semtidoraven_: when did the sound stop?00:00
georgy_28semtido, : so, then you bluetooth device is off00:00
raven_semtido some time while using vmware 6,500:00
DustinHow can I update my 星际译王00:00
raven_i have been using it for two days00:00
aes52 Hi does anyone have CTRL-ALT-PLUS working to change resolution?00:00
raven_and today i made a new XP vm00:00
raven_and the sound wasnt working00:00
semtidoraven_: any chance it has to do with volume?00:00
raven_so i was troubleshooting, and then realized my linux wasnt playing either00:00
semtidogeorgy_28: how can i turn it on?00:00
raven_so i rebooted and still fail00:00
Zzeisssnuitje: Oh, so it will keep around old kernel versions?  Good.  I had one distro that would only keep the last two kernel releases.  Mmighty annoying, that was.00:00
raven_and no, semtido, def. not volume in alsamixer, volume props, or the button00:00
snuitjeZzeiss: new versions of packages can have new conflicts, and new packages can have 'replaces' attributes that tell it to ditch old packages in favour of the new one00:00
benokaSimAtWork: linkspeed is at 108 Mbit00:01
snuitjeZzeiss: it'll definately keep old kernel versions00:01
Zzeisssnuitje: Ok.  That's excellent!00:01
semtidoraven_: try the folowing int the console: sudo pkill pulseaudio followed by sudo alsa force-reload00:01
georgy_28semtido : do you try with the keyboard ?00:01
a1lenHi. I'm having problems making an iso out of a bunch of .bin's and a .cue... I'm figuring that I need to combine the .bin's, but I can open them with nano or gedit; it tells me that the character encoding is unknown... does anyone know what I'd do?00:01
semtidogeorgy_28: yes, with fn-f800:01
alphahi all00:01
LovalangustaNeed to make an account for my MSN so i can chat with my friends through Pidgin. My friends use MSN  (windows version). I need server settings where can i find these? anybody know ?00:01
raven_no good. semtido00:02
raven_was already using alsa if im not mistaken00:02
semtidoLovalangusta: how about trying emesene? really good for that protocol00:03
hypyrboleWhat's the normal way of getting an operator to descend into sudirectories? I want to run [flac --picture=cover.jpg] but I need it to operate on all flacs in sub-dirs below [~/Music/flac/miles davis/the complete*]00:03
raven_due to pulseaudio phailing at life00:03
semtidoraven_: didnt that work?00:03
gnutronLovalangusta: google should find those settings for you00:03
semtidoraven_: hmm... that usually does the trick for me00:03
Lovalangustaallright I'll try it out ^00:03
snuitjeallen: cue/bin files allow multiple tracks on a disc and other cd stuff you can't do with an iso...00:03
georgy_28semtido : try  lsmod | grep bluetooth00:03
raven_it did00:04
semtidoraven_: :P00:04
raven_apparently my tests were bs00:04
semtidogeorgy_28: bluetooth              61924  6 rfcomm,bnep,sco,l2cap00:04
LovalangustaShould i search for MSN server settings or MSN protocol?00:04
semtidogeorgy_28: ?00:04
raven_sudo beep and echo y > /dev/audio and echo y | cat /dev/audio produce nothin00:04
LokianAnyone get Ubuntu operating on their compaq presario c700 after a ram upgrade?00:04
semtidoraven_: i really dont know much about that..00:05
mkerdLovalangusta, what server settings are you talking about?00:05
gnutronLovalangusta: start with pidgin +msn settings  ...maybe00:05
moLokian, you propably won't find anyone. give us more details about your problem00:05
snuitjeLokian: i presume you can't get it to boot? did you try booting from another media such as a bootable cd?00:05
georgy_28semtido : module is loaded, you have to find a way to turn your device on00:06
themiddlemananyone know if theres a way to take a screenshot of a window that is larger than the screen?  ive tried the take screenshot program and it only takes the screen size screenshot00:06
semtidogeorgy_28: any ideas?00:06
dmbis there a way to restart the pulseaudio server?00:06
Lokiansnuitje, ubuntu loads and stops at loading postgres, and forces me into a recovery shell00:06
semtidodmb: sudo pkill pulseaudio00:06
mkerdthemiddleman, does alt+print screen work?00:06
gnutronthemiddleman: try alt+print-screen00:06
snuitjeLokian: try running memtest86+00:06
ubuntu_How do i activate the graphics card drivers00:06
georgy_28semtido : depend on your laptop00:06
Lokianwill do i'll brb with more info. thanks all00:06
dmbsemtido, how do you start it after that?00:06
semtidodmb: mine works with sudo alsa force-reload00:07
themiddlemanmkerd, gnutron nope00:07
semtidogeorgy_28: its a toshiba laptop... satellite... the keys are fn+f800:07
themiddlemanmkerd, gnutron just conforms to the screen size00:07
gnutronthemiddleman: that makes sense, try resizing the window alt-f7 i think00:08
semtidognutron: alt+f7 wont resize it...00:08
gnutronthemiddleman: compiz messes up those hotkeys undergnome fyi00:09
themiddlemangnutron, thats the thing, i need a high res shot of a huge window00:09
themiddlemanpssh who uses compiz?00:09
semtidothemiddleman: me XD00:09
snuitjethemiddleman: you could increase the workspace size00:09
mkerdI set up openssh-server to use sftp, I've used DirectoryChroot so the user is locked in a folder for sftp. Now  I want to share files that are in another folder and I *think* that's what symlinks is for but from what I've googled that doesn't work with sftp. Do I have to copy the files to the sftp folder and use up double the disk space or is there a better way of solving this?00:09
snuitjethemiddleman: so you get a large virtual screen00:10
kebomixhello , how to hack wireless networks passwords under ubuntu ?00:10
themiddlemansnuitje, is that making gnomes screen bigger?  can i pan around that?00:10
semtidokebomix: i don't think that information is right for you XD00:10
SierradumpCan someone help a NEWB get my B43 WiFi working in 8.10!00:10
snuitje!ontopic | kebomix00:10
ubottukebomix: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!00:10
SierradumpI am getting the message "  Firware file b43/ucode5.fw not found "00:10
mkerdkebomix, I think kismet does that00:11
SierradumpIt points me to a link to fix it but I am clueless with what to do!00:11
snuitjeSierradump: broadcom?00:11
mcphailmkerd: i doubt there would be a problem with symlinks. If so, use hard links instead00:11
georgy_28semtido, : install fnfxd -->  ACPI and hotkey daemon for Toshiba laptops and try again00:11
SierradumpSnuitje: Yes, broadcom00:11
gnutronthemiddleman: buy a huge monitor is the only fix that i can think of...00:11
snuitjeSierradump: you need the firmware from the winthing install cd00:11
snuitjeSierradump: i mean the broadcom install cd for winthing00:12
SierradumpCan you PM me?00:12
mkerdmcphail, well I tried pasting a symlink there and it didn't work for me. I'll read up on hardlinks. Thanks.00:12
snuitjeSierradump: nope00:12
themiddlemangnutron, yeah, i was thinking just get 2 dualhead video cards and 4 screens :P00:12
SierradumpOkay so I have a working XP machine with the driver (and I have the .exe driver itself)00:12
semtidogeorgy_28: great tip thanks00:12
Sierradumpwhat exactly do I do with this?00:12
georgy_28semtido  : np00:13
snuitjeSierradump: which ubuntu release?00:13
semtidogeorgy_28: i installed and now?00:13
Sierradump8.10 intrepid (64 bit)00:13
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semtidogeorgy_28: i do fn+f8 and it does nothing00:13
georgy_28semtido, : try fn+f8 again, then hciconfig in a console00:13
semtidogeorgy_28: same result!00:14
hmw_lfsi accidently activated compiz, now i cant use gnome anymore. i killalled compiz, and now i see the desktop and the icons, but i cant get to the fusion-icon to disable compiz for the next restart. how can i set metacity?00:14
snuitjehelp.ubuntu.com doesn't seem to work here, anyone else gets that?00:14
SOURdieselhmw_lfs: fusion-icon > select window manager >00:15
hmw_lfsi can access help.ubuntu.com00:15
georgy_28semtido : sorry, don't have anoter solution Ask in the channel again, maybe someone else are smarter then me ;)00:15
hmw_lfsSOURdiesel - the icon isnt visible, due to the missing gnome panel00:15
hmw_lfsi can access help.ubuntu.com - snuitje00:16
snuitjehmw_lfs: thx00:16
SOURdieselhmw_lfs: system > prefs > ccsm00:16
hmw_lfsSOURdiesel - not funny, i have NO PANEL00:16
hmw_lfsSOURdiesel - probably no window manager at all, because i had to killall compiz!00:16
zsquarepluscmalibu: chgrp somegroup somefolder; chmod g+s somefolder;  maybe you need to create a "public" or similar group. the sticky bit on the folder will ensure that new files get the group of the parent folder00:16
snuitjeSierradump: im looking for the broadcom wireless drivers guide but i cant find it :P its out there on either the help site help.ubuntu.com the doc site doc.ubuntu.com or the wiki wiki.ubuntu.com good luck ^^00:17
gnutronSOURdiesel: i ran sour diesel in my $90,000.00 peterbilt once, it ran poorly ;p00:17
jackalhmw_lfs: if you can right click on your desktop, choose change background, then select visual effects tab, and choose None00:17
hmw_lfsjackal thanks that helped00:17
Sierradumpsnuitje:  can I post a link here in the chat? Its from linuxwireless forums - I am just having trouble understanding what it is asking me to do...00:17
devinhow would my secondary harddrive in menu.lst be listed?  (hd0,1?)00:18
qcjngnutron: still there ?00:18
gnutronqcjn: yo00:18
zsquarepluscdevin: hd1 -> 2nd disk  hd1,0 -> 1st partition on 2nd disk00:18
snuitjeSierradump: there's a ubuntu specific document as well, but sure you can post links here as long as they're relevant00:19
qcjngnutron: you talk to me about key, so i can connect when i open the computer00:19
zsquarepluscdevin: what you listes would be the second partition on the 1st drive00:19
SierradumpThat is the link in the DMESG output that it points me to...00:19
SierradumpIm just confused what I need to do?00:19
mrweser...broadcom cards...00:19
SierradumpDo I simply run the script at the beginning of the instructions?00:19
Sierradump(ya broadcom)00:19
mrwesSierradump, which version of Ubuntu are you running?00:20
DigBigAnyone using Monodevelop ?00:20
Sierradump8.10 intrepid00:20
snuitjeSierradump: sudo apt-get install bcm43xx-fwcutter00:20
gnutronqcjn: no, the key is for authentication to help prevent being hacked hi-jacked ssh session.00:20
qcjngnutron: cause when i start the computer i cant connect ssh, till i connect the user first00:20
snuitjeSierradump: then bcm43xx-fwcutter00:20
mrwesSierradump, goto system | hardware drivers...anything listed?00:20
snuitjeSierradump: then oops00:20
snuitjeSierradump: then sudo /usr/share/b43-fwcutter/install_bcm43xx_firmware.sh00:21
Sierradumpsnuitje - you mention bcm43xx-fwcutter00:21
snuitjeSierradump: it didn't copy :P00:21
Sierradumpwhat kernel am I using if I have 8.10 intrepid?00:21
snuitjeSierradump: yes, apt-get install it00:21
mrwesSierradump, please check system | hardware drivers before you install anything else00:21
gnutronqcjn: i'm afraid i don't follow you. you login to your local box, then... ssh to any remote box running an sshd deamon.00:21
devinzsquareplusc this is what mine looks like, but when i go to boot into windows i just get a blank screen http://pastebin.com/m79e39000:21
Sierradumpbecause the instructions list list b43-fwcutter v. 011 for linux 2.6.25 and newer00:22
gnutronqcjn: daemon. oops00:22
snuitjeSierradump: take mrwes' advice too =)00:22
Sierradumpokay so I am currently checking system | Hardware drivers...00:22
qcjngnutron: what i mean is that when you start a computer you gotta login as a user first00:22
mrwesSierradump, 8.10 has much better support for broadcom cards00:22
snuitjemrwes: doesnt that app use libnotify as well to tell the user it can download restricted drivers to enable certain hw support?00:23
gnutronqcjn: that is correct sir.00:23
zsquarepluscdevin:  the map commands swap primary and secondary drivers. but i'm not sure if the root command above appilies before or after the map :p00:23
qcjngnutron: when i start the ssh computer server, i cant reach it with ssh, cause the user hasnt benn opened yet00:23
gnutronqcjn: ifyou ssh to that box again, and it says host key failed or changed, beware.00:24
zsquarepluscqcjn: huh? you can only use ssh after a user logged in? this is not the normal way to run ssh00:24
rmitchellsierradump, how's it coming?00:24
SierradumpMrwes:  sorry but I can't find System | hardware drivers?00:24
SierradumpI click on system and I get preferences and administration?00:24
Sierradumpdo I look in there first?00:24
gnutronqcjn: te remote box needs to be running, thats all.00:24
rmitchellsierradump, administration00:24
forcumangSierradump => administration -> hardware00:25
mrweser...system | adminstration00:25
Sierradumpgot it00:25
devinzsquareplusc exactly where im confused, i had this issue before but im not sure what i put =/00:25
lazukars_How do you emulute the Mac OS on Ubuntu?00:25
snuitjemines called "restricted drivers"00:25
SierradumpSystem | Administration | Hardware Drivers00:25
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qcjngnutron: ok, i thought there'd be a way to connect before the user is connected, and you connect the user via ssh00:25
mrwesyah...that's it00:25
mkerdlazukars_, with VMWare I'm guessing00:26
zsquarepluscdevin: the hard way: reboot, press "e" in the grub menu, and edit that line to use root hd1,1. if that works edit menu.lst afterwards ;-)00:26
snuitjeand a hacked kernel00:26
devinill give it a go00:26
gnutronqcjn: the remote box starts the ssh server on boot, nobody needs to be logged in, check by typing 'w' or 'who' in the remote term. you'll see only yourself00:27
SierradumpI get a message that says "No proprietary drivers are in use on this system"  but it then lists 4 choices.  I have Broadcom B43 wireless driver, Nvidia accelerated graphics driver (v 173), broadcom STA wireless driver, and nvidia accelerated graphics driver (version 177) [Reccomended]00:27
Tryfoni have accidently set the function keys on and there are permanently enabled how can i fix this?00:27
mrweshrmmm....turn on the STA driver00:27
the_dark_warrioI've changed my password with 'passwd', and when I logged in again, the Network Manager asked me a password and I had to use the last pass I had. Is this wanted?00:27
snuitjemrwes: what's the difference, b43 or sta?00:28
zsquarepluscgnutron, qcjn are you refering to using VNC only after a user logged in?00:28
rmitchellsierradump, looks like their avaliable, but not installed or enabled00:28
zsquarepluscthe_dark_warrio: change password in sys->prefs->personal..00:28
gnutronzsquareplusc: i was referring to ssh only.00:29
SierradumpOkay b43 = "License=free, Fwcutter is a tool which can extract firmware from various source files.  It's written for BCM43xx Driver Files""00:29
Tryfoni have accidently set the function keys on and there are permanently enabled how can i fix this?00:29
SierradumpBroadcom STA " License=Proprietary " and there is no description00:29
qcjngnutron: i'm talking about logging in, before a user is logged in..so i can do it via ssh..00:29
zsquarepluscgnutron: yes, you were :-) but i'm not sure about q cjn :-)00:29
mrwesSierradump, which card do you have?00:29
gnutronzsquareplusc: whats the value of z square plus the speed of light anyway? :)00:29
mrwesSierradump, type lspci in a terminal00:29
qcjngnutron: my remote computer, is only a computer...no keyboard, no screen00:30
Sierradumptyping lspci 1 sec00:30
Sierradump(where should I post output - I saw a message to someone earlier not to type it here_00:30
mrwesSierradump, it's at the bottom of the output00:30
zsquarepluscgnutron: its the formula to calculate the mandelbrot set :-)00:30
gnutronqcjn: thats a headless box, no problem.00:30
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)00:30
mrwesjust tell us....00:30
mrwes02:03.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 2200BG [Calexico2] Network Connection (rev 05)00:31
gnutronzsquareplusc: cool, fractals make chaos not chaos, way cool.00:31
SierradumpI have the "Broadcom BCM4311 802.11b/g WLAN (rev 01)00:31
snuitjei guess b43 then -_-'00:31
LAquatique_Hi! I am setting up my vista machine to dual boot ubuntu. I shrunk my vista disk as much as I could, then ran my Linux boot cd, ran setup etc. The instructions that I read said that I should check "available space" for the partition to dual boot. However, when I checked that it never really verified that that was exactly what would happen, but it gave me lots of warnings about how partitions...00:31
mrwes yah :)00:31
Sierradump(thats really cool! shows me everything!!!)00:31
LAquatique_...will overwrite data. I just would like to be very clear- if I select "available space" for the partition during setup, none of my vista data will be overwritten, right?00:31
qcjngnutron: so, if i restart my computer, i can login from ssh, even if there is no user logged in " thats it "00:31
rmitchellsierradump, thats the command i told you about earlier00:32
mrwesSierradump, I'd reb00t too00:32
Tryfoni have accidently set the function keys on and there are permanently enabled how can i fix this?00:32
modoes the alternate installer install only00:32
gnutronqcjn: if sshd is running, then yes00:32
qcjngnutron: and i didn't understand nothing about "who"00:32
zsquarepluscmo, yes, it is no live cd00:32
rmitchellmo, the alt install does not have the livecd function00:32
SierradumpSo I should choose the B43 Wireless Driver ?  The description says it is FWCutter and license is Free.  The broadcom STA wireless driver says "proprietary"?00:32
SierradumpJust want to make sure I give you guys accurate information so I don't screw up the system!00:33
mothanks :)00:33
mrwesSierradump, you can try both -- one at a time to see which one works00:33
qcjngnutron: i don t know if it s sshd...what i ve started was ssh..sudo /etc/init.d/ssh start00:33
gnutronqcjn: who is a command to see who is logged in to that machine upon which the command is issued.00:33
mrwesSierradump, gotta get burned to learn :)00:33
SierradumpSo should I do the B43 first?00:33
Sierradump(or does it matter?)00:33
mrwestry the B4300:34
SierradumpOkay trying b43.00:34
snuitjeLAquatique_: it's manual, resize and use available space or use entire disk00:34
zsquarepluscqcjn: yep, ssh start but the process is named sshd, you can check what's running with "ps ax"00:34
mrwesqcjn, it's whois no spaces00:34
Sierradump(rmitchell: hey! ya I just tried the lspci; pretty cool!)00:34
shivI am not able to move panels? When I right click it says About Panels, and Help00:34
snuitjeshiv: did you unlock the panel?00:34
mozsquareplusc, rmitchell ... i hit enter before i wrote my question completly. thanks for those kind answers to such an stupid question :)00:34
qcjnmrwes: ok, im gonna try it right now00:34
LAquatique_snuitje: yes I was talking abotu the "use available space" option00:34
gnutronqcjn: the daemon should start on boot if installed, no login to desktop required if thats what you mean.00:35
Mr_Cool59can someone tell me why when i ture on visual effects i can not read any drop down menu from programs i install on ubuntu 8.1000:35
zsquarepluscshiv: the panels can be "fixed" is that checked in the rightclick menu?00:35
rmitchellmo, no problem, the alt install does other things in addition to just your basic install too00:35
gnutronMr_Cool59: compiz has it's caveats00:35
lazukars_What would be a good budget starter Mac.  One that will only be used to use Cocoa and other tools for makeing an iphone app.00:35
qcjngnutron: yes thats what i mean00:35
shivzsquareplusc: I do not get that on the right click00:36
Japsuhow do I disable dmix in intrepid?00:36
snuitjelazukars_: they sell the mac mini for that but this ain't the channel00:36
gnutronqcjn: youre locked and loaded now mate00:36
Japsuit's mixing my 44,1 kHz stuff in 48 kHz, that's simply stupid00:36
Japsu(m-audio delta 2496, ice1712)00:36
tater_can someone tell me a program to convert my dvd files that i burned onto the computer so i can make a backup copy of it00:36
mormitchell, i know.... :) my real question was which packages the alternate installer does install (only ubuntu-minimal & ubuntu-gnome) ... because my installation broke during tasksel00:36
rmitchell@ lazukars_: unless you're gonna throw ubuntu on it :)00:37
mrwestater_, converted to what? avi?00:37
Sierradumpmrwes:  Okay it now says "Broadcom B43 wireless driver is activated and currently in use"  should I try a reboot and check my DMESG ?00:37
mrwesSierradump, yah...00:37
gnutronqcjn: in a xterm type 'ps aux'  yu should see sshd running00:37
tater_right now its into vob.?00:37
qcjnmrwes: i don't see now result about user with whois00:37
lazukars_What would be a good budget starter Mac.  One that will only be used to use Cocoa and other tools for makeing an iphone app.00:37
lazukars_What would be a good budget starter Mac.  One that will only00:37
mrwestater_, try Avidemux00:37
lazukars_                   be used to use Cocoa and other tools for makeing an iphone00:37
lazukars_                   app.00:37
FloodBot2lazukars_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:37
lazukars_What would be a good budget starter Mac.  One that will only be used to use Cocoa and other tools for makeing an iphone app.00:37
qcjngnutron: ok ps aux00:38
shivzsquareplusc: I am just doing apt-get update and will restart and see if that has fixed anything00:38
Mr_Cool59what is that00:38
rmitchellsierradump, aren't there nvidia drivers too, might wanna get more for your power cycle00:38
mrwesqcjn, try typing users00:38
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ghindoHi, I am trying to dual boot with Fedora 10 and Ubuntu 8.10, but now I can't boot into Ubuntu.  It's not even showing up in GRUB.  Help?00:39
gnutronqcjn: ps aux is rather large output, 'ps aux |less' will make it scrollable.00:39
mrwesqcjn, what exactly are you looking to find?00:39
zsquarepluscmo, ubuntu-desktop or ubuntu-server depending on what you want00:39
SierradumpLazukars:  Get the macbook pro; onsale now for $1700.  Not a desktop but good for what you want to do.00:39
snuitjehe left00:39
phorensicghindo did you try reinstalling grub? And is it only a dual boot or triple boot, how many partitions?00:39
Sierradumprmitchell:  Yup got 2 different proprietary drivers - don't know which ones I need though.  Will look at that after I get WiFi!00:39
mrwesqcjn, or type ps aux | grep <whateveryourlookingor>00:40
gnutronSierradump: that macbook pro is a beautiful machine imho.00:40
mozsquareplusc, and nothing more? such as dmcrypt packages or mdadm extra features00:40
exodus_msis it possible to run VirtualBox on a thin client?00:40
rmitchellsierradump, those graphics drivers?00:40
zsquarepluscmrwes: or grep  [w]hatever to make grep not find itself :-)00:40
ghindophorensic: No, I haven't tried reinstalling GRUB; how do I do that?  And it should be only two partitions, but this is my first time trying a dual boot.00:40
snuitjeoh hai00:40
Sierradumpgnutron:  I just got a macbook for a client of mine and MAN - I used to say mac sucks but that thing ran windows XP better in a virtual machine (using fusion) than ANY xp specific computer I have ever bought!00:41
qcjngnutron: i see sshd, but like tou said it was a long list00:41
digitalfyreum, guys where do I update my drivers in Ubuntu (latest release)00:41
Sierradumpand it wasn't even a macbook pro!00:41
digitalfyreI have MSI mobo, but I am not quite sure what to do to update the drivers00:41
Sierradumpit was the 1300 macbook.00:41
zsquarepluscmo, it may be more. but each of these two should drag in quite a lot of packages00:41
rmitchellmy macbook is currently running ubuntu, nice machine00:41
gnutronSierradump: it's a better box than any ms windows box, imo00:41
Sierradumpgnutron - I agree.00:41
SierradumpIt almost made me want to go out and buy one - but does anyone else see the prices they are charging as ridiculous for the hardware that comes inside?00:42
Tryfoni have accidently set the function keys on and there are permanently enabled how can i fix this?00:42
phorensicghindo, look that one up i don't wanna screw you over... do you know if you are using the same partition for swap space? I know one time My windows partition was screwed because I was trying to triple boot and I had too many partitions. Windows has to be a logical partition and somehow the 3rd OS i installed forced windows to become an extended partition rendering it useless00:42
SierradumpI mean that $1300 macbook had a 2.0ghz Core 2 Duo, with 2GB of DDR3...00:42
SierradumpJust didn't seem fair!00:42
snuitjedigitalfyre: you get your updates all in one place, it'll tell you when there are any00:42
qcjngnutron: ok, i m gonna try it..i m gonna restart my remote computer00:42
gnutronSierradump: itsa unix based OS, not to mention a 10,000 rpm scsi drive, they rule00:42
phorensic!grub ghindo00:42
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about grub ghindo00:42
LAquatique_snutije: sorry, maybe I typed your name wrong last time. Anyway, I just wanted to be sure that the "use available space" option would not delete my vista data00:42
mozsquareplusc, im just not sure if i should start installation again (from cd this time ... tried from usb stick ... horrible ...) or install all packages by hand00:42
rmitchellsierradump, i wish i could build a laptop as easy as i can throw together a desktop, but i digress...00:42
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto00:42
SierradumpNo the $1300 macbook had a 5400RPM sata drive.00:42
snuitjeLAquatique_: it's snuitje -_-00:43
mrwes!screen mrwes00:43
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about screen mrwes00:43
zsquarepluscmo, you want a server or desktop?00:43
Tryfoni have accidently set the function keys on and there are permanently enabled how can i fix this?00:43
phorensicanyone installed virtualbox in ibex00:43
mozsquareplusc, desktop00:43
snuitjeTryfon: press the Fn key again?00:43
LAquatique_snuitje: Ah, sorry, I must have read it wrong. My apologies- was having trouble reading it.00:43
phorensicSorry. I am having freezing issues installing windows in virtualbox after i installed ibex00:44
gnutronSierradump: thx, i thought macs all used scsi drives.00:44
zsquarepluscTryfon: function keys? F1..F12? or do you mean the numlock key on the number pad00:44
snuitjeLAquatique_: thas ok, it's dutch00:44
Sierradumprmitchell: funny you should mention that - this laptop I just put 8.10 on is a crappy HP I got for free (the lady gave it ot me when she got the macbook )  I bought the TL-60 processor (2.0ghz AMD 64 X2 turion) and 2gig ram for $140 on ebay... SO $140 later I have a pretty decent machine to play with Ubuntu !!!00:44
mrwesSierradump, all my computer; desktops and laptops are dead machines from co-workers...hehe00:45
Sierradumpokay my dmesg is different now00:45
LAquatique_snuitje: ah, well I understand, people misspell my name all the time too. So, will "use available space" for sure not delete my data?00:45
gnutronqcjn: do you know the command00:45
mrwesSierradump, never paid a penny00:45
zsquarepluscmo, then installing ubuntu-desktop (or [kx]ubuntu-desktop) should give you what you need. if encryptin is still missing and you like to use it, install then afterwards. and.. you can laso restart "taskel" if you want.00:45
qcjngnutron: no00:45
Sierradumpmrwes: I know how that is! I just scored a p4 3.4 XTREME the other day - just had a bad HD... Guy says he wants a new machine now!00:45
gregbradyHi there, I have a 64 bit Wubi installed 8.10 installation here and I can't seem to play videos on youtube.  I'm not really sure what to install to solve this issue.00:45
rmitchellsierradump, decent specs, i need to get a few more gigs to cram in my macbook. Apple's hardware is just so pretty though...00:45
mrwesSierradump, does the network manager show up?00:45
gnutronqcjn: sudo shutdown -r now    -r = reboot   -h = halt00:46
snuitjegregbrady: did you install gnash?00:46
Sierradumpmrwes: where am I looking for the network manager?00:46
qcjngnutron: now i was stopping icecast2 & mpd...00:46
Sierradumpup right corner?00:46
mozsquareplusc, well, yes i think that should do the job... and is less work. thank you ..00:46
Sierradumpdmesg posts lots of WLAN0: messages00:46
gregbradysnuitje: I installed some flash equivalent.  how do I check?00:46
snuitjeLAquatique_: i think so but i broke my browser, so i cant find references00:46
qcjngnutron: ok00:46
Sierradumpmrwes:  gonna see if I can use pastebin to give you this dmesg00:46
snuitjeLAquatique_: theres an install guide online though, google 'installing ubuntu' and you'll find it00:46
mrwesSierradump, upper right hand corner; anything with blue bars showing?00:47
wartalkerjack__: /join ubuntu-cn00:47
LAquatique_snuitje: oh, okay. Sorry if I was seeming impatient. The idea of losing my data stresses me out. I will go read the install guide. Thanks so much for your help00:47
zsquarepluscmo, you also use apt-get. as the package has a lot of dependencies, it will show these and ask you for permission anyway.00:47
Mr_Cool59can someone tell me why when i ture on visual effects i can not read any drop down menu from programs i install on ubuntu 8.1000:47
ghindophorensic: I'm not entirely sure GRUB is the issue - it looks like the paged linke by ubottu refers to botched Windows installs.  I'm not sure if the same applies to Linux installs.00:47
qcjngnutron: time expected00:47
wartalkerjack__: /join #ubuntu-cn00:47
gregbradysnuitje: I checked via synaptic and yes, I installed gnash00:47
snuitjeLAquatique_: no worries, before the installer does anything, it'll tell you what's its going to do00:48
snuitjeLAquatique_: so better check that00:48
gnutronqcjn: sudo shutdown -r now  <-- you must type 'now' or specify a time.00:48
LAquatique_snuitje: yes it seemed to imply that data might be erased so i chickened out00:48
NotADJHey, is http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3174/3034935516_1fd3a41756_b.jpg an HD error, or an FS error.00:48
phorensicghindo: Reinstalling Grub will make grub rescan the drive for OS's on each partition and then recreate the menu00:48
mozsquareplusc, kk, i'll try all that00:48
qcjngnutron: ok00:48
Sierradumpmrwes:   http://paste.ubuntu.com/77575/00:48
snuitjeLAquatique_: if it says 'remove partition #1' or so, then yeah, go back and change it00:49
gnutronqcjn: linux rox dont it tho'00:49
LAquatique_snuitje: so it should not be removing any partitions?00:49
phorensicghindo: If possible, backup any necessary files, then reinstall grub00:49
snuitjeLAquatique_: not in the common resize-windows-and-install-behind-it scenario, no00:49
Sierradumpmrwes:  nothing in top right corner with blue bars, but I have a network cable in the machine? Do i need to unplug that before it switches to WiFi?  I DID NOTICE THAT THE BLUE LIGHT ON FRONT OF LAPTOP CAME ON!  (was previously orange before using the B43 proprietary drivers!)00:50
ghindophorensic: I fortunately backed everything up before installing Fedora, but I'll check out reinstalling GRUB.  Thanks for the help!00:50
qcjngnutron: yes it does..more i find out about it ...the more i like it00:50
gnutronqcjn: me too00:50
LAquatique_snuitje: okay, I see that according to the guide you mentioned I was doing it wrong00:50
LAquatique_I'm extremely glad I chickened  out00:50
rmitchellsierradump, that light is a good sign, do you see an icon in the tray, i think it looks kinda like a cat5 port.. lightish square?00:50
snuitjeLAquatique_: ok, when you're in the live cd btw, clicking system > help and support will get you the manual as well00:51
mrwesSierradump, yah try that...reboot without using the cat cable plugged in00:51
qcjngnutron: i'm hearing it shutting down..when i learned about mpd, i loved it & theres more to come00:51
Sierradumprmitchell: negative but I have a cat5 cable plugged in.00:51
SierradumpGoing to unplug it and see what happens...00:51
LAquatique_snuitje: great00:51
rmitchellsierradump, i think the reboot is not needed00:51
zsquarepluscLAquatique_: backups are a neat thing. it gives you confidence that your errors are not the last thing you do ;-)00:51
mrwesSierradump, the putput of dmesg assigned a MAC address to the wifi card00:51
Sierradumpwell I unplugged the cat5 and I got a "disconnected ethernet cable" popup00:51
LAquatique_snuitje: I think I can figure it out from here. I need to backup my main files too so that there's no chance of something bad happened00:51
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about zsquareplusc++00:51
SierradumpMrwes:  is a reboot required to get a connection going?00:52
zsquarepluscsnuitje: no, no c++, use python instead :-)00:52
mrwesSierradump, I would00:52
rmitchellsierradump, there should be a tray icon, if NetworkManager is running00:52
snuitjezsquareplusc: and on python it's zsquareplusc += 1?00:52
pastr1hi again00:52
qcjngnutron: No route to host00:52
mortal1does anyone here have a good estimate as to how long it would take to turn a avi into an mpg on a 2.16 dual core?00:52
rmitchellthe drivers in place, a reboot is unnessesary i think, i switch between wired and wireless on the fly00:52
kavok2Well I've got a kubuntu question but it won't let me into #kubuntu. Im trying to install the proprietary nvidia driver on my laptop (Kubuntu) under the Hardware Drivers tool. But when I click activate it says downloading for about a second and then nothing happens.00:52
snuitjeLAquatique_: allright, have fun and take care :)00:53
gnutronqcjn: just dont forget the -r flag or it will not come back up, kind of a nuisance if the box is miles away.00:53
SierradumpMrwes / Rmitchell:  I have 2 computers in tray with a red ! - i suspect that is for the cat5 cable... don't see anything for wifi?00:53
LAquatique_snuitje: thanks- happy holidays and such00:53
SierradumpHate to think I need to reboot each time I want to use wifi!00:53
rmitchellsierradump, click that icon and see what comes up00:53
donaldoHello one that you set the subwoofer's laptop in ubuntu?00:53
Sierradumpbut I will try a reboot (rebooting now)00:53
qcjngnutron: i have put the -r00:53
zsquarepluscSierradump: is it a red, down arrow? thats the notice for security updtaes00:53
SierradumpWOW - clicked the icon and I see wifi!00:53
rmitchellsierradump, if you can see the wifi, you're in business00:54
Sierradumpthose 2 computers with the red ! show "WIRED NETWORKS" and "WIRELESS NETWORKS"!00:54
Sierradumpgonna see if I can get on WiFi!00:54
Sierradump(this is kind of fun! hahah)00:54
gregbradysnuitje: any other ways to enable video in youtube?00:54
pastr1snuitje its me again. i tried it again .  same thing...  i wrote it down here http://paste.ubuntu.com/77578/00:54
qcjngnutron: but now it says No route to host00:54
mrwesyah...wireless is always fun in Ubunut00:54
gnutronqcjn: be aware, if it gets its address via DHCP it's address could change, then use nmap to find it.00:54
mrweser Ubuntu00:54
Sierradumpgot 4 blue bars now!00:54
snuitjegregbrady: select gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad and gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly00:54
Sierradumplooks like its working!00:55
mrwesthere ya go!00:55
Sierradumpthis is cool...00:55
snuitjegregbrady: in synapic, that'll install the codecs00:55
rmitchellsierradump, sweet, guess thats the driver you needed :)00:55
mrweshigh fives Sierradump00:55
donaldoone has run the subwoofers in the toshiba x205 ubuntu?00:55
Sierradumpso I should ignore the Broadcom STA driver?00:55
snuitjegregbrady: you might also need gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg00:55
SierradumpCould that Broadcom STA driver possibly be for something like the built-in modem?00:55
Sierradump(not that I care about the modem - but hate not installing all drivers for hardware!)00:56
gregbradysnuitje: already installed00:56
gnutronqcjn: give it a little time, hopefully00:56
kavok2Does anyone know any other web based clients besides mibbit that won't trigger the proxy thing for the #kubuntu room? :[00:56
rmitchellsierradump, unless you use the modem, i'd leave it uninstalled, no need to clutter, if you find you need it later, its always there00:56
dreamygood nigth all00:56
mrwesSierradump, you might want to activate the nvidia driver now00:56
snuitjehmm try this page... just a sec00:56
snuitje!codecs | gregbrady00:56
ubottugregbrady: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats00:56
NininaWhat is a good partion size for Ubuntu and how much of that should be root and how much home and are there any other parts that should be different partions?00:57
gregbradysnuitje: that's how I got here00:57
microlithdoes anyone know why in 8.10, the only entry in /etc/network/interfaces is the loopback?00:57
qcjngnutron: nmap & ping don,t work (ping  & nmap
snuitjegregbrady: lol -_-'00:57
mrwes!scotch | mrwes00:57
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about scotch00:57
Sierradumpmrwes:  so I have 2 listings for the nvidia driver...00:57
zsquareplusckavok2: why use a web service? there are so many IRC programs, there is even one by default on your ubuntu00:57
qcjngnutron: both don t work00:57
SierradumpHow do I know which one to use!00:57
qcjngnutron: host unreachable00:57
rmitchellsierradump, what are they?00:57
snuitjegregbrady: try this: paste the youtube url on http://www.keepvid.com/ download the mp4 and try to play it00:57
SierradumpI suppose I should use the one with the [reccomended] label next to it?00:57
