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wo0fhi, whats the best way to manage user/group permissions?00:49
wo0fis there a better cli tool than merely chmoding every time?00:49
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Ahmucki'd like to move a set of raided hard drives from one server to another.  am i going to have to "re-install" evreything over again?01:35
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Ahmucki'm following this tutorial - https://help.ubuntu.com/8.10/serverguide/C/advanced-installation.html and it dead ends into a loop.  i'd like to setup partitions in the same manner that i would if i had a raided set of drives "hardware side".  is there someone that could clarify the tutorial for me?02:03
sommerAhmuck: what do you mean by "dead ends into a loop"?02:05
Ahmuckunder the formatting section02:05
Ahmucki have a frame by frame screeshot02:05
sommerAhmuck: what raid level are you setting up?02:06
Ahmucki can set up a webpage with thumbnails and screenshots of each step.  it would take about 7 min to do so02:07
Ahmuckstep 3 of formating section02:07
Ahmuckafter doing the above steps, your only left with one partition02:07
sommerAhmuck: one raid partition?02:08
Ahmuckif you select / as that partition, trying to finish the raid and ubuntu complians about no swap.  the expected behavior would be after setting up the raid to start the partition manager for multiple partition setup02:09
sommerAhmuck: ya, that's a good point02:09
Ahmuckin hardware raid array, select disks, add to array, reboot, and the array is seen as one hard drive02:09
Ahmuckis this a logic problem in the routine?02:09
sommerAhmuck: right, software raid is slightly different... because you're raiding multiple partitions02:10
Ahmucklast night i tried setting up multiple partitions and creating a raid for each partition02:10
Ahmuckand failed at that.  anyhow, following the tutorial sent me into a loop02:10
sommerAhmuck: that should work02:11
Ahmuckwhich should work?02:11
sommera raid array for each parittion02:11
sommerbasically partition one drive like you normally would, but instead use the partition as a raid device02:12
sommerthen do the same for the 2nd drive... mirroring the first02:12
Ahmuckgoing back to software raid, is there a reason that the software raid is not seen as one drive?  doesn't the software raid portions set something on the drives so it knows.  i would expect to reboot after setting up the raid array and then bieng presented with one drive to partition02:12
Ahmuckis this a flaw in the software raid design, or is it convention to do it this way and were a bit stuck with it02:13
sommerno, from my experience it's different because you're dealing with raided partitions instead of raided drives02:13
sommerbut you can raid a partition that coveres an entire drive02:14
Ahmucku can't raid two drives and then partition it as one drive?02:14
Ahmuckthat's confusing02:14
sommerno... you need to raid paritiions on two different drives02:14
sommerif that makes sense?02:14
sommerfor software to use a hard drive there needs to be a partition first... which can then be raided02:15
Ahmuckk, so that's the way it is.  moving on.  i'm doing software raid and setting up on machine a.  will be changing to larger drives in three days.  i assume i can "expand" one drive onto the larger drive, and then add the second larger drive and allow the raid to populate it02:15
Ahmucksommer: makes sense02:16
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sommerAhmuck: I'm not sure about that senario, but it may work02:17
Ahmuckor, with the server, in windows changing hardware completely is a bad idea, which is why i'm choosing software raid.  in ubuntu, i'd like to change the entire server hardware in 180 days.  am i going to be forced into a data backup and complete re-install of ubuntu server?02:17
Ahmucksuch details as network cards, mobo, chips, video cards, and everything changes02:18
