popeystill not friendly00:00
popeyanyway, i have the answer now00:00
RAOFThere was a bit of talking past each other, yes.00:00
RAOFWe don't think about the filename at all, so... :)00:00
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mungewellHi. I'm attempting to remaster my own liveCD to be an absolute minimal system, with X include (attempting to make a Sugar/OLPC liveCD). My first attempt was to build on http://ubuntu-mini-remix.crealabs.it/ and add Sugar+X. This booted and started X but did not display GDM login (was installed), X would stop if I shut down GDM. Is this the best approach (if so what magic am I missing) or should I look to cut down one of the other Desktop LiveCDs. I00:39
HoppingWombatare there any packages that someone knows of that are out of date??00:45
HoppingWombator packages that need work00:47
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TheMusoNCommander: lol00:51
* NCommander is leeching from the neighbors00:52
NCommanderDarn my cousins are their highspeedless way of life00:52
TheMusoNCommander: And what about your connection, or are you still not back home yet?00:56
NCommanderI'm trapped in the depths of North Carolina00:57
NCommanderand have yet to find the escape hatch00:57
sorosi wonder if its a safe move to include f-spot with the default install of ubuntu consider novell/miguel are conspiring with microsoft01:06
soroskind of dangerous IMHO01:07
sorosI think mr. miguel makes a lot of money from that deal.01:07
Hobbseesoros: please note that propaganda is not welcome here.  Please see http://boycottnovell.com/2008/02/22/mark-shuttleworth-on-patents/ for more information.01:11
sorossorry, I didn't know that was "propaganda" as you call it01:11
sorosya, just reading that article now01:12
soros"Our view is that we can deal with patent suits if they arise,"01:12
sorosGimme a break.01:12
sorosWhatever.  Later.01:13
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.01:13
RAOFWell, that's the way we deal with all the other software.01:13
RAOFsoros: You probably mean well, but you're wrong, and we've heard it before.  There's little tolerance.01:13
HobbseeRAOF: heh01:13
directhexwelcome to my life, y'all :)01:13
HobbseeRAOF: best solved with a +q on continuance?  :P01:13
RAOFHobbsee: A what now?01:14
directhexyou know this'll be on boycott-novell tomorrow, right?01:14
RAOFAw, man. 3rd comment on that article is a wonderful case study.01:15
RAOFdirecthex: Maybe I can be famous too?01:15
HobbseeRAOF: an IRC quiet.  It's a great tactic.01:15
Hobbsee(stops them sending to the channel, basically)01:15
Hobbseethey can rant all they want, but no one sees it01:16
Hobbsee(or only some do, depending on the modes)01:16
RAOFMmm.  Nifty.01:16
Hobbseevery :)01:16
HobbseeRAOF: often they're too annoyed to see the "cant' send to channel" messages, which often go to the status window anyway, so they continue, but notice no one is responding to them, and eventually quit due to that.01:17
Hobbsee(and don't bother coming back on the same issue, as they perceived that they were ignored)01:17
RAOFMuchos win.01:18
* RAOF loves that the most strident argument on that comment thread is "mono shouldn't by default create files called foo.dll"01:20
directhexwhich comment thread?01:20
Hobbseedirecthex: my link above - it has comments at the bototm01:20
* Hobbsee didn't see them the first time either01:20
ajmitchbecause the last few characters really matter01:20
directhexyou want an *actual* joke? a real one?01:20
RAOFClearly an indication of mono's technical inferiority!01:20
directhexdo a search on http://packages.debian.org/source/experimental/openoffice.org for "32"01:21
RAOFOh my.01:23
RAOFDear lord.  The _other_ 32 is down the bottom, in the file sizes.  320Mb of source seems excessive.  As does an 84Mb gzipped diff.01:24
RAOFdirecthex: Is that a real build-dependency?01:26
directhexRAOF, yes indeedy01:26
directhexRAOF, required for the java macro layer, would you believe01:27
ardchoilleI just did a kernel update on Intrepid and memtest and recovery mode have been removed. Is this normal? What happens if I put memtest and recovery mode back in?01:55
RAOFCompiz would be substantially cooler if the nvidia drivers didn't feel the need to hard-lock every couple of days.01:55
ardchoilles/removed/removed from menu.lst/01:56
RAOFardchoille: That sounds like a bug.  Feel like pastebinning your menu.lst?01:56
