Myrttipoor fishie00:08
ubottusnuxoll called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic (LoordKagar (ban evading))00:12
Myrttiwatch out for -offtopic00:24
MyrttiI didn't ban him after kicking00:24
thegeekhow do i get back on offtopic01:29
LjLwhy can't you join it?01:30
LjLah, i see, so are you asking how to evade a ban?01:30
thegeekso how01:30
thegeekand yes01:30
LjLwell, we're not going to tell you, and also, we don't approve of ban evading.01:31
LjLplease don't.01:31
nickrudif you ask ljl really nicely01:31
LjLthegeek: you've just made your ban longer by a week.01:31
bazhangthegeek, and dont talk about it in #ubuntu please01:32
LjL@mark #ubuntu-ops thegeek01:32
ubottuThe operation succeeded.01:32
thegeekand LjL how long is my ban anyway01:37
LjLthegeek: longer by another week01:37
thegeekwitch was the start01:37
LjLthegeek: you know, you're asking entirely the wrong questions.01:38
thegeekwitch are the right01:38
LjLthegeek: well, take it as a riddle... you have at least two weeks to think about it and solve it01:39
thegeekim sorry for flodding the channel01:39
thegeekand typing junk01:40
LjLwhich wasn't what you did to begin with01:40
thegeekand im sorry i tried to beg01:40
thegeekyou to lift the ban01:40
LjLyou're getting better, but this ban isn't going to be lifted now, so come back here to say these things in a while.01:41
thegeekand by while how long01:42
bazhang2 weeks01:42
LjLthegeek: another week longer than the last time you asked01:42
LjLbazhang: no, that's three01:42
LjL@mark #ubuntu-ops thegeek So, three weeks it is. Deal!01:46
ubottuThe operation succeeded.01:46
ubottuIn #ubuntu, nintendork87 said: !troll is Stop trolling please.02:45
ubottuIn #ubuntu, nintendork87 said: !troll is <reply>Stop trolling please.02:46
ubottuIn #ubuntu, lavacano201014 said: !troll is Trolling, or purposely attempting to make another user angry for a stupid reason, is frowned upon.02:46
* tritium bangs his head against the wall03:28
jussi01Flannel: thats an auto kick for me... 07:50
Flannelyeah, I should've.  I marked him (no pun intended) though.07:51
FlannelI'm listening to a new bluegrass CD--in a good mood.  I suppose its a good time to be mildly annoying ;)07:52
* jussi01 tickles Flannel07:53
hischildMay i offer a suggestion for the ubuntu bot here?08:06
Flannelhischild: Go ahead08:06
hischildWell i've noticed more then once that people seem to forget the pipe character when they want to use ubottu (i just did again). I was wondering if there is a reason why you also need the pipe when you only would use 1 thing, like !ask. 08:08
Flannelhischild: If you're not directing it at anyone, you don't need a pipe, no:08:08
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:08
hischildFlannel, if you can check, it's about half a screen back. !ask LoRdRapTuReZ is not recognized by ubottu as i forgot a pipe. 08:09
Flannelhischild: Correct, because there's no "ask Lord..." factoid08:09
hischildare the factoids with spaces then? If they are there, then i have missed them and my question has been answered. 08:09
Flannellet me... find one08:09
Flannel!help me08:10
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu-ops's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots08:10
hischildAh yes i see. Then my question has been answered. Thank you08:11
Flanneland while we could probably add some fuzzy logic, when ubottu (and its ilk) are in use in 10+ channels at a time, etc, the extra processing is likely troublesome08:11
hischildI understand that yes. That's why i was wondering if it could be done always. However, when there are factoids that have spaces, i understand the need for the pipe. I suppose a better eye for the typing errors will do then. 08:12
Flannelhischild: someone will generally see it and correct you if you don't catch it.08:13
hischildFlannel, as i do with others. I thank you for your help. I suppose i should leave this channel? :-)08:13
Flanneleither that, or ubottu will kick and scream.  We've all done it, more often than some of us care to admit.08:14
FlannelAye, thanks08:14
hischildThe thanks belong to you Flannel. 08:14
hischild!helpersnack | Flannel  ;-)08:14
ubottuFlannel  ;-): Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!08:14
GaryI see zloy was here again08:21
FlannelWhomever can: the floodbots don't seem to be working in kubuntu for proxy users09:21
