zsquarepluscFezzler1: and if there is a "format" checkbox, check it00:00
Fezzler1zsquareplusc>> Done.  Under Filesystem it says "linus-swap00:00
Fezzler1zsquareplusc>> So I have: ext3, extended and linux-swap00:00
mcphailsweet_dreams: acroread can add comments if they have been enabled in acrobat pro. There is no open-source program which can do this in a standardised fashion yet (that i am aware of).00:00
ActionParsniptha_toadman: sudo mk2fs -J /dev/partition name>00:01
PrafswithbestI want to install Ubuntu from pen drive I got ISO file and extracted to pen drive but Installtion struck at CD _rom mount can any pne help me00:01
zsquarepluscFezzler1: fine. so it should display the actions it will do in a window. like, delete hda2/hda5, resize hda1, create hda2/hda5, format hda5 to swap00:01
ActionParsnip!usb | Prafswithbest00:01
ubottuPrafswithbest: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent00:01
mcphailsweet_dreams: the gnupdf project will work on this00:01
Fezzler1zsquareplusc>> Do I need to get the New Partition extended named /dev/hda2 again and swap named /dev/hda5?00:01
doug_who all is running ibex...and is it safe to do an upgrade vs a clean install00:01
doug_im about to move my home to a new partition00:01
sweet_dreamsmcphail: You mean there is no way right now?00:01
tha_toadmanActionParsnip: ok...how to i gather what the drive is before i issue that command?00:02
sweet_dreamsmcphail: Acrobat reader Pro runs on wine?00:02
zsquarepluscFezzler1: yes, that would be best. so you dont need to change any other file. if names do not match we do need to edit something later00:02
mezquitaleanybody knows if you can configure samba to be a primary domain controller for linux machines?00:02
judgenI was wondering the following: If you are using the EXT2/3 driver for windows, can it corrupt your ext drive if you are using journaled ext3? and if so, how do i turn off journaling for the drive?00:02
Fezzler1zsquareplusc>> Yup. shows all that.00:02
lvellahey there, I am using some software from repository that have been updated on their official release. How can I get those updated in the repositories?00:02
ActionParsniptha_toadman: sudo fdisk -l00:02
Fezzler1zsquareplusc>> So hit Apply and we'll change names after?00:02
mcphailsweet_dreams: no. some pdf readers allow you to add comments, but they don't comply to any pdf standard00:03
sudobashis there any way to run a Windows Partition through VMWare? Do i just have to configure the VMDK and vmx a certain way?00:03
ActionParsniptha_toadman: look at http://www.gentoo.org/doc/en/handbook/handbook-x86.xml?chap=4&part=100:03
lvellaAnd more, there is an free software library that I would like to see included in the repositories. How can I do that?00:03
zsquarepluscjudgen: tune2fs controls flags such as journaling. but iirc it should work well using the ext3 as ext2 and it will automatically recover if you use it as ext3 again00:03
Fezzler1zsquareplusc>> Moment of truth!?  Apply?00:03
zsquarepluscFezzler1: yes. you still have the original drive as a backup if anything goes wrong. right?00:03
Fezzler1zsquareplusc>> Yup.  :)00:04
darkeyzshow can i check my ubuntu to see if it is clean00:04
tha_toadmanActionParsnip: right on...yeah i'll check that out00:04
ActionParsnipdarkeyzs: define clean00:04
zsquarepluscdarkeyzs: clean from what?00:04
sudobashsudo apt-get install clamav00:04
doug_thats kinda vauge darkeyzs00:04
sweet_dreamsmcphail: I don00:04
tha_toadmanActionParsnip: if i have differing sizes of disks, will "dd" care about that or not...i know the drive isn't full00:04
ActionParsnipdarkeyzs: sudo apt-get clean00:04
darkeyzsi opened one jpg file but it was a com file and i think ubuntu now is bit messed up00:05
ActionParsniptha_toadman: nope, it'll go til it reaches the end of whatever you are dding00:05
sweet_dreamsmcphail: I don't care if they are compatible! There is a program named Xournal out there. But it is not what I want. Do you know any program?00:05
tha_toadmanActionParsnip: awesome! thanks for your help! :)00:05
ActionParsniptha_toadman: np man00:05
=== mS_ is now known as morphyzinho
tim167hi, how do i list _only_ the filesize of a specific file ?00:05
Semidiosanyone know how to get a sony handycam hooked up via firewire to work as a webcam for Skype?  It works instantly on my Mac, but I want it on my linux box.00:05
mcphailsweet_dreams: give me a minute to check00:05
darkeyzsActionParsnip how can i see if ubuntu is messed up00:06
zsquareplusctim167: ls -lh filename00:06
Fezzler1zsquareplusc>> "An error occurred while applying the operations.  The following operation could not be applied to disk:  Resize /dev/hda1 from 5.69 GiB to 18.6 GiB00:06
sweet_dreamsmcphail: Thanks!00:06
tim167zsquareplusc: thanks ill try it :)00:06
zsquarepluscFezzler1: argh.. is it still mounted or something?00:06
Fezzler1zsquareplusc>> "See details for more information."00:06
tim167zsquareplusc: that command lists other info too, i'd want only the filesize is that possible ?00:07
Fezzler1zsquareplusc>> Nope - no lock/mount00:07
doug_how much space is needed for an ubuntu install00:07
ActionParsnipdarkeyzs: well, what behaviour are you experiencing?00:07
LjLdoug_: about 3 gig00:07
ActionParsnipdoug_: minimal is about 2gb to be comfortable00:07
Into_the_Pitdoug: for root 10 gb should be enough00:07
jbeitlerdoug_: it depends on which install you are doing00:07
zsquareplusctim167: you could pipe (|) it to cut and extract what you need. or ds -h filename might work00:08
Fezzler1zsquareplusc>> Message is "check filesystem on /dev/hda1 for errors and (if possible) fix them"00:08
doug_well basically im going to shrink my / partition...to leave room for a separate /home partition00:08
Fezzler1zsquareplusc>> We did that and fsck reported clean00:08
doug_i have a 160 gb...so maybe i leave 15 gm00:08
ActionParsnipdoug_: then run df -h and you will see what has been used so far00:08
notyjoeywhats a good util for monitoring the CPU temps and all that information00:08
LjLdoug_: sounds sane00:08
notyjoeywith a GUI00:08
darkeyzssome error windows after using  nautilus00:08
Fezzler1zsquareplusc>> Close gparted?00:08
ActionParsnipdoug_: yeah 15gb is pleanty enough00:08
goudkovon ubuntu hardy, when i insert a blank cd-r, it assumes that it's a cd-rw. is there a way to fix it?00:08
zsquarepluscFezzler1: hm. i dont know why... at least you know now the theory on how to do it ;-)00:08
doug_also ....not to be a bother...but what is the best way to image an hdd in linux...im tranfering my install to a 320 internal that i just bought00:08
ActionParsnipdarkeyzs: whats the error say?00:08
Fezzler1zsquareplusc>> Oh, the drill down says /dev/hda1 i mounted00:09
Prettotim167, du -h filename00:09
innovate2000hello all - I have two questions - when adding new drives to a RAID5 array, should I partition and format the drives first before using mdadm to grow the array?00:09
Fezzler1zsquareplusc>> I swear it mounted it as it was processing the partition change00:09
tim167Pretto: cool, close, it would be even better if i could get the filesize in bytes00:10
Fezzler1zsquareplusc>> You're leaving me?00:10
darkeyzsGconf error: Failed to contact server configuration; some possible causes are that you need to activate network services TCP / IP to orbit, or have exclusive NFS derived from a system crash. See http://www.gnome.org/projects/gconf/ for more information. (Details - 1: Error ping the server: IDL: omg.org / CORBA / COMM_FAILURE: 1.0)00:10
FloodBot2darkeyzs: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:10
Fezzler1zsquareplusc>> So is my partition hosed?00:10
Prettotim167, remove  the -h00:10
Prettotim167, du filename00:10
uriahheepumm, does anyone here know about pinning?00:10
darkeyzsAn error occurred while reading or writing configuration information for Nautilus. Some of your configuration settings may not work correctly.00:10
tim167Pretto: perfect thanks!00:10
darkeyzssorry for the flood00:10
Fezzler1zsquareplusc>> Now what?00:11
zsquarepluscFezzler1: nah. you will get this to work. im just not sure why it complains00:11
Fezzler1zsquareplusc>> I htink so00:11
innovate2000Second question - I am using Intrepid Ibex - and although I can kinit and klist with success, when I do net ads join - the server tells me that it cannot find the DC for the domain (I can ping the GC successfully with short hostname as well as FQDN)00:11
GreedyBwhats the most common place to mount drives to?00:12
smobytim167, with du and the parameter -h you can know exactly the unit used for informed about the file. du -h file00:12
drog /mnt?00:12
drogerr /mnt/___/00:12
jonaskoelkeron translations.launchpad.net, when translating text, how should strings inside tags be handled?00:12
tim167smoby, thanks, i just tried du -hb filename now00:13
ActionParsnipGreedyB: make a folder in /media and use that00:13
GreedyBActionParsnip, thanks00:13
zsquarepluscFezzler1: maybe re run fsck.ext3 -f  /dev/hda1  that should force a check00:13
benokaI have 2 active wireless cards running, how do I disable one of them or change the order (intrepid)00:13
Fezzler1zsquareplusc>> Second time seems to be a charm - taking longer but seems to be working00:13
smobytim167, df (disk free) is other util command00:13
mluser-workcan someone please tell me what the 'rpm -qf <path to file>' equivalent in apt?00:14
zsquarepluscinnovate2000: you let us guess that it is a kerberos problem? ;-)00:14
Fezzler1zsquareplusc>> It is running check on its own00:14
ActionParsnipdarkeyzs: no idea man, thats crazy. try web searching for a section of that error00:14
darkeyzsActionParsnip how do i check ubuntu from the ground?00:15
innovate2000zsquareplusc: I am still somewhat of a noob - but from my understanding, if it were Kerberos, would kinit and klist work?00:16
ActionParsnipdarkeyzs: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-software-2/gconf-error-failed-to-contact-configuration-server-193590/00:16
tha_toadmanActionParsnip: one more question, do i need to worry about declaring a block size when using "dd"? most examples on google have like bs=4k or bs=1024k00:16
zsquarepluscinnovate2000: i remember these as commands for kerberos. used to attach to a windoze domain for example00:16
ActionParsnipdarkeyzs: https://issues.foresightlinux.org/browse/FL-177400:17
tha_toadmanActionParsnip: or would a command as simple as -- "dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb" be sufficient?00:17
ActionParsniptha_toadman: yeah thats fine00:17
zsquareplusctha_toadman: bs is not so relevant but bigger sizes ( some kb to mb) ususaly make it faster copying00:17
mcphailsweet_dreams: can't think what i used to use for this, but you could try running foxit reader under ubuntu...00:17
aprilharemy installation of ooo3 went ok - but i tried starting the word processor and I get a fatal error: the application cannot be started... help! fear fire foes awake!00:17
Fezzler1zsquareplusc>> Here is what is happening. 1) It does resize /dev/hda1 from 5 to 18 GB; 2) It checks for errors - okay; 3) It resizes partition 4) It checks again but then comes back "/dev/hda1 is mounted" and aborts.00:17
Fezzler1zsquareplusc>> It is mounting the drive automatically00:18
sysdocHey guys, I was looking for some material on moving an Ubuntu install from one partition to another. Just got vmware running and have XP in a vm and am looking to move some partition content around. Anyone have a howto or other documentation available?00:18
chemmmyanyone that can help me with ircd-hybrid, I keep getting connection refused when trying to connect00:18
ActionParsnipaprilhare: is there a ~/.OO.org folder?00:18
tha_toadmanActionParsnip: ok thanks again!00:18
aprilhareActionParsnip, no00:18
aprilharemake it?00:18
sweet_dreamsmcphail: I read in ubuntu forum that Foxit reader linux won't work on ubuntu00:18
innovate2000zsquareplusc: yes - I am trying to attach the server to Windows domain (have succesfully done this for *several* (like 8) servers - but they were 8.04 servers - now that 8.10 is out, I wanted to add an additional server - and upgrade the others)00:18
sweet_dreamsmcphail: Did you try it yourself?00:18
habantoalguien q sepa españolll00:19
ActionParsnipaprilhare: or ~/.openoffice.org200:19
zsquarepluscFezzler1: no it should not. maybe.. it thinks its mounted because it was when you started parted. you may need to restart gparted and redo the resize :/00:19
ActionParsnipaprilhare: cd ~/; ls -a00:19
Fezzler1zsquareplusc>> Goes on to grow filesystem to fill partition, checks again and aborts again because hda1 is mounted, Halts00:19
ActionParsnipaprilhare: try renaming the .openoffice folder and rerun00:19
mcphailsweet_dreams: no. I had something which could add comments in the past. Maybe it was a kde app. I have removed most of kde from my system.00:19
darkeyzsActionParsnip format?00:19
habantoalguien q sepa español00:20
ActionParsnipdarkeyzs: no, read the posts00:20
ActionParsnip!es | habanto00:20
ubottuhabanto: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.00:20
zsquarepluscinnovate2000: i just used it once, so i cant really help. but some domain controllers are set up to only accept connections from known hosts. or the host needs a certificate. also make sure that the clocks are synced00:20
aprilhareActionParsnip, "mv .openoffice.org2 .OO.org" still cannot be started00:20
Fezzler1zsquareplusc>> Ok.  So I have a /dev/hda1 mounted ext3 /media/MYUBUNTU 18.16 GB and 502 unallocated00:20
innovate2000that should have been 8 servers - but they were all 8.0400:20
mezquitalehow do I make it so that my hard drives are automatically activated and dont have to browse them before amarok can play my music stored on the HD?00:20
sweet_dreamsmcphail: I'm downling foxit reader right now. In the site stated that the program is only being test on Suse or Fedora. Can be a program compatible with Fedora and not with Ubuntu?00:21
Fezzler1zsquareplusc>> try to unmount and create extended only, then swap only, one at a time?00:21
ActionParsnipaprilhare: mv ~/.openoffice.org2 ~/.openoffice.org2_old00:21
mcphailsweet_dreams: just tried Foxit and it segfaulted00:21
ActionParsnipaprilhare: nm, i misread00:21
sweet_dreamsmcphail: What does it mean segfaulted?00:21
innovate2000zsquareplusc: clock synced (server time offset = 0)00:21
benoka!info evolution00:22
ubottuevolution (source: evolution): groupware suite with mail client and organizer. In component main, is optional. Version 2.24.1-0ubuntu2 (intrepid), package size 2669 kB, installed size 9028 kB00:22
kkerwinHi. Looking for a program that will synchronize the contents (file by file) of my usb drive and my home directory. If file.usb is newer than file.home, file.usb is the file copied to both drives. And vice versa. More complex than simply copying a drive. Any ideas?00:22
zsquarepluscFezzler1: all in one should as well work. i think the problem is that it was mounted at program start. gparted only checks the drives at startup or when refresh from the menu is selected00:22
Fezzler1zsquareplusc>> So the extended creates the partition and linux-swap tells it to use that space as a swap file00:22
mezquitalekkerwin try unison, thats what i use00:22
mcphailsweet_dreams: generally means it will be a world of pain to get it working, in my experience00:22
mezquitalekkerwin:  try unison00:22
kkerwinmezquitale: Heh. Was not expecting that to come up on the first hit on google. Thanks!00:22
benoka!info wammu00:23
ubottuwammu (source: wammu): Phone manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.27-1 (intrepid), package size 423 kB, installed size 1780 kB00:23
aprilhareActionParsnip, where do i go from here?00:23
zsquarepluscFezzler1: if you want to go into details... partition tables can only hold 4 entries. extended partitions are a hack to reference an other table with again 4 entries. so you can make more than just 4 partitons00:23
innovate2000anyone else use intrepid and winbind?00:24
mumblesanyone one use tomcat here?00:24
mcphailsweet_dreams: can't remember if you can add comments with pdfedit. Might be worth having a look. Quite an ugly program though00:24
Fezzler1zsquareplusc>> I did them one at a time unmounting /dev/hda1 each time and it worked.  Also it renamed the extended /dev/hda2 and the swap /dev/hda5 just like we needed.00:24
sweet_dreamsmcphail: Yeah I saw the error00:24
EvilAIMHey guys, what's the best way to find out what ethernet card is in the tower? It's an onboard.00:24
Fezzler1zsquareplusc>> Success?00:24
sweet_dreamsmumbles: What is your problem?00:24
mumblestrying to get the admin interafce to work00:25
ActionParsnipaprilhare: try running from one of the open office suite from terminal00:25
mumblesand my google skills are week00:25
sweet_dreamsmcphail: I will try it00:25
zsquarepluscFezzler1: so everything applied now? and if you double check with fdisk -l ? :-)00:25
sayersMy sound has ceased working, I went to sound options and set it as my speakers under media however flash sound does not work just native apps00:25
mercutio22I can' t boot into ubuntu any longer. I tried to reinstall grub but I keep getting error 15: file not found!00:25
Prettotim167, du -hb  wget-log | cut  -f100:25
sweet_dreamsmcphail: Why Adobe does not releas Acrobat Pro for linux when they release Acrobat reader! Damn them00:25
mercutio22I can' t diagnose the problem, any ideas?00:25
Prettotim167,  sorry  $ du -hb  filename | cut  -f100:26
Fezzler1zsquareplusc>> Did not double check with fdisk -l00:26
Fezzler1zsquareplusc>> will do now00:26
mumblesi keep on getting the request resource /manager/html is not availible00:26
pckchemEvilAIM: One surefire way is to look though the output of lspci00:26
sweet_dreamsmumbles: I used tomcat several years in development but I never used its admin feature!00:26
feddozzHi, how to set the main password of the keyring?00:26
mumblessweet_dreams:  ok00:26
zsquarepluscmercutio22: is it complaining about "stage".. is the menu showing?00:26
Fezzler1zsquareplusc>> You da man!00:26
tim167Pretto: what does the | cut -f1 do?00:26
mcphailsweet_dreams: gnupdf may be released before adobe properly supports linux.00:27
mumblesis it any good sweet_dreams ?00:27
aprilhareActionParsnip, no error message in terminal, same behaviour00:27
zsquarepluscFezzler1: rebooting to the system is the true check ;-)00:27
Fezzler1zsquareplusc>> You da man!00:27
Prettotim167, get only the filesize withouth the name00:27
mercutio22zsquareplusc: the menu is showing. Its not complaining about anything else, just error 15: file not found00:27
sweet_dreamsmcphail: That sounds wonderful00:27
tim167Pretto: super :)00:27
Fezzler1zsquareplusc>> One last thing before I reboot00:27
sweet_dreamsmcphail: Do you haveany idea when it might  be?00:28
ActionParsnipaprilhare: then check system logs00:28
zsquarepluscmercutio22: it seems to miss a file that is referenced in /boot/grub/menu.lst. did you change partitions/disks?00:28
sweet_dreamsmumbles: Yeah It is perfect for development as long as you don't wanna develop EJBs00:28
mcphailsweet_dreams: i suspect it will prob be a year or 2. sorry00:28
sweet_dreamsmcphail: :(00:28
rdzhi all. frequency scaling on my macbook pro (unibody) works only between 1.5 and 2.5GHz, i guess, it doesn't use the full range, that the hardware supports. what can i do?00:28
sweet_dreamsmcphail: Someone must fund this projects!00:28
rdzi would like it to go lower than 1.5GHz00:28
mumblessweet_dreams:  an i just want something that holds up00:29
mumblesgoes to find where the /http files are00:29
sweet_dreamsmumbles: As i migrated to Netbeans it comes with glassfish and I use it instead of tomcat00:29
Fezzler1zsquareplusc>> You know that second /dev/hdb that is my nice 200gig I mount as /home?  Well when I upgraded from Gutsy to Hardy somehow it went from one big drive to two 90gig drives00:29
mumblesi will try that in a while00:29
feddozzHi, how to set the main password of the keyring?00:29
mumblesjust wanted something to pu t on the home server00:29
zsquarepluscrdz: yes there is some setting in /proc or /sys that sets min/max frequencies and when it has to change to the next step. don't remember the exact name though00:29
Fezzler1zsquareplusc>> Since we are in gparted, can I get it to one big drive again?00:29
sweet_dreamsmumbles: I think tomcat is very good for simple to medium tasks00:30
zsquarepluscFezzler1: yes, that will be an easy one. but it'd test the resized one first00:30
sweet_dreamsmumbles: You don't need to learn much configuration. Once we had a full version of Liferay portal running on tomcat00:30
BlueEagleThat system information that pops up when one logs in to the server, is it possible to get that by using a command (ie not have to log out and back in?)00:30
aprilhareno messages in system log viewer00:30
rdzzsquareplusc, yeah, i know.. powernowd is scaling it. but why is the minimum value so high?00:30
aprilharetry reinstalling?00:30
cdm10feddozz: go to Applications>Accessories>Passwords and Encryption Keys, go to the Passwords tab, and go to Edit>Preferences. Look at the Password Keyrings tab00:30
mumblessweet_dreams:  liferay ?00:30
zsquarepluscFezzler1: or do you want to wipe the 200gb drive? i thought you meant mounting one of the partitions there00:31
mercutio22zsquareplusc: I didn't. I did have problems with my partition table weeks ago00:31
BlueEaglenever mind. It updates. :)00:31
sweet_dreamsmumbles: yeah00:31
sweet_dreamsmumbles: I worked on it about 2 year!00:31
mercutio22zsquareplusc: my fstab file had wrong UUIDs00:31
Fezzler1zsquareplusc>> I have /dev/hdb1 ext3 /media/disk 94gb../dev/hdb2 extended nd that has under it /dev/hdb5 ext3 /media/disk-1 and /dev/hdb6 linux-swap00:31
rdzzsquareplusc,  cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_available_frequencies00:31
rdz2527000 2394000 2128000 1862000 159600000:31
Fezzler1zsquareplusc>> it is a mess00:31
sweet_dreamsmumbles: It has performance issues00:31
mercutio22zsquareplusc: I suppose something may be wrong there00:31
zsquarepluscmercutio22: if you want to wipe it, yes, you can use gparted to create a ext3 that spans the entire disk00:32
* mumbles gets lost00:32
Fezzler1zsquareplusc>> No wipe the 200gig.  That is where all my data is as the 200 is /home is fstab00:32
feddozz>>cdm10<< tnx00:32
chupyi need help i cant open some aplications in ubuntu only with the terminal this is the error http://paste.ubuntu.com/76976/00:32
mercutio22zsquareplusc: no, I don' t want to loose my files. I just want to be able to boot into ubuntu again00:32
zsquarepluscmercutio22: ah so its not choosing the right "root". you may use /dev/sdaX too if you dont know the UUID. or use blkid to find out the UUID00:32
Fezzler1zsquareplusc>> See, system on smaller 20gig hda and /home on hdb new 200gig safe with data00:33
Fezzler1zsquareplusc>> I just want one big hdb again00:33
zsquarepluscrdz: looks like these are the available steps in Hz (not MHz)00:33
sweet_dreamsmumbles: Liferay is one of available opensource java portals. check its website out00:33
aprilharedam it reinstalling didn't work00:33
mercutio22zsquareplusc: wait up, I will paste some info for you00:33
rdzzsquareplusc, yeah, but how comes, that there are only 5? /proc/cpuinfo says, that there should be six steps00:34
GeorgeAScotthi all.  i'm trying to install libwnck.. it shows up in synaptic as libwnck18 but says it can't be installed.  i checked my repositories and reloaded and i get the same error (Package libwnck18 has no available version, but exists in the database.)00:34
dmulhollandhey, is there any easier way to do wallpapers that change every 10mins in new gnome? (the links i finding are 3 years old)00:34
Fezzler1zsquareplusc>> I don't know how my hdb2 extended in 92gig and of that 90 is another /media/disk and only 1.8gig is the swao00:34
cdm10chupy: try this: "sudo aptitude reinstall libgksu2-0 gksu"00:35
zsquarepluscFezzler1: you have backups of the data there? or nothing valuable.. then use gparted, you're an expert now ;-) then we need to edit /etc/fstab on hda1 so that it only gets /home form sdb00:35
Fezzler1zsquareplusc>> can we clean this up?00:35
rdzzsquareplusc, and i am pretty sure, that os x runs lower values, when idling, otherwise battery usage couldn't be that slow... but i am not sure, since i couldn't find a cpu freq monitor for osx. however, i suspect, that ubuntu is doing something wrong here. is that possible?00:35
mercutio22zsquareplusc: whats wrong here? http://paste.ubuntu.com/76978/00:35
Fezzler1zsquareplusc>> I don't have back-up00:36
gavagaiWhat does the ubuntu add-on for firefox do?  it's installed by default00:36
rdzzsquareplusc, i can't run ubuntu for more than 1.5hours with one battery cycle, but i can run almost 5h on os x.00:36
Fezzler1zsquareplusc>> Is this real risky00:36
zsquarepluscrdz: i have a lower limit of 1.6GHz here too. i think that's normal00:36
rdzzsquareplusc, ok.. surprising then... what's the point in scaling only so little?00:36
chupydo i restart?00:36
zsquarepluscFezzler1: if you have data on the 200gb disk i'd leave it alone and just mount the partitions. only resize when you have back ups00:36
cdm10chupy: I don't think you'd have to...00:37
cdm10!who | chupy00:37
ubottuchupy: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)00:37
rdzzsquareplusc, but thanks very much for checking00:37
zsquarepluscrdz: dunno. proof of concept ;-)00:37
pckchemdmulholland: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=61249800:37
chupycmd10: ok sorry00:37
chemmmyi need some help with ircd-hybrid, went through config scripts many time still connection refused00:37
Fezzler1zsquareplusc>> shutting down and rebooting new drive00:37
Fezzler1zsquareplusc>> see what happens00:37
cdm10chupy: cdm, not cmd... did the package reinstall fix it?00:37
billysponchhi all ...Anyone knows how to run a app on a different workspace with the command line ?00:38
PrafswithbestHay people00:38
PrafswithbestI still have problem00:38
PhoenixP3Kanyone got info on broken OpenOffice3?00:38
pckchemdmulholland: Also checkout webilder00:38
aprilharei checked with synaptic and there are a number of packages still installed for oo2.4 should i remove?00:38
pckchem!info webilder00:38
ubottuPackage webilder does not exist in intrepid00:38
chupycdm10: no... sorry00:38
aprilharePhoenixP3K, in that situation myself00:39
dmulhollandthanks pckchem00:39
billysponchAnyone knows how to run a app on a different workspace with the command line ?00:39
chupycdm10: it says me the same00:39
PhoenixP3Kaprilhare, did the update tonight, now I can't run it. Do you think I can roll back to Oo2.4?00:39
cdm10chupy: do this: aptitude show python-gnome2-extras | grep State00:39
histoPhoenixP3K, my buddy had it break00:39
Fezzler1zsquareplusc>> going thru some new hoops upon boot.  force check, new swap, setting clock, etc00:39
aprilharePhoenixP3K, no idea00:39
histoPhoenixP3K, Mine is working fine. Try running sudo aptitude clean then reinstall the openoffice-core00:40
aprilharePhoenixP3K, i'd prefer to get it working00:40
Fezzler1zsquareplusc>> new drive is quiet - a bonus00:40
mumblessweet_dreams:  ah will do00:40
cdm10chupy: and tell me what the output of the command is00:40
PrafswithbestI have ubuntu iso file with me and I want to make my pen drive installable as we do install from CD but I am getting confuse about it how to do it00:40
mumblestring to work out where i upload stuff  to change the root of tomcat00:40
billysponchAnyone knows how to run a app on a different workspace with the command line ?00:40
chupycdm10: dont show me anything00:40
zsquarepluscPrafswithbest: unetbootin would be an option00:40
histoaprilhare, try sudo aptitude clean then reinstall the openoffice-core package00:40
PhoenixP3Khisto, gonna try that real quick.00:41
cdm10chupy: it means you mistyped... try just doing: aptitude show python-gnome2-extras00:41
cdm10chupy: and tell me what it says for "State". If you want to paste into the command line, use Ctrl-Shift-V00:41
Prafswithbestany one know how can I install ubuntu on my laptop using pen drive insted of CD rom00:41
histo!install | Prafswithbest00:41
ubottuPrafswithbest: Ubuntu can be installed in a lot of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall. Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate00:41
aprilharehisto, waiting on download :) 30 secs left00:42
billysponchAnyone knows how to run a app on a different workspace with the command line ?00:42
cdm10!repeat | billysponch00:42
ubottubillysponch: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience00:42
magicmaxhi guys, im fairly new to linux, and ive installed Ubuntu on my new netbook (Acer Aspire One) is works great besides one problem. I cant seem to be able to conect to any wireless networks, including the one in my home, which i know is working...00:42
aprilhare544 kB/s jeez ubuntu dists can be fast00:42
histoaprilhare, that is assuming that was the package you were having problems with if not you can reinstall all the oo packages.00:42
aprilharerepos even00:42
aprilharehisto, remove all old packages I can find?00:42
aprilharehyphenation/spelling etc.?00:43
PhoenixP3Kok trying to completely uninstall Ooo3 then re-installing (just re-install failed to make it work)00:43
Fezzler1zsquareplusc>> reboots after force check... nvidia splash... Start-up...Starting a bunch of stuff...login screen...all users there...logging in...seeing speed gain...looks coool00:43
aprilharehisto, still broken00:43
Fezzler1zsquareplusc>> I think we did it!00:43
chupycdm10: http://paste.ubuntu.com/76980/00:43
Estagus_I try to alter ubuntu install dvd. I preinstall ssh server. at setup of ssh it generates keys, so as I think this keys will be copied to resulting system whis is bad as I think00:43
Fezzler1zsquareplusc>> Thanks!  Cloned a drive and repartitioned.  Didn't miss a beat00:43
histoaprilhare, reinstall the openoffice packages that are causing problems.  The aptitude clean command cleared out the old packages so you can download the new ones.00:43
Estagus_any workaround?00:44
magicmaxif anyone has time to help me out with my wireless connection problem that would be great00:44
cdm10chupy: alright, run this: "sudo aptitude install python-gnome2-extras"00:44
aprilharebrb need to awaken numb limbs00:44
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience00:44
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in a lot of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall. Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate00:45
histoWho ever was looking for how to launch on different workspaces check http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=48370100:45
cdm10lexvegas: can you leave the bot alone? it just fills the channel up with unnecessary traffic... if you want to use the bot yourself, you can just pm it (/msg ubottu whatever)00:45
histo!anyone | magic_ninja00:45
ubottumagic_ninja: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?00:45
histo!botabuse > lexvegas00:46
ubottulexvegas, please see my private message00:46
chupycdm10: thanks it works00:46
cdm10chupy: no problem00:46
cdm10chupy: it would have helped to tell me your system wasn't in English00:46
lexvegaslol sorry, i had never done that before, and i wasnt sure if it went to everyone or not00:46
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chupycdm10: the ubuntu-es people doesnt know to much00:47
histocdm10, are the configs on foreign language machines in english?00:48
sm0k3dIs there some drivers i need to install to get an Epson Stylus cx7400 running on Ubuntu 8.10? My Scanner Utility program is not pickin up the scanner.00:48
chupyhisto: no in your natal idiom :)00:48
magicmax hi guys, im fairly new to linux, and ive installed Ubuntu on my new netbook (Acer Aspire One) it works great besides one problem. I cant seem to be able to connect to any wireless networks, including the one in my home, which i know is working...00:48
Fezzler1zsquareplusc>> Thanks dude00:48
cdm10chupy: idioma = language00:48
cdm10histo: well, I was looking for the word "State" in an output from aptitude, when it was Estado00:48
computerwhy cant i get this to work? deb http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu edgy universe . it fails to make connection...00:49
Fezzler1So, I have to unmount a /dev/hdX before I can resize the partitons00:49
PhoenixP3Kgot Ooo3 working, but now it looks weird... like the theme doesn't match it anymore00:50
chemmmyany help with ircd config files ?00:50
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computeri have added deb http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu edgy universe to sources.list but dont work why?00:50
Fezzler1If I have a 200gig HD split in two Partitons A & B.  Can I move all files on B to A and then delete partiton B if I want one big drive?00:50
sm0k3dis there something in repositories i need to activate to get my scanner working? the device isnt being found at the moment00:50
alexbobpHow can I get updates to a non-Internet-connected computer?00:51
alexbobpI have flash drives and CDs.00:51
aprilharePhoenixP3K, how? :)00:51
magicmaxis there a way to just select from a list of available wireless networks on the fly, and just select the one u want to connect to? or do i manually have to set up a wireless connection?00:51
aprilharesorry got distracted00:51
histo!offline | alexbobp00:51
ubottualexbobp: If you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. Alternatively, try http://apt.alturl.com/ (now with Intrepid support)00:51
cdm10Fezzler1: yep, if the files are small enough to fit on A as it is now. Also, I'd back up first if I were you.00:51
alexbobpThanks histo00:51
aprilharedon't care about what it looks like per se as long as it works thats for me00:51
ConstantineXVI_magicmax: click the networkmanager icon, pick one00:52
histoaprilhare, well did it work?00:52
sm0k3danyone got any ideas why my scanner isnt being picked up in 8.10?00:53
ConstantineXVI_magicmax: it's probably the one by the clock with two displays and a ! sign00:53
magicmaxconst, thanks, where is that icon? ive been through many network places00:53
sm0k3dits pickin the printer up but not the scanner, it is one of those all in one jobs00:53
histoFezzler, yes depends on the files you are moving though?  Is there an operating system there or just storage?00:53
aprilharehisto: not working atm - what was your last suggestion? - uninstalling, cleaning the cache then reinstalling?00:54
magicmaxk ya i goto the WLAN tab00:54
magicmaxi right click, edit connections?00:54
histoaprilhare, purging the packages that are causing you problems then using aptitudes clean and installing the packages again.00:54
phrostbiteHello all, I was wondering what is the linux alternative to dreamweaver. You know for editing php and html sites and things of that nature?00:54
magicmaxi see "wireless connection1"00:54
LF|Irssiphrostbite: maybe NVU or BlueFish editor00:55
histoaprilhare, ex: sudo aptitude clean && sudo aptitude purg openoffice-core && sudo aptitude install openoffice-core     Substitude openoffice-core for whatever packages you are having issues with from the update. As i've said I had no problems with the update earlier.00:55
LF|Irssiof course they're not as robust as Dreamweaver though00:55
histophrostbite, there is nvu and some others. You are looking for a wsiwyg editor.00:55
FezzlerSee my issue? http://paste.ubuntu.com/76984/00:55
phrostbiteOk thank you.00:56
aprilharehang on purging stuff00:56
histophrostbite, you could ofcourse use dreamweaver in wine though.00:56
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phrostbiteI don't know how to use wine :(00:56
ConstantineXVI_magicmax: no, just left-click it00:56
phrostbiteIs it hard?00:56
bytefieldany gtk+ hacker here?00:56
Static--or crossover00:56
magicmaxim not seeing a list of available networks anywhere here.... is it possible to install a 3rd party wireless network manager?00:56
LF|Irssii didnt think dreamweaver worked in wine00:56
histophrostbite, quantaplus is another one. You should be able to find a few if you search the forums for dreamweaver www.ubuntuforums.org00:57
magicmaxleft click does nothing...00:57
bytefieldi have to access some "private" functions from gtk which are not exposed in gtk headers, is there any way to access them?00:57
histoLF|Irssi, http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=769400:57
aprilhareinstalling stuff histo be with you in a minute :)00:57
phrostbiteI will for sure take a look at the forums. Thank you for your suggestions00:58
usserbytefield, if u have to do that chances are you're doing something wrong.00:58
sm0k3dcan someone help me out here im trying to get the scanner on the 8.10 working and it is not being picked up, my printer is however the scanner/printer is an all in one job?00:58
usserbytefield, there's no way other than editing the gtk+ library sources making the functions public00:58
bytefieldi have to get an image which each state of a widget00:58
ablysssm0k3d, what type of scanner/printer ?00:59
bytefieldusser, for example _gtk_button_paint, i want to use it to paint button on different surface rather than a window01:00
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chrisbangs[16:56] *** channel created at Fri Feb 09 15:16:24 200101:00
histo!scanner > sm0k3d01:00
ubottusm0k3d, please see my private message01:00
histooh god floodbot spam01:01
magicmaxhow can i get to my wireless network manager? like what im used to01:01
magicmaxis seeing a list of available networks01:01
FezzlerI need to move all the files from one hdb5 to hdb1 so I can delete hdb2, hdb5, hdb6 (swap)01:01
magicmaxand just picking one from a list.01:01
tiredbonesI have a second hard drive that i would like to get some files off. I tried to create a mount point and then mount it. when i looked in /dev for hdb1 icould not find any hd*.. can someone point me to some newer doc for this operation?01:01
usserbytefield, i wouldn't know, never used gtk. sorry.01:01
pckchemmagicmax: Click on the network manager applet in the upper right hand corner01:02
FezzlerI don't need a linux-swap on a second harddrive that has nothing but data, do I?01:02
sm0k3dablyss: it is an epson stylus cx740001:02
magicmaxis that not possible on Ubuntu? i dont mind installing a 3rd party program if i have to01:02
magicmaxleft clicking that icon does nothing01:02
magicmaxfor me...01:02
pckchemAre you sure network's are availible?01:02
bytefieldusser thanks01:02
magicmaxyes, im conected to it on my other notebook as i speak01:03
