aes52Hi does anyone have CTRL-ALT-PLUS working to change resolution?00:00
alphaor ctrl+alt+moin00:00
aes52do you use nvidia?00:01
aes52mine doesn't seem to work00:01
aes52but I have nvidia-autoselect only in xorg.conf00:01
alphai use nvidia but for change resolution00:01
aes52for your monitor00:01
aes52do you have Modes "nvidia-auto-select" in xorg.conf00:01
alphasory i use Gnome00:02
alphaso you can seen the NVIDIA X server setting00:02
alphain configuration pannel00:02
aes52if you do cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf00:03
alphaand go in the resolution change if you want00:03
aes52$cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf |grep Modes00:03
aes52what comes up ?00:03
alphasave the xorg.config in the menu of nvidia x serv setting00:03
alphaand restar xeserv00:03
faikdwidmann: now the screen has zoom. i can ry-un the nvidia x server settings00:06
aes52how do you get CTRL-ALT-PLUS and CTRL-ALT-MINUS zoom to work in 8.10 with NVIDIA in KDE00:07
dwidmannfaik: it has zoom?00:08
ahmoshi how i can rename a partition on kubuntu intrepid ibex00:10
dwidmannfaik:  is this good, or bad?00:11
faikanyway i check this tomorrow im going to bed good night to all and especially to dwidmann00:14
dwidmannnight faik, and good luck00:15
faikgood night dwidmann see you later thanks a lot for your help00:15
mythis anyone in here?00:17
mister-teamy sound works fine with everything except mpegs and wmv files, I checked in alsa and found video muted, I unmuted but still no sound, any ideas?00:31
maxbaldwinwmv is windows, I think.00:32
mister-teaI'm playing them with totem00:32
mister-teaI loaded the codecs to allow them to play but no sound though00:33
mister-teawhen I test movie playback sounds in my sounds settings I get this error: audiotestsrc wave=sine freq=512 ! audioconvert ! audioresample ! gconfaudiosink profile=music: Could not open audio device for playback.00:37
mister-teanever mind I fixed it00:45
oracle_no medium found no volume groups found?00:45
mister-teaoracle_: I found the problem and fixed it00:56
mister-teajust tested it and works fine00:57
kavok3I'm trying to activate the Nvidia 177 driver via the Hardware Drivers utility, when I click activate I get maybe a second of dialog about downloading or something but nothing happens after that. My laptop is stuck in 800x600.01:02
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto01:03
kavok3There is a built in tool for activiting the drivers, it does not work. !NotBeingHelpful01:04
mister-teaforgive me for trying01:04
kavok3The link you provide has no section for 8.10 Nvidia Kubuntu and the old section tells me to use the tool which I am attempting to use and does not work.01:05
oracle_think you01:05
BluesKajkavok3, have you tried installing nvidia-glx-177 using adept ?01:06
kavok3I have not, would I have to?01:06
BluesKajI think that;s the driver you need01:06
kavok3Searching for"nvidia" in Adept brings up the Hardware Drivers tool, which says "Installed" ?01:07
BluesKajkavok3, I recommend that you try the Synaptic package manager for driver installation in this case .01:09
kavok3After doing a fetch lists or whatever it seems to be showing up after a search now.01:10
BluesKajbe specific . nvidia-glx-17701:10
kavok3Specific didn't work earlier either. This is a fresh install. I assumed that it would fetch the most recently list on the first boot up01:11
BluesKajdid you install synaptic ?01:11
kavok3No I just did a fetch list on Adept, trying to install 177 now01:12
BluesKajsynaptic is better than adept in some ways IMO , especially  with dependencies01:12
kavok3Well I got a fatal error about kmix crashing01:14
mister-teakavok3:  If that doesn't work I found this for intrepid http://packages.ubuntu.com/intrepid/nvidia-177-kernel-source01:14
kavok3Is Adept what Im supposed to use to handle updates? How do I check for updates?01:15
BluesKajkavok3, in the terminal type or copy and paste , sudo apt-get update01:16
ncfi1013what is the key combination that is for killing apps that are open01:16
kavok3I made a pact with myself to never use a console on an ubuntu variant unless it was a last resort :] If I want to use the console ill get gentoo01:16
ncfi1013i have an app that is open that won't close01:17
kavok3Alright I seem to have the graphics driver working. Now for the wireless01:18
BluesKajwell, that's your mistaken choice IMO , it's also a pact that really doesn't make much difference to anyone here ...we all use the shell sometimes due it's power and ease of use .01:19
kavok3I've figured out how to use Adept for updates though, thanks.01:21
casefinanzaitparlate italiano?01:24
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)01:24
devinneed alil help i have a windows drive under sdb1 but im unable to boot into it under grub, here is a a pastebin of my menus.lst http://pastebin.com/m609a915201:24
casefinanzaitok thanks01:24
MrInternetI keep getting warnings about CPU temperature, is there any way to monitor it?02:04
kevin__ok ill try another, when i turn my computer on the only working mode is low graphics mode and even then only a KDE session will work, gnome sessions have scrambled graphics02:15
kevin__ok thats not another for in here sorry02:15
kalinda_hey, does anyone know if there will be any KDE 4.2 beta packages?02:28
jabrroahappy thanksgiving!!02:31
JontheEchidnakalinda_: there will be, but first we need to finish the ones for Jaunty. Then we can work on backporting to Intrepid02:31
DivineSpectrumeat the tack-in02:32
DivineSpectrumhappy thanksgivin to everyone from italy02:33
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zyxhey, hey!02:34
DivineSpectrumit's possible to compile kdenlive 0.7 on kubuntu 8.10?02:34
ubuntu_como puedo cambiar el diseño del escritorio02:34
DivineSpectrumubuntu_: viva zapatero02:35
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ferhello anyone can tell me what channel is for new kubuntu users (kde intrepid)02:44
JontheEchidnafer: This channel ;-)02:46
JontheEchidnaAsk away, and if anybody is around who knows the answer to your question they will most likely answer02:46
ferok thanks02:47
kalinda_JontheEchidnaL Ah, thanks. I understand. I just wanted to know what was up with that02:47
feri got some problems with my kde since i upgraded to 8.1002:48
ferfirst of all how can I enable my desktop again02:48
JontheEchidnaenable your desktop?02:48
JontheEchidnaYou mean the thingy that shows the folders on your desktop?02:48
ferin the last version i have all my icons in desktop, now i can't02:49
JontheEchidnaClick the icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen, select add widgets02:49
JontheEchidnaadd a folderview widget from that dialog02:49
JontheEchidnaHover over the folderview and select the wrench which will bring up the folderview config02:49
JontheEchidnaFrom tehre you can set it to display the contents of your ~/Desktop folder02:50
ferdone!! ty02:51
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zyxooo...it's buggy02:53
pan2342which one would u prefer intel core duo or amd turion x2?02:54
mister-teawhich are you sending me lol02:56
zyxanyone know how to activate the proprietary nvida drivers?02:56
zyxkubuntu 8.10 on AMD6402:57
mister-teayou didn't say witch nvidia02:58
ferok next question, if you check this picture http://www.nemgf.com/kubuntudesktop.jpg , you can see inside the panel some icons (firefox, amarok, thunderbird), that was in 8.04 in 8.10 i haven't. I want those icons back.02:58
zyxno, I didn't02:58
zyxgood point02:59
mister-teathats the link for the 17702:59
zyxlook, I'm clueless02:59
zyxjust installed for shits and giggles03:00
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.03:00
JontheEchidnafer: right-click the icons in the KMenu and select "add to panel"03:00
zyxokay. Just for giggles03:00
JontheEchidnazyx: Open up KMenu -> System -> Restricted Drivers manager03:00
mister-teawhich card do you have03:00
zyxand the option I see is "system settings"03:01
zyxno obvious 'restricted drivers manager'03:01
tkstkahmm it seems I dont have 8.10 I have 8.04 how do I upgrade?03:03
JontheEchidnazyx: in the applications tab there should be a system submenu03:03
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes03:03
JontheEchidnatkstka: We are closing this bug report because it lacks the information we need to investigate the problem, as described in the previous comments. Please reopen it if you can give us the missing information, and don't hesitate to submit bug reports in the future. To reopen the bug report you can click on the current status, under the Status column, and change the Status back to "New". Thanks again!03:03
zyxokay, found it03:03
ferI tried b4, just open the program, right click doesn't work03:03
JontheEchidnastupid klipper:03:03
JontheEchidnatkstka: ^03:04
zyxwhen I click "activate," nothing happens03:04
zdzWho can help me? My "Knetworkmanager" set static-ip but it can't work!03:05
* mister-tea wonders what is up with the three letter nicks03:06
zdzAnd my adept manager's font-size is very large,but else anything is ok03:06
zyxwho's got time for more than three, mister-tea?03:07
zyxother than you and JontheEchidna03:07
mister-teazyx: open konsole and type lspci that should list your card03:07
mister-teawe use auto complete so no nick is too long03:07
zyxSorry, the package "udev 124-9" failed to install or upgrade.03:08
zyxa well-mannered error message03:08
zyxlemme reboot and see03:09
* mister-tea oh man windows users03:10
feroh, yesterday i wanted change some keyboards shortcuts, i went to System Settings/General/Computer Administration/Keyboard & Mouse then click Keyboard Shortcuts and it freezes03:10
zdzit's better than i,my System Settings can't open now,hehe03:12
ferWarning - KWin: Window with title "Keyboard & Mouse" - System Settings is not responding. This window belong to application systemsettings03:12
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zyxdunno if it worked03:14
zyxbut I think I might have 24-bit color now03:14
zdzmy firefox always can't open ,"firefox already run" why?03:14
Dr_willis_firefox has some sort of 'lock' file in the .mozilla directroy i recall.. only oneinstance is allowed to run at a time03:15
Dr_willis_some times if it crashes that lock file dosent get removed03:15
zyxohh, pretty03:15
* zyx just dragged a window for the first time03:16
Dr_willis_Not srue why firefox is so specual it needs that sort of a lock03:16
zdzbut i always happen this except new reboot03:16
tomusCan we trust the kubuntu-8.10-dvd-amd64.iso available via bitTorrent?03:17
tkstkadoesnt work.. I cant upgrade to 8.1003:17
* mister-tea thinks Dr_willis_ help is great .... spelling um so so03:17
tkstkakdesudo "abept_manager --dist-upgrade" doesnt work03:18
JontheEchidnatkstka: abept?03:19
tomusI need a dvd iso, because I don't have any CDs03:20
JontheEchidnaShould be: kdesudo "adept_manager --dist-upgrade"03:20
tkstkaJontheEchidna: ya03:21
tkstkait worked03:21
billydHello :-)03:22
tkstkaJontheEchidna:  could you help with the next step.. It says there should be some upgrade button but I dont seem to find it anywhere :D03:25
JontheEchidnatkstka: make sure your install is fully up-to-date, the upgrade button won't appear otherwise03:26
tkstkahow do I know that?03:27
tomusI see a reference to a dvd on amazon, does anyone know the md5?03:27
tomusgot it, it's here: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/intrepid/release/MD5SUMS03:29
Dr_willis_All the iso's are avail as torrents03:29
tomusthank you tomus03:29
zdzwhy my some system application font-size is so big?03:29
tomusfrom what I'm reading on kubuntu.org, it looks like 8.10 doesn't have KDE 3.5 anymore... and last I looked KDE 4.1 was still alpha quality, what's going on here?03:39
Tophi'm running Kubuntu 8.10 with KDE 4.x   where do I find the Run Command?03:41
Tophin previous KDE's it was always under the K menu,, i don't see it in KDE 403:42
billydIf KDE 4.2 doesn't cure a lot of problems an 9.04 isn't rumored to, I may have to go back to the drafting table.  Obviously 8.10 with Firefox isn't ready for prime time - to many circulocutions03:43
Tophmy Firefox showed up as 'Web Browser' under my K menu03:44
JontheEchidnaToph: Alt + F2, or you can right-click on the desktop and select run command from there03:47
harolddongI know a lot of people still have problems with 4.1 but it works pretty great for me since I updated to intrepid03:47
JontheEchidnaYeah, I would in no way call KDE 4.1 alpha either03:48
TophJontheEchidna: ok, thanks,, i thought there may be another method03:48
billydI added another pdf viewer (xpdf?) and it comes up as default pdf viewer.  One of the joys of 8.04 is that I can no longer print both side of a sheet of paper - evidently No choise to use odd and even pages in advancement03:49
TophJontheEchidna: in the Run Command box, does one use kdesu, or will Sudo work?03:49
billydevidently Ocular is default viewer if no other viewer is installed03:50
TophJontheEchidna: ok,, thanks03:52
tomusToph: I don't know why they're trying to push 4.1 on us, it still has major issues.  The panel is unstable, and almost impossible to customize, just for starters... I can only conclude that they're hoping to kill KDE and get everyone to switch to gnome out of frustration.03:52
Tophtomus: i'm just messing with it to see if i can adjust to it,,, not sure if i will endure03:53
harolddongI wouldnt call the panel being not ver customizable a "major issue though"03:54
harolddongthe system tray rendering is a little off03:54
tomusToph: best of luck.  not sure if any users will be left by the time 4.x is usable03:54
harolddongand it needs more options but it runs really well now03:54
billydLots crap doesn't work.  You got majot problems getting Firefox to work.  You shouldn't ave to diddle all sorts of config files and even them you got problems. I can even print mail from hotmail03:55
billydAnd remaning "devices" doesn't help03:55
zdzwhich is the network-manager-tool better?03:55
tomusharolddong: I spent hours trying to get the panel on the side of the window, and when I got it all in place it crashed on me.... then popped back up on the bottom again03:55
harolddongI personally havent had to diddle with anything is my point03:55
billydWhat was eth0 is npow eth103:55
billydStill can't fiind a lot of stuff03:56
tomusharolddong: if they haven't even got something as basic and fundamental as a usable panel, why do they think it's ready?03:56
harolddongwell I dont know what to tell you03:56
harolddongmy experience has been pretty smooth03:57
randyhows all03:57
harolddongnow having said that, I am really looking forward to 4.2 obviously because the nightlies are pretty enticing03:57
billydJust hope Strigi is gone - can't understand what it did other than gobble up file space.03:58
harolddongI havent really had a lot of crashes on 4.103:58
tomusharolddong: I guess it might be okay if you don't care how it's set-up and don't breath on it.03:58
harolddongbut then again I have been trying to move the panel change it because they have said over and over that it still needs work03:58
harolddongI personalize my desktop just like you I just havent had the same experince03:59
harolddongI mean why, when they have said that the panel is specifically a place needs work, would someone get pissed when it crashes when they try and mkae it jump through hoops?04:00
harolddongI'm not saying play with your settings, I'm saying you should expect crashes when you mess with something that is a known weak spot04:01
* JontheEchidna personally hasn't had crashes even if he moves the panel around04:02
harolddongyeah and again I really havent had any major crashes with 4.1 either04:02
harolddongbut I had tons with every previous build04:02
harolddongso I'd say 4.1 is pretty damn smooth from my perspective04:03
JontheEchidnaI think I've had it crash twice since 4.1.0 period04:03
billydIf 9.04 isn't a lot better. I got SUSE 10.3 and 11.0 32 bits CD's for old Dell 34004:04
billydI've had problems with 8.10 than anythinf since I went to Kubuntu at 6.1004:05
tomusI get the impression that the KDE guys want to go it alone on everything.  No Firefox integration, they've got their own browser (which is a joke), no compiz integration, they've got their own composting manager (which is a joke).  I think this is why all the distros are gnome based first, with KDE as a bastard stepchild...  now they're pushing this half-baked junk on us.  It's like they don't want any users, just want to play with cool stuff without any press04:06
tomusMy money says kubuntu brings back 3.5 in the next version04:08
harolddonga case could be made for firefox but compiz integration is silly04:08
tomusharolddong: how so?04:08
harolddongI think the way they want to do compositing in kde 4 is a much better idea04:08
maxbaldwinok... so my graphics aren't working the way they should, but they were before the official release. ATI accelerated graphics card04:09
maxbaldwinI'm trying to play bzflag, teeworlds, etc.04:09
billydFirefox has too many people to be ignored and as you say Konqueror is a joke04:09
harolddongbecause you bring compiz you're using a totally seperate thing for somehting that should be done by the window manager04:10
billydTrying to push out Koffice when most people are using Open Office and will continue to do is is wasteful of resources04:10
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harolddongI've had more problems trying to get compiz to work right than with anythingelse in linux04:10
billydI acutally switched maybeck using RedHat when I couldn't get Gnome dialer to work.  I can understand Kppp04:11
billydAnd I left FC when a Monarch tech put the badmouth on it.  I was having lots of problemd and guy said anything was better than FC 404:13
billydNi Ni04:13
tomusharolddong: that's true it compiz can be a problem, but it's gotten better.... and much of the problem is only on KDE.  So now we've got to wait for their composing manager to mature when compiz is already here.04:13
faileastomus: er... actually gnome has its own browser too. no one uses it either04:13
JontheEchidnaThe thing is that Firefox takes steps to integrate with Gnome04:14
harolddongwhat's th kde compositing manager really missing at this point?04:14
harolddongbesides cube ot some other crazy effects04:14
