ScottKFrom /topic in #launchpad:00:22
ScottKNeed help? Community help contact: -".00:22
ScottKThat's where it ends.00:22
ajmitchok, relevant how?00:22
azeemhey ajmitch00:23
ScottKRelevant to my standard frustration about having to use poorly designed tools.00:23
ajmitchhi azeem00:24
jmarsden|workScottK: You don't *have* to use the topic message of #launchpad though ;)00:24
ScottKMy current frustration is trying to understand how after all the investment in making translations wonderful with Rosetta, we managed to release Intrepid with KDE translations substantially worse than what upstream provides.00:24
ScottKjmarsden|work: True, but that's one place I'd look for help with the tools I do need to use.00:25
nelleryDoes anybody have any ideas to what is caused this FTBFS? http://paste.ubuntu.com/76970/00:27
azeemnellery: looks like some misconfigured pbuilder, maybe?00:28
nelleryazeem: it fails in a PPA as well00:28
azeemnellery: what about debhelper (>= 5.0.51~), are you sure that version is legal in Build-Depends?00:28
nellerythe current Jaunty package also fails, but I believe it succeeds in Intrepid00:29
nelleryazeem: I haven't modified that, and it worked previously00:29
james_wnellery: I saw a kind of related bug report00:29
ScottKazeem: That's legal.00:29
nelleryjames_w: do you recall in which package?00:31
james_wnellery: I can't find it now00:32
james_wI decided it wasn't the same bug though00:32
james_wit may be that this package is part way through some sort of transition in jaunty00:32
nelleryjames_w: so there's nothing that can be done right now?00:34
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james_wnellery: I don't know, I'm just hypothesising00:35
james_wit seems like KJS might have moved in to the kde4libs package now00:38
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macoi packaged swfdec 0.8.2 for my own use on hardy.  i see it's not packaged for jaunty yet.  can i change the source package to say jaunty and then do um, something with it to get it in jaunty's universe?01:18
StevenKI note swfdec isn't in either Debian or Ubuntu01:20
macoit's libswfdec01:20
macolibswfdec-0.6, libswfdec-0.7, and libswfdec-0.8-001:21
macooh wait01:21
macowell that's confusing. nevermind01:21
macoit's still called -0.8 even though in jaunty it's 0.8.2, so that's just confusing naming01:22
Elbrustwo comments for https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates01:24
Elbrus1: I would assume that licensing issues are also a reason for SRU: if yes, that should be added01:24
Elbrus2: is there a recommended naming convention for SRU packages?01:24
asomethingI could have sworn that page used to recommend a naming convention of bumping up the version by a point for SRUs like so: XubuntuX.X      but I don't see it anymore01:29
asomethingeg: a SRU to pidgin version 1:2.5.2-0ubuntu1 would be 1:2.5.2-0ubuntu1.101:30
ScottKasomething: It's -security where that's a rule.  For SRU it's not hard and fast, but that's a good practice to follow.01:31
ryanakcaWhen merging, should one remove DM-Upload-Allowed: yes , or does Ubuntu ignore the field?01:31
RAOFWe ignore it01:32
ryanakcaRAOF: *nod*, thanks01:32
ScottKIs something up with Soyuz?  I see all but one buildd idle and packages in queue.03:00
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* Elbrus is working an his SRU again.03:48
Elbrusshould I test to build all reverse dependencies?03:49
Elbrusor just if dependencies still work?03:49
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dholbachgood morning06:28
iulianMorning Daniel.06:28
dholbachhi iulian06:29
SUNWjoejaxxdholbach: hello07:18
dholbachhi SUNWjoejaxx07:18
SUNWjoejaxxdholbach: has the policy changed for merges?07:19
dholbachSUNWjoejaxx: what do you mean?07:20
SUNWjoejaxxdholbach: ie getting in contact with the original merger07:20
SUNWjoejaxxdholbach: i have not done merges in a while :P07:20
dholbach"Before starting to work on the merge, you should check with the previous maintainer and/or the previous uploader, if they intend to work on the merge themselves. They might give you useful tips as well, even if they delegate the task to you. The DaD site also has a comments field where you can often find notes about the merge."07:21