histomag_mor, rightclick01:03
magicmaxits my home network01:03
histomagic_ninja, right click or double click it.01:03
histomag_mor, wrong user sry01:03
chrisbangsMicrosoft Responce Point and VoIP support and news is at http://www.telephonation.com/01:03
pckchemmagicmax: Right click on it and make sure enable wireless is checked01:03
histomagicmax, right click or double click it.01:04
aprilhareworks - sweet pustule of goodness! thanking ye01:04
histo!offtopic > chrisbangs01:04
ubottuchrisbangs, please see my private message01:04
magicmaxdouble click does nothing, right click gives me the option of editing my connections, and Networking is checked on01:04
histoaprilhare, np01:04
ablysssm0k3d, i'm using 8.04.1 so not sure what bugs may exist but my scanner worked after I d/l the driver from the scanners website01:04
aprilharei can see what you mean PhoenixP3K it looks very steely01:04
histomagicmax, what kind of wireless card do you have.01:04
FezzlerCan I move files from one /dev/hdbx to another via command line?01:04
histoFezzler, is it an operating system that you are trying to move or not?01:05
magicmaxall i know is it does a,b,g01:05
zsquarepluscFezzler: cp -ax src dst  recursively copies, keeping dates/permissions01:05
magicmaxand if was working before on the last OS i had on here01:05
Fezzlerhisto: No.  Just files.01:05
pckchemmagicmax: do you know how to use the terminal?01:05
histomagicmax, perhaps the drivers for your wifi card arent' installed. opena  terminal and type in lspci01:05
Fezzlerzsquareplusc: I don't want to bother you anymore01:05
histoFezzler, use the cp command01:05
magicmaxwell, i know how to bring it up heh01:06
pckchemmagicmax: type "lspci>>~/Desktop/lspci.txt"01:06
Fezzlerhisto: Do I need to confirm which dev/hdbx is indeed mapped to as /home01:06
histoFezzler, what are you trying to do what sort of data are you trying to copy? from where to where.01:06
magicmaxits alt+F2 right?01:06
pckchemmagicmax: It should create a text file on your desktop called lspci.txt01:07
fiXXXerMetMy keypad doesn't work in gnome (it won't input numbers), though when logged into KDE, it works fine.  Any ideas?01:07
magicmaxCould not open location 'file:///home/rigo/lspci%3E%3E~/Desktop/lspci.txt'01:07
Fezzlerhisto: I have a 200g hd that is partitioned into two 90+gig /media/disk.  I want one big drive01:07
histoFezzler, okay do both 90gig partitions have data on them?01:08
aprilhareok it works :) now all i need is a decent australian english dictionary - the one i downloaded can't handle place names like woolloomooloo or parramatta :)01:08
pckchemmagicmax: Sorry should have put spaces. The command is "lspci >> ~/Desktop/lspci.txt"01:08
Fezzlerhisto: One of the /dev/hdbx (presumably hdb1) is mapped to my /home.  So I want to move the 6g of files on the hdb5 to hdb1 and then repartiton hdb1 to one large drive01:08
RentunI'm kind of a noob01:09
magicmaxok it worked, files is up01:09
Rentunand having trouble mounting my extra hard drives01:09
Fezzlerhisto: Yes, both have a little data on them01:09
Rentunthey don't show up in /dev01:09
Rentunbut they show up in places01:09
magicmax Host bridge: Intel Corporation Mobile 945GME Express Memory Controller Hub (rev 03)01:09
Fezzlerhisto: I think01:09
DVA5912ok why am I having such a hard time making a simple oval in gimp?01:09
DVA5912is there a tutorial on gimp01:09
histoFezzler, well you wouldn't repartition just expand hdb1 which is yoru /home01:09
histoFezzler, right.01:10
magicmaxEthernet controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8101E/RTL8102E PCI Express Fast Ethernet controller (rev 02)01:10
magicmax03:00.0 Ethernet controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR242x 802.11abg Wireless PCI Express Adapter (rev 01)01:10
Fezzlerhisto: You mean after I copy the data?01:10
histoFezzler, yeah01:10
pckchemmagicmax: One sec, let me see if those are supported01:10
leirgulenanyone know how to set up hotmail account in thunderbird? im using gOS 3.0...01:10
histomagicmax, its the atheros card01:10
PhoenixP3Kaprilhare, well the basic function is there. Can't seem to adjust the theme though. I'll keep experimenting01:11
magicmaxsomething wrong with atheros?01:11
histomagicmax, type in ifconfig or iwconfig and see if both cards are showing up.01:11
Fezzlerhisto: here is what I'm looking at http://paste.ubuntu.com/76984/01:11
chrisbangsI am testing my mapping sytem, please visit http://www.telephonation.com/01:11
FezzlerWhat do I use, "cat" to see in etc/fstab that /dev/hdb1 is indeed mapped to /home?01:11
Comrade-Sergeihow do i send an email via command prompt01:12
bazhanghttp://madberry.org/2008/11/how-to-get-atheros-ar242x-to-work-on-810-intrepid-ibex/ magicmax01:12
Fezzlersudo cat /etc/fstab ???01:12
magicmaxrun that where histo?01:12
histoFezzler, well create a folding on the /dev/sdb1 drive for the files01:12
chrisbangsI am testing my mapping sytem, please visit http://www.telephonation.com/ becuse it logs geo area.01:12
histomagicmax, in a terminal you should see two network cards and a loopback01:12
histoFezzler, sorry folder not folding01:13
magicmaxthx for link baz01:13
sayersMy sound has ceased working, I went to sound options and set it as my speakers under media however flash sound does not work just native apps01:13
dmulhollandhey, does anyone know how to change the colours of what gnome-terminal shows at the prompt? (i.e. how to colour what it shows for username@host:location$)01:13
Fezzlerhisto: I'm having trouble in nautilus even figuring which one is sdb1, sdb501:13
magicmaxsrry im not getting anything with either command in terminal histo01:13
histoFezzler, paste the results of sudo fdisk -l   and df -h01:13
yell0werhh guys is there a way to read .prc files on the desktop ?01:14
histomagicmax, ifconfig      or iwconfig01:14
sambagirlis it better to keep the lid on the 1u server or keep it off?01:14
pckchemdmulholland: http://news.softpedia.com/news/How-to-Customize-the-Shell-Prompt-40033.shtml01:14
histomagicmax, either command should display something if not try putting  sudo infront.01:14
histo!wifi > magicmax01:14
ubottumagicmax, please see my private message01:14
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dmulhollandthanks again pckchem01:15
musikgoat|mainsambagirl: do you have temp issues?  you'll need to keep the server clean if you plan to leave its lid off01:15
pckchemIf you want to easily theme terminal, it is under the edit>profiles>edit>colors menues01:15
arquebuswhen I type sh in the console, is that the bourne shell or bash?01:15
magicmaxhmm ok gimme a monent this guide looks good heh01:16
Comrade-Sergeihow do i send an email via command prompt01:16
sambagirlmusikgoat|main not that i am aware of. i will keep the top on then. thanks01:16
Decepticon_what is a good popular ncurses ftp client that can show download progress/speed?01:16
fdearquebus: uhh, neither... its the sh shell....01:16
musikgoat|mainsambagirl: yes, for the better, i'm sure01:16
=== Massaranduba is now known as Pretto
usserarquebus, its linked to dash on my machine01:17
Fezzlerhisto: http://paste.ubuntu.com/76988/01:17
musikgoat|mainfde: sh is a symlink, most likely to the dash shell01:17
usserarquebus, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Debian_Almquist_shell01:17
arquebusfde- I think you must be mistaken, sh has to stand for something, there is no sh shell01:17
Decepticon_what is a good popular ncurses ftp client that can show download progress/speed?01:17
innovate2000any Intrepid AND Winbind gurus here?01:17
tiredboneshow come there is no hda in /dev?01:18
Itardistest from craclberry... Anyone out there runnin ubuntu on a linksys nas 200?01:18
histoFezzler, okay /dev/sdb1 is your /home /dev/sdb5 is /media/disk.  So from what I understand we want to backup /dev/sdb5 to your /home/somefolder  then remove the /dev/sdb5 partition and expand /dev/sdb101:18
fdetiredbones: it moved to sda01:18
arquebususser: thats interesting, sh is dash01:18
Decepticon_what is a good popular ncurses ftp client that can show download progress/speed?01:18
zsquareplusctiredbones: its sda. newer ubuntus map ata drives to sd too01:18
a-stray-cathello, where'd the option to change the computer name go in 8.10?01:18
usserDecepticon, whats wrong with wget?01:18
pckchemComrade-Sergei: http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/sending-mail-with-attachment.html01:18
Fezzlerhisto: Yes!01:18
a-stray-catit used to be in the network settings, but now i cant seem to find it :/01:18
Fezzlerhisto: exactly01:19
Decepticon_usser im on a cellphone with no abilitiy to paste urls into01:19
histoFezzler, try rsync -av /media/disk /home/fezzler/somefolder01:19
a-stray-cati tried using the hostname command and changing it in /etc/hosts, but it defaults back to what i had it set to originally :/01:19
Comrade-Sergeipckchem, heh i was playing with that in the lab today01:19
Comrade-Sergeipckchem, i was just tinkering with postfix01:19
histoFezzler, you have to chanage the command accordingly I don't know if your username is fezzler or if somefolder exists01:19
Comrade-Sergeipckchem, i was just hoping for something with a rd file to input server username etc.. and go01:20
Decepticon_usser: im on a cellphone... cant copy paste long urls... need to login with ftp and grab files with vlear visual cues01:20
magicmaxwhen people say "run blah blah blah" do they mean in the ALT+F2 window place? just wanna make sure01:20
a-stray-catno one D:01:20
Fezzlerhisto: underway01:20
Decepticon_usser: any ideas?01:20
Fezzlerhisto: "building list file...."01:20
zsquarepluscmagicmax: most of the time they mean a terminal window. but it runs the same as alt-f201:21
Fezzlerhisto: done...lots o erros01:21
pckchema-stray-cat: http://www.funnestra.org/ubuntu/intrepid/#rename-computer01:21
frooscha-stray-cat: try /etc/hostname??01:21
usserDecepticon_, try ncftp01:21
histoFezzler, what sort of errors?01:21
zsquarepluscmagicmax: but alt-f2 runs and often closes the window. so it hard to see error messages.01:21
Decepticon_usser: ill try01:21
Comrade-Sergeipckchem,  how does it know what the smtp server i need to send through is?01:21
tiredbonesif the ubuntu release took sda1, sda2 and sda5, what can i use to mount a extra hard drive?01:21
innovate2000any Intrepid AND Winbind gurus here?01:21
Knysliux001I'm trying to configure Sony Ericsson Z550i with wammu over bluetooth. What device should I use? /dev/mobile does not exist.01:22
kitchetiredbones: well sdaX is one drive01:22
Fezzlerhisto: http://paste.ubuntu.com/76989/01:22
zsquareplusc!terminal > magicmax01:22
ubottumagicmax, please see my private message01:22
aurel42When I use the vlc plugin to play media in Firefox, I cannot put my notebook in hibernate or standby anymore, it always complains that VLC is playing media, even when VLC is long finished. It think this started with 8.10, it also happens with Ubuntustudio. Anybody got a workaround or fix?01:22
histoFezzler, whats your username on the computer?01:22
pckchemComrade-Sergei: I haven't used it much myself, honestly. I'd imaging "man mutt" would give you some more information about configuration. Is there a reason you cannot use an X based application?01:22
tiredboneskitche,  these are tho only sda dev in /dev.01:23
linxehmutt ftw01:23
Coldhakhow do i tell how much ram i have from the shell?01:23
Comrade-Sergeipckchem, its a project im working on to email me when my desktops IP changes so i can still VPN in01:23
linxehColdhak: free -m01:23
kitchetiredbones: well if it's a 2nd hard drive it will most likely not be sda it would be sdb01:23
JyZyXELhow do you debug a problem that when there is a CD inside the CD drive my system won't boot01:23
dewentelinux or unix ?01:23
Coldhakthanks, that's a helpful command :)01:23
zsquarepluscaurel42: hm. maybe the plugin inst unloaded properly. but vlc might have an option in the properties to prevent suspend/screensaver which you could switch off01:23
JyZyXELit just hangs there01:23
Havsaltis ubuntulite 8.04 or 8.10?01:23
pckchemlinxeh: If you know how to use mutt well can you help out Comrade-Sergei? I'm too hooked to gmail to know much about other mail clients.01:23
Comrade-Sergeipckchem, yea man mutt was good except there is no ~.muttrc like it says01:24
linxehpckchem: I'd use gmail if it could store all my mail01:24
linxehComrade-Sergei: create one then :)01:24
Comrade-Sergeipckchem, im going to link it to my gmail account01:24
pckchemlinxeh: Ouch!01:24
oracleofmisthey, I have ubuntu alternate installed on an sd card via unetbootin, how would I use that as repository in apt?01:24
aurel42zsquareplusc: good idea, lemme check01:24
linxehpckchem: I'm a hoarder. I have (and refer back to quite often) every mail since 1997 :/01:24
tiredboneskitche,  I have no sdb or any other type in /dev.01:24
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, i do i need it to go through that smtp server though01:24
innovate2000any Intrepid AND Winbind gurus here?01:25
oracleofmistthe default line for the cdrom is deb cdrom:[ubuntu 8.10 _Intrepid Ibex_ - Release amd64 (20081029.1)]/ intrepid main restricted01:25
oracleofmistso do i just change cdrom to /dev/sdb1 or where it is mounted /media/sd  ?01:25
linxehComrade-Sergei: you cant make mutt use a specific mail server afaik, it relies on you running an MTA yourself and configuring that appropriately (ie as a smarthost). If you install exim from apt, and choose smarthost in the install wizard it should ask you for which smtp server to use01:26
linxehComrade-Sergei: but i might be wrong. I've not used it in some time01:26
nintendork32if ubuntu server is on sdb1 what would the grub configuration be for it? i have ubuntu server hardy01:26
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, INSTALL WIZARD?!?01:26
linxehComrade-Sergei: yes. it guides you through the installation of the package...01:27
linxehComrade-Sergei: like, a wizard ?01:27
sambagirlmusikgoat|main  i put the lid back on01:27
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, heh mine never did it just flew right by01:27
sambagirlbut i turned it off too.01:27
aurel42zsquareplusc: there's an option "suspend power management daemon" (I'm translating from German here)... I'll try to disable that, thanks.01:27
sambagirlit has 11 fans.01:27
linxehComrade-Sergei: what, installing exim?01:27
thegeekdarn i got banned on offtopic01:27
eighthourwhere do i go for compiz help....???....01:27
linxehComrade-Sergei: or installing mutt ?01:27
odoyleDoes anyone know a way to sync the iPod touch with linux?01:27
Decepticon_thanks usser ncftp works great for my phone01:27
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, then i tried sendmail which is exim but souped up and it was just as bad01:27
musikgoat|mainsambagirl: ok, i didn't catch anything before you asked whether to have the lid on or off, was there more to the situation?01:27
linxehComrade-Sergei: sendmail most definitely is not "exim but souped up"01:28
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, mutt have me a little gui but nothing useful01:28
thegeekhow do i get back on01:28
sambagirlno i was just wondering if there was any disadvantage or advantage one way or the other basicallly.01:28
LjLthegeek: this is NOT the channel to discuss that. ask in #ubuntu-ops01:28
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, w/e01:28
bazhangthegeek, /join #ubuntu-ops01:28
odoyle@oracleofmist what was your question01:29
oracleofmisthey, I have ubuntu alternate installed on an sd card via unetbootin, how would I use that as repository in apt?01:29
computersome1 help http://pastebin.com/m534e24e301:29
bazhangcheck aptoncd oracleofmist01:29
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh,  install with synaptic or apt-get in a terminal?01:29
bazhang!aptoncd | oracleofmist01:29
ubottuoracleofmist: APTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers01:29
oracleofmistodoyle, looking in /usr/lib/apt/methods does not list an sd card01:29
Havsaltdoes anyone know if ubuntulite is based on 8.04 or 8.10?01:29
bazhangHavsalt, that is not supported here; ask their forums01:30
linxehComrade-Sergei: I only ever use the terminal, but if you've already installed it you'll need to purge the system of all configuration files I guess first01:30
oracleofmistubottu, odoyle  and I am iin terminal I can't get the gui to come up because the initial kernel does not have my drivers01:30
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:30
nintendork32if ubuntu server is on sdb1 what would the grub configuration be for it?01:30
Havsaltbazhang, someone in here might know. mind if i ask?01:30
bazhangHavsalt, ask in #ubuntu-offtopic please01:30
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, of course!01:30
innovate2000any Intrepid AND Winbind gurus here?01:31
usser!ask | innovate200001:31
ubottuinnovate2000: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:31
sambagirlhaha you tell him ubottou01:31
arquebusI putting this line in the .pinerc file to set up pine to work with gmail inbox-path={imap.gmail.com/ssl/novalidate-cert/user=igpf@gmail.com}INBOX  would I replace user with my user name?01:31
oracleofmistanyone know how to use an sd card that has ubuntu installed on it via UnetBootin as a repo?01:32
linxehComrade-Sergei: ok, try dpkg-reconfigure exim4-config01:33
tiredboneshow do i create sdb in /dev01:33
DVA5912Anyone know how to play Ultrastar?01:33
Gneatiredbones: it should already be created when it's plugged in01:33
Prettooracleofmist, you should try apt-cdrom command, I am just guessing01:33
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, ah der why didnt i think of that!01:34
livingdaylightis there a wubi installer for kubuntu?01:34
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, what do i put for system mail name?01:34
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, the gmail login?01:34
Gnealivingdaylight: you can sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop01:34
linxehdid you select smarthost ?01:34
livingdaylightComrade-Sergei : komrade how are you?01:35
Gnealivingdaylight: AFAIK, it's default gnome01:35
histolivingdaylight, try in #kubuntu01:35
livingdaylightGnea yes default is gnome or Ubuntu; i'd like to try kubuntu though01:35
Comrade-Sergeilivingdaylight, Fine you?01:35
linxehComrade-Sergei: read what the wizard says - it explains about what that option means...01:35
Gnealivingdaylight: just do the kubuntu-desktop thing, it's the same thing :)01:35
livingdaylightComrade-Sergei: viva la muerte!01:35
histo!offline > oracleofmist01:35
ubottuoracleofmist, please see my private message01:35
magicmax"Go into the directory: cd compat*" im stuck as this part of the guide, how do i do that... when i enter "cd compat*" in terminal it says not such directory01:36
Comrade-Sergeilivingdaylight, russian not hispanic bud01:36
Decepticon_is there some alternative to cp that shows a progress bar for cping large files01:36
snarfdoes ubuntu come with software that can stream music and movies to my ps3?01:36
livingdaylightComrade-Sergei : Cuba and Russia we are sympatico in the great cause01:37
tiredbonesGnea, i have an old hard drive that I'm trying to mount and it does not get recognized when it's plugged in.01:37
Decepticon_snarf i did that before with mediatomb01:37
Gneatiredbones: usb?01:37
zsquarepluscDecepticon_ must it be comman line? id say nautlius otherwise ;-)01:37
bazhang!offtopic | livingdaylight01:37
ubottulivingdaylight: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:37
Decepticon_worked great01:37
tiredbonesGnea, no01:37
Comrade-Sergeiheh, you enjoy living in cuba?01:37
Decepticon_zsquareplusc: sorry.. must be cli01:37
linxehDecepticon_: there is, but I cant remember what it is :o01:37
Gneatiredbones: are you sure it's spinning up then?01:37
Gneatiredbones: and is your bios set to auto-find it?01:38
snarfDecepticon_ cool i'll check it out thanks01:38
zsquarepluscDecepticon_: cp -v or rsync with verbose option01:38
Decepticon_hm ok01:38
linxehDecepticon_: try pv file > newfile01:38
oracleofmisthmm apt-cdrom does not seem to do it01:38
Gneatiredbones: i realize these may be somewhat silly questions, but i'd rather err on the side of rational, not irrational :)01:38
tiredbonesGnea, how do you check to see if it is spinning up?01:39
Decepticon_what is pv?01:39
Decepticon_man pv01:39
linxehDecepticon_: like cat but it gives a progress bar on stderr01:39
innovate2000Thanks that was helpful. Intrepid error when trying "net ads join" - "failed to join domain: failed to find DC for domain". I have successfully joined several Hardy servers (eight) to Windows domain. Am now trying to add an additional server and am using Intrepid on a fresh install before I upgrade my other servers from Hardy to Intrepid. The commands "kinit", "klist" and "net ads info" as...01:39
Decepticon_oh nice01:39
innovate2000...well as pinging the GC(PDC) all are successful. When I try to join the box to the AD network ("net ads join") the server returns "failed to join domain: failed to find DC for domain [MYDOMAIN]" - I have been trying to resolve this for several days and could use some help.01:39
Decepticon_thanks all01:39
tiredbonesGnea, do i have to boot up to look at the bios?01:39
Gneatiredbones: when you turn the computer on without it, listen for all of the things that are turning on: the PSU, the CPU fan, any system fans, any other hard drives - then listen for the spin of THAT hard drive - does it have a little green light on it, perhaps?01:39
Gneatiredbones: yah, during POST just press DEL or F201:40
tiredbonesGnea, well let me reboot then.01:40
Gneatiredbones: ok01:40
sancho21There is still problem with usb-creator in interpid. Is there usb-creator for hardy?01:41
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, this is way more of a pain in the ass than i thought it would be01:41
zsquarepluscsancho21: unetbootin01:41
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about unetbootin01:41
linxehComrade-Sergei: but once you've set it up you'll forget about it. and anything that needs to send emails on your system will be able to.01:41
=== nick_ is now known as Skky
sancho21What is unetbootin?01:42
livingdaylightbazhang: are there any marxists in #ubuntu-offtopic?01:42
SkkyWhat is the easiet way to configure Ubuntu/PHP to be able to use mail() on localhost?  Can I just use gmail as external smtp server?  Or do I have to install postfix?01:42
sancho21Is not official?01:42
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, im a CNT major and i dont even know what half this stuff is01:42
sancho21it's not an official package?01:42
linxehComrade-Sergei: mutt is like this because of the way email was supposed to work. mutt is a user agent - it isnt meant to send email, it is supposed to use an MTA to do that.01:42
linxehComrade-Sergei: what is CNT ?01:42
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, computer network technician01:43
fiXXXerMetMy keypad doesn't work in gnome (it won't input numbers), though when logged into KDE, it works fine.  Any ideas?01:43
linxehComrade-Sergei: ouch01:43
Comrade-SergeifiXXXerMet, num lock lulz01:43
fiXXXerMetyar yarz01:43
zsquarepluscfiXXXerMet: shift+ctrl+numlock ;-)01:43
fiXXXerMetNum lock is on.01:43
linxehComrade-Sergei: I read computer science and we were expected to know this stuff. 10+ years ago01:43
bazhanglivingdaylight, please stop.01:43
greghereDo I have to have a swap file?01:43
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, ive been thinking of jumping ship to a programming degree01:44
fiXXXerMetenter key works01:44
linxehComrade-Sergei: you might have more luck with pine perhaps - it is what we all used at uni01:44
fiXXXerMetthat is it01:44
zsquarepluscgreghere: no. but it is usefule for hibernate and low ram machines01:44
computersome1 help http://pastebin.com/m534e24e301:44
sancho21Will unetbootin persist my configurations?01:44
Coldhakis there a decent shell-based torrent client?01:44
sancho21or my files01:44
linxehComrade-Sergei: try apt-get install alpine01:44
zsquarepluscfiXXXerMet: shift+ctrl+numlock ;-) it probably the keyboard mouse that it is active01:44
n8tuser!install | sancho2101:44
ubottusancho21: Ubuntu can be installed in a lot of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall. Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate01:44
Fezzler1histo>> hey01:45
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, yea i was gonna say pine says its obsolete01:45
fiXXXerMetzsquareplusc: That worked!01:45
linxehComrade-Sergei: alpine is the new one01:45
greghereI have four partitions on a 200 gb HDD so I cant make a swap file but I have 3 gb of ram.01:45
ubottuWays to automate installation of Ubuntu on multiple machines are described at https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/installation-guide/i386/automatic-install.html - See also !cloning01:45
fiXXXerMetWhat exactly what the problem though, zsquareplusc?01:45
Fezzler1histo>> still copying01:45
bazhangColdhak, rtorrent01:45
histoFezzler, k01:45
histoFezzler1, k01:45
Fezzler1histo>> on second pc so we can communicate when I reboot01:45
zsquarepluscfiXXXerMet: press the keys again and press the keypad 4 for a longer time and watch the mouse pointer01:45
n8tusergreghere -> its easy to make a swap file, it is just a file and can co-exist with what you already have now01:45
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, will it send?01:46
fiXXXerMetzsquareplusc: OH, got it.  Thanks!01:46
Coldhakbazhang, thanks01:46
greghereI tried to make a swap file with what i have but it comes up as "unusable01:46
linxehComrade-Sergei: yep - and it has a menu system for setting up your mail servers etc.01:46
linxehComrade-Sergei: I'm seriously thinking of moving from thunderbird back to alpine actually01:46
GoSoxso what do you guys think of Ubuntu as the full time OS for a young person's first computer01:46
linxehGoSox: several people at work have done that with their toddlers01:47
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, how can you stand a separate email client online gmail rocks01:47
linxehGoSox: edubuntu gets lots of praise01:47
greghereI cannot make the partition useable at all!01:47
GoSoxok not that young i'm thinking more like a middleschooler who just got a laptop but it has nothing but problems01:47
n8tusergreghere -> how did you create the file?01:47
GoSoxlinxeh: are you from #macosx?01:47
linxehGoSox: yeah01:47
GoSoxi'm banned01:47
GoSoxyet again01:47
linxehoops :/01:47
GoSoxthey ban me at night while i'm sleeping01:47
linxehwhy ? :o01:48
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, ha im a certified mac tech!01:48
GoSoxso i wake up and am banned01:48
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:48
gregheren8tuser, useing the partition editor in Ubuntu "hardy"01:48
GoSoxi can think of no MORE amusing way to get banned01:48
LjL!offtopic | gosox01:48
ubottugosox: please see above01:48
=== pckchem is now known as pckchem_
magicmaxim having problems following this guide http://madberry.org/2008/11/how-to-get-atheros-ar242x-to-work-on-810-intrepid-ibex/ the link to download the driver seems to be broken01:48
bazhangtake chat to #ubuntu-offtopic please01:48
linxehComrade-Sergei: again, ouch :) I'm a research scientist. I'm expected to know / learn whatever I need to do my research :p01:48
magicmaxthe link in the command01:48
n8tusergreghere -> i said how you created a file? not a partition..01:48
=== pckchem_ is now known as thesecondlaw
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh,  honestly how often do oyu ever have to get into the terminal on a mac?01:49
linxehComrade-Sergei: but re:gmail - it's ok, but I dont like my mail being on their servers, and I dont like it being online. I use local mail, I spend large portions of the day offline etc.01:49
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, its almost always hardware01:49
linxehComrade-Sergei: I'm in it now01:49
innovate2000I have successfully joined several Hardy servers (eight) to Windows domain. Am now trying to add an additional server and am using Intrepid on a fresh install before I upgrade my other servers from Hardy to Intrepid. The commands "kinit", "klist" and "net ads info" as well as pinging the GC(PDC) all are successful. When I try to join the box to the AD network ("net ads join") the server...01:49
linxehComrade-Sergei: at work I dont have internet access on my computer, only the intranet, so gmail is useless there too.01:49
innovate2000...returns "failed to join domain: failed to find DC for domain [MYDOMAIN]" - I have been trying to resolve this for several days and could use some help.01:49
gregheren8tuser, err... I used the partition editor to create the swap file? :)01:49
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, im quite the oposite my entire second "data" drive is shared01:49
GoSoxdo you guys know if VMWare has "VMware tools" for linux? or are they only for windows?01:49
usserGoSox, sure they do01:50
Comrade-Sergeiand my wifi is open with a 22 dBi antenna on it01:50
histo!vmware > GoSox01:50
ubottuGoSox, please see my private message01:50
n8tusergreghere -> i though you said you didnt have room for it?01:50
linxehGoSox: it has them for linux too afair01:50
|MUSE|I just installed ubuntu-server. What would I need to install to get a graphical application to run over ssh, like: ssh -X psp.01:50
GoSoxfyi i'm running Ubuntu IN VMware not running VMware in Ubuntu01:50
linxehinnovate2000: dns, hosts etc all configured correctly ?01:50
linxehinnovate2000: and /etc/nsswitch.conf and /etc/resolv.conf are consistent on all machines ?01:51
greghereI have 4 partitions already but i was still able to create a 1gb swap file. But it reported as "unuseable"01:51
usser|MUSE|, just openssh-server01:51
zsquareplusc|MUSE|: yes as you wrote.. what's the question? ;-)01:51
fiXXXerMet|MUSE|: If you have an x-application on the server (without X), you can ssh to the machine with the -x (or is it -X?) switch, and then just run the program on the command line01:51
innovate2000side note to GoSox - I use VirtualBox and a large client of mine uses VMWare - my servers run with far less issues than theirs01:51
n8tusergreghere -> post in pastebin your results of   sudo fdisk -l01:51
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, so dpkg-reconfigure alpine doesnt work01:52
linxehGoSox: yeah - they definitely do vmware tools, but you need the "pay for" version to get them. or download a vm with ubuntu in that has them already01:52
davi1supposedly the hard drive cycle count issue was fixed with Intrepid .. but I can vouch that it is not fixed! :(01:52
Skkyonce I install postfix how do I reconfigure it?01:52
usserlinxeh, what are u talking about???01:52
GoSoxi'm just playing around though, and already have VMware on my mac for running Winsux01:52
linxehComrade-Sergei: apt-get install alpine. then run alpine and configure it with the menus01:52
Skkyi dont see it in my applications menu01:52
bobJRive got a question i just installed xubuntu and when i installed crossover games its not showing up in menu can anyone please tell me how to fix this please01:52
usserlinxeh, vmware-server which is free has it01:52
|MUSE|fiXXXerMet: this application does not have a command-line. :/01:52
linxehusser: probably out of my arse.01:52
fiXXXerMet|MUSE|: I mean, the command that is used to launch it.01:53
n8tuser|MUSE| -> your psp has to have an Xserver also01:53
gregheren8tuser, To do that i would need to have the O/S installed and the point of my asking about swap files was that i am in the process of installing :)01:53
|MUSE|ah, ok thanks usser|zsquareplusc|fiXXXerMet!01:53
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, Ah MUCH better01:53
n8tusergreghere -> perhaps i should have asked before..what are you trying to do?01:54
|MUSE|n8tuser: heh, no it's the name of program.01:54
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, will it resolve dns? so i can put in a FQDN and it will take it?01:54
linxehusser: it has been some time since I used vmware on linux. my apologies ofor getting that wrong01:54
linxehComrade-Sergei: if your machine is setup for dns correctly, sure01:54
|MUSE|personal system psomething :)01:54
n8tuser|MUSE| -> provide a better information01:54
|MUSE|ok, sorry01:55
greghereInstall Ubuntu 8.04 on a hdd with windoze Xp on a seperate partition01:55
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, cool!01:55
linxehComrade-Sergei: http://www.washington.edu/alpine/tech-notes/config-notes.html01:55
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, so a research scientist doind what?01:55
innovate2000linxeh: thanks but yes - aside from using the same instructions that I used to set up teh Hardy servers I have referred to the config files of the other servers as I set this box up - like I said, I can "kinit" and "klist" fine. "net ads info" returns info expected (FYI server time offset=0) - but when I try to "net ads join" the error shows up.01:55
Out_Coldis there a kde channel?01:56
histoOut_Cold, #kubuntu01:56
histoOut_Cold, and #kde01:56
innovate2000linxeh: one thing I noticed though - when I try to ping domain.local - this fails (but box.domain.local pings fine) I've checked resolv.conf and hosts and all appears to be in order01:57
magicmaxim having trouble getting my "Atheros Communications Inc. AR242x 802.11abg Wireless PCI Express Adapter (rev 01)" to work on Ubuntu, been through that guide with no avail01:57
gregheren8tuser, 200GB Hdd divided into 4 partitions, 1 x NTFS for Windblows, 1 x Ext3 For Ubuntu "root" 1 x Ext 3 for /home, and 1 x NTFS for storage/backup :)01:57
fevelI need to get my system going01:57
n8tusergreghere -> okay, now do you have the livecd to start the installation?01:57
fevelit gives segmentation fault error every time I try to open firefox01:58
fevelI tried installing epiphany but same thing01:58
gregheren8tuser, yes.01:58
=== thesecondlaw is now known as pckchem
innovate2000fevel: prob obvious q - tried reinstalling firefox?01:58
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, it worked in proof of theory!01:58
n8tusergreghere -> boot from the livecd and start installing01:58
meoblast001ubuntus about to give me an alcer01:58
gregheren8tuser, Ok01:59
meoblast001whenever sdl or opengl goes fullscreen my cursor wont disapear01:59
meoblast001on any app01:59
magicmaxwhats with the different styles of Ubuntu like "hardy" and stuff? how are they diff? and how do i know which im on?01:59
fevelinnovate2000: how? since when I try removing it  the system doesnt let me01:59
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, now can i use it like i originally wanted as part of a bash script?01:59
meoblast001it just gets stuck in the middle of the screen01:59
Koganeimy login prompt shows Kubuntu, but I use Gnome. So now I can't shutdown directly from my account.01:59
KoganeiHow do I change it back?01:59
zsquareplusc!version | magicmax01:59
ubottumagicmax: To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »01:59
gregheren8tuser, At partitioning stage01:59
linxehComrade-Sergei: I missed that part. what on earth do you want to use it as part of a bash script for ?01:59
innovate2000fevel: sudo apt-get install --reinstall firefox01:59
fiXXXerMetKoganei: You can select which session (gnome, kde, etc) at the login screen.01:59
KoganeifiXXXerMet: yeah, I can get into gnome fine. But, I can't shutdown directly. I have to logout and then shutdown02:00
n8tusergreghere -> what about?02:00
fiXXXerMetKoganei: Oh - heh, don't know.  Sorry.02:00
fevelinnovate2000: DIDNT WORK FRIEND02:00
Koganeihehe okay, no worries02:00
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, im making a bash program to email me when ever my external ip changes so i can update my VPN program02:00
Koganeithanks for trying~02:00
innovate2000fevel: what error?02:00
zsquarepluscKoganei: in 8.10 its new. you use the fast user switch applet to shut down02:01
meoblast001any help?02:01
fevelinnovate2000: Segmentation fault02:01
magicmaxwhats the diff between grity, feisty, hardy... what is it02:01
zsquarepluscmagicmax: newer software02:02
viatorwhats the name of the network mangr app02:02
linxehComrade-Sergei: oh, lol. you dont want mutt or pine then. you should either set up exim properly, or look at something like this http://forums.macosxhints.com/archive/index.php/t-31807.html, or use soemthing like nail or blat02:02
Code_BleuI just did a "chmod o-rx  -R /etc" and then realized that maybe i shouldnt have...i then ran "chmod o+rx -R /etc" and now i get "Read from socket failed: Connection reset by peer"  What have i done? and what do i do to fix it?02:02
viatorthat shows how you are connected and allows you to change etc02:02
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, jeez that had such a good config though!!!02:03
Koganeizsquareplusc: it's new? I used to be able to shutdown from the logout menu...02:03
ubottunetworkmanager is an application to make (wireless) networking Just Work. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/NetworkManager02:03
AllareRegisteredhow can i get the output from a commadn in another language (english in my case) ?02:03
zsquarepluscKoganei: its in the release notes :-)02:03
viatoris there anything better than network manager?02:03
linxehComrade-Sergei: maybe you can mke it do what you want, but its not the right solution. it should be trivial to write something in perl though using Net::SMTP or similar (as detailed on that link)02:04
zsquarepluscAllareRegistered: "LANG=C ls" "LANG=de ls"02:04
Koganeizsquareplusc: if I click on the Ubuntu menu and click quit, I have 'logout, switch user' etc. but no shutdown. I already have the fast user switch applet02:04
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, i CAN program perl though02:04
=== tonswin is now known as tonsofpcs
magicmaxim trying to run this to fix my problem "sudo vi /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist02:05
magicmaxand append,02:05
magicmaxblacklist ath_pci02:05
magicmaxblacklist ath_hal"02:05
FloodBot2magicmax: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:05
Code_BleuI just did a "chmod o-rx  -R /etc" and then realized that maybe i shouldnt have...i then ran "chmod o+rx -R /etc" and now i get "Read from socket failed: Connection reset by peer"  What have i done? and what do i do to fix it?02:05
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, but id rather not, i will give its ALOT better than awk but still02:05
