AllareRegisteredmythbuntu decided to get rid of my preferences00:32
AllareRegisteredi set everything back up00:32
AllareRegisterednow my damn tuner doesnt work anymore all of a sudden00:32
ZinnAllareRegistered: Please watch your language.00:32
AllareRegisteredwhat can cause this?00:32
foxbuntuAllareRegistered, what kind of tuner?00:37
AllareRegisteredfoxbuntu, PVR-15000:37
AllareRegisteredfoxbuntu, and i cannot seem to set it up again, yet cat /dev/video1 > bla.mpg works00:37
foxbuntuAllareRegistered, did you set the tuner back up in the backend?00:38
AllareRegistered(/dev/video0 is another card)00:38
AllareRegisteredfoxbuntu, offcourse, but it just disappeared :s00:38
foxbuntudid you set the card up as a PVR-xxx card or Analog V4L device?00:38
AllareRegisteredall i did was import new guide data from a xml, which is imported fine and was working earlyer00:38
AllareRegisteredi set it up as PVR-x00:39
AllareRegisteredit worked fine00:39
AllareRegisteredbut now the backend cannot find it if i set it00:39
foxbuntucheck the backend log to see what is going on, /var/log/mythtv/mythbackend.log00:40
AllareRegisteredfoxbuntu, ERROR: no valid capture cards are defined in the database.00:41
AllareRegisteredfoxbuntu, thats the only thing that i think doesnt belong there00:41
foxbuntuso go into the backend setup, delete the tuners and set them back up00:41
foxbuntumake sure to select the correct video card and device node00:42
AllareRegisteredthe tuner disappeared from there, and i tried to set it back up there00:42
AllareRegisteredthats not working00:42
AllareRegisteredand thats the reason im here00:42
AllareRegisteredit cannot open the tuner00:42
foxbuntuok...so whats it doing when you setup the tuner in the backend?00:43
AllareRegisteredit just cannot open it00:43
AllareRegisteredso i can set it up all i want if it cant open it theres no video00:43
foxbuntu!pastebin | AllareRegistered00:43
ZinnAllareRegistered: when pasting more than 5 lines of data please use http://mythbuntu.pastebin.com so you don't flood the channel.  Then please post the link in the channel.00:43
AllareRegisteredi even rebooted to make sure00:43
foxbuntuAllareRegistered, dmesg | grep ivitv00:43
foxbuntuAllareRegistered, dmesg | grep ivtv00:44
AllareRegisteredfoxbuntu, http://mythbuntu.pastebin.com/m4d08806400:45
AllareRegisteredfoxbuntu, /dev/video1 is the one im using, the other one is a DC10+ that one does not have a tuner00:45
foxbuntuI see that00:46
foxbuntuAllareRegistered, did you change a username?00:46
AllareRegisteredjust trying to be clear, peopel got confused with it in the past00:46
AllareRegisteredAllareRegistered, nope00:46
foxbuntuwhen you did a: cat /dev/video1 > some.mpg did you use sudo? or just the normal user?00:48
AllareRegisteredfoxbuntu, sudo00:48
foxbuntuthere is your issue00:48
foxbuntuits permissions00:48
AllareRegisteredfoxbuntu, aha :D00:48
foxbuntuok, let me find the proper group00:48
AllareRegisteredfoxbuntu, what would be the correct permissions?00:48
AllareRegisteredah thanx00:48
AllareRegisteredweird that the permissions changed though :s00:49
foxbuntuyeah...not sure what happened there00:49
AllareRegisteredlooking really forward to my new 1TB external drive ill get tomorrow :)00:50
AllareRegisteredlooool i know what can have happened00:50
AllareRegisteredmy mom allmost fell over my keyboard the other day00:50
foxbuntuAllareRegistered, sudo nano /etc/group00:51
AllareRegisteredfoxbuntu, what am i looking for?00:52
foxbuntuadd your username to the video group00:52
foxbuntualong with mythtv00:52
AllareRegisteredfoxbuntu, mythtv is allready in it :(00:52
hads`sudo adduser $USER video`00:52
foxbuntuhads, that too00:53
foxbuntuAllareRegistered, so add yours with a comma to that line00:53
AllareRegisteredok but should mythtv be enough?00:53
foxbuntunope your local user needs to be in there too00:53
hadsDepends who's running the backend00:53
foxbuntuhads, well if the backend cant open it then yes00:54
AllareRegisteredwell something with a user is been up for sure00:54
AllareRegisteredbut i have no clue what00:54
foxbuntuAllareRegistered, reboot/restart x/log out, take your pick and it should be working again00:54
AllareRegisteredyes but im logged in as the right user00:55
AllareRegisteredit only has two users00:55
AllareRegisteredmy user and mythtv00:55
AllareRegisteredpfff i still cannot open it00:56
AllareRegistereddo i need to restart something?00:56
foxbuntutry cat again00:56
foxbuntucat /dev/video1 > some.mpg00:56
AllareRegisteredstill denied00:57
foxbuntu`sudo adduser $USER video`00:57
foxbuntuthen reboot00:57
foxbuntutry again00:57
AllareRegisteredThe user `bla' is already a member of `video'.00:58
AllareRegisteredreboot anyway?00:58
foxbuntucant hurt00:58
AllareRegisteredits pretty fast anyway00:58