Flannel(I don't know if they have to go into -proxy-users separately or something)09:21
Flannelanyone awake have -ot?09:33
Myrttijust woke up09:41
* elkbuntu huggles Myrtti good morning.09:51
Myrttihow many times have I mentioned I just love flexitime?09:56
elkbuntuMyrtti, hehe09:57
Myrttiand also - insomnia sucks10:02
elkbuntuFlannel, realisticly, requiring quotes around the multi-word factoids or similar grouping techniques is probably the proper way to deal with the issue.10:05
elkbuntusince there are fewer grouped factoids than there are mistypings10:05
MyrttiO_____O i haz email10:06
Myrttijussi01: WHERE ARE YOU10:08
elkbuntui think he was heading to Perth today or something10:09
ikoniahe is a world traveller10:10
Myrttidamnit. all my friends I can tall nonsense with are offline10:10
Tm_Tmorgen kids10:36
* Tm_T woke up ~0530 to change diapers & stuff10:37
Myrttican we shut down -offtopic?10:58
bazhangthat would be ideal.11:05
bazhangmaybe a hour or two of mute11:05
bazhangyaa1 is about to be removed11:10
elkbuntui suspect he was trolling11:17
bazhangno doubt11:17
ikoniabad advice too11:18
ikonia"recompile" password11:18
ikoniapassword is part of the shadow package and would be pretty dangerous to rebuild that on a live system11:18
elkbuntuikonia, it was the only way to get rid of him11:19
elkbuntuand it was made quite clear it was the stupidest thing ever11:19
ikoniaI don't doubt that11:19
elkbuntuto be honest, anyone who wants to make passwords overwritable by regular users deserves a b0rked system.11:20
ikoniayes, I was more thinking of watc ubuntu patches against "cracklib" for example, and rebuilding a native shadow package would just murder your system11:21
ikonia"what" ubuntu patches against that should read11:21
ikoniaPanarchy is starting to be a real danger11:42
ikoniain #ubuntu11:42
elkbuntuwow,  -ot is kind of on-topic...11:58
ikoniaha ha11:58
gnomefreak7.04 was feisty right?11:59
ikoniadoes anyone know if fedora has any group contacts for their loco channels12:57
ikoniaI've just noted that one of the guys that tried to troll #ubuntu yesterday is actually a channel operator for a fedora loco12:57
Ursinhaikonia, operator? gee.13:19
ikoniaonly a loco operator, but still, it's an official channel, and after speaking with him, he can't see why joining #ubuntu under a false nick (I found him via IP) and saying "hey guys fedora 10 is out, you should all check it out, it's quick etc etc) then parting because he KNEW it was wrong, is wrong13:21
ikonianot really the right way to represent the fedora project in my view13:21
LjLikonia: about fedora, i could probably pass the message on... who was this person and what channel?13:33
ikoniaLjL: been trying to contact the guys myself13:34
ikoniaLjL: guy is GNuBoi (he has many false nicks too) he runs the #fedora-nepal channel13:34
LjLikonia: they've known me for some time (not too much, but some), so they might listen. but wait, the name you mentioned doesn't sound new to me13:35
ikoniaLjL no, he's known as an issue in fedora13:35
ikoniaI nkow some of the core ops (known for a year or two) and he's a ban / been banned in the core channel too13:35
ikoniahence my surprise to find him running an official "loco" or whatever it's called13:36
LjLikonia: ah ok, in that case you should probably be the one talking to them13:36
LjLikonia: but you see13:37
LjLikonia: our own locos can be troublesome13:37
LjLikonia: how many countries are there in the world? many...13:37
ikoniayup, and I'd do the same (have done the same)13:37
ikoniapoint it out to the right people, if they choose to act on it thats there call13:37
LjLikonia: you do remember that we've had "him" as a loco channel contact for a while, don't you?13:37
ikonia(as in I would highlight/have highlited the same here)13:37
ikoniasend me a name to refersh my memory as I've got brain fade13:38
ikoniaLjL: wasn't "he" dropped though ?13:38
ikoniainfact I remember lodging a complaint about it13:39
LjLikonia: hm let's say there was pressure, at the very least13:39
ikoniathat was one of the request I logged13:39
ikoniaand I still publicly stand by that13:39
LjLikonia: but indeed, you've certainly done the right thing reporting this one to the fedora people, i'm merely saying that you shouldn't be *too* surprised they have people like that running local channel13:40
ikoniano no, I understand that, and its easy to ignore what the small channels are up to13:40
