apwif i am looking at a bug which is current filed against xserver-xorg-whatever, and i also think it may be kernel related, how do i go about adding the kernel task to the top12:53
apwis that 'also affects distribution' ?12:53
smb_tpapw, yes12:56
Ngis the upstream kernel fix for bug 207473 suitable for intrepid-updates? :)12:56
* apw looks12:59
smb_tpapw, hm, wasn't that the patchset you posted on the kernel mailing list?13:03
apwyeah i think so, though for another bug ...13:03
* apw checks13:03
apwbah the link to the patch is returning 'kernel.org is sick' messages right now, so i can't be 100% sure13:07
apwbut ... Ng could you perhaps test the kernels listed in bug #257827, which seem to fix a similar double shift of brigtness and report back against that bug for me13:08
apwkernels are here: http://people.ubuntu.com/~apw/lp257827/13:09
apwwe are looking for testing for those, to justify an SRU13:09
Ngapw: I was asking on behalf of someone else, but I'll certainly ask him to test13:10
apwi have also noted the similarity and request for testing in this new bug13:12
BenCAnyone have anything last minute for jaunty kernel?13:27
* BenC is prepping an upload right now13:27
Kanohi, could somebody fix the packageing of jaunty git? the new "ub" addon breaks the kernel-headers, target binary-headers13:46
BenCKano: already working on it13:48
Kanobtw. whats the correct way to fill in the changelog?13:49
lagagit commits AFAIK13:50
Kanowell there is only a placeholder13:50
Kanohow to fill it with content?13:50
BenCTells you on the wiki13:51
BenCbut it's debian/rules insertchanges13:51
_rubenhmm .. what's the deal with the -virtual flavour having its files in -server? did those 2 flavours merge or smth?13:52
_rubenin intrepid that is13:54
amitk_ruben: -virtual is derived from -server14:00
amitkBenC: did the -ub changes look sane?14:00
BenCamitk: yeah, just fixed up linux-headers-x-x-x thought, and all seems good14:01
_rubenamitk: ah, so now its just a subset (module-wise) of -server? this a change between hardy and intrepid?14:01
BenC_ruben: yes14:01
_rubenic, so -virtual would only give a smaller footprint (disk and possibly memory/security wise) .. wonder if i should just standardize my machines on -server for both physical and virtual machines14:03
BenC_ruben: right, -virtual is meant to be -server with a smaller disk footprint (mainly for virtual appliances)14:11
BenC_ruben: which for -virtual appliances may even result in a smaller memory footprint on the host side (if the disk is loaded entirely in memory for example)14:12
BenC2.6.28-1.1 is in mid-upload14:14
* amitk pictures BenC pushing through the last straggling driver bits to the upload server.14:21
_rubenBenC: does the same apply to hardy, since on hardy the files are in a -virtual dir, only cosmetic or does that kernel actually differ from the -server one14:44
BenC_ruben: it differs14:47
BenC_ruben: on hardy, -virtual is compiled from a separate config, on intrepid, -virtual is just built from the -server package14:48
BenC_ruben: unless 100Megs of disk really makes that much of a difference to you, I wouldn't even bother with -virtual14:49
rtgBenC: you sure what you have checked in for Jaunty is gonna build? I have a bunch of missing modules.14:58
BenCrtg: I added a modules.ignore...maybe it doesn't cover the x86 list14:59
BenCI only did the x86-64 build14:59
rtgwell, this is 32 bit15:00
BenCrtg: What's the missing ones not accounted for?15:01
rtgthere were 23 missing15:01
BenCrtg: right, but I assume some of them said "(ignored)" next to it15:01
rtgok, there are 22 listed in modules.ignore, so likely its one other in the 32 bit build.15:01
BenCrtg: at the top of the module-check output it should list each one, and likely one doesn't have "(ignored)" next to it...do you have that handy?15:02
rtgBenC: I'll re-run it. Using screen it had scrolled off the top (and screen's scroll back sucks)15:02
rtgBenC: looks like snd-cs4231-lib and snd-ad1848-lib. I'll add and verify15:05
BenCI canceled the upload, so I'll revert head and repackage the source15:08
