rsc-hey guys11:34
rsc-what do you think? :/11:34
robstahi rsc-11:37
kwwiihi rsc-12:11
rsc-hey kwwii12:11
kwwiinifty mockup12:11
rsc-part of me thinks its cool, another part of me thinks it's ugly.12:35
rsc-ugh, i like it, but it's not kickass enough.12:44
rsc-_MMA_, http://dump.ambiescent.com/i/ucarbon2.jpg - what do you think? :)12:45
_MMA_Oh Wow. Nice. Is that real?13:01
robstarsc-: the scroll bars look very original13:20
wedderburnthe corners need more rounding, you can see the pixels13:27
kwwiirobsta: btw, I mentioned that I had some unfinished stuff laying around that I wanted to work on, here it is: http://sinecera.de/mock.png13:27
kwwiias you can see I didn't get very far13:27
robstakwwii: reminds me a bit of http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/CleanLime?content=4123313:28
wedderburnbut doesn't have that annoyingly fake gloss13:29
robstakwwii: anyway, i'm now frantically trying to get thorwil's single-canvas mockup working13:30
robsta(needs some more librsvg patching unfortunately)13:33
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robstahi thorwil16:25
robstathorwil: you need to name your theme :)16:25
thorwilrobsta: sworp16:25
_MMA_Or "Plop" :P16:25
robstathorwil: have to hack librsvg a bit, almost there16:28
thorwilrobsta: don't listen to _MMA_, he's being silly ;)16:29
robstathorwil: but we need to group each button16:29
robstaso they can be referred to using a single ID16:29
thorwilrobsta: using the plate #id to get the area doesn't work?16:30
robstathorwil: no, because svg doesn't have such a concept of implicit containers (afaik)16:31
thorwilrobsta: because, if you use groups, you have to set the right ID again and again and again when editing16:31
robstayeah, it sucks16:31
robstawhat are the single-canvas-icon people doing?16:32
thorwilrobsta: they use the plate IDs for script-driven bitmap export16:33
thorwilrobsta: _MMA_ knows the details16:33
_MMA_There is a "plate layer" under the desired object.16:34
_MMA_Each square under that later acts as a bounding box.16:34
_MMA_That square has properties. ie: 48x48 that represents that icon size.16:35
robstaguess that would work with librsvg too16:35
robstaget the position of the "plate", then draw the whole file with appropriate clipping16:35
_MMA_So the script we have looks for that square, and just grabs everything above.16:35
robstawill be prone to overhead with rsvg, because the whole canvas has to be rendered each time16:36
_MMA_Check it out. http://bazaar.launchpad.net/%7Ebreathe-dev/breathe-icon-set/trunk/download/head:/breathe_icon_templat-20080905042226-bvdzo9fb8th94dyh-3/Breathe_Icon_Template.svg?file_id=template-20080905042226-bvdzo9fb8th94dyh-216:37
robstai see16:38
_MMA_And the script. http://bazaar.launchpad.net/%7Ebreathe-dev/breathe-icon-set/trunk/download/coryisatm%40ubuntu.com-20080927155504-1wq75t2rjtbim7j4/render_bitmap.py-20080904180602-4kcena7h7l22ot23-2/render_bitmap.py16:38
thorwilrobsta: the svg is not rendered once to then use the bitmaps?16:38
robstano, the idea is to draw the theme from the canvas16:39
robsta(the original idea, fwiw)16:39
_MMA_So that script makes 1 large scaliable SVG and then renders the rest to bitmap.16:39
robsta_MMA_: the icon script?16:40
thorwilthe file i prepared was meant to be used in the same way16:40
_MMA_robsta: YEs16:41
robstathorwil: hmm16:41
_MMA_If you pull the code and run the script, it will make the icon set for you in the "Breathe" folder.16:41
robsta_MMA_: thanks, think i understand the icon approach a bit better now16:42
robstathing is i has something different in mind16:43
thorwilrobsta: i have to say that having to manually set the IDs on groups would cost you designers ;)  as alternative, i wonder if you could search for a group based on its coordinates, to completely ignore the naming16:43
robstathorwil: think i'll go with "plates" way, but dynamically from the canvas16:44
robstabest of both worlds16:44
robstano script needed16:44
thorwilrobsta: so the template i made can remain as is?16:45
_MMA_robsta: You must hide the plates before you render or they will be in the image.16:45
robstacan the plates be invisible?16:45
robstathat'd be good16:46
thorwilrobsta: by either hiding their layer or setting their alpha to zero16:46
robstathorwil: the template can stay pretty much16:47
_MMA_thorwil: Link to your template?16:48
thorwilrobsta: good. because after finishing a complete set, i want to make a call for button design on the ubuntu-art list, offering that template as base ;)16:49
thorwil_MMA_: it's not online, mailing you16:49
robstathorwil: it's awesome you got this started, been frantically fixing bugs all day16:49
thorwilrobsta: heh, it's nothing. yet ;)16:50
robstait turned up lots of problems16:50
_MMA_thorwil: Looking through the template, it looks perfect.16:56