kavok2zsquareplusc: My ubuntu isn't working, which is why im on a XP machine. ;]00:58
rmitchellsierradump, i'd use the recommened one, its the one i use, 177 i think00:58
georgy_28qcjn : install nast and do nast -m, you will see your entire network00:58
zsquareplusckavok2: firefox? there would be chatzilla add on00:58
SierradumpYUP 177 is the reccomended, and the other is 17300:58
gregbradysnuitje: too much work for regular use.  Neat link though!00:58
pastr1can someone take a look at :  http://paste.ubuntu.com/77578/00:58
qcjngnutron: sudo apt-get install nast00:58
snuitjegregbrady: yeah, i do that all the time when i don't feel like installing gnash or flash00:58
mrwesSierradump, are you going to use compiz -- desktop effects?00:58
kavok2zsquareplusc: Why install a addin or application for something I'll end up using maybe once or twice a year from this particular computer?00:58
rmitchellsierradump, i think the 173 is an older driver, try the 177 and if it doesn't work, use the other one00:58
snuitjegregbrady: kindof sucks but better then nothing00:58
Sierradumpmrwes:  not sure what that is!  I would like to play with all the cool stuff! this is really fun!00:59
gregbradysnuitje: no worries, I have XP in another partition.  It will work00:59
Sierradumpokay, activating 177...00:59
kavok2Kubuntu won't let me install the Nvidia 177 driver00:59
ubottuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion00:59
=== bitFish is now known as Bitfish
snuitjegregbrady: you shouldn't need to keep xp just for youtube ;)00:59
mrwes!single malt | mrwes00:59
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about single malt00:59
gregbradysnuitje: I agree, but alas it is all that works00:59
ubottuSo, you wanted to lure me into saying I don't know anything about anything? Yeah, that would be funny, of course. Now leave me alone.00:59
mrweswill behave01:00
Sierradumpmrwes / rmitchell:  quick question before I do activate nvidia 177 driver --- I saw recently that h.264 hardware accelleration is supported with the 190 version?  My built in graphics card probably doesn't support that - but should I use the newest or the reccomended?01:00
mrwesSierradump, I'd use the recommended01:00
rmitchellsierradump, go with the recommened01:00
rmitchellat least to start with01:00
qcjngnutnast -m ...you must be root, sorry....sudo nast -m..error getting ip source01:01
Sierradumpokay activating 17701:01
gnutronqcjn: hrm try nmap -v -sP
snuitjesomeone needs to fix obottu on compiz, it still mentions xgl01:01
georgy_28qcjn : sudo nast ethX -m01:01
snuitjeaiglx has been in use for quite some time now right?01:01
rmitchellsierradump, i don't think that requires a reboot, you may have to restart x (ctl+alt+backspace)01:01
Sierradump* so I am at work (I know its thanksgiving) but I get to go home here in 20minutes!  When I get home I want to get back in this channel using my new laptop!  What is the IRC chat program of choice!01:01
ubottuThe women and men of the Ubuntu women project hang out in #ubuntu-women. Encouraging women to use linux? Read http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/Encourage-Women-Linux-HOWTO/ for some suggestions compiled by women who use Linux on how to do so effectively.01:01
gregbradysnuitje: I remember having to disable xgl drivers to get my compiz working01:01
snuitjexgl 'drivers'? xgl is just another x server01:02
mpeeSierradump: xchat01:02
zsquarepluscsnuitje: use "/msg ubottu fact is description" to make sugegstions01:02
gregbradysnuitje: I see there is a Flash driver but it involves ndiswrapper and I'll be it screws up my wireless drivers01:02
mrwesSierradump, xchat01:02
Sierradumpcan I just do an apt-get xchat?01:02
snuitjegregbrady: flash, ndis??? wth?01:02
ghindoHi, I am trying to dual boot with Fedora 10 and Ubuntu 8.10, but now I can't boot into Ubuntu.  Ubuntu isn't even showing up in GRUB.  Help?01:02
Sierradump(using mIRC here at work right now)01:02
mrwesSierradump, sudo apt-get install xchat01:02
mpeeSierradump: it will probably be installed already, under Internet01:03
zsquarepluscghindo: installed FC after ubuntu=01:03
gregbradysnuitje: I looked in synaptic and there is a Flash player there, but it wants to install ndiswrapper as well01:03
mrwesxchat is not installed by default01:03
mrwesI think.01:03
mpeethat's a bug01:03
snuitjegregbrady: what's the package called?01:03
ghindozsquareplusc: Yes, I installed Fedora after Ubuntu.01:03
gregbradysnuitje: flashplugin-nonfree01:03
rmitchellsierradump, you can use pidign, which is installed by default, if you don't mind using a messanger for irc01:03
zsquarepluscghindo: it's probably just missing from /boot/grub/menu.lst you have to make a file that contains the entries of both of your installs.01:04
qcjngnutron: all appears to be down01:04
snuitjegregbrady: that shouldn't depend on ndiswrapper, maybe it's just trying to upgrade01:04
mrwesSierradump, use xchat :)01:04
iclebyteis there anyway I can break out to a shell during the partitioning stage of the ubuntu-server 8.04 installer? I want to check if mkfs.ext3 is still running but ALT+F2 just changes the background colour =)01:04
ghindozsquareplusc: How do I do that?01:04
mrwes!xchat | Sierradump01:04
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about xchat01:04
gregbradysnuitje: hmm, risky?01:04
zsquareplusciclebyte: tried F1 too?01:04
snuitjegregbrady: btw, adobe released a 64-bit flash player for linux, the first 64-bit flash player from adobe01:04
rmitchellsierradump: xchat.org01:04
mrweshe must be hidin' the screen from the boss01:04
sorosI notice that unbuntu carries f-spot with the default install... is that safe considering that novell/miguel are conspiraters with microsoft ?01:05
gnutronqcjn: not good, i dont suppose you can ping either right?01:05
gregbradysnuitje: yeah....beta stuff, right?01:05
snuitjegregbrady: installing ndiswrapper ain't risky, installing ndis drivers for windows is01:05
qcjngeorgy_28: error getting ip source01:05
iclebytezsquareplusc: F1 and F2 just inverse the colours on the screen.. =(01:05
snuitjegregbrady: yes, but at least they get their priorities right once ;)01:05
gregbradysnuitje: ok, let me see what it does.01:05
zsquarepluscghindo: so you get into FC right now. i guess they also have a /boot/grub/menu.lst  you could open that file with an editor and copy the files from the ubuntu (you can probably mount the ubuntu partition easily in FC?)01:05
pastr1can someone help a noob out? http://paste.ubuntu.com/77578/01:06
georgy_28qjcn ethX mean your lan device can be eth0 or eth1 ....01:06
Sierradumpmrwess / rmitchell:  hmmm --- I clicked activate next to the 177 driver and it popped up asked me for my PW and then says "downloading and installing driver"  but it has been hung here at 0% for about 3 or 4 minutes now?  Is the 177 a large package? Should I at least see it downloading by now???01:06
qcjngnutron: could it be that sshd doesn t start on boot01:06
zsquareplusciclebyte: hm, i remeber seeing a console. but maybe you need to press enter to start a prompt01:06
mpeesoros: don't be troll01:06
iclebytezsquareplusc: i'm already in the installer though.. this is a nightmare01:06
SierradumpNo im not hiding i've been here all day alone :(  gonna get some turkey soon though!  Im having to walk back/forth to the workbench where I got the laptop...01:07
gnutronqcjn: it's possible, but you should be able to ping it or try vnc01:07
mrwesSierradump, did you turn on third party software resources?01:07
snuitjepastr1: if you can try to debug things btw, you can file a bug report, but you'd have to provide some details otherwise it'll be marked incomplete or invalid01:07
Sierradumpmrwes:  did not turn it on -- the download window just disappeared never made it past 0%01:07
mrwesSierradump, System | Adminstration | Software Sources01:07
SierradumpWhere is 3rd party software resources?01:08
pastr1snuitje is filing a bug report complicated?01:08
snuitjepastr1: no, but you'll need a launchpad account01:08
Jarocksdoes anyone know if its possible to get garrysmod to run on ubuntu01:08
gregbradysnuitje: ok, no change, black window01:08
snuitjegregbrady: in totem?01:08
gnutronqcjn: i've never had to start ssh manually once installed. maybe its doing a scheduled fsck01:08
qcjngnutron: unable to connect to host...but vnc needs a user01:09
microlithalternate question, I plugged in a usb wifi adaptor and it functions normally. However, upon rebooting the system the adaptor does not associate with the access point until I log in via the gui.01:09
microlithany ideas?01:09
gregbradysnuitje: no, with the flash nonfree driver01:09
Sierradumpmrwes:  on the "ubuntu software" tab I have the "proprietary drivers for devices (restricted)" option checked?01:09
snuitjegregbrady: oh, from adobe.com or through the package?01:09
ubottusudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome), or !kdesudo (KDE)01:09
Sierradumpmrwes:  do I need to turn on both of the options under the "third party software" tab?01:09
gregbradysnuitje: synaptic01:09
mpeemicrolith: that's normal01:09
mrwesand then reload01:09
qcjngnutron: be back...i ll unplug my screen & keyboard to plug it to this computer01:10
gnutronqcjn: if it didntstart, you would get conection refused01:10
snuitjegregbrady: it isn't neccesarily using the adobe plugin yet, since you can install multiple versions and theres a link in /etc/alternatives that decides which one is used iirc01:10
woscan anyone tell me why when i type su and enter my password its not giving me permissions?01:10
mpeewos, because su requires the root password01:10
SierradumpHow do I disconnect from a wireless network????01:10
microlithmpee: I'd hardly consider it "normal" for a network adaptor to not be functional until login...01:10
zsquarepluscwos: beacuse root is disabled. use sudo01:10
snuitjegregbrady: like /etc/alternatives/mozilla-flashplugin.so iirc01:10
SierradumpI plugged the ethernet cable back in and now I am connected to BOTH!01:10
jontechey, I am having problems with my rubygems installation... the latest version in the repository (1.2.0) is now out of date for rails... and the repository version locks out the rubygems auto-update (it says we're supposed to use apt-get)... who should I report this to... to get it updated in the repo?01:10
mrwessu is for loggin in as r00t01:10
mpeemicrolith: that's how network-manager works, the config is tied to your login01:10
TokenBadcan anyone help me get ubuntu working right..after installed 8.10 and then install video drivers..I can't get X to start...01:10
gnutronwos: the root acct. is disabled, su wont work.01:10
snuitjegregbrady: i have neither installed atm :p01:10
zsquarepluscwos: su asks for root pass, sudo for user pass.01:11
woswhat is the root password?01:11
microlithmpee: is there any way, short of installing server then loading ubuntu-desktop, that I can fix that?01:11
Spage1When using Pidgin to login here it insist to start a chanserv session too. How can I get rid of that (automatic)01:11
usser!root > wos01:11
ubottuwos, please see my private message01:11
gregbradysnuitje: so frustrating01:11
zsquarepluscwos: there is none01:11
phorensic1no root psswd by default01:11
gnutronwos: root has no pass01:11
mpeemicrolith: I think there is, but I'm not sure how it works01:11
Sierradump*ahh I guess I can just turn the WiFi switch off on the laptop! haha that did the trick!01:12
shivzsquareplusc: Finally figured it out. In the gconf-editor I went to /apps/panel/global and locked down was clicked01:12
mrwesyah Fn + F201:12
woszsquareplusc, is that a security vulnerability?01:12
wosgnutron, too01:12
pastr1snuitje mmmh ok i think i will do that. i was looking for an easy way to get a look into linux... maybe i will try that other program you suggested some time ago01:12
zsquarepluscwos: what? that root isnt enabled? thats a protection01:12
gnutronwos: thats the reasoning behind it, yes.01:12
snuitjegregbrady: galternatives can change the default plugin, or remove mozilla-plugin-gnash so it'll try to update the alternatives and "fall back" to adobe flash01:12
ConstantineXVIif you write something in /tmp, how long does it stick around?01:13
snuitjegregbrady: open about:plugins in firefox to see which one is loaded atm01:13
zsquarepluscConstantineXVI: untile next reboot01:13
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots01:13
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about roaches01:13
meyou_anyone played warcraft iii in ubuntu?01:13
wosshouldnt i enable a root password for more protection?01:13
snuitjepastr1: another easy way is to run a virtual machine01:14
edc174i'm getting an error with nautilus01:14
mrweswos: root account is diabled by default in ubuntu01:14
zsquarepluscwos: NO. the account is disabled. it cant be used to log in now01:14
mrwesNO NO01:14
gnutronwos: not recommended01:14
wosok thank yyou01:14
mrweswos: you want to run as r00t, run Puppy Linux01:14
snuitjewos: giving root a password can't "protect" you by any means01:14
=== kiamo2 is now known as kiamo
snuitjeor lindows :P01:15
pastr1snuitje ok i will google that01:15
gregbradysnuitje: Shockwave Flash Gnash is disabled01:15
gnutronwos: it can be enabled, but i'll get yelled at if i tell you.01:15
gregbradysnuitje: Shockwave Flash 10.0 r12 is enabled01:15
Sierradumpalright guys thanks for the help - going home, eating turkey, and will be back in here in a little bit!01:15
mrwesSierradump, l8r01:15
=== grot is now known as kensho
snuitjepastr1: www.vmware.com has vmware player, you can get pre-made ubuntu vms as well from their site01:15
mrwesBitch X is still around?01:16
snuitjegregbrady: allright so what does about:plugins say?01:16
snuitjegregbrady: (hidden firefox page)01:16
edc174when trying to open "Computer" in nautilus, i get an error saying that "Nautilus cannot handle 'computer' locations"01:16
gnutronmrwes: yes it is, but irssi is better.01:16
gregbradysnuitje: not seeing it01:16
pastr1snuitje thanks01:17
mrwesgnutron, I remember running plain old ircii :)01:17
mrwesfrom the term01:17
gregbradysnuitje: never ming01:17
gnutronmrwes: i started with ole' ircII01:17
wookienzhi, i have the folliwng process running - /usr/sbin/courierlogger -pid=/var/run/courier/imapd-ssl.pid -start -name=imapd-ssl /usr/sbin/couriertcpd -address=0 -maxprocs=40 -maxperip=20 -nodnslookup -noidentlookup 993 /usr/bin/couriertls -server -tcpd /usr/lib/courier/courier/imaplogin /usr/bin/imapd Maildir - i dont use any amil or imap on this svere, safe to remove?01:17
=== kensho is now known as grot
gregbradysnuitje: application/x-shockwave-flash enabled01:18
snuitjesure, remove them with aptitude01:18
microlithwhere does 8.10 store the X server config? xorg.conf is... empty01:18
snuitjeor apt-get01:18
mrwesquestion: Does Ubuntu desktop actually "log" into ubuntu server?01:18
snuitjemrwes: it can01:19
ncfi1013_what is the key combination that is for killing apps that are open01:19
snuitjemrwes: depends on how pam is configured01:19
mrwes8.10 doesn' t use xorg.conf01:19
microlithmrwes: so I noticed01:19
mrwessnuitje, pam?01:19
zsquarepluscmrwes: yre you asking how the X window system works?01:19
gnutronncfi1013_:  alt-f401:19
snuitjemrwes: pluggable authentication modules, been with linux since about 2.4 or so01:19
ncfi1013_thank you gnutron01:19
microlithas it stands, if I don't have a monitor connected, the display comes up as 800x600 and cannot be changed01:19
gnutronncfi1013_: anytime01:20
microlithwhich makes vnc less than useful01:20
mrwessnuitje, Ahh...cuz I have two laptops and one desktop, was thinking about making the desktop Ubuntu Server01:20
zsquarepluscmicrolith: then why not use vncserver? (separate screen)01:20
gnutronmrwes: desktop and server are two different animals01:20
mrwesheadless eventually01:20
woshow do you create a directory in terminal anyone01:20
mrwesgnutron, yah I know that01:21
gnutronwos: mkdir01:21
zsquarepluscgnutron: they are? nah..01:21
snuitjeallright, you want a directory server? i can recommand running a domain server first, and if you like a dhcp server01:21
wosis there a faster way to find out these commands01:21
microlithzsquareplusc: I get an annoying disassociation between the desktop I set up, and what I get via vnc (widget theme is different, window colors are different)01:21
mrwesbasically for a file server01:21
qcjngnutron: ok, when i went to the remote computer, ti was a black screen, so i've restarted it..Then i tryed to connect without connecting my user in he remote..didn't work..then connected the user..& it worked01:21
gnutronzsquareplusc: technically arent they?01:21
ncfi1013_gnutron well i guess what i was talking about was the window that shows all the processes that are open and that gives you the option to kill the process01:21
wosthanks gnutron !01:21
jontecwhere should I go to report a critically out of date package? Do I post this as a bug?01:22
zsquarepluscgnutron: one installs ubuntu-server the other ubuntu-desktop. bot come from the same package repositories and you can mix if you want01:22
mrwesncfi1013_, top ?01:22
gnutronncfi1013_: try 'top' in a xterm and read the options01:22
=== grot is now known as roach79
gnutronzsquareplusc: i see.01:22
Mooc1can someone help me with evolution01:22
zsquarepluscgnutron: professional server operators of course dont recoment to "work" on the server as user. so there is no point for a gnome desktop there. but for a home user its ok01:22
=== roach79 is now known as grot
ncfi1013_gnutron, umm...i don't know what 'top' is01:23
zsquarepluscmicrolith: with the shared desktop or with a separate "vncserver"?01:23
gregbradysnuitje: definately a 64 bit driver problem.  I tried a 32 bit version on another machine and all works01:23
gnutronncfi1013_: top is a curses program which lists running processes01:24
mrwesIs Ubuntu Server overkill just for a filer server?01:24
mrweser file01:24
snuitjegregbrady: strange though, the gstreamer codecs should work on 64 bits arch too01:24
zsquarepluscncfi1013_: system monitor is the grpahical one, top or htop are console applications for the same purpose01:24
microlithzsquareplusc: seperate vnc server, the shared desktop looks like I expect01:24
gregbradysnuitje: apparently not here.01:24
snuitjegregbrady: and the adobe beta plugin should work as well01:24
zsquarepluscmicrolith: and you start gnome-session in the vncserver?01:24
qcjngnutron: when it worked..my motd wasn't there, so i has to remake it01:24
ncfi1013_how do you access 'top'?01:24
gregbradysnuitje: I'll give that a shot as a last resort01:24
microlithzsquareplusc: yup01:24
Mooc1Can someone help me out with evolution01:25
snuitjegregbrady: maybe there's a but about it on launchpad, launchpad.net/ubuntu/bugs iirc01:25
mrwesncfi1013_, hit Ctrl + F1 then type top01:25
gregbradysnuitje: then wipe and wait for the next rev.01:25
snuitjegregbrady: or install ubuntu 32bit01:25
zsquarepluscmicrolith: 8.04? i have seen gnome-settinges-daemon die there, which made gnome fallback to default (builtin) theme01:25
gnutronncfi1013_: you can ps aux  locate the program, and its PID number and type kill PID  where pid is a number.01:25
gregbradysnuitje: nah, this is a laptop....happy with the xp install.  Wubi just looked like a smooth easy install method01:26
microlithzsquareplusc: 8.10, but gnome-settings-daemon is dying01:26
microlithI think it's not finding an extension it wants in the x server01:26
snuitjegregbrady: allright01:26
gnutronqcjn: the motd should create itself. also, a headless box may need a bios tweak to start with no keyboard01:26
gregbradysnuitje: but I'll give the adobe driver a try first01:26
snuitjegregbrady: usually they ship xp with a giant steaming pile of crapware though :P01:26
zsquarepluscmicrolith: oh i was hoping that its fixed now.01:27
gregbradysnuitje: I cleaned this machine.01:27
gregbradysnuitje: it's actually not bad, just dated01:27
gnutronncfi1013_: open a terminal and type 'top'  or 'htop'01:27
dr_willisI had issues w3ith a headless box.. :) one disk failed the fsck. and printed a message for me to  hit ctrl-c to continue, or somthing like that.. of course with no head.. i never saw the message01:27
microlithzsquareplusc: well poo, low priority issue for me though01:27
ardchoilleIs there an app that lets you use one gtk theme for one app and another gtk theme for another app?01:28
gregbradysnuitje: and I just love Ubuntu on my desktops01:28
Mooc1anyone really fluent with evolution?01:28
dr_willisardchoille,   Not that i have ever seen.. the windowmanager sawfish lets you sort of do that however..01:28
snuitjegregbrady: i use it everywhere, desktop, server and laptop =)01:28
zsquarepluscmicrolith: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-settings-daemon/+bug/19924501:28
gregbradysnuitje: Yup, me too, just not laptop.  Too many fights with the Broadcom01:28
ardchoilledr_willis: I was thinking this might not be within the capabilities of gnome. I'll check out sawfish, thanks01:28
reidanyone here use an Atheros 242x or AR5007 wireless card, and Hardy AMD64?01:28
dasdsahi, my ubuntu just stopped working.. i can boot and everything seems fine, but when the graphical interface is supposed to show up i just get a black screen.. no reason why this happens, was working OK 'til yesterday01:28
dasdsaany ideas?01:29
snuitjegregbrady: atheros here :)01:29
reidis it working for you?  =P01:29
=== cyphr is now known as Digichrome
dr_willisardchoille,  it would be more of a 'metacity' feature.. and you could replace metacity with sawfish01:29
reidit worked for about 20 minutes after I set it up, and then it crapped out01:29
qcjngnutron: what is a headless box..with no keyboard or mouse ?01:29
reidI can still scan, and I see networks01:29
woscan anyone tell me how to move a file?01:29
wosin terminal01:29
gregbradysnuitje: every update....ATI, and Wireless trouble.01:29
reidbut when I try to connect, networkmanager doesn't light up either light01:29
zsquarepluscwos: rm01:29
dr_williswos,  the mv command...01:29
ardchoilledr_willis: hmm.. not sure that will work here, I have compiz and g-w-d running beautifully and I don't think sawfish does compositing01:29
snuitjedr_willis: isnt that the sort of thing that can be tweaked with .gtkrc?01:30
dr_willisardchoille,  correct it does not.01:30
wos you01:30
zsquarepluscwos: oh sorry. i read re-move.. its just mv tehn01:30
cdavazI am running 8.10 on a Lenovo SL500. Why is my wireless not working?01:30
gnutronqcjn: no keyboard or monitor if i recall correctly01:30
Mooc1I cannot send a message through evolution?01:30
sebsebsebMooc1:  evolution sure it's the default in Ubuntu,  but  Mozilla Thunderbird  is  probably much nicer01:30
forcumangthats awesome, the developer of pidgin couldn't help me so he just stopped talking, haha01:30
reidbecause u have an atheros card cdavaz =P01:30
dr_willissnuitje,  getting differnt windows to use different themes.. would have to be   dependent on the window manager.. the only one ive ever seen do that is sawfish.01:30
forcumangnice job devver01:30
snuitjegregbrady: intel integrated graphics ftw :) works with compiz ootb ^^ guess i got lucky when i bought it for cheap01:30
cdavazreid: any way to get it to work?01:30
reidyeah lol, my ATI integrated were horrible01:30
dr_willissnuitje,   i recall at one time sawfish being considered for the default gnome window maanger..  (this was AGES ago) :)01:30
reidman, I wish I knew cdavaz01:31
gregbradysnuitje: at the time I really didn't care about the graphics.  It all worked under XP01:31
snuitjedr_willis: the window manager doesn't interfere with the applications toolkit01:31
qcjngnutron: and if i go play in the bios will i be able to connect a keyboard once started..of course i wouldn't need that if ssh works01:31
reidI'm sitting here on a hardwire that is 30ft long01:31
sebsebsebMooc1:  Mozilla Thunderbird very easy to set your email accounts up in01:31
cdavazreid: i told my company not to buy this piece of crap SL01:31
ardchoilledr_willis: I didn't know metacity was responsible for handling the Human gtk theme01:31
snuitjedr_willis: yeah sawfish was for gnome 1.x01:31
gregbradysnuitje: but then I wanted something better and that is where the nightmares began01:31
gnutronqcjn: you may need to reset the bios change, its easier to just leave a keyboard connected.01:32
gregbradysnuitje: got a link for an adobe driver?01:32
Mooc1sebsebseb: its set but my message is not sending. it says it is but its not01:32
snuitjegregbrady: sorry, i just know it was on /. try searching adobe flash on slashdot.org01:32
gregbradysnuitje: oh, found it01:32
zsquarepluscqcjn: on a recent PC you can plug and unplug USB keyboards at any time, usually01:32
snuitjegregbrady: ^^01:32
reidanyone here get atheros 242x or 500x wifi working stable on 8.x?01:33
gregbradysnuitje: and we should install the .deb, correct?01:33
snuitjegregbrady: yep01:33
qcjnzsquareplusc: i don't have a recent usb keyboard actually01:33
zsquarepluscqcjn: but thats not your problem. you have still issues with sshd?01:33
gregbradysnuitje: here goes01:33
mrpocketsis there a difference in ISOs between Ubuntu server and Ubuntu workstation?01:33
qcjnzsquareplusc: exactly01:33
ExUser1anyone running ubuntu in vmware?01:33
reidI believe server installs into CLI and not gnome01:34
mrpocketstwo different downloads?01:34
snuitjegregbrady: if you still have flashplugin-nonfree installed, that could still get loaded by firefox01:34
reidalso I doubt it comes with all the pretty furniture01:34
sebsebsebMooc1:  I haven't used evoloution well opened the set up and cancel and  that's as far as you go  unless  an email account is set up.   Mozilla Thunderbird though  :)01:34
zsquarepluscqcjn: re keyboard: only the bios needs to be recent to see USB keyboards. once ubuntu runs it works anyway with USB and or ps/201:34
ExUser1is there any difference>01:34
cdavazreid: When I run "Hardware Drivers" I see the Atheros card listed and the driver for it installed and activated. So what is the issue here?01:34
reidsoftware rofl.. furniture01:34
gregbradysnuitje: is is loaded by firefox but does nothing01:34
gregbradysnuitje: and adobe's link is only for 32 bit01:34
snuitjegregbrady: hm, better remove it if you install the one from adobe website01:35
ExUser1i want to install backtrack 3 on ubuntu..anyone have installed that?01:35
gregbradysnuitje: it never installed01:35
sebsebsebMooc1:  Thunderbird better  than Evolouition01:35
zsquarepluscqcjn: re ssh, is there a file /etc/rc2.d/S16ssh ?01:35
gnutronqcjn: if ssh exists as in /etc/init.d/ssh  it should start on boot. i'm sure its there01:35
snuitjegregbrady: 64 bit version should be on their "Adobe Labs"01:35
gregbradysnuitje: it gave an error01:35
Mooc1sebsebseb:  I'm trying to send a email to the mail lists of Ubuntu01:35
dr_willis  /etc/init.d/ssh   not going to make it start   a link TO that file from /etc/rc2.d i think is whats needed01:36
gregbradysnuitje: they hide it well01:36
sebsebsebMooc1: try Thunderbird when  you first open it it asks you waht type of accounts you want to set up,  and then you can just do that01:36
qcjnzsquareplusc: in the remote server or on the client01:36
snuitjedr_willis: update-rc.d ssh defaults01:36
zsquarepluscgnutron: the existence in init.d is no guarantee to start. see update-rc.d for possibilities :-)01:36
zsquarepluscqcjn: the server01:36
gnutrondr_willis: ok, thanks, that sounds familiar01:36
snuitjegregbrady: yeah they do that :P01:36
gnutronzsquareplusc: thanks01:36
Mooc1hmmm ok01:36
gnutronI should probably shutup.01:37
snuitjegregbrady: took me a while to find air at some point when i wanted to try it01:37
zsquarepluscgnutron: nono, you do well :-)01:37
snuitjegregbrady: but they have that as well for linux, dont know about 64bit support tho01:37
gregbradysnuitje: well, lets hope all developers for ubuntu recognize these issues with graphics, wireless and flash.  Don't worry about new features and just fix the basics01:37
snuitjegregbrady: air predates flash for 64bit01:37
gnutronzsquareplusc: thanks man. i try.01:37
reidso anyone wanna tell me what it means when neither light lights up on networkmanager?01:38
reidnever seen that before... used to only 1 lighting up01:38
reidit scans wireless fine...01:38
reidbut can't connect to any of them01:38
reid8.4 hardy01:38
juancabritohey everybody. Can anyone help me with some questions about VMWARE??01:38
qcjnzsquareplusc: z16ssh is there01:38
snuitjegregbrady: hardware support is continuously being improved, flash is proprietary so that's difficult01:38
qcjnzsquareplusc: s16ssh01:39
gregbradysnuitje: everything is difficult for the underdog.  He who has the best drivers wins01:39
sebsebsebgregbrady:  those issues well  hardware issues only the manufactures can  sort out properly,  and Flash only  Adobe for the closed one, but Gnash the open one is getting there01:39
snuitjegregbrady: hardware support is very difficult as well for nvidia because they dont give specs, just blobs of varying usefullness01:39
zsquarepluscqcjn: but it should be staring with S (for starting), k means stopping01:39
zsquarepluscqcjn: try: update-rc.d ssh defaults01:39
snuitjegregbrady: so vista definately loses the game ;)01:39
gregbradysnuitje: actually.................I've had no issues01:40
sebsebsebgregbrady: can the average person improve  Microsoft Word or Windows  nope, because they do not have access to the code01:40
fedealvesI need to hire a consultant via paypal01:40
zsquarepluscqcjn: you were looking in rc2.d? not rc1.d?01:40
gregbradysnuitje: ashamed to say01:40
qcjnzsquareplusc: exactly like this in the terminal "update-rc.d ssh defaults"01:40
fedealvesif there are any takers my email is venefax@gmail.com01:40
snuitjegregbrady: i have a very nice scanner that costs a lot of $$$ new and i got it for 10 buck just because the previous owner couldn't get drivers for vista hehe01:40
qcjnzsquareplusc: yes01:40
juancabritook, then can someone help me to change permissions of a folder please01:40
zsquarepluscqcjn: yes  to update-rc.d (sudo)01:40
gregbradysnuitje: I guess I got lucky01:40
reidin nautilus juan?01:40
snuitjegregbrady: yep01:40
mkerdjuancabrito, right click it and properties -> permissions01:40
fedealvesI need help installing an Ubunto 804 32 Bits Virtual machine under XEN01:40
gregbradysnuitje: didn't like it, but first shot, all hardware01:41
=== www2 is now known as www2_sleep
mkerdfedealves, did you read the documentation or search for a howto?01:41
qcjnzsquareplusc: System startup links for /etc/init.d/ssh already exist01:42
juancabritomkerd: I only can see that only the "root" have permissions and there's nothing I can change in there01:42
=== www2_sleep is now known as www2
zsquarepluscqcjn: hm. update-rc.d ssh remove  would clean that and defaults would set them again01:42
snuitjezsquareplusc: -f remove01:43
triplchi all01:43
mars__h i01:43
mkerdjuancabrito, in terminal type "gksudo nautilus" to run Nautilus as root. Either that or change the permissions from terminal.01:43
=== www2 is now known as www2_sleep
gregbradysnuitje: woohoo, found the site01:43
qcjnzsquareplusc: so you think i should reset it01:43
mcj_Hey guys. I seem to be havign a problem with X.org right now. I have my Intel 810 card set up and my ATI card set up and X.org I guess compiled fglrx into the kernel when it updated and now X.org will not start.01:44
zsquarepluscqcjn: it seems there is something strange. normally ssh should start at runlevel 2 (that is that S* file in rc2.d)01:44
triplchow to block Yahoo Messenger? i am using a Linux box as a router for a small company. I search Google and *found* some howto but they do not work as blocking Yahoo Messenger. Anyone who success in blocking it, please help me01:44
gregbradysnuitje: hmm...it's a .so file and I'm nto sure how to install01:44
reidmcj, use EnvyNG01:44
juancabritomkerd: what is nautilus and what does it have to do with the folder I want to change?01:45
mcj_It keeps looking in something like /card/dri/card0 for my video card and cannot find it.01:45
mcj_reid: EnvyNG?01:45
zsquarepluscqcjn: runlevel 2 is the normal mode for ubuntu. runlevel 1 would be single user01:45
reidI would remove all the drivers for the ATI that you have done yourself01:45
snuitjegregbrady: just copy it to .mozilla/plugins firefox should see it there01:45
mkerdjuancabrito, Nautilus is the name of the file browser01:45
gregbradysnuitje: thanks, let me try that.01:45
snuitjegregbrady: ~/.mozilla/plugins to be exact01:45
KlrSp1i just reinstalled ubuntu from the latest livecd (still 8.04), and now i can't hibernate, any ideas? it just turns the monitor off, but the power stays on... can't get it back up, have to physically power the laptop down01:45
qcjnzsquareplusc:  sudo update-rc.d ssh remove "an then after" sudo update-rc.d ssh defaults01:46
zsquarepluscqcjn: yes01:46
mkerdKlrSp1, try the latest version of ubuntu01:46
qcjnzsquareplusc: ok01:46
juancabritomkerd: ok, thank you. But now I see a folder named "root" instead of my name (the home folder I mean) but the folder has been inside it and now there's only a Desktop icon01:47
KlrSp1mkerd: nah, i need 8.04 for development consistency reasons01:47
snuitjeKlrSp1: do you need to run lts?01:47
mkerdjuancabrito, your home folder is in /home/juancabrito (or whatever your user is called)01:47
fedealvesI need to hire a consultant via paypal if there are any takers my email is venefax@gmail.com01:47
fedealvesI need help installing an Ubunto 804 32 Bits Virtual machine under XEN01:47
gregbradysnuitje: hmmm, can't find /.mozilla/plugins01:47
qcjnzsquareplusc: update-rc.d: /etc/init.d/ssh exists during rc.d purge (use -f to force)01:47
snuitjemkerd: maybe it's a matter of unloading certain modules? do you know how to go about doing that?01:48
snuitjemkerd: i mean, rmmod, but to force that on hibernate01:48
zsquarepluscqcjn: ok. then do what it says01:48
snuitjegregbrady: mkdir it =)01:48
KlrSp1snuitje: just for development reasons, needs to match the other dev's environments01:48
KlrSp1snuitje: it worked out of the box when i first installed 8.04; now that i've re-installed it doens't01:49
snuitjeKlrSp1: did you change the partitioning?01:49
KlrSp1snuitje: nope, just formatted the partitions01:49
mkerdKlrSp1, snuitje, Oh ok. I don't really know about hibernate, but I think I've read that 8.10 had some improvements in that area. Or maybe it was 9.04 that would get.01:49
gregbradysnuitje: nope, no go01:49
snuitjeKlrSp1: if you remove 'quiet' from the boot options in /boot/grub/menu.lst, do you see complaining about not enough swap space?01:50
TokenBadcan anyone help me get ubuntu working right..after installed 8.10 and then install video drivers..I can't get X to start...01:50
triplchow to block Yahoo Messenger? i am using a Linux box as a router for a small company. I search Google and *found* some howto but they do not work as blocking Yahoo Messenger. Anyone who success in blocking it, please help me (repost)01:50
KlrSp1i'll have to reboot, let me give that a whirl, bbiab01:50
qcjnzsquareplusc: what is the command exactly i must put ?01:50
snuitjemkerd: there's going to be a new, more brute-force-like mechanism in newer linux kernels thats all i know :p01:50
bosiwhere is my master?01:50
gnutrontriplc: you might block yahoo using the hosts file01:51
snuitjemkerd: in addition to the old one, so users can pick which one works best01:51
juancabritomkerd: ok, I got it. but now I think.... I'm trying to use a virtual machine I have created there... I've created it with VMWare server, but the VMPlayer doesn't let me use it because of the permissions... so I'm afraid If I change permissions it won't work anyway, what do you think?01:51
zsquarepluscKlrSp1: a colleague has problems with susppend too. he's works better if you boot with nospalsh. and sometimes he has to press the alt key 5 times to get it back up again01:51
mkerdjuancabrito, give it a try, you can always change the permissions back otherwise01:51
zsquarepluscqcjn: sudo update-rc.d -f ssh remove && sudo update-rc.d ssh defaults01:51
juancabritomkerd: ok!01:52
qcjnok, done01:52
snuitjeTokenBad: can you still log in? (in text mode)01:52
qcjnzsquareplusc: done01:52
TokenBadsnuitje yes..into a command prompt01:52
zsquarepluscqcjn: so "ls /etc/rc2.d/ |grep ssh" is now showing an S file?01:53
juancabritomkerd: do I change just the ownwer or the "Group" too?01:53
snuitjeTokenBad: which ubuntu version?01:53
gregbradysnuitje: I don't think firefox sees it01:53
TokenBadwas clean install from disk...01:53
arroz_con_pollohello... does anyone knows anything about msi wind... any good ????01:53
reidwho here is a friggin guru?  lol01:53
snuitjeTokenBad: "sudo apt-get -f install" does nothing?01:53
mkerdjuancabrito, do both, or one, don't be afraid to try, you can change permissions anyway if it doesn't work.01:53
KlrSpzsnuitje: to clarify, should i see that on boot, or shutdown? (i would assume shutdown)01:53
qcjnzsquareplusc: it shows S20ssh01:54
TokenBadno snuitje it seems its cause I have dual 8800gts 512 meg cards..and its not putting one of them or whatever as primary01:54
snuitjegregbrady: hmm, maybe it doesn't have execute permission, try chmod a+x ~/.mozilla/plugins/libfla<tab>01:54
ardchoilleI just did a kernel update on Intrepid and memtest and recovery mode have been removed. Is this normal? What happens if I put memtest and recovery mode back in?01:54