tomusfaileas: there's no problem with doing your own browser, but ignoring firefox is stupid04:14
harolddongit works, that's pretty much the first step04:15
faileastomus: er. my firefox looks well integrated with kde. same look and feel, and i can set it as the default for opening files... come to think of it.04:15
harolddongyeah I dunno what exactly you want as far as firefox integration, aside from them making it the default, which wont happen04:16
joe_how can i install eDonkey???04:16
harolddongit works fine and looks like all my other kde apps, the only problem with firefox is that its still a hige memeory hog04:17
joe_i did try throug the terminal and it didn't let me04:17
harolddongI sorta wish they would just make konqueror better04:17
tomusharolddong: konquerror might get better, as crome uses the same html engine04:18
joe_can someone tell me how can i install eDonkey???04:19
genii-aroundjoe_: Try amule04:19
tomusharolddong: but their still /way/ behind on all the little addons that make Firefox rock04:19
joe_i wanna get eDonkey04:19
harolddongyeah that's true04:20
genii-aroundjoe_: "i want to get edonky" is like "i want to get html"04:20
harolddongkonqueror is underpowered as a web browser but firefox is a hog04:20
joe_can someone tell me how can i install eDonkey???04:20
tomusyeah, firefox is slow04:20
genii-aroundjoe_: Also, the eDonkey network no longer exists04:22
joe_yeah rite04:22
joe_that's a really big laugh04:22
harolddongget amule04:23
joe_ok fine, i'm am gonna get amule but NOT cuz u told me to but cuz i like it more than eDonkey04:23
tomusI don't know what to do at this point.  I've burned the 8.10 dvd, but w/out kde3.5, if I install it, my wife is going to be pissed.... I don't think 4.x is worth taking the heat for.04:24
tomuscan 3.5 be installed on 8.10, ex post facto?04:25
genii-aroundtomus: There had been an individual effort on this part, but they were asked by the kubuntu developers to remove it04:26
genii-aroundtomus: So the short answer is no04:27
genii-aroundtomus: There was a fellow at http://apt.pearsoncomputing.net/ providing kde3 debs for 8.10, but no longer04:27
tomusgenii-around: I just watched "Letters from Iwo Jima," it seems that the kubuntu developers are blowing themselves up, just like the Japanese soldiers did.04:29
harolddongyou know you can have more than one environment installed tomus04:30
genii-aroundtomus: Well, the kde project itself has basically now abandoned kde3 altogether. So it is inevitable that kubuntu must also move in this direction04:30
genii-aroundtomus: If you are interested in the entire saga of this kde3/8.10 so far. read the complete thread from http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=963695 up to the end04:32
tomusgenii-around: but 4.x is clearly not ready, and users don't want it... if they want us to change, they need to make a usable version of 4.x first04:32
harolddongthey need to hold a public funeral for kde3 so that everybody finally get the point04:32
harolddongkde3 I spit on your grave04:32
tomusharolddong: this is stupid, people aren't changing because 4.x is junk... and if they keep pushing junk, they won't have any users left04:34
joe_how do i UNINSTALL amule???04:34
tomusid est, it's spit on the grave of KDE04:34
joe_cuz it's NOT work'n for me so i wanna unintall it???04:34
rafaelWindows rules04:34
rafaellinux sux04:35
sigfridonot quite true04:35
bazhangrafael, wrong channel04:35
bazhangrafael, try ##windows04:35
sigfridoi feel free in linux04:35
sigfridoi can do what i need, not in windows04:35
harolddongwell how did you install it?04:35
genii-aroundrafael: Feel free to your opinion. Do you currently have some Kubuntu issue which needs resolving?04:35
joe_i have amule installed in linux and i don't like it cuz it wont let me connect so i wanna uninstall it???04:36
genii-aroundjoe_: Perhaps something like: sudo apt-get remove amule                 ...?04:36
bazhangjoe_, did you install via package manager or 3rd party tar.gz04:36
harolddongyou just need to update the sources in amule.  that's not what its called but it polls for nodes04:37
joe_nope from adpet manager is where i did install amule from04:37
harolddongI'm tlaking in amule the first time you start it up you need to go to the server tab and download a list of servers04:38
joe_i did that i also did click onto connect and then i just disconnected me for no reason what so ever04:38
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harolddongyou might need to configure your ports for amule04:39
sigfridoto anyone: i try to allocate some memory in a C program, but kubuntu in 64 bit tells me that i'm tryin to allocate wild numbers04:39
joe_i don't know how to do that, srry04:39
sigfridosay 64000 Gb instead of 1000 bytes, any idea?04:40
harolddongwell you should learn how to do it because a lot of filesharing need to have it done04:40
loganWHDall of a sudden my sound doesnt work an di have like 4 of my sound card in the sound settings... any idea how i can remove them and refresh my drivers to work again?04:40
harolddong*a lot of fileharing apps04:40
joe_srry i'm still a noobie when it come's to linux and i have been useing linux for about 5 to 6 month's and i still don't know anything about linux besides little thing's04:41
joe_yeah i know it's said so kill me for it04:41
harolddongwell configuring ports isnt really a linux specific issue04:42
joe_ok then how can i get amule to work then???04:43
genii-aroundjoe_: http://www.amule.org/wiki/index.php/Firewall04:45
genii-aroundHmm. So impatient04:45
loganWHDall of a sudden my sound doesnt work an di have like 4 of my sound card in the sound settings... any idea how i can remove them and refresh my drivers to work again?04:47
tomushow do we contact the developers?04:51
harolddongthey dont want to talk to you04:52
harolddongyou need to call bill gates04:52
DaSkreechhi tomus05:00
tomusDaSkreech: hi05:07
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DaSkreechholycow: :-D05:08
DaSkreechtomus: Which developers?05:09
tomusDaSkreech: the ones that want to kill off kubuntu05:11
DaSkreechtomus: Doesn't sound like development at all05:11
tomusDaSkreech: that's my point exactly05:12
tomusDaSkreech: I tried using 4.1, and it's not ready.  By pushing alpha junk, 8.10 will kill off kubuntu.05:17
tomusDaSkreech: they say they can't do 3.5, and 4.x, but they've already been doing both05:19
harolddongwhy do you keep saying its alpha05:19
harolddongyou're such a drama queen05:19
tomusDaSkreech: what's more, if they're really no more 3.5 updates, then it should be very easy to maintain05:20
genii-aroundtomus: So stay on 8.04 with 3.5 until they have it sorted out. 8.10 is an intermediate release anyhow05:20
tomusharolddong: I say that because that's my experience.  Anyway, much drama could have been prevented by waiting a little longer to pull the plug.  4.2 is just around the corner, and may work much better05:22
harolddongyes and at this point I dont see why you're throwing such a hissy fit because you can't you can't tie the panel in a knot without it crashing05:23
relisysis there a program in ubuntu   to setup a xorg.config?05:23
harolddong4.2 IS right around the corner05:23
harolddongso relax05:23
DaSkreechtomus: I don't know why you think that not working with KDE4 would suddenly make packaging and delivering 4.2 magically better05:24
DaSkreechtomus: Regardless if you would like to help with KDE 3.5 please step in There is a PPA waiting for you05:25
relisysGuys is there a utility that i can use ton configure  xorg.conf?05:25
DaSkreechAs you say it's more well known and less changes so it should be a much easier way for your to assist than with KDE405:25
DaSkreechrelisys: Safe mde has a Xfixoption05:25
relisysi dont kneed to fix it05:26
relisysi just need to properly set refresh reate05:26
relisyscause i get 53 refresh rate05:26
DaSkreechrelisys: Oh Um.. not sure05:29
harolddongare you using an nvidia driver?05:30
DaSkreechPLus it's likely that people will still be saying that 4.2 is alpha junk05:32
harolddongkde3 is dead05:33
relisysharolddong i ah using an nvidia driver but when i use their configure utility  it does not seem to work  i feel it on my eye the refresh is bad05:33
harolddongI for one welcome our kde4 overlords05:33
relisysand wheni go to gnome resolution it still shows 53hz05:34
DaSkreechharolddong: Not really05:35
harolddongrelisys: well are you sure you're using the right version of the driver?  btw you know this is the kde channel right?05:37
tomusDaSkreech: There was a project to make 3.5 work on 8.10, and the kubuntu developers asked it to be taken down.  As for 4.2, I haven't seen it yet, so I don't know if it'll be good or not.05:38
harolddongI wanna have kde4's babies05:39
DaSkreechtomus: The project was very badly packaged. They have no objections to KDE 3 being on 8.10 but have some respect for the work they are doing05:39
loganWHDi get this weird error that XINE COULD NOT INTIALIZE ANY AUDIO DRIVERS05:39
loganWHDsound did work the other day05:39
loganWHDnow... nada05:39
loganWHDanyone have any ideas i can try to get it back please?05:40
DaSkreechAs I said if you are interested in KDE3 in 8.10 then there is a repository waiting for somone to package KDE305:40
genii-aroundtomus: The tail end of the forum thread I pointed you to shows that the user responsible for the project is now working on a ppa for 3.5 on 8.10 so that it works properly05:40
rmitchellloganWHD: what app is this error in?05:40
* mr---t- thought this was a help channel not the complainer channel05:40
genii-aroundtomus: However it is not yet production ready05:40
loganWHDwell i tried amarok05:40
loganWHDand then i tried kaffine05:40
loganWHDsame results05:40
DaSkreechmr---t-: Sometimes they are the same05:41
harolddongI love kde4 because it always wants to cuddle afterwards05:41
rmitchellloganWHD: have you been using flash lately? Sometimes flash will kill my audio.05:41
mr---t-DaSkreech: seems so05:42
loganWHDyes i did install the flash drivers for mozilla05:42
loganWHDso what can i do to fix it?05:42
rmitchellloganWHD, open up a system monitor, and see if the task npviewer.bin is in there05:42
genii-aroundrelisys: If you are on Kubuntu, the program which you are asking about in #ubuntu channel is kxgenerator. But this is for KDE and not Gnome (which is for Ubuntu and not Kubuntu)05:42
loganWHDin system activity monitor i dont see it05:43
rmitchellloganWHD, did you try a logout or a reboot/05:43
genii-aroundGah, reboots05:44
loganWHDrmitchell: yes i have a few times05:44
loganWHDstill no go05:44
harolddongopen up the process viewer and see if something else is open that's causing a conflict05:45
loganWHDhow would i know?05:45
rmitchellloganWHD, sorry.. i haven't had to play with audio stuff in a long time05:45
loganWHDthanks anyways05:46
harolddongwell if your if you see a browser or media player listed in the process viewer and none are open that woudl be a start05:46
loganWHDeveryday i am on 8.10 a new problem exists05:46
loganWHDharolddong: nothing like that05:47
rmitchellloganWHD: did you install any updates or new apps that could have screwed up something/05:47
loganWHDbesides the flash thing in FF no05:47
DeizHuh. Any of you have issues with KDE4 not saving panel layouts?05:48
DeizEvery time I restart X, the task list in the bottom panel will be gone.05:48
loganWHDDeiz it did it to me 2-3 times05:48
loganWHDi reset it each tme then it just started staying on its own05:49
jussi01Deiz: same as loganWHD for me05:49
DeizI've reset it.. twice.05:49
loganWHDi had to do it like 3 times i think05:49
loganWHDmaybe more05:50
loganWHDso no other ideas on teh sound issues?05:50
DeizIMO, Linux audio is hell.05:51
genii-aroundI blame pulseaudio05:51
DeizI get that Xine error when the playback device is busy.05:52
DeizAt some point on Gentoo I had ALSA + PulseAudio, but PulseAudio was only functional for Amarok.05:53
DeizIf, say, Flash was hogging ALSA, I'd get the Xine error in Amarok.05:53
KlrSp1anyone a hibernate master? i can get it to hibernate, but not resume05:56
harolddongOne time kde4  said to me "Ah, but the years when you have only seen one pair of footprints, my dear son - that's when I was carrying you."05:57
genii-aroundharolddong: You're such a suck-up ;)06:02
DeizFresh install of 8.10 on my laptop, and I have the same Xine issue.06:02
zeltakanyone know if there will be an option in kubuntu to try kde 4.2 beta (i mean through apt-get)06:30
aristidehiBureau 106:32
eagles0513875does anyone know how i can authenticate against a radius server06:33
snakefacecan i install plasma-like weather, time, system settings applets on my desktop in kde 3.5?06:36
szalguess you don't need a time applet because KDE 3.5 has a clock ;)06:38
szalother than that, it should be possible..  will install some KDE4 libs then and probably be a bit slow, at least that's what I observe here w/ KDE4 apps in KDE 3.506:39
szalif you want a similar thing the 'native' KDE3 way, there is Superkaramba..  but don't ask me for details, I never figured it out ;)06:40
ubottusuperkaramba is an application that gives you interactive eye-candy on your desktop. To get themes for it, head over to http://kde-look.org06:40
dwidmannWow, that wasn't pleasant ... it went to screensaver and never came back :(06:40
birnissonsnakeface: for your info, trying to install liquid-weather in plasma is quite painful :)06:42
noaXessdwidmann: hey.. still online?06:42
noaXesswow :)06:42
dwidmannnoaXess: I wasn't for the last 6 hours, but I am now06:42
snakefacei tried the liquid with my laptop, which has kde 4.06:43
snakefaceit was strenious06:43
noaXessdwidmann: me too ;)06:43
sigma__got dc guys, so wats the status of the 4.2 packages?06:43
dwidmannOn a slightly less negative note it would seem my temperature sensors are supported by 2.6.2706:43
snakefacewhat i was really asking is if there are non-plasmoids that can be placed on the desktop like plasmoids.06:44
snakefacesome other thing.06:44
noaXessdwidmann: your answer about my keyboard problem, where to change the driver cause in xorg all mouse and keyboard specific settings are disabled: # commented out by update-manager, HAL is now used06:44
sigma__dam some guys were giving kubuntu a beating on the kde news site. they obviously don't understand that intrepid is just a transition distro, im guessing we'll see the complete kde4 integration in jaunty06:45
dwidmannnoaXess: then explicitly change it to evdev06:45
noaXessdwidmann: you mean configure keyboard over xorg?06:45
dwidmannnoaXess: there's a bit you can copy and paste for it in the evdev manual, however it requires a small editor or two06:45
dwidmannnoaXess: it just involves adding that section that wasn't there to xorg.conf06:46
sigma__anyway intrepid works fine for me, still some features missing though, but i can edit text files so thats not a huge problem06:46
birnissonsigma__: in -devel I got the impression there will be no 4.2 packages for intrepid for now...06:47
noaXessdwidmann: sorry.. it's to early in the morning.. i don't understand.. should the keyboard configured trought xorg.conf?06:47
sigma__birnisson: oh well its only beta 1, i guess i can wait for the final since 4.1 is dam stable06:48
sigma__would have been nice to give it a test drive though06:48
dwidmannnoaXess: well, if it's giving you trouble, then yes, specify the config :)06:48
dwidmannbirnisson: well, you could try it with the neon kde-nightly packages, which are  basically it right now.06:49
noaXessdwidmann: so, reenable earlier settings in xorg.conf.. ok.. no i think my brain has found the way ;)06:49
birnissondwidmann: is kde-nightly still active?06:49
dwidmannnoaXess: no, like I said, for what we were going to try, you'll need to add something entirely new, and the bit to copy+paste is in the evdev manual :)06:50
noaXessdwidmann: but the other way.. "HAL is used".. is there even a way to configure input devices where HAL is used?06:50
dwidmannbirnisson: afaik06:50
sigma__kde-nightly is just extra weight06:50
dwidmannnoaXess: any explicit configuration will override it.06:50
noaXessdwidmann: ok06:50
dwidmannnoaXess: the change that you'll have to make to that copy+pastable section is that you need to specify either the Path or the Device06:53
noaXessdwidmann: i see.. i have a old xorg.conf backup, where the keyboard section is available, with kbd driver..06:54
ubottupdf is the Portable Document Format created by Adobe; viewable in GNU/Linux with xpdf/kpdf/evince, and also adobe reader (free download, but closed source)06:54
eagles0513875!info kpdf06:54
ubottuPackage kpdf does not exist in intrepid06:54
noaXessdwidmann: i need also the entry in serverlayout, right? eg. InputDevice    "Generic Keyboard"06:54
dwidmannnoaXess: and you're already using it, that's what hal always picks06:54
eagles0513875wtf has replaced kpdf in intrepid06:54
dwidmannbah, let me just throw out an example :)06:54
noaXesseagles0513875: okular06:54
noaXess!info okular | eagles051387506:54
ubottuokular (source: kdegraphics): document viewer for KDE 4. In component main, is extra. Version 4:4.1.2-0ubuntu3 (intrepid), package size 922 kB, installed size 2640 kB06:54
noaXessdwidmann: sorry.. :]06:55
eagles0513875noaXess does that work for pdfs as well06:55
noaXesseagles0513875: try it..06:55
noaXessdon't know06:55
noaXessalso for pdf forms06:55
eagles0513875dwidmann can i use okular for pdfs06:55
sigma__lol okular is the official pdf reader for kde4:)06:55
szaleagles0513875: try it, it won't eat your PDFs ;)06:56
eagles0513875ty sigma__06:56
snakefacei downloaded a kde 3 theme that is a .deb file.  what does that mean?06:56
eagles0513875now i need to figure out what i need to install for wifi authentication against a radius server06:57
sparrwish me luck on my first apt-get from jaunty06:58
noaXessdwidmann: that i found in X.org.0.log: Option "xkb_rules" "evdev"06:58
sigma__snakeface: you need to install it with gdebi06:58
sigma__snakeface: click on it06:58
sigma__jaunty is probably more or less the same as intrepid right now06:59
snakefacei can install the file, but how do i apply it?06:59
sparrsigma__: more less than more :)  im stymied right now by a package in intrepid with build dependencies in jaunty06:59
sigma__snakeface: are you on hardy with kde3?06:59