Ahmuckdoes linux care or can i just move the drives and reboot?02:18
sommerI would think that re-installing would be less of a headache if you're chaning that much hardware, but I guess I've never really tried chaning things that drastically02:18
sommerthe install process doesn't take that long :-)02:19
Ahmuckwell, i'd have to track changes in base configuration files02:20
Ahmuckand backup/restore those02:20
Ahmuckaonther reason i chose software raid so i could be independent of hardware raid changes02:20
Ahmuckk, last question.  must both / sections of the partitions be bootable?02:21
Ahmuckhave the bootable flag set?02:21
sommerAhmuck: nope just one02:21
Ahmuckwhat happens if i loose the bootable drive?02:21
Ahmuckwill the other one boot so i can change drives?02:22
sommerAhmuck: in Intrepid, that issue is solved02:22
Ahmucknice ... thx02:22
sommersee the degraded raid section02:22
Ahmucki saw that and that's what it appeared to be but i wanted to make sure02:22
Ahmuckbut i do need to set one drive as bootable, correct?02:23
sommerfor tracking config changes you might look into a VCS like bzr or svn... that's what I use, and it works quite well02:23
Ahmuckk, i suspect you install that first02:23
sommerAhmuck: I do, but I'm not sure that it matters... I think grub will boot to whatever is configured regardless of the boot flag02:23
Ahmuckhow does the computer know to boot?  grub?02:24
Ahmuckdoes it just look?02:24
sommer/boot/grub/menu.1st is the config file02:24
Ahmuckk, no flame wars, but what is considered best bzr or svn?02:24
Ahmucki often here of git with svn, cvs02:25
sommerI like both pretty well, but for config file management it shouldn't matter much02:25
Ahmuckany interest in a frame by frame tutorail for those of us that are text challenged02:26
Ahmuckgit would not do the job i suppose02:26
sommeruh there's probably something out there, but svn and bzr are breifly covered in the serverguide02:26
sommergit would work fine, I haven't used it much though02:26
sommerbasically you're just looking for a tool to track versions of files, so whatever you're comfortable with is really the *best* solution02:27
sommeror at least that's how I use them :-)02:27
Ahmuckcreate a partition the size of each section, /, /home, /usr/local and call it a raid drive, then combine to get the raid and then format each partition and label it /, /home, etc?02:32
Ahmucki assume that's the proceedure i follow02:32
Ahmuck"use as physical volume"02:33
Ahmuckok, i followed a tutorial if found on the web like that and failed at it last evening for some reason.  i'll try again and touch back if i fail02:33
sommerAhmuck: sure, a word of advice... don't get frustrated when exploring new disk layouts and software, you're bound to not get it the way you want the first time :-)02:34
Ahmucki'm doing it in virtual box, so i can do and do and do :)02:36
ballWell that's a predictable channel name :-)02:40
Ahmuckin the tutorial it needs to tell the individual to create two partitions per drive, one for / and one for swap02:41
Ahmuckanything beyond that becomes a partition tutorial, but my guess is to prevent confusion, it needs at least those two02:41
sommerAhmuck: ya, I'll get that updated for jaunty02:42
Ahmuckis the tutorial like a wiki?02:42
Ahmucksomething that can be updated?02:42
Ahmuckjaunty huh.  what is the name of the animal, i have not peeked yet02:42
ballHow does Ubuntu Server differ from Ubuntu?  Does it ship without an X server?02:42
Ahmuckball: correct02:42
ballAhmuch: presumably everything can be configured from the command line.02:43
sommerAhmuck: the serverguide is the "official" documentation, there's some quick instructions for submitting updates here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/GettingInvolved02:44
sommerunder the maintain documentation link02:44
ballIs Jaunty to be avoided?02:44
sommerjaunty is alpha 1... so it's definitely not production ready02:45