zsquarepluscqcjn: then it should now run on boot01:54
TokenBadsnuitje I have my xorg.conf on pastebin as well as the log of the errors01:54
snuitjeTokenBad: kewl01:55
snuitjeTokenBad: you have a link?01:55
gregbradysnuitje: is has Allow Execution permission01:55
qcjnzsquareplusc: so noe if i restart the computer without a keyboard, i ll still have a problem..right ?01:55
snuitjeKlrSpz: on boot, remove splash as well while you're at it01:55
TokenBadand http://pastebin.com/f4097eb5a01:56
TokenBadthats the 2 links01:56
gnutronqcjn: dont reboot01:56
snuitjegregbrady: allright and when you close firefox and launch it again about:plugins still doesn't show shockwave flash?01:56
gregbradysnuit, no, tried that01:56
zsquarepluscqcjn: what problem? ssh should start with or without keyboard. the single dumb thing that can happen is a BIOS that says keyboard error, press F1 to continue :p01:56
snuitjegregbrady: email adobe tell them their plugin sucks ;)01:57
gregbradysnuitje: actually yes, but with the same old drivers01:57
KlrSpzsnuitje: yeah i didn't see that anywhere01:57
gnutronqcjn: linux rarely needs rebooting01:57
KlrSpzsnuitje: on boot that is01:57
gregbradysnuitje: their driver does not suck.  It is not installed01:57
snuitjegregbrady: does it load the old ones?01:57
gregbradysnuitje: yes01:57
qcjnzsquareplusc: i could use my girlfriend's computer keyboard01:57
snuitjegregbrady: hm, better get that out of the way then01:57
qcjngnutron: how can i see if it starts without rebooting01:57
gregbradysnuitje: right, I told you.  No plugins dir01:57
KlrSpzsnuitje: however when i look in my log pm-hibernate.log i do see it showing "/usr/lib/pm-utils/functions: line 162: echo: write error: No space left on device01:58
gregbradysnuitje: something wrong there.  Not in the correct place01:58
gnutronqcjn: it will, i forgot about the S in the runlevel01:58
zsquarepluscKlrSpz: sounds like your swap is too small to store the ram01:58
qcjnzsquareplusc: if there's no keyboard..how can i press on F101:58
snuitjegregbrady: sudo mv /usr/lib/firefox/plugins/libflashplayer.so /root/01:58
KlrSpzzsquareplusc: yeah it does, oddly enough all i've done is format and reinstall01:58
juancabritomkerd: didn't work, VMWare Player still gives me the message "Insufficient permissions to access the file"  :(01:58
gregbradysnuitje: let me digest that01:59
kusanagi_anybody knows a nice program to handle a sony ericsson?01:59
KlrSpzzsquareplusc: what's a safe way to extend the partition, will gparted work well enough?01:59
qcjngnutron: ok01:59
zsquarepluscqcjn: yep, that was a joke. some BIOS were that stupid. but nowdasy most PC should start without keyboard. in the other cases, the keyboard check can be disabled in BIOS01:59
snuitjegregbrady: if you run mkdir ~/.mozilla/plugins then you do have a plugins dir for firefox :)01:59
=== mike is now known as Guest70037
mkerdjuancabrito, that's weird. google that error message to see if anyone else has had the same problem01:59
KlrSpzgregbrady: yeah you have to create it most of the time01:59
reidwho here got an atheros 242x card working on 8.04?01:59
snuitjeKlrSpz: ouch01:59
MyyogaHey Guys, Im trying to compile Handbrake 9.3 on Ubuntu 8.04, and I installed all of the dependencies,I dont see any errors, but I cant Sudo make install. Any ideas on why that might be?01:59
snuitjeKlrSpz: run df -h02:00
gnutronqcjn: you cant, i think newer machines dont have the keyboard error anymore02:00
qcjnzsquareplusc: like gnutron says, i won't reboot it for now02:00
KlrSpzsnuitje: which device you lookin for?02:00
TokenBadsnuitje http://pastebin.com/f272c2f6b02:00
snuitjeKlrSpz: see if there's a troubled filesystem02:00
KlrSpzall looks well02:00
TokenBadsnuitje and http://pastebin.com/f4097eb5a02:00
snuitjeKlrSpz: nothing anywhere near 99% full?02:00
gnutronzsquareplusc: you're good. end of story. thanks for the assistance02:01
juancabritomkerd: ok thank you for trying02:01
zsquarepluscKlrSpz: how large is your swap ? and RAM? (free tells you both)02:01
gregbradysnuitje: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh02:01
zsquarepluscqcjn: the PC is far away? if you're close to it and can act if something goes wrong, better test now, than never02:02
qcjnzsquareplusc: gnutron yes thanks to you both02:02
KlrSpzsnuitje: nope, most is 26% used02:02
KlrSpzwoah, swap is small as hell for some reason02:02
qcjnzsquareplusc: ok, it s just beside my computer02:02
snuitjeTokenBad: it's probably using the wrong nvidia driver version, try changing it to "nv" where it says nvidia in Section "Device"02:02
MyyogaHey Guys, Im trying to compile Handbrake 9.3 on Ubuntu 8.04, and I installed all of the dependencies,I dont see any errors, but I cant Sudo make install. Any ideas on why that might be?02:02
KlrSpzzsquareplusc: snuitje: http://www.pastie.org/32573702:02
zsquarepluscKlrSpz: is the total of swap bigger than the total of ram (1st column each)02:02
qcjnzsquareplusc: i ll try it now02:02
gnutronqcjn: i think the ssh re-install messed up the runlevel restart. normally it wouldnt have been needed.02:03
KlrSpzzsquareplusc: for some reason it's reporting 486mb02:03
NH|Computer|Geekwhats the command line command to upgrade distros?02:03
NH|Computer|Geekin ubuntu 7.1002:03
ubottuThe location of Trash has changed since 8.04, it is now located in ~/.local/share/Trash | Looking for the trash in previous versions: ~/.Trash02:03
snuitjegregbrady: bad?02:03
bosiwhere is my master?02:03
zsquarepluscKlrSpz: yep, so as soon as you use more then 400MB RAM you cant hibernate successfully02:03
TokenBadsnuitje well since am at command prompt..how would I remove it and reinstall the right one?02:03
MyyogaHey Guys, Im trying to compile Handbrake 9.3 on Ubuntu 8.04, and I installed all of the dependencies,I dont see any errors, but I cant Sudo make install. Any ideas on why that might be?02:04
bosihi everyone02:04
TheSHizzI have dual monitor support with compiz fusion installed.  Although when I save everything it will revert back to single display after restart every time... What do I need to add to the config to make it stick?02:04
TokenBadsnuitje but I installed the one that ubuntu recommended02:04
KlrSpzzsquareplusc: so i just did a swapoff, then mkswap back on the device, then a swapon, and now it reports all 4gb02:04
zsquarepluscKlrSpz: and fdisk -l  do you have different swap partitions?   ehm. do you really want to use hibernate or was that just an accident? ;-)02:04
KlrSpzzsquareplusc: that was soooo weird02:04
gregbradysnuitje: forget it.02:04
gregbradysnuitje: I give up02:04
zsquarepluscKlrSpz: oh, ok02:04
KlrSpzzsquareplusc: yeah i actually like hibernate ;)02:04
KlrSpzok i'm gunna test it now, bbiab02:05
gregbradysnuitje: someone needs to look at this stuff from a simple users perspective and make it all work.02:05
snuitjegregbrady: another reason to hate flash -_-02:05
JmCourirHow to share Physical NTFS HDD from Ubuntu 8.10 to SAMBA Network ?02:05
gregbradysnuitje: no, works fine in XP02:05
qcjngnutron: if i remember its "shutdown -r now"02:05
JmCourirany of you have a good how to .. ?02:05
snuitjegregbrady: someone at Adobe should get a clue02:05
NH|Computer|Geekwhats the command line command to upgrade distros in ubuntu 7.10? yeah yeah its a little old02:06
gregbradysnuitje: no, minority must comform to majority.  Not the other way around.02:06
snuitjegregbrady: doesn't work fine across platforms, like how the web is supposed to work, so they still suck02:06
snuitjegregbrady: flash is a minority on the web02:06
gnutronqcjn: that's right02:06
kitcheNH|Computer|Geek: hmm not sure if there is a command line command that will just do it without editing a few files02:06
qcjngnutron: ok02:06
gregbradysnuitje: I will keep Ubuntu on wired, simple desktops.  No laptops02:06
snuitjegregbrady: so any site using it doesn't conform to majority, by your reasoning flash still sucks :)02:06
zsquareplusc!upgrade > NH|Computer|Geek02:06
ubottuNH|Computer|Geek, please see my private message02:06
TokenBadsnuitje well since am at command prompt..how would I remove it and reinstall the right one?02:07
alec868whats the best program to monitor my cpu temperature in ubuntu 8.1002:07
gregbradysnuitje: I'm a simple user.  simple needs.  Thats all.02:07
kevin__ok when i turn my computer on the network manager asks for my keyring password how can i make it remember it? im wireless laptop on 8.1002:07
kevin__apparently wireless computers have this problem02:07
zsquarepluscalec868: "best" is very subjective. i use sensors-applet02:07
gregbradysnuitje: I don't care if it is flash, bash, mash or smash.  I want to watch a video on youtube.02:08
Baba_B00ieNH|Computer|Geek,  sudo apt-get dis-upgrade i think.. idk i usually upgrade using synaptic02:08
snuitjegregbrady: i get it, it's just that you can't just say "oh ubuntu devs need to work on gettings flash to work"02:08
NH|Computer|Geekok thanx though02:08
NH|Computer|Geeki will try both02:08
gregbradysnuitje: no, devs need to work on ubuntu compatibility with flash.  Not flash itself02:08
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes02:08
snuitjegregbrady: flash support is a known problem, but it's not easy to fix, and if you can support the gnash project then that's excellent02:08
MyyogaHey Guys, Im trying to compile Handbrake 9.3 on Ubuntu 8.04, and I installed all of the dependencies,I dont see any errors, but I cant Sudo make install. Any ideas on why that might be? Pizza makes me happy :)02:09
YlandeFaranI don't find "gmp" at the list "add programs"02:09
YlandeFaranWhat do I do?02:09
alec868zsquaresplus: let me refphrase. can anyone tell me how to easily and quickly install a program that will accurately gauge my CPU temp.02:09
gregbradysnuitje: and ATI drivers, and Broadcom drivers02:09
snuitjegregbrady: theres an alternative from codeweavers that allows the windows flash plugin to be run inside firefox02:09
ardchoilleYlandeFaran: isn't gimp installed by default in Ubuntu?02:09
Baba_B00iebah who needs flash, shockwave and all ? it's all internet garbage.. the best way to browse the web is in text only any way ;) lynx anyone ?02:09
gregbradysnuitje: sorry, frustrated02:09
gnutronMyyoga: sudo not Sudo02:09
sanborhi to all02:10
snuitjegregbrady: yes and everything else, there's a limited amount of man-hours on every job, ati btw is going well because amd released specs02:10
zsquarepluscalec868: apt-get install sensors-applet   then use "add to panel.."02:10
reidomg someone help me fix this friggin wireless driver02:10
Myyogagnutron: sorry I pasted it in wrong, but ya I used sudo02:10
kandjaryop here02:10
kevin__ok ill try another, when i turn my computer on the only working mode is low graphics mode and even then only a KDE session will work, gnome sessions have scrambled graphics02:10
sanbori have a litle problem02:10
gregbradysnuitje: ok, deep breath here02:10
sanbori have a network with windows machine02:10
kandjarreid: what prob do u have with ur wireless driver?02:10
sanborif i put the ip of these machine, i can see it02:10
kitchesnuitje: considering that amd didn't release specs for the older cards just the HD cards02:10
sanborbut i don't see the share name in the network place02:11
sanborany idea?02:11
YlandeFarangmp = GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic Library02:11
alec868zsquareplus; and even better can you point me in the direction of a program that allows me to adjust fan speed to compensate for a cpu that is running hot02:11
gnutronMyyoga: and youre in the source directory?02:11
ubottugimp is an advanced image manipulation application for Ubuntu. See http://www.gimp.org for tutorials and more information.02:11
YlandeFaranwhat is the differance of a tar.gz and a tar.bz2 ?02:11
ubottuG(NU's) N(ot) U(nix). A project that aimed to develop a complete operating system of Free Software, which Ubuntu is based on. See http://gnu.org02:11
uzairhey all02:11
snuitjegregbrady: broadcam has refused to do anything, i don't think they like anyone who asks anything except for placing orders02:12
Myyogagnutron: yup02:12
zsquarepluscalec868: hm. sensors-applet will show fan speeds, but i dont know how to change them02:12
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about keyring02:12
doctorAre there any usability/stability issues with the 64-bit version of Ubuntu Intrepid, and can I expect 32-bit apps to work on 64-bit Linux?  What about 32-bit Windows apps through Wine?02:12
Dr_willis_YlandeFaran,  one is bzip'd other is gzip'd02:12
ardchoilleYlandeFaran: Ah, yeah, read it wrong, sorry02:12
Myyogagnutron: I can paste in the read out of the compiling results02:12
uzairneeded some help in regards to setting up a SOHO network02:12
Dr_willis_doctor,  ive had no issues with 64bit.. wine works fine02:12
gnutronMyyoga: you ran make first?02:12
Dr_willis_doctor,  of course it may depend on exactly which apps you use. there is no zsnes for 64bit for example02:12
YlandeFaranok. I got them two choices on gmp:s download page. But I have not used anything other than sudo apt-get before.02:13
snuitjekitche: well if people start working on drivers now, by the time the drivers are finished and working beautifully, most olders cards would be obsolete right, right? ^_^02:13
YlandeFaranCan I do any harm if I don't know exacly what I'm doing?02:13
doctorDr_willis_, thanks.  Sorry for the noob question, I've just been unable to google any information on the topic that's less than a year old and I know 64-bit development is moving very quickly right now.02:13
doctorDr_willis_, does Wine also work in 64-bit with 32-bit 3D games?02:13
Dr_willis_doctor,  its only with 8.10 that i dared to try 64bit.. after tring it ages ago.. :) ive had no problems02:13
Dr_willis_doctor,  yes wine works.02:14
Myyogagnutron: yup02:14
gnutronMyyoga: i dunno, are you doing this from /usr/src  dir?02:14
uzairi'm trying to setup terminal services for a windows server, however that poses a huge security risk. so the  plan of action is to stick a vpn router in front which will auth. the users.02:14
gregbradysnuitje: ok, back from a breather and I have a fresh beer.02:14
Dr_willis_doctor,  since theres no windows  64bit 3d games  thaat i know of. :)02:14
Myyogagnutron: umm no02:14
alec868zsquareplus: how do i "add to panel"?02:14
TokenBadok if I installed the 177.x.x drivers and want to go back to 173.x.x driver for nvidia..if I am stuck in command prompt how would I remove the 177 and install the 173?02:14
snuitjegregbrady: good idea there :) *opens bottle*02:14
doctorDr_willis_, ah, well - I heard from a friend who tried 64-bit Feisty, and apparently that was a catastrophe for him.02:14
uzairanyone have much knowledge on vpn routers? and vpn technology?02:14
gregbradysnuitje: lets see what I'm doing wrong here02:14
Dr_willis_doctor,  depends on the exact hardware/drivers/programs i imagine.02:14
zsquarepluscalec868: the bar with the menu at the top of the screen. right click with the mouse in a free area in it02:14
snuitjegregbrady: not given up yet?02:14
doctorDr_willis_, I guess there isn't some sort of compatibility layer for 32-bit apps?02:15
gregbradysnuitje: no, I'm just that stupid02:15
gnutronMyyoga: i'm not sure  if thats required as long as your in the build dir. i dunno02:15
Myyogagnutron: I added a COMPILED directory to my home folder where I extracted all of the data and then navigated to that folding using the terminal and ran make02:15
Dr_willis_doctor,  theres somthing sort of like that for linux.. but it dosent do it the same way  that windows does it...02:15
uzairanyone?? (on vpns)02:15
gnutronMyyoga: i would think that would work fine.02:15
zsquarepluscdoctor: ia32-libs, helps getting g' earth run :-)02:15
doctorDr_willis_, gotcha.  Thanks for your help!02:15
doctorzsquareplusc, thanks.  I will make a note of that!02:16
alec868zsquareplus: awesome, thanks02:16
snuitjegregbrady: lol you're not, it's just not obvious if you don't know it... like how their photo editing software is totally non-obvious for a newb like me ^_^02:16
Dr_willis_ive4 had more issues with 64buit windows then i have 64bit linux.. but to be fair.. ive only had a few issues with 64bit windows. :P02:16
doctorI had pretty good luck with windows 64, but I'd still rather not touch it.  :p02:16
Myyogagnutron: It doesn't give me any clear errors either. I just cant run sudo make install, because install doesn't exist02:16
Dr_willis_doctor,  current laptop has 64bit vista.. and ive had no problems.02:16
TokenBadwell better luck than me...for some reason everytime I install the nvidia drivers for my computer it breaks ubuntu02:16
* zsquareplusc just knows C64 :(02:16
Dr_willis_doctor,  except for a few old games. :P02:17
Myyogagnutron: so im assuming that it didn't compile correctly02:17
Dr_willis_zsquareplusc,  i got a few of those also. :)02:17
doctorDr_willis_, no problems?  with VISTA?  surely you jest, sir!  :p02:17
gregbradysnuitje: ok, tell me exactly where the .so file should go02:17
zsquarepluscDr_willis_: so we're the old ones here ;-)02:17
snuitjegregbrady: ~/.mozilla/plugins or the global dir /usr/lib/mozilla/firefox/plugins (afaik)02:17
gregbradysnuitje: ok, it went to /usr/lib/mozilla/firefox/plugins02:18
gregbradyThere are two others there02:18
snuitjeand it's executeable right?02:18
doctorOkay, so if I add another partition with 64-bit linux - would there be any horrible issue with using the same /home partition in both?02:18
mrpocketsWhat corporations is Ubuntu supported by?02:18
doctor-both 32- and 64-bit linux, that is.02:18
gluonmanFor some strange reason, my gnome-panel is not set to be placed above all windows. Firefox completely covers it, as well as drop-down menus. How can I fix this?02:18
gregbradyand flashpluginalternative.so02:18
snuitjegregbrady: better get other flash players out of the way02:18
gnutronMyyoga: ive been told ubuntu's shell interpreter uses /bin/dash instead of /bin/bash which causes compile problems. dash has works for me, but you cam change symlinks to use /bin/bash instead02:18
alec868what would one say is too hot for a cpu? what constitutes dangerous?02:19
doctoralec868, it depends on your CPU.02:19
gregbradysnuitje: so delete them?02:19
snuitjegregbrady: you could let flashpluginalternative.so point to the right one02:19
kevin__im going to massacre but something along the lines of conical02:19
kevin__no thats deff not it02:19
snuitjegregbrady: for the purpose of testing, i'd say yeah that's practical02:19
doctoralec868, it's good to keep the chip under 80c, though - generally speaking.02:19
alec868doctor: do you know where i would find the information online for my cpu?02:19
gregbradysnuitje: confirm, delete them?02:19
kandjarI just move to 8.10.. I was very happy that the network worked str8 away :) usually it's a pain for me to get it to work :) However I'm having issue with my blutooth mouse.... At first the detection went well, but since I rebooted it stopped working (unable to pair it says)02:19
kandjarcan someone help me?02:19
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about funding02:19
gnutronMyyoga: try again using /usr/src instead for the extraction maybe02:20
doctoralec868, you mean how to find out what CPU you're using?02:20
zsquarepluscdoctor: as long as both are 8.10 that should be not a problem. it get to be problematic for some programms that change their config file format in newer versions. though i happily run 64bit with a 32bit chroot from feisty with the same home02:20
snuitjegregbrady: yeah it's not like you can't get them back, you can also move them someplace else like /tmp02:20
alec868doctor:oh! ok. do im at around 49-50c. i shouldnt worry?02:20
gregbradyI will copy and move them02:20
Myyogagnutron: alrright, I guess I'll just copy the whole thing right in there02:20
donaldohow to operate the bluetooth on ubuntu 8.10 amd64?, I am not running on my laptop integrated02:20
zsquarepluscdoctor: chroot you know? an other way to run 32 bit apps on 64 bit computer02:20
doctoralec868, if your machine is prebuilt (like from Dell or whatever) googling the serial number should help.02:20
gregbradysnuitje: ok hold on here.02:20
doctoralec868, you're almost certainly fine.02:20
gregbradysnuitje: ok I think I see what is wong02:21
gnutronMyyoga: mv dir /usr/src  will move the whole thing02:21
=== caplink811-log is now known as caplink811_log
alec868doctor: i mean to find out what temp my particular cpu should be running at, and more importantly, what is a dangerously high temperature02:21
gregbradysnuitje: some files are just links02:21
zsquarepluscalec868: 50°C for a laptop if normal. it's find it alarming at 70°C02:21
snuitjegregbrady: that's not a problem, firefox doesn't care as long as they're in a place where it can find them02:21
gregbradyI know02:22
gregbradysnuitje: we are getting there02:22
chupyhi i have a problem... i have ubuntu in a hp dv6000 the control worked fine but now i modify a lot of things anf now dont work what can i do?02:22
kevin__Canonical ltd provided 10million initially according to wiki02:22
gregbradysnuitje: ok, I'm doing something wrong here02:22
gregbradyI'm a gui guy remember02:22
snuitjegregbrady; i don't know though, maybe someone else with x86_64 does but maybe on 64bit theres a lib and a lib64 or a lib and a lib32, or whatever02:23
alec868zsquareplus: thanks, thats all i needed to know, unless you can tell me how to adjust the fan speed02:23
atari2600aI need to install Ubuntu 8.10 on another machine but I have no blanks02:23
gregbradysnuitje: no...I see what is wrong here02:23
atari2600ais there a way I can put it on my thumbdrive for installation on another machine02:23
snuitjegregbrady: i prefer commandline for a lot of things -_-''02:23
snuitjegregbrady: it grew on me02:23
Comrade-Sergeihow do I add the contents of a text file as a variable in bash?02:23
snuitjegregbrady: what's wrong02:23
gregbradysnuitje: I love command line back in OS9 days02:23
snuitjegregbrady: OS9 didn't have one lol02:24
node357my Dad used to use OS902:24
njbairhey i had a custom xkb layout and when xkb updated today it broke. how do i add my layout and make it "update-proof"?02:24
gregbradysnuitje: I started Nautilus as sudo02:24
atari2600aoh sorry, I just found the freaking thing utility right now :P02:24
zsquarepluscsnuitje, gregbrady: /lib/  /lib32/ /lib64/02:24
atari2600asorry for the annoying, leaving now02:24
thiagossHow do I configure DNAT in ubuntu?02:24
snuitjezsquareplusc: and which one has the right firefox/plugins dir? =)02:24
gregbradyzsquareplusc: what?02:24
thiagossAnd is it possible to take the DNAT decisions at application level?02:25
LosGenersI am having a problem when saving an Excel file to .ods format.02:25
Myyogagnutron: moving the directory didn't help02:26
Myyogagnutron: Same issues02:26
snuitjethiagoss: you can use ucw or iptables, ucw is simpler02:26
zsquarepluscsnuitje, gregbrady sorry then.. i though you meant system libraries. i dont even see a plugin folder in my homes firefox folder.02:26
thiagosssnuitje, can I take decisions to application level? I mean, decide based on the url?02:27
chupyhi i have a problem... i have ubuntu in a hp dv6000 the control worked fine but now i modify a lot of things anf now dont work what can i do?02:27
amikropHello. I have this URL: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=gemrb What files I need from there, in order to build a binary package?02:27
kevin__ok when i turn my computer on the network manager asks for my keyring password how can i make it remember it? im wireless laptop on 8.1002:27
Comrade-Sergeihow do I add the contents of a text file as a variable in bash?02:27
snuitjethiagoss: in iptables though iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -i ethx -p tcp --dport 123 -j DNAT --to
snuitjethiagoss: iirc02:27
amikropHello. I have this URL: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=gemrb What files I need from there, in order to build a binary package?02:28
zsquarepluscamikrop: orig.tgz, diff and dsc are usually downloaded when doing and apt-get source <pkg>02:28
snuitjethiagoss: that's what a load balancer should do, also you could try varnish02:28
amikropzsquareplusc: and how do I build the binary package?02:28
KlrSpzzsquareplusc: snuitje: ok so i can hit hibernate and it actually shuts down, but when booting back up, it doesn't restore from hibernate.. logs no longer show any issues02:28
zsquarepluscComrade-Sergei: FOO=`cat /etc/passwd`02:29
gnutronMyyoga: i'd suspect the source code first, then possibly /bin/dash  i never use #!/bin/dash in say a script, i dont know why ubuntu uses it02:29
LosGeners"Concatenate" results do not show after saving an Excel file into OPEN OFFICE format. Any idea?02:29
KlrSpzComrade-Sergei: note the backticks02:29
Comrade-Sergeizsquareplusc, i was just about to ask02:29
thiagosssnuitje, what I'd like is that it should decide on the host based on the url (not a dns though, cause the servers have private ips). Different servers with different services under a lan.02:29
kitcheKlrSpz: you have to have a resume=<device> line added to the kernel if you don't have one that you want to use hibernate correctly02:29
zsquarepluscKlrSpz: hm. i have the luck that it works here. i dont have experience with fixing it02:29
Comrade-Sergeithanks zsquareplusc and KlrSpz02:29
KlrSpzkitche: let me check; zsquareplusc: shucks!02:30
LosGeners"Concatenate" results do not show after saving an Excel file into OPEN OFFICE format. Any idea?02:30
snuitjei think varnish is your tool, apache can do it as well02:30
snuitjemod_proxy for apache is documented on their site, varnish also has documentation in their trac02:31
gnutronMyyoga: you have build-essential installed i presume?02:31
Myyogagnutron: you dont happen to know if HandBrake is in a other repo, its not in synaptic..02:31
Myyogagnutron: oh ya02:31
gnutronMyyoga: no idea02:31
KlrSpzkitche: sure enough i don't... i'm going to look at my backup from a week ago to see if i have it there... odddddd02:31
LosGeners"Concatenate" results do not show after saving an Excel file into OPEN OFFICE format. Any idea?02:32
LosGeners"Concatenate" results do not show after saving an Excel file into OPEN OFFICE format. Any idea?02:32
mercutio22doodes. I can't type into amsn02:32
snuitjegregbrady: you there?02:32
KlrSpzkitche: nope, not in my backup menu.lst02:32
gnutronMyyoga: i do know /bin/dash causes compile problems...not always though.02:32
gregbradysnuitje: yup, I installed it properly and no luck02:32
snuitjefirefox sees it?02:32
KlrSpzkitche: any suggestions? i don't want to put it there really cuz my old system that it worked on perfectly didn't have it02:33
snuitjemaybe we got the wrong dir then, did you try copying to ~/.mozilla/plugins ?02:33
pan2342turion x2 TL-60 works fine out of the box with ubuntu 8.10?02:33
gnutronMyyoga: try googling ubuntu and handbrake, you might get lucky02:34
gregbradysnuitje: nothing else in /usr/lib/firefox/plugins but libflashplayer.is02:34
vraawhat is the best way to remotely restart a machine. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=75314 <-- post #2 says "sudo shutdown -h now" or "sudo reboot"02:34
Myyogagnutron: how does one move to /bin/bash instead of dash? sorry for the question, I've compiled programs in my CS class, I just dont know what the difference is between Dash and Bash02:34
zsquarepluscvraa: -h in shutdown is a bad idea. use -r02:34
kitchevraa: well shutdown -h now won't reboot, reboot will though02:34
thiagosssnuitje, Thanks, I'll take a look at those02:35
vraaso "sudo shutdown -r now" or "sudo reboot"02:35
gnutronMyyoga: dash interpreter is a ubuntu thing, i forget the fix but its simple to google02:35
reidanyone familiar with madwifi here?02:35
gregbradysnuitje: not a link or shortcut this time.  A real file.02:35
qcjnok, computer don,t work without keyboard...i made a sudo shutdown -h now from ssh, and it s the computer i m on that shutdown02:35
gregbradysnuitje: still no luck02:35
snuitjegregbrady: is there firefox/plugins in /usr/lib32 or /usr/lib64 ?02:35
vraais reboot = shutdown -r02:35
=== Eric is now known as Guest62646
vraaaren't they different applications i am running?02:36
gregbradysnuitje: I will check02:36
kitcheMyyoga: bash is used for the user really think /bin/dash is only used on the dpkg-reconfigure scripts02:36
qcjni ve plugged my girlfriend's keyboard, and ssh didn't work till i opened a user session02:36
zsquarepluscqcjn: -h shuts down, -r would restart.02:36
reidanyone familiar with madwifi here?02:36
snuitjedash is used for /bin/sh which according to debian policy should be a posix-compliant shell02:37
reidpreferrably successfully uing it =Ps02:37
reidusing that is02:37
gregbradysnuitje: yes02:37
KoFish_pekwm_wp_menu is released!! Get it while it's hot... but begin using pekwm first!! http://www.pekwm.org/projects/1102:37
kitchereid: depends which madwifi02:37
zsquarepluscqcjn: oh wait, i think i know what happens to you.. the newtwork is managed by the network manager, and that is only run when a user logs in...02:37
snuitjegregbrady: hm maybe that's where firefox looks then02:37
gnutronqcjn: ive never had that problem on literally dozens of boxes, thats weird02:37
snuitjegregbrady: just copy it over and see what happens -_-'02:37
gregbradysnuitje: but there is a file there with the same name02:37
MyyogaAlright, thanks guys I really apreciate the help02:37
snuitjegregbrady: oh dont worry, it's probably the same then02:38
snuitjegregbrady: check the file size02:38
MyyogaI'll hack away at this a little later02:38
MyyogaHappy Thanksgiving!!!!02:38
qcjnzsquareplusc: thats what i wanted, but it didn't shut the remote computer, it shut down the computer i was on02:38
gregbradysnuitje: same size, same date02:38
qcjnzsquareplusc: ok02:38
snuitjegregbrady: same file then, checked lib64?02:39
gregbradysnuitje: yes.  Same file in lib as in lib6402:39
snuitjegregbrady: makes sense :)02:39
gregbradysnuitje: sense yes, works no02:40
snuitjegregbrady: ^-^02:40
vraathanks guys, the machine restarted successfully :)02:40
snuitjegregbrady: run firefox from a terminal, see if you get any warnings02:40
gnutronzsquareplusc: i think you've solved it dude, that sounds like the culprit.02:40
gregbradysnuitje: good idea!02:40
snuitjegregbrady: load a flash page too, else firefox wont try to run it02:40
zsquarepluscqcjn: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading scroll down on the page the network upgrade for servers is what you want02:41
vraawhat does it mean when a package has been "kept back"02:41
gregbradysnuitje: no, no errors, no feedback02:41
snuitjevraa: it won't get upgraded02:41
qcjnzsquareplusc: ok02:41
vraasnuitje: how can i find out why it won't get upgraded?02:41
snuitjegregbrady: it didn't background as well?02:42
vraai ran "sudo apt-get update" and then "sudo apt-get upgrade" update did not give any warnings02:42
ss_I have an old HP Laserjet 4L printer is detected by windows automatically and i can print docs by OO.o 3 there, here in Ubuntu Interpid I cannot find any such sign of printer when I press Ctrl P to print in OOo 3 any ideas how to use this printer in Ubuntu?02:42
snuitjevraa: try installing it, it'll probably want to remove a package02:42
vitamin-carrotany gamers in here with ut2004 exp?02:42
vraainstalling "it" being... one of the kept back packages?02:42
ardchoillevraa: it might be a kernel upgrade, I just did that: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade02:42
snuitjevraa: apt-get upgrade does only safe upgrades, dist-upgrades allows for removal02:42
gregbradysnuitje: sure but no errors02:42
snuitjegregbrady: meanwhile about:plugins mentions nothing about flash?02:43
gregbradykeithclark@ubuntu:~$ firefox02:43
gregbradyICEDTEAPLUGIN_DEBUG = (null)02:43
gregbradykeithclark@ubuntu:~$ firefox &02:43
gregbrady[1] 758302:43
gregbradykeithclark@ubuntu:~$ ICEDTEAPLUGIN_DEBUG = (null)02:43
FloodBot2gregbrady: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:43
vraais that safe to do? isn't that going to move me from 8.04 to 8.10?02:43
ferhi, excuse me... can u tell me if there's a channel for new users02:43
ardchoillevraa: no, it won't, yes, it's safe02:43
snuitjevraa: use do-release-upgrade -d02:43
gnutronfer: this is the place02:43
vraaso i should do "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" and then "sudo apt-get do-release-upgrade -d"02:44
snuitjevraa: no apt-get just sudo do-release-upgrade -d02:44
ardchoillevraa: are you wanting to upgrade to 8.10?02:44
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vraawell, when i was at work, the computer had the orange icon at top, so i updated and it said i needed to restart. but i forgot to restart it, so now i am at home and i have ssh access to my machine02:45
vraai just rebooted it, because i needed to reboot it, the computer had that blue arrows in a circle message02:45
ardchoillevraa: there was a recent kernel upgrade, so that's probably why it needed a restart02:45
thomasiteHi to all. I'm using an Acer Aspire 5570ANWXCi which runs on 8.10. Months ago, when I was still using Windoze, I just switch on this button for me to connect to the Internet through WiFi. The said button works everytime, and there's an indicator that it does (a yellow light). However, now that I'm using Ubuntu, no matter how many times I switch the button, the light indicator does not function and I cannot connect through WiFi. How do I solve this? Tha02:45
gregbradysnuitje: At a loss here02:45
zsquarepluscqcjn: not sure if that works after the upgrade..02:45
qcjnzsquareplusc: ok, i was reading about it02:46
snuitjegregbrady: you've got libflashplayer in the same dir where gnash plugin was installed, so that ought to be allright02:46
vraaoh i see, thanks guys, this is pretty neat02:46
gregbradysnuitje: no02:46
snuitjegregbrady: not?02:46
Comrade-Sergeihey zsquareplusc, I set those up and now its like it tries to run the variable as its oun subscript when i assign them? wtf?02:47
snuitjegregbrady: what was libflashalternative then?02:47
gregbradysnuitje: no02:47
gregbradysnuitje: I have no idea.  I deleted that02:47
gnutronqcjn: i wish you the best of luck, i need a break...holidays are too depressing.02:48
gnutronzsquareplusc: thanks for all the tips :)02:48
qcjngnutron: ok02:48
qcjngnutron: thanks02:48
cleverThe following packages have unmet dependencies: libqt4-debug: Depends: libqt4-gui (= 4.3.4-0ubuntu3) but 4.4.0-1ubuntu5~hardy1 is to be installed02:49
snuitjegregbrady: well if google doesn't know how to install flash player 64bit, and this game of trial-and-error doesn't work, then sorry but i can't help you... try the mozillazine forum there are lots of helpful mozilla people there02:49
kandjari m encountering some issue with my bluetooth mouse, anyone to help?02:49
gnutronzsquareplusc: your nick rocks btw.  see ya02:49
shawnaI have an external hard drive that I've mounted, but the stacks plugger applet in Avant Window Navigator doesn't display it because the icon that I saved for it got deleted. How can I fix it so that the drive shows up in the applet?02:49
thebishopmy screen went black HELP!!!!02:49
gregbradysnuitje: I have straight forward hardware here.....ATI Radeon Xpress 200M, AMD 64 processor.....this should be easy and common.02:50
zsquarepluscComrade-Sergei: the backticks run a command and give you the output to be stored in a variable or passed on the command line. e.g. ls -l `which sudo`02:50
pan2342which do u guys prefer intel core duo or amd turion x2?02:51
snuitjegregbrady: hehe yeah, you mean "I've got the latest AMD 3,5GHz CPU, 6GB of RAM, 2TB hdd space and the pc refuses to work? WTH!"02:51
zsquarepluscComrade-Sergei: what do you really want to do? do you really need the variable?02:51
Comrade-Sergeizsquareplusc, ah so i should like cat that file or something huh?02:51
snuitjegregbrady: funny it doesn't work like that :D02:51
Comrade-Sergeizsquareplusc, yea i need one02:51
gregbradysnuitje: nah, ubuntu is just not mature enough for us laptop users.  I really hope they keep trying though!  Back to XP where things work.02:51
woswhats the deal with installing the java plugin in firefox, why doesnt it just work?02:51
snuitjegregbrady: hm, i could say the same thing about windows02:51
=== _ is now known as Guest72121
gregbradysnuitje: XP works just fine02:52
snuitjegregbrady: it would definately be detrimental to my laptop and what i do with it02:52
gregbradysnuitje: Vista is just fine....02:52
gregbradysnuitje: and I'm sure this laptop sold more than 1 copyt.02:52
snuitjegregbrady: i'm sure they sold a million of mine too -_-'' it's just a matter of what choices the vendors make02:53
zsquarepluscComrade-Sergei: most commands that work with larger input take it from stdin, so "cat file | less"   or "less < file"  (apart from "less file" that would work anyway) all do the same02:53
gregbradysnuitje: Linux cannot afford to wait for the hardware guys.  They will not bend as it does not pay.  Pretty simple02:54
snuitjegregbrady: linux is a kernel whose development is being sponsored by some very big corporates in the it industry02:54
gregbradysnuitje: and lord knows I've fought it out here to make it work.  I've been here for about 20-30 hours.  That is not free time.02:55
Comrade-Sergeizsquareplusc, nah im taking imput from wget02:55
snuitjegregbrady: other companys can choose to ignore that at their peril02:55
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!02:55
