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asacfta:  Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux x86_64; en-US; rv:1.9.1b2pre) Gecko/20081101 Shredder/3.0b1pre01:18
ftaand ?01:19
asacfta: sorry got distracted ;)01:19
asacdidnt want to summon you ;)01:19
fta<fta> asac, b2~build1 < b2~hg and b2+build1 > b2 :(01:19
fta<fta> asac, I have b2~rc1 left01:19
ftamozilla bug 45861201:22
ftathis is turning against ubuntu01:22
ubottuMozilla bug 458612 in GFX: Thebes "(Ubuntu) system fontconfig settings override GNOME font rendering screen settings" [Normal,New] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=45861201:22
ftapeople will sure complain about this01:29
ftagot a dozen complains already01:29
asacfta: so does changing the priority fix it?01:37
ftayes, but this has impacts on some other apps01:37
asacfta: how can that be?01:37
asacare there other confs in between?01:37
ftai didn't try what's in the last comment, i simply removed the rule file overriding argb01:39
asacis .fonts.conf the preferred gnome way to configure stuff?01:39
ftai don't have enough background about why ubuntu added all those rules in fontconfig :(01:44
asacfta: maybe its just "GNOME settings fail to apply for non-GNOME apps" ?01:44
ftanon gnome apps are ugly (ddd & google-earth come to mind)01:45
asacfta: so can you confirm that evolution is ok, but non-gnome apps are ugly?01:45
asacso 10-no-sub-pixel.conf would override 50-something.conf?01:48
ftano, 10 < 50 so it does not override01:49
asacyes . but last comment changes 10 ... how can that help?01:50
asacmaybe fonts.conf mechanism is accept-first-only ;)01:50
asacor maybe that changed in the meantime and nobody noticed that regression ;)01:51
ftai just removed 10-no-sub-pixel.conf to fix ff3.101:51
asacbut in the end i think its really 53-monospace stuff01:51
asacdoes that fix the other apps too?01:52
ftabut it's probably not the best thing to do01:52
asacof course not01:52
ftathe other apps didn't change a bit (the gtk ones)01:52
ftathe motif ones turned ugly01:52
asacwell. apps not using modern fonts stuff can be ignored i think01:53
asacfta: try to flip the order ;)01:55
fta3am, i need sleep01:55
asachehe ;)01:55
asacjust an idea01:55
ftasomething broke prism01:58
ftai didn't touch it recently, so it's xul 1.901:58
asacfta: was it rebuilt yet?01:58
ftai'm talking about prism 0.9.1+svn20081028r19379-0ubuntu1~fta101:59
ftaError: uncaught exception: [Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x80520012 (NS_ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND) [nsIXPCComponents_Utils.import]"  nsresult: "0x80520012 (NS_ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND)"  location: "JS frame :: chrome://webrunner/content/webrunner.js :: <TOP_LEVEL> :: line 31"  data: no]02:00
ftaError: WebRunner is undefined02:00
ftaSource File: chrome://webrunner/content/webrunner.xul02:00
ftaLine: 16702:00
mconnorasac: are you ccing me on the upstream stuff?  can you start with the ND items?02:01
mconnorasac: I'd like to hash out the ND items before 3.1b302:01
asacmconnor: aye, aye sir.02:01
wikifta: Why do all mozilla packages have an additional gnome-support package? I can understand the need to have a dev09:28
ftawiki, kde users don't want gnome libs on their system09:59
gnomefreakhave the QT libs in FF source yet?10:11
ftano, i'm not done yet. i don't have much time to work on moz stuff10:22
gnomefreakoh you are doing it, i thought upstream was doing it10:23
ftathey are, but the packaging needs a lot of work. i'm done with xul, not ff10:25
gnomefreakah ok10:27
wikifta: last read, lots of stuff didn't work like printing in the QT port. Are they fixed ?10:29
ftaas i said, i'm not done with ff so i don't know yet10:29
ftai have to go now. cu.10:30
gnomefreaki thought firefox uses %s when launching11:21
gnomefreakmaybe %u?11:21
gnomefreak%u doesnt bring up a real site it brings up www.%u.bleh11:29