ballJaunty != 8.10 then?02:46
ballOh!  Hardy, that's what I have.02:46
ballA very broken Hardy.02:46
AhmuckIntrepid is 8.1002:46
* ball looks around the study for a machine on which to try #ubuntu-server02:46
Ahmuckgood hardy is 8.04.102:46
ballSo what about Intrepid?02:46
Ahmuckintrepid is out now ball02:48
Ahmuckr u still on hardy?02:48
ballI managed to break my Hardy though.02:48
ballOkay, let me power up this Ubuntu box02:48
Ahmucksommer: k, i get "warnings" when doing it the other way.  i'm guessing one has to create the "raided" devices and then reboot before partitioning and labeling the partitions? ... i didn't, it gave me a warning, i hit continue, and it appears to be installing ... *confused*02:49
ballCan Ubuntu-server be compiled completely from (open) source?02:50
sommerAhmuck: try rebooting then I guess02:53
ballAha!  found a candidate machine03:00
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ballIs there a way, from the command line, of telling how much RAM a machine has?03:09
ballLinux' dmesg output seems inscrutible ;-)03:09
ballAh found it.03:10
ball256 Mbytes.03:10
Thirtysixwaycat /proc/meminfo03:10
ballIs ubuntu.org down?03:11
ballCrap.  I can't seem to get anywhere.03:12
Thirtysixwayubuntu.com is up03:12
ballSeamonkey was having a funny five minutes.03:13
pschulz01Greetings.. has the scsi modules / userspace programs changes between 8.04 and 8.10? I used to be able to use /dev/tape/by-id/... but that doesn't seem to be working on my new 8.10 system.03:13
ballI'm wondering whether to get 8.10 or 8.04.103:14
ThirtysixwayI have 8.04 installed on my server, simply because it's supported for 5 years03:15
Thirtysixwaywell I mean for other reasons too but that's a good reason :p03:15
ballAh, is that the LTS I remember hearing about?03:16
ThirtysixwayYeah, 8.04 is LTS03:17
ballOkay, fetching Ubuntu Server 8.10 via bittorrent03:20
ballIf that doesn't work, I'll fall back on 8.0403:20
ThirtysixwayI don't see why it wouldn't work.03:21
ballWe'll see anyway, soon enough.03:21
ballDoes it have a published minimum spec?03:21
ballAh good, I qualify.03:26
Thirtysixway8.04 seems to have the same minimum requirements, also.03:27
ball10% downloaded03:28
ball(of the ISO)03:28
pschulz01Anyone here familar with udev?03:28
ThirtysixwayI think I have the 8.04 server cd around here somewhere.  I have so many Ubuntu cd's.03:28
ballOh cool, I just found another Webcam03:31
ThirtysixwayI kind of want to hook up a webcam to my server03:39
Ahmucksommer: thx, i'm making lots of progress and understand better what's going on this evening because of your help03:39
ThirtysixwayWe have this compact florecent light that's been on since may 2006, it would be fun to have a little site going to watch it.  Sort of like that old 100 year old lightbulb03:40
SpunkMeYeRhi all...03:40
SpunkMeYeRwhat is the fastest command to search a file in ubuntu??03:41
Ahmuckbtw, hi ball03:41
Ahmuckoh, nm03:41
SpunkMeYeRlike " locate <filename>" in rpm distro03:41
Ahmuckah, slocate <filename> is what i use03:41
ballhello Ahmuck03:42
SpunkMeYeRthanks Ahmuck..03:42
Steve[cug]Lets say I have a user thats in multiple groups specified by the limits.conf file, is the last limit applied? smallest?03:46
Steve[cug]anyone happen to have any ideas?03:46
LoveGuruWhat about debian based Search .03:46
ballSteve[cug] If membership of one group grants you permission to a resource, I don't think membership of other groups would revoke that. <- this is a blatant guess.  Test it!03:50
ScottKsommer: You still around?03:51
Steve[cug]ball.....guess it's all i can do03:51
sommerScottK: uh, probably for a little while longer03:51
sommerwhat's up?03:51
LoveGuruis "slocate filename" work with debain based distro?03:51
ScottKsommer: I was wondering if you'd be willing to do a bit more php-clamavlib work?03:52
ScottKBefore it was removed from Intrepid, we got a working version for clamav 0.94.x.03:53