ubottuAPT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome) or !Adept (KDE)02:55
snuitjegregbrady: well i dont think the lord is involved in such matters ^-^02:56
zsquarepluscComrade-Sergei: then "wget -O -" could be interesing, then you can send the data to the next program using |02:56
IdleOneand as well should not be02:56
gregbradysnuitje: well, I'm confident I gave it a fair share here.  My laptops are just not compatible with Linux02:56
gregbradysnuitje: and I don't want to support multiple platforms.02:56
snuitjegregbrady: oh it is mostly, it's just the software you want to run on top of linux02:57
Comrade-Sergeizsquareplusc, yea thats what im doing02:57
geckosenatorhow do I enable framebuffer support?02:57
gregbradysnuitje: basic flash?  Youtube is a pretty basic need these days02:57
snuitjegregbrady: tried http://www.keepvid.com/ ?02:57
Comrade-Sergeizsquareplusc, heres what im doing http://pastebin.ca/126911202:58
snuitjegregbrady: if not with totem, it may still work with vlc02:58
gregbradysnuitje: with all my users?02:58
fbcWhy does running intrepid consume almost double the memory.. I used to have 33% memory used on boot and now I have 66% memory in use by programs on boot.02:58
snuitjegregbrady: there's almost always a way, technically everything is possible02:58
ST47My ubuntu laptop keeps trying to use DHCP to configure my static IP network, how do I make it stop02:58
gregbradysnuitje: no, but thanks for your help!  You really tried here.02:58
kitchefbc: the same reason that system requirements go up with each new version of a software02:58
snuitjegregbrady: sure i want it to work as much as you do02:58
IdleOnefbc, uneeded services starting up that you forgot to disable after upgrade perhaps02:59
gregbradysnuitje: I just does not02:59
snuitjegregbrady: except i would never give up linux except maybe for freebsd :)02:59
zsquarepluscComrade-Sergei: heh, ive done such scripts too, a while ago. well i did it in python. but i think the backticks ` are missing (or at least not in the paste)02:59
LF|Irssi<3 FreeBSD02:59
KlrSpzkitche: ok so weird, i put that resume option on my kernel line, and it works02:59
ST47Ahem. Why won't it honor /etc/network/interfaces03:00
kitcheLF|Irssi: good for you there is a ##freebsd channel go say that there at least I don't go to other system rooms and say stuff like that03:00
Comrade-Sergeizsquareplusc, well you see what im trying to do here now then03:00
KlrSpzkitche: but the thing is my last install didn't have that.. anywhere else it might be?03:00
kandjarcan anyone help me? I can't get my mouse to work03:00
fbcIdleOne, I thought the same thing, so I backup my home dir, and did an intrepid install from scratch. Plus I ned added any startup service, it was default.03:00
Comrade-Sergeizsquareplusc, spent 3 nights on this now03:00
gluonmanI have an external hard drive opened, but stacks plugger in AWN won't display it. I think it's because I manually changed the display picture, but I accidentally deleted the display picture. What should I do to fix it?03:00
mercutio22hello, cam I somehow repeat the latest kernel update03:00
gregbradysnuitje: hey, I gave it a fair chance here.  I tried to put it on all my machines here.03:00
LF|Irssikitche: how bout you shut up? I was just commenting on what someone said bout Freebsd.03:01
snuitjegregbrady: yep, me too ^_^03:01
gregbradysnuitje: but alas, I can only afford to support one working platorm.03:01
kitcheLF|Irssi: nah I won't at least I stay on topic03:01
aikpeople, ask me plz, how i can move reiserfs partition if she mounted to /03:01
snuitjegregbrady: so you're still running ubuntu on your desktop? over the network ubuntu and windows can coexist well03:01
zsquarepluscComrade-Sergei: you could also use if diff f1 f1; do03:02
zsquarepluscComrade-Sergei: if diff a b >/dev/null; then echo "same"; else echo "diff"; fi03:02
gregbradysnuitje: yes, but I have to change over now03:02
ST47Ok guys, easier question03:02
fbckitche, I think your right. even with a 1.8ghz 64-bit turion and 1 gig of ram, it's time for and upgrade.03:02
zsquarepluscComrade-Sergei: so you compare files w/o variables03:02
snuitjegregbrady: you're gonna uninstall ubuntu on your desktop because youtube wont work on your laptop?03:02
ST47I want to file a bug against a feature, but I don't know what package offers that feature03:02
gluonmanI need help figuring out how to get my external hard drive to show up in stacks plugger.03:02
ST47You know how you press ctrl-alt-f1?03:02
LF|Irssiomg kitche just stfu already ok? I can state my opinions if i feel like it.03:02
gregbradysnuitje: Yes....only one platform03:02
ST47And that gives you a terminal03:02
Comrade-Sergeizsquareplusc, can we private this is gonna get ugly for me03:03
snuitjegregbrady: that sounds silly...03:03
woscan anyone tell me how to get java working in firefox?03:03
ST47Sometimes it doesn't work right, who do I complain to03:03
zsquarepluscComrade-Sergei: ok03:03
gregbradysnuitje: why?  One set of tools, resources.03:03
gregbradysnuitje: I'm not going to split users03:04
ms_exodusif i setup an ubuntu network with diskless clients can I still run VirtualBox on those clients03:04
snuitjegregbrady: you can have samba keep a roaming profile so you have the same files on both oses03:04
mercutio22eveytime there's a kernel update, my menu.lst is messed up. Something is making it assign linux to (hd0,5) intead of (hd0,4) where it lays03:05
gregbradysnuitje: I understand your ideas here.  But XP works on all machines as purchased.03:05
gregbradysnuitje: pretty simple.03:05
snuitjewos: try installing sun-java6-plugin03:05
wossnuitje i installed the fkng thing03:06
snuitjegregbrady: hm well at least you can run gimp, oo.o and firefox under windows03:06
woswhoops sorry03:06
wosbut this thing is so frustrating03:06
gregbradysnuitje: and I do!03:06
wosevery step of the way03:06
wosi have a problem03:06
ardchoillewos: did you restart firefox?03:06
NininaI just installed ubuntu 8.10 and I'm getting some weird artifacts in the top boarders of my windows.  I'm using a NVidia GeForce 7950 GT with the version 177 restricted drivers03:07
ja-barranyone has had problems with the virtualbox permission problem even after putting my current user to the vboxuser group03:07
gregbradysnuitje: I just want the devs to see the real problems here.03:07
snuitjegregbrady: allright, eventually micros~1 is just going to stop supporting xp03:07
ardchoillesnuitje , gregbrady perhaps the XP stuff is better served in #ubuntu-offtopic ?03:07
wosNinina, are you getting lines across your window boarders ?03:07
gregbradysnuitje: I see pretty stuff added, but basic real users are left out.03:07
r3duxNinina,  - try changing window manager to emerald or metacity, see if you get the same prob03:07
gregbradyardchoille: yes, thanks.03:07
mercutio22because of that the nvidia dkms thing was not properly installed03:07
KlrSpzwhat's the command to rewrite the grub menu???03:07
snuitjegregbrady: im no dev, if you want a soapbox this isn't it03:08
=== nintendork|afk is now known as nintendork32
mercutio22KlrSpz> sudo update-grup03:08
gregbradysnuitje: thanks for the help though.  You sure did try.03:08
Nininawos: more like they turn white and the minimize/maximize/close buttons vanish03:08
snuitjegregbrady: just trying to do my part -_-' yw03:08
Nininar3dux: how would I go about doing that?03:08
gregbradysnuitje: and you did.  Above and beyond03:08
wosyeah change your to metacity03:08
KlrSpzmercutio22: ah, yeah03:08
r3duxnin - do you use compiz?03:08
r3duxnin - if so, run fusion-icon, and do it from that03:09
Nininar3dux: I only have what the ubuntu installer installed03:09
r3duxNinina, - right click on sys tray icon, select window manager then reload window manager03:09
fbcAnyone know why I my system monitor show two copies of X running? The second one says KAS_event or something.03:09
=== _ is now known as Guest12362
r3duxfbc - twinview thing??03:10
fbcr3dux, I'm on a laptop.. with no external monitor connected03:10
r3duxfbc - hehe, no idea then soz03:10
Nininar3dux: I have no icon like that03:11
snuitjegregbrady: if you get tired of xp someday, theres still ubuntu 32bit which has working flash ;)03:11
r3duxNinina, sudo apt-get install fusion-icon03:11
gregbradysnuitje: not with >4 GB03:11
mercutio22how can I start restricted drivers manager from the shell please?03:11
snuitjegregbrady: well linux does support that, but i've never tried it in practice03:12
Alastairany xchat users awake ? xD03:12
ardchoilleAlastair: yes03:12
r3duxDouble yes ;)03:12
Alastairi have one question :p03:12
snuitjegregbrady: 768MB here :P03:12
snuitje!ask | Alastair03:12
ubottuAlastair: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:12
Alastaircan you have favourite channels but not autojoin all of them as soon as you connect to a server :?03:13
Nininar3dux: ok that fixed the problem and I seem to have gotten a performance increase as well, it was being a little sluggish03:13
Lunar_LampAlastair: try #xchat :-)03:13
snuitjeyeah, i never autojoin #ubuntu yet it's one of my favourite channels03:13
gregbradysnuitje: I believe it does in 64 bit mode03:14
kandjarmy bluetooth mouse stop working after reboot.. can someone help me?03:14
snuitjegregbrady: also in 32bit mode, support was added in linux 2.3.something iirc03:14
Nininar3dux: is there anyway to get compiz to work right? I didn't have a problem under 8.04...maybe if I used the 173 drivers?03:15
mercutio22I can't see the ubuntu panel, is it possible to launch restricted drivers manager from the shell??03:15
ardchoilleAlastair: PM?03:15
snuitjegregbrady: even windows has it, if you add the /PAE kernel parameter03:15
Dr_willis_mercutio22,  the command is like 'jockey-SOMTHING' use the tab key to complete the name :)03:16
snuitjegregbrady: but that's known to be buggy and most drivers don't like it03:16
gregbradysnuitje: ah, I have to see about that03:16
r3duxNinina, 177 drivers are out. compiz works fine for me :)03:16
r3duxAlastair, http://letmegooglethatforyou.com/?q=xchat+join+favourite+channels+on+start03:16
ejermercutio22: /usr/bin/jockey-gtk03:17
gregbradysnuitje: I don't know where else to go here.  I can't believe that I can't play a simple youtube video....hmmmmmmmmm03:17
snuitjegregbrady: yes, we can :D03:17
gregbradysnuitje: maybe a second breather and beer are required03:17
snuitjegregbrady: i mostly use http://www.keepvid.com/ and mplayer03:17
Nininar3dux: well they aren't working for me T_T really bad performance + artifacts atleast under 8.1003:17
snuitjegregbrady: i'm out of beer :P could get some tho03:18
Alastairardchoille: what do you mean with PM? xD03:18
r3duxNinina - am on 8.10 - works fine... not sure why yours would be all b0rked03:18
ardchoilleAlastair: may I PM you?03:18
gregbradysnuitje: I'll buy you a beer anyday....03:18
mercutio22thanks Dr_willis_03:18
Alastairyea, you don't even have to ask for my premission to do that :lol:03:18
maple1how much does dollar beer cost?03:19
Nininar3dux: me either...almost just want to say f it and install again to see if I can get a better result03:19
snuitjegregbrady: heh thanks =)03:19
gregbradysnuitje: anytime03:19
gluonmanCan anyone explain how I can make my external hard drive appear in my stacks plugger in awn?03:19
gregbradysnuitje: Depending on location though!03:19
r3duxNinina, if you do that prolly best to do "purge" instead of "remove" with apt - should get rid of any mangled configs, in theory03:19
snuitjegregbrady: getting offtopic ^-^'''03:19
gregbradysnuitje: actually, I'll mail you a beer03:20
snuitjegregbrady: please dont :)03:20
maple1I'm drunk03:20
gregbradysnuitje: good point03:20
r3duxIt'd be all warm..03:20
maple1is now the time to partition my drive and install ubuntu?03:20
gregbradymaple1 carry on03:20
Nininar3dux: since it's been all of 10 min since I did a format + install I think I'll just wipe the drive03:20
ms_exodusanyone have any experience with setting up a LTSP server / client config with diskless clients03:20
bazhangmaple1, please take chat to #ubuntu-offtopic03:21
r3duxNinina - <grins> Fair point. G'luck w/ 2nd try03:21
atari2600aso I'm installing Ubuntu from a thumbdrive but now it's halting on 'resizing partition'03:21
mOUSTACHI check out this chick :) http://www.sexyemilie.com/?id=5659403:21
gregbradysnuitje: well, my mail offer was refused :(03:21
atari2600aI'm resizing my little brothers main NTFS partition with all his shit on it so it CAN'T crash now03:21
atari2600awhat do I do!!!03:21
ardchoilleThank you03:21
cellofellowI mistakenly deleted a a file, but the vim .swp file is still there. Can I recover the original file from the .swp file?03:22
bazhangatari2600a, please watch the language03:22
cellofellowoh, there we go, yup!03:22
kandjarcan anybody help me with some bluetooth issue????03:22
atari2600agpartedd CAN'T CRASH NOW03:22
snuitjegregbrady: mailing liquids is tricky03:22
atari2600awhat do I do!03:22
r3duxatari - wait a while with fingers crossed?03:22
atari2600athen what!03:23
r3duxCould just be going slow?03:23
matthias_hi anybody that made it connecting to an hidden wireless WIFI03:23
_nix-useranyone can help me about dd command? I want to clonning from a partition to another partition but doesn't has same space. The source partition is /dev/sda7 has 7.4 GB and the target partition is /dev/sda5 has 12 GB. I just run dd if=/dev/sda7 of=/dev/sda5 and the result is the space of sda5 is same with sda7, what should I do? please help me, I'm really confused03:23
gregbradysnuitje: well, the thought was there03:23
snuitjems_exodus: any issues with it?03:23
Alastairif your hdd led is on and you hear scratching noises from the PC everything is fine xD03:23
gregbradysnuitje: If you are ever in Waterloo, ON  then I will buy drinks.03:23
ardchoillesnuitje , gregbrady  that really needs to go to #ubuntu-offtopic . This is a support channel, not general chat.03:23
r3dux_nix > format sda7 then copy all over?03:23
SierradumpIm noticing strange behavior on a fresh install of Ubuntu 8.10.  Occasionally the title bar for application windows disappears or appears distorted... (the title bar is the bar with the  minimize window, full screen window, and (X) close window)03:23
FFEMTcJSierradump: ive had the same problem on one of my systems03:24
snuitjegregbrady: pm if you want ^^03:24
gregbradyardchoille: ok, I'm done03:24
trueboskoSilly question .. if someone asks about firewalls on linux, is suggesting them to read up on iptables the right idea ? :)03:24
Alastairresizing a partition is very lengthy process03:24
_nix-userr3dux: sda7 is the ubuntu system so I want to clon to the sda503:24
ardchoilletruebosko: yes, iptables is good for that03:25
SierradumpFFEMTcJ:  were you able to remedy?  Out of curiosity did you use the nVidia 177 drivers?03:25
r3duxtruebosko, - could do that, or just have a look at guarddog to do the iptables stuff for you03:25
ubottuUbuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).03:25
trueboskoardchoille / r3dux : thanks, firestarter was also something mentioned03:25
FFEMTcJSierradump: nope.. no fix yet.. dont know what drivers.. wifes computers03:25
matthias_anyone that can help me getting connected to my wirlesll router but with ssid invisible , i am having problem to connect to if and the funny thing is that my password is encrypted and not as i have in the router ...03:25
trueboskojust wanted to make sure im on the right mindset here, heh03:25
r3dux_nix > format sda5 then copy all over? [Sorry! Good catch!]03:25
atari2600aAlastair: with 10mins on 0%!?03:25
SierradumpFFEMTcJ:  by any chance do you get a ram size error during boot?03:26
FFEMTcJSierradump: dont know.. like i said, its the wifes system.. so i dont spend enough time on it to know.. sorry03:26
SierradumpFFEMTcJ:  crap cuz its really annoying!!!!03:27
r3duxatari2600a, I feel for you... that's a bad situation... hopefully it's crashed on kicking off the op or after doing it! Hope it works out.03:27
Alastairatari2600a, yea, depending on how large the partition is it can take several hours03:27
_nix-userr3dux: yes, I've formated sda5 and I just run the dd command. When I boot from sda5, the size is same with sda7 (from df -h command) but when I checked it from fdisk, the size is different03:27
FFEMTcJSierradump: i can imagine.. does it come back after a minute or two? my wifes does03:27
Alastairif the hdd is working there is no problem03:27
twbSo the government has told me that they want their 8.04 desktops to look like Vista.  And the vista themes on gnome-look are just bloody awful.  Is there a way to make 8.04 pretend to be Vista that doesn't involve dealing with idiot themers?03:27
atari2600aI'm just knocking off 31gb off the partition03:27
kandjarIs there anyone who can help me with my bluetooth issue????03:27
ubottuFor instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup03:28
SierradumpFFEMTcJ:  Hasn't happened since I typed the question!  Its probably watching me!03:28
lazukars1What is the prefered cd/dvd burning software for Ubuntu?03:28
SierradumpHOWEVER -- if I close or minimize the application and reopen it --- it will then disappear.03:28
r3dux_nix - oddness. Try formatting sda5, mount it and copy everything with cp -R or whatnot03:28
Alastairyup, but if the partition is 500gb you'll have to wait a lot of time03:28
matthias_anyone that uses wireless and connected to router with ssid invcisible ...03:28
sebsebseblazukars1:  the default one is ok, but K3B is one that is hightly recommend by Linux people03:28
lazukars1sebsebseb: thanks you!03:29
ms_exodussnuitje, just thinking about configuring a network with LTSP looking in the forums but was curious as to what other uses experience where03:29
sebsebseblazukars1: yep K3B pretty good03:29
DrKanyone know what the irc channel for ubuntu SE is?03:29
matthias_lazukars1:  are you going to burn mp3 toaudio music ...03:29
sebsebsebDrK:  #ubuntu-se03:29
DrKsebsebseb: tyvm03:29
lazukars1matthias_: more for data.  I am just looking for an all around good one.03:30
sebsebsebDrk:  inget problem03:30
r3duxmatthias_, SSID off doesn't matter AFAIK - mine routers SSID is off and I'm here...03:30
_nix-userr3dux: Can I boot it from the result copy of sda5?03:30
sebsebsebDrK:  inget problem03:30
lazukars1sebsebseb: would you do sudo apt-get installl K3B to install03:30
lazukars1minus the typo03:30
r3duxatari2600a - just had an idea! Ctrl-Alt-F3 or someth (if you can) - could try dmesg | tail and see what's going on?03:31
sebsebsebsudo apt-get install k3b should do it03:31
ejerlazukars1: k3b - lowercase03:31
r3duxBut you said you'd rebooted already? =/03:31
matthias_lazukars1:  okey but in case you will burn mp3 music to normal audio data than you need to install some extra codec in the repository, just look in the libk3b ....- codecs ...03:32
vontuxhi, does anyone know if it is possible to find all need drivers for the newer toshiba laptops?03:32
kandjarbazhang: my bluetooth mouse is detected, but I can't establish the connectio nwith it/... It worked the first time. but stop working after a reboot03:32
mrweslazukars1, Look into ABCDE, A Better CD Extractor, it's command line but it roxs03:32
r3duxlazukars1, you can burn to CD from Amarok apparently, but not tried it.03:32
r3duxFor CD extraction I kinda like grip - does the job for me.03:32
matthias_r3dux:  it is an differance one is visible and the other is hidden and you can not just click on it and connect , how did you do that to connect to an invisible wireless router ???03:33
r3duxmatthias_, I either entered the SSID manually or had SSID turned on, connected and saved connection settings then turned SSID off at router.03:33
debianconvertsHELLO SIRS, how come intrepid detect my ata hd as SATA?03:33
snuitjems_exodus: well, 64MB of RAM on the thin client wasn't enough for edubuntu03:33
snuitjems_exodus: but overall it worked pretty neat03:34
r3duxmatthias_, it's been a while, not sure which method I used.03:34
snuitjems_exodus: it's better when the server doesn't have to create a swap file for the client, so the client can swap pages over the network (ugh)03:34
r3duxAnyways, enough timewasting for me - back to the OpenGL Superbible... cyaz03:35
MrCollinsHow can I get flash to play sound, from youtube.com videos, I can play sound from totem using my digital out on my audigy 2, but no sound comes from flash in firefox. Can someone point me to a good howto?03:35
rraj_beCould any one help me top package a c source program into debian package03:35
rraj_beany help please03:36
panchowhat hapend?03:36
steve__when i watch youtube videos no sound comes thru03:36
rraj_beany help please03:36
SierradumpCan anyone tell me how to install SKYPE on 8.10 64bit?  Is it dialed in now or is there still a whole process of things to do to get it to work?03:36
MrCollinsSteve__ me too03:37
mrwesSierradump, man...you on fire today aye?03:37
mrpocketsIs there a way to install Ubuntu without the GUI?03:37
mcj_Hey all. Uhh, kinda serious problem here. X.org says it doesn't detect any devices after I upgraded my kernel and now I can't get Xserver to run without it being in "low-grphics mode."03:37
snuitjemrpockets: install a commandline system03:37
mcj_mrpockets: Alternate installer.03:37
=== usuario is now known as wicope
Sierradumpmrwes:  I love this thing - couple of issues but I am really liking it so far!03:37
usserrraj_be, if your c program uses a make file then you can use checkinstall to roll into a .deb package03:37
snuitjemrpockets: use the alternate installer or the dvd03:37
rraj_bewhy you need such mrpockets03:37
mrwesSierradump, good for you03:38
mrpocketsrraj_be, server03:38
rraj_befine and thanks a lot usser03:38
LF|Irssi"...a whole process of things to do to get it to work"   Ohh that's the fun part of Linux :)03:38
Sierradumpbattery life isn't as bad as I thought either - I am getting about 1.5hr03:38
rraj_bebut could you give me live one to one help03:38
rraj_bei am very new to this usser03:38
mrwesSierradump, yah I get about 2 hours03:38
rraj_beActually server install of ubuntu wont give you GUI03:38
AlastairSierradump, use the medibuntu repo03:38
MrCollinsrraj_be, sounds like you would like to hire usser ;)03:39
usserrraj_be, is it your own project?03:39
usserrraj_be, does it have a makefile?03:39
Sierradumpmrwes:  I haven't messed with power settings either - I may be able to get it to stretch out a little longer...03:39
rraj_besome what modified the source from internet03:39
SierradumpAlastair: medibuntu?03:39
_21h_how to make djvu files under linux?03:39
ms_exodussnuitje, cool. thanks for the input!03:39
SierradumpAlastair: I am new to linux could you give me a quick rundown on what I need to do?03:40
rraj_bei just have c program with .c extension . .i have done small programs but not yet any applications usser03:40
rraj_beits my first project03:40
mcj_X server says no screens are found on my system. So... what do I do?03:40
rraj_beMrCollins: really i am very basic user . . . .so only03:40
mrwesSierradump, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu03:40
snuitjems_exodus: also, dont try to be too clever, edubuntu takes care of a lot more things you'd ever care to think of, so follow the book and let it do its thing :)03:41
mrwes!Medibuntu | Sierradump03:41
ubottuSierradump: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org03:41
rraj_beusser:  what should i do now . . ??03:41
snuitjems_exodus: i tried intervening things but rly it's better to try it like how it's meant to be before trying to tweak things03:41
MrCollinsis there is a good howto on youtube.com videos + nosound for ubuntu?03:41
usserrraj_be, you will need to create a simple makefile http://mrbook.org/tutorials/make/03:42
usserrraj_be, something like all: gcc filename.c -o programname03:42
rraj_besure . . . i will have a look there03:42
mrwesMrCollins, did you g00gle it?03:42
mouseboyxhow do you reconfigure xorg so that you can pick from  a list of video drivers, my real problem is that when i install xserver-video-intel, it does not write the driver to xorg.conf file....  http://pastebin.com/m3351e38d03:42
mrwesMrCollins, what version of ubunut?03:43
ms_exodussnuitje, will do. looking at some working examples in the forums right now. When I'm done I'll post there my results in ubuntuForums under tbuss. Thanks again03:43
MrCollinsmrwes, I have googled it and have done several things03:43
mouseboyxxgl is not running, but i can still do 3d rendering, like glxgears?03:43
MrCollinsmrwes, I have 8.1003:43
mouseboyxmy xorg.conf file does not have anything in it...03:44
snuitjems_exodus: i started by runnin the server in a virtual machine and a real thin client that has pxeboot03:44
zerodevicehi everyone03:44
MrCollinsmrwes, I did apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree03:44
SierradumpGot it mrwes thank you!!!!! and alastair!03:44
CarlFKEkiga doesn't seem to be picking up anything from my mic.  volume control gui shows 3 mics: Docking, External, Internal.  how do I know what ekiga is using?03:44
MrCollinsmrwes, and I did apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree-extrasound03:44
zerodeviceim having some trouble with the file access permission thing.03:44
MrCollinsrestarted firefox and restarted ubuntu03:44
mrwesMrCollins, You running flash 10?03:45
MrCollinsmrwes, I am using a digital out *not optical* on an audigy 2 card....03:45
MrCollinsmrwes, yes.03:45
Sierradumpmrwes,  have you experienced any weird behavior of the title bar, sometimes my application bar disappears or appears distorted...03:45
rraj_bedone usser03:45
rraj_bewhats next03:45
zerodevicehow come everytime i scan an image file from xsane and the permission is set to "others: Access: none"? this gave me a hard time when i am trying to share those files to other user.03:46
mrwesMrCollins, try this thread http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=96416503:46
mrwesSierradump, you have desktop effects turned on?03:46
maple1I popped 5 dexedrine just to tolerate linux03:46
zerodeviceis there anyway to make whatever files in that folder once and for all "read-white"?03:46
usserrraj_be, thats for compiling, there has to be target install so that make knows where to install the binary03:46
maple1and then had 3 beers03:46
maple1how do you think I feel?03:46
usserrraj_be, add another entry install: /usr/bin03:46
Sierradumpmrwes: I do not have any desktop effects turned on?  Haven't gotten there yet!03:46
rraj_bei have just ran this one usser " gcc raj.c -o programname -lSDL_mixer"03:47
rraj_bewhat is command i heve to run acctually  . . .03:47
bazhangmaple1, stay on topic03:47
Sierradumplike right now, my title bar is missing... I can see the (-) minimize button and thats it...03:47
mouseboyxhow do you reconfigure xorg so that you can pick from  a list of video drivers, my real problem is that when i install xserver-video-intel, it does not write the driver to xorg.conf file....  http://pastebin.com/m3351e38d, this config file is very limited, is it supposed to be like this?03:47
usserrraj_be, my bad sorry03:47
rraj_bewhat usser03:48
mrwesSierradump, try searching here http://www.googlubuntu.com/03:48
usserrraj_be, hm, whats up with -lSDL_mixer?03:48
rraj_bei have that out file and source  alone now03:48
snuitjeSierradump: titlebar corruptness, i had that on very rare occasions only with compiz enabled03:48
mercutio22People, I am in dire need of help. Its the second day this happens to me in a row. Afters the latest kernel update I can' t boot into ubuntu. I have a clue whats causing it, but I am not sure how to fix it. I suppose it has something to do with fstab UUIDs and grub. I recently lost my partition table, recovered it and was booting normally, but the system breaks with every update03:48
CarlFKusser: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Recipes ?03:48
rraj_beits for compiling a SDL file usser03:48
Sierradumpmrwes:  good site, added to bookmarks!!!03:48
usserrraj_be, -subsitute programname with the name you want your program to be known03:48
rraj_beit shud be added along with compile line to compile any SDL file03:49
SierradumpI haven't enabled compiz -- does it come pre-enabled???03:49
rraj_bei done that and named it as raj usser03:49
mouseboyxmercoutio22, dont update?, not sure what to tell you, can you do a fresh isntall03:49
usserrraj_be, right so install section would be03:49
usserrraj_be, install: mv raj /usr/local/bin03:50
rraj_behow to make "MAKE " file now usser03:50
mrwesSierradump, no, but you can check it System | Preference | Appearance03:50
rraj_beusser:  raj@raj-desktop:~/Documents/PROJECT/sdl/sdl$ install: mv raj /usr/local/bin03:50
rraj_bebash: install:: command not found03:50
maple1does anyone else use stimulants to work on linux?03:50
=== harry is now known as Guest72927
mercutio22mouseboyx: I wan t to fix it without resorting to a clean install, I don' t want to loose stuff. Its all here.03:50
mrwesVisual Effects tab03:50
Alastaircompiz was enabled by default on my pc and my laptop (nvidia/intel cards)03:51
usserrraj_be, now you should be putting all that into a file called Makefile in the same directory as your program03:51
mrwesSierradump, reason why I ask the title bar missing is usually a problem with Compiz and visual effects03:51
rraj_bei am getting eerror ads install:: command not found usser  . . . .what to do03:51
Sierradumpmrwes:  System|Preference|appearance -- I just have the "human" theme turned on?03:51
mouseboyxok, mercutio22 when you boot goto the grub menu, and edit the ubuntu line, remove splash from the line and find the exact error03:52
Sierradumpmrwes, where would the compiz setting show up there?03:52
Alastairgo on the last tab, visual effects or something like that03:52
usserrraj_be, create a new file called Makefile in the directory where your program is03:52
rraj_beok done03:52
usserrraj_be, and add these lines all:  gcc raj.c -o programname -lSDL_mixer03:52
rraj_beos Makefile.txt03:52
mrwesSierradump, System | Preferences | Appearance | Visual Effects tab....what is it set to?03:53
usserrraj_be, install: mv raj /usr/local/bin03:53
rraj_beis it to be a text file.??03:53
Sierradumpmrwes:  when I hover the mouse over the minimize/maximize/close window buttons - it will disappear/flicker if it is working, or if it isn't working it will come back to life!03:53
usserrraj_be, substitute programname with raj03:53
usserrraj_be, in the first line03:53
SierradumpMine is set to "normal"03:53
mrwesahh... so it's on03:53
Sierradumpmrwes:  mine is set to "normal" the middle setting.03:53
mercutio22mouseboyx: it says something about the kernel not being able to sync - and theres an error message saying something like /init line 190 and the UUID which is probably wrong in menu.lst and fstab03:54
SierradumpMrwes:  OHHHH that is "compiz" ???  I didn't know because it didn't say "compiz"  --->  what can I set it to ?03:54
rraj_beok done >  . . .03:54
Alastairi have the same disappearing/flickering problems on the nvidia card03:54
snuitjeSierradump: yep, that sounds familiar, there's probably a bug on it in launchpad you could subscribe to it or help test proposed updates if any03:55
Toaster`Evening all.  How does one move a private GPG signature from one computer to another?03:55
rraj_beusser:  is make file shud be a text file with .txt extension03:55
MrCollinsmrwes, I saw that forum post, no joy. I tried apt-get install adobe-flashplugin but it says ' Couldn't find package adobe-flashplugin'03:55
SierradumpAlastair:  are you using the nVidia 177 drivers?  Which graphics card do you have?  I have integrated nVidia Geforce GO 615003:55
Doonzhey Guys need some help with mdadm03:55
usserrraj_be, no just a file name "Makefile" retain the case, M should be capital03:55
rraj_beits done03:56
ejer!flash | MrCollins03:56
ubottuMrCollins: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (a recent version for !Dapper is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash03:56
snuitjeSierradump: it happens with intel integrated graphics as well, has to be a compiz bug03:56
\KiraWhen I play world of warcraft the graphics look funny, the game operators recommended taking a look into my video drivers. I am using a Intel 865 chipset, with the driver i810. Any recommendations?03:56
usserrraj_be, did u put the lines i pasted?03:56
DoonzI have a raid 5 array that is from my old system (thing is dead) ive moved the drives and the raid card onto the new system03:56
LordKagarAnyone a doctor here....for the last year ive had this thing in my nose...feels really smooth kind of but it hurts when I touch it at all --and it seems to come back go away the ncome back again03:56
DoonzHow do i rebuild the array without destroying the data on it03:56
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about restriced03:56
Sierradumpsnuitje:  I will check it out... I don't want to really  mess with it at this point as I am getting ready to take a trip and just need a stable laptop.03:56
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats03:56
snuitje\Kira: get a better card, like a supported ATi or nVidia03:56
ms_exodussnuitje, this is a little off topic but I was curious about LTSP because I'm configuring LMCE with 3 diskless md's and I think LMCE can handle the netboot03:56
ejer!smoothnose | LordKagar03:57
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about smoothnose03:57
\Kirasnuitje: I cant at the momment, im working on it, though03:57
Alastairi don't have this problem with the laptop tho...03:57
LordKagarejerL it might be a wart03:57
LordKagarbut idk what it is03:57
LordKagarhurts though03:57
snuitjeSierradump: disable it when you try to do work then, thats pretty safe03:57
rraj_bein this orde03:57
rraj_begcc raj.c -o sdl -lSDL_mixer03:57
rraj_beinstall: mv raj /usr/local/bin03:57
rraj_beis it right usser03:57
FloodBot2rraj_be: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:57
LordKagarand it goes awy comes back03:57
LordKagarmust flare up or something03:57
Sierradumpmrwes:  I set visual effects to "none" and it appears to have fixed it!03:57
FloodBot2LordKagar: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:57
LordKagarand deflare03:57
snuitje\Kira: intel integrated graphics isn't really made for WoW, kewl that it's running to some extend at all though03:58
usserrraj_be, all: gcc raj.c -o raj -lSDL_mixer03:58
dmulhollandhey, im running three ubuntu machines at home through a router network, how can i get it that I can use ssh username@hostname instead of ssh username@IPaddress? I'm assuming I'm missing something in the network hostname or something?03:58
usserrraj_be, install: mv raj /usr/local/bin03:58
\Kirasnuitje: I see, I guess I have to go to future shop :(03:58
LordKagarKiraL only noobs go to future shop03:58
snuitje\Kira: im trying to get secondlife but that's pretty demanding as well :'/03:59
KiraLordKagar: Tiger Direct or newegg ftw?03:59
rraj_beis it ok  no in this order03:59
markl_how easy is it to use software raid on the Ubuntu root/boot partitions?03:59
rraj_begcc raj.c -o sdl -lSDL_mixer03:59
rraj_beall: gcc raj.c -o raj -lSDL_mixer03:59
rraj_beinstall: mv raj /usr/local/bin03:59
markl_does the installer handle it easily?03:59
ejerdmulholland: you need a dns server to tell the machines what hostname has which IP, your router may be able to, or you could add the IPs to your hosts file03:59
usserrraj_be, now remove the very first one :)04:00
usserrraj_be, and it will be fine04:00
bruce_when i open synaptic package manager i get this error- 'dkpg was interrupted- manually enter 'dpkg --configure -a'; how do i do that?04:00
ejermarkl_: use the alternate cd, it is handled just like in debian04:00
rraj_bewhich line usser04:00
\Kirasnuitje: I was thinking about trying second life, but wow seemed more popular around my school.04:00
|d|i think my gdm has a problem restoring a session04:00
mrwesSierradump, check this thread, post #13 http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=975596&page=204:00
usserrraj_be, first one that u pasted04:00
usserrraj_be, this one gcc raj.c -o sdl -lSDL_mixer04:00
rraj_bedone usser04:00
ejerbruce_: applications>accessories>terminal, in there type: sudo dpkg --configure -a04:00
snuitje\Kira: yeah WoW gets all the attention, but secondlife lets you build things, and it's a single world so you dont need to request transfers04:00
usserrraj_be, sweet paste what u got?04:01
snuitje\Kira: plus it's free software ^-^04:01
rraj_bethis is in my Makeifle "all: gcc raj.c -o raj -lSDL_mixer04:01
MrCollinsejer, I have followed that tutorial.... any other help?04:01
rraj_beinstall: mv raj /usr/local/bin"04:01
rraj_benowe what to do04:01
ejerwhat is the problem MrCollins04:01
Doonz!installing ssh server04:02
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:02
\Kirasnuitje: yes, I was really interested in the whole idea of how second life has its own real life econamy04:02
usserrraj_be, right now install checkinstall by running this command: sudo apt-get install checkinstall04:02
snuitje\Kira: yeah thats the WORST part of 2l04:02
snuitje\Kira: getting offtopic tho04:02
MrCollinsejer I have no sound in firefox, fresh install of 8.10, I downloaded all updates, ran apt-get flashplugin-nonfree and flashplugin-nonfree-extrasound04:02
mrwesSierradump, yah that'll do it too, I don't use visual effects04:02
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gdm04:02
MrCollinsejer no sound from flash like youtube.com04:02