AllareRegisteredalso mythbuntu just starts, it doesnt ask for a username, etc, but i seem to be logged in as my user00:59
AllareRegisteredterminals start in my home folder so00:59
AllareRegisteredfoxbuntu, lol wth, after a reboot its working01:00
AllareRegisteredi mean cat01:01
AllareRegisterednice :)01:01
foxbuntuAllareRegistered, good, prob just needed to reload the module with the new perms applied01:01
AllareRegisteredbackend setup seems to find it too01:01
AllareRegisteredyes i think so too :)01:01
* foxbuntu waits for hads to chime in that a reboot wasnt required01:02
hadsYou shouldn't need to reboot there ;)01:02
AllareRegisteredi know lol01:02
AllareRegisteredbut we didnt know that before :p01:02
AllareRegisteredi mean didnt realise :)01:03
foxbuntuAllareRegistered, I did, I just was being lazy01:03
foxbuntudid want to explain two commands01:03
AllareRegisteredniiiiice :)01:03
rhpot1991_laptopreboots are good :)01:03
AllareRegisteredand what do i see when starting watch TV01:04
AllareRegisteredthe video with the douchebags that treathen belgium lol01:04
AllareRegisteredbtw i can recommend mc2xml if you have no grabber for your country01:05
AllareRegisteredthe grabber for belgium doesnt work for a while now and mc2xml seems a very good replacement01:06
foxbuntuAllareRegistered, yes, but thats the MS MCE grabber right?01:06
AllareRegisteredonly needs a little script to rename station IDs in the xml file01:06
AllareRegisteredfoxbuntu, correct01:06
foxbuntuAllareRegistered, yeah, we dont support that or mention it though around these parts due to it violating the ToS of the MS site01:07
AllareRegisteredah ok i didnt know that sorry01:07
foxbuntujust being clear01:07
AllareRegisteredwell got to do something if theres no working grabber :) and the site where the grabber used to go to isnt ok with it either01:08
foxbuntuwe wouldnt want to lose our support or status in the community over something silly like that01:08
AllareRegisteredoffcourse not01:08
AllareRegisteredwhat is the correct way to export to xvid btw?01:09
AllareRegisteredcorrect / best01:09
AllareRegisteredi read about nuvexport but it didnt seem to work so far01:09
AllareRegisteredaha, but i cannot choose xvid with mythexport?01:10
AllareRegisteredor i missed something01:10
foxbuntuperhaps I am wrong there01:10
AllareRegisteredi googled it a couple of times but i didnt find anything but nuvexport stuff01:10
foxbunturhpot1991_laptop, xvid on mythexport or no?01:10
AllareRegisteredim asking because i got a small drive and a xbox360 (which wont open mpeg2 because MS seems to be stupid and doesnt make sodecs for its own device)01:11
AllareRegisteredfor xvid i even had to install a update :s01:11
AllareRegisteredat first it was only wmv / wma01:12
foxbuntuyeah thats common01:12
AllareRegisteredit works nice if you use a supported format though01:12
AllareRegisteredgot to give them that01:12
rhpot1991_laptopya mythexport can do xvid01:12
foxbuntumight check out the the MythTV + Xbox projects to find out more01:13
AllareRegisteredrhpot1991_laptop, how please?01:13
AllareRegisteredfoxbuntu, its a 360, fairly unhackable01:13
rhpot1991_laptopAllareRegistered: export_codec=xvid01:13
foxbuntuAllareRegistered, yeaa01:13
rhpot1991_laptopwould prob want to use ipod as the device unless another one fits better01:13
AllareRegisteredfoxbuntu, i think you mean the old xbox, which was easy to get linux on01:14
rhpot1991_laptopand just blow up the res01:14
rhpot1991_laptopfoxbuntu: I'm gonna order that camera tonight01:14
AllareRegisteredrhpot1991_laptop, sorry where can i find it again? im still not used to the settings menus01:14
foxbunturhpot1991_laptop, I will have mine in the morning01:14
AllareRegisteredoh wait its in the backend right01:15
rhpot1991_laptopAllareRegistered: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MythExport01:15
foxbunturhpot1991_laptop, speaking of ipods, did I mention I bought an 8G touch with that order?01:15
AllareRegisteredi was looking in the frontend01:15
rhpot1991_laptopya foxbuntu01:15
AllareRegisteredrhpot1991_laptop, than01:16
foxbuntuim excited01:16
AllareRegisteredrhpot1991_laptop, so i should only use it from a terminal :s01:18
foxbunturhpot1991_laptop, I called and chewed them out today over them  being morons about my shipping01:18
AllareRegisteredrhpot1991_laptop, aaah never mind i see it now01:18
foxbuntuAllareRegistered, no you put those into the user jobs in the backend01:18
rhpot1991_laptopAllareRegistered: the best way to do it is as a userjob01:18
AllareRegisteredthats how i tried to do it with nuvexport aswell01:19
rhpot1991_laptopthen it will automatically run on recordings that you tell it to01:19
AllareRegisteredi only saw the options mpeg4 etc in the menus i never knew i needed to do this for xvid01:20