dholbachat some time in the cycle I guess merges are going to be deemed "free for all"07:21
SUNWjoejaxxoh ok07:21
dholbachand I can't remember that that kind of announce went out for this cycle yet :)07:22
dholbacha quick ping is ususally good enough07:22
SUNWjoejaxxdholbach: thanks for the info07:22
SUNWjoejaxxi just wanted to know whether the standard procedure had changed or not :D07:22
dholbachunless something is ridiculously complicated, everybody will be happy to have a helping hand07:22
Hobbseeand usually if it is, or if they remember something particularly important about it, they'll tell you, as a heads-up, to try to save you some work07:23
SUNWjoejaxxdoes anyone happen to know why grab-merge.sh has output suppressed for wget?07:28
SUNWjoejaxxif you set the option to use rsync, rsync is set with verbosity on07:30
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AnAntsuperm1: ping08:23
slytherinCan anyone please give back libjboss-deployers-java?09:06
directhexgive back! give back! give back to where you once belonged!09:14
james_wslytherin: done09:19
geserslytherin: you pinged me yesterday?09:20
directhexanyone know offhand where current OOo3 dev work can be found?09:20
directhexi'm trying test builds against jaunty with the package from experimental, which is probably... bad09:20
slytheringeser: I did, I guess it was something about jboss. But don't remember what.09:34
slytherindirecthex: There are already some builds for intrepid in some ppa. Let me see if I can find link.09:35
directhexslytherin, looks like someone yanked them for being crashy09:35
xerxasHi all09:36
gnomefreakif you are looking for intrepid builds of oo.o 3 he did pull them09:37
slytherindirecthex: oh, you are right.09:37
directhexslytherin, i mostly want buildy, so crashy doesn't fuss me09:37
xerxasanyone know where to get a xen dom0 kernel for intrepid ?09:52
slytheringeser: I remember now. libjboss-cache1-java still fails to build. So unless we find solution for that or all reverse-build-depends of libjboss-cache1-java start using libjboss-cache2-java (currently in Debian NEW), there is no way out of that mess.10:02
geserwould using libjboss-cache2-java solve the FTBFS?10:03
slytheringeser: that is what my analysis in last dev cycle concluded. I can redo the analysis again.10:11
geserwhat about the new libjboss-cache1-java package in NEW? Might that new upstream version also fix the FTBFS?10:18
slytheringeser: haven't checked. I can try building local packages.10:20
directhexif i set a DIST=experimental with pbuilder, it pins sid at 500 and experimental at 990 and third-party repos at 500. suggestions to make third party > experimental?10:37
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slytherindirecthex: I think that should be done.11:10
directhexslytherin, nah, s'not. but i found a workaround. now need to start again from scratch as mister third-party repo is i386-only11:10
directhexgah, OOo fails to build again. how can people stay sane maintaining this?12:09
Hobbseethey don't.12:12
Hobbseethey go insane very early on12:12
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* directhex tries again - OOo seems to randomly fail in transient ways12:13
bmmI'm looking for a first advocate to an update: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=ccbuild Thanks in advance for any comments.12:33
bmmAlso, I think there is some aggressive caching on REVU because the date on the page is wrong, it says: "Next REVU Day: TODAY (Friday, November 21th 2008)"12:35
nhandlerbmm: I just updated the REVU Header page. The date should update itself shortly.12:38
bmmnhandler: k :)12:39
nhandlerRainCT: REVU automatically pulls the date of the next REVU Day from the REVU Header wiki page, right?12:41
RainCTnhandler: correct12:41
nhandlerbmm: The date is up-to-date now ;)12:41
RainCTnhandler: what was the problem?12:42
RainCToh, I forgot to change it?12:43
nhandlerRainCT: The date never got updated from last week.12:43
RainCTnhandler: thanks for changing it12:43
nhandlerNo problem RainCT12:46
nhandlerMythbusters reference in XKCD -- http://xkcd.com/509/12:52
nhandleroops, wrong channel ;)12:53
