NotADJHey, is http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3174/3034935516_1fd3a41756_b.jpg an HD error, or an FS error.00:48
MoochI need some help, I'm trying to send a message through email I have all my settings set up and all I see is sending message and the message I am sending is not very big at all.00:55
Moochmy outgoing server seems to be set correctly but its not sending my message and I wanted to know why00:57
Moochanyone here that can help me out01:01
Mooc1I am having some problems with email can someone help me out01:10
NotADJMooc1: Try #ubuntu or The ubuntu forum.01:15
NotADJOr your Mail Provider.01:15
Mooc1well the problem lies more on Xubuntu because thats what I have01:15
Mooc1my server settings are set up correctly but there is something wrong because it is not sending my message01:16
XyliaHi, I just installed Xubuntu on my Mini 9, and I don't know how to get the wireless going. Any suggestions?04:19
iShockAnyone here05:34
KlrSp1anyone a hibernate master? i can get it to hibernate, but not resume05:56
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kejinghey guys06:41
kejingI am a newbie to ubuntu (installed xfce 406:42
kejingI cannot get mail in xfce4 using evolution06:43
atariis there an "official" way to add crossover to xubuntu? or is dpkg -i just fine?07:33
kim_bruningHello, on first install of compiz on  my hp compaq nc6220 it works perfectly, now if I log out and log back in, if I try starting compiz again, it trashes the desktop (huge artifacts, menus render as black with random pixels.. desktop unusable) How do I prevent this? I had similar problems with xfce+compiz on gentoo, and could correct things by deleting all sessions, and preventing session saving... but I'm still in the dark (no pun intended re blac09:19
kim_bruningk desktop :-P)09:19
kim_bruninghmm, is anyone in?09:23
onlookerHi. I'm having problems making xubuntu remember my manual network settings. I have to retype them each time I login09:42
atarican anyone tell me why i alsways need to tell xfce "to manage the desktop" after a reboot?10:29
knomeatari, sounds like your saved session is borked.10:29
knomeatari, after logging in, tell xfce to manage the desktop10:29
atariknome: thats what i did10:30
knomeatari, then log out, but select the checkbox "save session for future logins"10:30
knomeatari, and log back in. what does it do now?10:30
atarii have no checkbox to save the session on the menu with the 6 entries when exiting...10:30
knomeatari, should be underneath those... which xubuntu version are you using?10:31
knomecan you check again? :]10:31
knomeit's a small box underneath the 6 buttons10:32
atarii am sure i have intrepid10:32
ataribut there is no such box10:32
knomesounds like a bug or sth10:32
atariin the settings somewhere i specified to save the session by default when logging out10:32
knomeyes, is it on now?10:33
atarii'd say  so10:33
knomeok, what happens if you log out and in?10:33
atarididnt help10:38
ataricould it have something to do with problems with gnome?10:39
knomenot really10:39
knomeis the desktop empty when logging in?10:40
knomeor is nautilus or sth controlling it?10:40
atariits empty and in a strang brown color...10:42
knomewhat if you right click it?10:43
atariits possible it has something to do with nautilus...10:43
atarias i installed nautilus for bluetooth support. since then i have the problem10:44
knome'ps -A | grep nautilus' in terminal10:44
knomedoes it give output?10:44
atari15458 ?        00:00:00 nautilus10:44
knomeok, if you 'kill 15458' what happens?10:45
atariwhen killing it, its working again10:45
knomethe desktop?10:45
atariwell. at least i get the blue desktop as supposed to ;)10:46
knomethen try to log out and in10:46
atariok. now its working as it should10:48
ataribut how to prevent this happening again after a reboot?10:49
knomehmm.. do not save the sessions10:55
knome(change the setting)10:55
knomeand do not run nautilus in xfce10:55
knomeif you definitely want to run it and not taking over desktop, run it as 'nautilus --no-desktop'10:55
knomeatari, ^10:56