snakefaceim on 8.1007:00
sigma__sparr: i just use the finals lol07:00
snakefaceits 3.507:00
snakefaceit is not appearing in kcontrol07:00
sparrsigma__: intrepid final has at least one package that cannot be built without dependencies from jaunty07:00
sigma__snakeface: how did u get 3.5 on intrepid?07:00
sigma__sparr: thankfully i dont need that package!07:01
sparri do :(07:01
snakefacemaybe it's not 3.5.  Its the default.07:01
snakefaceand itts not 4, i know that07:01
snakefacei think because i updated from 7.0407:01
snakefaceit left the old version of kde07:02
szalKubuntu Intrepid == KDE 4.107:02
snakefacei know.07:02
snakefacebut thats not what this is07:02
szalthere is only a 3rd-party repo for KDE 3.5 in Intrepid07:02
szalonly other thing I can imagine here is Gnome, but then you're most probably not on _K_ubuntu ;)07:02
dwidmannsnakeface: if you do a straight upgrade without hitting all the bumps in the road, things generally don't go too well.07:03
sigma__snakeface: you are supposed to go from 7.04 to 7.10 to 8.04 to 8.1007:03
dwidmannsnakeface: backing up if needed and a clean install may be the quickest way to fix07:03
vbgunzanyone know how I can get my docs to everything KDE4? everytime I go to check a help file, I always get 'there is no documentation for...' ... :/07:03
_2can anyone suggest to me, why my usb drive will no longer mount, and i get this from dmesg [17189108.924000] Driver 'sd' needs updating - please use bus_type methods07:04
sigma__snakeface: something must have broken. i advise backing up, formatting and installing a fresh 8.1007:04
snakefaceim not having problems, really, and kde 4 would probably be really slow on this computer07:04
genii-aroundvbgunz: Install package kubuntu-docs07:04
snakefaceits only a pentium 407:04
sigma__guys is there a official kde3 for intrepid?07:04
snakefacewith 12 ram07:04
sigma__snakeface: why wouldnt that handle kde4?07:05
vbgunzgenii-around: kubuntu-docs is already the newest version. :(07:05
snakefacei dont know i tried installing it with 8.04 awhile ago and it crashed07:05
szalsigma__: [08:02:21] < szal> there is only a 3rd-party repo for KDE 3.5 in Intrepid <-- i.e. unofficial07:05
_2genii-around have any clue on my recently borked dapper ???07:06
sigma__yeah so if its not official you should use kde4 to prevent data loss:)07:06
snakefacemaybe that was because hardy was not configured for kde407:06
sigma___2: maybe its time for a upgrade07:06
dwidmannsnakeface: that system will work just fine, however, you might want to turn off desktop effects ... in fact, a lot of people want to do that ... or maybe just not use kwin altogether (you can use a different window manager instead, while still  using kde+plasma+etc)07:06
_2did they hose a kernel update ?07:06
snakefacei also have a dell onboard video card, incapable of compiz07:06
snakefaceokay that makes sense07:07
sigma__snakeface: you dont have to use compositing in kde407:07
_2sigma__ bite me07:07
sigma__snakeface: i used kde4 on hardy, intrepid is way faster07:07
snakefacei use it on my laptop fine, but it's a lot better07:07
genii-around_2: No idea... I have not run the latest update on my 6.06.2 server boxes yet07:07
sigma___2: is dapper still in the repo's? :)07:07
_2sigma__ it's still supported   yes.   LTS07:08
genii-aroundsigma__: Yes, Dapper server is supported until 201107:08
dwidmannsnakeface: if it's an intel card, it may actually work quite well07:08
snakefacecan i do a clean install of intrepid without a cd?07:08
szalsigma__: Dapper is LTS, it'll be around for a while ;)07:08
sigma__well for a server as long as you get security updates its ok to stay on a old release. not that they do much except send and receive data07:08
_2genii-around may i suggest that you do not, at least not without backing things up first.07:08
szalsnakeface: the least thing you need is a boot medium..  no idea if there are floppy images if you lack a CD drive or something07:08
sigma__snakeface: you can use a flash drive07:09
snakefaceno i just dont have any blank cds, and dont have a car to go get them lol07:09
genii-around_2: Good to know. I'll let you know how things go after Sunday which is when I have auto update to run , but I'll backup before then for insurance07:09
_2genii-around i lost all usb access   and don't even know why.   all the modules are inserted propperly07:09
szalsnakeface: how about walking? ;)07:09
snakefacei live in the country.07:09
snakefacehow do you do a live install?  can you do it with a thumbdrive?07:10
genii-around_2: Hmm. I wonder if powersaving tweaks/changes07:10
szalsnakeface: if your machine supports booting from one that's an option07:10
snakefaceor can i use this 7.04 cd as a boot medium, and then do a live install?07:10
snakefaceof 8.1007:11
szalmost probably not07:11
_2genii-around idk,   shouldn't affect my system though...07:11
genii-around_2: I have had to previously disable powersaving of USB for things not to shut off then never be able to be reawakened07:11
snakefaceokay i guess ill just wait til monday when i can get a ride.  it's not too bad.07:11
snakefacei might be able to go tomorrow.  we have all these sales here in the us on electronics07:11
szalsnakeface: get yourself a pack of CDRWs, can't hurt07:12
_2genii-around yeah i don't use any power management though07:12
szalespecially if you get new install media twice a year07:12
genii-around_2: Previous kernel works?07:12
sigma__snakeface: or order from shipit, however it may take 10weeks+07:12
snakefacecan i simulate a drive to run an iso file of a windows program and boot it in wine?07:13
snakeface10 weeks lol.07:13
noaXessdwidmann: this commented out by HAL.. can that also be the problem, that i can't disable my notebook touchpad over the keyboard?07:13
sigma__snakeface: hey im not complaining, they dont charge for it07:13
_2checking security.ubuntu.com to see if there might be a fix already,  i haven't updated for a few days but only noticed the problem today (don't use usb much)07:13
snakefaceyeah they pay for shipping too07:13
genii-aroundsnakeface: loopmount the iso in linux, then put in a symlink for it to be the wine's cd07:13
dwidmannnoaXess: erm, dunno, I know that it won't comment it out again, it did that during the upgrade or some such07:13
noaXessdwidmann: jep.. ok testing around ;)07:14
snakefaceits a rosetta stone program i got on a torrent.07:14
snakefacei might just have to do a dual boot thing when i want to use it.07:14
szalsnakeface: you can mount the ISO and run any program on it07:15
_2genii-around i'll boot an i386 kernel as soon as the update finishes     the latest kernel updates  have been blasted overwrites   same version only patched so i can't undo them.07:15
sigma__snakeface: why dont you want to burn a cd?07:15
snakefacei know but to run it through wine could be complicated07:15
snakefacei dont have any lol.07:15
snakefaceplus it's dvd sized07:15
sigma__snakeface: they dont cost that much07:16
snakefacethe program is over 700mb07:16
* _2 always gets tense when he sees the same kernel version as he is running comming from security/updates ... 07:16
sigma__snakeface: no its not07:16
sigma__snakeface: it fits on a standard cd07:16
snakefacerosetta stone?07:17
snakefacethe program itself does07:17
dwidmannsnakeface: a cd can actually hold about 702-703MB07:17
snakefacebut the language packs dont07:17
_2genii-around there is indeed a kernel update again.  my guess is that they released a patch that broke things and quickly released a patch for the patch...07:17
genii-around!iso | snakeface07:18
ubottusnakeface: To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.07:18
=== exp_ is now known as HRshovinstuff
genii-aroundsnakeface: Use the method above to mount the iso to a dir. Then go into Configure Wine and set that dir to be a CD07:18
snakefaceubottu okay i will try it.  i have had issues with wine though, and i cant imagine ill be able to figure this out.07:18
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:18
* dwidmann might be back in a bit, or might just disappear for a while07:19
snakefacegenii-around okay thats not too complicated.07:19
snakefaceit being a rip though there could be complications.07:19
snakefacei have to learn tagalog quick though07:19
snakefaceis ubottu really a bot or is that a joke?07:20
snakefacei guess he is.07:20
genii-aroundsnakeface: He's a bot :)07:21
genii-aroundsnakeface: I told him to recal some factoid with the:    !iso       then to direct that to you with the:   | snakeface07:21
noaXessdwidmann: ok. kdm restarted.. now testing whats happend..07:22
noaXesswhats the tool to get the keyboard input of a specific key on my kb?07:22
snakefacehow do you make the "|" on a keyboard?07:23
szalsnakeface: depends on your keyboard layout07:24
snakefaceoh im in america07:25
snakefaceits, uh, american07:25
faileasthe key above the enter right at the right hand side, with a shift i think07:25
* faileas uses a UK keyboard, with american layout. ;p07:25
szalGerman keyboards have a key left of the Y key (where the Z key is on QWERTY keyboards), the pipe (|) character is invoked w/ right Alt + that key07:25
snakefacethanks for that.07:27
noaXessdwidmann: hm.. this device /dev/input/by-id/usb-099a_USB_Keypad-event-kbd is my external usb keypad, only numbers..07:29
noaXessbut where can i find the device nam of my notebook keyboard?07:29
=== exp_ is now known as HRshovinstuff
shoviWhy doesnt Kate save the layout when I close it... When I re-open it, its all plain again, no plugins/extensions/tabs/terminal....07:31
snakefacecan i run openbox with this old onboard video setup?07:31
genii-aroundnoaXess: Try /dev/stdin      ?07:33
nixternalsnakeface: you sure can...I run openbox on a via video card...it doesn't get worse than that07:33
noaXessgenii-around: is that the integrated notebook keyboard?07:33
snakefaceokay i love the way some of these desktops look.07:34
snakefacemuch better than what i can do with regular kde settings07:34
genii-aroundnoaXess: It would be whatever is the standard input device .. eg: keyboard07:34
noaXessgenii-around: ok.. will try it07:34
stdin/dev/stdin is the tty/pty, not the actual keyboard07:35
Ch1ppyCan er expect 4.2 beta packages at some point?07:35
* stdin knows about /dev/stdin07:35
Ch1ppyCan we**07:35
stdinCh1ppy: in progress07:35
dwidmannnoaXess: if you can't find a /dev/input/by-id for it, then use Path instead of Device, and use /dev/input/by-path/....07:35
genii-aroundstdin: Hehe :) On mine ls -l /dev/stdin   shows:  /dev/stdin -> /proc/self/fd/007:35
Ch1ppystdin: do we have an eta or something?07:36
HRshovinstuffi updated to 8.10 and now my nvidia drivers will not initate, anyone have any advice, or is there a way to roll back to 8.04?07:36
stdingenii-around: and "ls -l /proc/self/fd/0" ?07:36
snakefacenixternal i installed openbox how do i turn it on?07:36
stdinCh1ppy: when it's ready07:36
noaXessdwidmann: can that be the internal kb? platform-i8042-serio-0-event-kbd or that pci-0000:00:1d.7-usb-0:1.2:1.0-event-kbd, my think.. the second is the external number keybad.. on usb07:37
Ch1ppystdin: I certainly hope so. But like, in a week? In a few days?07:37
stdingenii-around: I'm guessing /dev/pts/<some number>07:37
nixternalsnakeface: you might want to check out the openbox irc channel and docs for that...there is a lot of configuration to it and customization to make it do what you want07:37
noaXessah.. unplug external and see what is in /dev/input/by-path :) simplest test ever..07:37
snakefacenixternal: alright i figured as much.07:37
genii-aroundstdin: Yup07:38
stdinCh1ppy: when we are sure it all builds and installs fine07:38
Ch1ppystdin: Haha, alright. Thanks!07:38
_2i don't know.  maybe it's not the kernel.  booting an older kernel (known to work) still doesn't work   o.O07:38
noaXesssee ya later.. need a reboot. new kernel..07:39
dwidmann_2: ah, that certainly throws a wrench into things07:40
genii-around_2: I'm still suspecting apm/acpi07:40
_2dwidmann yeah.07:41
_2genii-around but i don't use either.07:41
_2no acpi and no apm07:41
genii-around_2: You have explicitly for instance noacpi or so in kernel load line?07:41
_2also my lilo.conf has not changed.07:42
genii-around_2: Then next suspect is something in udev relating to usb07:42
genii-around_2: lsusb   shows everything but just not working?07:42
_2heh  but i don't use udev either07:43
SilentDisbit of an odd one here.  Kubuntu 8.10, I'm trying to install KAudioCreator, and aptitude is kicking back a "no candidate version found for kaudiocreator" error on me.  suggestions?07:43
_2lsusb shows nothing at all07:44
genii-around_2: So usb filesystem like old 2.2 2.4 kernels?07:44
_2genii-around no just static devices07:44
_2lsmod output http://ubuntu.pastebin.us/19455 and mount /dev/sda1 /mnt07:45
_2Mountainman: you must specify the filesystem type07:45
genii-around_2: You may need to do MAKEDEV then explicitly or so for each device now07:45
_2indicating that the device is not recognized07:46
genii-around_2: Yu07:46
_2genii-around i have the device nodes.   static device nodes   and the problem is new,  but the usb devices are not new   i have been mounting that way for years...07:46
genii-around_2: At this time, this is my best guess\07:47
_2this thing has me bum fuzzeled.07:47
_2genii-around what is your best guess ?07:47
SilentDisit appears i'm missing much of kdemultimedia and have no way to access it.  what am i doing wrong?07:47
_2it's like the usb bus is just gone  o.O07:49
genii-around_2: That since you have static device nodes and none seem to be corresponding with your actual devices now, and not running udev to generate them, that: some update has probed them and conceivably changed their settings   or: chipset driver for usb controller may have changed07:50
genii-around_2: If you know the chipset maybe try modprobe the right driver07:51
_2genii-around but the kernel is not seeing the disk07:51
genii-around_2: What does lspci say is vendor:device     of usb controller?07:53
_2oh wait.   it dawns in my mind at last.07:53
_2pfft.   well i know now why i can't mount /dev/sda?      would you like to know...07:54
genii-around_2: Sure. It was powered off? ;)07:54
_2because /sys is missing     how they are related i don't really know  but that's why.07:54
_2i can mkdir /sys    and "re"mount it and then the usb stuff works.07:55
_2another thing    how can /sys  be mounted when it doesn't exist ?07:55
* genii-around sips his coffee and ponders the number 4207:56
_2cat /proc/mounts shows /sys as mounted but the dir is not even there07:56
_2it doesn't pay to get old,   you forget where you park your camel, and end up walking back to the igloo07:57
genii-around_2: I wonder if that will survive a reboot07:58
SilentDisbit of an odd one here.  Kubuntu 8.10, I'm trying to install KAudioCreator, and aptitude is kicking back a "no candidate version found for kaudiocreator" error on me.  suggestions?07:59
_2genii-around yes.  i remember deleting the dir to test some things,   then got busy and never made a new one....    call me a nusense if you want.07:59
_2genii-around so four days later i try to mount an usb disk and find my system is broken,  i look in dmesg and see the "Driver 'sd' needs updating" message and start looking at modules, device nodes, checking what is mounted where (which all look ok because /sys is mounted according to /proc/mounts) boot other kernel because i think i have narrowed down to there, only to find it does the same thing...08:02
_2and finally remember the testing i was doing four days ago and { head desk }   DUH!08:03
dwidmannSilentDis: I don't think it's in intrepid08:03
=== brad_ is now known as skyion
_2so,   sorry to have wasted your time.   i'll try to keep this kind of seniour moments from being a habbit here.08:04
dwidmannSilentDis: there are of course, a ton of alternatives08:04
SilentDisdwidmann: from what i can see, you are correct, i'm trying to get k3b to rip a cd for me now, but it won't even start.  says the CD isn't in the cddb (understandable, it's a local artist), but it doesn't give me an interface or anything to configure it :(08:04
dwidmannSilentDis: it should let you change it all manually08:05
SilentDisdwidmann: I click on "rip audio cd" in K3b and the only thing it does is open a tiny notifier box that says it wasn't found in CDDB, that's it.08:06
dwidmannSilentDis: the same screen where it shows you what all's on it (retrieved from cd) should be editable08:06
SilentDisdwidmann: I must be missing something then for K3b, as i never get that far in the first place.08:06
dwidmannThough, like I said there are plenty of alternatives out there too ... like soundkonverter, abcde, ripit, .... heck, you could even rip CDs with konqueror, though I think it might *need* cddb08:07
SilentDisdwidmann: and I've been having lots of problems with the new adept, trying to find packages in it is like pulling teeth >.<08:07
dwidmannSilentDis: might I recommend learning how to use apt-get, apt-cache, and (optionally) apt-file in its stead.08:08
dwidmannSilentDis: they never disappoint :)08:08
SilentDisdwidmann: I use aptitude from the command line well enough, but it's sometimes easier to 'browse' with a gui, and I never was able to figure out aptitudes gui and how to move in it.08:09
faileasdwidmann: apt-file?08:09
dwidmannfaileas: apt-file searches for files in packages, that is, in *all* packages, not just the ones you have installed.08:09
faileasdwidmann: ahh, for dependancy management and such?08:10
szale.g. if you're missing some libxyz0, you can type 'apt-file libxyz0' and it'll come up w/ the pkg that has that lib08:10
=== tidus is now known as Tidus
noaXessis there a way to get time/dates in X.org.0.log?08:11
SilentDisdwidmann: soundkonverter looks very promising (just installed it), but am I missing something to change it from CBR to VBR MP3 encoding?08:12
dwidmannSilentDis: it's *very* flexible08:12
szaluse lame on the cmdline..  and search Google for mlame, a script that facilitates batch processing08:13
SilentDisdwidmann: I just need to figure out how to switch it to VBR it appears...08:13
dwidmannSilentDis: click on the "detailed tab", everything should be changeable from there08:14
SilentDisdwidmann: got it, it was using ffmpeg as the encoder/decoder and such, i'm switching 'em over now :)08:14
