you install .deb files?23:48
KrispyKreme_just double click on them?23:48
ubuntuhi, can anyone help me with my soundcard? lspci prints out Audio device: nVidia Corporation MCP79 High Definition Audio (rev b1)23:48
BluesKajKrispyKreme_, right click on the app and choose the deb installer23:49
KrispyKreme_sorry for asking such an easy question. I'm probably the dumbest here23:49
BluesKajchoose open with /GDEBi package installer23:50
ActionParsnipKrispyKreme_: you can do it that way or: sudo dpkg -i /path/to/file.deb23:50
KrispyKreme_ActionParsnip: have you gotten your wifi to work in intrepid?23:51
BluesKajyeah ActionParsnip , time enuff for the cli in the future :)23:51
ActionParsnipKrispyKreme_: yep, works out of the box23:51
KrispyKreme_ActionParsnip: I need help finding the atheros 5007eg23:51
KrispyKreme_mine doesn't work for some reason23:51
tkstkaBluesKaj how do I make the changes I'm in the adapt installer23:52
ActionParsnipKrispyKreme_: i think madwifi-tools sorts it out23:53
BluesKajKrispyKreme_, did you see my suggestion about choosing "open with" then , GDebi package installer?23:53
KrispyKreme_BluesKaj: yeah, I got it installed23:54
KrispyKreme_ActionParsnip: what does that mean?23:54
noaXessActionParsnip: kde-printer-applet.. why will this be removed?23:54
BluesKajtkstka, choose the "sources " icon in adept23:54
szrhawaiioes anyone know how to cancel the kdesktop draing feature23:55
szrhawaiitheres a feature that says to use another program as the drawing feature but im not sure how to make it so my ccsm does the drawing instead  of the kdesktop23:56
ActionParsnipKrispyKreme_: sudo apt-get install madwifi-tools23:56
ActionParsnipnoaXess: what did you do to make it want to uninstall?23:56
noaXessActionParsnip: PureKDE23:57
KrispyKreme_ActionParsnip: okay, it finished getting the package23:57
BluesKajtkstka, once you've enabled third party sources , then close the sources dialog box and type flash in the search box , install flashplugin-nonfree23:58
ActionParsnipKrispyKreme_: reboot, it should be ok. If not, its ndiswrapper for you afaict23:59
ActionParsnipnoaXess: well kde-printer-applet is part of kde23:59
noaXessActionParsnip: kde4 also?23:59
tkstkaBluesKaj I'm probably doing something wrong but I cant seem to find source icon anywhere :c23:59

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