LjLikonia: they certainly seem quite sane a bunch generally speaking13:40
ikoniamost of the guys I've taljked to are fine13:40
LjLbut, i need to find out where i know the GuiBoi name from. it's not from fedora...13:41
LjLGnu even13:41
ikoniaI've logged his other nicks in BT13:42
LjLah, that'll be a timesaver13:42
ikoniahe uses other nicks as he genuinly doesn't think it's a bad thing if they are caught as they are not "him"13:42
ikoniathe BT front end needs an update to allow "search marks only"13:44
ikoniaLjL: found the nicks ?13:44
LjLikonia: yes, and i've found others in my logs13:45
ikoniaoh really13:45
LjLikonia: Ujjwol for instance13:45
ikoniayeah, I noted him13:45
LjLikonia: oh, then i didn't see everything you put in the BT i guess13:46
ikoniaLjL: if you have any idea who the right person to take it to is, I'm all ears, I don't think -ops are the right guys, I'm talking to the ambasadors13:46
LjLikonia: no, i'd only know to try -ops13:46
ikoniaseeing if the "bad representation" could be taken forward rather than the one incident13:46
LjLikonia: as Ujjwol, he spammed quite badly, too...13:47
ikoniathat was the thing that first highlighted me to him and I traced him back to his other nicks13:48
ikoniabut its ok as he's "Ujjwol" not Gnuboi13:48
ikoniait's ok if Ujjwol gets banned13:48
LjLikonia: would freenode staff agree about that? i'm really not sure cloaks (whether project or unaffiliated) are intended as a means to have to hosts to ban evade from...13:48
ikoniaLjL: sorry, exaplin that again ?13:49
ikoniaLjL: didn't quite understand that13:49
LjLikonia: does he have a cloak on gnuboi?13:49
ikoniaLjL: I've not seen one as he swaps between 4 IP's and mibbet13:50
LjLikonia: ah wonderful13:50
LjLikonia: so it might not be a problem to him, but, if Ujjwol gets banned, then GnuBoi gets banned too - unless they consistently use different IPs13:50
ikoniaLjL: same ip's13:51
ikoniaapparantly they are his nicks and he has them registered13:51
ikoniabut they are personas13:51
ikoniaeg: one is used to "announce" or spam new info13:51
LjLikonia: erm, ok, but if they're on the same IP and the same account, then i really can't see how he'd find it "ok" for one to be banned...13:51
ikoniaone is used to secretly get information ??????13:51
ikoniaLjL because he's a moron child13:51
ikoniahe thinks people don't know it's the same guy13:52
ikoniahe was shocked beyond belief whenI confronted him13:52
ikoniahe couldn't understand how I had tracked him13:52
LjLikonia: that's quite wishful thinking, when you /NICK on them...13:52
LjLanyway, you're right, stupidity has no limits so i shouldn't be surprised13:53
ikoniaI think he's just new to "computers" and jumping on the open source bandwagon13:54
ikoniaspent 10 minutes tyring to tell me how evil microsoft was, but couldn't explain why13:54
LjLikonia: what did #f-ops tell you about the issue anyway? i assume, they they don't really have a clue who the namespace contact is?13:56
ikoniaLjL: they don't know the process, and he's a pain in #fedora to13:56
ikoniathere advice was just "ban him"13:56
LjLikonia: they should know the process, a few of them have fedora cloaks...13:57
ikoniaI'll ask in -ops to see if there is a more unified opinion in a bit13:57
ikoniainfact I'll to it now13:57
ikoniaLjL: thanks !14:03
MyrttiI hate firefox14:22
PiciWhat did it ever do to you?14:24
LjLi hate firefox too14:25
MyrttiI want to have epiphany type addressbar and ability to make my own search input boxes14:29
LjLMyrtti: konqueror!14:30
MyrttiLjL: pft.14:30
Myrtticoconut curry ♥ 14:44
geniiGood morning, afternoon, or evening :)15:40
LjLyou always assume it's not night15:42
geniiLjL: I'd class "evening" as night ... :)15:43
ikoniaLjL: infomed staff ?15:56
LjLikonia: yes15:56
ikonia@mark crusher asking for ubuntu ultimate support again16:58
ubottuThe operation succeeded.16:58
ikoniayes he's done it before a week or so ago16:59
LjLikonia: thanks to canonical's very efficient trademarks enforcement dep ;)16:59
ikoniahence why I marked it16:59
Piciikonia: Also, you should put #ubuntu there, otherwise it'll add the log from -ops to the bt.16:59
ikoniaI thought I had, sorry16:59
FlannelHowdy Crusher, how can we help you?17:14
Crusheri mean is ubuntu n ultimate edition different ?17:14
ikoniait is not made by ubuntu17:15
ikoniaCrusher: it is nothing to do with ubuntu17:15