eMerzhif someone want to review my package ...(http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=sqliteman)13:08
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bddebianHeya gang15:06
james_whi bddebian15:07
bddebianHi james_w15:07
ScottKnxvl: http://metelliuscode.wordpress.com/2008/11/26/idea-of-the-week-universal-config-file-user-interface/ may want to hear about Augeaus.15:08
ScottKheya bddebian.15:08
nxvlScottK: thank you, i will take a look15:10
james_wa few commenters already pointed them to it15:10
bddebianHi ScottK15:10
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directhexbuilding OOo is damn slow :x16:05
geserHi bddebian16:08
bddebianHeya geser16:10
sebnerhihi bddebian geser16:12
slytherindirecthex: is that a news? :-P16:13
directhexslytherin, i go home in about 40 minutes, and the build is running on my laptop :/16:14
directhexslytherin, gonna have to leave it in the office16:14
directhexunless it finishes some time soon16:14
slytherindirecthex: it is going to make much more time for that. So if you started build not long ago then go home and start build again16:14
bddebianHi sebner16:16
geserHi sebner16:17
directhexhow much of this time is damn docs? o_o16:17
slytherindirecthex: check build timings - https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/intrepid/+source/openoffice.org/+builds Minimum is 8 hours 20 minutes.16:18
directhexgah -_-16:19
sebnergeser: are there any docs mentioning how long the MC has time to make a decision? :P16:19
directhexi wonder how long the battery in here would last running flat out16:19
slytherinjames_w: Just FYI Debian uploader for lucene2 has accepted that the patch should be dropped - http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=50678216:20
ubottuDebian bug 506782 in lucene2 "Patch 81_prevent-network-access.dpatch is not needed anymore" [Unknown,Open]16:20
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james_wslytherin: cool, do you know if they plan to upload soon?16:21
slytherinjames_w: no idea, I am too tired (mentally) to keep a watch. I will check tomorrow and change our bug from merge to sync accordingly.16:22
james_wslytherin: I'm happy to sponsor the merge if you're not sure it's about to be uploaded16:23
slytherinjames_w: Let's wait for a day. No point in doing repetitive work.16:26
james_wslytherin: fine by me, thanks for taking care of it16:26
slytherinjames_w: Thanks for suggesting it. Helps to improve process and collaboration. :-)16:28
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gesersebner: there are some docs, but they aren't followed from the beginning16:45
gesersebner: the MC is working on the issue but the changes come to late for you16:45
sebnergeser: heh17:05
gesersebner: why have you needed to start such a discussion with your application? Now I need to find time to read it all and make my mind about it :)17:10
sebnergeser: I'm so sorry but I was bored and thought a email discussion would be fun ;-P17:12
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jdongow. fell out of my chair.17:31
jdongLucidFox: are you still looking into Handbrake? I noticed 0.9.3 is out now and is basically a ffmpeg swiss-army-knife (arbitrary input); I'd like to get it into Intrepid.17:43
jdongerr wow I damaged my brain from that fall. Jaunty.17:43
jpdslamont: re: I'll make a nmap debdiff as soon as I can.18:16
kamghi.. I have a package question:  I've installed virtualbox-ose version 1.5.6-dfsg-6ubuntu1, but when I open it and go to Help=>About, it says it's 1.6.2.  And for some reason it doesn't jive with the drivers that are installed as a separate package.  Might the version mismatch be a sign of my problem, or am I going down the rabbit-hole?18:23
slytherinjames_w`: the change for lucene2 has landed in pkg-java svn. So let's hope we will have a new package by tomorrow.18:23
james_w`slytherin: cool18:24
jdongleleobhz: I noticed you made the last attempt to package Handbrake; I'm looking at 0.9.3 right now, do you still have interest to continue your package on REVU?18:24
slytherinkamg: you probably have two parallel installations and the one you are launching is different than you are expecting18:24