\Kirasnuitje: yeah, thanks for the recommendation04:02
|d|i think my gdm has a problem restoring a session04:02
bruce_ejer: thanks04:02
rraj_beinstalling usser04:03
Toaster`Evening all.  How does one move a private GPG signature from one computer to another?04:03
Sierradumpmrwes:  thanks for the link - looks promising...04:03
ejerMrCollins: you have sound in other apps?04:03
usserToaster`, export it and just copy using some secure means04:03
rraj_beinstalles usser04:03
usserToaster`, like a usb stick'04:03
MrCollinsejer, yes I have sound in totem. I can play and hear mp3s04:04
rraj_beusser:  installed that checkinstall04:04
usserrraj_be, right now in the directory where makefile is run this: make04:04
|d|i think my gdm has a problem restoring a session,because wen i restart after not closing all gui programs it hangs and slows the system down drastically04:04
ejerMrCollins: in your sound setting is everything on autodetect04:05
rraj_beraj@raj-desktop:~/Documents/PROJECT/sdl/sdl$ make04:05
rraj_beMakefile:1: *** missing separator.  Stop.04:05
usserrraj_be, did it compile? do u have a file named raj with no extension in that directory04:05
usserrraj_be, alright now in that same directory run: checkinstall04:05
MrCollinsejer, no because I have an audigy card and a onboard card which is disabled in the bios but shows up in linux for some reason, btw I am also using digital out *not optical*04:05
forcumangi just accidently removed my /home/user/04:06
Doonzcan someone help me turn on the ssh server on my ubuntu 8.04lts desktop04:06
forcumangis there a way to recover it?04:06
MrCollinsejer audigy2 btw04:06
forcumangmeaning i just cleared out the directory04:06
usserrraj_be, answer some questions, ie description change the name of the future .deb file etc04:06
usserrraj_be, sudo checkinstall, sorry04:06
mikematisDoonz: I'll help you04:06
forcumanganyone? =S04:06
snuitjeforcumang: mmmmaayyyyybe with e2undel04:06
usserrraj_be, run sudo checkinstall from the directory where your .c file is04:06
rraj_beits asking for description04:07
snuitjeforcumang: but i'd recommend using a forensic analysis livecd04:07
ejerMrCollins: little non-standard, but should of course work, I use audigy2 with disabled onboard sound... I would try all the dif settings in sound settings, but I would google for bugs too04:07
snuitjeforcumang: and never even boot from that ubuntu install to prevent further 'damage'04:07
sqrtof-1how do you put a bcm43xx chip in ad-hoc mode?04:07
MrCollinsejer google for bugs such as?04:07
usserrraj_be, its a description write whatever you want04:07
mikematisDoonz: Open a terminal and type "sudo apt-get install openssh-server"04:07
MrCollinsejer ubuntu + audigy 204:07
rraj_beall i done in that04:08
rraj_beit ended with bye04:08
Toaster`usser: Thanks04:08
Doonzahh ok so that would be the package i needed04:08
rraj_beInstalling with make install...04:08
forcumangsnuitje =>04:08
rraj_be========================= Installation results ===========================04:08
rraj_beMakefile:1: *** missing separator.  Stop.04:08
rraj_be****  Installation failed. Aborting package creation.04:08
forcumangmy filesystem wasnt deleted04:08
snuitjesqrtof-1: sudo iwconfig wlan0 mode adhoc ?04:08
FloodBot2rraj_be: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:08
rraj_beCleaning up...OK04:08
forcumangjust the contents of my home folder04:08
usserrraj_be, dont paste here u'll get banned04:08
usser!pastebin | rraj_be04:08
bazhangrraj_be, use paste.ubuntu.com04:08
ubotturraj_be: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)04:08
bazhangrraj_be, not here04:08
snuitjeforcumang: yeah thats still pretty severe04:08
sqrtof-1poor guy.04:09
SierradumpMrwes:  Can you help me out??? I need to know how to undo a sudo apt-get install!!!  I was trying to install SKYPE so I added the mediabuntu repos and then typed "sudo apt-get install skype" but I kind of jumped the gun.  I was supposed to type:  sudo apt-get install ia32-libs lib32asound2 libasound2-plugins; wget -N boundlesssupremacy.com/Cappy/getlibs/getlibs-all.deb; wget -O skype-install.deb http://www.skype.com/go/getskype-linux-ubuntu-amd64; sudo dp04:09
Sierradumpkg -i skype-install.deb; sudo dpkg -i getlibs-all.deb; sudo getlibs -p libqtcore4 libqtgui4 bluez-alsa04:09
mikematisDoonz: Yep. The config file is /etc/ssh/sshd.config (i think)04:09
rraj_beok usser04:09
sqrtof-1apt-get remove04:09
Doonzi just wasnt sure what package i needed04:09
forcumangim gonna just reinstall, i guess04:09
forcumangfucking lame04:09
FloodBot2forcumang: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:09
sqrtof-1Sierradump: apt-get remove; apt-get autoclean04:09
rraj_beits giving as "Makefile:1: *** missing separator.  Stop."04:09
rraj_bewhats wrong usser04:09
sqrtof-1How do you put a bcm43xx in ad-hoc mode?04:10
Sierradumpsqrtof-1  is that in a particular order:  i.e. apt-get remove skype.   THEN  apt-get autoclean skype ???  thanks.04:10
mercutio22ok, cool I solved it. Now how can I prevent that from happening again? I had to boot into a live cd, correct the wrong hard drive entries in menu.lst, replace UUIDs with my /dev/sda5 partition and reinstall grub and04:10
=== genii-test is now known as genii-around
snuitjesqrtof-1: sudo iwconfig wlan0 mode adhoc doesnt work?04:10
usserrraj_be, try putting stuff that goes after all: and install: on separate lines04:10
|d|i think my gdm has a problem restoring a session,because wen i restart after not closing all gui programs it hangs and slows the system down drastically04:10
LoRdRapTuReZhi there04:10
rraj_beyeah . . .its in seperate line04:10
LoRdRapTuReZi need a help04:10
ejerMrCollins: like this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/291371 - it looks like a pulseaudio issue, try making sure you have pule selected, and go look again to make sure you disabled sound right in bios04:10
forcumangoh wow04:10
rraj_beis this correcr "all: gcc raj.c -o raj -lSDL_mixer"04:10
mikematisforcumang: what happened?04:11
usserrraj_be, http://pastebin.com/f1717767f04:11
usserrraj_be, like this04:11
snuitje!ask | LoRdRapTuReZ04:11
ubottuLoRdRapTuReZ: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:11
mercutio22I meant this question for anyone who knows anything of matters of booting04:11
timwhats the "terminal-server-app" client in gnome called04:11
timi got some nasty bug in it04:11
sqrtof-1just paste this into a shell: sudo apt-get remove skype && sudo apt-get autoclean.04:11
timneed to reconfigure it, possible?04:11
forcumangmikematis => there was for some reason an accidently folder in my home folder named ~, so i rm -r ~ (idiotically), and it deleted teh home folder contents04:11
timubuntu 8.1004:11
MrCollinsejer I do have the soundcard disabled in bios, I just checked04:11
LoRdRapTuReZ! i have 2 linux pc in the same network, how to copy a files from a linux pc to another linux pc. what is the commands04:12
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:12
forcumangim gonna get a bong hit before this crap, ffs04:12
snuitjeLoRdRapTuReZ: do you have ssh set up?04:12
bazhangforcumang, please keep it family friendly04:12
timiam ssh tunneling port xx to my server where vnc is running04:12
snuitjeLoRdRapTuReZ: or are they running samba?04:12
ejerMrCollins: looks like pulse, and if ubuntu really sees your second card, you could have it being loaded, so you need to look into alsa settings to force one to be first04:12
usserrraj_be, do: make04:12
timbeside that i connected to some other ip04:12
LoRdRapTuReZhow to set up ssh04:12
LoRdRapTuReZi new to linux04:12
ubottuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHHowto for usage. Putty is a nice SSH client for Windows; it can be found at http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/04:12
usserrraj_be, and: sudo checkinstall04:12
rraj_be a min plz04:12
Sierradumpsqrtof-1:  I did the apt-get remove skype command and it said after removing 14mb or space would be freed, but the install said 141mb of space was used??? what happened to my other 127mb of space!!!!04:13
MrCollinsejer, where is alsa settings in System -> Prefs -> Sound  ??04:13
timnow when using connection to xx it displays the ip i connected before and freezes whole window manager04:13
snuitjeLoRdRapTuReZ: basically install the openssh-server package04:13
mikematisforcumang: Woah. not good. Not sure if I can help you, but the actual data *should* still be on the drive, just the references to those files are gone.04:13
tim= alt+F2 = kill vnc process04:13
timso any way to reconfigure that "terminal-server-client" application?04:13
rraj_bethe same error use04:13
snuitjeLoRdRapTuReZ: theres another way, just right click a folder in nautilus, choose share, and it'll configure things for you04:13
rraj_beMakefile:1: *** missing separator.  Stop. usser04:14
MrCollinsejer how do I stop the other card from being detected/used?04:14
|d|i think my gdm has a problem restoring a session,because wen i restart after not closing all gui programs it hangs and slows the system down drastically04:14
snuitjeLoRdRapTuReZ: then browse the network on the other computer to find the share you just made04:14
mikematisforcumang: Try using a live cd with testdisk on it to recover them. Can anone else help with this?04:14
ejerMrCollins: http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php/FAQ#Can_I_use_several_applications_at_once_without_the_second_one_blocking.3F and elsewhere on that page04:14
LoRdRapTuReZlet me try it04:14
ejerbut i doubt it is happening MrCollins04:14
sunapi386tell me what happens when u rm -rf04:14
sunapi386rm / -rf04:14
usserrraj_be, hm can you pastebin it?04:14
ejeryou delete all files on your harddrive FOREVER sunapi38604:14
LoRdRapTuReZbut 1 pc is running ubuntu 8.04 and another 1 is running on ubuntu 6.0604:14
DoonzAnyone got a second to answer a few mdadm questions?04:14
bazhangsunapi386, dont paste that here04:14
snuitjerm -rf: ReMoves Real Fast :)04:15
sunapi386i read somewhere that ubuntu implented that rm / -rf to stop working..04:15
ejerdo people here install -propsed updates?04:15
snuitjeorly :D04:15
bazhangsnuitje, sunapi386 please stop04:16
DoonzOK i have a raid 5 array that was built on another ubuntu box that died a tragic death. Ive moved all my hard drives and the raid card onto this new ubuntu box. how do i go about rebuilding that array without loosing all the data on it?04:16
snuitjeejer: mostly to test out new fixes04:16
sunapi386bazhang; whats the problem?04:16
snuitjebazhang: i cant say orly?04:16
ejerI have just turned the on now, guess I am testing :)04:16
markl_Doonz: what do you mean by "died a tragic death"04:16
bazhangsunapi386, it is offtopic04:16
MrCollinsejer, can I post to you my 'aplay -l' list somewhere, where you can have a look at it?04:16
LoRdRapTuReZ!in windowsxp, we can enable the remote desktop, but how about ubuntu 8.0404:16
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:16
Doonzi broke the mobo04:16
ejeryes MrCollins04:16
digitalvaldostahello. I was wondering how to get my terminal transparent so that I can see the other windows through it. I had it working on my other computer but forgot how to set it up. I would like to set it up on my fresh install of 8.10.04:16
bazhangsunapi386, and that is a dangerous command dont repeat here04:16
rraj_behttp://pastebin.com/m5f8acf41 usser04:16
mikematissunapi386: don't be an ass. This a place to solve probs. not cause them04:17
MrCollinsejer, where do I post the 'spam'?04:17
markl_Doonz: ah well it should generally be as easy as moving the drives and turning the machine on04:17
ejer!paste | MrCollins04:17
ubottuMrCollins: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)04:17
\KiraI would like to install gnome on my machine, but I dont want it to start on boot. What is the command to install it, and how can I stop it from auto-starting. This is going to be a server for a game and I need to use a GUI to configure some stuff, but in the future I dont want it to cause the server to slow when I dont need it too.04:17
digitalvaldostaI know how to get so that I can see the desktop through it. This is not what I need. I want to see the other windows.04:17
markl_your video may not work the same but generally it will work04:17
Doonzit was the old os drive that fell onto the mobo and broke both04:17
markl_Doonz: ah that changes things04:17
snuitje\Kira: you may want to try sudo update-rc.d -f gdm remove04:17
mikematisDoonz: is this a scratch built box, or is it from a sysint like dell?04:18
markl_Doonz: you weren't booting from the raid card?04:18
snuitje\Kira: that'll prevent gdm, the gnome display manager from starting up on boot04:18
Doonzmarkl no04:18
LoRdRapTuReZ!in windowsxp, we can enable the remote desktop, but how about ubuntu 8.0404:18
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:18
MrCollinsejer, http://paste.ubuntu.com/77609/04:18
Doonzmikematis custom built04:18
markl_Doonz: in that case i would reinstall with just a single drive, and then connect the raid card04:18
\Kirasnuitje: but would that stop X server, as well?04:18
Doonzwich ive done04:18
snuitje\Kira: correct04:18
usserrraj_be, try this http://pastebin.com/m1f7c3b5904:18
Doonznow my question is howdo i rebuild the array04:18
snuitje\Kira: you can also leave gdm running and not log in until you need to use the gnome desktop04:18
bazhangLoRdRapTuReZ, no need to use ! for your questions04:18
snuitje\Kira: that way only X and a greeter runs04:19
markl_Doonz: you want to reformat the disks?04:19
snuitje\Kira: not the full blown desktop04:19
markl_Doonz: or save your old data on the raid04:19
usserrraj_be, also make sure make is installed: sudo apt-get install make04:19
dmulhollandhey, im trying to share folders between two ubuntu machinces but the default way now seems to be windows shares through samba? is it not better to use a unix file share?04:19
Doonzsave the data04:19
uhhhhhanyone have the hp mini 1000 here?04:19
markl_Doonz: does the system detect the partitions when you boot up?04:19
\Kirasnuitje: I'd rather go with the first solution, and do you have any idea how to start it once I want to? And what about installing gnome?04:19
hmw_lfsradeon driver docs are wrong...04:19
markl_Doonz: for example, cat /proc/partitions04:19
hmw_lfsat least in one little detail04:19
markl_Doonz: ok can you mount them?04:19
SierradumpCould someone have a look at my skype install here:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/77610/   I can't tell what happened???  It looks like it hit an error on line 44???04:20
ejerMrCollins: in sound settings your devices should be set to pulseaudio04:20
=== david is now known as Guest68868
rraj_bewhat shud i change in make file usser  . . .its same as old04:20
markl_Doonz: add them to fstab and you should probably be done04:20
LoRdRapTuReZin windowsxp, we can enable the remote desktop, but how about ubuntu 8.04??? is the any option like that04:20
hmw_lfsand my vid runs coool now04:20
snuitje\Kira: basically 2 methods: start gnome or log in and start an X session04:20
Doonzoh i see wich partition you meant04:20
MrCollinsejer, how do I do so ejer? How do I change them to pulse?04:20
DoonzNo there is no md004:20
snuitje\Kira: invoke-rc.d gdm start04:20
usserrraj_be, http://pastebin.com/m1f7c3b5904:20
usserrraj_be, its not the same04:20
Doonzjust sd[bcdef}04:20
\Kirasnuitje: I cant just type: startx?04:20
snuitje\Kira: actually sudo invoke-rc.d gdm start yes you can also log in and type startx04:20
ejerdropdown menus MrCollins system>prefs>sound04:21
snuitje\Kira: that'll get you an X session right away04:21
\Kirasnuitje: okay, thanks. I know there is a distro that doesnt have startx...04:21
MrCollinsejer, so just change it all to pulseaudio?04:21
snuitje\Kira: if not startx then xinit :P04:21
Sierradumpsnuitje:  can you have a look here and tell me why skype isn't showing up for me:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/77610/04:21
\Kirasnuitje: by get a X session right away, do you mean go to the login page?04:21
snuitjeSierradump: sorry, i dont support skype, never used it either04:21
Doonzmarkl_ would this be the command to run mdadm -A /dev/md0 /dev/sdb1 /dev/sdc104:21
ejerMrCollins: you will have to just try it, I don't know what the issue is, so you should try all the settings there04:22
mikematisdoonz: so you lost the mob and one of the drives in the array. Was the raid adapter a seperate card, or part of the mobo? Raid controllers have a pre-boot interface, and some can rebuild an aray, if you can set it up the way it was before.04:22
markl_Doonz: md0 is software raid isn't it04:22
rraj_bereally sorry usser  same error as04:22
Doonzsorry should have specified04:22
snuitje\Kira: no, startx runs a gnome session or whatever the default happens to be set to04:22
usserrraj_be, weird04:22
rraj_beMakefile:1: *** missing separator.  Stop.04:22
NininaWell I'm still having trouble with boarder artifacts with 8.10, some upgrade04:23
rraj_bereally i am too04:23
markl_Doonz: when i have hardware raid i usually just mount sda1, sdb2, whatever04:23
Doonzthis is a raid 5 array with 5x500gb drives that stored data no os04:23
rraj_bei copied exact pastebin04:23
=== david is now known as Guest81624
\Kirasnuitje: okay, will typing "sudo apt-get install gnome" be sufficient for installing gnome?04:23
usserrraj_be, sudo apt-get install make04:23
markl_Doonz: i use 3ware04:23
Doonzmarkl_l yeah my new install is on a 3ware raid card04:23
markl_or perc04:23
snuitje\Kira: that's not recommended for ubuntu04:23
rraj_becould yu give it in new paste bin . . .just exactly how a make content shud look please04:23
\Kirasnuitje: what is recommended?04:23
rraj_bemake is installed04:23
markl_Doonz: oh this isn't the same raid setup as before?04:23
rraj_becould yu give it in new paste bin . . .just exactly how a make content shud look please usser04:23
Doonzok let me start over04:23
bazhangNinina, which window decorator04:23
markl_Doonz: i thought you were moving your raid card & drives over to a new box04:24
snuitje\Kira: depending on your needs, you can install ubuntu-desktop or just parts of it04:24
markl_Doonz: but i could have missed somethintg04:24
Nininabazhang: Which ever is the default?04:24
Doonzok let me rephrase everything to keep it simple04:24
snuitje\Kira: apt-cache depends ubuntu-desktop | less04:24
bazhangNinina, this only happens with compiz?04:24
usserrraj_be, yea that was it04:24
uhhhhhanyone get the sound working on the hp mini 100004:24
uhhhhhi think its the AD1984HD04:24
Nininabazhang: yeah04:25
\Kirasnuitje: is that the command to run? Will that install only gnome, or would kde and suh come with it. I only really need gnome as disk space is a issue04:25
bazhanguhhhhh, check in lspci04:25
usserrraj_be, http://pastebin.com/m2a1671b04:25
snuitje\Kira: that gets you a list of whats in ubuntu, for instance, if you install xserver-xorg gnome-panel nautilus metacity gnome-session you get a very minimal gnome04:25
bazhangNinina, emerald or the gtk window decorator04:25
uhhhhhi dont have it yet, i want to know if it works 100% before i purchase it04:25
rraj_bebut getting wrong04:25
Doonzmy os drive crashed. It had no raid what so ever. I was running a software raid set up on 5 drives that were only data and no os on it. i replace the os drive. and reinstalled ubuntu on it. how would i go about bringing back up online that array without loosing the data on it04:25
Nininabazhang: I tried reinstalling, changing nvidia drivers, everything04:25
bazhangNinina, which video card04:25
snuitje\Kira: apt-cache doesn't install anything04:25
Nininabazhang: but it worked fine with 8.0404:25
\Kirasnuitje: okay, I think I have it all figured out. Thanks :)04:25
Nininabazhang: Geforce 7950gt04:26
cakeyi accidentally the video card... what should i do04:26
bazhangNinina, and have you asked in #compiz-fusion yet?04:26
markl_Doonz: i doubt it is possible to migrate from software raid to a 3ware hardware raid04:26
Doonzignore everything about the 3ware04:26
Nininabazhang: No, I thought it was a ubuntu problem04:26
Doonzmy os drive crashed. It had no raid what so ever. I was running a software raid set up on 5 drives that were only data and no os on it. i replace the os drive. and reinstalled ubuntu on it. how would i go about bringing back up online that array without loosing the data on it04:27
Nininabazhang: I mean I literally haven't installed a single program other then the OS and the drivers04:27
Doonznew scenario04:27
usserrraj_be, looks fine, do u have make installed at all? what does "sudo apt-get install make" say?04:27
bazhangNinina, best bet is to ask the compiz experts in that channel04:27
Nininabazhang: I'll try04:27
FormodeHello, could anyone help me get sound working? It was working about, 2 days ago. I am trying to get ETQW sound to work, mainly.04:27
bazhangcakey, you accidentally what the video card04:27
MrCollinsejer, now that I have all my stuff set to pulseaudio, I cant hear things in totem now.04:28
ShoopufIs there an easy LAMP/XAMPP install for Ubuntu? Instead of downloading each one manually and manually configuring firewalls in text files and opening port 80s and such? :P04:28
markl_Doonz: ah ok, the 3ware should give you each drive as a separate /dev/sd? device so you should be able to recombine the raid.  i am not an expert at the vg, pv etc commands though04:28
snuitje\Kira: things to get: alacarte eog evince file-roller gconf-editor gedit gnome-applets gnome-control-center gnome-icon-theme gnome-menus gnome-panel gnome-session gnome-system-monitor gnome-system-tools gnome-terminal gnome-themes gnome-utils gnome-volume-manager hal metacity nautilus04:28
ejerDoonz: http://man-wiki.net/index.php/8:mdadm#ASSEMBLE_MODE04:28
cakeythe video card04:28
SierradumpCan anyone help me with SKYPE?  I am getting a " problem with audio playback " message???04:28
bazhangcakey, please give us a complete sentence04:28
ejerShoopuf: sudo tasksel install lamp-server04:28
cakeyi accidentally the video card04:28
mikematisShoopuf: Download the ubuntu server iso and install that. there's04:28
bazhangcakey, that makes no sense04:28
\Kirasnuitje: thats what I would need? would I still have to run the command you mentioned earlier to stop it from starting at boot?04:28
usserrraj_be, it works fine with exact same contents04:29
mikematisShoopuf: Download the ubuntu server iso and install that. there's an installation option for LAMP.04:29
snuitje\Kira: notification-daemon pulseaudio seahorse synaptic unzip update-manager update-notifier xorg xterm yelp zenity zip04:29
rraj_bea min plz phone04:29
snuitje\Kira: that's a fairly minimal selection04:29
Shoopufmikematis: Darn, I am running Ubuntu on a shared host, and they just offer a basic bare-bones Ubuntu install04:29
\Kirasnuitje: yeah, I was just looking at the output of that command, thats all the stuff under "depends", right?04:30
snuitje\Kira: if you want to get even less, install with --no-install-recommends04:30
Doonzserver@sserver1:~$ sudo mdadm --assemble --scan04:30
Doonzmdadm: Cannot open /dev/sdb1: No such device or address04:30
snuitje\Kira: not everything04:30
\Kirasnuitje: okay, I think I should be good with what you listed, I only need to do a couple things.04:30
rraj_beusser:  its giving like this "make: *** No rule to make target `gcc', needed by `all'.  Stop."04:30
uhhhhhrraj_be, try make clean04:31
rraj_beuhhhhh:  make: *** No rule to make target `clean'.  Stop.04:31
usserrraj_be, does it work without makefile? ie gcc raj.c -o raj04:31
\Kirasnuitje: if you dont mind, do you know anything about forwarding the X server to another computer (I cant remember what the term is called). Such as I SSH into my server from somewere else, then get it to show gnome from my server at somewere else.04:31
usseruhhhhh, trying to write a simple makefile here04:32
rraj_beit works fine04:32
usserrraj_be, something is wrong04:32
mikematisShoopuf: type "sudo apt-get install apache2 php5 mysql-server"04:32
rraj_bethats what usser04:32
uhhhhhthe file must be wrong04:32
rraj_bei am too trying to find that04:32
snuitje\Kira: there are several ways to do it04:32
uhhhhhis the tabbing correct?04:32
usserrraj_be, your makefile is messed up04:32
snuitje\Kira: one of them is vino04:32
MrCollinsejer, I have an idea, how can I tell my flash player to tell it specifically to send the sound through the digital out? I believe it is being played on the analog side, I will test it now.....04:32
snuitje\Kira: it's a vnc server for gnome04:32
rraj_beall: gcc raj.c -o sdl -lSDL_mixer04:32
rraj_beinstall: mv raj /usr/local/bin04:32
snuitje\Kira: add it to your list04:32
nikhello a quick question, I can not start up kde gui by typing startx at the konsole. It says user not authorized to run the X server, aborting. What can I do to run it?04:33
rraj_bethis is my make file contents04:33
usserrraj_be, its tabbing04:33
rraj_bewhat shud i do now?04:33
usserrraj_be,  "gcc raj.c -o sdl -lSDL_mixer" must be on a separate line04:33
snuitje\Kira: if you've enabled that, run ssh -L5900: <remotehost>04:34
usserrraj_be, also one tab in front of it04:34
rraj_benow this is op04:34
rraj_beMakefile:2: *** missing separator.  Stop.04:34
usserrraj_be, yea apparently spacing matters04:34
nikanyone want to answer my question?04:34
\Kirasuigeneris: okay, thanks. Out of curiosity, whats the -L5600, for?04:34
rraj_beits working usser04:34
markl_Doonz: does dmesg show all the drives?04:34
usserrraj_be, ok04:34
usserrraj_be, so do: make04:35
rraj_beraj@raj-desktop:~/Documents/PROJECT/sdl/sdl$ make04:35
rraj_begcc raj.c -o sdl -lSDL_mixer04:35
usserrraj_be, yep got it04:35
rraj_beits op of make04:35
Doonzmarkl_ dmesg?04:35
usserrraj_be, sudo checkinstall04:35
markl_Doonz: run that from the command line and it will show all the kernel boot msgs04:35
mikematisnik: I'll try to help you04:35
Doonzyeah all the drives are there04:35
rraj_bedone usser04:35
xr0ckstarhappy turkey day04:36
snuitje\Kira: then, in a seperate shell, run xtightvncviewer -bgr233 -compresslevel 9 -encodings copyrect -quality 5
nikmike thanks, did you get the question?04:36
markl_i wonder why it couldn't find /dev/sdb1, that sounds un-good04:36
snuitje\Kira: that's the option to tunnel a tcp port04:36
snuitje\Kira: see man ssh04:36
mikematisnik: yep. have you already installed kde? ubuntu just comes with gnome by default.04:36
usserrraj_be, well now that u answered all the questions and changed the options u wanted to change, you should have a .deb package in that same directory04:36
snuitje\Kira: -L <localport>:<host on remote side>:<port on remote side>04:37
niki'm with debian04:37
rraj_bereally thanks a lot usser i done it04:37
rraj_benow what about ./configure and all ./ . . .i have seen thiose in many innstallations04:37
liljohnpenguinhello, I am a newbie to this channel - can you point me to an overview of where to find out what this channel is used for, thank you all for your help!04:37
rraj_beis it compulsory to have those files in my package along with redame etc etc04:37
bazhangnik, debian?04:38
uhhhhhwhat are you trying to do rraj_be04:38
nikliljohnpenguin, search for ubuntu irc in google04:38
nikdebian kde on apple04:38
bazhangnik, try #debian04:38
\Kirasnuitje: sweet, I hope I can figure that out... do I have to install the vino package on the remote and locate hosts?04:38
snuitje#debian is on irc.oftc.net04:38
=== uhhhhh is now known as BMWracer0
usserrraj_be, configure only makes sense when u have a reasonably complex applications04:38
bazhangnik, this is for ubuntu support not debian04:38
Flannelliljohnpenguin: This channel is a support channel for Ubuntu linux.  There's a chat channel at #ubuntu-offtopic04:39
nikubuntu is derivative of debian04:39
bazhangsnuitje, no #debian is on this server04:39
usserBMWracer0, he wanted to create a .deb package out of a .c file04:39
snuitje\Kira: on the server you install vino on the client, xtightvncviewer04:39
Flannelnik: While true, that's not relevant04:39
snuitjebazhang: official #ubuntu is on oftc right?04:39
mikematisnik: I don't think I can help you. You might want to try the #debian channel. Now if you were using ubuntu or slackware, I could have helped you. :)04:39
snuitjebazhang: i mean #debian04:39
bazhangsnuitje, nope04:39
Flannelsnuitje: Official Ubuntu is here, official debian is on oftc, yes.04:39
fishhookerso i'm currently on vista, but thinking of making the switch this summer04:40
nik#debian doesn't have much apple users04:40
liljohnpenguinflannel: thanks04:40
BMWracer0im an apple user04:40
snuitjehm try #elitists04:40
fishhookeri've got 3GB of RAM, should i use 32 or 64 bit ubuntu?04:40
Flannelsnuitje: Please be helpful04:40
nikbmw how did you get kde running from konsole?04:40
usserfishhooker, 32bit would work just fine04:40
ejerfishhooker: go for it! use 32 bit, just downlaod the regular desktop cd04:41
genii-aroundfishhooker: Probably 32 bit will give you less headaches at this time04:41
rraj_beusser:  got loged out04:41
rraj_bejust back04:41
\Kirasnuitje: thanks a bunch :) thats solved alot of the server problems ive been stuck trying to figure out by myself...04:41
fishhookerwhat are the differences between 32 and 64?04:41
snuitje\Kira: yw04:41
rraj_beis it necessary to have configure . . .read me files and many many in a package04:41
usserrraj_be, configure only makes sense when u have a reasonably complex applications04:41
fishhooker(also, would it be worth it to upgrade to 4GB of RAM, and if so, would that change the answer to 64?)04:41
nikBMW: when you logon, you run into kde konsole04:41
mikematisnik: Ubuntu and debian have different design philosophies. I could be wrong, but dosen't debian stat up at a terminal login, as opposed to a graphical one (like ubuntu)?04:41
rraj_becould you just summarise the steps please for making debian . .04:42
BMWracer0i dont use KDE04:42
rraj_bei will make a not of it usser04:42
ejernothing fishhooker really, they are technical, if you have more than 3GB of RAM, it may be worth going with 64, which runs as well as 32 these days in my experience04:42
genii-aroundfishhooker: 32bit works on both 32 or 64 bit cpus but only sees normally about 3.2Gb of ram. 64 bit only runs on 64 bit cpus and sees all your ram. Most apps run in 32 bit04:42
snuitjemikematic: thats entirely up to the user04:42
usserrraj_be, also you dont usually write makefiles manually, people use  IDEs that automate those tedious tasks04:42
rraj_be*note of it usser04:42
usserrraj_be, IDEs like netbeans or kdevelop04:42
nikmike it is true, but i passed that point04:42
Shoopuffishhooker: I tried 64-bit but didn't like it, not enough software available... Seems it's mostly made for 32-bit04:42
rraj_bewhat IDE can i use for this04:42
snuitjemikematic: use tasksel to decide initially04:43
rraj_bewhat is use of configure file04:43
Guest34521How can I "reset" a usb device like wireless device, without having to plug it in and out, if I restart ubuntu with it plugged in ?04:43
usserrraj_be, netbeans, but again using IDE only makes sense when your projects are reasonably large,20-30 files and mor04:43
rraj_beis it to make configurations for softwares usser04:43
nikproblem is that i cant lunch X in the konsole by typing startx after i logon04:43
rraj_be:) fine04:43
bazhangnik, debian is not supported here.04:43
rraj_bei will try thiose04:43
hmw_lfsusing the "ati" (radeon) driver, i set agp 8x and fastwrite. since then the second monitor stays black. i am really out of hope04:44
xr0ckstarguest you can unmount it then mount it04:44
ejerGuest34521: you can unload and reload the driver04:44
usserrraj_be, goog luck in your journeys04:44
Guest34521ejer: usb ?04:44
ejerwhat device is it Guest3452104:44
rraj_bethanks a lot for your kind help04:44
Guest34521ejer: it's like, restarting usb ports , so I won't have to plug in and out my usb cable for my alfa 500mw04:44
pedromenezesI am getting 404 in the repositories after upgrading my Ubuntu 8.10, help me. =T04:45
pedromenezesand my wireless isn't working04:45
fishhookerall right, thanks guys regarding the 32/64 bit question! (haha sorry 'bout the delayed reaction)04:45
rraj_bethis program is command line media player usser   . ..i wan2 make it a GUI with just a play and pause button using gtk.  . .Could you help me usser04:45
ejerGuest34521: i don't know what driver it uses, but you would use rmmod and modprobe to unload and reload it, this is usually good enough to reset it04:45
Guest34521pedromenezes: try changing servers for the repositories and what is not working about your wireless ?04:45
fishhookeri'll probably make the switch this summer though 'cause i can't afford to do anything ludicrously unfamiliar during the school year :P04:46
pedromenezesguest34521 after the upgrade, my wireless isn't searching/doing anything04:46
SierradumpAnyone know why sometimes my volume control buttons on laptop show the BIOS Volume icon, and other times the volume control buttons show a UBUNTU volume control popup???04:46
pedromenezeshow can I change the repositories' servers?04:46
Guest34521pedromenezes: what device is it04:46
Nininabazhang: I figured out the problem...the errors only happen with the new human themes...=\04:46
ejerfishhooker: you could look at http://wubi-installer.org/04:46
snuitjerraj_be: http://library.gnome.org/devel/gtk-tutorial/stable/04:46
usserrraj_be, writing guis is easy, i recommend python with wxwidgets as a starting point04:46
bazhangNinina, nice going04:46
Guest34521ejer: modprobe rt8187 ?04:47
SierradumpNININA:  which errors are you referring to???04:47
rraj_besure usser  and snuitje  . . .04:47
genii-aroundGuest34521: Might want sudo with that04:47
rraj_bei am gona start now itself04:47
ejerGuest34521: rmmod rt8178, then type dmesg and see what it says, then modprobe rt8187 and dmesg again04:47
tleuser8358.10 downloaded and written but not bootable. pls hlp!04:47
pedromenezesguest34521 where can I change the repositores04:47
bazhangtleuser835, md5 the iso04:47
SierradumpBazhang:  Which errors is Ninina referring to?04:48
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/VerifyIsoHowto or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows04:48
genii-aroundGuest34521: Instead of rmmod use instead: sudo modprobe -r <modulename>04:48
mikematispedromenezes: System > Administration > Software Sources...04:48
ejerpedromenezes: system>admin>software sources, but if you are not connected to net, this is why you have 404 errors04:48
tleuser835that was done. every file is OK.04:48
bazhangSierradump, windows border with nvidia card04:48
pedromenezesI am connected through ethernet, thanks for the help04:48
bazhangtleuser835, then reburn at low speed and do the disk integrity check04:49
Sierradumpbazhang:  like the missing minimize/maximize/close buttons and the title bar?04:49
bazhangSierradump, yep04:49
mikematispedromenezes: ...In the dropdown the says "Download from" select "other" and then click the "Select best server" buton.04:49
Sierradumpbazhang, I was under the impression that was related to compiz?  I turned my visual effects off and am still using human theme and haven't had anymore problems...04:50
doors98is it possible for windows to access files on a network to an ubuntu OS?04:50
tleuser835the cd is readable but not bootable. lack of a boot image is a problem?04:50
bazhangdoors98, sure04:50
snuitje!pm | xr0ckstar04:50
ubottuxr0ckstar: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please don't PM a user in the channel without asking first, some find it rude.04:50
Sierradumpdoors98, type in \\computername\04:50
ejer!samba | doors9804:50
ubottudoors98: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.  Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21209804:50
bazhangtleuser835, you reburned at low speed and did the disk integrity check?04:50
Guest34521genii-around: how can I found the module is it using ? my usb alfa 500mw04:50
mikematisdoors98: yes. with sftp, ftp, or samba04:50
doors98bazhang: and Sierra: How04:50
Guest34521genii-around: the driver is IEEE04:51
=== entropy is now known as Guest84009
genii-aroundGuest34521: This is an external USB DSL modem?04:51
bazhangdoors98, see the link from the bot above04:51
doors98yap i already shared my forlder in Ubuntu using samba04:51
Guest34521genii-around: external usb wireless card04:51
doors98how will i access it on windows?04:51
rmitchellsierradump, how fairs your penguin?04:51
Sierradumpdoor98 - most likely samba is already enabled... from your windows machine simply type in the browser window \\computername\04:51
tleuser835bazhang, not yet.04:51
Guest34521genii-around: and it connects with 2 usbs for power and I am sick of pluggin them out and in whenever I restart ubuntu04:51
Sierradumprmitchell couple questions maybe you could help.04:51
pw-toxichow can i enter special  keys like (tm)   i think in windows i could do this with alt gr + number04:52
rmitchellsierradump, i'll give it a try04:52
genii-aroundGuest34521: It's a Realtek 818504:52
pw-toxicfor example altGr + 17404:52
SierradumpTried a skype install and got it running but it won't complete calls says bad audio settings or something - on a slightly related note - sometimes my volume buttons on my laptop control the system bios speakers and other times they control a ubuntu popup window...04:52
usserrraj_be, here something like this: http://pastebin.com/f75324f2404:52
ejerpw-toxic: no shortcuts, but application>accessories>character map04:52
