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* PrivateVoid waves22:49
PrivateVoidcalling pleia223:12
* pleia2 waves23:14
pleia2nice looking wiki page :)23:15
PrivateVoidthanks pleia23:16
PrivateVoidneed to talk about some items if you have time23:16
* PrivateVoid hopes he did not get disconnected and pleia2 is waiting for a response23:19
pleia2nah, in the middle of making some cookies23:19
pleia2sugar cookies!23:19
PrivateVoiddo you have time pleia2 ?23:19
PrivateVoidI am under the impression that when the Beginners Team Education Focus Group holds IRC based classes you would like us to use this channel; correct?23:21
* pleia2 nods23:21
PrivateVoidis the Ubuntu Education team using any other medium for delivery of 'classes'?23:21
pleia2well, we're sort of just "Ubuntu Classroom" rather than a full Education team23:22
pleia2and "Classroom" is just IRC, for now23:22
PrivateVoidare there any plans for a Moodle style resource?23:23
pleia2not at the moment, we simply don't have the volunteers to handle such a thing23:23
PrivateVoidI am hoping to take some of our classes and do more than IRC23:24
PrivateVoidit would likely be with the wiki and forums23:24
pleia2we've juggled ideas for a lot of post irc-session methods of summarizing classes23:24
PrivateVoidsince we do not have Moodle... or some other class type software23:24
PrivateVoidI was more thinking of content that might be best done with assignments turned in, etc... and the IRC is the live 'instructor' help23:25
pleia2early on people would blog about the sessions and we'd link to those (not fantastic, some people don't keep blogs forever), another idea was summarizing in the wiki, but we don't have enough people to do that, and the instructors could rarely devote time to wiki AND a class in irc23:25
PrivateVoidI agree...23:26
PrivateVoidto me, though, some material works well with IRC as the main focus... and other material does not23:26
pleia2are you interested in using moodle?23:26
PrivateVoidprogramming is one of those types of material that IRC is not suited for the main method of teaching23:26
PrivateVoidI have used Moodle and Sharepoint in the K-12 district I work in23:27
PrivateVoidboth are effective...23:27
pleia2I mean, you say you "don't have it" - is there a reason?23:27
PrivateVoidthe key difference with Moodle is that is has 'quizes' and other activities23:27
PrivateVoidI said "don't have it"?23:28
pleia2 < PrivateVoid> since we do not have Moodle... or some other class type software23:28
PrivateVoidGot it23:28
pleia2so you were going to use wiki and/or forums23:28
PrivateVoidYes... the wiki and forums can be used to give people 'assignments' and tutorials23:29
pleia2Linode.com gave me a VPS to use for ubuntu pennsylvania, we don't use anywhere near the full resources so I can use it for other ubuntu activitiges23:29
PrivateVoidthe instructor would receive the submissions... and review them with students23:29
pleia2so if you wanted to use Moodle, I have hosting space23:30
PrivateVoidwe will see how things evolve23:30
* pleia2 nods23:30
PrivateVoidit depends on getting people 'interested' and then actually doing stuff23:30
PrivateVoida great many people raise their hand only to never show23:31
PrivateVoidthat is why the wiki may be the best...23:31
PrivateVoidtutorials on certain subjects are there for people to use at any time...23:31
PrivateVoidif they get stuck they can 'ask' the instructor(s)23:31
* pleia2 nods23:32
PrivateVoidand occasionally IRC sessions can be held for those classes23:32
PrivateVoidI am also trying to compile resources -- https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/FocusGroups/Education/Resources23:32
PrivateVoidI think the single biggest issue is keeping things current... too many items get 'old' and forgotten23:33
* pleia2 attends to cookies23:34
PrivateVoidI gotta go help with baths... brb myself23:34
pleia2PrivateVoid: mind if we schedule a Classroom meeting to pick up this discussion?23:56
pleia2I'm sure others would be interested, while I've focused on simply getting more sessions in here, there were always people thinking about expanding beyond that23:56
PrivateVoidpleia2, not at all... would love to schedule ont...23:58
pleia2when is good for you? I'm busy wednesday evening but otherwise pretty free23:59
PrivateVoidI want to get more sessions in here as well pleia2, but some subject matters will likely be best covered with multi-formats23:59
* pleia2 nods23:59
PrivateVoidMost evenings after 8pm EST are good for me23:59

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