viatorusually when you ask about applications tons of ppl chime in hmmm02:05
innovate2000fevel: I just did a quick look with google and it seems that some are having seg fault issues - I don't know what to say except to possible reinstall ubuntu02:05
zsquarepluscKoganei: i have a system->shutdown menu point and the fast user witch applet shows all from logout to shutdown02:05
magicmaxbut i get this error sudo vi /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist02:05
magicmaxand append,02:05
magicmaxblacklist ath_pci02:05
magicmaxblacklist ath_hal02:05
FloodBot2magicmax: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:05
viatorso no one uses anything other than network manager??02:05
linxehComrade-Sergei: there is an example program on that page. nail looks quite nice though :)02:05
n8tuserviator -> command line02:06
AllareRegisteredzsquareplusc, thanx02:06
linxehComrade-Sergei: (nail is replaced with heirloom-mailx apparently, but it does the same)02:06
Koganeizsquareplusc: I don't have system -> shutdown. I have the fast user switch applet, but it doesn't show Shutdown either02:06
sancho21Is it possible to install live cd into usb-connected harddrive?02:06
viatoretc ntetwrk02:07
zsquarepluscKoganei: are you not admin or are other users logged in graphically?02:07
magicmaxis there a way to paste into terminal02:07
Koganeionly user, I'm admin02:07
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, and im back to where i started if i start with mailx again02:07
zsquarepluscmagicmax: midle mouse button02:07
KoganeiI have shutdown under KDE02:07
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, thats what was suggested in this lab but i couldnt get it to work02:07
=== macabro22 is now known as mercutio22
magicmaxi dont think i have a middle mouse button02:08
woscan anyone tell me if when you allocate memory to a virtual box, it cannot be used by your computer when the box is on?02:08
linxehComrade-Sergei: I didnt say mailx. I said heirloom-mailx02:08
Decepticon_is there any reaosn a cp operation to a flashdrive is working slow?02:09
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal02:09
linxehComrade-Sergei: it can use smtp smarthosts, ie your gmail smtp server02:09
xorlimis ubuntu 8.10 as good as 8.04? I already upgraded, and I see minor changes but sometimes I have some problems of programs crashing (SIGSEGV/segf), but that happens only VERY rarely on only certain programs using libsdl (like supertux2 crashes always).02:09
Decepticon_maybe its using usb 1x speed?02:09
Koganeizsquareplusc: I'll just uninstall kde-desktop I guess02:09
Decepticon_any ideas02:09
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about puff02:09
woscan anyone tell me if when you allocate memory to a virtual box, it cannot be used by your computer when the box is on?02:09
wos!can anyone tell me if when you allocate memory to a virtual box, it cannot be used by your computer when the box is on?02:10
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:10
wosthought the bot might know about that02:10
viatorok how about this one02:10
xorlimwos: try it. I haven't used virtual boxes ever.02:10
zsquarepluscwos: there is a FAQ / docs on virtualbox.org that cover that topic02:10
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, well it wants me to install sendmail again when i try to install just mail02:10
viatorhow do i add a network-manager icon/applet whatever to the panel02:11
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, better yet just walk me through sendmail configuration02:11
nintendork32how can i update grub to 2.0 from ubuntu?02:11
innovate2000linxeh: any idea why ping to domain.local would fail if resolve.conf has "search domain.local" and "nameserver" (not real IP) exist? I CAN ping box.domain.local fine (FYI - I've disabled Avahi - so the .local tld should not be an issue)02:11
solid_liqinnovate2000: what happens when you type:   host domain.local      ?02:12
unopinnovate2000, what is the machine's hostname?02:12
zsquarepluscinnovate2000: the .local domain is handles by mDNS. and that is related to avahi02:12
a-stray-cathullo, im having trouble compiling things, i installed build-essential, is there something else i need? (specifically, i'm getting memset not declared in this scope)02:13
[TiZ]Hi there. I made a script that does a few things and then rsyncs some folders to my iPod. It copied every single file. Will it take this long from now on? Is there any way I can cut down the process?02:13
innovate2000all, I have disabled Avahi so the .local tld (as well as mDNS) should not be impacting anything02:13
unop[TiZ], rsync only updates files in the destination if the source has changed02:14
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, exim errored out on uninstall and wont allow sendmail to install now02:14
unop[TiZ], meaning, the next time you run rsync - it will only copy over files that were changed (note, files includes directories too)02:14
[TiZ]unop: So next time, rsync will know? Excellent.02:15
musikgoat|mainnintendork32: did you have a specific reason to update to grub 2?02:15
CyberCodwhat is the terminal command to bring up the network manager?02:15
CyberCodI cant find it in the menu anymore02:15
unop[TiZ], rsync doesn't 'know' - it finds out by comparing both directories and examining differences02:15
Decepticon_is there any reaosn a cp operation to a flashdrive is working slow? maybe its restricted to usb 1x speeds? it is a old pc...02:16
pckchemCyberCod, nm-applet02:16
dabudhello to all02:16
CyberCodis that the applet by the clock?02:16
kosharii are trying to install drivers for a dvb-t card based on these instructions and get these errors ,  http://www.pastebin.com/m78e727bc02:16
pckchemCyberCod: Yes02:16
nintendork32muskigoat: yeah, to test it for bugs :D02:16
[TiZ]unop: The first time I ran rsync, most of my music was already there. Are you saying it takes 1h30m to compare about 7000 files and folders?02:16
CyberCodI'm talking someone through this, its not in front of me, how do I tell them to bring up the network config window?02:17
innovate2000my nsswitch.conf line for "hosts"  just has "files dns" (like my other Hardy boxes)02:17
musikgoat|mainnintendork32: if you have bugs in your bootloader, have fun troubleshooting it :-P  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=811948  seems to say its getting stable, but why mess with what works?  I'd just wait till its the default02:17
unop[TiZ], i'm not sure exactly what happened - but no, it should take no more than a couple of seconds to scan that many files02:18
nintendork32musikgoat|main, i have a backup plan: i have LILO on another hard drvie02:18
pckchemCyberCod, is there a reason they cannot use the mouse? Or see the applet?02:18
nintendork32so if it breaks, boot into linux anyway :D02:18
innovate2000solid_liq: when I enter "host domain.local" nothing happens02:18
CyberCodthey can see it, they don't know what to click and I don't have ibex02:18
unop[TiZ], if you are copying to an ipod - you have to remember that music on the ipod is stored with a different file naming scheme - so it's possible your ipod has two copies of music now02:19
pckchemTell them to right click and select "edit connections:02:19
CyberCodso if someone could kindly spell it out02:19
CyberCodit would be of immense help02:19
[TiZ]unop: First, thanks for your help. Second, I use rockbox. ;) Third, here's my rsync line, maybe one of the options is the culprit. rsync -t -v -r --progress --delete --modify-window=1 /media/Zangetsu/Music/ /media/TiZPod/Music/02:19
nintendork32musikgoat|main, how do i install the update?02:20
unop[TiZ], I don't remember the rsync options at the top of my head - there are just too many02:20
pckchemCyberCod, they can then see the config window for ethernet/wireless/vpn connections02:20
CyberCodpckchem: they can see all of that on an applet icon? gee they must have really high resolution02:20
CyberCodgoogle would be better than this02:21
[TiZ]unop: That's understandable. And in case you don't know what rockbox is, it's an alternative firmware for the iPod that allows me to browse the filesystem.02:21
musikgoat|main!file grub202:21
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about file grub202:21
=== Katie-Offline is now known as KatieKitty
nintendork32how can i update grub to 2.0 from ubuntu?02:21
stopsinemanHey everyone.02:21
musikgoat|mainnintendork32: sudo apt-get install grub202:21
unop[TiZ], i know what rockbox is - i tried to get it on my new ipod but apparently the firmware is locked on them02:22
pckchemCyberCod, I don't need the sarcasm02:22
[TiZ]unop: Ah, one of the 6th gens... or a newer nano. Sorry, man. :(02:22
nintendork32musikgoat|main, should i sudo apt-get remove grub first?02:22
musikgoat|mainnintendork32: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GrubTwo02:22
stopsinemanWhy would I be getting `Cannot open display "(null)"` when attempting to access X11 apps via ssh over my LAN on my headless ubuntu server?02:23
musikgoat|mainnintendork32: i'm checking around, i don't know02:23
a-stray-catfor the qt4 package, where do i set the default makespec?02:23
unop[TiZ], it's all good - i can't complain too much - I have all my music on my ipod and hardly ever update it, gtkpod is fine - it does a few things similar to rsync in terms of syncing stuff.02:23
Irimi_Nagehi, I've just installed vmware server and am trying to set a root password (unfortunately I believe you need to - at least the guides said I did) - the "sudo passwd root" command says it completed successfully but did not prompt for a new password02:23
linxehinnovate2000: anything in /etc/hosts that shouldnt be?02:23
Irimi_Nagedoes anyone know how to get this to work (or even better, set a different vmware user)02:24
musikgoat|main!info grub202:24
ubottugrub2 (source: grub2): GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (dummy package). In component universe, is extra. Version 1.96+20080512-1ubuntu2 (intrepid), package size 5 kB, installed size 92 kB (Only available for i386 kfreebsd-i386 hurd-i386 amd64 kfreebsd-amd64 powerpc ppc64)02:24
greenleafThis may be a n00b question, but can anyone explain to me why an nfs share with read/write permissions that is mounted read/write only has read permissions?02:24
unop!root | Irimi_Nage,02:24
ubottuIrimi_Nage,: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo02:24
[TiZ]unop: That's cool. I'd be in the same boat as you, but I need the Album Artist tag for my esoteric music sorting scheme. :)02:24
unop[TiZ], i just press play :)02:25
pckchemgreenleaf, are you saying you don't have write permissions?02:25
[TiZ]Hehe, whatever works, man! :D02:25
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, how do i tell mailx what smtp server to use?02:25
Irimi_Nagebot: that's nice, but not the point - I need either a way to set a passwd or a way to set a different vmware user02:25
linxehComrade-Sergei: which mailx ?02:25
greenleafpckchem: looking again, it looks like I do in the root of the share, but not in other directories I've tried.  I couldn't even write files using sudo02:25
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, theres more than 1?02:25
Comrade-Sergeii just went sudo apt-get install mailx02:26
unopIrimi_Nage, the bot is telling you that you don't ever need to set a root password as sudo allows you to run commands as the superuser02:26
lavacano201014linxeh-\ Am I right in thinking a "mailx -v" will say which one?02:26
unopIrimi_Nage, meaning - a command prefixed with sudo effectively runs as root.02:26
pckchemgreenleaf, I02:26
Frijolieany idea how to resize a window whose bottom is way beyond the bottom of your desktop window? sorry, stupid question02:26
pckchemgreenleaf, (Sorry typo) Was the drive a windows drive?02:27
Frijolieminimizing doesn't work...02:27
Frijolieneither does hiding the taskbar at the bottom, it goes below that02:27
unopFrijolie, what button tho?02:27
pckchemFrijole, use alt+drag to move the window until you can see the corner02:27
nintendork32for updating to grub2 do i need to sudo apt-get remove grub first?02:27
Frijolieunop: huh?02:27
greenleafpckchem: no, it's a Linux ext3 drive02:28
mrbrdohi, i'm using colinux, updated to Intrepid now.. my prob. is, when it starts my apps are un-themed until i run 'xfce-setting-show', that app does something and after that my apps become themed.. anyone have any idea how to fix this?02:28
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, ?02:28
unopnintendork32, not necessary02:28
Irimi_Nageunop: that's not my problem. I understand sudo et al, the problem is getting either: a different vmware user - or a password on root02:28
linxehComrade-Sergei: how many more times. I told you to install heirloom-mailx. Yes. there are dozens of implementations of mailx02:28
nintendork32unop: what is the grub2 install command? grub2-install?02:28
zsquarepluscFrijolie: drag the window with alt-click until you have a had at the border or alternatively use the system menu (left top menu in the icon) and select resize02:29
lavacano201014Irimi_Nage-\ If you need a root password that badly, you can do "sudo passwd" - keep in mind that the Ubuntu sudo may not work anymore02:29
linxehComrade-Sergei: with heirloom you set the server in the mailrc file, or with the MAILRC variable - it comes with docs..02:29
lavacano201014Or work as before, anyway02:29
unopnintendork32, errm, you could just do -  sudo dpkg-reconfigure grub2  (and that should run the right script)02:29
pckchemgreenleaf, ahh for some reason I thought you said ntfs. Sorry I don't know how to help you.02:29
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, sorry02:29
mrbrdoapps unthemed, after http://pastebin.ca/1267170 themed. problem?02:29
Irimi_Nagelavacano201014: tried that, "sudo passwd root" or "sudo passwd" under a root prompt doesn't actually work02:29
linxehComrade-Sergei: :)02:29
nintendork32unop, do i need to install grub2 first? or just run just that?02:29
unopnintendork32, but to answer your question - i think it might be   /usr/sbin/update-grub202:30
lavacano201014Irimi_Nage-\ Under a root prompt, you don't need sudo02:30
Frijoliezsquareplusc: yeah I've tried the resize window from the file menu, that also doesnt work. it changes the mouse cursor but you cant resize the window unless you have access to the bottom right corner of the window you want to resize02:30
greenleafpckchem: that's okay.  Easy to get the two confused in a busy chatroom02:30
lavacano201014Under a standard user account, sudo is needed02:30
unopnintendork32, yea, you need to install the grub2 package for it to work02:30
linxehComrade-Sergei: try this for osme docs - http://blog.fupps.com/2007/05/08/replace-mail-by-nail-heirloom-mailx/02:30
Frijoliezsquareplusc: i'll try alt+click, never heard of that one02:30
Irimi_Nagelavacano201014: sorry, "passwd" didn't work under a root prompt02:30
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, where did you get it02:30
hvgotcodeshey firefox has started operating really slow -- meaning it takes a long time for pages to load.  how do i fix this?02:30
mrbrdoapps unthemed, after http://pastebin.ca/1267170 themed. problem?02:30
mrbrdoanyone please02:30
unopIrimi_Nage, what are you aiming to do to vmware (or its user) via root ??02:30
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, its not in the repos02:30
Irimi_Nageunop: log in02:30
lavacano201014Irimi_Nage-\ Maybe I'm thinking of another command...02:30
lavacano201014I thought it was "passwd"02:31
unopIrimi_Nage, log in what, vmware?02:31
linxehComrade-Sergei: http://packages.ubuntu.com/intrepid/heirloom-mailx02:31
Irimi_Nageunop: yeah, to vmware02:31
Irimi_NageI'll try a reinstall02:31
Irimi_Nagemaybe I buggered something else up02:31
pckchemgreenleaf, If I were to hazard a guess, I would check the permissions on the host computer to make sure you have access. Sometimes I screw up with shares and don't properly assign permissions.02:31
ledok I seem to be having issue with my install of ubuntu with enlightenment also known as opengeu is there a way to up grade to normal ubuntu?02:31
unopIrimi_Nage, I still don't understand why you need to be root to do that02:32
yesitsmehello. Is there a way to run and use SKype on 8.10?02:32
zsquarepluscled: apt-get install gnome-desktop02:32
Frijoliezsquareplusc: thanks that did the trick, it allowed me to move the window up far enough where I could get to the "Apply" button but still didn't allow me to resize the window to entirely fit on my desktop..02:32
ubottuTo install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto02:32
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, ah im still running hardy02:32
zsquarepluscFrijolie: netbook user? ;-)02:32
linxehComrade-Sergei: what about "nail" ?02:32
=== Guest38660 is now known as LoRdRapTuReZ
LoRdRapTuReZhi all02:33
LoRdRapTuReZi need a help about ubuntu02:33
ledcouldnt find the package02:33
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, one thing at a time02:33
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:33
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, connection refused wtf? trying different server02:33
linxehComrade-Sergei: if not, you can install msmtp as per this page, and send mail with the normal mailx - http://ph.ubuntuforums.com/showthread.php?p=601488702:33
Frijoliezsquareplusc: yeah, I'm on a laptop. Is this an Ubuntu, a Compiz, or a Virtualbox (it's on a window on a guest OS) issue?02:34
mib_gr93s9Ok well I want to connect to a remote server and via ssh and copy/sync their backup folder to mine. I can access the server via ssh on port 2222. The syntax I have been trying is rsync -avz -e ssh -p 2222 user@server.com:/remotedir /localdir02:34
LoRdRapTuReZ! i having a display while installing unbuntu 8.04 server ? How to solve it02:34
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:34
Frijoliezsquareplusc: I've also had it happen on my Host (Intrepid) OS02:34
zurni am having a problem with wifi after the updatemanager updates i did yesterday02:34
mib_gr93s9any clue what I need to do differently?02:34
LoRdRapTuReZi having a display while installing unbuntu 8.04 server ? How to solve it02:34
ScuniziLoRdRapTuReZ: you mean a GUI?02:34
zurnis there a way to undo those updates?02:35
zsquarepluscFrijolie: you probably just have the wrong screen resolution. seems to happen with some driver/gfx card ocmbinations that the autodetetction fails02:35
lavacano201014Irimi_Nage-\ Ping02:35
zurnmy network is timing out rather than working, im also having a 20% packet loss on ping tests...02:35
Frijoliezsquareplusc: yeah, as a matter of fact I do have the wrong screen resolution within my VMs. My video card isn't detected so I'm stuck on 800x600 on any guest OS02:36
zsquarepluscled: sorry, it is apt-get install ununtu-desktop02:36
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, there is no ~.mail.rc file again, even after running it02:36
innovate2000linxeh: /etc/hosts: localhost box.domain.local box             and below that is IPv6 stuff02:36
linxehComrade-Sergei: make one...02:36
Frijoliezsquareplusc: so it's a VirtualBox issue then..my host's resolution is set correctly 1280x80002:36
viatorok in network interfaces if i want to change from dhcp to static02:36
lavacano201014Comrade-Sergei-\ ~/.mailrc02:36
linxehinnovate2000: hm :/02:36
hvgotcodeswhen i use route it takes a long time to find the default destination -- is this related to firefox taking ridiculously long to load pages?02:36
fresco20hi, i've just installed the atomatical updates of OO3 and now it doesn't start anymore, has anyone experienced the same problem?02:37
linxehComrade-Sergei: http://ph.ubuntuforums.com/showthread.php?p=6014887 has step by step instructions I think02:37
viatorwhat should it be iface eth0 inet youriphere02:37
lavacano201014Say your username on your computer was "sergei", and you have default home folder stuff (you probably do). It's /home/sergei/.mailrc02:37
viatorpr should it be static then ip02:37
Irimi_Nageunop: because that's how vmware works by default - I'm trying a reinstall to see if I can change the default behaviour02:37
viatoror what02:37
zurnFrijolie: if you have a driver problem with virtualbox - then google generic video driver (id look it up for you but im having a problem w/ my browser)02:37
lavacano201014The . at the beginning makes it hidden, so you have to check a box in Nautilus to see it02:38
Luke___how do I enable my USB headset?02:38
LoRdRapTuReZi was assemble a pc and its working fine on winxp, so i wanna install the unbuntu 8.04 server LTS, so when i reboot the pc its ask to install the ubuntu server, after i click it, few it goes to another page in blue but the i cant read it coz its all blur.... any solution for this???02:38
innovate2000linxeh: pinging domain.local results in "unknown host domain.local" - I think (my gut) that this is the root cause of my issue02:38
pckchemfresco20, I just tried it. Me too.02:38
lavacano201014Irimi_Nage-\ I dunno what to tell you, the command is "passwd"02:38
linxehinnovate2000: well, you know that AD domains arent DNS right ?02:38
CluberI have an annoying bug. I can't see my taskbar (top or bottom) when I have firefox open. Whats up?02:38
Luke___!usb headset02:38
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about usb headset02:38
linxehinnovate2000: two completely different concepts with confusingly similar terminology02:38
innovate2000linxeh: I can however ping box.domain.local with positive results02:38
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about headset02:38
lavacano201014Hmm, Batman02:38
Tuarihow come shutdown now -r -f is not restarting my server?02:38
pckchemfresco20, hopefully they will update the ppa soon with a fix, I'll go investigate on the forums02:38
Frijoliezurn: yeah I know how to google, I have. All that's been suggested was to install Guest Additions (which I have done)02:39
LoRdRapTuReZcan anyone help me02:39
Luke___how do I enable my USB headset please?02:39
crunchbangim jesus christ02:39
linxehTuari: what did it say ?02:39
fresco20pckchem, thanks, so i'm not the only one :( using google docs now02:39
crunchbangi love linux02:39
crunchbangand i'm the christian god02:39
pckchem!patience LoRdRapTuReZ02:39
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:39
TuariThe system is going down for reboot NOW! but it never restarts02:40
crunchbangis anyone getting my ims?02:40
crunchbangi can't tell cause i've never used xCHAT02:40
linxehTuari: what is in the logs02:40
fresco20crunchbang, sure, we can hear you02:40
innovate2000linxeh: I understand - but if the "net ads join" cannot see the domain (it throws "failed to join domain: failed to find DC for domain DOMAIN.LOCAL")02:40
Frijoliezurn: I do have the generic VESA driver installed but I'd like to get a better resolution02:40
linxehcrunchbang: yes02:40
crunchbangthank you, fresco02:40
nintendork87how do i upgrade from grub2?02:40
nintendork87i apt-got it02:41
crunchbangso is this mostly a support chat02:41
linxehcrunchbang: yes - and #ubuntu-offtopic is for other dicussions02:41
lavacano201014crunchbang-\ Yeah02:41
crunchbangis this an irc client? xChat?02:41
lavacano201014Tuari-\ I've always used "sudo telinit 6" for reboots02:41
Tuariok dumb question which log would i ned to look into?02:41
lavacano201014crunchbang-\ Yep02:41
ScuniziIs there any experience out there with the nvidia 180 beta driver?02:41
Luke___how do I enable my USB headset please?02:41
lavacano201014crunchbang-\ More about IRC can be found here: http://www.irchelp.org02:41
crunchbangfigureing out irc is SO hard02:42
crunchbangi've tried off and on for a coupel years02:42
lavacano201014Luke___-\ Check the Wiki and search the forums while you wait, maybe your answer is in there02:42
crunchbangknow what i mean?02:42
crunchbangits the only way to chat, i know that, yahoo sucks blah blah blah02:42
innovate2000Luke: that is a fairly generic question - I might suggest looking at the permissions for USB and ensuring that you have access to it02:42
Scunizicrunchbang: not that hard.. it's easier with the right program.. forget pidgon and use xchat.. then every channel is associated with a server02:43
Luke___innovate2000, what?02:43
Prettois ubuntu able to mount a ext4 partition as rw?02:43
Luke___how do I enable my Logitech USB headset please? It says when I choose it its unable to play02:43
naught101anyone know when kde4.2beta1 will be in the repos?02:43
innovate2000Luke: do you have access permission for USB devices?02:44
naught101sorry, that should be for #ubuntu+102:44
woswill plug&play work on a windows guest on virtualbox anyone? i cant find it in the FAQ02:44
Luke___innovate2000, how I check access permission for USB devices?02:44
innovate2000Luke: do a google for it02:44
nintendork87how do i upgrade to grub2?02:44
* LoRdRapTuReZ still waiting02:44
Luke___innovate2000, stop trolling pls and wasting my time02:44
innovate2000Luke: I'm not trying to be coy, I just don't remember the exact command(s) and I found it on google02:45
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, does that password field have to be in brackets?02:45
Luke___!troll innovate200002:45
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:45
Scuniziwos: plug & play as in plugging in a usb device?02:45
Luke___innovate2000, ok thanks02:45
lavacano201014!troll | lavacano20101402:45
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about troll02:45
innovate2000Luke: I don't think that attitude is helpful02:45
wosyes Scunizi exactly02:45
lavacano201014It dunno about !troll...02:45
nintendork87!troll is Stop trolling please.02:45
Luke___innovate2000, ditto02:45
innovate2000Luke: oh - nevermind02:45
lavacano201014Actually no, let's do this...02:45
nintendork87!troll innovate200002:46
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:46
jamesish_Ah, trolls. The colour of the online world.02:46
nintendork87!troll | innovate200002:46
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about troll02:46
nintendork87!troll is <reply>Stop trolling please.02:46
nintendork87!troll | innovate200002:46
lavacano201014!troll is Trolling, or purposely attempting to make another user angry for a stupid reason, is frowned upon.02:46
linxehComrade-Sergei: man msmtp suggests not02:46
wos!american spelling | jamesish_02:46
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:46
gumpwea=/ I suddenly can't play audio files but I can hear audio from flash content in firefox02:46
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, thanks02:46
jamesish_Thank you, wos.02:46
lavacano201014There, now we have to wait for the Ubuntu ops to set it up02:46
Scuniziwos: the answer is yes and no.. vbox has support for usb devices only if you download their free/non-free version and follow posted instructions on how to enable usb.. the version in the repos doesn't have usb support. There are several things to do to activate usb but that's best left for the online posts or #vbox.02:46
nintendork87how do i upgrade to grub2?02:47
lavacano201014gumpwea-\ Maybe Firefox is hogging the sound card02:47
lavacano201014nintendork32-\ "sudo apt-get install grub2" oughta do it02:47
dabudwhaat is the protocol for being answered ?02:47
linxehdabud: asking a smart question02:47
jamesish_dabud: ask a question that someone knows the answer to.02:47
histodabud, what do you mean?02:47
nintendork87lavacano201014: that installs the package. ;) what do i do after that02:47
lavacano201014dabud-\ Ask your question, be patient, and don't be an idiot02:47
gumpwealavacano201014:  that was it - never experienced THAT before. Thanks02:48
wosthanks a bunch Scunizi02:48
Scuniziwos: also once enabled it's.. "plug in usb device.. then choose to turn on that usb device in the vm"02:48
dabudwhat is the protocol for being answered02:48
Fezzler1histo>> Thanks.  We'll see02:48
histolavacano201014, I don't think anyone attempts to be an idiot02:48
grizlo42how do you show the available wireless networks with network manager in intrepid?02:48
Scuniziwos: np02:48
linxehdabud: dont repeat.02:48
lavacano201014gumpwea-\ Some sound architectures do that02:48
riddleboxhas anyone used wvdial to tether a cellphone? my sprint service  does not use a username or password but wvdial wont work without it?02:48
innovate2000what are you guys talking about? This is supposed to be a support forum - and fairly often it is suggested that this be used after searching the 'Net. So I was saying that the answer is easy as I found it on google - but it seems that I am supposed to do the googling for you?!?02:48
lavacano201014histo-\ Some people do. Just throwing that in there02:48
innovate2000and so I shall:02:48
zurngrizlo42: if ubuntu can see it - it will show up02:48
* LoRdRapTuReZ still waiting02:48
iShockHow do I update gfx driver in Xubuntu02:48
linxehdabud: so ask a smart question :P02:48
grizlo42well i know there is a network02:48
sudobashwow i actually managed to boot Ubuntu VM in Ubuntu from the same Partition... So it is running both from the same location02:49
grizlo42and it used to show up02:49
LoRdRapTuReZcan anyone guide me ???02:49
grizlo42but i switched channels02:49
lavacano201014nintendork32-\ I think it's "sudo dpkg-reconfigure grub2"02:49
grizlo42and it appeared at first02:49
grizlo42but then i restarted02:49
grizlo42and i don't see any02:49
zsquarepluscsudobash: sounds like you're shredding your file system ;-)02:49
ScuniziLoRdRapTuReZ: the server install has a text based installer.. there is no GUI.  if you got a blue screen then you might have a bad burn on the server cd.02:49
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, exim wont uninstall which is Fubaring some of this mailx stuff is it possible to force uninstall?02:49
grizlo42and there used to be others in the area, but they don't appear either02:49
musikgoat|mainnintendork32: have you "man grub2" yet?02:49
kattollikisdsomebody here is using Medibuntu for 8.04 on 8.04 ?02:49
* Panarchy says hi02:49
zarkkhow do i install .tar.gz program files after it's unzipped?02:50
sudobashi was trying to run the XP partition02:50
linxehLoRdRapTuReZ: ask a smart question.02:50
* lavacano201014 waves uncontrollably at Panarchy 02:50
musikgoat|mainnintendork32: thats the best place to start02:50
innovate2000here is the solution I found (and used) for USB permissions : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=38764402:50
zurnzarkk did you read teh readme?02:50
sudobashyeah that could be harmful couldnt it?02:50
* gumpwea protests excessive emoting02:50
zsquarepluscsudobash: or do you mean not at the same time?02:50
* Panarchy waves uncotrollables at lavacano20101402:50
Fezzler1histo>> One last?02:50
dabudhow do i check to see if i am behind a firewall?02:50
zarkkwhere is that located?02:50
linxehLoRdRapTuReZ: your question made no sense. read this http://www.catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html02:50
sudobashat the same time it booted up02:50
histo!ask | Fezzler102:50
* Panarchy waves uncotrollably at lavacano20101402:50
ubottuFezzler1: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:50
* lavacano201014 knows what Panarchy is trying to do02:50
sudobashand got as far as safe graphics mode before i turned it off02:50
Fezzler1How do I delete that folder we created that looked like it had an old system in it?02:50
musikgoat|maindabud: do you have a router?02:50
Fezzler1seems locked?02:51
lavacano201014Panarchy-\ Anywho, whatcha need?02:51
* Panarchy lavacano201014 so do I!02:51
musikgoat|maindabud: then you are behind a firewall02:51
musikgoat|maindabud: a router is a firewall to the internet02:51
Prettoany clue  about mount  ext4 as rw?02:51
linxehmusikgoat|main: I'm behind a router. I am not behind a firewall.02:51
PanarchyI thought that before editing the GNOME source code that I would first get some help02:51
=== caplink811-log is now known as caplink811_log
dabudwell yes  i know about that one02:51
Panarchywith saving my settings to my liveCD02:51
musikgoat|mainlinxeh: are you running nat?02:51
dabudi am talking about inside my ubuntu02:51
linxehmusikgoat|main: nope.02:51
lavacano201014Panarchy-\ You can't save them directly TO the LiveCD, but if you have a spare drive, you can save a settings IMAGE onto that02:51
RootyHi, I have a newly formatted hard drive (ext3). How do I mount it?02:52
PanarchyWhat I wish to do, is save my Firefox extensions, my WINE programs & What I added (and removed) from the panel02:52
musikgoat|mainlinxeh ok02:52
PanarchyRooty, GUI or Command Line?02:52
musikgoat|mainlinxeh: i should clarify my question to a "home router running nat" but then that gets confusing :p02:52
iShockHow do I update gfx driver in Xubuntu02:52
linxehmusikgoat|main: :P :)02:52
nintendork87how can i replace grub with grub2 in the MBR as i did not chainlink it from grub02:52
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, exim wont uninstall which is Fubaring some of this mailx stuff is it possible to force uninstall?02:52
RootyPanarchy: either please02:53
PanarchyI thought that before editing the GNOME source code that I would first get some help with saving my settings (and cutomisations) to the liveCD02:53
PanarchyWhat I wish to do, is save my Firefox extensions, my WINE programs & What I added (and removed) from the panel02:53
PanarchyRooty, well I remember that you can do it via gparted02:53
Panarchy(correct me if I'm wrong)02:53
kattollikisdsomebody here is using Medibuntu for 8.04 on 8.04 ?02:53
RootyPanarchy: Let me try!02:53
PanarchyRooty, are you in linux now?02:53
linxehmusikgoat|main: I just hate how clear terminology gets completely bastardised by marketing people, and is then completely and utterly useless. engineers and scientists have terminology for a reason :/02:53
Fezzler1How do I remove a directory and all its content from the sudo command line?02:53
lavacano201014Rooty-\ Usually "sudo mount /dev/hdb /path/to/empty/folder" (assuming this is a second hard drive) does it02:53
NotADJWhat package can I find the ndiswrapper kernel module in?02:53
linxehComrade-Sergei: what are you typing to uninstall ?02:53
Panarchysudo apt-get install medibuntu02:54
Panarchy(I think)02:54
Rootylavacano201014: sorry, I don't know the hard drive /dev/location02:54
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, exim02:54
lavacano201014Rooty-\ How many hard drives do you have?02:54
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, sudo apt-get remove exim02:54
PanarchyRooty: Are you using linux now?02:54
lavacano201014(Include CD ROM drives in this)02:54
linxehComrade-Sergei: try apt-get -f install02:54
Rootylavacano201014: found it w/ gparted: /dev/sdb102:54
iShockHow do I update gfx driver in Xubuntu? Intel drivers, anyone?02:54
aprilharehello: i installed openarena from getdeb.net and it doesn't seem to have any maps installed?02:54
linxehComrade-Sergei: then try removing it02:54
RootyPanarchy: on Gutsy02:54
dabudi am trying figure out why my machines were running just fine with router and i reinstalled  ubuntu on one machine and now everything is crap.   Had good speeds on both computers b4  and now i can only connect one to router  cos the second one is too slow02:55
aprilharewanted 0.8.102:55
lavacano201014Oh, right, it's sdb# now02:55
lavacano201014Gotta get used to that02:55
kattollikisdPanarchy, jajaja... "you think" ? :P is not like that... And I didn't ask about that :P thanks02:55
sudobashhey yeah it looks like that might have caused some problems...02:55
sudobasheverything is read only now02:55
Rootylavacano201014: sudo mount /media/sdb102:55
Rootymount: special device /dev/disk/by-uuid/47BB-8118 does not exist02:55
linxehI really need to get to bed. its 3am :(02:55
NotADJWhat package can I find the ndiswrapper kernel module in?02:55
chupyi had a problem with opne synaptic but installing python-gnome2-extras and i also install yuuguu but dont open what can i do?02:55
sudobashEVERYTHING IS READ ONLY oh snap!02:55
iShockHow do I update gfx driver in Xubuntu? Intel drivers, anyone?02:56
iShockHow do I update gfx driver in Xubuntu? Intel drivers, anyone?02:56
lavacano201014Rooty-\ You need the /dev/sdb1 THEN the /media/sdb102:56
PanarchyWhat I wish to do, is save my Firefox extensions, my WINE programs & What I added (and removed) from the panel, and I need to save these settings (and cutomisations) onto a custom LiveCD.02:56
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, thanks ill remember that, thats the first time thats ever happened to me in 5 years of linux02:56
lavacano201014But make the /media/sdb1 folder first02:56
PanarchyHow would I go about doing it?02:56
linxehComrade-Sergei: did that fix it ?02:56
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, yea02:56
NotADJ!repeat > iShock02:56
ubottuiShock, please see my private message02:56
lavacano201014Panarchy-\ Don't think it's possible02:56
lavacano201014But like I said, you can save a settings FILE on another hard drive that you aren't using02:56
Fezzler1Would sudo rmdir <directory> delete a directory and all its contents?02:56
Rootylavacano201014: I have to add it to fstab then: mount: can't find /dev/sdb1 in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab02:56
PanarchyLike I was able to fix my desktop icons that way02:56
Panarchyand my wallpaper02:56
zsquarepluscPanarchy: you could back up your /home/... folder with all the hidden files. its all there (except apt-getted packages and system wide settings)02:57
iShockTDJACR, don't do that to me, ever.02:57
sudobashRead-only file system02:57
dabudmusicgoat|main   i understand that a router is a firewall to the internet and i have ports forwarded that i need02:57
Panarchyhow would I02:57
iShockFezzler1: sudo rm -rf dir02:57
NotADJiShock: rawr :P02:57
lavacano201014Rooty-\ If you add BOTH the /dev/sdb1 AND the /media/sdb1 (in that order) it will work02:57
Panarchythen reincorporate it into the ISO?02:57
zsquareplusc!enter | Panarchy02:57
ubottuPanarchy: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!02:57
Rootylavacano201014: Am trying now with line: /dev/sda2       /media/media     ext3    defaults        0       202:57
dabudi am asking if anyone knows how to setup a static ip in ubuntu02:57
lavacano201014Rooty-\ In the command? Or in the /etc/fstab?02:58
musikgoat|maindabud: i was just answering that specific question,  are you looking for a software firewall for ubuntu02:58