mikematisdoors98:Or do Map Network Drive from the tools menu of the my computer window.04:53
Sierradumprmitchell you catch that?04:53
rmitchellsierradump, yep04:53
Guest34521genii-around: yes but how can I rmmod it if ubuntu doesn't see it unless I have to plug it in and out which is my main problem in the first place ?04:53
Sierradumprmitchell other than that I am really having fun with this!04:53
genii-aroundGuest34521: Although some newer ones may use later like 818704:53
rraj_benow where in the menu i can find the package i installed04:53
Guest34521genii-around: yes04:53
rraj_beis there any way to specify it usser04:53
usserrraj_be, what menu?04:53
ejerGuest34521: is the problem that when you reboot the stick is dead?04:54
genii-aroundGuest34521: Does it show when you issue: lsusb                   ?04:54
usserrraj_be, you mean synaptic?04:54
rraj_bei insno04:54
snuitjewhat did you install?04:54
doors98mikematis: if i do map network drive when i browse my ubuntu machine isnt disp[layed?04:54
rraj_bei have installed created .deb04:54
rmitchellsierradump, i never had problems with skype audio, as for the laptop buttons, that's interesting04:54
Guest34521genii-around: ejer: yes whenever I start/reboot ubuntu, the usb card is not recognized04:54
rraj_benow where or how can i use that application04:54
rraj_bein menus04:54
Guest34521genii-around: yes04:54
Guest34521genii-around: it shows04:54
pw-toxicejer: cant i configure shortcuts for this?04:55
ejerGuest34521: most likely you will not fix this in software04:55
Sierradumprmitchell - ya when I first installed the laptop buttons caused a bios audio icon popup with volume meter... Pressing plus  made volume go up, pressing minus made sound go down...04:55
ejerpw-toxic: if you figure out how, please tell me04:55
Guest34521ejer: so plugging it in and out as always :( ?04:55
Mal3koguys how do we switch/login to other user in ssh?04:55
usserrraj_be, i dont understand. you mean the one that you checkinstalled?04:55
mikematisdoors98: Are both machines set to the same workgroup?04:55
ejerGuest34521: if rmmod and modprobe don't do it, then yes04:55
doors98or maybe i can type the ID of ubuntu? but how can i see my ip on Ubuntu?04:55
Sierradumprmitchell, now those same buttons are causing a ubuntu volume popup to come up with similar volume bar.  problem is that it is controlling the OS volume and not the speaker volume!04:55
n8tuserdoors98  sudo ip a04:56
node357installing with wubi, stuck for 1 hour on "scanning the mirror" the Canadian server does not respond and I can't select a mirror during install04:56
hmw_lfsssh address -l user04:56
snuitjeSierradump: unlikely, the bios shouldn't get scheduled, can't get back to the kernel it knows nothing about and generally really knows nothing about anything at all going on in the system04:56
pw-toxicejer: :(04:56
doors98mikematis: where in ubuntu can i set the workgroup name? sorry total newbie04:56
hmw_lfsssh address -l user Mal3ko04:56
rmitchellsierradump, ah... so the bios is adjusting volume, but so is the os.04:56
ejerSierradump: you can change this in system>preferences>sound04:56
rraj_bei instlled that aplpication i created usser  . . .in which menu i can see it now or lauch it . . .like terminal by Applications--> Accessories--> Terminal . . like that04:56
Guest34521genii-around: it shows in lsusb how can I force ubuntu to mount it ?04:56
mikematisdoors98: ifconfig in a terminal to get the ip04:56
snuitjeSierradump: bios isn't "magic" its just a blob sitting in a rom04:56
genii-aroundGuest34521: You don't "mount" a wifi adapter or so, only filesystems04:56
doors98how can i set the workgroup name so that windows automatically detects it04:56
Sierradumpsnuitje, originally after install the volume buttons caused a giant sound icon to pop up - the same icon i got in windows... Now I am only getting a ubuntu volume meter popup...04:57
usserrraj_be, oh there won't be a menu entry for it, since we didn't specify one, you can run it from terminal04:57
snuitjeSierradump: when linux runs linux is in charge04:57
usserrraj_be, by typing: raj04:57
mikematisdoors98: hang on ...04:57
Guest34521genii-around: yes wrong word, but is there a way around it ?04:57
genii-aroundGuest34521: If you do:  lsmod| grep usbcore                            do you see something like this: usbcore               146412  4 rtl8187,ehci_hcd,uhci_hcd04:57
ejerpw-toxic: i just found this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ComposeKey i t may help04:57
Sierradumprmitchell, yes that seems to be problem.04:57
Sierradumpejer, I will check that out...04:57
rraj_bein CLI its ok04:57
doors98mikematis: i mean, where can i set my workgroup name in ubuntu?04:57
Guest34521genii-around: yes04:57
rraj_bebut how for making menu entry? usser04:58
usserrraj_be, as part of .deb package?04:58
snuitjeSierradump: weird, but still what's the problem?04:58
ejerrraj_be: system>prefs>main menu04:58
usserrraj_be, i wouldn't know, never done it. you can add it manually04:58
rraj_beok how to add manually ys04:58
rmitchellsierradump, disabling the bios feature might be best. or disable the OS stuff. You can pick which track the buttons control in system | preferences | sound04:59
usserrraj_be, what ejer said ^04:59
hmw_lfsdoors98: /etc/samba/smb.conf - you might have to install samba04:59
rraj_bethanks ejer04:59
Sierradumpwell the OS volume is all the way up, but the hardware volume isn't so it is faint/low volume;04:59
Guest34521genii-around: I FIXED IT, i forgot I had r8187, not rtl8187, I had to downgrade to r8187 because mac8021 has a bug, I realized mine is r8187 when I saw in your paste, rtl, THANKS MAN !!!04:59
genii-aroundGuest34521: OK. When you see this, and you issue: ifconfig                           does it show a wlan0         ?04:59
mikematisdoors98: I think yu set it when you set up the shared folder.04:59
usserrraj_be, just add an entry, type the name, command is raj. and set it to run in terminal. im not sure where is it all located, havent run gnome for a while now04:59
Sierradumprmitchell, ejer, where exactly can I controll this? I am in system | preferences | sound05:00
tleuser835thanks. l'll be back.05:00
rmitchellsierradump, open up volume manager, double click your sound icon and lets see what track your buttons control05:00
genii-aroundGuest34521: Ah, a simple solution :) Glad it got working05:00
Guest34521genii-around: so I fixed it with modprobe -r and mount !05:00
rraj_besure usser05:00
Guest34521genii-around: not mount, modprobe again*05:00
Sierradumprmitchell confused...05:00
genii-aroundGuest34521: I'm not sure how "mount" fits into it however....05:00
rmitchellsierradump, double click the volume icon in your tray05:01
SierradumpI am on system | preferences | sounds tab...05:01
Guest34521genii-around: yes wrong word :)05:01
snuitjegoodmorning everyone ./ cya l8r05:01
ejerSierradump: default mixer track05:01
SuperGeek'ello all.05:01
Guest34521genii-around: do you have the same alfa as well ?05:01
ejerand check what rmitchell is saying, you probably have to change PCM volume05:01
doors98maikematis and to others who replied, thanks, i'l try all ur suggestions:)05:01
rmitchellsierradump, now press a volume button on your keyboard, and see which track's slider moves05:01
SuperGeekI have a laptop that supports x64...should I install the x64 version or x86? I want to use the laptop for casual use..05:02
genii-aroundGuest34521: I have an internal USB based 8187 which is similar05:02
Sierradumpvolume buttons are controlling the "master" audio track?05:02
santanuwhile mounting a drive in ubuntu 8.10 i found a message "internal error, no mount object for mounted volume"05:02
santanui couldn't understand what to do!05:02
mikematisdoors98: you should also be able to get to it from your windows box with \\ipofubuntubox\sharename typed into the address bar of any explorer window05:02
ejerSuperGeek: i recommend 64bit if over 3gb of ram05:02
Sierradumprmitchell, ejer  it moves the master audio slider05:02
SuperGeekejer: 4GB of ram..05:02
rmitchellsierradump, alright, play some sound/music, and as its playing, play around with the PCM slider, see if that does what you want05:02
Guest34521genii-around: oh, 8187, do you find the drivers a bit unstable? my connection keeps fluctuating from 30% to 80%, but it windows it's more stable for example, so it couldn't be interference05:03
ejerSuperGeek: go for the gusto05:03
santanuPlease help me05:03
SuperGeekejer: are there any packages for x86 that aren't available for x64?05:03
ejersantanu: what file system on dirve, what type of drive05:03
genii-aroundGuest34521: I find that the power management which controls the usb bus varies the voltage which affects it's performance05:03
mikematisSuperGeek: zsnes05:03
ejerSuperGeek: not that I know of, I have been in 64bit for many years05:03
Guest34521genii-around: wow really? how can I fix that?05:04
SuperGeekhow much RAM can Ubuntu use in x86?05:04
ejerSuperGeek: certainly no issues for casual use, but you can always just try the livecd and see for yourself05:04
mikematisSuperGeek: you can compile it yourself though. Sometimes someone will float a deb out there if you look around05:04
ejeryou can make 32bit see all your ram05:04
Sierradumprmitchell, it is still quiet... I can't figure it out.  When I first installed, I was controlling the actual speaker volume with the volume buttons.  I had the actuall hardware button all the way up, and the OS volume icon was at about 75%.  They were separate.05:05
ejeryou need to compile a new kernel05:05
genii-aroundGuest34521: There is a value to set for it but offhand I cannot recall. When this happens for me I don't bother debuging it anymore but just plug in an auxilliary adapter I have05:05
SuperGeekejer: it's not supported in the default kernel?05:05
ejerSuperGeek: no, it is in 64bit05:05
Guest34521genii-around: there is no adapter for it, it can only be powered by usb :(05:05
mikematisSuperGeek: I've been on 64bit for 2yrs. Flash sometimes does strange things, since its just a wrapper around the 32bit version (i think).05:06
ejerthere is a performance hit for it in 32bit I think SuperGeek05:06
santanuhow can I solve my mounting problem?05:06
SuperGeeki see05:06
rmitchellsierradump, what sliders do you see in the 'playback' tab of volume control? I didn't know the bios stepped in for things as trivial as volume05:06
SuperGeekhow about the nvidia proprietary drivers?05:06
SuperGeekwill those work on x64?05:06
ejermikematis: flash10 is 64bit now :) http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/flashplayer10.html05:06
ejerSuperGeek: everything works05:06
mikematisSuperGeek: Nvidia drvs work great05:06
ejerSuperGeek: would we use it otherwise05:07
SuperGeekx64 it is, i suppose05:07
SuperGeekhaha, true05:07
mikematisejer: Sweet! I'll check it out!05:07
genii-aroundGuest34521: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/debian-26/power-off-usb-509328/   has the values to set I spoke of. You need to know which usb bus and device etc etc but the idea is explained there05:07
ejermikematis: it solved all my probs05:07
SuperGeekthanks y'all05:07
Sp00fhi all05:07
Sierradumprmitchell, maybe it wasn't bios - but I definitley used to have a different sound icon after fresh install... It was the same icon I had for XP and Vista... It was in Ubuntu 8.10 too until a little while ago (after I installed a bunch of packages).  Then all of a sudden I get a ubuntu popup bar (no more grey sound icon w/ bar)...05:07
santanumay i be helped?05:07
ejersantanu: if you do not say my name I will not see it05:08
Sp00fhappy tday05:08
mikematisSuperGeek: Have fun!05:08
Sierradumprmitchell, I see Master, PCM, Ext Mic, Int mic.05:08
ejersantanu: what type of drive? usb?05:08
santanuejer: How can I solve my mounting problem?05:08
LoveGuruIs there anyone familiar with "proftpd" well i setup proftpd and works fine within the box. but when i try to open it outside the box it can;t let me in .. anyone?05:09
rmitchellsierradump, click 'preferences' and check anything that has to do with 'playback' see if anything is down low05:09
santanuejer: no, hard drive : ntfs05:09
BMWracer0santanu:  i think they make a pill for it, but you still need a girlfriend05:09
BMWracer0well maybe not even that05:09
Sierradumprmitchell, Skype is giving me a "problem with audio playback" message and won't let me do anything!05:09
BMWracer0jut some woman05:09
Guest34521genii-around: ok I'll try that thanks a lot man !05:09
ejerLoveGuru: if you are trying to get in from outside your network you will need to open a port most likely05:09
LoveGuruejer: i did open that port.. i can ssh my box from outside. but ftp won't working :<05:10
doors98How do i set my IP permanently on Ubuntu?05:10
rmitchellsierradump, sorry, my expirence with skype is limited.. it was nice to me when i set it up05:10
ejerLoveGuru: ssh is dif port than ftp... so you opened 22 and 21?05:10
santanuejer: may I be helped? please?05:10
ejersantanu: i do not know what the error means05:10
LoveGuruejer: thats what i m saying i did open both ports. i can do ssh but not ftp.05:10
genii-aroundGuest34521: I'll try to find a better one relating more directly05:10
santanuOh! no!05:10
Sierradumprmitchell, what about the "device" listed at the TOP of the sound window, I have like 5 devices in there...05:11
ejerLoveGuru: is the ftp server responding at all05:11
Guest34521genii-around: I was actually using this one http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=85317905:11
usser!ask | santanu05:11
ubottusantanu: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:11
rmitchellsierradump, what are your choices?05:11
LoveGuruejer: well inside that box works fine. with user/anonymous05:11
mikematisdoors98: System > Preferences > Network Configuration05:11
ejersantanu: https://bugs.launchpad.net/nautilus/+bug/25674905:11
Sierradumpwell right now it is on HDA nVidia mixes (alsa)... right underneat that it says CONNEXANT (oss)05:11
ejerLoveGuru: ok, but is it saying hello when you try to get in from outside? is it maybe only listening on localhost?05:12
santanuThank you!05:12
LoveGuruejer: i think its not listening at all05:12
ejerLoveGuru: you know you can do sftp with ssh?05:12
genii-aroundGuest34521: There is a more generic explanation here, but pretty good http://www.lesswatts.org/projects/devices-power-management/usb.php05:12
ejerLoveGuru: more secure, only one port, I use it05:12
doors98mikematis: thanks, i tried accesing ubuntu on windows using IP and it displayed the shared folder on Ubuntu, i'l try to assign a permanent ip then,05:13
LoveGuruejer: ya i know i can do that ssh port. but i want to use it at port 2105:13
rmitchellsierradump, what does it list for your audio chipset in 'lspci'?05:13
JON5000hello.  i dont have ubuntu but i have a question... can i ask it here?05:13
FlannelJON5000: Is it an Ubuntu question?05:13
mikematisdoors98: glad to help05:13
Guest34521genii-around: ok I'm trying the last one05:13
genii-aroundGuest34521: So "-1" is the autosuspend value you want for instance05:13
Guest34521genii-around: yup :)05:14
ejerLoveGuru: you see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ProFTPD05:14
Guest34521genii-around: do I use sudo instead of echo ?05:14
JON5000i hate my vista computer and am thinking of trying to dump it.  thinking of linux ubuntu.  is this possible?05:14
LoveGuruejer: well i checked already :< but can't figure out.05:14
MrCollinsejer, this fixed my issue: http://onlyubuntu.blogspot.com/2008/11/fix-for-no-sound-issue-in-ubuntu-810.html05:14
Sierradumprmitchell, nVidia corp. MCP51 High definition audio.05:14
genii-aroundGuest34521: You need admin right to write to that file. So proper way in Ubuntu is like:   echo "-1" | sudo tee -a /the/filepath/thefilename05:15
AnacranomJON5000, run it off the live cd to try it05:15
genii-aroundGuest34521: Where the path, etc is the /sys/wherever in the articles05:15
Guest34521genii-around: ok trying it now05:15
JON5000live cd?05:16
ejerLoveGuru: try connecting with telnet to see what is going on05:16
doors98mikematis: i couldnt find System > Preferences > Network Configuration on ubuntu, i just found System > Preferences05:16
rmitchelljon5000: a cd that will load up ubuntu in your ram, not touching your windows install at all05:16
ejerJON5000: check out http://wubi-installer.org/05:16
mikematisJON500: if your pc runs vista, it should run ubuntu. you can install ubuntu really easy from within vista.05:16
JON5000thanks anacronom.  One thing thats important to me is that i would be able to access files on this ubuntu computer from other pc's in the house that are connected wifi05:17
p1und3rcan anyone help with my sound, i fricken downloaded updates in ubuntu and now my sound went out05:17
AnacranomJON5000, download the image from http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download and burn that image to a cd, boot from the cd and play aroud with it05:17
JON5000doues ubuntu replace vista, or sit atop it05:17
mikematisdoors98: My bad. Are you on 8.04? I'm on 8.10- that could be the diff.05:17
n8tuserdoors98-> system->administration->network  or type  network-admin05:17
rmitchellsierradump: what packages did you install that might have messed with your sound, i think this issue is related to your skype problem05:18
AnacranomJON5000, if need be, after you've played around and decide if you want it, you can dual-boot-- have both your vista and your Ubuntu05:18
doors98mikematis: yap im stil on 8.o4, can i update to 8.10?05:18
ejeryou choose JON5000 you can totally wipe it or install within windows, or share your hard drive05:18
doors98thanks nt8user05:18
Sierradumprmitchell, I installed xchat & skype .  I just messed with a few things let me see if that works.05:19
ejerJON5000: it is easy to share files https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/internet/C/networking-shares.html05:19
mikematisdoors98: Stay on 8.04. Not that much different from 8.10.  Its System > Applications > Network05:19
LoveGuruejer: i can't telnet to that host. reason " Connecting To foo.bar.com... Could not open connection to the host, on port 23: Connect failed05:20
xscottx3terminal question, how would I go about deleting all files ina  folder using the terminal?05:20
p1und3rcan anyone help with a gconfaudio problem05:20
LoveGuruejer: becoz i didn't open port 2305:20
castxscottx3: rm -r dir/05:20
ejerLoveGuru: yeah :) it is the ftp control port05:20
JON5000fascinating.  but does it depend on vista to work.  e.g. i am really ticked off with vista because it routinely fails to recognize an external drive i have hooked up... if ubuntu depends on vista, i fear that ubuntu would have the same trouble... am i misguided?05:20
xscottx3thank you05:20
castxscottx3: that'll delete the folder, too05:20
ejerLoveGuru: no05:20
rmitchellsierradump: run 'aplay -l" and give the output05:20
Guest34521genii-around: We know the USB to ethernet device's directory is 1-2 because the device and bus numbers match the lsusb output.  --- this is really confusing05:20
LoveGuruejer: but u know what i set port 21 not 23 :05:21
ejerLoveGuru: that is telnet port, you need to telnet to port 2105:21
AnacranomJON5000, no,,, totally separate05:21
doors98mikematis or nt8user: then after im inside network admin, how will i set my workgroup on ububtu?05:21
xscottx3how do I just delete the files within the folder?05:21
ejerLoveGuru: but you may need port 20 open05:21
LoveGuruejer: i tried but same error "telnet foo.bar.com:21"05:21
genii-aroundGuest34521: What they mean, is, when you do: lsusb           and you see somewhere the 8187 adapter. The usb bus is in that line.05:21
p1und3r--- what does gconfaudiosink: failed to connect to stream mean? how can i fix this?05:21
n8tuserdoors98-> workgroup is a microsoft concept not an open source05:22
castxscottx3: rm -r dir/* will delete all non-hidden files05:22
hmw_lfsdoors98: /etc/samba/smb.conf05:22
JON5000this is very inspiring.05:22
genii-aroundGuest34521: eg: my box here: Bus 005 Device 002: ID 0bda:8187 Realtek Semiconductor Corp.                       means 5-205:22
xscottx3cast: thank you05:22
ejerLoveGuru: so port 21 is not listening, try restarting service, and check logs to make sure, use ps to see if it is there05:22
trashypatchesI am trying to get flash 10 to work on 1.04, I have installed some scripts using terminal that I think are gonna need to be removed. Is there anyway to revert to back to default?05:22
LoveGuruejer: ok05:22
doors98hmw_lfs: what is etc/samba?will i open and edit?05:23
aravindubuntuhi when i try to connect to pulseaudio server using pulse audio device chooser applet , its refusing connection. Someone please help05:23
Guest34521genii-around: I have Bus 007 and  device 002 and that folder doesn't exist05:23
casttrashypatches: either undo what you've done manually, reinstall, or revert to a older snapshot/backup, are your 3 options,05:23
hmw_lfsdoors98 - there you set the workgroup. if it isnt there, you need to install samba.05:23
ejertrashypatches: don't know what scripts you ran05:23
Guest34521genii-around: 7-305:23
Sierradumprmitchell get 2 outputs.05:24
Guest34521genii-around: the folder is in another folder usb7 but it's a subfolder to usb705:24
woscould someone tell me how to get usb working on virtualbox please?05:24
Sierradumprmitchell,  HDA nVidia Conexant Digital, and HDA nVidia CONEXANT Analog05:24
trashypatchesTo reinstall I have the live cd made, but when I boot it up I get a dr.dos cmd prompt05:24
trashypatcheshow do I get the gui interface?05:25
mikematisdoors98:  type "sudo gedit /etc/samba/smb.conf" this will open a text editor so you can edit the samba config, where the workgroup setting is (Samba is a thing that lets linux and windows machines "talk" to eachother)05:25
doors98lfs: how will i access the conf?05:25
ejerwos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox#USB05:25
Guest34521genii-around: sorry my bad, 7-2 doesn't exist05:25
doors98i see05:25
wosthanks alot ejer05:25
LoveGuruejer: well its working now when i type at windows prompt "ftp foo.bar.com" but when i use "ftp foo.bar.com:21" its not working :<05:25
Doonzis there a command via ssh that will just show me cpu utilization %'s?05:25
kelvin911how to check my video card driver's version?05:25
LoveGuruejer: whats the difference when i used host without port and with port05:25
ejerLoveGuru: in windows ftp?05:26
castDoonz: using the load averages might be handy, but as for %'s, top will do that05:26
ejerDoonz: top05:26
LoveGuruyes i m trying to xs from windows05:26
LoveGuruejer: my proftpd server is another unix box05:26
ejerLoveGuru: i am the wrong person to ask hehe, who knows what they are doing05:26
facefacehow do I reset my network config?05:26
genii-aroundGuest34521: Does: ls /sys/bus/usb/devices/usb7/7-0:2.0                               show a list of files?05:27
LoveGuruejer: nevamind. thanks for all05:27
facefacewhich files to delete, which to strip?05:27
=== JustinRyan is now known as Fifi
mikematisDoonz: install htop. even better than top "sudo apt-get install htop"05:27
ejerLoveGuru: i suggest filezilla for a windows ftp client05:27
LoveGuruejer: i m using WINscp05:27
kelvin911filezilla is good05:27
ejerfaceface: /etc/network/interfaces05:27
LoveGuruejer: i can't xs through winscp.05:27
KlrSp1still can't get this damn resume to work right05:27
facefaceevery time I log in I need to do ifdown eth1 / ifup eth1 to get anything working05:27
facefacety ejer05:27
Sierradumprmitchell, well that command got me to get Skype working!!!!  But the STUPID VOLUME CONTROL on the keyboard still controls the volume in the OS AND I am NOT getting the icon/soundmeter that I was getting originally - the volume is still really low.  I had to have done something?  ANyway I am going to reinstall everything tomorrow a.m.05:27
Guest34521genii-around: no such file or directory05:28
iShockHow do I update intel 945GM drivers in Xubuntu? Anyone please?05:28
SierradumpRmitchell, we will call today a "learning experience"... I botched the Skype install because I wasn't following the instructions very well...05:28
fo_x86how do I remove all files except for one in a directory?05:28
wosejer where do i insert the text in that link you gave me?05:28
ejeriShock: you don't need to, it will update with update-manager05:28
iShockejer how do I check latest version05:28
genii-aroundGuest34521: Ah. What says lsusb line which has your 8187?05:28
hmw_lfsfo_x86 move the file away, delete the rest, move it back05:28
SierradumpHey thanks for everything guys! I gotta pass out now (too much turkey!!!!)   I'll catch you all online tomorrow a.m.05:28
ejerwos: it says in there05:29
wosi tried it!05:29
wos5 times05:29
fo_x86hmw_lfs, there is no command that is equivalent to * minus a file?05:29
ejeriShock: it is built into the kernel, you have the latest if you are up to date05:29
woscould you help05:29
=== Fifi is now known as JustinRyan
iShockejer, BZFlag is detecting the version is from 2006 ...05:29
castfo_x86: is your shell bash?05:29
hmw_lfsfo_x86 dont know. try "man mv"05:29
genii-aroundGuest34521: At any rate, you can see why I just don't bother much with it since it's less headache for me to just plug in a secondary ethernet adaper05:29
Guest34521there are 2 since I ahve to plugg in two, one is Bus 007 device 002, and second is Bus 003 device 00305:29
fo_x86cast, yea05:29
ejerwos: restart udev, you may have to reboot, and you have to be in vboxusers group, and you have to have logged out and back in05:30
fo_x86cast, is there a meta character that will do this?05:30
woswhats udev?05:30
castfo_x86: you could load the extglob module and use rm !(pattern) to match everything except pattern05:30
iShockejer, BZFlag is detecting the version is from 2006 ...05:30
Guest34521genii-around: but on their site it's simply confusing look at it again http://www.lesswatts.org/projects/devices-power-management/usb.php - Bus 001 Device 007: ID 050d:0121 Belkin Components F5D5050 100Mbps Ethernet - and they say that their device: We know the USB to ethernet device's directory is 1-2 because the device and bus numbers match the lsusb output.05:30
castshopt -s extglob, will load the module05:30
ejeriShock: if you have latest kernel, you have latest driver, and I don't know what bzflag is05:31
genii-aroundwos: Basically the PNP system of linux05:31
fo_x86cast, thanks05:31
iShocka game, ejer it uses 3d opengl drivers, which is what I want to upgrade05:31
ejerwos: the page explains all the steps you must do05:31
wosno it fkn doesnt!05:31
ejerincluding udev wos look near bottom of that section05:31
KlrSp1anyone a hibernate master? i can get it to hibernate, but not resume05:31
genii-aroundGuest34521: Yes, looks like they do not match in this case. But i suspect a typo05:31
=== andres_ is now known as fr500
iShockejer, how do I check the version?05:32
Guest34521genii-around: a typo as in only the bus counts ?05:32
facefaceejer, there is a lot of files under if-down.d  if-post-down.d  if-pre-up.d  if-up.d05:32
ejeruname -r iShock05:32
genii-aroundwos: udev detects devices and then assigns them /dev/names       so the system can use them05:32
iShock2.6.27-10-generic ejer05:33
facefacewhat is avahi?05:33
ejerfaceface: you can do this all by right clicking the network icon too05:33
facefaceI keep seeing "eth1:ahvi" when I log in, then "no such interfce" when I try to configure05:33
ejerthat is the latest iShock05:33
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about avahi05:34
facefaceejer, thats the thing, it doesn't work05:34
iShockejer, then why aren't my gfx drivers up to date?05:34
genii-aroundGuest34521: Not sure. I'm not a USB expert :) But for a while I was setting my 8187 in this way to not power off all the time until I just got sick and got another card05:34
ejerfaceface: what doesn't05:34
facefaceejer, I used to have NM, now I don't seem to have it05:34
mikematisgnight, all!05:34
Guest34521genii-around: haha ok, thanks I'm still going to try to fix it05:34
ejerfaceface: try running it manually on terminal with nm-applet05:34
facefaceejer,  network-admin doesn't work after I log in05:34
facefaceejer, OK05:34
iShockejer, how do I check the version of my gfx drivers?05:34
doors98if i  type "sudo gedit /etc/samba/smb.conf" the message is no such file of directory if i remove the quotes its command not found05:34
ubottuIf you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)05:35
ejeriShock: http://intellinuxgraphics.org/install.html read the first line :)05:35
ejer!samba | doors9805:36
ubottudoors98: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.  Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21209805:36
ejerdoors98: the guide is here https://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html05:36
facefaceejer, just to fill you in, when I log in network is not connected. I click network icon and see three 'connections', eth0:avahi and eth1:avahi, clicking confiure gives a warning 'no such interface'05:36
iShockejer, nothing there answers my question.05:37
ejerfaceface: what is in /etc/network/interfaces05:37
Massasaugadoes anyone know why I have ordinary speed internet but only a 9% signal strength05:37
facefaceejer, ifup, ifdown (eth1) gets me up05:37
ejersorry iShock05:37
ejerMassasauga: sometimes cards do not report signal strength right05:37
iShockejer, how do I check the version of my 3d mesa drivers?05:37
Massasaugathanks ejer05:38
FAJhi, my friend is having issues using nvidia-settings.  we have run sudo nvidia-xconfig, and then restarted x, but she still gets the error that xorg is not configured for nvidia, try doing the above steps.  anyone help   using ubuntu 8.04??? please?  thanks05:38
ubottuPulseAudio is a sound server intended as a drop-in replacement for !ESD - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio for information and installation instructions05:38
ejeriShock: glxinfo may give you something05:38
ejerFAJ: did you select the drive in system>admin>hardward drivers05:38
iShockMaybe installing mesa-utils might help, eh ejer? :<05:38
FAJejer, i will check again05:39
rmitchellFAJ: do you know what nvidia driver? I am using 177 with 8.10 and it works very well.05:39
ejeri doubt it iShock05:39
iShockejer, I need that for glxinfo command to work .. but here.05:39
iShockejer: OpenGL renderer string: Mesa DRI Intel(R) 945GM 20061102 x86/MMX/SSE2 <- THAT'S what I want to update05:39
\Kirasnuitje: when I try to run the client command you can me, it returns with connection refused...05:39
FAJrmitchell: not sure.05:39
ejeriShock: update to what05:39
facefacehere is 'interfaces' http://pastebin.com/m7a6c671005:40
facefaceejer, ^^05:40
iShockThe newest version, ejer.05:40
FAJejer rmitchell it is enabled05:40
facefaceejer, looks OK to me05:40
ejerfaceface: try making it like this http://pastebin.com/m7149620a05:41
rmitchellFAJ: it should say what version in system | administration | hardware drivers05:41
KlrSp1anyone a hibernate master? i can get it to hibernate, but not resume05:41
relisysGuys please help me I remember there was an automated  xorg.conf utility that would  let me select and build my own file05:41
relisyswhat is it called05:41
FAJrmitchell:  in hardy?  still using hardy here ;)05:41
ejeriShock: what is newest version? you think you do not have newest version?05:41
iShockejer, I'm going to assume so, since my laptop is newer than 2006 ...05:41
ejer!suspend | KlrSp105:41
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about suspend05:41
relisysAnyone at all?05:42
ejeriShock: you should probably figure out if there is a new one05:42
facefaceejer, you just added 'auto eth1' right?05:42
iShockejer, how?05:42
woliwhich is a good ftp solution with nice and clean gui?05:42
ejerno faceface05:42
ejerwoli: filezilla05:42
relisysCan someone help me with about?05:42
* faceface goes to diff05:43
rmitchellFAJ: haven't tried in hardy, sorry05:43
ejeriShock: i told you, you have the latest unless you want to go install it manually, and if you do, the info is on that page05:43
FAJrmitchell:  shoot05:43
rmitchellFAJ: any reason to stay in 8.04?05:43
iShockejer, I don't think you get it, no offense.05:43
ejerrelisys: xorgconfig, but you can do sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg05:43
NeurologicWhere can I get OpenGL and GTKGLExt?05:43
NeurologicApparently I'm missing those O_o05:43
ejeriShock: i assure you i do, if you find a newer "driver", of which there is none since it is built into kernel, let me know, I will help you install it05:44
FAJrmitchell:  yes; i finally got my wifi card working on one machine (it's a long and difficult process.... don't ask lol) and my other computer uses nvidia, so I wanna keep the effects.  also the screen is ubber frustrating to get configured correctly05:44
relisysejer: I cannot seem to find that file or command05:44
iShockejer, you seriously think there hasn't been any updates for OpenGL renderer string: Mesa DRI Intel(R) 945GM 20061102 x86/MMX/SSE2 since 11/02/2006?? ...05:44
ejerrelisys: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg05:45
FAJejer:  that command sucks!05:45
=== pckchem is now known as thesecondlaw
ejerit regenerates xorg.conf...05:45
FAJit crashes right before monitor setup; leaving you with a half complete xorg.05:45
ejeri use it all the time05:46
FAJnever EVER worked for me.05:46
ejerwhat do you suggest05:46
transporterdoes anyone know how to use compiz???05:46
facefaceNeurologic, apt?05:46
Guest34521What text editors other than gedit does ubuntu have?05:46
facefaceejer, you moved the position of auto?05:46
Neurologicfaceface, are those the correct names?05:47
FAJejer:  removing xserver-xgl worked!05:47
facefaceGuest34521, nedit05:47
transporterdoes anybody know how to use compiz????05:47
facefaceNeurologic, try apt-cache search05:47
ejerfaceface: i just made it right, I moved auto yes05:47
doraemon112editor mousepad05:47
ejerfaceface: does it work now?05:47
facefaceejer, OK05:47
rmitchelltransporter: do you mean enabling effects?05:47
=== playerx is now known as px
doraemon112left editor05:47
Guest34521faceface: it's not installed05:47
facefaceejer, Don't know - its only a problem after a reboot05:47
Guest34521faceface: I need one already installed05:47
facefaceGuest34521, try ooffice?05:48
transportercan u help me rmitchell05:48
iShockWhat do I do with a git:// link?05:48
ejerGuest34521: in terminal there are some05:48
Guest34521faceface: but how do I open it as root ?05:48
facefaceejer, how can I simulate a reboot?05:48
rmitchelltransporter: go to system | preferences | appearance and go to the 'visual effects' tab05:48
Guest34521ejer: yes what are those in the terminal05:48
relisysejer:it keeps making me setup my keybaord05:48
facefaceGuest34521, what do you want to do?05:48
ejerfaceface: log out and in maybe05:48
ejerGuest34521: nano05:48
iShockejer what do I go with a git url?05:48
ubottuGit is a distributed revision control/software code management project created by Linus Torvalds. For more information, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Git_(software)05:48
Guest34521faceface: edit a file that doesn;t open with gedit05:48
Neurologicfaceface, that's just a really long list of nothing related to what I need =P apparently OpenGL is broken, and/or missing05:48
facefaceejer, network stays connected05:49
transporteryes rmitchell and then??05:49
rmitchelltransporter: click normal and wait for the window manager to refreash05:49
ejerfaceface: it is not same really05:49
facefaceGuest34521, which file?05:49
facefaceGuest34521, type "file MyFile" and paste the result05:49
facefaceNeurologic, hmm...05:50
iShockejer, I have newer drivers. How do I install them? :>05:50
facefaceNeurologic, Not sure05:50
Guest34521faceface: no worries nano worked , it was autosuspend for usb power control.05:50
transporterk that's done now what rmitchell05:50
Guest34521ejer: thanks ejer05:50
rmitchelltransporter: if it stays on normal, with no errors, then you're all set05:50
prodigrlsup all05:50
ejeriShock: where are they? link05:50
transporterrmitchell its on normal05:50
bazhang!ccsm | transporter05:50
ubottutransporter: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion05:50
iShockejer, http://intellinuxgraphics.org/download/IntelGfx-20081024/mesa.tar.gz05:50
NeurologicCan someone help me install OpenGL and GTKGLExt? apparently they're broken/missing?05:50
transporteri downloaded everything compiz from the add/remove05:51
bazhangtransporter, help for compiz in #compiz-fusion05:51
ejerhttp://intellinuxgraphics.org/install.html ishock but I warn you, I would not do this unless you are comfortable using linux05:51
rmitchelltransporter: you should be able to see the animations and such now, try minimizing something05:51
CaptainMorgananyone good with software raid? running the md check command shows that everything is working as normal... but after I set up the two drives, I unplugged one of the SATA connectors and after that my system froze - I had to reboot and luck behold I had to reinstall grub... the instructions I followed had me install grub on both drives in case a drive failed... how can I be confident I've got it set up correctly?05:51
transportergive me a hand in a bit of customizing and then i will kick it off myself05:52
CaptainMorgantwo drives, raid 105:52
facefaceejer, thanks very much for help, I'll let you know this time tomorrow if it worked ;-)05:52