thorwilgood, ty :)16:56
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thorwili wonder why i made plates for insensitive combined with anything but unfocused, though :)17:05
dilomohi guys18:09
dilomowhat's up18:31
dilomo_MMA_: I saw what a wonderful18:31
dilomojob is Sebastion doing18:31
dilomois his work going to be included18:31
dilomoin Human18:32
_MMA_See my reply on the list.18:32
dilomobut why?18:33
_MMA_It's not part of Human.18:33
dilomoooops my mistake18:33
dilomoI meant Breath18:33
dilomothe new Human18:33
_MMA_Yes. It will be part of Brethe.18:34
_MMA_Ill be getting them in soon.18:34
_MMA_*In* BZR that is.18:34
dilomodo I have permissons to download18:35
dilomoit from bzr18:35
_MMA_Anyone can download. Only upload is restricted.18:36
dilomoI'll check it out18:37
thorwilhi dilomo. how's things?18:37
dilomothorwil: good18:38
dilomohow is the (art)work going in here?18:39
thorwildilomo: we are feeling lonely18:39
dilomowhy if I may ask?18:40
thorwildilomo: lack of contributors. but you're one of the last persons i should complain to :)18:41
dilomoI think that there will be more contributors18:41
dilomoif we were showing them off more18:41
dilomoof what's going to be new in the next Ubuntu18:42
thorwildilomo: do you have a screenshot of the most recent New Wave at hand?18:43
dilomobasically I'm struggling with the button focus18:44
dilomoright now18:44
dilomoit is very hard to make it right in the pixmap18:45
dilomowait a sec to make a screenshot18:46
dilomoand upload it18:46
thorwildilomo: well, on that one, the titlebar-behind-content impression is gone18:53
dilomomaybe because the shadow is smaller18:54
dilomobut I think of some kind of texture like18:54
dilomocarbon on 20% opacity18:54
dilomoor smth like that18:54
thorwildilomo: i think you should make the shadow a tad stronger _and_ add an highlight on the bottom of the titlebar, that looks like it actually belongs to the content18:55
dilomoyou mean a highligh on the bottom of the menubar?18:56
thorwildilomo: oh, yes18:56
dilomoyes that will work18:57
thorwildilomo: a texture will only help if you make it end in a different way on the upper window edge18:57
thorwilthat is, making the texture look like it follows a rounded edge18:58
dilomoprobably smth like this18:59
dilomobut if I make it lighter18:59
dilomoat the top the drop shadow effect will be gone18:59
dilomoI will experiment freely with that but what bothers me that I cannot change focus images for different states of the button e.g. Pressed, Normal ...19:03
thorwildilomo: oh. is that a gtk+ issues or a theme engine specific issue?19:04
dilomopixmap=trouble :) so i guess it is engine19:05
dilomonice chat guys19:15
dilomobut I have to go19:15
dilomobb :)19:15
thorwilkwwii: is it even possible to have a different depressed look for a button if it is a dialog's default button?19:46
kwwiithorwil: you mean different in comparison to another window types button?20:11
thorwilkwwii: no, other buttons, same window20:11
kwwiithorwil: no, I do not think you can do that20:12
thorwilkwwii: i tried to see what human does ... the action buttons of a dialog seem to have an orangish border when depressed. other buttons do not20:13
thorwilkwwii: so from http://xs233.xs.to/xs233/08483/button_set347.png, what do i have to delete?20:13
kwwiithorwil: I think the theme engine is what does that, not the gtkrc20:15
thorwilkwwii: ok, lets hope so20:15
kwwiithorwil: I like the Defualt look but not the colors20:15
thorwilkwwii: it's actually good if people will find something they don't like about that set ;)20:17
kwwiilooking thorugh the gtkrc of human I know that there is no special definition to get that color for that glow20:18
kwwiithere are only two definitions for buttons in it20:18
thorwili have been told by an experienced gtk coder that the concept of Default doesn't even exist :)20:19
thorwilzum mäusemelken!20:21
kwwiilol, ich haette dir was sagen sollen20:23
thorwilkwwii: well, obviously there is *something* that can be themed differently there20:24
thorwilhttp://live.gnome.org/GnomeArt/Tutorials/GtkThemes/GtkButton makes it sound like there is a fixed assumption that focus will be indicated with a line20:24
kwwiithorwil: dependinnding on the theme engine, yes I agree20:25
kwwiilol, well ...that is a bit too specific for my tastes20:25
thorwili guess gtk+ was made with doing exactly what win 3.1 did in mind :>20:28
kwwiilol, I've had that feeling too20:29
thorwilkwwii: editing the wiki to insert a few notes, the image as shown and the svg template. to later on hit the list with my call. anything to add from your side?20:32
kwwiithorwil: nothing off the top of my head20:54
thorwilkwwii: "a" or "an" in front of "Ubuntu"?21:07
thorwilmail out, good night! :)21:10

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