ballSteve[cug]: let us know what you find out.03:53
ScottKWhat it would need is someone to port those changes to the 0.12 version we have in Dapper so that both php4 and php5 are supported.03:54
ScottKsommer: ^^03:54
sommerScottK: gotcha, I can take a look at it03:54
ScottKsommer: The 0.13 version is in the PPA.03:54
sommerScottK: so I'm clear, the clamav version in intrepid needs to be backported to dapper?03:55
* sommer checking03:55
ScottKsommer: Yes.  The backported clamav for Dapper is in the PPA already.03:55
sommerScottK: ah, so only php4 and php5 need to work with it?03:56
* sommer should be able to handle that03:57
ScottKsommer: I think most of the rest will backport OK and I've got other people in mind to pick on for the other bits that need doing.03:57
sommerScottK: I might not be able to get to it until Friday or so, but I'll let you know03:59
ScottKsommer: No rush.  There's plenty of other stuff to do yet too.03:59
Ahmuckloosing power on a box with software RAID is a bad thing?04:14
AhmuckLoveGuru: if you have it installed, yes04:15
AhmuckLoveGuru: not installed by default on *untu distros04:16
LoveGuruAhmuck: thanks. i see Everyone is here but.. So bzy don't have a single second to respond :)04:16
Ahmuckur welcome04:17
SpunkMeYeRhi guys..04:51
SpunkMeYeRi have an cgi script04:51
SpunkMeYeRbut when i execute that script in my homepage, it shows me the source code04:52
SpunkMeYeRwhat should i do?04:52
ropetinSpunkMeYeR: what webserver are you using?  Apache?04:55
SpunkMeYeRropetin, i running apache205:19
ropetinSpunkMeYeR: In which case more than likely you need to set AddType correctly for the filetype05:29
ropetinIs it PHP?05:29
SpunkMeYeRnot .cgi05:34
SpunkMeYeRno .cgi05:34
ropetinWhat language is it written in?05:43
SpunkMeYeRropetin, it's perl05:55
ballI'm about to burn my first Ubuntu Server CD07:08
domasdo netinstall!07:08
balldomas: Sounds newfangled and scary.  I'm just trying to get used to optical media instead of mag tape.07:09
domasdidn't install from mag tape for a while :)07:10
domas(or floppies)07:10
* ball hugs /dev/st007:10
balldomas: my first Linux install was from a stack of 5.25" 1.2 Mbyte floppies07:11
domasmy first linux install was from 3.5" floppies ;-)07:11
domasthough did install SCO from tapes07:11
* domas is a kid07:11
* ball <- old fart07:11
domasI remember going 100 miles away to get SCO OS5 CD back in the day07:12
ballHow does Ubuntu Server compare with other server operating systems?07:12
domasball: free.07:12
ScottKball: What do you have experience with?07:12
domasball: other than that... um... lots and lots of packages that aren't ancient07:13
ballScottK: Unix, Netware, VMS, i5/OS etc.07:13
ballOh!  Concurrent CP/M-8607:13
* ScottK recalls CP/M.07:13
domasball: you don't need to recompile stuff too much, unless it is something you really actively run ;-)07:14
ScottKIdeally you won't at all.07:14
domasScottK: nah, that never happens07:14
ballBecause Ubuntu uses binary packages and apt-get ?07:14
domasScottK: ubuntu debugsyms are broken ;-(07:15
domasddebs for hardy is a toast07:15
ScottKdomas: That's one of the reasons I'm an Ubuntu developer.  I make sure it happes for the stuff I care about.07:15
ballWhat does it mean to be an Ubuntu developer?  You contribute code?07:15
domasScottK: well, stuff like recursive mutex deadlocks in single-threaded apps can't be resolved without a recompile ;-)07:16
ScottKMostly I package software.07:16
domasScottK: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/imagemagick/+bug/164533 ;-)07:16
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 164533 in imagemagick "imagemagick tools should be built without threading (or recursive mutexes fixed)" [Medium,Confirmed]07:16
ScottKI do some code as well, but mostly it's packaging, updating and integration.07:16
ScottKRight, that one isn't a problem for me.07:16
domasanyway, lack of ddebs is sad07:17
ballDamn this is taking a while to drag to Mrs. ball's PC07:17