asacgnomefreak: where is that?12:44
fta2wtf, b2~rc1 still calls itself 3.1b2pre12:47
fta2and jumped to official branding12:47
fta2is m-d broken?12:51
asacfta: in which way would m-d be broken?13:21
asaci think upstream uses official branding for beta milestones .... its just that we dont want that13:21
asacfta: can you close changelog and upload 3.1 + 1.9.1 please?13:50
asaci can also do it if you have no time ;)13:50
fta2asac, what i mean it that m-d ignores the tag for hg14:17
fta2strange because it used to work14:17
fta2got it, damn, i don't know how it could have worked before14:29
fta2<jemalloc>: (malloc) Unsupported character in malloc options: 'O'15:50
fta2it's gone ?15:50
asacfta2: fun16:33
fta2not really, if it's really gone, it will freeze the builders16:34
asacwhen did this start?16:35
fta2what? the freeze or the Unsupported option?16:38
asacthe latter16:42
fta2not sure, 1st time i see it16:43
asacwhat did you do in between ;)16:45
* asac looks16:45
fta2nothing, as i said before, i'm busy with something else16:45
asacfta2: oops16:47
asacfta2: seems like the first hunk is an accident?16:47
fta2mozilla bug 46499516:48
ubottuMozilla bug 464995 in jemalloc "avoid reads of size 1 in jemalloc" [Normal,Resolved: fixed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=46499516:48
asacfta2: commented16:49
fta2asac, any reason nspr/nss are not pushed ?17:22
asacyes ... same reason as always17:26
fta2? do you want soname or not?17:27
asacfta2: how did you get the malloc error above?17:41
asacduring build?17:41
fta2get-orig in ff17:41
* fta2 leaving, cu17:41
wikidoes the <pkg>.install files support regex.If so, will python regex work?18:04
asacwiki: not sure. i think it only supports *18:11
wikiwhat about char classes ? [a-z] and all that18:11
wikiit kinda worked but ^ didn't18:12
wikiwhere do I get to know aboout this? which dh_ script handles this?18:12
wikiasac: supports wildcards :(18:20
wikithanks anyway18:21
asaclike i said ;)18:21
asacfta: we need more info on your regression18:33
ftaasac, "we" ?19:06
asacjames_w`: i have a bzr package like: http://paste.ubuntu.com/77184/19:22
asacjames_w`: and a orig like: http://paste.ubuntu.com/77183/19:22
asacjames_w`: bzr bd --merge --dont-purge fails because the produced tree is somehow nested:19:23
asacjames_w`: http://paste.ubuntu.com/77185/19:23
asacjames_w`: how can that happen?19:23
asacfta: can you explain to me how you see that error?19:23
asacfta: mozilla says that change slipped in, but is ok and no need to stop b2 because of that19:23
asacif we see a regression we should do provide them with the info about the jemalloc problem we see19:24
asacjames_w`: whats that?19:24
james_w`asac: dunno, something from your tar file19:24
asacjames_w`: no. thats  only in the "merged" tree19:24
asacjames_w`: at least i dont see it in the orig list i pasted19:25
james_w`yeah, it's from the tar file19:25
james_w`you generated that list from "tar tzf"?19:25
asacjames_w`: yes19:25
james_w`that's the difference then19:25
james_w`whatever generated the tar file added a header that the python tarfile implementation doesn't understand, and believes to be a normal file19:26
asacjames_w`: i unpacked it ... its not in there either :(19:26
asacjames_w`: oh19:26
asacjames_w`: thats git archive19:26
asacjames_w`: scary19:26
asacjames_w`: so python cannot untar git archives ;) ... fun19:26
james_w`bzr-builddeb then sees you have two files in the root, and thinks you have an odd upstream tarball that doesn't put things in a subdir19:26
asacjames_w`: why doesnt bzr-builddeb just use good old command line tar ;)19:27
asacnow i am buffled19:27
asacso i unpack it and pack it again ;)19:27
asacthat works19:28
james_w`I think special-casing that file would work19:34
james_w`unless I can find out how to make dpkg-source do what I need19:34
fta1.9.1~b2~rc1+1+nobinonly <= 1.9.1~b2~rc1+nobinonly ???19:36
