pooliespiv, hi00:37
thumperpoolie: which project was it using reviews?00:42
pooliestevea's project00:42
jmlok. so how exactly should I do this again (switching the order of a pair of adjacent threads)00:54
thumpera quick question about bzr send00:55
thumperif using `bzr send --mailto foo@example.com` and thunderbird00:55
thumperdoes the attachment get added for others?00:55
thumperI'm trying to debug a weirdness00:55
pooliehow do you mean 'for others'?00:57
* jml walks away to think about the problem.00:58
pooliejml, i don't know00:58
jmlpoolie: behold, I show you a mystery00:59
spivjml: edit your .bzr/branch/last-loom file? ;)01:09
pooliespiv, i'm reading john's pack-names patch01:09
spivjml: More reasonably, pull --overwrite probably gives you the hammer you need.01:10
jmlspiv: hmm. maybe. there are a bunch of merges that I need to work around.01:13
jmlspiv: I'll have a play, anyway.01:13
spivjml: ah, so it's more fundamentally that you need cherrypicking, rather than the ordering of the loom threads?01:14
jmlspiv: yeah, probably.01:14
* jml does uncommit and shelve shenanigans01:32
pooliespiv, ok, i'm going to send up john's patch, what next?01:34
jmland look, there's a criss-cross merge. what a shock.01:37
spivpoolie: http://bundlebuggy.aaronbentley.com/project/bzr/request/%3C20081117065938.GA18818%40steerpike.home.puzzling.org%3E perhaps?01:38
pooliethere are some nontrivial conflicts, i'm just working through them01:39
poolieso you're both pretty confident in that interdiffing one01:39
spivOh, I should land my already approved improvement item_keys_introduced_by's signatures calculation.01:41
* spiv does that01:41
spivNot sure why I didn't notice that sooner, I guess the rapidly shrinking list of things in bundle buggy made it more obvious :)01:42
james_wpoolie: "either 1.6 (from hardy)" <- did you mean Intrepid?01:42
pooliei did01:42
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spivpoolie: I'm going to land the interdifferingserializer improvement (I'm confident and the bb:comments were essentially positive), and then I think I'm out of changes for 1.1002:32
pooliei've just finished resolving the pack-names thing02:32
pooliei'm going to send that up, then have lunch, then roll 1.10rc102:32
mwhudsonpoolie: getting anywhere on that bug of mine?02:38
pooliemwhudson: tbh not yet, we're trying to finish off work that's already queued and to get a release out03:03
pooliebut after that, it's top of the list03:03
pooliei'm not totally sure this is the right approach but things have gone for us when we try to fix just one more bug before releasing03:04
pooliespiv, mine merged, when yours does i'll start packaging03:20
spivpoolie: cool.  I'm off to lunch to now.03:23
mwhudsonhuh, i managed to push https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~mwhudson/launchpad/manual-stacking-on-launchpad-branches-bug-272372 via devpad03:30
mwhudsonwhich has bzr 1.903:31
poolieso are you saying your bug may be to do with the server code?03:31
mwhudsoni pushed locally with bzr 1.9 --> boom03:32
mwhudsoni pushed to devpad, then from devpad i seem to be able to push with bzr 1.703:32
spivpoolie: how's the releasing going?05:20
pooliei'm uploading bzr-svn, and working out how it uses bzr builddeb05:24
pooliedid your things all land?05:24
spivApparently so!  http://bundlebuggy.aaronbentley.com/?selected=pending&unreviewed=n is almost unrecogniseably shorter :)05:25
toytoyhi guys, i was doing 'bzr uncommit' then did bzr commit, then in the other pc, i did bzr update, but I see that the last log that was part of the 'bzr uncommit' became a pendig merges. is that normal? or I want to remove that pending merges since that's no use05:26
poolieassuming you don't want to keep that uncommitted revision, you should revert the other checkout05:28
spivtoytoy: that's an interesting case.  I think that is probably a bug, although not a surprising one.  You can clear pending merges with "bzr revert --forget-merges".05:28
poolieThis release of Bazaar focusses on performance improvements when pushing05:44
poolieand pulling revisions, both locally and to remote networks.  The popular05:44