atarican you tell me where nautilus is getting started?10:56
knomei suppose it was saved in the session10:56
knomeif it's started normally, it will have processes running even if all the windows were closed10:57
atariis there som global config for nautilus where i can specify --no-desktop?10:58
knomeyes, in gconf, but afaik changing the setting doesn't actually do anything.10:59
knome(it's a bug or not yet implemented)10:59
knomeand i don't nautilus at all anymore, so i wouldn't know even if it worked10:59
atarigrmbl... so i have to life with it for the moment...10:59
knomeis bluetooth the only thing you need nautilus?11:00
atarineed to go to get some food...11:00
knomeok. bon appetit11:00
atarià plus tard ;)11:00
sinboxhi vidd13:49
viddhello sinbox13:49
sinboxgrrrr @ liblame0-dev13:52
sinboxcan't find the bugger in the repos :/13:52
viddsinbox, i dont see it either13:59
viddwhat is requiring it?13:59
sinboxall I find where searching is problems with it :/13:59
sinboxtrying to install MuSE for streaming mp313:59
viddsinbox, have you added the medibuntu repos?14:00
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org14:00
sinboxif listeners were a bit more clued up I'd happily stick to ogg14:00
sinboxnot sure I have but I did install all the lame packages and libraries I could find14:00
sinboxin fact I've just downloaded the tarball of the latest lame  version, might try this now14:00
sinboxwhich means I probably need to install build-essentials first, I think premature baldness is nearing14:02
sinboxapparently it's supposed to be a symlink to liblame-dev or some such but it doesn't seem like iut got packaged properly or something (getting in way above my head here)14:04
angelohello folks, I'm using xubuntu 8.10 - abiword, while trying to print a document, issues this message: "the specified color format is not supported"15:25
viddangelo, you trying to print in color on a black and white printer?15:27
angelonope, vidd15:27
vidddo you have "a2ps" installed?15:28
angeloyes, the converter is installed15:28
angelovidd, CUPS is correctly configured and I can print from other applications or from another pc15:31
viddangelo, then im out of ideas....15:31
* vidd uses OOo or mousepad to print =\15:31
angelohmm, ok15:31
viddangelo, what file format did you save that document?15:40
viddtry to convert it to a "more standard" file format15:41
viddits possible CUPS doesnt understand it =\15:42
angeloI will try vidd, thanks for tip15:44
bad-wiremmm  fluxbox = neat15:50
anubisWhat's a fluxbox?15:52
bad-wirelight windows manager for X15:52
viddbad-wire, lxde = nice as well (with slim or gdm)15:53
anubisI like xfce15:53
* vidd prefers slim15:53
bad-wirewell, I might try xdm + fluxbox and get rid of all the other stuff on here, in the end it's a matter of personnal preference :)15:54
anubisAnyone ever have font issues with Wine and Nvidia drivers?  I asked in #wine but noone is answering.16:00
bad-wirenot used wine sorry16:01
angelovidd, if I choose odt format abiword prints16:04
mikubuntuwondering which file is the easiest/best option for me to download to try firefox minefield?   i686.complete.mar   or    i686.tar.bz2 ?16:04
viddangelo, =]16:05
viddangelo, that means that cups doesnt understand the file format =]16:06
knomeangelo, file a bug16:06
angelook, knome16:07
mikubuntuwill either of these extract easily and automatically be incorporated to menu?16:09
knomemikubuntu, is it an extension?16:10
ubuntu__is there a possibility to burn a cd using the xubuntu livecd while having only one cd drive? :)16:10
angelobye vidd ;) - people16:12
mikubuntuno, is a nightly build of firefox alpha codename minefield, supposed to be fairly stable and lightning fast .... http://news.cnet.com/8301-13505_3-10107591-16.html16:12
knomemikubuntu, isn't it firefox 3 then...?16:13
viddubuntu__, no16:14
ubuntu__thanks vidd16:17
mikubuntuknome: i don't think so, its beyond 316:18
dcolishyou know how it got the nickname minefield?16:20
mikubuntuno, do you16:20
mikubuntuits a codename, not a nickname16:21
dcolishoh i'm sorry prof.16:21
mikubuntuquite allright, then16:21