sebnerfta: dpkg --compare-versions 1.9.1~b2~rc1+1+nobinonly lt 1.9.1~b2~rc1+nobinonly | echo TRUE19:39
sebner^ ^19:39
asacjames_w`: yeah. now that i know all is fine ;)19:39
asacsebner: 1 < r19:40
sebnerasac: hm?19:40
ftai should not work on this between meetings19:40
asacfta: why rc1? its +build1 ;)19:41
asacthen +build219:41
asacjust like the tag19:41
ftai wanted to do b2 once it's final, but b2+build > b219:42
asacfta: it worked in the past because:19:42
asac+build1+nobinonly < +nobinonly19:42
ftaand b2~build < b2~hgXXXXX19:42
asacwhich is why i suggested +build119:43
ftai seriously need holidays19:49
asacnext week that is ;)19:49
asacbeers in california :-D19:49
ftafortunately, 1.9.1~b2~rc1+1+nobinonly < 1.9.1~b2+build1 < 1.9.1~b2+nobin19:50
asacfinally some fortune :)19:51
ftamozilla bug 46653119:57
ubottuMozilla bug 466531 in JavaScript Engine "Crash/hang [@ mult][@ Balloc] when loading pages on PPC" [Critical,New] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=46653119:57
ftasee mozilla bug 46307319:58
ubottuMozilla bug 463073 in Security: PSM "Deliver NSPR_4_7_3_RTM to Mozilla" [Normal,New] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=46307319:58
asacfta: is the first bug the same you get with the jemalloc glitch?19:59
ftano, unrelated19:59
asacfta: so what are the symptoms for the jemalloc thing?20:00
ftainitially, it was mozilla bug 45275420:06
ubottuMozilla bug 452754 in jemalloc "Deadlock in jemalloc when using fakeroot" [Normal,New] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=45275420:06
asacfta: and now that doesnt work anymore?20:07
ftanow i'm getting <fta2> <jemalloc>: (malloc) Unsupported character in malloc options: 'O'20:08
asacfta: ok. i think you can just drop that switch now20:08
ftafor: DEBIAN_XUL_VER  := $(shell MALLOC_OPTIONS=O xulrunner-1.9.1 --gre-version)20:08
asacpreviously it hanged in pagefile20:08
asacnow they did #define MALLOC_PAGEFILE20:08
asacthey removed that define20:08
asacso probably we dont do pagefile anymore20:08
asacwhich hopefully means that its ok now20:08
ftaO != 020:09
asacfta: yeah20:09
asaceven then20:09
asacthat seems to be a MALLOC_PAGEFILE feature20:09
asacnow that isnt enabled anymore20:09
asacat least worth a try20:09
ftaix:~/bzr/firefox-3.1.head$ fakeroot xulrunner-1.9.1 --gre-version20:10
ftaseems fine, but i need to try with xul b220:11
asacfta: yes.20:11
asacalso remember that right after b2 they will backout that things again most likely20:11
asacso you need to readd that ;)20:11
asaccrazy ... i know20:11
asacyou could also prepatch that backout20:12
asacto avoid this20:12
ubottuMozilla bug 464995 in jemalloc "avoid reads of size 1 in jemalloc" [Normal,Reopened]20:12
ftaafaics, it's just a warning so i could just let it untouched20:12
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thunderstruckasac: last i see on screen is .:07:44:27:. >>            asac << gnomefreak: where is that?  can you please remind me what this is about? im thinking about qt support but not sure21:09
thunderstruckkde is borkerd something bad21:13
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ftaasac, what did you do why your last commit in 3.1 ? it's not a merge :(21:16
ftathe fix was in 3.0.4, not in 3.1*21:17
asacfta: because the rest wasnt merged either yet21:17
asaci did merge -c 37721:17
ftai was doing it, now i'm all diverged :((21:17
gnomefreakok court and work sucked today im going to rest and get ready for the shit tomorrow btw if you can avoid it dont hire or fire anyone :(21:18
asacfta: you should directly push on commit ,)21:19
asacor bzr bind21:19
asaci ran update before ... nothing came.21:19
ftatold you i was waiting for xul to be built21:20
gnomefreakit seems biggest issue is with mysql bullshit21:20
asacfta: before pushing? why?21:20
asacfta: so is your local tree now broken or not?21:20
ftatoday it's not my day, i should stop everything right away21:20