innovate2000linxeh: Sorry I got wrapped up in trying to put out the flames (although I found it interesting that no one flamed lavacano and he/she said essentially what I did) - ANYWAY - regarding why winbind cannot see my GC - the command "net ads join" cannot see the domain (it throws "failed to join domain: failed to find DC for domain DOMAIN.LOCAL") - so that's why I thought understanding why...02:58
innovate2000...pinging domain.local did not work but pinging box.domain.local did work would help02:58
musikgoat|maindabud: oh02:58
Rootylavacano201014: in fstab02:58
iShockTDJACR, I think I'll take my chances with Update Manager02:58
me_i blew my gdm on another system. Got graphics to start via startx how do i exit so I can try re-installing gdm?02:58
zsquarepluscPanarchy: with nautlius? just drag the folder to some place where you can store it. like a USB disk (ext3 formated). to activate the settings, copy the folder back02:58
grizlo42it isn't showing the available wireless networks02:58
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, oh wait no its still there02:58
* Comrade-Sergei sighs02:58
grizlo425 pop up in windows02:58
grizlo420 in ubuntu02:58
histoFezzler1, sudo rm -rf /home/<yourusername>/<somefolder>02:58
AAAEMSUhttp://pastie.org/324170 < --- I get this error02:59
grizlo42the driver is for sure available02:59
zurngrizlo42: have you rebooted?02:59
grizlo42cause ifconfig shows ath002:59
dabudno i am asking if there is a builtin software firewall that comes with ubuntu02:59
lavacano201014Rooty-\ Well, if the new HD is /dev/sdb, then you want the fstab to have a line that says "/dev/sdb1      /media/sdb1    ext3     defaults     0     2"02:59
histoFezzler1, be carefull deleting stuff like that make sure you are deleting the right folder02:59
Prettodabud, /etc/network/interfaces02:59
Panarchyzsquareplusc: I need it saved on the DVD. So when people put it into there comps, and boot up, they will get the same settings I have02:59
linxehComrade-Sergei: ok, try now reinstalling exim, and then removing. you might also be able to use the dpkg utils to fix it02:59
grizlo42zurn: thats what caused the problem, it was fine b4 hand02:59
lavacano201014Rooty-\ But in the /etc/fstab you can replace the /media/sdb1 with wherever you want it to automount02:59
linxehComrade-Sergei: try a google for the error message, I cant remember the exact command sorry :/02:59
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, option 1 is no good ,....trid it02:59
lavacano201014Rooty-\ Make the defaults bit "defaults,rw"03:00
Prettodabud, google could point you to here http://codesnippets.joyent.com/posts/show/31903:00
lavacano201014Then you can write to it03:00
linxehinnovate2000: its been some time since I tried to do that. presumably you created a new entry in the active directory for the server ?03:00
musikgoat|maindabud: you are asking two questions03:00
musikgoat|maindabud: for the static IP http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=96368003:00
zsquarepluscPanarchy: ow, thats a different topic. keywords are remaster, chroot.. i guess there are some guides around. maybe in the ubuntu wiki03:00
nintendork45how do i install grub2 ON the MBR?03:00
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)03:00
chupyi had a problem with opne synaptic but installing python-gnome2-extras and i also install yuuguu but dont open what can i do?03:01
musikgoat|maindabud: and for the firewall, there is an unconfigured open firewall installed called iptables03:01
dabudmusikgoat  yes i have many  and they all seem to be related03:01
AAAEMSUhttp://pastie.org/324170 < --- I get this error03:01
AAAEMSUAny ideas?03:01
musikgoat|main!iptables | dabud03:01
ubottudabud: Ubuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).03:01
Rootylavacano201014 k, am doing so now03:01
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, http://paste.ubuntu.com/77003/ thats what i get when i install according to that turorial03:01
musikgoat|maindabud: check out firestarter for the gui setup03:01
twasI'm about to do my first Ubuntu install03:02
twasIt's for my girlfriend03:02
twasAnyway, I don't have any blank CDs to burn the installation medium03:02
nintendork45how do i install grub2 ON the MBR?03:02
twasIs it possible for me to boot knoppix and install from there? If so, how?03:02
FloodBot2twas: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:02
dabudok   ty  musikgoat  pretto  and ubottu03:02
musikgoat|maindabud: yw03:02
zurngrizlo42: what does iwlist *interface* scanning03:02
n8tusernintendork32 -> do you ever take the time to google for your questions?03:02
zurngrizlo42: where *interface* is your wifi card,03:02
nintendork45dabud: ubottu is a bot :P03:02
Panarchyzsquareplus: I haven't found any03:02
linxehComrade-Sergei: have you run apt-get update recently ?03:03
iShockHow do I update gfx driver in Xubuntu? Intel drivers, anyone?03:03
linxehComrade-Sergei: and dist-upgrade ?03:03
Rootylavacano201014 Ubuntu has recognized it but I can't browse it with nautilus, it says unable to mount.03:03
nintendork45dabud: ubottu is a bot :P03:03
nintendork45how do i install grub2 ON the MBR?03:03
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, again im still running hardy03:03
zurniShock: did you run restricted drivers thing ?03:03
dabudnintedo   yes i know  but he prolly likes to be ty'd now and then03:03
lavacano201014Rooty-\ That's kinda odd03:03
iShockzurn, haven't gotten one I don't think.03:03
PanarchyOh, also I would like to save my GMT settings03:03
linxehComrade-Sergei: sure, but dist-upgrade just gets the latest packages for your release03:03
AAAEMSUhttp://pastie.org/324170 < --- I get this error, any ideas?03:03
Rootylavacano201014 My system is: let me reboot03:03
lavacano201014Rooty-\ Do a "mount /dev/hdb1" and pastebin the results03:03
Rootylavacano201014 ok03:04
grizlo42zurn: nothing was found :(03:04
zurniShock: system / administration / hardware drivers03:04
innovate2000yes - the server entry exists on the GC (I did it to eliminate the question - usually never have to pre-enter as Win servers add auto if done by auth user) - i've replaced 8 win servers with Kubuntu (Hardy 8.04) and all went without a hitch - 8.10 introduces these issues03:04
toad3030does anybody use cedega or wine??03:04
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, cant till i fix exim it wont let me03:04
iShockzurn, *X*ubuntu03:04
nintendork45lavacano201014: try mount -t /dev/hdb1 <mount point>03:04
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zurngrizlo42: then your card isnt seeing any networks, thats why network manager isnt showing any03:04
nintendork45how do i install grub2 ON the MBR?03:04
lavacano201014nintendork32-\ He's already got the device in his fstab, but Nautilus is saying something about "Unable to Mount"03:04
innovate2000linxeh: yes - the server entry exists on the GC (I did it to eliminate the question - usually never have to pre-enter as Win servers add auto if done by auth user) - i've replaced 8 win servers with Kubuntu (Hardy 8.04) and all went without a hitch - 8.10 introduces these issues03:05
grizlo42but in windows it found 503:05
Rootylavacano201014 [mntent]: line 22 in /etc/fstab is bad03:05
NotADJWhat package can I find the ndiswrapper kernel module in?03:05
nintendork45how do i install grub2 ON the MBR?03:05
zurngrizlo42: i understand that03:05
musikgoat|mainnintendork45: sudo update-grub?03:05
grizlo42zurn: then what is the possible cause of this03:05
zurngrizlo42: i am saying that there is a problem w/ your wireless causing it NOT to see any wireless03:06
lavacano201014Rooty-\ "nopaste /etc/fstab" and give me the result03:06
lavacano201014I think03:06
lavacano201014Hang on03:06
zurngrizlo42:  did you do a updatemanager yesterday?03:06
musikgoat|mainnintendork45: you said grub2 was already installed right?03:06
iShockNotADJ: You're not allowed!03:06
nintendork45musikgoat|main: ok i skipped it from chainloading grub2. how can i rechainload it?03:06
grizlo42zurn: a few days ago03:06
lavacano201014Rooty-\ No, it's not nopaste...03:06
linxehComrade-Sergei: ok, what if you do apt-get remove exim4?03:06
musikgoat|mainnintendork45: during the install of grub2?03:06
dabudok this is getting to overwhelming.      i have a linksys befsx41  router and in the settings i can do a ping test  and it always says Sent 1 pkt  Rec'd packets 0.     Linksys does not support linux  and when i asked about the ping  they saaaid i should turn my firewall off03:06
zurngrizlo42: i wonder if you updated something that broke it...03:06
nintendork45musikgoat|main: yeah :'(03:06
Rootylavacano201014 I found it, I had copied your quotation marks (dumb me). It is mounted03:06
dabongoHey! Just installed linux like 2 hours ago....for the first time...and im looking for some basic tips for updates I need to do....and Im wondering how to run 'sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade' in a terminal. Not able to install ccsm...03:06
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, it errors out03:06
nintendork45musikgoat|main: tried removing and reinstalling to03:07
musikgoat|mainsudo dpkg-reconfigure grub203:07
lavacano201014Rooty-\ Heh, that happens sometimes03:07
nintendork45musikgoat|main: tried it03:07
zurngrizlo42: im having similar problems, i can get on my wifi network, but its laggy, like i try to load a webpage and it sits there for 5 minutes before it loads.03:07
Rootylavacano201014 I have read/write now on this drive right?03:07
lavacano201014Rooty-\ I usually do dumb things like that on Monday mornings :-P03:07
lavacano201014Rooty-\ Did you put it in as "defaults,rw"?03:07
grizlo42zurn: actually apparently it has been a few weeks, apparently all its shown has been wine since then (this isn't my comp, its my sister's)03:07
dabongoAnyone here who can help a new linux user with some basic questions?03:07
Rootylavacano201014 So, when compared to you, I have extended dumbness:P03:07
linxehComrade-Sergei: or apt-get remove mail-transport-agent03:07
Rootylavacano201014 Yes I did:)D Thanks for your help!03:08
Jack_Sparrow!find compizconfig-settings manager03:08
ubottumanager is not a valid distribution ['dapper', 'feisty', 'feisty-backports', 'gutsy', 'gutsy-backports', 'hardy', 'hardy-backports', 'intrepid', 'intrepid-backports', 'jaunty', 'jaunty-backports', 'kubuntu-members-kde4', 'medibuntu']03:08
RootyPanarchy Thanks for your help!03:08
Jack_Sparrow!find compiz03:08
lavacano201014!find compizconfig-settings-manager | Jack_Sparrow03:08
ubottuFound: compiz-fusion-bcop, compiz-fusion-plugins-extra, compiz-fusion-plugins-main, compizconfig-backend-gconf, libcompizconfig0 (and 13 others)03:08
ubottu is not a valid distribution ['dapper', 'feisty', 'feisty-backports', 'gutsy', 'gutsy-backports', 'hardy', 'hardy-backports', 'intrepid', 'intrepid-backports', 'jaunty', 'jaunty-backports', 'kubuntu-members-kde4', 'medibuntu']03:08
lavacano201014Heh, pipe doesn't work that way03:08
boggdyHello guys. If anyone worked with LAMP, can you tell me where am I supposed to save the php files?03:08
musikgoat|mainboggdy: /var/www  usually03:09
linxehboggdy: wherever you tell apache to look for them03:09
Jack_SparrowInfo compizconfig-setings-manager03:09
iShockHow do I close Update Manager, it won't let me X it out while it's updating03:09
Jack_Sparrow!Info compizconfig-setings-manager03:09
ubottuPackage compizconfig-setings-manager does not exist in intrepid03:09
boggdymusikgoat|main: i don't have this folder03:09
linxehboggdy: typically you reconfigure apache to look somewhere sensible for the files other than /var/www03:09
lavacano201014!find compizconfig-settings03:09
grizlo42iShock: why do you want to close it while it is updating?03:09
ubottuFound: compizconfig-settings-manager03:09
boggdylinxeh: how do i do that?03:09
dabongohow do I run 'sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade' in a terminal? Anyone who can asnwer me why I can't install ccsm?03:10
iShockgrizlo42: So I can do it via CLI03:10
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, not installed03:10
lavacano201014Jack_Sparrow-\ You forgot a t :-P03:10
nintendork45musikgoat|main: any other ideas?03:10
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, this is REALLY irratating03:10
iShock!ino compizconfig-settings-manager03:10
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:10
musikgoat|mainnintendork45: nope03:10
iShock!info compizconfig-settings-manager03:10
Jack_Sparrowlavacano201014 Which repo is it in?  that is all that guy needs..03:10
ubottucompizconfig-settings-manager (source: compizconfig-settings-manager): Compiz configuration settings manager. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.7.8-0ubuntu3 (intrepid), package size 619 kB, installed size 4048 kB03:10
endo602someone know how to get spdif working for an xfi card on ibex?03:10
musikgoat|mainnintendork45: sorry03:10
grizlo42iShock: its not recommended to do that03:10
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, it wont remove the "heavy" daemon03:10
Jack_Sparrowdabongo Enable the right source..03:10
linxehboggdy: http://httpd.apache.org03:11
lavacano201014!info compizconfig-settings-manager03:11
ubottucompizconfig-settings-manager (source: compizconfig-settings-manager): Compiz configuration settings manager. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.7.8-0ubuntu3 (intrepid), package size 619 kB, installed size 4048 kB03:11
Doctor-Steveusing ubuntu server here, want to know how to forward all traffic from my internal interface (eth0) to my internet interface (eth1) ?03:11
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories03:11
lavacano201014Jack_Sparrow-\ Universe component03:11
grizlo42iShock: but if you must there is an applet called system monitor that allows you to end a certain process03:11
=== qbmaniac is now known as qb|away
Jack_Sparrowlavacano201014 dabongo needs help with that03:11
musikgoat|maindabongo: open a terminal (apps->accessories) and put whats inside the quotes (sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade03:11
linxehComrade-Sergei: hmm, ok - what about if you try removing all of the packages it complains about on the same command ?03:11
lavacano201014dabongo-\ Turn on your "Universe" component and install it03:12
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, didnt know you could how does one go about doing tha?03:12
lavacano201014If you haven't touched the component settings, it should be on03:12
linxehComrade-Sergei: apt-get remove package package package package03:12
Doctor-Steveusing ubuntu server here, want to know how to forward all traffic from my internal interface (eth0) to my internet interface (eth1) ?03:12
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, lol03:13
Rootylavacano201014 I have no write permission on the drive. Any suggestions?03:13
PanarchyRooty: You're welcome!03:13
lavacano201014Rooty-\ Hmm...03:13
lavacano201014Rooty-\ Unmount it, and try a "sudo chmod /dev/hdb 777" on it03:14
lavacano201014(777 IS read/write/execute for all, right?)03:14
linxehComrade-Sergei: you may also need to purge and update, upgrade, then install -f or something. sorry I cant remember, I thought someone else woudl have chipped in by now!03:14
Rootylavacano201014 ok03:15
zenomy computer takes 5 minutes to get past the BIOS screen, 2 to load grub, and things still seem sluggish.  also fsck said there were errors in the root partition but i have no idea what to do in maitnence shell.  help!03:15
lavacano201014Rooty-\ Now try writing to it03:15
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, heres the error    http://pastebin.ca/126718603:15
PanarchyWhat I wish to do, is save my Firefox extensions, my WINE programs & What I added (and removed) from the panel, and I need to save these settings (and cutomisations) onto a custom LiveCD?03:17
=== pckchem_ is now known as pckchem
PanarchyWhat I wish to do, is save my Firefox extensions, my WINE programs & What I added (and removed) from the panel. I need to save these settings (and cutomisations) onto a custom LiveCD. How would I go about doing this?03:18
linxehComrade-Sergei: dpkg -r exim4-daemon-heavy ?03:18
Rootylavacano201014 sudo chmod 777 /dev/sdb1  Still don't have permissions03:18
lavacano201014Hmm, I got nothin'.03:19
Rootylavacano201014 wait.....03:19
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, they keep returning error status "3"03:19
linxehComrade-Sergei: ooh, this looks like there are bugs agsinst it :003:19
psusidoes anyone else have a problem with firefox changing font size every time you load a new page on ubuntuforums.org? the text gets bigger, then smaller every bloody time I load a new page03:20
linxehComrade-Sergei: this is mad, but it looks like you might have to reconfigure exim to get it running. once it is running you can remove / install other things :/03:21
mykel_easterncomanybody knows about vtiger03:21
Rootylavacano201014 Still not working03:21
lavacano201014I still got nothin'.03:21
linxehComrade-Sergei: https://launchpad.net/bugs/274012 and others03:21
kc8pxyi have some jar's in need to make a webstart app work. where am i supposed to put them?03:21
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, lazy programmers....03:21
lavacano201014kc8pxy-\ Where does the webstart app look for them?03:21
lavacano201014Usually in the same directory as the app, methinks03:22
lavacano201014Or like in ./lib or ./jars or something]03:22
linxehComrade-Sergei: well, its not lazy programmers so much as not understanding how to fix it I think. consider the number of packages in the ubuntu repos too... :)03:22
mavsman4457I recently uninstalled pulseaudio and installed esound in order to get my mic working and then i had to adjust the mic settings in alsamixer and now my volume key doesn't control the volume, it only controls the mic playback level03:22
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, ugh pisses me off since exim has been nothing but a can of works03:23
tritiumComrade-Sergei: you're free to join the programmer ranks, and not be lazy03:24
kc8pxylavacano201014: most of them seem to be in the jre directory(it was designed narrowly to work best on windows or MacOs) for some reason it fails to verify some jars when i simply run the webstart file on any linux distro i've found,  but TRIES really hard and mostly succeeds on wine.   but if i can wine it, i SHOULD be able to make the native vm run it.03:24
Randall1i think i messed up my xorg file, is there any way to repair it without an install CD03:24
=== justin__ is now known as Justin123
PanarchyWhat I wish to do, is save my Firefox extensions, my WINE programs & What I added (and removed) from the panel. I need to save these settings (and cutomisations) onto a custom LiveCD. How would I go about doing this?03:24
linxehComrade-Sergei: indeed. but it isnt an exim probably probably, but a package maintainers fault :o03:24
kc8pxylavacano201014:  there is A LOT of display corruption when i run it as a webstart undure a wine'd jre.03:25
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, jeez its screwing up this lab03:25
linxehComrade-Sergei: lab ?03:25
grizlo42iwlist scan doesn't find anything for my ath0 atheros 5xxx card03:25
lavacano201014kc8pxy-\ Possibly in the /usr/lib or /usr/share? I dunno03:25
grizlo42while windows does03:25
grizlo42what might be a possible cause03:26
kc8pxylavacano201014:  how do i as apt/dpkg where the files for the jre got put?03:26
linxehkc8pxy: /usr/lib (or lib64)/java or something03:26
lavacano201014kc8pxy-\ You know how in Windows all the program files are usually stored in C:\Program Files\___?03:27
linxehkc8pxy: or /usr/lib/jvm/blah - something like that03:27
lavacano201014Well, Linux is a little more complicated, it uses two folders03:27
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, this is a project im doing for a customer, in a lab , we just call projects labs i guess by slang03:28
lavacano201014/usr/bin/____ is the command name, and /usr/share/____ holds most of the files for it03:28
linxehlavacano201014: for java it uses far more than that "two" folders. just like windows uses more than 1 location03:28
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, reminisint of college03:28
lavacano201014In a couple of cases you'd find stuff /usr/lib/____03:28
lavacano201014linxeh-\ I was about to cover /usr/lib, I don't think /usr/local gets used much (if at all) in Ubuntu, and I doubt it's in /dev or /boot03:29
* lavacano201014 facepalms03:29
lavacano201014I forgot about /etc03:29
FloodBot2lavacano201014: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:29
me_How do I restore gdm? sudo apt-get install gdm ubuntu-desktop gives me a "package gdm is not available"03:29
linxehlavacano201014: /opt and /usr/local get used as much as third party software / custom builds are used :p03:30
grizlo42i guess no one is going to help me03:30
lavacano201014me_-\ Did you remove it completely or did you just switch to kdm/xdm?03:30
cxoHow do i get a faster mirror for my updates?03:30
Thirtysixwaygrizlo42:  perhaps there aren't drivers for it?03:30
grizlo42atheros 5xxx?03:31
grizlo42supposedly there are03:31
me_I was trying to fix sound following web page instructions. Looks like removing alsa removed gdm03:31
lavacano201014me_-\ If all you did was switch it out, then change a config file to read /usr/sbin/gdm (I think)03:31
lavacano201014me_-\ Well, THAT'S not supposed to happen!03:31
slestaki have a bad intrepid iso im trying to repair with rsync.  the googled rsynccdimage hits im seeing around the community focus on beta testing.  does anyone know of an rsync server I can hit for intrepid i386 desktop iso?03:31
Thirtysixwaycxo:  system > administration > software sources    go to Download From and select Other... and then click select best server03:31
PanarchyWhat I wish to do, is save my Firefox extensions, my WINE programs & What I added (and removed) from the panel. I need to save these settings (and cutomisations) onto a custom LiveCD. How would I go about doing this?03:32
Randall1so i think i messed up my xorg file and was wondering if there was a way to restore it (without an installation CD if possible)03:32
lavacano201014I've been seeing a lot of weird support requests lately, wide range of em too03:32
jmazaredowhat application use port 28117?03:32
cxoThirtysixway, thanks03:32
me_agree author of that page must be a ms agent in disguise03:32
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, so nothing i can do?03:32
linxehComrade-Sergei: I would get exim running with the dpkg-reconfigure thing from earlier I think, then remove03:33
linxehbased on that bug report03:33
chetnickhi, i am setting up my new tablet-pc with ubuntu, i have to edit xorg.conf, and i am suppose to have this section Section "ServerLayout" but i dont. Does that mean that xorg server is not installed?03:34
linxehor see if anyone else here knows what thehell is going on03:34
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, oy03:34
aprilhareanyone play openarena? - I'm trying to install openarena 0.8.1 from getdeb (0.7.7 is in the repositories however is rather outdated) and the getdeb packages leave the game without any maps! Does anyone know how to fix openarena?03:34
linxehoy ? :o03:34
slestaki have a bad intrepid iso im trying to repair with rsync.  the googled rsynccdimage hits im seeing around the community focus on beta testing.  does anyone know of an rsync server I can hit for intrepid i386 desktop iso?03:34
cxoubuntu rocks!03:35
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, hah when i try it says it cant because its broken03:35
aprilharecxo, does that mean it's good or its back in the dark ages still banging rocks together? :)03:35
temppyslestak: you could use torrent maybe03:35
mavsman4457my volume button stops controlling the master volume03:35
ubuntu-810I recently installed Ubuntu 8.10 (I had been using a previous version), and now my screen shakes whenever gnome starts up or I open "Screen Resolution".  Does anyone have a solution?03:36
linxehComrade-Sergei: what about apt-get -f remove x y z ?03:36
lavacano201014ubuntu-810-\ "shakes"?03:36
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, maybe let me try03:36
lavacano201014ubuntu-810-\ It's probably a side affect of GNOME checking out your monitor specs03:37
ubuntu-810@lavacano201014, yes, it's difficult to describe.  The display rapidly moves the image back and forth03:37
=== ExecutiveOrder is now known as Jakob_the_Liar
lavacano201014ubuntu-810-\ Are they little shakes, or do you get motion sickness off them?03:37
dabudwhere in ubuntu file system would i find (if any) information about my router03:37
linxehComrade-Sergei: and now I'm going to bed. it's 3:40am here, and I've got an 8:30 meeting. ugh.03:37
cxoaprilhare, its uncomfortably too easy to use :)03:37
temppyslestak: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RsyncCdImage03:37
linxehComrade-Sergei: good luck :)03:37
me_this is the page that caused me too loose gdm http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=1191847&postcount=103:37
aprilharecxo, dam straight.03:37
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, sorry its 2237 here03:38
ubuntu-810@lavacano201014, The entire bottom half of the screen becomes unusable for a couple seconds03:38
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, thanks anywaus03:38
linxehComrade-Sergei: damn ESTers03:38
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, heh03:38
me_Does ubuntu have something like a repair. Don't want to re-install from scratch03:38
Hammihey oh03:38
scunizime_, what do you want to "repair"03:39
lavacano201014ubuntu-810-\ Could be worse. I don't know about you, like maybe this might trigger epilepsy or something, but if it happened to me, I might do it on purpose just to watch it03:39
me_following some instruction to fix sound I lost GDM03:39
ardchoilleme_: it's a little late now, but you might consider using something like PArtImage to clone your partitions, you can easily restore them later.03:39
tritium!caps | Hammi03:39
lavacano201014ubuntu-810-\ But I think it's a side affect of GNOME checking your monitor specs03:39
ubottuHammi: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.03:39
scunizime_, so  you're left at the command prompt? with no gui?03:39
pschulz01Greetings.. anyone familiar with udev? I'm trying to attach a scsi (fiber) tape device and 8.10 is not going to same thing that 7.10 used to.03:39
lavacano201014Hammi-\ Yeah, all caps == shout, and Wine runs WoW03:39
me_scunizi yes. I can start gui with startx03:40
aprilhareooooo what is WoW anyway?03:40
HyperFireRush_how about i uninstalled ubuntu with a dual boot with windows....and it crashed my whole system03:40
ubuntu-810@lavacano201014, Several times after that happened my screen froze up.  The mouse would move, but I could not click anything.  I thought it might be related, but it sounds like it would not be03:40
JanekMZ21symbolic link help: How can I create a shortcut on a desktop to an OpenOffice file?03:40
lavacano201014aprilhare-\ World of Warcraft03:40
* aprilhare has recently emerged from a rock03:40
aprilhareaaahhh ic03:40
dabudi guess the ? was aanother dumb one03:40
scunizime_, and when you reboot the gui doesn't automatically start?03:40
lavacano201014ubuntu-810-\ OK, maybe it's not a side affect of hardware checking...03:40
me_scunizi, correct. I think I need to reinstall gdm but don't know how03:41
lavacano201014But if it's only doing this on login / Screen Resolution window opening...03:41
Hammihow can i install world of warcraft on ubuntu?03:41
Comrade-Sergeilinxeh, i think i just got it03:41
lavacano201014Hammi-\ I just said Wine could run it...03:41
ubuntu-810@lavacano201014, Nut that was also after the computer came back up from a blank screen03:41
ubuntu-810@lavacano201014, *But03:41
Hammiwhere do i get wine?03:41
lavacano201014Hammi-\ sudo apt-get install wine03:41
lavacano201014In console03:41
lavacano201014Stupid thing fell on my keyboard...03:42
lavacano201014Hammi-\ Then do "wine /media/cdrom/Install.exe" (or whatever WoW's setup executable's called)03:42
scunizime_, the easiest way is "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop" but more than likely you haven't really removed the gui.. it's just not starting on it's own since it works with startx.. I'll ask a more refined question to the channel for you .. sorry I don't have the answer myself.03:42
UnknownUSSRStill can't load grub ( error 17 which in this doesn't seem to mount because apparently the root is not valid )even after restoring and editing some files which had apparently been erased while booting to Windows .. maybe it's the config file that should be edited instead of the menus.lst but  I'm at a miss .. here's fdisk-l&&part of menu.lst that may be of help ,http://paste.ubuntu.com/76888/ ,please give a suggestion to resolve this issue03:43
JanekMZ21if any can help me with a symbolic link/shortcut you can joint #shortcut room03:43
me_Thanks scunizi I tried sudo apt-get... but tells me package not available.03:43
scuniziCan anyone help me_ reestablish automatic loading of the gui on boot.. currently he's dumped to a command prompt but it will start with "startx"03:43
zytrateHey hey.  Hopefully simple question... I have files on an external networked drive that were owned by a user from a previous system.  Root can't chmod or chown them, and they show as being owned by "500" - how do I recover them?03:43
JanekMZ21i want to create a shortcut to a file, that will open in OpenOffice03:44
amenWoW very slow gaming for wow sorry i bad speak for english03:44
FlyzoolaYo guys, I'm having a problem with setting my resolution. When I start my PC it says I'm on low graphics mode and that I need to configure my monitor/card (since I just got a new one). I do it (as best I can) on that app, but when ubuntu loads, I can only get two resolutions... 800x600 being the largest on the GUI. How can I fix this so that I can get bigger resolutions?03:44
amensorry wine03:44
pckchem!recoveringgrub UnknownUSSR03:44
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:44
Steve[cug]Lets say I have a user thats in multiple groups specified by the limits.conf file, is the last limit applied? smallest?03:44
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto03:44
scunizime_, how's that for a question?  enough to the point?03:44
chetnickpart of which package is xorgconfig ?03:45
temppyme_: you can install ubuntu-desktop?03:45
temppyme_: *cant?03:45
UnknownUSSRpckchem:Can't boot from a liveCD,only from a USB ( currently on slackware ),so can't sudo grub/grub03:45
scunizitemppy, me_ has desktop installed and works with startx .. it just doesn't start automatically from boot.03:45
me_temppy how? sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop tells me package not available03:45
pckchemUnknownUSSR: No CD Drive? Or LiveCD not working?03:46
temppyme_: how did this happen?  is this a fresh install?03:46
zytrateme_: Is GDM in the default runlevel?03:46
zytrateOr KDM, or whatever03:46
PanarchyBest channel on earth: #HackBuntu03:46
me_following instructions here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=1191847&postcount=103:46
PanarchyWhat I wish to do, is save my Firefox extensions, my WINE programs & What I added (and removed) from the panel. I need to save these settings (and cutomisations) onto a custom LiveCD. How would I go about doing this?03:47
me_I think the sudo apt-get --purge remove linux-sound-base alsa-base alsa-utils did it.03:47
UnknownUSSRpckchem:LiveCD isn't working,even the XP installations disk/Ubuntu liveCD etc.,I'm confused as to what I should do ...03:47
FlyzoolaI'm having a problem with setting my resolution. When I start my PC it says I'm on low graphics mode and that I need to configure my monitor/card (since I just got a new one). I do it (as best I can) on that app, but when ubuntu loads, I can only get two resolutions... 800x600 being the largest on the GUI. How can I fix this so that I can get bigger resolutions?03:47
pckchemUnknown: Do you know how to edit your BIOS?03:47
pckchemUnknownUSSR: Do you know how to edit your BIOS?03:47
chetnickxorgconfig anybody? no?03:47
ubottuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines03:47
scunizime_, don't forget to address people with their nicks so your responses don't get lost in the noise.03:48
me_temppy I think the sudo apt-get --purge remove linux-sound-base alsa-base alsa-utils did it.03:48
temppyme_: can you sudo apt-get update?03:48
pckchemUnknownUSSR: Better question. Describe to me what happens when you try to boot from a live CD03:48
zytrateSo, any ideas on recovering ownership of these files?03:49
me_temppy sudo apt-get update seemed to run ok03:49
* Panarchy says Hi03:49
temppyme_: sudo apt-get install pastebinit   ?03:49
UnknownUSSRpckchem:Oh I know how to set it to boot from a CD first ,it's not working ,when putting the Ubuntu live cd it just skips the cd and goes on to booting from the hd ( I had wubi setup the boot for the live CD )03:50
PanarchyWhat I wish to do, is save my Firefox extensions, my WINE programs & What I added (and removed) from the panel. I need to save these settings (and cutomisations) for my custom LiveCD. How would I go about doing this?03:50
UnknownUSSRbest bet was chroot but sudo-install always returns some kind of error03:50
me_temppy sudo apt-get install pastebinit seemed to run ok03:51
=== pyrak|cutoffname is now known as pyrak
DavidCanariasIs there any way I can memorize texts using keyboard? For example if I used a lot "this combination of text" very regularly instead of having to write it every time I could memorize it? Hope Ive explained clearly. Thks03:51
akiois there a trick to get permission to edit network connections in the NetworkManager/gnome-control-center applet?03:51
temppyme_: apt-cache policy ubuntu-desktop | pastebinit03:51
akiomine doesn't have an unlock button....03:52
UnknownUSSR akio:Go super-user ( root ) sudo -i03:52
akiobut then the connection doesn't show up as normal user03:52
lavacano201014akio-\ gksu "systemsettings" should do it03:52
DavidCanariasIs there any way of memorizing a combination of words on one key please?03:53
pckchemUnknownUSSR: I have to ask, are you sure that the live CD works? Sometimes there are errors in the burning process03:53
PanarchyWhat I wish to do, is save my Firefox extensions, my WINE programs & What I added (and removed) from the panel. I need to save these settings (and cutomisations) for my custom LiveCD. How would I go about doing this?03:54
ahtmly2khi all! is there a vm that can run osx leopard on ubuntu?03:54
tritiumDavidCanarias: memorization is a mental task03:54
cuogahtmly2k: try vmware?03:54
TrinithisWhat program woudl I use to record into a wav/mp3 the current sound my computer produces?03:54
Thirtysixwayahtmly2k, You'll be hardpressed to find even a PC that will run osx03:54
cuoger sorry wrong person03:54
UnknownUSSRpckchem:yep,tried 3 different ones ,not only ubuntu live CDs,but Windows XP disks aswell,I'm currently chrooted on my ubuntu installation disk and trying to recover grub ,but sudo-install /dev/hda2 '/dev/hda2: Not found or not a block device.'03:55
FrictorI'm having trouble with Open Office in Ubuntu.  The menu bar and the menus that drop down from there show only dashes or underscores, rather than text.  Is there an easy fix for this?03:55
me_temppy sudo apt-cache fails complaining about parameters for paste. If I run apt-cache policy.. without the pipe I get 3 lines Installed[none] Candidate[none] version table:03:55
cuogTrinithis: in audacity theres an option along the lines of what you hear, choose that03:55
akiolavacano201014, UnknownUSSR: doesn't show up in nm-applet03:55
Trinithisok ill give it a shot03:55
FlyzoolaI'm having a problem with setting my resolution. When I start my PC it says I'm on low graphics mode and that I need to configure my monitor/card (since I just got a new one). I do it (as best I can) on that app, but when ubuntu loads, I can only get two resolutions... 800x600 being the largest on the GUI. How can I fix this so that I can get bigger resolutions?03:55
trainpichey can anyone help with a lost partition table?03:55
wosis there any particular reason why ubuntu thinks some kind of package manager is running when there are none visable?03:56
Panarchyinstall your correect driver03:56
trainpicI have ext3 and luks partitions03:56
Panarchywos, is it sleeping?03:56
lavacano201014Panarchy-\ You've been asking that for an hour or more now, don't think it can be done...03:56
lavacano201014Panarchy-\ Sorry03:56
cuogDoes anyone know how to enable remote desktop without using the GUI?03:56
Panarchynothing to lose by trying!03:56
scuniziwos, something is running.. synaptic? aptitude? apt-get?03:56
Panarchyand just posted it on another forum03:56
lavacano201014wos-\ /var/dpkg/lock03:56
FlyzoolaPanarchy, how do I install the drivers? is there a site where I can get ubuntu drivers or what?03:56
temppyme_: cat /etc/apt/sources.list | pastebinit03:56
Panarchywhat graphics card do you have?03:56
PanarchyOops, wrong link03:57
lavacano201014wos-\ Package managers make that file when they're running. Seems a package manager forgot to kill it03:57
wosneither aptitude nor apt-get are running03:57
FlyzoolaPanarchy, ATI All-In-Wonder VE03:57
lavacano201014wos-\ "sudo rm -f /var/dpkg/lock"03:57
lavacano201014Then you should be good03:57
Panarchytrainpic: sudo apt-get install testdisk03:57
hmw_trainpic what has happened?03:57
me_temppy that worked.03:57
temppyme_: can you post the link?03:57
trainpicthe setup cmd in grub overwrote my partition table...03:58
PanarchyFlyzoola: Type that into google, but end it with 'deb' or 'ubuntu' (and if neither bring up anything) 'linux'03:58
trainpicwhat does testdisk do?03:58
kc8pxylavacano201014:  mind helping me troubleshoot this?03:58
psusitrainpic: what do you mean?03:58
tspikefor anyone familiar with telnetting into SMTP servers, how do you abort sending a message after issuing the DATA command and before '.' ?03:58
me_tempy http://pastebin.com/f1f757ce4 that is soo cool03:58
hmw_trainpic the partition TABLE or the mbr boot loader?03:58
pckchemunknownUSSR: That is very strange. Are you *SURE* your bios is configured correctly? I've never encountered a situation where a valid liveCD won't startup that wasn't the result of some sort of BIOS funniness.03:58
lavacano201014kc8pxy-\ Troubleshoot what now?03:58
trainpicpartition table03:58