AllareRegisterednice docs01:20
foxbuntusave the wiki, save the world01:23
rhpot1991_laptopAllareRegistered: make sure you get it from the testing ppa and not from the regular ubuntu sources, the one in intrepid is busted01:23
AllareRegisteredrhpot1991_laptop, ok01:24
AllareRegisteredmythexport exportdir=/var/lib/mythtv/videos/RecordingsArchive starttime=%STARTTIME% chanid=%CHANID% size=768x576 aspect=4:3 audio_bitrate=192kb video_bitrate=5000kb export_device=ipod export_codec=xvid01:27
AllareRegisteredrhpot1991_laptop, how does that one look? if you dont mind checking01:27
rhpot1991_laptopmight want to toss a video_bitrate in as well, or it will default to a lower one01:28
rhpot1991_laptopoh wait, I can't read :)01:28
AllareRegisteredwhat does device=ipod ?01:29
AllareRegisteredi mean what does it do01:29
AllareRegisteredsorry for my bad english01:30
rhpot1991_laptopit uses the device to try and choose a good ffmpeg line, ipod will be the most generic, through feel fry to switch to the others and try them out01:30
AllareRegisteredwell its mainly for a xbox01:31
rhpot1991_laptopit will work there pretty well if you can get the codec/res good01:32
rhpot1991_laptopAllareRegistered: you can actually do export_device=xbox36001:33
AllareRegisteredlol just in time :p01:34
rhpot1991_laptopits undocumented cause it wasn't really tested much and really is the same thing as the ipod currently01:35
AllareRegisterednice to know for updates then01:35
AllareRegisteredi set it to xbox360 anyway01:35
rhpot1991_laptoplet me find you the 360 specs01:36
AllareRegisteredrhpot1991_laptop, i got a transcoding error01:36
AllareRegisteredbut offcourse i cannot see which one01:37
AllareRegisteredwhere can i check the exact errors of transcoding please?01:37
AllareRegisteredthanx again01:39
rhpot1991_laptopAllareRegistered: http://www.xbox.com/en-AU/support/xbox360/digitalmedia/videoplaybackfaq.htm01:39
rhpot1991_laptoptells you specs in there that the 360 can handle, sadly the max res is for wmv container01:40
AllareRegisteredyes and xvid is not even there01:41
AllareRegisteredand it supports xvid just fine01:41
AllareRegisteredtheir docs just suck bigtime01:41
rhpot1991_laptopxvid is mpeg401:41
AllareRegisteredis all mpeg4 xvid?01:41
AllareRegisteredbecause i tried transcoding to mpeg401:41
AllareRegisteredthe xbox didnt like it01:42
AllareRegisteredxvid however is perfectly fine01:42
AllareRegisteredthe error is just that it didnt find mythexport01:44
rhpot1991_laptopmpeg4 is a container, they are different01:44
rhpot1991_laptopI think I have that right01:44
AllareRegisteredso i did01:44
AllareRegisteredwhereis mythexport01:44
AllareRegisteredno location :s01:44
rhpot1991_laptopdid you install it?01:45
AllareRegisteredapperantly not :s01:45
AllareRegisteredi assumed it was there lol01:45
AllareRegisteredsince i installed mythbuntu01:45
rhpot1991_laptopadd the testing ppa and then sudo apt-get install mythexport01:45
rhpot1991_laptopya its not installed by default01:45
rhpot1991_laptopbah thats not it01:45
AllareRegisteredlol its funny though01:45
AllareRegisteredthat that was the problem all the way01:45
Zinnto enable the mythbuntu-testing PPA, please go to http://launchpad.net/~mythbuntu-testing/+archive and add the sources.list entries for your distro version (gutsy, hardy, intrepid) to /etc/apt/sources.list01:46
AllareRegisteredrhpot1991_laptop, it asks my mysql admin account01:46
AllareRegisteredrhpot1991_laptop, lol its in the regular repo aswell?01:47
AllareRegisteredi can just apt-get it with the regular repo01:47
AllareRegisteredbut im not sure how to configure it01:47
rhpot1991_laptopit is, but that one is busted01:47
rhpot1991_laptopI'm in the process of getting a SRU, so get the one from testing01:48
AllareRegisteredi misunderstood that earlyer01:48
AllareRegisteredi allready installed it01:48
AllareRegisteredjust uninstalling fixes it?01:48
rhpot1991_laptopenable the testing repo and do: sudo apt-get update01:48
rhpot1991_laptopthenL sudo apt-get upgrade01:48
AllareRegisterednooooooo way01:48
rhpot1991_laptopit should upgrade it then01:48
AllareRegisteredlast time i did that my system went byebye01:48
rhpot1991_laptopheh, should be safe, but just go ahead and remove and then install it then01:49
AllareRegisteredcan i not get the deb manually?01:49
rhpot1991_laptopor you can use synaptic to only upgrade a single package01:49
AllareRegisterednono i mean updating with the tresting repo01:49
AllareRegisteredthats not something i want to do with a non testing box :p01:49
AllareRegisteredyes but can i then remove the repo again afterwards?01:49
AllareRegisteredelse i cannot update regular packages anymore01:50
AllareRegisteredbecause it will update from the testingrepo instead of the regular one01:50
rhpot1991_laptopwell there isn't much in there thats dangerous01:50