dcolishif you've ever looked at the code, its a minefield16:21
dcolishhence the name. it goes back to when they merged a bunch of stuff from the moz and netscape projects16:22
dcolishat least that16:22
dcolishis my understanding16:22
mikubuntuin what sense, so far i've read two favorable reviews, with recent dating, and the project seems to have been started in 06 or before, so it may have come a long ways16:23
dcolishsure but there are some nightly builds that are aweful16:23
mikubuntuthats why i'd like to know how to download it seperately from my reg firefox just to try it out16:24
viddmikubuntu, you dont16:25
viddit installs as firefox16:26
viddit will overwrite your existing firefox16:26
dcolishmikubuntu: read the developer documentation16:26
dcolishit is not available as a straight dl16:27
mikubuntuhttp://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/nightly/latest-trunk/   one of the reviews i read said you could dl one of these without interfering with your installed version, this is no true?16:29
viddmikubuntu, if so, i dunno how16:29
viddall i can say is "read thier documentation"16:30
mikubuntui don't see how it could be any worse than this ff i'm using now has got SO SLOW on ubuntu16:30
viddmikubuntu, this is why i use epiphany =]16:31
vidduses the same plugins as ff16:31
mikubuntuand i always have galeon, epiphany, opera, etc to fall back on ...16:32
mikubuntuhuh??? i dint know epiphany used same plugins as ff ...16:32
dcolishits mozilla based16:32
mikubuntuu mean same add-ons and extensions?16:32
viddmikubuntu, yep16:33
mikubuntuchatzilla as add on?16:33
viddmikubuntu, dunno...i use xchat16:34
mikubuntui'll be back in a few.  i think i'm going to change my surf shorts :P16:35
sinboxsi vidd could I just copy a ff profile to epiphany and get it to work just like that?16:36
dcolishmikubuntu: vidd: I dont know. i just grabbed the latest alpha of ff and its still looking the same to me16:37
viddsinbox, i dont know tbh....i never installed ff on that machine to find out =]16:37
sinboxhehe I copy my profile from one machine to another usually, too many things to reinstall and configure by hand otherwise16:38
viddme to...but i dont bookmark alot, and i dont have too many passwords to remember16:39
* vidd tends to copy entire /home directories sometimes =]16:40
sinboxah well, I movec to linux 2 days after finishing this machine when the XP one died, I have gazillions of passwords actually, so many I have a list of them, all in code obviously16:44
sinboxuhoh spammers trying it out on the forum again16:49
mikubuntuvidd, i added epiphany through synaptic, but it doesn't appear in the menu, what gives17:02
mikubuntuvidd, do you use epiphany (gecko)?17:07
* vinnl does17:07
knomemikubuntu, are you sure you installed the epiphany browser?17:07
knomemikubuntu, there is a game named epiphany as well17:07
vinnl!info epiphany17:07
ubottuepiphany (source: epiphany): clone of Boulder Dash game. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.7.0-2 (intrepid), package size 82 kB, installed size 288 kB17:07
vinnl!info epiphany-browser17:07
ubottuepiphany-browser (source: epiphany-browser): Intuitive web browser - dummy package. In component main, is optional. Version 2.24.1-0ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 17 kB, installed size 76 kB17:07
knomehello vinnl o/17:07
vinnlHi knome  :)17:07
mikubuntudcolish, did you get it from here: ?  http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/nightly/latest-trunk/17:08
mikubuntuknome: yes, i got ephiphany, but it looks like i got the one marked (gecko) and i don't know if thats the one i want or not, don't see anywhere on it to grab addons, do you just go to mozilla site and download them?17:09
knomemikubuntu, epiphany doesn't support the same addons as firefox17:12
vinnlOnly Gecko plugins like Flash support17:13
vinnlAnd some Epiphany-specific extensions, I believe in epiphany-extensions17:13
mikubuntuoh, well, i thought i understood vidd to say it supported same addons and extensions ...17:15
knomei'll go now. see you folks later.17:15
vinnlBye knome17:15
