a1fadoes anyone else have streamzap?02:01
a1famy remote controler stops responding after a while02:01
a1fathere is some kind of delay02:02
a1fayou press a button and wait02:02
n00dleI'm a mythbuntu newb, but have been running linux since 1991... kinda stuck on two thing: I'm not getting any sound from my computer with mythbuntu 8.10 on an XFX 630i and after pausing and resuming watching a video, the rendering is all jumpy. Known issues?03:24
hadsSince 0.01? Impressive.03:43
n00dleYeah, started on slackware and now an ubuntu fan... well I've got to run. I'll play with this thing later.03:51
hadsSlackware was started in '93 I believe.03:52
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fuxxy_hads, heh.05:02
fuxxy_hads, he must have gotten tired of chasing deps.05:03
hadsI think maybe he exaggerated a bit.05:04
fuxxy_*I* started with slack.05:06
fuxxy_no idea when, it was after I graduated, and that was 9905:06
hadsYeah, I did too, around the same time. It existed then :)05:06
fuxxy_i got tired of deps, and ended up going gentoo.05:07
fuxxy_then I got more tired of deps :)05:07
matt_austhi everyone06:15
matt_austhas module support for the Compro DVB-t300 TV Card been taken out of the latest kernel update?  as I just updated the kernel and it now no longer recognises my tv card.  Says it is card=006:16
gkasinathhappy thanksgiving everyone!10:19
gkasinathhelp: scan problem with fusion hdtv10:22
gkasinathuumm.. anyone?10:24
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minimecHi. I would like to replace an old bttv-device with a hybrid analog/dvb-t TV-Card in my existing mythtv configuration (the other card is a pvr-250). Have you any experience with the Hauppauge HVR-1100/1300 cards. Do these work on Hardy LTS. Is the Hauppauge HVR-900 (usb) an alternative?14:11
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MythbuntuGuest24i have put a .avi file in the video directory via samba, but when i go into "watch video" in the menu, it says there are no files. i have checked via the terminal and the file is there.17:33
evaryont_is it possible to run the last step of the installer at a later point in time? Specifically, I'd like to run the MythTV setup later.18:49
lagaevaryont_: yes18:56
evaryont_the remote control script configuration dialog seems to have hanged - I clicked "Apply" and it goes through to about 90%19:30
lagacan you reproduce that problem?19:43
evaryont_actually, I'm running this setup on a Dell G260 and it's getting a blinking amber light! :(19:44
lagawhat does a blinking amber light mean?19:46
evaryont_well, I dunno, but it's a bad thing :P19:46
evaryont_the computer isn't booting19:47
wolf_Hey, I am trying to compile ffmpeg from source to get nuvexport working.  I was following this guide https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ffmpeg. But I am getting make: /version.sh: Command not found make: *** No rule to make target `config.mak'.  Stop. when i try and make20:19
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wolf_anyone in here installed ffmpeg from source?23:17
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