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BenLauDCHi , I have just downloaded the source code of moblin image creator from git repository , but I found none of the platform use intrepid. 10:50
BenLauDCIs ubuntu mobile team keep their work in another repository ?10:50
StevenKBenLauDC: We don't use MIC with Intrepid10:54
BenLauDCSkevenK: ic..  any replacement of MIC?11:00
StevenKBenLauDC: For Intrepid and Jaunty, we are using livecd-rootfs to construct the image, along with a script that wraps it up into a vfat image11:00
BenLauDCSkevenK: icic , thx!11:01
theseinfeldanyone who knows how to explain why the libplasma2 from ports intrepid is dependent on kdebase-workspace-data version 4:4.1.2-0ubuntu9 which is not in the repository anymore?11:47
ograBenLauDC, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileTeam/Mobile/HowTo/ImageCreation11:48
theseinfeldanyone who tried to make a lpia debootstrap from intrepid and then aptitude install libplasma2 will get into this trouble...11:49
Hobbseetheseinfeld: which version of libplasma2?11:49
theseinfeldthe one that is in ports in ubuntu911:49
theseinfeld4:4.1.2-0ubuntu9 Hobbsee11:49
BenLauDCogra : Thanks!!!11:50
* Hobbsee scratches head11:50
Hobbseebecause the latter versions of kdebase-workspace never built.11:51
* theseinfeld knows...11:51
theseinfeldso, we cannot get the plasma2 then?11:51
StevenKOn lpia?11:51
HobbseeStevenK: yes11:51
StevenKIf it built on i386 and not lpia, that would explain it11:51
Hobbseewell, that's a pain.11:52
theseinfeldit is not the first time that the autobuilders images have some hickups11:52
theseinfeldwhere are the buildd reports actually?11:52
theseinfeldthe whole kdebase is not build since ubuntu911:52
StevenKIn Launchpad11:52
Hobbseehttps://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdebase-workspace/4:4.1.2-0ubuntu13/+build/751761 and such11:52
theseinfeldStevenK can you please be more...Thanks Bobbsee11:53
Hobbsee  python-kde4-dev: Depends: python-kde4 (= 4:4.1.2-0ubuntu2) but it is not going to be installed11:53
HobbseeI hate when this stuff happens in stable releases.  you can't just give builds back...11:53
theseinfeldprobably is because of this : python-kde4-dev: Depends: python-kde4 (= 4:4.1.2-0ubuntu2) but it is not going to be installed11:54
theseinfeldI just realized this week, but I think it is a very old problem...11:54
theseinfeldquestion is, who knows anyone that can touch the autobuilder :D11:55
Hobbseeoh, fer....11:55
theseinfeldto fix those dependencies manually so we can build those kdebase packages :D11:55
* Hobbsee can touch the autobuilder.11:55
* theseinfeld loves Hobbsee :D11:55
theseinfeldI think the last time it build correctly was in the early November :D11:56
pundiramithi... I have ported gnome-desktop+x11 on omap3-evm... gnome-session comes up nicely but no way to interact with the system... can anyone tell me how can I make tslib work with that?11:56
* Hobbsee just *loves* circular build dependancies...11:56
* theseinfeld yeah...what a mess :D11:57
theseinfeldHobbsee, are you on top of this issue? Should I put my faith in you that I will see some kdebase installed?12:00
Hobbseetheseinfeld: i'm looking into it, but no promises.12:00
theseinfeldHobbsee, let me know if I can help you...12:01
theseinfeldI've been bogged into this the whole week...12:01
theseinfeldI even used some old mirror backup to get the kdebase somehow up12:01
theseinfeldHobbsee, did you check actually the proposed one: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/intrepid/+source/kdebase-workspace/4:4.1.3-0ubuntu1~intrepid1 It fails on everything :(12:04
Hobbseeyes, i saw that.12:04
theseinfeldand the https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/intrepid/+source/kdebase-workspace/4:4.1.2-0ubuntu12 which builds in jaunty but not in intrepid12:05
theseinfeldgreat success :D12:05
Hobbseethat didn't build in intrepid...12:06
Hobbseeer, jaunty12:06
theseinfeldthe 4.1.312:07
* Hobbsee wonders why that's called 4.1.73...12:08
* theseinfeld was thinking the same...12:09
theseinfeldThey are hard working people there ;D12:09
* theseinfeld wonders...12:14
theseinfeldIn 5 days from 4.1.2 -> 4.1.73 :D12:14
theseinfeldis Riddell online?12:15
Hobbseehe's on holidays12:15
theseinfeldI guess that explains the lag...12:16
* Hobbsee wonders why this built on other arches12:16
theseinfeldit did?12:16
theseinfeldmake a diff between the logs :D12:17
theseinfeldwhich version is your focus? ubuntu13?12:17
Hobbseeall of them, so far.12:19
HobbseeAh, that would be https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kde4bindings/+bug/28940212:26