poolie``shelve`` and ``unshelve`` commands, used to interactively revert and05:44
poolierestore work in progress, have been merged from bzrtools into the bzr05:44
pooliecore.  There are also bug fixes for portability, and for stacked branches.05:44
pooliehow's that05:44
spivSounds good, although shelve/unshelve was rewritten rather than merely merged.05:46
spivI'm not sure the distinction matters for that text, though.05:46
poolieto use internal merge, rather than patch and diff?05:46
spivpoolie: I'm off to SLUG.  I'll have a play with the rc1 when I get home tonight :)06:16
=== poolie changed the topic of #bzr to: Bazaar version control system | http://bazaar-vcs.org | please test 1.10rc1 released 28 Nov | http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ | http://planet.bazaar-vcs.org/
pooliespiv, ok, cheerio - btw (i should have reminded you earlier) i have a holiday on monday again06:16
pooliebut john and robert will be back06:16
spivpoolie: I'll be on leave (OSDC that week), but pretty easy to contact.06:18
poolieah, right06:21
pooliehm, maybe i should move it06:21
pooliehave a fun conference anyhow06:21
poolieand btw it's great how many things you landed into 1.10, and that insert_r_s is coming along06:21
vilahi all07:22
GPHemsleyIs there any way for me to merge the history of two branches that don't share a common ancestor within Bazaar, though they do share a common ancestor file-wise?07:57
GPHemsleyfullermd: Would you happen to be around?07:58
GPHemsleypoolie: You still around?08:11
jameshGPHemsley: you can merge the two branches in a way that will give you the files from both branches08:18
jameshGPHemsley: but it won't merge contents of files from the two branches08:19
jamesh"bzr merge -r 0.. otherbranch" should do it08:19
jameshas the branches don't share history, it has no way of knowing that two files with the same name should be merged (you'll get a naming conflict), let alone how to merge the contents08:20
AfCHaven't actually done it, but if you  `bzr add --file-ids-from` the files into the new branch, then do the merge, it might work?08:29
GPHemsleyIt's alright08:30
GPHemsleyit's not that important08:30
GPHemsleybut thanks08:30
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GPHemsleyjamesh, AfC: What's the proper syntax for `bzr init-repo` via SFTP?08:48
GPHemsleynevermind, got it08:51
GPHemsleyjamesh, AfC: Whats the difference between `bzr init ; bzr pull` and `bzr branch`?08:57
macois it safe to install bzr 1.6 in ubuntu 8.04?09:00
macoim not sure if i should ask that in an ubuntu place or here09:00
macoi just dont know if it'd be unhappy with library versions or something09:00
pooliemaco: yes, it's fine09:12
GPHemsleypoolie: What is rich root?09:12
poolieyou can get a package from launchpad.net/~bzr/+archive09:12
macopoolie: ok, thank you09:12
poolieGPHemsley: it's a series of alternate repo formats that support primarily svn interoperation09:12
GPHemsleyIs that their only benefit?09:13
pooliejust about09:13
jameshGPHemsley: the only real difference between init+pull and branch is the format of the resulting branch: the first will use bzr's default format, while the second will use the format of the source branch09:16
macojamesh: ooo i was wondering that09:33
spivpoolie: yeah, it's very satisfying watching stuff land :)10:49
abeaumontis it possible to set commands configuration in a configuration file or similar? e.g: i'd like to use --line switch in bzr log by default11:32
abeaumontconfiguration topic in help does't talk about such possibilities...11:32
spivabeaumont: yes11:43
spivabeaumont: create an alias11:43
abeaumontthanks spiv12:25
abeaumontmuch better than what i had in mind :D12:28
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CaMason_What's the best way to set up a SFTP user that will point to /srv/bzr/myrepo ?13:27
rockyjelmer: which  version of bzr-svn should i be using for bzr-1.10rc1 ? :)13:33
jelmerrocky, nothing yet - 1.10 breaks API compatibility for 0.4.15 but I hope to release 0.5.0 at some point before 1.1013:34