AllareRegisteredit killed my system before so01:50
AllareRegisteredi was hoping i could just get the deb i need and isntalll only that deb01:50
rhpot1991_laptopprob shoulda asked this before, intrepid?01:51
AllareRegisteredyes 8.1001:51
AllareRegisteredthats inrepid right? i allways forget the names01:51
AllareRegisteredits running on my old AthlonXP 2800+ :)01:52
TJ1Anybody know where I can find details on how to get a Hauppauge PVR 150 working with Mythbuntu 8.10?  I'm getting "failed to get data for code 0, key 525" when doing an irsend, which, according to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lirc/+bug/275549, seems to imply a problem with the codes being sent.  Trying to use the blushingpenguin.com lircd.conf gives me a segfault when starting lirc.01:52
AllareRegisteredlol wow my tv card has a IR transceiver???01:53
rhpot1991_laptopAllareRegistered: ^01:53
AllareRegisteredi didnt know that lol01:53
AllareRegisteredrhpot1991_laptop, thanx again01:53
rhpot1991_laptopya the 150 can ir blast and receive01:54
TJ1If you can get it working. :)01:54
AllareRegisteredso i hooked up my serial receiver for nothing?01:54
AllareRegisteredlol ah ok01:54
rhpot1991_laptopAllareRegistered: I dunno how installing that deb is gonna work with the dependencies though01:54
AllareRegisteredso ill stick with the serial receiver then :)01:55
AllareRegisteredrhpot1991_laptop, it wants to remove 6 packages and install 17 so im not gonna try it01:55
AllareRegisteredrhpot1991_laptop, so ill look further into nuvexport, and wait untill mythexport is working01:56
rhpot1991_laptopAllareRegistered: that sounds right, pastebin it and I'll check01:56
TJ1The receiver actually works without problems.  Getting the transmitter working seems to be a bear.  I had problems when I installed MythTV on fedora 18 months ago and I'm having problems now.01:56
AllareRegisteredin the regular repo01:56
Zinnwhen pasting more than 5 lines of data please use http://mythbuntu.pastebin.com so you don't flood the channel.  Then please post the link in the channel.01:56
rhpot1991_laptopit removes the stripped codecs and installs the unstripped ones so you can do aac/mp3/etc01:56
AllareRegisteredrhpot1991_laptop, i dont think i want to take the risk since nuvexport seemed a good alternative01:56
AllareRegisteredrhpot1991_laptop, well if its possible to know beforehand if my system will remain working i would take the risk01:57
rhpot1991_laptoppastebin what it wants to remove/install and I'll verify01:57
AllareRegisteredcannot pastebin01:58
AllareRegisteredstupid package installer doesnt render it as text01:58
TJ1So nobody has the PVR-150 IR blaster working with 8.10? :(01:58
AllareRegisteredTJ1, let me know if you get it working please :)01:58
TJ1For as popular as the card is, I'm surprised at how many difficulties I've had with it.01:59
AllareRegisteredrhpot1991_laptop, is there a way to check trough the commandline?02:00
AllareRegisteredrhpot1991_laptop, else i need to type over by hand all the packages lol02:00
rhpot1991_laptopsudo dpkg -i <debfile>02:00
AllareRegisteredaaah thanx need to remember that one02:00
AllareRegisteredrhpot1991_laptop, and to get output in english? its dutch now so you probably cant read it02:01
rhpot1991_laptopyikes, I dunno02:02
AllareRegisteredrhpot1991, jsut a sec ill ask in another channel02:03
AllareRegisteredrhpot1991_laptop, LC_ALL=C command02:05
AllareRegisteredrhpot1991, http://mythbuntu.pastebin.com/m43fea1c102:07
rhpot1991_laptopAllareRegistered: one second02:08
AllareRegisteredrhpot1991_laptop, ok02:08
rhpot1991_laptopAllareRegistered: those are all fine, those are the codecs, but that doesn't mention what it wants to remove, what were those?02:09
AllareRegisteredrhpot1991_laptop, wtf just a sec, broken dependencies i get now...02:10
AllareRegisteredrhpot1991_laptop, im just not gonna risk this, my gut says ill end up with a broken system02:11
rhpot1991_laptopAllareRegistered: this is why you use apt and don't install packages by hand :)02:11
rhpot1991_laptopnah this should be safe, doesn't touch anything system related02:11
rhpot1991_laptopjust some perl modules and ffmpeg02:11
AllareRegisteredrhpot1991_laptop, this is why you only use the repo or compile stuff :p02:11
AllareRegisteredi wont risk it lol02:11
rhpot1991_laptopbroken repos are from dpkg02:12
rhpot1991_laptopI bets02:12
rhpot1991_laptopsudo apt-get -f install should fix them02:12
AllareRegisteredrhpot1991_laptop, i know im doing that now02:13
AllareRegisteredi didnt even try to install it and i allready got a broken apt lol02:13
* AllareRegistered deleted forsakened .deb02:13
rhpot1991_laptopdpkg will do that when it fails02:14
rhpot1991_laptopcause the deb is half installed02:14
AllareRegisteredwhy is it half installed :s02:14