ScottKball: Ubuntu server is a lot like any Unix'ish system, but with a lot of good structure for package management.07:18
domasScottK: Ubuntu sometimes seems to over-package stuff07:18
ScottKdomas: No doubt.07:18
domasas in, too many local modifications07:18
domase.g. mysql startup script will run 'CHECK TABLES' on every server restart07:18
ScottKWe generally strive to keep them to a minimum.07:18
hadsThat's a debianism isn't it?07:19
domasyeah, thats debianism07:19
ScottKI think so.07:19
domasI don't see debian too much07:19
ScottKSo Ubuntu Server is a lot like Debian on a server except less ancient.07:19
domastrue :)07:19
Koondomas: there aren't so many local modifications. Most of them are either upstream patches that we baclported to the current release, or thikngs linked to the packaging (init script, etc.)07:20
ScottKIt's also gotten (and will continue to get) more user friendly.07:20
domasKoon: yeah, I followed changelogs for some packages %)07:20
domashave to file one more bug07:20
domaswith debian/ubuntu mods07:20
Koondomas: but that's true there are a few notable exceptions :)07:20
domascan anyone kick canonical for breaking ddebs, please? :)07:21
Koonthere is also the case of FHS compiance07:21
ballI don't think I've ever used Debian07:21
Koonif you take tomcat6, I had to break it so that it fits in the right slots07:21
domasoh, are they unbroken07:21
* domas can't believe own eyes07:22
Koonbecause "everything is one directory" is nice from upstream pov, but not from a distro pov07:22
ScottKOr you an bundle up half the universe in your Ruby on Rails app, but that doesn't make it a great idea for the masses.07:22
domasKoon: I did package internal mysql build, and got a bit of "hey, thats not a nice package!" from OS guy07:22
domasI just put it into /usr/packagename/* :)07:23
ball"not a nice package"?07:24
domasdamn pedants07:25
domasoh, and I replaced start/stop script with "start: mysqld & stop: killall mysqld" :)07:26
ScottKball: We have a lot of rules about how stuff is supposed to be done.  For the system as a whole that's a good thing.  It can make some packages more complex than they might technically need to be.07:27
ballIs it consistent though?07:28
ScottKThe policy is consistent.07:29
ScottKIs every package perfect, of course not.07:29
domaswell, the way I build internal packages doesn't always have to follow policies ;-)07:29
domason the other hand, I build them based on my own subversion/bazaar repo07:29
hadsI was thinking about packaging FreeSWITCH but it would need some fairly major mods I think - it's an everything in one dir.07:30
ScottKGenerally you can move stuff about as needed in debian/rules.07:30
hadsIt has existing debian/ which installs to /opt07:31
hadsAnd I think it expects to be all in one dir.07:31
ScottKRight, so a bit of fun then.07:32
hadsYeah, it put me off it a little :)07:32
hadsThe software is fantastic, just packaging it doesn't sound like fun.07:32
uvirtbotNew bug: #302092 in samba (main) "logging in immediately logs out again" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30209209:37
uvirtbotNew bug: #302026 in pam (main) "likewise-open prevents local passwords from being changed" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30202610:42
jtmoneyhey guys, setting up a software RAID-1 with intrepid... after my RAID syncs (after the first boot), i get a lot of "DRDY ERR" errors of type "UNC"... i looked this error up on libata's wiki and it says it's an "Uncorrectable error - often due to bad sectors on the disk"... is this normal on a new hard drive? will ubuntu finally get all the bad sectors worked out and no longer use them?10:42
ahasenacksoren: hi12:01
ahasenacksoren: remember my question yesterday about ia64 port?12:02
ahasenacksoren: the sources.list that guy has is of the form: "deb http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/ hardy main restricted"12:02