ardchoillesure, hold on01:56
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ardchoilleRAOF: http://paste.ubuntu.com/77588/01:58
ardchoilleRAOF: Just did the kernel upgrade after reading this: http://www.ubuntu.com/usn/usn-679-101:59
RAOFardchoille: You've explicitly asked for no recovery mode or memtest entries in that menu.lst.02:01
RAOFardchoille: Specificly, you've set "# alternative = false" and "# memtest86 = false"02:01
ardchoilleRAOF: I don't remember asking that, I did, however, "install the package maintainers version" when prompted, but I made a backup before that so I still have menu.lst.backup02:01
ardchoilleRAOF: Ah, ok, I see that now, yes, I did set those a while ago02:02
ardchoilleI need to change those back to true02:02
ardchoillebut that won't get the recovery mode and memtest back into menu.lst02:02
Hobbseeunless you update grub, presumably.02:03
RAOFRight.  But it'll tell update-grub to add them next time it runs.02:03
ardchoilleHobbsee: ah, yes, thank you02:03
ardchoilleok, was just a bit worried.02:03
ardchoillealthough I've never used memtest or recovery mode02:03
ardchoilleis it ok to just copy/paste the info from menu.lst.backup into menu.lst and just change the kernel version? is uuid the same?02:05
RAOFThe UUID will be the same, yes.  That's kinda the point :)02:05
ardchoilleThanks RAOF , Hobbsee02:05
amikropHello. I have this URL: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=gemrb What files I need from there, in order to build a binary package?02:27
Hobbseecross-posting FTW?02:28
Hobbseeamikrop: 1,2,4.02:28
amikropHobbsee: I am sorry02:30
amikropHobbsee: Thank you. How would I actually vuild the binary package?02:30
amikrop* build02:30
RAOFdpkg-buildpackage is the traditional method.02:31
RAOFOr debuild.02:31
amikropRAOF: aha which files, though?02:32
RAOFOr even just calling "fakeroot debian/rules binary", which is what dpkg-buildpackage does eventually anyway.02:32
RAOFOnce you have the source package - generally there'll be 3 files here - foo.dsc, foo.orig.tar.gz, and foo.diff.gz - you unpack the source with "dpkg-source -x foo.dsc", giving you an unpacked source directory.02:33
RAOFRunning 'dpkg-buildpackage' in that directory will build the binary package(s).02:33
amikropRAOF: thanks :)02:34
amikropWhy do I get this?02:38
amikropdpkg-checkbuilddeps: Unmet build dependencies: cdbs autotools-dev dpatch02:38
amikropdpkg-buildpackage: warning: Build dependencies/conflicts unsatisfied; aborting.02:38
amikropAnd how can I fix it?02:39
RAOFBecause you don't have the needed build dependencies.  Specifically, the 'cdbs', 'autotools-dev' and 'dpatch' packages.02:39
RAOFInstalling all of those will make it build.  Assuming the package's build-dependencies are correct, of course.02:39
amikropI see. Thank you :-)02:41
TheMusoHrm apt-get seems to have a weird issue with multiple source packages with linux at the beginning of the name. I attempt to apt-get source the linux package, yet it grabs linux-meta. (I know linux is in git.)02:49
Mithrandirit looks at binary packages too02:51
Mithrandir     linux | | jaunty/restricted | amd64, i38602:51
MithrandirI suspect that's from l-m02:51
TheMusoMithrandir: I think thats whats going on.02:52
TheMusoAnyway, using a specific version worked around it.02:52
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[Relic]What time is pitti usually awake?05:21
StevenKNot for at least an hour05:22
[Relic]wanted to test the coretemps for 64bit 8.04 but the proposed? kernel won't successfully boot05:23
[Relic]just wondering how often that is updated05:24
pittiGood morning06:27
pitti[Relic]: hi06:27
pitti[Relic]: oh, I'm just the sru processing monkey, so I'm afraid I won't be able to discuss kernel patches with you06:27
pitti[Relic]: which version did you test, -23.46 already?06:28
pittiwgrant: LP API> yes, that'd be a first-time problem06:29
pittidirecthex: found a sponsor for mono-tools yet? If not, where's the source.changes for me to grab?06:29
pitti[Relic]: ah, you can't possibly have tested -23 yet, that's still in the NEW queue; then we don't actually *have* a hardy-proposed kernel to test ATM06:31
[Relic]think it was 22 that won't boot06:39
pitti[Relic]: that's a serious problem then; did you file a bug about it?06:49
[Relic]not as such hard to do w/o good copy paste (console), will try later and see what the error was it was missing some file or directory at the time of or right after eth0 was being set up06:52