vinnlmikubuntu, it does support extensions, but not Firefox's17:16
mikubuntuk, thx17:21
dcolishmikubuntu: yes i pulled from that link. usually i built minefield because i want specific build options, but that looks to be a generic build of it17:21
mikubuntudcolish: maybe it does look just like ff3, but i read is much faster, what do you think?17:23
dcolishmikubuntu: i have not run any benchmarks, but I reviewed the features and it doesn't look like a lot of new stuff. besides, i build minefield regularly. why dont you just try it out17:24
mikubuntucos i don't know how to dl it separately from my reg ff ...17:30
mikubuntusomebody said it will replace my reg firefox17:30
dcolishthey were mistaken. it is a simple tarball.17:31
dcolishyou can run it from wherever you untar it17:31
mikubuntuso, how do i do that ... dl the version thats called tar.bz2 ?17:33
mikubuntuk, then what next?  just right click and extract on the desktop?  how do i make a launcher for it?17:35
mikubuntuasking me do i want to open with archive manager or save file ?17:36
dcolishsave the file17:38
mikubuntuk, done17:39
mikubuntuits on desktop now17:39
dcolishso extract it to a place you can remember17:40
mikubuntuuhhhh, like where?17:40
dcolishdepends on what you can remember17:40
dcolishi usually put alpha or experimental software in a folder called workspace17:41
mikubuntui can remember desktop.  right click offers 'extract here' does that mean extract onto desktop?17:41
mikubuntuno prob putting it there?17:42
dcolishmake sure its going to create the top level firefox folder and not just spit out all the dir contents17:42
mikubuntuhmmmm, i don't know if its running minefield or ff3 .... it opened ff with all my same addons and configurations17:46
princeduganis there a way to only hace the xfce panel on my first desktop workspaace?17:53
Odd-rationaleprincedugan: i don't think so...17:54
princedugan/join #xfce17:54
princedugan/join #xfce17:54
princeduganwhy's it doing that?17:55
Odd-rationaleidk.... what client?17:55
viddprincedugan, are you adding a space in the beginning of the line?17:56
princeduganno, no spaces b4 or after17:56
dcolishmikubuntu: the help -> about will tell you. also in the ff folder you should see a application.ini file. that specifies the version name18:07
the-ermanyone know how to set a static ip by chance?18:12
the-ermor a url how to do it?18:12
the-ermevery ?ubuntu dist has a different way of doing it18:12
the-ermthe applet in the tray won't set it at boot.18:13
the-ermI'd like to edit the /etc files directly and set it up that way18:13
dcolishthe-erm: check out man interfaces18:33
the-ermthanks dcolish18:36
the-ermit was /etc/network/interfaces18:36
the-ermI'm checking to see if the configuration sticks during reboot now18:37
the-ermhere's something odd ... if I ctrl+alt+F1 then log in ~/.bashrc isn't executed18:45
dcolishis your shell actually bash?18:46
dcolishcheck it18:46
the-ermecho $SHELL has /bin/bash18:47
viddthe-erm, first, check that you HAVE ~/.bashrc18:47
the-ermof course I do :)18:48
the-erm . ./.bashrc will run it18:48
viddand to verify that you do in fact use bash, check your /etc/passwd file18:48
the-ermthere's a point.18:48
viddthe last section tell you what default shell you are set to use18:49
likemindeadHello, all.18:49
the-ermoddly enough /bin/bash18:49
fonzarellithe-erm:  xubuntu 8:10?18:49
the-ermyes 8.1018:50
likemindeadPrinting help, anyone? My Samsung ML-1210 has always worked perfectly 'til I installed the 25 updates this morning. :-\18:50
the-ermI can live with it, just kinda odd18:50
fonzarellik, i'm going to test that, one sec18:50
viddfonzarelli, i like the first one....looks like scripture =]18:50
viddlikemindead, did you reboot after the updates (since there was a kernel update)?18:51
likemindeadI did.18:51
dcolishthe-erm: are you setting anything special in the rc file?18:51
fonzarellithe-erm: confirmed it works for me.   perhaps the lines in your bashrc that you're expecting to work are malformed?18:51
likemindeadAnytime I try to print I now get "Too many failed attempts."18:51
viddthe-erm, default .bashrc?18:51