rhpot1991_laptopbroken dependencies, dpkg can't fix those on its own, which is why you use apt or something else02:14
AllareRegisteredyes but it seems just so much more safe to use nuvexport02:16
rhpot1991_laptopbtw if you use -s with apt it will do a test run and not actually install them02:16
AllareRegisteredok i suppose i can do that02:16
rhpot1991_laptopAllareRegistered: I can verify if the 6 packages to remove are safe or not, or you can just try nuvexport, your call02:16
AllareRegisteredtoo bad it didnt make it in the regular repo in time though :(02:17
AllareRegisteredill look at the packages first02:17
rhpot1991_laptopI'm pushing it to intrepid-proposed tonight02:17
rhpot1991_laptopshould  work its way back in02:17
AllareRegisteredthanx for you work on it02:17
rhpot1991_laptopI didn't know medibuntu wasn't going to have a ffmpeg this time02:17
rhpot1991_laptoptill it was too late02:17
AllareRegisteredaaaaaah the 6 packages were because i allready broke my system while half installing the one in the repo02:19
AllareRegisterednow it only says requires installation of one package02:19
AllareRegisteredand thats apache2 :s02:19
AllareRegisteredok mythtv is still working :s02:20
AllareRegisteredi mean mythweb02:20
* AllareRegistered is confused02:20
AllareRegisteredwhy does mythexport need apache2 ? and i thought mythweb used it aswell02:20
rhpot1991_laptoprss feed02:21
AllareRegisteredso thats safe to install?02:21
AllareRegisteredsince i run mythweb aswell02:21
AllareRegisteredah now i get a GUI for configuration :)02:22
AllareRegisteredwith the one from the repo i got a terminal02:22
rhpot1991_laptopprob just depends how you install, both should give you the same results02:23
AllareRegisteredrhpot1991_laptop, mysql admin user and password, they are in some txt file right?02:23
rhpot1991_laptopAllareRegistered: normally when you setup mysql it asks you if you want to set a root password02:23
AllareRegisteredrhpot1991_laptop, yes correct i started from terminal before02:24
rhpot1991_laptopuse that02:24
rhpot1991_laptopso root and then your password on the next02:24
AllareRegisteredrhpot1991_laptop, no clue what it is then02:24
rhpot1991_laptopthe mythtv one should work too, but thats tucked away02:24
AllareRegisteredrhpot1991_laptop, my regular root and its password?02:24
rhpot1991_laptopno, thats different02:24
ZinnAllareRegistered: Please watch your language.02:24
rhpot1991_laptopthe mysql one is seperate02:24
AllareRegisteredthen i have no clue lol02:24
rhpot1991_laptopyou should be able to use the mythtv one, let me get you the location of the file02:25
AllareRegisteredseemes a bit more secure aswell02:25
rhpot1991_laptopall it needs is a user who can  make a table in the mythconverg db02:25
AllareRegisteredrhpot1991_laptop, server location can remain localhost right? im asking because i need to change it to my internal ip in the general settings when i installed mythtv02:27
AllareRegisteredrhpot1991_laptop, then its probably better to use the mythtv user02:27
rhpot1991_laptopya localhost is fine, as long as mysql runs locally02:27
AllareRegisteredsince root would have way too much rights for what it needs02:27
AllareRegisteredrhpot1991_laptop, ok thanx02:28
rhpot1991_laptopwell it just makes the table and thats it, dosen't use that ever again02:28
AllareRegisteredoh perfect :)02:28
AllareRegisteredrhpot1991_laptop, i created a new transcoding job to xvid, waiting for it to start nw02:30
AllareRegisteredrhpot1991_laptop, can i somehow make it start immediately?02:30
AllareRegisteredrhpot1991_laptop, never mind same error only it says its done now02:30
AllareRegisteredso now i have the same sh*t as with nuvexport02:31
AllareRegisteredi think i need a smokebreak02:31
rhpot1991_laptopAllareRegistered: pastebin your backend log02:31
rhpot1991_laptopthe end of it at least02:31
rhpot1991_laptopalso you can start jobs via mythweb02:32
rhpot1991_laptopif you go to recordings then choose one, it will give you buttons to queue the jobs up02:32
AllareRegisteredrhpot1991_laptop, i allready found one problem myself02:32
AllareRegisteredrhpot1991_laptop, ill just pastebin it because i have no clue how to solve all this02:33
rhpot1991_laptopAllareRegistered: ok02:33
AllareRegisteredor how to explain it lol02:33
AllareRegisteredwow i didnt see this line before02:35
AllareRegisteredUnknown encoder 'xvid'02:35
rhpot1991_laptopAllareRegistered: did you change the file name at some point?02:35
rhpot1991_laptopah  wait, nevermind02:35
AllareRegisteredrhpot1991_laptop, not that i know, i might have transcoded it before though02:35
AllareRegisteredno i didnt02:36
AllareRegisteredim sure i didnt :)02:36
rhpot1991_laptopI think I need to push a new version to the ppa02:36
AllareRegisteredhow do you mean?02:36
