Myrttigood night everyone00:24
Seeker`gah, missed Myrtti 00:40
LjLSeeker`: you have to hold that gun *steady*00:40
Seeker`just did the nerd test she posted to facebook about00:41
Hobbseehey there Seeker`, LjL 00:41
Seeker`apparently so00:41
LjLmorning Hobbsee00:42
Seeker`anyone else taking it?00:49
PriceChildSeeker`: i'm simply a nerd00:49
PriceChildSeeker`: http://nerdtests.com/images/badge/nt2/275381a844d7a31d.png00:50
Seeker`thats rubbish :P00:50
Daviey:( dorky nerd god 00:59
DavieyThis simply isn't true.  I'm a kool kat00:59
DavieySeeker`: MrsDaviey = Cool Light-Weight Nerd01:13
Davieyright bed01:13
Hobbseenot sure of soros is going to behave like a mono troll elsewhere..01:14
Seeker`Hobbsee: what is a mono troll?02:20
Seeker`Hobbsee: someone that can only troll in one channel at a time?02:20
HobbseeSeeker`: unfortunately not02:21
HobbseeSeeker`: a guy trolling about mono.02:21
bazhangsomeone should keep an eye on maple1 in -ot03:52
bazhang<maple1> I popped 5 dexedrine just to tolerate linux03:53
bazhangin #ubuntu03:53
bazhangcurrently PM 'ing03:53
nixternalhahahahaha, just 5?03:59
bazhangmaple1 is now banned in #ubuntu ; someone with rights in -ot may wish to watch out for him04:06
bazhang<maple1> I'm just getting drunk and on drugs04:06
bazhang@bansearch lordkagar04:06
ubottuMatch: *!*@21Cust227.tnt1.calgary.ab.da.uu.net by bazhang in #ubuntu on Nov 28 2008 03:59:04 (ID: 7363)04:06
ubottuMatch: *Kagar*!*@* by elkbuntu in #ubuntu-offtopic on Nov 23 2008 09:49:13 (ID: 7196)04:06
=== genii-test is now known as genii-around
* genii-around sips04:11
ubottuThe operation succeeded.04:18
bazhang<cakey> i accidentally the video card04:29
Flanneloh no, anti-verb trolls?04:30
FlannelIts been a few ... what, months, years?04:30
FlannelIts someone being annoying, not just forgetting verbs.04:31
naliothnot everyone speaks english natively04:36
naliothor types it04:36
Flannelno, this one's word for word from the last guy04:37
Flanneleven answers questions in the same way04:37
Flannelbazhang: the official debian is on oftc now04:39
bazhangFlannel, I was answering his ubuntu Q04:40
bazhangdid not see the debian before I hit enter04:40
elky_e71someone may want to watch drog, is being inappropriate06:42
elkeeecrap, i dont have chanserv on tyis yet06:52
bazhangdrog is always inappropriate imo06:53
bazhangis dmay behaving himself elkeee ?06:55
bazhangin -women, that is06:56
elkeeeno idea06:56
elkeeeive been at work. on my way to a LUG meet now06:56
bazhang@bansearch dmay06:56
ubottuNo matches found for dmay!*@* in any channel06:56
elkeeebazhang, you are op in -ot, yes?07:04
elkeeei need to go, but atomic and drog cannot be trusted without adult supervision07:04
ikoniaI've seen dmay before07:10
bazhangelkeee, not in -ot, no07:22
ikoniais the nick asdf1234 from a specific irc client as loads of people seem to be using it07:41
stdinikonia: it's just a "random" nick people pick a lot07:43
stdinthe first 4 letters below qwerty is asdf07:43
ikoniaI got that, but it just seems "really" in us a lot07:44
stdinI think it's where people are setting up a client for the first time and just want to run through the setup quickly07:45
elkeeei see he did not come in and cry07:59
stdin!staff | Core!n=Core0@jet.globallogic.com.ua <---zloy still ban evading (and k-line evading afaik)10:10
ubottuCore!n=Core0@jet.globallogic.com.ua <---zloy still ban evading (and k-line evading afaik): Hey nalioth, jenda, rob, SportChick, seanw, Dave2, Christel, tomaw, Gary, Vorian or PriceChild, I could  use a bit of your time :)10:10
stdinbazhang: good time to use !staff then10:11
bazhangstdin, okay thanks; I am guessing that works in -irc too10:11
stdinbazhang: yes, but more staff in here than -irc10:12
bazhangstdin, ok; thought since it was a -ru problem that was the more appropriate place, but he is also banned in #ubuntu as well10:12
bazhangn=Core0@jet.globallogic.com.ua <---zloy ban/kline evading10:13
bazhang!staff | zloy ban/k-line evading 10:13
ubottuzloy ban/k-line evading: Hey nalioth, jenda, rob, SportChick, seanw, Dave2, Christel, tomaw, Gary, Vorian or PriceChild, I could  use a bit of your time :)10:13
christelthank you, they appear gone now tho10:29
bazhangokay; just wanted to let you all know. he has done this more than a dozen times now10:30