ahasenacksoren: I'm doing some tests and that url seems wrong, apparently this would be the right one: "deb http://ports.ubuntu.com/ hardy main restricted"12:03
sorenahasenack: If he's on hardy that explains why he only sees the landscape-client placeholder.12:08
sorenahasenack: landscape-client |        0.1 |         hardy | source, all12:08
sorenlandscape-client | 1.0.23-0ubuntu0.8.10.1 |      intrepid | source, all12:08
ahasenacksommer: oh12:09
ahasenackahasenack: completely right12:09
ahasenacksoren: somehow I forgot that lc was in main only from intrepid onwards12:10
sorenahasenack: You did say that he was running Intrepid yesterday.12:11
ahasenacksoren: he did say so12:12
ahasenacksoren: "I have a 8.10 install on a HP dual IA64"12:12
ahasenacksoren: so maybe he is just using the wrong sources list, or sent me the wrong one12:12
soren11:44 < ahasenack> soren: how is it maintained? We got a guy with such a machine and intrepid, and he wants to try out landscape, but he ha12:12
sorens the stub package installed (version 0.1), so I'm guessing the "real" intrepid was not ported to ia6412:12
uvirtbotahasenack: Error: "^^" is not a valid command.12:12
sorenWell, the problems he was having are consistent with running Hardy.12:13
ahasenacksoren: I'll find out, thanks for the help12:13
sorenSo he's probably just thinks he's running Intrepid, but really isn't.12:13
Deepsi have an inbound packet coming from, is it possible to use iptables (or anything, really) to rewrite the packet on entry to appear from source, and then similarly rewrite any outbound packets destined for rewrite them to be destined for
nmeDeeps: its called SNAT12:36
nmeor NAT ;)12:37
Deepsnme: not having much joy with postrouting + snat12:39
ivoksiptables -A POSTROUTING -s -j SNAT --to-source
ivoksiptables -A POSTROUTING -s -j DNAT --to-destination
Deepsisnt DNAT prerouting only?12:44
ivoksmy bad, PREROUTING12:45
Deepsbad arg if done postrouting, eitherway i can still ping fine, but not
Deepsif that helps12:46
Deepsbasically just want the application level to see the source ip being different to what it really is12:46
ivokswell, for start, add on the second computer12:47
Deepscant, that's part of the problem, hense trying to jiggle it with iptables12:48
ivoksiptables -A PREROUTING -s -d -j DNAT --to-destination
ivoksiptables -A PREROUTING -s -j DNAT --to-destination
ivokssomething like that...12:50
ivoksfirst machine should have both and ips12:50
nmethats wrong12:51
ivokscould be :)12:51
nmeiptables -A PREROUTING -t nat ...12:51
Deepsyeah i'm using -t nat already, not that thick ;)12:51
Deepsbasically got an application that requires all clients to be within the same /24, but clients are on the same /8 and cant change this configuration12:53
nmethose packets come to You from behind a router? isnt it same lan?12:54
Deepssame lan12:55
nmeand your linux box with iptables you are setting is between those clients and the app?12:57
Deepslinux box is running the app12:57
nmeand those two rules SNAT and DNAT dont solve the problem?12:59
Deeps-A PREROUTING -d -j DNAT --to
Deeps-A POSTROUTING -s -j SNAT --to
Deepsyou'd think that would do it, but then again that might only work for routed packets13:00
nmeiptables -L PREROUTING -t nat -n -v -x  <- does the rules have increasing count of packets?13:00
Deepsnope, not hitting the rule at all then13:01
DeepsChain PREROUTING (policy ACCEPT 1011 packets, 133220 bytes)13:02
Deepsthat packet count is increasing13:02
Deepsthe rule pkts is still 0 though13:02
Deepshaha, silly me13:03
Deeps-t nat -I OUTPUT13:03
Deepsunfortunately, inbound connections from still appear to be coming from
Deepsrather than :/13:14
uvirtbotNew bug: #300226 in bind9 (main) "Prints error messages to stdout" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30022613:17
Deepsneed a nat input rule that allows snat, prerouting doesn't :/13:33