Guest34521genii-around: I FIXED IT05:52
facefacethanks again05:52
rmitchelltransporter: go to system | preferences | compizconfig settings manager05:52
prodigrlgyache 1.1 no cam-error "vid format not supprted by grab device"05:52
prodigrlany help?05:52
genii-aroundGuest34521: Nice going :)05:53
Guest34521genii-around: I can tell you how it's really easy05:53
pananyone help me get flash sound working?05:53
panfor firefox32 in 64bit ubuntu?05:53
transporterim on it05:53
transporterand then what rmitchell05:53
ejerCaptainMorgan: it should not freeze, so... that seems a dif problem form grub though05:53
Guest34521genii-around: is there a way to test if it actually will not autosuspend ?05:53
iShockejer: Error: Could not locate the pkg-config autoconf macros.05:53
CaptainMorganejer, do you have any recommendations on how I can check everything to be sure it's set up correctly?05:54
rmitchelltransporter: from here on, its pretty much whatever you want. Most of the stuff you'll want to play with will probably be in "effects" or "window management"05:54
iShockejer: Error: Could not locate the pkg-config autoconf macros.05:54
ejerCaptainMorgan: cat/proc/mdstat is what I use, as well as mdadm, definitely read the mdadm wiki and man page05:54
genii-aroundGuest34521: Hmm, not sure, other than it just keeps working at same speed, etc05:54
rmitchellthere might be some stuff in "desktop" you want to play with too05:54
transporterk but for some awkward reason i don't seem to get it to work05:55
CaptainMorganejer, as I said earlier - md showed everything was in order...05:55
ejeriShock: you are not going to be able to do this, sorry, and it is not necessary05:55
rmitchelltransporter: what do you mean/05:55
ejerCaptainMorgan: well, that is how you check :)05:55
iShockejer, it is too, and yes, I can, how do I fix Error: Could not locate the pkg-config autoconf macros.05:55
KlrSp1anyone a hibernate master? i can get it to hibernate, but not resume05:55
transporterok rmitchell can u give me an example plz05:55
transporteri wanna make the cube05:55
ejerwell, I cannot help you iShock good luck05:55
CaptainMorganejer, so what possible explanation would there be for the system freezing on a simulated hard drive failure ?05:55
iShockWhy not ejer05:55
Jordan_UiShock: When do you get that error?05:56
rmitchelltransporter: alright, for the cube, you're going to click "dekstop" and then check the box next to desktop cube05:56
ejerCaptainMorgan: a bug?  a hardware issue? lots of possibilities...05:56
januaryHi all05:56
transporterand then??? rmitchell05:56
ultrav1oletTwo questions: how can I bind network interfaces to my NIC MAC addresses and how can I up a network interface _without_ assigned IP address.05:56
Guest34521genii-around: oh ok thanks, and by the way, to know how I did it we just skipped the step where they cat the files. You don't necessarily have to cat the files since the GUI in ubunut can see the first number. You just have to look in folders that have only 2 numbers separated by a dash like 7-3 and then look at the files busnum and devnum, for me 7-3 had busnum 7 and devnum 2 which was the device05:57
iShockJordan_U: Pastebinning05:57
\KiraIm trying to vnc into a remote system, and I get a connection refused error when I try to. I am not really familiar with what im doing, so I need a little help05:57
user-05an body here?05:57
rmitchelltransporter: then click 'desktop cube', not the box, it will open the preferences. what you really want is the keystroke05:57
Jordan_Uuser-05: no05:57
iShockJordan_U: http://paste.ubuntu.com/77617/05:57
Hiker1352Can I wrap a socks proxy over a program before I run it?05:58
rmitchelltransporter: mine is alt+super+down arrow, the super key will be your windows key on a PC keyboard05:58
Jordan_UHiker1352: Yes, with soxify05:58
cakeysuper lol05:58
transporteri got ctrl alt down05:58
n8tuserultrav1olet-> umm udev and using of iproute2 tool  ip05:58
genii-aroundGuest34521: I knew you'd find it empirically :)05:59
iShockJordan_U: http://paste.ubuntu.com/77617/05:59
CaptainMorganejer, mind if I private message you the output to cat /proc/mdstat to see if you notice anything peculiar ?05:59
rmitchelltransporter: alright, press cnt+alt+down and see if thats the effect you want05:59
Guest34521genii-around: the problem is the numbers change after each restart05:59
Hiker1352Jordan_U: Is that installable with apt-get?05:59
Guest34521genii-around: so I have to do it again each time :(05:59
user-05hyyyyyyyyyy,,,,,,,,,,really i dont understand what you,re say05:59
ejerCaptainMorgan: paste it05:59
transportershould i click on enable this cube05:59
ultrav1oletn8tuser: I want to set up network interface automatically using /etc/network/interfaces05:59
ejer!paste | CaptainMorgan05:59
ubottuCaptainMorgan: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)05:59
Jordan_UHiker1352: Yes, the package name is dante-client05:59
prodigrli did some reasearch out of 133 folks on my buddy list, only 4 have cam, all running linux05:59
ultrav1oletof course, I can use ip or ifconfig for that05:59
CaptainMorganso is that a yes or no?06:00
Jordan_UiShock: Where is autogen.sh from?06:00
iShockJordan_U: ^06:00
transporterrmitchell should i click on enable this cube06:00
kaiaphasI am new here06:00
rmitchelltransporter: yes06:01
ejerlooks ok CaptainMorgan06:01
AhadielHiker1352, There's also tsocks06:01
n8tuserultrav1olet-> so what is the question?06:01
genii-aroundGuest34521: Yes, thats why I went the route of another card, instead of trying to find where this gets set. Although a script somewhere in /etc/network/if-up.d           might do it06:01
Jordan_UiShock: What are you trying to do?06:01
iShockUpdate my mesa 3d drivers, Jordan_U06:01
rmitchelltransporter: feel free to play around with the settings, change keyboard shortcuts, etc it won't screw anything up too bad06:02
transporterrmitchell i can see the cube but it just lays a bit flat06:02
Jordan_UiShock: Is there a reason you need to update them?06:02
=== ce_LoLLypOp is now known as chieeta_17_muudz
transporterrmitchell its not what i exactly call a cube06:02
iShockJordan_U: BZFlag. It's not going well with drivers from 200606:02
prodigrldual boot with winders? alot work for a dagum cam06:03
rmitchelltransporter: you may want effects | "3d windows" instead06:03
ejerJordan_U: i went through this already with iShock, have fun :)06:03
Trashypatchesi'm having issues with firefox regarding flash.  Everytime i run youtube firefox freezes up and I have to force quit.  I just upgraded to the 64 bit 1.04. How do I get flash working??06:03
devin_ordinary shouldnt / be sda1?06:03
prodigrltrashy-had the same, ran opera, ran fine06:04
ejerTrashypatches: ubuntu 8.04?06:04
transporterrmitchell this thing it just lays flat on the ground and nothing else06:04
Guest34521genii-around: oh I don't know how to make scripts :(06:04
Trashypatchesejer: it ran fine with 8.0406:04
Ahadieltransporter, open ccsm => General Options => Desktop Size06:04
iShockJordan_U: I know I probably shouldn't, but can you just help me get them installed? Please? :>06:04
niklaushow do i clone a harddisk , i 've around 9 partitions . i want to clone the complete harddisk06:04
ejerI just upgraded to the 64 bit 1.04. <- what is 1.04 Trashypatches06:05
prodigrl9 parts? holy frak!06:05
transporterAhadiel im in desktop size now what??06:05
Jordan_UiShock: Can you pastebin the readme file? ( the file you linked to is 62 meg )06:05
Ahadieltransporter, Horizontal Size to 4, and Vertical Size to 106:05
ejerniklaus: http://clonezilla.org/clonezilla-live/06:06
cakey62mb of readme06:06
Trashypatchesejer: sorry, the newest version of Ubuntu06:06
iShockhttp://intellinuxgraphics.org/install.html Jordan_U06:06
Jordan_UiShock: ... or maybe it isn't, it just finished at 1.3 meg06:06
niklausejer, it requires a live CD which i don't have currently .  Can i do it while running linux ?06:06
shal3rMy Xorg always consumes about 10-30% of CPU (I got Celeron, 3.2GHz), even when all apps are closed. How to debug this?06:07
transporterAhadiel should the number of desktops be 4???06:07
Jordan_UiShock: Have you installed all of the packages which that page says are required?06:07
Ahadieltransporter, Why are you using multiple question marks? It makes you seen demanding. Also, mine is set to 1 and it works fine.06:08
iShockJordan_U: Yeah, I'm pretty sure.06:08
transporteroh multiple question marks Ahadiel is my habit!!!06:08
rmitchellniklaus: google 'ubuntu clone hard drive' check out the first result. You'll have to use terminal, but the site explains it06:08
ejerTrashypatches: you could try http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/flashplayer10.html06:08
transporterits not about being demanding or anything like that :D06:08
shal3rtransporter, bad habit.06:08
genii-aroundAhadiel: I can see how that would get on your nerves06:08
transporterthankyou for the applause shal3r06:09
shal3rtransporter, you are welcome06:09
ejerniklaus: http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/Dd06:09
Ahadielgenii-around, orly????? -_-06:09
Trashypatchesejer: I have tried that, when i unzipped it Ubuntu could not run the program06:09
transportershal3r :P x 100006:09
genii-aroundAhadiel: :)06:09
prodigrlfor the new youngbuckers06:09
Ahadielgenii-around, ;D06:09
FAJhey trying to get friends video res to work, removed xserver-xgl, and i have the correct resolution, but terminal is PURE WHITE.  any help please?06:09
iShockJordan_U: it's not finding some packages :<06:09
ejerTrashypatches: run it with 'sh flashinstaller....'06:10
transporterok Ahadiel now what?06:10
Trashypatchesejer: ok06:10
Ahadieltransporter, Have you tried using the cube?06:10
Jordan_UiShock: What is the output of "which libtoolize" ?06:10
transporterno not yet06:10
iShock/usr/bin/libtoolize Jordan_U06:10
transporterthe thing looks so flat06:10
Ahadieltransporter, Still?06:10
ejerFAJ: sis you disable desktop effects06:10
transporteri tried it when u told me06:11
ejerFAJ: did I mean lol06:11
FAJlol ejer; no desktop effects even on right now06:11
transporterit just stays flat only when i press the buttons and stays there till those buttons are pressed06:11
Ahadieltransporter, How are you changing desktops? (ie. rotating the cube)06:11
ejerFAJ: well, I don't think they will work without xgl, try it06:11
Jordan_UiShock: What packages is "it" not finding, and what is "it"? apt ?06:11
macvrhi all... i have a problem with my laptop wireless.... everytime i restart the laptop , if the power has been disconnected, the wireless doesnt start... i have to fiddle with the hardware key , and then restart again... how do i correct this?06:11
FAJejer; the forums said that removing xserver-xgl would MAKE them work...06:12
Jordan_Uejer: XGL is pretty much dead06:12
transporteri haven't tried anything as in yet Ahadiel06:12
relisysAre there any experts on xorg.conf?   i do dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg  and all it does is asks me tons of questions about my keyboard and nothing on the video.  please help me.. i have nvidia driver and their settings penal does not act as it should.06:12
iShockJordan_U: Meh, I really am starting to hate *buntu :<06:12
Ahadieltransporter, Then how do you come to the conclusion that it's flat?06:12
Ahadieltransporter, Hold Ctrl + Alt + Left-Click and move your mouse back and forth.06:12
iShockMy xorg.conf doesn't even have anything about i810 or intel Jordan_U06:12
transporteri press the given buttons it flattens out into 4 screens but no cube06:12
FAJejer; reinstalling gnome-terminal didn't work06:13
Jordan_UiShock: Well maybe you shouldn't try to replace core parts of the system for no good reason :)06:13
relisysany one can assist?06:13
iShockJordan_U: There is a good reason.06:13
Ahadieltransporter, Try what I just said.06:13
ejerFAJ: like I said, I would try disabling desktop effects, or else look at the terminal preferences, you can change colors there06:13
iShockJordan_U: What do I do with git:// links?06:13
transporterAhadiel, please tell me what exactly do u want me to try?06:13
Jordan_UiShock: It doesn't need to, the driver should be auto detected and if it were listed in the xorg.conf the correct driver would be "intel" not i81006:13
Ahadieltransporter, Hold Ctrl + Alt + Left-Click and move your mouse back and forth.06:13
=== jason_ is now known as Static-
relisysGuys some help please06:14
iShockJordan_U: What do I do with git:// links?06:14
ejeriShock: 2 people who know have now said it is a bad idea, maybe you should look for an alternate solution?06:14
=== Static- is now known as Static--
prodigrli drank way to much today "copy paste" not working lol06:14
=== Static-- is now known as Static-
iShockejer, fine, you play a game where everyone else gets 100+ fps and you can't get over 40, see how well it works for you.06:14
shal3rMy Xorg always consumes about 10-30% of CPU (I got Celeron, 3.2GHz), even when all apps are closed. How to debug this? In result, everything is slow.06:14
ejerrelisys: what is the problem exactly06:14
ejeriShock: maybe it is not because you have an old driver06:15
relisysejer: my current settings are 53hz06:15
relisysrefresh rate06:15
Jordan_UiShock: You are using integrated graphics06:15
relisysi  need to set it to at least 6006:15
Ahadieltransporter, Any luck?06:15
iShockejer, name other reasons then.06:15
rmitchellshal3r: you sure its xorg, or is it some other task?06:15
conalis there a fancy/pretty way to look at man pages on ubuntu?  i.e., nicer looking than nroff output in a terminal?06:15
transporterAhadiel, nothing moves06:15
FAJejer that worked; what was the issue?06:15
shal3rrmitchell, `top` shows xorg06:15
Jordan_UiShock: Please don't repeat, you use git to get the code06:15
Ahadieltransporter, Then tell me this, what buttons did you press to see the 4 desktops?06:16
ejerFAJ: what worked? desktop effects?06:16
iShockBut firefox doesn't recognize git:// links06:16
FAJejer:  ya06:16
transporterctrl alt down06:16
Ahadieltransporter, Yeah, I think that's not the combination for the cube.06:16
ejerFAJ: i guess that was the issue, seems something is mal-configure06:16
iShockJordan_U: Any idea how to get better gaming fps without doing this?06:17
Ahadiels/I think//06:17
rmitchellshal3r: system | administration | system monitor, you can sort by cpu usage see what the top tasks are06:17
transporterAhadiel, that's what i think!06:17
Ahadieltransporter, If you open ccsm again, look under the "Desktop" heading and see if Desktop Cube and Rotate Cube are enabled.06:17
FAJejer:  o ok06:17
ejerget a dedicated card iShock06:17
DeviNinstalling ubuntu, curious i have 2gb of ddr2 what should i set swap to and should it be set to primary or logical?06:18
prodigrlcan you drag and drop open windows into another dsktop06:18
AhadielDeviN, Is this a laptop and/or do you plan on using suspend/hibernate?06:19
Jordan_UiShock: First off, are you sure that your integrated graphics should can get better performance? Have you tried BZflag on the same computer with a different OS and gotten better FPS?06:19
shal3rrmitchell, nothing there is using more than 3%06:19
thesecondlawconal, you can pipe it to a text file and read it in whatever you want06:19
DeviNAhadiel desktop06:19
thesecondlawman X >> ~/man.txt06:19
transporterAhadiel, its working better06:19
ejerDeviN: you can leave it default, but primary or logical is fine, make it 150% of ram if you want to hibernate06:19
scuniziDeviN, 1 gig max unless your using suspend/hibernate then 1.5x of memory06:19
Jordan_UiShock: Second, can you check that you are getting direct rendering by running "glxinfo | grep direct" ?06:19
transporterAhadiel, cool06:19
Ahadieltransporter, So ctrl + alt + left-click + moving mouse works?06:19
transporternow what about that rotating windows cube06:19
conalhow about something with type-setting -- variable-width fonts etc?06:19
iShock"Yes" Jordan_U06:20
transporteryes ctrl alt down  right and left moves the screens06:20
conalsomething gnome-ish looking06:20
=== Kwitschibo_ is now known as Kwitschibo
rmitchellshal3r, a friend and i had some trouble with trackerd taking up a lot of resources, two seperate machines, and it would hold up the whole system06:20
Ahadieltransporter, I'm not saying to use the arrow keys.06:20
VistaUsercan someone help me06:20
Jordan_U!ccsm | transporter06:20
ubottutransporter: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion06:20
VistaUseri am new to ubuntu and i dont know hw to install new progs06:21
VistaUserlike games06:21
scuniziconal, scribus, or latex and one if it's front ends.06:21
_2something happened in the last dapper update and now i can't mount usb devices   !06:21
TakuyaHey guys, I have a question about Ubuntu on a Mac if anyone knows much about that?06:21
shal3rrmitchell, i don`t have it06:21
_2is this a known bug ?06:21
Jordan_U!software | VistaUser06:21
ubottuVistaUser: A general introduction to the ways software can be installed, removed and managed in Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoftwareManagement - See also !Packages, !Equivalents06:21
Trashypatchesejer: i typed the "sudo apt-get install nspluginwrapper flashplugin-nonfree" it worked for one video...i loaded another and firefox froze again06:21
transporterim in ccsm right now Jordan_U06:21
ejerVistaUser: applications>add/remove and you can choose games06:21
rmitchellshal3r: are you using effects?06:21
ejerTrashypatches: why did you type that command?06:21
shal3rrmitchell, no06:21
Jordan_UTrashypatches: Have you tried the alpha 64 bit native flash?06:21
_2plug in the usb disk and dmesg says   [17189108.924000] Driver 'sd' needs updating - please use bus_type methods06:21
scuniziconal, scribus for publishing things like flyers, newspapers, booklets etc.. and latex for typesettings.. although its a chore to learn latex06:22
brento72i have a question about Konversation if anyone has a minute06:22
prodigrlwhy is it that a guy named vistauser gets assist and the little lady here doesnt06:22
rmitchellshal3r, not sure what could be causing it, sorry06:22
ubottuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines06:22
TakuyaBasically if anyone wants to help out, I can't seem to boot into Ubuntu, I installed it, it went well, but I have no choice to boot into it after holding down option, or by Apple->System Prefs->Statup Disk06:22
VistaUsercause everyone loves Vista06:22
ejerTrashypatches: i sent you the link for 64bit flash from adobe06:22
genii-aroundTrashypatches: That can be found incidentally at http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/flashplayer10.html   bottom of page06:22
* prodigrl differs06:22
conalscunizi: i use latex quite a lot for publishing research papers.  does it connect to man?  that's what i'm looking for.  a nice viewer for man pages, with typesetting.06:22
scuniziprodigrl, yes you can drag and drop windows to different desktops...06:23
conalscunizi: i hadn't heard of scribus though.06:23
_2prodigrl cause you whine too much ?    just a guess, cause i only just got here06:23
shoviis it worth installing ubuntu or just sudo apt-get install gnome, --- As I have kubuntu06:23
Guest34521WTF, I just UPDATED ubuntu and now modprobe r8187 doesn't work06:23
thesecondlaw_2 | !manners06:23
Ahadielshovi, sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop06:23
scuniziconal, ah.. not sure if latex will do that with man pages.. but I read about something that would several months ago.. unfortunatly, I can't remember what it is..06:23
prodigrl_2 wine? hrm no06:23
ejerconal: you know info has better formatting than man?06:24
shoviAhadiel, then upon boot i can pick?06:24
doors98what is this in ubuntu? i cant boot: "42.181874: kernel panic-not syncing, attempting to the idle task" then it stops there forever06:24
Appiahyou can have multiply DE's with any linux distrubition shovi06:24
Takuyaoh I think I installed grub wrong...06:24
Ahadielshovi, yeah06:24
Appiahand switch between them as you like06:24
prodigrlwhy would i wine in a friggin ubuntu chan06:24
shoviok thanks06:24
conalejer: no, i didn't.  i'll check it out.06:24
prodigrlscu- thanks06:24
=== andres_ is now known as fr500
thesecondlawshovi, I had all sorts of trouble making ubuntu work well by just installing gnome. If you have the time, do a complete install. Not saying it won't work but all the KDE configs are hard to change back to GDM stuff06:25
DeviNok have another question, is making a /home partition really necessary I usually just use my entire drive as /06:25
brento72I have got the channel list on the left hand side was wondering if there was a way to sort the channels in alphabetical order in Konversation?06:25
rmitchellprodigrl: whats your question?06:25
AndreSchhi list06:25
Takuyabut at any rate before I fudge something, does anyone know the answer?06:25
Ahadielthesecondlaw, gnome or ubuntu-desktop? Becuase the latter will inevitably work better.06:25
VistaUseris there a crtl alt delte thingy on ubuntu?06:25
ejerthesecondlaw: you need to install ubuntu-desktop06:26
VistaUserlike on window06:26
thesecondlawexcuse me, i believe ubuntu-desktop is the correct package06:26
ejerVistaUser: yes06:26
Trashypatchesejer: ok sorry i'm removing the previous command that I listed, then I have downloaded the flash plugin to the desktop how do I install it once I have unzipped it from the tar.gz file.  Sorry I am still somewhat new to the terminal06:26
rmitchellvistauser: if you mean a task manager, system | administration | system monitor06:26
scuniziDeviN, if you make a seperate /home and there is an issue with upgrading or something you did to mess the system... it's much easier to reinstall without loosing all your data.06:26
VistaUserejer what is it and how i get06:26
AndreSchhave a problem with apache - am using Webmin and created a virtual domain - now I keep on getting error : Service Temporarily Unavailable06:26
ejerTrashypatches: sh flashplug....06:26
ejerVistaUser: you mean like system monitor06:26
rmitchellvistauser: then click processes06:26
Trashypatchesejer: type that in terminal?06:26
thesecondlawejer, nope I was just sharing a personal experience on the kubuntu to ubuntu transition without reinstalling06:26
scunizi!webmin | AndreSch06:26
ubottuAndreSch: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system. See !ebox instead.06:26
prodigrlrmitchell, first was can run cam in gyache 1.106:26
VistaUseri want it06:27
conalejer -- info == emacs info ?06:27
ejerTrashypatches: type sh then the name of the file06:27
Guest34521Help, I just updated ubuntu and now my r8187 module is gone for good, modprobe says it's not found06:27
prodigrler cant run06:27
Trashypatchesejer: ok thank you06:27
VistaUserhow about on KDE4?06:27
rmitchellvistauser: under kde i belive is called ksysguard06:28
ejerVistaUser: system>admin>system monitor06:28
LuYuhas anybody here used a cellphone as a modem to connect to the net?06:28
ejeroh that is gnome VistaUser06:28
AndreSchwill ebox be able to fix the problem??06:28
VistaUseri need for KDE06:28
thesecondlawLuYu, yes, a while back06:29
doors98what is this in ubuntu? i cant boot: while ubuntu is booting here is the last error msg."42.181874: kernel panic-not syncing, attempting to kill the idle task" then it stops there forever06:29
prodigrlluyu- yes06:29
rmitchellprodigrl: what kind of camera?06:29
VistaUserwhich Linux have u guys tried?06:29
AhadielLuYu, I have.06:29
thesecondlawLuYu, I belive there is a util out there for linux for motorola phones06:29
VistaUsercause i cant find a good one06:29
ejermost of them VistaUser06:29
thesecondlawIf you're new to linux, try ubuntu-mint06:29
prodigrlrmitchell  philips sic 475006:30
superfirelord42doors98, did you just install it? or has it just started doing this?06:30
Jordan_U!anyone | LuYu06:30
ubottuLuYu: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?06:30
LuYuso, i need something in addition to just intrepid and a USB cable?06:30
Trashypatchesejer: when I typed that into the terminal this came back "Can't Open libflashplugin"06:30
genii-aroundprodigrl: If your webcam currently works in Ubuntu, then gyache will be able to use it. If it doesn't currently work then ask about getting it to work first before trying it under some program which is not provided int he repositories and supported, like gyache or gyachi06:30
Jordan_ULuYu: Are you using 8.10 ?06:30
VistaUseri tried ubuntu but its very limited i wanta nice enviroment and good progs and good for gamming06:30
LuYuand it has a setup for the local network06:30
ejerTrashypatches: you need to remove flashplugin-nonfree and ndiswrapper first06:30
LuYuhowever, it keeps asking for a password06:31
thesecondlawVistaUser, if you want to play windows games I'm afraid linux is not for you.06:31
scuniziVistaUser, howdo you mean.. limited?06:31
Trashypatchesejer: I have done that06:31
superfirelord42thesecondlaw, unless he tries wine...06:31
LuYui asked the service provider,  and they said a password is not necessary06:31
doors98supefire: my ubuntu is working the past 1 week coz i jaz tried it, then this morning i tried to on but i receive many warnings with the last one06:31
thesecondlawwine is crap for most games, unfortunatly06:31
VistaUserlike i want the livux os of any source to be open06:31
Guest34521Did the new update update the kernel as well ?06:31
VistaUserand not like limited and basic progs06:31
superfirelord42thesecondlaw, yeah, its getting better....06:31
paul68what is the reason that in the following iptable script the ssh is not working? http://paste.ubuntu.com/77625/06:32
ardchoilleGuest34521: yes, there was a kernel update today06:32
superfirelord42doors98, so did anything happen in that time?06:32
Guest34521ardchoille: from 27.8 to 27.9 ?06:32
superfirelord42doors98, hardware modification or an update or anything06:32
ardchoilleGuest34521: yes06:32
prodigrlgenii- works with easycam, cam does work but cant send live feeds with easycam, so how do i fix it with gyache - in lamens preferb, new here06:32
ejerVistaUser: there are hundreds of thousands of amazing programs, so specify what you are missing, and it is out there... games are a little thin, but lots of interesting stuff06:32
Guest34521ardchoille: no wonder, it deleted my r8187 driver06:32
ardchoilleGuest34521:  2.6.27-906:32
doors98supefire:its working just fine then and updated it successfuly06:33
rmitchellprodigrl: so you have it working in another program?06:33
scuniziVistaUser, livux?  what's available in ubuntu is pretty much all open unless you install binary drivers.  If you're adventurous enough you can download any source you want an compile, create a deb and install.. this is the same for most distributions.  What's limited about that?06:33
prodigrlrmitchell  yeah easycam06:33
ardchoilleGuest34521: did you install that driver manually or from the repos?06:33
superfirelord42doors98, I know its annoying, but please use my full name, its hard to catch your messages... using the full name highlights it...06:33
Guest34521ardchoille: manually06:33
VistaUseri mean i want the best programs already installed with the os06:33
VistaUserand not have to find them06:34
superfirelord42doors98, had you rebooted after the install before it stopped working?06:34
doors98superfirelord42: ahh okey, sorry for that06:34
ejer!best | VistaUser06:34
ardchoilleGuest34521: Any time you install a driver manually, you need to reinstall it if there is a kernel update06:34
ubottuVistaUser: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.06:34
drogyour name would be "VistaUser"06:34
ardchoilleVistaUser: no OS can do that06:34
ejerVistaUser: some people like linux-mint for pre-installed stuff06:34
Guest34521ardchoille: where can I check the logs for what they changed in the new kernel ?06:34
ardchoilleGuest34521: no idea :(06:34
VistaUserkk is there a site were there is terminal commands that i can input and it installs that os?06:35
scuniziVistaUser,  that's a very arbitrary statement.  most distributions preinstall what is most commonly used.. ubuntu has a huge amount of programs available through apt-get or synaptic.. more so than most other nix's.. you're comments are not really making sense.06:35
doors98superfirelord42: ive been using it for i think 5 days, then didnt use it for 3 days i think, but when i tried to on this morning i receive that message, there are others prior to the last message06:35
doors98superfirelord42: here is one message BAD EIP value06:35
fedealvesI need help installing an Ubunto 804 32 Bits Virtual machine under XEN, can pay via paypal06:35
prodigrlin setup shows /dev/video0 as the device   is the issue?06:35
orgthingyhow do i remove tor/privoxy from startup ?06:35
superfirelord42doors98, you said it had taken an update though right? was it doing this after you rebooted after the update.06:36
Guest34521ardchoille: wow my system just froze06:36
ejerGuest34521: it is normal to have to reinstall kernel drivers after updating kernel, for those that are not automatically done06:36
fedealvesplease contact me at venefax@gmail.com06:36
doors98superfirelord42: no it worked just fine then06:36
Jordan_UGuest34521: Why do you want to know what changed, it doesn't matter what changed, any update that changes the ABI will require new modules, if those modules were installed via apt they will be updated automatically. If you installed them manually you need to recompile06:36
VistaUserlol ok i was trying to shorten my comment guess i got to strectch brb let me rephrase06:36
superfirelord42doors98, are you on the machine having trouble/06:36
Guest34521Jordan_U: tehre was a bug with mac802106:36
doors98superfirelord42:nope, i'm on a windows machine, i cant boot on ubuntu06:37
Guest34521Jordan_U: also I wanted to know which modules they updated06:37
superfirelord42doors98, so you are on a different machine or the same machine on a dual booted windows?06:37
Trashypatchesejer: I did remove the nspluginwrapper and the flashplugin-nonfree before typing the sh libflashplayer.so , this still did not work06:37
rmitchellprodigrl: i can't find the program in the repo, so i can't really look to see how it wants settings06:37
doors98superfirelord42: i'm on a different machine06:38
superfirelord42doors98, ok, on the ubuntu machine, when the bootloader shows up, choose a different kernel.06:38
ejerTrashypatches: oh, I thought you had the installer, close firefox, and copy that file to a folder in ~/.mozilla/plugins/06:38
doors98 superfirelord42: how will i do that?06:38
prodigrlrmitchell  well thanks for looking, im kinda like fook it, just a damn cam and if thats my biggest prob with ubuntu then i think im god06:38
superfirelord42doors98, when you see grub, his the down arrow to choose a different line..06:39
Trashypatchesejer:  ok06:39
doors98superfirelord42: what is grub?06:39
rmitchellprodigrl, there should be some way to set it up, preferances or settings... maybe look in easycam's settings to see how they enter its location, etc, sorry i can't be of more help06:40
prodigrlill send pics and vids with easycam, more work but im to lazy to fix it right now06:40
prodigrlrmitchell from what i can tell, easycam doenst send feeds, just records06:40
superfirelord42doors98, ok, nevermind about grub... when your machine starts, start hitting the down arrow untill you see a choice menue06:40
prodigrli could be wrong but ran thro the whole prog and found nothing else06:41
paul68what is the reason that in the following iptable script the ssh is not working? http://paste.ubuntu.com/77625/06:41
macvrhi all.... i'm getting this error during startup.../var/run/network/ifstate read-only file system  is this normal? [i dont have the splash option turned on, so i could see that error]06:41
rwwpaul68: wow, nobody answered that question yet? Perhaps you could try somewhere dedicated to iptables support, like their mailing list ( http://www.netfilter.org/mailinglists.html ), since it doesn't look like you'll get an answer here...06:43
doors98superfirelord42:okey i'm waiting for the memory test to finish06:43
scunizipaul68, you might also try ##linux06:43
superfirelord42doors98, memory test?06:44
ardchoilleI forget how to do a memory test06:44
superfirelord42doors98, memtest86+ or POST memory test?06:44
RaNdYhow do i limit users to use "su" ?06:44
superfirelord42ardchoille, its actually not that hard, when you reboot, in the bootloader menu, choose memtest8606:45
rwwardchoille: reboot the computer and choose the memtest option on the boot menu06:45
ardchoilleah, that's right, thanks06:45
rwwRaNdY: su or sudo? If you're using Ubuntu, it's recommended that you use the latter.06:45
ardchoilleRaNdY: they shouldn't be able to su to root anyway because root is locked06:45
dfgasanyone have bluetooth problems? i can't not get my wii remote to even show in bluetooth devices. any ideas. it worked on 8.0406:46
rwwRaNdY: If you need to edit sudo's configuration, you'll need to edit the sudoers file, which you can do with the "visudo" command06:46
LokinCan someone help me with my Ubuntu 8.10 server?06:46
RaNdYthanks rww =)06:46
superfirelord42Lokin, you have to be more specific than that....06:47
doors98superfirelord42: memtest86+06:47
LokinLol. Ya was waiting for a reply before getting into it06:47
rraj_behttp://pastebin.com/m61d13f51 any help please06:47
doors98superfirelord42: i pressed the esc key06:47
rraj_bei cant install gtk06:47
LokinI need to make a restricted user06:47
superfirelord42doors98, ah, i see...06:47
Lokinthat can run a whitelist of applications i say it can run06:47
rwwLokin: Possibly :). Go ahead and state your problem. There's also a dedicated Ubuntu server channel at, umm, #ubuntu-server I think?06:47
doors98superfirelord42: what will i select? recovery mode?06:47
rwwLokin: oops, never mind, you asked the question while i was typing ;-)06:47
superfirelord42doors98, if it took an update, you should have several linux options...06:48
Lokinnot very server related06:48
Lokinjust needs to be through command line06:48
Lokinno GUI thankfully06:48
doors98superfirelord42: oh, i only see 3 options and the last 1 is memtest.06:48
superfirelord42doors98, what are the other three?06:48
superfirelord42Lokin, a restricted user, you mean like without sudo access?06:49
transportercan somebody help me with compiz on hardy06:49
rww!ask | transporter06:49
ubottutransporter: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:49
rwwtransporter: and, if you don't get an answer here when you do ask your question, try #compiz-fusion06:49
superfirelord42Lokin, hold on, i may have something...06:49
doors98it is still ubuntu 8.04, the 1`st is standard 2nd is recovry mode and the 3rd is memtest06:49
LokinN0t necessarily, I want them to only be able to run a few apps, Nmap, john ect06:49
Guest34521any good wireless connection programs except for wifi radar? my icon near the clock won't connect with my other usb device06:50
rraj_behttp://pastebin.com/m61d13f51 any help please .....i cant instal gtk06:50
LokinI know Nmap needs sudo so thats where I will get stuck after making the guest account06:50
superfirelord42doors98, hmm, so it did not take a kernel update...06:50
rraj_behttp://pastebin.com/m61d13f51 any help please .....i cant instal gtk usser06:50
superfirelord42Lokin, so they need to access nmap?06:50
superfirelord42doors98, try recovery, see if it boots to a terminal...06:50
Trashypatchesejer: is there a command i can type into terminal to copy the flash into the mozilla/plugin file? I can not find where mozila/plugin file is06:50
ganymedehello, i was wondering if anyone knows a very fast bmp to png converted that achieves decent level-9 compression (i'll run them through optipng faster). i'm currently using imagemagick's convert, but since i have to convert about 45,000 BMP to PNG, i was wondering if there is some faster command-line program that does it faster or is specialized in this exact conversion06:50
doors98superfirelord42: yap maybe what i told you was minor updates06:51
Lokinyes but not have decent prvledges06:51
ganymedei'll run them through optipng later*06:51
ashmew2ganymede: GIMP! :P06:51
rraj_behttp://pastebin.com/m61d13f51 any help please .....i cant instal gtk usser06:51
ashmew2rrat_be: what is gtk_usser?06:51
superfirelord42Lokin, so you can actually make sudo lists where certin user groups can access programs in sudo and others cannot...06:51
LokinI want them to be COMPLETLY restriced to what i let them have06:51
rwwLokin: if i remember correctly, you should be able to specify in the sudoers file that X user should have admin access only for Y command06:51
rwwLokin: try man sudoers and see if there's something useful in there06:52
rraj_besorry  . . .i am trying to install gtk06:52
ganymedeashmew2: thanks, i will do some preliminary benchmarking to verify whether it is faster than imagemagick's convert06:52
rraj_bebut this is error i am getting06:52
LokinI need the guest user and group first06:52
Lokinone sec06:52
doors98superfirelord42:it didnt boot, it game me the same error message or warning06:52
superfirelord42doors98, hmm, what is the error right before the tried to kill idle? or line of text, what was it working on?06:53
scunizirraj_be, have you tried installing it from synaptic?  much easier than trying to compile or use an outside source.06:53
genii-aroundLokin: eg in sudoers, something like:    username ALL=NOPASSWD: /wherever/nmap06:53
rraj_bei cant find it there06:53
LokinWait what06:53