kc8pxynetx: Initialization Error: Could not initialize applet. (net.sourceforge.jnlp.LaunchException Fatal: Initialization Error: A fatal error occurred while trying to verify jars.)03:58
Panarchytrainpic, use a liveCD and type this into terminal: sudo apt-get install testdisk03:58
trainpicmy partitions are no longer visible03:58
Panarchythe run sudo testdisk03:58
kc8pxylavacano201014:  that :-(03:59
hmw_trainpic so youre not seeing any partitions on the drive anymore, also not in linux?03:59
psusitrainpic: fdisk -l says what?03:59
wosis there any particular reason why ubuntu thinks some kind of package manager is running when there are none visible?03:59
trainpichmw_ exactly03:59
UnknownUSSRNo takers ?03:59
Panarchywos: Yes03:59
lavacano201014kc8pxy-\ What, exactly, though? I missed it03:59
Panarchywos: Yes, if they are sleeping03:59
trainpicfdisk -l reports no partitions either03:59
lavacano201014wos-\ Because the file /var/dpkg/lock exists03:59
wosneither aptitude nor apt-get are running03:59
temppy!sources | me_04:00
ubottume_: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories04:00
=== nick_ is now known as Skky
lavacano201014wos-\ Delete that file, and Ubuntu won't complain about running package managers anymore04:00
kc8pxylavacano201014: just after you asked what  just now, i posted it..04:00
kc8pxylavacano201014: netx: Initialization Error: Could not initialize applet. (net.sourceforge.jnlp.LaunchException Fatal: Initialization Error: A fatal error occurred while trying to verify jars.)04:00
temppyme_: the last link04:00
lavacano201014kc8pxy-\ Hmm04:00
DasEiwos:it takes a minute till apt realizes/the sub-procs from another app are closed, watch with top04:00
SkkyCan someone help me with disallowing certain FTP connections from specific IPs?04:00
woslavacano201014, DELETE WHAT04:00
hmw_trainpic i am currently trying to revive my windows, too, so i cant go to look for a software for you. Try to find something like "Easy Recovery" (demo version is ok) and let it search for any partitions on the drive, then let it restore the table. i wish you luck!04:00
lavacano201014kc8pxy-\ The jars are screwy04:00
SkkyI have this in my hosts.deny : "vsftpd :"04:00
lavacano201014wos-\ /var/dpkg/lock04:00
lavacano201014It's a file04:00
lavacano201014Delete it04:01
Panarchytrainpic: Have you installed TestDisk yet?04:01
Panarchy(free + open-source)04:01
trainpicim running it now04:01
lavacano201014wos-\ No prob...04:01
Panarchywhen it's finished04:01
Fezzler1Just installed a wireless card and can't figure out where to get started to get it going04:01
Panarchyand if the partition table looks right04:02
Panarchypress write to MBR04:02
lavacano201014kc8pxy-\ So, like I was saying, the jar files are screwy it seems...04:02
Fezzler1D-Link AirPlus DWL-G51004:02
DasEi!wireless | Fezzler104:02
ubottuFezzler1: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs04:02
trainpicwill it be able to find luks partitions?04:02
kc8pxylavacano201014:  how do i unscrew them? it works "fine" on the jre in wine.04:02
lavacano201014kc8pxy-\ Possibly they're using Windows termination codes.04:02
vnhi, mount.cifs is usually supposed to be in smbclient package right?  I don't have it even tho' smbclient is installer, how do I get it back?04:03
lavacano201014kc8pxy-\ If they run fine under Wine, I think we found your problem04:03
me_tempy have to study that to get my GDM back?04:03
UnknownUSSRpchkem:the disks are valid ,and the bios is set to boot from cd first/the booting order is set to cd first .The problem is when trying the boot to Windows XP ,GRUB hung at 'GRUB Loading stage2',so after 30 minutes I rebooted the machine ,and error 17 was being shown .Tryingto reinstall grub but can't because this usb I'm booting from is slackware and very limited ( doesn't have grub ) so I chrooted into the ubuntu mount but can't get sudo grub-i04:03
UnknownUSSR..brb rebooting router04:03
temppyme_: um, yes, your sources are messed up04:03
lavacano201014kc8pxy-\ So, what we wanna do is find a program that will fix that04:03
gluonmanI just got a new external hard drive from my friend (it's used). There's a folder on it that has two corrupted .doc files in it. I can't delete it because it gives me an input/ouput error. The files located inside the directory aren't visible in nautilus. How can I remove this directory and the files inside of it?04:03
lavacano201014!info tofrodos04:04
ubottutofrodos (source: tofrodos): Converts DOS <-> Unix text files, alias tofromdos. In component main, is optional. Version 1.7.8.debian.1-1 (intrepid), package size 19 kB, installed size 80 kB04:04
lavacano201014No, that's for text files...04:04
Comrade-Sergeianyone know what sendmail error 78 is?04:04
lavacano201014Jars are binary, I think04:04
me_temppy nothing that will set them right from install cd (Sorry, new at ubuntu)04:04
scunizigluonman, sounds like you should start fresh anyway.. reformat it.04:04
kc8pxylavacano201014:  IIRC, not..   they might have binary's in them, but they are zips, IIRC.04:05
temppyme_: sorry, are you using the livecd?04:05
gluonmanscunizi, I just thought of that right before you mentioned it.04:05
lavacano201014kc8pxy-\ Zips are binary...04:05
hmw_i installed 7.10 and the grub menu contained the wrong command hd(1,x) - it is hd(0,x). I'd like to know, why grub got confused? it also made windows unbootable (already fixed)04:05
hmw_i am using one IDE and one SATA drive04:05
me_no, installed from an ISo image from ubunto site.04:05
lavacano201014They're also less compressed than .tar.bz2, but that's not the point...04:05
Thirtysixwayare there any ubuntu cons?04:06
me_temppy no, installed from an ISo image from ubunto site.04:06
temppyme_: what are you running right now?04:06
scunizihmw_, that happens with a mix of sata and ide drives .. didn't happen to me on ibex though..04:06
kc8pxylavacano201014: i guess we have a different perspective of the definition "binary.   but ok.  i think of a binary as a machine-code executable :)04:06
lavacano201014Point is, even if archives (zips and jars in this case) contain only text files, they are binary files04:06
DasEihmw_: could you paste your menu.lst and out from : sudo fdisk -l  ?04:06
lavacano201014kc8pxy-\ Binary is anything that isn't a plaintext document (HTML documents, .txt's, etc)04:07
me_temppy I have 2 Ubuntu installations both hardy heron. Running xchat on one and trying suggestions on the other04:07
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)04:07
lavacano201014kc8pxy-\ Basically, anything you can open in less without getting a crapload of random gibberish is plaintext, and if you get a ton of random gibberish like ^[7BBag@, then it's binary04:07
kc8pxylavacano201014:  let's agree to have different definitions(and understand the difference) and work past it.04:07
scunizime_ why hardy and not ibex?  Ibex seemed to fix a lot of the sound issues.04:07
UnknownUSSRSorry,if anyone had a suggestion to my problem please repeat04:07
temppyme_: so you cant run the software sources program?  you need to add main to your sources.list04:08
lavacano201014kc8pxy-\ Well, that's how FTP handles plaintext vs. binary, so my vote is to use that...04:08
me_I thought Ibex was betta while Hardy was stable04:08
kc8pxylavacano201014:  either way, how do we fix the jar?04:08
lavacano201014Because most other programs do it that way too (less even warns me about reading binary files with it)04:08
me_tempy I thought Ibex was betta while Hardy was stable04:09
me_temppy I thought Ibex was betta while Hardy was stable04:09
scunizime_ no.. hardy is LTS (long term support 3 yrs) Ibex is the latest stable release supported for 18 mths.04:09
lavacano201014kc8pxy-\ Find a program somewhere that will convert binary files (FTP definition) from Windows to Unix04:09
Panarchytrainpic: How did it go?04:09
trainpicstill running04:09
Skkyanyone know how to deny ftp from a certain ip address?04:09
scottztechnically Ibex isn't a stable version.  8.10 is  =)04:09
temppyme_: you still need to add main to your repos04:09
lavacano201014kc8pxy-\ For that, we'll have to ask an old buddy of mine, Google...04:09
trainpicwill it find luks partitions?04:09
* lavacano201014 opens a browser on the other machine04:09
scottzI wish people would stop using the code name and start using the version for stable releases04:10
Panarchytrainpic: I forget how it works04:10
PanarchyBut I think part of it doesn't care what partition scheme it's in04:10
kc8pxylavacano201014: ......   this is a jnlp we're running.  most of the jar's are remote.04:10
PanarchyBut it supports almost all filesystems04:10
trainpicno no04:10
Panarchyif I remember correctly04:10
scuniziscottz, :( My mother use to say.. if wishes were horses, beggers would ride :)04:10
Panarchythe only one it doesn't support is zfs04:10
hmw_scunizi DasEi http://paste.ubuntu.com/77008/04:10
Panarchy(I think)04:10
trainpicluks is encrypted lvm04:10
Panarchyjust keep the scan running04:11
trainpicwondering if the encryption might throw it off...04:11
Panarchythen paste the results04:11
me_temppy thanks! I will need to study repositories tomorrow. Imaing upgrading to ibex would not solve the problem?04:11
trainpic75% now04:11
temppyme_: can you open your sources.list?04:11
hmw_scunizi DasEi it didnt happen, when i installed 8.10, so i am a little bit confused about the reasons behind the mixup04:11
lavacano201014kc8pxy-\ Well, then I have no idea whatsoever04:11
lavacano201014Because I can't put it clearly enough to Google...04:11
kc8pxylavacano201014:  thx for helping.04:11
temppyme_: can you just fix your sources first?  you may need to do that anyway04:12
me_temppy what text editor do I invoke from the command line?04:12
Fezzler1I've read the help files on wireless set up and the are over my head.  I have the PCI card install, I have driver from D-Link and RALINK04:12
Fezzler1I'm lost04:12
PanarchyWhat I wish to do, is save my Firefox extensions, my WINE programs & What I added (and removed) from the panel. I need to save these settings (and cutomisations) for my custom LiveCD. How would I go about doing this?04:12
vnhi, mount.cifs is usually supposed to be in smbclient package right?  I don't have it even tho' smbclient is installer, how do I get it back?04:12
temppyme_: gedit or nano04:12
scunizihmw_, not really sure but in 8.10 and 8.04 the method of identifying HD's changed.. everything became referenced as sdX and used uuid's for identification.04:12
temppyme_: or, you could use the software sources program I originally suggested04:13
WillyWonka389hey my internal microphone does not work, any ideas?04:13
WillyWonka3899> i tried using pulseaudio and made sure everything was unmuted04:13
hmw_scunizi DasE1 how would the command hd() in menu.lst look like, if you use these references? i supsect another entry for assigning the drive to the numbers?04:13
me_temppy  what software sources program? May have missed it04:14
temppy!sources | me_04:14
ubottume_: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories04:14
DasE1hmw_: could you paste your menu.lst and out from : sudo fdisk -l  ?  my crystal ball's batterys are empty04:14
hmw_DasE1 - http://paste.ubuntu.com/77008/04:14
chetnickwhy i dont have xorgconfig, which package should i install to use that?04:15
temppyme_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu04:15
trainpicit doesn;t look like my table at all, but here is what i have04:15
trainpic 1 * Linux                 6271   0  1  6271 254 63      1606504:15
trainpic 2 P Linux                 6756   0  1  6756 254 63      1606504:15
scunizihmw_, grub is the only place hd is used as far as I know.  hd0 is sda, hd1 is sdb,  hd(0,1) is sda2, hd(1,0) is sdb104:15
me_temppy that is an easy to follow link. WIll try it. Thanks !04:16
dev_Hi, I want to add command "metacity --replace" while booting. How can I do that?04:16
dev_I tried to add in rc.local buut no use  ;(04:16
Panarchytrainpic: Go deeper search04:16
trainpicdoing that now04:16
hmw_scunizi hd0 is hda, if youre using only IDE, too. i know, the numbers are not an exact match for sure.04:16
Al2O3where can I find the Ubuntu alternative CD for install04:16
Panarchyshould take a while04:16
trainpicapparently it can find luks partitions tho04:16
trainpicat least from what it sead04:16
scunizihmw_, except on 8.10.. hda isn't used as a reference04:17
Fezzler1I am running Hardy, just installed a D-Link G510 PCI wireless network card.  Downloaded drivers from D-Link.  Lost from here?04:17
DasE1hmw_: hd(0,2) for ubuntu04:17
trainpicbtw thx for ur help04:17
WillyWonka389hows life04:17
matiasdj87i need help to the sound card04:18
ahtmly2ksorry i was away... but there are people able to install leopard on pc's especially intel-based, not to mention genuine tiger also came out for intel pc's wouldnt totally possible to run osx on vm in ubuntu? i got virtual box ose and virtual machine manager; which one's better? i find virtual box easier to use since the interface is really friendly, but still haven't tried to actually use it to install anything. however i'm totally blind on virtual mac04:18
DasE1hmw_: bte what is the first drive in your bios , the sata I guess ?04:18
ahtmly2khine manager... any suggestions. i wanna run adobe cs4 without having to use it on windows...04:18
hmw_DasE1 this question is about finding out, what happened, i repaired my sys already. i would like to find out, why the 7.10 installer made the mixup04:18
porter1Are there any programs for ubuntu that can manage ti calculators?04:18
trainpicmatias: what snd card is it?04:18
matiasdj87mi notebook is Compaq Presario F756la04:18
crashsystemsanyone know what scim-launcher does?04:18
hmw_DasE1 yes, i think so (not 100% sure) but i saw two boot partitions (one on each drive) so i assume it must be the sata04:18
matiasdj87mi problem is a microphone internal04:18
matiasdj87Ubuntu 8.1004:19
pckchemahtmly2k that is probably best for #ubuntu-offtopic04:19
DasE1hmw_:in the end of menu.lst you find a mapping, which is prbly done because you are not booting from the first(bios) disk in your pc04:19
trainpicwhat is wrong with the mic?04:19
urthmoverI have connected an external USB drive hfsplus but it is insisting on being read-only how can I make it writable?04:19
WillyWonka389matiasdj,  i have the same problem04:19
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about scim-launcher04:19
hmw_DasE1 sounds reasonable04:19
hmw_DasE1 i added the ide driver after xp was installe04:19
urthmover/dev/sdb1 /media/ExternalHD hfsplus ro,nosuid,nodev,noexec,umask=22,uid=0,gid=0,nls=utf8 0 004:19
hmw_DasE1 "drive"04:19
urthmoverthat is my cat /proc/mounts04:20
matiasdj87know how to fix it?04:20
PanarchyWhat I wish to do, is save my Firefox extensions, my WINE programs & What I added (and removed) from the panel. I need to save these settings (and cutomisations) for my custom LiveCD. How would I go about doing this?04:20
WillyWonka389So does anyone know anything about sound cards or internal microphones.04:20
WillyWonka389Myself an Matiasdj89 seem to have a similar problem04:20
PanarchyI think mic's need drivers04:20
DasE1hmw_:so you got your answer, most prbly bios changed it to first disk (could have checked and correct it there at buil-in-time)04:20
Panarchythough not 100% sure04:20
matiasdj87I am from argentina..04:20
Fezzler1I'm pretty good with figuring stuff out but this wireless PCI from scratch has me lost.  Any one get me pointed on where to dtart?04:20
DasE1matiasdj87: !br04:21
WillyWonka389panrchy:internal mic's too?04:21
ubottuPor favor use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Obrigado.04:21
me_temppy set source to cd rom and did a reload. What next?04:21
trainpictry starting the mixer04:21
temppyme_: you need to add main04:21
trainpicsee if there is a source setting.04:21
scunizi!wireless | Fezzler1 if it helps04:21
ubottuFezzler1 if it helps: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs04:21
PanarchyWillWonker, dunno04:21
WillyWonka389trainpic: whats that like pulseAudio?04:21
Al2O3can anyone point me to the alternative CD image, the main one I grabbed from ubuntu.org is not installing on a Toshiba A105 S214104:22
trainpicvolume control04:22
DasE1matiasdj87: sry, ar :04:22
PanarchyTry SuperUbuntu04:22
ubottuLa comunidad local de Argentina se puede encontrar en #ubuntu-ar y en su canal de offtopic: #ubuntu-ar-cafe04:22
matiasdj87I have tried many methods04:22
hmw_DasE1 didnt know, that bios can see such things... well... uhm... i still dont understand it fully, so i will go and ask google for detailed background info on bios boot stuff *sigh* or i just forget about it. thanks for your time, DasE1 scunizi!04:22
dd_deargod#nick name cwo_bat_country04:22
Al2O3thank yo, will do04:22
scuniziAl2O3, you want an alternate to the alternate?04:22
Al2O3just want an alternative to the main one.04:22
DasE1hmw_: it's easy to understand, pm me if you want04:22
me_temppy when I do a search for main there are several packages on the right. Add them all?04:22
Relycwhen i try to set up my network between another ubuntu machine the os says permission denied04:23
Fezzler1scunizi>> Sorry, those pages are too confusing for me.  I have my wirless working with my laptop, so I just need to get the card in my Ubuntu box going04:23
matiasdj87Go to Ubuntu Argentina... Thanks! many thanks04:23
Fezzler1scunizi>> D-Link AirPlus G DWL-G51004:23
temppyme_: no, you need to add the main repository04:23
WillyWonka389matiasdj89: what exactly is the problem04:23
matiasdj87microphone internal not work04:24
scuniziAl2O3, on the main ubuntu page if you click the download button (big one) the next page has a link for the alternate.. in text on the right column04:24
WillyWonka389ok we have the same issue, other sounds are fine right04:24
me_temppy ok.04:24
Relycwhen i try to set up my network between another ubuntu machine the os says permission denied from the main user04:24
WillyWonka389Now if only we knew someone who could help us04:25
scuniziFezzler1, have you tried installing the ubuntu restricted extras package?  of course that would be tough without a connection unless you also have a hardwire available..04:25
temppyme_: System > Administration > Software Sources    check off the (main) repo04:25
WillyWonka389matiasdj89:  this is mypost on the forums linked are many walkthroughs:http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=6253297#post625329704:25
chetnickwhats up with xorg.conf in 8.10? its empty, not empty but like generic or something. Just few lines?04:26
me_temppy main added. What next?04:26
trainpicthe new X server doesn't use xorg.conf by defual04:26
scuniziFezzler1, I have a dwl- card too in one of my machines.. not sure which version but the g510 looks familure.. after installing the restricted extras package it worked.. also look in System>admin>hardware drivers to see if it's listed either before or after install of the restricted extras pkg.04:27
matiasdj87 04:27
matiasdj87I look at it there, where are you?04:27
WillyWonka389i am th OP04:27
chetnicktrainpic: here is the deal i need to setup my tablet-pc (n-tring) i found good guide with some wacom patch. but i need to edit my xorg.conf and add some stuff. How do i do that in 8.10?04:27
WillyWonka389it isnt really helpful but....04:27
matiasdj87How long do you use ubuntu?04:27
Fezzler1scunizi>> Is the restricted from Synaptic or the D-Link site driver?04:28
WillyWonka389the more attention the better04:28
scuniziFezzler1, synaptic04:28
woscan anyone tell me why ubuntu thinks there is some kind of package manager running when in fact none are??04:28
WillyWonka3898 months04:28
temppyme_: finally!  sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop^                   don't forget the ^  and good luck04:28
trainpicnot exactly sure04:28
trainpicwhat does it tell u to edit?04:28
WillyWonka389i have hardy04:28
Fezzler1scunizi>> Search D-Link or Atheros?04:28
matiasdj87ah.. i have Intrepid04:29
scuniziFezzler1, search restricted04:29
chetnicktrainpic: to add few lines in Section "server layout", i dont have that section in xorg.conf04:29
WillyWonka389is that when it started?04:29
wedgeoflemonwhat kind of files do skydomes have to be for compiz?04:30
matiasdj872 year04:30
WillyWonka389matiasdj89: i have been thinking of upgrading, apparently the sound configuration is done better04:30
trainpici'm not sure what do do in that case04:30
scuniziFezzler1, is called linux-restricted-modules<kernel version>04:30
trainpicim not an expert on X04:30
me_temppy install in progress. Thanks for your help. If I want to familiarize myself with Linux am I better off with Ibex or Hardy?04:30
DasE1matiasdj87: could also search: !sound04:30
trainpica patch04:30
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP304:30
woscan anyone tell me why ubuntu thinks there is some kind of package manager running when in fact none are??04:30
WillyWonka389ubottu: what aboutinternal mic's?04:31
ubottuI am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:31
matiasdj87I thought the same thing, but it was not so04:31
trainpiclike something that you have to recompile Xorg for?04:31
Flannelwos: Do you have update-manager running?04:31
Flannelwos: (also, if you just rebooted, it might be running automatically)04:31
trainpicits not done yet04:31
trainpicbut its still only finding those 2 partitions04:31
wosflannel is that so?04:31
hmw_wos: maybe some program you dont identify as package manager is really running . i think it comes in three fahions: the "add software", "synaptic" and "update manager". ther might be some apt-get or aptitude running in a shell, too.04:32
LF|Irssiis ^ like a wild card or something? and does that work in other commands besides apt?04:32
Flannelwos: If you are absolutely sure you don't have anything running (and have checked ps aux), you can delete the lock file manually.04:32
scuniziFezzler1, ubuntu-restricted-extras is actually for mp3 and other codecs.. linux-restricted-modules has the atheros driver.04:32
=== me_ is now known as me_afk
Flannelwos: Yeah, and then the icon in the top right tells you if it found updates, etc.04:32
ddgooseFezzler1, can you please do -> sudo lspci -v04:32
ddgooseThen put results for network cards on pastebin04:32
cuoghey does anyone know how to enable remote desktop without using the GUI?04:32
matiasdj87in Suse the microphone works good04:32
wosflannel, yes but the update manager itself cant start04:32
Fezzler1ddgoose>> yes04:33
Flannelwos: alright, what does the following give you: sudo apt-get update04:33
WillyWonka389thats another dist?04:33
urthmoverWould someone help me connect an hfsplus external drive to Intrepid and make is writable?04:33
Flannelwos: Pastebin that, and also pastebin `ps aux`04:33
Flannel!paste | wos04:33
ubottuwos: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)04:33
urthmoverat this point its indetified and mounted  but its READ-ONLY04:34
urthmoverI'd like to be able to write04:34
RyanPriorHow do I find out what version of xorg I'm using?04:34
n8tuser2urthmover--> you have a filesystem on it?04:34
candive! medibuntu04:34
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org04:34
urthmovern8tuser2: yes I do04:34
n8tuser2RyanPrior--> xdpyinfo04:35
n8tuser2urthmover--> what FS is on it?04:35
RyanPriorn8tuser2: That gave me a ton of info. Any tips on filtering?04:35
urthmoverpm n8tuser204:35
RyanPrior!pm | urthmover04:35
ubottuurthmover: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please don't PM a user in the channel without asking first, some find it rude.04:36
n8tuser2RyanPrior--> come on, can you at least read it,04:36
DasE1urthmover: create a dir, mount it, own the dir to normal user04:36
Fezzler1ddgoose>> http://paste.ubuntu.com/77011/04:36
=== RealKillaz is now known as BastaWor
RyanPriorn8tuser2: significant bits in color specification:    8 bits04:36
n8tuser2RyanPrior--> man less   or man more04:36
urthmoverDasE1: mkdir: cannot create directory `1': Read-only file system04:37
aprilharehello: I have a question: my Philips VOIP080 usb corded phone currently works as a headset. however I found in the Xorg.0.log log file that it is recognised: http://paste.ubuntu.com/77012/ my question is how could i go about using the keypad properly with skype??04:37
urthmovern8tuser2: mkdir: cannot create directory `1': Read-only file system04:37
Fezzler1ddgoose>> I also downloaded a driver from D-Link and RaLink - but not sure what to do.04:37
n8tuser2urthmover--> what FS is on it?04:37
wosflannel http://paste.ubuntu.com/77013/04:37
urthmovern8tuser2: hfsplus04:37
DasE1urthmover: mind if I pm you ?04:37
urthmoverhfsplus is a filesystem right?04:37
urthmoveryes please DasE104:37
wosflannel http://paste.ubuntu.com/77010/04:38
Flannelwos: Line 89, you have an aptitude running.04:38
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about vsftpd04:38
aprilharehfs+ is a filesystem under macos04:38
scuniziFezzler1, that card has atheros chipset.. install the linux-restricted-modules package for your kernel version04:38
n8tuser2urthmover--> i have no idea what hfsplus is, but if you can google for it, to get me some explanations?04:38
urthmoveraprilhare: right04:38
Fezzler1scunizi>> downloading it now04:38
urthmoverthx anyway n8tuser204:38
FlannelLoveGuru: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/serverguide/C/ftp-server.html04:38
Luke___all of a sudden ubuntu 8.10 doesnt play DVD's.  any advice please?04:38
LoveGuruFlannel: tx.04:39
RyanPriorLuke___: use the force.04:39
Luke___RyanPrior, what?04:39
Luke___RyanPrior, force?04:39
aprilhareLuke___, someone hasn't seen star wars.04:39
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about force04:39
Luke___!using force to play DVD04:39
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:39
wosflannel, where would it be listed under my system monitor04:39
FlannelGuys, please keep offtopic humor out of this channel.  Thanks.04:39
RyanPriorI am ROFL.04:40
Luke___aprilhare, dont do that04:40
Luke___all of a sudden ubuntu 8.10 doesnt play DVD's.  any advice please?04:40
Flannelwos: Um, No idea.  I don't think I've ever used system monitor.  But it'd be listed as aptitude ;)  Just wait until that process ends.04:40
Luke___!playing DVD04:40
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about playing DVD04:40
wosflannel its not there04:40
FrictorI've seen worse abuses of rpgserv04:40
Flannel!dvd | Luke___04:40
ubottuLuke___: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats04:40
Luke___Flannel, it was playing DVD. I followed that link already04:40
wosflannel ive been waiting an hour04:40
Flannelwos: Oh, system monitor probably doesn't show you processes that aren't owned by you.04:41
Luke___Flannel, all of a sudden it doesnt read the DVD in the drive! any ideas?04:41
ddgooseFezzler1, it looks like its being recognized ok04:41
Fezzler1scunizi>> Download now what?04:41
Fezzler1ddgoose>> now what?04:41
FlannelLuke___: No idea, sorry.04:41
roshan /window04:42
wedgeoflemoncan someone please help me, my skybox for the deskcube wont work04:42
Luke___it was playing DVD, but all of a sudden ubuntu 8.10 doesnt recognise a DVD in my drive.  any advice please?04:42
wosflannel, so where would i find it04:42
scuniziFezzler1, sudo /etc/init.d/network restart     (if your irc connection is on this machine you'll lose it)04:42
Flannelwos: It's in ps aux.  I don't know what you mean by "find it"  aptitude is a terminal application.04:42
phzxHello, guys :) I would like to know how to run a program from terminal (like $ firefox) and then deatach it from the terminal? Sorry, but I'm newbie :-)04:43
ddgoosealso pastebin the output of -> iwconfig04:43
Fezzler1scunizi>> IRC on separate PC.  Should I disconnect my wired cable to the Ubuntu PC at this point?04:43
wosthere is no terminal and there was no terminal running prior to the ps aux04:43
scuniziFezzler1, no04:43
scuniziFezzler1, see ddgoose post above04:43
FrictorI've got a problem with Open Office in 8.10.  When I load the program, the menus in it show up as either dashes or underscores.  Is there a way to fix this from the user end, or do I need to report it for the devs to fix?04:43
Flannelwos: Do you have ssh enabled on this box?  Have you checked your ttys? (ctrl-alt-f1 through ctrl-alt-f6, ctrl-alt-f7 gets you back to the GUI)04:43
trainpicits done04:44
phzxI must be invisible :/04:44
trainpicand it still only shows the 2 luks partitions :(04:44
PanarchyHow does it look?04:44
LF|Irssiphzx: firefox &04:44
Panarchywell select one of them04:44
Panarchypress p04:44
Luke___it was playing DVD, but all of a sudden ubuntu 8.10 doesnt recognise a DVD in my drive.  any advice please?04:44
scottzphzx: explain what you mean by detach?04:44
phzxty Irssi :))04:44
Fezzler1scunizi>> command not found04:45
scottzphzx: Do you want the display to go away or go to another computer?  What is the purpose of detaching?04:45
phzxscotz, like i ran it from Applications -> Internet -> Firefox04:45
scuniziFezzler1, k.. reboot it.04:45
trainpick i selected one04:45
Flannelwos: pastebin the output of this, it'll give us more information about that process: ps auxw | grep aptitude04:45
Fezzler1iwconfig:  lo no wireless extensions    eth0 no wireless extensions04:45
trainpicthis def. isnt right tho04:45
ddgooseFezzler1, reboot04:45
scottzphzx: explain what you mean by detach?04:46
Flannelwos: It'll give you one line (well, two with the grep)04:46
Frictorhe did.04:46
Panarchytrainpic, how so?04:46
ddgooseThen same command04:46
trainpicthey are both 16065 in length04:46
trainpicand i know one was way bigger than the other04:46
trainpicalso there should be 2 ext3 partitions as well...04:46
LF|Irssiphzx: screen might work too for what you're wanting 'screen firefox'04:46
LF|Irssi!screen | phzx04:46
ubottuphzx: screen is a terminal multiplexer. See http://www.kuro5hin.org/story/2004/3/9/16838/14935 and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GNU_Screen04:46
Panarchyhave you tried listing the files04:46
wosroot     19255  0.0  1.9  55308 39656 ?        Sl   22:17   0:02 aptitude install virtualbox-2.004:46
wosme       25147  0.0  0.0   3240   816 pts/0    S+   23:46   0:00 grep aptitude04:46
PanarchyI think it was p04:46
Panarchyor l04:47
trainpicthat sets it primary04:47
Panarchywell try one04:47
phzxfirefox & worked just the way I want it04:47
Flannelphzx: That's silly.  Overkill for what you're trying to do.  Whats wrong with starting firefox in the run dialog? (Alt-f2)04:47
Panarchywhich ever 1 charecter lists the files04:47
LF|Irssiok :)04:47
questnnHow do I make network manager remember the ip adds I put in?04:47
scottzphzx: ok, you just wanted the process to run in the background...04:47
Flannelwos: alright, so, you're apparently trying to install virtualbox-2.0, do you remember trying to do that?04:47
trainpicim looking for that04:48
trainpichang on04:48
scuniziFezzler1, now the network icon link up by the date/clock.. check that for options04:48
Flannelwos: When?04:48
wosjust an hour ago04:48
Flannelwos: Alright, and that terminal is where?04:48
phzxI have another question, why in firefox I can't middle click to scroll easier?04:48
Fezzler1scunizi>> yes, now shows both Netwroking and Wirless Enable checked04:48
wosits gone, ive logged in and out since then04:48
Fezzler1scunizi>> and connection info04:48
Fezzler1scunizi>> disconnect my wired yet?04:49
scuniziFezzler1, cool.. now you just have to tell it to connect thte wireless.. disconnect the wired.. yes04:49
phreckHey guys anyone have a good thread or site for getting the Dell Studio 15 up and running completely?04:49
Fezzler1scunizi>> dumb question - pull the wire or uncheck the Enabled good enough04:49
scuniziFezzler1, pull the wire.. just for good measure.04:50
Flannelwos: well, that's where your problem started.  We could kill it, and then fix whatever issues are caused by it if you'd like.04:50
fibraopticahay alguien que hable español en esta sala04:50
Flannel!es | fibraoptica04:50
ubottufibraoptica: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.04:50
phzxwhy in firefox I can't middle click to scroll easier?04:50
wosok that'd be great04:50
trainpicit doesnt have a key to list files04:50
Fezzler1scunizi>> I see green lights flashing04:50
Fezzler1scunizi>> on the wireless card04:51
Fezzler1scunizi>> now what?04:51
scuniziFezzler1, YEA!04:51
scuniziFezzler1, try connecting to a site04:51
Panarchy(make it quick)04:51
trainpicthere isnt a key to list files04:51
Fezzler1scunizi>> no go04:51
trainpici tried running the scan again04:52
Panarchyyes there is04:52
Flannelwos: alright, so, from that line, we know the PID is 19255, so `sudo kill 19255`  then run `ps aux | grep aptitude` and see if it returns the aptitude command04:52
Panarchyyes, trainpic, what happened?04:52
Fezzler1scunizi>> wait, let me select my SSID04:52
trainpici said yes to the vista partitions q04:52
trainpicand i think its finding my other partitions now04:52
trainpicwe'll see04:52
Panarchygood luck04:52
FloodBot2Panarchy: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:52
Fezzler1scunizi>> bingo04:52
trainpicthx for your help04:52
urthmoverWell I'm still struggling getting an external USB hard drive to be read/write.  Does anyone here have experience with mounting drives in fstab and such?04:52
scuniziFezzler1, working?04:53
Fezzler1scunizi>> any tweaks for speed or security? Yup - working04:53
wosme       25445  0.0  0.0   3236   808 pts/0    S+   23:53   0:00 grep aptitude04:53
Fezzler1scunizi>> email and all04:53
DasE1urthmover: everythings fine, exept the fact you gotta be root to write to it04:53
Flannelwos: good.  You've killed it.  Now do this: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade, and see if it works04:54
scuniziFezzler1, security..  wpa but it's not always the easiest to get working.. wicd seems to work better then network-manager from what I understand but if you use it you have to uninstall network-manager04:54
greghereWhy wont Ubuntu install pick up network card?04:55
_cbtemppy this is me_ with the desktop back. Thanks a lot !!!!!!!!04:55
wosyes it worked for the most part04:55
LF|Irssiis there a way to exclude a folder from the locate command? i dont want /media/disk to be included04:56
Flannelwos: It might give you a command to finish reconfiguring virtualbox or whatnot, go ahead and do that if it says to.04:56
=== zero is now known as somethingclever
adrenergichi room04:57
adrenergici need help regarding OIDENTD.conf04:57
_cbIf I want to familiarize myself with Ubuntu am I better off with Hardy or with Ibex? (Currently using Hardy)04:57
k_lowfor the locate command check the file /etc/updatedb.conf04:57
somethingcleverwhat is the line you have to add it /etc/modules to enable some broadcom wifi cards?04:57
k_lowand then "man updatedb.conf"04:58
adrenergichow can i put multiple replies on one line..... allow reply ... can anyone tell me the syntax should it  be separated by commas or quotes or space or anything else04:58
k_low_cb i would say it depends on what you want to try out ubuntu to do04:58
Fezzler1scunizi>> Security is set in wireless router via MAC filter, right?04:58
k_lowlatest and greatest whistles and bells or stable production environment04:59
k_lowdesktop or server?04:59
scuniziFezzler1, that is one way.. that's what I use at home..04:59
scuniziFezzler1, also I turn off broadcasting04:59
keith1569anyguys can anyone here help me with getting mt-daapd working04:59
somethingcleverwhat is the line you have to add it /etc/modules to enable some broadcom wifi cards? has somethign to do with b43 or something?04:59
renj2bHello, everybode here ?04:59
Fezzler1scunizi>> I have a wired router and chained to it via the DMZ for VPN pass thru is my wireless router05:00
_cbk_low am trying to evaluate ubuntu as a successor to XP and an alternative to Vista/Windows 705:00
scuniziFezzler1, more complicated than my setup but it works!05:00
Fezzler1scunizi>> Works, but I turn wireless on and off because I don't understand MAC filter and it seems to throw off my CISCO VPN05:00
pckchem_cb, i'd day 8.10 due to better hardware support and a little bit slicker user interface.05:00
pckchem_cb, *say*05:01
k_low_cb go with ibex and if your machine has the resources go with ubuntu-studio edition05:01
renj2b@_cd u can install ubuntu by disk setup, choose line2 ,install as a program of win05:01
keith1569anyone use itunes server?05:01
renj2bno :(05:01
keith1569damn lol05:01
k_lowthen make sure you get all the partner and unsupported repositories05:01
renj2b? Why u say that ?05:01
_cbok since I am in Hardy is it better to upgrade or do a clean install? If it was windows I would do a clean install.05:02
renj2bkeith1569 is impolite05:02
keith1569why am i impolite..im just playin05:02
scuniziFezzler1, use the routers mapping of dhcp to figure out what your machine's mac address is.. then under the mac filter section enter the address and "allow only" that one.05:02
ddgoose_cb, open terminal -> sudo update-manager -d05:02
somethingclevercan anyone help me get my broadcom wifi card working? it says enabled and in use but it isnt working05:02
k_lowthe upgrade is clean05:02
scuniziFezzler1, do that in the wireless router.05:02
k_lowbut a clean install is always a nice fresh start05:02
renj2bHow can i find driver for ubuntu T_T ?05:03
k_lowhow backed up is your box and comfy you are restoring it05:03
DasE1somethingclever: seen:05:03
adrenergici'm using hardy-heron.... ie 8.04LTS... my graphic card & monitor supports 1024x768x32 but linux isn't getting it... now i'm on 800x600... it was working in 6.06LTS & 7.04... how am i gonna change it to that!05:03
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about braodcom05:03
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WifiDocs/Driver/Broadcom43xx05:03
gluonmanDesktop effects keep automatically turning off sometimes in Intrepid for some reason. Compiz doesn't work when that happens.05:03
renj2bHow can i find driver for ubuntu T_T ?05:03
Fezzler1scunizi>> okay, I see the dhcp in the wireless.  what do I do with that?05:03
_cbguess I can do a clean install on one machine and an upgrade on another. sudo update-manager -d does the upgrade?05:04
RyanPriorHow do I find what version of X11 I'm using?05:04
Flannel!upgrade | _cb05:04
ubottu_cb: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes05:04
Fezzler1scunizi>> It says DHCP Address Range followed by and IP then ~ and a number05:04
scuniziFezzler1, highlight and copy (ctrl+c), then go to the mac filter section of the same router and ener it.05:04
k_lowi agree ubottu :)05:04