dwidmannSilentDis: don't forget to click the little save icon after you're done setting it up, so you can use the same "profile" in the future08:14
mongrethodStrange problem: I just installed Kubuntu on an older A31 thinkpad, and it seems fine, except that the screen suddenly got dimmer08:16
mongrethodI dont think its a hardware thing because the screen is uniformly dimmer, i.e. its not like one of the backlights failed08:16
SilentDisdwidmann: oh yeah, soundkonverter is perfect.  little tweaking aside, this is what i need.  thanks!08:16
mongrethodannnd now it just went back to the normal brightness...08:18
szalsounds more like a random hardware hiccup08:18
mongrethodyeah i guess it must be :S08:19
mongrethodHow do I get it to recognize the onboard wireless card?08:19
mongrethodim on an identical machine w/ win2k and that just recognized it automatically, but i guess kubuntu needs some nudging08:20
mongrethodlike is there some device manager or something that I can check to see if it is even seeing the hardware?08:24
mongrethodthanks :)08:25
mongrethodso it sees it08:25
mongrethodsorry for the complete noob questions this is my first install08:25
mongrethodwhat next08:25
szalor, perhaps even better, lshw <-- lists all recognized hardware neatly arranged08:25
mongrethodyeah so kubuntu knows i have a wireless card built in08:28
mongrethodi dont even know how to check if it has drivers though08:29
mongrethodi would assume it does b/c lshw can tell me what its called etc08:29
szalwhat type of card does it say that it is?08:29
aftertafhey :)08:32
mongrethodim trying to use the FAQ so i can stop bothering the channel but its sort of tough08:32
mongrethodits  Intersil corp prsim 2.5 wavelan chipset08:32
aftertafany news on when 4.2 beta debs will be released?08:32
mongrethodbut the "subsystem" is actiontec device 040508:32
mongrethodthe faq lists actiontec but not intersil so im going with that08:32
mongrethodfrom that page I can't figure out which one it is08:33
mongrethodand they seem to almost all use different drivers.08:33
szalwell, blame the manufacturer(s)08:33
mongrethodthe kernel driver currently in use is orinoco_pci08:34
mongrethodand both PCI ones on that page use the same driver08:34
mongrethodi guess ill give that a try08:34
* szal doesn't have wifi08:35
szalso I'm probably not much of a help here08:35
mongrethodon this page it says "Note! Host AP driver was added into the main kernel tree in Linux v2.6.14. The version in the kernel tree should be used instead of this external hostap-driver package. The external releases are only for older kernel versions and all the future development will be in the main kernel tree. "08:35
mongrethoddoes that mean that I already have the driver somewhere in this kubuntu install?08:35
DeizAny of you manage to get K3b to write CD-Text?08:48
* szal burned a handful of audio CDs w/ CD text fine08:49
szalbut I think that was on pre-1.0 versions08:49
DeizFor reasons unknown, specifying CD Text and enabling the Write CD-Text option results in blank fields.08:50
DeizRather annoying.08:50
szalwhat version of K3b?08:51
DeizTried another system, thinking it might be the laptop's drive. It's not.09:00
DeizThat guy @ isn't so creative with names.09:02
g33k_gir1how do I switch back from KDE4 to the older version?09:11
aftertafg33k_gir1: nasty :)09:12
aftertafg33k_gir1: u now happy with it?09:12
g33k_gir1aftertaf:  Ever since I upgraded I've had endless problems with programs crashing etc09:13
dwidmanng33k_gir1: either reinstall with hardy, or compile yourself a kde309:13
g33k_gir1I can't even get firefox to work anymore (to google how to fix the problem)09:13
szalKonqueror exists ;)09:13
aftertafg33k_gir1: what release do you have? 4.1.2 ?09:13
g33k_gir1szal: konqueror keeps trying to open firefox whenever an HTML page is loaded :(09:14
g33k_gir1aftertaf: where do I check that?09:14
g33k_gir1aftertaf: (I'm feeling completely blonde this morning)09:14
aftertafin the hemp menu of konqueror...09:14
g33k_gir1szal: thats what I said too09:14
aftertafhelp.... ;)09:14
szalin fact in the Help menu of any KDE app09:15
g33k_gir1ok, KDE 4.1.209:15
* aftertaf thinks KDE apps should also have a Hemp menu09:15
g33k_gir1adept doesn't show any updates available09:15
g33k_gir1lol, hemp menus would be great :)09:16
aftertafg33k_gir1: ok. you need to add some repositories i think, to have 4.1.3. a lot more stable09:16
aftertafthey So would :)09:16
aftertafg33k_gir1: add the 'intrepid-proposed' repository09:17
szalwhat's a Hemp menu supposed to be anyway?09:17
g33k_gir1szal: gives you help for hashing files09:18
aftertafg33k_gir1: NICE one :) ! ! ! !!09:18
aftertafvery nice09:18
g33k_gir1ok, so, command line for adding intrepid-proposed? (cause now Adept is not working either)09:19
epimethso no quicklaunch, I can't figure out how to a) change alt+f2 to alt+space and b) change my language settings so alt+shift is not the input language changer (forgot that it breaks reverse flipping through the alt+tab... the switcher should take precedence, no?), my screen flickers, and the wireless network locater finds every wireless network in the area except for the closest one.09:19
epimethbut aside from that, plasma is totally one of the coolest apps I've seen in a long time09:20
epimethg33k_gir1: sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list09:20
aftertafg33k_gir1: sudo kate /etc/apt/sources.list09:20
aftertafalso :)09:20
aftertafor vim if they arent wxorking too09:20
epimethaftertaf, g33k_gir1: kdesudo kate /etc/apt/sources.list :-p09:20
epimethemacs ftw!09:21
szalyou can use whatever obscure text editor you prefer ;)09:21
epimethawk!  do it in awk!!!!09:21
szalmy thought..09:21
epimethI could never get used to editing files with either...09:21
aftertafg33k_gir1: and add / paste this line : deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ intrepid-proposed universe main multiverse restricted09:21
g33k_gir1szal: there is only one. VIM09:22
aftertafvim :)09:22
epimethI learned it just enough to get through the first quiz in the unix course and then went back to my trusty emacs09:22
aftertafmy favourite bathroom cleaner too09:22
* aftertaf is waiting for 4.2 beta to hit the .debs09:23
epimethaftertaf: afaik you can get the deb, its just not in the repos yet09:23
aftertaf:) where???09:23
noaXesshow does the tool called, wich i can see, what keaboard keys i klick or what happends if i click eg. the suspend key?09:24
epimethlet me see if I can find it :-)09:24
aftertaflol breakage :)09:24
aftertafback in 509:24
epimethnoaXess: sorry mate, I've no idea what you're talking about09:24
szaltime for a break, bbl09:25
noaXessepimeth: there is a tool that shows information about any keyboard klick or klick on a extra keyboard button09:25
epimethnoaXess: I believe you, I just don't know what it is....09:26
g33k_gir1so, which repositories would y'all recomment in sources.list?09:27
aftertafg33k_gir1: http://paste.ubuntu.com/77654/09:28
g33k_gir1what is the switch to check what will be upgraded, but not install yet? sudo apt-get upgrade ???09:30
aftertafyeah, or dist-upgrade . . .09:30
epimethwhy is kdesu no longer an alias of kdesudo?  I keep trying to run things with it :-/09:30
aftertafi just sudo and go09:32
epimethhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/77655/ but thats just me09:32
epimethg33k_gir1: ^09:32
aftertafg33k_gir1: u have a lot of updates ??09:34
epimethaftertaf: http://roderick-greening.blogspot.com/2008/11/kde-nightly-neon-for-thrill-seeker-in_03.html09:34
epimethaftertaf: and if I may, http://letmegooglethatforyou.com/?q=kde+4.2+deb09:35
aftertafpfff lol :)09:35
aftertafkde-nightly hmmmmmmmmm09:36
aftertafletmegooglethatforyou :) nice !09:36
epimethwish I could take credit for it09:36
aftertafill have to remember that one :)09:37
dwidmannNow THAT is funny.09:38
epimethI love how everyone is crying about parallels killing their brand new 4 gig ram dual core machines while I sit here with like a gig of ram and a crappy 1600mhz --- running at 600 mhz, mind -- and windows xp is flying like a dream in virtualbox09:39
epimethgo apple!09:39
faileasepimeth: parallels isn't apple's fault ;p09:39
aftertafyeah.... 1gb, P4 uni proc :)09:39
faileasbut virtualbox is great. i'm almost tempted to dump vmware server for it09:40
epimethbut seriously... how in the name of all that is good and holy do I get this incessant flickering to stop!!!!09:40
dwidmannepimeth: I can't survive with less than 1GB just for my host OS ... ehehehe09:40
epimethmy xorg.conf is *empty*09:40
epimethI'm scared and clueless09:40
epimethlinux is not supposed to automatically load and configure drivers, darnit09:40
faileaswhy not?09:41
epimethbecause then *everyone* will start using it and I can't be the cool elitist dude!09:41
epimethwas that outloud?09:41
* epimeth shifty eyed09:41
dwidmannepimeth: fear not, you still need to use the xorg.conf if you want to do anything interesting though09:45
aftertafg33k_gir1: so, any news?09:47
epimethdwidmann: I'm not afraid, I just have no idea what drivers are loaded atm09:48
dwidmannepimeth: then grep your /var/log/Xorg.0.log09:48
aftertafok. testing nightly 4.2 now . . .09:49
epimethdwidmann: any change you know anything about the flickering bug when with the i915 chip?09:49
dwidmannepimeth: I've no idea, don't have one of those (mine's an i960)09:49
epimethdwidmann: meh... how about network manager not listing everything in iwlist?  I seem to be finding, like, every wireless network except for the one nearest me09:50
epimethwow... I *just* noticed... I was scrolling down with the mousewheel from inside the terminal using less!!!09:51
epimethin retrospect, so *obvious* but if they implemented that then we are probably *Really* low on real bugs.  I mean, thats gotta be like number 500000 on the main wishlist :-)09:53
aftertafyeah ! ! !09:58
dwidmannepimeth: don't know, don't do wireless too often ... when I do, I never have trouble finding networks, though I do sometimes have trouble connecting09:59
aftertaf4.2 is niiiiiice09:59
epimethgrumble shoddy pre ubuntu dell with shoddy driver support grumble09:59
epimethoh?  whats different?10:00
dwidmannepimeth: one's one of the ubuntu dell's actually ... still not quite perfect eh?10:00
aftertaflooks better10:00
aftertaflooks and feels better and more finished10:00
aftertafbut applications menu is empty :)10:01
dwidmanns/one's one/mine's one/10:01
epimethdwidmann: either its 5am or you totally didn't mean to type that10:01
aftertafthough run dialog works and finds them ok.10:01
aftertafmore customisable10:01
dwidmannIt's 5 am.10:01
epimeththat too :-)10:01
aftertafautohiding panels :)10:02
epimethits like they took the cheapest wlan card and cheapest gfx chip they could find10:02
dwidmannepimeth: that's how dell does business10:02
epimethbcm4318 has had problems since its inception... I really don't understand why it only works decently when in windows10:02
aftertafnice nice nice :) ok. got to hoover the house :)10:03
epimethdwidmann: no doubt, but there has to be a limit.  they can't allow themselves to afford a class action suit.10:03
dwidmannepimeth: it's like a "you wanted the cheapest computer, well you got it" kinda deal ...10:04
dwidmanncheap usually equals cheap10:04
epimethyea, and refurbished to boot!  This POS was a friggin *steal*10:04
dwidmannGuess the other reason dell stays afloat is things like getting potheads to say "dude, you're gettin' a dell" on tv commercials :P10:06
epimethokay... gonna restart X... maybe using compiz for the window manager will clear up the flicker....10:06
epimethI thought the new network manager worked from outside of x?  why was I disconnected?10:09
epimethoh well10:09
epimethso compiz didn't fix the flicker :-(10:09
epimethnow how do I get to the list of effects?  All I see from the settings is "use custom settings from another settings manager"10:10
epimethwhere is this "other" manager?10:10
epimethfound it... forget I asked :-)10:11
dwidmannepimeth: if it's flickering, that's not the WM's fault ... was gonna tell you but you had already gone10:14
ubuntu-dronwill there be any packages of KDE 4.2 Beta1 for Kubuntu Intrepid?10:16
epimethdwidmann: oh I knew it wasn't that... wishfull thinking is all10:20
faileasdwidmann: and most people want a black box so to speak ;p10:21
faileasthey don't really want to bother with the minutae10:21
dwidmannfaileas: good for them :P10:22
faileasbad for the people they turn to ;p10:22
faileasif i go a dollar for every time i fixed a problem that took me less than 5 minues to diagnose..10:23
dwidmannfaileas: haha, just a bit10:23
faileasahh sweet10:23
dwidmannfaileas: yeah, you could retire10:23
* faileas has another puter he can use ;p10:23
* faileas wonders why a 8 year old box would have a 1400 x 850 or some think like that craziness10:24
dwidmannfaileas: 1440x900?10:24
faileasdwidmann: no 1400 x 105010:25
faileasmy bad10:25
dwidmannfaileas: wow, weirder still10:25
dwidmannfaileas: but that does make sense for an older box ... 4:310:26
faileasdwidmann: its an a20p. used to run ubuntu on it, and debian (both needed a custom xorg). currently running win2k/win98 dualboot ;p10:27
drknsI am getting this error on dolphin10:27
drknsConfiguration file "/home/drkns/.kde/share/config/dolphinrc" not writable.10:27
drknsPlease contact your system administrator.10:27
faileasdwidmann: its VERY high resolution, even compared with modern boxen10:28
drknswhat could be the solution to this?10:28
dwidmanndrkns: try sudo chown drkns:drkns /home/drkns/.kde/share/config/dolphinrc10:28
dwidmannfaileas: Yeah, that is pretty high res, my monitor still has it beat though, by a bit (1680x1050)10:30
drknsworked thank you10:30
dwidmanndrkns: as per the cause, remember to never, ever run graphical apps with sudo, use kdesudo instead.10:30
faileasdwidmann: on a 8 year old system, with a graphics card with 16 mb of vram ;p10:30
drknswhy is this happening though all i did was change the user from root to drkns on my second hd10:31
drknsother problem is wireless i have broadcom 43xx and it used to work on 8.04 but now on 8.10 it is not10:32
drknsshould i use ndiswrapper??10:32
drknswireless connection light is always on and no connection to accesspoint10:33
dwidmanndrkns: epimeth was mentioning trouble with broadcom 43xx too ... maybe he's figured something out, if you're lucky10:34
avihaybdrkns:  after installing kubuntu 8.10?10:34
avihaybCould anyone point me to a page of kubuntu 8.10 related bugs and problems (that hopefully also offers solutions)?10:35
robin0800avihayb: see the forum10:36
avihaybfine, I just thought that there is a chanse someone concentrated it all in one place10:37
=== ubuntu__ is now known as juanman
drknsmy wireless worked on 8.04 by its kubuntu drivers perfectly but not with 8.10 after i upgraded to10:38
=== ubuntu_ is now known as JOY
=== JOY is now known as JOYz
avihaybdrkns: I have the same problem10:43
=== _neversfelde is now known as neversfelde
drknsaviyahb would you be able to find some solution?10:53
edi_99Hi guys, I have installed LAMP server and I would like to remove it now... what's the correct terminal command to do that?11:21
faileasedi_99: did you install it as individual packages or a metapackage?11:24
edi_99faileas: I have installed it through tasksel11:25
edi_99edi_99: and now I would like to completely remove everything11:25
faileasedi_99: hmm. it should be sudo apt-get remove <package1> <package2> etc...11:25
faileasnot sure if you can run tasksel again to remove things >_>11:26
edi_99faileas: i think so too... but what are the packages to remove?11:27
faileasedi_99: i have no idea i'm afraid.11:27
=== root is now known as Guest83021
edi_99faileas: what exactly does this command do: dpkg --get-selections | grep deinstall$ | cut -f1 | xargs sudo dpkg --purge11:31
faileasnot entirely sure. ;p11:35
edi_99faileas: that's allright :)11:37
slayerKubuntu is a fscking assware, m811:38
natalisushkaHi, I am using kubuntu 8.10 and finding difficulty adding custom icons to the panel, any idea how i can do that? I tried searching among widgets but didn't find any custom application launcher.11:44
neverendingonatalisushka: if the application exists in the menu you can add it from there. right click on it, then use "add to panel"11:46
natalisushkaneverendingo, it does not.11:47
neverendingonatalisushka: ATM there is no better way than adding the app to the menu first via kmenuedit.11:48
natalisushkaneverendingo, it's eclipse with pdt extension. I know I can install it from the repos, but it's an all-in-one app that I extract manually somewhere. In Gnome I can easily create a custom app icon with the eclipse logo, but can't do that here11:48
natalisushkahmmm. Ok, then i'll do that, but I remember there was a way in previous KDE releases!11:49
=== serenity is now known as brian1099
brian1099is anyone packaging 4.2b1?11:50
neverendingonatalisushka: yes, there was. But right now it is not implemented.11:50
=== brian1099 is now known as serenity
matthewDeiz u there?11:55
matthewi did something to my desktop and now i cant see what programs ive opened11:55
matthewin the tray at the bottow11:56
DeizBut they open fine?11:56
matthewcant see them11:56
matthewso when i minimize11:56
DeizRight click the bottom panel11:56
matthewcant re open11:56
DeizAdd widgets11:56
DeizTask Manager11:56
matthewOh ok thanks :D11:56
DeizThen hit the little ying yang in the top right or bottom right and position it so the clock and system tray are where they should be11:57
matthewis there anyway11:57
matthewi can open up a exe file?11:57
DeizYes, Wine.11:57
serenitymatthew: when wine is installed, yes11:57
matthewHow do i install it?11:57
DeizThrough Adept or Synaptic.11:57
serenitymatthew: open adept und look for wine11:57
matthewOk i got adept11:57
matthewok thanks11:57
matthewWhen i go to play nexuiz11:58
matthewi experienec lots of lagg11:58
matthewAny ideas?11:58
DeizDid you have lag under Windows?11:58
serenitymatthew: installed 3d-drivers?11:59
matthewdont think so11:59
matthewOk this wine is called what?11:59
matthewWine Microsoft Windows Compatibilitty Layer?11:59
serenityso you have to installed drivers for your video card. Open k-Menu, systems, jockey11:59
matthewSo where can i get 3d drivers from?12:00
matthewNot coming up12:01