pitti[Relic]: you can use a digital camera06:54
pitti[Relic]: but -21 boots fine?06:54
dholbachgood morning06:56
* pitti hugs dholbach06:56
[Relic]wonder if there is a boot log somewhere06:56
* dholbach hugs pitti back06:57
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pittitkamppeter: \o/ your recent int -> char fix for powerpc also fixed cups on mips/mipsel in Debian (last outstanding RC bug)07:47
cjwatsondirecthex: done your mono-tools stuff and the libmono-webbrowser/mozilla promotion/demotion07:47
pittiStevenK: still filing sync bugs? :-) You can just do them, with probably even fewer keystrokes07:51
StevenKpitti: I thought we needed the paper trail07:58
pittiStevenK: hm, nobody complained to me so far about the lack of it07:59
tkamppeterpitti, great, then I only need to do the official release of Foomatic 4.0 and Debian will get the next distro with PDF printing workflow.07:59
tkamppeterpitti, but why is the fix in pdftopdf relevant for an RC bug? Does this go into Lenny?08:00
pittitkamppeter: no, it only applied to experimental08:00
pittitkamppeter: the test suite failed on mipsen08:00
tkamppeterBut why RC (release candidate)?08:01
pitti"release critical"08:01
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bradh79is there a ubuntu help channel?08:12
pittibradh79: yes, try #ubuntu08:14
bradh79i cant get my dual displays to work :(08:16
directhexcjwatson, thank you!08:26
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* apw wonders if we keep historical information on the load on our buildd's, a pretty graph showing the queue length or average build delay or something over time is what i see in my mind ??09:54
directhexapw, sounds neat09:54
directhexcan a nice friendly archive admin tickle the NEW queue a little for mono-tools 2.0-0ubuntu1 ?10:30
pittiI just cleaned it an hour ago10:30
pittilitter lout... *tsk*10:31
* pitti hugs directhex, will do10:31
directhexthanks pitti :)10:31
directhexpitti, does removig a source package require explicit action from an archive admin, or will it happen by itself if removed from sid?10:31
pittidirecthex: should the new binaries (gendarme and mono-profiler) go to universe?10:32
StevenKIt requires an archive admin to do it10:32
pittidirecthex: the former10:32
pittidirecthex: most of sid removals are caught by a tool called "process-removals", which I run regularly10:32
directhexpitti, they're both useful dev tools, but yes, i think universe is the right place for them10:32
pittidirecthex: but for some reason it doesn't catch all of them, so better file a bug10:32
pittithere, NEW queue is down to zero again10:35
directhexhurrah \o/10:36
* Hobbsee quickly uploads more crack.10:36
* directhex files an RM;RoM bug first, so he can link it to LP10:36
* Mithrandir tickles Hobbsee 10:37
* Hobbsee stomps on Mithrandir's feet10:37
Mithrandirgood thing I'm levitating?10:37
* Hobbsee switches off the levitation machine, then stomps on Mithrandir's feet again10:38
* Hobbsee muhahaha10:38
Mithrandirit's not a machine, it's magic10:38
* Hobbsee switched off that too10:39
simirahey, no switching on my boyfriend please!10:39
StevenKsimira: s/on/off/ ?10:40
simiraStevenK: I'll look to turn him on myself when he gets home!10:41
StevenKThat's a little too much information10:41
Hobbseehey there simira!10:42
simirahi Hobbsee10:43
simiraStevenK: you asked ;)10:45
* Hobbsee notes the extended silence, after that.10:48
* Mithrandir ruffles simira 10:48
directhexokay, who do i subscribe to an RM bug then?10:55
directhexis there an archive-admins or something i should sub?10:55
pittidirecthex: ubuntu-archive, please10:55
directhexdone. cheers pitti10:56
StevenKmvo: I'm seeing a strange apt bug, can I prod you about it?11:46
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RicardoPerezmvo: ping12:00
RicardoPerezmvo: can you please take a look at bug #156278? it's not fixed for me today12:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 156278 in apt "Package description is only partially translated to spanish" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15627812:16
mvohello StevenK, sorry for the slow reply. sure, what is the issue?13:01
mvoRicardoPerez: thanks, looking13:02
asacpitti: NM SRU needs a push to -proposed. *hug*13:02
StevenKmvo: apt looks to hang on concordia after it finishes downloading13:04
