et3is anyone here?00:04
mthaddonet3, what's up?00:25
et3mthaddon: how can I change my Account name?00:25
mthaddonet3, go to https://launchpad.net/people/+me and either "edit details" or "administer"00:26
mthaddonsorry, change details00:27
et3mthaddon: thank you very much00:27
et3do you think "codeshiftster" sounds cheesy?00:28
et3I'm changing it because it's a tongue-twister anyway, but I think it sounds a bit cheesy00:28
et3Is it possible to make packages for other distro series than jaunty?00:30
mthaddonnot sure about that I'm afraid00:31
et3mthaddon: my package for ibex was rejected00:32
mthaddonet3, sorry, I don't know too much about the packaging side of things00:32
et3mthaddon: alright00:32
Hobbseeet3: yes.00:33
Hobbseeet3: but not if you called it 'ibex'.  You need to use 'intrepid'00:33
et3Hobbsee: ahhh, thank you00:33
Hobbseein debian/changelog00:33
Hobbseeet3: you're welcome.  same for gutsy, hardy, etc00:33
Hobbseeit's always the first name00:33
et3the PPA says it's for jaunty.  How do I change that?00:34
wgrantThat just changes the sources.list entries it shows. It doesn't mean anything.00:34
Hobbseethe ppa is for many things.  it just defaults to jaunty, as the jaunty stuff is the only stuff there at the moment00:34
et3so I could use the PPA for any of the series?00:36
Hobbseefor any supported ubuntu release00:36
Hobbsee(ie, not breezy or edgy or something)00:36
et3what is the A_V.sources.upload file for?00:39
Hobbseeto say you've uploaded it00:40
Hobbsee(which will stop you inadvertantly uploading it agian, unless you force it, or remove the file)00:40
et3Hobbsee: what's in the file?00:41
Hobbseeet3: open it in a text editor, and have a look :)00:42
Hobbseewhere you uploaded itto, iirc00:42
et3Hobbsee: from what I can tell. It's a log00:42
et3I'm new at packaging and I don't know the flow00:43
et3for instance: I haven't changed the change-log for the past 3 revisions.00:43
hggdhfolks, rutadeevacuacion is back00:44
wgrantNo spm!00:44
wgrantmwhudson: ^^00:45
wgrantmthaddon: Can you kill the user?00:45
Hobbseeor change his email?00:45
hggdhhum. perhaps not really -- the bugs were opened ~19 hours ago00:45
Hobbseethen kill him?00:45
hggdhand stomp over00:45
Hobbseeif you change his email addresses, and lock his account, he can't come back00:46
wgrantmaurizio-live needs to be rekilled.00:46
wgrantruteadeevacuacion is still dead.00:46
Hobbseewgrant: what's the point? It can be reactivated in minutes00:47
Hobbseeif it's going to be killed, kill it properly with the workaround, until the LP bug is fixed.00:47
wgrantHobbsee: screen + while loop == win00:47
mthaddonuser suspended00:47
* wgrant wonders why the relevant bugs are private.00:47
wgrantmthaddon: Thanks.00:47
Hobbseewgrant: I did find the answer out to that one00:48
et3soo...  what's this "build status" business about in the PPA?00:48
mthaddonbut until the bug that prevents him re-applying is fixed, he'll probably be back soon enough00:48
* hggdh also wonders. Additionally the list of subscribers seem to be constant00:48
Hobbseemthaddon: why can't you change his email addresses?00:48
et3it has a throbber and "i386" by it00:48
mthaddonHobbsee, he can then just sign up with any other username00:48
wgrantet3: You can get more details on the build status by expanding the soruce package item.00:48
et3wgrant: it didn't tell me much00:49
wgrantet3: Hover over the icons.00:49
wgranthggdh: You can see the subscriber list?00:49
et3"currently building"00:49
Hobbseemthaddon: in which case, which bug are you attempting to fix?  That you can't blacklist someone from getting an account at LP?00:49
wgrantRight. That probably means it's currently building.00:49
et3is launchpad building the package or do they want me to upload a binary?00:49
hggdhwgrant, yes00:50
wgrantet3: The former. You can't upload binaries.00:50
wgranthggdh: Ah, so it's not private for a good reason.00:50
et3wgrant: strange00:50
wgrantet3: Why?00:50
et3wgrant: why does launchpad do this?00:50
et3wgrant: to see if it compiles... or... to save me hassle or what?00:50
wgrantet3: So you don't have to build it on all of the archs, and can't upload malicious binaries.00:51
hggdhwgrant, he (or LP) subscribed ubuntu-bugs00:51
et3Very nice.00:51
wgranthggdh: Which bug are we talking about?00:51
hggdhbug 30269000:52
ubottuBug 302690 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/302690 is private00:52
hggdhnow that is weird00:52
hggdhand bug 30269100:53
ubottuBug 302691 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/302691 is private00:53
et3it only built i38600:53
hggdhand (finally) bug 30269200:53
ubottuBug 302692 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/302692 is private00:53
wgrantet3: That's correct, if it's arch: all.00:54
et3wgrant: how do I change this to build for amd64 too?00:54
wgranthggdh: Ah, I meant the LP bugs on the utter failure that is account deactivation.00:54
wgrantet3: Why does it need to?00:54
wgrantet3: Does it have arch-specific components?00:55
et3so my friend can use the package on his laptop.00:55