DeizIt might also be stuffed under System -> Hardware Drivers12:01
jussi01hardware drivers or something like thz12:01
matthewAhh yep12:02
matthewOk thanks very much12:02
eagles0513875jussi01 can i pm ya with a question12:03
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about jocky12:03
eagles0513875!info jocky12:03
ubottuPackage jocky does not exist in intrepid12:03
serenityit shows youn !jockey12:03
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about jockey12:03
Deiz!info jockey-kde12:04
ubottujockey-kde (source: jockey): KDE user interface and desktop integration for driver management. In component main, is optional. Version 0.5~beta3-0ubuntu6 (intrepid), package size 8 kB, installed size 96 kB12:04
matthewSaid there was a problem12:04
matthewinstalling wine12:04
serenitywhat did it say exactly?12:05
matthew'i reinstalled12:05
matthewand worked now12:05
matthewso wahts wine under?12:05
eagles0513875matthew run sudo apt-get install wine in konsole12:06
matthewHow do i get to konsole12:06
eagles0513875matthew its under applications then system12:07
matthewWould it be possible for me to sue steam?12:08
serenitymatthew: yes, it is12:09
serenityrunning portal and hl2 wirh12:10
serenitywith it12:10
eagles0513875matthew do u have wine12:11
eagles0513875i am having an issue authenticating with a windows radius server form my linux machine12:11
eagles0513875my laptop connects perfectly fine to my home network but not my school network. it connects and i get an ip but when i ping google it returns destination host unreachable12:12
eagles0513875i am using ubuntu server with kde-core pkg and few things installed12:12
faileaseagles0513875: does your school use a proxy server?12:12
serenitymatthew: http://appdb.winehq.org/appview.php?iVersionId=373112:12
eagles0513875faileas no12:13
eagles0513875on windows i dont have browser set to auto detect proxy12:14
matthewSo where was wine located again?12:15
serenitymatthew: just click on your exe12:16
matthewwhere is wine located?12:16
matthewWheres that12:16
faileasmatthew: try which wine to find out where wine is ;p12:16
serenitymatthew: download steam, click on steam.exe12:16
faileas(why does which tell you where anyway? ;p)12:16
eagles0513875faileas is there a ns pkg im missing somewhere since i am using the server version and that im missing12:17
faileaseagles0513875: no idea12:17
eagles0513875anyone have an idea12:17
eagles0513875im connected fine at home12:17
matthewOk thanks for that guys12:20
eagles0513875we got any network experts in here12:21
=== ubuntu_ is now known as ubuntu__
Assurbanipalhi guys, i am on kubuntu 8.10 . how do i make the spell checker use more than one languages?? because in texts that combines more than the selected languages, it underlines the second language's words as mistakes12:33
matthewhey again12:40
matthewi tried installing12:40
matthewbut came p with this12:41
matthewAPT Error. Context:12:41
matthew    Package download failed,12:41
matthew    I wasn't able to locate a file for the nexuiz-data package. This might mean you need to manually fix this package. (due to missing arch),12:41
matthew    : ,12:41
matthew    : ,12:41
matthew    : ,12:41
matthew    : ,12:41
matthew    :12:41
matthewAny ideas?12:41
faileasmatthew: for one thing you might want to use the pastbin12:42
faileaspastebin even12:42
matthewim n00by12:42
matthew2nd day using this12:42
matthewso yea12:42
ubottupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)12:42
matthewdon;t go too hard on me12:42
faileasmatthew: my repos seem to have it so... maybe find the .deb somewhere and download and install it manually?12:43
matthewsorry about that12:43
matthewwhere would around abouts the .deb be?12:43
faileasits been a while since i needed to google for one12:44
faileasalso, what arch do you  use? and try apt-get update and trying to install again12:44
faileaser in the command line?12:45
Assurbanipalhi guys, i am on kubuntu 8.10 . how do i make the spell checker use more than one languages?? because in texts that combines more than the selected languages, it underlines the second language's words as mistakes12:45
faileassudo apt-get update then sudo apt-get install nexuiz-data and see if it gives the same error?12:46
matthewOk it worked12:49
matthewHow do i get my heaphones to work?12:53
matthewwith kubuntu12:53
=== root is now known as Guest49082
matthewAny ideas?12:54
Dr_Willis64Hmm.. I just plug mine in and they wrork...12:54
serenitymatthew: usb headphones?12:55
eagles0513875matthem headphones i have used worked outa box for me by plugging them into the right jack12:58
serenitymatthew: plug them in, start some music or such and while playing play with kmix12:58
eagles0513875what serenity said12:59
ubottuDNS is an acronym for Domain Name System, and is an internet system used to translate names into IP Address.12:59
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ns12:59
eagles0513875i need help wiht my issue but i guess no network experts around13:00
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Guest9533first time in irc - just looking at13:01
=== Guest9533 is now known as maxim__
eagles0513875!hi | irock13:02
ubottuirock: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu!13:02
eagles0513875!hi | maxim__13:02
ubottumaxim__: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu!13:02
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=== tumaix is now known as tomaz
tomazlibrdf-dev broken while trying to install.13:04
maxim__I have Lucent WinModem. I downloaded martian drivers and installed them. Everything fine except that max speed I've got - 31200 while under Windows I have 52000 always13:05
natalisushkaHi, how can I show desktop contents? In /home/myuser/Desktop I can see what's there, but when I try accessing desktop normally I don't see them! I remember before there was a widget that does it, but it disappeared.13:05
maxim__Can smbd tell me smth about this?13:05
tomaznatalisushka: add a widget named folderview13:05
Dr_Willis64'accessing he desktop normally' ?13:06
Dr_Willis64Oh.. :) he means just accessing he icons on the desktop in the old-skool way. :P13:06
tomaznatalisushka: if you cant add widgets, , make sure it's not locked ( on the top right bubbly icon )13:06
Dr_Willis64I thought that bubbly icon was called the Cashew13:07
tomazDr_Willis64: If I wanted to people not understand what I'm talking about, I would just say 'click on the cashew.'13:08
natalisushkatomaz, Thanks, got it :)13:08
Dr_Willis64Is cashew the official term? ive never noticed.13:08
eagles0513875Dr_Willis64 did u get my pm13:08
Dr_Willis64Just dosent seem 'cool' enough term for kde413:08
Dr_Willis64Yes eagles0513875  i saw it,13:09
tomazI have no idea, I just try to make myself clear.13:09
Dr_Willis64Yes eagles0513875 and the issue is?13:09
eagles0513875ok lol13:10
eagles0513875i setup kde 4.1 super stripped down version using kde-core pkg on ubuntu server13:10
eagles0513875i have installed a few basic things right now13:10
eagles0513875and the funny thing is wifi access at home no problems13:10
eagles0513875at school i got issues13:10
eagles0513875school uses no proxies but radius server to authenticate wifi access13:11
eagles0513875ok that works for me but my problem is this13:11
Dr_Willis64i rarely mess with wireless.. sorry.13:11
eagles0513875i get an ip and everything but i either dont seem to be getting a gateway or there is no dns resolution on my machine13:11
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kwifimanager13:11
eagles0513875!info kwifimanager13:12
ubottuPackage kwifimanager does not exist in intrepid13:12
Dr_Willis64i just spent 10 min trying to get the wifes new laptop to connect wirelessy to the router... and then i left it alone.. and poof it finally connected...13:12
Dr_Willis64laptop right next to that one connectds instantly :)13:12
eagles0513875doc i installed it yesterday all i needed to do was reboot for it to work13:13
eagles0513875and it does the same13:13
stasя нуб13:13
eagles0513875even with my schools but that seems to be a little more complex13:13
eagles0513875!ru | stas13:13
ubottustas: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke13:13
eagles0513875lunch time for now13:14
stasthank pupl13:14
eagles0513875no problem stas13:15
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eagles0513875!hi | nti13:17
ubottunti: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu!13:17
eagles0513875stas is english ur first language13:18
eagles0513875what language stas13:19
eagles0513875stas go into the room im gonna get u link for this room is english only support13:19
eagles0513875!ru | stas13:19
ubottustas: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke13:19
eagles0513875go in that room13:19
tomazwrite /j #ubuntu-ru13:20
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ntiwhat is happening? :)13:23
lokaiHi, I want to connect to my personal network using ssh. Unfortunately, the network is using all of its available upstream bandwidth, so ssh times out (regardless of the timeout limit I set). I am not physcially at the location of the network. Is there anything I can do?13:23
eagles0513875nti stats speaks russian so im helping him get to appropriate channel13:24
stdineagles0513875: he's already in #ubuntu-ru13:30
eagles0513875stdin can you possibly help me with an interesting problem13:30
stdindepends on the problem and the time it'll take13:31
eagles0513875well basically i have taken ubuntu server 64bit installed kde-core and installed few things so far on it13:31
eagles0513875my issue is at school to get on wifi13:31
eagles0513875we use windows radius server13:31
eagles0513875i can get on the wifi but for some reason it has no dns resolution13:32
eagles0513875i get ip from school dhcp server and everything but when i ping i get destination host unreachable of google and when i try go to site i get nothing13:32
=== Accidus_ is now known as Accidus
stdineagles0513875: ask the admin to give you the IP of the DNS server13:34
eagles0513875i already know it cuz i worked there over the summer13:34
stdinhave you tried putting it in /etc/resolv.conf?13:35
eagles0513875no but i will on monday13:35
stdinecho "nameserver IP-Address" | sudo tee -a /etc/resolv.conf13:35
eagles0513875funny thing though13:35
eagles0513875at home i have no problems connecting13:36
eagles0513875im on it right now13:36
stdinit'll be an issue with their DHCP server13:36
eagles0513875then y is it giving me an ip13:36
stdinbecause getting an IP is not the only thing DHCP does13:37
eagles0513875i know it gets subnet gateway and ip and all that13:37
stdinit sends you DNS servers, a default gateway usually. and can give you a hostname/domainname13:37
eagles0513875if thats not the problem then i have an issue with radius authentication13:38
eagles0513875anyways lunch time13:38
gekkoohow is the file called where all outgoing accounts of kmail are saved?13:39
mehrabhey guys13:41
mehrabI removed my desktop panel and now when I add a new pannel, it'll be added on top of the desktopn. what should I do, i want it at the bottom13:42
stdinmehrab: click the "cashew" on the right of the panel, then click & drag the settings part to the bottom13:43
=== harry is now known as Guest77550
mehrabstdin: thank you, worked13:47
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vOlceranyone installed kubuntu 8.10 on a macbook(black one)!?13:49
=== dark_ is now known as dark
=== dark is now known as shell_1
=== cory is now known as Guest70877
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* I Sorush is away: Gone away for now13:59
T3rmInAt0rhi guys14:34
T3rmInAt0ropenssl req $@ -new -x509 -days 365 -nodes - out /etc/apache2/apache.pem -keyout /etc/apache2/apache.pem14:34
T3rmInAt0rthe $@14:34
=== T3rmInAt0r is now known as Guest10387
Guest10387what is it for?14:34
=== Guest10387 is now known as T3rmy
T3rmyopenssl req $@ -new -x509 -days 365 -nodes - out /etc/apache2/apache.pem -keyout /etc/apache2/apache.pem14:34
T3rmywhat is it for?14:34
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* sorush20 Sorush is back.14:35
eagles0513875do i have to have samba installed to access a shared folder thats on a windows box14:35
geniieagles0513875: No, just smbclient14:35
eagles0513875ok genii ty14:36
BluesKajgenii , I thought smbclient was samba14:36
geniieagles0513875: np14:36
geniiBluesKaj: smbclient comes by default installed, but samba is a full suite which is smb server as well14:37
geniiAFK a few mins14:37
BluesKajyeah genii , I've been accessing wifes shared folders (windows vista pc) with konq and , smb:// , in the addressbar14:39
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats14:42
eagles0513875what pkg do i need to play mp3's on amarok14:42
=== The_Compiler is now known as The-Compiler
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about libxine114:43
eagles0513875!info libxine114:43
ubottulibxine1 (source: xine-lib): the xine video/media player library, meta-package. In component main, is optional. Version 1.1.15-0ubuntu3 (intrepid), package size 1 kB, installed size 24 kB14:43
eagles0513875im issing something here amarok doesnt want to play mp3's for me14:43
eagles0513875!hi | shig14:45
ubottushig: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu!14:45
shigRecently, kubuntu was used for the first time.14:47
shigI think that it is a distribution that14:48
shigwas able to be used easily14:48
shigcoolly, and to be improved.14:49
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^^scott^^am I here?15:02
l0newolfno you're there15:02
l0newolfanyone here use compiz a lot?15:02
l0newolfcompiz-fusion specifically, not the kde one15:03
=== tomaz is now known as tomaz|afk
Phlogiwhat can I do if this update tool does not launch?15:07
Phlogistep 6 does not happen to me15:09
geniiPhlogi: Step 6 of what series of steps, and what are these steps supposed to be for?15:10
Phlogiof the upgrade process to Itrepid15:10
Phlogidamn it15:11
Phlogiah you need to run the --distupgrade thing as root... good that the guides does not mention that15:12
geniiPhlogi: Also since 8.10 is not a long term support release, you will not be presented with something saying there is a newer version to upgrade to, if you are currently on an LTS release, since the tool wants by default to do LTS->LTS15:15
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misel_#join ubuntu-hu15:31
l0newolfwhy I can't configure more than 2 desktops?  if I up the amount to 3, 4, whatever and click apply it still says 2 on the pager and doesn't change15:32
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vbgunzis there a helper app that can launch  a window onto a certain desktop without having to create a window setting for it? e.g., desktop 6 -- app -cmds?15:47
manishgenii: Hi, Ever had any experience with gotmail. I want to use hotmail in evolution. and  I think that gotmail is the key. do you know of any other way i can use hotmail in evolution15:48
geniimanish: I haven't bothered to try setting up hotmail to work under evolution, i just use the web interface. But there seems something about it here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=200408&page=115:53
manishgenii: actually as i told you yesterday that my net is really slow hence i use client. Now i have installed gotmail using terminal as you suggested yesterday. Now i need to configure a file in gotmail folder but i dont know where is the folder installed. Could you help me find that atleast15:55
vbgunzin kde3 I used to be able to launch a window and give it a caption or a title. in kde4 I cannot do this with some apps anymore... is there a way to force this behavior OR better, simply launch an app onto a certain desktop without having to enter it into window settings?15:56
manishgenii: and the page you just suggested doesnot work for me. It says port ## is already used by some other server and i need to configure it manually. Since i dont know how to do that so i have given it up15:56
ubuntu-drongood evening15:59
ubuntu-dronany info on kde 4.2 beta 1 in kubuntu repos?15:59
geniimanish: gotmail appears to be a perl script. If you issue "man gotmail" it gives you examples of the syntax to use to configure it16:02
geniimanish: According to the manpage, it's config file is     ~/.gotmailrc16:03
manishgenii: cant find that file16:04
geniimanish: Since it begins with a period EG: "."              it is normally hidden16:05
geniimanish: ls -a ~/.gotmailrc                        will show it if it exists yet16:06
manishgenii: please can you assist me in using gotmail16:11
geniimanish: Did you yet read the manpage of it as I suggested by doing the: man gotmail                 ?16:12
geniimanish: It seems fairly straightforward16:12
manishgenii: yes but did not understand a bit16:12
manishi mean how do i use that16:12
=== woden is now known as sigp239
manishi typed gotmail - u -p16:12
sigp239Is there any way to upgrade to KDE 4.2 beta 1?16:13
eagles0513875genii what audio player do you use16:13
manishbut it still gives the same op16:13
manishgenii: when i open gedit ~/.gotmail a blank page opens up16:14
sigp239Anyone else have problems with the rendering of http://www.dogpile.com/16:14
vbgunzanyone know why okular used to open up chm documents but it seems chm is no longer supported? I have the extra backends, is chm dead in okular now?16:15
geniimanish: That would be something like:   gotmail -u myhotmailname  -p MyPaSsW0rD16:16
geniimanish: Usually configuration files like this of ending in "rc" do not get made until at least first time the application they belong to runs16:16
manishso what do i do to tun the app16:17
geniimanish: tun?16:17
=== andre is now known as Guest87066
=== tomaz|afk is now known as tomaz
manishgenii: I got the file at /usr/share/doc/gotmail/examples/sample.gotmailrc. now i need to edit it to put my user name and password16:18
manishso after this what do i do16:18
sigp239Is there any way to upgrade to KDE 4.2 beta 1?16:18
tomazsigp239: are you a developer?16:19
Guest87066does somebody know why plasma bugs when i open my openffice? and why the system tray widget gets bug when it is resized ?16:19
=== Guest87066 is now known as turetta-brazil
geniimanish: If you specified some folder in there to put the hotmail you get, then just then rin gotmail, then after look in the folder16:20