gnomefreaknot mine either so dont feel too bad21:21
asacgnomefreak: thought in US you can fire without any reason21:22
gnomefreakasac: you can but moron thinks i fired him because hes black but the one person left is black :(21:23
asacfta: if it helps you push overwrite21:23
gnomefreakwhen the NAACP gets involved it becomes many bad days21:23
asacoh minority group21:24
gnomefreakdont reember whast it stands for off hand but its black american right org.21:24
gnomefreaknational african american something project manybe?21:28
* gnomefreak wonders if there is a chance PA will be fixed next week21:31
gnomefreakholiday next 4 or so days ;)21:31
ftaPA is rotten for me too. better than last week but still half broken.21:32
gnomefreakfta: looks like deps need to be met21:32
gnomefreakIIRC PA comes in 2-3 sources21:33
ftafor me, it installs just fine21:33
gnomefreakso i dont see hhowit can break like this21:34
gnomefreakits held back here21:34
gnomefreaklast time i tried it got all screwed up21:34
ftaat last, bzrtools is in, i had to ask in #bzr earlier today21:34
gnomefreakheld back are:21:35
gnomefreakfile-roller libpulse-browse0 libpulse0 pulseaudio-esound-compat pulseaudio-module-gconf pulseaudio-module-hal pulseaudio-module-x11 pulseaudio-utils xserver-xorg-input-evdev21:35
ftaThe following packages have been kept back:21:36
fta  xserver-xorg-input-evdev21:36
ftathat's all21:36
gnomefreakok ill try iunsttalling them in a few21:36
gnomefreakThe following held packages will be changed:  i never seen that before21:43
ftaasac, i wanted to re-enable system nss/nspr in 3.1b2, but apparently, you reverted the soname stuff so now i'm unsure21:44
asacfta: does it fail to build with current version?21:46
ftano but the urandom stuff is still there21:47
asacfta: what doesnt work ?21:49
ftaremember the no more than 3 users bug?21:50
asacwell 3 users?21:52
asacfta: ,$(@:$(OBJDIR)/%.so=%.so)21:52
asacwhat does that mean?21:52
asacDSO_LDOPTS='-shared -Wl,-soname,$(@:$(OBJDIR)/%.so=%.so)'21:52
ftais that the full line ?21:52
asacthats somewhat broken in our nspr build21:53
asacupstream nspr has a SONAME as you might guess ... ours is empty21:53
asacinterestingly enough the nss one is ok21:53
asace.g. its just libnss3.so21:53
asachere it hsould just be libnspr4.so (for example)21:53
asacbut its empty21:53
asacthats basically the only blocker for the upload of the transition21:53
asacnss is quite perfect21:54
asac$ objdump -x libnspr4.so  | grep SON SONAME               libnspr4.so21:55
asacthats in upstream tarball21:55
asacif we drop the 81_soname patch (e.g. what i did)21:55
asacits just empty21:55
asacand the DSO_LDOPTS looks like that afaict21:56
ftawhat is/are the target(s) of that rule ?21:56
asacfta: hmm21:57
asacfta: DSO_LDOPTS='-shared -Wl,-soname -Wl,$(notdir $@)'21:57
ftaat 1st glance, it just drops the dirname of the .so file21:57
asacfta: i pasted none-sense21:58
asacwhat i poosted comes from configure.in21:58
asacwhat is important for us is autoconf.mk21:58
asacin my build tree we have: ./config/autoconf.mk:DSO_LDOPTS= -shared -Wl,-soname -Wl,$(SONAME)21:58
asacSONAME is nowhere defined :(21:59
ftais was defined somewhere before21:59
asaci have it ;)21:59
asaclet me check22:00
ftadpkg-buildpackage: host architecture i38622:01
fta fakeroot debian/rules clean22:01
fta<jemalloc>: (malloc) Unsupported character in malloc options: 'O'22:01
fta/usr/share/cdbs/1/rules/buildcore.mk:72: parsing mozilla-central-3.1~b2+build1-source.tar.bz2 ...22:01
ftayep, just a warning22:01
asacits really my memory ;)22:02
asacno i remember that last time i did that i ran in the same issue ;)22:02
asacbut believe it or not, i cannot remember if the fix i am now trying helped ;)22:03
asaci think it works22:03
asaclet me stresstest this a big22:03
ftadamn, i know why the branding jumped to final22:08
ftaifneq (,$(findstring ~b,$(DEBIAN_VERSION)))22:08
fta~b matches beta *and* build22:08