CrummyGummyHi all, I need to install a debing-etch kernel in order to install the HPopenipmi drivers. What are the ods of me getting this right without breaking anything?13:38
ivoksCrummyGummy: almost none13:45
ivoksCrummyGummy: what's wrong with openipmi in ubuntu?13:45
CrummyGummyThe hp control/admin packages don't run properly without the HP ipmi drivers.13:47
CrummyGummyThese are only compiled for Debian.13:47
* CrummyGummy wishes that HP would support Ubuntu13:57
joerlend_is it possible to password protect NFS shares, or limit access based on logins?14:03
joerlend_that is, I have my users and groups in an ldap directory and I'd like to share homes for those users, but only to those users.14:13
sommerjoerlend_: regular directory permissions should limit access just fine... I'd think14:14
maswanjoerlend_: If you want better NFS auth than uid/gid you need to go to NFSv4.14:15
joerlend_wouldn't it be possible to recreate those users on a client machine and gain access?14:16
joerlend_maswan, what do I have to do to get that?14:17
maswanjoerlend_: TBH, I don't really know. I just know that as of v4 you can have real auth and user mappings based on something else than client uids, but you need to read up on it. And then try it out too.14:19
maswanIt is a new standard, so implementation is patchy here and there.14:19
joerlend_oh, ok. Yes, NFS support is implemented in the kernel?14:21
maswanAt least if we're talking hardy or newer. I'm not so sure on dapper.14:22
joerlend_hardy is the oldest version I'd use :)14:22
nmeanyone uses openldap in intrepid?14:27
joerlend_tried with no success. There's been some changes since hardy, so the guides for it doesn't work, I think.14:28
joerlend_nme, however... I'm sure you had another question in mind?14:29
nmejoerlend_: there are new docs for intrepid14:29
nmejoerlend_: im unable to change debug level for slapd - it hangs during start with OPTIONS="-d anything"14:30
sommernme: try starting slapd from a terminal, not using the start script and see what errors occur14:32
nmesommer: tried slapd -d -1, tried slapd -d 4294967295 - both start with no problems, You solved my issue anyway, I can now debug, ty!14:39
sommernme: np14:41
joerlend_perhaps sshfs is an alternative to consider?14:43
nmejoerlend_: NFS works for sure. 2 weeks ago I was experimenting on my intrepid as a server for pxe over nfs and everything went fine.14:52
nmejoerlend_: if you are having issues with nfs check your firewall - in some cases it can block services like statd making them unable to start14:53
maswanjoerlend_: If you need that kind of auth, probably. The NFS (up until v4 at least) auth model means that anyone that has root on a client can do anything as any user.14:54
joerlend_nme, yes, NFS works just fine, but I'd like to limit access to users in my LDAP directory.15:01
joerlend_maswan, right, meaning that a live cd is all you need to cause headaches.15:01
_jmedinamaswan: not without root squash15:16
domas_jmedina: "as any user except root"15:17
_jmedinajoerlend you can use nisMap entries in your directory and mount with automount, so you only mount /home/user and not /15:17
_jmedinai mean not the whole /home/15:17
_jmedinayou can even use NIS netgroups and limit wich users can login in a specific system, you can limit by, user, group and ip, or a combination15:18
_jmedinaI like to use that15:18
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opapoI am using openldap on Ubuntu 8.04.  I can use getent on the client, but id doesn't work17:41
shoot^Guys, having real issues here. My server arbitrarily disconnects from the wireless, and doesn't reconnect itself. Its using a Static IP over DHCP. Anyone able to help?17:54
opapoI restarted nscd and id worked18:12
jtmoneyhey guys, setting up a software RAID-1 with intrepid... after my RAID syncs (after the first boot), i get a lot of "DRDY ERR" errors of type "UNC"... i looked this error up on libata's wiki and it says it's an "Uncorrectable error - often due to bad sectors on the disk"... is this normal on a new hard drive? will ubuntu finally get all the bad sectors worked out and no longer use them?18:26