wgrantet3: Does it actually need rebuilding to run on the other architecture?00:56
et3wgrant: no... but supposing I were to implement a package with arch-specific code, wouldn't I need to have it build for amd64 for it to run properly?00:56
et3how do I make it build for other archetectures00:56
wgrantet3: If it needed rebuilding for all architectures, you would have something other than Architecture: all in debian/control.00:57
wgrants/all architectures/each architecture/00:57
et3wgrant: mine says "Architecture: all"00:58
et3and yet it built specifically for i38600:58
wgrantet3: And that's correct, if it is Python or something else that doesn't need compilation.00:58
wgrantThat's because arch: all stuff builds on i386.00:58
wgrantBut it's published to all architectures.00:58
et3just because?00:58
wgrantBecause that's how it is, yes.00:59
wgrantBug #4009600:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 40096 in soyuz "do not show architecture 'all' builds as i386" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/4009600:59
et3alright then.  lol00:59
et3lol... it's a BUG?00:59
wgrantNot really. I'd call it a differing design opinion.01:00
et3well, I think it should be changed to be more general.  Now it's impossible to tell if the package is truly ONLY for i386 or if it fits any arch.01:01
wgrantActually, not true.01:02
et3why so?01:02
wgrantI think, with PPAs, builds for all three archs will appear, and those that aren't supported by the package will just fail.01:02
wgrantAs PPAs don't respect Packages-arch-specific, IIRC.01:03
et3what did the last thing you just sent me mean?01:03
et3launchpad doesn't build arch-specific code?01:03
wgrantThat file is used in Debian and Ubuntu to exclude architectures from being built for some packages.01:04
wgrantBut as PPAs don't use that, builds for all architectures will be attempted.01:04
et3well that's fair.01:05
et3so in conclusion:  any package in a PPA that states only "i386" really means "any arch"01:05
wgrantI believe so.01:06
et3thank you for explaining that it's not a bug then.  I think it's a misleading arch title and should be changed to "any" or "all" so this conversation doesn't occur again between two other launchpad users.01:07
wgrant'any' doesn't make sense there. 'all' does.01:08
et3wgrant: true01:09
et3wgrant: I looked at your profile.  You do whitehat hacking?01:13
et3wgrant: how do I request security audits from ubuntu whitehat hackers?01:14
wgrantThe team sort of doesn't really exist much any more.01:14
et3wgrant: *sigh*01:14
et3wgrant: then how do I get a security audit?01:14
wgrantNo idea.01:15
et3do you like ipv6?01:15
et3many people aren't fond of it01:15
wgrantI do.01:16
wgrantOne doesn't have the option of not being fond of it now.01:16
et3but it's slower01:16
wgrantIt is the future, and everybody must embrace it soon.01:16
wgrantWhat gives you this idea?01:17
wgrantApart from the tiny extra overhead of processing the longer packet headers.01:17
et3it's what I've heard.  Configuring ssh ojr apache for ip4 only is said to make certain timeout errors go away01:18
spivet3: misconfigured networks aren't the same as "it's slower"01:19
* et3 shrugs01:20
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tjaaltonhey, is it possible to change my @ubuntu.com email uid?11:36
wgranttjaalton: It's bound to your Launchpad username.11:38
tjaaltonwgrant: and it's tjaalton, but my email is still tepsipakki@ubuntu.com11:39
wgranttjaalton: Ask #canonical-sysadmin, I suppose.11:39
wgrantHow long ago did you change it?11:39
tjaaltonhum, ok11:39
tjaaltona year ago I think11:39
wgrantUm, wow...11:39
wgrant#canonical-sysadmin is the place, anyway.11:40
tjaaltonI guess the lp uid has always been the same, can't remember11:40
* Hobbsee throws tomatoes11:57
* Hobbsee wonders what on earth was the idea between this particular piece of UI development11:57
Hobbseenamely, where the 'overview' tab takes you for https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdebase-workspace/4:4.1.2-0ubuntu13/+build/75176111:58
Hobbseebeuno: any ideas?11:58
bigjoolsHobbsee: perhaps you[d care to be a bit more constructively critical?12:02
beunoHobbsee, what's the issue with it?12:02
beunorepetition?  scattered info?12:02
spivHobbsee: you expect https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdebase-workspace/4:4.1.2-0ubuntu13 to be target, not https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdebase-workspace ?12:02
* Hobbsee scratches head12:03
Hobbseeokay, heisenbug, it appears.12:03
Hobbseeit was taking me back to https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/ a minute ago12:03
Hobbseespiv: no, that's where I expected it to go.12:04
Hobbseesorry for the noise and tomatoes12:04
* beuno lowers emergency level back to green12:04
* Hobbsee had that happen a few times, that it went back to /ubuntu/, so doesn't know why it's now working...12:04
bigjoolsHobbsee: so, if you clickly slightly above "Overview" that's precisely where it will take you ;)12:04