ftahmmn, no, not anymore.. +build22:09
asacfta: yeah. actually thats why i said that again the other day22:09
asacbut when you said that its ok, i thought i just overlooked that its not FORCE_OFFICIAL22:10
asacand thought that would exclude it22:10
ftait's the old code, in 3.0, beta was final22:10
asacmaybe we want FORCE_UNOFFICIAL ;)22:10
asacfta: right22:10
ftathat code is still there, untouched22:10
asacfta: can you move ~b to "milestone" branding?22:11
asacok i think nspr and nss branches are good now22:11
asaci verified that removing a symbol from .symbols will fail with the diff22:12
asachmm still one lintian E ... but unrelated22:12
asaclets see if thats easy to fix22:12
asachmm ... what is the DEBHELPER token for posinst/rm :(22:15
ftaold stuff i think22:20
asacno i wondered what the right syntax is22:21
asacadded something no22:21
asacfta: ok nspr.head and nss.head seem to be ok. can you also spin them ... install the binaries and see if you end up in any binary compatibility issues? (e.g. apps without respin break)22:29
asacor wait one sec22:30
asacok nspr.head rev 5422:30
asacnss.head rev 9022:30
asacthats good crack i hope ;)22:31
asacfta: can you test build and see if there are any binaries conflicts?22:31
asacfta: i will do a xulrunner build and see if the dependencies are right there too22:31
asacfirst just firefox (e.g. new libnss/nspr + old xul)22:32
asacnot really expecting that it works22:32
asacephy works too without respin22:33
asacnot much tht can be wrong then i guess22:33
asacevolution + SSL works too22:33
asac(without respin)22:34
asacfirefox-30 build succeeded ... even though xulrunner is not yet respun22:34
asacwe have to bump symbols to current package version22:36
asac(when we are happy with it)22:36
asacfta: ok branches are ready now22:41
asacfta: i guess you have comments for that spec22:43
asacfta: let me know if you want to test nss/nspr still22:49
asaci will take a break and then start to forward bugs. would appreciate if you could close xul 1.9.1 before that ;)22:49
asacerr s/bugs/patches/22:50
ftahm, reco, did i talk to myself?23:07
ftaasac, ^^23:08
asacfta: i think so23:19
asac23:39 < fta> https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/retaining-ubuntu-developers23:19
asac23:41 < asac> fta: ok branches are ready now23:19
fta<asac> fta: i guess you have comments for that spec23:19
fta<fta> asac, there's no blueprint for anything we do ? i see you have one for nm, but everything else is unrelated to our team field of activity23:19
fta<fta> i would love to see something with qa & motu23:19
fta<fta> also implement the unittests idea we discussed in pragues23:19
fta<fta> btw, i would like to have those unit test packaged, so anyone interested could run them23:19
asac23:43 < asac> fta: i guess you have comments for that spec23:19
fta<fta> i've done that for chromium23:19
asac23:49 < asac> fta: let me know if you want to test nss/nspr still23:19
asac23:49 < asac> i will take a break and then start to forward bugs. would appreciate if you could close xul 1.9.1 before that ;)23:19
fta<fta> (at first because there's nothing else to see, but now i think there's something useful there)23:19
asac23:50 < asac> err s/bugs/patches/23:19
fta* Disconnected (Network is unreachable).23:19
asacfta: yeah.23:19
asacfta: point is we have enough specs23:19
asacfta: and the bug spec was never fully drafted23:20
ftayep, i've just been told the same thing in -devel for multiarch23:20
asacfor multiarch?23:20
asachow is that related?23:20
ftait's not23:20
asacfta: we == mozilla23:20
asacthought you understood we == ubuntu ;)23:20
ftano moz23:21
ftawell umoz23:21
asacsee what happens when you use simple-patchsys23:23
asaci just foudn myself editing patches directly instead of code :)23:23
* asac runs cdbs-edit-patch23:24
asacsigh ... cdbs-edit-patch just ran autotools stuff :(23:24

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