AllareRegisteredi dont understand that02:37
AllareRegisteredah its an old deb lol?02:37
AllareRegisteredthat would be funny :)02:37
rhpot1991_laptopI'm looking into it02:39
AllareRegisteredill go smoke one in the meantime i can use it lol02:40
AllareRegisteredthanx for the help so far02:41
rhpot1991_laptopAllareRegistered: I need to push a new version to the ppa, but need to test something first, sadly my system is busy now and I gotta run for about an hour and a half, will you be around then?02:51
AllareRegisteredrhpot1991_laptop, maybe im not sure02:58
AllareRegisteredrhpot1991_laptop, ill look into nuvexport then in the meantime, if i can get both working ill add both to my menu02:58
rhpot1991_laptopAllareRegistered: wouldn't hurt02:59
AllareRegistereddidnt check its errors yet02:59
AllareRegistereddidnt know the log location02:59
rhpot1991_laptopI'll be around then and pushing to the ppa wont take long02:59
AllareRegisteredsure if you want you can highlight me when youŕe back and pushing it02:59
AllareRegisteredrhpot1991_laptop, should you still be reading: nuxexport apprantly required ncurses-term03:10
AllareRegisteredseems to work now, transcode is busy03:10
AllareRegisteredyep the file is working aswell i opened it as far as its done over smb and it played fine :)03:13
TJ1Any lirc experts around?  I think I found a parsing bug related to a integer overflow that causes a segfault if your code is >= 2^3103:59
tgm4883_laptopfoxbuntu, ^04:01
vnhi, mount.cifs is usually supposed to be in smbclient package right?  I don't have it even tho' smbclient is installer, how do I get it back?04:05
AllareRegisteredhow do i dstop a job?04:08
AllareRegisteredkindof urgent...04:10
AllareRegisteredHD is running full04:10
AllareRegisteredstopping from the menu doesnt work04:12
AllareRegisteredjesus why is that screen not working04:13
AllareRegisterednice i cannot control my own pc anymore...04:13
vnjust had that 1h ago, because sata wire unplugged04:14
AllareRegisterednothing was unplugged04:14
AllareRegisteredthe hd is not running full anymore though, its just VERY slow04:14
AllareRegistered0.5fps or something04:14
AllareRegisteredand i cannot stop the job...04:14
AllareRegisteredmy system is superslow now04:14
AllareRegisteredi need to kill that job :s04:14
vnssh into the comp from another and kill it04:15
AllareRegisteredalso this is the most annoying bug i ever witnessed in my life so far04:15
AllareRegisteredhow do i kill it?04:15
AllareRegisteredim connected to it trough vnc so04:15
vnps aux | grep nameofthesoftware04:15
vnfind the line about your process04:15
vncheck the 2nd column for the PID04:16
vnand type kill -9 PID04:16
AllareRegisteredwtf i find multiple processes04:16
AllareRegistered4 times the same with different PIDs04:17
AllareRegisteredand 3 are with the mythtv user and one with my user :s04:17
AllareRegisteredthis is making no sense :@04:17
AllareRegisteredok killed all of them :s04:19
AllareRegisteredit seems mythweb started it a couple of times instead of one :s04:20
AllareRegisteredthanx for the help vn04:20
foxbuntuTJ1, what code and segfault where? did you file a bug?04:43
TJ1I did file a bug04:49
TJ1It segfaults starting lircd when parsing a raw code >= 2^3104:50
AllareRegisteredcan i somehow make my mythtv box broadcast that its upnp server is up?04:53
AllareRegisteredmy xbox360 cannot seem to find it04:53
AllareRegisteredit found it before04:53
TJ1foxbuntu, did you see my response?04:54
foxbuntunope sorry, I am working on something that keeps bouncing me04:54
foxbuntusend it again04:54
TJ1I did file a bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lirc/+bug/302266.  It looks like any raw code >= 2^31 causes the segfault.  Is there other info I can provide that would be useful in the bug report?04:55
foxbuntuTJ1, I think I have seen this before04:56
foxbuntunot sure there was a fix other than to not use raw codes04:56
TJ1What are my options besides raw codes?04:57
foxbuntuirrecord, irw04:57
foxbuntuthose should translate to hex values04:57
foxbuntuthen you can use that in your lircd.conf04:58
TJ1OK, I'll play with that.  Thanks.04:58
rhpot1991AllareRegistered: just waiting for one last test to finish before I push05:13
AllareRegisteredrhpot1991, nice05:13
rhpot1991AllareRegistered: xbox will only see things within mythvideo05:13
rhpot1991not recordings05:13
AllareRegisteredrhpot1991, i know that05:14
rhpot1991ah ok05:14
AllareRegisteredrhpot1991, but it doesnt even find the mythtv box anymore05:14
* rhpot1991 doesn't know how to read, remember :)05:14
AllareRegisteredrhpot1991, it think this happened together with the tunerproblems05:14
rhpot1991AllareRegistered: restart the backend?05:14
AllareRegisteredrhpot1991, didnt help, even rebooting didnt help05:15
