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jameshjml: did you see my comment about maybe making testresources handle resources that don't know about dirty?06:54
jmljamesh: I saw your comment, but I haven't been able to bring myself to do anything technical after hours this week06:55
jameshjml: that's fine.  Was more interested in whether it sounded like a good idea or not06:55
jmljamesh: cool. I look forward to getting around to it :)06:56
Bitfishuhm, how do i contact the Launchpad staff? =[07:41
thumperBitfish: here07:42
thumperBitfish: just ask questions, there are many Launchpad devs in this channel07:43
Bitfishyou are a member of the launchpad staff? can i PM you? :s07:43
thumperif you like07:44
ceefourWhere can I get help regarding VS imports?09:45
ceefourVCS imports09:45
mwhudsonceefour: from me, but i'm going to bed now09:52
ceefourhi Michael...09:52
ceefourah ...09:52
mwhudsonceefour: ask a question at answers.launchpad.net/launchpad-bazaar ?09:52
ceefourthanks Michael09:53
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sorenWhere do bugs about launchpad's mailing list stuff go?12:09
Hobbseei don't think it has a specific area.  Probably just file it under 'launchpad'12:12
beunosoren, "launchpad-registry" project would be the correct place12:14
beunobut if you file it to "launchpad", it'll be moved over as well, so no big deal12:14
sorenbeuno: Well, I'm really looking for an existing bug, so.. :) Thanks.12:15
beunosoren, oh, so either launchpad-registry, or, launchpad-project to search in all of them12:17
sorenbeuno: thanks.12:19
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DvyjonesHow often is the SSH keys updated?16:40
beunoDvyjones, instantly17:04
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mahfouzwhy is there no RSS for https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu18:48
mahfouzanybody in?18:53
kiko_mahfouz, I think there's a bug for that18:53
mahfouzlet me check18:58
cprovmahfouz: have you found it ?19:38
mahfouzactually, no just some other rss bugs19:39
mahfouznot any one particular for answers page19:39
meoblast001is there a bot i can download for my IRC network that detects revisions on code and tells the revision info to the channels its iin?19:39
cprovmeoblast001: I don't know about anyone, but with bzrlib it shouldn't be that hard.19:42
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meoblast001Alientrap has a bot called CIA-119:43
meoblast001heres an example of what it does19:43
meoblast001<CIA-1> nexuiz: div0 * r5109 /trunk/data/qcsrc/server/race.qc: fix obvious bug in race player soritng. hopefully this fixes the pole positions.19:43
cprovmahfouz: there is no request specifically for what you want (Feeds for question facet in a given context). Please, file a bug on launchpad product.19:48
mahfouzwell, there was a bug about adding more rss support and I added my request to that one19:50
ubottuUbuntu bug 126421 in openlibrary "create RSS feeds for user contributions" [High,New]19:51
mahfouzbut it's not directly about answers.ubuntu19:51
mahfouzanswers.launchpad I mean19:51
mahfouzoh that was the bot :)19:51
mahfouzdo you think I should file an extra bug?19:52
mahfouzah, that one is for rss for "open library"19:53
mahfouzi will file a separate one19:55
mahfouzhere it is: https://bugs.launchpad.net/malone/+bug/30257920:03
ubottuUbuntu bug 302579 in malone "add rss feed for answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu" [Undecided,New]20:03
mahfouzfeel free to add your comments20:03
cprovmahfouz: thank you.20:13
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chrisccoulsonping mthaddon_21:10
mthaddon_chrisccoulson, hi21:10
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chrisccoulsonsorry to have to pester you. you responded in lp answers earlier about a user spamming, and you said that his account had been deactivated21:10
chrisccoulsonunfortunately, he re-registered21:10
chrisccoulsonmore spam....21:11
mthaddonchrisccoulson, yes, it was - he re-registered - we're currently looking into ways around this, but the problem we have at the moment is lack of spam management in LP21:11
chrisccoulsonis there a way of easily closing his bug reports?21:12
chrisccoulsonwithout having to go through them all21:12
mthaddonchrisccoulson, unfortunately not (still waiting for a way of doing this from the developers)21:12
chrisccoulsonthanks. i'll close them if you like21:12
mthaddonI don't know if there's a way of removing/closing bugs is there?21:13
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chrisccoulsoni can close them as invalid, which is the usual way of closing non-bugs. it doesn't remove them, but hides them from all default searches21:14
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jmldoes marking as duplicate combine the "me too" data?21:34
beunojml, no, but it will soon-ish21:40
jmlbeuno: cool.21:41
paolettopnVado via alle Wed Nov 26 22:51:30... ci si rivede alle prossime!21:51
* paolettopn e' away (ciao a tutti!)21:51
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Hobbseemthaddon: have you managed to fix the bugs about being able to reregister a locked account?22:48
Hobbsee(seeing as a workaround was found on the weekend)22:48
mthaddonHobbsee, I'm not sure I follow - I don't typically fix bugs, not being a developer - which one(s) are you thinking of?22:49
Hobbseemthaddon: oh, I thought you were, sorry.22:50
mthaddonHobbsee, no, just a humble sysadmin :)22:50
Hobbseemthaddon: if you can see the private bug, you'll see documented what we found on the weekend about it22:50
mthaddonHobbsee, you have a bug number?22:50
Hobbsee(about how he's being able to reactivate a locked account, and a few other related bugs)22:50
Hobbseemthaddon: no, i'm not subscribed to it, as i'm not an employee.  spm will have it, though.22:50
mthaddonok, thx22:51
* Hobbsee would like to be subscribed to it, though, so she can watch the progress on it22:51
mthaddonHobbsee, btw, we sysadmins are as keen if not keener than anyone on seeing those bugs fixed, as we have to deal with the fallout :)22:51
Hobbseemthaddon: heh, indeed!22:51
spmmthaddon: Bug 30172022:51
ubottuBug 301720 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/301720 is private22:51
mthaddonthx spm22:52
* Hobbsee waves to spm22:52
spmmthaddon: fwiw is related to: Bug 4967622:52
ubottuBug 49676 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/49676 is private22:52
spmhey Hobbsee!22:53
Hobbseespm: how goes it?22:53
spmHobbsee: *thursday*. Nuff said. :-)22:53
Hobbseewell, you can do my exam on friday, just for kicks, if you like?22:53
spmpardon the french but: bugger that. Did 4 years of uni exams. Been there. Done that. Thanks but no thanks. :-)22:54
jmlHobbsee: don't you have to show ID?23:06
Hobbseejml: errr.  That's a point.  I'm not convinced how far they check it, though.23:07
jmlHobbsee: it would take a very liberal minded person to believe that spm's name is Sarah.23:07
Hobbseepoint taken23:07
spmjml: ! Who told you? My secret is out!!!!! I'm ... outed?23:07

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