rtgBenC: ok, gimme a minute and I'll push the commit15:08
BenCI'll add it to mine, so I can reset the tag and everything15:09
BenCif those are the right modules15:09
rtgBenC: they seem to be.15:10
BenCrtg: Thanks15:10
rtgBenC: you should do a full 32 bit test build. kernel-wedge is bitching about missing modules as well, 'missing module dm-raid4-5'15:33
BenCrtg: ok, a quick grep shows that to be the only one15:48
rtgBenC: I didn't dig any further. I'm totally annoyed that iwl4965 can't seem to work with an 802.11n AP.15:49
BenCrtg: in jaunty?15:50
rtgIntrepid LBM15:50
rtgI should force a Jaunty install to see what happens there15:50
BenCfixed up d-i and rebuild...I'll start a full 32-bit build now15:52
BenCrtg: current jaunty build should work now15:52
apwamitk, about?15:57
apwrtg isn't 11n some kind of separate compile option?  or is it not yet working?16:00
rtgapw: in Intrepif LBM you have to set HT (or something similar). Its short for High Throughput. I wonder what they'll call UWB? Really High Throughput?16:01
rtgperhaps UHT16:01
rtgBenC: 32 bit build looks like its gonna complete. its into the packaging phase.16:02
amitkapw: yeah?16:03
BenCrtg: how do you prep alsa for lum/lbm?16:03
* BenC forgets the whole process16:03
rtgBenC: I'm not sure what you're talking about? Its part of the kernel since Hardy.16:03
BenCrtg: I need to update hardy-lum's alsa for lpia (separate tree from standard hardy)16:04
rtgBenC: uh, lemme refresh my memory. I think it was a serious pain in the ass.16:04
BenCthat feeling came to mind when I started this...16:05
BenCI can't remember how to get the alsa-driver/alsa-kernel tree's output16:05
BenCactually, I see it16:06
rtgBenC: I think all you have to do is unpack the ALSA tarball. debian/rules.d/2-binary-arch.mk actually runs the configure phase.16:06
apwrtg, there is a bug on our list to fix up the wireless EU thingy ... i am assuming we are basically expecting the release notes to fix people on intrepid, and for jaunty that this is a UDS topic ... 16:06
rtgapw: you mean channel 13?16:07
rtgor is it 14? I forget16:07
mkrufkywhats the correct way to signify that a bug filed in launchpad against "linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24 (Ubuntu)" also affects the intrepid kernel?16:25
mkrufkyit looks like im supposed to file as "also affects LINUX" ... but how to signify specifically the intrepid kernel?16:25
smb_tpmkrufky, add also affects and then do a nomination for intrepid16:26
mkrufkyhmm, ok will try this16:26
apwrtg, yeah the fact you need to tell the kernel you are on you are in the EU ...16:27
apwi am looking to 'resolve' the bug, as 'won't fix' in intrepid as we have a work around, and something that means UDS will fix it16:27
rtgapw: what do you know about the new firewire stack?16:27
apwheh not a whole heap other than we seem to have both in the kernel16:28
apwwe have a bug on asking for the new one iirc16:28
rtgwell, we don't have the new one enabled.16:28
apwyeah thats what i meant, that we have he src in the tree, but only the old on16:29
apwthe bug i think asks for us to enable both and blacklist the new16:29
rtgapw: didn't pgraner have a session scheduled to talk about config options? I was gonna make sure it got into the list of notes for that session16:29
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apwhmmm, yes i think so16:30
CarlFKapw: where/what about a firewire bug?  (I have been trying to figure out why cam corders randomly disconnect)16:30
mkrufkysmb_tp: that worked, but now it has both hardy and intrepid listed under both linux and the LUM package...  how do i make the "linux (ubuntu)" nominate for intrepid, and "linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24" only for hardy?   to see what im talkiong about, this is bug #29967116:30
rtgmkrufky: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/27646316:30
smb_tpmkrufky, open the unwanted one and mark it invalid16:30
apwCarlFK, this was a bug only about asking for both to be enabled16:31
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mkrufky...maybe it wont allow me to mark the nominations as invalid while bug status is "new" ?16:34