rockyjelmer: don't suppose it's safe to use a branch of bzr-svn then?13:35
jelmerwell, it won't corrupt your repository or anything but some operations may give tracebacks13:35
* rocky reluctantly sticks with bzr 1.9 for the time being... :)13:36
CaMason_hi guys. I've had a project under bzr control just from bzr init. Now, I've just set up a SFTP connection, and I'd like to make my current repo a central repo on the SFTP server13:38
CaMason_how do I go about doing this?13:38
jelmerCaMason_, bzr push the branch to the sftp server13:41
jelmerafter that, you should be able to "bzr checkout" it13:42
CaMason_jelmer: thanks, I'm just reading that bit now13:42
* rocky loves that every bzr repo can be used as-is by merely hooking up network access to it for someone else13:42
rockyi don't think svn was like that right?13:42
CaMason_rocky: nope13:43
CaMason_you know, I think I can use a folder under both SVN and .bzr control..13:43
CaMason_i.e. my local project has a single folder that I want to put on a SVN server elsewhere (for others). If I ignore the .svn files with bzr, it shoudln't cause any conflicts, if I think correctly?13:44
rockyCaMason_: you can probably do something a little slicker with bzr-svn, but jelmer would be the one to poke for that ;)13:45
CaMason_I think I've pushed my current repo to a central location. However, the file sizes are different13:52
CaMason_the central repo seems to be about 500kb big, but my local one is about 700kb13:53
CaMason_well, I managed to checkout the central branch. so..13:54
CaMason_I assume everything is ok!13:54
beunoCaMason_, bzr optimizes repos, so I wouldn't be surprised13:55
KangOlwhy doing a merge between 2 branches without common ancestor with cherrypicking doesn't keep the history ?13:57
CaMason_and it seems I've bound my working copy to the central repo now. This is brilliant :)13:58
CaMason_and I can unbind.. brillian. I can now work on the train offline :D14:00
beunoyes, the magic of bzr14:01
CaMason_I have to say, compared to SVN, the setup process has been very painless14:02
beunoCaMason_, blog about it!  the world needs to know!  ;)14:03
CaMason_I will as soon as I get my blog up14:03
KangOlsomeone can explain me this behavior ?14:14
KangOl~$> bzr clone -q <urlA> A14:14
KangOl~$> bzr clone -q <urlB> B14:14
KangOl~$> cd A14:14
KangOlA$> bzr merge ../B/14:14
KangOlbzr: ERROR: Branches have no common ancestor, and no merge base revision was specified.14:14
KangOlA$> bzr merge -q -r 0..-1 ../B/14:14
KangOlA$> bzr st | grep pending14:14
KangOlpending merges:14:14
KangOlA$> bzr revert -q14:14
KangOlA$> bzr merge -q -r 0..-1 ../B/somedir/14:14
KangOlA$> bzr st | grep pending14:14
uwsjelmer: bzr-svn seems to think subtrees of my svn checkout are are in different svn repos14:28
uwsjelmer: refusing   'bzr commit dir1/somefile dir2/somefile'14:28
uwsjelmer: note that this is a svn checkout, not a bzr-svn checkout14:28
jelmeruws, what's the exact error?14:50
uwsERROR: dir1/dir/somefile is not in the same branch as dir22/dir/someotherfile14:51
uwsjelmer: ^14:51
uwsjelmer: "bzr root" in dir2/dir gives dir2/, instead of 2 levels up)14:51
jelmeruws: Ah, that's actually correct. It's fixed in 0.5, you can workaround it in 0.4 by explicitly setting a branching scheme and setting it to be mandatory15:01
uwsjelmer: how?15:03
uwsjelmer: what value should I use for  bzr svn-branching-scheme --set svn+ssh://.... ?15:07
uwsjelmer: repo layout is  /project/{trunk,branches/tags}15:07
uwsjelmer: my svn checkout is from  /project/trunk/15:07
jelmeruws, that should be trunk1 (in ~/.bazaar/subversion.conf)15:18
rottyhmm, I've a strange problem when using bzr+ssh:15:26
rottynathot:~/src/spe/systems% bzr branch sftp://delenn/home/rotty/src/spe/systems/xitomatl15:26
rottyrotty@delenn's password:15:26
rottybzr: ERROR: Not a branch: "/home/rotty/src/xitomatl/15:26
rotty(erm, that's with sftp, but bzr+ssh yields the same error)15:26
rotty(note the difference between the path names specified on the command line, and in the error message)15:27
rotty(also, when doing the same on delenn, using 'localhost' as hostname, it works without a flaw)15:27
