meoblastFlannel: when do you think ubuntu will be commercial ready?05:37
BHSPitMonkeywhen they start selling it on Dells05:39
BHSPitMonkeyoh wait.05:39
meoblastBHSPitMonkey, you mean when they start selling it on hardware that wont outlive the waranty?05:42
BHSPitMonkeyso do you mean ready to sell commercially to consumers, or ready for commercial business use05:43
meoblastim sick of seeing on the news... windows this windows that mac this mac that.... make a comment on windows.. have to make a mac comment.. but dont have to make a linux comment? wtf05:45
meoblasthow did macs get so popular in the first place05:46
meoblastall they do is crash 24/705:46
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