superfirelord42Lokin, and to alter privilages to get to files, you can set group and folders through chmod and chown06:53
ashmew2you have broken packages06:53
ashmew2sudo apt-get -f install06:54
ashmew2to install/remove anything , you must first have a NOT broken system06:54
LokinI can't read al; these fast enough06:54
rraj_be0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 9 not upgraded.06:54
genii-aroundLokin: Best advice is to research how to make entries in sudoers which disallow or allow the commands you specify06:54
superfirelord42Lokin, hmm?06:54
ashmew2rraj_be: sudo dpkg --configure -a06:55
Trashypatchesdoes anyone know where the firefox plugin files are located on the hard drive? I need to copy a file into the plugin area06:55
doors98superfirelord42: oh my! i even tried to reinstall but after i selected the language option it gave the same error, something like ubuntu functions _do path, alloc pages, _native load etc06:56
rraj_beits clean ashmew206:56
sparrwish me luck on my first partial upgrade to jaunty06:56
LF|Irssi ~/.mozilla/plugins i think06:56
ashmew2sparr: Jaunty isnt really broke06:56
ashmew2not until alpha 206:56
ashmew2alpha 1 is more or less intrepid isnt it06:56
ashmew2no real differences06:56
ashmew2fun starts alpha 206:56
ashmew2check that rraj06:57
TrashypatchesLF|Irssi: to copy my file can I do that through terminal?06:57
sparrashmew2: real differences for me, some packages in intrepid with dependencies in jaunty06:57
rraj_be Depends: libatk1.0-dev but it is not going to be installed  Depends: libcairo2-dev but it is not going to be installed  Depends: libglib2.0-dev but it is not  oing to be installed   Depends: libgtk2.0-0 (=2.12.9-3ubuntu2) but 2.12.9-3ubuntu4 is to be installed  Depends: libpango1.0-dev but it is not going to be installed06:57
ashmew2nice nice06:57
LF|IrssiTrashypatches: yep06:57
ashmew2trashypatches , use cp command06:57
ashmew2Trashypatches: man cp06:57
ashmew2rraj_be , visit that link06:57
pananyone here can help me with firefox32 flash sound on 64bit?06:58
Sierradumpcan somebody tell me how I find this directory:  ~/.mozilla/plugins06:58
doors98superfirelord42: i'l try go back to my pirated windows, i'l see if it is a hardware problem06:58
ashmew2open home dir06:58
LF|IrssiTrashypatches: something like cp /home/trashypatches/downloads /home/trashypatches/.mozilla/plugins  should do the trick06:58
ashmew2press CTRL+H06:58
ashmew2CTRL+H shows hidden dirs06:58
ardchoilleSierradump: ~ = /home/your-username06:58
superfirelord42doors98, hold on... that didnt answer my question06:58
scunizi!flash | pan06:58
ubottupan: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (a recent version for !Dapper is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash06:58
doors98superfirelord42: okey06:58
ubottuxmms is no longer being developed, see http://bugs.debian.org/461309 for more details.  Consider using audacious, bmpx, or xmms2 instead.06:58
superfirelord42doors98, was there any perceding errors before the last crash errror you gave earlier...06:59
scuniziuse audacious.. recent fork of xmms06:59
genii-aroundsparr: Note that xmms2 exists06:59
superfirelord42sparr, i was sad to learn that too...06:59
Sierradumpardchoille:  when I browse to the home/myusername I don't see the /.mozilla folder?06:59
Sierradumpdo I have to enable hidden folders?06:59
ashmew2press ctrl G06:59
ashmew2ctrl H06:59
doors98superfirelord42: there are txt before that many txt, i'l try to see some06:59
=== z is now known as Guest72259
Lokindon't enable hidden folders06:59
LokinThat's a terrible idea06:59
ashmew2any dir with . in front is hidden folders06:59
rraj_bei cant get any help in that page ashmew206:59
ashmew2no its not06:59
Lokinjust do it via command line ls -an07:00
Guest34521Wireless in ubuntu sucks, rtl8187 doesn't see power for my Alfa 500mw, so if I install r8187, the drivers are so old that they suck so bad, so therefore no alternative for me, can anyone HELP ?07:00
sparrgenii-around: why does everyone say that?  xmms2 and xmms have nothing to do with each other.07:00
ashmew2hmm  hold on rraj_be07:00
superfirelord42doors98, look for stuff that gives me an idea of what its working on when it crashes...07:00
rraj_bei just cant compile a gtk program07:00
^hush^i have a question.. I'm trying to install gnomad 2 in ubuntu and I cant undertsand the instructions07:00
ashmew2you fight be better off in the forums07:00
TrashypatchesLF|Irssi: ok now to copy my flash file there will terminal open up the directory so I am able to drag and drop the file?07:00
scuniziLokin, why not?  that just sound silly for your home directory.07:00
Sierradumpgot it thanks guys!07:00
ashmew2! :D07:00
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about D07:00
pw-toxicis there any reason to use xchat gnome instead of xchat?07:00
Lokinsounds*. To not show hidden files? It's a pain you have thousands of random folders07:00
ashmew2Lokin: Hidden Directories are there anyways and you can delete em07:00
LokinI did it and undid it as fast as I could07:00
superfirelord42pw-toxic, i assume one is made to work better with gnome...07:01
rraj_bebut its late than in irc07:01
^hush^Can somebody tell me how to " navigate to directory with file'?07:01
LF|Irssino for drag and drop you'll need a filemanager like Dolphin, Nautilus i believe07:01
scunizipw-toxic, no.. xchat is more complete07:01
ashmew2hush be specific07:01
LF|Irssiyou cant do drag n drop from terminal07:01
ashmew2you can use cp07:01
pw-toxicscunizi: i think i will use xchat then ;)07:01
^hush^yes ashmew?07:01
doors9834.xxxxxx - _alloc pages 0X060X0 something like hexa decimals then 34.xxxxx - _native load 656X09580X etc07:01
TrashypatchesLF|Irssi: ok, does cp stand for control panel?07:01
^hush^ashmew2: what's cp?07:01
Guest34521Wireless PROBLEM in ubuntu , rtl8187 doesn't see power for my Alfa 500mw, so if I install r8187, the drivers are so old that they suck so bad, so therefore no alternative for me, can anyone HELP ?07:01
LF|Irssicp = copy07:02
LF|Irssimv = move or rename07:02
scuniziLokin, unless you're not a command line persons and are stuck using the gui.. then the only time you unhide folders is to find something specific.. then like you said.  you turn them off right away..07:02
rraj_beashmew2:  any idea in compiling first program ihere http://library.gnome.org/devel/gtk-tutorial/stable/c39.html07:02
dirtydavehey guys I'm needing some info on surround sound issues in ubuntu.07:02
^hush^anyway, i have downloaded gnomad2 but i dont know how to install it. Please help!07:02
genii-aroundsparr: xmms2 is a rewrite07:03
superfirelord42^hush^, is it by any chance a .deb file?07:03
ZnurfI need help configuring raid 0 when installing / setting up partitions in the latest ubuntu server installer :(07:03
scunizi^hush^, gnomad2 is in the repos.. just use synaptic to install07:03
ZnurfI have installed it several times and it always ends with the blinking "_" after installation is completed, cd has been removed and system rebooted07:03
superfirelord42doors98, I may have found something, I will be right back...07:04
sparrgenii-around: it is also nothing like xmms.  it doesnt do the same things.  completely non-applicable to anyone who misses xmms07:04
paul68rww: is there a channel for iptables?07:04
doors98superfirelord42: thanks, i'l wait then07:04
^hush^scunizi: I don'y know where synaptic is...07:04
dirtydaveis ther a movie player that will use the surround channels in ubuntu?07:04
scunizi^hush^, System>Admin>Synpatic Package manager07:05
erpoI need a pdf reader that will show me a table of contents for PDFs that have a ToC. Document Viewer isn't doing it for me. Suggestions?07:05
superfirelord42doors98, similar issue has a kernel work around by adding idle=poll on the kernel command line... i would need to walk you through it, or someone else, but I have to do something very quickly07:05
genii-aroundsparr: They are radically different, yes.07:05
scunizierpo, doc viewer might if you look in the View menu and the options available.07:05
sparrgenii-around: so then what use is mentioning xmms2 when someone brings up the removal of xmms?07:05
doors98superfirelord42: it's okey i'l wait, thanks07:05
HeadbangerCould someone help me on how to connect to #kde on IRC chat07:06
erposcunizi: Found it. Thanks!07:06
sparrgenii-around: "oh, your sword is broken?  here's a fish."07:06
scunizierpo, np07:06
LF|IrssiHeadbanger: just type /join #KDE07:06
dirtydaveis ther a movie player that will use the surround channels in ubuntu?07:06
sparrdirtydave: mplayer07:06
^hush^scunizi: Ok, i found it, what do i do next?07:06
dirtydavedo you know of a good interface to be using?07:07
paul68is there a specific channel for iptables?07:07
scunizi^hush^, right mouse click it and choose install.. then click the apply button at the top07:07
microlithis there a way to force the default resolution that gdm uses to be something higher than 800x600?07:07
Dark-Khi every one07:07
drog* Cannot join #ubuntu-offtopic (You are banned).07:08
drogsup guys07:08
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots07:08
^hush^scunizi There are 2 gnomes? and I could not do a right mouse click....07:09
scunizi^hush^, try just clicking on it.. it should offer options07:09
greghereafter auto updates Ubuntu 8.04 wont show desktp? anyway to do a repair?07:10
^hush^scunizi: There are a lot of packages.... I don't know which one to select :(07:10
ashmew2greghere: Press ALT F2 and enter gconf-editor and press enter07:10
macvrhi all.... ever since i upgraed to intrepid my font viewer doesnt work? i get this error >>>Failed to execute child process "gnome-font-viewer" (No such file or directory)  <<< how do i correct this?07:11
scunizi^hush^, you're looking for gnomad2 right?  when I searched (Hardy install) I came up with only one reference.. did you search?07:11
ubottuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please don't PM a user in the channel without asking first, some find it rude.07:11
greghereI would if I could but all I get is a light grey screen :(07:11
scunizi^hush^, as for installing.. just click normally on the check box for the submenu07:11
ashmew2are you using NVIDIA/ATI card07:12
Dark-Kalguien habla espanol07:12
rraj_behow it shud be pronounced "Widget"07:12
ubottuThe #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat07:12
rraj_beis it like vidg get07:12
LF|Irssilight grey screen? sounds like xfce07:12
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!07:12
scunizirraj_be, vidg et07:12
ashmew2rraj_be its vij-et07:12
doors98how can i change my workgroupname in smb.conf so that it will be the same with windows workgroup?07:13
rraj_bethanks ashmew2  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=6266656#post626665607:13
ashmew2rraj_be dont mention it! :D07:13
rraj_befine Ash07:13
drogdoors98, with nano, gedit, any other editor, or just install swat07:14
FAJdoors98: it's in /etc/samba/smb.conf07:14
scunizidoors98, ubuntu I think defaults to "workgroup" .. might be easier to change the windows machine..07:14
rraj_beany help here please http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=6266642#post626664207:14
ashmew2rraj_be i knew i had seen yoou before on the forums.. :D07:14
FAJscunizi:  no it's really easy to do in samba07:14
rraj_befine . . .where are you in india07:14
scuniziFAJ, glad you know how.. samba always gives me issues.. arg.07:14
ashmew2yes rraj_be07:15
doors98i already opened the smb.conf, is the default workgroup name inside the conf?07:15
drogscunizi, swat it07:15
ashmew2im in MP07:15
Lokinwhat GID would a guest account have?07:15
ashmew2Madhya Pradesh07:15
FAJdoors98:  yes it is very near the top07:15
dfgashmmm, thinking about downgrading the tv computer to 8.04 because bluetooth don't work. seems to be a big problem with 8.1007:15
FAJscunizi: ya i just live with it ;)07:15
scunizidrog, ah.. that was the program I was trying to remember.07:15
DarkKnighthey i m not able to install drupal07:15
doors98FAJ:thanks, i' try to lool for it07:15
Guest34521Wireless PROBLEM in ubuntu , rtl8187 doesn't see power for my Alfa 500mw (mac8021 bug), so if I install r8187, the drivers are so old that they suck so bad, can anyone HELP ?07:16
DarkKnighthey i m not able to install drupal...help me install it for my project07:16
FAJdoors98:  ok if you can't find it come back07:16
LF|IrssiThis is not a drupal support channel DarkKnight , try #Drupal or maybe #CMS07:16
ashmew2rraj_be , tried sudo aptitude install -f ?07:16
^hush^scunizi: How do i do a search?07:16
ronhalfdanranyone know why vmware and firefox can't find
rraj_beits jsut clean07:17
gregherehow do i repair ubuntu 8.04?07:17
scunizi^hush^, there's a search button at the top of the box for synaptic..07:17
FAJgreghere:  what is wrong?07:17
* microlith yanks the cord on his ubuntu box07:18
ashmew2greghere: Do you have an NVIDIA card ?07:18
panalsamixer only has master volume setting?07:18
greghereI did some updates and was asked to restart, now my desktop is totally blank.07:18
HRshovinstuffI'm going to cry....I updated to 8.10 and now my nvidia card wont' initialize07:18
greghereashmew2, no, it is ATI07:18
FAJHRshovinstuff: ya you need to read release notes before doing that; nvidia will come out with it soon07:18
ashmew2HRshovinstuff: tried Restricted drivers Manager ?07:19
ronhalfdanrHRshovinstuff: you have redownload the nvidia driver07:19
panin 8.04 i had more options but since upgrade to 8.10 my alsamixer only has master volume07:19
HRshovinstuffashmew2: yes I have tried seveal times07:19
ashmew2greghere: You might have a bad driver...get envy on the broken system07:19
HRshovinstuffronhalfdanr: yes i've done that07:19
greghereFunny I can rotate  the desktop (compiz) but all light grey?07:19
ronhalfdanranyone know why today's update killed vmware and won't let firefox connect to
superfirelord42doors98, are you still there?07:20
meestahpHRshovinstuff: have you tried getting all updates? i had a similar problem with the restricted driver not staying selected07:20
scunizironhalfdanr, did the update include a new kernel?07:20
ronhalfdanrI had no problem with it HRshovinstuff when I went to 8.1007:20
greghereashmew2, yes but my desktop is totally blank!!07:20
ronhalfdanryes it did scunizi07:20
FAJmeestahp:   HRshovinstuff thinking of it; i had the same issue.07:20
doors98FAJ: can't fine it, there's too many txt,07:20
scunizironhalfdanr, you have to recompile vmware with each new kernel..07:20
TheCollectiveHey everybody, my sound won't work with xubuntu 8.10.....I have an IBM R40e laptop....where can I get the ubuntu drivers for my onboard sound card?07:20
HRshovinstuffmeestahp: plz enlighten me i speak geek very well07:20
FAJdoors98:  it is like the first option at the top07:20
ikoniascunizi: vmware is not open source07:21
ikoniascunizi: you can't recompil eit07:21
doors98superfirelord42:yap, i was asking for another problem,07:21
superfirelord42FAJ, are you walking him through it?07:21
norinhey guys . . . can anyone help with problems with a distr. upgrade07:21
ronhalfdanrcrap, you meana  complete reinstall scunizi?07:21
ZnurfWhen setting up a RAID0 should i make 2 partitions on each disk, one for swap and one for ext3? and should they be used as "physical volume for raid"? or something else?07:21
FAJ[global]  ## Browsing/Identification ###   # Change this to the workgroup/NT-domain name your Samba server will part of07:21
FAJ   workgroup = TEST07:21
ikoniaZnurf: you can't boot from raid 007:21
Znurfikonia so i cant make a OS disk with raid0?07:21
meestahpSystem>administration>update manager07:21
HRshovinstuffFAJ: anything u can suggest?07:22
ikoniaZnurf: yes, you can you need a seperate /boot partition though07:22
ikoniaZnurf: I would strongly advise against useing raid 0 though07:22
superfirelord42doors98, tell me when you are free to try the kernel parameter...07:22
greghereI have Ubuntu installed on / partition and home on /home. Can I just reinstall ubuntu on / ??07:22
doors98FAJ: i' PM u later i'm asking superfirelord42 for another bigger problem of mine on my ubuntu machine07:22
meestahpafter it was done just tried selecting the driver and it worked..07:22
ronhalfdanrZnurf: most stable option is small OS dedicated drive and RAID the data drives07:22
Znurfikonia do i gaint any performance at all (except safety) from RAID1?07:22
FAJHRshovinstuff:  no b/c i haven't upgraded to 8.10 yet ;)  i like my lts07:22
scuniziikonia, you're right.. ronhalfdanr there is a command for vmware.. sudo ./vmware-config.pl  .. but I can't remember where the directory is.. it will run through the install again and redo the kernel mods.. all your data will be safe.. just use the defaults for the questions it asks.07:22
FAJdoors98:  ok07:22
doors98superfirelord42:right now i'm free07:22
HRshovinstuffeverything was perfect  :'(07:22
ikoniaZnurf: no, but you won't really gain any performance from raid 0 either07:22
Znurfronhalfdanr i got 2 200gb disks i plan to use for OS only, i want more performance from them07:22
superfirelord42doors98, ok, get to the os menu list then ping me.... this is going to be a bit of a rough walk though...07:22
genii-aroundZnurf: PErhaps you are confusing raid0 with raid107:23
TheCollectiveanybody got any ideas how I can get my sound to work on my IBM R40e Laptop?  I have xubuntu 8.10....sorry if you saw my earlier post and are working on the problem already07:23
doors98superfirelord42:having a cup of tea on my computer shop07:23
Znurfno genii raid0 is work from both without backup, raid1 is mirror07:23
doors98superfirelord42:how do i do that07:23
superfirelord42doors98, ? I would go for coffee at this time of night....07:23
Znurfikonia are you sure? i thought you would get faster accesstimes when you have two drives getting data instead of one07:23
ikoniaZnurf: 1.) raid 0 won't give you any real performance gains, 2.) what type of raid are you using Linux softrware raid or fake raid07:23
ikoniaZnurf: your on home hardware yes ?07:24
superfirelord42doors98, ok, the same menu where you had memtest and linux and recovery, i need you to get back to that menu...07:24
scunizironhalfdanr, it's in /usr/bin07:24
Znurfikonia yes i am07:24
genii-aroundZnurf: OK, not confused then. But since raid0 makes 2 drives into 1 continuous drive, after which you partition, your earlier Q of whether to make 2 partitions on each individual drive makes not much sense07:24
ikoniaZnurf: you won't get anything you notice, and you will increase the risk quite high07:24
Znurfikonia i dont know if its rake raid or not, im just trying to use the built in raid thing in the ubuntu server installer07:24
greghereCan I repair ubuntu 8.04 with a "live cd"??07:24
ikoniaZnurf: your using ubuntu server ?07:24
Znurfyes ikonia07:24
ikoniaZnurf: what are you doing with this machine ?07:25
ronhalfdanrscunizi: so it would be /usr/bin./vmare-config.pl ?07:25
ikoniawhats the end goal I mean07:25
FAJgreghere:  'repair' is a bleak word.  details can normally get it fixed better than just reinstalling07:25
Znurfikonia fileserver, webserver, ftp server07:25
scunizironhalfdanr, sudo /usr/bin./vmware-config.pl07:25
ronhalfdanrZnurf: to enhance performance on the OS drive get a raptor or better from WD for the OS and use the other for data07:25
norinwhy do i get "assistive technology not loaded"  message when logging on07:25
doors98superfirelord42:already in there but how can i manipulate it, its up and down arrow option only07:25
ikoniaZnurf: so why do you need high IO accesss ?07:25
greghereFAJ, Yes, but not easy when you dont know :(07:25
scunizironhalfdanr, if that does't work just cd to the directory and sudo ./vmware-config.pl07:26
FAJgreghere:  so you have done some updates correct?07:26
FAJgreghere: like today?07:26
greghereFAJ, yes07:26
Znurfronhalfdanr i dont need the 200gbs for more data, they are spares, i dont want to buy another disk when i got several hundred gigs leftover07:26
superfirelord42doors98, highlight the first option and hit e on your keyboad07:26
=== Azim is now known as Guest82992
Znurfikonia because... i dont know :D07:27
FAJgreghere:  ok so what i am guessing happened is that the new kernel messed you over, reboot ubuntu, and when grub comes up, select the next kernel down.07:27
FAJand see if that works07:27
ronhalfdanrlol Znurf I'm running 2TB data stack now so I use a separate small OS drive07:27
greghereFAJ, now i log on and my desktop is totally blank07:27
Znurfi guess i can use RAID1 instead, if thats easier07:27
microlithis there any way to get a wifi adaptor to associate with a wpa2 protected access point without using gdm and silly gnome applets?07:27
ikoniaZnurf: ok, so just lay your disks out in a sensible way, use ubuntu desktop install so that it suites your hardware better07:27
FAJgreghere:  try a different kernel07:27
ikoniaZnurf: it's not easier, its teh same07:27
ZnurfRonald i got about the same amount of space, and im planning to run my 2x200 gb as OS disk :P07:27
ikoniaZnurf: raid has a purpose, you deploy what you need or want, not what is easier07:27
greghereFAJ, There is no grub menu, its the only os on the comp07:27
=== dhany is now known as led_zeppelin
FAJgreghere:  there is still a grub menu you just went through an update of a kernel; and the new kernel doesn't like you; in GRUB switch to the next lowest kernel07:28
Znurfikonia but raid1 will give me safety though, my last system krashed, so maybe its better to have raid1 then, if its true what you say and raid0 wont give me any more performance07:28
ikoniaZnurf: depends on your needs, it really does07:28
greghereAs i said ther is no grub menu to select a kernel?07:29
FAJyes there is; there always is one.07:29
superfirelord42doors98, what happened?07:29
meestahpFaj maybe his boot menu is disabled in /boot/grub/menu.lst07:29
doors98superfirelord42:i got disconnected07:29
FAJmeestahp: grahh, good point07:29
Znurfikonia my needs are nothing really, i mean i just think its "cool" to have raid on the server07:29
superfirelord42doors98, ok, highlight the ubuntu entry and hit e on your keyboard07:30
FAJgreghere: boot in livecd, open up /boot/grub/menu.lst07:30
shoviWhy doesnt Kate save the layout when I close it... When I re-open it, its all plain again, no plugins/extensions/tabs/terminal....07:30
ikoniaZnurf: then thats a crazy reason for using it and wasting disk07:30
FAJmeestahp:  can you help him out in that area; i've never had to disable my brub...07:30
superfirelord42doors98, ?07:30
superfirelord42did you get my instructions?07:30
doors98superfirelord42:i got disconnected07:30
superfirelord42doors98, did you get my instructions though?07:30
ikoniaZnurf: also because you on home hardware I would strongly advise you to use the desktop install to better work on your hardware07:30
FAJgreghere:  know that there is always a way to fix ubuntu07:30
=== Bitfish is now known as bitFish
Znurfikonia its not wasting disk really, as i said if i dont use it for this it will be put in a box and stored cause i got no use for it :P07:31
greghereFAJ, thanks for your help, but I have to go :(07:31
scuniziFAJ meestahp how bout just ctrl+alt+f2 for a different TTY and fix it from there.07:31
FAJo ok.07:31
superfirelord42doors98, ok, highlight the ubuntu entry and hit e on your keyboard07:31
FAJscunizi:  he says that it doesn't even show up... that's what gets me.07:31
FAJgreghere:  you are very close to fixing it.07:31
greghereFAJ, Easy if you know how?07:31
FAJgreghere:  it is a pretty basic function; you are getting very close.07:32
scuniziFAJ, but you don't need a live cd to fix it.. just a different tty ..07:32
guest999why do i get "assistive technology not loaded"  message when logging on07:32
doors98superfirelord42:my golly, it went staight to the same error msgs. i even repeatedly hit the e key just to make sure07:32
ikoniaZnurf: do what you wish then07:32
meestahpgreghere: Ah you press escape as you re booting to see teh menu!07:32
greghereFAJ, I'll try again later, I dont want to ruin it completely.07:32
FAJscunizi:  i thought he said it doesn't even boot though?07:32
superfirelord42e was not supposed to make it boot...07:32
FAJgreghere:  ok just come back.07:32
superfirelord42doors98, strange, e is not supposed to make it boot07:32
FAJscunizi:  it sounds more like a kernel incompatability, therefore he wouldn't be able to to get to that point w/o switching kernels, which he can't do if grub is disabled.07:33
Znurfikonia but i guess since you all hate me now i wont get any help and i cant fix this myself i'll just run it as you said with 1 disk07:33
scuniziFAJ, I thought it was just a blank screen on boot.. I could be wrong.. didn't see the first part of the conversation.. if the gui doesn't load then a tty typically will work07:33
superfirelord42doors98, go back to the menu... on the bottem, what does it say your choices are, i know it has c for command line, what else?07:33
scuniziFAJ, true.. then a live cd would be the right path07:33
=== bitFish is now known as Bitfish
HRshovinstuffI updated to 8.10 and my nvidia drivers will not initiate.  What can i Do???07:33
doors98superfirelord42:wait, am i doing it right07:33
ronhalfdanrscunizi: thanks, it's up and running now07:33
FAJscunizi:  ya sorry we were going off of two different impressions.  we would have to get more details than what he gave us,07:33
meestahpFaj, like you said brug is never disabled, but they have added a hiddenmenu option with the new release07:33
FAJi was just going to take the safest path, so it would totally work.07:34
scunizironhalfdanr, great.. :)07:34
FAJmeestahp:  eww that's scary'07:34
doors98superfirelord42:before ubuntu boots, what will i press?07:34
meestahpFAJ, grub, excuse men07:34
FAJit's all good lol07:34
ronhalfdanrZnurf: nobody hates you, we just think adding unstable complexity is beyond silly07:34
meestahp## hiddenmenu07:34
meestahp# Hides the menu by default (press ESC to see the menu)07:34
HRshovinstuffis there a way to roll back to 8.04?07:34
superfirelord42doors98, down arrow07:34
superfirelord42doors98, what options do you have?07:35
ikoniaZnurf: no one hates you, what are you talking about ?07:35
FAJHRshovinstuff: not sure... but i would try googling if you don't get a definitive answer07:35
doors98superfirelord42:wait pls be patient on me, i just billed a customer07:36
ZnurfIs it possible to make a JBOD disk out of 3 disks without formatting 1 of them then?07:36
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots07:37
ronhalfdanrI run RAID 1 only because I do have close to TB of data and there's no other efficient way to back it up zn07:37
ubottuUbuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors - PLEASE use the !torrents to download Intrepid, and help keeping the servers' load low!07:37
doors98superfirelord42:thanks for waiting07:37
ronhalfdanrI'm about to add another 2TB to the stack07:37
superfirelord42doors98, i am, although understand, its late here so I am actually staying awake to wrap this up.07:37
ikoniaZnurf: what are you talking about, using raid means you don't format any of the disks07:37
panhappy thanksgiving everyone07:37
genii-aroundikonia: This is what confused me earlier about his Q on raid07:39
Znurfikonia but when setting up the raid you usually have to format it, and when you make a JBOD you take x amount of drives and make them into 1, but maybe im wrong, but when making raid1 and 0 you have to format them before, or atleast whatever data you have on them before will be lost07:39
doors98superfirelord42:really! i appreciate it much, it says GRUB is loading press ESC .. then i pressed the arrow key many times and it went to the error msgs again07:39
ikoniaZnurf: no you don't format the drives07:39
ikoniaZnurf: you format the meta devices - not the physical drives07:39
superfirelord42doors98, basicly, we need to alter the commands... i just wish i remembered the keypresses....07:39
Znurfokay ikonia i dont even know what that means hehe07:39
rraj_beany help here please http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=99566207:39
doors98superfirelord42:if i press the ESC, then it will show the 3 options,07:40
=== scully is now known as scully|away
ronhalfdanrmost drives already come low level preformatted now Znurf. linux does not do the high level format like windows07:40
ikonia!away > scully|away07:40
ubottuscully|away, please see my private message07:40
rraj_beany help here please http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=99566207:40
jhenisethe4thcan anyone help me enable xgl graphics?07:40
superfirelord42doors98, yes, what keys does it say you can use at the bottem?07:40
superfirelord42read the botten below your options...07:40
asdf1234hello, I'm a newbie to ubuntu. I have a laptop that doesn't have network access (wireless nor wired) and I need to somehow have all the "essential packages" that get installed by running the command "sudo apt-get install build-essential" ---- I have another laptop with internet access and ALSO one on which i've already run this command. How can I zip up all the ?packages? that get installed from that command so that I may07:41
TaejoI'm having trouble with recording audio: gtkguitune (guitar tuner) picks up my mic and works fine, but neither ekiga or audacity pick up any audio07:41
doors98superfirelord42:will i select the generic  which is number 1 and press e?07:41
ronhalfdanrwell time to work............y'all have fun07:41
superfirelord42doors98, yes.07:41
superfirelord42doors98, it should give you a list of commands it can do right?07:42
superfirelord42what is with all these flood bots doing stuff?!?07:43
doors98superfirelord42: im a dumb fool, the instructions are even at the bottom, i thought i will press enter and press e07:43
ZnurfOh okay, im used to windows so thats why i thougyht you had to format ikonia07:43
superfirelord42doors98, no problem, this is a part of linux that is very hard to work with... it does not interact hte way you would think all the time...07:43
superfirelord42doors98, select the line that says kernel....07:43
superfirelord42doors98, what command edits that line?07:43
doors98superfirelord42: yap i pressd e and i see some choices07:44
doors98superfirelord42:i need to go back and forth to the machine and here, sorry to keepp you waiting07:44
superfirelord42doors98, no prob.07:44
doors98superfirelord42:after i select the kernel what will i press?07:45
superfirelord42doors98, which one is for edit the line? i dont remember which letter07:45
rwwsuperfirelord42: e, if i remember correctly07:45
rraj_bewhen i open trash folder under sudo nautilus . . .my syste,m just hang on ..07:45
rraj_bei have to restart07:45
rraj_becan any one help me07:45
asdf1234Help please?      How do I "zip up" all the packages/files that get installed when I run the command "sudo apt-get install build-essential" ??07:46
tripitakitrraj_be, do you have something you want to save from the trash?07:46
superfirelord42rww, that would make sense, but it says at the bottem, i would rather him just read it than guess...07:46
ikoniaasdf1234: you don't do that, they are installed07:46
FAJasdf1234: go to packages.ubuntu.com07:46
asdf1234so that I may install them elsewhere, on a different computer.07:46
doors98superfirelord42: e to edit the command line in the boot sequence, is this the one?07:46
FAJand find the packages?07:46
rraj_bei want to empty it tripitakit07:46
ikonia!aptoncd > asdf123407:46
ubottuasdf1234, please see my private message07:46
superfirelord42doors98, yup... rww was right...07:47
* superfirelord42 gives rww a cookie07:47
* rww om nom nom07:47
tripitakitrraj_be, so try deleting its content form the terminal then see if it opens in nautilus07:47
rraj_behow to do that tripitakit07:47
rraj_behow can i specify location of trash in terminal07:47
rwwrraj_be: rm -r ~/.local/share/Trash07:47
asdf1234cool...thanks ubottu/ikonia/FAJ, let me go try it out.07:48
rraj_bei want to empty trash of root07:48
ikoniarraj_be: /root/.local/share/Trash07:49
doors98superfirelord42:before we continue, strange why is it that i can't even do another fresh install on ubuntu on that machine?07:49
jhenisethe4thdoes anyone know how to help me enable xgl graphics?07:49
superfirelord42doors98, probably something with a ram chip is a bit out of sync. i have seen before switching which chip is where sometimes fixes it.... you can try that, but lets try this first...07:49
tripitakitrraj_be, type cd .local/share/Trash and inspect it with a "ls -a" command07:50
superfirelord42doors98, at the end of the line.... enter idle=poll and press enter.. then press b07:50
rraj_bethanks ikonia07:50
tripitakitrraj_be, then if you wanto to delete all just type "rm -r *"07:50
rraj_bei want to delet only trashed data07:50
rraj_beany help here please http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=995662 tripitakit  ikonia07:51
pani've installed alsa-oss but no avail to getting flash sound on firefox32?07:52
rwwrraj_be: what version of ubuntu are you using? (8.10/intrepid, 8.04/hardy, etc.)07:52
doors98superfirelord42:i did that and it starts to say loading... and the screen went blank07:53
superfirelord42doors98, give it a bit... i may have you go back, do it again, and remove quiet and splash07:53
doors98superfirelord42:i'l do it again and remove the word quiet and splash?07:54
superfirelord42doors98, yes please... and make sure to add idle=poll at the end...07:54
serenaI just installed Intrepid on my HP laptop and for some reason the ATI driver will not activate07:54
ikoniaserena: ati driver support on linux is a real isue07:55
serenaikonia: has never been an issue with Hardy07:55
rraj_be8.04 rww07:55
ikoniaserena: new kernel, new drivers07:55
meestahpSerena, i had teh same issue... I did a full update then tried it again... did it for me07:55
serenameestahp: did what again?07:56
serenameestahp: I just did a fresh install07:56
meestahpWent to update manager07:56
meestahpand installed all updates07:56
rwwrraj_be: Have you done apt-get update recently? If so, try apt-get -f install. If that doesn't work, copy the contents of /etc/apt/sources.list to paste.ubuntu.com and link07:56
=== scully|away is now known as scully
rraj_beyeah . . .i tried all07:56
benokamy USB wireless card connects to the router but to the internet, no filter setup on the router whatsoever, other computers and other cards of the same computer connect ok07:57
ikoniabenoka: check your card got an ip07:57
mib_yb3zoyhi, i'd like to use my modem in ubuntu. do you think it's better to use ibex (since a friend of mine said that ibex improved in networking)?07:58
rraj_behere it is rww  http://pastebin.com/me27971907:58
doors98superfirelord42:fatal error, not syncing in interrupt, and the keyboar light of scroll and caps lock are blinking07:58
superfirelord42doors98, but it has alot more text though this time?07:58
serenathis is so weird ... I am obviously online but Synaptic thinks there is no internet ...07:58
serenawhats going on07:58
superfirelord42doors98, wait, does it still say attempted to kill idle task?07:59
serenameestahp: I cannot even get the updates because Synaptic think I am offline07:59
genii-aroundserena: Did you have the internet connected when it tried to find the repositories during the install?07:59
mib_yb3zoyanyone? :)07:59
mib_yb3zoyanyone? :)07:59
doors98superfirelord42:no more but the keyboar led of scroll and caps lock are blinking and the screen is blank07:59
serenagenii-around: no but it never mattered in the past08:00
N-AHello, I have a problem mounting a drive (ntfs-3g) I get the message that I must be root to mount xxx in yyy, this is one of several ntfs partitions, the rest mount fine.08:00
FAJdoors98: that sounds like mobo/RAM errors08:00
superfirelord42doors98, screen is blank?08:00
ikoniamib_yb3zoy: saying anyone is pointless, if no-one saw your question, anyone won't let them see it, if no-one knows the answer saying anyone won't make them know the answer08:00
rwwrraj_be: What's with the eeePC repositories? If you're just using stock Ubuntu Hardy, even on an eeePC, you shouldn't need those, and they might conflict with Ubuntu's repositories.08:00
superfirelord42FAJ, yeah, thats what I am thinking...08:00
serenagenii-around: and it did not matter on another machine with install Intrepid without internet connection08:00
benokaikonia: yes, it got an IP08:00
genii-aroundserena: Is it stalling at CD or timing out or so trying to reach repo online?08:00
doors98superfirelord42:yap screen is blank08:00
Arney15My left speaker got cough syrup in it and now doesn't work... How do I set my Stereo speakers to Mono in Ubuntu?08:01
FAJsuperfirelord42:  ya,,,, that really sounds like RAM issue. try running memtest 86 + from a live cd08:01
rraj_bei have just added now for this problem only08:01
FAJdoors98: :  ya,,,, that really sounds like RAM issue. try running memtest 86 + from a live cd08:01
superfirelord42doors98, on an off beat chance, you said you are in a computer repair shop right? can you swap the ram chips, switch slots08:01
ikoniabenoka: ok, so what is the gateway assigned to the card08:01
rraj_bewhat shall i do now rww08:01
serenagenii-around: its telling me it cannot reach the repo08:01
jivanhi all, how do I change my resolution, I'm stuck at 640*48008:01
serenagenii-around: nothing to do with a CD etc ...08:01
rwwrraj_be: Apart from that, you also seem to be missing the hardy-updates and hardy-security repositories, which also might be a problem08:01