rottyarghl! bzr stores the absolute directory inside .bzr/branch/location -- so if you move the dir, this info becomes bogus.15:45
rottyI think storing locations globally in ~/.bazaar/locations.conf and inside ~/.bzr is a real misfeature15:46
Odd_Blokerotty: What version of bzr are you using?15:46
Odd_BlokeI'm not seeing a ~/.bzr/branch/location...15:46
rottyin the repo: /path/to/repo/.bzr/branch/location15:47
Odd_BlokeSorry, I didn't mean to put the ~ there.15:47
Odd_BlokeMy fingers betrayed me.15:47
Odd_BlokeI'm not seeing one in my branches.15:47
rottyi've been bitten by stuff like that on several occassions -- no other dvcs I've used has problems when you move repos around15:47
Odd_Blokerotty: Are you talking about repositories or branches?15:48
rottyOdd_Bloke: aren't those the same in bzr?15:48
Odd_Blokerotty: No.15:48
Odd_BlokeA repository is Just a Bunch Of Revisions.  A branch is a pointer to one of those revisions (which in turn point to their parents and so on, giving you history).15:49
Odd_Blokerotty: Often, the repository and the branch will be in the same location, but not necessarily.15:52
Odd_BlokeFor example, when using shared repositories.15:52
rottyI just have repos and branches that share location16:00
rotty(btw, removing that .bzr/branch/location file makes the branch not work anymore)16:02
rotty(and trying to correct it also doesn't work)16:04
Odd_Blokerotty: I'm afraid I'm not sure what's going on.16:07
Odd_BlokePerhaps a ML post would be in order.16:07
rottywell, running "bzr branch" locally, and using the newly created branch instead, worked16:11
Odd_Blokerotty: Yeah, that's the recommended way of doing it.16:20
Odd_BlokeSorry, it should have occurred to me to mention that. >.<16:21
beunovila, going to be working on improving log performance?16:23
beunoyou become my instant personal god if you are16:23
vilabeuno :-)16:23
vilaI have a problem with log, but not only a performance problem, so I'm reviewing the related bugs, tagging them along the way16:24
vilaBut out of curiosity, what is your use case (there are several ways log performance can be improved)16:25
beunovila, loggerhead16:25
beunoso bzr log -v  ;)16:25
vilalog -v is quite a big hammer, you use it without limiting the revision range ?16:26
beunovila, no, I do limit it16:27
beunoit's the only remaining thing we *have* to cache in loggerhead16:27
beunothe changed files per revision16:27
vilabeuno: can't you use tree.iter_changes directly ?16:30
beunovila, IIRC, the problem is that we have to get all the files changed for a revision in mainline, with all it's sub-revisions16:30
beunofor 20 (mainline) revisions at a time16:31
beunoon a big tree (20k revs), you think using inter_changes would be fast to get that info?16:31
beunoI don16:31
beunoI don't remember atm how we get that information16:31
vilabeuno: oh, your context is a bit too complicated to be definitive :-/ (Except that iter_changes will only give you the delta between two arbitrary revisions and I don't think that address your "for 20 (mainline) revisions at a time"16:34
vilaDo you need (or use) the revnos ? That can make a difference, and if you use them, you'd better *not* call log -v multiple times16:35
beunovila, right, I need it per mainline revision16:35
beunoI only use revnos for the mainline, so it's fine16:36
beunovila, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~loggerhead-team/loggerhead/trunk/changes16:36
beunothat's the page16:36
beunoall the information you see there is what we need to get16:36
beunoand, if you're interested in peaking at the file: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~loggerhead-team/loggerhead/trunk/annotate/247?file_id=history.py-20061211064342-102iqirsciyvgtcf-516:37
beunovila, maybe it's _get_deltas_for_revisions_with_trees?16:38
beunoit says "This is copied from bzrlib.", but I suspect that comment is from the 1980's16:39
beuno(sept 2007, actually)16:39
vilabeuno: right, you don't use log -v :-) You use bzrlib :)16:41
beunobut I'm hoping that improvements to one will trickle down16:41
beunowishful thinking?16:41