the-ermfonzarelli: it is possible, there is a lot of stuff in there18:52
the-ermI'll check out /etc/bashrc if that's what you're saying.18:52
viddlikemindead, are you trying to print to a network printer? or a local printer?18:52
likemindeadI even turned off and disconnected the printer, deleted it, and reinstalled it.18:52
likemindeadIt is local.18:52
fonzarellithe-erm: i mean in your ~/.bashrc18:52
fonzarelliif you pastebin it we can take a look18:52
viddlikemindead, clear your printer cache18:52
the-ermI'll pastebin it.18:52
dcolishfonzarelli: the-erm: just source your file in bash, it will print the errors18:53
dcolish. ./.bashrc18:53
likemindeadOkay. How do I do that? Wouldn't it clear when I rebooted?18:53
viddlikemindead, no it would not18:53
likemindeadClear printer cache, FTW? How?18:53
viddhrm....where the heck is that.....18:55
the-ermhttp://pastebin.ca/1269648 # ugly but here it is18:56
fonzarellithe-erm: does this command produce any errors:   source ~/.bashrc18:57
the-ermbut it appears to run it18:57
the-ermI should probably get the default .bashrc and add what I need to it.18:58
the-ermHowever it still doesn't explain why it's not being ran when I log in on a tty ctrl+alt+f118:59
the-ermIt's not a big deal.  Just thought it was kinda odd.18:59
the-ermI just checked the permissions, and it doesn't have the execute bit set.  Is your's set?19:00
the-ermI should probably work on the backup script at this time, so skip it.19:01
the-ermI had to re-install from scratch when I upgraded to 8.10 good thing I back up.19:02
dcolishyeah, you might find some errors in messages19:02
dcolishthe-erm: what do you use to back up?19:03
the-erma custom script that uses rsync and hardlinking19:05
the-ermbacks up the database, sets permissions and a whole bunch of other things19:05
the-ermI wonder if I added something to /etc/bash.bashrc to execute . ~/.bashrc if that'd fix the problem19:07
dcolishthe-erm: what db do you use?19:10
likemindeadWell, I don't know why, but I can print via OpenOffice 3.0 but not .pdf via Document Viewer.19:10
the-ermyup adding if [ -e $HOME/.bashrc]; then\n . $HOME/.bashrc\n fi19:10
likemindeadOh well. Thanks anyways.19:10
viddlikemindead, did you try to print a pdf from OOo?19:11
dcolishthe-erm: it could be an issue with running the tty as a login shell as opposed to an interactive shell, look at man bash19:13
likemindeadNo. I printed it in .odt in OOo.19:14
viddlikemindead, try to print a .pdf in OOo19:18
viddim sure you will find that it doesnt print from there either19:18
vidd(OOo can open pdf....right?)19:19
viddlikemindead, do you have a2ps installed?19:21
likemindeadI don't think OOo can open .pdf files.19:25
likemindeadYes, "a2ps is already the newest version."19:25
viddlikemindead, what error do you get?19:26
likemindead"Too many failed attempts."19:27
viddlikemindead, can you print to file? and is this evince?19:31
* vidd just printed a PDF without issue19:34
likemindeadIt is "Document Viewer 2.24.1"19:35
likemindeadOOo is still printing just fine for me, though.19:35
likemindeadWeird. :-\19:36
viddhrm...im using Evince Document Viewer 2.22.219:36
viddevince is version 2.24.1, evince-gtk is version 2.22.219:39
likemindeadOh well. As long as OOo is letting me print. I'm sure they'll work the bugs out of evince in a few days.19:46
likemindeadGotta run. Thanks again. :D19:46
viddshame he ran away....19:54
vidd"they" cant get the bugs worked out unless someone reports them19:55
* vidd has not been able to duplicate his issue, so cannot file a bug =\19:59
DrUnKnMuNkYhey everyone. i can't set the proper resolution on a computer i just set up with xubuntu. i'm trying to set 1280x1024 but it won't let me go past 1280x800. any ideas?23:27
retourHmmm czy jest to LCD panel?23:36
retouris it LCD panel?23:36
retourand what is your chipset? you may need 915chipser patch installed or generate own modelines using GTF23:37
DrUnKnMuNkYretour: my chipset is G96523:41
JacaByteYou guys know anything about running Xubuntu on a PowerMac 9500?23:49

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