rhpot1991weird, I noticed xbox likes to keep a hold of upnp and not release anything or notice that any changes were made back when I used to mess with it05:15
rhpot1991tried turning that off and on and such?05:15
AllareRegisteredand did a mythbuntu reboot while the 360 was on05:16
AllareRegisterednothing helped05:16
AllareRegisteredmy guess is its not advertising upnp anymore or something05:16
AllareRegisteredcan this also be a permissions problem?05:16
AllareRegisteredrhpot1991, i checked with wireshark, upnp should be working :s05:26
AllareRegisteredstupid MS :@05:26
rhpot1991AllareRegistered: IIRC you could hit y or something and make it "try" to find things out there05:28
rhpot1991also I pushed to the testing ppa, waiting for it to build and publish, I'll give you a link to the new deb when its done05:29
Zinnto enable the mythbuntu-testing PPA, please go to http://launchpad.net/~mythbuntu-testing/+archive and add the sources.list entries for your distro version (gutsy, hardy, intrepid) to /etc/apt/sources.list05:29
AllareRegisteredrhpot1991, ah its done allready?05:32
AllareRegisteredrhpot1991, omg, the xbox sends upnp stuff too, i just dont get it anymore now05:33
rhpot1991ya it was actually a problem I dealt with earlier today just didn't have it on the upnp yet05:34
rhpot1991its getting late05:34
AllareRegistereddo you have the link to the deb aswell please?05:35
rhpot1991still waiting for it to build05:36
AllareRegisteredah ok05:36
AllareRegisteredmaybe i should hard reset that crappy M$ device05:37
AllareRegisteredback to defaults05:37
AllareRegistered(i only have one since i got it for free btw lol)05:38
TJ1I want to change the module my lirc driver is using.  I've compiled and inserted the module, but everything is still referencing the old version (in '/lib/modules/2.6.27-7-generic/kernel/ubuntu/lirc/') instead of the new (in ''/lib/modules/2.6.27-7-generic/misc').  How do I update that reference?05:38
AllareRegistereda friend asked me to go setup his new PS3 in his wifi network, just like i did once with his xbox360, so i go and set his PS3 up, and when im done he asks if i would like to have his old 360, it was broken and he was too lazy to send it back, i got his wifi NIC with it, a headset and COD4 lol05:39
AllareRegisteredand 2 controllers aswell :D05:39
rhpot1991AllareRegistered: I'd just give it some time and try again later05:39
AllareRegisteredi allready tried that :p05:40
AllareRegisteredhow do i troubleshoot upnp? where do i start?05:47
AllareRegisteredis there some log or something?05:47
AllareRegisteredrhpot1991, my ip was set back to loopback lol, jesus05:55
AllareRegisteredrhpot1991, i hope i wont see anymore automagical changes in the future lol05:55
AllareRegisteredreally weird that all of this happened, but its finally fixed now :D05:56
AllareRegisteredrhpot1991, mythweb started 4 transcoders at the same time by the way, while i only pressed one button, do you happen to know that problem? cant seem to find anything about that problem07:03
rhpot1991AllareRegistered: are you possitive they started, I've seen it show things by incorrect dates before07:09
cannmorning =)07:09
rhpot1991can't recall the problem but I think it was rerunning a job would show up as the recoded date or something07:09
rhpot1991morning you say? :)07:09
rhpot1991past my bed time I say07:09
canni wish it was my bed time too though07:10
AllareRegisteredrhpot1991, i had 4 processes lol, so yes im sure07:14
AllareRegisteredrhpot1991, also all the buttosn disappeared, not only the xvid one07:14
rhpot1991the buttons dissapear as it is running, try to refresh?  are they still running?07:15
AllareRegisteredi had to kill the processes, because as you can imagine it was extremely slow07:15
AllareRegisteredonly one process was in the log though07:15
rhpot1991ah that might be why07:15
rhpot1991sometimes the jobs think they are still running, or go ahead and try to spawn a new one if something died07:16
rhpot1991I still can't figure out how to reliably kill a commflagg job :P07:16
AllareRegisteredi only had the problem when i start a transcode from mythweb07:16
AllareRegisterednot from the frontend07:16
AllareRegisteredi just killed the processes individually07:16
AllareRegisteredworked fine, someone here told me how to do it07:16
rhpot1991go into the frontend, info>jobs and try to kill them there07:17
AllareRegistereddidnt work07:17
AllareRegisteredand only one job visible there07:17
rhpot1991restart your backend: sudo /etc/inti.d/mythtv-backend restart (as long as its not doing anything important now)07:17
rhpot1991ah, mythweb shows you past completed jobs if they are done07:18
rhpot1991does it say they are still running?07:18
AllareRegisteredoffcourse not i killed them07:18
rhpot1991thats normal07:18
AllareRegisteredmythweb causes the problem, the frontend works fine07:18