vilaNo, you're right. But my remark about revnos doesn't apply then.16:42
vilaand changes_from calls iter_changes 2 levels down :)16:43
beunoso, "I'm screwed"16:44
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vilabeuno: nooo, just be patient ;-)16:45
* beuno hugs vila and goes back to the launchpad bug sprint16:45
beunowill I see you at UDS?16:45
vilabeuno: no16:46
beunowe need a bzr sprint soon then!16:46
Kobazsprinting eh16:48
Kobazwhat do you guys use for tracking your scrums16:48
Kobazwe use scrumworks16:54
beunowe use... wikis and drawings?16:54
Glenjaminhey guys, i'm looking at setting up a smart server, and i'm hoping to get some sort of authenticating system where various branches can be read-only, private or public17:34
Glenjaminis there any existing wsgi sorta thing i can just drop in?17:34
Glenjaminie: something a bit like lp, where if you push to ~user/project/branch, it knows what to do17:35
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tristilDoes anyone use nested trees? I've had trouble getting a straight answer googling around, so I'm guessing no.18:25
Kobazi like little forests18:28
beunotristil, bzr doesn't support nested trees yet18:29
beunoLarstiQ is the mastermind behind it18:30
beunobut hasn't finished yet18:30
tristilKobaz, I thought I liked subtrees but nested trees appears to be the best I can get.18:33
tristilbeuno, Thanks the various references on the web and the different formats are confusing.18:33
tristilSo people use configmanager instead for composite projects?18:35
Kobazi dont even know what i want yet18:37
Kobazso far i've got18:37
tristilKobaz, but what's in projectcontainer? Is it a bzr repo/branch?18:42
Kobazit's just a directory18:42
Kobazlike, a second order grouping of projects18:42
tristilOh, well, what I really want is just svn:externals. I guess I can just keep adding, removing and exporting my subprojects.18:45
Kobazaww, there's no externals in bzr?18:45
tristilThat's what I thought nested trees were.18:45
tristilOf course, in Rails/Ruby they use a tool called piston to check in the externals anyway.18:46
tristilSo you can freeze at a revision.18:47
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Kobazdustybin: lvextend is a safe operation20:12
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dudusis there a way to make nautilus integration work under ubuntu?20:24
jelmerdudus, the bzr-gtk ubuntu package is b0rked20:25
jelmerthere's an open bug about it20:25
dudusyeah I just subscribed to it20:25
dudusjelmer: I think it may be solved on debian20:26
dudusI think It's broken since gutsy20:27
jelmerYes, it is solved in Debian20:28
jelmerdudus, nautilus-bzr was not enabled in gutsy intentionally iirc20:28
dudusjelmer: why?20:29
jelmerdudus, it slowed down nautilus too much20:29
dudusahn the good old synchronous programming20:30
jelmernautilus-bzr isn't any better now, but we added a button to allow users to disable it20:31
jelmerthe main problem is that the nautilus extension API is just too poor20:31
dudusjelmer: nice20:33
LeoNerdI'd like to split apart the files in a branch, into two branches. There's no particular logic to which goes where, other than my judgement... I could just branch it twice, then delete half the files in each side, and go on from there.. but is there a nicer way?21:49
lifelessLeoNerd: what you described is appropriate22:07
LeoNerdI've also seen 'bzr split'.. not sure about that22:11
jelmerLeoNerd, that splits out a specific directory, so would require you to move all of the files for one of the branches into a directory first22:21
LeoNerdAhh... Hrm.. I suppose I could do that22:21
jelmerLeoNerd, and the result is similar to what you described22:21
LeoNerdOK.. So.. I've now created my two new branches on my server, each with their respective halves of the files... How to "close" the original branch, disallow further commits?22:48
LeoNerdOoh. that'd work22:58
lifelessLeoNerd: or rm23:39
lifelessLeoNerd: but someone can always branch from the old branch and do commits; fortunately bzr will merge happily into both new branches23:40

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