mvoStevenK: oh, what version of apt/distro is running there? anything interessting in strace?13:04
asac_pitti: btw, I moved your HUAWEI (option) registration issue to bug 303142 ... in case you want to verify on your own13:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 303142 in network-manager "3G [Option] some modems take a while time to register on network (CREG)" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30314213:15
asac_(your comments were posted to 290177 ... but initial reporter says he sees something different)13:16
mvoRicardoPerez: do you have intrepid-proposed enabled?13:21
StevenKmvo: It's a buildd machine, so nothing like that. I was curious if you'd heard about the bug13:22
mvoStevenK: I heard of issues on the livefs builder (from cody-somerville), I was never able to reproduce it but but something that *might* fix it into recent version (I think intrepid).13:23
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StevenKmvo: It's in a Jaunty chroot13:24
mvoStevenK: hrm, bad13:24
mvoStevenK: I would like to investigate, let me check if I have access13:25
blip-hi, i have a general question for learning purposes... why would ubuntu 8.04 put firefox3 extensions in their repos when you can just get the extensions from the ext mirror of mozilla and it's already cross-distro.... ?13:25
blip-for example there is the all-in-one-sidebar13:26
directhexblip-, makes it easier for deploying images, fr'example13:26
blip-images as in a dd or other clone of a parition/OS  ?    directhex13:28
pittiasac: oooh! will process13:28
pittiasac: right, understood13:29
directhexblip-, as in non-clone os deployment (such as for imaging an entire classroom)13:29
directhexand means root can mandate extensions to install, rather than ~/.mozilla13:30
blip-ah i see,    makes sense,  thanks directhex13:30
asacpitti: great13:32
directhexoh no, boycottnovell's stuck a "REMOVE TEH MONOZ" entry onto ubuntu brainstorm. that's gonna get modded up in its thousands by roy's goons -_-13:36
ogradirecthex, i would ask to remove it as spam13:37
ograoh, he didnt write "REMOVE TEH MONOZ" literally :)13:38
RicardoPerezmvo: No, I haven't enabled the intrepid-proposed13:52
mvoRicardoPerez: could you please check if that makes a difference? there was a mistake in the intrepid universe upload and the data was a couple of month old13:53
mvobut it should be fixed in -proposed (and -updates soon)13:53
RicardoPerezmvo: of course, I'll check now. What packages may I install then?13:54
mvoRicardoPerez: just enabling -proposed and apt-get update should work (hopefully :)13:54
RicardoPerezmvo: you are right! that solves the problem!13:55
RicardoPerezmvo: that solves the problem in gnome-games (main) and amsn (universe)13:57
mvoRicardoPerez: thanks! \o/13:58
RicardoPerezmvo: thanks to you! :)13:58
RicardoPerezmvo: I've updated the bugreport with the info you supplied13:59
RicardoPerezmvo: thanks again13:59
mvothanks RicardoPerez, I will push it into -updates as soon as possible14:01
RicardoPerezmvo: great :)14:02
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asacjdong: -> #ubuntu-mozillateam ;)15:17
amikropHello. I have Automatic Login enabled for my user. When I try to SVN Update with RapidSVN, to a repository that needs my RSA key, I am asked for my password. What Can I do to skip that everytime? I have installed libmap-keyring and put the @include line in /etc/pam.d/gdm but I have realised I don't have a ~/.gnome2/keyrings/default.keyring but only a ~/.gnome2/keyrings/login.keyring Any help, please?15:25
directhexamikrop, there's no *secure* way. does that bother you?15:26
ograamikrop, #ubuntu for support15:26
amikropdirecthex: no, it doesn't15:26
ogra(see /topic)15:26
amikropdirecthex: I just need an automatic way15:26
directhexyeah, offtopic. but set your default keyring to a blank password in Passwords & Encryption Keys, that ought to allow password saving on an autologin account15:27
amikropdirecthex: That's the strange fact: I don't have a default keyring15:28
amikropAs I said above I *lack* the file ~/.gnome2/keyrings/default.keyring15:29
amikropdirecthex: Should I create one? If yes, maybe I could set the password same to my login password, because I did the libpam-keyring and @include trick, that automatically unlocks the default keyring at login, only if the password is the same as your login password.15:30