jussi01Hello all!11:21
* jussi01 waves 11:21
ikoniayour awake 11:21
jussi01a little...11:23
jussi01the morphine is doing strange things to my head...11:23
ikoniawhere are you now @?11:23
ikoniamorphine ???11:23
jussi01in Geelong, AU11:23
jussi01yeah, The doc thinks Ive done my anterior cruciate ligament, going in for scans on monday...11:24
ikoniawhat happened, I didn't know you wher hurt11:24
jussi01yeah, it happened ~3 hours ago11:25
jussi01Was playing Football...11:25
ikoniasay no more11:26
jussi01so yeah, My position is currently "in bed" :P11:27
Myrttimy settop box arrived today11:28
Myrttinow all I need is a tv.11:28
jussi01lol, and a license...11:29
ikoniadoes finland have TV licenses? 11:30
jussi01~200¤ per year11:31
ubot3Factoid 200¤ per year not found11:31
Myrttijussi01: it's jalkapallo, btw.11:33
jussi01Myrtti: shush,Ive had morphine :D11:39
* Myrtti pours jussi01 some glögi11:39
* Myrtti pokes her inbox11:49
gnomefreakif glogi has liquer in it can i have one11:56
Myrttiit's all up to preference11:58
* Myrtti pours gnomefreak some kossu in his serving11:58
gnomefreak:) thanks11:59
jussi01ok, Im off sleepy byes... nini all12:19
PriceChildwhere's !ch gone :/12:39
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ch12:39
MyrttiPriceChild: ch?13:01
PriceChildswitzerland isn't it?13:01
Myrtti!unforget ch13:02
ubottuI knew nothing about ch at all, Myrtti13:02
Myrttihas never been13:02
PriceChildi guess so13:02
ubottuFor Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk13:02
nalioth您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk13:17
cody-somervilleWhat is our policy for dealing with people who look for help doing something malicious?13:39
stdindepends what you mean13:41
stdinif it's illegal then we don't help, if they want to ruin their own system (and know that's what they are doing), then it's up to them13:42
Myrttiif they've already managed to bork their system with tools like auto/ultamatix, then we run and teach them how to use alternative methods after they've installed a clean install13:44
ikoniacody-somerville I won't help anyone crack peoples boxes, thingsl ike that13:47
* cody-somerville nods.13:47
PriceChildwireless cracking by any chance?13:53
ikoniaisn't it always13:54
ikonia"I want to learn how to use aricrack"13:54
PriceChildthe documents & faqs on their site are really good13:54
cody-somervilleSYN FLOOD actually13:55
PriceChildoh that's a new one13:55
cody-somerville[09:37] <ciapsadm> I need to flood an ip, not a server13:56
cody-somerville[09:38] <ciapsadm> Programs for windows are flood13:56
ikoniacody-somerville: "bye bye" 13:57
LjL<disclaimer="i'm not serious">could always teach him by example on his ip</disclaimer>13:57
PiciThow an !illegal at him.13:58
ikoniathere is no reason to flood an ip thats valid13:58
PriceChild"how can I stress test the apache webserver running on my ubuntu server" kinda thing = sure, why not13:58
PriceChild"i want to flood x" = flood what/how/why? maybe not13:59
LjLyes, agreed, look at the intent13:59
PiciThis is one of those "if you have to ask..." type of things.13:59
LjLlike, the other day someone asked "i know this is an illegal question, but ..."13:59
LjLi don't care what's after the "but"13:59
LjLif you know it's illegal then you don't ask13:59
LjLspecifically, the question was about p2p programs13:59
LjLand i've obviously nothing against a question like "how can i install gnutella"14:00
ikoniaPici: yes, I'm inclined to agree14:00
LjLthere is that too14:01
PriceChildAnd is there anything wrong with just ignoring it if you're unsure?14:02
ikonianot sure if it should be ignored14:03
ikoniaeg: allow that sort of discussion 14:03
ikoniasomeone saying "someone in #ubuntu told me how to do it"14:04
ikonia14:57 -!- Acedip is now known as OsamaBinLaden14:57
geniiikonia: Heh, I saw this as well14:58
ikoniaI don't think it's his real name, just asking why he changed, hope it wasn't to provoke anything14:58
ikoniahe changed it, it was to just provoke a response14:59
ikoniaseemed ok in pm, but just wanted to cause a bit of fuss15:00
bazhanghe was making comments a few days back about 'not believing in spoon-feeding users'15:00
PiciOh, him.15:00