spivHobbsee: well, I see the breadcrumb labelled '“kdebase-workspace” package' takes you to /ubuntu/+source12:05
Hobbseespiv: that's true.  I wasn't hitting that.12:05
spivHobbsee: mysterious!12:05
Hobbseespiv: very!!12:06
bigjoolsthe breadcrumb thing is a bug, targeted to 2.1.1212:08
Hobbseebigjools: that may have been what I hit - although I can't seem to hit it again now12:08
bigjoolsHobbsee: you said you went to "https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/" which is the link directly above "Overview"12:09
bigjoolsI'll wager your scroll wheel moved the page down just as you clicked12:09
* Hobbsee has a touchpad. this is relatively unlikely?12:09
bigjoolsdoes it have the scroll wotsit thing on it12:10
bigjoolsfwiw my wife does that all the time on the touchpad12:10
Hobbseeon the side, yes12:11
Hobbseehmm.  kdebase-workspace for jaunty completely blew up on sparc.12:12
bigjoolsHobbsee: are you involved with KDE4 packaging for Ubuntu?12:12
Hobbseebigjools: I used to be, and i'm currently debugging it12:12
Hobbsee(as in, some of the packaging)12:12
bigjoolsdon't suppose you know if 4.2 will get backported to Intrepid?12:13
HobbseeI would expect that's the plan, but i'm not sure what the SRU guys will say12:13
bigjoolsI hope so12:14
bigjools4.1.2 is driving me nuts, I even briefly loaded up a Gnome desktop yesterday :)12:14
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kikowho's the CHR?14:13
kikoSteveA needs a favor14:14
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naliothhow do you turn off "Contact this user" in launchpad?15:10
PriceChild~ubuntu-irc-cloaks has an email assigned which I would like to assign to ~ubuntu-irc-council. I have changed the contact option in the first team to "mail users individually", but when adding the address to the latter, it complains "irc-council@lists.ubuntu.com is already registered in Launchpad and is associated with Ubuntu cloaked people on freenode"15:36
PriceChildAdding the address again to ~ubuntu-irc-cloaks works again without having to verify the address, changing that first option should remove all association to the address imo15:36
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pkernAny soyuz people in here?16:32
cprovpkern: yes16:32
pkerncprov: Oh you're here.  Fine. :D16:32
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ubottuError: Your hostmask doesn't match or your password is wrong.16:51
vadi2Hi, just a question - is it possible to make it so you get notified of when a new blueprint is filed in your project?17:50
intellectronicavadi2: no, it's not possible yet. only with bugs17:56
vadi2Alright, thank you17:56
awmcclainI'm the debian maintainer for a bunch of packages where the source is an external SVN repo. I've just started using autoppa (to great success), and I'm wondering what the best way to set up branches in launchpad would be?18:41
awmcclainI've tried setting up a project and using vcs-import to get the svn into LP, but I got an email saying it was rejected.18:43
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jelmeris there some easy way to remove backup.bzr on a lp branch?21:22
awilkinsUsing SFTP?21:24
jelmeryeah, but sftp doesn't have a rmtree command21:26
jelmerand moving it out of the way doesn't work either, since launchpad only allows certain directory names21:26
awilkinsI just used FileZilla to delete a lock folder from a branch21:27
awilkinsMaybe it handles the sub-file details for you?21:27
awilkinsHmm, it has SOME problems though21:28
awilkinsAs long as it can list the parent folder of the folder you are deleting, it seems to work well21:28
awilkinsI just totally trashed a branch....21:29
awilkinsOld one though21:30
awilkinsYou can completely scour the inside of a branch it would seem - scorched earth apart from the parent folder which permissions won't let you delete21:37
awilkinsANd I can't get LP to delete it because someone is still subscribed to it (although it's a very old subscription and I know that all the relevant revisions are merged into the project concerned)21:38
dokobuildds not accepting new builds22:28
Robb_MHi, i keep getting "oops" errors when i try deleting branches, it doesnt matter if anybody is subscribed to them or not.22:43
Robb_MError ID: OOPS-1063E249822:44
Robb_MI believe its the same error every time....22:47
beunoRobb_M1, give me a few minutes to look into it22:48
Robb_M1sure thing beuno, my internet died, sorry.22:49
Robb_Mim sorry beuno, my internet keeps dying on me....22:53
james_wRobb_M: looks like bug 301595 to me22:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 301595 in launchpad-bazaar "OOPS when deleting a branch with revisions" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30159522:54
Robb_Myeah...thats what it is.22:55
Robb_Mok, so you guys are aware of it. Thats all I had for you. Have a great day!22:55
Robb_Myep, that bug is exactly whats happening to me.22:57
beunojames_w, it is. Thanks   :)23:00
james_whi beuno23:00
beunohiya james_w23:00

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