kamgyep I thought that too, but when apt-get remove, what I was using goes away18:25
slytherinkamg: on command line enter command - which virtualbox - to see which binary is being used.18:26
slytherinkamg: are you kaunching virtualbox from command line or from menu?18:30
kamgcommand line18:30
kamgsame result from the menu though18:31
directhexstill building... put the laptop on the back seat of the car, it has a pretty good battery even under intense load18:31
kamgthis is a relatively brand new ubuntu install - I just installed it yesterday so I don't have old versions of things hanging around18:31
slytherinkamg: can't help much. No idea what is wrong.18:31
kamgok... how about this: how do I install older versions of things?18:32
kamglike... how can I install the previous version of virtualbox (and figure out what it is)?18:32
slytherinkamg: no idea. :-(18:32
lamontjpds: even better... just a diff of the source.18:35
jpdslamont: debdiff of debian/ dir sent.18:52
jpds(Sorry; sent mail before checking IRC).18:52
leleobhzjdong: ping20:41
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bmmI'm looking for my first advocate: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=ccbuild22:09
leleobhzjdong: sorry by the lag... i want to mantain the package22:10
bmmAlso, I just got a mail that the older version of that package failed to build (the new g++ is more strict :) ) So any comments to work out any of the kinks in the package are welcome.22:10
leleobhzjdong: but i cant find a way to provide what RainCT told-me to do22:10
leleobhz(find a way to dont require downloads in compilation time)22:11
RAOFbmm: That's been uploaded to the archive; are we doing version updates on revu now?22:12
nhandlerRAOF and bmm: REVU should only be used for new packages, not version updates22:14
RAOFnhandler: Thought so.  Thanks.22:14
nhandlernp RAOF22:14
bmmnhandler: ooooh?22:15
bmmthat is news to me :D22:15
bmmROAF: so the update has already been done?22:15
nhandlerTo do an update, you just attach the .diff.gz to a LP bug report and subscribe the sponsors22:15
bmmnhandler: ok, cool.. that will probably help allot. How do I find out who the sponsors are?22:16
nhandlerbmm: Is the package in universe or main?22:16
RainCTbmm: ubuntu-universe-sponsors or ubuntu-main-sponsors, depending on the component22:16
nhandlerSubscribe ubuntu-universe-sponsors bmm22:16
bmmnhandler: ok, thanks! I'll get right on it. So just to be clear: file a needs-packaging bug with a diff.gz on LP and subscrive ubuntu-universe-sponsors ?22:17
nhandlerNot a needs-packaging bug bmm. Just an upgrade bug22:17
bmmnhandler: ok.22:18
nhandlerbmm: Also, be sure to test build the package22:18
bmmnhandler: already did, it's in my PPA without any problems :)22:18
eMerzh**advertising*** could someone review my package on http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=sqliteman....it would be very nice :p **/end advertising**22:19
ryanakcaWould anybody have a link to the bug template to have a package removed? I'm searching through the wiki, but I can't seem to find it..22:25
nhandlerryanakca: I don't think there is a template. Just look at some other removal request bugs to get an idea for the information you need to include22:26
ryanakcanhandler: thanks22:27
blueyedIs there a powerpc-Team in Ubuntu?22:41
blueyedBug 297842 appears to need a rebuild on ppc and it might be a more general problem.22:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 297842 in thunar "Thunar segfaults on powerpc (rebuild needed)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/29784222:41
TheMusoNot a team as such, but there are a few of us who have the hardware.22:43
TheMusoMyself being one of them.22:43
* TheMuso looks at the bug.22:43
blueyedTheMuso: thanks.22:43
blueyedTheMuso: left a new comment there.22:45
jdongleleobhz: cool; do you want to first sync up to the new 0.9.3 release and let's revisit it?22:47
TheMusoblueyed: Just saw that, thanks.22:47
TheMusoblueyed: I think for completeness, I'll set up an xubuntu environment on one of my boxes to work out whats going on.22:47
blueyedTheMuso: thanks a lot!22:48
blueyedTheMuso: I've accepted the two bug tasks for Intrepid/Jaunty, please change them as necessary.22:48