ikoniayes, I thought that was teh same user15:00
ikoniasomeone banned him 15:00
ikoniamay even have been me15:00
bazhanga known tr.. quantity15:00
ikoniaLjL: how do you search the comments15:01
ikoniaI'm sure I put a comment in about spoon feeding15:01
ikoniaooh the search box does it on it's own15:02
LjLikonia: just like everything else15:02
ikonia*!*@adsl-215-109-54.mia.bellsouth.net 15:02
ikoniadifferent guy15:02
LjLikonia, you know, the above paste was probably not a good idea...15:02
bazhangweird coincidence15:02
ikoniayes, it was an accident15:02
ikonianot much I can do about that apart from apologise15:03
Picijussi01: Could you delete a bt session from the database? See a few lines up?15:03
ikoniaPici: genius15:03
PriceChildcan you not just issue a new one to yourself and the old is removed?15:03
LjLnot sure the old one is removed15:04
PiciI cannot remember either.15:04
geniiI have to be careful of my touchpad, it wants to paste like that sometimes if I swipe the tope right corner wrong way15:04
LjLi don't think so, i've often clicked on old BT sessions after requesting new ones, and they worked15:04
PriceChildmine have expired before, i'm just not sure why15:04
ikoniaLjL: I believe you are right15:04
LjLgenii: you can disable the top right corner acting as a middle button15:04
PriceChildbut worth a try15:04
PiciThe BT code clears them after a bit, but I dont remember when or why.15:05
geniiLjL: Good idea, thanks15:05
ikoniaold ones are still valid15:05
ikoniajust tested15:05
LjLgenii: if your touchpad supports multitouch, you can configure it so that two or three fingers tap is middle button instead15:05
geniiI had same one up in firefox 2 days running, refresh still worked on it15:05
LjLgenii: use synclient to test, "man synaptics"15:05
ikonia@mark Acedip #ubuntu "wanted to cause a disruption using nick changes"15:06
ubottuThe operation succeeded.15:06
naliothhow do you turn off "Contact this user" in launchpad?15:07
LjLam i the only one being randomly mailed by people asking for ubuntu support...?15:08
naliothLjL: no, see my question15:08
LjLlook at this one15:08
naliothi just got the same exact one15:10
ikoniayou two are l33t15:10
bazhangwhat chipset15:10
PriceChildthey'll have sent that to a team, not individuals, i got it to15:10
bazhangoh wait. this is not a support channel :)15:11
Myrttibazhang: neither is that email ;-)15:11
bazhangtrue Myrtti :)15:11
geniiLjL: That is one weird message15:12
PriceChildLjL: nalioth: I believe they're being sent to us individually from the contact this team on ubuntu-irc-council15:12
PriceChildshall we change that team to have the ML as our contact address, so at least we know someone's sending these emails to the team rather than us individually15:14
naliothaccording to https://help.launchpad.net/YourAccount/ContactingPeople we can turn off the functionality.  i've looked and can't find it15:18
PriceChildwhere's it say that?15:19
PriceChildoh you acn hide your individual email, but not disable the ability for emailing an entire team15:20
naliothit says you can turn off the "Contact this user" part15:20
LjLPriceChild: the ML seems like the natural choice for our contact address to me15:26
PriceChildseems you can work out whether something is from launchpad by the header, but this is easier 8-)15:27
PriceChildLjL: oh but you can only have each address assigned to one team in launchpad... we're already assigned to ubuntu-irc-cloaks *works magic*15:30
LjLPriceChild: sounds terminally silly15:30
LjLPici: but are you sure? (or have you just changed it?) because here ubuntu-irc-cloaks says "no contact address"15:32
PiciWrong P15:32
PriceChildLjL: i just changed that... but still can't assign it to ubuntu-irc-council15:32
LjLPriceChild: because? same error still?15:32
PriceChild(i'm thinking all mails to ubuntu-irc-cloaks will get sent t ubuntu-irc-council, and so the ML)15:32
PriceChildsame error15:32
PriceChildah now its worked i think15:33
LjLPriceChild: didn't something like this happen before? i.e. we fiddled with emails on launchpad hoping we could "free up" stuff, but it was left stuck?15:33
PriceChildbah no, wrong team15:33
LjLi vaguely remember asking in #launchpad to no avail15:34
PriceChildI'll try again.15:34