LjLof course they're different17:15
LjLif they were the same, why there would be two of the same thing?17:15
ikoniaCrusher: there are links on the ultimate edition website about support, they can help you17:15
Crusheroh 17:16
FlannelCrusher: Or, you can install a properly supported version of Ubuntu17:16
ikoniaCrusher: you where told that twice in #ubuntu from ubottu17:16
Crusherikonia:actually i was thinking of upgrading my OS to intrepid ibex....i m totally wrong then 17:17
ikoniaI suggest you rad about the distro you've installed17:17
LjLCrusher: upgrading will probably break everything.17:17
LjLif you want Intrepid, install it from scratch.17:17
CrusherLjL: oh17:17
LjLit can be downloaded from http://www.ubuntu.com/17:17
ikoniaCrusher: anything else you need ?17:20
Crusherikonia: yeah i m in dilemma17:20
ikoniawhat can we help you with ?17:20
Crusherikonia: i got this edition installed from  a DVD which contains lots of programs initially....even i've installed many of 'em 17:22
LjLCrusher: is your internet connection particularly slow?17:23
Crusherikonia: i don't want to get into trouble of downloading all of them again.....but i also want to use intrepid 17:23
Crusherikonia: yeah 17:23
Crusherikonia: i m from Nepal........Institute of Engineering17:24
ikoniaCrusher: maybe speak to your teachers about using a faster connection, but I'm afraid we can't help you with that17:24
LjLCrusher: well, that's up to you really... in any case, moving to intrepid will require a lot of downloading.17:25
LjLCrusher: try asking in #ubuntu-np, perhaps they can help you obtain an intrepid DVD17:26
CrusherLjL: thank u ...... 17:26
LjLCrusher: welcome. anything else?17:28
CrusherLjL:can u really give me some links where i can learn much about LINUX things?17:29
ikoniaCrusher: just do some googling or ask in the channel suggested17:29
CrusherLjL: i don't want to get messed up again....in confusion17:29
LjLthere are no magical links. but if you want some generic linux help, try ##linux17:29
ikoniathose guys are local to you17:29
Crusherokay 17:29
LjLCrusher, if you don't have anything else, please leave this channel18:00
CrusherLjL: i got it....18:01
ikoniado you know how to leave the channel ?18:02
ikoniaCrusher: why are you showing us that ?18:03
Crusherikonia: i mean i got the clear view why u guys don't regard it as a ubuntu version ?18:03
ikoniawell thats great, so if there is nothing else you need from us, you can leave and go on with your day18:04
Crusherikonia: why sud i live? i mean wot's wrong joining it?18:04
Pici!idle | Crusher 18:04
ubottuCrusher: Please keep in mind that this channel is for operator/abuse questions only, and we ask you to part when you have no further business here, in order to keep track of users with pending inquiries.18:04
Crusherokayyyyyyyyy 18:05
Crushergot it 18:05
LjLit took only... how many hours?18:05
Pici@mark crusher ultamate edition stuffs18:06
ubottuThe operation succeeded.18:06
ikonianice comment18:06
PiciI could have sworn it was spelled Ultamate (not Ultimate) at some point in time too.18:07
ubottushipit is a service that sends free Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Edubuntu CDs. See http://shipit.ubuntu.com/ and http://shipit.kubuntu.org and http://shipit.edubuntu.org - Shipit will send Hardy (8.04) CDs18:18
LjL!shipit ~= s/Hardy (8.04)/Intrepid (8.10)/18:19
ubottuNothing changed there18:19
LjL!no shipit is a service that sends free Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Edubuntu CDs. See http://shipit.ubuntu.com/ and http://shipit.kubuntu.org and http://shipit.edubuntu.org - Shipit will send Intrepid (8.10) CDs18:19
ubottuI'll remember that LjL18:19
PiciHrm, I thought I fixed that one.18:26
LjLPici: they could very well have kept sending LTS CDs18:28
vorianoops :)18:41
jdongvorian: riding big wheels? *ducks*18:42
UrsinhaMyrtti, you seem always bored...20:37
Myrttino, just tired20:37
MyrttiLjL: thanks20:50
LjLMyrtti: pity i can't do the same in #debian and ##linux where he also posted it20:53
=== thunderstruck is now known as gnomefreak
MyrttiLjL: well, having read the debian developer email list lately, I'm not surprised they'd drool openly at that picture21:17
LjLMyrtti: to be fair, on #debian he was just sternly told to "spam elsewhere"21:26
LjLthey "lol"'d a bit on ##linux on the other hand21:27

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