amikropdirecthex: But the thing is, that 1) I have Automatic Login enabled, and 2) I don't seem to have a default keyring.15:31
amikropdirecthex: What should I do?15:31
directhexamikrop, "<directhex> yeah, offtopic. but set your default keyring to a blank password in Passwords & Encryption Keys, that ought to allow password saving on an autologin account"15:32
amikropdirecthex: I don't have a default keyring15:32
directhexpasswords and Encryption Keys, Edit, Preferences, login, Change Unlock Password15:34
directhexthe "default keyring" pulldown shjould be set to "login"15:34
directhexand that's MORE than enough support in #ubuntu-devel for now15:34
amikropdirecthex: OK. Thank you.15:35
ftawill we have sqlite 3.6.* ? i need 3.6.4 for mozilla products15:43
pittifta: so far we just synced from Debian, since we didn't have a particular reason to update it ourselves15:44
pittifta: so, the question shouldn't be "will we have", but "who can do that" :-)15:44
ftapitti, the reason moz wants that is that they are very actively working on sqlite now that is it used in their engine. 3.6 brings in a lot of perf improvements visible in firefox15:46
ografta, so the mozilla team is volunteering ? :)15:47
ftaogra, sure. i can prepare the package.15:49
ftafor the records, upstream says "Version of SQLite is recommended for all new development. Upgrading from versions 3.6.4 through 3.6.6 is strongly recommented."15:49
ftamoz is currently using 3.6.4 in ff 3.1 b215:50
ograwell, the prob eih what pitti said above is that debian is pretty stuck atm, waiting for lenny to get out the door ...15:50
ograso i wouldnt expect it from debian soon15:50
ftaok, i'll do it then. we went ahead for cairo many times before so it's no different here15:51
ftapitti, btw, if you care to have a look (and want to make my day :)), ff3.1 and xul1.9.1 are now waiting in NEW15:52
pittifta: why did the source package get a new name? shouldn't really just be a new version?15:55
pitti-1.9 and -1.9.1 as different package names really smell like overzealous versionitis15:56
directhexpitti, they're not compatible :)15:56
directhexpitti, 1.9.0.* is ff3 et al, 1.9.1.* is ff3.1 et al. different beasts15:57
directhexgo mozilla!15:57
pittidirecthex: that's what I was assuming15:57
ftaand you care use them at the same time15:57
pittisure, but we don't want to support two major versions in jaunty, just one15:57
ftaonce final 3.1 will replace 3.0, like 3.0 did for 2.0, the idea is to do a smooth transition in universe. not put a beta in main like for hardy. we learned our lesson15:58
asacpitti: only one will be in main. i dont plan to go for 3.1 by default before its final (dont want to have beta/rc fun again)15:58
pittiwell, the more people actually use 3.1, the more testing we get, no?16:00
asacpitti: yes. thats why i want it in the archive16:00
pittior, the other way round, as long as 3.1 won't be the default, we'll get very little testing?16:00
asacpitti: also the package versioning stuff was exactly done for this reason16:00
asacpitti: no. when its in archive more people use it ... also it helps to test and verify bugs and stuff.16:01
pittiasac: right, but it should be the default version in jaunty right away16:01
asacpitti: no ... because its not given that it will be final for release16:01
asac(un)fortunately mozilla doesnt do strict time based releases16:02
pittichicken-egg problem16:02
pittino testers -> hard to do a good release16:02
directhexyay for chickens16:02
asacpitti: it helps us to hav that in universe ... we get more testing by advanced users16:02
asacwhich is what we want at this point16:02
directhexpitti, i think many of the most aggressive package users are the kind who will go out of their way to install 3.1 even if non-default16:03
pittijaunty users *are* advanced users :)16:03
asacif we make it default we would probably get flooded in low-quality bugs again.16:03
pittiokay, your call16:03
pittijust wanted to explain my feelings about it16:03
* directhex puts the demo app from webkit# into a package, proposes it as default16:04
directhexit might not accept enter keypresses ot plugins, but it looks good!16:04
asacpitti: yes, i would be more aggressive if i would be confident about the final release date.16:04
pittiasac: so, the new packages should go to universe for now then?16:04
asacyes please16:04
ftadirecthex, sounds like my chromium-browser package ;)16:04
directhexfta, well, it's a general webkit suckitude issue16:05
