ballAre there separate metapkgs for different age groups?01:10
ball(separate collections of software)?01:12
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berriophi ogra, are you there??15:53
ograwith half an eye15:54
berriopok I will go straight to the point then15:54
berriopI work for the London South Bank University, UK15:55
berriopwe are gonna held a conference about thin computing on june/july 200915:56
berriopwe are looking for some potential lecturers / speakers15:56
berriopwho are into thin computing projects development15:57
ograwell, stgraber, sbalneav, me ...15:57
ograbut also nubae or LNs would surely be able to talk about it15:58
berriopwould you be interested in give a presentation?15:58
berriopok, kool15:58
stgraberI'm doing ltsp thin client deployment15:58
stgraberclustered ltsp that's15:58
nubaeI can talk about fat clients15:58
berriopi write down all names15:58
berriopnice to see you would be interested15:58
nubaeand sugar on ltsp15:59
stgraberwe're developping ltsp-cluster here (and pushing it upstream now) we have some >4k thin clients networks15:59
stgrabermainly school boards15:59
stgraber*school districts15:59
berriopI think we need around 4 or 5, maybe more15:59
berriopnice, I write down your usernames, I hope i can find you on launchpad or related sites16:00
nubaeberriop: all ubuntu based, or other distros too?16:00
berriopany distro16:01
nubaethen vagrantc and warren too16:01
berriopits not oriented to any special distro16:01
berriophere is the link of the faculty http://www.lsbu.ac.uk/esbe/16:01
ogra#ltsp would then have been the better lace to ask16:02
ograthere you can find devs for ll distros16:02
ograthe channel here is pretty ubuntu centric16:02
berriopyep i can guess it, i was gonna ask there after here16:02
ograi have no clue about my travelling dates in june/july yet, else i'd say yes16:03
berriopI am an ubuntu user, so I asked here first16:03
nubaelots of stuff will work mainly on ubuntu I guess (ltsp-cluster, local apps, fat client, etc)16:04
berriopok, We are finishing the portfolio, once its done I will email you the exact titled16:06
stgraberogra: I guess we'll have the UDS (end of May, early June ?) and then the LTSP hackfest (July ?), that's at least what I have scheduled for June-July16:06
ograstgraber, we also have an llhands meeing from that company around that time16:07
ograand i dont know what mobile tasks might still come16:07
berriopi see u are really busy then :)16:08
nubaeis the lecture just on thin client systems?16:08
berriopanyway we ll try that the dates will not b the same as another related conf or meetin16:09
berriopit is about thin clients and grid computing16:09
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Fritz87hey guys! anyone do black friday shopping this morning?17:20
Fritz87I managed to hold myself back17:21
Fritz87although I almost bought a garmin and a 22" lcd17:21
Fritz87oops, worng channel, my apologies17:21
Ahmucki was trying out iTalC but it was only showing me my login, not the others?21:02

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