renj2b@_cb I think just sudo apt-get update05:04
scuniziFezzler1, sounds like you might be in the wrong section05:04
scuniziFezzler1, what kind of router..?05:05
td1231omg, hibernate and suspend work on 8.10 finally!!! thank you05:05
RyanPriortd1231: woohoo05:05
somethingcleverThere was some command i entered in terminal to get wifi working (2 days ago) and i entered that same commmand into my /etc/modules, does anyone know what the command is?05:05
somethingcleverPlease Help me05:05
k_low_cb it would be "sudo aptitude upgrade" or "sudo aptitude dist-upgrade"05:05
Fezzler1scunizi>> Belkin05:05
k_lowif you were to use command line05:06
unstableHow can I found out what my sound device is?05:06
Flannelk_low: That's not really true.05:06
td1231somethingclever: in a terminal, press the up arrow key to see your history, hopefully you can find it05:06
scuniziFezzler1, back in a few.. look around.. check manual.. my kids need me for a few minutes.05:06
k_lowbut synaptic will happily do it for you if you are a pointy clicky type user05:06
ddgoosesomethingclever, see if you can find the command in your shell, type -> history05:06
somethingclevertd1231, ddgoose i had to reinstall since then05:06
k_lowFlannel - no why not?05:06
Flannelk_low: Because he wants to switch from one version to another.  That command will merely make him up to date with his current version.05:07
unstableHow do I found out what file name, /dev/dsp or whatever, I need to do for some sound application?05:07
k_lowthe dist-upgrade05:07
Flannelk_low: yep05:07
k_lowbut you should do the upgrade first05:07
somethingcleverhow do i install broadcom drivers via terminal?05:07
k_lowin order to normalize the system05:07
scuniziFezzler1, check pm05:08
Flannelk_low: no.  dist-upgrade by itself won't upgrade from version to version, only up-to-date with current version05:08
k_lowjumping multiple versions during a dist-upgrade asks for trouble05:08
Fezzler1scunizi>> PM?05:08
qcjnhi, i'm trying to connect with ssh, and after the password it tell's me "permission denied" ?05:08
k_lowcorrected i am05:08
ddgoosesomethingclever, check pm05:08
Fezzler1I still don't understand05:08
crashsystemsdoes anyone know where a users trash is contained?05:08
Flannel!trash  | crashsystems05:08
ubottucrashsystems: The location of Trash has changed since 8.04, it is now located in ~/.local/share/Trash | Looking for the trash in previous versions: ~/.Trash05:08
phreckanyone here have a Dell studio?05:09
scuniziFezzler1, there is a section in the router that allows for mac filtering..usually under Wireless and Wireless Mac Filter05:09
shlomicI have an NTFS disc with  stuff on it, i want to phsically connect it to my ubuntu and share it via samba with windows clients. does it matter that its NTFS, should i format it to FAT, is there a difference in performance?05:10
Fezzler1scunizi>> There's a Filter IP Address Range section; a Filter Port Range; Filter MAC Adress; Edit MAC Filter Settings05:10
scuniziFezzler1, Edit might be the place to start then filter mac address05:10
terr_where can I get some detailed video driver support information for Xfree86 on Ubuntu?  I'm looking for multi head info on a savage4 (8a22) chipset living on a VIA/S3 Predator LT4 card05:10
Fezzler1scunizi>> every teenager in the neighnorhood probably uses my wireless when I forget to disconnect it05:11
pckchemshlomic - not really. Actually ntfs tends to be a little better than FAT in my experience. Besides, if you format to FAT you loose your stuff. If you're going to format it to anything just do it to ext305:11
scuniziFezzler1, that's a good reason for mac filtering.05:11
DasE1!sudo | urthmover05:11
ubottuurthmover: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome), or !kdesudo (KDE)05:11
DasE1!sudo > urthmover05:11
ubottuurthmover, please see my private message05:11
scuniziFezzler1, AND turning off "broadcasting" of the ssid05:11
Fezzler1scunizi>> In Edit, there is a drop down - Filter MAC Address - and then ten field mac 1 through 1005:12
scuniziFezzler1, that's where you'd enter your mac address05:12
Fezzler1scunizi>> Drop down goes 1~10, 11~20, etc.05:12
shlomicpckchem, thanks, do i need to install anything for NTFS support?05:13
scuniziFezzler1, each numeric value probably represents a different mac address.. just enter your's into position #105:13
Fezzler1scunizi>> where do I get my MAC Address?05:13
Fezzler1scunizi>> you mean the DHCP we discussed?05:14
ruiner189Hi everyone. I'm new to all of this so I need a little bit of help. I'm trying to install the dependency dri2proto in order to run a mesa opengl driver, but, lol, I'm not really sure how to type in the path in the terminal for the location of the file. I'm very used to xp, if not obvious. Anyone like to help? : D05:14
gluonmanMy visual effects are automatically shutting off for some reason. I'm using Intrepid. How can I diagnose and fix this problem?05:14
FlannelFezzler1: ifconfig, it's your HWaddr05:14
andy_hello, I'm trying to get some help setting up my postfix mail server on hardy...is this the appropriate channel?05:15
scuniziFezzler1, go up to the wireless connection icon up by the date/clock and right mouse click. choose connection info and look at the last item in the list05:15
terr_andy #postfix05:15
soierdpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem, what's it05:15
andy_thank you terr_05:15
terr_andy_: I run postfix on Debian and on the OpenBSD servers05:16
Fezzler1scunizi>> Hardware Address?05:16
scuniziFezzler1, yes05:16
terr_andy_ but not at the ISP style emails which I need05:16
Fezzler1scunizi>> Enter that in the first Filtered Mac Address field mac 105:16
shlomicdo i need to install anything for NTFS support?05:17
scuniziFezzler1, yes.. cap and lower case make a difference as well as the ":" 's05:17
Fezzler1scunizi>> ?05:17
DasE1 shlomic: which ubu-version ?05:17
shlomicDasE1, its ibex , but server + thunar + xorg+ firefox+ xfce405:18
IdleOneshlomic, no05:18
Fezzler1scunizi>> It has more characters than the mac 1 field accepts05:18
DasE1 shlomic: should be there by default, might try : sudo apt-get install ntfs-3g05:19
shlomicDasE1, i will thanks05:19
sancho21I failed installing ubuntu with persistent configuration and home using unetbooting, usb-creator or xubuntu8.10 specific usb creator. My files keep missing after restart. So do with configurations05:19
ddgooseFezzler1, are you putting the :'s in also?05:19
scuniziFezzler1, should be 12 numbers in pairs seperated by colons05:19
ahtmly2kany1 got experience in installing a sonyericsson dcu-11 cable on ubuntu?05:19
luciddreamhi, my main computer got fried today.  I just stuck one of my harddrives (IDE) into my server box and want to mount it.  It's got separate ext3, fat32, and swp partitions if I remember.  How can I discover the volume labels so I can mount it?  I want to mount the fat32 but am having trouble.05:19
Fezzler1ddgoose>> yes05:19
ddgoosedrop the :'s05:19
scuniziFezzler1, just use the colons. :)05:20
=== zero is now known as somethingclever
* Mustinet gm all o/05:20
Fezzler1scunizi>> Yes, it is six pairs of characters separated by colons05:20
scuniziGood call ddgoose ! :)05:20
ddgoosemine just takes the straight hex with no :'s05:20
somethingcleverddgoose, im back05:21
n8tuser2luciddream--> fdisk -l05:21
scuniziFezzler1, so they are entered?  don't forget to hit the save button if there is one.05:21
DasE1is there a great risk to run fsck.hfsplus on a hfs external ?05:21
hmw_luciddrea start fdisk and enter "p" (print partitions) to find which parition is fat3205:21
hmw_luciddrea fdisk -l even better05:22
Fezzler1scunizi>> It does not accept them all05:22
Fezzler1scunizi>> I do use the colons, rigth05:22
scuniziFezzler1, then drop the colons05:22
DasE1is there a great risk to run fsck.hfsplus on a hfs external ?   using the force - option ? ubu comlains about journaling fs without f05:22
neuratixhi, i would like to file a bug or something, but anyway: the last update killed open office!05:22
Fezzler1scunizi>> setting successful05:23
luciddreamthanks n8tuser2 and hmw_ I'll try it05:23
urthmoverwhat does force checking do if I run fsck.hfsplus -f  ?05:23
DasE1luciddream: sudo fdisk -l  or look into gparted05:23
neuratixsuddenly i was looking at the desktop with nothing else than the update manager running as i was writing my ex.phil-paper05:23
urthmoverwould that possibly help my ability to write to that mounted drive?05:23
scuniziFezzler1, good.. look in the other menu's about mac filtering and set it so the one you entered is the only one used..05:24
relisysSomeone please help me. I cannot start my DVD in linux05:25
Fezzler1scunizi>> Filter IP Address Range section offers a Start and End range?05:25
mmcjii am looking for software to make screen captures for tutorials.  What are people using on ubuntu for this?  I have tried, recordmydesktop, istanbul, and xvidcap.  I have also tried wink but it is not gpl.05:25
urthmoverDasE1: I'm inclined to do the -f  cause I'm feeling impatient  what do you think?05:25
relisysIts a perfectly working DVD and no matter whati try it does not work05:25
relisysin i windows it plays with no prob05:25
Fezzler1scunizi>> Filter Port Range offers a Protocol Drop Down and a Start and End rnage05:26
somethingcleverrelisys, do you have restricted formats enabled?05:26
cvd-prCan someOne explain me Hwy Text-Editor(gedit) takes 10 second to OPen?05:26
luciddreamfdisk -l is a godsend.  worked like a charm!05:26
scuniziFezzler1, no.. one of the other ones you mentioned previously dealing specifically with MAC05:26
relisyssomething: i dont know what that is05:26
Fezzler1scunizi>> Then there is a section on Block WAN requests05:26
DasE1urthmover: I think if the drive does easily mount on your apple, better use a checking tool from there - I'm no apple user, there is always a slight chance to mess a drive with fsck05:27
Relyci cant set up a network with another ubuntu machine it says permission denied in the main user on a non protected file05:27
somethingcleverrelisys, in a terminal type "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-resticted-extras" without the quoste05:27
mmcjicvd-pr: what version of ubuntu are you on? did you install gedit from synaptic? did you install the extra's?05:27
Fezzler1scunizi>> There is a MAC Address Cloning in Setup tab?05:27
urthmoverDasE1: ok I'll wait then and connect up the drive to OSX in the morning05:28
n8tuser2Relyc--> what have you done?05:28
urthmoverthanks for your help DasE105:28
cvd-prmmcji, 8.10,no,no05:28
relisyssomethingclever: installing05:28
urthmoverwill you be around tomorrow if I have other questions?05:28
DasE1urthmover: sorry for not getting further05:28
somethingcleverrelisys after that you should be able to watch a DVD05:28
* Mustinet bye bye05:28
somethingcleverrelisys, its basically like installling codecs05:28
mmcjiwhat did you install it? apt-get, aptitude? from source?05:29
DasE1urthmover: eerm, some people are here sometimes :)05:29
scuniziFezzler1, no .. don't use that... sorry. but my battery is running out.. I suggest you go to belkins site and download the manual for that router.. It will have info on how to do it correctlly.. sorry I can't continue.. left the charger elsewhere..05:29
Fezzler1scunizi>> ?05:29
cvd-prmmc1,  even OpenOffice Word open more faster than gedit  :-S05:29
Fezzler1Flannel>> You know how to set up my MAC Filtering so every teenager on the block isn't using my wireless connection?05:30
relisyssomethingclever: yeah its installing for a while...  but if it works its worth it05:31
somethingcleverrelisys, totally is05:31
Fezzler1Flannel>> There's a Filter IP Address Range section; a Filter Port Range; Filter MAC Adress; Edit MAC Filter Settings05:31
FlannelFezzler1: then yeah, filter by mac address, enter your address, etc.05:31
mmcjiwill if you install with apt-get i would do apt-get --purge remove gedit and then reinstall, for me it opens right away so you certaily have an issue.  I would also check your system logs for issues...ie /var/log/messages etc...05:32
FlannelFezzler1: And just consult the manual if you have issues.  It's entirely dependant (and arbitrary) on your router05:32
lagann_Fezzler1, why won't you enable a wep or wpa or put your SSID invisible?05:32
n8tuser2Fezzler1--> not to be rude, but have you done any kind of googling to find these info?05:32
mmcjicvd-pr: I know that is not really much help, but that is what I would start with.05:33
wandanaCan anyone help me with xvidcap?05:33
Fezzler1Flannel>> I have the manual and find this issue confusing.  (And that from a guy that cloned his HD with ddrescue today and re-partitioned two drivees)05:33
wandanaFirst xvidcap chrashes, but after installing libavcodec-unstripped-51 it works05:33
Fezzler1n8tuser I understand05:33
wandanaWell to the point where I stop the recording05:34
cvd-prmmc1, done, disable the File Browser plugin05:34
cvd-prmmcji, done, disable the File Browser plugin05:34
wandanaFrom there on it seems to stop and generates a mpeg-file of size 005:34
subdolusis it possible to chmod a file so even root cant modify or delete it?05:34
cvd-prmmcji, is a Bug05:34
subdolusbut only the user who created it>05:34
terr_subdolus: I doubt it05:34
terr_subdolus: you can cypher it05:35
Fezzler1n8tuser no offense taken - I just done understand all the security settings: MAC fiter; WEP; WPA; VPN; DMZ?05:35
n8tuser2Fezzler1--> i hope you dont expect to learn all that stuff in one sitting or even in two days...it takes time..so you hve to do lots more reading05:35
mmcjicvd-pr: I just use it to edit config files like bind where i want to compare it to other records that I have.  My use is prob more simplistic that what you may be using it for.05:35
Fezzler1You don't know how many days I was on work tech support until I understood concept that router had one port that was DMZ and allowed VPN pass through05:35
subdolusterr_: then would i still be able to actually run it?05:35
subdolusits a bash file05:36
subdolusi want everyone to be able to run it, but no one to edit or delete it05:36
terr_subdolus: inly if you decrypt it05:36
Fezzler1n8tuser I hear ya05:36
ohnoessubdolus: root can do anything05:36
n8tuser2Fezzler1--> i think a good tutorial on networking would help you a lot05:36
cvd-prmmcji, jus openin a blank gedit takes 10 seconds05:36
subdolusyeah i thought that was the idea05:36
Fezzler1n8tuser I chalk it to poor technical writing05:36
subdolusbut i recall trying to rm something as root once and it didnt delete05:36
Fezzler1sorry all - I'll drop off05:37
ohnoesMaybe something in proc?05:37
bdizzlehi, I realize this is a question for the #kubuntu room, but it seems no one is answering in there05:37
mmcjiyikes, it takes me well under a second05:37
bdizzleI'm trying to install 8.10 and after backing up files and such05:37
terr_subdolus: if two programs have the file open the rm will not remove it05:37
bdizzleI go to install it and it is not showing any partitions and such05:37
bdizzlewhich is bad, considering I have 2 physical drives and 5 total logical drives05:38
bdizzleplus swap etc05:38
mmcjibut I also have a T7300 cpu with 4 gig of ram and a 7200rpm hard disk with 16mb of cache too, so im sure that helps allot.05:38
ohnoesT7300 = mobile?05:39
mmcjiyes sir05:39
terr_mmcji: why such a slow HDD?05:39
Gneaterr_: the cache makes up for it ;)05:39
bdizzlecould someone help me try to get this working?05:39
mmcjilol, im poor05:39
kelvin911hi which ubuntu is LTS?05:39
relisyssomethingclever:  still no :(05:39
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about vhosting05:40
kelvin9116.06 and which version?05:40
goppis it simple to do vhosting in apache for ubuntu05:40
terr_mmcji: intel has a new solid state drive out... something like 230 mb/sec05:40
computerwhy wont it let me drag and drop a shortcut to /home/computer_user ?05:40
Gneabdizzle: are you sure it's only showing the disks and not the partitions themselves until another step?05:40
somethingcleverrelisys, try sudo apt-get install w32-codecs05:40
bdizzleno, its not showing anything05:40
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FloodBot2mepholic: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:40
n8tuser2gopp--> its easy, if you want more tweaking of apache, kindly visit #apache  channel05:41
Gnea!pm | Fezzler105:41
ubottuFezzler1: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please don't PM a user in the channel without asking first, some find it rude.05:41
bdizzlewhich is strange, considered i Just moved all of the home files to another drive and got that running for backup05:41
larson9999nv17 have 3d back in intrepid?05:41
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)05:41
bdizzlebasically, I've got a 100 GB hard drive partition that I can deditcate for Kubuntu, I might as well make it useful05:41
Gneabdizzle: can you open a terminal and see what dmesg has to say about the drives?05:42
computerplease i am trying to place a shortcut inside a user's desktop. HELP ME. says i dont have permission, but i am logged in as admin05:42
bdizzleyeah, hold on. I just rebooted into my normal kubuntu, about to switch back to the CD05:42
terr_cna Ububtu (or any version of Linux) support two kbboards adn two mice and at least two monitors on one machine?  If so how?05:42
computeri created a user, but cant seem to add files to his desktop folder05:42
=== d0nets is now known as d0netsFN
ardchoilleDoes Brasero on Intrepid have known issues? I'm getting bad burns about every 3 or 4 burns. The Nautilus burning app seems to be better.05:43
terr_computer: cehck your securities.  (chmod)05:43
lagann_bdizzle, did you try restarting your computer and loading the install cd again?05:43
MHz128How do I automate the keyring unlocking at startup?05:43
n8tuser2computer--> are you logged on as that user or as root?05:43
bdizzleyeah, doing that now05:43
Gneacomputer: your best bet, in this channel, is to *never* say anything like "HELP ME." or "please help me" since it's obvious that you're asking for help in a... help channel.   what is the result of the id command?05:43
relisyssomethingclever:  i cannot seem to find w32-codecs in my synaptic05:43
ardchoilleI'd file a bug report but don't really have any info to contribute05:43
zohrehhow can install Russian font in ubuntu05:43
Gnea!ru | zohreh05:43
ubottuzohreh: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke05:43
Gneazohreh: the #ubuntu-ru people will know better :)05:44
computeri created a user, but cant seem to add files to his desktop folder in /home/limited_user. says dont have permission05:44
n8tuser2ardchoille--> i myself would attribute that to laser perhaps getting too hot, so let it cool off for a few, in-btween burns05:44
n8tuser2computer--> are you logged on as that user or as root?05:44
mmcjirelisys: i think you have to add multiverse repository to apt-get sources file.05:45
computeras root05:45
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)05:45
mmcjithen do apt-get update05:45
n8tuser2computer--> please respond with my nick as prefix05:45
mmcjimight also have to have universe, let me check mine05:45
ardchoillen8tuser: ah, good advice. but these burns have been over a period of a few weeks.05:45
computer!who n8tuser205:45
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about who n8tuser205:45
Gneacomputer: are you trying to copy or symbolically link the files?05:46
n8tuser2ardchoille--> am not saying there are no known bugs, am just saying i'd put a cooling off time..thats all05:46
mmcjiyeah i have multiverse and universe repositories added to my sources.list05:47
ardchoillen8tuser2: Ok, will try that, thanks :)05:47
computeri used crossover to install internet explore 6, then created a user, now i just need to add shortcut to user's desktop so he can use internet explore05:47
computerhow do i even create a simple folder inside a user's desktop logged in as root05:48
sudobashI am trying to boot my Windows Partition in Linux with VMPlayer and I have gotten as far as being able to see the grub menu but my keys won't control it... how do I get past this point and to my windows partition?05:48
Gneacomputer: did you install ie6 as a regular user or as root?05:49
computeras root05:49
mmcjicomputer: mkdir "newdirectory name"05:49
n8tuser2computer--> easy, you cd to the /home/ofthatuser  and mkdir  folder  but dont forget to change the ownership tothatuser05:49
mmcjiyeah what n8tuser2 said05:49
=== wos is now known as stee
* Panarchy says Hi05:50
=== meoblast is now known as meoblast001
computern8 how change ownership then change back to normal?05:50
mmcjibut perhaps an easier way for you to do it and not have to worry about resetting the permissions would be to do05:50
mmcjisudo su - users05:50
SuperDefenderX_How come my machine leaves little patterns of thread in the hems of my pants when I step on the pedal? Additionally, it's making this rapid ticking sound...05:50
cdacI am getting the following error "X Error of failed request: Badvalue(integer parameter out of range for operation) while running keyjnote. How to solve this?05:50
mmcjiusers being the user you are going to create a new folder in05:50
computerchmod 777 /home/limited_user/desktop?05:50
somethingcleverhow do you install broadcom drivers via terminal?05:51
mmcjisudo will ask you for your pwd05:51
computerthen change back to chmod 755?05:51
n8tuser2computer chown  -R username:username /path/to/foldername05:51
=== cdac is now known as hai
mmcjithen when you create the new directory, it will be as that user and your permissions will be set correctly05:51
haiI am getting the following error "X Error of failed request: Badvalue(integer parameter out of range for operation) while running keyjnote. How to solve this?05:51
sudobashanyone know about running a partition in VM05:51
wandanaCan someone explain me why xvidcap is not recoding. It does not crash, but when I stop recording a file of size 0 is generated.05:51
wandanaDo I need to install certain packages?05:51
PanarchyI was wondering if anyone knew how I could save my settings (and customisations) for when I create a LiveCD? So far, I have been able to save a custom wallpaper, custom applications and custom desktop icons... but I need to be able to save: Which panel icons appear (and don't appear), which WINE applications I have installed & what firefox extensions (addons) that I have installed. Any help with this would be appreciated.05:51
ubottuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com05:51
PanarchyThanks in advance05:52
n8tuser2computer--> follow mmcji suggestion05:52
ubottuPlease don't use "LOL" and "OMG" and so forth on a regular basis. This is IRC, not IM, and using those lines on their own is not required, and it is rather annoying to the rest of the people in the channel; thanks.05:52
haiI am getting the following error "X Error of failed request: Badvalue(integer parameter out of range for operation) while running keyjnote. How to solve this?05:52
xorlimis 2.6.27-10-generic a good linux kernel version?05:52
wandanaI installed libavcodec-unstripped-51 already05:52
e-framehow to enable javascript in elinks ?05:53
n8tuser2e-frame--> i dont know, try and see if you can use w3m05:54
mmcjie-frame, i may be incorrect, and I know this is not what you asked, but I thought links2 already has javascript support.05:54
kelvin911what is the different between LTS and not LTS?05:54
zerodevicehi everyone05:54
vancomycinhi, i just upgraded to 8.04 LTS , in the process as we speak upgrading to 8.10 via online upgrade - I have an external DVD writer plextor PX-712UF connected via a firewire cable to a firewire pcmcia cardbus adapter - I don't see the external drive (and possibly the cardbus) adapter being shown/recognized in "places > computer" how should i go about to enable/find these two pieces of hardware?05:54
e-framemmcji i'm using elinks not links05:54
kelvin911is LTS better version?05:54
zerodevicei was just trying to install my scanner, microtek, and i dont have linux driver, so i kinda found out from SANE, but after i downloaded the tar files, it does not have any .sh in it. so what do i do?05:55
TecnicoDPCHello Everybody05:55
roshankis anyone here good with webcam drivers?05:55
ardchoillekelvin911: LTS = Long Term Support (3 years on the desktop, 5 years on the server)05:55
mmcjie-frame: i know, i was just trying to give an alternative.  n8tuser2 made another suggestion as well..  Sorry I do not know the answer to your question.05:55
PanarchyI was wondering if anyone knew how I could save my settings (and customisations) for when I create a LiveCD? So far, I have been able to save a custom wallpaper, custom applications and custom desktop icons... but I need to be able to save: Which panel icons appear (and don't appear), which WINE applications I have installed & what firefox extensions (addons) that I have installed. Any help with this would be appreciated.05:55
PanarchyThanks in advance05:56
kelvin911what kinda support?  autoupdate?05:56
kelvin911what about without LTS?05:56
e-framemmcji: n8tuser2 ok now i'm installing links2 i'll find out05:56
ardchoillekelvin911: bug fixes and security updates. without LTS i think support is 18 months, but I could be wrong05:56
haiI am getting the following error "X Errorof failed request: Bad value" while ruuning an application in projector. but the same works fine in normal monitor.How to solve this.......05:56
bdizzlehi, need some quick help on partitioning properly with my ever so complex partitions05:56
kelvin911so i should stick with 8.04 for now?05:56
roshankPanarchy: try this http://www.pendrivelinux.com/2008/10/15/ubuntu-810-persistent-flash-drive-install-from-live-cd/05:57
bdizzleI just deleted out the now former Kubuntu 8.04 partition, need to know how to create two partitions out of the old partition: one for root, one for home05:57
ardchoillekelvin911: it's up to you. I usually just upgrade every 18 months to the new release05:57
Panarchyroshank, ok, I'll give it a try05:57
kelvin911did u upgrade it thru the autoupdate?05:57
kelvin911or fresh install?05:57
n8tuservancomycin -> try to use   hal-device-manager05:57
roshankis anyone here good with webcam drivers?05:57
ardchoillekelvin911: no, install from cd05:57
n8tusere-frame -> i said w3m05:58
kelvin911do i need to back up /home?05:58
vancomycinn8tuser, hey thanks is that via the terminal?05:58
n8tuservancomycin -> yes05:58
e-frameyes n8tuser2 i'm giving a try to what mmcji said. then i'll try w3m too05:59
mmcjikelvin911: I use 8.04 server and am very happy with it.  I had some issues with rails on 8.10 server that I have not had time to work out yet.  I also use 8.04 on my laptop and am very ahppy with it as well.05:59
ardchoillekelvin911: backing up personal data is recommended regardless of operating system ;)05:59
Panarchyroshank: had a look at that guide, all it's telling me is how to install Ubuntu on a USB05:59
Panarchywhich is now included by default in 8.1005:59
kelvin911is there flash version?05:59
ardchoille!flash | kelvin91105:59
ubottukelvin911: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (a recent version for !Dapper is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash05:59
kelvin911i dont wanna buy blank cd05:59
vancomycinn8tuser, alright i'm going to try that in a few minutes, my 8.10 upgrade is almost complete...it's just installing - what should i expect when running hal-device-manager?05:59
mmcjie-frame, please let me know of w3m works too.  Thank you05:59
ardchoillekelvin911: oh, sorry, misunderstood your question06:00
e-framemmcji: ok06:00
n8tuservancomycin -> bunch of goodies06:00
vancomycinn8tuser, :)06:00
kelvin911is there a flash version of liveCD?06:00
ardchoillekelvin911: Ship It will send you a free cd06:00
scottzkelvin911: pm me your address I will mail you one06:00
roshankPanarchy: sorry i wasnt sure. i tihnk what you'r trying to do is get a persistent install or something like that although i dont remember the name very well. i remember reading about how to do it on lifehacker a while back06:00
ardchoille!shipit | kelvin91106:00
ubottukelvin911: shipit is a service that sends free Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Edubuntu CDs. See http://shipit.ubuntu.com/ and http://shipit.kubuntu.org and http://shipit.edubuntu.org - Shipit will send Hardy (8.04) CDs06:00
PanarchyI was wondering if anyone knew how I could save my settings (and customisations) for when I create a LiveCD? So far, I have been able to save a custom wallpaper, custom applications and custom desktop icons... but I need to be able to save: Which panel icons appear (and don't appear), which WINE applications I have installed & what firefox extensions (addons) that I have installed. Any help with this would be appreciated.06:01
kelvin911but i miss the 8.04 version06:01
kelvin911they ship me 8.1006:01
Panarchyroshank: just to repeat the question06:01
n8tuserPanarchy -> you are re-mastering the liveCD ?06:01
Panarchykelvin911, I think you might still be able to get it delivered06:01
Panarchyn8tuser: Yes06:01
kelvin911how to order 8.04 versiin?06:01
scottzcd adaptec06:01
e-framemmcji: does links2 support milti tab ?06:01
Panarchyn8tuser, I installed it via VMWare, then used remastersys to create a custom liveCD06:01
Panarchybut as you see in my previous post06:02
Panarchysome setting/customisation weren't saved to the LiveCD06:02
n8tuserPanarchy -> follow their tutorial, am sure it have verbage onhow to copy those setings06:02
Panarchy3 things: Firefox Addons, WINE applications & panel icons06:02
Panarchyn8tuser: Which tutorial?06:02
n8tuser!remaster | Panarchy06:03
ubottuPanarchy: Interested in remastering the Ubuntu !live CD? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility06:03
mmcjiI do not know.  I do know that I used links2 to successfully login to my links ap which required javascript.  it was not pretty, but it worked.  I have not fiddled with it since replacing the linksys firmware with dd-wrt a few years ago.06:03
PanarchyThanks n8tuser, I'll have a look through those guides06:03
roshankPanarchy: I think this is what you're talking about. http://lifehacker.com/software/linux-tip/make-an-ubuntu-backup-live-cddvd-with-remastersys-330181.php06:03
roshankis anyone here good with webcam drivers?06:04
Panarchyn8tuser: The dell guide you posted, does that also help with non-dell comps?06:05
mmcjiPanarchy: I have remastered several versions of ubuntu, but I never used remastersys.  I do not think the normal ubuntu docs cover specifically what you are trying to do.06:05
n8tuserPanarchy -> i have not used it myself, i assume it applies to non-dell pc's06:06
mmcjiso looking at the remastersys docs is a good idea06:06
Panarchyn8tuser: ok06:07
Panarchymmcji: Have you been able to acheive what I am trying to acheive?06:07
mmcjibut i just right click on the desktop with xfce4 installed and have my apps that way06:08
mmcjiand i was really just looking for terminal, vnc and nano06:09
Panarchymmcji: That's exactly the feature I don't want06:09
Panarchy(about right-clicking to see list of programs)06:09
mmcjisure, if you figure it out, i would love to know how you did it.06:10
Panarchyof course!06:10
PanarchyI've only posted it on 2 forums so far though06:10
Panarchydo you recommend any other I should post it on?06:11
Panarchyso far done ubuntuforums & linuxquestions06:11
wandanaSomeone knows how to work with xvidcap06:12
mmcjithose are good, for livecd stuff the slax folks are good sources if into too, and i always check gentoo docs as well06:12
haiI am getting the following error "X Errorof failed request: Bad value" while ruuning an application in projector. but the same works fine in normal monitor.How to solve this.......06:12
mmcjiit's my bedtime all, nite nite06:14
lokeWhen dubble clicking the top frame of a window in ubuntu, the window colapses, though I want it to change states between maximized/minimized just like windooze, how?06:14
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=== logan_ is now known as logansan01
rodolfoguys, I'm looking for an app that can extract audio from a DVD file, does anyone know some?06:16
Flannelloke: If you go to system > preferences > windows, you can choose between behaviors06:16
lokeflannel, no changes there06:17
lokeI do got emerald and compiz fuzion if that has anything to do with it06:17
wit_273How can I configure the guest account defaults?  I would like to setup a few options like web browser start page when the temporary guest account is logged into06:17
DavyZwhen i watch streaming videos online and when i fullscrean the video it unmaximizes itself06:19
nedwellWith Ubuntu 8.10 and AMD64 I occasionally run into packages that alert "Error: Wrong architecture 'i386'".  I've seen various posts, but can someone advise the recommended way to be able to run i386 programs on an AMD64?06:19
DavyZcan anyone tell me the problem I have here06:19
Panarchyyou have downloaded the wrong CD06:20
Panarchydownload the 64-bit version06:20
kelvin911loke change to compiz if u want06:20
nedwellI have installed AMD64 version of Ubuntu 8.10.  The problem is that I occasionally run into software that doesn't offer an x64 .deb file.06:21
Rave1_Is my total loss of open office after the recent update wide spread or is it just me.06:21
tux9778hello what else do i need for wine in 8.10?06:21
wit_273Davy, I have the same issue when I change the volume while watching a fullscreen video.  I have to use the volume control built into the video player.  If should only revert from fullscreen if you hit escape.  Not sure why volume would do this.  Not sure if that helps at all either.06:22
Panarchywhich software?06:23
wit_273Is there away in XChat to hide joined/left messages?  It is really annoying trying to follow a conversation with all the join/parts/06:23
lagann_DavyZ, that's because you have the screensaver enabled06:23
nedwellGnaural2, for one (gnaural.souceforge.net)06:24
AcedioHas anyone ever had a problem with not being able to use Ctrl-Tab in rxvt? I can't seem to get it too work...06:25
nedwellI've run into issues with Flash, but found and installed a fix (although sometimes it doesn't load and I have to refresh the web page to get flash to load up)06:25
Panarchywhat does that program do?06:26
nedwellIt is a brainwave entrainment device06:26
tux9778nedwell have u installed the restriced codecs06:26
Panarchywell sorry, can't help you there06:26
nedwellthanks anyways06:27
sancho21I hate flashplugin-nonfree for amd64. It eats my memory tooooo much. Any other alternatives?06:27
DarkKnighthey how do i get a password lock for a particular file06:27
lagann_sancho21, if you're running on 8.4 or newer, I suggest you get the flash player from tis official site.06:28
lagann_tis = its06:28
wit_273Does anyone know how I can configure the guest account in 8.10?06:28
khmer42Which is the correct directory to store folders needed by an application? /usr/lib?06:30
scientesi cant get a lvm partitoin mounted in ubuntu 8.1006:30
scientesi tried loading all the dm_ mods i could and still unrecognized file system type06:30
aravindubuntuhi..  i am using hardy in my XPS1530 laptop, but fans are not coming up automatically06:31
aravindubuntuplease help06:31
=== armando is now known as Carmando
scientestry turning off acpi ?06:31
scientesand then try google?06:31
lokeIm using compiz fuzion, so when I do system/preferences/windows and change the double click titlebar option, no changes are made. How do I get this in windooze style? (Who uses this fold-up thingie on double click anyways?)06:32
mantispa1mHi guys. I can't get past low resolution on Ibis with an nvidia card and it's attendant driver. In nvidia-settings, there are only two resolution options, and the hightest is 640x480.06:33
mantispa1mAnyone know how to get higher res with an nvidia card?06:34
kornejohi can some one help me pls im trying to play a dvd on ubuntu 10 i already have the codecs installed but when i try to play it i got a message that says "Could not read from source"06:35
ddgoosearavindubuntu, try -> i8kctl fan 2 206:35
lagann_kornejo, what codecs did you install?06:35
aravindubuntuhi ddgoose06:35
aravindubuntuthank u06:35
aravindubuntui wil try06:36
scientesi tried loading all the dm_ mods i could and still unrecognized file system type06:36
scientesi cant get a lvm partitoin mounted in ubuntu 8.1006:36
kornejothe ones that mplayer said06:36
lagann_!dvd | kornejo06:36
ubottukornejo: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats06:36
trickydickhallo, I'm getting a grub error 17 on my dual boot computer. Can someone help?06:37
scientesi friggen made this lvm2 encrypted with ubuntu and it wont mount on ubuntu what is wrong with this06:37
aravindubuntuddgoose i dont have i8kctl installed06:38
sudobashearlier I accidentally booted my Ubuntu partition in VMPlayer and it sent everything into Read Only mode... I ran FSCK from recovery and it fixed most of it... but I am getting read only on network config so I can change it... I had to ipconfig and sudo route add default gw just to get online...06:39
ddgoosearavindubuntu, install i8kutils06:40
aravindubuntuok thanks06:40
sudobashUpdating connection failed: nm-ifupdown-connection.c.82 - connection update not supported (read-only)..06:40
sancho21lagann_ I'm afraid the adobe-official flash plugin doesn't run on ubuntu hardy amd6406:42
sancho21I've see the package info06:42
paul68hi is there in this iptables script a reason why my port 53 is blocked? http://paste.ubuntu.com/76904/   and what do I have to do solve it?06:42
trickydickis there a way to install grub only via the live cd? I appear to have accidentally removed my grub from my MBR06:43
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto06:43
rdw200169what up paul6806:43
scientesmount: unknown filesystem type 'crypto_LUKS'06:44
scientesmount: unknown filesystem type 'LVM2_member'06:44
scientesi made these in ubuntu06:45
sudobashthis is so cool once i got it though.... Im booting my windows partition in VMPlayer06:45
scienteswith tha alternate installer06:45
scientesnothing custom06:45
sudobashUpdating connection failed: nm-ifupdown-connection.c.82 - connection update not supported (read-only)..06:45
sudobashanyone know how to fix that?06:45
trickydickthanks IdleOne06:45
ddgoosepaul68, are you able to ssh with that script?06:45