mkrufkyok, well these are bugs that are fixed, and i have pending pull requests to hardy to fix them.....  i am about to push the same fixes into an intrepid branch and issue a similar pull request ...  should i mark them as "in progress" ?16:35
mkrufkyi apologize for the newbie'isms to bug tracking :-P16:36
smb_tpmkrufky, could just be some user restrictions. since ubuntuid is absent, could you paste me the link?16:36
mkrufkyyeah its in belmont, but i made the bug public, and it applies to hardy and intrepid as well as belmont16:37
smb_tprtg, actually the nominations have to be approved first... ^^^ 16:38
mkrufkyah...  well i have a few other bugs that i need to do this to (add also affects intrepid) ...  should i do the same thing i did here to the remaining bugs?16:38
smb_tpmkrufky, which I also am not allowed to do16:39
smb_tpmkrufky, yep would be some process16:39
mkrufkyso, it is better for me to do this to the remaining bugs, or just leave them as-is without showing "also affects intrepid" ?16:39
CarlFKif Juju (new firewire) can be included in jaunty, I can do a bunch of testing next week.  Here is what I have so far: http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=pIfz0wOzPtW1E6KpNZ_9oUQ&hl=en#16:40
rtgsmb_tp: done16:40
mkrufkyoh!  thanks, rtg16:41
smb_tpmkrufky, maybe best will be note the facts in a comment and we'll have to sort it out16:41
BenCCarlFK: is this a third firewire?16:41
CarlFKBenC: um.. I dont think so16:42
rtgBenC: Juju is the v2 stuff16:42
mkrufkysmb_tp:  ok... my intention was to send my "intrepid" pull request in a few minutes ... the commits reference the bug numbers, so i hope thats good enough ... i'll just add comments to the other bugs in text form stating "...also affects the intrepid kernel"16:42
CarlFK"new FireWire kernel driver stack (alias Juju)" http://ieee1394.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/Juju_Migration16:42
rtgCarlFK: doesn't Juju require a newer library?16:42
BenCCarlFK, rtg: Ah, I thought maybe someone rewrote my entire stack...again :)16:42
smb_tpmkrufky, Yes, in that case it should be enough to say once in the mail this also affect intrepid and possibly jaunty or whatever16:43
mkrufkywill jaunty star at 2.6.28?  or is there a chance that might go to 2.6.29?   (i assume its too early to say for sure)16:43
mkrufky         ^ staY16:43
BenCmkrufky: too early to say16:44
rtgmkrufky: your assumption is correct16:44
BenCwe'll probably do like we did with intrepid and have an ubuntu-next once .28 is released, and go from there16:44
mkrufkyim hoping to get these patches into 2.6.28 via the -stable kernel series ....  but they will go into 2.6.29 naturally ....   so i will hold off on jaunty updates until it gets closer to release16:44
CarlFKrtg: no clue.  just saw the mention of it here.  I have been trying to nail down a dvgrab problem, and so have a bit of a test framwork setup right now.  so testing it will be 'easy' and might solve my problem too16:45
rtgCarlFK: looks like libraw1394 v2.0 handles either kernel stack.16:46
CarlFKI could probably find the source, build, swap out, test... but would rather that happen outside of my petri dish 16:50
mkrufkysmb_tp: ...and one more final (small) headache for you .....   in preparing the intrepid patches i noticed three more tiny patches that need to be applied to hardy.  since that tree still hasnt been pulled yet, i'll just ass those 3 patches and send a new request.  On the bright side, I'm going on vacation after today, so no more patches from me for at least a week :-P16:54
smb_tpmkrufky, Well I am sorry to say that, but it has been. So those three will have to wait for next upload16:55
CarlFKBenC: so you know about the current firewire stack? :)16:56
BenCCarlFK: you mean drivers/firewire/ ?16:57
mkrufkysmb_tp: oh, no problem then.... . thats actually better news .....  16:57
mkrufkysmb_tp: its three trivial fixes that can wait until the next time i have a functional change ....  only one was important -- a typo in the license headers   (the code says GPLv3 but its actually GPLv2)16:57