turetta-brazildoes somebody know why plasma bugs when i open my openffice? and why the system tray widget gets bug when it is resized ? i am using kde416:21
tomazturetta-brazil: doesn't happen here.16:21
manishgenii: as suggested in the file i have put my username and password and changed the name of the file to .gotmailrc and placed it in my home directory. now How do i specify a folder for putting hotmail mails. and how do i run the app16:21
tomazdid you upgraded to latest  packages?16:22
turetta-braziltomaz yes i am using the latest pakgs16:22
geniimanish: Running the app would be:          gotmail16:22
tomazturetta-brazil: I really  don't know, and it really doesn't happen here.16:22
geniimanish: If in the config file for specifying mail directory, dunno. On commandline the manpage howeer says to use: --folder-dir /my/dir16:22
geniiWork, AFK16:23
sigp239tomaz:  No I am not a developer16:23
turetta-braziltomaz: ok im thinkin the problem can be with my Nv drivers tks16:23
vbgunzso Kubuntu doesn't compile okular with chm support? is there a way to get it without jumping through loops for it?16:24
tomazsigp239: beta packages are for developers or experienced  users, they are not ready  for public yet.16:24
JontheEchidnaturetta-brazil: it's a known bug in the nvidia drivers, though I think it's fixed in the latest 180.07 beta drivers16:24
tomazsigp239: do you *really* wanna try them on kubuntu? ( it's like , everything could crash, your  daugther could got pragnent )16:24
sigp239tomaz:  Well KDE 4.1 is "beta" even though it is tagged as a stable release.  I think KDE 4.2 is probably more stable than 4.116:25
tomazsigp239: kde 4.1 is not beta, the 4.1.3 is stable enougth. but 4.2 there's lots of bleeding edge things that still have rougth edges.16:25
sigp239tomaz:  Yea I wanna try it.  Worst case scenario I'll just boot to the console, remove kde desktop and install gnome16:25
tomazbut if you really wanna try, there's one way, but it's a hard path.16:26
tomazare you ready to follow that road,  young padawan?16:26
sigp239tomaz:  uh, yea16:26
tomazsigp239: you  need to get the sources and build it yourself. all the information is on techbase.kde.org, and I can answer your  questions since i do that everyday.16:27
sigp239tomaz:  Nobody has packaged it yet for kubuntu?16:27
tomazsigp239: exactly, it's the first beta, there are no guarantees, so no packagers wanna take the blame to crash the  system ;D16:28
tomazI'm on 87% of my daily kdeelibs compilation16:28
eagles0513875genii :)16:29
manishgenii:what ever i put i only see the man page in the terminal16:30
geniimanish: To exit the manpage hit Q16:30
manishgenii: i exitted the man page but when evet i type a commnad starting with gotmail all i see is the man page16:33
azzurraany italian ?16:34
genii!it | azzurra16:34
manishgenii: i want to access hotmail account on my evolution so i need to straight things out you know16:34
ubottuazzurra: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)16:34
geniimanish: When you say you exited the manpage, you mean the prompt returned to something like:   yourname@yourhotname16:35
manishgenii: yes16:35
manishgneii: so what do i do now. Please help me out of this16:36
geniimanish: To make sure you are in shell, do ctrl-c a couple times16:39
=== kevbuntu_ is now known as SkitleLinux18
geniimanish: Perhaps then issue:    gotmail -c ~/.gotmailrc16:40
manishgenii: i think i got it to work using gotmail itself but the op says " Page doesn't contain any form action field "16:43
geniimanish: I have no idea what that means16:44
manishok thnaks genii got to go now will catch up later16:45
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* I Sorush is away: Gone away for now16:46
eagles0513875can one use ntfs3g with a samba share16:48
faileassamba shouldn't care about the FS16:50
geniieagles0513875: server message block (samba) uses it's own kind of fs16:51
eagles0513875faileas i am unable to play any of my mp3 which r on vista box but locally on my laptop i can play them16:51
eagles0513875genii besides linux being vindicated i am also vindicated lol16:51
geniihence existence of mount.smbfs for instance....16:51
tomazeagles0513875: do you have the gstreamer plugins installed? or the xine ones?16:52
faileaseagles0513875: more likely that permissions on the computer the files are saved from are incorrect16:52
faileasoh, and you may need additional files for mp3 support16:52
jewelhey, can anyone help me with virtualization?16:54
jewelhey, can anyone help me with virtualization?16:55
bobdobolinaon my other computer it forces me to go to low graphics mode because its the only way to turn the comp on then only kde sessions work and ubuntu is scrambled16:56
faileasjewel: using what?16:57
=== I is now known as sorush20
* sorush20 Sorush is back.16:59
jewelfaileas, i am new to this virtual stuff, just wanted to know what way to go-- wanting to install windows inside ubuntu17:00
faileasjewel: I had it working pretty well with the nonfree version of virtualbox.17:01
=== root is now known as Guest24170
jewelfaileas: i just installed virtual machine manager and what to do next? i am now downloading emu and qemu launcher.17:03
faileasjewel: installation was fairly easy, add a repo, use apt to install, run the wizard for making a new VM, mount an installer cd., and install ;)17:03
Guest24170porq te vas17:03
jewelfaileas: what repo to add? wouldn't qemu do the job?17:04
Guest24170hay alguien aqui17:05
jeweljewel: will i have to install driver inside the host system?17:06
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.17:06
jewelfaileas: will i have to install driver inside the host system?17:07
geniiGuest24170: For Spanish:    /join #ubuntu-es       or:   /join #kubuntu-es17:07
faileasjewel: not totally necessary. with virtualbox and vmware it adds features though17:08
bobdobolinavirtualbox is sweet17:09
bobdobolinai mean its kinda fun when i tried it17:09
jewelfaileas: will i have to install driver inside the guest os?17:10
faileasjewel: erf.for the host, the installtion of the VM software will take care of it17:11
bobdobolinavirtualbox has options to decide what driver it looks for in the host and the guest.  i chose to let it do OSS for ubuntu and ac97 for xp17:11
jeweli have problem installing the graphics card. its a sis chipset17:11
bobdobolinaoh i was thinking audio sorry17:11
Guest24170no entiendo nada17:12
bobdobolinagraphics i think it takes some memory to make a virtual graphics card17:12
faileasthe guest dosesn't need it but its an option to make things run better more moothly. drivers are for virtualised hardware though17:12
bobdobolinalike you choose how much memory to alocate to graphics17:12
bobdobolinawhat would i set my virtual graphics memory at?17:13
jewelhow much of memory should i use?17:13
bobdobolinawell hes gone faileas17:13
Guest24170halguien habla español aqui17:15
jeweli am downloading virtualbox17:15
bobdobolinaits not 2 bad to figure out17:15
geniiGuest24170: Inglés solamente adentro aquí. Español adentro #kubuntu-es o #ubuntu-es17:15
Guest24170un pero tu hablas español17:15
Guest24170solo dime17:16
bobdobolinajust think closely about it i think you choose dynamic size so it will get bigger as u use more memory rather than give it a small limited part of your hdd17:16
bobdobolinaand like choose half your physical memory i choose to watch sysmanager while it booted to see if i could get it as high as possible without eating my hol gig17:16
Guest24170pero si17:17
Guest24170es posible17:17
geniiGuest24170: Para incorporar el #kubuntu-es haga /join #kubuntu-es   ...   #ubuntu-es haga /join #ubuntu-es17:17
eagles0513875genii:  what ports does samba  use17:17
eagles0513875genii:  tu hablas espanol lol17:17
geniieagles0513875: No, babelfish does17:18
Guest24170pero dime si tu puedes hablar español y me salgo de aka17:18
eagles0513875whose babelfish17:18
jewelwell, one more thing , what about using printer from the guest os?17:18
eagles0513875Guest24170:  solo ingles aqui mi amigo17:18
eagles0513875!es | Guest2417017:19
ubottuGuest24170: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.17:19
geniiGuest24170: El inglés de la lengua adentro aquí exclusivamente. No persista con español aquí satisfacen.17:19
Guest24170pero ustedes pueden hablar español eso es lo unico q quiero saber si17:19
sigp239What version of GNOME comes with Ubuntu 8.10?17:19
Ursinhasigp239, 2.24?17:19
eagles0513875si pero tambien hablo ingles pero en este canale yo hablo ingles solomente17:19
geniisigp239: Perhaps they'll know in #ubuntu rather than here in #kubuntu17:20
bobdobolinai dont know sorry jewel i havent tried printing but its pretty easy to work with all of your services and if its not, check deeper in to the settings of virtualbox when it is shutdown17:21
geniiGuest24170: In here use only English17:21
Guest24170ok my name is jhirlyn,Im twelve17:21
Guest24170from venezuela17:22
=== ubuntu__ is now known as Maska
Guest24170im pleasedto meet you too17:24
Guest24170im pleased to meet you too17:25
Guest24170solo quieria q supieran eso17:25
bramaguys, I'm in a pickle here17:26
bramaand google doesn't seem to be helpful hwere17:26
brama parport0: cannot grant exclusive access for device ppdev017:26
Guest24170q me quieres decir con google17:26
bramaall perms are AOK17:27
=== ivan_ is now known as VirtuoS
Guest24170alquin me puede enseñar inglish17:27
ubottuHi! I'm #kubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots17:28
brama!ubotu tell Guest24170 about es17:28
ubottuGuest24170, please see my private message17:28
Guest24170mira me meto hay y no me contesta nadie17:28
brama!es | Guest2417017:28
ubottuGuest24170: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.17:28
Guest24170ya lo ise17:28
Guest24170y nadie quiere hablar conmigo17:29
Guest24170no me responden17:29
=== olaf__ is now known as olaf__ghdczh
Guest24170porq no responden ustedes apenas tengo 12 años porfavor17:31
Guest24170soy una niña apenas17:32
Guest24170a q17:34
eagles05Guest24170 en este cana solo hablan ingles por favor17:34
eagles05!es | Guest2417017:34
ubottuGuest24170: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.17:34
eagles05hablar espanol in estos canales17:34
bramaeagles05: that guy is not responding to anything17:34
Guest24170me duele lo q dises pero es mejor q me balla verdad q si17:34
eagles05no comprendo17:34
=== eagles05 is now known as eagles0513875
Guest24170te estoy disiendo q me duele q me trates hasi17:35
bramaeagles0513875: are there any ops here?17:35
Guest24170pero creo q es mejor q me balla sierto17:35
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) Riddell, Tm_T, fdoving, Mez, stdin, jpatrick, seth_k, apokryphos, nalioth, Hobbsee, robotgeek, imbrandon, gnomefreak, genii, Hawkwind, trappist, LjL, haggai, fooishbar, crimsun, seth, apokryphos, DBO, nixternal, PriceChild, Pici or jussi01!17:35
stdinbrama: yes?17:35
jpds!en | Guest2417017:36
ubottuGuest24170: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat17:36
jpds!es | Guest2417017:36
ubottuGuest24170: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.17:36
bramastdin: we are trying to get Guest24170 to ubuntu-es17:36
Guest24170disculpen si cause algunas molestias17:36
bramastdin: but the guy is completely ignoring everything17:36
stdinthey are in #kubuntu-es17:36
jpdsGuest24170: Pone: /join #kubuntu-es17:36
=== linux_ is now known as linux__
bramased s/ubuntu/kubuntu/ ;)17:37
dwidmannHmm, I wonder if there are any decent audio players with a client/server sort of setup....17:39
Guest24170ok me largo17:39
tomazdwidmann: xmms217:39
dwidmannkeyword decent17:39
stdindwidmann: vlc has that IIRC, and it has a Qt GUI by default now :)17:39
dwidmannHmm, I have vlc installed already ... I've only used it for video though. i guess I'll look there first17:40
stdinMedia -> Streaming17:41
dwidmannstdin: I think I see what you're saying ... but I guess, how can I say ... erm, something like quassel, except with music :)17:43
Fieldyhello, i keep recieving this error in adept when applying changes "There was an error commiting changes. Possibly there was a problem downloading some packages or the commit would break packages." how can i find out more about this error?17:44
stdindwidmann: something like icecast?17:44
dwidmanntomaz, stdin: looks like, according to the package description, xmms2 might fit the bill17:44
dwidmannstdin: what's icecast?17:44
stdinFieldy: open Konsole and run "sudo apt-get -f install"17:45
stdin!info icecast217:45
ubottuicecast2 (source: icecast2): Ogg Vorbis and MP3 streaming media server. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.3.2-2 (intrepid), package size 257 kB, installed size 744 kB17:45
chris___could someone tell me why i am getting the error "Permission denied" when typing "sudo echo \"deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/phobie/ubuntu intrepid main\" >  /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ppa-phobie.list" in the terminal17:45
Fieldystdin: okay17:45
dwidmannstdin: perhaps we're misunderstanding ... not really looking for a streaming server.17:45
stdinchris___: because you're doing it wrong: echo "deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/phobie/ubuntu intrepid main" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ppa-phobie.list17:45
sigp239How do I do a minimal install of kubuntu?17:45
dwidmannstdin: just a disconnected interface17:45
LjL!info mpd | dwidmann17:46
ubottumpd (source: mpd): Music Player Daemon. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.13.2-2ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 144 kB, installed size 432 kB17:46
LjLdwidmann: not many KDE clients around that i'm aware of, though17:46
Fieldystdin: ah, /boot is full... odd, i'll look into it17:46
LjLdwidmann: or to be exact, absolutely none in the repositories (of Hardy at least)17:47
dwidmannLjL: not seeing any for intrepid either17:47
chris___stdin: but it works just fine if i am doing something like "sudo echo \"test test test\" >  /home/chris/Desktop/test.list"17:47
LjLdwidmann: i think kde-apps.org has something, don't remember if packaged decently17:48
chris___so WHY doesn't it work when trying to write to /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ppa-phobie.list17:48
dwidmannLjL: if it compiles successfully, and has a good interface, it might be worth a thought17:48
chris___i mean i'm using sudo, so it should work normally17:48
LjLdwidmann: bzq-84-108-5-129.cablep.bezeqint.net17:49
LjLdwidmann: err, that's not what i wanted to paste17:49
LjLdwidmann: http://mpd.wikia.com/wiki/Clients17:49
dwidmannLjL: looks like xmms2 could work too, I think I'll try both :)17:51
* dwidmann loves free software17:51
LjLwell, xmms2 is not particularly KDE either...17:51
Fieldystdin: thanks, i just had to manually clean up some old stuff in /boot then it had enough space to accomplish what it wanted to. guess i won't make /boot 60M in the future.17:51
* jnw222 loves it to 17:51
dwidmannLjL: seeing as it has python bindings, I could probably make it a KDE interface though, given sufficient time, effort, and diligence17:52
LjLdwidmann: oh that's for sure, but then you already have Kanola for a basic Python/KDE interface to MPD too17:52
LjL(i'm actually amazed at the amount of GTK clients for MPD, and the almost absolute lack of any for KDE)17:53
dwidmannLjL: yeah, I noticed that17:53
sigp239How do I do a minimal install of kubuntu?17:53
dwidmannthat's funny, it has a vim client17:54
dwidmannLjL: looks like there are 6 Qt clients17:55
=== root is now known as Guest3232
dwidmannLjL: most of which don't seem very mature17:56
dwidmannLjL: hmm, this project looks active, I think I'll try it17:59
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto18:00
sigp239How do I remove KDE ?18:02
dwidmannsigp239: now why would ya wanna do that?18:02
james_Any one here good with compiz?18:03
dwidmannjames_: I would assume these people would be good with it:18:05
ubottuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness from KMenu -> System -> Desktop Effects - further help in #compiz-fusion18:05
JontheEchidna!puregnome | sigp23918:05
ubottusigp239: If you want to remove all !KDE packages and have a default !Ubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/puregnome »18:05
james_ive got it running well but i can only get a grid of desktops that I can pull away from or zoom in etc. not one solid cube18:07
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stdinchris___: because bash is doing the writing, running as you. so 'echo "test test test" >  /home/chris/Desktop/test.list"' would work too18:20
sigp239JontheEchidna:  Actually, I want to remove all of KDE and just have a minimal system install.  You know, just the kernel, GNU toolchain, command line utilities.18:23
JontheEchidnaubuntu-minimal is a metapackage that contains that18:23
sigp239JontheEchidna: Thanks that is the info I was looking for.  How do I remove everything so I can install ubuntu-minimal?18:26
JontheEchidnaDunno, I've never had to do that18:27
stdinremoving kubuntu-desktop and ubuntu-standard, then "sudo apt-get autoremove" should do it18:27
stdinthough, I have never tried it either18:27
g33khow to set static IP??18:28
thomas__wie geht18:28
ubottuDeutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de18:28
stding33k: right-click the network manager -> Edit Connections -> New Connection -> Wired18:28
g33kstdin is there any graphical guide??18:31
stding33k: I doubt it can be done graphically, as you'll be removing any GUI in the process18:31
=== firephoto_ is now known as firephoto
dwidmannLjL: I think I've found a pretty good one, qmpdclient looks usable18:33
g33kif i set static IP on my computer does this affect to other computers in LAN??18:35
ler_hydraI'm running 8.10 and I have an annoying issue. If I don't give any form of input to the system then every tenth second (exaclty every tenth) there's about 500ms - 1s of latency on all graphical output18:35
ler_hydraany ideas?18:35
stding33k: I answered the wrong question earlier. I'm not sure there's a guide. but look in https://help.ubuntu.com/community18:35
ler_hydratop didn't tell me anything obvious18:36
ler_hydraand I don't know enough about the system's daemons to know which trigger on an interrupt every 10th second18:36