rhpot1991mythweb will show you jobs that are completed and not currently running07:18
rhpot1991for a certain time period up to a certain ammount of jobs07:18
AllareRegisteredyes but i did a command to show me the running processes07:19
AllareRegistereda linux command07:19
AllareRegisteredi didnt see that in mythweb07:19
rhpot1991your processes are still hanging around then07:19
AllareRegisteredall i mean is: when i start a transcoding job with mythweb, it serieusly screws up, when i start it trough the frontend, its working as expected07:19
rhpot1991which is why mythweb isn't letting you run a new job, since it thinks the old is still running07:19
AllareRegisteredi had 0.17fps :s07:20
AllareRegisteredthen i saw 4 processes so i thought it was doing 4 transcodings at the same time07:20
AllareRegisteredabnd that causes the slow speed07:20
AllareRegisteredspeed is normal if i start it trough the frontend though07:20
AllareRegisteredgoign for a shower07:21
AllareRegisteredelse ill be too late to get my 1TB external harddisk07:21
AllareRegisteredby the way does mythtv automatically go look for media if i plug a external drive in?07:21
rhpot1991AllareRegistered: https://launchpad.net/~mythbuntu-testing/+archive/+files/mythexport_1.0.6-0ubuntu0.1~ppa1_i386.deb07:21
AllareRegisteredah thanx07:21
AllareRegisteredbrb, need to go else ill be late :)07:22
rhpot1991heh I'm going to bed now anyways07:22
rhpot1991good luck getting your HD07:22
AllareRegisteredthose things will be gone before i know it lol, they are limited07:22
AllareRegistered100euro for 1TB :o07:22
AllareRegisteredeSATA and USB07:22
AllareRegisteredmythtv seems to have taken the name localhost.localdomain10:38
AllareRegisteredinstead of the name i gave it10:38
AllareRegisteredwhat would be the best way to switch it back?10:39
jphillipAllareRegistered I heard of a problem with the network manager applet losing static IPs13:24
AllareRegisteredjphillip, the ip is fine so that cannot be the problem13:25
AllareRegisteredi cannot change my hostname with hostname mynewhostname13:31
AllareRegistered/etc/hostname is the hostname i want yet if i check my hostname its just localhost.localdomain13:31
AllareRegisteredif i alter /etc/hosts then xfce is complaining that localhost.localdomain is gone13:31
AllareRegisteredhow do i fix this spaghetticrap?13:32
AllareRegistered(by that i mean it all seems to be connected to each other and solving one problem opens anothe, etc)13:33
lagaAFAIK you need a localhost entry in hosts13:36
AllareRegisteredlaga, is there13:38
lagamaybe the localhost.localdomain entry is necessary too :)13:44
lagadid you reboot after altering /etc/hostname?13:44
AllareRegisteredlaga, yes after reboot my hostname was again localhost.localdomain13:45
lagathat's with mythbuntu 8.10?13:46
AllareRegisteredlaga, correct14:06
ordplease help me15:03
ordI broke my system after leting the UK weekly build the OK to do upgrade15:03
ordnow he uninstalled the frontend and the backend15:03
ordand I can't install them back (even after changing to US weekly build)15:03
ordhow can i solve it?15:04
jphillipord and why exactly can't you solve them, gonna need some more context15:14
ordOK, it says he has some other version of mythtv-common installed15:15
ord  Depends: mythtv-common (=0.21.0+fixes18722-0ubuntu1) but 0.21.0+fixes18961-0ubuntu0+mythbuntu1 is to be installed15:16
ordthis is the specific msg i get15:16
ordjphillip : you saw the error message?15:18
jphillipord have you removed mythtv-common?15:25
ordseems like thats the only option15:25
ordcan I do something else?15:26
jphilliplooks like its out of synch with the other packes, I'd remove all the mythtv packages and then install again15:27
ordand if I remove it, is my db will be saved?15:27
ordI don't want to loose everything15:27
jphillipback it up just incase, it should leave it though15:29
ordhow can i back it up?15:30
ordOK, thanks15:32
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AllareRegisteredmy hostname is still localhost.localdomain19:00
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turdcan anyone help me21:36
hadsSomeone might be able to21:37
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wosanyone here?22:18
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TooncisDoes anyone have a list of what the little icon indicators mean when you are viewing the details of a TV show that has been recorded?  Some of them I know, but some I can't tell.  i.e. cc, flag, stereo, HD, etc....23:57
Toonciswe need a web page that shows the icon and then tells what it stands for.23:57
DavieyHit info23:57
DavieyTooncis: your welcome to submit to the handbook :)23:57
hadsOr F1 from memory23:57
hadsYeah, F123:58

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