justizin1sorry, my wifi encountered interference or something.  in case someone answered me, or otherwise, my question was: hello, i installed ubuntu ibex into a xen vm, and i'm having trouble accessing the virtual cd/dvd drive, it sounds like i should have used a template which enabled paravirtualized hardware, but i wonder if there is any known solution to what i'm facing now which doesn't require a reinstall or some configuration change on06:45
wit_273Is there a way to customize the guest account in 8.10?06:47
=== ka2zzzz is now known as ka2u
justizin1if a user can login, it should have a profile wit_27306:47
justizin1login as guest, open a shell, type 'whoami', and 'pwd' and work from there.  it may be setup to discard settings on logout if it's super guest-y, i dont know the specifics..06:47
justizin1where there's a will, there's a way..06:47
lagann_sancho21, "Adobe is working on Flash Player support for 64-bit platforms as part of our ongoing commitment to the cross-platform compatibility of Flash Player. We expect to provide native support for 64-bit platforms in an upcoming release of Flash Player following Flash Player 10." That's what they say.06:48
scientes64-bti is released06:48
scientessancho21, http://linux.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=08/11/17/168212&from=rss06:49
wit_273In 8.10 there is a guest account that can be access through user switcher--it creates a new account each time a deletes all settings once the account logs out.  I am wanting to configure the account, but I do not know where it pulls the defaults from--does anyone know this?06:49
scienteswit_273, edit /etc/skel06:49
aravindubuntuhi ddgoose , when i tried i8kctl fan 2 2 , i got this output "can't open /proc/i8k: No such file or directory06:49
sudobashanyone know how to fix this?06:49
sudobashUpdating connection failed: nm-ifupdown-connection.c.82 - connection update not supported (read-only)..06:49
scientesall user directories come from there wit_27306:49
karllenz87hey i need some help im running mint...i need to get 2 monitors running off of 2 different cards06:50
karllenz87anyone know what i could do?06:50
_makhow can i send all internet requests from my local network (eth0) to the internet interface (eth1), with the exception of the requests to the network, which must be sent to the vpn connection (tun0)?06:50
chetnickis there any way to boot in textual mode live cd to restore grub. Live cd wont boot in GUI on my tablet pc. I had to use alternate cd to install.06:50
Flannelchetnick: try letting it boot, then hitting ctrl-alt-f106:50
binMonkeyhi.  i just bought a linksys router,  my dsl modem, 192,168.0.1, plugs into it.  should i change the address on the dsl to match the router?06:51
trickydickfind /boot/grub/stage=1 and find /grub/stage1 is giving me Error 15: File not found IdleOne :(06:51
wit_273Where would it pull the defualt firefox settings from?  .mozilla is not in the /etc/skel directory.  It could be that I just need to edit the defaults for firefox that when a user first opens firefox.  Where would I find those settings?06:51
=== KatieKitty is now known as Katie-Offline
chetnickhahhahah trickydick also restoring grub :)06:52
trickydickchetnick, yeah :( I think I'm not sure what to do at this point lol06:52
Flannelwit_273: firefox creates them when it first starts, probably /usr/share/ something.  Might have to ask #firefox on irc.mozilla.org06:52
trickydickchetnick, I can't loose my windows install, I've not backed it up :(06:52
scientesmount: unknown filesystem type 'crypto_LUKS'06:52
chetnicktrickydick: i wish i am where you are. i cant boot in gui live cd, and there is not text option.06:52
scientesmount: unknown filesystem type 'LVM2_member'06:52
scientesi cant get a lvm partitoin mounted in ubuntu 8.1006:53
trickydickchetnick, yeah, I'm in ibex live cd right now and my display is soooo huge I can't see anything nearly.06:53
chetnicktrickydick: are you in grub menu ?06:53
trickydickchetnick, I don't think grub is on here anymore :(06:53
chetnicktrickydick: hold up i will help you restore grub... but if you are trying to save windows06:54
wit_273I just want to use a custom home page for the guest account.  Thanks for your help.  I will go digging further and then check with #firefox.  I figured it might be something with Ubuntu since its defualt is the Ubuntu's custom google search.06:54
frapzzthi when i try to push the defaultgateway via openvpn and i am connectod with a ppp0 device to the internet openvpn cant push the default route only the following error ist displayed  NOTE: unable to redirect default gateway -- Cannot read current default gateway from system06:54
trickydickchetnick, I keep getting "File not found" when following the forums guides06:54
chetnicktrickydick: is it vista or xp?06:54
trickydickchetnick, XP06:54
chetnicktrickydick: and you want to be able to boot back in xp?06:55
trickydickchetnick, yes heh :)06:55
chetnicktrickydick: if that dont work, there is another option, do you have xp install disk?06:55
trickydickchetnick, yes :)06:55
chetnickok, boot it up and when windows setup load, go to recovery console06:56
NsOmNiAcanyone know if a bug report was filed on Intrepid install not seeing Samba shared and Windows shared drives ?06:56
phreckSup everyone06:56
phrecknope, no idea on samba06:56
chetnicktrickydick: it is going to ask you for admin password. once you are in, just type fixboot and fixmbr, and than exit and reboot. that will give you back XP :)06:56
trickydickchetnick, heh ok, is there a way to get into recovery?06:58
trickydickchetnick, I'm booting with xp cd now just not sure how to enable recovery mode :S06:58
paul68ddgoose: not able to do ssh06:58
chetnicktrickydick: it should be few options, install windows, recover windows or something like that.06:59
suigeneristrickydick, f206:59
trickydickchetnick, ah ok :)06:59
chetnicktrickydick: recovery is what you need06:59
chetnicktrickydick: you dont need new install .... i dont remember exactly how the menu looks, but you will see somewhere recover07:00
ddgoosepaul68, where did you get that script?07:00
trickydickchetnick, I think it's "R" :) I'm checking now, just waiting for it to load.07:01
paul68ddgoose: I made it with a little help07:01
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about acpi07:01
chetnicktrickydick: yes that should be it.07:01
ddgoosepaul68, so INT_NET and EXT_NET are set proper?07:01
paul68ddgoose: yes they are07:01
_makhow can i route all local network(eth0 -  requests to the network into to the tun0 (vpn) interface?07:02
ddgoosepaul68, This box is a nat router?07:02
chetnickanybody know how to boot livecd in text mode?07:03
paul68ddgoose: yes it is my lan is behind eth1 and my wan is at eth007:03
trickydickchetnick, heh thanks, I atleast have my Mac install coming up which should get me going to backup my Windows partition :)07:04
chetnicktrickydick: you are installing mac on PC?07:05
kc8pxyhow do i get java webstart to be a normal sun 1.6 ?07:05
trickydickchetnick, yeah, I work for Apple. I had Ubuntu and XP installed previously and dropped my ubuntu partition to use for my Mac install but lost grub.07:05
chetnicktrickydick: is Mac OS X any good on PC?07:06
=== benoit_ is now known as Guest14398
flourishhello, need help. Is there a book or a guide about chroot. I found just little manuals about chroot on the web07:07
trickydickchetnick, yeah, it's stable as any Mac install. It's not linux themed like Mac or anything, it's actually Mac :)07:07
kc8pxyflourish:  what bits do you need to know?07:07
chetnicktrickydick: cool will try that :)07:07
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about eyeos07:08
trickydickchetnick, I have OS 10.5.5 running fully with a Dell Optiplex 755 :D07:08
flourishkc8pxy: mostly things about chroot:-)07:08
kc8pxyflourish:  what are you missing?07:08
LoveGurutrickydick: well MAC just for apple machine right ?07:08
=== Mustinet is now known as Mstnt
trickydickLoveGuru, no, I support the Intel Mac division at Apple.07:08
flourishkc8pxy: I just found howto use chroot to recure system with livecd07:09
vladtsepesh1984hi guy....i have a problem...i have a terratec 7.1 pci audio card...and i use the spdif (optical) in winzoz.....i wuold like to use the spdif optical also in ubuntu....what i have to do?07:09
dnyyI guess this is an extremely general question, but is there any reason ubuntu 8.10 would be running so slow/freezing on my Compaq Presario v500007:09
flourishkc8pxy: and ssh with chroot but with patch07:09
ntndouh, how can I make a link to a root folder?07:10
ntndoI've got a linked folder made, but I can't drag it to the desktop07:10
kc8pxyflourish:  .... what are you tryiung to use chroot for?07:10
phrecki have a bigger problem , i have a dell.07:10
phreckwtf drivers do i use for my webcam and biometrics07:10
ddgoosepaul68, it looks right, I would have to setup a vmware lab to to test it though.07:10
vladtsepesh1984hi guy....i have a problem...i have a terratec 7.1 pci audio card...and i use the spdif (optical) in winzoz.....i wuold like to use the spdif optical also in ubuntu....what i have to do?07:11
flourishkc8pxy: this time: heh, i want to learn howto compile some server apps  and configure them  ...07:11
sexcopterhi, i'm running intrepid, and on another continent my parents have an xp machine (home, not pro). it'd be really handy if i could tap in and retrieve my music collection, and i'm wondering, is this what ssh is for? Heard of it, never used it...07:12
kc8pxyflourish:  why would compiling server apps in chroot be different than in a regular root?07:12
vladtsepesh1984hi guy....i have a problem...i have a terratec 7.1 pci audio card...and i use the spdif (optical) in winzoz.....i wuold like to use the spdif optical also in ubuntu....what i have to do?07:13
=== cellofel1ow is now known as cellofellow
ddgoose!cn | Mstnt07:13
relisysHello. No matter what i try my ubuntu will not play my DVD.   my system already froze4 times while trying. What can be the problem?07:13
ubottuMstnt: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk07:13
paul68ddgoose: I thought so to but its complaining about the ssh and the dns07:13
relisysAny assitance please?07:14
vladtsepesh1984hi guy....i have a problem...i have a terratec 7.1 pci audio card...and i use the spdif (optical) in winzoz.....i wuold like to use the spdif optical also in ubuntu....what i have to do?07:14
flourishkc8pxy: A good question! Why i don't like to use a regular root? I don't know, :-)07:14
relisysHello. No matter what i try my ubuntu will not play my DVD.   my system already froze4 times while trying. What can be the problem?07:14
flourishkc8pxy: maybe i think chroot is a useful technique and i want to master it07:15
flourishkc8pxy: can you help me07:15
terr_can linux support two or more KB's on the same machine?07:15
kc8pxyflourish:  go do a manual install of gentoo, if you want first-hand experience getting good at using chroot.07:15
flourishkc8pxy: I have installed gentoo for many time manually :-)07:16
ddgoose!Repeat | vladtsepesh198407:16
ubottuvladtsepesh1984: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience07:16
flourishkc8pxy: I just knew howto chroot in a new enviroment07:16
flourishkc8pxy: by installing gentoo07:17
kc8pxyflourish: what the heck more do you need to know about chroot then? (spidey sense tingling)07:17
flourishkc8pxy: run server with chroot07:19
kc8pxyn a jail?07:19
DavyZis there a way to make a irc shell?07:21
ddgooseDavyZ, what do you mean?07:22
lagann_does DavyZ mean how to make and her own IRC server?07:23
steecould anyone tell me how toe tell if my computer recognizes my Hauppauge USB TV Tuner?07:23
ddgoosestee, which card is it?07:24
steeHauppauge WinTV HVR 950Q07:24
chetnickdoes anybody know how to boot live cd in text mode?07:24
lagann_chetnick, did you get the alternative livecd?07:26
stee!alternative live cd07:26
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:26
stee!alternative livecd07:26
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:26
chetnicklagann_: i did, but i dont want to install, i need to restore grub, because it wont boot in gui.07:26
steeddgoose do you think you can help me?07:27
chetnicki need something that will give me an option to boot live cd in text mode07:27
chetnicki am sure you can pass a boot option for text mode, but i cant figure it out what is it.07:27
bdizzlehey, question for the developers07:28
kc8pxyhow do i install the 32-bit sun javaws on a 64-bit system?07:28
somethingcleveranyone know how to install wifi drivers via terminal?07:28
steecould anyone tell me how toe tell if my computer recognizes my Hauppauge USB TV Tuner?07:28
paul68ddgoose: could dns be the reason that also my ssh isn't working? in my opinion it should not interfear however I am not that familliar with linux security07:29
somethingcleverddgoose, still nothing, DAMN07:29
chetnickddgoose: if you are ssh user@domain.name it probably wont work if your dns is no good.07:29
chetnickddgoose: try ssh  user@ip.addres if it works, than you know that is dns07:30
ddgoosechetnick, huh?07:30
chetnickddgoose: heheh:)... maybe i didnt uderstand your problem :)07:30
ddgoosechetnick, oh @ paul68. He is the one with the dns/ssh issue :)07:31
ddgoosesomethingclever, still nothing?07:31
paul68chetnick: you have not addressed the right person and sorry to say the ssh is in through the iptables that is causing problems07:31
chetnickddgoose: i see now, i typed wrong nick :)07:32
j42odoes anyone have an ati hd 2600 series???07:32
ddgoosestee, check -> http://ubuntu-virginia.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=96596807:32
ramonhello i am trying to upgrade hardy but it says authentication failed and i cant change the software source cause is stock to a loop...what should i do?07:33
relisysHello. No matter what i try my ubuntu will not play my DVD.   my system already froze4 times while trying. What can be the problem?07:33
relisyssomeone please help me resolve this07:33
paul68!patience relisys07:33
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:33
paul68!patience |relisys07:34
ubotturelisys: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines07:34
ddgoosepaul68, what is the dns server ip you are using?07:34
relisysiam asking the same question 4 times in past 40 minutes07:34
relisysiam being very patient07:34
ramonpaul68 hello i am trying to upgrade hardy but it says authentication failed and i cant change the software source cause is stock to a loop...what should i do?07:34
relisysjust need help07:34
paul68ddgoose: is on the same box07:34
paul68ramon:  ask the chanel and be patient07:35
paul68relisys: we all do need help or assistance however its not wise impose07:35
partitionSo...I have kind of a strange problem.  I was trying to mount my ipod to /mnt/ipod instead of /media/disk, and, after learning that you can't put /'s in the string-only key value.  So I opened the registry editor, unmounted my ipod, and accidentally unmounted my harddrive.  I am now running another copy of ubuntu on a 50-50 partition on my harddrive.  How do I remount the first half of my hdd?07:36
ddgoosepaul68, do you really need a nat rule for dns then if you are pointing your internal boxes to that internal interface and not traversing the nat?07:36
relisysok ill just wait i guess   :(07:36
paul68ddgoose yes I do need a nat rule otherwhise it wont pass through towards the internal network and for that reason I can't get out on the internet either07:38
Popescuhow can i start ssh please on port 22 ?07:39
partitionSo...I have kind of a strange problem.  I was trying to mount my ipod to /mnt/ipod instead of /media/disk, and, after learning that you can't put /'s in the string-only key value.  So I opened the registry editor, unmounted my ipod, and accidentally unmounted my harddrive.  I am now running another copy of ubuntu on a 50-50 partition on my harddrive.  How do I remount the first half of my hdd?07:39
nillerzHello! Does anyone know how to change the default file manager? I want to use Dolphin07:40
Popescuhow can i start ssh please on port 22 ?07:40
ravnhey ppl, I have a problem with my new ubuntu install: After suspension the sound does not work. Rythmbox hangs. Anyone has any idea of where to start. It does not crash or anything, it just does not play any music... Seems there is something strange with the soundcard or something...07:40
paul68Popescu: ssh username@yourip  should be sufficient07:40
nillerzravn: does Pidgin work while this happens/07:40
paul68Popescu: when you are on an internal network07:41
Popescupaul68 i have ubuntu linux and i want to openssh07:41
paul68Popescu: see previous remark07:41
Popescupaul68 no you don`t understand me07:41
macpo31I get several messages "Unknown media type in type 'blah/blah'" every time I run an apt-get install ort upgrade, 'blah/blah' seems to be each of the following: 'all/all', 'all/allfiles', 'uri/mms', 'uri/mmst', 'uri/mmsu', 'uri/pnm', 'uri/rtspt', 'uri/rtspu', 'fonts/package', 'interface/x-winamp-skin'. Any ideas?07:41
Popescupaul68 i want to start ssh2207:41
paul68Popescu: ssh is standard on port 2207:42
ravnnillerz: well, pidgin is running, but also pidgin is a bit problematic after suspension since I can not connect to stuff (like here) it taked some 10 minutes before pidgin works also, but it is running...07:42
Popescupaul68 I want to connect to Ubuntu by PuTTY from another computer but now says connection refused07:42
ikoniaPopescu: install the package openssh-server07:43
macpo31is ssh daemon started07:43
paul68Popescu: what are you typing in putty07:43
PopescuIp port 22 ssh and i click open07:43
Popescuand type Connection refused07:43
ikoniaPopescu: install the package openssh-server07:43
partitionWhat's the terminal command to show mount points?07:43
Popescuikonia tank you...07:43
ikoniaPopescu: mount07:43
ikoniaPopescu: sorry mount wasn't for you07:44
ikoniapartition: mount07:44
paul68Popescu: can it be that port 22 is blocked by your ISP once you are outside your network?07:44
hischildPopescu, make sure you also select SSH in putty. Putty doesn't always default to SSH.07:44
partitionikonia, I accidentally unmounted my harddrive.07:44
partitionikonia, I partitioned a new version of ubuntu07:44
PopescuThis was, I had openssh-server, but no one besides ikonia did not know I say, that's the problem07:45
ikoniapartition: sudo mount -a will remount everything in the fstab07:45
ddgoosepaul68, did you mean to mix tcp and udp in your rules?07:45
partitionikonia, fstab?07:45
ddgoosepaul68, you need both tcp and udp port 53 for the dns rules07:45
hischildpartition, everything that is mounted at boot time is written in fstab. That command will mount it all again.07:45
ikoniaPopescu: sudo /etc/initd/ssh start07:45
ddgoosepaul68, one has tcp other has udp07:46
ramonhello i am trying to upgrade hardy but it says authentication failed and i cant change the software source cause is stock to a loop...what should i do?07:46
ikoniapartition: that is where you mount points are defined07:46
ddgoosepaul68, that may be the issue07:46
hischildikonia, isn't that /etc/init.d/ssh ? (the dot)07:46
ikoniaramon thats not how you upgrade07:46
paul68ddgoose: I thought dns had only udp and not tcp07:46
partitionhischild, now how do I select the old portion of my harddrive to boot?07:46
ikoniahischild: correct, lag dropped the dot07:46
Popescuikonia don`t need sudo, i have user root07:46
paul68ddgoose: will look into it07:46
hischildPopescu, don't use the root account.07:46
ddgoosepaul68, it listens on both, but still you have those 2 rules and one has udp the other has tcp07:46
ikoniaPopescu: thats not wise07:46
ikoniapbut your call07:46
ramonikonia i do have two issues...but you can tell me...anyways the system is stock in a loop07:47
partitionikonia, now how do I select the old portion of my harddrive to boot?07:47
hischildpartition, i'm sorry, i haven't followed the entire discussion. I explained what Ikonia was saying.07:47
Popescuhischild why ?07:47
ikoniaramon what loop ?07:47
paul68ddgoose: ok understood07:47
ikoniaPopescu: you do that with grub07:47
hischild!root | Popescu07:47
ubottuPopescu: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo07:47
ramonikonia failed to connect to the source07:47
partitionhischild, I just remounted the now partition of my harddrive.  I want the computer to boot with that partition, the one I'm not using now which has all my stuff on it.07:48
ikoniaramon as I said that not how you upgrade07:48
ikoniaRoosterJuice: control + c will cancel any terminal command07:48
ikoniaramon: control + c will cancel any terminal command07:48
ddgooselol RoosterJuice07:48
PopescuI am not interested if I bulesc something you install again and ready, using the Ubuntu wmware workstation and save important data in it07:48
BarnabasRomans: Chapter 10 verse 9-10-13 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be Saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto Salvation. For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be Saved....07:49
ramonikonia when you upgrade any of the tools go to this previous job pending07:49
FlannelBarnabas: Please stop that07:49
hischildpartition, was there another person on the channel helping you before? There is more to tell. Why do you want to boot from this hard disk? You can still access all your data from Ubuntu.07:49
Popescuwho will be here knows how to make ircd and gnuworld?07:49
ikoniaramon: you need to put your sources back to default and follow the proper upgrade path07:49
Popescuwho will be here knows how to make ircd and gnuworld on ubuntu ?07:49
hischildPopescu, why not ask the question and find out.07:50
partitionhischild, in this partition I don't have access to any of my music, my saved settings, programs, or anything.  Also, I just want to go back to my old account and delete this partition that I'm on07:50
Popescuhischild 07:50
PopescuI did not understand what you wanted to say07:50
ramonikonia i when i try to change it goes to the same previous check for packages and then give me a error07:50
ikoniaramon sounds like your've started a upgrade in a bad way, and it's gone too far to back out so has to finish07:51
partitionhischild, I accidentally unmounted my harddrive trying to unmount my syntax-errored ipod mount point07:51
theCzarhey, i'm trying to make a flash drive version of ubuntu, i've tried a few ways, most recently using the builtin function in 8.10.  but i can't get it to boot at all.  I've changed my settings in the BIOS, but nothing happens.  I even dissabled everything but that, and it still refuses to boot.  Any ideas?07:51
hischildpartition, what is on that other partition then?07:51
partitionhischild, created a 50-50 partition on my hdd with another version of ubuntu07:51
ramonikonia is there any way to kill the process?07:51
partitionhischild, my other ubuntu account, with all my stuff07:51
hischildPopescu, well what seems to be the problem with ircd and gnuworld? why won't you ask that question instead.07:51
ikoniaramon it depends what has been done to your machine, it's not a case of "killing" the process, it sounds like the upgrade may have started and gone beyond the point of no return which is why it wants to finish07:52
XtyntheCzar: try unetbootin07:52
hischildpartition, during installation it should have been recognized. Either you can copy all the things over by hand, or you can reboot and select the proper line in grub .07:52
partitionk, ty!07:53
hischildtheCzar, unetbootin has also my vote.07:53
tim167hi how can i get 'extend desktop to second monitor' ? thanks07:53
ddgoose+1 for unetbootin07:54
hischildikonia, do you remember that i asked yesterday if you mind if i ask you for some more help with figuring out a script?07:54
canthonydoes anyone have experience with chroot/local sockets07:54
theCzarxtyn, hischild: ok i'll give it a whirl, thanks a bunch07:54
ikoniahischild something to do with cut ?07:54
tat2thinbearhas anyone every installed a Palm Vx using a serial port on UBUNTU?07:55
ikoniatat2thinbear: the gnupilot tools may help07:55
tat2thinbearwon't sync per inst07:55
sancho21Anybody managed to install alpha native 64bit flash plugin in Ubuntu?07:56
ikoniatat2thinbear: gnupilot works with only certain models, check your model is supported07:56
hischildikonia, yeah. I want to cut a line on the space before the word that ends with a : and i can't seem to find a way to do it. --> status: playing self: Anagantios artist: Eluveitie album: Slania length: 3:25 position: %54 [1:50]07:56
BatsmasherHey, I'm having trouble with .deb packages because of Synpatic Package Manager, it say dpkg was interupted so I must manually run dpkg --configure -a to correct the problem, I'm unsure what I have to do...07:56
tat2thinbeargood point07:56
ikoniahischild: stick it in a pastebin and pm me the link, I'm on a train so can't work with it now, however I 'll look when I get in the office07:56
tat2thinbearVx should be suported07:56
XtynBatsmasher: in the terminal07:56
ikoniatat2thinbear: check it is supported - not should be07:56
hischildBatsmasher, go to applications, assecoires and open up terminal. Copy paste the line it gives you --> dpkg --configure -a <--- in there and hit enter.07:57
hischildBatsmasher, oh and precede it with sudo :-)07:57
hischildikonia, will do.07:57
canthonyi probly need to ask this in a more specific channel, but...  im trying to setup a chroot environment for all my services on a hosting server.  i want each user to have a vrtual directory with httpd/sshd/etc in there chroot enviroment.  i want apache/sshd/etc to run as the USER and not root (sshd mostly).  can i make the user daemons monitor a local unix socket in the chroot environment, and the real server monitor the TCP socke07:57
canthonyts?  an intelligent program would pass the connection to the apropriate users local socket for processing by the chrooted daemon?  is this possible?07:57
ikoniacanthony: thats a massive bit of work07:58
dnyyAnyone know why Ubuntu 8.10 would be lagging so hard and freezing so often?  :/07:58
rpopfaryshta, AidenXi07:58
ikoniacanthony: user daemons interacting with virtual sockets linked to physical devices with different permissions, is not a quick task07:58
Batsmasherdone, thanks hischild07:58
ikoniadnyy: probably due to graphics drivers, that is common07:58
canthonyikonia, does the concept seem sound at least?07:58
ikoniacanthony: no07:58
rpopfaryshta, AidenXi - i've solved my installer problem from yesterday07:58
dnyyah, can I get drivers for on-board ATI? I tried on the last ubuntu and it'd never work. :/07:59
Xtyndnyy: check in hardware drivers07:59
toastedmilkhischild, thanks!07:59
dnyydoesn't show up there :/07:59
canthonyikonia, do you have any other suggestions by chance.  i want all daemons/apps in the chrrot to be rootless07:59
hischildtoastedmilk, hmm?07:59
rpopfaryshta, AidenXi - it was a hardware configuration on IDE 007:59
ikoniacanthony: why do you need ssh running in a chroot ?07:59
toastedmilkhischild, toastedmilk=partition08:00
hischildtoastedmilk, ah ok. NP08:00
hmw_how can i get the amdcccle program, that comes with 8.10, when i have in 8.04?08:01
danny_hey looking for help>>> need to find sound drivers for a sony viao  pcgtr3a and web cam drivers for linux can anyone help?08:01
danny_cant find it on the web08:01
danny_need help08:01
ikoniadnyy: ubuntu should come with that already configured08:01
canthonyikonia, to force users to be chrooted to there respective folders.  i am runing a gento server and i know the latest ssh can handle chrooting but i want the daemon to also run as the user08:01
=== co_cari is now known as cE_mAniS16
ikoniadanny_: ubuntu should come with that already configured08:01
danny_it isnt08:02
ikoniacanthony: you let the system ssh manage ssh, and just specify a chrooted shell, but as your running gentoo I suggest you ask in #gentoo08:02
danny_thats the probloem i dunno if its a hardware error then08:02
dnyyikonia: was the to me and him, or just him?08:02
ikoniadnyy: him, sory08:02
danny_yea i dunno either08:02
danny_all the updates r for xp or viwsta08:02
danny_ikonia: thanks anways08:03
thykohi ppl08:03
thykohow can i change the default audio cd player?08:03
Popescu!root | thyko08:04
ubottuthyko: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo08:04
hmw_thyko in "preferred applications"08:04
Popescu!audio | thyko08:04
ubottuthyko: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP308:04
Popescu!player | thyko08:04
ubottuthyko: Audio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs08:04
bdizzleKDE4 is utterly frustratingly annoying08:04
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ssh-server08:04
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about openssh-server08:05
hischildPopescu, please don't do that.08:05
ikoniaPopescu: what do want to know08:05
thykoPopescu: err ... audio player man, + sudo bash gives me a root shell08:05
canthonyikonia, yeah i am in both channels, more activity here.  im not sure of another channel to ask in08:05
ikoniacanthony: not here really08:06
Popescuikonia 08:06
PopescuI want to know if you can install IRCD and GNUworld Ubuntu Desktop?08:06
LoRdRapTuReZi need a help ????08:06
hischild!ask LoRdRapTuReZ08:06
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:06
hischild!ask | LoRdRapTuReZ08:06
ubottuLoRdRapTuReZ: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:06
ikoniaPopescu: open synatpic package manager and search for them, see iif there are packages08:06
LoRdRapTuReZok i just install the ubuntu LTS08:06
thykohmw_: i have tried, but it wont let me select amarok08:06
hischild!enter | LoRdRapTuReZ08:06
ubottuLoRdRapTuReZ: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!08:06
Popescuikonia synatpic package ? whre is this ?08:06
Flannel!synaptic | Popescu08:07
ubottuPopescu: synaptic is Ubuntu's Graphical Package Manager. For a good howto see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticHowto08:07
ikoniaPopescu: synaptic paackage manager from the systems -> adminstration menu08:07
LoRdRapTuReZ!how to upgrade  from unbuntu8.04 Desktop to Unbuntu Server Edition 8.04 LTS | LoRdRapTuReZ08:08
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:08
hischild!upgrade | LoRdRapTuReZ08:08
ubottuLoRdRapTuReZ: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes08:08
ikoniaLoRdRapTuReZ: you dn't do that08:08
ikoniaLoRdRapTuReZ: what do you want out o the server edition that you don't have i n the desktop version08:08
acp_thyko, open a Home Folder -> Edit -> preference ->Media tab08:08
PrePro_hi everyone where is debian's updatedb database file location?08:09
PrePro_err, ubuntu08:09
bdizzleremind me again how to check all running processes from CLI?08:10
ikoniabdizzle: ps -ef08:10
LoRdRapTuReZi have just finish install unbuntu .0408:10
ikoniaLoRdRapTuReZ: yes you've said08:10
LoRdRapTuReZi have just finish install unbuntu 8.04 and i found it was for desktop edition08:11
sleepy_catwhich one is better 8.10 or 8.0408:11
bdizzle8.04 for now08:11
ja660ki still have 8.0408:11
ikoniaLoRdRapTuReZ: the desktop edition is fine for servers08:11
bdizzleI just installed 8.10 and its a paint08:11
ikoniasleepy_cat: neither, depends on your needs and wants08:11
ja660kreally?... how come?08:11
bdizzlethe interface is pretty, but I can't get a damn thing to work08:11
LoRdRapTuReZthe what is the diifrent between desktop edition and server edition08:11
=== co-basket is now known as cew_cute
bdizzleinternet works, thankfully, so thats a major headache avoided08:11
hischildbdizzle, please be more precise. we might be able to give you a hand?08:12
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gnuworld08:12
ikoniaLoRdRapTuReZ: one is designed for enterprise class hardware, the opther is for home user hardware08:12
bdizzleI'm using Kubuntu 8.10, so it may not apply08:12
sleepy_catubuntu kubuntu xubuntu08:12
LoRdRapTuReZhmm .... ok08:12
sleepy_catwhich is better n y?08:12
ikoniasleepy_cat: none - it depends on YOUR personal preference08:13
dnyyAre there any guides online for making ubuntu run smoother?  Only ones I can find are for older versions. :/08:13
bdizzleI can't get adept to work properly, the lists of programs doesn't load and when it does, it often exhibits a "streaking" effect (think of wiping a window with wet print on it, it smears08:13
ikoniasleepy_cat: try them see what YOU like08:13
bdizzleso I've had to try to install everything from apt-get (annoying if I don't know the specific package names)08:13
ikoniabdizzle: most probably graphics driver issues08:13
bdizzleprobably, the mouse isn't quite working either where its either nonresponsive or over-responsive08:14
ikoniabdizzle: probably due to graphic lag08:14
ikoniabdizzle: which is gaphics card driver08:14
karllenz87hey i need some help i just added to hdd's from my osx machine to my linux box and its tellimg me that im not the owner there for i cant open them?08:14
ivan_hi any idea why my music can't drag and drop in rhythmbox?08:14
_makin my local network clients i have the gateway configured, in the gateway i have: eth0 = 1291.68.0.1; eth1 = internet; tun0 = 10.0.0.* (vpn), what should i do in the gateway so the local clients when requesting a 10.*.*.* site can access it?08:14
ivan_sorry i mean with the ipod connected08:14
bdizzleI don't remember to be honest, what is the CLI again for it since I don't trust the mouse or system settings (already had to learn how to disable desktop effects from CLI in pre-boot08:15
trooper2008hello i have to install this file flashcam-1.2.tgz from my desktop how i do it?08:17
hischildIf i login to a machine via remote, is it possible and if so, how is it possible when i use for example zenity to make the screen pop up on the remote PC?08:18
toastedmilkwhere the bonk do I go to change the number of workspaces?08:18
trooper2008how do i install this file flashcam-1.2.tgz from my desktop ?08:18
hischildread remote as in SSH08:19
trooper2008any helpers here?08:19
=== blackkatt_ is now known as blackkatt
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)08:20
trooper2008is help avaible?08:21
LurkersAtrooper2008: Have you tried opening the file?08:21
trooper2008how i do that?08:21
LurkersAdouble click on it to open the archive manager08:22
trooper2008they helping me on italian chan if i fail ill come back thanx08:22
eitriHi. I'm having troubles getting disconnected at my university. I believe it's supposed to be a wpa2 enterprise peap v2 and MSCHAPv2 wireless network. My problem is (I believe) that there is no PEAP v2 in ubuntu8.10. Does anyone know of a solution to this?08:24
=== darrencornwell is now known as ModiusX11
eitri__Sorry guys, I got disconnected. Did anyone tell me anything?08:30
rdzeitri, no answer so far08:31
eitri__ok, thanks08:31
\slashhey guys im trying to solve this problem.. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/301756 .. i havent got a reply yet i was hoping someone could help me here?08:31
bdizzlewhat was it I needed to install to get DVDs to run from medibuntu?08:32
ziroday!dvd | bdizzle08:33
ubottubdizzle: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats08:33
ddgoosetoastedmilk, right click desktop switcher and choose properties08:33
rdz\slash, try once with mplayer. try different video outputs, such as '-vo gl' , '-vo xv' or '-vo x11'. probably you can use some of those as well with vlc. then you might know, whether it is a problem with a 3d frame buffer, or video overlay or whatsoever08:35
ziroday\slash: are you using compiz/3d effects?08:36
\slashi'll try rdz idea08:36
=== vincent_ is now known as Vincemand
ziroday\slash: which driver?08:36
=== Vincemand is now known as Vinceman
\slasherr i forgot the command for that08:36
ziroday\slash: pastebin your /etc/X11/xorg.conf08:37
\slashsomething wrong with pastebin08:38
\slashjust my luck08:38
ziroday\slash: there are other sites, tried pastebin.com?08:39
\slashthats where i usually pastebin lol08:39
ziroday\slash: rafb.net08:39
ddgoose!paste | \slash08:40
ubottu\slash: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)08:40
ziroday\slash: you are using the propriatory amd/ati driver (fglrx)08:41
\slashshouldnt that be the one?08:42
ziroday\slash: thats fine, and you are certain you are not running compiz?08:42
\slashziroday to be honest i dont know what compiz is08:43
\slashim really new to this08:43
\slashso i doubt im running anything compiz lol08:43
ziroday\slash: okay. pastebin the output of ps ax | grep compiz please08:43
Popescuflorin@florin-desktop:~/ircu2.10.12.12$ make install08:43
Popescucd . && autoconf08:43
Popescu/bin/sh: autoconf: not found08:43
Popescumake: *** [configure] Error 12708:43
chazcoHi.. i have an Intel wifi card, using the iwl3945 driver. If I disable it using the hardware switch it becomes impossible to turn it back on with rmmod + modprobe'ing the driver. Any ideas? (Bluetooth is on the same switch, so it gets used quite a bit)08:43
FloodBot2Popescu: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:43
rdz\slash, you can make sure to disable all desktop effects, by going to the start menu > system > preferences > appearnace08:43
Vincemanis it easy to change your ubuntu language?08:44
\slashlooks like i have some compiz running08:44
zirodayVinceman: yes08:44
rdz\slash, then go to the tab 'visual effects' and select 'none'08:44
ddgoose!compile | Popescu08:44
ubottuPopescu: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)08:44
ziroday\slash: see if the issue is still there after disabling compiz please :)08:45
\slasherr where is that exactly08:45
\slashim really new sorry08:45
ddgoose\slash, System->Preferences->Appearance08:46
ziroday\slash: sure, go to System > Preferences > Appearances. Go the the Visual Effects tab and click "None"08:46
Popescui installed ircd-ircu but don`t know who is ircd.conf to edit please help me !08:46
\slashaight done08:47
\slashletme try08:47
corgrathHey guys, got a quick question. Did 'Initiate Window Picker' get change with 8.10?08:47
zirodayPopescu: package name?08:47
\slashhaha omg08:47
Popescuziroday ircd-ircu08:47
\slashyour a genius08:47
\slashit worked!!08:47
\slashthank you ziroday08:47
\slashthanks rdz08:47
\slashand goose08:48
=== dest is now known as dozornyj
ziroday\slash: great, however you can't run compiz and videos together. there is a (possible) workaround and there is an easier way to switch between compiz and metacity. Want me to go through any of those with you?08:48
\slashyes please08:49
\slashif u dont mind08:49
jbu311does anyone else love ubuntu but hate the logo?08:49
ziroday\slash: sure, gimme a sec08:49
zirodayPopescu: its in /etc/ircd/ircd.conf08:49
ddgoosePopescu, try -> http://azio.org/2007/05/01/howto-configure-yourself-a-nice-private-ircd-irc-server/08:49