* ogra waits for firefox-webkit ... :)16:05
directhexfta, i hear webkit-gtk patches are... not being applied16:05
* ogra notices half the mozilla team is here and runs quickly16:05
* asac waits for a working epiphany-webkit16:05
pittiogra: ... with a safari theme?16:05
directhexogra, all the power of webkit-gtk, all the grace and lightweight of XUL?16:06
ograpitti, yay :)16:06
pittidirecthex: *chuckle*16:06
* directhex wonders whether pitti has received his angry phone call from nelson mandella yet16:06
ftaogra, it's not going to happen16:07
pittidirecthex: he doesn't usually call me at this hour16:07
directhexpitti, the most epic piece of anti-mono-in-ubuntu-context hate i've ever seen, taken from the #boycottnovell irc channel logs: "[01:31] <Omar87> schestowitz: lol, ya know what? Even Nelson Mandela himself should protest of Ubuntu coming with Mono pre-installed and well-incorporated."16:07
pittidirecthex: he's so right; we should really catch up with the time and support Stereo16:08
amikroppitti: loool16:08
directhexpitti, stereo... as in 2.0?16:08
* ogra is more quadrophonic nowadays 16:08
pittias in "welcome to the sound of the 1960's!"16:08
directhexogra, quadrophonic? sounds like someone wants 2.2!16:08
* directhex looks at http://mono.ximian.com/mono-packagers/mono-2.2.tar.bz2 and ponders16:09
pittifta: hm, shouldn't xulrunner have a versioned libsqlite3-dev build-dep then? I thought you said it needs (>= 3.6.4)?16:10
asacpitti: nope16:18
pittiasac: is xulrunner-1.9.1 and firefox-3.1 in fact using the very same tarball? (mozilla-central-3.1~b2+build1-source.tar.bz2)16:18
asacpitti: we auto detect the version and dont use system-sqlite if its too old16:18
pittiand just built differently?16:18
pittiasac: ah, that's done at ./configure? okay then16:18
asacpitti: we dont add versioned depends on such libs to easy backportability16:18
pittibut yes, if that ships its own internal copy, then it's definitively better to use the system one and update that16:19
asacpitti: yes. some magic in rules ... we do it for a bunch of libs ... and doesnt matter because the major version usually doesent change for a release16:19
asacpitti: we cannot follow bleeding edge mozilla on eeverything16:19
asacpitti: sqlite is an exception. in fact we shouldnt use other versions than they do16:19
asacpitti: because they do severe performance testings16:19
pittiasac: exception in what way?16:20
pittiI don't see anything wrong with updating the sqlite3 source to 3.6.416:20
asacpitti: if you remember the performance threats for jaunty ... there was a benchmark for which sqlite wsa much slower16:20
asacthats because we use whatever debian used16:20
asac(its sometimes a 3 fold performance difference you get in minor versions)16:20
pittiyes, sure, you're preaching to the choir :)16:21
pittiI just said I'd much rather update the system lib than ship newer internal copies16:21
asacpitti: yes sure. firefox 3.0 will go to 3.6.4 after next release16:21
asacthere is a regression they cannot accept in their stable branches16:21
asacbut it should be good for jaunty16:22
asacpitti: we ship the upstream tarball. ... we do that for plenty other libs. following mozilla trunk on system libs would be too much work imo.16:22
asaconce they settle on something we (mozillateam) will ensure there are more libs16:22
asacfrom system16:23
asacpitti: so in short: system libs preferred -> yes. but we should try to target what is currently in xulrunner version that is in main.16:24
asacpitti: on tarballs: i thin they are currently more or less the same. but thats not the long term idea. its mostly due to some technical constraints of hg ... but we will hopefully be able to strip unneeded stuff from firefox tarball like we did for 3.016:27
pittiasac: yeah, I figured; I was just curious16:28
pittiI thought the projects were completely split upstream now16:28
asacits just that our "tarball creator" code is not yet able to do that16:28
asacpitti: upstream has no clue about splitting ;)16:28
pittiasac: merging distinct upstream projects together apparently works very well, though :-P16:28
asacpitti: thunderbird 3.0 ships complete mozilla-central + a comm-central repo ... which also has copies from mozilla-central16:28
asacpitti: i think its their principal to have everything in one repo16:29
asacinstead provide a mega-complicated custom build thing ;)16:29