LjL#ubuntu [17:19:19] <w441> type /QUOTE PASS 1441516:21
LjLthis looks malicious although i don't really know what harm it could do16:21
PiciIt shouldn't do anything if you're already connected16:22
LjLstill why would someone tell people to type that?16:22
ikoniaidiot ?16:22
Piciikonia:  besides the obvious he means.16:23
geniisnowhite is being a pest I see :)16:32
LjLwhat i said translates as a last warning16:32
LjLnext time, ban16:33
bazhangI read vista for some reason16:34
naliothgenii: do we know you?16:34
ikoniagenii: on a finish address ?16:36
bazhangand not sipping coffee?16:36
ikoniafinnish I meant16:37
MyrttiHe's finnished16:37
Dave2.wi n7716:39
geniiI'm not finnish16:40
ikoniayour on an unsual IP 16:41
geniiNo, all my hostmasks or so on should trace back to Toronto or so16:41
ikoniayour on a .fi domain16:41
geniiikonia: Ah, thats becuase I'm on jussi01's Quassel box, which is in Finland16:41
PriceChildgenii: identify please ;)16:41
ubottuError: You are not identified16:42
PriceChildto nickserv16:42
ikoniaPriceChild: is that an ED209 impression ?16:42
ubottuThe operation succeeded.16:42
ikoniayou now have 15 seconds to comply16:46
PiciMy voice is my passport. Verify me.16:47
naliothgenii: can you make nice with nickserv, or do i have to enforce the /topic ?16:53
Picinalioth: he did16:54
stdinhe hasn't been granted +v here yet16:54
Myrtti[18:56] [freenode] ~~~          : is identified to services16:56
geniinalioth: I identified17:00
geniiApologies on reply lag, work required me17:01
jpdsikonia: hmm? Translator?17:01
Myrttithese beans don't taste that good :-<17:02
Picibad beans17:04
geniiMyrtti: Hopefully you did not find them in the guinea pig enclosure .... ;)17:04
Myrttigenii: no, though I did clean the cage just few minutes ago17:04
ikoniajpds: translators17:04
MyrttiI'm having my vegetarian phase again17:05
ikoniajpds: we need no translator bot17:05
PiciWas I dreaming or did I see a conversation about that in -ot yesterday?17:05
jpdsikonia: Ah. Didn't scroll up, sorry.17:07
LjLif you'd look at poor chanserv, you'd know he can't be granted +v by it17:19
ubottubrama called the ops in #kubuntu ()17:35
jpdsLost Spaniard.17:36
LjLwouldn't call him lost17:43
PiciUgh, I dont even want to read that17:46
Myrttinom cheese17:50
* jussi01 wants more morphine...17:51
jussi01no, actually:17:51
* jussi01 needs more morphine...17:51
Myrttiplip plop18:09
Picifizz fizz18:09
Flanneloh what a relief it is19:28
* genii slides jussi01 a coffee instead 19:58
Flannelubottu: tell KatieKitty about away20:01
geniiI see one fellow is chastising the bot for always telling him he's only a bot ....20:07
FlannelI'm amazed at how many people recommend doing things completely backwards.20:17
FlannelMyrtti: root account enabling hasn't actually broken anything since like Hoary or Dapper.  It's just a Bad Idea (tm)20:19
MyrttiFlannel: well, some of the documentation needs revisiting then20:19
FlannelWhich ones?20:20
MyrttiI just recently read someplace from the official docs that it breaks. Can't remember where though20:20
Myrttiand I should work a bit before heading to bed20:20
FlannelThat certainly wasn't three weeks.22:49
jussi01Morning all!22:50
Myrttijussi01: hows the medication?22:52
jussi01Myrtti: actually its been good, I strapped the knee up and the strapping has helped reduce the pain. just panadol at the moment - trying  to keep the morphine to a minimum22:53
* jussi01 is really happy someone finally wrote a colored nick patch for quassel :D22:56
Myrttichildlike joy22:56
FlannelJust dont take it to #ubuntu... I'm not sure that 1500 colors exist.22:56
jussi01Flannel: lol, nah, some peiople are the same color22:57
Flanneljussi01: Ah, that's good.  I was looking at my crayon box, and I think there's only 30022:57
jussi01although the colours currently are tango only, :/ Waiting for it to be oxygenised...22:58
Myrttido I just imagine it or is orgthingy getting annoying at -ot?23:16
FlannelYou're not imagining it, although I'm not sure Id categorize it as annoying personally23:17
jussi01ROFL... I tried to explain lag to my mum, and she was like, so its kinda like "internet constipation" ? :D :P23:19
Myrttithat's quite accurate23:37

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