magnetronjbu311→ this the support channel. we give support, not rate logos.08:49
\slashziro might u be able to help me with my sound problem as well?08:49
Vincemanziroday? how easy?08:49
ziroday\slash: okay install the package compizconfig-settings-manager08:50
\slashwhen i have my speakers plugged in the sound works fine but when i unplug them.. laptop speakers dont work08:50
Popescutank you ziroday08:50
zirodayVinceman: its in System > Administration > Language Support08:50
hischildhow can i redirect a website to a local page without interfering with the DNS?08:50
ziroday\slash: and fusion icon08:50
ziroday\slash: sorry fusion-icon08:50
kkady32Ubuntu 8.10 64 Z-STAR zc0303 webcam not work08:51
\slash1 sec08:51
ziroday\slash: take your time :)08:51
jbu311magnetron, where do I rate logos?08:51
zirodayjbu311: you can vote for a change on brainstorm.ubuntu.com if you really feel its an important thing08:51
magnetronjbu311→ join #ubuntu-offtopic and suggest new logos08:52
\slashziro donee08:52
ziroday\slash: okay, now run ccsm and a window will popup08:53
jbu311magnetron, thanks08:53
ziroday\slash: and go down to Video Playback and make sure its enabled08:53
lollerprogram with GTK support wich shows the TCP and UDP connections ?08:54
\slashits enabled08:55
ziroday\slash: okay, well thats the workaround and it didn't appear to work. The people in #compiz-fusion might know something else. Meanwhile there is a program called fusion-icon which puts a little icon in the notification area and it allows you to easily switch between compiz and metacity08:56
darrendI appear to have lost my update notification icon in the systray.  If I attempt to start it with 'update-notifier &' I get "Failed to initialise HAL".  This is only affecting my user account - any ideas?08:56
ddgoosemy help-juice is depleted.. cya tomorrow o/08:57
\slashis it suppose to be disabled?08:57
dnyyGrr, my laptop will not quit freezing. :(08:57
\slashi just checked if it was enabled08:57
\slashwhere is the icon suppose to show08:57
\slashor what were we tryin to achieve08:58
MrMistI need some advanced tips... I want to "customize" one of the compile flags for a already-existing ubuntu program.. How do I approach this? I know of apt-get source and compilation in general, but I'm no apt expert. Anyone care to lead me in the right direction ?08:58
hischild!compile | MrMist08:58
ubottuMrMist: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)08:58
Ratchet--I need to uninstall ubuntu for something, how can i go about this08:59
rdzRatchet--, get a cd and boot from it08:59
corgrathHey guys, got a quick question. Did 'Initiate Window Picker' get change with 8.10?08:59
Ratchet--not install, uninstall08:59
rdzRatchet--, you don't even need to install it in order to test it08:59
rdzRatchet--, sorry09:00
MrMisthischild: I know how to compile from tar.gz and general sources. I was more thinking about using "apt-get source" to acquire the source. Would you rather recommend fetching the .tar file ?09:00
Ratchet--np :P09:00
Arnashello, how can I 'emulate' windows app and run in it Ubuntu 8.10 like through VNC or smth. - I have install VirtualBox, and WindowsXP on it, can I have a window for one application only ? I do not want to run everything in one window (virtualbox windowsxp) ?09:00
rdzRatchet--, start from cd anyway and erase the partition09:00
Ratchet--rdz:  thanks, i'll try that09:00
DJonesArnas: You could check out wine and see if the application can run under its compatibility layer - www.winehq.org that may let you run it under ubuntu09:01
rdzRatchet--, you could do, what is often used as a joke: 'sudo rm -rf /'09:01
rdzthis would erase all files from the filesystem09:02
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!09:02
Ratchet--what command?09:02
FlannelRatchet--: You don't need to "uninstall" you just need to repartition09:02
DJonesRatchet--: have you got another operating system on that computer?09:02
FlannelRatchet--: What are you going to use the disk for besides Ubuntu?09:02
rdzFlannel, i know.... Ratchet-- asked me how to get rid of ubunut09:02
Flannelrdz: Yes, and that command isn't useful.09:02
ArnasDJones: yeah tried under wine, but ran into some issues with .NET and IE compatability with that program, so BASICALLY I want to run that program emulating whole windows XP through VNC or some other method just for one program09:03
FlannelRatchet--: Get a partitioner, and repartition your Ubuntu partition to be NTFS (or expand your windows partition, etc).  You'll also need a windows CD, to restore the windows bootloader to your MBR09:03
Ratchet--I have a virus on windows, and to initiate the recovery I have to bypass the choose OS during startup.09:03
rdzFlannel, sorry.. i alread proposed a more serious way by booting from cd09:03
bdizzlewasn't 8.10 supposed to come with OpenOffice 3?09:04
Ratchet--I do not *WANT* to uninstall ubuntu, but it must be done to remove my virus.09:04
Ratchet--I have a virus on windows, and to initiate the recovery I have to bypass the choose OS during startup.09:04
Flannelbdizzle: Yes, but OOo3's release was pushed back twice09:04
FlannelRatchet--: That doesn't make a whole lot of sense.09:04
FlannelRatchet--: You're talking about choosing the "recovery" option in windows, right?09:05
Ratchet--I am talking about holding F1109:05
Ratchet--and initiating recovery mode09:05
theCzarhey, so I'm trying to make a bootable flashdrive for ubuntu 8.10.  I've tried a few methods, everything from the built in tool to Unetbootin and syslinux.  I can't get it to work at all.  I change my BIOS settings but still nothing.  any ideas?  My friend is having a similar problem too09:05
ArnasDJones: I think I read somewhere about a method virtualization of windows xp and running/connecting to program through VNC protocol09:05
calav3ra_got a short question: a windows-notebook of a friend crashed and i tried to boot it with a ubuntu 7 live-cd. now i want to make network-shared folders available so i can quickly backup folder from notebook to another pc. whats the keyboard-shortcut for opening a terminal and which commands would fully install samba and share the whole c:\ folder ? thanks in advance09:05
FlannelRatchet--: What that does is boots to your second harddrive (D usually), so if you just boot to that via GRUB, you should be ok.09:05
Ratchet--On the normal circumstances you do it when the compaw screen shows, but there is not enough time with the option choosing09:05
bdizzleah, okay09:05
Ratchet--Flannel: i don't quite understand how i would get to it through grub09:06
FlannelRatchet--: You'd change from booting to your primary Windows partition to your recovery windows partition.  Unfortunately, most of that recovery stuff is MFC specific, and non-standard.  So you might want to consult google for details (see if anyone else has already done it, wrote about it, etc)09:07
ubottuUbuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).09:08
DJonesRatchet--: From memory, I think there's an option on the Windows XP install cd that lets you recover your MBR, that would stop grub being loaded, you could then use windows to reformat/repartition the ubuntu partitions, but it would completely remove Ubuntu09:08
akhil_I am using Ubuntu 8.10 on a Dell Inspiron 6400. I can't shutdown my laptop other than manually pressing the power button. The turnoff button just brings a black screen where it gets stuck09:08
FlannelRatchet--: Or you can just use the windows CD to repair the windows MBR, do your recovery stuff, then reinstall GRUB afterwards09:09
ArnasDJones: did you hear about that kind of method or something like that ?09:09
kkady32!gspca driver09:09
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gspca driver09:09
theCzarhey, so I'm trying to make a bootable flashdrive for ubuntu 8.10.  I've tried a few methods, everything from the built in tool to Unetbootin and syslinux.  I can't get it to work at all.  I change my BIOS settings but still nothing.  any ideas?  My friend is having a similar problem too09:09
ubottuInstructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras09:09
ferronicamy microsoft wreless laser keyboard 6000 v2.0 multimedia keys not working :( after installing ubuntu 8.10 gnome ??09:09
Ratchet--okay let me go find my CD.09:09
livingdaylighthallo Ubunteros09:10
DJonesArnas: The only methods I'm aware of would be to either run windows in a VM, or to try and use wine or crossover office (which you have to pay for)09:10
akhil_I am using Ubuntu 8.10 on a Dell Inspiron 6400. I can't shutdown my laptop other than manually pressing the power button. poweroff command doesn't seem to shut down, it just brings it onto a black screen with the power still switched on..09:10
livingdaylightkann mir jemand sagen ob aptitude install kubuntu-desktop kde3.5 oder 4.1 installiert?09:10
Flannel!de | livingdaylight09:11
ubottulivingdaylight: Deutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de09:11
livingdaylightsorry, in english09:11
Flannellivingdaylight: 4.X on 8.10, on 8.04 kubuntu-desktop will install 3.5, kubuntu-kde4-desktop will install kde409:11
livingdaylightcan one tell me if aptitude install kubuntu-desktop install kde 3.5 or 4.1??09:11
sd32man..i have never been so rudely  handled in a help chat then mandriva help09:11
ArnasDJones: so the method is running windows in VM (in background I think) and then connecting to that program windows through VNC protocol09:11
akhil_I am using Ubuntu 8.10 on a Dell Inspiron 6400. I can't shutdown my laptop other than manually pressing the power button. poweroff command doesn't seem to shut down, it just brings it onto a black screen with the power still switched on. I did not have this problem with Ubuntu 8.04.. What should i do?09:12
DJonesArnas: I don't know, I don't use a VM so I'm not sure whether that would work, somebody else here might know the answer though, maybe address your question to everyone generally09:12
Flannel!repeat | akhil_09:13
ubottuakhil_: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience09:13
canthonyArnas, wat app are you trying to run09:13
Arnasthx, kinda hard  to get your answer through this flood ;-)09:13
akhil_There is always a change..09:13
calav3ra_lots of talking going on in here :)09:13
Arnasanyone know a method of running windows in VM (in background I think) and then connecting to that program windows through VNC protocol ???09:13
livingdaylightcalav3ra_: i hope it is all ontopic09:14
calav3ra_so much questions, my question being flooded away09:14
canthonyArnas, wat are you really trying o accomplish09:14
theCzarhey, so I'm trying to make a bootable flashdrive for ubuntu 8.10.  I've tried a few methods, everything from the built in tool to Unetbootin and syslinux.  I can't get it to work at all.  I change my BIOS settings but still nothing.  any ideas?  My friend is having a similar problem too09:14
livingdaylightcalav3ra_: i knows dis feeling ... remember everyone is volunteer09:14
Flannel!samba | calav3ra_09:14
ubottucalav3ra_: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.  Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21209809:14
calav3ra_ok, thx09:15
Flannelcalav3ra_: opening a terminal has a keyboard shortcut, but I can never remember it.  I always just alt-f2 then gnome-terminal09:15
DJones!usb | theCzar, if you've not looked at this, the section on a persistent usb install may help09:15
jakkelsHello everyone09:15
ubottutheCzar, if you've not looked at this, the section on a persistent usb install may help: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent09:15
Arnascanthony: running Windows XP in VM and connecting to a program window through VNC protocol. I want this because I need Windows XP environement .NET IE and so on09:15
livingdaylightwhy i try to join ubuntu-de and not joining; also kubuntu not joining?09:16
sd32Im getting rid of mandriva and never going back!09:16
=== chili is now known as Guest31443
Flannelsd32: this is a place for Ubuntu support.  did you have a support question?09:16
calav3ra_Flannel, alt+f2 ? what does this? the problem is, this live-cd somehow has problems with gnome-settings on this notebook (old), so nothing except wallpaer+icons show up, thats why i need to ask09:17
sd32Flannel, no, ubuntu is a great distro, sorry for offtopic09:17
calav3ra_but thx for the hint with the command "gnome-terminal"09:18
Flannelcalav3ra_: ah, you can ctrl-alt-f1 to get to a pure terminal if the GUi isn't working properly09:18
Guest31443hi room - anyone here a media/dvd specialist?09:18
canthonyArnas, not sure of VM environments i guess.  at my office my whole team develops on linux machines, we use a windows xp machine with a hacked terminal services to allow all of use to login simultaneously via domain users for testing.  works very well09:18
calav3ra_i even thought about using a commandline cd, maybe i coudl use aa server - because gnome does really suck up the resources on this notebook, it has a mere of 256mb ram - god :)09:18
theCzarubottu | DJones: I have read it and all it really tells me is that i'm out of luck... as computer geek... I refuse to believe this09:19
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:19
Arnascanthony: domain users ? hacked terminal service - you mean more than 2 simultaneous connections to server ? explain, advise09:19
livingdaylightwhy i'z not joining #kubuntu when i /j kubuntu?09:20
little_devilhi there09:20
little_devilfoss.in is cool09:20
Guest31443looking for the equivalent of "www.dvdflick.net" DvD flick which converts 'any' video file into a DVDR09:20
DJonestheCzar: right, other than the factoid, my machines are too old to have a bootable usb as an option so i've never been able to try it09:20
sd32is there a off topic channel?09:20
Guest31443I am not sure which program in the ubuntu library is appropriate ??09:20
Flannellivingdaylight: Its because you're using mibbit, and apparently the bots aren't giving exceptions for kubuntu at the moment09:21
Flannelsd32: #ubuntu-offtopic09:21
canthonyArnas, i combined about 4 tutorials i found to allow unlimited (albeit it BSODs at about 20 users (-: ) terminal services (remote desktop) users, AND found a way to let simultaneous domain users on alongside the real local user.  i wrote a quicky tutorial, i will paste it here...09:22
Guest31443am i off-topic?09:22
_maki have two machines, gateways, one is able to share the vpn connection the other is not...i've looked in 'route -n', 'iptables -L', 'iptables -t nat', they are equal, there is another places where can i search for diferences?09:23
livingdaylightFlannel: yes, i am using mibbit. How did you know?! it is web irc based on ajax . Looks nice... why the prejudice against mebbit?09:23
a_oki used a wildcard in PRUNEPATHS in /etc/updatedb.conf however slocate still indexes it09:23
Flannellivingdaylight: I believe theres an explanation in #ubuntu-proxy-users, and actually, the topic there might explain how you can join #kubuntu as well09:23
Arnascanthony: share the link when you can, I read and try to suite my needs if I can09:23
theCzarDjones: dang it... there's GOT to be a way to make this work...09:24
Guest31443can someone help me with a media/dvd question?09:24
ardchoilleGuest31443: not until you ask09:24
bdizzlewhat is the suspend to RAM option when shutting down in KDE4?09:25
Guest31443Asking: Can someone help me with a media /dvd question?09:25
ardchoille!ask | Guest3144309:26
ubottuGuest31443: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)09:26
VnCnTjust wanted to let EVERYONE know that sun released netbeans 6.5 with PHP :)09:26
FlannelVnCnT: #ubuntu-offtopic, not here, thanks.09:26
VnCnTsorry for the offtopic announcement09:27
Guest31443fuck you09:27
ardchoilleMan, I'm loving Intrepid, this just keeps getting better and better. Nautilus has a handy tabbed ui now :)09:27
jxanderi'm using pyNeighborhood under XFCE and it gives me a Failed to mount error. what should i do?09:27
ziroday!ohmy | Guest5756109:28
ubottuGuest57561: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.09:28
VnCnTI love Intrepid as well... even though I can't get my 'motion eye' working09:28
eitri__Does anyone know how to set up nm with PEAP v2?09:28
zirodayGuest57561: and what is your exact issue?09:28
Flannelziroday: Wrong guest, by the way.09:28
kupocan anyone tell me what the REAL story is with removing totem-plugin?09:28
zirodayFlannel: thanks :). keep forgetting about that09:28
kupodoes it destroy gnome or not?09:28
Arnascanthony: also can you highlight me when you will share the link09:29
ardchoilleSorry, but we can't answer a question until we know what the question is09:29
zirodayFlannel: oh and he's left. My bad.09:29
VnCnTis it possible to get the motion eye working on a Sony Vaio VGN-CR19VN09:29
=== eitri__ is now known as eitri
canthonyArnas, http://riccardo.raneri.it/blog/eng/index.php/2006/04/24/windows-xp-multiuser-remote-desktop/#comment-87246   ....the REG file i wrote to auto-add all the keys is not online right now, and i dont have the file on hand, you'll have to refer to the links i gave and do it manually09:31
Arnasok thx09:32
kupoanyone please? has anyone actually managed to remove totem-plugin from firefox/ubuntu ?09:32
canthonyi always remove totem09:33
kupoVnCnT: http://www.jbcobb.net/sonycr190_debian_howto.html09:33
ardchoillekupo: that's one of the first things I do; remove totem09:33
canthonyif it says its removing gnome its only removing meta packages09:33
kupocanthony: what method do you use09:33
* HackBuntu goes, to eat dinner09:33
kupoyou're sure?09:33
kupoit looked damn convincing09:34
c0nfl|ct bom dia09:34
kupoalright I'll give it a shot09:34
canthonywell im pretty sure it like the first thing i do09:34
ardchoillekupo: I removed these with no ill effects:  totem totem-common totem-gstreamer totem-mozilla totem-plugins09:34
kupoI'm just interested in removing the plugin09:34
geenomethis is quite an odd question but here goes, If I took the source code for a 64 bit app for Linux in a Windows XP X64 enviornment what are the chances it will work I want foss in 64bit mode when I cant use Ubuntu09:35
ikoniaPopescu why are you sending me version requests ?09:35
ardchoillethen it's probably totem-mozilla you want to remove09:35
Oprtzhow to install open office 3.0 in ubuntu 8.10, wat is the terminal command?09:35
canthonygeenome, are you talking about building it for windows?09:36
overdubI set up my net work manually at the command prompt, yet the little icon at the top of my screen shows the network as diabled09:36
canthonyOprtz, you need to add the openoffice PPA09:36
geenomewindows 6409:36
overduband when I start firefox, it starts in offline mode09:36
Oprtzcanthony: how ?09:36
zirodaygeenome: you have already been answered. It will not work.09:36
lollersome other program for bluetooth handling except bluez ?09:37
overdubhow can I integrate the desktop to the fact that my network is up and running fine?09:37
lollercan somebody to tell me?09:37
overdubhow can i get the little icon to get with the fact that I set up my network manually?09:37
geenomeand saying it will not work is ignorant09:37
magnetronloller→ there are plenty of programs for handling bluetooth, most of them use bluez as their bluetooth framework/driver09:38
zirodayOprtz: however currentely the repo that geenome gave you is not working09:38
canthonyOprtz, add....   deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/openoffice-pkgs/ubuntu intrepid main   to your sources.list09:38
geenomeoh man it worked for me09:38
canthonydid someone say that i got kicked out09:38
geenomesorry Oprtz09:38
overdubeven though i set my network up at the command promtp with ifconfig, the network icon at the top of the screen still shows me offline09:38
Oprtzcanthony:  okie09:38
Oprtzits okie geenome, no problem09:38
morningwalkerlooking for assistance to get ubuntu 8.04 upgraded to ubuntu 8.10 using the cd delivered to me by Ubuntu.09:39
lollermagnetron ok sorry for the wrong question tell me one in this case09:39
geenomebackup and reformat is the best option09:39
canthonygeenome, i dont think you can just build the app for windows.  it depends on linux specific libraries and whatnot...  hence the reason for porting effforts09:39
magnetronmorningwalker→ ok, you need the alternate CD. do you have the alternate cd?09:39
geenomeok ty09:39
geenomebut to upgrade http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading09:40
Popescuikonia out of curiosity09:40
morningwalkermagnetron, yes09:41
geenomeIf you boot from the CD doesnt it give you the option to upgrade09:41
geenomewoohoo the new fedora09:41
magnetronmorningwalker→ most people will see the "upgrade" option if they just insert the alternate CD while ubuntu is running09:41
Pav5088Hi...  If I want to clone a bootable ntfs partition onto a new drive is there a way to do this with OSS?09:41
loller i`ve got problem with bluetooth , when i start the wirzard to add my phone to the devices it says " pairing with <phone name> failed "09:42
canthonyPav5088, you can use partimage to clone a partition09:42
geenomePav5088 no but there are free apps to do it in Windows09:42
morningwalkermagnetron' i did see the pop up window09:42
lollersome body to help me?09:42
magnetronmorningwalker→ use that window.09:42
morningwalkermagnetron, i did09:42
Pav5088canthony: I've looked at partimage, and it seems to want to save an intermediate image file somewhere.09:42
magnetronmorningwalker→ ok, great. so everything's fine then?09:43
Pav5088geenome: Thanks....  will check it out.09:43
geenomeanother bet is to simply copy your stuff over09:43
geenomeI never worry about cloning09:43
canthonyPav5088, yes it does want that, i actually spent a lot of time trying to get around that but i could not.  it does however support accesing a server09:43
morningwalkermagnetron, the window said A volume of software package has been detected." and 2 Options were available "start package Manager, and Cancel...09:43
wersi used synclient to change my touch pad's settings but whenever I restart, the settings are reset.how do I make synclient settings permanent? :)09:43
_maki have two machines, gateways, one is able to share the vpn connection the other is not...i've looked in 'route -n', 'iptables -L', 'iptables -t nat', they are equal, there is another places where can i search for diferences?09:43
morningwalkerPackage Manager Opened.... after that no idea about what to do!!09:44
magnetronmorningwalker→ so start the package manager.09:44
canthonyPav5088, it also skips empty bloacks and compresses using gzip09:44
alfatauhello! i accidentally deleted from panel (in one-shot) 3 applets: wifi manager, hp toolbox and upgrades notifier one. i can't re-place them using "add to panel" because they're not in the list. what can i do?09:44
geenomePav5088 what are you trying to accomplish?09:44
morningwalkermagnetron; i did open the package manager... but there seems to be no options like, upgrade from cd or something...09:44
morningwalkeris there something i must look for?09:44
canthonyPav5088, i just used a usb HD as the intermediary since i could mount it from a livecd09:45
geenomeI always have more than one HD laying around with stuff on it so I dont have to worry about cloning as it is slower than copying the information over09:45
canthonyalfatau, you removed your system-tray, although im not sure how to restore it09:45
rinovanhow to undelete file in reiserfs09:45
magnetronmorningwalker→ https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IntrepidUpgrades#Upgrading Using the Alternate CD/DVD09:46
geenomereiserfs undelete http://antrix.net/journal/techtalk/reiserfs_data_recovery_howto.comments09:46
kupoardchoille: ok you were right thanks09:46
geenomerinovan welcome to our side reiserfs ftw09:46
ArenlorDoes anyone have any experience in getting mobile phones to work as modems?09:46
kupowhats the difference between totem-mozilla and totem-plugin09:46
geenometotem-mozilla is a front end for web browsers and pligins are well plugins for totem09:47
Oprtzcanthony: it works for me thanks dude~! :)09:47
Arenlor!ask | xSONICx09:47
ubottuxSONICx: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)09:47
benoka12 wireless cards are running, one built-in on the laptop and a USB one (4x faster!), how do i go to disable the built-in one at boot by keeping the possibility to re-enable (if USB one would fail)?09:47
ardchoillekupo: yw09:47
morningwalkermagnetron, ive tried what they have mentioned on the site u gave me, but there still doesnt work the command on Alt = F2 " gksu "sh /cdrom/cdromupgrade" " doesnt work09:47
Oprtzcanthony: i hope ubuntu will beat windowsXP/Vista in 1 or 2 years09:48
geenomebenoka1 is it a minipci?09:48
=== moonwolf is now known as MoonWolf
morningwalkermagnetron; alt + f209:48
geenomeI would simply take the plate off the botom of the laptop and take it out09:48
canthonyOprtz, just keep spreading the free/open goodness/mindset09:49
magnetronmorningwalker→ are you absolutely sure you have the Alternate CD? not the regular Desktop CD?09:49
geenomeif the laptop is older than 2000 and it has a wifi a card in it than it might be more of a headache09:49
alfataucanthony: found: applet's name is "notification area"09:49
Arenlorbenokal: Do you know the module name?09:49
Oprtzcanthony:  i am and i will09:49
geenomehttp://thoughtsbyclayg.blogspot.com/2008/01/ubuntu-disable-hardware.html disabling hardware09:50
geenomebenoka1 http://thoughtsbyclayg.blogspot.com/2008/01/ubuntu-disable-hardware.html09:50
Oprtzcanthony:  i love ubuntu and they way it works for me09:50
morningwalkermagnetron; Yup the alternative cd is what i have... downloaded it on the site09:50
morningwalkeri also have the desktopcd which i recieved today09:50
morningwalkermagnetron;  i also have the desktopcd which i recieved today09:51
rinovangeenome, ?09:51
geenomeI was answering a question on disabling a wifi card benoka1 asked09:52
geenomewow Fedora 10's kernel is schweet09:52
geenomeeverything is so smooth I cannot wait til Ubuntu 9.0409:52
morningwalkerany way of upgrading using the desktop cd??09:53
geenomeput it in the cd drive while Ubuntu is running09:53
geenomea window will popup asking if you want to upgrade09:53
geenomepersonally I keep my /home in another partition and format my OS partition when upgrading or trying out any Linux distro09:54
geenomeso when I "upgrade" I simply format my OS partition and have a clean slate with no issues09:54
Ademananyone know of video editors outside of kino, cinelerra, blender (yes, it does that too), avidemux (i think that was the name), pitivi ?09:55
geenomeis there a way to compile kernel 2.26.9 for Ubuntu 8.10 ^_^09:55
JuanoloHi ALl09:56
geenomeAdeman sadly no09:56
geenomevideo editing is a mac and windows thing for now09:56
geenomeit makes me sad too09:56
JuanoloI am trying to start a service, /etc/init.d/pbxnsip restart, everyhitng goes ok, no error messages on screen, hoewver no process is loaded, ...I wonder wich file can I take a look to to se service startup errors on Ubuntu server, thanks09:56
Ademankino does what (my friend) needs, it's just been a little...crash happy...09:56
Ademanand well, we all know about cinelerra (although I haven't personally used it, it's got quite a reputation)09:57
canthonyJuanolo, is it a network service?09:57
geenomeAdeman I use Sony Vegas Pro tools in Wine with wine tricks enabled09:57
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help09:57
magnetronAdeman→ pitivi09:58
Ademandoes it actually work well?09:58
Ademanmy experience with wine is kinda mixed09:58
geenomepitivi is really limited09:58
Ademani love it because the idea is great, but it often falls flat on its face09:58
geenomewith wine you need patience and lots of it09:58
Juanolocanthony, yes, it is a PBX server09:58
magnetronAdeman→ use PITIVI09:58
geenomeeverything can be gotten to work but not without some hassles09:58
magnetron!info pitivi | Ademan09:58
ubottupitivi (source: pitivi): non-linear audio/video editor using GStreamer. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.11.1-0ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 172 kB, installed size 1168 kB09:58
canthonywell its qute a feat to convert the native system calls of one os into calls to another, id say theve done a good job09:59
canthonyWine Is Not an Emulator09:59
JuanoloI just want to know which files are storing the service startup messages and errors09:59
Ademanoh certainly, especially with little/no documentation available09:59
geenomepitivi is ok it is along the same lines as Windows Movie Maker which is not a bad thing but for anything professional it doesnt pass the test09:59
magnetronAdeman→ you hear me?09:59
Ademanmagnetron: i'll check it out, lol09:59
neetoMy sound is crackling a little bit. Does anyone think this could be something besides hardware?09:59
pogztimzcan some1 pls show me a link on how to install and configure a squid proxy server on a ubuntu server?10:00
geenomeneeto is it a sblive card?10:00
neetoneeto: I can't remember exactly what it is, let me lshw real quick10:00
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neetogeenome: : I can't remember exactly what it is, let me lshw real quick10:00
geenomemy creative card does the same thing10:01
neetoIt didn't used to do it :/10:01
neetoIt's creative for sure, I don't know what type10:01
canthonyJuanolo, i would try running to command manually and see what it says, instead of from init.d10:01
geenomeyes creative and Linux are a shaky shady business10:01
Juanolocanthony, well runing the command manualy doesn't say anyhthing, it just executes and that's all10:02
geenomeI have an XFI card that doesnt work at all10:02
geenomeall it does is crackel and fizz10:02
geenomebut with Windows it sounds amazing10:02
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ubottuDeutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de10:02
neetogeenome: I see :/ it's weird because it didn't used to crackle at all10:02
Juanolocanthony, it is supossed to be a process that has to stick to the service list, however even i execute it it doesn't appear on ps -A10:02
neetobut all the sudden it's started being really annoying10:02
canthonyJuanolo, so the command completes and returns you to the terminal?10:02
geenomedo you dualboot?10:02
Juanolocanthony, yes, it completes and returns me to the terminal without any error message10:03
geenomeI suggest trying it in Windows and if it does the same thing get a new card10:03
canthonyyou could try an strace <command>10:03
geenomeare you running Ubuntu 8.10 neeto?10:03
neetogeenome: it's an SB Audigy LS speficially...10:03
geenomeyeah it is the xfi chip10:04
neetogeenome: I haven't upgraded yet, still 8.0410:04
neetogeenome: that's work, nan10:04
geenomethe soundsystem of 8.04 is crappy but fixed in 8.1010:04
Juanolocanthony, strace?10:04
neetogeenome: ah, good to know... once I get around to a place where I can upgrade without the danger of losing my data, then I will... I gotta offload about 4TB of crap first though10:05
geenomeI cant believe your audigy card works10:05
canthonyJuanolo, strace will watch all the system cals made by the binary command.  it will tell you what the binary tries to open/etc.  there is another debugging tool that starts with a g but i cant think of it right now10:05
neetogeenome: it's worked absolutely perfectly since 7.04 when I got this machine10:05
hischildcanthony, you mean gdm?10:05
geenomeneeto I suggest partitioning up your hd10:05
neetoIt's just now that it's turned to crap, it's weird10:05
Juanolocanthony, I don't have "strace"10:05
canthonyJuanolo, is the app a binary or a script10:06
hischildcanthony, no wait ... gdb sorry10:06
geenomeleaving like a 30 gig OS only partition10:06
canthonyhischild, yeah i think thats it10:06
Juanolocanthony, the app is a binary10:06
neetogeenome, yeah I am gonna do a whole bunch of stuff when I upgrade... get more storage and raid6 it all for redundancy and speed10:06
canthonyhischild, i havent really used gdb but johnny from mapi-evolution had me do it once when i was getting the mapi plugin working10:06
Gorlistgood morning, quick question for 8.10 - since upgrading ive got a new "Universal Access Preferences" icon on the task bar which I can't seem to remove (nothing appears if I right click) - any suggestions?10:06
geenomeraid is good10:06
Gorlistmy other ubuntu which also was upgraded hasn't got this.10:07
hischildcanthony, it can be really useful at times.10:07
neetogeenome: I like it, I didn't do anything with it on this install because this machine is a modular experiment of sorts, so it's been being added onto for a year or so10:07
Juanolocanthony, I have done strace and this is the result: http://pastebin.com/m3afea99010:07
geenomeright thats how my Linux machine is10:08
neetogeenome: a huge experiment?10:08
geenomeI usually use Ubuntu Studio but atm I am using Fedora 10 and I love it10:08
geenomethe kernel 2.6.29 is amazing10:08
Juanolocanthony, so I don't understand anything about the information generated by strace10:09
canthonyJuanolo, i see alot of No such file or directory, seems like you have missing libraries10:09
neetogeenome: as soon as I get the time I'll upgrade for sure10:09
knut_which file format do i have to choose when i want to embedd fonts and images into "one file"?? (INKSCAPE)10:09
geenomeit almost puts XP to shame in terms of speed and smoothness is unparraled10:09
neetogeenome: My machine already puts XP to shame several times over. I love this beast10:09
geenomea little late for kernel video processing but better late than never to have a gdi10:09
zohrehis there any one programmer with xlib ?10:10
Juanolocanthony, access("/etc/ld.so.nohwcap", F_OK)      = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory) , which library ?10:10
geenomeits about time GDI kernel mode was introduced10:10
neetogeenome: oh shit they have a gdi mode now10:10
paul68geenome: do you know if creative labs is supported by fedora 10?10:10
neetoerr pardon the french there10:10
Juanolocanthony, it is always asking for : ld.so.nohwcap10:10
Juanolocanthony, what's that?10:10
maxbJuanolo: that one's harmless10:10
arquebusanyone know where I can find info on how to configure command line mail clients like alpine to work with gmail?10:11
geenomeUbuntu 9.04 will have that kernel10:11
geenomeor better10:11
canthonyJuanolo, i admit im not that savvy with the debug tools or their output10:11
Juanolomaxb, what do yo mean?10:11
maxbJuanolo: It's not a problem that it's missing10:11
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about alpine10:12
neetogeenome: cool. For now I think I am gonna make ALSA use my intel audio card, that'll probably fix the problem, at least for the immediate future10:12
canthonyJuanolo, strace/gdb are usually last resorts after sifting through documentation on the program and forums/web resources.  i would think the program would have some sort of logging functionality10:12
Juanolomaxb, ok so what's wrong on strace information? I can't still manage to stick this process on10:12
geenomethats what I did neeto10:12
maxbJuanolo: I don't think there's any useful information in that strace10:13
Juanolocanthony, nothing, the information and documentations is very simple, and it si supossed to be as simple as start the process: http://wiki.pbxnsip.com/index.php/Installing_in_Linux10:13
zohrehany person programmer xlib?10:13
paul68geenome: do you know if creative labs is supported by fedora 10? and especially for the xfi cards?10:13
geenomewith GDI kernel processing Xorg is now 10 times more stable10:13
neetogeenome: cool, should work, although I am more confused about why my creative card decided to get crappy all the sudden more than the fact that it's hard to listen to music with10:13
geenomeidk I put my xfi card in my gaming system10:13
JuanoloThe funy thing is that this was working on Ubuntu 8.0410:13
geenomeits alsa probably an upgrade10:13
neetogeenome: I hate when they upgrade working things into non-working things :/10:14
geenomehave you done upgrades recently10:14
neetogeenome: I do them every chance I get10:14
geenomewait a few days it might get fixed10:14
maxbJuanolo: I think that strace just shows the initial process forking off the one which will continue to run in the background, and then exiting. So, working as designed10:14
neetogeenome: I'll cross my fingers... I'm peacin' out for now though10:14
neetolater all10:15
Juanolomaxb, is there any other log where can I see error messages comming from services that want to restart?10:15
geenomethe new kernel makes me smile it added like 10-15 fps for my games10:17
ikoniaI doubt that10:17
maxbJuanolo: it really is up to each individual service, you'd have to see what logging options pbxnsip has10:17
canthonyJuanolo, is there a specific reason you need to move to 8.10?10:17
geenomeikonia is that toward me?10:17
ikoniayes, and it's also offtopic10:17
geenomeI have been helping people all night sorry I am a bit tired I got a little carried away10:18
cli got one question: in ubuntu 8.10 the keyboard repeat function does not work for my left and down arrow key (for up and right it works) when i have synergy running. Is this problem known?10:18
geenometime to goto bed10:18
akhil_I am using Ubuntu 8.10 on a Dell Inspiron 6400. I can't shutdown my laptop other than manually pressing the power button. poweroff command doesn't seem to shut down, it just brings it onto a black screen with the power still switched on. I did not have this problem with Ubuntu 8.04.. What should i do?10:20
magnetroncl→ i'm not sure, all the bugs are tracked at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu10:20
hischildikonia, good afternoon. Have you received my pm?10:20
ikoniahischild: just about to open it10:20
ikoniajust logged in10:20
clok, i will take a look there10:20
hischildikonia, no need to rush it. I've got time.10:20
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forcumangis there a different between ubuntu's nvidia proprietary drivers and installing them manually?10:23
neggecould someone tell me how to get the difference between two text files without any other info (the default diff file1 file2 puts a > or < in front of  each line, I don't want that)?10:23
neggeforcumang: the ubuntu drivers might not always be the newest version10:24
forcumangthat's not a problem10:24
canthonynegge you probly have some whitesapce in there, there is a flag in diff to ignore that10:24
forcumangi'm j