dwidmannLjL: hmm, at least it looked it, but I can't seem to figure things out ... I wonder if it's not a me not configuring mpd right issue :\18:39
g33kIf i change ip to static on 1 commputer does it affect to another computers in Local Area Network18:39
chxhi. konsole behaves strange: it thinks the terminal is one line taller than then window actually is and it's rather annoying18:40
chxresizing the window does not help :(18:40
kde42I have not been able to get desktop sharing to work in kde 4.1 or kde 4.2 beta. It works fine when I am in gnome. in kde 4.x is starts disconnected and I can't seem to connect in any way. any ideas?18:41
kde42guess not.... back to gnome then18:43
Matrixritterhi friends18:46
ubuntoilhow do I have to do to install a lib with subversion (libdvdcss) ?18:46
MatrixritterI have a question related to graphics18:46
Matrixritterubuntoil: choose the easy way by using medibuntu rep18:47
=== sorush20 is now known as I
dwidmannLjL: hm, there we go :)18:47
ubuntoilMatrixritter: well actually the medibuntu repo is activated on my dist but still, I can't rip some of my DVDs...18:47
Matrixrittercan I mix up Nvidia and Ati/AMD graphic cards or will the drivers interfere?18:47
Matrixritterubuntoil: you're doing something wrong18:48
Matrixritterripping dvds with k9copy is very cool18:48
Matrixritterand it works nearly out on the box on my pc18:48
ubuntoilMatrixritter: what would I be wrong..?? I do it with dvd::rip18:48
Matrixritternever tried18:49
Matrixritterdid you install libdvdcss2 ?18:49
ubuntoilwhich is kind of a very good soft.18:49
ubuntoilMatrixritter: yes, I did....18:49
Matrixritterhum, very myterious18:49
Matrixritterand watchingdvds is no issue?18:49
ubuntoilalso dvdnav and dvdread18:49
ubuntoilMatrixritter: watching id fine18:49
Matrixrittermaybe dvd copy protection is making problems18:50
ubuntoillet me try again...18:50
ubuntoilMatrixritter: I guess and that's why I was thinking about upgrading my libdvdcss...18:50
Matrixritterthat won't help18:50
Matrixrittermodern copy protection irritates your dvd drive18:50
Matrixritterthis is not related to any libs18:51
Matrixritterbut there are solutions running under windows18:51
Matrixritterto handle the protected stuff18:52
ubuntoilMatrixritter: well, actually, I can't even read it. might come from a zone pb, I bought my computer in the USA18:52
ubuntoilMatrixritter: don't have and don't want any windows stuff, don't be rude ;-)18:52
Matrixritterah, there are issues with the zone18:52
ubuntoilMatrixritter: may I tell my system to forget about that S#$@ ?18:53
Matrixritteras far as I know it´s hardoced into the firmware of the dvd drive18:53
Matrixritteror is it wrong? any Pros here knowing about that18:54
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=== I is now known as sorush20
estresany one who can help inspanish?18:54
ubuntoilMatrixritter: I hate that zone BullS###18:54
minteriorhi all18:55
=== sevenseeker is now known as sevenseeker|away
Matrixritterman, i google for solution18:56
Matrixritterhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs#Setting DVD Region Codes18:56
Matrixrittershit, you have to repair link manually18:56
LjL!es | estres18:57
ubottuestres: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.18:57
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.18:57
ubuntoilMatrixritter: thank you so much man....I'm gonna ty this right now18:58
minteriorcan I install Kubuntu 8.10 from the cdrom and choose the packages (or grouped ones) I want?18:58
g33kIf i change ip to static IP on 1 commputer does it affect to another computers in Local Area Network ??19:01
Memphistohi, I just wonder, is kubuntu ok for use as a server?19:02
dwidmannMemphisto: You'd probably want to use the ubuntu-server CD for that, wouldn't you?19:03
dwidmannMemphisto: granted, yes, it would function just like ubuntu-server, but I don't think you'd need all the other stuff (you know, fancy things like GUIs, etc)19:03
MemphistoI like to use desktop... not only text19:04
Memphistodwidmann: I've only been using linux some months now19:06
shoviHow come Kate dosnt save the addons and extensions etc whenever I close and reopen?19:07
shoviwhat am I doing wrong19:08
minteriordwidmann: do you know if Kubuntu installation with Kubuntu desktop cdrom let you choose which packages do you want?19:09
Memphistowhich linux distro is best (with graphic desktop) is the best for server?19:12
stdinMemphisto: #kubuntu is not the right place to ask "what is the best distro", try ##linux19:14
minteriorcan I install Kubuntu 8.10 from the cdrom and choose the packages (or grouped ones) that I want?19:16
stdinminterior: no, there is only one standard install available19:17
minteriorok, thank you19:17
stdinyou could install the server edition then add the packages you want after19:17
shoviHow come Kate dosnt save the addons and extensions etc whenever I close and reopen?19:18
minteriorstdin: oks, I will try.19:19
raulalguém do brasil?19:21
stdin!br | raul19:21
ubotturaul: Por favor use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Obrigado.19:21
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ubuntoilMatrixritter: my dvdPlayer is region 1...dvd are region 2, some are working some are not...thank you anyway19:34
thomas__wie geht19:38
=== sorush20 is now known as I
thomas__was ist19:41
tomazWhere do I configure the sessions that I  have ? ( kde.session, gnome.session and so on)19:43
Matrixritterubuntoil: sry, was away for some time19:45
cenuijcan I skip cheking all these apt sources on install??19:45
Matrixritterno success in changing region code?19:45
cenuijit's a royal pain in the ass to wait an extra 10 mins while the installer figures out what it should be doing with apt19:46
cenuijcan i pass an option to skip this?19:46
malharhakYeah, just shutdown the computer :p19:47
cenuijanything more enlightened?19:47
cenuijor should i expect this from kubuntu chan?19:47
Matrixritteri didn't get what your problem is?19:48
cenuijinstaller takes too long while it checks online sources19:48
malharhakSorry, you asked too much for me, and yer, I didn't get too19:48
cenuiji'd like to skip this and get things installed from installation media19:48
malharhakAre you downloading something, it could just be a lag problem19:48
Matrixritterman, just have no internet connection and everything is fine19:49
Matrixritteryour problem is normally a feature19:49
cenuijif it was a lag problem i'd phone my frickin ISP19:49
=== I is now known as sorush20
Matrixrittera setup which installs newest versions of software19:49
Matrixritterman, this is amazing feature and you're whining about your slow speed internet connection19:50
cenuijwhat this amazing feature that connects to the net without my permission?19:50
cenuijwow, amazing19:50
Matrixritteridiot, plug out wire19:50
Matrixritterand no connection19:50
Matrixrittersimpe, ya?19:50
cenuijwait, i need to physically alter my network before i install an OS?19:51
cenuijare you sopme kind of fucking moron?19:51
cenuijif you dont know the answer to the question, shut the fuck up19:51
JontheEchidna!ohmy | cenuij19:51
ubottucenuij: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.19:51
malharhakIt's a normal thing that it connects to the net to download last versions of softwares... If you don't want it, don't connect, Matrix is right19:51
cenuijso your saying that ther is no way to install kunbuntu without a net connection?19:52
Matrixritterin my opinion there is a way to forbid internet access in setup19:52
Matrixritteroh man19:52
cenuijor your saying that if you are connected, while you try to install, you MUST wait while the intaller connects to somwhere i dont trust?19:52
Matrixritteryou can install without internet19:52
Matrixritterif you don't trust why do you put in cd19:53
Matrixritteryour hd could be blown up at the point where it comes to internet connection19:53
malharhakYeah, just plug out the wire while you're installing19:53
cenuijperhaps becuase i dont expect software to try and connect to the net wihout my permission, and thatś why i install it first in a VM19:53
Matrixritteroh man19:53
VistaUserhow do i find xorg.conf?19:54
Matrixritterjust disable network interface in vm19:54
JontheEchidnaVistaUser: it's in /etc/X1119:54
dr_willisVistaUser,  'locate FILENAME'19:54
cenuijMatrixritter: so I shoutl again, disable something, just to get kubunto installed?19:54
cenuijMatrixritter: your seriously suggesting i disable networking?19:55
dr_willisThat sounds like what he suggested to me...19:55
cenuijMatrixritter: do you know or not, if there is an option to skip update checking on intall?19:55
cenuijMatrixritter: it seems you dont know for sure either way19:56
VistaUseri located19:56
VistaUsernow how i get to it?19:56
cenuijMatrixritter: so again, if you dont know for sure, either way, please stfu19:56
malharhakWhile I installed ubuntu, if I remember well, there waas one, but... Not sure19:56
dr_willisIve never noticed such an option.   The forums may have some info on that cenuij.19:56
dr_willisVistaUser,  depends on what you wish to DO with it.19:56
malharhakAnd for Kubuntu, it must be the same19:56
cenuijdr_willis: ok thanks, i'll check19:56
VistaUseri want to look at it to see the configurations19:56
VistaUseri am setting up a new monitor19:57
VistaUserbut it dont show up19:57
dr_willisclarify what you mean by 'new' - In most cases X should autoconfigure that stuff these days19:57
VistaUseryah but my main monitor broken on laptop and my other monitor and everytime i boot up it says something abot over ranged19:59
VistaUserso i wannt to change resolution19:59
dr_willissome laptops can be a pain. - You mean to saty  You wish to enable a 2nd monitor on a laptop.20:01
dr_willisSome laptops ive seen have those special function keys that kick in the 2nd monitor.. some have it but it dont work under Linux.  :(20:02
dr_willishad one that defaulted to the 2nd if it was plugged in...20:02
dr_willisIts amazing the range of  'ways 2nd monitors work' with laptops.20:02
VistaUseroooo i was going to try fedora is there a way to partition drive so i can save all this info and try fedora on a different part of the hard drive20:03
VistaUseri wanted to actually back up my xorg.conf because it took my quite a while to make it work through a second monitor20:04
VistaUserand i didnt want to lose that info or then i have to spend alot of hrs fixing again20:04
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VistaUserdr_willis u know how?20:07
malharhakCan't you put this file on an external disk/cd/dvd/anything20:09
VistaUseryes but i dont want to save everything20:09
VistaUserjust that one file20:09
VistaUsereverything else is a breeze to fix i have it in my trusty note book ( the one u hand write in lol)20:10
Guest123does anyone knows openemr?20:10
malharhakThat case... I dunno, sorry20:11
=== malharhak is now known as Malharhak
antoranzis it possible to send a backtrace from gdb to a file?20:12
SSJ_GZantoranz: http://developer.apple.com/DOCUMENTATION/DeveloperTools/gdb/gdb/gdb_toc.html#TOC1320:15
genii!hello | stof20:17
ubottustof: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu!20:17
stofest ce que je peut savoir c'est quoi cela, je vient d'installer kubuntu  et voila je me suis retrouver ici :D20:19
=== stof is now known as stof_
=== stof_ is now known as stof
aboSamoorafter upgrading to from kernel -19 to kernel -22 the suspend is not working, any idea how can I figure what is the error ?20:19
stofare you here men20:21
geniistof: French in #kubuntu-fr or #ubuntu-fr svp20:22
stofok thank you genii, so here is just for english people ?20:23
geniistof: Yes. If you can ask or state your issue in English here, we are happy to try and assist20:23
dwidmannantoranz: an easy way of doing it would be just to save Konsole's scrollback ... that's how I did it last time I needed to20:23
stofok tanks you, and see you soon good Bye20:25
francisc1701hi everyone!20:26
dr_willisVistaUser,  backup the xorg.conf ? its just a file.. copy it somewhere and name it xorg.conf.backup or somthing like that20:28
francisc1701I have a intel x3100 graphics card (965 chipset) and I was wondering how I could tell if hardy is using the intel driver or vesa20:29
antoranzdwidmann: I know that.... and I'd do it... unfortunately I want to get the backtrace of kate when it kills kde. I got the debugger waiting for me in the VTs20:29
VistaUserwhen i open xorg.conf its empty20:29
francisc1701xorg.conf doesn't say20:30
dr_willisVistaUser,  i would imagine you are doing a typo, or somthing basic wrong.20:30
dr_williscat /etc/X11/xorg.conf20:30
VistaUseri am using terminal and using command gedit xong.conf20:30
dr_willisare you in the /etc/X11 directory? you are using the proper name? no spelling mistakes?20:31
dr_williswhy do you want to 'edit' it when you asked how to back it up?20:31
VistaUseri did spelling mistake20:31
VistaUseri need to get to it to copy the file dont i?20:31
dr_willisYour use of the term 'get to it' is totally invalid20:31
Guest123is there any md5 decoder for ubuntu?20:31
dr_willistheres no 'getting to' the file20:31
dr_willisits at /etc/X11/ you do whatever you want with the file20:31
VistaUserok ty20:32
dr_williscp /etc/X11/xorg.conf /path/to/whatever/xorg.conf.backup20:32
geniiGuest123: md5 hashing is a one-way process. So no20:32
VistaUserooo ok20:32
dr_willisBash and Linux Basics. :)20:32
DaskreecHHi VistaUser20:33
* dr_willis wonders what a md5 decoder would supposed to do exactly20:33
VistaUserhey do i know u?20:33
DaskreecHVistaUser: Likely not20:33
VistaUserlol ok hey20:33
Guest123genii,  what does this mean?20:34
VistaUseri gtg20:35
DaskreecHCatch you later20:35
VistaUseri gtg20:35
Guest123dr_willis, it decodes20:35
Guest123is it so hard?20:35
VistaUserty dr_willis for all ur help20:35
DaskreecHGuest123: Md5 only works in one direction. YOu cannot use a MD5 sum and get back what you got the MD5sum of20:35
Guest123DaskreecH, so is it unpenetrable ?20:36
Guest123DaskreecH, so is it unpenetratable20:36
DaskreecHGuest123: For some meaning of that word. Yes20:36
Guest123but If I have a database in mysql and I dont remember the pass20:37
Guest123how am I supposed to get it back?20:37
DaskreecHGuest123: remember your password?20:37
Guest123except this20:37
HappySmileManYou can run a dictionary or brute-force attack on the hash, if it's a short password or a dictionary word this will basically get it by trial and error20:37
DaskreecHGuest123: You should have a function that allows you to overwrite your passwordx20:38
HappySmileManBut if it was a good password there's basically no recovering it20:38
Guest123I know all these staff.20:38
Guest123but in windows there is a decoder for hash tables20:39
geniiGuest123: A trick which may work for you is to look at your bash history file, which should have in it the password you set whenever it was20:39
Guest123in kubuntu isn't there any similar?20:39
DaskreecHGuest123: it's doing the same thing that HappySmileMan just said20:39
HappySmileManmdcrack runs in wine, would probably be fastest one20:40
Guest123ok the name of the programme?20:40
geniiGuest123: There are brute-force methods if you are desperate20:40
DaskreecHgenii: not always You can drop to the mysql subcommand line and do all commands there20:40
HappySmileManI'd say just go to some site with an online database and search for hack20:40
HappySmileManI think milworm has one? milworm.com?20:40
geniiGuest123: However, first look at: ~/.bash_history        and see if it has the line you used originally to set the password20:40
HappySmileManNot sure the exact URL, or if it's any good, but I've heard of it20:40
geniiDaskreecH: Can start it up without loading the tables or so, eys20:41
Guest123thanx for the advices20:41
Guest123something more20:41
Guest123how may I see20:41
DaskreecHGuest123: Or overwrite it with the mysql root account20:41
Guest123if my apache server is visible through the internet?20:41
DaskreecHgenii: yes you can20:41
Guest123(with nmap somehow)20:42
DaskreecHGuest123: Try and load something from your external IP20:42
geniiGuest123: Alternate way which we are now discussing: http://lists.mysql.com/mysql/17136620:42
geniiGuest123: To see the bash_history file:    less ~/.bash_history                    use q to quit20:43
Guest123ok I got it20:43
Guest123about nmap?20:44
Guest123how may I scan my firewall?20:44
dr_willisI would say try some of those Online scanner web sites. You dont normally nmap from inside the firewall to test the firewall.20:44
Guest123ok , but if I would like to use it?20:45
dr_willisuse it to do what exactly?20:46
=== ubuntu__ is now known as DawnLight
DawnLighthello. is partition encryption possible to set up during installation?20:48
dr_willisI belive it is DawnLight  but i think that may require the alternative installer cd.. Ive never looked into it.20:48
dr_willisBut i recall it mentioned as a 'new' feature20:48
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about encryption20:48
DawnLightno way... i've just finished downloading the live cd20:49
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about encrypt20:49
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about luks20:49
Guest123so se if there is any port open in my site20:49
dr_willisGuest123,  you dont want to be scanning from 'inside' the firewall. use a portscanner web site to test your system20:50
* genii hands dr_willis a coffee and some cookies20:50
owen_Hi guys, just installed Kubuntu and the audio is really low even when cranked up to full on alsamixer, tried fiddling with the "options snd-hda-intel model=" in the file, but no luck, any ideas?21:01
owen_card is an Intel Hda btw21:01
cenuijowen_: crack all channel up to max, often for your sound output gear the pcm channel is the "main" channel21:02
owen_pcm is all the way21:03
dr_willis'this knob goes to 11' :)21:03
owen_I've noticed that BBC Iplayer goes up to 11, not sure if that was a joke on behalf of the programmers tho :P21:04
cenuijyes, yes it is21:04
dr_willisa Gag the never dies.  and becomes part of the culture21:05
dr_willisHmm.. I just saw a web page that said vlc was now a qt4 application.. I never noticed that...21:06
dwidmanndr_willis: has been for a while now.21:06