centaur5jtmoney: I would download the manufacturer's hard drive diagnostic utility and if it passes as defective warranty it.18:32
leonel_ScottK: I'll check what came out today  and  add to  the  previous patches18:55
uvirtbotNew bug: #302542 in samba (main) "upgrade from 8.04 to 8.10" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30254219:06
jtmoneycentaur5: i did... bad drive19:15
jtmoneywhat are the odds? i've bought two seagates... one was bad... then two hitachis... one was bad19:16
jtmoneyincompetent UPS man?19:16
centaur5jtmoney: I don't come across bad Seagate's very often but it does happen. Hitachi on the other hand, will they allow you to exchange for Seagate?  :)19:17
jtmoneynewegg is letting me return all four and i'm buying western digital and being done with it19:23
Deepshave a survey my manufacutrer and model number19:31
Deepsso you can see based on a larger sample what reliability for various drives are like19:31
robertjdoes anyone have pptpd working?19:45
robertjGRE: Bad checksum from pppd <- :(19:48
Jared555is ubuntu-server a good choice for a dedicated firewall system or should I run something like ipcop/smoothwall or even openbsd?19:50
tonyyarussoJared555: all of the above will work just fine with a competent administrator.  Use whatever you're most comfortable with.20:30
Jared555does ubuntu server have qos functionality by default or do you have to recompile the kernel?20:47
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BaversjoHello, is there anything scponly-users can do with my server after a fresh install of scponly? What I found myself is that they cannot use SCP, no shell and they can use Tunneling. Is there anything more that they can/cannot do?21:02
uvirtbotNew bug: #302605 in samba (main) "smbd doesn't start, fails to generate "machine SID," dumps core" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30260521:02
mathiazsoren: I've got an open-iscsi package ready. If you wanna review it: http://people.ubuntu.com/~mathiaz/packages/21:05
mathiazsoren: it implements the ifupdown strategy we've talked about21:05
slestaki am reconsidering the intelligence of not setting up lvm when I configured my last intrepid machine21:08
slestakit is not a production machine, so there are not lots of ppl depeneding on it.21:09
slestakbut I am considering using the machine for a backuppc host, and now want to add an lvm partition.  i have no care of / is in lvm, and i know /boot cannot be in it21:10
slestaki have extra sata drives, can i have a non-lvm root and add some pv's into a volume group for sth like /var/backuppc ?21:12
ScottKleonel_: Thanks.21:13
centaur5Jared555: If you use Ebox it has a traffic shaping module for QoS.21:16
MatBoydamn, my php does not reports errors when the settings are ok :S21:20
LoveGuruIf the Settings are ok. then why php reports an error?21:30
LoveGuruIs there anyone who familiar with vsftpd server?22:45
BleSSwhen I install OpenLdap (slapd ldap-utils) it isn't being installed the config file '/etc/ldap/slapd.conf' by default, is it ok?22:51
andymdok for what?22:51
BleSSI refer that if that is normal/correct22:52
BleSSbecause I'm supposed that should be installed a config file by default22:52
andymdI think it is ok22:53
BleSS /etc/ldap/ldap.conf -> it's created22:53
BleSSbut not slapd.conf22:53
andymdbut not be oriented22:53
BleSSand this document speaks about that file (so it should be) https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenLDAPServer22:56
BleSSwell, it is always possible come back to debian server22:58
J-_I've downloaded drupal, and installed it from the drupal website and I'm wondering if anyone else has had any problem with the SMTP module and PHPmailer? I can't get phpmailer to work. Can anyone help?23:05

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