pittiasac: yes, because pkg_config for external libraries is way too hard :)16:33
* fta back16:39
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ftapitti, thanks:16:52
pwnguini came across an interesting post on ubuntu weblogs, claiming that the trademark policy restricts the distribution of laptops with ubuntu installed17:41
hyperairpwnguin: link?17:42
hyperairpwnguin: thanks. that's rather interesting. seems a little baseless though. no proof given17:43
pwnguinthe page itself is fairly straightforward17:44
pwnguinPermission from us is necessary to use any of the Trademarks under any circumstances other than those specifically permitted above. These include:17:44
pwnguin    *17:44
pwnguin      Any commercial use17:44
cody-somervillepwnguin, I'm pretty sure Canonical licenses the trademark to vendors ;]17:45
pwnguinfor how much?17:45
cody-somervillepwnguin, If you're interested in purchasing a license, e-mail trademarks@canonical.com :)17:46
pwnguinim not, but it seems counterproductive17:46
RainCTpwnguin: why? vendors could ship crappy versions of Ubuntu17:47
pwnguinno they cant17:47
RainCTpwnguin: of course they can, it's FLOSS17:47
RainCTso they can break it as much as they want :)17:47
pwnguinderived works is a seperate clause17:48
RainCTah okay, I didn't say anything then :)17:48
pwnguinwhich nobody pays attention to anyways17:48
pwnguinfluxbuntu, mythbuntu, gobuntu etc17:48
RainCTpwnguin: gobuntu was from Canonical ;)17:48
pwnguini know, even they dont listen to themselves ;)17:49
RainCTbut yeah, you're right17:49
pwnguineven the point of the guy's post was that the restriction just drives them to use infralinux instead of ubuntu17:50
nxvlbut there are a lot of vendors shipping laptops without canonical being involved17:52
nxvlbut most of them contact canonical for hardware support17:52
nxvlas they do for windows17:52
pwnguinindeed, reality and the policy don't quite match17:54
nxvlit's just for using it in the case that is really contraproducent for canonical/ubuntu17:56
nxvlif not, there is no problem17:56
pwnguinnot quite true17:56
nxvlit's even better for canonical that they ship, so they can contact the vendor and sell them support and hw certification17:56
pwnguinif people who would ship ubuntu don't out of respect for written policy, there is a problem.17:57
cody-somervillepwnguin, I'm sure if Canonical identifies it as a problem, they'll deal with it :)17:58
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jeanphilippeI'm doing a project at school, is someone willing to help?19:14
directhexdepends on what. there may be better places to ask19:14
jeanphilippeBuilding a linux-distro from source-code19:14
jeanphilippeI thought of openSUSE, but gobuntu would be fine to19:15
directhexyou want to build a distro from source?19:15
directhexwhat's your native language?19:16
jeanphilippeyes. Compile it and making an iso of it19:16
hyperairtake gentoo19:17
hyperaireverything's compiled from source19:17
directhexjeanphilippe, for a complete from-scratch bootstrap, you want Linux From Scratch or Gentoo19:17
directhexjeanphilippe, both have detailed guides, from first principles19:17
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jeanphilippeHow do ubuntu-developers do when they make their distribution?19:19
directhexjeanphilippe, use the stable grounding of an older version, and work from there!19:22
jeanphilippeI'll try gentoo19:26
jeanphilippeI've tried rock linux, which sucked19:27
DktrKranzTheMuso (or any available sponsor for main), mind looking at debdiff in bug 302251? Thanks.19:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 302251 in libcanberra "package libcanberra-gtk0 0.6-0ubuntu3 failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite `/usr/bin/canberra-gtk-play', which is also in package libcanberra-gnome" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30225119:30
HoppingWombatis anyone available?20:24
directhexnot for support20:26
HoppingWombatnot requesting support ...20:27
slangasekpitti: ppa version of hal installed, detecting the kill switch works fine, tap0 handling is still insane. :)20:48
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loolsiretart_: Blah xine-lib is in pieces in jaunty; it's the victim of 3 API changes already21:50
loolNow only need to push to my ppa22:11
TheMusoDktrKranz: re libcanberra, uploaded, thanks.22:55
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