TheMusoblueyed: Sure.22:49
nedkohi, i have a problem and i need an advice22:56
nedkoi've refactored a package i maintain22:56
nedkothis lead to requiring dist-upgrade22:56
nedkoautomatic updates system however fails to do "partial update" because packages are not signed (they are build at launchpad)22:57
nedkowhat can i do so users get automatic update?22:58
leleobhzjdong: i need a week at least22:59
jdong leleobhz sure, no hurry.23:00
james_wanybody fancy running a MOTU school session?23:09
james_wfixing problems on architectures you don't have might be an interesting one with the introduction of ARM23:10
directhexjames_w, step 1, ping NCommander23:10
directhexstep 2, have a nap23:10
pochuif anybody feels like taking the eclipse merge, I won't complain :-)23:10
directhexmerging is sucky. make eclipse syncable!23:10
james_wpochu: fancy running a session on merging eclipse? :-)23:10
* NCommander hits directhex so hard he becomes directoct23:10
nhandlerHobbsee: You can also look at the Requests page (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/School/Requests)23:10
james_wthere have been several requests for a Java session23:11
james_wdirecthex: you could do one on the mono transition, it would enable more people to help with it23:11
pochujames_w: I'd get a lot of questions asking why eclipse 3.4 isn't in the archive yet :-)23:11
pochujames_w: we just had UOW, weren't there enough sessions already? ;-)23:12
directhexjames_w, ehm... when is this?23:12
* Hobbsee looks23:12
james_wdirecthex: whenever23:12
james_wMOTU School is just as often as anyone can organise a session currently23:12
nhandlerjames_w: Shouldn't the requests table be updated to not list sessions that have already been given?23:12
james_wnhandler: it should23:13
Hobbseenhandler: what would be really useful is if that page grew the links to irc logs, etc, for the sessions that had been done.23:13
nhandlerHobbsee: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/School has links to the irc logs23:13
directhexmonodoc_2.0-1_i386.changes uploaded successfully to localhost23:16
directhexFrom: Archive Administrator <dak@ftp-master.debian.org>23:16
Hobbseeoh dear.  prepare for more hatemail23:18
james_wnhandler: you have your name next to a merging one. Would you like to do that?23:19
nhandlerjames_w: I did it a while ago (but it didn't go too well). The logs are on the /MOTU/School page23:19
james_wnhandler: ah, ok. We can always repeat sessions, but I can understand if you don't want to23:20
directhexHobbsee, i'm turning into a sociopath. i think it's the part i enjoy most23:20
nhandlerjames_w: I might do it agagin, but I would rather wait a little longer.23:21
james_wnhandler: sure23:21
nhandlerjames_w: Since Debian doesn't really do "School Sessions", do you think a topic about ways to contribute back to Debian would be appropriate?23:22
james_wyeah, I think that would be a good one23:22
nhandlerI'll add it to the list23:23
nhandlerjames_w: Are you still editing the page?23:25
james_wnhandler: ah, no, sorry I pressed back instead of cancel23:25
directhexFrom: Archive Administrator <dak@ftp-master.debian.org>23:33
directhexmono-debugger_2.0-1_i386.changes uploaded successfully to localhost23:33
james_wwhat is this? debian-changes? :-)23:34
directhexjames_w, yes!23:34
directhexjames_w, gonna need to file a sync on that one once it hits the archive23:34
nhandlerjames_w: I added the session idea to the request list23:35
james_wthanks nhandler23:35
james_wdoes KDE use pkg-config?23:35
james_wor does cmake take care of that stuff?>23:36
* Hobbsee tentatively guesses cmake handles it23:39
* Hobbsee hasn't dealt with cmake much though23:39
directhexi was told kde is not a land of pkg-config23:46
directhexi believe the guy who said it23:46
btmwhat needs to happen to get a package in debian experimental considered for jaunty or jaunty+1 ?23:46
directhexbtm, file a sync request23:47
directhexbtm, or merge w/ patch if required23:48
btmdirecthex: as a bug in launchpad against a source package? it builds in intrepid fine.23:48
directhexbtm, yes23:54

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