grotHi, I haven't used IRC that much. I registerd this nick yesterday and is wondering if it would be possible to get a ubuntu cloak somehow?01:10
PriceChildgrot: are you an ubuntu member?01:11
grotno, I am not, so I guess not then01:12
PriceChildI'm afraid ubuntu cloaks are only for members.01:13
grotok, thanks for helping me01:13
bazhangn=Core0@jet.globallogic.com.ua <---zloy still ban evading.10:05
stdinbazhang: wern't they k-lined?10:07
bazhangstdin, yes10:08
bazhangmany times10:08
bazhangbut he keeps on ban/k-line evading10:08
bazhangone of his co-conspirators (KuKman) in the assault on #ubuntu-women is lobbying to have his ban removed (and k-line)10:37
bazhanghe has ban/kline evaded in the double digits now10:38
Myrttibazhang: where?11:11
bazhangMyrtti, zloy has been to -ru a dozen times after his initial ban (both k-line and ban-evading)11:13
Myrttibazhang: but where are they conspirating11:13
bazhangMyrtti, KuKman, polatov, and zloy were the three main figures behind the initial assault11:14
Myrttibut where are they now lobbying and conspirating?11:15
bazhangMyrtti, they were laughing after zloy pasted in #u, and then KuKman came to be unbanned in -ops (from -women), they were yukking it up11:15
bazhangconspiring, ie done the initial assault.11:16
bazhangI would keep an eye on dmay though11:16
bazhanghe is in -women now11:16
jussi01ok, Im off sleepy byes... nini all12:18
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