cenuijdoes that mean vlc wont break everyones project by runing a silly repo?21:06
dr_willislooks the same to me.. :) but i guess that could be  its theme..21:07
dr_willisI guess i never got the memo.21:07
cenuiji can abstract the theme, and put the traffic cone on a well known statue21:07
cenuijand sadly it woule be the most recognised thing for a city of 6 million :/21:08
cenuiji.e. glasgow :>21:08
owen_irrelevant but, has anyone ever got audio in ubuntu working first time from installation, I've been running from about 6.06 and I've never had an installation where everything has worked ><21:09
owen_also, glasgow has much less than 6 million surely?21:09
dr_willisI cant say that ive ever had any audio issues at all.21:09
DaskreecHDawnLight: You can encrypt a Directory with the live CD21:09
cenuijowen_: perhaps, but maybe only by 1 m. it was called britains 2nd city for a reason21:10
DawnLightDaskreecH: i'm going for full encryption21:10
DaskreecHI hate Audio in Ibex21:10
DaskreecHIn basically every other release I could walk around the house or sit outside and hear music21:11
owen_population of scotland is 5 million :L21:11
DaskreecHNow in Ibex I have to be right beside the computer sometimes with my ear to the speaker to hear anything21:11
gl_hi, i installed kubuntu in the eee and I uinstalled cups. Now I want to install it again and I am not sure if the program printconfig was installed originlly. Any clues?21:12
owen_DaskreecH - I thought that was a problem, not the default setting?21:12
DaskreecHI dunno21:13
DaskreecHAnd Skype no longer works21:14
cenuijowen_: 5, in total?21:14
DaskreecHAnytime I make a call or get a call it says There is an audio problem21:14
DaskreecHHowever if I test audio it works fine21:14
DaskreecHIf I test audio and make a call in 2-3 seconds it also works21:14
DaskreecHIt's just really frustrating21:14
cenuijowen_: i'd be kind of shocked that was the figure 20 years ago :<21:14
owen_google it :P21:15
owen_its like 5.1 million21:15
cenuijso that would make glasgow 190k-250k21:15
cenuijor no wait, cant be right21:15
owen_nearer 600,000 apparently21:16
cenuij250k is edinburgh city center21:16
DaskreecHcan anyone check if printconfig is installed and tell gl_ ? Esp if they haven't installed cups :-P21:16
cenuijowen_: while your right, and iḿ wrong, i'd still wager 6 mil, but clearly not in glasgow as that would make it the same size as london21:19
cenuiji must revise on scotland, especially if the 2md city title goes to leeds )21:21
cenuijboth brum and manc are far more deserving :>21:21
owen_2nd biggest city would be Brummieland wouldnt it?21:22
owen_ah, sod this for a game of soldiers, too much fiddling for my liking, wacom didnt work, sound doesnt work, graphics card drivers dont work21:24
owen_back to windows I go and I'll see if Ubuntu has any of these problems fixed by the next distro21:25
owen_probably not because I think it's actually got worse since 6.06, at least my wacom worked then >_>21:25
gl_please can somebody tell me if printconfig is installed by default in intrepid?21:30
Dillizarmy camera its not supported by 8.10!!! can any body help me to install drivers or something21:32
gl_did it work before?21:34
Dillizaryes on 8.0421:35
gl_sorry i have to go!21:36
geniigl_: Since printconf is in universe I'd have to say no21:37
geniiBah he went21:37
=== sorush20 is now known as I
chris__hey i got a question21:39
chris__got a canon mx310 printer series fax21:39
chris__runny hardy heron21:40
chris__it reads it and everything21:40
chris__but wont print21:40
chris__what i need to do to get it to print?21:40
geniichris__: Try using the PIXMA MP150  drivers in CUPS21:42
chris__open cups and then install through that?21:42
chris__im new to this21:42
geniichris__: Ope:   System ... Printing        and then from there21:43
vbgunzhow do you properly launch kdesu in 8.10?21:43
geniivbgunz: Try kdesudo21:44
vbgunzgenii: thanks :)21:44
chris__linux makes windows look like shit21:45
chris__i figured out the seagate free agent drive21:47
chris__GParted---> format to ext3 with 909.3 swap21:48
=== I is now known as sorush20
chris__what is better about Intrepid versus Hardy Heron?21:50
geniiNot much actually. It's an intermediate release21:50
chris__i had problems with it21:51
chris__seemed buggy21:51
chris__especially as multimedia was concerned21:51
demon_how caN I UPGRATE gspcav drivers??21:52
geniiYes they are struggling with pulseaudio and other things21:52
chris__i could not get it to configure webcam, hardy heron does21:52
chris__i used wine and installed the software that came with it21:52
chris__works beautifully21:52
demon_chris__, thats a VERY GOOD IDEA21:54
demon_and will it work with amsn??21:54
chris__it works through meebo21:54
chris__and through camorama21:54
chris__i imagine it would through amsn21:54
chris__havent tried21:54
demon_will the drivers run them self when i use some program that need the cam21:54
chris__it works surprised me a lot21:55
chris__didnt expect it to work with linux21:55
chris__it said vista ready21:55
chris__when i bought it21:55
demon_why it doesnt work the flash :D like that21:55
chris__then popped the cd in ran with wine and voila21:55
demon_why cant i install it the windows version21:55
chris__it works perfectly21:56
demon_chris__, now if you can tell me where can i see what kidn of camera i have i will kiss you :P21:56
chris__device manager21:57
kaminixCan anyone tell why I'm not getting any sound from ZSNES?21:57
chris__system/ add remove/ device manager21:57
kaminixOr well, guess anyway. :p21:57
demon_chris__, will lsusb do :D21:59
=== etienne is now known as Calyx
chris__demon_, im not sure im fairly new at this myself22:00
demon_moi aussi22:01
demon_hell i went to my cam site and they dont have my camera but on the picture of the commercial they use my cam but is till dont know it's name22:03
sigp239How do I add an account in Kopete?22:07
mrksbrdanyone know if open office 3 is in the repo's yet?22:08
chris__genii, use new ppd or old ppd22:08
chris__genii, it works22:15
chris__thank you22:15
ubottuVMWare is not available in the Ubuntu repositories. Consider using !QEmu or !VirtualBox as alternatives. Instructions for installing VMWare manually are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware22:23
Fieldyhm. nothing about vmware server console or whatever that thing is to connect to remote servers, anyone know anything about getting it installed in kubuntu?22:25
sigp239Is Kopete not working with yahoo?22:26
demon_it works i think22:29
demon_lemme check22:29
ott0anyone know how to fix service loop errors when using insserv?22:32
ott0like i try to run chkconfig vmware off and i get stuff life insserv: There is a loop between service checkroot and keyboard-setup22:33
sigp239demon_: I can't get my webcam to work with it though22:33
demon_well thats is because of the stupid new kernel :D22:33
ott0i have a feeling /usr/share/insserv/check-initd-order -g will help me somehow22:34
sigp239demon_: My webcam works otherewise though.  Just doesn't seem to work in yahoo with kopete22:34
demon_try with pidgin :D22:35
demon_no pidgin doesnt support cam22:36
demon_does it work with other IM22:36
sigp239not sure haven't tried.  but it works when i open the kopete configuration menu22:36
demon_btw did you tried to set the cam on Kopete22:36
demon_then try it with some friend22:37
sigp239I did I tried it with my wife on the other computer she is using windows and yahoo messenger, but when I click "invite to my webcam" on kopete, she does not get anything at all22:37
vbgunzHow can I turn off my wireless card?22:38
=== mike is now known as Guest51501
vbgunzI have a lan connection and prefer it...22:38
vbgunzand how do I stop knetworkmanager from automatically starting up?22:39
sigp239vbgunz: do you have a physical switch that can turn it off?22:40
vbgunzsigp239: no, I don't believe so. desktop with a simple card22:42
sigp239vbgunz: I know this may not be an elegant solution, but you could simply take it out.22:42
vbgunzhow can I stop knetworkmanager from starting up and going into the system tray?22:42
demon_lol sigp23922:42
chfwiggumhi all! how do i install all .doc and ALL kde4-devs with apt-get? tia.22:43
vbgunzsigp239: true, I am feeling real lazy though :/22:43
chfwiggumguess there has to be an easy way22:43
vbgunzchfwiggum: looking for help on an app and being told theres no help file for it?22:44
chfwiggumwell, help aint creating ansearch index, yeah files seem missing22:44
chfwiggumbut mostly id like to be sure to be able to compile plasmoids22:45
sigp239vbgunz:  Yea there should be a way to set it through the software22:45
vbgunzchfwiggum: I personally noticed the docs are pretty incomplete and there doesn't seem to be a solution to it :(22:45
demon_vbgunz, you can always remove it from  synaptic :P22:45
chfwiggum...which wouldnt work right now22:45
demon_!off topic22:46
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about off topic22:46
ubottu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!22:46
vbgunzI just have no idea how knetworkmanager is starting up and going into my system tray... I'd really like to not see it22:46
chfwiggum!ot demon_22:47
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ot demon_22:47
chfwiggum!ot | demon_22:47
ubottudemon_: #kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!22:47
dr_willisI was thinkig knetwork manager was needed... but ive not really tried to remove it.22:47
JontheEchidnato remove network-manager you'd need to set up a network entry in /etc/network/interfaces22:48
vbgunzwell... am not really trying to remove it... just get it the hell out of my system tray :(22:48
demon_hey hey i dont really think that removing it is a good idea you may turn up with no internet :P22:48
vbgunz4.2 is going to rock big time... I just dont have the balls to try and build it myself :(22:49
thiago_Hello.. I need help!!!!22:49
* demon_ gives vbgunz some balls22:49
demon_!ask | thiago_22:49
ubottuthiago_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)22:49
demon_what seems to be the problem thiago_ ask22:50
thiago_Every time I record a CD/DVD on Kubuntu, after the recording is complete, the cdrom driver simply disapears and I cant mount it back as it keeps stating it is write-protected... what is happening? I used to record CD/DVD one after the other and this never occurred before22:51
demon_thiago_, you cant unmount it if the cd rom its empty22:51
thiago_I do not unmount it22:52
thiago_it is automatic, once a CD recording completes the driver gets unmounted22:52
demon_you cant find the CD-Rom?22:53
bayenso I just installed 8.10, and I'm at a loss for why the screen keeps flashing up *something* every ten seconds or so...  it never comes up long enough for me to see, just kind of jitters, and it seems to be only on the lower half of the screen...  really weird...22:53
demon_what happens when you put a cd22:53
noaXessdoes anybody has also problem with suspend and resuming intrepid on a notebook?22:53
noaXessin hardy all was good..22:53
JontheEchidnabayen: I think I can help you in just a minute22:53
noaXessbut now, if i suspend to ram or distk, can get back my machine22:53
bayenJontheEchidna: take your time ^_^22:54
demon_thiago_, ?22:54
JontheEchidnabayen: http://blog.nixternal.com/2008.10.22/kubuntu-intrepid-dual-monitor-blinking/22:54
JontheEchidnasee also: https://launchpad.net/bugs/27847122:54
thiago_if I put the cd nothing happens22:55
thiago_I can read its contents, and it it is an empty cd I can record anything to it22:55
thiago_my cd burner software even states no CD driver was found22:56
thiago_this only happens after I record the first CD22:56
=== root is now known as Guest12863
thiago_before that everything is fine, normal22:56
demon_i had the same problem few months ago :) but when i put the cd back every thing was ok!22:57
=== manchicken_ is now known as manchicken
vbgunzanyone have any idea how knetworkmanager is starting up? I mean *yay* I am connected... *boo* I know, please shoo from my system tray?22:57
demon_vbgunz, i can help you but i am on ubuntu now but why dont you just remove it from favorite programs thats how i did it on Xubuntu22:58
vbgunzfavorite programs?22:58
jussi01vbgunz: just close it - right click, quit. next boot it shouldnt start22:59
bayenJontheEchidna: thankee very much! :D22:59
vbgunzjussi01 not true... the mofo is out to get me :(22:59
JontheEchidnabayen: yup, no problem22:59
jussi01vbgunz: try to keep it family friendly... :) so it doesnt ask you whether you want to start it next boot when you quit it?23:00
vbgunzjust asked are you sure23:00
jussi01vbgunz: 1 moment please23:01
cbrwhy is intel gm965 pretty crappy @ ubuntu?23:03
cbr250 fps @ glxgears is nothing to be proud of tbh23:03
demon_vbgunz, thats on xubuntu23:03
jussi01vbgunz: There was a way, I just cant find it atm, sorry23:05
labthugDoes anyone in here have experience with madwifi?23:05
thiago_anyone have any thoughts on my issue with my CDRW driver disappearing after a CD burn?23:05
labthugI built, installed, and modprobed (and rebooted) but am not getting a wifi entry in ifconfig23:06
vbgunzI just found this ... go to /etc/xdg/autostart ... are these things getting started automatically on a kubuntu system?23:06
thiago_To get it back I need to shut my laptop off(if I do only restart it the problem will remain)23:06
=== root is now known as Guest25753
jussi01vbgunz: yeah, thats what I was looking for, try moving the knetwork manager out fromthere23:07
vbgunzjussi01, I am not going to reboot or log out/in now but I hope it works in the future :)23:08
jussi01vbgunz: me also :)23:08
demon_thiago_, i dont know how to use Xchat this is my first day :D i use to use konversation23:09
thiago_I just clicked at it accidentally.... sorry... I was trying some way to ping you privatelly... I am unable to follow the conversation with so many messages coming up23:10
TheGentlemanI did something wrong and I need help:  on a kubuntu 8.04 I removed knetwork-manager by mistake making it impossible to connect the computer. I tried downloading wicd and putting it on usb key and copy it in that computer. At the dpkg -i command i got a list of errors and warnings.  Can anyone take some time to help me?23:13
dekis there a KSnapshot or similar for KDE4?23:14
dekjussi01: what's its name?23:16
dekbut the port for kde4 is done? if I try to install it I get: "No candidate version found for ksnapshot-kde4"23:16
jussi01!info ksnapshot23:18
ubottuksnapshot (source: kdegraphics): screen capture tool for KDE 4. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.1.2-0ubuntu3 (intrepid), package size 212 kB, installed size 496 kB23:18
dekok, thanks :P23:19
=== afiestas_out is now known as afiestas
chfwiggumnoob question:how do i find out the kde installation directory. echo $KDEDIR gives no output23:22
=== Ardarandir1 is now known as Ardarandir
DrUnKnMuNkYi can't connect to any encrypted wireless networks. can anyone help?23:28
ghrockshi everyone, i updated my system kernel yesterday and when i turned my computer on today the grub didn't show up any boot option, it appeared only like if i was on the terminal but it says grub>  and that's all, right now im running the live cd and it's not recognizing me any partition to install, however dolphin can see my partitions, any idea of what can this be???23:29
TheGentlemanwhere can I download network-manager (latest kubuntu 8.04 version) ?  I need the deb file, not to install it23:31
TheGentlemanor any other package from the distribution23:31
DrUnKnMuNkYTheGentleman: if you use the -d option it will only download the .deb file and not install it23:32
DrUnKnMuNkYthe packages are located in /var/cache/apt/archives23:32
* Twylight is percocets again23:32
maxbaldwinSo I pressed Alt+esc and a red X came up, and accidentally clicked my taskbar/bar thing. now I don't have a taskbar23:32
maxbaldwinhow do I get it back?23:33
TheGentlemanDrUnKnMuNkY,   like  sudo apt-get -d install network-manager  ?23:33
TheGentleman where exactly do I put the -d option?  i couldn't understand it from man apt-get23:33
ubottuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »23:34
dekwhere does KRunner get its list of programs? I have Krusader (file manager) installed, but if I want to run it I only get "Krusader - Root mode" when I should get both it and "Krusader" alone.23:34
DrUnKnMuNkYTheGentleman: that looks right to me23:34
DrUnKnMuNkYtry it out23:34
IntrepidI tried to open the k9copy handbook and khelpcenter reported that it does not exist. How can I solve this?23:35
TheGentlemanDrUnKnMuNkY, if it is not right it would delete my wicd installation.... leaving me with no connection!23:35
|DS|Intrepid I'de look for better advice23:35
DrUnKnMuNkYTheGentleman: if it appears to start then hit ctrl-c and it will stop23:36
|DS|drunkmuhky try not pressing ctrl-c23:36
DrUnKnMuNkYTheGentleman: your other option is to browse http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu and see if you can find the file23:36
TheGentlemanisn't there any safer way to dowload a package?23:36
TheGentlemanok, thanks23:37
DrUnKnMuNkYTheGentleman: i just checked that syntax (for apt-get) and you'll be fine23:38
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demon_thiago_,  did you restart your pc??23:50
=== maska is now known as Maska
wesley_how do i make a map that links to /media/sda2/video23:53
dr_williswesley_,  a map?  You can make a 'link' to that location with the ' ln -s ' command23:54
dr_willistechhnically thats a 'soft link' :)23:55
wesley_yeaj like in home that video links to video on sda223:55
dr_willisln -s /one/location /other/location/that/i/always/get/backwards23:55
dr_willisI always get the order backwards.. :P then i try to rember to reverse them.. then i get conrused even more..23:55
wesley_i can make a link?23:55
dr_williswhever you want23:56
dr_willisits just a special file23:56
dr_willisln -s /media/drive  /home/billgates/mymoney23:56
dr_willisI may or may not have that backwards :P23:56
wesley_how does i call ? i can make them for devices23:56
dr_williscall ?  huh?23:56
dr_willis'everything in linux is a file' :) /dev/whatevers    are just special files    if that what you are asking about.23:57
wesley_like you make in windows a shortcur=t23:57

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