mkrufkyminor issue can wait16:57
CarlFKBenC: whatever it is I am using, which is causing random problems, mostly: ieee1394: Node suspended: ID:BUS[0-00:1023]16:58
* BenC lubes up his internet connection hoping this upload will go faster16:58
smb_tpmkrufky, oh good, good. :) I quite happy the package is bundled now. So stack for next time is better for me16:58
BenCCarlFK: Ah, that's the standard drivers/ieee1394/ stack, which I do know a bit about16:58
rtgBenC: oh yeah - both Jaunty versions built. I'm running the 64bit one on my xps133016:59
BenCrtg: sweet...64-bit booted on this XT with no problems, except for fglrx crashing in xorg16:59
BenCrtg: still uploading...17:00
rtgoddly enough, 802.11n works with i496517:00
BenCrtg: and the alsa update was easy, just copied alsa-kernel, and then the rest of the source to alsa-driver and make a symlink to alsa-kernel there17:00
rtgI remember having a  lot of practive with that one once upon a time17:01
CarlFKBenC: 2 or 3 times a month starting in March I have been using dvgrab to record a few hours of user group presentations.  seems like every time I had some sort of problem.  last week I became active on the kino/dvgrab list and started testing.17:05
CarlFKI too am leaving for vacation - will be back tuesday.  17:08
CarlFKso the tit for tat is: if the v2 stuff is easy for me to test next week, Ill spend a fair amount of time testing it. 17:13
alex_jonianyone good with GPL license interpretation around?17:45
BenC2.6.28-1.1 upload done finally18:19
fransmanBenC: May i thank you !18:25
fransmanI was again a lot of work18:26
BenCfransman: you may18:27
fransmanIs it gonna get in the cue for PowerPC and Sparc as well18:29
BenCfransman: that will be linux-ports...this just coverts x86, x86_64 and armel18:31
fransmanyear , and what version will linux-ports be?18:32
TheMusoLinux-ports is following upstream releases, so since 2.6.28 is not officially released, it won't go 2.6.28 just yet.18:45
TheMusoAt least I think thats what nCommander is doing.18:45
TheMusoBenC: Is lpia still going to be a separate kernel tree this cycle?18:46
BenCTheMuso: talk to amitk18:46
TheMusoBenC: Oh ok, was just curious.18:46
BenCSorry, I don't have a good answer18:47
BenChe would know though18:47
fransmanTheMuso:  upstream releases means the released Debian ones?18:47
TheMusofransman: No, upstrea as in kernel.org.18:48
TheMusoupstream even.18:48
fransmanok that clear18:48
BenCfransman: our kernel is not based on debian's18:49
fransmani know it's your own git18:49
fransmandoes anyone know when the .28 rc are going into releasing ?18:51
TheMusoWhenever its ready I guess.18:52
fransmanok that's not so clear18:57
BenCfransman: it never is clear for upstream to set a hard date on a release19:10
CarlFKBenC: I asked Dean Dennedy (dvgrab author) "should I test Juju" he says "Yes, absolutely! Just make sure you have at least libraw1394 v2.0.0."19:49
CarlFKis there anything I can do to help get it into jaunty?19:50
gregdhello, is there a repository to use jaunty kernel in intrepid ?19:51
asacwhats the best way to do a custom (hardy) kernel with just a patch on top ... i want to upload that to a PPA20:02
fransmangregd: Are you looking for http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git?p=ubuntu/ubuntu-jaunty.git ?20:15
gregdfransman: exactly20:16
gregdbut now, is there a ready repository to use to get the compiled version of the kernel?20:16
gregdor do I have to compile it by myself?20:16
fransmangregd: If it's build, it will be ready for install20:19
gregdfransman: so is ubuntu-jaunty kernel build?20:20
fransmangregd: please check https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+builds in the next day's !20:25
gregdfransman: ok, understand that the kernel is being build, however then, once it is built, where can I find some information on how to install it in my intrepid?20:28
fransmangregd: please ask of the guy's here around20:30
gregdok I will have to do it in the next day than, thanks a lot!20:31
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