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AmanicAasabil: cool, I have a proof of consept of `bzr pull --dry-run` working! just need to write some tests now. (won't do over-eager TDD again...)00:24
jelmerhappy new year everybody00:28
AmanicAthanx, you too00:29
jelmerronny, thanks, you too!00:30
jelmerhappy new year AmanicA (is it 2k9 over there yet?)00:30
AmanicAyes, for about 2:30 already00:31
ronnywb jelmer00:34
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macothe little \ | / - spinner thing...is it normal for it to stop spinning during a push?02:33
macooh it started moving again. i thought maybe it was hung.02:37
djsiegelHi, I have a question.03:06
djsiegelSo, one of our developers pushed r313 (https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~do-plugins/do-plugins/trunk) and gobbled up 9 days of revision history -- what is he doing wrong, and how to I revert those merges?03:07
djsiegelCan bzr revert pop those revisions?03:07
djsiegelOk, branched at a pre-merge revision, did a backwards merge from trunk into the earlier revision, and published that.03:17
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fullermdMan, it sure is quiet here when everybody's hungover   :p17:17
* nDuff went to sleep early last night thinking today was a workday; now he's at the office and nobody's here.17:22
fullermdWhoah, that means you can actually get _work_ done.17:26
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dwtHey there, I'm trying to push a bzr project I was hacking on in the last two days to a svn repository I have20:28
dwtbut I don't seem to be able to20:28
dwtand also googling only brought up http://samba.org/~jelmer/bzr-svn/FAQ.html20:29
dwtwhich seems to suggest to use svn-push instead of push20:29
dwtbut that also doesn't work20:29
dwtcould you guys give me a hint?20:29
dwtfor reference, I have the svn side set up so that the folder exists where I want to push my bzr project into20:30
dwtonly, now how do I tell bzr to push to that location?20:30
dwtah, the repository is viewable by http://xn--hcker-gra.net/trac/browser/open-source/LiquidDemocracy/trunk20:30
dwtfor more information20:41
dwtI tried20:41
dwtbzr merge20:41
dwtMerging from remembered submit location svn+https://ipx11390.ipxserver.de/svn/mhaecker/open-source/LiquidDemocracy/trunk20:41
dwtThe svn+ syntax is deprecated, use https://ipx11390.ipxserver.de/svn/mhaecker/open-source/LiquidDemocracy/trunk instead.20:41
dwtbzr: ERROR: Branches have no common ancestor, and no merge base revision was specified.20:41
dwtWell, I worked around this, by throwing the history away20:48
dwtand just checking it in to svn directly20:48
dwtstill - is there a way to rescue the history here?20:48
dwt(apart from doing it by hand with patch and diff...)20:50
dwtah well21:00
dwtother things to doo21:00
dwtsee you21:00
fdvI'm getting an expat error when trying bzr up (bzr-svn) from a bound branch, 'RuntimeError: cannot load dispatch table from pyexpat' (http://rafb.net/p/ITgRjK79.html). Anybody have any idea what goes wrong?21:41
fdvgoogling drew a blank21:42
Jc2kfdv: it looks like your celementree is compiled against pyexpat, but its not installed any more?21:44
fdvwell, it's my own python, just compiled it21:46
fdvso I guess I might have mucked up things21:46
fdvbut pyexpat is there, and bzr was compiled against that21:46
fdvcelementree, is that a bzr thing?21:46
fdvah, guess I lack that, then21:47
fdvI seem to lack paramiko as well, used to have that21:47
Jc2kwhat does this give you?21:48
Jc2kpython -c "from pyexpat import expat_CAPI"21:48
fdvthat's fine21:48
fdvI'll see if I can find celementree and install that21:49
fdvor is it part of python?21:49
Jc2kfdv: im reading this: http://svn.effbot.org/public/tags/celementtree-1.0.5-20051216/cElementTree.c21:50
Jc2kthat error can only happen when its compiled with the USE_PYEXPAT_CAPI flag21:50
Jc2kthe error occurs when expat_capi is NULL, which happens if pyexpat isnt there or possibly if its too old21:51
fdvhm, I'm getting an erie feeling21:51
fdvcould be that I need to tell python where to find the libs runtime21:51
Jc2kpretty sure its not a bzr specific problem, though21:52
fdvquite probably21:53
fdvinstalling python in non-standard places isn't that simple21:53
fdv(or it might be me :))21:54
Jc2kGNOME does it in jhbuild21:55
FlimmIs it possible to change a commit message of a revision that's not the latest one?22:02
AmanicAFlimm: the short answer is no22:05
nDuffFlimm, it's *possible*, but only with side effects22:05
FlimmOK, it's not a big deal, I just wanted to change lp:xxx to bug xxxx so that launchpad would turn them into links22:05
fdvJc2k: I think I might have found the cause, pyexpat.so uses /lib/libexpat.so, but I'm pretty sure it's not built against that22:05

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