ubottuUbuntu bug 289402 in kdebase-workspace "circular build dependency between kdebase-workspace and kde4bindings, broken on lpia and hppa" [High,Triaged]12:26
Hobbseenote to self:  check for bugs first12:26
* ogra isnt sure that haigh :)12:27
ogralpia might be a dying arch 12:27
Hobbseeogra: that's true.  I've still no idea why it didn't hit the other arches, though12:28
theseinfeldogra why is lpia a dying arch?12:28
ogratheseinfeld, we'll discuss if we want to go on keeping it at UDS ... the achievemnts are probably not big enough to justify the work we have to put in to maintin a complete separate arch for it 12:29
theseinfeldUDS as in Sevilla?12:30
HobbseeGoogleplex in California, actually12:31
Hobbseesevilla was a year and a half ago12:31
ograright, UDS as in ubuntu developer sumit at google next month :)12:31
theseinfeldGoogle Inc., Crittenden Campus, 1400 Crittenden Lane, Mountain View, CA 94043 12:31
theseinfeldThat will be in 2 weeks?12:32
theseinfeldMonday 8th - Friday 12th December 2008 12:32
ograwe'll review lpia there and decide if its worth keeping it ...12:33
* theseinfeld fears...12:47
loolHobbsee: KDE stuff was all pain in jaunty as well12:48
loolFTBFSed all over the place12:49
loolYeah Riddell in holidays til UDS or so12:49
Hobbseelool: I can see that.  Looks like 4.2 is fixing a lot fo it12:49
loolHobbsee: It is; I poked kubuntu-dev people about it12:49
loolI wanted to help, but the .73 tarballs are only downloadable by official packagers...12:49
Hobbseeoh, they're on ktown?12:49
loolThere's an intrepid-backports of .3 which does build12:49
* Hobbsee probably still has an account for that, come to think of it...12:50
loolHobbsee: On ftp.kde.org they are group "packager"12:50
looland 660 or so12:50
ogratheseinfeld, why do you fear ? it really doesnt gain you much above the x86 arch12:50
Hobbseeah, right12:50
loolHobbsee: Anyway, they are prepared now12:50
loolSo jaunty is being fixed12:50
loolOne can note that intrepid's version ftbfs which is bad12:50
loolAs you pointed out, there's a bdep loop too12:51
loolHobbsee: Do you think we can do anything about it for intrepid/lpia?12:51
Hobbseelool: depends if 4.2 gets pushed to -updates.12:51
loolI wouldn't expect so12:51
Hobbseelool: there's an existing bug on it, so perhaps they'll SRU 4.1.3 (again?)12:52
loolPerhaps we could push 4.1.3 to updates though instead of the weird backports only version12:52
Hobbseergreening's not around to ask12:52
Hobbseethe 4.1.3 bit is broken too, no?12:52
Hobbseeon lpia?12:52
loolYeah, but at least it doesn't FTBFS12:52
loolOn arches where python-kde4 / plasma are installed12:53
loolOh 4.1.3 is on proposed as well12:53
* ogra remembers the mojo people moaning a lot about kde building 12:53
loolkdebase-workspace | 4:4.1.3-0ubuntu1~intrepid1 | intrepid-proposed | source, all12:53
loolfailed to build everywhere *sigh*12:53
Hobbseeall of those seem to have the circular build-deps.12:54
looland same for kde4bindings *double-sigh*12:54
Hobbseealthough I've got no idea why amd64/i386 built on the ppa12:54
Hobbseethe circular build deps are only resolved in the 4.2 packages12:54
Hobbseeso we either take 4.2, or sru it again12:55
loolHobbsee: Was this a packaging mistake?12:55
Hobbseelool: likely.12:55
Hobbseealthough, from the bug, it seems that it's an upstream kde mistake as well12:55
Hobbseeit's probably worth making sure that those bindings don't get from proposed to updates, too.12:56
Hobbseealthough I guess it can be SRU'd, and SRUd again12:58
loolI wonder why kdebase-workspace only failed to build on armel13:01
loollibplasma3 4:4.1.73-0ubuntu7 versus 8, but probably not the issue13:04
ograare all build deps up to date ? 13:05
loolkdelibs5 as well13:06
loologra: usually newer on armel than on i38613:06
ograwhat about kde4libs ? 13:07
ograah, kde4bindings is dep-wait 13:08
ograthat might have something to do with it13:08
loolI don't understand why there's so much difference in boost stuff13:10
loolTHe *i386* build has ImportError: No module named distutils.sysconfig13:12
loolPerhaps the armel build pulls more stuff13:13
loolOr it's just a type conversion error in kdebase-workspace :)13:22
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Do1trying to get some help with syncing a motorola Q,  I can see the phone, I can get records from Evolution, but can not Browse the phone nor get it to sync. using ubuntu 8.10 and synce  0.12 all installed as packages.14:22
Do1The moto Q is a Windows Mobile 5 device14:23
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